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Prep work is done.

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Would you let Remilia bite your balls?
Replies: >>1568 >>1753 >>2853
Replies: >>1544
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Prepare your balls.
I've had enough testicular damage for one lifetime, sorry.
Replies: >>1547 >>1549
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(140.9KB, 937x1033) Reverse
She's got Sakuya for that.
Replies: >>1548
SpaceJin-fag detected.
Sakuya is a woman. Women don't have balls.
Replies: >>1550
Spoiler File
(226.4KB, 1000x1350) Reverse
Don't worry, she'll ask Patchouli to heal them... And then she would bite them again and again.
Replies: >>1552
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She is a maid first and foremost.
Replies: >>1551
Maids are women. Men are butlers. Butlers have balls. Maid don't have them.
Replies: >>1593
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Replies: >>1553
[Hide] (240.5KB, 908x924) Reverse
Yes please
Replies: >>1554
[Hide] (121.7KB, 00:08)
God dammit.
would you kindly blow your brains out?
Replies: >>1556
Spoiler File
(837.8KB, 2761x2894) Reverse
Would you kindly blow me?
I want suckers who refresh overboard to see more giant remilia dicks. Because I'm a good person.
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(1.7MB, 1737x2000) Reverse
But would you let Flandre bite your balls?
Replies: >>2853
>>1542 (OP) 
Only if she lets me bite hers.
Replies: >>1571
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The Scarlet brats are tired of bitin' balls! Now they're the dick-bitin' brats!
Replies: >>1573
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(4.9MB, 2200x2300) Reverse
Asking a lady to let you bite her balls? Boy, don't you have any manners?
Replies: >>1572
Well, she can go chew on her own, then!
Spoiler File
(528.5KB, 777x1087) Reverse
Oops! Sorry, Remilia-sama, my cock slipped into your throat!
Replies: >>1574
Spoiler File
(779.9KB, 778x1100) Reverse
Replies: >>1587
this thread is mega gay
Spoiler File
(2.7MB, 1280x720) Reverse
Damn, sorry!
Can't find the exit hole.
Come on, where is it?
Which way did it slide in from again?
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Maids are obliged to attend to their master's needs, no matter what they may be!
Replies: >>1600
[Hide] (193KB, 500x500) Reverse
Dude, grow some balls and admit that some things are outright impossible, like a maid suddenly growing a pair of testicles.
Replies: >>1604
[Hide] (66.1KB, 450x600) Reverse
Shoddy excuses like these is exactly why someone like you could never be a maid.
Spoiler File
(95.7KB, 512x312) Reverse
>>1542 (OP) 
I would let her lick my butthole if she's good girl.
Replies: >>1759
Spoiler File
(221.4KB, 1000x1412) Reverse
Keep dreaming, loser! Lady Remilia will never lick your gross, smelly, shit-coated asshole! Never!
Replies: >>1763
Spoiler File
(1012.2KB, 1650x1254) Reverse
Her loss, more for Flan-chan.
Replies: >>1774
[Hide] (513.6KB, 320x270) Reverse
Flan-chan loves shit!
Replies: >>1792
Spoiler File
(594.5KB, 858x1200) Reverse
Sanae-chan too! NOM
Spoiler File
(717.6KB, 1075x1518) Reverse
I would let my balls bite Remilia.
Replies: >>1804 >>1851
That artist draws a nice futa Remi
Spoiler File
(797.3KB, 986x1200) Reverse
If your balls bite people then you need to see a doctor!
Replies: >>1855
Nah, my balls only bite women.
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[Hide] (360.8KB, 1139x1385) Reverse
Those high-class nip toilets are getting crazier and crazier...
Replies: >>2030
Damn, where do I pee!?
[Hide] (86.6KB, 750x1334) Reverse
Remi-chan is asking you for your balls
Replies: >>2046
Sorry, Flan's using them right now.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1588x1308) Reverse
Remember those times when you made fun or Remilia? When you called her "flatty"? Now she's going to bite your balls off!
Replies: >>2159
[Hide] (1.3MB, 885x1200) Reverse
I will protect wemy
[Hide] (305.8KB, 732x1000) Reverse
Hey, Remi, I asked Eirin, and she agreed to transplant my balls directly inside your uterus!
She's already here, let's go!
Replies: >>2066
>she agreed to transplant my balls directly inside your uterus!
But why? For what purpose? And also you should know that balls should be located outside of the body to maintain lower temperature, otherwise they will be too hot for sperm to live.
Replies: >>2074 >>2090
[Hide] (199.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
So that I can cum inside her all the time, duh.
Actually, you're right, it's probably easier to just inject my semen directly into her ovaries.
Then I could even do Flan at the time.
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W-What is this?
Replies: >>2100
Spoiler File
(118.7KB, 1200x1800) Reverse
Want some?
Replies: >>2102 >>2104
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Um, excuse me! Misstress only eats my homemade baguettes!
Huh? What is it, Meiling? I thought you know not to interrupt the Misstress during teatime.
? Oh, come on! You shouldn't drink straight from the bottle, Misstress, look what a mess you've made!
Here, let me pour you a cup.
Replies: >>2113
[Hide] (225.8KB, 615x648) Reverse
Why is it so small? Why is it so short? Remilia has never saw such a small one before! Is it supposed to be so tiny?
Replies: >>2113
I thought she was lactose intolerant? You buffoon
sez u
Replies: >>2114 >>2115
>I thought she was lactose intolerant?
Remilia is white, what the fuck are you talking about?
Replies: >>2115
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Replies: >>2116 >>2118
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1126x913) Reverse
bread expert remi would never be defeeted by some glucose
Ding dong the wicked bitch is dead.
When will the funeral be held?
Replies: >>2124 >>2154
[Hide] (362.8KB, 2127x1545) Reverse
>They see your huge wooden stake
[Hide] (104.1KB, 1600x900) Reverse
Right now!
[Hide] (35.5KB, 366x267) Reverse
Who could have guessed all those sweets she's been secretly stuffing her gullet with every night would finally catch up with her pancreas!
Rest in creampuffs, Remi-chan!
Replies: >>2155
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Her last photo before being carried to ICU
