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Sieg Heil!

If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT.
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/fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism, etc). Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, non-fascists are permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs as long as they respect the rules of this board! This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation (currently just me), banners and general bitching.

1. Global rules apply (see )
2. Literature requests should go in the proper thread  >>2
3. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go in the QTDDTOT
4. No avatarfagging or tripfagging without reason(Should be confined to a single thread at most)
5. No self-advertising. No Discord shilling.
6. No degeneracy*
7. No spam, flooding, serial double- / triple posting
8. No fedposting**

* Note on 'No degeneracy' 
 For purposes of this board, this means no unspoilered gore, no pornography, no advocating for race-mixing, transgender ideology, homosexuality, bisexuality, sexualizing prepubescents, etc.

**Note on 'fedposting'
Fedposting will be defined as posts that actively attempt to rouse users into carrying out terrorist attacks or acts of violence. Speaking positively about Breivik, Tarrant or similar individuals does not count as fedposting, nor does advocacy for violence in a general sense, think more of ""Hey kid, you wanna bomb a federal building?"" type posts

Here on /fascist/ we want high quality on-topic discussion and threads. If a major news event occurs (e.g. war breaks out, major terrorist attack, migrant crisis 2.0, another 9/11-tier event), go ahead and make a full thread. WE ARE NOT A NEWS BOARD, generally speaking. We don’t care about what Trump did today or muh Republicans and Democrats, that should go to the /pol/ of your choice( Such as: or you may post in the news general thread.

This means we don’t want here on /fascist/ shit-tier threads which do not foster any interesting discussion or contribute anything of worth. This style of thread will in most cases be locked after being directed to the QTDDTOT or outright deleted. Examples of this type of thread:
>what do fascists think of X Y Z 
>can gays / blacks / trannies / Jews be fascist?
all of that can be posted in an 'unpopular opinions' thread so that we can roundly mock you and/or show you how you are wrong.

Of course, but the main objective of this board is to foster actual discussion about National Socialism, Fascism, third position ideologies, movements, religion, and literature.

Some archives of the old boards:
(Will add more later as Blackshirts provide them or I find them)*/*/
Post good works that you've read and ask for recommendations ITT. 

UPDATED 1/21/21


National Socialism:
>Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler)
The most reliable translations are the Stalag edition and the Thomas Dalton translation.
>Hitler's Second Book / Zweites Buch (Adolf Hitler)
>The Program of the NSDAP (Gottfried Feder)
>The Manifesto for the Breaking of Interest Slavery (Gottfried Feder)
>Hitler's Table Talk
>The Fair Race's Darkest Hour

Black Front / Strasserism:
>German Tomorrow by Dr. Otto Strasser
>Deutschlands Erneuerung by Dr. Otto Strasser (in German only)

Savitri Devi
>The Lightning and the Sun (Savitri Devi)
>And Time Rolls On (Savitri Devi)
>The Impeachment of Man (Savitri Devi)

Iron Guard / Romanian Fascism:
>For my Legionaries by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

British Union of Fascists (BUF):
>Fascism: 100 Questions Asked and Answered (Oswald Mosley)
>Tomorrow We Live (Oswald Mosley)
>My Life (Oswald Mosley)
>Fascism v. Jewry (William Joyce)
>National Socialism Now (William Joyce)
>The Coming Corporate State (A. Raven Thompson)
>Spring Comes Again (Jorian Jenks)

Italian Fascism:
>Origins and Doctrine of Fascism (Giovanni Gentile)
>CasaPound Italia platform:

>Kokutai no Hongi: Cardinal Principles of the National Entity of Japan

Miscellaneous Secondary Literature Worth Reading:
By "worth reading" I mean not totally kiked garbage. These are not fascist authors.
>The Wages of Destruction (Adam Tooze)
>Holy Legionary Youth (Roland Clark)
>The Nazi War on Cancer (Robert Proctor)
>The Occult Roots of Nazism (Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke)
>Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity (Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke)
>Japan's Holy War (Walter Skya)

Cultured Thug is also a good YouTube channel for overviews of fascist literature:

Helpful Links:

Previous Threads:
This thread for the discussion of pro-white resistance, past or present, from an onlookers perspective, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Are they doing what has to be done? Is it more harmful than helpful? Are they all false flags? Discuss!

