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We're Back, Baby!(under new management)

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If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT.
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Whatever happened to the previous BO of fascist? Did he just up and disappear?
Replies: >>7 >>988
Yes, nobody has heard a peep since he up and deleted /fascist on 8moe.
Did Hitler really have only one testicle?
Replies: >>27
Is /fascist/ pro-Ukraine or pro-Russia?
>inb4 neither
Replies: >>27
why are all /fascist/ and /pol/ boards these days using the same edgy dark theme?
it must be ((( pure coincidence )))
Replies: >>15
I was planning on making it edgier and a little more pleasing to the eye, but it's set to the tomorrow css because that was the original basis of /fascist/'s custom css, which has been lost along with most of our banners and flags.
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I missed you goys so fucking much. I thought you nigs were done for.
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i heard hitler sucked dick


>4 posts by this ID
Schlomo here must be desperate for shekels.
is there going to be a book thread
Replies: >>26 >>28
>>3 (OP) 
Best anime girl?
Replies: >>65
There is one, it's one of the sticky threads.
To those who reported this asshole he's not samefagging he's just being a faggot, unfortunately being a faggot retard is allowed, rather than report him demonstrate how wrong he is as follows, we are here for discussion, not just a hugbox.
As there are no existing pictures of Hitler in the nude nobody can say for sure, but I'll lean towards that being made-up jewish bullshit because just like women their style is to attempt to emasculate opponents and enemies with allusions and insults about their masculinity or genitalia.
/fascist/ has no consensus on this, but my stance is Pro-Ukrainian and Pro-Azov battalion. As they are fighting russias Chechen army valiantly, and also Pro-Aryan Russians, Anti-both states and their kike leaders.
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Fixed the post link in the moderation thread, leads to the correct thread now, book thread is thread >>2
Anime is jewish
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Wait is this /fascist/ from 16chan or another Chan?
Replies: >>78 >>82
not the same mod but that mod is MIA i think and this guy was probably a regular on that iteration of fascist.
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True, and also Islam (the Aryan Man's religion, which best suits National Socialism) forbids drawing, so by abstaining from anime you're literally fighting kikestianity and being a true National Socialist!! Video related.
Replies: >>115 >>126
I’m too retarded to understand what your saying so I’m going to assume so after the feds raided the 16chan owner the moderator for fascist on 16chan disappeared makes sense to me why he would
Replies: >>82 >>90
We came last from 16chan, the posts were copied and edited from the Anon.cafe archive on picochan.
I was a Board volunteer while FashBO was AWOL, apparently he had told the admin of 16chan Anonymoose that if he was going to have a Volunteer, it would be me, so he made me Vol and then fashBO came back for like two weeks, the 16chan went down and a few weeks later he nuked 8moe/fascist/ and then disappeared
We never got confirmation that im663 was raided by feds, the Admin of 16 said that the owner had recieved a notice from Epik that they were shutting 16 down, he never gave a reason, and then he ghosted, could be feds could be he just didn't want to run 16 anymore.
Replies: >>83
Oh so the fed shit is rumors  makes more sense why would feds be in Canada anyways thanks for clearing everything up for me been lost for a while most been on /K/ waiting for /fascist/ to show up again happy it’s back telegram ain’t that reliable when it comes to having proper discussions
Replies: >>86
Im663 was in New York City, Anony-moose is the Candadian, if i remember correctly, he's still in the element chats afaik, no idea where everybody else has gone.
Replies: >>88 >>89
He moved to Canada at some point
im663 has a house in canada tho?did he move to new york i remember it snowing at his house in canada and him showing me and a few other dudes how the server for 16chan is connected to his tv and he talked about how he makes money about fixing electronics from dumps etc and selling them
Replies: >>94 >>95 >>422
also >>80 is me i switched tags if it wasn't obvious
Looks like hivechan fell over, but I'm glad I dont have to admin the board.
Replies: >>96
Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated
Thats news to me but the FBI does operate in foreign countries, so it wouldn't be unheard of regardless, there's no evidence he was taken down, so we must assume it is just another guy giving up on shit because it got hard, wish he had given us a few days to archive shit though.
Got any other juicy info? I'm taking notes


Replies: >>98
It's been down for quite some time, not surprising the guy running it did not seem to know what he was doing.
Replies: >>97
its a shame because it was a bit of a sink of time. However I trusted the SO and thats why I put the effort in. Whats the back end of this board like?
Replies: >>99
imao i thought everyone was on the same page i guess not i shouldn't have said shit lol
of the board? or the website?
is neinchan still alive? i havn't visted  in months its so slow there quality is good there though
Replies: >>103 >>141
Pretty sure it's dead.
Replies: >>104 >>111
damn everything seems to be nocked over by the kikes then we have to rebuild all over again
I've posted with the BO  before. I am curious who the SO is and what he thinks of the board being here. 

Also where the server is.
Replies: >>112
Sturgeon's thoughts on the board being here were posted in the Board creation meta thread, on /meta/ and his email is posted in that thread as well, he talked about it back around when FashBO was looking for a place after anon.cafe decided to be pussies.
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>Says this while their board tan is an anime girl
Nice to see /pol/tards ruin another board, byt I knew that. This isn't /fascisr/, /fascist/ is long gone and now the board is full of cuckchanners
Replies: >>122 >>611 >>758
One of those idiots is a shitposter, I think, the other probably a newfag from /pol/, who we get from time to time, and who most of us ignore.
>>65 >>79
>seething christcuck puritians
are you a furry/zoophile? fuck off LARPagan keep your spirit animal fetish to yourself the second option is to go back to ((( fedschan ))) >>>/matomo/ inb4 kike
Replies: >>127 >>758
Take it to the Anti-Abrahamism thread or better yet shut the fuck up. Abrahamics have no power here, that was true under FashBO and it will remain true under me, perhaps even more so.
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Absolutely fucking based!
Neinchan has been down for weeks now, it doesn't load at all.
It used to have temporary "mongoerror" downtime from time to time but looks like it's gone.
Maybe after not getting users back after over one year since everyone left they decided to pull the plug.
what happened to bookanon
Replies: >>201
Last I saw him was on Hivechan, perhaps he's just busy, we all take breaks from tech from time to time.
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Continuing on from >>>/fascist/186
>There doesn't have to be a class struggle for communism to exist. Everyone has their post-struggle utopia.
Wrong, for "true equality" to be achieved by leftists, The superiors will always have to be exterminated by the inferiors whenever it's racial warfare or "class warfare"
>Except we now know that's wrong because marxism took hold everywhere except industrialized countries. This realization is what prompted mussolini to leave the socialist party and join the italian fascists.
You really didn't understand what was meant by that statement don't you? It wasn't the masses who 'developed' it but a minority of scholars and activists that helped developed a small egalitarian movement based on Enlightenment ideals into a full-blown worldview hell-bent on achieving the impossible. How do you suppose Liberal capitalism and Marxism would have evolved without the ""Enlightenment"" and the ((( French Revolution )))?
No shit it grew in rural areas. Poor societal conditions breed radicals. For the worse it is, the better it is for radicals. It has always been a small minority who starts revolutions. Revolution is a spectators sport as the majority will sit in the stands and watch the factions fight. At the end they will choose side with the team that is winning.
>The goal of capitalism is the efficient allocation of resources. You convert resources into products. If people buy your shit that means it was a good use of resources and you now have more money to re-invest in your operation. If people don't buy your shit that means you wasted resources and will have less opportunity to waste resources in the future. You get rich by generating the most value for the most number of people. It is selfish and positive sum at the same time (everybody wins).
And yet thanks to that we now have huge swathes of plastic contamination, deforestation, Hiring shitskin migrants from dirt-poor shitholes for cheap labour while permanently replacing the white working class that has already been used to better conditions with them, Xeno-estrogens from micro-plastics contaminating said plastic bottles and containers thus turning the western world into a feminized society incapable of fighting back, Animal torturing experiments, Overfishing and overhunting many species to extinction all for exporting their remains into the bellies of nigger cattle as well being their clothes, Huge successful medical companies selling pubertal hormone blockers to brainwashed parents trannifying their own children, Civilization nearly collasping, All for maximizing ((( profit ))). but "everybody wins" right? :^)
>Except the millionaire wants to be a billionaire and the billionaire wants to be a trillionaire. There is zero correlation between wealth and retirement so that's bullshit.
Where did I say about retiring? Wouldn't it be easier for a gorillionaire to hire others so they can do the work for you? If the said gorillionaire keeps wasting their money eventually they will have to work again from start one.
>What about mixed races. If racial solidarity was such a biological imperative then you wouldn't be attracted to asian chicks. White, brown, yellow, maybe black, if she's spreading her legs then your cock doesn't care. For most of human history you were limited to women who were within walking distance, which meant they were probably the same race. There is nothing sacred or divine about that.
Your argument relies on a misuse of the idea that it's “natural“, which has two implications: natural as in something that occurs in nature, or natural as in something that is in harmony with the Natural Order. Just because something happens in nature doesn’t mean that this is the way it is meant to be. Often times, nature itself corrects these problems. If we go back to evolution, certain mutations prove detrimental rather than beneficial, and may lead to the extinction of a species. With that in mind, it can be said that genetic diseases, HIV and Monkeypox are Nature's responses of correcting an occurrence that goes against Natural Order. Racial mongrels have no biological connection with their parents and they have said detrimental mutations such as their blood types being incompatible with literally everyone besides their kind and also batshit insanity that occurs in the example case of Hapas, Sodomites can't help but stop extracting diseases as the plague-bearing vermin they are. if you thought everyone in the past was fine with that you're dead wrong. since Tacitus reports the Germanics throwing faggots into the bog, if you think they wouldn't do the same to race-mixers then who are you kidding?
>This is just nonsense mysticism now. If "Hitler said it therefor it's good" that's just a cult my dude.
Your original question was why this board is named "/fascist/", I gave you the answer from their own words. :^)
>This is a false equivalence because evolution and human nature is a moving target. What was "right" 40.000 years ago is not necessarily right now.
Lol, lmao. Laws of physics are a "moving target", Come on now. I guess higher objective truths don't really exist, right?
How fucked are nonwhites, truthfully speaking? We know that if the kikes win, they'll be enslaved. But if we win, they'll be decimated for sure (because we don't need our racial enemies to live even if the jews are gone). Imagine being a shitskin.
Replies: >>381 >>382
I dont know  boys seems like this is the end. Most of whites are NPC, they brainwashed and dont care. 