Replies: >>2157
Replies: >>2169
Spoiler File
(439.8KB, 700x1111) Reverse
I've already smeared my balls in mashed broccoli, so come at me if you dare, fatty.
Replies: >>2164
[Hide] (180KB, 800x800) Reverse
You monster… How many humans have you eaten to become that big!?
Replies: >>2188
[Hide] (622.9KB, 723x738) Reverse
A little under one Patche.
[Hide] (721.8KB, 2894x2894) Reverse
Replies: >>2228
[Hide] (161.7KB, 350x1507) Reverse
Replies: >>2234
[Hide] (65.5KB, 900x915) Reverse
When you do not bite any balls for a two weeks straight...
I'll put you under
Reimu would smash your dick with her gohei until they break
Marisa would Master Spark your balls
Alice would tie your balls with her dolls strings and them pull the strings until your balls break
Cirno would turn your balls into ice balls and then smash them into pieces
Rumia would painfully and slowly tear your balls off with her teeth
Meiling would kick your balls until they break
Sakuya would stab your balls with knives until they break
Remilia would bite your balls and suck the blood out until they break
Flandre would accidentally sneeze on your balls and they will explode
Chen would scratch your balls with her nails until they break
Yukari would gap your balls into a zoo cage  with many hungry lions
Replies: >>2305 >>2308
[Hide] (1.3MB, 3000x2000) Reverse
But the leading expert at Gensokyo ballbusting says Marisa has a strong dislike for ballbusting.
Replies: >>2307
Suika would split into many tiny Suikas and they will stretch your balls in all directions until they break.
Yuugi would just crush your balls with her mighty hand.
Reisen would hypnotize you into punching your balls until they break.
Tewi would put your balls into a mortar and then pound them with a pestle until they turn into mochi.
Orin would scrape your balls with her barbed cat tongue, removing the skin then the meat bit by bit until nothing remains.
Satori would make you think about the worst thing that can happen to your balls and then she would do precisely that.
Koishi would destroy your balls and you wouldn’t even know when and how she did it.
Youmu would slash your balls into 10,000 thousands pieces with her swords.
Yuyuko would invoke death on your balls. They would rot and then would fall off.
Shion would accidentally jinx you and would make you involved in an accident which would involve your balls, three rabid stray cats, garden shears, a meat grinder, a train, a crazy white elephant, and a trombone.
Sanae would make a miracle and turn your balls into solid gold.
Doremy would make you have a nightmare where you experience all of the above.
Replies: >>2308
[Hide] (312.6KB, 450x1250) Reverse
Nobody said she would enjoy it.
[Hide] (353.6KB, 854x480, 00:04)
If that was true, then how come youkai haven't eaten each other yet?
Replies: >>2310
Patchouli would put your balls between a book’s pages and then would press on the cover until they break.
Koakuma would violently rape you until your balls break from hundreds of ejaculations.
Rin Satsuki would do nothing with your balls.
Eirin would inject your balls with some drug, making them hurt so much you would go mad and then would cut them off with a knife.
Shinmyoumaru would use your balls as her pincushion until she gets bored. Then she would strike your balls with the miracle mallet making them bigger and bigger until they pop.
Nitori would put your balls into an electric blender.
Aya would stomp on your balls with her wooden shoes until they break.
Keine would write your balls out of the history.
Hakutaku Keine would ram into your balls until they break.
Mokou would burn your balls into ashes.
Hina would grab your balls tightly and then would spin around until they break.
Kanako would summon snakes to bite your balls until they’re destroyed.
Utsuho would irradiate your balls until they turn into one big cancerous tumor
Ichirin will summon Unzan to punch your balls.
Yamame would bite your balls and inject her spider juices inside, so your balls would melt into goop.
Rinnosuke would capture you and put you into his shop so ladies would pay him to smash your balls. 1000 yen for one hit, by the way.
Replies: >>2311
[Hide] (115.4KB, 768x576) Reverse
>If that was true, then how come youkai haven't eaten each other yet?
What do you mean by that?
Spoiler File
(579.6KB, 1000x1350) Reverse
>Utsuho would irradiate your balls until they turn into one big cancerous tumor
Well, too bad for her, she's the one who's gonna get impregnated from it!
Replies: >>2312
[Hide] (319.5KB, 772x741) Reverse
Are you sure at least one of your spermatozoa will still be alive by that time?
Replies: >>2313
Spoiler File
(256.1KB, 737x721) Reverse
Inseminating her control rod right now.
Replies: >>2314
utsuho is trans now?
Replies: >>2315
ur grenny's a trans now
Daiyousei will crush your balls with her big butt.
Ran would calculate your balls’ weak point and then destroy them with a single light prod.
Wriggle would call horseflies, mosquitoes, bees and wasps to bite and sting your balls until they break.
Mystia would skin your balls, pour salt on them, then grill them. Yes, she would do all that while your balls are still attached to you. Oh, it’s done! Mm~ Smells tasty~
Tenshi would smash your balls with her rocks until they break
Iku would zap your balls until they break.
Kaguya would make you immortal and then will tickle your balls for all eternity.
Kogasa would spook your balls out of your ballsacks.
Nue would [REDACTED] and then [REDACTED] and then she would crush your ball with her thick thighs.
Seija would hang you upside down by the balls and then she would wait until they break
Kasen will preach about how pathetic and ugly your balls are. She would do it for years until you would finally snap and go to Eirin and ask her to castrate you.
Replies: >>2325
Spoiler File
(1.2MB, 1920x1200) Reverse
You still didn't explain how youkai haven't busted each other's massive futa balls yet.
Replies: >>2326 >>2329
[Hide] (322.2KB, 1000x1200) Reverse
There are no futanari in gensokyo
Replies: >>2327
Spoiler File
(1.1MB, 2029x2880) Reverse
Then how does Mamizou use tanuki magic, genius?
Replies: >>2329
Yokai don't attack each other.

