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How can we deprogram abrahamists? What should every abrahamic fascist know about their religion? What is the best way to get abrahamists out of our nations and communities? How can we explain that abrahamism is incompatable with a White National Socialist ethnostate?

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by reading the books you see how retarded they are
Old testament should do it for itself, if any not-jew objectively reads the thing to discover the "holy men" are all low-brow scumbags by and large. For the new testament, I just learned that king Herod was dead four years before Christ was even born, according to an Emil Schurer who devoted a large portion of his academic career to studying the jews around the time of "Christ's ministry," such as it were. That did it for me, since anyone ordering a bunch of babies under 2 to be slaughtered because one particular baby got away is insane, and hebrews are known far and wide for having quite the imaginations when it comes to heaping false depravities on individuals who didn't deign to bend the knee to them. 
Which is something the actual King Herod was known for, by the way, as he made his career hunting bandits in that region, most of whom were undoubtably dirty little kikes, and so by and large was hated by them, and vice versa.
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Emil Schürer, that is.
you do realize most Christan's don't even bother with the old testament reading just radicalizes Christians against kikes imao the whole thing is one big pile of kike crimes and why god has punished them
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Three-fourths of Mainline Protestants disagree with you, I grew up around these freaks and they all constantly talk about the OT if religion is even mentioned, it does not and never has radicalized any christnigger against kikes, it's there to reinforcer the ((( Chosen ))) narrative.
Ya mainline most of them believe in god but don't even touch a bible once in their lifetime they can get nitpick bible quotes all they want but Jews are not the chosen people the old testament jew muh chosen people porn
>>8 (OP) 
For any persons who are ardently against Abrahamics, I have found sources that can shore up your arguments.

A pertinent website regarding the scholarship of the bible: https://archive.ph/jO9O5

Russel Gmirkin is the author's name. The premise of his works is such; the Old Testament originates from Septuagint texts written by Jews during the period 270 - 250 B.C. Owing to their vicinity to Hellenic states, they drew primarily from Plato's work, particularly Timaeus and the Law, to conjure up a semi-historical framework for the 'Chosen' Jews to abide by.

>Plato's Timaeus and the Biblical Creation Accounts

>Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible

This is a website dealing with the origins of YHWH as a figure belonging to a polytheistic pantheon that was worshipped on the Elephantine Islands
>Reconstructing the Pantheon of Judean Elephantine

Here are some articles written by Laurent Guyénot in regards to Zionism, the Torah, and Yahweh:

Zionism, Crypto-Judaism, and the Biblical Hoax

The Devil's Trick: Unmasking the God of Israel

The Holy Hook
Yahweh’s Trojan Horse into the Gentile City

How Yahweh Conquered Rome
Christianity and the Big Lie

Israel as One Man: A Theory of Jewish Power

The Arabian Cradle of Zion
Moses, Muhammad, and Wahhabo-Zionism

Bonus: Two articles that feature some serious schizoposting and a much more esoteric take on the Bible's scholarship and the inauthenticity of Zionism. Also features Qaballah heavily alongside Nordic mythology.

You can save this as a copypasta, modify, update it, etc.
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Anon, the OT either does not truly encourage or has failed numerously to spread hostility against jews. Christians could read the testaments a hundred times and their attitudes will either still be neutral or sympathetic. The problem here is that Christian theology is totally blind to race and sees it that jews and Aryans are of the same tribe, therefore judaism is not a separate from Europeans, but both races descend from Abraham despite their cultural differences and religion. In the esoteric sense, Christianity will always be jewish no matter how much they claim to different. Everything they believe come from people who are of the tribe as the jews.
not a troll but has anyone read satanisgod.org? what about the locked vatican bible?
also why does ((( fedschan ))) push religion so hard /pol/? is christianity actually kiked by design?
im agnostic yet i hate jews and thier degeneracy im not one of those C0$ shoving loons
Do you follow the bullshit from Satanisgod.org?
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>push religion so hard /pol/
new fag detected
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it was fedschan they also had /matomo/ enabled at one point

no i just saw it on 4chan long ago i have no idea what is real and what is not
>How can we deprogram abrahamists?
By getting active and making things happen. Once we have a strong core of white men and women living in truth and riding the tiger, it won't matter what people are programmed for.
>How can we explain that abrahamism is incompatible with a White National Socialist ethnostate?
Simple - it's the same old Jewish shit where everyone is guilty of sin until the holy Jew, conscience of the goyim, forgives them. A religion focused on recruiting the weak with promises of equality before an absent jewish god has no place in a life-loving, healthy and truthful Aryan society.
We're all fags here.
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this is so true and no projection
Just enslave them
Send the men bombs