Fight for them?idk

What next? Buy house , find wife and just leave?
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stfu, zoomer
Replies: >>387
Duno but non-whites have always benefitted from interbreeding with aryans. As that pool of pure Aryan 'peasant nobility' stock diminishes, every race will be stagnating. All the talk of gene modified transhumans is bullshit. Miscegenation ruins all the gains that nature makes.
Kikes are responsible for all modern vices, so go fuck yourself ((( rat ))).
>/fascist/ has no consensus on this, but my stance is Pro-Ukrainian and Pro-Azov battalion. 
Are you living under the rock ?
Azov was completely defeated and surrendered to Russians in Marioupol and now they serve as slave labor in Donbas gulags.

>As they are fighting russias Chechen army valiantly, and also Pro-Aryan Russians, Anti-both states and their kike leaders.
Wishful thinking. These azov niggers only kill White Russians in Donbas and they even failed at that after all. If they were truly WN and anti-kike, they would refuse to carry zhidlensky orders and instead will travel Kiev to kill this kike president and overthrow the government.
Replies: >>389 >>394
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Link to archived page instead next time, you obvious dumb, subhuman chabad kike.
Why won't the Russian army, where male on male rape is rampant and they all have shitty equipment, kill jewtin with hasidic pest instead of fighting against their racial brothers and trying to ((( denazify ))) them, being retarded golems? Riddle me this. Ukraine is  the one on defense here, faggot.
The shit you are saying could be applied for another side. Don't try to portray Russia with its sect of kikes, shitskins and other mutt mongoloids, which has fucking zogbots killing National-Socialists as less fucked. Russia has stricter laws on revisionism too.
Replies: >>390 >>402
The point he is making, and the point that anyone with two brain cells is making, is this is a fight between two jewed globalist empires and neither one is on our side. The war is a waste of life and resources and also a convenient excuse for the Great Reset kikes to implement austerity.

No matter who wins, life will not improve for the remaining residents of Ukraine. Literally nothing will change except for whose flag flies over each city and to which group of chosenites the taxes are paid.
Replies: >>394
Yeah I already knew that, And? Can I not support NS prisoners of war?
Or the Ukrainian people themselves?
And there was more than one Azov Battallion division, the Mariupol was just the main one and the one least under state control.
>Wishful thinking. These azov niggers only kill White Russians in Donbas and they even failed at that after all.
They killed traitors to their people, who were betraying them to Putin and the Gigakike oligarchs of Russia, that's admirable, not somehow wrong just because the traitors are white.
They ruled the streets of Mariupol, and prior to this particularly extreme bout of this war had devoted resources to an electoral path, which I would rightly criticize them for even now, while having an active paramilitary which I would congratulate.
Neither you, nor I, know what they had planned prior to the war's beginning but the branch led by Denis Prokopenko, fought valiantly to save the lives of not only his men, but many of the people of Mariupol, he was ordered to surrender, sure by a kike, but they would probably all be dead if he hadn't waited for that order. The situation had gotten quite desperate inside the steel plant, and the Russians are even now trying to subvert International law and treaties they have signed, to allow them to execute the Azov Battalion members they have in their possession as "terrorists" despite those men being official members of the Ukrainian military.
Here, we can all talk, all we want about absolute purity, and never working with the enemy, but the reality is sometimes you have to work with an enemy to accomplish your goal, and living in a city under siege the only goal is survival and while that isn't assured even now for Denis and his men. It did save the lives of many civilians they were protecting, surrender would have meant instant death for all of them without the State of Ukraine brokering a deal and ordering the stand down, as it is they did the best they could with what they had.
Nobody supports the Zogstates involved, and I never expressed support for either, we must work with what we have wherever we are.
The war has been ongoing for 8 years, entirely instigated by Russia and Russian backed traitors to the Ukrainian people, there are many Russian NS who are fighting against Russia itself on the side of Ukraine, taking the continual bargain of fighting for the lesser enemy, which is not surprising considering Ukraine doesn't really care about them, and Russia is dead set on killing all of them. 
Whoever wins, the best we can hope for is for ZOG to be weakened, and Russia losing is more beneficial in that respect as Ukraine is pulling resources from here and other major ZOG outposts and Russia is wasting it's men and materiel in a losing battle, the best outcome is for this whole Great Reset to proceed as it seems to be just as it is an opportunity for our enemies, so it is for us.
Replies: >>423
There's no consensus, but personally I support Russia. I believe that while Putin wore his good goy hat for awhile to attain power, he's now gone rogue. Even if he's not beyond the reach of ZOG, Russia is still the more based side, given that trannies, fags and NPCs are pro-Ukraine, and Zelensky is literally a fag jew. Regardless of where Russia stands, the West is the most kiked society on earth, and is actively working to destroy our people. The destabilization of globohomo, and the rise of a multi-polar world, is our best shot at survival. And you can't be certain that Russia is another kike puppet, Putin might've really broken the golem conditioning; the hysterical response to the invasion seems to be consistent with this.
As for AZOV, they are false-flagging controlled opposition meant to muddy the waters, and lead well-intentioned natsocs down the garden path to a pointless death.
Replies: >>423
>Why won't the Russian army, where male on male rape is rampant 
This has nothing do with the fact that Azov is zogged. If Azov are natsoc why haven't they attacked and exposed the jews? Why work for the people who are actively trying to destroy and enslave Ukrainians? 

>and trying to (((  denazify  ))) them
The Ukrainian government literally went around bitching and fabricating lies about how the Russian government has nazis within it and how Putin is actually Hitler. 

>Ukraine is  the one on defense here, faggot
Doesn't matter. The Ukrainian government has shown that they are defending Rothschild money and jews only.

>Don't try to portray Russia with its sect of kikes, shitskins and other mutt mongoloids, which has fucking zogbots killing National-Socialists as less fucked. 
You glow brighter than fucking sun. As if there are any actual National Socialists in the Donbass war. Especially when it has been revealed they are all friendly with jews.
Replies: >>485
> the server for 16chan is connected to his tv
Things were so simple and fragile.
Being used as expandable dogs by Jewkraine instead of going for the jugular while it was totally possible will remain a wasted opportunity forever. Now these supposed NS who, we are to believe, had to make a great sacrifice, were not ready to sacrifice a city for an entire country. Now they're rotting in camps, a proverbial gun on their temple.
All this phony war is choreographed to distract from the Covid facts and to allow austerity and greater tyranny to grow.
It is quite absurd to think that this war is weakening in any shape or form the Western ZOG.
>Russia sup to NATO
>multipolar world better
None of this remotely makes the White situation any better.
Replies: >>441
>None of this remotely makes the White situation any better.
I think it does, because it generates chaos, which is what we need to survive. As I said, Western ZOG is our greatest threat, and anything that destabilizes it is for the better.
Replies: >>488
>You glow brighter than fucking sun. As if there are any actual National Socialists in the Donbass war. Especially when it has been revealed they are all friendly with jews.
Because a bunch of kikes took pictures with flags? Grow a brain retard. Ukrainians have been victimized by commie jews since the USSR days and this is no different. Putin wants to "denazify" Ukraine and that fake faggot jew Zelinsky wants instability and war in Ukraine to snuff out any Ukrainians with any hint of nationalist sentiment. They are being assaulted on all sides with the biggest threat being the Eurasianist Putin regime who wants to rebuild the glory days of the USSR. Take your head out of that TRS kikery and read some history.
Replies: >>488 >>489 >>562
I'm not seeing chaos. I'm not seeing NATO being weaker. This is all play.
Only people, chiefly Europeans, get worse here. USA is soon going to transfer more wealth away from Europe, the austerity will be used to legitimize the reduction of our debts by losing even more of our assets as this will be the obvious bargain, foreclosing on all nations' wealth by owning nothing anymore.
There is not a single piece of evidence that the Ukraine war is detrimental to this farcical setup and bs new cold war. Europe being sabotaged and made dependent on Russian resources was done on purpose. No sane country would put its eggs in the same basket and give the keys to the control of its own prosperity to a single other country. No country would voluntarily destroy its technology and advantages so as to become particularly weak against any kind of geopolitical agitation.
The multipolarity is a fraud, it is merely the same democratic fraud of right versus left elevated to the global scale. Germany, France, China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia and USA are all allies of Israel. China produces the mass surveillance technology and blueprints now pushed onto the Western world. All our Western wealth is sold at a low price, with brrrrt money, to non-White countries or to the global golem.

You will see something truly multipolar when you will observe the rise of a true and real group of pro-White fascist nations to stand against the lies and degeneracy championed by the Jews and their golems. Russia is simply not one of these nations, neither is China. The world becoming multipolar is just China acquiring more of our technologies and grabbing more land in countries the US/EU likened to their backyard. I will agree that this pseudo opposition is real when I will see Russian and Chinese investors actually pushing for a pro-trad and above all pro-White narrative in both Europe and the Commonwealth. Guess we will wait forever.

Putin is not more a bigger threat to Ukraine than NATO is. Ukraine has been turned into a garbage country for three decades already by sellout politicians opening it up to ((( Western liberalism ))).
There are nationalists who probably want to defeat Russia first, and count on dealing with the other problems later but I do not see the "later" ever happening. They will turn into pacified civic nationalists and always ignore the elephant in the room. Jews will crackdown on true racial nationalists.
You have failed to prove that there are any true nationalists.
Also, a Jewish war in Ukraine was planned a long time ago. It was supposed to be a trigger.
Replies: >>513 >>563
What if NATO is the new USSR?
of course the opposition (Russia, China, etc) are nowhere near what NS Germany & Axis were. I don't consider Putin a White savior, but I do see current int'l events as a step in the right direction.
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So how do I create a natsoc workers party and BTFO the jews from my country once and for all? people are tired of the cost of living constantly skyrocketing like its the Wiemar republic and the amount of niggers, spics, poo in loos and other shitskins is fucking atrocious. I want to become the strong leader that saves the country and BTFOs kikery from europe but where do i start from?

