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This thread is for Non-Abrahamic Aryan Religions/religious philosophy and more broadly Aryan Philosphy.
A book dump would probably be a good start so I eventually have something to talk about for this subject, as I only recently discovered for myself the bible is a load of bollocks.
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What exactly are you looking for?
And for norse stuff start with this the Bellows translation of the Eddas, it's a bit difficult to read but better than nearly every translation today or since, Still git some probable corruption from Snorri but it is a surviving source.
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That should work, thank you. I'm so new I've just been reading whatever books I have collected over a long time out of curiosity in my "paganism" folder(s). These are the only four I have in said folder, and the last two could be the same, haven't gotten to them yet.
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Your first file, I know nothing about.
The Second file isn't a bad book but isn't exactly "pagan", and it preaches a non-violent isolationist path, which will not work, but it's more pantheist, and anti-abrahamic for certain.
the third file is a shorter version of the Translation of the Poetic Edda I provided, the 4th, is the Prose Edda, the difference is explained in the translators notes in both texts from what I recall, but I may be wrong.
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These are related to Anti-Abrahamism and christianity and some of our religions in general, as well as our mythology, If nothing else read Devi, and for a thorough examining of the Christian Question I recommend this book: https://westsdarkesthour.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Fair-Race_-18-aug-22.pdf
I will post Julians Against the Galilaeans
As it turns out my copy is too large a file to upload gonna look for a smaller one tomorrow or leave it up to you to find.
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Want to upload it to workupload or something similar? That's what I use to share PDF's I have that are either too large to post regularly or in places that don't allow you to upload stuff.
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Nah, found a smaller one
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Thanks much, will add it to the reading list.
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< "Content with whatever gain comes to him, transcending the dualities (of pleasure and pain), free from jealousy, and steady-minded in success and failure, even though engaging in action, he is not bound."

Thus Krishna said. Many, upon first reading this quote, may take issue with it. Much of the doctrine of later Buddhism, after all, is a result of racial and caste mixing, especially the doctrine of self-obliteration, but this quote actually represents a common thread found within all Aryan religions and cultures. The concept I speak of is that of detached violence. 

The Vedics
The Vedics, being, for a time, of a functional Aryan society, understood the concept of detached violence. They expressed it, as evidenced in the Bhagavad Gita, through the following of one's dharma and the submission of oneself to Brahman.  For the fully developed Aryan man, action in the physical world means nothing. He has made himself an agent of Fate, and recognizes the supreme power of the mind over the material plain. In this way, the Vedic makes himself capable of detached violence. 

The Germanics
The German, being of a younger nation, expresses detached violence through different means. He trains his children to laugh in the face of death through sport, engaging in all sorts of deadly sports like jousting and dueling. One sees this reflected in Sagas like that of Gunnlaug Wormtongue, where competitions centered around poetry and dueling eventually wager the participant's life. The honorable challenge teaches the German to value things like life and freedom, but to laugh in the faces of challenges to them. Through this, he is liberated and able to follow the doctrine of detached violence.
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I'm surprised these weren't posted earlier. Books on Nordic and Celtic culture and Religion. No Slavic list was made unfortunately.
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>Still git some probable corruption from Snorri but it is a surviving source.
Are we sure of that? Where is the corruption?
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>The Second file isn't a bad book but isn't exactly "pagan", and it preaches a non-violent isolationist path, which will not work,
Not sure of that. What he lays down is a long term plan, but during his own time the USA were already severely full of petulant negroes (see Rockwell's White Power). His solution obviously implied retaking control of our own lands by making them White, and only then stopping fathering the other races.
The real issue with Klassen is his atheism, which he defended himself against but is plain to see for anyone who reads his books.
It is beyond certain, he wasn't interviewing and writing down our stories as they were known to the original practitioners of our religion, he was certainly a christian, is it mostly good yes but there are many elements that were obviously changed for snyncretic purposes to make it easier to convert the icelanders to christniggery.
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