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Prep work is done.

We're Back, Baby!(under new management)

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Welcome to Silver City, white. I dont mean to know your business fren, but you been searching long? searching for here? Myself, I was lost for the longest time, trying to make it work in the city. Trying to make a big salary into a ticket to escape.  Finally the crowd of strangers pushed me out, I'd been there all my life up til then. 

You'll find a empty cottage at the edge of the forest. The former residents left for the siren song of cosmopolitan sophistication.  Bright lights of the big cities, more like poor dumb animals freezing in the headlights of oncoming cars. They generally learn to stop saying they're from here, being whites from peasant stock isnt valuable in a melting pot, although its more like a cauldron really. 

The community here is too poor to interest hook nosed parasites and muds are supposed to be scared of forests, but maybe its the geomantic hexagons alligning in this valley that makes it so good for volk. Work hard and build up Silver City and You'll find it a good place to do esoteric research and have a bath, maybe shit post a little. So stay a while and refit your field gear, You'll be heading out again on the search party soon. You can trust white survival city to be here when you need to return.
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>Jaz Searby
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>Shire Trax
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Had a bit of rain about, Went down the creek to have a gander. Legs got wet even though I had the waterproofs on and neoprene sleeves on my knees. Gore tex is a bad practical joke out here, its only for city fags from the world of fluffy white towels and hot water. Ordered some noo gear from Guy Cotten and I'll see how that goes.
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Been reading up on Concocted Black history.


It might be the only Red Pill my olddad will take.

>tfw You will never blast a cannonade of grapeshot at a mob of unruly and riotous marauding blacks with your jolly trooper bros.
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I took the back road home with a load of timber and I stopped to cook me dinner at the reserve half way home and leave a message for the others. Up pulls a rental with a Boomer old dad, city modern guy my age and his little girl. They were German Aryan and I'm talking to them to get their story.
>on tour looking at property prices in the tourist trap towns
>old boy don' speak no english, don't have the glow of joy you'd expect being on holidays with his son and granddaughter.
>dude has bullshit job working online as a consultant 'connecting people with people'. 
>kid was non-white, part of the global majority mixed mud races.

Got bad feels from the encounter: White genocide and demoralization. How the fuck you gonna have a future if your fathers didn't teach you  about your heritage. Meeting guys from the old country tends to be severely disappointing IMHO.
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Fugg Tec Screw.  I changed it over with the spare in a barn in Dairyville where I stopped to check the noise. The farmer and his son told me i can fix it myself using "dog turds" but the Falcon is not agricultural equipment so off it goes to the tyre craftsmen up in Port Shorecliff. It would be timely to examine the forward brake calipers, notorious for their binding guide pins. I have heard you can buy new ones but refurbished OEM Australian made is better than new chinkshit every fukin time.
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Went up the bush to clear trail, basically for safety.  Its pretty technical to move up there, one wrong move an you'll avulse your knee or herniate your back and get immobilized in the deep bush with high consequence. There's no mobile phone signal and you cant see the sky to get a GPS signal let alone UHF radio comms.The dude up the road wants to come with when I go up, said he wants to scatter his mums ashes up there, but i suspect he hasnt gone where I go since his youth. Really enjoying the borrowed chainsaw. Gonna think about investing in an arborist chainsaw when I give this one back.
is this a GLR reference
Replies: >>771
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This is a practiced and eloquent speech about how the ZOG took over Aus soverign wealth plunged us into slavery and now owns all our resources and manufacturing. Its blue pilled + normie friendly that hits the right notes to soothe the reeee as there is some shit in it about how the Diggers on the Burma railway were advised to 'love your enemies because you cant carry your hate around forever' in the best form of the suicidal christian agenda that goes againsat the basic laws of nature. Would the sheep benefit from loving the wolf? Should we forgive the bandit jews and parasite globalists?

Powerful but pulls its punches, was recommended to me by Thomas Sewell.
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Its a long weekend again, recreation day or some such shit. That means I had to drive home with the caravan of methed-up trash-chucking bogan city faggots in their  enthusias-tier off-road utes. I'm not going on the road for the entirety of next week.

