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Kiss me

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Ok, but only after you show me your ass.
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There's a loli in my bucket
>having breasts
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Wew. Barely made it!
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phew, you got me scared for a second, japanese aren't that retarded yet.
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Do you like?
My bucket
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I like your hairy butt.
What exactly is the point of webps anyway?  I don't get why certain sites use them.
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It's just the next logical step in the evolution of raster formats, that's all.
>Lossless encoding beats all but the most low color pngs in compression
>Actually reglamented animation support compared to apng's "shit just happened to fit into how the actual standard works, so I guess it's a thing now"
>No gif color limitations
Check, obviously
>Lossy encoding offers both siginficantly better compression and less noticeable artifacts than jaypeg
Basically, superior format all around.
>I don't get why certain sites use them.
Smaller files = less hosting money.
I personally post webps to save people's bandwidth (most importantly my own for when I'll be phoneposting).
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APNG's still the best for lossless animation, though, in case you'll ever be faced with a choice of what format to use for saving ugoria or something.
2% smaller files and 30% more processing power required to open them (blind guess). Images get blurry instead of blocky when you overuse compression. And the biggest sin, my 4 year old browser doesn't understand them. I heard something about lossless compression not actually being lossless.

Webp is just webm castrated to only compress images (+ transparency), and webm is just mp4 castrated to avoid patented techniques. Maybe compresses slightly better, surely is more complicated.
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>t. sagecuck
I recall you wanted to fuck off from this board.
I only remember complaining about jschan being shit. Where else you want me to fucking go? Everything is equally shit, except for one place I'd rather you not know about, but it's still shit in other ways.
I guess I'll humour you this once.
>2% smaller files
>>208 is only 27 colors, a pretty bad case for webp, and that is a 94% size reduction.
Okay, to be entirely truthful, that PNG was saved suboptimally, it's actually only 52% reduction.
>30% more processing power
10 milliseconds of processor time + 30% = 13 milliseconds of processor time
>Images get blurry instead of blocky when you overuse compression
Which looks more natural to the eye, plus you mainly see compression when zooming in, which blurs the image either way.
Plus, lossy image compression should be on its way out either way. The storage is finally at a stage where we should be able to afford no artefacts in raster images.
>But muh favorite IE!
Non-argument. Nobody gives two shits.
>I've heard something
Good for you. If decoding a compressed image results in the same bitmap as the uncompressed one it is lossless.
>Muh castrated extension names!
Once again, non-argument. Your incorrect perception of VP decoder's history doesn't change the fact that it outperforms cosine transforms and Lempel-Ziv dictionaries.
>surely is more complicated
Computers are complicated, mate.
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Stupid Flan! You don't have a male penis. You can't have sex with girls!
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Very nice.
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flan's female penis
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E-e-eh? Flan's pee-pee is a girl?
Okay then, Flan will only play sex with uncles now. Thank you, mister!
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>10 milliseconds of processor time + 30% = 13 milliseconds of processor time
And people complain about battery life being short after faggots like that.

It actually isn't a good example to compare image codecs with an image like that, because it is relatively easy to beat them both by making your custom codec that can upscale images, and this codec will beat both png and webp in this specific case. You need to compare more general images.

>Nobody gives two shits.
Thanks for calling me nobody, fag. Enjoy your endless software updates that break new random shit every time. The new standard.
Replies: >>437
>t. decoding images in a loop on a battery
>isn't a good example
It's the most skewed in favor of png example that I had without grepping for some 8x8 tricolor sprite. In general, lossless webp beats png by at least a quarter of the size, sometimes beating low compression jpeg.
You're welcome.
>i don't like it when new software has defects because of retarded development cycles, can we just like stop innovating at all, goys?
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>I'm a gay retard who can't stop myself from sucking any new cock now matter how rancid
Come up with an actual innovation then fagtron
webp performs worse. There are plenty of examples of new standards that have been adopted because they perform better across all measures. There isn't any impetus to add support for webp to legacy products because webp is dogshit. If it wasn't then people whose main concern isn't the feeling of cum in their hair would be supporting it by now.
>performance doesn't matter, only storage matters for muh webshit
Truly the enlightened wisdom of india has taught you well
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Name another widely supported (at least one (actual, not safari) browser and default viewers across all platforms) format that does better lossless compression of anime cunny and I'll gladly re-encode all of my images that would benefit from it, but until then keep seething and suckling on your mental support niggercock-dildo.
Shut the fuck up, retarded mutt. If I'm having no problem whatsoever having moved most of my porn to webp on a 10 year old then mid-range cpu then it has reasonable performance, and if I ever need to time-critically decode a 100 image files I'll convert them to bitmaps in advance.
>people whose main concern isn't the feeling of cum in their hair (me)
>>i don't like it when new software has defects because of retarded development cycles, can we just like stop innovating at all, goys?
>hey dude, we don't want to hire a big quality control team, can you report new bugs for us please?
stop breaking things that work. I hate everything new, I think I'm going to disable internet completely eventually and just downgrade to books or something.

