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to be added as I create them, for now our main fallback Location is /cob/ on lynx.farted.net

/fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism, etc). Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, non-fascists are permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs as long as they respect the rules of this board! This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation (currently just me), banners and general bitching.

1. Global rules apply (see https://zzzchan.xyz/rules.html )
2. Literature requests should go in the proper thread  >>2
3. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go in the QTDDTOT
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Board owner made abundantly clear that christcuckery is not welcome here.
Remembering what christcuck spammers and trolls did to neinchan, I fully agree with him.
Christcucks are free to go there and spew their nonsense, it is the only fitting place, as I have watched every thread specifically for Christianity turn out to be nothing beyond another Anti-abrahamism thread, idk 10 to fifteen separate times now, so to avoid cluttering the catalogue with worthless threads about muh Jesus, muh Christ Fascism, blah blah blah, I decided that any Questions about christniggery will go there. 
You want questions about christcuckery answered you will ask them there, or you will not ask them at all.
Have I made myself clear?
New /fascist/ and the BO keeps Christians in their place? Nice.

If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to delete those circumcision psyop threads you see a lot on 4/pol/. Discussing the topic is important of course but constantly throwing pictures of it in people's faces is almost as bad as porn spam imo.

Thoughts on advertising this place on frenschan? They seem like mostly former redditors so I could understand wanting to keep this place low-key.
Replies: >>1525
Thank you and fortunately nobody has created one yet. 
As for frenschan, no, I haven't considered advertising there if any of /fascist/'s former users that aren't already here, are smart they'll find their way here
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<It is easier than ever before to make propaganda.

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If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT.
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Controlled op in the sense that he's a gatekeeper? I mean look at his MDE crew:
Has a nigger working in his office. He also listens to rap music for fuck's sake.
Not sure on him yet, but I think he seems like he wouldn't mind having a nigger friend.
Has a sandnigger wife. 

I hate it when retards say that Sam's crew are "redpilled" when they're actually civnat cucks. It's a shame really, I liked their content.
Replies: >>1514
No eceleb is truly a revolutionary by nature I don't think, but they do make a mockery of ZOG. How useful that is by itself is a matter of debate. I don't hate the buzz around them myself because I never expect edgy comedians on the internet to have any actually constructive role for an NS future. The most they're good for is deconstructing the system's propaganda by making people laugh at it.
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I'd appreciate the opinion on this from anons who know more about American politics than me.
I'd always assumed Sam Hyde was himself Jewish. In any case I doubt he's /ourguy/. He only cares about free speech so that he can troll people by hiding swastikas in his sets or whatever.

Idk if there's anything wrong with watching him though. Some of his advice has been helpful to me, if a bit capitalist for my tastes. I don't like his surreal / deconstructionist comedy, though. Too Jewish.
No. This guy is an imbecile, and quite infamous for being on par with conservatives when it comes to spewing nonsense as historical facts. Almost all of his arguments against the NSDAP are biased for Judeo-Anglo economic values as an explanation of all failures within Hitler's Germany for not enslaving themselves with "free-trade". Then he bitches about how the Germans are bad, because six gorillion hooked nose cookies were baked by the evil nazee bakers.

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Post good works that you've read and ask for recommendations ITT. 

UPDATED 1/21/21


National Socialism:
>Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler)
The most reliable translations are the Stalag edition and the Thomas Dalton translation.
>Hitler's Second Book / Zweites Buch (Adolf Hitler)
>The Program of the NSDAP (Gottfried Feder)
>The Manifesto for the Breaking of Interest Slavery (Gottfried Feder)
>Hitler's Table Talk
>The Fair Race's Darkest Hour
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Antelope Hill published a physical copy of this.
I doubt it was ever translated into English or any other language. I think this board should start learning German, there are obviously many critical texts in the language that are laying dormant because the only ones interested in reading them and translating them come from communities like this.
Replies: >>1307
I can't speak for the quality of translation as this doesn't appear to have been officially published anywhere, but I found this among my files. On anonfiles because I kept getting errors:
Does anyone have a working link/backup for the "Zündel's Bunker" archive? I've lost my own when the USB stick I had it stored on rendered the vast majority of the files corrupted.
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Christianity's Criminal History by Karlheinz Deschner

More formats: https://archive.org/details/cchkd
What are some good books on the Weimar Republic?

