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Lotus Eater once again tricked us into thinking something serious might happen for nth time
But at least a relatively interesting creature came out of it
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Meanwhile in CDS, Mokou become the next suspect after Eientei imprisoned both Reimu and Marisa while Satori is sleeping somewhere
Replies: >>848
Context: >>385
Replies: >>849
I can't believe Satori is frickin' dead!
Replies: >>850
>touhou is dead
Replies: >>852
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That's it, mate, she fucking dedened.
Replies: >>853
Spoiler File
(1.5MB, 1260x880) Reverse
Koishi is next.

...Is that even a word?
Replies: >>858 >>860
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Corpse fucking is fun.
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Koi-chan never dies!
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That interesting creature came out of Forbidden Snoozery, btw.
Replies: >>867
Youkai are being recycled, please wait warmly ~
Replies: >>881
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Sooner or later he will run out of youkai, and then he will have no choice but to add tan-tan kororin.
Spoiler File
(631.9KB, 992x992) Reverse
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Why the hell is only the first part of tengoo's official genital lore translated?

<Y-You low-life...
<H-having your way with a tengu like me, I bet you're really pleased with yourself..!
>Well, not really...
>You have a pretty face, so I managed to cum somehow...
>But it was too loose and didn't feel good at all...
>I finally risked my life to rape Aya-chan, whom I admired from afar for so long, and her pussy turns out to be baggy like a bargain-bin onahole. Wouldn't you think a little about how I feel?
>Honestly, I kind of want my cum back...
<Huh? Are you crazy?
<Why are you acting like you're the victim here?

<E-Ey! What are you doing on your phone!?
<Y-you can do anything, but don't take pictures!
<D-do you hear me!?
<L-let's talk, let's talk this over!
>"I went for the slightly unattainable Aya-chan for the purposes of GoKan, but that was a big mistake.
>The pussy that I risked my life to fuck turned out to be.
<Could you please stop playing the victim card and calling me a failure after you raped me!!?
>Her tits and mouth were great, though.
>I couldn't endure it, and came four times.
>It felt too good to be true, I didn't have enough semen.
<Shouldn't you be satisfied then!!!?
>Since in daily life her main user group would be boss tengu, I assume it means they have very giant dicks.
>(That's the only thing I can think of, since she really, really is very loose to the point where I don't think I will ever be able to ejaculate like that).
<I-It's not loose!!!
<It's your dick that's small!!
<Correct that, please!!
>Her face is great, but as for the rape value..."
<Hey, Where did you post that!?
<Delet it right now!!
<Don't you know it's illegal to be spreading fake news?!!!

>Hey!! Shameimaru!!
>Your pussy's too loose.
>I'll have to put it in your asshole, pull out!
<No!! Please, stop!!
<Even if it's in my ass, I don't want a human inside me!
>Oh, well then, if you tell me a hilarious one-liner that never falls flat, I'll let you go.
<A hillarious one-liner that never falls flat!?
<Right now!? In this situation!??
<Won't three months' worth of newspapers be enough for you?
>Hm? No good.
<One year worth!!
>Well now, am I going to hear Shameimaru Aya-san's hilarious one-liner that never falls flat or not~?
>3, 2, 1, cue!
<Ah, well, um...
<Te-Tengu's apology anus!!
(Tengu no wabi shoumon -> Tengu no wabi koumon. Like FS Ch.32, but Aya gets fucked in the ass.)
<J-Just kidding... *blush*
<Waaah, no good!
<He doesn't know the original!