I had an idea to just hand out leaflets and put up posters but I do not know how much that could cost, is there a better way to raise awareness of national socialism out there or am I stuck with word of mouth whispers in the night? Also any tips on different ideas I could incorporate into my propaganda campaign? Really hate those kikes in our government and the way my country is going down the shitter at the moment.
>inb4 just join an existing group
there are none in my country and i do not know why, maybe the estrogen in the water turning the frogs gay.
Replies: >>547
I would try urban guerilla gardening.
It"s where you plant plants and trees in public spaces for example in the pattern of your political party logo or as slogans
>Because a bunch of kikes took pictures with flags? 
No, because they took pictures with kikes, and then had no qualms about working with NATO. Then there's the fact that they are not naming and exposing the Jew who runs both their and Putin's government.

> Ukrainians have been victimized by commie jews since the USSR days and this is no different.
It doesn't matter. You don't work with Jews to own the Jews, especially when they have the same goals in mind. You're just giving your enemies what they want. If Azov were truly National Socialists, then they would demand peace. 

>Putin wants to "denazify" Ukraine and that fake faggot jew Zelinsky wants instability and war in Ukraine to snuff out any Ukrainians with any hint of nationalist sentiment
No shit, that doesn't invalidate my point that you're giving them both what they want by giving into their false narratives and encouraging war. I'm not against the Ukranians defending themselves, but I am against anyone asking for bloodshed or accusing each other of being le "nazis".

>they are being assaulted on all sides with the biggest threat being the Eurasianist Putin regime who wants to rebuild the glory days of the USSR. 
And now they have to kill fellow Whites to defend their Jew government whose still in power.

>Take your head out of that TRS kikery and read some history
You're a full-blown retard thinking I'm a TRS shill.
[Hide] (406.6KB, 572x457) Reverse
>Putin is not more a bigger threat to Ukraine than NATO is
The guy literally cried about how racist White westerners are. Plus his government is filled with kikes.
>Ukraine has been turned into a garbage country for three decades already by sellout politicians opening it up to (((  Western liberalism  )))
>Jews will crackdown on true racial nationalists
Literally all of the things you're complaining about is happening and has occurred within Russia. They are no less of threat than NATO.
>now the board is full of cuckchanners
I've heard about
>Savitri Devi 
These names a thousand times.
When was the last time anyone read Giovanni Gentile or the politics of Fascism?
This board is /fringe/ or /x/ in all but name.
Replies: >>618 >>619
Why are you faggots bitching about not hearing about something? when you could, just maybe, make a fucking thread about what you want to discuss? or use an existing thread under which that topic falls? Half of this userbase whines and whines and whines because people are talking about shit they don't want to talk about, the shit isn't being discussed because you aren't discussing it, I'm here to police the discussion when it steps out of bounds, not to coordinate everything for you, have a little fucking iniative and put in some fucking effort, you whiny bitch.
[Hide] (195.4KB, 1536x1325) Reverse
>These names a thousand times
With the exception of the first and last one, I have no problems with it.
>This board is /x/ in all but name
Just the way it should be.
>fashchan is a ghost town
wew lad, seems like you chuds finally need to go outside and touch grass then just maybe have sex?
Replies: >>638 >>639
Have you tried smoking less cock mate?
Replies: >>640
Stephan, is that you? Or Blyth, maybe?
Well, aren't you happy.
"Chuds" are out touching grass, so now you guys have to find a real job for a change!?
Replies: >>640
shut the FUCK up angl*id white men only in this discussion

It is I, anonymous we r legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us
Replies: >>648 >>701
[Hide] (73.7KB, 700x673) Reverse
>Speaks English all day every day
>is eternally mentally cucked by the English race
>children will be mentally cucked by the English from day 1, very likely wont even be able to think in their native language anymore
>dreams in English
Replies: >>652 >>700 >>701
I, for one, welcome my English overlords. Salva sit Britannia!
To what degree is fascism (in the classical sense) a cultural and political manifestation of legendary nostalgia?

I hesitate to associate Nazism with fascist movements, because the NSDAP's traditionalist elements frequently stem from more diverse and esoteric origins. The revised party name itself, many cultural mannerisms and other virtue signals were borrowed from the contemporary labour movement but the other aesthetic influences (and make no mistake, Nazism, unlike fascism, is 'grounded' in populism and performance rather than any cohesive economic and sociological analysis, with the core socioeconomic policies an afterthought) were frequently borrowed from examples such as the legendary Roman and Aryan peoples, as frequently if not more than German culture.

On the other hand, we see the classical fascist ideology where art was the afterthought, to complement the post-national-syndicalistic socioeconomic basis. (As an aside, it's delightfully ironic that the nationalist deviation of a socialist movement is not the one that ended up being called 'National Socialism'). So did this lessen the reliance on legend and allow a more progressive and coherent agenda to form? Or did it persist regardless as a traditionalist glorification of the legendary Romans to stoke the necessary nationalism?


[Hide] (96.7KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (795.6KB, 1920x2382) Reverse
>shut the FUCK up angl*id white men only in this discussion

>laughs in Norman French
[Hide] (115.6KB, 1024x767) Reverse
If Dugin is a "commie" why is he being called a fascist by (western) media outlets and on wikipedia?
Replies: >>725
Because leftists and jews are idiots, Dugin's Fourth Political Theory mixes Russian(Non-ethnic specific) Imperialism with International Communism under a different label, the goal of his "political theories" is the intermixing and ultimately erasure of White European peoples with Asiatic hordes such as the Chinese, Quit pretending calling him a commie isn't valid just because some leftist jews and retards call him fascist, they also call the USA fascist, and milquetoast Trumptards as well.
Last edited by orlog
Replies: >>726
Okay I'll quit pretending.
The question is then why aren't they just calling him a fucking commie then?
Just because they're idiots?
They don't get it is that it?
(what you said with the Chinese)
Replies: >>727 >>728
Specifically why, I do not know, I can only surmise, but the truth is likely a combination of factors mostly ignorance, and the western by-word for opposition has become the word fascist despite nearly all who say that knowing nothing about fascism.
If it were Marx instead who was alive and breathing today, they'd call him a fascist too.  It's just a killword so that their brainwashed slaves don't look into things that would derail them from their local purpose.
Does anyone know the broadcasts where William Pierce mentions the following:
>Jews caught in a lie will just lie harder
>The center of the Jewish white slave trade in Poland took place in the city whose English name is "Auschwitz"
>During the 1990ish conflict in Russia the military was deployed to protect the TV broadcasting stations, not the government buildings.
Exact broadcast names would be best. Searchable transscripts of all his broadcasts would also help.
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Out of Australia

are there any deep ecology / ecofascism threads archived?
Replies: >>732
Should be in the same places the other archives are.
Why doesn't the biggest war in Europe since WW2 have its own thread?
Replies: >>750
Use the news thread, or /pol/, it doesn't need a thread at present.
Replies: >>751
I thought it did since Putin is claiming to be fighting fascists in Ukraine.
Replies: >>752
Current events go in the news thread, post your news and discuss them there, If you truly feel the need to create a thread, i will likely leave it up if you put in the requisite effort.
Replies: >>774
If Hitler won, how long would the Third Reich survive against subversive elements (which would be Strasserists and Monarchists in this case) and prevent a situation similar to Mao's China being transformed into a capitalist society by it's imperial chink elements?
Frenschan is based until proven otherwise.
Replies: >>759 >>775
No that's not true. A dude who goes by the name "Rooney" (Rooney's Germanic Aryanism from Telegram) made threads on frenschans on anti-islam, anti-sandnigger stuff. In other words, hate threads. He even made a thread on "dreaming for a White-ethnoplanet, where all non-Whites are eradicated" or something.

Guess what happened? He got kicked off of there. So much for based frenschan. Unless the folks here on zzzchan agree that Rooney's views are glowops?
Replies: >>760
So long as I am BO, those discussions are encouraged here, as thats my stance.
Replies: >>774
A full-blown European war isn't /news/ you fucking mong
Replies: >>791
>no Tor hidden service support
pick one
I mean we're all on the internet, right? Why aren't we getting daily reports from inside Russia and Ukraine?
Why are we still forced to get all of our information directly from the Lügenpresse?
Replies: >>784
[Hide] (342KB, 1300x956) Reverse
I mean even stone age niggers have smart phones these days but for some ((( reason ))) we can only receive information about this war from ((( official sources )))
Replies: >>784
Why don't we have journalists in our ranks?
There are Telegram groups that report frequently, and image boards that compile relevant information into their own purpose made threads. It's mostly noise of course, due to shilling and mentally retarded posters.
Replies: >>785
>Telegram groups
glownigger tier
>image boards that compile relevant information into their own purpose made threads
I have never found a job that really suits or interests me. I currently work as a carpenter, but It doesn't interest me the slightest. I have switched between a large number of jobs in the last few years.
I never really found anything that had my interest.