How hard could it be
Will let japan have korea if we redo sino jp conflict
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I wonder if the anon who posted lot about Zero (polytheism) vs One (monotheism) is here, I always appreciated his high-quality effortposts. It's a shame 16chan went down so quickly that not enough was archived, Atleast we have this archived page here, Here's a sense of what his posts were like:
Replies: >>384 >>822
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I remember getting into a long convo with that anon. I drew a doodle to try to capture the idea of Aryan souls transcending the demiurge/One, pic related (I wonder if a swastika in the middle would be better?)
iirc he also said that the Genesis account was based on misunderstood ancient glyphs that were really about the fall of Atlantis, eg the flaming sword wasn't literal, but represented all-out warfare. interesting stuff
Replies: >>822 >>892
christian lolcow raiding tvch and other sites of webring is a cuck after all.
>>8 (OP) 
In the short term, there's only so much we can do. We lack the kind of institutional power the enemy has, such as the media and academia. Christianity is dying out, but only to be replaced by something even more gay and jewish, effectively erasing anything that was redeeming (anything that was European) about Christianity. 
For now, we can do our best to show white christians the very jewish and anti-white problems with their theology, but at the same time we also need to offer up some alternative lest they fall into secularism. We could try and retvrn to old European faiths or maybe start something new based off of them. 
When we get into actual power is when we can really start to make a difference. This is where we will have the institutional power to spread our new theology (whatever that ends up being) while denying that institutional power to the church. The normie normally follows whoever he pecieves to be the strongest. We can see this from how quickly they drop their "christian values" to move up in the social heirarchy. We won't have to genocide or persecute christians, just need keep them out of power. Just like pagan normies of ancient times dropped their traditions and converted to christianity, I believe the christians and the secularists will just as quickly drop theirs in order to "get with the times" and move up in the social heirarchy. Think of it as a sort of "Trickle-down" effect where those lower in the social heirarchy adopt the traditions and customs of those higher on the social hierarchy in order to be favored and celebrated by those leaders. Within a century, the only ones remaining will be small pockets of "true believers", which we can then contrive some outrage to do away with altogether. That is how paganism was killed by christianity, it's how Christianity is being killed by secularism, and it's how we will kill abrahamist mind-virus altogether.
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That domain belongs to Joy of Satan Ministries, a neopagan-ufo-nordic-luciferian weird cult. They're fucking creepy and most members are degenerates and retards, but they have some good arguments against Christianity.
Replies: >>715
Indeed, they are from the Joy of Satan. I have followed them in the past, they have a decent amount of information that exposes the christkike hoax and the fact that Judeo-Christian demons are just ancient Pagan gods turned into monsters to adoctrinate pagan gentiles into submission to Abrahamic religionn through fear propaganda ("Oy vey, goy is worshipping demons, you are going to get demon-posessed, embrace christianity NOW!") might enlighten a few Abrahamists into leaving their Jewish religion to return to their Pagan roots or might also radicalize them even more, it depends. But the whole nordic alien nazi UFO in Antarctica shit kept me away from it becaue it is just too schizo, also it is cringy how they refer to the "RTR" (Reverse Torah Rituals) as if they were killing Jews telepathically or something like that when they are just drawing hebrew letters in a paper, doing some weird scribble over them and then erasing them. The meditations they have are a little meh. In general I would recommend to use it as a source to get anti-christian and pro-pagan material, but not join them.
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I am back, I will probably make another thread in here. Missed this board.
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Don't you know that the Talmud was created WAYYY after Christianity, you dumb nigger?
Replies: >>838
You mean someone decided to make a collection/commentary of beliefs and practices established long before that?
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Welcome back! I wanted to ask you on your thoughts on Procopius's "The Secret History" detailing the degenerate state of Byzantine society as well the disgusting actions of Justinian and his whore wife whom funnily enough reminds me of Shillary Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell for which 'Orthodox' christcucks deny it and seethe about it's existence, calling it 'propaganda'.
I'll post a link to it, It is interesting that near the end of the video he mentions connections of Druids with Magi.
That video it's pretty good. It's funny how Justinian's whore wife was canonized as an "Orthodox Saint".
>Aryan souls transcending the demiurge/One
First off, the Demiurge is not the One, as the Demiurge is one hypostasis away from the One; secondly, nothing transcends the One, as unity is the minimal condition for anything to be said to exist; finally, a union or reversion to the One itself would be transcendence, at least transcendence to contingent existence.
>Genesis account was based on misunderstood ancient glyphs that were really about the fall of Atlantis
I'm not sure what inkling illiterate, semi-nomadic goat-herders could have of a myth that Plato literally invented for the purposes of dialogue; all sources for Atlantis depend on Plato and everything else is projection from people who were also inspired by Plato to sail the world in search for Atlantis.
Replies: >>895
I will look into it

Demiurge is a conscious manifestation of One, a "god" (inherent principles rooted in monadic schema, commensurate topological potential and available mathematical operations) attaining a sufficient degree of awareness, ego and conscious agency. One - total monadic potential, Demiurge - (a degree of) actualization of that potential.
>nothing transcends the One
Nothing generated by One (monad) can transcend the One, but there exists a set of greater potential (transcendental infinity) accessible to what was a-priori transcendent. 
>as unity is the minimal condition for anything to be said to exist
Only absolute differentiation substantiates true existence (of entities-into-themselves), and that requires a set where the underlying unity of all things is not possible. 
>a union or reversion to the One itself would be transcendence
Anything generated by One terminates into One, the lowest common denominator. No amount of extension changes the fundamental nature of the entity.