<Shit... Y-you, pervert!!
<Shoving it in my ass, aren't you a real creep!?
>What? I'll never be able to cum with how loose Aya-chan's pussy is, so I'll just have to settle with using your ass instead, what's up with that?
<It's not loose at all!
<It's your dick that's small!!
<If you do it right now I can still be open-minded and forgive you, so take that back and apologize, please!!!
>Sorry, I had to look twice when fucking your pussy, because I thought I was having sex with the air or something.
<That's bullshit!!!
<Apologize right now, and then kill yourself!!!
>Now-now, calm down.
>Just think of your lower body as a reversible jacket that you have to wear on the sac side only because of how atrocious the design on the front is.
<Can you quit with this untrue long-winded smooth-talking nonsense act already, pretty please!!?
Replies: >>949 >>954
why is there yogurt everywhere?
Replies: >>950
Aya's pun sucked so much dicks that the protag retroactively spilled his yakult.
Why is a nigger fucking aya? Why do nips love drawing niggers fucking white women?
Replies: >>955 >>1198
Because japs are niggers.
Replies: >>1198
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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>the jailbreak king is a new 2hu

She even fooled the genius Eirin and got into a direct fight. I'm curious what she might be based on.
Also, no Mima.
Well, duh.
Who would be the secret protagonist of Touhou 20 then?
Replies: >>1114
ZUN is my uncle and he said Mima won't come back
Replies: >>1115
Spoiler File
(196.5KB, 1413x1060) Reverse
I am ZUN, and I can confirm your uncle lied about being your uncle.
Replies: >>1116
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So even nips wait for Mima
but as always, it'll only leave them disappointed and haunted by Mima's imaginary spectre
Isn't suika's reaction in lotus eater's directly contradicting how she acted in the WaHH setsubun?
Why are the numangas so shit?
Replies: >>1120 >>1122 >>1595
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[Hide] (3.1MB, 2092x1600) Reverse
Doesn't ZUN always do whatever the fuck he wants and think less about consistency? He wanted to present another deeper meaning behind setsubun so he threw what Suika did in WaHH out of the window and give her PTSD instead to set the tone.
Still, in the same WaHH chapter it is shown oni deva (Kasen) is indeed still afraid of beans, so if anything perhaps WaHH Suika was the odd one out.
Replies: >>1122 >>1129
It's probably gonna be something like:
>Uu~☆, it hurts so much that people have an entire holiday dedicated to hating oni, and chasing us away, even though we did nothing wrong
>Playing catch with kids is fun, though, they don't really know what they're doing
SSiB was the only good manga.
Replies: >>1129
Oldfaries had it's moments
I feel like the stepping on fish scene is one of the most important things put to print.
Sure, but that doesn't mean any change that's been made from 9 onwards was for the (extremely significantly, usually) worse even when it's just nulore stepping on nulore.
>oni deva
That's not an oni, though, and being underhanded scum is kasen's defining feature.
>was for
wasn't for
Spoiler File
(209.3KB, 839x1191) Reverse
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
(81.7KB, 1200x970) Reverse
Newhu is kinda cute. Impressive get as well
Replies: >>1133 >>1136
Spoiler File
(638.2KB, 2171x1541) Reverse
Goat does sharp teeth better, and besides that she doesn't have much going for her.
Newmoko, on the other hand...
So, it was Satsuki Rin's vengeful spirit after all.
[Hide] (806.5KB, 1009x707) Reverse
>prison break
b-but that's easy mode!
Replies: >>1312
[Hide] (182.2KB, 600x500) Reverse
>no Mima
[Hide] (6.6MB, 1920x1080, 00:30)
>Dark skin on white skin makes for a good contrast
>Toning has a better visibility/work ratio than lining for a character you don't care about
>Black is the 'suspension of disbelief' 'please ignore this' color in traditional kabuki theater
>Japs are niggers
↑Pick one
Replies: >>1218
Lies. Foreign cultures are a myth.
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But can she break these cuffs?
Replies: >>1807
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Truly, not all heroes wear capes.
Big nothingburger, as expected.
Replies: >>2831
[Hide] (338.9KB, 1162x696) Reverse
[Hide] (198.5KB, 329x292) Reverse
She can't break those cuffs.
Replies: >>1812
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[Hide] (1.6MB, 1393x2000) Reverse

Finally we get more Sannyo lore.
I've always been wondering how the gambling den on Youkai Mountain looks like, but I'm also surprised Sannyo get a reappearance ahead of other UM cast.
[Hide] (882.9KB, 1232x738) Reverse
Sannyo gambling with bare shoulder LIVE!