>It's the most skewed in favor of png example
If it really was, it wouldn't show such results, now would it.

Sites that actually specialize in pixel art store it in original size, but upscale it in browser. There are buttons to make it smaller or bigger, and some css option to upscale without pixelart getting blurry. This is the proper way to handle pixelart, instead of this jpg/png with each pixel being 64x64 pixel square retardation. Why finetune your codec for retardation like this. Gif can actually be smaller than png in some cases, for example when number of colors is exactly 16 or for very small images.
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Why wait?
Do it, faggot.
Got any good book torrents?
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>>376 (OP) 
POV: Heavy confesses to a green haired loli while she tries to hide in a bucket.
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Behold ye!
Spoiler File
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>>376 (OP) 
Kisume, wait, that's a mimi~
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>>376 (OP) 
>>376 (OP) 
Is she vulnerable if she leaves her bucket, like a hermit krab?
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Her bucket is her hat, she dies without it.
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Her bucket is her her pants.
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Don't kiss me there!
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Where? Your bellybutton?
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Her bucket is my john.
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Please don't pee, poop or ejaculate into the bucket.
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Okay, I'll use Kisume-chan then.
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Don't poop in her!
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Someone sat down and drew this image for an extended period of time. Let that fucking sink in.g
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Plumbing comes from the devil.
I only use Kisume-chan and previously buckets for all sanitary purposes.