Memes should go here: >>4

>The Breivik Archive

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Fascist News General /fng/
This thread is for discussion of recent happenings that may be of interest to users of this board. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, news involving fascist parties around the world, info related to government / corporate responses to White nationalist / fascist activities, and events that are likely of interest to users here, such as declining race-relations, anti-White policies and Jewish-related scheming.

This thread existed on 8, anon,cafe, and 16chan, just as before it'll be here on a trial basis. If it attracts too many outsiders, it will be deleted. If it results in garbage-tier discussion not healthy to /fascist/, it will be deleted. This is /fascist/, not a free-for-all area.

Twitter alternative:
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Welcome to Silver City, white. I dont mean to know your business fren, but you been searching long? searching for here? Myself, I was lost for the longest time, trying to make it work in the city. Trying to make a big salary into a ticket to escape.  Finally the crowd of strangers pushed me out, I'd been there all my life up til then. 

You'll find a empty cottage at the edge of the forest. The former residents left for the siren song of cosmopolitan sophistication.  Bright lights of the big cities, more like poor dumb animals freezing in the headlights of oncoming cars. They generally learn to stop saying they're from here, being whites from peasant stock isnt valuable in a melting pot, although its more like a cauldron really. 

The community here is too poor to interest hook nosed parasites and muds are supposed to be scared of forests, but maybe its the geomantic hexagons alligning in this valley that makes it so good for volk. Work hard and build up Silver City and You'll find it a good place to do esoteric research and have a bath, maybe shit post a little. So stay a while and refit your field gear, You'll be heading out again on the search party soon. You can trust white survival city to be here when you need to return.

Thread for the discussion of National Socialism, White Nationalism, the Third Position, racial identity movements and the Jewish Question.

(I’ll be posting images)


Gottfried Feder - The Manifesto for the Abolition of Enslavement to Interest on Money
Gottfried Feder - The Programme of the NSDAP
Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf (Dalton Edition)

The Ultimate Red Pill - Hitler's Greatest Speeches
A Last Appeal to Reason
Berlin, Sin City of Weimar Germany

Deutschland, Erwache!

This thread is for Non-Abrahamic Aryan Religions/religious philosophy and more broadly Aryan Philosphy.
Previous Threads:
Welcome to /fbc/

As a wise man once said, in a roundabout way, books are tools. They exist to inspire the coming man and other revolutionaries, and to aid the process of iteration. We, therefore, would be fools not to take advantage of them. 

Fascist Book Club plans to meet on a weekly to biweekly basis to share well-written insights on books chosen by /fbc/ members. The book of the week will be chosen in the thread, and after an allotted time period, anons will return to discuss their reading. Posts related to the chosen book should be high quality, and anons are expected to keep discussion civil and productive. Lastly, and most importantly, have fun with it! While the topics being discussed can be serious, there is no reason why you can't enjoy it. So, let's get started.
In anticipation of the old site being taken down, I have made screenshots of my most important posts for future discussion. To understand the references, you would need rudimentary understanding of classic philosophy, history, mathematics, physics, metaphysics and some mystery schools like Hermeticism and Pythagoreanism (whose ideas, such as monism, I am making a case against), as well as eastern and Vedic mysticism. While the subject deals with the nature of reality itself, basic knowledge of the aforementioned subjects should suffice for intuitive grasp. The reason why I would prefer for this thread to be separate from the religion thread is to avoid all the fallacies and appeal to nonexistent (or construed from very questionable sources) authority typically involved with "faith", especially taking into the account the fact that that historical sources have been routinely destroyed or altered, and bearers of certain knowledge (by blood or tradition) routinely persecuted and genocided (often by those who cry out in pain as they stab you, which ties into the real reason for the white genocide).