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You know the drill, Blackshirts, but for those who don't, post your unpopular opinions here and they will be mocked and corrected in equal measure, for our entertainment.
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I agree, but this doesn't mean that  Lebensraum did not exist or wouldn't be practiced in urgency to resolve the overpopulation issue within Germany.
Replies: >>1519
>The hell is this anon?
Their goals were the parts of Poland they lost during WW1. That was all they needed.
Replies: >>1526
Except they aren't enough to solve the problems of overpopulation within Germany. All of Germany's settlements were going to have high fertility rates while under National Socialist occupation, and yes that includes Germans and German cities and towns outside of Magna Germania. Even Mussolini had done so, which is what he did with Libya and Ethiopia, because it was a necessity. Poland and various regions within Eastern Europe are going to be necessary for colonization.

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Is the Biotech/Industrial complex getting under your skin anon? 
Are you tired of dying suddenly of diedsuddenly?
Well get in here for some sympathy and misinformation jabbo, our dedicated control group of horse paste chugging antivaxx plague rats is waiting for your tales of woe.
We're all in the experiment now, we're all clutching our chest in anticipation,  everyone has VAIDS-VAIDS-VAIDS-VAIDS-VAIDS!
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>self sustaining coronavirus pandemics are mythology
Well yeah, eventually the virus mutates itself into a less harmful version so that it propagates better. To be used as a bioweapon, the best you could do is strike a good balance between deadliness and period of contagion and then hope it has good effect before having to redeploy a new one. "Self-Propagating" is indeed a meme.

Is anyone following the ((( news ))) articles about vaxxed food? I've even seem some speculating that it's all a nanobot delivery system. My gut tells me that the chances of anything like that surviving the transport, cooking, AND digestion processes are slim to none, but I have no scientific basis to back that up. What do you think - Schizo-tier bullshit, scare-tactic psyop, or blackpilling truth?
Replies: >>1515 >>1520
>"Self-Propagating" is indeed a meme.
Meant to say "Self-Sustaining". Obviously viruses self-propagate.
> What do you think - Schizo-tier bullshit, scare-tactic psyop, or blackpilling truth?

It's scare tactic.
Such rumors - including the spike protein "shedding" bullshit - began to circulate after the vax rollout and especially when people stopped boosting pretty much anywhere.
It's a demoralization strategy so that purebloods who resisted the psyop might get scared that they will be pozzed no matter how much they resist.
Of course it's bullshit: spreading a really deadly virus or putting poison in global food and water supply will never be done because it's too dangerous for the ((( people ))) performing the genocide, because the deadly virus or the poisoned water could reach them too.
The global vaccine rollout was the right measure to carpet strike the targeted population with the poison and keep out of danger some portions of population by giving them saline batches (pzifer and moderna employees and some public officials received completely different batches that were not offered to the general population).
Eugen Dühring, one of the grandfathers of National Socialism, in 1881:

"In such a point in which it is a matter of business and of a practice summoned and compelled for the same, the Jew finds the introduction of the lack of freedom in finest order and most highly liberal. As a result, he legislates in this sense...It has a similar connection to the compulsory inoculation. The medical profession is perhaps, among all branches of learned occupation, next to literature, taken up most strongly by Jews. The artificial acquisition of an amount of demand for medical services is a point of view whose activity has become increasingly more uninhibited. Considered in a social economic way, thus disregarding the faith in inoculation itself, the compulsory inoculation is always a means by which an involuntary custom is brought to the medical profession. Such a thing is more than a monopoly; it is a right of summons and coercion and less innocent than the medieval, which extended only to something like brewing and grinding, but not into our blood. It has been the Jews, however, even here, who have approved, through the entire press and through their people and comrades in the Parliament, the right of compulsion as self-evident, have forced the stamp of mere commercialism everywhere on the effort of the doctors, and made the taxation of society through the forcing of medical service a principle."

