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Sieg Heil!

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Welcome to Silver City, white. I dont mean to know your business fren, but you been searching long? searching for here? Myself, I was lost for the longest time, trying to make it work in the city. Trying to make a big salary into a ticket to escape.  Finally the crowd of strangers pushed me out, I'd been there all my life up til then. 

You'll find a empty cottage at the edge of the forest. The former residents left for the siren song of cosmopolitan sophistication.  Bright lights of the big cities, more like poor dumb animals freezing in the headlights of oncoming cars. They generally learn to stop saying they're from here, being whites from peasant stock isnt valuable in a melting pot, although its more like a cauldron really. 

The community here is too poor to interest hook nosed parasites and muds are supposed to be scared of forests, but maybe its the geomantic hexagons alligning in this valley that makes it so good for volk. Work hard and build up Silver City and You'll find it a good place to do esoteric research and have a bath, maybe shit post a little. So stay a while and refit your field gear, You'll be heading out again on the search party soon. You can trust white survival city to be here when you need to return.
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>Jaz Searby
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>Shire Trax
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Had a bit of rain about, Went down the creek to have a gander. Legs got wet even though I had the waterproofs on and neoprene sleeves on my knees. Gore tex is a bad practical joke out here, its only for city fags from the world of fluffy white towels and hot water. Ordered some noo gear from Guy Cotten and I'll see how that goes.
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Been reading up on Concocted Black history.


It might be the only Red Pill my olddad will take.

>tfw You will never blast a cannonade of grapeshot at a mob of unruly and riotous marauding blacks with your jolly trooper bros.
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I took the back road home with a load of timber and I stopped to cook me dinner at the reserve half way home and leave a message for the others. Up pulls a rental with a Boomer old dad, city modern guy my age and his little girl. They were German Aryan and I'm talking to them to get their story.
>on tour looking at property prices in the tourist trap towns
>old boy don' speak no english, don't have the glow of joy you'd expect being on holidays with his son and granddaughter.
>dude has bullshit job working online as a consultant 'connecting people with people'. 
>kid was non-white, part of the global majority mixed mud races.

Got bad feels from the encounter: White genocide and demoralization. How the fuck you gonna have a future if your fathers didn't teach you  about your heritage. Meeting guys from the old country tends to be severely disappointing IMHO.
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Fugg Tec Screw.  I changed it over with the spare in a barn in Dairyville where I stopped to check the noise. The farmer and his son told me i can fix it myself using "dog turds" but the Falcon is not agricultural equipment so off it goes to the tyre craftsmen up in Port Shorecliff. It would be timely to examine the forward brake calipers, notorious for their binding guide pins. I have heard you can buy new ones but refurbished OEM Australian made is better than new chinkshit every fukin time.
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Went up the bush to clear trail, basically for safety.  Its pretty technical to move up there, one wrong move an you'll avulse your knee or herniate your back and get immobilized in the deep bush with high consequence. There's no mobile phone signal and you cant see the sky to get a GPS signal let alone UHF radio comms.The dude up the road wants to come with when I go up, said he wants to scatter his mums ashes up there, but i suspect he hasnt gone where I go since his youth. Really enjoying the borrowed chainsaw. Gonna think about investing in an arborist chainsaw when I give this one back.
is this a GLR reference
Replies: >>771
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This is a practiced and eloquent speech about how the ZOG took over Aus soverign wealth plunged us into slavery and now owns all our resources and manufacturing. Its blue pilled + normie friendly that hits the right notes to soothe the reeee as there is some shit in it about how the Diggers on the Burma railway were advised to 'love your enemies because you cant carry your hate around forever' in the best form of the suicidal christian agenda that goes againsat the basic laws of nature. Would the sheep benefit from loving the wolf? Should we forgive the bandit jews and parasite globalists?

Powerful but pulls its punches, was recommended to me by Thomas Sewell.
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Its a long weekend again, recreation day or some such shit. That means I had to drive home with the caravan of methed-up trash-chucking bogan city faggots in their  enthusias-tier off-road utes. I'm not going on the road for the entirety of next week.

The old lady in the cottage at the edge of the forest is well and seemingly over the side effects from the Vaxx™ that ruined her life over winter. The family at the top of the mountain road are helping her with her garden and getting some use from her car which she cant drive anymore. I've just organized the data I jacked from the factory and will start writing code tomorrow, now I'm going to fuel up the chainsaw and go up the bush to find a hidden gully I can use as a base.
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Man, Ad Astra is  peak race mixing proppo, its practically white genocide tier. Brad Pitt is peak peasant stock Aryan American and Tommy Lee Jones is basically his kin playing the absent dad to a childless man. The moffie is meme worthy A.F. up until the journey takes Pitt to space station on mars just like GATTACA part 2 but with the femoid being played by  - get this;
> a mixed race negress, 
>the space station HR bitch
>opressed by the white controlled military patriarchy
>Peak high yella  cream in coffee and beautiful to look at
>born on mars

So the sezual tension narrative here is that mixed race females are special and oppressed.

I stopped watching after this so I don't care to find out how it ends. Because I know how miscegenation ends,
.>no heritage in either racial camps.. 
> hapla mixed race dysgenic health problems,
> good luck getting donor tissue
>psych problems from not belonging to society that looks like them. 

to hell with the jews who ruined an otherwise good moofie 
nothing beats product placement, schlomo.
are you sure this will help us sell more burgers? 
Tasty, instead looked goofy and  out of place,
because  mixed race never dreams of space.
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What is this? cringe core?
Was a short glitch its got the best action scenes, I'd give it a provisional 4 out of 5

The blackbirds are cheerful in the warming morning, Its still quiet in the nieghbourhood and the 2-stroke engines will be deployed this afternoon in the relentless battle to keep the springtime surge from engulfing entire homes. I have a day of code to write and tomorrow I'll take the chainsaw up the bush again. Urgently needing some power tools after my chinkshit strimmer burned out, who would have though it doesnt have a 100% duty cycle.
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>Saxon + Will 2 Rise
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Had a productive day on the code, sunshine was harken to the long hot days of scant clouds soon to come. The cunt ndian coder who had the data before me fucked up and i'll enjoy cramming his mistake down his throat but it'll have to wait because I'm taking the day off tomorrow to clear more trail. It should be nice an cool and shady up there and I hope to be in the treeline just after brekky but before  the dew evaporates.

Good Night, White
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Went down the shops for pixxa toppings for tomorrow. Heaps of work going into the lawns and gardens of houses I passed and my arm a workout from all the romans I'm throwing. Some out-of-town boomers in a sensible camper-van asked me where the old lady in the cottage at the edge of the tree line lived and I told them to turn left at the pink Rhodedendroms. The store was half full of tourists but the Silver City citizens recognise me. I saw a ham beast in Hi-Viz buying choccy milk and winnie blues and had to wait for a convoy of logging and digging plant to pass before I could cross the main road, Just to remind me of where I am. 

--Silver City Sub=Rosa--
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Spent the bulk of my productive hours putting four family and six personal pixxas in the freexer for friday nights. I promised the family up the road a pixxa night and once the kids have gone off to play games and the wife is doing the dishes I'll talk to the guy about setting up a clandestine workshop for survival gear of my design. I have been assured that the kids aren't fussy and dont have allergies which is kinda surprising coming from the fukn city where the kids get gluten-free sushi in thier school lunches, I know this for a fact.
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Got the 3AM insomnia, thinking about this childhood crush. A goth girl way too sophisticated to even talk to the likes of me. She always had the latest shit, top fashion and got a decent car right out of high school. She obviously got a good start, I couldn't even get a job delivering catalogues. Now its obvious she was a whore, I imagine she's wealthy as from a career of flat backing and gold digging. I'm not being cynical, just noticing that I dont know more than a couple of high school mates who are still raising their kids in a family. Mostly its a continuum from part time dad to paying for a kid they've never seen. No sympathy for the guys my age who abandoned their mistakes, similar for the women who got pregnant in a clinic. 

I look at these guys, really the best of men, cast aside. What chance did I have?
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Rental agent came through with the new guy, Brodie if I recall. Even though its no problem to maintain and I get bits of information in the conversation that I can use to formulate strategy, its intrusive having outsiders looking at my program and I can't have a swassie or black sun up, let alone paint runes on the walls like I want to. 

Always the quandary between having a program and being comfortable. If I go into usury and "own" my home then I cant put all my resources into my destiny, into the race war. So for now I gamble on my security and fill sandbags for some faceless rent seeking cunts.

Probably wont matter when the race war gets hot anyway. Probably haveta go underground then.
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Being creative at the cost of having a steady nine to five is super uncommon in my experience, being a nat-soc leader at the cost of far more than earning potential and wealth is practically unheard of. In contrast, the jews in these roles seem to be doing fine. 

I cant think of any poor jewish writers or artists, sometimes I wonder about the scant jews I met in the community. I suspect that small jews are cattle to big jews, like it is with all races, to a degree, more or less. 

>The Jew is uncreative. He produces nothing, he only trades in products. With rags, clothing, pictures, gems, grain, stocks, mining shares, peoples, and states. And everything that he deals in was stolen somewhere and somehow.
J. Goebbels

Got to thinking that I am fast achieving sustainable pure creative capacity, with my current project at the factory. I have an existential need for an apprentice.
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Went up the mountain to stash my HDD, just before dusk and with a weather front imminent. Entering the tree line at these auspicious times brings a certain foreboding sensation and one's mind turns to the spirit and folklore paradigm. Mostly my imagination and the half remembered bullshit tales from the boongs I met along the way, know nothings really, desperate to have some relevance to this ancient land. Maybe there is a different tone to the Gondwanaland forest than to the plantations of euro pines but at the end of the day its superstition, which is the wedge that opens up the way for Christianity. 

Met two little girls playing at the edge of the forest on the way home. I didn't engage them and left them to their child's world of make believe. Should have wished one a Happy Birthday but she didn't appear to need my wish. She gets a mint condition deck of recipe cards from the before times for Chrissie tho,
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>The Hanging Tree
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Sheltering in the POZ for a bit while I sort out this communist plotting to take control of my project I may have snap quit.  Its good to be back TBH, I can fix Oldad's roof and mummybots taps as well as snipe components off Gumtree. I got a PC for the white kids up the road back in Silver City, picked it up from Rag Town, a island of Aussie poors up in the hills a satellite suburb west of POZ ground zero. The sperg and I got to talking.
>Lives with mum + missus + cats + dogs + PC clutter.
>Asian Jews reselling his PC builds for twice.
>Asians buying into the community
>Asian drivers
Dude was just a PC head who liked fixing cars, we got along and he chucked in a dog-chewed PS4 controller for nothing on top of a 16GB i7 with a Graphics and WiFi card + a 27" Monitor for $150.  He wasn't based but instinctively hated muds so I gave him a roman salute on the way off. He didnt get it, I didnt think he would but one day he will see it again and maybe install fash.exe
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Had a nice afternoon fixing oldad's roof with a trowel and a bucket of grout. Finished up after tea. Mummybot bought me some trousers so I wouldn't wreck my Afrika Korps style uniform pants.

The factory that owns the infrastructure for my project has thrown a consultant boss into my struggle against the fat communist. Fukn tiresome.  If I have to talk to the H.R. retard I'll point out that the value of workers who cant simply be replaced by mass immigration is experiencing hyper-inflation, and that at my level I am, in actual, an investor. The game is still worth playing at this juncture because I could win a clean sweep and essentially siexe control of the asset and pave the way for NatSoc apprentices. I already talked to one mate from code school who dropped out and now works in the second hand goods industry, told him he was wasting his talent and could have it all if he joins my program but I'm not sure he's got the guts to escape his woke hipster wasteland.  There are some N.S. boys in Riverton I want to talk to next, no harm making plans, I wont lose either way,  I worked hard and now I'm free.
would OP like to check his messages somewhere? this is serious
Replies: >>1084
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Sorry I was jacking some data on my Personal Computer. 

Been getting into 'Goebbels - Mastermind of the Third Reich' by David Irving.  I didnt realize the SA had such a high mortality in the years before they came to power. The communists were a far cry from the antifa faggots today. I think a lot of them were recruited into the NSDAP eventually.
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Got home to no internet so I had a bit of time to read up on Goebbels until I fixed the data pipe and hacked the router.  Duno how to parse Irving's take on the Reich through Goebbels' diary tho, is he our guy or what? 

For Example:  On pp 575 it details that the "Fake" Protocols of the elders of zion was used in propaganda in France. Maybe its commonly thought that they were a forgery and who knows at the end of the day. But if it was concocted then it was based on something, and maybe the forgery becomes the original or vise versa. Or maybe its one of those satanic exculpatory things that the jews use to telegraph their intentions to absolve themselves of the evil they wreak, 

You never know with jews or historians.
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After all I did for his company, A year of pro-bono work,  proving up production on his idle and depreciating  asset, the BOssman is playing dirty over my moves to decapitate the communist saboteur he parachuted into my project, actually my investment.  I take with me a million dollars of potential cash flow  per  year and now his firm has no tech future, and no edge over south east asian sweat shops. I know this because I spent a year in that system and I nooticed that I am not replaceable. The faggot HR.consultant must think there's a plane load of muds with my tech capabilities just ready to walk in Looool.  The BOssman is a retard and found he had no cards to play and he wrecked the game like a child. 

Still, this obviates an interminable period of grinding and I will soon go back to the exact same office I got mandate sacked from a year ago as a no-jab hero for twice the pay.  I will drop my exit report and lodge a complaint with the Fair Work Commission just to cover my arse, lets see how they play it when they learn how that fat gaslighting commie "advisor"  is responsible for the whole ruckus. 

There is some loss in capabilities and now there is no call for an apprentice but I've pivoted projects before and I might seek to buy the asset outright when BOssman's meat-grinder business and legacy finally stops its death throes and lies still. 

Extensive refit and refurbishment tasks will keep me happy, Sunny Days.
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Oldad said he read that copy of Keith Windschuttle's 'Fabrication' but he went and got out a copy of "The First Australians: Stories of dreamtime and colonization' from the library when I went with him that day a while back. Never paid much attention to that aspect of the psyop but it makes total sense and I got hooked by this mechanism when I was doing my own research about teh holocaust paradigm at the uni library. Fukn stupid naive trusting spotty faced retard that I was back then. 

I got a good idea how the librarians will keep their barracks warm in winter when they are all behind the camp's wire fence. 

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>Be school principal
>School does WAY above average
>Well respected, described as "mild-mannered"
>Get clot shot do your part
>massive heart attack, refuse more shots, get the sack.
>Start to wake up, research Port Arthur, Princess Diana
>Australian Governments all go full 1984 dystopia over muh covid
>Decide "Fuck this, time to go bush, get off the grid"
>Out of nowhere, suddenly multiple cars and cops coming
>Have done absolutely nothing wrong
>Figure "This is it, they're going to force us into camps at gunpoint or force jab us"
>Decide to go out fighting


>It comes as locals in the nearby town of Tara have revealed chilling details of the brothers’ paranoid behaviours, including turning their property into a bunker.

>Queensland police will investigate whether two murdered officers were lured to a rural property by killers with links to extremist online communities.

>Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said investigators would look at the killers’ possible extremist links after a series of posts under the name of Gareth Train were uncovered on conspiracy theory forums.
Replies: >>1148
>Be ZOGbot
>Try to pull dissenters back under the thumb of globohomo
>Get shot

Replies: >>1151
>Nathaniel Train was vaxxed teacher, had heart attack, tried blowing whistle on test rigging, gave up and moved out to brother's shack in middle of nowhere
>Gareth Train was "conspiracy theorist" living in bush shack, no known job
>Stacey Train (Gareth's wife) quit her teacher job rather than get vaxxed
>Nathaniel hadn't spoken to his family (except, presumably, his brother) for a few weeks and someone in NSW had filed a missing persons report
>QLD police were doing a "welfare check", or a missing persons check, or something
>QLD police allege that the brothers, wearing camouflage, ambushed them and killed the officers "execution style"
>One officer escaped
>One officer hid in the bush
>The brothers started a bushfire to smoke her out but it didn't work
>A neighbour came to see what's up and they killed him
>They sat around twiddling their thumbs for six hours
>The cavalry turned up and the brothers got into a shootout with them and lost

Only one civillian died for this new psyop as opposed to 35 at Port Arthur. No doubt the ZOG will exploit this opportunity to roll on the intersection of:
> Gun owners
> Vaxx refusers,
> Rural residents,

I'm going to push sympathy for the low rank ZOGbots who got sacrificed by being sleepwalked into an ambush.
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>Train appeared to take scam text messages that read 'you have been 'identified', 'we will be in your area tomorrow' and 'we will be out to see you soon' as literal threats and part of an ongoing planned operation against him. 
Yeah because we all know those "scam text messages" that read 'you have been 'identified' and 'we will be out to see you soon'.