The old lady in the cottage at the edge of the forest is well and seemingly over the side effects from the Vaxx™ that ruined her life over winter. The family at the top of the mountain road are helping her with her garden and getting some use from her car which she cant drive anymore. I've just organized the data I jacked from the factory and will start writing code tomorrow, now I'm going to fuel up the chainsaw and go up the bush to find a hidden gully I can use as a base.
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Man, Ad Astra is  peak race mixing proppo, its practically white genocide tier. Brad Pitt is peak peasant stock Aryan American and Tommy Lee Jones is basically his kin playing the absent dad to a childless man. The moffie is meme worthy A.F. up until the journey takes Pitt to space station on mars just like GATTACA part 2 but with the femoid being played by  - get this;
> a mixed race negress, 
>the space station HR bitch
>opressed by the white controlled military patriarchy
>Peak high yella  cream in coffee and beautiful to look at
>born on mars

So the sezual tension narrative here is that mixed race females are special and oppressed.

I stopped watching after this so I don't care to find out how it ends. Because I know how miscegenation ends,
.>no heritage in either racial camps.. 
> hapla mixed race dysgenic health problems,
> good luck getting donor tissue
>psych problems from not belonging to society that looks like them. 

to hell with the jews who ruined an otherwise good moofie 
nothing beats product placement, schlomo.
are you sure this will help us sell more burgers? 
Tasty, instead looked goofy and  out of place,
because  mixed race never dreams of space.
Replies: >>795 >>803


What is this? cringe core?
Was a short glitch its got the best action scenes, I'd give it a provisional 4 out of 5

The blackbirds are cheerful in the warming morning, Its still quiet in the nieghbourhood and the 2-stroke engines will be deployed this afternoon in the relentless battle to keep the springtime surge from engulfing entire homes. I have a day of code to write and tomorrow I'll take the chainsaw up the bush again. Urgently needing some power tools after my chinkshit strimmer burned out, who would have though it doesnt have a 100% duty cycle.
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>Saxon + Will 2 Rise
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Had a productive day on the code, sunshine was harken to the long hot days of scant clouds soon to come. The cunt ndian coder who had the data before me fucked up and i'll enjoy cramming his mistake down his throat but it'll have to wait because I'm taking the day off tomorrow to clear more trail. It should be nice an cool and shady up there and I hope to be in the treeline just after brekky but before  the dew evaporates.

Good Night, White
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Went down the shops for pixxa toppings for tomorrow. Heaps of work going into the lawns and gardens of houses I passed and my arm a workout from all the romans I'm throwing. Some out-of-town boomers in a sensible camper-van asked me where the old lady in the cottage at the edge of the tree line lived and I told them to turn left at the pink Rhodedendroms. The store was half full of tourists but the Silver City citizens recognise me. I saw a ham beast in Hi-Viz buying choccy milk and winnie blues and had to wait for a convoy of logging and digging plant to pass before I could cross the main road, Just to remind me of where I am. 

--Silver City Sub=Rosa--
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Spent the bulk of my productive hours putting four family and six personal pixxas in the freexer for friday nights. I promised the family up the road a pixxa night and once the kids have gone off to play games and the wife is doing the dishes I'll talk to the guy about setting up a clandestine workshop for survival gear of my design. I have been assured that the kids aren't fussy and dont have allergies which is kinda surprising coming from the fukn city where the kids get gluten-free sushi in thier school lunches, I know this for a fact.
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Got the 3AM insomnia, thinking about this childhood crush. A goth girl way too sophisticated to even talk to the likes of me. She always had the latest shit, top fashion and got a decent car right out of high school. She obviously got a good start, I couldn't even get a job delivering catalogues. Now its obvious she was a whore, I imagine she's wealthy as from a career of flat backing and gold digging. I'm not being cynical, just noticing that I dont know more than a couple of high school mates who are still raising their kids in a family. Mostly its a continuum from part time dad to paying for a kid they've never seen. No sympathy for the guys my age who abandoned their mistakes, similar for the women who got pregnant in a clinic. 

