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We're Back, Baby!(under new management)

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If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT.
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Whatever happened to the previous BO of fascist? Did he just up and disappear?
Replies: >>7
Yes, nobody has heard a peep since he up and deleted /fascist on 8moe.
Did Hitler really have only one testicle?
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Is /fascist/ pro-Ukraine or pro-Russia?
>inb4 neither
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why are all /fascist/ and /pol/ boards these days using the same edgy dark theme?
it must be ((( pure coincidence )))
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I was planning on making it edgier and a little more pleasing to the eye, but it's set to the tomorrow css because that was the original basis of /fascist/'s custom css, which has been lost along with most of our banners and flags.
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I missed you goys so fucking much. I thought you nigs were done for.
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i heard hitler sucked dick


>4 posts by this ID
Schlomo here must be desperate for shekels.
is there going to be a book thread
Replies: >>26 >>28
>>3 (OP) 
Best anime girl?
Replies: >>65
There is one, it's one of the sticky threads.
To those who reported this asshole he's not samefagging he's just being a faggot, unfortunately being a faggot retard is allowed, rather than report him demonstrate how wrong he is as follows, we are here for discussion, not just a hugbox.
As there are no existing pictures of Hitler in the nude nobody can say for sure, but I'll lean towards that being made-up jewish bullshit because just like women their style is to attempt to emasculate opponents and enemies with allusions and insults about their masculinity or genitalia.
/fascist/ has no consensus on this, but my stance is Pro-Ukrainian and Pro-Azov battalion. As they are fighting russias Chechen army valiantly, and also Pro-Aryan Russians, Anti-both states and their kike leaders.
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Fixed the post link in the moderation thread, leads to the correct thread now, book thread is thread >>2
Anime is jewish
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Wait is this /fascist/ from 16chan or another Chan?
Replies: >>78 >>82
not the same mod but that mod is MIA i think and this guy was probably a regular on that iteration of fascist.
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True, and also Islam (the Aryan Man's religion, which best suits National Socialism) forbids drawing, so by abstaining from anime you're literally fighting kikestianity and being a true National Socialist!! Video related.
Replies: >>115 >>126
I’m too retarded to understand what your saying so I’m going to assume so after the feds raided the 16chan owner the moderator for fascist on 16chan disappeared makes sense to me why he would
Replies: >>82 >>90
We came last from 16chan, the posts were copied and edited from the Anon.cafe archive on picochan.
I was a Board volunteer while FashBO was AWOL, apparently he had told the admin of 16chan Anonymoose that if he was going to have a Volunteer, it would be me, so he made me Vol and then fashBO came back for like two weeks, the 16chan went down and a few weeks later he nuked 8moe/fascist/ and then disappeared
We never got confirmation that im663 was raided by feds, the Admin of 16 said that the owner had recieved a notice from Epik that they were shutting 16 down, he never gave a reason, and then he ghosted, could be feds could be he just didn't want to run 16 anymore.
Replies: >>83
Oh so the fed shit is rumors  makes more sense why would feds be in Canada anyways thanks for clearing everything up for me been lost for a while most been on /K/ waiting for /fascist/ to show up again happy it’s back telegram ain’t that reliable when it comes to having proper discussions
Replies: >>86
Im663 was in New York City, Anony-moose is the Candadian, if i remember correctly, he's still in the element chats afaik, no idea where everybody else has gone.
Replies: >>88 >>89
He moved to Canada at some point
im663 has a house in canada tho?did he move to new york i remember it snowing at his house in canada and him showing me and a few other dudes how the server for 16chan is connected to his tv and he talked about how he makes money about fixing electronics from dumps etc and selling them
Replies: >>94 >>95 >>422
also >>80 is me i switched tags if it wasn't obvious
Looks like hivechan fell over, but I'm glad I dont have to admin the board.
Replies: >>96
Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated
Thats news to me but the FBI does operate in foreign countries, so it wouldn't be unheard of regardless, there's no evidence he was taken down, so we must assume it is just another guy giving up on shit because it got hard, wish he had given us a few days to archive shit though.
Got any other juicy info? I'm taking notes