>From https://web.archive.org/web/20221214084255/https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11534953/Wieambilla-shooting-Gareth-Trains-deranged-post-gives-fresh-insight-descent-paranoia.html
Replies: >>1158
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If they were cooking meth and had an arsenal of illegal guns and were living in a bunker then the ZOG would have released photos of all this.  

What we likely have is a modest, tidy house and property kept by a tight knit and intelligent family, the woman was probably pregnant and if thats the case then photos of their new nursery would look quite off-message. 

What we got is no footage, a story that doesnt add up, timelines with hours gaps and four dead rural Queenslanders who just wanted to be left alone.
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[Hide] (713.9KB, 821x556) Reverse
The media is clumsily putting together a counter narrative to something that has not yet coalesced. The "Motion sensitive cameras" i.e. trail cameras would be the narrative to cover questions about how the cops were "ambushed" despite arriving with no prior warning. The cops targeted and waco'd three innocents and a witness and need to prove they didn't.
>cops were lured into the ambush by a tip off by the murderous trio
They must have been monitoring police communiques for such wanted posters!
>doomsday prepper conspiracy theorists. 
They obviously got tired of being left alone waiting for doomsday!
>set up an electronic trip wire survailance room giving them ample warning to get prepared
Such elaborate foresight and obviously a lot of work, they sure were industrious with their property!
>Police found holes in the walls of the house
To think there were holes in the walls of the house that bullets went through!
I sure cant wait for the evidence of all these claims to come to light!
Replies: >>1165
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Ran out of wood for the shelves in the laundry. Still gotta wrap the prezzies for the kids up the road. War comics The Nam for the little aryan soldier and womens weekly recipe cards for the lass, hopefully she will be a fine matriarch of a trad household and many white children one day. Gonna leave them with the old lady in the cottage at the edge of the forest, she can dispense them on christmas day as I'll be back in the Poz.
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Six hour saturday sportive cutting a tunnel through the dirty understorey up on the mountain, crumbly shit down my neck, 500 meter ascent on the tortuous trail and I can't catch my breath in the still decay. New chainsaw drinks oil more than petrol and the veg based bio oil I use, because muh pristine environment, hits the hot parts and the smell makes me hungry with the hard work. I'm wanting to go some hot chips but theres no chips up there. Just sawdust. 

Feels good coming back to base safe, lemon water and pixxa. Was hitting the wall just as I left the treeline, gotta use those jelly beans more. Its not that far away from the cottage but its a survival mode because there's no rescue, medium risk and high consequnce,  I want a radio network  but I dont have that option yet. 

Keen to get back up there TBQH.
Replies: >>1198
Been reading your posts for years. Did you move here immediately after 16 went down or have you been posting here all along?
Replies: >>1214
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Moved in with those still loyal, its been a hard landing after 16chan got X'd out.
Replies: >>1215
No word from the NSN, probably have Thomas in remand. Disgusting state of Vic justice that it is.
Replies: >>1216
He was still active on his telegram channel as of today, but you guys are about 15 hours ahead of the US.
Last edited by orlog
Replies: >>1218

He could not have given a better statement, the ZOG media is going to suffocate this.
Replies: >>1219 >>1251
The ZOG has a genuine problem in Thomas Sewell's message and the mainstream narrative can only starve it of oxygen but they are not the mainstream anymore, only a trough of slops for the most vulgar of idiots who are unwilling or  incapable of searching for information in this age.  I listened to Thomas Sewell's posterity stream that he put out on the night before the verdict, my impression is that he is resonating with the challenge and saying some really coherent big brain things. 

Six hour drive to the Poz via the mountains because the lowland superhighway is retk with roadworks, basically the government going into generational debt to the global jew to gold plating the civil infrastructure and increase the velocity of money. Two road works safety cunts for every piece of machinery, two hours extra forever for a towards zero program. I do like the law to make rental car plates prominent, kinda like a big yellow star for mainland boomers and chingchong tourists but the rest of the program might as well have been written by an AI. I pay a road safety levy and disadvantaged inner urban youth, i.e. nignogs, nepos and chinks get free driving lessons.  Sure did drive through a lot of beautiful bush today, wouldnt mind being a bushranger at all. Hmmm... maybe I could suggest a way to increase rural road safety, perhaps by providing a pecunary encouragement to get the poz to stay in the cities all year round.

Mummybot made me too many grilled cheezy breads and oldad is already giving me shit about leaning back on the kitchen chairs. I hate it here.
Replies: >>1225
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Thomas Sewell makes the amusing point that your enemies often become carictures of themselves. The aus jew shill Dvir Abramavich is the blood sucking vampire, ensconced in his dark ivory tower of jew academia, plotting against any threat to his depridations of the pitiable pesants in the villages below.  Mooo Hoooo HA AH HA HA HA!

And not like the cool vampires of the 90's brad pitt and tom cruise and that nigger whatsizname with the blades. Dvir is the parasite vampire, its too easy keke.
[Hide] (26.8MB, 1280x720, 02:20)
Thomas Sewell and the NSN Drag Queen Story hour protest in November
Replies: >>1246
Some clever cunt amongst that woke pedo enabling party turned up the disco music on their PA to drown out Sewell's message in his natural voice.  Its cringe that the reflex action is to flex their clever consumer choices to save their dignity. Seill, what else are they going to do? Fingers in the ears and sing 'LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU' .
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Happy Christmas to all the Blackshirts. 

I'm not as put out this year by it all. The uncool relos are rolling on my comfy at olddads so I'm gonna make myself scarce and go back up the mountains on the day after boxing day. I half fixed mummybot's roof and there's a big gap that needs to to be plugged with grout ASAP or the possums will get in. 

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Christmas was pretty hot and tiring and my siterclone couldn't be stuffed with a big lunch but no one snapped and the olds had a good time. 

Still reading David Irving's take on Goebbels, with the details about jew deportations and liquidations. I kinda believe these events occurred, the sonderkommando anti bolshevik aktions and Nazi reprisals in the occupied territories for assasinations and stuff. Thinking its history taken outside of context and being at war without your big boy pants on. Big boy games with big boy rules. 

Maybe being based has something to do with those big boy pants. Yeah I like that:

[Hide] (10.9MB, 852x480, 04:25)
[Hide] (5.4MB, 256x144, 02:45)
Ahh, I just stumbled into you lads again. It's been a while. Glad to hear your stories about the backwoods and Old Dad.

Merry Christmas  mates, I missed seeing you.
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Went to the lake for a swim on the way back to Silver CIty. The Falcon was climbing strong in the heat but I'm watching the temp gauge more than the out of state plates on most of the traffic. 
>The old lady in the cottage on the treeline didn't give my pressies to the kids
>The woman who moved in to the neighborhood recently is not viable as a GF. 
>The grass needs to be cut
>Chrissie chocolates are stashed in the dusty dry forest in the snake proof tins. 
>Rose bush is going off.
>wallabies are looking dehydrated. 

Thinking about my next project.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1080x608, 00:23)
>anti government
>anti police
>conspiracy theories about C-19

Bit of a retarded way to normalize extremism and marginalize nooticers from the TV thinking community, but maybe thats the point. To normalize a state of anxiety in which heavily armed pigs are the only balm.
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[Hide] (60.2KB, 591x454) Reverse
I wonder if the gas wells would mean no one can live there or maybe its like the oil wells in that moofie. "Hell or High Water"
Replies: >>1282
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Imagine dying for new-israel.
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x13905) Reverse
Seems refusing to cuck to the globalist energy complex is a metastasizing terrorist threat. Knowing your anti-government is one thing but doing anything about it is just about impossible. 

Even trying to get left alone is problematic at best.

At best.
Replies: >>1286
Expecting to be left alone is victim ethics, become a punching bag then cry about being hit.
You are being actively attacked, your survival is being actively threatened, you must be active in your own defence.

I'm not "anti" anything, I'm pro survival and anything which threatens my survival, the survival of my people, or the land we survive on is a practical problem.
I care little for theoretical problems, ideological challenges, rhetorical attack- that doesn't stop me growing potatoes.

The Taliban came to exist because industrial development sponsored by oil money marginalized rural people in Afghanistan, the state could sell oil, build infrastructure for urbanites who produced nothing, and import millions of tons of wheat from industrial counties like the US, Australia and Ukraine. The Afghan farmer reverts to subsistence agriculture, and a closed society to protect his women from economic exploitation. If his daughter goes to university, works in the city, gets rich, her money is a threat to her own community, she "earns" in a year what ten of her siblings produce on the land and that's wrong.

But then the state attacks the marginalized subsistence farmers, levvying capitol taxes which cannot be paid by anyone producing real goods. By pushing the price of grain down the self sufficient farmer can no longer pay his tax.

It's easy to say that X or Y isn't a subsistence farmer but the reality is that people like the trains were attempting this and quickly found the state itself was stopping them.
Replies: >>1290
>The Taliban came to exist because industrial development sponsored by oil money marginalized rural people in Afghanistan, the state could sell oil, build infrastructure for urbanites who produced nothing, and import millions of tons of wheat from industrial counties like the US, Australia and Ukraine. The Afghan farmer reverts to subsistence agriculture, and a closed society to protect his women from economic exploitation. If his daughter goes to university, works in the city, gets rich, her money is a threat to her own community, she "earns" in a year what ten of her siblings produce on the land and that's wrong.
Shill your sandniggery elsewhere.
Replies: >>1330
[Hide] (245.5KB, 1280x775) Reverse
Hot and gusty this new years day. The old lady who lives in the cottage on the treeline came over on her morning exercise (for her poodle). We walked back to her house because I wanted to check that the white kids got their presents after all. The QT across the street saw us walking and invited us in to see her house, and analyse her state of mind which was pretty comfy I guess. I have determined that she would rarely see me working out in my backyard in her daily perambulations about her renovated home. 

Still... The kids have their gifts and I got an introduction to a woman I will flirt with on opportunity. Might go up the mountain again tomorrow If  I patch up my gear today.
[Hide] (101.7KB, 500x525) Reverse
Nice and relaxed day. I wonder how the POZ is going on such a hot spell. Actually fuck the POZ and fuck the muds and chinks there.
[Hide] (238KB, 1280x960) Reverse
[Hide] (197.4KB, 890x810) Reverse
Went up the mountain before the cold front was due.Charged hard up to the summit thanks to all the squats and  the low cloud at that altitude made me feel like I was flying on the knife point peak.  Real quiet up in the alpine heights, but I saw one Currawong getting blown up over the crags to the other side where the mist was sinking into the crater lake far below. There were lots of tourist NPC recreationalists but I didn't say nothing to them, they shouldnt be there in their fresh trail running yoga pants. There was one unaccompanied young woman, but her Chink brand SUV had Vic plates so that crossed her out. 

Went to the lake and cut some staves then had a wash and float around looking up at the same mountain socked in with clouds. Unexpected three week extension to my vaxx™ mandate holiday, might go up my mountain tomorrow IDK.
Replies: >>1329 >>1331
How bad are the shitskin in your nation?
Replies: >>1339 >>1342
A) That's not what he's doing, and
B) Sandniggers are preferable to kikes & their puppets anyday in my book.
Replies: >>1338
Beautiful area. I saw a real eye-opener moofie today about the deadly vaxx™ .
[Hide] (8.2KB, 194x259) Reverse
UwU there's a new season of Alice in Borderlands
[Hide] (66.1KB, 680x680) Reverse
I feel sorry for the palestinians but the other arabs don't.
[Hide] (59KB, 635x296) Reverse
Muds are intolerable outside of their own countries. The problem is when they kind of integrate and soft headed whites treat them like pets. And who's gonna let you beat their dog when it wrecks your lawn or shits on the beach? They are the jews time tested empire destroying weapons.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 877x1352) Reverse
I remember when the first chinks came over, mostly the high IQ high achievers that the commies sent to get skillz for the party. They kinda-sorta assimilated and the novelty of chink business' was still fresh enough for normies to soak it up and gush over how great they are as tennants and they do the jobs young aussies don't want because go getter attitude like us boomers all that bullshit. They got cucked and cant adjust to the influx of bangladeshi gutter poos, nepali mafia and literal niggers. They end up doubling down on loving mass immigration and get overwhelmed by how awesome this diversity is and lets get afghanistan goat balls uber eats because flavors of the world. Sure everything is made in china nowadays but deflation of consumer goods is nice when you paid off your house and got wealthy from a fine career thanks to your free uni. 

Boomers dont need to compete with the jew replacement program, its too easy to exploit the subsequent property inflation or depressed wages for workers and splurge with the profits. Pic related is MSM story stretching about a recent helicopter crash on the gold coast. You can see the point, this gap toothed boomer retard was too ugly for a philippino mail order bride so hes cucking for a negress, even imported the next generation of rapist just to go next level on being a traitorous scoundrel .
[Hide] (200.1KB, 983x808) Reverse
I have to walk two and a half hours to get to the end of the trail to start cutting now. Seven hours out for a couple of hundred meters deeper into the unreachable wilderness. The next step is to make a camp and leave supplies there. It would be comfy to sleep under the stars in summer but I'm due in the POZ next week to do a workup for operations to come. Dunno when I'm gonna revisit the area, I fear being in the fallacy of diminishing returns and it needs a break out somehow.  I am probing around the lake out the back of town trying to find a way to get a canoe into the ravine, with a motor on it I can vastly increase my range. Going to bed early because stuffed but my back is pretty good Desu.
[Hide] (55.9KB, 454x640) Reverse
Packed and ready to sneak back into the POZ tomorrow. I cleverly ducked the hot and cloudless sky by being a potato and watching youtube. and Russ the bus pwn suburban normies in some top tier inspirational kek kino. 

Started cutting up the down sleeping bag, a messy job with the needle and thread, but I'm outside in the evening breeze appreciating that super expensive minus-5000 rated bag that I never used but half a dozen times and when I do its always overwarm. It's going to be repurposed. I need to get more thread and material in the POZ. Sewing is big in my skills set, A needle and thread is a foundation tool, and stitchign tentage is better than building a house.
[Hide] (38.3KB, 560x560) Reverse
Got down to the POZ without striking any faggot boomer's oncoming caravan rolling wide over the white line. Oldad had cleared away 2% of the junk filled shed I'm sleeping in for me. Mummybot bought me some expensive pies which were delicious for my lunch. The job interview was a mere formality, soon I will be operating behind the curtain, disguised as a sheep and noticing like a gargoyle.  Found $20 and bought some nice stamps for my collection.
[Hide] (254.2KB, 1080x1316) Reverse
Spending time with the fam is boring and slow paced but at least the food is top tier. Had pies for lunch again and my sisterclone made some quiche with veg from the garden. I had to wait and watch the kid play video games while it was in the oven and I was really hungry at dinner time but I feel good now. Going to download and read David Irving's Apocalypse 1945, about the bombing of Dresden. There are some family connection with the event so its important I know. Cant think of what else to do while I wait for my holidays to end. 

Good Night, White.
[Hide] (1MB, 913x2936) Reverse
Thomas Sewell ducked a jail sentence but he has to run the gauntlet one more time for the smashed window and stolen mobile phones of the antifa trolls that time in the blue mountains. This one might be tricky because of the turncoat traitor they had in their midst. 

Rolling for a clean sweep, our best man rotting in supermax is an awful proposition.
Where he took phones and smashed the window of the people filming his guys. The media describes these people as "hikers" but the court was strangely reluctant to clarify whether these people were truly hikers. If i remember one was found to be antifa.

As far as the court was concerned antifa is allowed to dox Nazis, and Nazis aren't allowed to do anything about it.

But the elephant in the room here is that mossad is active in Australia and sanctioned by the Australian government, anyone who is an anti Semite could realistically join the thousands of people mossad already assassinated in "friendly" counties.

Thus all antifa must do is send a string of stalkers who could be assassins, then jail Nazis for protecting themselves.

>Thomas has a child on the way.
>Keeping him out of jail cost $50 000
>The ZOG system is going to have another chance to jail him soon
[Hide] (70KB, 583x812) Reverse
Started doing these in my routine, they are not too hard. I'm following Paul Wade's 'Convict Conditioning'.
Replies: >>1401
It's good stuff, and you can do bodyweight anywhere.
[Hide] (154.4KB, 1024x728) Reverse
Hitler has a good point about all jews being on team jew dispite the more virulent and powerful zionists treating them as cattle to be sacrificed for the greater profit. I would like to add that the common aus jew is just as brainwashed into wokeism as the anglo normies. 

Mummybot ambushed me when I was doing shirtless exercises in the backyard, so she went off about my tattoos. She left me with a pie and some shorts from Lowes, they go nicely with my base layer poly shirts and my KT-26's and I'd have that catalogue model aesthetic if they still used white models. Look out Ladies!