Does anyone here have any ideas for a job? I have thought about going back to school and study history or political science.
Replies: >>788 >>801
Become a Buddhist monk. It's the only career where you get free food, lodging and respect for doing nothing. You can read whatever you want in your free time.
If you become a Zen monk, you can even get married.
it's a regional shitfit between two broadly European powers, one more pure(ukraine) vs one less pure(russia). Either post the shit in the news thread or when it actually involves directly more european nations, then you can make a fucking thread, until then, fuck off.
Replies: >>792 >>793
>regional shitfit
There's literally global involvement, shitlord. It's a major European war, the biggest since WW2 with a major world leader openly threatening nuclear attacks. It's not "news" you fucking mong!
Replies: >>796
Obviously, you're upset because your favorite jew is getting curb stomped daily.
Replies: >>796
It's naught but another proxy war, not even worth the space the reporting on it takes in the mainstream news.
Which jew is that supposed to be? Because I have quite directly stated I support neither of the states, nor the jews running them, involved but somehow I have one I favor over the other?
Replies: >>797
LOL while you hide in your mommy's basement there are unironic fascists fighting for their homeland.
>p-proxy war
All major wars are proxy wars, dipshit
Replies: >>798
No, modern wars are proxy wars, and you keep whining about it not having a thread and being the most important thing ever! Yet, I don't see a thread on the catalog.
Also your tired and inaccurate insults are pointless, either make as thread of the requisite quality or post shit in the news thread, because that's all war is at this point, news. We do not need a dedicated thread until something actually important happens beyond lies and posturing from both sides.
So whats stopping us from taking over the world right now? it's like the weimar republic but global! im sure that even if a fraction of us stopped shitposting and actually did something useful we could achieve a greater goal in life and the advancement of national socialism.

Or we could just set up shop in bir tawil and create our own civilization! Just think about it for a minute, the area the size of londonistan all free for the taking yet no one has actually taken it yet, why not?
Replies: >>817
No one fights for ((( elected ))) leaders. An Aryan fights for his homeland, for blood and soil. That's what people are fighting for while BO wanks to anime.
Replies: >>889
>Does anyone here have any ideas for a job? I have thought about going back to school and study history or political science.
You mean like working in a university? I've only heard bad things the work environment in colleges. Depending on your financial situation, you could try to get into the independent farming industry, as the demand for clean food and milk is obvious and growing. Starting could be as easy as buying a small Jersey milk cow and raising it on a quarter of an acre or less. True permaculture (agroforestry/forest-gardens) is cheap and sustainable mode of farming, which would benefit from having more practitioners. 

I'm coming out of community college and am considering going into a ranger school. I figure it'll be the least soul-sucking job I can find, and it'll actually do good for our people (nature conservation is one of the only public goods that doesn't benefit the american zog) until we can really kick stuff off.
How can anyone with a straight face recommend Evola on reading lists? Absolute schizophrenincel shit.

It feels like the kind of book I would give to people I want to push vulnerable people into being retarded detached cultists instead of the kind you read to learn to self-improve or understand the world.
Replies: >>1063
Honestly, and this doesn't apply to classical fascists, but national socialists still using that dumb name. Even Hitler didn't want to use it, it was an appeal to leftists that has approximately 0 chance of working since WWII.

I know this sounds like bikeshedding but that alone has profound issues for bringing likeminded people to our cause. Might as well call it national faggotry and wonder why it's hard to gain support.
How should you rebutt when someone claims the EU or Bilderberg were started by 'Nazis'? You see this a lot, does anyone have any information disproving this?
Replies: >>825 >>831
Can any esoteric anon redpill me on androgyny and hermaphrodites? I've been reading Miguel lately and he has mention it quite a few times and I've been confused on whether Serrano has been trying to sell me some degeneracy on how having the aspects of the biological sexes are actually a good thing or at-least some spiritual union. If I try to research hermaphroditism truthfully, then I just get LGBTQ niggers mudding everything. 

The National Socialists did not support a Europe Union. Plus, I'm pretty sure the Europe Union did not tolerate nor recognize National Socialism amongst Europeans.
Himmler had ideas for a Pan-European union headed by Germany as a logical consequence of Lebensraum. Yockey followed up on this a few years later. Kalergi had his own version of a European Union before that. What the boomers are most likely referring to though is Adenauer and the Coal & Steel Union (something like that) post-war which became the foundation for the actual European Union we got and have now. Adenauer was not a Nazi, he was a German and in exile for the war.
Replies: >>832
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And NATO? They point to Adolf Heusinger as chairman. 
Is there an article somewhere or infographic tha handily disproves all these claims?
Replies: >>833
>They point to Adolf Heusinger as chairman. 
Anon, they're retarded. Heusinger served Germany since 1915 and was still willingly to serve his country, despite the state of Weimar. What communists are doing is purity spiraling, so they can call anything they do not like capitalist and "nazi" as a justification for the Soviet Union's aggression and retarded foreign policies. Germany during the Cold War were under "de-nazification" where they banned any form of sympathy of the regime with arrests and harassment. It is impossible for NATO to ever had any legitimate "nazi" when the Western powers were enforcing the destruction of all what Hitler had built and forced former members the NSDAP to comply or face arrest. The Soviet Union have done a similar thing with the recruitment of former National Socialist members (Operation Osoaviakhim).  Anyone trying to argue that NATO is secretly le nazi is Q-tier conspiratard and didn't pick-up a history book and is just calling out names.
How do i fill my time?
I have no friends a live in a wasteland.
Replies: >>852 >>854
Obvious stuff like read, exercise, learn useful skills. If you have a decent amount of land, you can try to make it a viable homestead.
You're coming to the worst place for advice
There is a news thread
Replies: >>859
I swear I did not see this thread. Can BO take this to the news instead?
If Ukraine isn't worth defending, then Europe isn't worth defending and if anyone believes Europe isn't worth defending, then they should just turn in their Aryan membership card and become a full time nigger.
Was the Soviet Union connected with freemasonry or jews outside of Russia? Were there any powerful organizations or secret societies that may have giving large amounts of backings to the Soviets that lead to their victory in the first place, which they should of lost? I find it awfully suspicious how the White army poorly performed and how the United States did not fully back a nation that would of became a republic and faithfully ally if they aided them against the bolsheviks. Me thinks that the Anglo-French sphere actually had helped the communists instead.
Replies: >>939 >>942
The soviets were backed by the freemasonry until Stalin got into power. He denounced the freemasonry as conspirators against the communist leadership, burnt down freemasonry Lodges and sent the freemasonry to Siberia, freemasonry was outlawed until 1989, doesn't mean that freemasonry didn't bribe the soviet leaders but Stalin definitely throw a giant towards the freemasonry
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Just for you to know. I found all this information on Gab, but a-lot of this was well-known prior, but since 8chan was shoah'd a-lot of information I had was lost. (Always archive and save anything informative)

The Soviet Union was heavily connected with freemasonry, particularly the B'nai B'riths who had huge involvements in the establishment of the Soviet Union. They gave the bolsheviks all the resources they needed to in order to usurper the Russian state of 1904 and were partially responsible for the death of Tsar Nicholas II as well. This is one of the reasons why we see articles and constant talks of big banks and Wall-Street funding the Soviets, and it's because everyone involved with a masonic lodge were providing resources to revolutions started by jews. We can look back at the 1905 revolution and how the bolsheviks came to be in the first place and we see that jews had planned a revenge plot as a response to the Tsar's persecution of "six million" jews.

<Jewish-Zionist-Communist banker Jacob Schiff floated issues in the sum of $200 million ($4.5 billion 2016) out of the total $410 million raised by Japan to win the Russo-Japanese War of 1904.

<The Japanese had not forgotten that the Rothschilds from England in 1904 in the Russo-Japanese War at the moment when Japan threatened to lose the war, bought up Japan's commodity reserves and thanks to this income the country was able to continue and win the war(
https://www.shalom-magazine.com/Print.php?id=260217 (try using deepl.com if you can't read German)

<The Russo-Japanese war in 1904 had been instrumental in bringing about the Russian revolution of 1905.

<The Russo-Japanese conflict in 1904 had provided the Russian socialists with valuable experience. They immediately accelerated revolutionary propagandist activity among the masses
Replies: >>943 >>945
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Lenin also stated that without the backing of international banks and the Russo-Japanese War, his takeover of Russia would have never shifted. 

<During the summer of 1916 a secret report was received by the Russian General Headquarters from one of its agents in New York. This report, dated February 15, 1916, reads in part as follows: The Russian Revolutionary Party of America has evidently resumed its activities. As a consequence of it, momentous developments are expected to follow. The first confidential meeting which marked the beginning of a new era of violence took place on Monday evening, February 14, 1916, in the East Side of New York City. It was attended by sixty-two delegates, fifty of whom were 'veterans' of the revolution of 1905; the rest being newly admitted members.

<Among the delegates were a large percentage of Jews, most of them belonging to the intellectual class, as doctors, publicists, etc., but also some professional revolutionists...The proceedings of this first meeting were almost entirely devoted to the discussion of finding ways and means to start a great revolution in Russia as the 'most favorable moment for it is close at hand.' It was revealed that secret reports had just reached the party from Russia, describing the situation as very favorable, when all arrangements for an immediate outbreak were completed.

<The only serious problem was the financial question but whenever this was raised the assembly was immediately assured by some of the members that this question did not need to cause any embarrassment as ample funds, if necessary, would be furnished by persons in sympathy with the movement of liberating the people of Russia. In this connection the name of Jacob Schiff was repeatedly mentioned.'

The entire build-up of the Soviets and their revolution was mostly if not entirely built by jews. The goal of the masons was to establish a unitary state ran by jews. The communists and lodges had the same goals and were not coincidentally line-uped with each other. The Soviet Union was not ran nor lead by gentiles as nazbols and even conservatives frequently claim to deny the Soviets' jewry, but comprised of jews who sought to accomplish the same goals as the masonic lodges amongst the world. Having support from the B'nai without a doubt confirms that he is jewish and along with most of its members. Tsar Nicholas II even notices how the jews are responsible for 1905.

<The events of the year 1905 which became particularly acute at the beginning of October last, and, after a number of so-called "strikes," culminated in an armed revolt at Moscow and in other cities and localities of the Empire, show quite clearly that the Russian revolutionary movement, apart from its deep social economic causes of an internal nature, has also a quite definite international character. This side of the revolutionary movement, which deserves very serious attention, manifests itself chiefly in the fact that it is supported to a large extent from abroad. [...] This result must be coupled with the fact that the Russian revolutionary movement is altogether distinguished by an alien racial character [...] a most important part is played by the Jews, who have figured and still figure as a specially active and aggressive element of the revolution, whether as individuals, or as leaders of the movement, or in the shape of entire organisations (e.g. the Jewish Bund in the Western region), one may assume with certainty that the aforesaid support of the revolutionary movement from abroad emanates precisely from Jewish capitalist circles.