full text: 
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In anticipation of the old site being taken down, I have made screenshots of my most important posts for future discussion. To understand the references, you would need rudimentary understanding of classic philosophy, history, mathematics, physics, metaphysics and some mystery schools like Hermeticism and Pythagoreanism (whose ideas, such as monism, I am making a case against), as well as eastern and Vedic mysticism. While the subject deals with the nature of reality itself, basic knowledge of the aforementioned subjects should suffice for intuitive grasp. The reason why I would prefer for this thread to be separate from the religion thread is to avoid all the fallacies and appeal to nonexistent (or construed from very questionable sources) authority typically involved with "faith", especially taking into the account the fact that that historical sources have been routinely destroyed or altered, and bearers of certain knowledge (by blood or tradition) routinely persecuted and genocided (often by those who cry out in pain as they stab you, which ties into the real reason for the white genocide).

While these subjects inevitably involve religious themes and concepts (after all, true religion and true science are merely two different perspectives of the same knowledge, as our ancestors knew, not something opposed), the focus should be on reason and debate about ideas themselves. Which is far more nuanced than it seems, as, for example, the use of the term "rational" as a synon
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Your lack of understanding is most unfortunate...

I have no intention of derailing this thread by repeatedly addressing your desperately drawn strawmen conjured by butchering my sentences completely out of context and outright ignoring most of the content (including the countless examples, sources and logical arguments provided), constant deflection from the central points, attempts to swap theses and many other logical fallacies, or accusing me of what you are trying to do yourself, without doing what you are requesting me to do (you writing how you did doesn't count). It would be beyond the scope of the subject and not very constructive I'm afraid, although a thread about identifying such methods and the questionable motives behind them would be beneficial to have on this board. The content speaks for itself.

But even in such capacity, you have fulfilled your purpose in the grand scheme of things for helping me further refine, elaborate and substantiate my ideas, and, if anything, for potentially serving as a living exhibit of some of my theories. I will continue expanding on some of the issues, for even if my ideas escape your ability of comprehension, your "god" understands them very well. And if you are so confident about it being "drivel", then it surely couldn't be so narrative-disrupting to be deemed a 'monologue'? :>)

Besides, I am absolutely certain that such a master logician could 
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What's your viewpoint of the Electric Universe theory and Implosion-based physics, as well the Computional/Mathematical Universe hypothesis?
Replies: >>1458
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>Electric Universe theory
I'm not too familiar with it but it seems interesting. Anything in particular you'd like to outline?
>Implosion-based physics
Very powerful, would require an alternate model of physics and be very difficult to engineer since it goes contrary to how this universe works. And it's not just about 'reaching' the negative/inverse plane where things travel faster than light and time goes in reverse (from the perspective of our time-space), it's about completely un-extending the wave-particle into the zero-point state. While not technically "free" energy since it would be generated by locally 'undoing' creation (albeit on a very small scale), it could potentially place you outside of the boundaries and restraints of its system, with everything that it implies, such as completely disappearing and re-appearing with no traceability or causal relations. Provided you manage to get it right and not get a singularity instead, because this existence is a singularity (One) coupled/entangled with the domain of Zero. Completely unextending it could yield you either of those, depending on the method. This kind of technology will remain 'science-fiction' for a very long time on this planet however, if not forever, if we don't count various "Vimanas" coming to visit and maybe some barely functional early prototypes whose development was prematurely terminated due to circumstances. Especially considering that any progress in this direction would be banned and sabotaged by the usual culprits and their less known handlers.
>Mathematical Universe hypothesis
I have previously elaborated on that, basically this universe is mathematical in nature (and computable for the most part as well), with the stochastic influences caused by external sources giving it variation, complexity, qualia and dynamic properties. These external sources are not computable, nor are necessarily wholly mathematical in nature or definable by it, but they do manifest mathematically in this world, and their internal sets contain all the mathematical registers and functions needed to synchronistically interact with those of this existence without fundamentally being a part of it.