The jews want to own the swastika, it is their Kryptonite.
[Hide] (95.4KB, 338x332) Reverse

I got to talk to a woman today, she didn't talk about herself much and she seemed kinda interested in me. It didn't cost me anything because the visit was bulk billed from before. I'm low in blood storage Iron and now I have to do my own research about it. I think Iron recommendations are potentially pozzed so I declined the proffered iron shot, also got new tyres because I shredded one on some construction garbage yesterday. Over and out.
[Hide] (638.8KB, 1280x4930) Reverse
ASIO did this. Over some stickers.
[Hide] (583.6KB, 1280x3939) Reverse
Its strange that stories about obvious plays to grab the levers of power now turn to meta-analysis, like strategies how to get the cattle to vote a certain way. Its as if the communists in the ABC are aware that only other communists read their journalism. The notion that it cant be left up to the people to decide because there is no alternative if we say no, that idea is going to have them force it on us at a state level and thence a federal subhuman Czar who pipelines royalties/reparations and seizes crown land.  I think it will fail at the ballot but they will bring it in anyway. 

Reminder that modern democracy only benefits the ZOG.
[Hide] (1MB, 1280x7896) Reverse
For every shock MSM article about gays raping kids, ten more go unreported, one hundred more are undetected. Gays breed by molesting kids. Gays stick together as a monolith in the gay movement. It is up to them to draw a dividing line and separate themselves from the evil and degenerate ones. But they dont do this and therefore the entire gay movement is to be considered as opponents to decency and moral order.
[Hide] (90.3KB, 500x500) Reverse
I have heard that inflation hits the wealthy last, If you had savings then the ZOG is stealing your money to give to the jew bankers. So you get called poor compared to ethically bankrupt successful business cunts.  You still pay rent but the homeowners feeling comfy and on top, watching the MSM troll people with lower housing security, are watching MSM that you rejected because you're not intellectually bankrupt.

They say that Aryan culture doesnt have a distinct identity, and the white man is spiritually bankrupt. Yet my ancestors speak to me in my dreams.  

I cant hack the poverty I encounter here in the poz on a daily basis. I want to go home.
[Hide] (970.4KB, 2000x1391) Reverse
Spent Australia Day passing the time and shitposting with other cunts aghast at the absolute state of affairs. Went to the local park but its abo private land now because of some concocted historical atrocities. Really nice land and all the milo abos were off at a piss up after parading in blackface so I had the place to myself. Saw a red belly snake in the head high unmown meadows. Got to thinking about the settlers who cleared the land by hand and with bullocks. Now its fallow under an abo flag on the hill above their monument. Sure would be based if the abo flag got taken down and replaced with a red ensign or something. Had a nice dinner with the old man but the MSM news was really pushing multi-culti on top of boong pride. Fucking exhausting my patience waiting. Might fuck off back to the mountains until the office gets its shit together with printing out my contract.
[Hide] (74.7KB, 526x791) Reverse
Big physical day and I'm good with going to bed early after a cold shower. Spoke to my boong mate who's also suing his boss and went for a walk around the neighborhood with the old man. Getting along well with him finally after many years. Got to say its because I'm less cranky for having a PC I can work on when I'm staying with him at his home or away at the beach. Got the weekend to wait through and maybe start work next week if the useless HR faggots get their finger out.  Went into my old grounds and scoped out some lemon trees I want to strip for The Lemon Game. Not many left now in mid summer should have harvested a lot more back in October. 

Had a laff at the antisemitism report, David Irving is right that being antisemetic means the jews hate you rather than the other way around. Hating jews is just a normal state of mind IMHO.  Kek that they put my ballot in. Feel like I gotta up my game tho. Get something splashy next year.
Did you rate a mention?
[Hide] (255KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Got up before dawn and stripped those lemon trees. I could tell that they were going to go to waste by the disarray in the yards of the city rentals they were in. Its sad that they were once the pride and joy of the homeowner but now they are just sour, imperfect wog fruit. I'm sure the new residents would rather dig them up and put in a rice paddy. Fuck the city. Next harvest I got my eyes on are the batteries on those infernal rental scooter they got everywhere.
[Hide] (828.2KB, 672x680) Reverse
Went out to civic club at some farm that got converted into a rec facility. The farmer put in a function center, shooting range and obstacle course so (You) can imagine the place. I'm sitting at the tables with forty of us, staring into the kitchen at the most beautiful of women wondering how the fuck two fry baskets is supposed to cater for more than half a dozen. The whole place was pretty agricultural and the bar looked like a converted garage. Civic clubs are often out at properties and I haven't seen one that's been tidy and well maintained. It seems that the output from manufacturing bases from lands afar find their way to places like these where it sits and tries to magic itself out of decay and back into usefulness. Maybe the boomers feel at home there, I duno. It was cringe but the event was good. Still playing the waiting game. Have to stick to the schedule and not quit the Poz for another week and a half.
[Hide] (152.6KB, 841x1024) Reverse
Its time to GTFO of the Poz, I'm sick of the jeets and chinks, the bona-fide useless HR shits I'm waiting on and the generally unhealthy atmosphere. My phone battery bloated and my fam instantly gave me a faggot I-phone which kept talking at me in non-english all the way home, giving me flashbacks like I'm back on fukn cityrail. My old man is missing his photo albums that I was scanning and forgot to bring this time, so I'm making a list of gear to bring to make next field time less of a dead fukin loss. 

What I need is some spicy stickers to help morale, mine that is, not the shabbos goys who wrecked my home town two decades ago.
[Hide] (317.7KB, 1280x960) Reverse
GTFO'd the Poz even though I got in a traffic platoon with the dykes on bikes all the way up to the last economic sacrifice zone before Silver City. Feeling like too much coffee and it's almost too quiet here after listening to creativity sermons from the white mans bible on the DAP all day. That bit about Christianity being the ultimate jew psyop kinda makes ya think about being able to see the bars of the cage that surrounds the white race. 

Ungh this I-Phone is a ball and chain. Its four times heavier than my broken phone and wont work because Silver City only has 3G. How the fuck is the ZOG supposed to spy on me now?
[Hide] (6.8KB, 186x255) Reverse
Quiet moofie night ended with me running out the back to investigate a sudden plume of black smoke down the street. Turned out to be retarded kids chucking tyres on the fire, celebrating being kicked out of their sharehouse. Got some very useful map to ground intel and met Silver City's lost generation, including Tawhrona the kid from across the road. One had a potentially dislocated shoulder and another youth had pectus excavatum, Most were in poor shape TBQH, bored into alcoholism.  I was given a beer and listened to the banter. I went home and brought down some firewood so they didn't have to burn any more tyres FFS. Need a survival program to get them into the bush and doing something wholesome instead of behaving like boongs.
Replies: >>1543
>Need a survival program to get them into the bush and doing something wholesome instead of behaving like boongs.
Do it, Ausbro. Become the positive patriarchal figure they need. Maybe one of them will better himself and look back at how his life turned around after meeting a madlad who lived in the woods.
Replies: >>1552
[Hide] (166.9KB, 1280x960) Reverse
I was thinking about them and how the alcohol habit gets entrenched when there's no good alternative. Its a formidable distraction from the path of self discipline thats so sorely needed. They revel in being misfits, showing off their broken lives like dueling scars. 

 If I could get them to engage in a bush survival program then I can introduce SIG topics and show them cognitive maps to better places I have made in my own similar journey, but how to engage? The obvious patriarchal guidance is just too much of a temptation to use like a bludgeon for mulish youth, I gotta be avoiding those conversations which have one winner and one loser, and i'm pretending that I can't analyze thier tiny lives to predictive precision in a moment. Stupidity is power in those vertical engagements. These young men can turn the tables quite easily with more court dates and reckless risk taking. What I will do is keep my eyes out for pavlov's type 5 personality. I think a youth with those traits would be worth the risk and effort, provided there's no psychopathy in the mix. 

The internet went down for the afternoon so I went to scout access to the lake. Found that and a good stand of easy tea tree spars. Now to work on getting a row boat down there.
Replies: >>1553
Your instincts are right, trying to be too authoritative and 'bludgeoning' them with moral lessons is a mistake. Having been the same type of spiteful self-destructive in my own youth, I can say that being given "lectures" by boomer NPCs only increased my disdain for them.

Having said that, you are actually a man of strength and have genuine principles. You're also not the typical NPC, so the chances that one can relate to you are increased dramatically. Overall I think you're going about it with the right mindset. It's not about authority, it's about mentorship. Even then you can't save them all, but it's amazing how the smallest bit of nudging and advice can turn someone around long term.
[Hide] (605.4KB, 989x5503) Reverse
>awful commie pedigree 
>1/16 boong LARPist
>trollop with penchant for bikies
>First Australian separatist activist
>High rotation in MSM
>Hardcore marxist-greens not radical enough.

I spoke the old lady in the cottage at the edge of the forest who voted green about how the seat was stolen and she said it was okay because Thorpe was the leader of the aboriginals. I think most Lefty greens will be okay with it because they dont want the cognitive dissonance from the obvious party treason. In their mind it's got to be them versus globalists and CO2, with the police keeping them safe from sovereign citizens. Even amongst the cattle that they are there will be cows that are more pathetic than the rest of the herd, this is the average greens voter.
[Hide] (639.5KB, 1600x1600) Reverse
Ungh, 12 personal pixxas in the freexer and my back is sore AF. Six are pepperoni for the family up the road and six with sardines are for me. I'm worried about getting fat, maybe my survival program is too effective and I need to go back to some physically demanding wage. The occupational hazards of dole NEETdom is getting too comfy kek.
[Hide] (266.7KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Big summer sportive across regular office hours in the forest 8:30AM to 4 PM  weaving my way thru the spooky guts of the mountain and advancing my tunnel with the chainsaw.  Everything up there wants to injure you and some of the limbs you cut are total booby traps, stressed in ways that are damn near impossible to predict. One I cut jumped three meters away from me and the last cunt I cut was torqued so hard that the devil grabbed my chain and it got bent in the struggle to free it ending fun and halting progress. Lost count of the branches whipping me in the fukn face and making a dink sound on the eyepro. Did a bit of exploring on the way back and ended up pushing a bit too hard and hitting critical water on a hot day two hours from base. Worried about rhabdomylosis on a badly bruised thigh getting smashed on the climb down. Having a couple of liters of water and some NAC. Over.
Replies: >>1669
[Hide] (304.7KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Just got back from doing boosh shit up the boosh. Watched that silly movie "Fall" last night and I'm laffing at the dumb cunts stuck at the top of the tower with no gear and no clue, then I'm thinking I do more high risk shit than that so I started an emergency shelter with 5 liters of water in a bladder and a cut down tarp. Planning to put a second tarp over that and a hammock with a bugnet and a mat. Also cut a bypass around a particularly bad section of the trail and had a general clean up with the chainsaw untill I ran out of petty.

It wasnt recreation but it was fun, I suppose. Having a beer and one of the home made pizzas, plus some blueberries and cream. Altimeter is falling. Hoping for a cold change soon and I'll be in bed imminently, Its true for me that "Arbeit Mach Frei" If you work hard enough you dont care about clown world. globohomo or male pattern baldness,  Whew its warm.
[Hide] (433.7KB, 863x3583) Reverse
AhhHaHaHa HahaHahAha Ah!!!!! 

T' WAS I, that was the scoundrel whom struck the daft woman, white as a lilly in the park with my makeshift stave and stone bommyknocker I had earlier cobbled together with packing twine!  T'was I whom was awaiting without my shirt and shoes for her to pass by in the fallow commons.   I leaped out on her unawares, just like a Bengal Tiger and thoroughly startled the poor poppet AH HA HA HAHAHAH!!! Before I smote her once, twice and thrice for good measure. Oh you should have heard her cries of distress, it was splendid to behold as I leered over her, all supine and still on the dusty carriageway. Nay  I shall not stop untill I am blagged by the rozzers and down on them I say. 

AH HA HA HA AH AH HA HA!!!  I cannot but help laughing so !!!!

t.  Rough Reginald
Replies: >>1668
[Hide] (167KB, 700x495) Reverse
The lost kids hailed me when I was doing carpentry in the yard and I learned their programs as we talked. One has a job as a surveying field hand, which means he cuts trails for the surveyors to go into the middle of nowhere and do their thing. He said he sometimes got choppered in to camp some way north of here. I would have liked the job when I was his age,but instead I had to find a way to make homelessness work for me, a similar situation to the one who wouldn't take off his sunnies because he got punched last night when he was super pissed. He's started collecting garage tatts and I got them to take a picture of my old rig to offer to the kid who did it. I told them its up to the older generation to pass on gear to the younger generation, ironic when they got booted out of their sharehouse and had to dump ballast i.e. their whitegoods and tools. I fear that their band will break up as the dark months approach  and the lights of the POZ  draw away those with no hutment or hovel with a pokeable fire here in the gloom of Silver CIty's long dark months. That grog fuelled downward spiral is part of the youth paradigm, sadly. Agency for some is not helpful, whats needed is an institutional approach, I have always believed this would help.
Is it just me or did they not report the race. That's a telltale here in Burgerland that it's a nigger. Probably some boong.
Replies: >>1685
>Worried about rhabdomylosis on a badly bruised thigh getting smashed on the climb down.
You'll be fine. You made it to base you're not dealing with any such thing.
[Hide] (34.8KB, 327x475) Reverse
>race of the 'attacker' 
Caucasian in appearance as reported. The irony is that she is caucasian in appearance and they look like injuries from a fall so technically her tale is kind of correct. 

This moofie is really good. Kinda plays on the ultimate nighmare of being hunted in a swamp by Cajuns when you have M16's but no real bullets.
[Hide] (71KB, 750x407) Reverse
Was talking to some city lad on a hunt for leaking pipes for some water utility gold plating racket. We got to talking about the preponderance of Nepos and Chinks in the city and of course my internal dialogue continued on after he went on his way. Of course the chinks and muds come here to escape their own countries, which are toilets. I get that. But we owe them nothing and thats what we get in return.  I have extensive experience working with them and they are shit operators, so the notion that they are some labour asset is generally untrue. Okay thats fine, we have the white privilege to be better at things, home turf advantage and all that. But If I was a mud and I had some motivation to improve my situation then It'd be incumbent on me to do that within my own nation and for my own people. You can imagine some village or community building program, maybe plant some trees or  do some cultural traditions , I duno.... But getting on a plane to white man land to be the lowest rung on the slave ladder is their preferred program. Their best and brightest are going to drive ubers and deliver goyslop, thats just the reality.  The truth is that mass immigration is a slavery program. Rents go up, wages go down and we see a shift to a service economy which is where the muds end up, by and large,  Do we need to import drivers and cooks? Fruit pickers and cleaners? 

(You) don't get uber eats delivered do you anon? Your not trapped in the city spending your wage on fast food and a buildmaxxed  PC  just to bloat out high on electronic opium every night are you anon?  Realize that those things you enjoy a bit too much: Weed and grog and vidya, thats still affordable, pron is even free. Its the things that your parents had that are now un-attainable, a house, a marriage, a family, a honorable occupation, a white nation. Those things are out of your pay grade but watching booleg netfilx and having a 'jeet deliver you pizza keeps you thinking your on top. Can you see the bars on your cage Anon?

Maybe I'm being racist, but in my defense, maybe I respect that fukn mud, because he's worked out that being a slave to whites is more viable than fixing his own shithole nation. Do you reckon he knows he's a traitor to his own race, a cowardly little turd? The white skinned man-child is never going to have that kind of insight, his mind is too busy with his 3D printed 40K army.  Yeah son, I heard you when you told me you like Silver City but there's nothing to do here. NGMI.
Replies: >>1766
[Hide] (272.9KB, 1418x953) Reverse
Last go up the mountain for a while. Got my bivouac done and kept going to the highway, making the link to a back door onto my network of trails. Had a run-in with a 4wd bogan on the tree line but I wasn't in the mood so I ran away. Might stop rocking hi-viz and take my trail markings down next time, too easy.  I saw a tiger snake motionless, mouth open and puffing in and out tasting the air. I was so happy to see one of these timid and fragile creatures.  Everyone has snake stories, its some kind of heuristic with spirituality I think, with most tales about how deadly they are and that time I killed one bla bla, and on the other end of that continuum are those that say leave them alone scare them away its illegal to kill them. I would bet the voiced opinion is correlated with meat consumption somehow. Maybe I had a good experience with the snek and the 4WD BBQ NPC wasn't likely to enhance that. Gotta look for some black wire in the POZ, might think about setting up some tripwires.
[Hide] (405.3KB, 850x3616) Reverse
>Lydia Thorpe protests police brutality/aboriginal genocide/being excluded from LGBTQIP+ at pride parade
>Peak Fag degeneracy festival Vs Peak woke grifter celeb: who would win?