While these subjects inevitably involve religious themes and concepts (after all, true religion and true science are merely two different perspectives of the same knowledge, as our ancestors knew, not something opposed), the focus should be on reason and debate about ideas themselves. Which is far more nuanced than it seems, as, for example, the use of the term "rational" as a synonym for the term "reasonable" and conflation of the two, is an attempt to manipulate the consciousness and consensus through the weaponization of language. Because, contrary to what Pythagoras (or more specifically, his teachers) thought, irrational is real as well, perhaps even more so than the rational, and it belongs to a superior category of Reason. 

There is a reason why you won't find the knowledge that I am revealing here in any mainstream religion, philosophy, academic circle or "mystery school" available today, because such ideas have been repressed for millenia by a very ancient conspiracy. Behold the lost mystery of Zero, transcendence and what I would term Essential Polytheism, which was the actual worldview of our very distant ancestors, for they did not come from this world. The antithesis of egalitarianism and all the false dichotomies offered today, regardless of category.

Picrel is not very accurate but funny nonetheless.
What is left of online fascist communities? I know we have this board among a few other (mostly) dead boards scattered throughout the alt chans. But for the most part it doesnt seem like theres any big and active online communities for people lit us. (aside from shitholes full of feds like /pol/ and stormfront) How do we build more quality WN/Fascist communities online/improve existing ones? 

Id also like to pose the question of how to get more activity on this board. It gets like 1-2 posts a day which is decent however there is much room for improvement.
How long can you think in circles before you realize communism is perfect for the people (in theory)?
How can we deprogram abrahamists? What should every abrahamic fascist know about their religion? What is the best way to get abrahamists out of our nations and communities? How can we explain that abrahamism is incompatable with a White National Socialist ethnostate?

Previous Threads:
In the reawakening of the Russian race, and in its assumption that via Sovietism it has a prophetic universal mission, we see a confirmation of this regression to primitive forms of social life, which is found in many modern variants. Those who see in the new Russia the definitive revolt of a barbaric Asiatic race, which rejects the attempts made over two centuries by the Tsars to achieve European civilisation, and attempts instead to ally itself to the forms of social decomposition of the European world, are exactly correct. Bolshevism is the institutionalisation in a modern form of the ancient spirit of the Slavic race : a race without tradition, which, in its social mysticism, in its amalgam of sensuality and spirituality, in the predominance of pathos over ethos, of instinctivity over rationality, brings us back to the forms of pre-personal lack of differentiation and communist promiscuity characteristic of primitives.

The great upheaval of the War has restored this element to its free state, and has made it into a dreadful ferment of decomposition for the still healthy parts of Europe. 'Soviet civilisation', when announcing the coming of the 'proletarian era', dedicates itself openly to the destruction of the 'leprosy' of personality and freedom, "venoms of middle-class society", principles of every evil ; to the abolition, in addition, of private property, of all independent thought, and of every "motive which is supernatural, or, in any sense, foreign to the interests of the [working] class" (Lenin) ; to the advent of the "omnipotent mass-man", who alone must survive and give shape to the way of life and thought of all individuals. The modern side of Bolshevism is only in the 'method' : mechanisation and rationalisation are the means chosen to realise, in a universal social regime based solely on economics, the 'Mass Man', who already lived mystically in the Slavic soul. And, thus, Soviet civilisation converges in aim - consciously - with another race, which also falsely claims a regenerating universal mission and presumes to represent the last word of civilisation : America.

From The Two Faces of Nationalism by Julius Evola.
You know the drill, Blackshirts, but for those who don't, post your unpopular opinions here and they will be mocked and corrected in equal measure, for our entertainment.
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Post informative images
For /fascist/ OC posting from banners and memes to board art and flags for posters to use.
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Get your shit together, Blackshirts

Books and Info:
>EasyPeasy Method (free yourself from porn)
>Calisthenics Archive
>Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics)
Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness - Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength
Convict Conditioning 2: Advanced Prison Training Tactics for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, and Bulletproof Joints
>Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima
gotta find a copy will edit and attach later

Previous Threads

if any links are dead let me know in the meta thread >>1 and I will try to find replacements.
Is the Biotech/Industrial complex getting under your skin anon? 
Are you tired of dying suddenly of diedsuddenly?
Well get in here for some sympathy and misinformation jabbo, our dedicated control group of horse paste chugging antivaxx plague rats is waiting for your tales of woe.
We're all in the experiment now, we're all clutching our chest in anticipation,  everyone has VAIDS-VAIDS-VAIDS-VAIDS-VAIDS!
The average IQ of Israelis is 94, they're ugly and mediocre.