She use her chesticles.
Replies: >>2331
Spoiler File
(622.8KB, 1100x1250) Reverse
Spoiler File
(538.3KB, 1100x1250) Reverse
Spoiler File
(842.4KB, 1100x1250) Reverse
Spoiler File
(674.9KB, 1100x1250) Reverse
Spoiler File
(742.9KB, 1100x1250) Reverse
<By definition still part of a massive futa cock.
<Can still be busted.
<Provide no tactical advantage whatsoever.
>Yokai don't attack each other.
Then what's this?
Replies: >>2332
>Then what's this?
A little fun yokai game, of course.
Replies: >>2339 >>2348
Yeah, it's called eating the weaker youkai whole, balls included.
Replies: >>2351
Spoiler File
(1MB, 816x767) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1MB, 816x767) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.1MB, 816x767) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1MB, 816x767) Reverse
It's not just for youkai. Kami can enjoy that game too.
Spoiler File
(187.4KB, 600x900) Reverse
>Not eating balls separately
Absolutely barbaric.
[Hide] (336.1KB, 1200x1694) Reverse
Subject: Yuuka Kazami, the flower yokai

How to provoke: Ruining her flowers, pissing on her flowers, asking her to let you "pollinate her flower", calling her ass fat
Your punishment: She would make you run through the field full of nettle with your balls exposed. After your balls swell to the size of coconuts, she will get bored and would mercilessly beat your balls until they break.

Estimated time: Several hours
Ball Destroying Rating: B+
Painfulness Rating: A
Her quote: "Ballbusting is just an another game"
Replies: >>2387 >>2441 >>2463
[Hide] (305.3KB, 664x1190) Reverse
Subject: Shiki Eiki, the Yamaxanadu

How to provoke: refusing to repent for your sins, ejaculating into her hat, calling her "shorty", saying "Yabbadabbadoo"
Your punishment: She would sentence you to the Plowing Testicles Hell, in which demons would stretch your balls to the size of a field and then plow them with plowshares and hoes. It would be incredibly painful, and you will be unable to die in Hell, so prepare your damn balls for it.