This video nicely illustrates some of the concepts I was trying to explain here


Point in the middle (start of the line) - One (monad)
White line - how reality works in the mathematical/frequency domain (just in a much, much more complex way and with innumerably more computations/operations) or how monad extends in the time domain.
The yellow rectangle that it draws initially - What they call "the absolute" or "the supreme being", the totality of the set and the internal topological limit of the mind of One and anything generated by it. But this is not all there is.
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Replies: >>1464
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It's an alternative model based off Robert Otey and influenced by Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger as well Walter Russell in opposition to Einsteinian relativity, might as well call it Oteyian electricianism. The basic gist of it is that all life is operating as lines shaped as lighting bolts/vortexes which watching the video you sent funnily reminds me of. The One extending like a spinning ballerina around the rectangle.
Here is an entire article fully detailing it: https://archive.is/MiBds
Make of it what you will.
Appreciate all this. It makes alot of sense, especially the concept of the body bound to the physical world, the soul bound to the astral plane, and the spirit transcending both.

It's similar to that analogy of vidya that was made before, where NPCs in a game only exist within that game world, you control a character, but the essence behind that character, the player, exists beyond their reality, and continues to exist when the game is shut off. To draw this out more fully, the NPCs exist as code, and as characters in the fictional world, roughly analogous to physical/astral, but only human players exist beyond both. Likewise, NPCs/golems exist in the physical and even astral, but they can't go beyond the projection, since they're derived from it.

With that in mind, I can see how various myths/religions were corrupted by the One to conceal the original meanings, which pointed towards transcendence. As I've said before, I was always drawn to Buddhism, but I couldn't fully commit, because something seemed missing, somehow. Perhaps the original teaching was that the cycle of Samsara was the projection of the One, and Enlightenment was attaining one's higher, transcendant nature; as opposed to the "snuffing out" of Nirvana, which must be a distortion.

As for the sketches I drew, there's any number of symbols I could put in there -- I've tried an extra infinity and a swastika, but is there something you'd recommend? Bearing in mind that this is too complex to capture in a symbol, the fact remains is that symbols are powerful, and the agents of the One know this all too well. Thus, my attempt at symbolism, to point the right way.

>(for example, Phi is a sort of 'impostor')
I note that the golden ratio is irrational, but not transcendental. Yet, it's very aesthetically pleasing...

>the man of the spirit does not see the "creation" of the Demiurge (contrary to the animal-man who can see only that), but a faint echo of something that he has lost long ago, a different world that he truly belongs in, this echo being a mathematical reflection of transcendental properties, or the residue of the fallen Gods. But again, I am merely using mathematics to define interactions, since this quality into itself transcends it as well.
This reminds me of the concept of sehnsucht, a sort of longing for something beyond this life & reality, which I can relate to. I read a Christian interpretation that it represents a desire for Heaven, yet that seemed false to me, even moreso than Nirvana. I guess sehnsucht is a desire for the transcendent, beyond physical & astral.
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Welcome to /fbc/

As a wise man once said, in a roundabout way, books are tools. They exist to inspire the coming man and other revolutionaries, and to aid the process of iteration. We, therefore, would be fools not to take advantage of them. 