<There is thus no room for doubt as to the close connexion of the Russian revolution with the Jewish question in general, and with the foreign Jewish organisations in particular, which connexion is already perfectly clear from the point of view of its fundamental principles, since the founders of the Socialist doctrine, Lassalle and Marx, who wield so great an influence on the present mind of the Russian University youth, were notoriously both of Jewish origin. Nor can it be in any way doubted that the practical direction of the Russian revolutionary movement is in Jewish hands.

jews are almost responsible for every revolution within modern Europe, if not downright have connections with them. You can definitely tell by the chantings of the revolutionaries of "liberty, Fraternity and Equality". Chants that benefit ever persons within a state including the jews. Even Napoleon himself had connections with masons.
Replies: >>945
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Nice finds
What's the consensus of /fascist/s on the war in Ukraine? Also is the Azov Battalion actually a nazi organization or just a meme?
Replies: >>949 >>955 >>988
Why do people keep asking this?
/fascist/ as a whole, does not have a consensus, nor will it ever.
Yes they are National Socialists, many NS from Russia have fled their home to join Azov and it's branches that are engaged in combat with Russia, for the sake of their homes and their people, as have many NS from the US and other places, I know one who is on the ground there now, sharing what's happening on the ground.
Last edited by orlog
Replies: >>951
>sharing what's happening on the ground.
How about starting a thread about this with regular updates?
Replies: >>953
I'm pretty sure this question was answered already. /fascist/ is not /pol/ nor is it /news/ or any current events board. If you want to shill for the nth totally "nazi" totally non fed sting group, go do it somewhere else.
I simply support the folk of Ukraine defending and aiding their fellow men against Russia and hope the two nations will come to peace. Although any talk of how NATO is NS or how jews are on our side will expose themselves as feds. Azov has also outed themselves as fake National Socialists, so I couldn't care for them at all. I agree with other anons, this questions needs to stop be asked, because we answered this question a hundred times.
Replies: >>994
[Hide] (277.5KB, 1200x870) Reverse
I had been very busy and worn out with work, so when 16chan died, I was not seeing really any traffic, so I was really thinking that /fascist/ had essentially died. I am surprised to see that anons have picked up the torch, and I am happy to see it, honestly.

Ukraine is a situation totally created by NATO and is kept going by their funds and warmongering Jews such as Zelensky. There is no 'good guy' and 'bad guy' here, per se, but Ukraine and its backers are far more of the epitome of globohomo than Russia is. This entire situation could have been avoided. 

Watch this, blood is on NATO's hands:
Replies: >>993 >>1025
[Hide] (95.5KB, 720x983) Reverse
>There is no good or bad guy here, but Ukranine is more pozzed than Russia
Fuck off back to /pol/. Russia is literally the eastern version of globo-homo. There is no better side. End of story. Anyone who refuses to admit this is a kike trying to d&c.
Replies: >>1025
if you support "Ukraine" then you're really just supporting the USA whether you like it or not, and the USA is run by Jews and worships niggers. So you're effectively a zogbot.
Replies: >>995 >>1005
[Hide] (451.4KB, 1024x576) Reverse
He said the folk of Ukraine not Ukraine itself, nigger Ukraine has a Jewish president Russia too. You're looking at it like it's black and white, stupid.
Replies: >>1025
>if you support "Ukraine" then you're really just supporting the USA
If you support "Russia" then you're just supporting Eurasia, and Russia is run by Jews and worships Eurasians. So you are effectively a retarded Kremlin bot who thinks that Russia is not run by Jews. 


Back to >>>/pol/
I wonder what Blyth is doing lately
>Ukraine and its backers are far more of the epitome of globohomo than Russia is.

I don't think anyone's arguing that Russia is a Volkish, White Nationalist state, but it's less pozzed and a better alternative. Even if Putin played along with the kikes, he seems to have rebelled. And if nothing else, Russian victory will create a chaotic, multipolar world, which will ultimately help us survive.

The Volk of Ukraine is the same as Russia, their language is a dialect, they're of the same stock within the same cultural sphere. If you support the Slavic Volk (which you should, they're basically White and much less compromised), then you should support Russia in capturing a GAE satrapy and uniting its lands.
Replies: >>1027
Give me one reason to support Russia that's not based on being slightly less bad when it comes to social policies while being worse in every other regard? If you think I'll support a post-communist gas station run by thieves in law just because they ban faggotry in public, you are not really being convincing. You may sell that story to gullible westerners, not someone from eastern Europe. 

By the way, Russians from Siberia (and few other distant oblasts) seem to be most Aryan (since they are mostly descendants of Whites who got sent to gulags there), they are actually purer than Ukrainians, while other regions of Russia are mostly a mixed bag, and people in big cities tend to look like the liberator or der untermensch kek.
Replies: >>1038 >>1115 >>1116
> If you think I'll support a post-communist gas station run by thieves in law just because they ban faggotry in public, you are not really being convincing.
kek, I don't think that's a very accurate description of Russia. But I've already given you a reason -- a multipolar world with balanced, competing powers. We'll have a better chance of survival under that regime than under GAE.
Replies: >>1039 >>1125
Different poster but is that really true? I suppose some advantage could be extracted if eacj power supports rebel groups in the other and those groups broke free to become independent but that scenario seems unlikely. Even during the cold war there were jews on both sides hedging their bets while making sure neither power could go in the direction of the Reich.
Replies: >>1055
How would succession work in a fascist/natsoc country? Ive asked this question before but never gotten a straight answer.
Replies: >>1060
it's debatable. I don't doubt what you said about the Cold War, but it may not play out the same way this time. Regardless, divided rule means chaos, and that's helpful to our cause. Besides, GAE in its clown world form is just nauseatingly buffoonish and sanctimonious; if I'm going to live under tyrants, they should at least be cool.
There's no consistent answer, Hitler had people who were appointed to replace him in the event of his death, for instance, but the individual succession methods were and would be unique to each Country and movement, determined by the people involved.
What does the globohomo globalist believe in? I know they and their actions are bad but what is their end goal? Some weird kind of "neo-feudalism" where they are at the top?
Replies: >>1104
>what is their end goal? 
Their end goal is the extermination of white people
>What does the globohomo globalist believe in? 
They believe their duty is to exterminate white people, and be the sole rulers of the unwashed dumb brown cattle that will remain

Other details of their wretched "ideologies"  are just secondary consequences and minor aspects.
Their goal is White Genocide, that is all.
>Give me one reason to support Russia that's not based on being slightly less bad when it comes to social policies
That's part of the problem. Lots of people on the Right in the West are tripping over their own big red clown shoes, running to support muh based Russia, muh defenders of Christendom. Except Russian women really, really love abortion, even more than White women in the West. Russians really love alcohol and drugs of every kind and consume krokodil at a rate that causes even niggers to raise an eyebrow. Russians love buggery, too. Their military has always been one big gay sodomy rape gang--and no one is sure whether they learned this practice from the Turks or taught it to them. Even their version of Christianity is 98% state propaganda, 2% the word of God, and 100% heretical.

It is from this that the Ukrainians defend themselves.  They are White warriors fighting for blood and soil against the Russians, who are a degenerate nigger mud race with far more Turk, Gypsy, and Mongol blood in their veins than White. It's why the Russians keep bleating about "muh Nazis." They fear the White warrior who follows the Black Sun banner.
Replies: >>1116 >>1118 >>1125
There's no reason to support either of those sides, even then our "support" amounts to which side we're rooting for. There's arguments to be made that either side winning would be politically useful. 

All of what you say about Russia is true but Ukraine is a US proxy state that had their government overthrown in 2014. I sympathize with the average Ukrainian but ultimately they're fighting for a state which conscripts young men and prohibits them from leaving while sending the young women to Western Europe to be whores. 
>the White warrior who follows the Black Sun banner.
Azov (which is a small component of the UAF) has jews fighting in it and bends over backwards to call russians 'da real nazis'.
Replies: >>1118 >>1125
First of all, while there's some truth to what you said, you're still greatly exaggerating the faults of Russia. More importantly,
>It is from this that the Ukrainians defend themselves.  They are White warriors fighting for blood and soil
This is a fantasy. Ukraine is fighting to be a satrapy of the Globalist American Empire (GAE), led by a gay jewish comedian puppet, and AZOV are nothing more than controlled opposition and false-flaggers, as >>1116 said.
If Ukraine were to somehow win, then their sons would be turned into trannies and faggots, their daughters turned into whores, race-mixing with the africans & pakis who would come pouring in. Before long, there would be nothing left of Ukraine but yet another multiculti shithole full of debt slavery and exploitation. That's why Russia is the much better option despite its faults.
Replies: >>1123
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1525x5213) Reverse
< That's why Russia is the much better option despite its faults
Replies: >>1152
The best outcome of Ukraine-Russia is obvious. Both zogs weaken each other to the point that genuine nationalists from both sides seize power in a coup and end the war. They both win by replacing their current crop of incompetent leaders.
Replies: >>1127
> a multipolar world with balanced, competing powers
In theory and propaganda yes, but in practice you just get decentralized globohomo or a split between globohomo and gulaghomo like during the Cold War. I don't see any Hindus, Chinese or Brazilians fighting for this "multipolar world", just Russians. Who gets killed, and who gets to benefit from it?
>We'll have a better chance of survival under that regime than under GAE
Their stance towards non-kosher politics is the same as in the west, stop deluding yourself.