Greens voters already feel like she stole her seat from the party and her antics will make her seem like a loose cannon to any globohomo inclined city-urbans. But these types have damage anyway and Clamydia Thorpe's constant attention whoring makes her a celebrity, which is the absolute limit of what she could ever achieve. Probably hasnt even burned her bridges with this stunt nether, being a drama queen is a legit secsual orientation nowadays.  This shit looks like cocaine behavior to me.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 2000x1359) Reverse
The Falcon is packed and pointed towards the POZ. I am to complete a month in the old familiar arena, but with new eyes looking for hacks, data and exploitable loose resources, also there must be time for fam. Its still warm enough to cruise about with bare skin exposed and the crickets are noisy in the twilight, with the fog capping the looming forest mountain right where I want to push the trail next, maybe a while. I will be back when the days are getting short and every cunt is burning wood. Winter is a lot of work here, keeping your feet and hands warm is a constant chore, firewood I got but my czech winter combat boots need to be resoled soon. Thats a technical challenge I'll have to devote good time and pretty money towards. supplies of both are going to be tight. 

Good Night, White.
[Hide] (174.1KB, 1250x789) Reverse
The drive in to the Poz was mostly comfortable but the RVmaxxers and caravan boomers are really asking for a torching IMHO. Been to see my mummybot and had an open conversation with her for once and I learned that the old major merely became gravely ill and had not died from the vaxx as I previously thought, which was heartening to hear. My old man has placed the anzac biscuits at the bottom of the jar under the shredded wheatmeals which is infuriating and heralds the next month to be a test of nerves and a psychological challenge that is only to be endured as that will be the absolute limit of what can be achieved.
[Hide] (504.6KB, 516x640) Reverse
I wonder if I'm starting to lose weight, the new job is physically hard and my diet is deliberately lean. I went out to get oats for tomorrows lunch, to the colesworth in shorevale. A decaying petite middle class bastion with pajeets running cab dorms from the rented family homes and where the primary school is now offices for petty bureaucrats because there's no kids here no more, just elderly boomers. The economy of the near future will be kept afloat by inherited wealth. The community here is tapering off to single child families, the grand child will claim it all as compensation for being the last of their race. The media gaslighting has reached the ridiculous heights of suggesting that ordinary mouth breathers care about those with more than $3mil in super getting taxed more. Even the P.A. in the shops just now, was chugging me on behalf of a charity that donates period products. They want me to be concerned about period product equity. Vile. 

This place is not normal, you'd be psychotic to like it.
Replies: >>1786
What the fuck did you just fucking say about God, you little illuminati initiate? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Consciousness Agency, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on masonic grand lodges, and I have over 300 confirmed NPC Awakenings. I am trained in magick and I'm the top wizard in the entire underground holy secret societies forces. You are nothing to me but just another version of myself. I will enlighten you the fuck out of samsara with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this plane of existence, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, Glow-worm. As we speak I am psychically contacting my secret network of sages, hylics, monks, hippies, schizos, priests, aliens, shamans, angels and God across the 3rd and 4th dimensions and your soul aura is being traced right now so you better prepare for the psychic attacks, maggot. The mental storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your self. You're fucking waking up, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can induce moksha in you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my 3rd dimensional physical form. Not only am I extensively trained in astral projection, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Good Aligned Spirit Personnel and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable dualistic reality tunnels off the face of the earth, you little shit. If only you could have known what holy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have read Robert Anton Wilson. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn one-eye'd temple taming cultist. I will force my positive mental vibration all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.
Replies: >>1788
[Hide] (239.6KB, 1012x669) Reverse
Its day 13/20 and I'm thinking of chucking it in. The big organization is in terminal decline and some of the offices I go to are 80% shitskin. I'm checking in at the pay office after teh wage and there's a doxen jabbering nepalis doing sign-up to get on the bottom rung because being the lowest in the white man world is better than the teeming cities back home, choking  on smog from every other mud cooking roti's on ox-dung stoves.  They'll turn up for their shift as static helpers, little more than meat puppets with a dozen English phrases.They are at the mercy of their heathen gods,as to whether they get a sainted white saib or unluckily a pajeet who will generally treat them unkindly and may even tell them to put away their phones and do their fucking jobs.  I had to step in and squash a bit of mud on mud vertical violence the other week, I was defending my responsibility but I got to watch my reflexes, Its psychologically demanding working the decline, I observe the phenomenon affects many others. Those beady eyed NPC's with the noise cancelling headphones and iphone hunch are just trying to cope, bless 'em, they can keep their fashion brands and their ishackles made by poorer slaves.  I just wish I didn't have to yell at them from behind to get their attention as they meander in the middle of the bike path. They are not gonna make it. Slavery is a state of mind,
Replies: >>1788
Heh, hadn't seen that one yet.

>Its day 13/20 and I'm thinking of chucking it in. 
Wasn't that always the goal lad? Why else would you be training body & soul for Mountaineering Ranger work? Here in Burgerland banks are starting to fall like dominoes, and you know where all that ((( leads ))). Maybe you should do just what you said and get the heck out of Dodge?
[Hide] (704KB, 1280x4823) Reverse
ignoring the obvious front text of cue ball pumping on the hysteric wave of the marxist antifa agenda, the subtext here is Thomas Sewell and the NSN appearance at a single TERF speaking event in Melbourne the other day. MSM backed tranny reee has been shrill all week in oldad's news feeds and I am starting to marvel at how much traction Sewell's play has made. A mention in every nightly news bulletin for a week, Tranny reee on the front page of the paper and then on page 3.
>The National Socialists are the only opposition to the faggot globohomo tyrrany

This 5GW axis i.e. that a man can be a woman, that shit doesnt raise my blood pressure and I dont care about some TERF being pissed that men on HRT can come in and dominate women's agendas, but the pushing up on kids is psychologically demoralizing.  The drag queen story time is splashy but only affects a handful of kids who are probably quad vaxxed by their soft headed single mum's anyway. Cross dressing and faggot degeneracy as fashion is the worst.  Without the jew media and entertainment complex, trannys and fags wouldnt be so successful in making boys think its okay to troon out and being dumbass kids, pushing the boundaries is just bussin the edgy. Duno what to do about it but I can follow Sewell's lead and use the talking points

Replies: >>1834
[Hide] (92KB, 1000x538) Reverse
Trannys Vs Lesbians has got to be the highest order cognitive dissonance that the globohomo clown world can offer. Destroy Peedo Freaks is the ad slogan for the far right to exploit this new season of degenerate schizophrenia.
[Hide] (46.6KB, 503x853) Reverse
Went to see my mate this morning out in Piney shores. He went on a two week hike thru the unreachable wilderness conservation area, his first overnight hike. 
>lost 12Kg despite bringing back 1/3 of his food supply
>Ditched his wetsuit, flippers, mask/snorkel and speargun because too heavy
>Ditched his sleeping bag because too bulky, he slept in his clothes and a bivy bag, he would have been losing weight in his sleep. 
>Took his mobile phone which ran flat and the solar charger was useless. 
I got him out of bed and made breakky with the same food I'd have taken, cooked on the Trangia and I'm talking non-stop about all bush craft and survival lore what I learned over the years. I wanted to help him prepare before he went but there wasn't time and I have to basically drive out to see him or otherwise he's a ghost, but,yeah he made many noob mistakes. I got a good breakdown of the trip and that will help me think about my own gear for similar trips, I havent done an overnighter for a long time, not hiking anyway.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x8267) Reverse
The ZOG made a big push to officially punish white nationalists after the last NSN rally, R.E. the swassie and romans. Some insipid NPC defaced my nice effort at the picnic shelter at massacre gorge so I reckon it's time to put the chisel and mallet out in the falcon to make that a little more permanent. The ban will add a hard edge that will appeal to the brave so thats a positive.

I  spoke to my sisterclone about the tranny question and she mentioned "that crazy woman Posie Parker who is in with the neonazis", she is pro-trans but her direct experience is with an acutely behaviorally unwell trans teenager, so if you want to take that as a straw poll, the normies have no organic opinions on it and are just trying to get thru their day without too much cognitive dissonance. I really can't ever talk to her about being natsoc, pushing the boundaries on casual racism and white pride is the best I can hope for. 

So sick of Poz Town, staying with my old man has been okay and there's plenty of keks to post about, like him complaining about cooking smells in the microwave and having a moan about tea bags in the compost bucket. He's older than methuselah so fielding here in the garage is a good option for the inevitable senescence to come. Back to Silver City for a refit, not a bad haul for one month. Got $10K i didnt have before so thats nice. Might do a haul pic tomorrow for all the other stuff.
[Hide] (217.4KB, 1280x960) Reverse
The road back was replete with tourists, couldn't even stop for a quick bite at the rest stop at the crossroads without attracting gronks in  rental campers looking for an actual local to pester. Every cunt wants that secret spot in the wilderness, where there's no mozzies, no Poz and plenty of free room to park your caravan. Its the myth of the countryside, where you can roam the hills free and live off the land if you're fabulous and eccentric. I was seething while I was freezing, eating my cold pie on the tailgate in the drizzle at some random track just off the highlands highway listening as the corvette club tours past. But they all magically melted away as I passed Scardale, a town revovated by boomer bux because of its ugly chic appeal, like a pedigree bulldog. They all turn off at the junction, heading to the other tourist trap town of Cold Port. Thank Fuk I didn't end there on my white flight. 

Thomas Sewell said something interesting a while back about white flight and how normies will try to shore up their chances of survival by centralizing, i.e. moving closer to the core of clown world, moving further up the ladder of the corporate fight ranking and playing a re-up on their casino winnings. Maybe that slave mentality where "you need 2 million dollars in super to retire" will keep the worst profligrates out of the regions.  

Got two weeks to refit and deploy the new infrastructure before I go back for more. Mummybot will no doubt give me more yummo treats like this haul.
Replies: >>1860
>Thomas Sewell
I like that name, simply because of this meme:
>broke: Thomas Sowell based!1111
>woke: Thomas Sewell, the best White leader
Replies: >>1861
[Hide] (160.8KB, 1265x727) Reverse
T.S. is deadass making the ZOG sweat like a pedo outside a kindy.
[Hide] (727.6KB, 1280x6343) Reverse
Didnt some latin american country start rounding up Mara Salvatura gangbangers and throw them all in suffocating gulags? Not sure about this law being exclusively anti-white, though I imagine a swassie or windmill will put you before a Judge just as readily. The main point of contention being that White Nationalist tatts are not crim gang brandings. Not to a loyal white anyway...
[Hide] (78.9KB, 491x576) Reverse
[Hide] (34KB, 438x373) Reverse
T.S. having a reee about mudscum rape gangs, saying I should do something about it. Saying I should be in a active club & at the fitness standards. But is not so easy coach, I'm sitting out an injury so I'm not running and I been stuck at 24 push ups since the dawn of time. I dunno about the bench or deadlifts because I got no weights. I'm working on finding some active mates but everyone's too busy being goyim.

Cottage is cleaned and squared away, gonna drive to poz town for round 2. Might need to think about how to move my push ups to progression standard and how to hit rando cunts up on the street about getting active with me. 

Fuksake. Disappointed.
Replies: >>1897
The progression standard would be to start back at the basic wall pushup and work your way back up and eventually exceed standard pushups.
Replies: >>1898
I think, from reading Paul Wade's books, I will keep up with the diamond push ups but do some incline diamonds to about half or one third what I can do on the flat. That should be hard enough to help build capacity. I might think about dips too.
[Hide] (85.6KB, 869x481) Reverse
Made it down to Poz town okay. Stopped to speak to some cofy boomer at a property in the highlands about some loose sheep on the highway. Told him I damn near wrecked the falcon so he made a call (shitty reception) and then jumped in his ute with is doggo to round them up. This was my prima facie look at the closest deer poaching territory to Silver City. My kahkis are acceptable camouflage in the yellow paddocks. With green gaiters and a gorka pattern that includes dead tree grey I should be able to scout and run a trapline on the private reserves and paddocks.  Now I am thinking this is a viable enterprise, hmmmm wasnt the Dirlewnager division made up from poachers?
[Hide] (30.8KB, 306x448) Reverse
20/4 and its the Fuhrer's birthday today. I dream that his spirit is quickening in the hearts of those still racially pure and would be loyal yet remain under the sinister spell of the jew. He didn't live to grow old and senile in some place protected from his meandering decline and he didn't hang on in illness incurable by the medicine of the day. He will be remembered as a man who survived war and bombs long enough to die in his prime without appearing to age in mortal portraits on the backs of bank notes.
Heil Hitler, Seig Heil.
[Hide] (75.7KB, 750x936) Reverse
I'm half way through my tour of duty in the Poz and I'm a short timer now.  My reflection in the mirror has a thousand yard stare from all the fresh hell I see here. Two more weeks and a car ride and I'm out. It was my turn to host civic club with my car pool buddies last night and all day I'm setting up in the mud, kicking homeless cunts out of the park's pavillion and backing all four grills until the fire pot gets doused and the pissheads get told the party's over go home to your wives. This one old boomer was bitching about how sucky the faggoty city restaurants have become and I'm saying go to The Wagon Wheel down in Irishtown because the cooks and diners are white, and why would you let some brown person touch your food + mass immigration great replacement etc... Teh old vietnam vet on the table gets his panties in a bunch and has a reee about me being the only unvaxxed cunt there. I think the point was that we keep White Supremacist opinions to ourselves because a couple of Civic club boomers married dusky south asian maidens and just about all of them enjoy the occasional uber pajeets succulent chinees meal. Its the same story everywhere, no one pushes the limits of whats an acceptable opinion because of self censorship. But I'm not serving up a unpalatable and newly invented opinion here, I remember WMAF and those guys who went asiatic have always been a standing joke, like Lang Hancock the WA mining magnate who married a Phillipino whore in his old age, Prince Harry who could have had any English rose but chose poorly and all the other Aussie men who get a taste for the asian BBQ mystery meat, the stuff that smells yeah, nah and your gut instinct is to avoid. Fuk ups like that need to be publicly ridiculed so that the less wise and youth members of the tribe can learn the right ways. Maybe if the old boomers were brave enough to share the joke then there'd be less mixed up grand kids. And thats the point where the keks stop.
[Hide] (174.6KB, 853x1280) Reverse
Today was the last shift I had to work to finish my tour.   Now I just have the bonus round to pay for the timber, coax cable and flour I'm taking back to Silver City. Today at lunch break this one millenial bint was going off in the tea room about some tranny client (and muslim incedentally) who wasnt getting the celebrity treatment he clearly deserved. I think the tranny was identifying as a transgender female but the silly bint was drawing the line under Female  because some other peon dissed the queer by using dead pronouns (i.e. 'He/His') and that clearly calls for "sensitivity training".  My online study group has prepared me for this argument: What are the physiologic differences between a male and female
> Skeleton
>Adams apple
>organs of generation
>lack of mammary glands
>muscle mass and biochemistry. 
Gender is a made up construct of identity and as such you can identfy as an attack helicopter and thats legitimate as long as its inside the bounds of your own mind, but if you dont pass the test of having the characteristics of an attack helicopter in the physical world, then to insist that your identiy is actual reality makes you psychotic and those that are not psychotic,those that are rational can judge you as being mentally unstable.  But I was in a hurry to eat my cheese sandwich so I gave this batshit tranny cultist  the floor. Still finished 15 min late. Not going back.
Replies: >>2085
Biochemistry is a huge one, and could receive a few chapter's treatment in an advanced MolBio grad course.
[Hide] (59.6KB, 356x400) Reverse
Fueled up the Falcon for tomorrows extraction back to the survival compound. I had to wait while the servo 'jeet dicked around ringing up the throw-down of octane booster. I had a line up of normies giving me the evil eye for troubling the poor immigrant so I stood aside.  One was a white guy with a kawasaki and an abo flag neck tatt, to go with the rest of his tough branding and surly image. At least trans boong retards like that are painfully transparent and easy to profile, its the grey men that will slow down the RWDS in the coming RAHOWA. Otherwise a boring and sad day  wasted waiting for others.  I got up super early in the frosty dark to YWNBAW some poor suicided tranny's public memorial on the highway today, Coincedentally its some tranny/fag apology day today. I'm not feeling good about my efforts because I grabbed some water based enamel which will take days to dry on the pride flag done in terrazzo so it'd be coming off with a pressure washer pretty easy. An Amateur effort but half a point for timing.  Going to be raining on the return which could ruin my lunch break but will suppress the tourist vermin. Rolling for the city limits.
[Hide] (158.6KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Took the back roads out of the poz until I hit mutton country and  then I'm on the highway for the rest of it. Huge drop-out of tourist scum noted in the drizzle and gloom. The survival compound was undisturbed but now is energized and much wood going up the chimney. Finally starting to relax eat better quality food and think about having a bath. Visited the old lady in the cottage at the treeline, feel bad about not calling her from Poz City but I'm not sure she realized I was gone at all. Its the time slip in Silver City where events like getting your car bent into a horseshoe by a DIDO gronk marks the passage of days rather than countdowns to vote and six week anniversaries with tinder slut #231. Admin chores after the weekend. Might cook a batch of pies.
[Hide] (103.2KB, 1920x1072) Reverse
Sadly I had to abandon a fellow survivor to his own devices. Me and this guy came up together and even though he's a doomed kind of retarded we have a laff and he's the only Fashy cob in a land of Vaxxcattle normal faggots. I returned him back to the poz and he's gonna haveta learn to like it.  The whole pointless academy of these last couple weeks, in trying to get a retard on board with a survival program taught me something along the lines of this:  Even an atomized lone wolf survivalist can have a Fascist mindset and the program is like the end goal of a system, one that ensures your survival and, I suppose escape to a ethnostate where its just you. Naturally this state of freedom seeks the company and labor of other survivors but you understand that the program is mostly a state of mind and a spot on a map. If you pick up another fascist and they are not a survivor then the collective program wont equal escape/survival. Likewise if you start to work with another survivalist and they are not fascist then the program will fail because there is no control. Nothing involving organization is viable without control. 