Estimated time: About 3,397,386,240,000,000,000 years
Ball Destroying Rating: C
Painfulness Rating: S
Her quote: "I am the law"
[Hide] (153.5KB, 800x650) Reverse
but I like her fat butt
Replies: >>2388
[Hide] (189.8KB, 2100x2100) Reverse
It's not that fat
Replies: >>2439
[Hide] (465.9KB, 1065x1350) Reverse
Subject: Komachi Onozuka, the ferrywoman

How to provoke: snitching her to Eiki about her sleeping on the job, groping her tits, shitting into Sanzu river or her boat
Your punishment: She would capture you and then use your balls as a grindstone for her scythe for roughly one hour per day. She would do it until your balls turn to dust.

Estimated time: At least several months
Ball Destroying Rating: S
Painfulness Rating: B
Her quote: "You're pretty ballsy"
[Hide] (502.7KB, 1046x800) Reverse
Tone it down a bit bro!
[Hide] (98.2KB, 256x456) Reverse
If she doesn't want people to admire her giant ass, she shouldn't stick it out so much.
Replies: >>2445
[Hide] (211.7KB, 1700x1136) Reverse
She can't help it
It's like her ass is her center of mass
[Hide] (790.6KB, 1000x1400) Reverse
Subject: Merlin Prismriver

How to provoke: ruining her concert by loudly farting, asking her to play your rusty trombone
Your punishment: She would strip you naked and tie you up. Then she would play her trumpet until she finds the proper resonate frequency for you balls. Your balls would start vibrate more and more, and in the end they will violently and loudly explode, like a glass cup. It would be very painful for sure!

Estimated time: At least 10-20 minutes
Ball Destroying Rating: S-
Painfulness Rating: A
Her quote: "Look ma, no hands!"
Spoiler File
(1.8MB, 2310x2553) Reverse
Preposterous lies!
Everyone knows Yuuka-sama only bullies the genitals of overconfident futanari!
Replies: >>2464 >>2468
And Wriggle-kun
[Hide] (96.7KB, 416x722) Reverse
Can Reimu impregnate herself?
Replies: >>2474
Not after Yuuka-sama's special-deluxe~♥ cbt training.
[Hide] (103.1KB, 674x646) Reverse
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1280x720, 00:40)
[Hide] (193.6KB, 992x1424) Reverse
>>1542 (OP) 
Not letting rabid bats bite my anything.
Spoiler File
(1.2MB, 1414x2000) Reverse
Do you like Flan's new Halloween costume?
Replies: >>2926
[Hide] (620KB, 641x1080) Reverse
Vanilla wannabe BTFO.
Spoiler File
(837.1KB, 1500x1800) Reverse
Flandre is going out butt naked! Somebody stop her!
Replies: >>2931 >>2938
>hat still on
Replies: >>2932 >>2933
artists do that so we don't forget it's not a generic anime girl
Touhous "hats" are not clothes. They are inseparatable organic things growing from their heads.
[Hide] (88.5KB, 400x400) Reverse
Flandre is going... going... going IN-N-N-N!!!
Spoiler File
(62.7KB, 806x503) Reverse
You've heard of Remilia the cock-biter.
Now prepare for Rumia the cock-biker!
Replies: >>3086 >>3087
Spoiler File
(95.6KB, 1260x1137) Reverse
Meet Shinmyoumaru the Cock-Rider!
I don't think that braking with your own balls would feel good...
[Hide] (2.6MB, 2480x3507) Reverse
But would you bite Remilia's clit?
Replies: >>3104
Ball for a ball or no deal.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x540) Reverse
Remilia when all the unbitten balls suddenly become bitten (Flan had a hand in it).
Spoiler File
(2.3MB, 3000x4000) Reverse
You wake up and see this
What would you do?
I always want to pee like crazy when I wake up.
Replies: >>3271
Replies: >>3271
[Hide] (497.2KB, 1440x1080, 00:25)
**Ejaculate straight into her pussy with the force of a thousand suns*
Spoiler File
(713.8KB, 946x1336) Reverse
Stake 'em by the pussy!
Replies: >>3275 >>3276
Somebody help Flan! Her life is at stake!
Spoiler File
(288.2KB, 1126x1600) Reverse
Spoiler File
(498KB, 1126x1600) Reverse
Spoiler File
(436.5KB, 1126x1600) Reverse
Spoiler File
(230.7KB, 1126x1600) Reverse
Let's stake every yokai's pussy!!!
Replies: >>3277
They do say "the shortest way to a woman's womb is through her vagina".
[Hide] (264.7KB, 700x700) Reverse
Yo, have you heard Flan's abnormal vore mixtape?
Replies: >>3283
Why is Flan eating Remilia's nipple?
Replies: >>3284
Breasts are women's balls.
Remi's just didn't drop yet.
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