Replies: >>2129 >>4261
When will she bare her tits?
Replies: >>2131 >>4261
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[Hide] (1020.7KB, 1054x877) Reverse
[Hide] (532.3KB, 731x657) Reverse
If you win she might CONSIDER it
Replies: >>2132 >>2136
[Hide] (22KB, 800x550) Reverse
>If you win she might CONSIDER it
Okay, but only if we play Uno
Replies: >>2134
[Hide] (688KB, 720x1000, 00:07)
Psshhh no normo allowed in the gambling den
[Hide] (590.5KB, 1283x800) Reverse
You might have to work as the patrons' rape-toy for a few months if you loose, though.
Spoiler File
(154.3KB, 756x1210) Reverse
Lotus Eater?
More like Lots-of-ass Eater...
Ha, gottem. LMAO!
Feel like someone has butthole fetish
Replies: >>2163
Spoiler File
(1016.4KB, 1000x1350) Reverse
Well it's a wHOLEsome fetish
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New CDS chapter

The story has finally reached up to Youkai Mountain
For the first time the chapter started from Mizuchi's PoV
In what chapter can I witness Chen being filled with my semen?
Replies: >>2180
Two blocks down
Spoiler File
(476.3KB, 1190x2113) Reverse
This one.
[Hide] (1MB, 1200x1723) Reverse
[Hide] (876.8KB, 1200x1723) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x1723) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x1723) Reverse
New CDS chapter


Featuring more Hina, violated Satori and pissed Reimu
Nitori went down and the ghost is at loose once again, all the while Aya is spreading bullshit like usual 
Truly the Youkai Mountain chapter
Replies: >>2547 >>2549 >>2550
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1770x2088) Reverse
That Satori wants dicks!
[Hide] (143KB, 348x880) Reverse
Old news.
This Satori chapter was looking hella sick for almost a week now.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1096x1723) Reverse
And why did you post MangaDex ((( localization )))?
[Hide] (296.9KB, 1179x720) Reverse
[Hide] (732KB, 1286x1300) Reverse
Lotus Eaters just can't stop voring random minor characters.
I mean, it's in the name, but still.
Replies: >>2813 >>2825
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[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x1776) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1393x2000) Reverse
New Detective Satori chapter

Nitori's dead, Marisa is held hostage once again (by Moriya folk this time) and Hatate finally enter the spotlight, about to snatch Aya's gig

New Lotus Eater chapter

The story continues from Komakusa gambling den in human village (inside Geidontei)
This time not-Suika challenge Reimu and Mamizou in Hanafuda, in broad daylight!
Hope it explains a little about how to play.
Spoiler File
(1.5MB, 500x500, 00:23)
Suika should vore my semen
Replies: >>2831
[Hide] (59.2KB, 332x224) Reverse
Suika will vore your entire pelvis like a cup of human frappuchino.
She's got experience with soy drinks, after all >>1595
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I like this cartoonish cherub art style and would like to know the artists who draws these doujins and what the names of the works are, the only Touhou I've played was Highly Responsive to Prayers so I am a noobhou despite being passively absorbing Touhou for years.
Replies: >>3165 >>3167
Not sure if this is a joke
You should have asked in the thread on cafe if you wanted a sauce for the image I posted on cafe or on /japan/
Inaba is arata toshihira
Replies: >>3166
[Hide] (72.2KB, 400x390) Reverse
He's not joking, he is the joke.
[Hide] (184.1KB, 426x1213) Reverse
The Soviet Rumia is Tagawa Gengo.
[Hide] (636KB, 1560x2240) Reverse
[Hide] (557.5KB, 1560x2240) Reverse
[Hide] (568.3KB, 1560x2240) Reverse
[Hide] (544.1KB, 1560x2240) Reverse
Where were you when Marisa canonically shat herself out cold in Eaters?
Replies: >>3256
havin a big ol wank
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1560x2240) Reverse
God damnit, I thought a kororin was finally gonna show up and make Marisa eat his dirty old manhole.
[Hide] (300.3KB, 1114x1600) Reverse
Dorkgod not adequately represented.
Bad chapter.
Replies: >>3757
>doesn't get a subtitle related to alcohol
[Hide] (200.2KB, 455x465) Reverse
departing from the bloomer tradition of Gensokyo Nitori wears SPATS
Replies: >>3759 >>3766
[Hide] (585KB, 672x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1000x1414) Reverse
Looks more like loose shorts or a raincoat, which is a lie anyway, since everybody knows kappas wear onepieces stuffed with cucumbers and watertight electronic devices.
Replies: >>4266
[Hide] (333.7KB, 876x921) Reverse
Short skirts don't work with bloomers so I wouldn't say every 2hu character wears them. The long dress characters like our two heroines certainly do, though.
Replies: >>3767 >>3773
What hus wear short skirts again?
Replies: >>3768 >>3769 >>3773
Aya & Hatate (in most depictions)
Some of the nuhus I can't be bothered to remember the names of
Replies: >>3770
The only one, more or less.
The shortest skirt you see in Touhou is still barely above knee, and small bloomers do exist, like the pic you posted.