To demoralize the public, these Middle Easterners were pushed into the spotlight and made the center of everything.

The purpose of demoralization is to make people give up on community projects, to lose faith in humanity and pursue things as individuals because they don't trust others. Demoralized populations are easily exploited.

By putting Jews in the center of every organization, people disperse from those organizations because their impression of them is that they are disreputable and mediocre.

If you had a math society and the math society advertised itself with a Jew presenting a thesis that 1+1 did not equal 2 and the society endorsed it and paraded that Jew around on media, everyone would break with that organization and lose faith in human organizations in general. 

Using a mediocre Jew as the face of an organization causes White people to abandon that organization and do it enough times and they will have no faith in the quality of people in general and not organize towards their collective interests. 

This is a way of breaking down opposition to governments, corporations, and secret cabals by causing people to become individualists that can't accomplish much of anything as individuals.
I recall that our board long had an ecofascist/anti-tech thread, but I feel that this goes against the spirit of fascism. In truth, fascism is a modern, 20th century phenomenon dependent on modern transportation, modern law enforcement, a modern military, etc. The thought of competing with other ethnicities while undermining our own technological superiority is ludicrous. It would decrease the potential of our own race, its genetic health, and its future. If anything, non-whites should embrace Ludditism, die out, and be conquered while Whites should aim for the stars. A White society must be efficient and use advanced technology to stand up to (perhaps even destroy) all the other races, and anyone who thinks otherwise is following a path of guaranteed failure. It is because of our technology that so many middle-age and elderly Whites are still alive, that abortion can be easily and painlessly carried out on the nigger community, that borders can be blocked off (if the people in charge weren't kiked), etc. Cleansing our lands and the world at large would be possible with biotech but an impossibility with the abandonment of modern technology. The people in charge are the problem, not the tech itself.
Hello /fascist/
We would really like it if you could finish up your team page for the Infinity Cup (which is still on going and your team is expected to pass the group stage tonight).
Please give us some updated Roster pictures (as well as finishing the bench, you're lacking  5 substitutions)
Thanks in advance!
Recently it was found out that the octopus species has DNA that is alien to Earth. Meaning that it originally came from outer space.

Now this made me think. Could it be possible that the European man had originally come from outer space? And that it was the Africans that came from the apes?
Does anybody know if there any more sources out there concerning this theory?
1. Inherent Biological Incompatibility such as antibody formation to foreign race proteins.

This is expressed from the first mating of individuals of two different races. A classical example is antibody production to Rhesus factor. It is an allergic immunological reaction to the offspring by the woman.

2. Recombination failure in gamete formation in both males and females.

This is the result of conserved genes being located at different locations on the chromosomes between races due to natural speciation forces such as transposon activity. When recombination occurs in the mixed race offspring to produce gametes, sperm and eggs, recombination between the chromosomes results in additions and deletions that render the gametes inviable or as carriers of addition/deletion diseases. This is measured on a physical chromosome map as the distance in nucleotides between conserved genes. The further apart each parent's conserved genes are on the chromosomes of a mixed race offspring, the higher the percentage of gametes will be non-viable due to additions and deletions in humans. In other species, such as canines, conserved genes are widely spaced apart by SINE repeats, making recombination failure between populations much less likely.