Old mate will never escape from his own destiny so, sadly the program wont escape with him in it. Retarded fascists are not viable. Now comes the psychological fallout and reality of being alone.
Replies: >>2266
>Nothing involving organization is viable without control. 
Good words mate. Food for thought.
Replies: >>2272
[Hide] (135.9KB, 1280x960) Reverse
The trip back to Silver City took an extra hour because of snow on the road. I had a Comfy plod along in 4WD with the snow shower in front looking like warp factor five and I had a hearty kek at the funny tyre tracks going every which way and ending with a fat tourist RV in the ironically hard and rocky but soft and pillowy looking culvert.  Still had a clean up job to attend to after my misbegotten house guest who I ditched two weeks ago, Wasn't much more bothersome than a vacuum out and fumigate with ozone.

The trip to Poz Town wasn't such a waste and I dug in my first den trap one dark morning at a fallow ground near the compound I stay at. Ragnar Benson says they need to age a couple seasons before the rabbits will start using them. Its strange to do a project whose success relies on the fickle habits of lowly beasts, and to contrast this with the predictability of my computer and the code project I have ahead of me now. Perhaps I can relax a bit and appreciate my recent efforts to achieve a winter of stability. Perhaps this is the advantage of the lone wolf who is untroubled by competition for control. I have all the resources anyway, I don't need some spaz mutt gutsing my kibble. Don't want no useless mouths around in TEOTWAWKI.
[Hide] (121.1KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Had to scrub the biofouling and hob nail the front steps  so  the delivery chud doesn't break his neck. I do a lot of work on this place for a rental, but homestead maintenance is responsibility and improvements are arbeit mach frei. Cruising around in rubber gloves and gumboots, hosing the wallaby turds into the lawn is just managing the environment. 

One of the beasts is lying dead up the road, prolly died of winter attrition, many such cases, sad. A legit wasted resource with no predators to cull their numbers and they die when the fodder gets scarce. I should make a den trap, perhaps off the property but close enough to dig the thing in with a pressure washer. 

The boomer down the road was giving me shit about not swapping out the Falcon for a 4WD because muh outdoor recreation, yet in the same breath is saying how every back track is posted and gated these days by the greenies. I take this to be kind of a retarded inclusive bullying;  I cannot thus be a local lest I divest myself of my city car, get a local jerb and a closet full of gunz. But why should I conform just to multiplayer at dinosaur level? This is the dichotomy with the doctrine of monkey weak, many monkey stronk: Betas would follow a degenerate program of the noisiest monkey, such as with the lunatic anti-white agenda who clearly use inclusive bullying to ratchet their ideology ever downward. 

The Falcon ascends alone over the highest bluff, the flock of currawongs will forage in the mossy bottoms.
Replies: >>2307
>inclusive bullying
These golems literally don't have the mental facility any longer (that they could have developed as White men, if they'd gone a different path in life) to even comprehend a) why'd you'd reject their doublethink as being the most natural thing in the world, and b) how you could dare not to be offended by their shite, as their programmers told them its right & proper to be, and by such they are clearly offended with yours.
99.9 of the humans in the world today can't comprehend a man charting his own course.
Replies: >>2318
[Hide] (450.7KB, 769x848) Reverse
Being resistant to groupthink enforced retardation gets framed as 'not fitting in' and the workplace example is wearing masks: The trades have insidious threats like solvents and dust and  its rare to see an individual wearing them when no one else does, because it goes against muh work culture. CoViD masks are the other side of the coin and if they're mandated then you see most wearing the useless face nappies because they're less horrible but some go full retard N95 + eyepro, even face shields. These dickheads want to keep the sick, sick groupthink ticking over. Just like a commie will go for the levers of power any which-way they can get it. Like when they enforce those little rituals like the "welcome to country" boongshit on emails and the pronouns thing and renaming places in concocted boong. Its coercive intimidation, redundant as it may seem, just like that one red-line guy who cant control hisself and has got everyone at half speed lest he gets anxiety and chucks another embarrasing spaz.  

Masks make it easy to draw the line in the workplace, who is a wrecker and who is prudent. Its not so easy with higher order group programs, but the principles would be the same, I think .
Replies: >>2326
>These dickheads want to keep the sick, sick groupthink ticking over. 
>Just like a commie will go for the levers of power any which-way they can get it.
Both true. I wish I had a workable answer, but honestly I doubt if one exists in this life. Not being a blackpill, I just think we're not really meant for the world this one became.
Replies: >>2340
[Hide] (106.8KB, 805x629) Reverse
I think there is a general unconsciousness gripping potentially brave whites and it might be attributable in part to the plethora of communications modes available;
>DM in all its tiers from FB messenger to Matrix protocol.
>Realtime voice from campfire chats to phone calls to HAM radio
>Internet forums from Boomer balderdash boards to Anon imageboards
It seems the ones with the lowest barrier to entry are the dominant ones and in that way the ZOG controls the zeitgeist and imposes groupthink. I.e.everyone uses insta so get insta and a iphone (You) Loser.

Communications has got to be the most basic levers of power and right now, good whites cant shitpost or share ideas freely.  I've been trolle'd and deplatformed out of my imageboards, which are the ideal for general communications. Talking IRL with NPC's, in my sphere means I gotta be subject to the pressure of  speech from boomers talking bullshit.  DM's are good if your not a retart and that seems to be a barrier to entry to Matrix which is the only platform I trust. I gotta admit I'm struggling to find non-retart FRENs to play that game with me especially since I'm out here in the mountains on a full survival program. I'm looking at amateur radio and the digital modes, which is UHF/VHF to internet to UHF/VHF. If I could set up a local  DMR/D-STAR repeater I can go innawoods and do campfire talks or even encrypted radio-mail with anyone anywhere who can get over the technical barrier to entry. 

Communication modes exist for white power network building but its tricky and most whites would be confused as to why they cant just use Telegram app. Convenience is the ZOG's best groupthink enabler, and they rely on the critical mass of retarted whites.
Replies: >>2341
[Hide] (85.6KB, 869x481) Reverse
As much as I admire and loved Uncle Ted, I'm much closer to how I perceive yourself to be. While I definitely want to live inna cabin, innawoods, shooting and eating Bambi (with my own reloads), alongside my own grown food -- I still want to do it with my robowaifu labs and shortware comms, off-grid power gear.

I love the handiwork of God in nature, but I'm too much of a tech nerd to just go offline/offgrid entirely. OTOH, email and IBs are my only forms of social media (though I compromised and got a goyphone for employment needs).
Replies: >>2395
[Hide] (188.5KB, 1600x1000) Reverse
Yeah I duno about what to go for as a practicing survivalist. I feel pretty secure here for any TEOTWAWKI scenario which is pretty ridiculous tbpf. I can understand the whole appeal of disappearing innawoods is not matching with the reality of such an endevour, which, here means living without power or heat, struggling to keep dry or even keep a positive calorie balance. Realistically (You) need a road and land tenure to overcome those challenges with infrastructure. Doing the same on a private singletrack is not viable, not for more than a week or two recreation sportive in summer. So thats what I aim for, and work with what I have available in the regional community, a bastion of unfashionably based peasant stock. You pay for comfy conveniences and fat logistics with your privacy from the ZOG, but as long as you fill most of your minutes with sixty seconds of distance run, away from the most most likely SHTF scenario i.e Being wanted by the ZOG, then you are not just being a dilettante recluse.  Having the capabilities to strike back from a hidden redoubt is another matter entirely, but does occupy my thoughts, in idle moments. 

I duno where my current tech issue fits into such eventualities tbqh, i.e. SMB shared drives on my NAS, and I shall never get there if I keep getting home invaded by the loose nigger dog of some bogan up the road. REEEEEEEEEEEE
Replies: >>2402
>Yeah I duno about what to go for as a practicing survivalist. 
I would think a great flashlight, some kind of handheld SW radio set, and some way to recharge the two would be my highest tech priorities just off the top. Maybe a compass & some kind durable firestarter.

Otherwise, great boots & socks, a great jacket & hat, a great knife and your favorite pocket whetstone? A great light pack and maybe a light tarp & cord/rope/snarewire would be the other baseline priorities? Having some type of small-sized firearm & ammo would be a great help I'd think.

You're probably the expert here, it's been a while for me.

>a bastion of unfashionably based peasant stock.
Count your many blessings then.

>then you are not just being a dilettante recluse. 
Recluse or no, I think we all begin somewhere as a dilettante, which may or may not blossom into a full-manhood take, depending on the fortitude of soul we each possess.
[Hide] (11.4MB, 576x1024, 00:50)
Had a chuckle with this one.
Replies: >>2465
[Hide] (79.7KB, 954x1096) Reverse
Sometimes I go out and pick up rubbish on the highway that goes through Silver City. I found a dumping spot from 40 years ago and got to chopping the stuff free from where trees had grown over it. I filled a couple of woven poly bags already but going to take many more hours to make much of a cleanup there. I think the fresh litter is the efforts of one or two human rats. Some boomer put up signs "dont litter etc.."  and had a whine in the local news circular. I break the signs up and put them in the bags when I go out because they promote litter as an anti-social activity and thats what this scum like to identify as.  I was going to go this Friday but my back is strained and I'm trying to rest a sprained ankle. Today I went to cut spars in an unappealing bit of scrub where I will be operating a lot in the coming months. There is swift creeks to be crossed and no built bridge. It looks as if many sports with chainsaws have felled trees over it but always the winter rains take them away. I found one big toppled log some way upstream of where teh tourists cross on a logjam. It is slick and slimy over the deep, ten meter wide,  icy cold, no-name river. Too risky to cross ten times with gear and payload and a 10% chance of catastrophically slipping and falling in. My idea was to use a spar as a handrail and maybe a long fording pole, Plus putting some nails or chicken wire on the ridge of the log. But how to position the spar, heavier than I can lift, push or drag. Damn near wrecked my spine today and teh damn log jumped up when it fell flat and I was straddling it, still hurts bad now. I nearly got it into position using a staff and prussik loop. Staffs are my new trick for handling these bigger spars. I might try with a longer rope and some pulleys next time I go. Either that or I have to get wet. Not keen for this task no more. 

Got to be a chainsaw hero on the way home when some sassafrass sapling fell over on the highway. Rescued some accountant looking normies in an EV. Between the helpless suburbanites and the eco wreckers here, all the space between the roads are belong to me.
Replies: >>2473
> I nearly got it into position using a staff and prussik loop. Staffs are my new trick for handling these bigger spars
Good thinking.

> I might try with a longer rope and some pulleys next time I go.
That's a luxury that is pretty much guaranteed to work if you have enough loops in your block & tackle.

Take good care of yourself. Maybe next time send pics when you have your bridge in working order.
[Hide] (3.9MB, 478x848, 01:12)
Injury's good enough for me to go back into the poz for supplies and maybe scout for survivors. I'm expecting my thoughts to drift to RAHOWA once I get within the city limits. It a shame to miss the good weather streak promised by the pink sky this morning and the wallabys will be sad because their tray of pellets will be empty for a month, I suppose we will both be living off the land.
Replies: >>2565
Glad to hear your back is better.
Replies: >>2601
[Hide] (142.4KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Had a perfect run out of Silver City after I did a handbrake J-turn down the road because I forgot to complete the cottage shutdown procedure. Got to into the poz town camp compound on time and put away one quarter of my shifts already. My body's feeling good for the strenuous work and the bike feels right on the city pavement and the winter sun. I got two enforced days off so I'm going to Aluminium Alley to get some four millimeter sheet. I want to fashion some crampons so I can cross that slimy log with fording poles instead of trying to make a bridge like a meth-head cub scout. I'm now interested in Aluminum sheet for the hut building projects I have coming up, it could be the material that breaks open the emergency bush hideout project. I wonder what it looks like on drone FLIR.
Replies: >>2613
[Hide] (24KB, 401x372) Reverse
Gender is leftist neuro-linguistics, like jews inserting the word racism into the language.

The whole concept implies that gender can diverge from biological sex, if the two were synonymous the distinction would be moot.

The whole concept of gender was created by a Jewish pedophile who persistently abused a child. Google it.

Grooming children has only one objective, sexual abuse. The overlap between transexuality and sexual abuse is almost 100%.
A child is sexually abused, then pedophiles dupe the parent into believing the symptoms of sexual abuse come from gender dysphoria while continuing to abuse the child. These children are handballed from one pedo to another with the trans flag acting as a barcode for pedophiles.

Anyone promoting transexuality is either mind numbingly gullible or a pedophile, when you speak to them its abundantly clear. If they can formulate a rational argument they're not stupid, ergo they're probably a genuine pedophile.

This isn't a witch hunt, thousands of children are abused every year, this is a very real problem with very real perpetrators, its just updated from the days of the school priest, who just metastasized into the school LGBTQIP+ committee. 

The reoffence rate of pedophiles is almost 80%over time. Prison does not work because these are ideologically motivated criminals. Society has nothing to offer pedos except children, the liberal carrot and stick approach just doesn't work.

Because being a pedophile is a primary characteristic of an individual (like being black) how should our system respond?
Do we just hover over niggers and pedophiles waiting for them to commit a crime? Or do we adjust our parameters for being a pedophile so the statistics become more favorable? Perhaps we could just blame the church and 

The working with children's check fails for the same reason as the court based justice system, you can have someone who everyone thinks is a pedo, but without tangible grounds for the allegation the pedo will still get clearance to work with children.

It's a very difficult problem to find a workable solution, under a ZOG liberal democracy. There are too few clear thinking men willing to go against the dysfunctional tide of soft headed coddling of sick individuals. Majority white society still has a visceral revulsion for pedarists so there's still hope that the leftist push towards globohomo will be the cognitive dissonance that breaks the tenuous groupthink.
Replies: >>2611
>Gender is leftist neuro-linguistics, like jews inserting the word racism into the language.
No, gender theory is what you're describing, and yes gender theory is as you say, the word itself isn't. If you weren't an idiot you would know it was until very recentlysimply a formal word directly tied to the concept of biological sex,
Second, Racism as a word was invented BY A FRENCHMAN, it had no negative connotation originally, but the first people to use it negatively were most certainly Christians, who had a concept that matches most closely to how Racism it is used today named Phyletism, and Ethno-phyletism stretching back hundreds of years, first used by the (MUH TRAD AND BASED) Orthodox church.
>The whole concept implies that gender can diverge from biological sex, if the two were synonymous the distinction would be moot.
The distinction was moot, It literally had no hold anywhere prior to like 2005, it was spread to universities purposefully, by Jews and their neochristian allies (Commies, various flavors of modern leftists, and more) where the educators have been warping the minds of youth for over a hundred years.
>Grooming children has only one objective, sexual abuse.
No, it can also be used properly like marrying your daughter at  14 or so off to an older established male(as ALL of our societies did for quite literally all of history usually presided over by both parties parents in marriage arrangements aka betrothals) and she is "groomed" to be a good wife for him, it does not only have the goal of negative things and Rind et. al(file attached), showed through meta analysis that when Family Environment is controlled for, that child sexual abuse had non-significant effects (meaning it had almost no effect or so little as to be pointless as a measure of anything) which resulted in the conclusion that Family environment is much more useful as a determinant of someone's well-adjustedness because poor FE is confounded with incidence of CSA meaning quite literally that a poor environment has more effect than being diddled or not.
>The overlap between transexuality and sexual abuse is almost 100%.
No, it isn't, it ranges from 16 to 33 percent according to a meta analysis cited by the below paper
I wish you idiots would quit making shit up as your moronic assumptions and lies make it many many times harder to actually get at the truth of a matter and this muddying of the truth is quite literally led by both Left and Right, one pushes it the other gets more and more indifferent day by day, now it may be true that 100% of those people who virtue signal about being trans have a near 100% instance of claiming kiddy-diddling, but being that they are all attention seekers by their very nature, that would be inherently suspect at best.
>Jewish pedophile who persistently abused a child
John Money, we know, and David Reimer eventually killed himself because of what money had done, this is baby tier shit you're spewing here, it's not insightful and is so far off the mark it's verging on disgustingly ignorant.
>A child is sexually abused, then pedophiles dupe the parent into believing the symptoms of sexual abuse come from gender dysphoria
Who are the pedophiles duping the parents? Teachers, Psychologists? their next door neighbor? a pedophile, by their very nature, would not want the child to cease being what it plainly is, because it has an attraction to that child, Transgenderism is mostly driven by social media and single mothers, and by the education system as well, it has an overlap with CS in a Non-significant way, as any correlation would have to be at or above 50% to imply causation, and it is not, it's only about one quarter, if you take the middle road of the numbers cited in that study.
Nearly everything else you've mentioned aside from a few bits of truth here and there(like that schools have a high rate of "molestation"(quoted because the sheer numbers don't imply anything, any amount could be consensual relationships between student and teacher and almost certainly lean towards female(teacher) on male considering the sex of most teachers today)), is complete unmitigated bullshit, Non-sequiturs and conclusions based on shoddy logic, and even poorer information, this is a low effort post made to seem high effort because lots of words, second this is not the thread for this subject so pick a more suited thread for such topics in the future.
Replies: >>2614 >>2615
>I want to fashion some crampons so I can cross that slimy log with fording poles instead of trying to make a bridge like a meth-head cub scout.