Replies: >>98
It's been down for quite some time, not surprising the guy running it did not seem to know what he was doing.
Replies: >>97
its a shame because it was a bit of a sink of time. However I trusted the SO and thats why I put the effort in. Whats the back end of this board like?
Replies: >>99
imao i thought everyone was on the same page i guess not i shouldn't have said shit lol
of the board? or the website?
is neinchan still alive? i havn't visted  in months its so slow there quality is good there though
Replies: >>103 >>141
Pretty sure it's dead.
Replies: >>104 >>111
damn everything seems to be nocked over by the kikes then we have to rebuild all over again
I've posted with the BO  before. I am curious who the SO is and what he thinks of the board being here. 

Also where the server is.
Replies: >>112
Sturgeon's thoughts on the board being here were posted in the Board creation meta thread, on /meta/ and his email is posted in that thread as well, he talked about it back around when FashBO was looking for a place after anon.cafe decided to be pussies.
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>Says this while their board tan is an anime girl
Nice to see /pol/tards ruin another board, byt I knew that. This isn't /fascisr/, /fascist/ is long gone and now the board is full of cuckchanners
Replies: >>122
One of those idiots is a shitposter, I think, the other probably a newfag from /pol/, who we get from time to time, and who most of us ignore.
>>65 >>79
>seething christcuck puritians
are you a furry/zoophile? fuck off LARPagan keep your spirit animal fetish to yourself the second option is to go back to ((( fedschan ))) >>>/matomo/ inb4 kike
Replies: >>127
Take it to the Anti-Abrahamism thread or better yet shut the fuck up. Abrahamics have no power here, that was true under FashBO and it will remain true under me, perhaps even more so.
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Absolutely fucking based!
Neinchan has been down for weeks now, it doesn't load at all.
It used to have temporary "mongoerror" downtime from time to time but looks like it's gone.
Maybe after not getting users back after over one year since everyone left they decided to pull the plug.
what happened to bookanon
Replies: >>201
Last I saw him was on Hivechan, perhaps he's just busy, we all take breaks from tech from time to time.
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Continuing on from >>>/fascist/186
>There doesn't have to be a class struggle for communism to exist. Everyone has their post-struggle utopia.
Wrong, for "true equality" to be achieved by leftists, The superiors will always have to be exterminated by the inferiors whenever it's racial warfare or "class warfare"
>Except we now know that's wrong because marxism took hold everywhere except industrialized countries. This realization is what prompted mussolini to leave the socialist party and join the italian fascists.
You really didn't understand what was meant by that statement don't you? It wasn't the masses who 'developed' it but a minority of scholars and activists that helped developed a small egalitarian movement based on Enlightenment ideals into a full-blown worldview hell-bent on achieving the impossible. How do you suppose Liberal capitalism and Marxism would have evolved without the ""Enlightenment"" and the ((( French Revolution )))?
No shit it grew in rural areas. Poor societal conditions breed radicals. For the worse it is, the better it is for radicals. It has always been a small minority who starts revolutions. Revolution is a spectators sport as the majority will sit in the stands and watch the factions fight. At the end they will choose side with the team that is winning.
>The goal of capitalism is the efficient allocation of resources. You convert resources into products. If people buy your shit that means it was a good use of resources and you now have more money to re-invest in your operation. If people don't buy your shit that means you wasted resources and will have less opportunity to waste resources in the future. You get rich by generating the most value for the most number of people. It is selfish and positive sum at the same time (everybody wins).
And yet thanks to that we now have huge swathes of plastic contamination, deforestation, Hiring shitskin migrants from dirt-poor shitholes for cheap labour while permanently replacing the white working class that has already been used to better conditions with them, Xeno-estrogens from micro-plastics contaminating said plastic bottles and containers thus turning the western world into a feminized society incapable of fighting back, Animal torturing experiments, Overfishing and overhunting many species to extinction all for exporting their remains into the bellies of nigger cattle as well being their clothes, Huge successful medical companies selling pubertal hormone blockers to brainwashed parents trannifying their own children, Civilization nearly collasping, All for maximizing ((( profit ))). but "everybody wins" right? :^)
>Except the millionaire wants to be a billionaire and the billionaire wants to be a trillionaire. There is zero correlation between wealth and retirement so that's bullshit.
Where did I say about retiring? Wouldn't it be easier for a gorillionaire to hire others so they can do the work for you? If the said gorillionaire keeps wasting their money eventually they will have to work again from start one.
>What about mixed races. If racial solidarity was such a biological imperative then you wouldn't be attracted to asian chicks. White, brown, yellow, maybe black, if she's spreading her legs then your cock doesn't care. For most of human history you were limited to women who were within walking distance, which meant they were probably the same race. There is nothing sacred or divine about that.
Your argument relies on a misuse of the idea that it's “natural“, which has two implications: natural as in something that occurs in nature, or natural as in something that is in harmony with the Natural Order. Just because something happens in nature doesn’t mean that this is the way it is meant to be. Often times, nature itself corrects these problems. If we go back to evolution, certain mutations prove detrimental rather than beneficial, and may lead to the extinction of a species. With that in mind, it can be said that genetic diseases, HIV and Monkeypox are Nature's responses of correcting an occurrence that goes against Natural Order. Racial mongrels have no biological connection with their parents and they have said detrimental mutations such as their blood types being incompatible with literally everyone besides their kind and also batshit insanity that occurs in the example case of Hapas, Sodomites can't help but stop extracting diseases as the plague-bearing vermin they are. if you thought everyone in the past was fine with that you're dead wrong. since Tacitus reports the Germanics throwing faggots into the bog, if you think they wouldn't do the same to race-mixers then who are you kidding?
>This is just nonsense mysticism now. If "Hitler said it therefor it's good" that's just a cult my dude.
Your original question was why this board is named "/fascist/", I gave you the answer from their own words. :^)
>This is a false equivalence because evolution and human nature is a moving target. What was "right" 40.000 years ago is not necessarily right now.
Lol, lmao. Laws of physics are a "moving target", Come on now. I guess higher objective truths don't really exist, right?
How fucked are nonwhites, truthfully speaking? We know that if the kikes win, they'll be enslaved. But if we win, they'll be decimated for sure (because we don't need our racial enemies to live even if the jews are gone). Imagine being a shitskin.
Replies: >>381 >>382
I dont know  boys seems like this is the end. Most of whites are NPC, they brainwashed and dont care. 