Fascist Book Club plans to meet on a weekly to biweekly basis to share well-written insights on books chosen by /fbc/ members. The book of the week will be chosen in the thread, and after an allotted time period, anons will return to discuss their reading. Posts related to the chosen book should be high quality, and anons are expected to keep discussion civil and productive. Lastly, and most importantly, have fun with it! While the topics being discussed can be serious, there is no reason why you can't enjoy it. So, let's get started.
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>Critias says Atlantis' quarry produced black, white, and red rock
Is this how the the NS swastika came to be?
Replies: >>1505
>If the demiurge exists outside of time, then he cannot then exist in the physical (non-meta-physical) realm. By this logic Plato conception of the Demiurge does not make sense.

I took Plato's Demiurge to be more of a concept than a being itself. More like the personification of Platonic virtue or wisdom. It is just a principle or idea that brings order to chaos. While Plato believes in the eternal nature of the universe, he doesn't seem to believe in a cyclical universe, at least not in these dialogues. He acknowledges some aspects of history repeating, like the floods, but he doesn't seem to believe in cycles. I don't think there's much to be gained trying to make his proposed theology fit with other more established and fleshed out theologies like Hinduism.

>Is this how the the NS swastika came to be?

Not directly, of course, but I think there's something that exists on an instinctual level that draws certain ethnic groups to these colors. The NSDAP's flag colors were based on the Imperial German flag, which was based on the old Prussian and Brandenburg flags. If you go back even further you'll notice other similarities like the Spartans wearing red cloaks with black and white crests or the Macedonians adorning their artworks with an ancient sun symbol. Ma
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Our next readings are:

Sparta and It's Law
>By Eduardo Velasco
The Constitution of the Lacedaemonians
>By Xenophon

Discussion starts on 2/15
Replies: >>1511
>Sparta and It's Law PDF
>Constitution of the Lacedaemonians PDF
Replies: >>1512
Files were giving me issues with posting

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Welcome to Silver City, white. I dont mean to know your business fren, but you been searching long? searching for here? Myself, I was lost for the longest time, trying to make it work in the city. Trying to make a big salary into a ticket to escape.  Finally the crowd of strangers pushed me out, I'd been there all my life up til then. 

You'll find a empty cottage at the edge of the forest. The former residents left for the siren song of cosmopolitan sophistication.  Bright lights of the big cities, more like poor dumb animals freezing in the headlights of oncoming cars. They generally learn to stop saying they're from here, being whites from peasant stock isnt valuable in a melting pot, although its more like a cauldron really. 

The community here is too poor to interest hook nosed parasites and muds are supposed to be scared of forests, but maybe its the geomantic hexagons alligning in this valley that makes it so good for volk. Work hard and build up Silver City and You'll find it a good place to do esoteric research and have a bath, maybe shit post a little. So stay a while and refit your field gear, You'll be heading out again on the search party soon. You can trust white survival city to be here when you need to return.
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Did you rate a mention?
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Got up before dawn and stripped those lemon trees. I could tell that they were going to go to waste by the disarray in the yards of the city rentals they were in. Its sad that they were once the pride and joy of the homeowner but now they are just sour, imperfect wog fruit. I'm sure the new residents would rather dig them up and put in a rice paddy. Fuck the city. Next harvest I got my eyes on are the batteries on those infernal rental scooter they got everywhere.
[Hide] (828.2KB, 672x680) Reverse
Went out to civic club at some farm that got converted into a rec facility. The farmer put in a function center, shooting range and obstacle course so (You) can imagine the place. I'm sitting at the tables with forty of us, staring into the kitchen at the most beautiful of women wondering how the fuck two fry baskets is supposed to cater for more than half a dozen. The whole place was pretty agricultural and the bar looked like a converted garage. Civic clubs are often out at properties and I haven't seen one that's been tidy and well maintained. It seems that the output from manufacturing bases from lands afar find their way to places like these where it sits and tries to magic itself out of decay and back into usefulness. Maybe the boomers feel at home there, I duno. It was cringe but the event was good. Still playing the waiting game. Have to stick to the schedule and not quit the Poz for another week and a half.
[Hide] (152.6KB, 841x1024) Reverse
Its time to GTFO of the Poz, I'm sick of the jeets and chinks, the bona-fide useless HR shits I'm waiting on and the generally unhealthy atmosphere. My phone battery bloated and my fam instantly gave me a faggot I-phone which kept talking at me in non-english all the way home, giving me flashbacks like I'm back on fukn cityrail. My old man is missing his photo albums that I was scanning and forgot to bring this time, so I'm making a list of gear to bring to make next field time less of a dead fukin loss. 