>I wonder what it looks like on drone FLIR.
Don't really know, here's my guesses:
* On IR, it seems it would both be cooler, and probably shield interior heat signatures. 
* On RADAR, clearly it will give a good signal (cf, Jew War II, and on). In non-rocky terrain, this might stand out like a sore thumb.
* Optically, it should hold a good paint job to blend in. Obfuscate the hut, &tc., profile outlines & Bob's your uncle.

Glad to hear you're tip top again.
>No, gender theory is what you're describing, and yes gender theory is as you say, the word itself isn't
You're retarded; "gender" is a dumb term meant to delude everyone into thinking the concepts of sex and sexuality are "fluid" as far as categorization. This way, transexuality and homosexuality can be seen as legitimate. Today, most people just see the word gender as a synonym for sex. 

>Second, Racism as a word was invented BY A FRENCHMAN
No, the word was only reported to have been first used by Trotsky in "The Peculiarities of Russia's Development in The History of the Russian Revolution", and it was used as a response to National Socialism.  


>No, it can also be used properly like marrying your daughter at  14 or so off to an older established male
>kike is unironically defending grooming.
You and Anon are talking about whole other forms of grooming. You're referring to grooming as it was done prior to modern Europe, where parents and housemaidens were prepping children for sex. But you should have used the word "well-established male", as you're forgetting that a 14-year-old would only be married off to a man who was deemed trustworthy. There was generally a time when being a degenerate hedonist was incredibly difficult to do unless you were a very powerful man who could be overlooked when breaking civil and religious laws. Anon is clearly referring to modern grooming, which is corrupt and swipes away any good memories of a child between them and their parents in favor of creeps on the internet.

<L-look, this s-study says i-it's only 33% at best!
Most of these studies do not count or do full case research on actual reports of sexual abuse done by sodomites.

>I wish you idiots would quit making shit up as your moronic assumptions
I wish idiots like you would do better research instead of trying to unironically defend trannies.

>John Money, we know, and David Reimer eventually killed himself because of what money had done, this is baby tier shit you're spewing here
<What is Jeffrey Epstein? What is Harvey Weinstein? What is Robert Maxwell? What is the link below?
You must be Jewish.
Replies: >>2618
>No, it isn't, it ranges from 16 to 33 percent
You do realize that 16 to 33 percent is still significantly too high for a group that makes up only less than 1% of the population? 

Here on /fascist/, we do not tolerate LARPers with axe wounds between their crotches. So fuck off.
Replies: >>2618
>You're retarded; "gender" is a dumb term meant to delude everyone into thinking the concepts of sex and sexuality are "fluid" as far as categorization. This way, transexuality and homosexuality can be seen as legitimate. 
Gender as a word wasn't coined in 1970 by John Money, he coined Gender theory out of Marxist theory, and sought to test his theory on David(Bruce) Reimer and his brother Brian, he reported it as a success, meanwhile poor David had realized he wasn't a girl at around puberty, and was living as close to his natural self as possible by fifteen and spent the entirety of the rest of his life fighting against Money and his theories until he killed himself at 38 yrs old, the experiment was a failure in that it disproved moneys entire theory yet it still survives and has turned into what we see today, He took the Formal version of the word Sex which is the word Gender and was still Gender at the time and warped it as jews tend to do
>Today, most people just see the word gender as a synonym for sex. 
It's not only a synonym, it is the formal, more polite version of the word sex and it was considered so until VERY RECENTLY, this is the reason Gender and sex were interchangeable and used as such on government documents, here you gave the jews ground implicitly, denying use of a word because of how they've warped it instead of using it brazenly as it's original natural form, by refusing to use the word you implicitly admit they are correct and therefore lose ground and destroy your own culture just to avoid their warping of a word.
>No, the word was only reported to have been first used by Trotsky in "The Peculiarities of Russia's Development in The History of the Russian Revolution", and it was used as a response to National Socialism.  
IN ENGLISH, IT WAS A FRENCHY WORD PRIOR SEPCIFICALLY Raciste accent on the e, and it had none of the negative connotation that trotsky and his ideological descendants used it for and turned it into.
excerpt from the above article:
A piece for National Public Radio (Gene Demby, "The Ugly, Fascinating History of the Word 'Racism'," 6 January 2014) cites the Oxford English Dictionary to the effect that the first use of the word racism (in English) was by Richard Pratt in 1902, five years after Malato's use of raciste and racisme in French. 

The truth matters and pointing to commies for using our language derogitorily when a word is inherently neutral or simply descriptive is fine but don't give them any credit for creating a word unless they actually fucking did.
>You and Anon are talking about whole other forms of grooming. 
Both are called grooming whether you want to make up other words or say it more eloquently or not, and well established male, was intentional. Most arranged marriages did not care for trustworthiness over the ability of the prospective groom to provide for the bride, it was the most important factor, not trust, not care, not happiness, and not flowery notions of "love". 
>Anon is clearly referring to modern grooming,
No shit, I totally missed that(not) instead of grasping that and pointing him to a use case that, though rare today, still exists, just because degeneracy is common place doesn't take away from the original use of a word again here's you and that anon giving ground because jews and degenerates warped the meaning of a word to excuse themselves.
>Most of these studies do not count or do full case research on actual reports of sexual abuse done by sodomites.
The specific study that gave the 16 to 33% was a meta analysis, which are usually less politically motivated than your average study in and of itself and the Cdc puts the average for both sexes  at about 14 to 15%, so on the low end it's barely higher than normal high end it's more than double, realistically probably about 1.5 times, so say 24% of a tiny proportion of the population who would have more volatile home situations due to the repulsion for this behavior most parents inherently feel, which can and probably does cause some psychological abuse to occur. Which again just points to unstable family situations as the impetus for this form of degeneracy, at no point does any of this point to any other cause molestation is not one of them, there is overlap but not enough to point towards it as a cause. I've seen more evidence that seems to lend towards homosexuality, of which trannies are supposed to be a subset, not being caused by molestation either there is overlap but evidence dictates that it is more likely both an exceedingly rare natural mental aberration and a symptom of parasitic infection(literal parasite, not the jews).
>I wish idiots like you would do better research instead of trying to unironically defend trannies
Who's defending trannies faggot?, pointing out idiocy and illogical conclusions, and inaccurate information, that you fucking "We're right wing" niggers seem to love spreading around, instead of using the actual information(which isn't even hard to find) to make a cohesive coherent statement and conclusion, you peddle lies and bullshit tying to pull at the moral cords that most in our society either do not have or do not care to enforce.
>What is Jeffrey Epstein?...
 Two dead jews, One a confirmed mossad spy and embezzler, the next a pimp and possible mossad spy and One living imprisoned jew hollywood movie producer who propositioned mostly jewish whores to provide roles in movies in exchange for sexual favors, most of whom only came out after he was charged with a crime lending no credibilty to their stories you got some kind of point here? none of them have any part in trans shit, or molestation, more prostitution, and blackmail, and white collar crime.
The Schizo shit about Epstein not withstanding, I have seen many claimed things to be evidence he was trafficking in and killing much younger girls than those he used for the blackamil prostitution ring, but hard evidence is lacking, and ultimately a waste of time to even dig anyone further sullied by such supposed evidence is already on my shitlist,
You do realize they're like 4 percent of the population now and that's not a much higher rate than the general molestation rate, right? The only one larping here is you, that was not a defense of trannies that was me, a National Socialist excoritaing a retard for inaccurate information, if you want to fight this shit you have to do it with the truth, not made upo bullshit.
Replies: >>2623 >>3014
>It's not only a synonym, it is the formal, more polite version of the word sex
There was no "polite" way of saying sex, you brain-let. Everyone in the past used the term sex or went about the specifics.

>Both are called grooming whether you want to make up other words 
If both are called grooming, then the one that gays use would make it fundamentally bad, no matter the excuses you try to use. If it can't come without perversion and you can't provide specifics of how it should be done truly, then it shouldn't be practiced.

>Most arranged marriages did not care for trustworthiness 
This is a lie, and you know it. Trustworthiness was one of the most fundamental necessities for getting a man to marry his daughter. It's been this way since ancient Greece and Rome were still around, where responsibility and good character were required of men to get their most valued daughters. The whole idea that "marriage was entirely political" is not even true and mostly refers to historic situations where families were forced to marry their children off to obtain political leverage or money.

> the most important factor
Don't see the importance of marrying your daughter off to some creep who is likely to abuse her just because it's TRAD.

> not trust, not care, not happiness, and not flowery notions of "love"
No trust? Bullshit. No care? A wife was able to get a divorce if there were cases of abuse and negligence of her husband's duty, especially if she was well-known member and contributor of society. The only thing you're correct about is happiness and love, although these were still expected to be shown after both spouses got to know each other better, whether it ever happened or not.

>which are usually less politically motivated than your average study
>.gov are totally not motivated by politics, goy!
And their studies are measured off of one factor that does not account for most sexual abuses.
<We examined self-reported childhood abuse among TGAs compared with CGAs and risk for abuse within subgroups of TGAs in a nationwide sample of US adolescents.
They're going off of self-reports alone, which is barely anything to study considering that most adolescents who are victims of abuse don't report childhood abuse until they're adults or ever at all.

Then there's the dumb method they've used.
<Adolescents aged 14 to 18 completed a cross-sectional online survey (n = 1836, including 1055 TGAs, 340 heterosexual CGAs, and 433 sexual minority CGAs). Participants reported gender assigned at birth and current gender identity (categorized as the following: cisgender males, cisgender females, transgender males, transgender females, nonbinary adolescents assigned female at birth, nonbinary adolescents assigned male at birth, and questioning gender identity). Lifetime reports of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse were measured.
The method mostly refers to children ABOVE the age of 14, even though trannies will attempt to groom children even at the age of 5 years old. The measures are based on an online survey. It's stupid and explains nothing other than the fact that they used reported cases of sexual abuse amongst 14- to 18-year-olds from people who are willing to admit they were molested by trannies on the internet, which is even more retarded to do. This literally says nothing and you're trying to make it out more than it actually is which is even funnier.

>Who's defending trannies faggot?
The dumbass, who didn't even read the study he linked. 

>pointing out idiocy and illogical conclusion
Ah, but taking illogical conclusions from .gov is totally acceptable, huh? The same idiots who also love to under-report cases of Jewish pedophilia? Or the fact that they have too much power and money?

>you got some kind of point here? 
Where do you think the trans inspiration for molestation comes from? Do I need to mention the Jew who invented queer theory as well? Or how about the faggy Jews who were involved in LGBTQ+ movements and were outed as pedos as well? Do you have a point trying to lie that Jews do not have an active involvement in pedophilia and transexuality. The fucking Kabbalah literally thinks there's such a thing as third-sex.

>The Schizo shit about Epstein not withstanding, I have seen many claimed things to be evidence he was trafficking in and killing much younger girls than those he used for the blackamil prostitution ring, but hard evidence is lacking
Learn how to spell. If there's no evidence he committed the crime, then why do they need to fake his death and send him to Israel?
>inb4 n-no e-vidence that he didn't kill himself!
>h-he t-ottally isn't in Israel!
>you got some kind of point here? 
Where do you think the trans inspiration for molestation comes from? Do I need to mention the Jew who invented queer theory as well? Or how about the faggy Jews who were involved in LGBTQ+ movements and were outed as pedos as well? Do you have a point trying to lie that Jews do not have an active involvement in pedophilia and transexuality. The fucking Kabbalah literally thinks there's such a thing as third-sex.

>The Schizo shit about Epstein not withstanding, I have seen many claimed things to be evidence he was trafficking in and killing much younger girls than those he used for the blackamil prostitution ring, but hard evidence is lacking
If there's no evidence he committed the crime, then why do they need to fake his death and send him to Israel? Why is he confirmed to have had child slaves on Island. Why did he show such an attraction to children? WHY WERE THEY SEX TRAFFICKING CHILDREN YOU STUPID FAGGOT


>inb4 n-no e-vidence that he didn't kill himself!
>t-there's no evidence he went to Israel!
I already posted a link that alludes that Jews are sent to their shit-hole of a "homeland" to escape to whenever they done something that makes them publicily detested or could put them in prison for decades. 
I'm not surprised that the pedofag is even a defender of Epstein himself. A ((( stein )))'s hand is behind this post.

>You do realize they're like 4 percent of the population
>Sources:the fucking Jew media
Once again, you're talking out your ass, troon lover. Reports of 1mill trannies is over-reported, and there's no concrete evidence that many people identify as trans. 

4 percent is still too high for even 16%, you dumbass nigger. 

>National Socialist excoritaing a retard for inaccurate information
The irony of this statement is that, although you definitely aren't a National Socialist, since you love taking your information from the Jew media, you need to defend your heckin tranerino BF and fellow Jew Epstein. Go back to reddit.
Replies: >>2627
I have no skin in your debate Anons, but I would remind you both that so-called 'Age of Consent' is a Jewish trick, directly supports their favorite one feminism, and has been disproportionately damaging to the White race.

So in all your pre-programmed, 'muh_PAEDOS' reeing, just remember that women should be married off by their fathers while they're still young teenagers, as soon as they are fertile -- as has been the case for all of humanity until now.

Any other arrangement leads to Current Year shenanigans by the kikes.
Replies: >>2633
Medium sucks, here's a better link. 

Dude was even registered as a sex offender. Not enough evidence my fucking ass. There isn't hard evidence, because they haven't release the information that would expose all the other Jews and Zionists who diddled kids.
>that so-called 'Age of Consent' is a Jewish trick, directly supports their favorite one feminism, and has been disproportionately damaging to the White race.
The age of consent isn't really damaging to the White race. What is poisoning White folk are immigration, Jews, capitalism, and women's civil rights and education. The NSDAP and Mussolini's government had an age of consent of 14, yet birth rates skyrocketed during their respective regimes. The actual issue is with the secular and progressive laws of a state that removed fathers' and husbands' total control over their daughters and wives, along with other privileges and responsibilities they once had. Whether the age of consent is feminist or Jewish hardly matters, as it is not really a major cause of the declining White birth rate. Although I do not disagree that the age of consent is inherently feminist, abolishing it is not going to solve the problem alone.
Replies: >>2634 >>2734
[Hide] (141KB, 500x593) Reverse
>The age of consent isn't really damaging to the White race.
Au contraire. The way it's wielded as a weapon most certainly *is* destructive. Niggers will reproduce early, regardless of the law. The globalist kikes don't aim these laws at niggers, rather at Whites. Mudshits will reproduce early, regardless of the law. The globalist kikes don't aim these laws at mudshits, but rather at Whites.

