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That strange girl from Kourindou is getting weirder and weirder every time I see her.
She was there again when I came today to see if the owner had the new volume of that awesome imported book about robot warriors that he was letting me read for free.
Before I could even say anything, she dragged me off, blabbering about how she wants to tell me about a book she really likes, even though we barely know each other.
But before that she insisted that there were some other books she wanted to grab, and she absolutely needed to get them before we sit down for some reason.
So, she climbed onto the very top of the stepladder, even though her head reached over the top of the bookcase from there. She leaned in very closely to the book spines, and started reading through them one by one really slowly. Like, she was standing there for maybe ten minutes, going left to right, and then right to left over, and over, and over.
Then she jumped off the stepladder, got on all fours, and started going over the books on the lower shelf just as like she did with the top ones.
I cleared my throat to ask what books she needed, and maybe, I could help her find them, but then she pulled out some random books that I'm pretty sure she already went over, apologized for making me wait, and took me to the owner's reading table.
Turns out, the book she wanted to tell me about was all about birds. She told me that, apparently, when two birds want to make babies, the boy-bird rubs his butthole on the girl-bird's until he shoots a special liquid called 'semen' inside of it, and then it turns into an egg.
That's super gross! But now that I think about it, if storks bring us babies, then it makes sense that their babies would have to come from somewhere too. Although, that does make me wonder, where do storks take human babies from. What if all of us, humans, are just some sort of failed stork babies?
Anyway, I suddenly felt like something brushed against my leg, and that made me jump, knocking over the books stacked on the table.
I crouched under the table to pick them up, when all of a sudden, she started reading aloud from her book: "The 'secret' behind a female bird's way of attracting mates is in how she folds her legs to show that she is now ready for the coitus..."
She read it so loudly that I could feel her voice ringing through the table above me, while also breathing like Kota-kun after he ran across the whole village to prove he was the fastest.
It was so freaky. I immediately got out from under the table, blurted out something about how I forgot to ask the owner's permission to go through his books, and it's, actually, about time for me to go home, and bolted out of there.
What's with her? Dragging me around, and then shouting at me out of nowhere. I didn't come there for her nerd bird-books anyway! Does she even know what my parents would do if they knew I sneaked out of the village?
Come to think of it, I never got to look for that robot-warrior book in the end. I guess, I'll have to go again tomorrow. I just hope she won't be around this time.
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Bro, man up. Tell her that you're not interested in some stupid ass birds, and you just want that robot book. Tell her that robots are way cooler than birds and that a robot would kick any bird's ass in a fight, while you're at it.
Legends say that Shota-kun is still getting educated on avifauna reproduction to this day.
what the FUCK
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>>999 (OP) 
artist sauce? can't find shit
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much obliged, iqdb failed me
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It's always the quiet ones...
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Use saucenao.
Boorus are unreliable.
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What do you mean?
Seducing little boys is a crime.
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So is stealing people's books, yet I don't see anyone doing anything about it!
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Are you sure?
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>the girls are now being punished for all eternity
Guess, Patche is never getting those back.
And this is why you make digital copies.
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Cease this slander!
My Tokiko is too pure, she wouldn't do that!
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Shouldn't have let her be friends with that slutty sparrow.
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Ur mums a slut
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