You are exaggerating, Russia is still a better social climate than most western countries, but it should be pointed out that it has nothing to do with the Russian ((( government ))), but Russians themselves. And I mean actual, ethnic Russians. But they are not really in a position to act as some kind of moral paragon or a good example because they cannot even clean their own backyard. And that's without considering just how corrupt and incompetent their leadership is, and this is a much bigger issue than troons. Ukrainians were forced into this war and both western and Russian governments are responsible for it. They were literally forced in a pat position where they would be screwed whether they fight or not. On one hand, I can sympathize with their struggle, on another, I wouldn't exactly call them "white warriors" because they are not fighting for themselves or the white race.

Again, both "sides" can try to push their narratives to Americans, but not to someone living in eastern Europe who is familiar with both.

> even then our "support" amounts to which side we're rooting for.
Getting memetic wizards on your side can be very beneficial but they have come to the wrong place to push their propaganda.
>There's arguments to be made that either side winning would be politically useful
There are pros and cons to both.
Replies: >>1126 >>1152
>but in practice you just get decentralized globohomo or a split between globohomo and gulaghomo like during the Cold War.
A counter-example would be the post-WWI situation where the great powers pummeled each other to a degree that left political wiggleroom for fascism to come about. Or we get, as you say, a Cold War (both power blocs never really threatening eachother but using the enemy as an excuse to subjugate their citizens). Which possibility comes to pass probably depends on how severely the powers damage eachother. Since Russia is having a hard time taking Ukraine alone I don't see the conflict expanding, implying a lame Cold War situation even if they completely beat Ukraine.
[Hide] (262.2KB, 1119x344) Reverse
Troons calling us chuds ended up being a bit ironic
Replies: >>1138
[Hide] (23.7KB, 440x600) Reverse
Their terms of denigration become badges of honour
The ones that fit them can never be reclaimed as terms of pride because their truth is their shame.
Replies: >>1210
I don't see any problems here. Russia engages in propaganda too, especially its claim of "de-nazifying", I never denied this.

>Their stance towards non-kosher politics is the same as in the west, stop deluding yourself.
I'm not saying Russia is fascist or national-socialist (although the fags make this conflation), but I see a definite distinction between GAE and other factions. No one is free from Jew influence, but the West is terminal at this point.

>I don't see any Hindus, Chinese or Brazilians fighting for this "multipolar world", just Russians. Who gets killed, and who gets to benefit from it?
I see your point, and it's unfortunate that many Ukrainians (and a few Russians) had to be killed for this, but there are always costs. Despite the propaganda deluge, Russia is keeping its casualties low, somewhere under 10k by my estimate; make no mistake, the invasion is going much better than what you're told. As for China and India, they're supportive trade partners if nothing else. Let's not forget that Iran is currently dealing with 5th columnist subversion, and I believe the Persians have some Aryan admixture (a different Volk, but distantly related to us).
Replies: >>1163 >>1228
[Hide] (77.5KB, 600x900) Reverse
Never had much of a problem with Iranians I encountered over here. Apart from them being over here, Top Engineers IMHO and I respect their Nuke program enormously.
Replies: >>1180
Oh look, a cuck.
I always thought "Chud" was a mixup of "Stud" and "Chad" in the end, even though it sounds dumb. Where did you get that quote from, anyways?
Anons, what's the word on Dragan Glavasic?
Replies: >>1236
[Hide] (127.4KB, 640x754) Reverse
>but I see a definite distinction between GAE and other factions
I see different flavors of the same system. If anything, the role of Russia may be to appear as "false savior" and then further demoralize everyone when it gets crushed.
>the invasion is going much better than what you're told
I've been following it occasionally, it certainly doesn't seem so. Why didn't Russia invade back in 2014/15 when Ukraine was significantly weaker? They keep saying how it's a war against NATO but don't treat it as such. Are their generals and politicians retarded enough to think that they would subdue Ukraine (with western support) with the original number of troops? Whether it was intentional, or a result of sheer incompetence, if Russians are not capable of cleaning up their own backyard, they will never challenge any outside force.
>and I believe the Persians have some Aryan admixture
Some is a very vague term here
Replies: >>1259
[Hide] (219.6KB, 1128x792) Reverse
Highly based but not useful. Still, what is?
Replies: >>1262
Russia has waged a limited war for most of this year. No, they never had any intention of taking the entire country with a volunteer force, lol. Rather, their Phase I objective was to capture the Donbass and a corridor to Crimea, and they've largely been successful in this. If it wasn't as quick or thorough as planned, that's because of the NATO crusade against them, throwing all their military support behind Ukraine to the point of making this a proxy war.
It was only 1-2 months ago when Russia began transitioning to Phase II, with missile strikes on key infrastructure and a partial mobilization. As of now, Russia is biding its time, consolidating and waiting for the ground to freeze (because fighting a war in the mud is a pain in the dick). Rest assured, Russia will escalate and continue burning through NATO's money and materiel, while its own economy runs smoothly.
As for the long, 8 year delay, I think there are various reasons for that. I think Putin wanted to build up his war machine, consolidate Crimea (which was annexed in 2014) and wait for the right moment to strike. Once that zombie puppet Biden was installed, and once it became clear that ZOG was at a weak point, then Putin decided to greenlight the invasion. I think the deciding moment was the clusterfuck in Afghanistan, when the Talichads rode to victory summer of last year. Given the months needed to prepare an invasion, the time-frames match up.
The only theater where Ukraine is dominating is the propaganda war, which is so pervasive that even red-pilled individuals are taken in by sheer immersion. That's not to say there haven't been setbacks or snafus, but this war has mostly been proceeding according to plan for Russia.

>Some is a very vague term here
admittedly I'm being generous, but I see them as one of the other races who are closer to us in nature.
Replies: >>1269 >>1276
Dragan hates the chinks more than kikes for some reason.
Replies: >>1269
>Russia has waged a limited war for most of this year
Limited by their ability to wage that war. Pretending otherwise is ... delusional. 
>with a volunteer force
VDV was a volunteer force? Or you mean professional soliders?
>their Phase I objective was to capture the Donbass and a corridor to Crimea
They had most of Donbass under control already. Gained through a proxy war.
>Russia is biding its time, consolidating and waiting for the ground to freeze
In two more weeks, right? :D
>I think Putin wanted to build up his war machine, consolidate Crimea (which was annexed in 2014) and wait for the right moment to strike
They had no problems capturing Crimea and most of Donbass, then they suddenly stopped for some reason. He could have easily taken the rest of it and the land corridor to Crimea, fortify it and be done with this nonsense. Yet, he did not. He waited for Ukraine to get armed and for its army to get modernized.
>I think the deciding moment was the clusterfuck in Afghanistan
Or people all over the world getting fed up with covid measures...  Or the soaring inflation.... Or the tyrannical policies... Quite convenient.
>when the Talichads rode to victory summer of last year
You mean when the US decided it no longer pays off for them to stay there? There was no fighting, they simply left. It's true that the power and influence of the US is gradually declining due to catastrophic domestic policies, likely as an attempt of a controlled demolition, but it should not be underestimated.
>which is so pervasive that even red-pilled individuals are taken in by sheer immersion
Not really, red-pilled individuals know that this is all a theater and distraction. Failure of your own propaganda is not necessarily the success of the propaganda of the other side, but sovoque mentality is one hell of a drug. The harsh reality of the fact that you cannot wage war entirely through propaganda is revealing itself more and more.

Sure, Rockefellers are not crypto-kikes at all, and Saudi royals are not Donmeh Jews. Chinks are just the tools for their social experiments.
Replies: >>1281
 No, they never had any intention of taking the entire country with a volunteer force, lol. Rather, their Phase I objective was to capture the Donbass and a corridor to Crimea, and they've largely been successful in this. 

Yeah that's why they invaded the entire country and were pushed back the Donbass -- a territory they effectively controlled before the war

Putinist coping is incredible
Replies: >>1278 >>1281
We've yet to see the worst of it. They could defend Moscow being occupied and renamed Zelenskygrad as some grand plan to defeat NATO. It reminds me of those claims about Hitler planning a massive counteroffensive with non-existent armies from his bunker. Even if you support a position, denying obvious facts won't rectify a situation. Putin could be hanged for war crimes and his deluded fans would say it was a body double, or that his plan was always to martyr himself so the fight would go on et cetera.

Remember we're close to a year  now, with minor territorial gains for Russia since the start. Gains they are always under pressure for. Gains that have cost them international standing and taken the crown from Germany as 'shithead of Europe' in the eyes of many normalfags. Gains that have also lost them many thousands of men, vehicles and monies. Russia is fucked, shot itself in the foot over the ambitions of a mid-level KGB officer larping as a Tsar in rusty soviet armour.
Replies: >>1281 >>1283
>Limited by their ability to wage that war. Pretending otherwise is ... delusional. 
They sent a fraction of their total strength. If that was all they had, there wouldn't be the recent partial mobilization. On top of this, we can clearly see that Russian missile strikes spared vital infrastructure for the first 6 months, then they started hitting the electric grid. So that's another example of restraint followed by escalation.

>VDV was a volunteer force? Or you mean professional soliders?
the latter.

>They had most of Donbass under control already. Gained through a proxy war.
I'm well aware of the conflict since 2014, but it was contested, and the situation is different now.

>In two more weeks, right? :D
Can't say for sure, but it'll be sometime this winter.

>Yet, he did not. He waited for Ukraine to get armed and for its army to get modernized.
That's true, there are various possible reasons for the long wait. But I think it's mainly because Putin makes a point of doing things by the book, following legal norms (eg referendums), staying consistent with Just War Theory (last resort, proportionality, etc). He insists on legal/philosophical justification even when dealing with a ruthless and dishonorable ZOG. NS Germany had similar issues at times.
> There was no fighting, they simply left.
The ANA larpers largely disbanded, and the withdrawal was a complete fiasco, with the Taliban gaining lots of high quality weapons & supplies, including tanks and black hawk helicopters. The point is not so much that Taliban took back control, but that it happened in a humiliating manner for ZOG, which I think was the green light for Putin.

>but it should not be underestimated.
Even a decaying empire can still be dangerous and capable of destroying dissidents, that much is true. As Whites, we must proceed with caution.