In this matter, you certainly come across as either a brainwashed golem yourself, or a card-carrying glownigger. Regardless, it's apparent you haven't studied what family or the blood really means or how it actually works in history. You work for the enemies of our people, whether you will or no.
Replies: >>2641
[Hide] (176KB, 1053x1070) Reverse
>The way it's wielded as a weapon most certainly *is* destructive
>Niggers will reproduce early, regardless of the law 
>The globalist kikes don't aim these laws at mudshits, but rather at White
Then the issue really isn't age of consent laws. What you're describing is more in line with what I explained about immigration decreasing native birth rates and malicious narratives as a way to raise the cost of living to prevent Europeans and White Americans from having kids. And as I said beforehand, Germany under the NSDAP and Italy under the PNF had age of consent laws, yet birth rates were incredibly high, and most of the civilians got married and/or had children at the age of 21–25 anyway. I'm not saying that the laws that prevent men from marrying young don't have a negative impact, but they are just not that detrimental from my point of view. Major factors, such as taking away fathers and husbands autonomy over their household to prevent their women and children from being corrupted by the Jewish poisons, seem to be the larger cause and effect of broken households and the lack of young White lads having children. That and civil rights given to women and shit-skins.

> it's apparent you haven't studied what family or the blood really means or how it actually works in history
>Not agreeing with the belief that age of consent are not the main cause of White birth rate decline means you don't understand kin.
Okay faggot.
>In this matter, you certainly come across as either a brainwashed golem yourself
Nothing shows that I don't understand the meaning of kinship, nor does the subject of this topic prove that I don't know the meaning of family. It's apparent to me that you're unfoundedly hostile because you want to diddle kids. I don't see anyone wanting to abolish the age of consent as a pedophile, as I understand why they would suggest it, but those who get upset when you disagree with said proposal or post constant loli in their enthusiasm for abolishing a law because they hope it will eliminate the boundary with someone's children are always discovered to be pedofags. Especially after I affirmed that it is an inherent negative thing. By your logic, the Germans were "killing the White race" by not abolishing such a law. You're coming off as a glownigger acting this way. That or you got double-vaxxed, which would explain why you're so pointlessly aggressive.
[Hide] (90.6KB, 718x718) Reverse
Last day at work-school tomorrow. Its a struggle to remain professional in that zoo, The whites have fled certain departments in the campus, one floor will be all mud but down one level its not. Lots of sick young zoomers with fancy LGBTQIP+ lanyards and abo theme sports polo shirts, but the general morale is the same as it always was. The jew mosquito unions are shilling the Yes vote and there is a mandatory online course to officially enforce the pronouns of any Ze/Zir that comes in the door. I speak to some old boys about this nonsense, the instincts are there but none refused the jabs let alone would return a roman, which would not only cost your job but leave you open to ZOG prosecution now that its legislated Illegal here. On the way home, I thrash through the city on the MTB grabbing stuff on my list, I came across a jogger wearing a ski mask in the main street. He was looking at hisself in the shopfronts like nigger menace was the new black. I was so flabbergasted and enraged I was only able to politely call him out for being a fuking retard and forgot to mention his bantu heritage. Theres more than a coupla around now. They compete for ridiculous flamboyance with the treatment resistant schizophrenics this town is more accustomed to. 

Its been an unprofitable, lonely trip, a futile scout for survivors. The acceleration is flat out in the front lines I work in and commute through. Snow forecast on the drive back to Silver City which should be pretty..
[Hide] (433.3KB, 1410x967) Reverse
Doktor Zogbot has me waiting for scans on my sports injury. I'm wondering if my DNA from the blood panel is now in a databank. Like how PCR tests for the CoViD psypop got bought by private companies, for god knows what ends. Big Data has an existential need for the gene code of the last of the Aryans.  So I'm stuck in the Poz for a week at least, passing the time for a wage and visiting mumsie on the commute back to my billet in the suburbs. She assures me she's voting No to the invoice and even gave me some oxys she had in her sock drawer. They will help to fill a gaping hole in my FAK like dexadrine.  I remember using a couple for my feet on a long route march over bad terrain to the extraction point once. Doktor Zogbot wouldn't buy that excuse tho, the mask mandating soy beta, but I bet he'd trade me a script if I sign over my blood for the DNA profile...  Went up to the ravine to check out a cave I want to squat this summer. Saw a pair of Rosellas and some Kookaburras that the local Tickabox boongs here use as totems even though they weren't around until after the last full bloods died out. Strange... Also thinking about making a camp on the north side of the mountain back in Silver City. Anything to fill in the days. This poz town mission surely is no speed run....
Replies: >>2707
>a pair of Rosellas 
>The NSDAP and Mussolini's government had an age of consent of 14,
Doubt. 14 is fine if you are under 21 under german law today though under the NSDAP any 'improper' relationship with a minor under 21 even if it was not sexual was considered rape. This is what put Dirlewanger behind bars for a while. The NSDAP went full auto on underage grooming. 
Replies: >>2738
No, dirlewanger was put in for actual rape, and he and his battallion continued doing so at whatever opportunity they could.
Also, never shill a video by that anti-white indian race traitor who lives on welfare in germany again.
[Hide] (90.8KB, 862x575) Reverse
The old lady in the cottage at the edge of the forest is going to quit Silver City and move to Port Shorecliff. The cottage is damp and pretty crummy TBQH. The community isn't picking up for her anymore.  I guess because in the end she wasn't a local and was imposing more than she had the juice for,  She wants a new two bedroom unit on the coast and doesn't want to pay more than half her pension. And she'll get it, more or less and quite quickly too, according to the social worker she got driven up there specifically to see. Such is the manner of the aging boomers who have lived entitled and obstinate lives for too long. In their final years they become like a juggernaut at the table, rapacious and blundering through their midnight supper, tediously bellowing in irritation when they spill their plate and cup, She tells me the stories of her life when I visit, I have heard them all a dozen times. They only change upward the number of police men she got sacked for roughing up that increasingly innocent aboriginal, that she witnessed that one time, when she was back in her prime. The poor aboriginals who still don't have the right to vote or own property, and get paid in cheap booze for their hard work on the stations. And how the police Zac Rolfe up there recently shot one of them Kumanji Walker not because he got stabby with scissors I am mistaken how stupid of me but because he objected to being summonsed for court.  So I must vote Yes to the invoice,  to stop all this awful injustice. 

I won't miss her.
Replies: >>2754
seems to me he was a boong who liked sharp, edgy things tbh.
Replies: >>2820
Yeah fetal alcohol syndrome is up there with meth addiction as far as chaos in the community goes. Kumanji was just a violent nigger and would not have been missed, even by the family he terrorized. All the kvetching from the activists and city marxists would be at odds from the sentiment in that community, Zac Rolfe saved lives and stopped rapes, I dont think he'd care to be so inclined if he was given a fair go and returned to work.
[Hide] (333.7KB, 1280x960) Reverse
I check the catalogue and Silver City General is deprecated to twelfth place to attest to my long field run this time.  It started off with a nice work week camping under giant Macrocarpa pines in an arboretum, and commuting on logging roads and walking trails to the project site on Blade Peak. I was running out of water by the end, thirteen liters in four days and I'm checking the map to see which creek I cross don't come from some coal mine tailings dam because the aquatabs don't inert no bismuth hexaflouride. The Roman River wasn't swollen this time so no problem to cross with a pole. I didn't make crampons for the slick log but the load carrying frame I spent a week on worked as intended. The rest was a pleasurable test of fitness and I damn near got sunburned in the high alpine where I can see all the way over to someplace. I got back to the survival compound in time for friday night pixxa with the survey data and a dozen tea tree spars but the modem isn't lighting up for some reason it was the possum dancing on the telephone cable I know it  to make matters worse I got urgent payments to make and my job's Internal Affairs office is wanting to talk  about this guy who an-hero'd on my duty shift If I'm getting blamed for the death I'm gonna take the credit and the usual hard reset of the router isn't gonna get my communications back up this time. So I'm back in Poz Town, back to 4G and gangrene rotting ice zombies, back to Jaycar to get some RJ-11 cable and back to the robopathic retards popping off some bullshit doctrine at teh wage. 

I didn't even have time to take the spars off the Falcon's racks so I dropped them into the ravine for this summers camp. I hope I can sequester them before the MTB faggots cut them up for corduroy tracks or something. Going back next week after Civic club.
[Hide] (60.1KB, 466x466) Reverse
Poz town is getting to me with the intensity of its infotoxin. Its not avoidable because the merest glance at a TV will instantly show me some globohomo or replacement or abo fetish images. The newspapers or magazines have on the front or back covers the ugliest subhumans culturally appropriating some white aesthetics. I am noticing symptoms of pschologic trauma and my mind ranges desperately to find ways to fight back. The jew does not care about the most base of his vile message pipelines, its retarded because no one but the mind rotted elderly consumes this garbage, probably vying for the diminishing sickly sweet nostalgia shows they recall enjoying from the before times when the TV was friendly and trustworthy.  What is the point of promoting race mixing to a demographic that is decades past being viable? 

There are "vote yes" billboards in many front yards. People in glass houses shouldn't be throw stones, not at no traumatized white man just trying to live a normal life. I'll work one more day, do my supplies run, go to civic club in the evening then get out at dawn.
Replies: >>2842
>I am noticing symptoms of pschologic trauma and my mind ranges desperately to find ways to fight back.
We just call it nigger fatigue here and it's real. A new one is now popping up: 'tranny (or troon) fatigue'.

Good luck making it out of Poz.
Replies: >>2943
[Hide] (3.7MB, 320x180, 03:58)
The old lady in the cottage at the edge of the forest has said she will vote No because the invoice doesn't give boongs enough $, land and power and I talked to a mate who is now going to do the right thing instead of chucking a donkey on the fake and gay plebiscite.   Its generally been quiet enough here in the survival compound for the jew fatigue to dissipate and the project priority to shift from reactive to constructive, although I know that Operations in Poz Town will recommence and probably soon as my old man has just had his sixth jab and could succumb suddenly, requiring my attendance to chuck his shit in the skip and turn out the lights. 

I got a break in the weather and went up the bush. Seven hours in the sunless under-story and my sinuses are excoriated from the decay and chainsaw fumes. The trail head is three hours beyond the treeline and the sodden ground often drains down the pioneer track I'm following, so that its a running creek littered with logs and branches of the mission previous and clear sign of the hobby tunneler I am, autistically digging in his back yard for reasons normies chortle at the folly of,  yet marvel that new paths through the wasteland spaces interstitial to the double lane or double track arteries between actual destinations may be created through strength and muscle and jungle work. 

Duno how I'm going to keep going tho, the distance is limiting progress and becoming a peril. I need a equipment dump or a camp or better gear or maybe start from the lake side. The saw is a bitch to portage but I cant leave it  up there because it needs a service after running a couple a hours and it's caked and choked on rotten sawdust. Maybe the better weather and knee pads I'm gonna install on the new BDU's will help. Then I need to find a clearing and running water. No problem.
Replies: >>2951
Cherish every moment of it. Seems the jews have flipped a switch to give them excuses for more murder & powergrabs in the ME today.

Stay safe friend.
[Hide] (74.9KB, 710x762) Reverse
Fake and gay plebiscite occurs today. For you seppos, Its a transfer of power to the jew lobby using their proxies i.e. 95% whites claiming bottom rung subhuman lineage, but with reparations and land transfers to the new protected class. All polls indicate a brexit phenomenon but we'll know by midnight.

Did a opportunity field mission out in the forestry estate to the north and was planning to do a supply and survivor run in Poz Town but the compound there was X'd out and I haven't refurbished the secondary camp in the ravine yet, so I'm back in Silver City in the flogging rain to burn some rotten posts, do some craft work and meal prep and maybe evict the fukn possum in the roof. Between the new war Kino and the vote results I'm gonna be getting a flat arse and putting some power thru the satellite comms transciever up on the roof. 

Duno whats best to focus on to get back on the big project. Its mostly maintenance and side quests occupying my hours. At least I'll have froxen pixxa and newish oil in the vehicle when that comes around again tho. Second daily and more intense convict conditioning now that my tone is good to go.
[Hide] (59.2KB, 1154x647) Reverse
The shifty jew power grab has flunked and the MSM will now flip to the next psyop in the stack. Feels like not getting vaxxed all over again, or like getting an extension on a big university exam. However there is no expectation of change for the better and the ZOG will spin up plan B which is to legislate treatty reparations at the state level anyway. This event is a mere speed bump in the oncoming humiliations we are experiencing. Only this one got the soft headed normies and traitors to mark their own doors with clown color "Yes" signs. All to disappear into the green bins today but I will remember where they were.
Replies: >>3035
[Hide] (464.2KB, 1200x1196) Reverse
Aussie dollars are not worth much. I think we are about 60¢ US, I have no idea how much a cup of coffee costs, probably about twenty minutes wage for a labourer. The ZOG has devalued the time of workers and stolen our bank savings with inflation. They are hoping to reduce the value of their covid debts and their social justice debts and healthcare blowouts and general graft by the buisiness-government complex. In typical jew fashion they subjugate us, the captives of the fiat currency system with  transparent humiliations like Pic rel which is the largest denomination coinage, it buys you about an hour on a city parking meter. Its effectively a children's toy token, And that is the regard the ZOG wants you to have for the value of your labour. A childs bauble and a token of  the esteem they hold you and your contribution.
>You do realize they're like 4 percent of the population now and that's not a much higher rate than the general molestation rate, right?
>doesn't provide any proof.
Was this statement made by a tranny? Trannies don't even make up for 1% of the population. As matter of fact, if I recall (can't find it at the moment) there was a study that actually proved that the number of trannies claimed by said activists and the US government are over-reported and that they even used dead people within their count of trans and homosexuals within the United States of America. Even homosexuals don't make up more than 2% and is probably far less than 1% percent of the population as well.
Replies: >>3015
Making bullshit assumptions doesn't behoove you. If you were correct, that was me simply having the wrong information, but in leiu of any sources provided by you, I'll go with the numbers I've seen myself. The number of them and proportion of them has increased to more than you might think, especially with the indoctrination going from college at the earliest to as low as elementary school, there are several estimates that put it at about 12-15% for the younger generations in school today and regardless whatever it might truly be, they don't matter, they will all die soon enough either from self-inflicted suicide or simply being too weak to live in the conditions soon to come.
Replies: >>3016
>Making bullshit assumptions doesn't behoove you
Thuletide posted the study on twitter, the problem is I can't find it there at the moment. This also shouldn't be coming from someone who literally believes in literal bullshit.

>but in leiu of any sources provided by you, I'll go with the numbers I've seen myself
What numbers? I asked for sources and you still haven't provided anything. If you're unironically going to believe that over 4% of the population identify as trans, you better make sure your stats are actually accurately counted and not done by some dumb shitlib with an agenda. If you're so sure of your sources post them or GTFO.

>The number of them and proportion of them has increased to more than you might think, especially with the indoctrination going from college at the earliest to as low as elementary school, 
Correlation doesn't equal causation. The rate and trusted indoctrination of children identifying as transexuals would need proof. I haven't seen anything about a significant number of children identifying as trans. Plus, this all the more proves that the statistics you're shilling is bullshit, considering Western governments ignorantly think that a transexual and willingly adult is the same as a child who has been groomed.

>there are several estimates that put it at about 12-15% for the younger generations in school today and regardless whatever it might truly be, 
Again, no stats, just claims. Your arguments are weak.
Replies: >>3017
Thuletide posted no such thing whether on his blog where he does his own "work" if you can even call what that derad faggot does work, he proved he's an idiot when he claimed "Hey guys Jews really are smarter than us!" and more recently by reasoning that Israel is a western colonial project so we should support it. but issues with his nigger ass  aside, I checked his telegram, and his Blog, not a fucking peep about falsified Tranny statistics at all, the only bare mention about it is in a post that talks of "right-wing feminists" from 2021, which I am quite familiar with separately, as they also like to larp as Nazis from time to time , so I'm going to err on the side of caution and say whatever you think you saw, you didn't fucking see.
You want numbers? 
Here's Pew research on young adults(people under 30 but still of the age of majority) 5 percent of whom identify as some form of "non-binary/transgender",  incidentally, their wording is unclear but I'm going to guess probably correctly that it's of the young adult population as a whole, 2% of whom are outright trannies, the other 3 of the 5% are non binary, under 25's but still adults the proportion of outright trannies goes up to 3.1% the NB proportion stays the same, and it's noted people over 25 but less than thirty are only .5% transgender. additionally 44% of all US adults personally know someone who is a tranny, more than half of the under 30 demo personally knows someone who is a trannie, so in summation their proportion of the population must be greater than you claim, shall i plug in more numbers? will that satisfy your moronic questions and cease your asinine assumptions that only trannies wish to claim the problem/proportion is as bad/large as it is?