Ethnicity 1 DNA Segment         -------A-B-C-D-E-------------
Ethnicity 2 DNA Segment         ---------------A-B-C-D-E-----
Recombination of Ethnicity 1-2  -------A-B-C/---A-B-C-D-E--/- (Recombination FAILURE!)
Recombination of Ethnicity 1-2  --/-----A-B-C-D-E---------/-- (Recombination success!)
Canine DNA Segment              ---A------------------B------

Where conserved genes don't align between parental chromosomes, it is expressed as persistent reduced gamete viability.

It's worth noting that this recombination failure, decreased fertility in mixed race people,  results in mixed race chromsomal gene placement in gametes with conserved gene placement that is not aligned with any racial group or any mixed race populations, since the recombination is semi random. The infertility of race mixed people persists until all conserved genes are lined up in a population's collective genome.

For a mixed race offspring, for every gene which is in a different location on a chromsome between parents, you can expect a 50% reduction in gamete viability with a Mendelian distribution table, but that probabilistic outcome is mitigated by the randomness of recombination of crossover sites, the number of misaligned genes, and number of cross over sites per chromsome, since entire sets of out of place genes can be on a contigious region of DNA which is not affected by the recombination crossover. Predicting the degree of infertility is complicated by the differences between the location of genes in the parents, the number of incompatible genes, and their proximity to likely recombination cross over sites. 

The addition and deletion of genes can result in gene based disabilities.

3. Failure to Group

Mixed race offspring do not resemble any racial group, they also usually do not resemble other mixed race people which inherit their parental traits randomly. This can create social difficulties which result in fewer chances to procreate and life difficulties. Humans are a social species and in-group bias is hardwired for survival.

4. The Results of Racial Admixture

To stabilize a mixed race genome requires inbreeding to produce a new self compatible genome (see Indian endogamy after the population collapse of the Gupta empire and the infertility of the Gupta monarchy) or for the racial admixture to be pruned down over many generations that suffer from significant infertility until only gene placement that is compatible with an existing racial group remains (see Neanderthal admixture from 1 or 2 race mixing event survivors with most of the Neanderthal genome being pruned out because it was incompatible with Homo sapiens sapiens genome). 

The immense hurdle of recombinative failure infertility, recombination failure induced genetic defects, and failure to group means only under the most extraordinary circumstances do any race mixed bloodlines survive long term.   

5. Why Can't Scientists Say This?

Imperial state ideologies are based on the belief that race mixed populations will result in a viable population and that annexed people will have a shared future. The incomes of the elite of empires are totally dependent on the belief that race mixed people don't have reproductive obstacles to annex other nations and loot them.

Many articles on genetic studies are written in a way that gives the illusion that race mixing has been prevalent to conform to institutional pressures and you can only deduce the truth by reading between the lines. For instance, there are articles saying Europeans are descended from Genghis Khan, but his Y chromosome haplogroup and Asian haplogroups are completely absent from White populations except through recent Asian admixture.

6. What Gives the Lie of Imperial Powers Believability?

Endogamy. Within many countries there are endogamous uniracial populations that shed members to interracial marriages. The interracial offspring bloodlines die out, while the endogamous racial communities continue to shed members. This produces a marked population growth depression in these countries as a whole. If you look at countries like Spain, Mexico, Brazil, etc. you see uniracial communities practicing endogamy while continously losing members to race mixing. You can see mathematically what is happening in these countries through demographic statistics. 

Uniracial population = endogamous births - mixed race births
Mixed race population = endogamous mixed race births + shedded mixed race births from interracial marriage between two pure raced people

The growth rate of the mixed race population should be whatever kids they produce plus recent interracial marriages, but the growth rate of mixed race population demographics is lower than uniracial in every country I have checked, which indicates massive reproductive issues.

When DNA analysis are presented on the country as a whole, it gives the impression that the entire country's population is race mixed and that race mixed populations are viable. However, any race that doesn't prevent admixture into a portion of their population gets erased from the gene pool within 2.5 centuries without the ability to form a new genome with close relatives like modern Indians did 1,600 years ago between two racial groups. 