What I need is some spicy stickers to help morale, mine that is, not the shabbos goys who wrecked my home town two decades ago.
[Hide] (317.7KB, 1280x960) Reverse
GTFO'd the Poz even though I got in a traffic platoon with the dykes on bikes all the way up to the last economic sacrifice zone before Silver City. Feeling like too much coffee and it's almost too quiet here after listening to creativity sermons from the white mans bible on the DAP all day. That bit about Christianity being the ultimate jew psyop kinda makes ya think about being able to see the bars of the cage that surrounds the white race. 

Ungh this I-Phone is a ball and chain. Its four times heavier than my broken phone and wont work because Silver City only has 3G. How the fuck is the ZOG supposed to spy on me now?

[Hide] (12KB, 240x240) Reverse
How can we deprogram abrahamists? What should every abrahamic fascist know about their religion? What is the best way to get abrahamists out of our nations and communities? How can we explain that abrahamism is incompatable with a White National Socialist ethnostate?

Previous Threads:
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I may not be 100% correct, but I'll give my best knowledge of the subject.

>What was the relationship of National Socialism to Catholicism like
Besides the fact that the Catholics were against the NSDAP during the 1929-33 election, defended and aided jewish refugees and protested against anti-semitism? The leaders of the NSDAP generally had unfavorable views of Christianity generally and were aware that it was all Semitic. Goebbels ruthlessly persecuted and called upon imprisonment against zealous Catholic clergymen, Himmler and Heydrich wanted the SS to be the revival of pagan/Teutonic values to overcome Christian morality and principles, Bormann despised organized religion and also made attacks against various churches, Rosenberg was a staunch anti-christian and denounced it as Jewish, and Hitler had numerous attempts to destroy the influence and networks of the Protestants and Catholics alike using Hitler's Youth. Their relationship was clearly a rivaling war for Germany, although the NSDAP did tolerate those who were loyal.

>The Pope declared support for Italy, but what about Germany?
Pope XI and XII spent most of their time protesting the German government. They never given official support to Germans. What they only wanted was to protect Catholic/Vatican influence within Germany and never would support an ideology that they se
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>1460
[Hide] (221.1KB, 567x439) Reverse
[Hide] (83.9KB, 660x658) Reverse
But Leon Degrelle was a Catholic. There were Catholics in the Reich and even baptisms and communion on the battlefield.
Not to mention the Deutsche Christenheit, which represented Catholicism in the Reich.
Catholics supported Hitler for the most part, and Catholicism was pro-Germany until the end of the war, with the Vatican Second not ruled by real Catholics.
Hitler said he was in favor of religions, and that they could coexist, even if the NatSoc officially preached Nordic-religious traditionalisms.
Replies: >>1461 >>1467
>But Leon Degrelle was a Catholic. There were Catholics in the Reich and even baptisms and communion on the battlefield.
Degrelle recanted his Christianity and catholicism on his death, he died an Aryan in full, Hitler allowing him to be of use while he still labored under the delusions of christniggery does not mean the reich was allied with or friendly with the catholic church, and allowing men might and probably would soon die have some level of comfort by allowing the practice of their religion on the battlefield doesn't mean they were friendly with the church either, Hitler chose to focus more on the youth than on the adults of his people in removing the semitic mind-virus from our race, the correct choice 
>Not to mention the Deutsche Christenheit, which represented Catholicism in the Reich.
Allowing the church some representation in the reich, doesn't mean they were friendly either.
>Catholics supported Hitler for the most part, and Catholicism was pro-Germany until the end of the war, with the Vatican Second not ruled by real Catholics.
No catholics didn't, it was in fact protestants who elected The NSDAP, those who did only did so because Hitler was born into a catholic family and had been raised catholic even though he only ever attended for his mothers sake, made beyond clear by several rema
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Replies: >>1462
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[Hide] (84.8KB, 750x835) Reverse
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[Hide] (1.2MB, 1474x1308) Reverse
Can't you be a little polite and talk normally? I just have a question about this since Jesus was not Jewish and Catholicism does not prevent someone from supporting National Socialism.
There is nothing wrong with that, people can follow both religions, and the phenotype of Jesus and the non-Jews in the area were Aryan.
Noah in the bible puts a curse on a bandit people and turns them into black people, the bible always stresses how rotten Jews are, and Jesus was, according to Catholics, was the living landmark of the fight against these petty and disgusting people.
I honestly don't think it's a problem to be NS and Catholic, because National Socialism preaches traditionalism, and in the old days the Germanic people represented Catholicism well, so they can fit that ideological requirement.
I understand that some members of the SS and the Reich government had their own religions, but this can also be applied to Catholics, as they celebrated Catholic dates and practiced their religious needs among their own. Why hate each other, when we can both be allies under the same ideology? Sorry, but that doesn't make much sense.
You don't need this hatred, because Catholics would not interfere in their religions or their lifestyles.

