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Sieg Heil!

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The average IQ of Israelis is 94, they're ugly and mediocre.

To demoralize the public, these Middle Easterners were pushed into the spotlight and made the center of everything.

The purpose of demoralization is to make people give up on community projects, to lose faith in humanity and pursue things as individuals because they don't trust others. Demoralized populations are easily exploited.

By putting Jews in the center of every organization, people disperse from those organizations because their impression of them is that they are disreputable and mediocre.

If you had a math society and the math society advertised itself with a Jew presenting a thesis that 1+1 did not equal 2 and the society endorsed it and paraded that Jew around on media, everyone would break with that organization and lose faith in human organizations in general. 

Using a mediocre Jew as the face of an organization causes White people to abandon that organization and do it enough times and they will have no faith in the quality of people in general and not organize towards their collective interests. 

This is a way of breaking down opposition to governments, corporations, and secret cabals by causing people to become individualists that can't accomplish much of anything as individuals.
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We need to come to terms with the tactics of demoralization and remedies to them.

I think the remedy to the media and hijacked organizations promoting medocrity is to call it out and use that as a filter to select who you associate with.

If you call out mediocrity and people turn around and say, "What are you, anti-Semitic?", then you burn them out of your group covertly, you fire them, you get them fired, you sabotage them, and that way you can build up communities you can trust and have faith in.

We can turn the demoralization tactics used by malicious groups for our advantage, using them as a test to see who should be included and who should be excluded.

If you bother to show people that Einstein was a plagarist and a mediocre Jew and they still say he was foundational to physics or something, then you covertly remove them from any organizations you're a part of.

Most people, however, will totally reject the media narrative about Einstein immediately after finding out he was a plagarist and probably literally mentally retarded. There are reasons to have faith in humanity and people aren't as bad as the media would lead you to believe.

These demoralization campaigns particularly target the high IQ people which would otherwise be the center of organizations. The goal of demoralization campaigns is to get the smartest people to throw their tools on the ground and say, "I've had it with you stupid fucks, I'm moving to a cabin in the woods"; which breaks down intelligent organization of communities.

The demoralization comes in two parts, media and organizations celebrating mediocrity and training useful idiots in communities to become aggressive defenders of mediocrity. If someone is going to get aggressive to defend something they heard from a disreputable media outlet known to lie, then you should actively and covertly remove them from your group.

The useful idiots are trained to 1. deny anything contradicting the TV and 2. harass people into agreeing with the TV. And the solution is to nod your head, smile, and then sabotage them later to remove them from the group covertly.
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The purpose of promoting mediocrity is to make you lose faith in people, but all you have to recognize is that these organizations are hijacked into malicious entities and don't represent the population.

What you see on TV is not an accurate representation of your peers or what they think.
Stop using the jewish term, ((( white )))
Replies: >>2320
This russian jew made an entire video coping about Jewish IQ and how nepotism don't exist among jews

What are you on about retard?
Replies: >>2321
He thinks that "White" is a jewish term because it supposedly only refers to skin color, despite everyone on Earth agreeing that White means European people. If pedants like him want us to stop using it then they should lead by example.
>The average IQ of Israelis is 94
because of sand nigga population's contribution
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