Nue, Raiko, Hecatia
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1200x1723) Reverse
We finally see Shou speaking since her UFO debut!
After all these years!
Replies: >>3779
[Hide] (635.8KB, 1085x472) Reverse
Rat representation: accurate.
[Hide] (972.7KB, 1114x1600) Reverse
[Hide] (928.1KB, 1114x1600) Reverse
[Hide] (807.7KB, 1114x1600) Reverse
[Hide] (942.6KB, 1114x1600) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1114x1600) Reverse
Megumu-sama, I kneel
Replies: >>4263
[Hide] (248.2KB, 519x618) Reverse
Really wanna gnaw on some oni horns...
apparently the CDS artist will let you commission art of CDS, maybe we can pay the LE artist to make an alternative nipple slip panel
Replies: >>4262 >>4264
also holy fuck this captchca is difficult, i keep on having to restart it over and over so i can get one i can do
isn't it weird how aya's suddenly being a reportible reporter?
she sure didnt care to make sure that she was getting the facts right during CDS and earlier in this manga, and she almost made an entire tabloid of fake news before hecatia called her out for her shit
honestly not sure what the point of her whole wistleblowing thing is if just NOW she decides to be responsible with her reporting
[Hide] (12.7MB, 3035x4299) Reverse
[Hide] (633.8KB, 1655x2048) Reverse
>apparently the CDS artist will let you commission art of CDS
In fact, both artists who worked on CDS have done it.
Replies: >>4265
y'think if we pool our money together we can pay them just to write a better manga? [spoiler]with possession sex in it[/spoiler]
[Hide] (287.2KB, 850x1202) Reverse
Kappa's really are the supreme intellectual species of Gensokyo.
Also they heckin sexy.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1178x1414) Reverse
What the hell is this, some sort of a weapon?
Are you supposed to be able see anything through that tiny optic?
Replies: >>4268 >>4323
[Hide] (1.1MB, 807x746) Reverse
I think it's meant to cage cocks or whatever, doesn't seem all that practical TBH but maybe some chickens think it's fun to roll around in them so that's cool.
Replies: >>4283 >>4323
[Hide] (579.6KB, 3000x2900) Reverse
[Hide] (1MB, 3000x2900) Reverse
New chapter just dropped, If wonder how this will advance the lore now.
[Hide] (662.5KB, 936x1251) Reverse
Then what's this?
Looks like some sort of ammunition...
Definitely work of kappas.
Replies: >>4286 >>4323
[Hide] (145.2KB, 744x1052) Reverse
Two seconds later...
[Hide] (710KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
[Hide] (2.7MB, 2100x3334) Reverse
It's a form of security actually, uncaged cocks immediately end up getting gobbled up by these little fucks the moment you take your eyes off them. Kappa's are known for their handy work so of course they'd be good at making coops too.

Couldn't tell you, you'll just have to ask the Kappa's yourself what the meaning of such strange technology is for.
[Hide] (160KB, 850x957) Reverse
Well it's okay to let them roam free during the day with supervision or a guard dog anyway but at night cocks definitely should be caged for their own safety.
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