Fight for them?idk

What next? Buy house , find wife and just leave?
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stfu, zoomer
Replies: >>387
Duno but non-whites have always benefitted from interbreeding with aryans. As that pool of pure Aryan 'peasant nobility' stock diminishes, every race will be stagnating. All the talk of gene modified transhumans is bullshit. Miscegenation ruins all the gains that nature makes.
Kikes are responsible for all modern vices, so go fuck yourself ((( rat ))).
>/fascist/ has no consensus on this, but my stance is Pro-Ukrainian and Pro-Azov battalion. 
Are you living under the rock ?
Azov was completely defeated and surrendered to Russians in Marioupol and now they serve as slave labor in Donbas gulags.

>As they are fighting russias Chechen army valiantly, and also Pro-Aryan Russians, Anti-both states and their kike leaders.
Wishful thinking. These azov niggers only kill White Russians in Donbas and they even failed at that after all. If they were truly WN and anti-kike, they would refuse to carry zhidlensky orders and instead will travel Kiev to kill this kike president and overthrow the government.
Replies: >>389 >>394
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Link to archived page instead next time, you obvious dumb, subhuman chabad kike.
Why won't the Russian army, where male on male rape is rampant and they all have shitty equipment, kill jewtin with hasidic pest instead of fighting against their racial brothers and trying to ((( denazify ))) them, being retarded golems? Riddle me this. Ukraine is  the one on defense here, faggot.
The shit you are saying could be applied for another side. Don't try to portray Russia with its sect of kikes, shitskins and other mutt mongoloids, which has fucking zogbots killing National-Socialists as less fucked. Russia has stricter laws on revisionism too.
Replies: >>390 >>402
The point he is making, and the point that anyone with two brain cells is making, is this is a fight between two jewed globalist empires and neither one is on our side. The war is a waste of life and resources and also a convenient excuse for the Great Reset kikes to implement austerity.