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Christniggers are not welcome here and Jesus while not real is most certainly a jew.

Replies: >>1467
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1083x3473) Reverse
<Christianity could not content itself with building up its own altar; it was absolutely forced to undertake the destruction of the heathen altars. Only from this fanatical intolerance could its apodictic faith take form; this intolerance is, in fact, its absolute presupposition

<The objection may very well be raised that such phenomena in world history arise for the most part from specifically Jewish modes of thought, in fact, that this type of intolerance and fanaticism positively embodies the Jewish nature.

>There were Catholics in the Reich
There were many Germans of different religious backgrounds within the Reich. Protestant, catholic, and even ole pagans who still live within the corners of Germany.

>Not to mention the Deutsche Christenheit, which represented Catholicism in the Reich
Deutsche Christenheit were mostly protestants. The NS christian movement only existed to get German christians out of their usual churches and into Positive Christianity.

>Catholics supported Hitler for the most part
No they didn't. Did you not read what anon said before? The catholics were one of the biggest obstacles to the NSDAP, before and after they gained power. The conservatives/ monarchist even betrayed the National Socialists and Germany as a whole, because Hitler and co didn't want to worship a dead jew. There was even a catholic member who went on about how Yahweh told him to destroy the German state. Catholicism was never pro-German, ever in its entire life-span. It has only ever been for itself because it is cosmopolitan, not ethnic, nationalist or even life-affirming. 

>Vatican Second not ruled by real Catholics
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What would an American National Socialist movement look like in the current year?

National Socialism has always been a hard sell to white Americans for a number of reasons that I'm not going to get into here. That said, I think that movements such as the Silver Legion and American Nazi Party can still be learnt from for the future.
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Well, I am Brazilian, South American, and here we have an active National Socialist party, but because of the policies instituted by the USA after they killed President Getúlio Vargas at the end of WWII, it has difficulties to really get into politics and run in any official elections, so for now it is a popular party.
In the post-war era, the NS party of the time was dissolved by the new government, because before the war they were going to join the German military who would come here, because the plan was for Brazil to become a sister-land to Germany, so much so that they idolized Brazil, and saw here an opportunity to have a supporter in a beautiful land in the Americas.
The related pic is their flag today.
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Also, I have a folder with most of the NatSoc movements pre and post war, among them some in South America as well, in case anyone is interested.
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By the way, I really like the American National Socialist Party. Stay with this Christmas image of Rockwell. :3
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