You may wish to look into this thread for more information 

Replies: >>897 >>898
>Demiurge is a conscious manifestation of One
I don't think manifestation is the appropriate term, as that would imply it to be the same entity, which it cannot be since the One, being prior to everything, cannot be dependent on noetic activity; the Demiurge is rather an emanation of the One.
>Only absolute differentiation substantiates true existence
Identity is prior to difference, for the condition of being same is primarily with itself, whilst difference is always predicated of something else; furthermore, differentiation itself is contingent on identity, for if we were not able to definitely say that one thing is what it is, we'd have as little certainty in claiming that it is different from something else, as this would also entail our ability to distinctively identify another.
I was skimming through your thread and saw this:
<think of the Fibonacci sequence being suggested as the standard of beauty (just with different numbers) or of the Fugue of Bach. It's about finding sequences of very specific properties that can constantly be refined or generate novelty without converging or being the same as another part
Ok, first off, this is wrong; there is no novelty involved in either the Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio, as both are patterns of self-similarity, meaning each square is cut in the exact same proportion as the previous one, regardless of the numbers being different for p/q each time; also, the Fibonacci sequence is a converging series, it's limit being the golden ratio itself, something you can test yourself by dividing each term in the series by the previous one, gradually approaching the golden ratio.
Honestly I don't know what else to say. It seems like gobbled metaphysics concocted with the sole aim of easing a neurotic fear to be associated with kikes in even the most trifling respect, as though monism is not just amongst the number of things they (mis)appropriated; and I thought the Armanists were crazy.
>what about the locked vatican bible?
The truth is that if you study various Bible/New Testament codices, you will discover that some of those contain some books that have have been removed from Bible. I'm talking about Shepherd of Hermas (https://www.earlychristianwritings.com/shepherd.html) and Epistle of Barnabas (https://www.earlychristianwritings.com/barnabas.html):
>Barnabas 4:6
>Moreover I ask you this one thing besides, as being one of yourselves and loving you all in particular more than my own soul, to give heed to yourselves now, 
>and not to liken yourselves to certain persons who pile up sin upon sin, saying that our covenant remains to them also.

>Barnabas 4:7
>Ours it is; but they lost it in this way for ever, when Moses had just received it.
>For the scripture saith; And Moses was in the mountain fasting forty days and forty nights, and he received the covenant from the Lord, even tablets of stone written with the finger of the hand of the Lord.

And there are a ton of New Testament manuscripts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_New_Testament_manuscripts
And there are a ton of books that aren't in the Bible:
>http://www.gnosis.org/library.html ((Coptic) Gospel of Thomas, etc.)
Who picked the books that are included in the Bible? How the decisions were made?
Also, I find it odd that Mary Magdalene is labeled as "whore" but in the Nag Hammadi Library and (especially) Pistis Sophia she has so central role. Perhaps there were some kind of unchristian fighting over who is the most important figure in the early Church?
So... what we should pray then?
Replies: >>927
Decent video, I like how this guy is practically naming them without naming them. Even if the work of Procopius was somewhat biased, she hardly deserved to be canonized as a saint, although Christianity has a long record of canonizing various scoundrels (starting with Abraham) and Orthodox Christianity is not an exemption. It was (and is) equally as vile and as corrupt as the Vatican, with the exception of some hardcore monks and honest (mostly lower ranking) priests. Ironically, it stays truer to its Judaic roots since Catholics were often forced to reform their religion due to political pressure (and incompatibility of European spirit with Abrahamistic faiths).

While sources linking Justinian and his concubine directly to the tribe are scarce, the pattern and the circumstances seem to check out. The use of prostitutes, fortune tellers and other circus retinue to infiltrate high society has been their modus operandi since the times of Abraham, the story of Esther being a prime example. Then we have the debauchery, the extremely cruel and unjust rule (especially against people of Germanic stock) and gradual ruin of society. 