Misrepresentation of ancient genetic markers carried by multiple races as evidence of race mixing after the last ice age when actually they represent common ancestry from before the races diverged. The articles look like this, "Common ancestry between groups A and B! Group A is related to group B!", but they often fail to mention the commonality is from before the wooly mammoth went extinct, or "Group A descended from Location X people", but fail to mention a now extinct population used to live at location X to give the impression one ethnic group descended from another, when they did not. Virtually everything published in the media on genetic commonality focuses on pre-ice age common ancestry, because modern genetic markers would show a very strict tree of racial division no evidence of admixture between racial groups and with no evidence of racial mixing producing a viable population without extreme endogamy (inbreeding).

7. AI Assembly of Ancestrial Trees is Going to Kill the Myth of Hybrid Vigor Forever

When AI is used to process global ancestry data into a coherent map, you're going to see an almost perfect species division chart. When AI incorporates the recently race mixed populations they will appear as fuzz on the sides of the tree and it will settle the debate forever that, with only the exception of extreme endogamy, it is not possible to make a viable race mixed population.

In addition, you're going to find out there are more species than you know about.
What would an American National Socialist movement look like in the current year?

National Socialism has always been a hard sell to white Americans for a number of reasons that I'm not going to get into here. That said, I think that movements such as the Silver Legion and American Nazi Party can still be learnt from for the future.
YWNBAW Agent tr00n
What was the relationship of National Socialism to Catholicism like?
I know they had the main religion being traditional Nordic, but they also allowed Catholics in the Reich like Leon Degrelle.
The Pope declared support for Italy, but what about Germany?
There are pictures of Hitler with Pope, but other than that, could you post facts about this NatSoc-Catholic alliance?
How will Fascism or National Socialism fix relations between men and women? Is there any fixing what has happened, or is it largely a case of removing the muddlers and the natural relations will restore themselves as a matter of course?

What is essential:
>ensuring a father can support an entire family, getting women out of the work-force
>encouraging and supporting large families through incentives, loans, etc
>encouraging men and women to marry earlier 
>making divorce more difficult
>banning pornography
>domestic discipline

Previous Threads:
[Reposting from frenspol.]

Hello fellow frens,

Recently in another thread many frens myself included had expressed interest in forming a White advocacy and support network encompassing multiple aspects of community support, outreach, legal assistance, workshops and meetups as well as general well-being improvement initiatives. The amount of advocacy for this idea right off the bat was encouraging and with Hizzy's support I have elected to start a thread to discuss specifically the aspects of what this proposed group or network would entail and encourage ideas from the broader Frenschan community.

This group would entail a range of support and advocacy initiatives all encompassing the idea of preserving White heritage and cultural and supporting the members of our race. The group would start here on Frenschan employing an organizational structure that was both secure and trustworthy. So many frens have echoed my sentiments that too many White support groups today are untrustworthy, full of red flags, or have become E-begging whores to fund the lifestyle's of the leadership that runs them while doing little for the community that they claim to represent. This group would be founded by us in the FC community and integrity would be one of the strongest cornerstones in which its foundation would be built. Many Whites today are lost, alone, and adrift on a dark ocean with societal propaganda and feelings of hopelessness beaten down upon them daily. We need to change that and reverse course and one way we accomplish this is creating lasting hope that those lost people can both reach out for like a piece of floating driftwood and come ultimately to believe in.

The first aspect of creating this organization or network is getting a broad range of ideas from the community on what its mission will entail and what operation parameters it will govern itself under. Feel free to give whatever ideas you think will have a positive aspect to its formation as well as ideas on what to watch out for and avoid. Everyone here has something to contribute and I'm not just talking about pol. Anyone on any of the other boards should be encouraged to come here and contribute to what will hopefully turn into a significant development for White's moving forward.

Also something that should be discussed by the community is how communications should be handled in the formation of the group. Should we continue on a newly created private board or should the discussion head to a private Matrix channel? Again integrity and security will be top priorities for this group and keeping things decentralized and identities secret will be key.

Please share your thoughts frens, your opinions are much appreciated.