I look at these guys, really the best of men, cast aside. What chance did I have?
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Rental agent came through with the new guy, Brodie if I recall. Even though its no problem to maintain and I get bits of information in the conversation that I can use to formulate strategy, its intrusive having outsiders looking at my program and I can't have a swassie or black sun up, let alone paint runes on the walls like I want to. 

Always the quandary between having a program and being comfortable. If I go into usury and "own" my home then I cant put all my resources into my destiny, into the race war. So for now I gamble on my security and fill sandbags for some faceless rent seeking cunts.

Probably wont matter when the race war gets hot anyway. Probably haveta go underground then.
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Being creative at the cost of having a steady nine to five is super uncommon in my experience, being a nat-soc leader at the cost of far more than earning potential and wealth is practically unheard of. In contrast, the jews in these roles seem to be doing fine. 

I cant think of any poor jewish writers or artists, sometimes I wonder about the scant jews I met in the community. I suspect that small jews are cattle to big jews, like it is with all races, to a degree, more or less. 

>The Jew is uncreative. He produces nothing, he only trades in products. With rags, clothing, pictures, gems, grain, stocks, mining shares, peoples, and states. And everything that he deals in was stolen somewhere and somehow.
J. Goebbels

Got to thinking that I am fast achieving sustainable pure creative capacity, with my current project at the factory. I have an existential need for an apprentice.
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Went up the mountain to stash my HDD, just before dusk and with a weather front imminent. Entering the tree line at these auspicious times brings a certain foreboding sensation and one's mind turns to the spirit and folklore paradigm. Mostly my imagination and the half remembered bullshit tales from the boongs I met along the way, know nothings really, desperate to have some relevance to this ancient land. Maybe there is a different tone to the Gondwanaland forest than to the plantations of euro pines but at the end of the day its superstition, which is the wedge that opens up the way for Christianity. 

Met two little girls playing at the edge of the forest on the way home. I didn't engage them and left them to their child's world of make believe. Should have wished one a Happy Birthday but she didn't appear to need my wish. She gets a mint condition deck of recipe cards from the before times for Chrissie tho,
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>The Hanging Tree
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Sheltering in the POZ for a bit while I sort out this communist plotting to take control of my project I may have snap quit.  Its good to be back TBH, I can fix Oldad's roof and mummybots taps as well as snipe components off Gumtree. I got a PC for the white kids up the road back in Silver City, picked it up from Rag Town, a island of Aussie poors up in the hills a satellite suburb west of POZ ground zero. The sperg and I got to talking.
>Lives with mum + missus + cats + dogs + PC clutter.
>Asian Jews reselling his PC builds for twice.
>Asians buying into the community
>Asian drivers
Dude was just a PC head who liked fixing cars, we got along and he chucked in a dog-chewed PS4 controller for nothing on top of a 16GB i7 with a Graphics and WiFi card + a 27" Monitor for $150.  He wasn't based but instinctively hated muds so I gave him a roman salute on the way off. He didnt get it, I didnt think he would but one day he will see it again and maybe install fash.exe
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Had a nice afternoon fixing oldad's roof with a trowel and a bucket of grout. Finished up after tea. Mummybot bought me some trousers so I wouldn't wreck my Afrika Korps style uniform pants.

The factory that owns the infrastructure for my project has thrown a consultant boss into my struggle against the fat communist. Fukn tiresome.  If I have to talk to the H.R. retard I'll point out that the value of workers who cant simply be replaced by mass immigration is experiencing hyper-inflation, and that at my level I am, in actual, an investor. The game is still worth playing at this juncture because I could win a clean sweep and essentially siexe control of the asset and pave the way for NatSoc apprentices. I already talked to one mate from code school who dropped out and now works in the second hand goods industry, told him he was wasting his talent and could have it all if he joins my program but I'm not sure he's got the guts to escape his woke hipster wasteland.  There are some N.S. boys in Riverton I want to talk to next, no harm making plans, I wont lose either way,  I worked hard and now I'm free.
would OP like to check his messages somewhere? this is serious
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