No matter who wins, life will not improve for the remaining residents of Ukraine. Literally nothing will change except for whose flag flies over each city and to which group of chosenites the taxes are paid.
Replies: >>394
Yeah I already knew that, And? Can I not support NS prisoners of war?
Or the Ukrainian people themselves?
And there was more than one Azov Battallion division, the Mariupol was just the main one and the one least under state control.
>Wishful thinking. These azov niggers only kill White Russians in Donbas and they even failed at that after all.
They killed traitors to their people, who were betraying them to Putin and the Gigakike oligarchs of Russia, that's admirable, not somehow wrong just because the traitors are white.
They ruled the streets of Mariupol, and prior to this particularly extreme bout of this war had devoted resources to an electoral path, which I would rightly criticize them for even now, while having an active paramilitary which I would congratulate.
Neither you, nor I, know what they had planned prior to the war's beginning but the branch led by Denis Prokopenko, fought valiantly to save the lives of not only his men, but many of the people of Mariupol, he was ordered to surrender, sure by a kike, but they would probably all be dead if he hadn't waited for that order. The situation had gotten quite desperate inside the steel plant, and the Russians are even now trying to subvert International law and treaties they have signed, to allow them to execute the Azov Battalion members they have in their possession as "terrorists" despite those men being official members of the Ukrainian military.
Here, we can all talk, all we want about absolute purity, and never working with the enemy, but the reality is sometimes you have to work with an enemy to accomplish your goal, and living in a city under siege the only goal is survival and while that isn't assured even now for Denis and his men. It did save the lives of many civilians they were protecting, surrender would have meant instant death for all of them without the State of Ukraine brokering a deal and ordering the stand down, as it is they did the best they could with what they had.
Nobody supports the Zogstates involved, and I never expressed support for either, we must work with what we have wherever we are.
The war has been ongoing for 8 years, entirely instigated by Russia and Russian backed traitors to the Ukrainian people, there are many Russian NS who are fighting against Russia itself on the side of Ukraine, taking the continual bargain of fighting for the lesser enemy, which is not surprising considering Ukraine doesn't really care about them, and Russia is dead set on killing all of them. 
Whoever wins, the best we can hope for is for ZOG to be weakened, and Russia losing is more beneficial in that respect as Ukraine is pulling resources from here and other major ZOG outposts and Russia is wasting it's men and materiel in a losing battle, the best outcome is for this whole Great Reset to proceed as it seems to be just as it is an opportunity for our enemies, so it is for us.
Replies: >>423
There's no consensus, but personally I support Russia. I believe that while Putin wore his good goy hat for awhile to attain power, he's now gone rogue. Even if he's not beyond the reach of ZOG, Russia is still the more based side, given that trannies, fags and NPCs are pro-Ukraine, and Zelensky is literally a fag jew. Regardless of where Russia stands, the West is the most kiked society on earth, and is actively working to destroy our people. The destabilization of globohomo, and the rise of a multi-polar world, is our best shot at survival. And you can't be certain that Russia is another kike puppet, Putin might've really broken the golem conditioning; the hysterical response to the invasion seems to be consistent with this.
As for AZOV, they are false-flagging controlled opposition meant to muddy the waters, and lead well-intentioned natsocs down the garden path to a pointless death.
Replies: >>423
>Why won't the Russian army, where male on male rape is rampant 
This has nothing do with the fact that Azov is zogged. If Azov are natsoc why haven't they attacked and exposed the jews? Why work for the people who are actively trying to destroy and enslave Ukrainians? 

>and trying to (((  denazify  ))) them
The Ukrainian government literally went around bitching and fabricating lies about how the Russian government has nazis within it and how Putin is actually Hitler. 

>Ukraine is  the one on defense here, faggot
Doesn't matter. The Ukrainian government has shown that they are defending Rothschild money and jews only.

