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I know this sounds wierd, but there's no time to explain!
You have to walk all over me with your tippy-tappy spider feet right now!
Please, hurry!
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c4caaa264c8d36130dbb24ea316bd4c4.png (u)
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>>507 (OP) 
Are you sure about that? Those legs look sharp and dangerous.
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>Human feet.
6b2a6e198ef3785cd28253de84a0d0c1a10cce7a3b828c91a2b5fedfba2ebbd4.jpg (u)
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Absolutely not
Only if you don't behave
Kanako.mp4 (u)
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>>507 (OP) 
>Wanting to be stepped on
>Begging for it even
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I'd like to see you when the fate of the world depends on you like this.
5cc5a8d02eb01a651810999336775703.jpg (u)
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>A snake pretending to have legs
How cute.
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FH8MlxTaMA0bQdy.jpg (u)
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78204529_p1.png (u)
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Well, now I'm offended.
99ec0b97815aabf2f195331429dda0b54566a16fb6b4a2df214577b7b22c08b3.jpg (u)
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Yamame-chan <3
948c1e416116f788edfa8da06f23fd91c54e37c840084c704c458896b59463bc.jpg (u)
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>Spider mums are very nurturing. Some of them regurgitate food for their babies, guard their eggs on an empty stomach, and crab spider mums liquefy themselves so that they can become food for their kids.
Best mom.
>>507 (OP) 
2hu is a whore
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b74d2b62c40d93401e608f14a76b51d1.png (u)
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ur a whore
55191008_p0.webp (u)
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Ur mom's a whore.
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Spoiler File (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
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An average person gets swallowed by eight spiders a year in their sleep.
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kaguya.mp4 (u)
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31d529be79a69cde24e7b0b67302b97d57c96888ad49f776f09711dca40ca7fd.webp (u)
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Don't tell me you're one of those god-damn homosexuals I've been hearing about, the fucking arachnophobes or whatever.
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Replies: >>575
e2a967bfb5903ee062ff8fe32538b60e93e611c9ad5fe62ded3f39276a8e69b5.jpg (u)
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__hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_mefomefo__91379efe608cad88fda5dd1d89f3d6cf.jpg (u)
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I fear no spider. They keep the real pests away. I just hate those that are deranged enough that they want to fuck one. It's a crime against nature.
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b6ca0a60823a1be5b148b47f98fa2303c3a2fbc30ad5876ff98f106a2d099c16.webp (u)
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Not wanting to have sex with spidergirls just because they are spiders is arachnophobic.
Sorry, but I'll have to cancel you on Moriya Shrine's ema board.
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be132b86b68771ef5e23d3a218597b59.jpg (u)
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I heard female spiders eat their mates after sex though
Replies: >>579
Almost exclusively in captivity, so it's humans' fault, as always.
Also, need low self-esteem Allocosa brasiliensis gf:
>Allocosa brasiliensis males use pheromones to attract females, in contrast to most other burrowing wolf spiders, where the females attract the males. Males have been observed to specifically cannibalize on older females that were lured into the male's burrow, while preferring mating with virgins.
91a49c3d1abb003eda86ea44905e0fc3.png (u)
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This is how Yamame really looks like. If you see her, run for your life and don't look back.
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sweaty.jpg (u)
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Why would I even attempt to escape from the grasps of such a hottie?
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ff0e38f1b39272ed7207661359d69a5f.png (u)
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>a hottie
I think you need to get your eyes checked.
d030b8ee672974c55a5f1080192a02ca.jpg (u)
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What the hell is this barbie-doll?
Cease spreading misinformation this instant!
0346bb0f712fc1e3e89f99dfb31dce44.jpg (u)
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Kumo-kumo Yama-me ♪~
 Ai shiteru ♪~
What would happen if I tried to kiss the spider?
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Petting_a_spider.webm (u)
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Most likely result: the spider would be kissed.
Unless it's poisonous or a youkai, in which case your ass might get kicked.
Replies: >>599
Can spiders feel petting? I don't think they have any sensation in their skin.
Replies: >>600 >>601
69fbc5fa0dcd1a866c0a95b617ab4108db6e4b10a5a001595a03957da3fd2355.png (u)
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Tactile perception facilitated by their sensitive hairs is the most important of their senses (so important, in fact, that it doubles as their hearing sense).
I doubt they particularly enjoy being pet, though.
(and their spider-sense, of course)
84545108_p0.jpg (u)
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Need Yamame to hug me with her spider legs
Replies: >>608
4bc77a85fe4f29d028645de220deede4b3b385df.png (u)
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11421a26f38bbe245e00b6f637e9e6f6.jpg (u)
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Need a tight spiderbelly pillow.
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