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Have you gotten any 1ccs lately? Or have you mostly retired from the games?
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>>110 (OP) 
I have mosly retarded
I pretty much just get a new one for each new game to renew my primary license but that's it
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The games are too hard for me
I never got any 1CC
Has my primary license expired if I haven't played a shmup since 2015?
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yes you missed 3 games
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There's an 18?
Were any of them good games?
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what do you think
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I thought marketeers was a sidegame lol
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did ddc hard yesterday, took 3 tries which isn't terrible since I last played the game 6 years ago
replay: https://a.uguu.se/qhdpVEko.7z
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I have beaten EoSD last month and just got to flandre.
I keep dying.
And I can't beat this stupid cat in 11.
I think I'm too stupid to figure out this captcha
I got a SA Extra No Bomb today
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cycle between going hard and taking it easy.  this winter it's been the latter.

ufo extra'd a few months ago.  recorded a silly thing that i can't be assed to clean up.  also, found a dude surviving the grudge bow timeout phase for 31 seconds... unfocused: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGfNNMZQ8Sk.  [in practice, but that's the full duration in a real run.]

dodging bullets is fun.
I'm trying to get my first Hard 1cc. PCB seems doable so I'm grinding that.
Fuck Youmu's nonspells
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You can't really appreciate touhou if you ain't a recovering japanese arcade addict who tries to save some money by playing something similar at home. I will never believe you actually like mainline games and weren't just bullied into playing those by "lol secondary" guys. Have you played real shmups even?
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bet you only play real shmups like crimzon clover right wwwwwwwwwwwww
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Sounds like a tretiary rationalization.
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She's just a straightfoward challenge, what's the problem?
I only play games that can be played with one hand and online reply gatherers. I weirdly like touhou 1 though, music in PC-98 games sounds better than in windows games, and there is just less waiting around in the first one.
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That's just sage schizo being the fag he is
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touhou can be played with one hand bro its called pacifist run get fucked btfo see you later owned retard teen kuso
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Just tried SA on hard. What the fuck is this massive difficulty increase? I can't even finish stage 3. I'd much sooner get a lunatic 1cc in another game.
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that's the point desu
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The jump is so insane it caught me by surprise. I think I'll clear MoF hard first.
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if you did eosd or in hard first you should be fine there
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IN's hard mode is also giving me trouble, though the difficulty seems to come almost entirely from the Marisa fight. She drains all my resources and I have nothing left to unload on Reisen and Kaguya.
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These games were the main thing in my life for years. I put thousands of hours into them. Now I just play them occasionally for nostalgia. Sometimes I dream about playing actively again and going for LNNs and high scores. We'll see if that's the case.
Fuck Mugetsu's first pattern. Her second pattern isn't so bad, but her first (which takes up like 80% of the fight) is annoying as fuck.
I can reach the Prismriver Sisters on Lunatic. It's only a matter of time until I can reach Youmu, Yuyuko and get the clear. Unlike in some games, PCB seems to not have massive spikes between difficulty levels. Perfect for getting my first Lunatic.
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