>Not really, red-pilled individuals know that this is all a theater and distraction. 
I've often come across this perspective. However, the hard-line, almost fanatical Western response tells me that Putin has in fact rebelled against his former masters. If this is kayfabe, they're selling it very well.

>The harsh reality of the fact that you cannot wage war entirely through propaganda is revealing itself more and more.
Yes it is, but this applies to Ukraine, not to Russia.

First, you left off a >
Secondly, the Kiev drive was a feint, designed to divide & tie up Ukrainian forces. Once they achieved their objective, they withdrew (otherwise, they risked getting bogged down & surrounded, which was avoided). So no, they didn't invade the entire country, but a part of it. Now that they have that part, Russia will continue expansion & escalation, all according to plan as I said.

Like I said, Ukrainian propaganda is so pervasive, that it's hard to see through the fog.
>international standing
only GAE and its proxies, the rest of the world is neutral on this.
>many thousands of men, vehicles and monies.
5k-10k casualties is realistic for Russia, but wars are always costly. This is more than offset by their gains, and 5x-10x Ukrainian losses, ranging from 50k-100k, with 75k as a reasonable estimate.
Replies: >>1283 >>1284
>They could defend Moscow being occupied and renamed Zelenskygrad as some grand plan to defeat NATO
It's the same kind of copium that Qoomers are fed with, leading me to think it's a part of the same broader psyop. This kind of refusal to deal with reality is counter-productive for their efforts and is leading them straight into a situation where their enemies want them to be in. If they don't seriously reconsider their positions and make a major cleanup in their own power structures, Moscow being occupied may become more likely than they think. 

>They sent a fraction of their total strength
Because they couldn't send more without endangering the security of their core borders. Those they did send got mowed down in a "feint" and their supply lines have collapsed tens of kilometres from their own border.
>legal justification
Laws are written by the victors
>and the withdrawal was a complete fiasco, with the Taliban gaining lots of high quality weapons & supplies
You mean they "accidentally" left those so that "competing" powers like China have more difficulties taking control in their stead?
>However, the hard-line, almost fanatical Western response tells me that Putin has in fact rebelled against his former masters
That's part of the show. Surely a lot of upper-mid and lower level power structures on both sides are actually convinced to be fighting a real enemy, but those who actually run things have different plans. Putin's moves (and those of his clique) look to me as if he is intentionally running Russia into the ground.

So, team Rothschild, or team Rockefeller, which one should we pick as the saviors of the white race and /ourguys/? /sarcasm
Replies: >>1285
A pigheaded refusal to see the reality of war is not going to magically make Russian propaganda accurate. By all means, take Ukrainian supporting sources with a grain of salt too.

Unless Putin has a secret underground facility with 10,000 brand new tanks, an extra air force and 1 million men bred as part of a soviet supersoldier program, Russia won't be getting a clean win here if they can succeed at all in the long term. Although having said that, it sounds like the kind of thing rus supporters would believe. I see a balkanisation of Russia possibly, within a few decades. Communist China needs to expand to solve internal problems and they've seen how this invasion fell flat on its face, so I expect they're more likely to carve out a chunk of a weakened Russia at this point insetad of risk larger global conflict over Taiwan (however, as Putin shows, leaders are not always going to pick the smart move).

Yet I'll admit I could be wrong. Maybe Putin really did sacrifice the VDV in unsupported airdrops as part of a clever feint. In two weeks, we'll see the gloves really come off. Ukrainians must be so desperate to join Mother Russia by now, if only it wasn't for those pesky globohomos forcing them to defend their nation.
Replies: >>1285
>Because they couldn't send more without endangering the security of their core borders. 
I think the real reason was to maintain public support. Given the close ties between those two nations, an all-out destructive war from the beginning would've been unpopular. Thus, Putin willingly limited the initial invasion to an interventionist force that the Russian people generally approved of. Once the West declared jihad on Russia, put up a new iron curtain of sanctions, and demonized their people and culture, then the popular support for expansion/escalation would emerge. It all fits together, and that includes both force deployment and missile strikes as I mentioned.

>Laws are written by the victors
That's true, and Putin doesn't need to go to all this trouble of justifying his every move, but he does so anyway. There are some advantages to keeping up a legal defense and not relying solely on might-makes-right.

>You mean they "accidentally" left those so that "competing" powers like China have more difficulties taking control in their stead?
Hadn't really thought of this, but it's a definite possibility. In any case, the installation of Biden seems to have been the go-ahead for the invasion.

>So, team Rothschild, or team Rockefeller, which one should we pick as the saviors of the white race and /ourguys/? /sarcasm
Lol, in no way am I implying that Putin's Russia is NS Germany reborn. I believe Putin bent the knee to kikes before this, and has only recently revolted against them. I'm not idolizing Russia or BRICS, I just see them as a much lesser evil; their rise will create a multi-polar world, which means chaos, and that's what we need.

Of course, we should take everything with a grain of salt, and consult a variety of sources.
Alot of what you said would be correct, but it depends upon
>this invasion fell flat on its face
bearing any resemblance to reality, and I don't think that's the case.
>unsupported airdrops
I believe it was a Soviet-style deep operation, not sure of specifics, but I doubt it was a mistake as portrayed.
There are plenty of Russian supporters there too, especially in the south and east. Also alot of corruption and other issues in the AFU.

>Yet I'll admit I could be wrong.
I'll admit the same: maybe the Kremlin hoodwinked and hypnotized me, and this whole farce of an invasion will come crashing down. In which case, it would be as you said, the beginning of the end for Russia, leading to inevitable balkanization and conquest. But if I'm right, next year Ukraine will lose all its territory east of the Dneiper, and possibly all the way to the Carpathians, being reduced to a rump state in the far west; and it will be a devastating blow to GAE.
[Hide] (153.1KB, 467x604) Reverse
>>3 (OP) 
How do I start making professional looking OC like pic related for /ourguys/, the most I've done is editing but never anything like this.
Replies: >>1296 >>1297
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1050x1399) Reverse
Two options, You can use Photopea or pirated Photoshop. You are going to need an open-source sandbox program (Sandboxie-Plus) if you are going with the pirated Photoshop option and you don't want cheeki breeki nigger malware as well, an good VPN that you can pay with cash as well crypto (Mullvad) if you are an Western European/American.
GIMP is possible but it is pain in the ass to use due to their interface. It's been so long since I made OC ago, but I am going to make a post elaborating further more later on.
Replies: >>1301
Spoiler File
(60.1KB, 782x768) Reverse
Photoshop/illustrator or Inkscape/Krita, and get a drawing tablet like Wacom or similar
Replies: >>1301
Thank you for the advice, I'm definitely looking forward to that post, maybe on how to do fashwave as there isn't really any guides on how to do it.
>get a drawing tablet like Wacom or similar
Which one, I've seen some for under $100, are those any good?
Replies: >>1304
Yeah just get a wacom intuous s if you are dabbling they are like 50 usd iirc
Is it true that the Apollo and Hyacinthus were gay lovers or is this also a lie?
Replies: >>1341
Read this http://www.renegadetribune.com/the-lie-told-to-us-about-our-history-ancient-greece-debunking-the-homosexual-lies-about-ancient-greece/
Replies: >>1358
[Hide] (101.4KB, 526x679) Reverse
Ok help me debunk this leftist meme please.
Replies: >>1358 >>1361
I watch that video, but he doesn't go over all the details that debunk all the lies just mainly the crucial points.

This meme is retarded.

Was forced or asked to work for the US government. He wasn't "head of NASA", but the director of Marshall Space Flight Center which is a facility. All he did in his life was built rockets for the United States and nothing more. They wouldn't hire a nazi if he openly continued his loyalty. 

Walter was not apart of the NSDAP. He was only a high-ranking officer within the Wehrmacht. He was also said to have rejected NatSoc. Throughout his entire life he was nothing more, but serve the Western powers and liberalism. I think he may have helped "denazify" Germany as well.

Again, he was only an officer of the Wehrmacht. He was indeed loyal (though he was connected with conspirators who were against Hitler). He spent his life only advising Western powers in strategy and policies they should take. 

He cucked out years ago. Whether he secretly sympathized with Germany til the end it doesn't stop the fact that he still did many of the biddings of NATO and the UN such as condemning Idi Amin for his anti-zionists acts. During the 1971 election he was supported by the Soviet Union and they knew who he was, so Marxoids are grasping for straws. 
Apparently NATO = Nazi for using high-ranking officials even though the Soviet Union had done the same. What all of these guys do have in common is that they provided nothing in bringing any form of nazism back within Germany, so this argument is dumb and their evidence that NATO le noozi doesn't exist.
Replies: >>1361
I see boomers are especially carriers and spreaders of this particular deranged mentality where they claim everything is "the nazis".
Anti EU boomers unironically claim that EU is a nazi project and that heirs of former nazi officials run it.
Antivax boomers claim that Gates is a "nazi eugenist" who wants to genocide innocent niggers and indians.
Now they claim NATO is nazi because of the proxy war in Ucraine where the hohol golems are doing their bidding while pretending to be nationalists.
These people are hopeless.
Replies: >>1366
I've seen this meme before. It is mostly posted by communists who seethe at obstacles to Soviet expansionism the same way right-wingers whine about NATO and the United States supplying Ukraine, as if they expect fairness or their oppositions shouldn't be doing the things RWs oppose. It is ironic and retarded that Marxoids are purity-spiraling NATO for using skilled and experienced officers and scientists for it is common sense when tensions were growing between NATO and the ((( comintern ))) during the Cold War. But if what you say is true about the boomers, then you should know that many of their philosophies and mentalities were built and taught by (((  Trotskyites  ))) which is why they call anything remotely authoritarian or unpopular actions that are in the political alignment of communists, "fascist".
Why do "National Socialists" still call themselves that?
It made some sense tactically in Germany 1920s when appealing to the expanding socialist movement in Germany, but I honestly can't take anyone calling themselves a natsoc in the current year seriously.
Replies: >>1384
Because thats what the ideology is called? What else would we call ourselves?
How would you fix the issues of the Black community, if you were a Black man, using fascist ideology and logic?
[Hide] (730.7KB, 834x806) Reverse
What do you guys think of thuletide article that he wrote on Ashkenazi Jew IQ. I know there are many here that don't like him.