Also, check this out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plague_of_Justinian

The transfer of wealth that he mentions was not the only one


The more things change, the more they remain the same ... Do you know where did the author find the links with the Druids and Magi?
Replies: >>931
I'm kind of new to this whole metaphysical stuff, but what is the Aryan soul supposed to transcend?
Replies: >>924
>I'm kind of new to this whole metaphysical stuff,
Read Bhagavad-Gītā As It Is: https://vedabase.io/en/library/bg/ (it's a great book. don't be put off by your preconceptions)
You may want to read philosophy as well start with Greeks (works of Plato and works of Aristotle).
Replies: >>934
In what context?
Justinian completely destroyed Southern Italy, it still didn't recover to this day.
That place was a major hub of civilization all throughout classical antiquity...
I have nothing against Greeks, but what the Venetians did was kinda self-defense at that point.
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Not that I know where his source of it from, but he described the etymology of the media and Hollywood in general at 1:10:27
Replies: >>944
>Read Bhagavad-Gītā
I thought it was pozzed, because it softly shills ideas that men are all the same?

>You may want to read philosophy as well start with Greeks (works of Plato and works of Aristotle).
I'm not really a fan of philosophy other than Aristotle's, but I'm willingly to read if it is enlighten, although I question Plato as his "teachings" are more in line with what the globalist/jews than what our ancestors knew and wanted.
Replies: >>937 >>944
> I question Plato as his "teachings" are more in line with what the globalist/jews than what our ancestors knew and wanted.
I don't see the connection between Plato and globalist or jews. But it's true that Platonism may have influenced both Christianity/New Testament and Judaism (see Philo of Alexandria).

But Platonism is certainly different from polytheistic faiths since Plato said that there is the One/Monad who is above all. But Platonism/Neoplatonism doesn't necessarily exclude the possibility of existence of multiple gods (The idea is that there can be a hierarchy of gods/beings where the Monad is at the top. Compare to the texts of Nag Hammadi library for example. The idea in most of text found in the Nag Hammadi library is that the God of Old Testament = Demiurge, who is a lower creator god.).  Plato didn't say that everyone is equal either (see the Myth of Er for example). According to Plato, you will get rewarded/punished according to your good/bad deeds. Also, in Republic, Plato also criticizes both democracy and tyranny, and proposes ideal nation that's lead by philosopher kings. 

And Plato and Aristotle from the basis for the western philosophy which is one of the main reasons why they and their writings are so important.
Replies: >>944 >>946
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I was wondering if he had provided more information elsewhere, seems to be a good trace. Would you be able to contact him to join the discussion here?

Plato was a student of Pythagorean school, and Pythagoras was taught by the Magi, that's how those ideas ended up in Plato's philosophy, although Plato was booted from the Pythagorean school because some of his ideas were too 'radical' (just like in modern academia lol). Unfortunately he never managed to abandon those monist misconceptions but some of his other ideas make his works worth reading regardless.

They came up with "Neoplatonism" to further corrupt and sterilize his ideas and make them more in tune with the agenda.
Replies: >>947
>I don't see the connection between Plato and globalist or jews.
That's because you don't really know much about globalist and jews and how they are sympathetic to platonism. In particular both advocate a form of supremacy of state that is dominated by a class of priests and that those priests can do no bad as long as they worship the Monad.

>But Platonism is certainly different from polytheistic faiths since Plato said that there is the One/Monad who is above all
Which is atheistic. Most of Plato's ideas of One, comes from Eastern sources. And arguably Plato isn't really a polytheist even if he does believe in the gods (though he clearly makes it evident that he only believes in them, because they are aspects of a demiurge) as he questions and dislikes their character as he somewhat rejected the idea that divine spirits can ever have flaws. There is a reason why his philosophy and monotheism are both so centered on control on the psyche.

>And Plato and Aristotle from the basis for the western philosophy which is one of the main reasons why they and their writings are so important.
To be honest. Western philosophy is shit and serves more as a form of domestication, than enlightenment.
Replies: >>977
>Plato was a student of Pythagorean school, and Pythagoras was taught by the Magi
We don't really know who taught Pythagoras. Some say he was taught by Phoenicians, Egyptians, Iranians or even the druids. Either-way these particular groups are known to have corrupt magus.
>In particular both advocate a form of supremacy of state that is dominated by a class of priests and that those priests can do no bad as long as they worship the Monad.
Platoists are also bugmen who believe that all truths or most practices can be universal. They purposely deconstruct ancestral traditions, culture and customs for a universalist perspective. The Neoplatonists extended Plato's teachings to being applicable to anyone which is one of the major reasons why the West's priestly class has become so cosmopolitan and weak-minded. Aristotle was right to reject his assertions as they were unrealistic and denied true metaphysics. There is a reason why our elites are so sympathetic and loving of Platonic philosophy and its because it does a similar form of downplaying native culture and lying to create something new and foreign for a drastic change in hopes thr direction will lead towards "enlightenment".
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