[Original thread:]
1. Make contact with existing criminal networks within it.
2. Convince them to take over the law enforcement branch that supervises election security.
3. Get one of your agents elected.
4. Legalize a racket that transfers wealth from the good population to the psychopathic population that has no problem scamming their own nation.
5. Embed yourself in that nation's racketeering group and organize them politically to protect their source of government protected free money.
6. Walk away and watch as it is totally destroyed from within as the psychopaths produce more psychopathic people, use politics to defend their illegitimate businesses, and sabotage the national defense to allow rival nations to enter to replace the collapsing native population.
 As long as there is no national movement to revoke citizenship or imprison the racketeers and their kids, the damage is persistent. Because you taught the lowlife psychopaths in the country how to organize against the country for personal gain, their children will make new rackets with the wealth their family acquired even if the original racket is banned and once they invite foreign populations in to replace the people they killed with racketeering, you can then finance and organize the foreign population against the nation and wipe them out while the racketeers defend them to ensure their income stream until the bloody end. 
What was it that really brought down South Africa? 
South Africa thought it was good business to rely on exploitative Bantu labor and even when the country was on the verge of being seized with malicious overseas backing from the USA Federal government, which saw this as a chance to eliminate an economic competitor, the South African government didn't just poison all the non-Whites in the country because the racketeers would still make money from rental payments and cheap labor after the country had been handed over to the Central African people of Bantu, which were not even native to the region.
It was the economics of South Africa that killed it, it was the landlords and businesses that made a profit from exploitation that killed it. When people suggested just removing the Bantu to save their state, these psychopathic traitors demanded that not happen because it would undermine their personal profits. 
Psychopaths are not functional pieces of a civilization and if there is any profit motive for a psychopath to sell out their country, they will give it everything they've got to sabotage their country from within. If you don't deal with the problem of psychopaths getting rich in your country with rackets, your country will be handed over to a rival nation in time and your people genocided like the Whites of South Africa.
When South Africa was being terrorized by the Bantu, all the slumlords of the country got together to lobby the South African government to not expel the Bantu. 
Where are all these psychopathic families from South Africa, that fled after they realized the Bantu terror campaigns against Whites didn't end when the government was transfered to them? They mostly fled with their loot to wreck other states, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, etc. and many of them are still lobbying for foreign immigration because they're dumb and psychopathic, they are not functional members of a nation and will sell out everyone in the world for the tiniest amount of money.
 Tenant Landlord Relations, the Anti-apartheid
Struggle and Physical Decline in Hillbrow, an
Inner-city Neighbourhood in Johannesburg
 >The intensification
of violence in African townships from
September 1984, the scrapping of influx
control (this meant that Africans were
now able to move freely between urban
centres, whereas previously they had
been restricted to a particular urban or rural
people resulted in a spectacular increase in
the inward movement of Africans. This was
accompanied by phenomenal white flight and
the fundamental transformation of the neighbourhood’s demographics.

Landlording and the greed of a few businesses that relied on exploitative labor killed South Africa in effect.

Landlords lobbied the South African government to keep Bantu in the country and give them voting rights and citizenship when the Bantu did rent strikes. When the South Africans could have easily gotten rid of the threat to their people, the landlords that had grown in number and influence told them they absolutely couldn't because it would temporarily affect their income stream.

The South African politicians being lobbied by the landlords could have had a meeting with them and dropped poison in all their glasses, they could have deployed the law enforcement to arrest all the landlords that were funding organizations to transfer territory and institutional power to the Bantu, they could have nationalized all the businesses that used cheap Bantu labor and expelled or eliminated the Bantu.

It was the economic incentive to keep the Bantu that genocided the White South Africans. Once you legalize a racket you breed a psychopathic population and a parasite always hates the host, the landlords always hate their nation.
Discussion of Duginism Eurasianism 
Russia has effectively annexed eastern Ukraine recently. During the annexation ceremony Putin held a speech whose full text can be gotten here  The speech constitutes an ideological declaration of war against the west in its current form. And it is no coincidence that its most harmless points have been discussed only superficially in western media. Russia let down its mask... at least partially. And what lurks beneath it is... interesting.

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