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She would destroy her bucket if she was like this.
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I'll destroy it first to save her the embarrassment!
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>I'll destroy it 
With your own ass?
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>Shitting in the same bucket back-to-back
Now, this is what the real male friendship looks like.
Replies: >>807
We are the butt buddies!
They're stretching her hole as she begs them to stop, while doing double insertion.
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Yummy AQN!
webp shit
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K̸̢̡̬̲͍̯̼͖̙̒̃̊̄͌̕͝k̶̡̮̼̥̙̭̹̻̯̯̲̳̇͗̏͊̑͒̆̀̇̿̾̈́̕͝k̷̙̠̤̬̊̄͆̀̃̑͑̓͐̀̉̄̕̕͜͝k̵̝͚̖̥̗͍̭͖̪͌̕k̷̡̧͚͙͚̪̘̿K̷̛̦͕̺͔̪͚̮͌̃́̈́̓͘I̶̯̮̪̘͖͉͈̒̂̎͌̽̀̏́̉̌̍̎̽̈͒͜͝ḭ̴̧̢̢͇̠͍̘̘̦͔̯͇͕͕̘̈́͂͗̓̄̐́̓́̓̉͝į̵̨̢̧̠̠̫̻̤̫̰͐̓̔̋́̓̉̇̽̋̅̽͝Ǐ̸̥̜̬̗̰̦͕̭̟̑͂̉I̸̧̡̹̦̳̹̲͇̩̲͕̽̽͐̅̊̒͋̌̏́͋̓̃͜ ̵̡͕̝͎̝̥̟̺̲͇͈́̈́͊Ĭ̷̳̹̀̄͝ ̶̡̖͈͈̟̞͚͈̫̗̖͉̙̪̅͒͋̂͊̀̌̆̓̐͊̌̉̉̚ͅĬ̷͖̠̟͍͔̃̓͊I̴̠̤͍̣͕̣͝ ̴̛͓̰͉͔͙̱̀̾̌̎̉̀̈́ ̷̨̹̣̪̠̦͉̻͖̻͖̈̾̔̈́̀̉͑́ ̷͎͚̪̏̐̓̆̒Ȋ̷̛̩͎͆̀̄̈́̈̓̀́͂̾͒͂͗͋ ̵̢̧̧̰̺̖̝̙͔̲̝̝͚͔̰̀̽̏̂̓̏͜ ̸̢̧̢̼̣̠̝̣̯͈̳̙̭͚̠̉̅ͅͅ ̷̧̬̹̻̗̭̱̣̟͚͓̈́̇̾̊̏͊͛̽̄̂̃̚͝ ̴̠̩̦̹̙̬̻͙̉̃̑̒͒͂̊̾̐͝͝Į̷̲̰̝̗͍̳͍̩̳͉̲̓͆͑̂̅́͋̈́̑̄͐̈́̈́̾̈́̽͜ ̴̡̛̖̪͇̤̟̹͉̻̤̲̅̐̑͒̇̇̌̒͆͌̀́͘͠͝͝I̴͖̙̬̭̦̹̤̺͚̠̘̞̦̒́̀͑̄̈͌̆͒̚͜͝͝ͅ ̸̡̡̧̟̮͎͖̗̠̟͖̈́͛̂̓͌͊́̓͋͑̄͘͜͠͝ͅĮ̷̧̧̝͇͕̭̘̠͙̞̟̍̈́ ̷̛̖̭͇̯̗̞̗̳̟̻̼͒̇͑̃̐̏́͌̉̈͑̽̀̂͊̐͜ͅI̴̢̧̡̲̹͇̬̤̬̗̟͈̦̝̗͇͛̽ ̵͔̠̦̙͈̰̈͗́̅̓̉̒͋̉̍̋̊̋̀̚̚Ḭ̴̫̬̫͇͉̝͉̳̯̇͊̈́͌̍́̑͜͠ͅĮ̵̡̘̙͔̫̺̟̮̩̂͑͐́͂̾̌̓̋͊̈͑̕͜I̷͍͊̑͒̐̓͌̾̎̇̈́̒͐Ï̸̧̯̹͈̺̞̩͔̅̇̈̈́̉̑̌̉͌̎ ̶̛͈̹̬̰̳̳̦̤͈͕͒͂̎̈͌͑̿̏̌̒̃̅̉͆̚͠ ̶̝͋̄͛̇̓͌͂͐͌͑̾͘͝Ǐ̸̜̈́͋̌̆̀̋̒̍͘̚͠Ǐ̶̧̨̧̬̪̙͙̼̗̱͉̖̺͈̎̈͌̽̃̿I̸̡̥͗̒͒̏̄ ̵̫͈̭̪̆͐̂́̅̾̎̚ͅŚ̷̢̟̳̱̼̤̜̻͙͉͖̤͙̻͈̼̮̽̈́͗̈͛̄̾̒̒͘s̶̛͚̮͓͋̊̔̇̅̏̋̕͝s̶̡̧̛̝̤̼̱̬̼̦̠̯̥͎̗̲̒̂͐́͗͐́͜ş̸̡̛̝̦̼̞̤̲͚̙̼̦̒̔̂̈̀̏̿͊͘͘͜͝Ş̷͎̦̮̤͚̱̦͈̩̽͑͐̊͂͛͆ͅŚ̶̛͓̳͖͕͖͔̩̜̤̅̍͛͑̂S̴̨̲͈̮̺̰̩͚̭̤̱̙̀́̾͗͝S̷͕̰͖̟̲̪͛̽͜͝ͅͅS̷͚̥̯̫̹̭͚̭͈͓̻̪̦̠̈̑S̵͎͈̹̯̭̘̦͆̓̀̈́̅̈̀̔̆̄̇̈́̈́̕̕͝S̶̡̡̨͍̦̫͎̟̫̰̜̫͖̠̐̎͒ ̷̨̦̝̲͔͎̙̪̲̱̹̗̬̣͇͂͋̏́͌͐̅͛́̏̚̕͝ͅS̸͕͂̍S̵̟͋̉̉͗̋̆̃́̃̽̓̓̍͘̚̕
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Welcome to the undeground. How can we help you?
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Show me a good time
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>>376 (OP) 
Cute bucket
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Alright, come here.
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