Replies: >>1391 >>1392 >>1403
I think that he might have made a mistake in trusting any sort of mainstream study, especially one about jews, but that the conclusion he came to at the end of his article is appropriate. IQ, while a good indicator of general intelligence and a consistent measurement of group ability, like with blacks and arabs, does not necessarily correlate with true creative ability, elastic thought, or empathy. Jews have a great aptitude for speech, as evidenced by their verbal IQ scores, and yet they have never been seen to demonstrate any sort of positive application or adoption of sensible world views. Wherever they are given creative freedom, they only rot and destroy wholesome art and architecture, showing only the ability to appropriate and destroy. When they are given free reign economically, they trash the financial system and run the host society into the ground, destroying themselves in the process. Despite their high IQ's, they seem incapable of making long term judgements and making sound decisions. So, thuletide is right in his conclusion that jewish IQ is secondary to jewish nepotism and trickery, but it would have been better if he had focused on the failure of IQ tests to measure traits like empathy and synthesis.
Replies: >>1392
Also, the book we are reading in /fbc/ right now, The Passing of the Great Race, addresses some of the issues brought up by the measuring of IQ, like the high performance of indians and chinamen in american society.
Replies: >>1399
Measuring intelligence by IQ is like measuring an economy by GDP. It's a one-dimensional metric that gives you part of the picture, but it's ultimately limited and misses important points.
Replies: >>1402
Emotional inteligence or empathy would seem to be a white trait. It is apparrently lacking in asiatics, i recall hearing of a psychological experiment where babies of different races were played recordings of babies crying and only the white ones would cry too. I think IQ metrics and stats are open to being pozzed by jew controlled academia.
Replies: >>1426
Good article from Thuletide. I disagree a-lot with the kid, but he's been covering a-lot interesting topics. I never truly believe in jew IQ maymay when you realize that jews are merely nepotistic in transfering roles and positions not by merit. Apparently some fags also got butt-hurt at him on telegram for downplaying the jewish IQ lie as if it somehow denies the JQ. I'm specifically talking about Keith and TRS.
Replies: >>1404
>Apparently some fags also got butt-hurt at him on telegram for downplaying the jewish IQ lie as if it somehow denies the JQ.
That's retarded. I think it's just ass-hurt from Ashkenazis dissident right-wingers who are upset that their race's intelligence has been insulted,  along with the usual butt-hurt at Thuletide. 4/pol/ was completely wrong about the jews being highly intelligent as the reason why they have so much influence and power within Europe. The obvious answer for why jews are in the such high position is because the christcucks and mudslimes have also played a central role in elevating jewish rise to power. Christoids were the ones who courted and invited them into Europe in the first place, and allowed them to get away with a-lot of things that wouldn't slide within a nation ran by gentiles (pagans). For instance, I just learned that Isabella didn't actually expulse jews, and the Spanish Empire was a paradise for them. Kikes were able to easily get away with being crypto converts and become clergymen and priests of many of the cathedrals within Spain (although they've always done this prior to the existence of the Spanish Empire). Abrahamics are the reason why we are in this state today, and history clearly illustrates this no matter what morons try to shift the blame on or excuse.
Replies: >>1426
I have a personal project, and I was very interested in the optional flags. Could the board admin please share them? In whatever way is easiest, I don't want to get in the way too much.
Please, I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.
>I think IQ metrics and stats are open to being pozzed by jew controlled academia.
That's true of most science nowadays.

I wouldn't say the Jews are particularly intelligent. Rather, they're highly specialized human parasites, so they're very good at their tricks, but not much else. They can't create or invent on their own, only plagiarize and corrupt, as they've done throughout their history.
I spent too much time on leftypol bros. I need an immediate detox.
Replies: >>1429 >>1435
Why would you waste your time on the mentally retarded?
[Hide] (7.5MB, 550x550, 00:55)
Here have some antisemitisim to a techno beat.
[Hide] (70.7KB, 720x540) Reverse
What do we know about this?
Replies: >>1468


[Hide] (172.2KB, 622x777) Reverse
Ursula Haverbeck was jailed for denying the holocaust (a big crime in germany), the verdict was overturned and she was released.
[Hide] (32MB, 640x360, 28:42)
Is anything this guy says true?
Replies: >>1480 >>1527
 Ten minutes in, it becomes clear he takes things at surface value, deliberately ignores that Hitler's economic policy was something wholly new and masterminded by Gottfried Feder and neglects to mention that much of what Hitler put in place was voluntary and if not, was intended to be a temporary measure to rebuild the German economy and rejuvenate the German people and their spirit from what the Treaty of Versailles did to it, or was a war measure, which were again temporary. The NSDAP did not take iron control of the economy, nor did they want to, doing this later was a necessity as the war Germany was engaged in, was a war for the very life of the German populace.
 He neglects to mention that factory owners who were not jews, and even some that were, at least at first, were left alone, and the jews were not a majority of German industry at that time(though they were outsized for their percentage of the population) all those left after the appropriation of jewish owned businesses operated as they chose to, until the war began and yes of course taking government contracts which were offered to all industries.
 When the war began, both sides co-opted factories for whatever the war effort needed, America was little different in character from the Soviet Union at that time, Britain did the same and of course the Soviets were already there long before. Hitler's replacement for Trade Unions were mandatory for workers but they only ensured the worker was treated fairly, compensated fairly, and not abused, in comparison to the soviet Trade Unions, which made you little better than slaves working for a Jew who cared not whether you lived or died.
 He mischaracterized the central core of National Socialism being based on the preservation, health, and advancement of the race, in thinking that it's just a replacement for the word "class", it is not, Hitler sought to protect the property rights of every one of his people, and even enhanced and loosened restrictions the Weimar government(and even previous governments) had laid down upon the German people. Jews he cared about not at all, parasites that they were, not due to any perceived wrongdoing to him personally,  but because he had lived through a war in 1920 and fought in that war, against jews when they sought to do to Germany what Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin had done to Russia in 1917,  Hitler saw what the soviets had done to anyone under their power(and continued to do long after Hitler was taken out of the game), and sought to prevent the jews from ever trying that again and the only way is encouraging and enforcing community and unity for the German people, in point of fact, most of these jews that he and Germany at large had an issue with, were foreign jews, many were immigrants who had fled Russia, or were sent by Russia, and were vultures attempting to kill Germany for their power and theirs alone as happened quite directly in the Soviet Union.
In short this seems to be another all socialism is Marxism faggot, neglecting to actually do research on what he's talking about and taking (probably the poorly translated versions of) Mein Kampf, Zweites Buch, and select portions of his speeches and twisting their meaning out of context, and whether the man in the video himself is jewish or not, he is doing the age old, and particularly jewish, practice of taking a truth and turning it into a lie.
Replies: >>1484
>doing this later was a necessity as the war Germany was engaged in, was a war for the very life of the German populace.
without delving into anon's video, this post seems accurate. but the quoted line reminds me...
Sometimes I ask myself why the fates decreed it this way, why WWII had to be lost, why we had to grow up in the decaying world of ((( central bankers ))). Maybe there's a higher reason for all this that I can't perceive from here. Maybe Hitler acted as a light to guide us through Kali Yuga, which we must pass through for some reason. This isn't a proper question, just meandering, but I wanted to post nonetheless.
I know this is a question I should never ask on here but I'm curious: is Sam Hyde controlled op or he's one of the rare few that's good? In the midst of globohomo, he seems refreshing (especially his cancelled show).
Replies: >>1506 >>1522
I could donate clothes I don't need for tax reasons but I need to a receipt and needs to be under $250 in value for non cash charity items. I can't think of any charity that will take it besides goodwill. How does the IRS know what is under $250 for non cash items? I don't want to get suspicious from the IRS or the FBI or some shit.
Replies: >>1506
What do you mean controlled op? He's an edgy e-celeb comedian, what opposition is he claiming to be?

Most non-cash donations are based on an arbitrary agreed upon value. The receipt will state what the agreed value of the items was. It won't really provoke suspicion unless it was some abnormally large amount relative to your income. Also fuck ZOG and their taxes, who cares anyway?
Replies: >>1507
Controlled op in the sense that he's a gatekeeper? I mean look at his MDE crew:
Has a nigger working in his office. He also listens to rap music for fuck's sake.
Not sure on him yet, but I think he seems like he wouldn't mind having a nigger friend.
Has a sandnigger wife. 

I hate it when retards say that Sam's crew are "redpilled" when they're actually civnat cucks. It's a shame really, I liked their content.
Replies: >>1514
No eceleb is truly a revolutionary by nature I don't think, but they do make a mockery of ZOG. How useful that is by itself is a matter of debate. I don't hate the buzz around them myself because I never expect edgy comedians on the internet to have any actually constructive role for an NS future. The most they're good for is deconstructing the system's propaganda by making people laugh at it.
[Hide] (3.2MB, 3049x3182) Reverse
I'd appreciate the opinion on this from anons who know more about American politics than me.
I'd always assumed Sam Hyde was himself Jewish. In any case I doubt he's /ourguy/. He only cares about free speech so that he can troll people by hiding swastikas in his sets or whatever.

Idk if there's anything wrong with watching him though. Some of his advice has been helpful to me, if a bit capitalist for my tastes. I don't like his surreal / deconstructionist comedy, though. Too Jewish.
No. This guy is an imbecile, and quite infamous for being on par with conservatives when it comes to spewing nonsense as historical facts. Almost all of his arguments against the NSDAP are biased for Judeo-Anglo economic values as an explanation of all failures within Hitler's Germany for not enslaving themselves with "free-trade". Then he bitches about how the Germans are bad, because six gorillion hooked nose cookies were baked by the evil nazee bakers.
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