>Don't try to portray Russia with its sect of kikes, shitskins and other mutt mongoloids, which has fucking zogbots killing National-Socialists as less fucked. 
You glow brighter than fucking sun. As if there are any actual National Socialists in the Donbass war. Especially when it has been revealed they are all friendly with jews.
Replies: >>485
> the server for 16chan is connected to his tv
Things were so simple and fragile.
Being used as expandable dogs by Jewkraine instead of going for the jugular while it was totally possible will remain a wasted opportunity forever. Now these supposed NS who, we are to believe, had to make a great sacrifice, were not ready to sacrifice a city for an entire country. Now they're rotting in camps, a proverbial gun on their temple.
All this phony war is choreographed to distract from the Covid facts and to allow austerity and greater tyranny to grow.
It is quite absurd to think that this war is weakening in any shape or form the Western ZOG.
>Russia sup to NATO
>multipolar world better
None of this remotely makes the White situation any better.
Replies: >>441
>None of this remotely makes the White situation any better.
I think it does, because it generates chaos, which is what we need to survive. As I said, Western ZOG is our greatest threat, and anything that destabilizes it is for the better.
Replies: >>488
>You glow brighter than fucking sun. As if there are any actual National Socialists in the Donbass war. Especially when it has been revealed they are all friendly with jews.
Because a bunch of kikes took pictures with flags? Grow a brain retard. Ukrainians have been victimized by commie jews since the USSR days and this is no different. Putin wants to "denazify" Ukraine and that fake faggot jew Zelinsky wants instability and war in Ukraine to snuff out any Ukrainians with any hint of nationalist sentiment. They are being assaulted on all sides with the biggest threat being the Eurasianist Putin regime who wants to rebuild the glory days of the USSR. Take your head out of that TRS kikery and read some history.
Replies: >>488 >>489
I'm not seeing chaos. I'm not seeing NATO being weaker. This is all play.
Only people, chiefly Europeans, get worse here. USA is soon going to transfer more wealth away from Europe, the austerity will be used to legitimize the reduction of our debts by losing even more of our assets as this will be the obvious bargain, foreclosing on all nations' wealth by owning nothing anymore.
There is not a single piece of evidence that the Ukraine war is detrimental to this farcical setup and bs new cold war. Europe being sabotaged and made dependent on Russian resources was done on purpose. No sane country would put its eggs in the same basket and give the keys to the control of its own prosperity to a single other country. No country would voluntarily destroy its technology and advantages so as to become particularly weak against any kind of geopolitical agitation.
The multipolarity is a fraud, it is merely the same democratic fraud of right versus left elevated to the global scale. Germany, France, China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia and USA are all allies of Israel. China produces the mass surveillance technology and blueprints now pushed onto the Western world. All our Western wealth is sold at a low price, with brrrrt money, to non-White countries or to the global golem.

You will see something truly multipolar when you will observe the rise of a true and real group of pro-White fascist nations to stand against the lies and degeneracy championed by the Jews and their golems. Russia is simply not one of these nations, neither is China. The world becoming multipolar is just China acquiring more of our technologies and grabbing more land in countries the US/EU likened to their backyard. I will agree that this pseudo opposition is real when I will see Russian and Chinese investors actually pushing for a pro-trad and above all pro-White narrative in both Europe and the Commonwealth. Guess we will wait forever.

Putin is not more a bigger threat to Ukraine than NATO is. Ukraine has been turned into a garbage country for three decades already by sellout politicians opening it up to ((( Western liberalism ))).
There are nationalists who probably want to defeat Russia first, and count on dealing with the other problems later but I do not see the "later" ever happening. They will turn into pacified civic nationalists and always ignore the elephant in the room. Jews will crackdown on true racial nationalists.
You have failed to prove that there are any true nationalists.
Also, a Jewish war in Ukraine was planned a long time ago. It was supposed to be a trigger.
Replies: >>513
What if NATO is the new USSR?
of course the opposition (Russia, China, etc) are nowhere near what NS Germany & Axis were. I don't consider Putin a White savior, but I do see current int'l events as a step in the right direction.
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