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Who is the most literally who touhou?
I vote Muramasa. Always forget her among the temple cast.
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Koishi, obviously. Everyone always forgets her.

The Tsukumo sisters from DDC are vastly overshadowed by the Kusanone trio in the stages before them and by Seija and Shimmy after, plus the Prismrivers had already filled the niche of musical youkai a decade earlier.
Medicine Melancholy and Hina Kagiyama are so forgettable I sometimes mix them up despite them being nothing alike.
But I think Sakata Nemuno is really the most literally who.
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Tsukumo sisters for sure.
You could easily say most characters from the newer games since nobody cares or plays them. In terms of prime time characters it's probably letty.
>>2408 (OP) 
>nue's partner
>one of the only interesting people at the temple
She's a hundred less times literally who than shou or byak
>Medicine Melancholy and Hina Kagiyama are so forgettable I sometimes mix them up despite them being nothing alike.
How little have you played pofv?
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>How little have you played pofv?
Extremely little.
But if it takes playing PoFV to make Hina memorable, then that only proves the point. Just look at how Eiki is universally considered womanlet, even though PoFV shows her taller than Komachi.
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Farmhus were pretty whatever, but the latter half of 18 everyone seems to be going crazy for, especially sexfox and dork god.
>nue's partner
Second-hand popularity from one of the most mediocre ex bosses is not much to brag about.
Eiki is unifersally considered a womanlet because it's ‌🇫‌🇺‌🇳‌🇳‌🇾 above all else.
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it's the least popular character from the whatever the newest game is
currently this bich
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no Tertiaries allowed
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Nice feet
Like I said, I mix her and Medicine up all the damn time, because both of them are forgettable.
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tell that to the japs
>because both of them are forgettable.
You mean, because you haven't played the games or read a single primary printwork?
some of pc98 are the most "who?" characters of them all. Probably some even more "who?" are some manga only characters that even I don't know about.
And I guess newhus from last 10 games are barely known by some. Fucking soap opera of gamedev, zun is worse than ea.
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Spoiler File
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This is the most forgettable Touhou.
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This one, assuming only characters from mainline games count.
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Hina is pretty well liked bro
Eat shit, dumb gorillanigger, makai girls are top tier.
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Yeah but she only appears in one ending. And not even the one most players get.
I don't have anything against her. But she's definitely one of, if not the single most literallywho Touhou.
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>>2408 (OP) 
Where were you when she became playable in the latest game?

Only if you're stuck on this side of western fandom who still wish it was still 2008 of Touhou golden era, or plainly only thinking inside your own bubble.
Touhou 17-18 casts has start catching up in popularity judging by constant new fanarts. Surprisingly nips has grown fond of Yachie and Megumu lately. Yuuma is also quickly liked and it brings up the animal boss trio above the rest of new cast. Megumu also received more attention for a reason.
People always say the same every fucking new game, that no one like new cast because of the fallacy that they don't immediately reach the same caliber of older cast who has accumulated all their popularity and works for decades, and even that's wrong since 2hus like Orin and Kanako has sunk below some of newer casts. Yet people tend not to check what nip artists actually do with the new casts other than projecting from nitpicking anons or their own opinion, and it's only after they've accumulated enough that people say "oh Sekibanki/Doremy are popular after all"
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Nips are dumb
Replies: >>2462
westerners are too biased
I say they are dumber
> the latter half of 18 everyone seems to be going crazy for, especially sexfox and dork god.
Poor Mike was getting a ton of attention when the demo released, but seems to have lost most of it.

>Surprisingly nips has grown fond of Yachie and Megumu lately.
Yachie makes sense but Megumu I would have said didn't have much hope. We already have Aya and Purple Aya, so Blue Aya had plenty of competition, even despite fitting in as Aya's boss. Sort of like how Green Nitori was mostly ignored.
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That's because of that meme where she's raising the male manekineko paw or something.
The meme died with the demo and so did her popularity.
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Megumu gained attention because of her relations with other characters. Not just the tengus but Momoyo, Tsukasa and Chimata as well.
Like it or not but relationship and pairing contributes a lot in character's popularity because people like interactions between characters, canon or fanon, and Megumu has plenty of them in game alone and with the last 3 bosses to boot. There's already a number of non-H plot-centric doujins featuring Megumu.
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and thats the FLIPPING problem
I can't jack off to this.
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Serve yourself and make your own hentai bucko
They got their own shit to do
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