Ultimately though, you fucking nigger, I don't care what the most accurate figure about their proportion of the population is because, THEY ARE WEAK, DYSGENIC, EFFEMINATE, MENTALLY ILL, RETARDS WHO WILL ALL DIE AS THIS SOCIETY COLLAPSES, I DO NOT CARE TO SAVE THEM AND I REALLY DO NOT WISH TO SPEND ANY MORE TIME ARGUING ABOUT THEM.
Replies: >>3022
>Thuletide posted no such thing whether on his blog where he does his own "work" 
Except he didn't, he linked a transexual stat and, it was likely on telegram or twitter, either way there was a study for it. 

>he proved he's an idiot when he claimed "Hey guys Jews really are smarter than us!" and more recently by reasoning that Israel is a western colonial project so we should support it.
Thuletide didn't do any of this shit. You're so fucking retarded that it's not longer even funny. He made several post debunking Ashkenazi IQ as BS on telegram as far as overrepresentation, even though he clearly misses the fact that the numbers are still dubious. His argument is that the elites are smart enough to carry out goals and ends to decline the White race, not that they're smarter than the White people as whole.  He never said anything about how Israel is western colonial project and should be supported, his complaints were that autistic tards on the DR were using leftist rhetoric to bitch about Israel doing a "colonialism", something the White man has done as something comparable to what is being done in Israel. You're acting like a woman, I suggest you stop taking HRT it's muddling your mind.

> I checked his telegram, and his Blog, not a fucking peep about falsified Tranny statistics at all
Thing here is I have seen him post the link on Telegram and on Twitter a year or two ago, and seeing that you're lying about what he said regarding Israel, this statement can ignored since you've proven to me that you're a dishonest faggot.

Opinion discarded. 
<This analysis is based on a survey of 10,188 U.S. adults. The data was collected as a part of a larger survey conducted May 16-22, 2022. Everyone who took part is a member of the Center’s American Trends Panel (ATP), an online survey panel that is recruited through national, random sampling of residential addresses.
Don't call someone a nigger, if you can't even give LEGITIMATE SOURCES.
Replies: >>3033
[Hide] (452.5KB, 720x1544) Reverse
[Hide] (479.6KB, 720x1544) Reverse
[Hide] (109.4KB, 1904x1050) Reverse
>Except he didn't,
Correct! he posted no such thing.
>Thuletide didn't do any of this shit.
OH Really?
This is phenomenally retarded, Thuletide is a fool, pro-christian because he has deluded himself into thinking that it built up or at least allowed ethnic/racial bonds to exist, when in every known form it has done everything it can to tear those bonds apart. He is also so concerned with optics  retardation, that he should be shot just for existing. That article took 2 seconds to find btw and most of it is built off of a study which supposedly thinks an assessment of 53 samples of jewish dna is reflective of the whole population in the us which is over 7 million jews, so this only makes sense if you are even dumber than he is. As he like his cohorts in the Derad "MUH SCIENCE" scene such as Survive the Jive, outright countersignal National Socialists, Fascists and anybody who advocates for the only solution left to us and eschew the correct term Aryan for the now politically correct name "Indo-european" these people who conquered called themselves, you know, Aryans..
I apologize for the other one though, I misread a post of his but since it's wrapped up in all of his normal idiocy, I attributed it to him oops, my mistake but considering he doesn't care if the jews continue to exist in Israel and even thinks we could be on good terms with them as per his Oct. 2022 article on Israel, I'm not far off. From the choices set before us he would rather choose to support Israel and what they're doing to the palestinians, while simultaneously criticizing their influence on the west(never mind that it doesn't work and reaches no-one) but still praising its overtly nationalist government and policies, despite that not even being the majority opinion in Israel itself until two weeks ago, and them being on the brink of civil war, thanks to bibi, not two months ago.
>not that they're smarter than the White people as whole
He put up two studies right there, both of which place jewish IQ as 110 across the board, at least for ashkenazim, which are the you know "euro and american" jews, estonians at 102 and finnish at 103, with nw euros as a whole at 100 if that's not saying "jews are smarter than us goy!" i don't know what it is.
Lets further address the pathetic coward known as thuletide, He COMPLETELY disregards that the core of those destroying our people, aren't even the jews themselves, it's White traitors who have so absorbed Christianity so tightly to to their core being, that they would rather the entirety of what's left of the genetic material of the Aryan race die because of their misguided and ill-programmed sense of guilt, which is not natural to us, like so many of the "far-rights" much vaunted thinkers peddle as the core of their theories as to why we have increasingly devolved ever deeper into ethno-suicidal bullshit over the last  2000 years.
he wholeheartedly believes thae following which is only mockingly quoted, "it's not the foreign creed which has always been an institution and belief set that protected, and afforded enormous influence to our most fervent racial enemy, goy! Shut up, and don't shoot them, or stab them, or do to them as they do openly to you, sit down, advocate for these sensible policies that the mainstream right has openly mocked themselves and failed to resist the policies opposing them for over 100 years, and pushed alongside and in open alliance with our enemies, since at least the 1950's, We can convince those poor white lemmings and take over like the jews did!"
I don't want to hear another word in defense of that coward, and if you do mention it again, I feel quite confident you won't be speaking here any longer.
>Thing here is I have seen him post the link on Telegram and on Twitter a year or two ago, and seeing that you're lying about what he said regarding Israel, this statement can ignored since you've proven to me that you're a dishonest faggot.
There is no such article anywhere on his blog, nigger, I looked, it's the easiest fucking website to find, and if it existed you'd put it right up like I do above, right?
Every permutation I plug in to his search function on either his blog or telegram or into other engines using his twitter tag shows nothing that remotely describes any such thing
The real thing here is you're a derad, and anything you say can be safely ignored. 
I get it you think that Pew research is a bad source, except looking at it's methodology and the actual numbers, even if it's done for political correctness, here it seems they are perfectly on point in trying to correctly assess the full number of Transfaggots in the world, here it is a legitimate source, wghether you like it or not, other places have less than half that number because they don't ask or asses for Non-binary people and may not consider them to be transgenders, and some NBniggers don't like being labeled trans. The point is, if you want accurate research you kind of have to at least accommodate them in some way that doesn't filter out the NB retards as part of the statistic. I only wish they also asked what species you are questions and all the other niche retarded things out there, so we might get an accurate assessment of just how much of the population we shall be hanging from trees.
Replies: >>3055
We saw that. Glad to hear, but as you say the jews will simply pull another set of lies / gayops out of their decrepit hats to foist upon the normalfag.

Stay safe.
>he has deluded himself into thinking that it built up or at least allowed ethnic/racial bonds to exist
Never seen any post of his that states anything remotely like this. I do agree he's a christcuck, but never seen him state that Christianity saved the White race. If anything he's been having tard fights with christoids more than ever. Although if he has said something of this case he can be easily proven wrong with what has resulted in New Spain and the conquest of the Aztec and Amerindians as a whole. The only reason why ethnic boundaries were able to continue to exist within the time of the supremacy of the christian churches within Europe is due to Europeans preserving their pagan/folkish beliefs along with the syncretism of the catholic and orthodox churches had practiced to get Whites to worship the jew yeshua. 

>1st image
I don't see your point.
>Uses app for reddit.
The jokes write themselves.

>2nd image
Putting "transgender statistics" is not going to get you results of the image of the exact post as, surprise surprise, searching for images on Telegram goes by what the words within a user's post. You're retarded.

>3rd image
As I said, he likely posted it on Twitter, even though I've clearly seen it on Telegram, so he must of deleted for whatever apparent reason. By the way, Thule doesn't post everything he's found on his blog.

>He put up two studies right there, both of which place jewish IQ as 110 across the board, at least for ashkenazim
>at least for ashkenazim
<Some of my original arguments were valid, while others were debunked (see this comment critiquing my article, for example). My primary argument, that the overrepresentation of Ashkenazi Jews cannot be attributed to their high IQ (or to their high IQ alone), still stands. 

<Ashkenazi overrepresentation is clearly a result of their ethnic nepotism/cooperation, ridiculously high in-group preference, and group-evolutionary strategy of undermining their primary ethnic competitors through “Affirmative Action” policies and so on. This is undeniably true, but proving it is outside of the scope of this article.

I don't agree with him at all that there are more high-IQ ashkenazi kikes than Whites considering that this has been debunked numerously, and of course Thule is being a retard thinking that every study he sees must be legitimate or a treasure of truth. Even though the very links he posts are dubious and have been criticized and he fails to realize that only ashkenazis are high IQ amongst jews, a population related to both Europeans and Middle Easterns, so it's clearly not the sandnigger part on how they are supposedly so intelligent as admitted by himself (funny enough his responses to criticism does not debunk the skepticism of their overrepresentation just attempts to re-validate the studies he's linked). The problem here is you're taking all of what he has said out of context and coming up with the most retarded conclusions as if he's pro-jewish and giving legitimacy to ZOG.

>I get it you think that Pew research is a bad source, except looking at it's methodology and the actual numbers, even if it's done for political correctness
This is quite ironic coming from you. It's apparently "jewish bullshit" when Thule agrees that ashkenazis are high IQ, so numbers must not be real, because "durr jews" even though the numbers and research are far more consistent than anything that Pew or tranny researchers throw out. But according to you, something dubious and not well articulated by no sense of measurement as admitted by themselves is 100% true. Pew Sources are not real, they're not articulate; they're based on =INTERNET SURVEYS=. Nothing in the article proves that their study is concrete outside of them asking trannies and random folk if they identify as transexual on the internet. No real conclusive study that proves that more than 10 million Americans identify as transexual outside of a couple thousand they surveyed on the internet which is commonly admitted by statisticians themselves are misleading or outright wrong. According to ((( You ))), something is only methodological and factual when it corresponds to your personal agendas as nothing you've said proves that Pew Research must be correct beyond a doubt. Niggerpillers like you never go far in life and are useless in the White man's struggle, FYI.

Give me a legitimate source or the shut the fuck up.


Replies: >>3056
>Never seen any post of his that states anything remotely like this.
He states this directly on his blog retard, he has no issue with christianity at all, but if I have to I'll go and take screenshots of where he shares his Political beliefs, and then intentionally misuses pierces words to "gotcha" his ideological enemies, aka Fascists and National Socialists. He cucks for optics and constantly countersignals any form of violence, not only did the man that this retard uses in the post I mentioned, NEVER counter signal violence, he outright encouraged its use and wrote an entire novel about how it should best be done, though even he was not flawless. he despises violence because violence begets fear, and it's not like our enemy uses fear to extreme effectiveness, right? last I checked more than 50% of America still expressed sympathy AND SUPPORT for BLM and Antifa who gripped the country in fear for years now, They must just sit around and talk all day, right?
You have proven by not knowing what you're looking at when I posted the search results for his Telegram channel, There are no results for Transgender statistics at all, whether on his twitter, his Gab or his wordpress blog, and he does post any major "work" he has done on his blog.
>Idon't see your point.
>Uses app for reddit.
>The jokes write themselves.
Yes, it is useful to be able to see things when people crosspost or excoriate something on another platform, I like to see beyond what reddit allows you to see if you have no account, so sue me.

>Putting "transgender statistics" is not going to get you results of the image of the exact post as, surprise surprise, searching for images on Telegram goes by what the words within a user's post. You're retarded.
Thuletide always says as a caption what any image he posts is about on telegram, there are many permutations of such and I tried a good number, found nothing except posts talking about gender ideology and how conservatives have embraced it, nothing even remotely similar to what you've said he posted as if that wasn't blatantly evident from even a glance at modern "conservatism"
>As I said, he likely posted it on Twitter, even though I've clearly seen it on Telegram.
He did no such thing, I watch his posts for the genetics information because he is usually pretty good there, and pretty much nowhere else
If it's not on telegram now and it's not on his twitter or his gab or his blog, where is it? This thing never existed and you are delusional. I've searched quite thoroughly for it as it leaves you with no information, and nothing to back up your idiocy. 
>This is quite ironic coming from you.
Everything I can find points to a thoroughly detailed and methodologically sound poll of over 10000 people, done by pew research, which has good information in some places and horrible in others, but here I have demonstrated that their pursuit of political correctness actually aided their research, and has given us a fairly accurate accounting of the percentage of the population of the US that is some form of gender ideology mental illness victim, you have provided nothing to debunk it, and I have searched for anywhere that points out that their statistics are somehow flawed on this study, NOBODY has anything showing it to be wrong or flawed.
I also broke it down and went through HOW thuletides article ends up as easily discardable jewish bullshit, I pointed out the sample size is vanishingly small, a representative sample of 1000 or more is usually requested, for populations as large as the US though it can go as low as 500, but generally the larger the sample size, the more accurate you can claim it is. that it's online surveys doesn't mean anything, nobody fills out surveys via mail anymore, and in my entire life I got one call for a political poll that cut off right in the middle and they never called back, you can go ahead and say that those who do the surveys are predominantly left wing and thus that those who use the internet are as well but we both know that a bullshit excuse and isn't even remotely true.
>Nothing in the article proves that their study is concrete outside of them asking trannies and random folk if they identify as transexual on the internet. 
Here are the questions they asked as part of a larger survey, verbatim from the article.
"Respondents were classified as transgender or nonbinary if they answered the sex and gender questions in any of the following ways:"

>1. If they said they describe themselves as nonbinary or volunteered a term such as “gender fluid” or “agender” to describe their gender

>2. If they said their sex assigned at birth was male and they describe themselves as a woman, and then confirmed that was accurate in the GENDERCONFIRM question

>3. If they said their sex assigned at birth was female and they describe themselves as a man, and then confirmed that was accurate in the GENDERCONFIRM question

>The questions used for this classification are below, along with instructions for the survey administrator. The GENDERCONFIRM question is used to avoid misclassifying respondents who made an error when answering the sex or gender questions as transgender. This type of error can have an outsize effect on estimates of small populations such as the transgender and nonbinary population, making it appear larger than it really is. Some federal surveys use this approach.


>Now just a couple of questions for demographic purposes …

>What sex were you assigned at birth, on your original birth certificate? [RANDOMIZE RESPONSE OPTIONS]

>1 Male
>2 Female

>Do you describe yourself as a man, a woman, nonbinary or in some other way? [DISPLAY RESPONSE OPTIONS 1 AND 2 IN SAME ORDER AS SEX]

>1 A man
>2 A woman
>3 Nonbinary
>4 In some other way: [text box]

>Just to confirm, you were assigned [IF MALE AT BIRTH (SEX=1): male; IF FEMALE AT BIRTH (SEX=2): female] at birth and you describe yourself as [IF GENDER IS MAN (GENDERNEW=1): a man; IF GENDER IS WOMAN (GENDERNEW=2): a woman; IF GENDER IS NONBINARY (GENDERNEW=3): nonbinary]. Is that correct?

>1 Yes
>2 No

I don't know about you but that seems like an accurate way to assess and account for errors including those commonly made on federal polls which do not account for this shit out of laziness and bureaucratic resistance to change, I don't appreciate you not even bothering to look at the fucking study itself or it's numbers and just throwing it out of hand when my doing so for thuletides retarded jewish IQ article, is what called it out as jewish bullshit, the average IQ for Israel would not be remotely close to 93, if 2.8 million people who's natural average of intelligence is 110, lived there and 2,8 million Ashkenazim do. Especially when Arab and Mizrahim average IQ there is noted as royghly 90 and Sephardim are noted as roughly 100. Glad BO banned your ass, btw if you can't argue like an adult, and can't provide sources that one can verify and have a better chance of accuracy than not when requested, you do not belong.
>Banned for being a shill for Thuletide
>even though I criticized Thuletide within my post
You are a gigantic faggot. It's no wonder why this board is dead. You can't read, and all you do is seethe. Lol loser.
Replies: >>3068
[Hide] (552.8KB, 568x610) Reverse
>You dare criticize me and my retarded logic! You dare criticize my heckin valid trannerinos that I so adore so much! You dare tell me to not post on chungus and wholesome Rebbit! You dare tell me that I'm wrong, because of my sources are biased and incalcuable! Banned! Don't come back y-y-you shill for THULETIDE111!
>Proceeds to write a paragraph seething, whining, and insulting others like a man-child.
Like a true Andrew Tate-tard and plebbitor. Make sure you join the 41% with your tranny boyfriend, faggot.


Replies: >>3068
Aww, is the poor little baby mad that he came in with a fantasy post and was completely reamed out? 
I banned you for being a shill for thuletide, because you are, that you have a complaint or two doesn't change that, Thuletide has never made any post like you've claimed, ANYWHERE. 
I don't like seeing faggots like you come in and try to minimize real issues our people are facing, by going "oh this source that your opponent very generously provided for you isn't hecking validerino!", despite said poster going through the study and info behind it, and thoroughly excoriating your idol at every turn. If you wish to post further, I suggest you shut your fucking mouth unless you do exactly as your opponent asked multiple times and provide sources beyond "this guy over here posted an image about it, I can't find it, nobody else seems to be able to find any evidence of it even existing" for your claims.
Your opponents source was neitger incalculable nor biased, it accounted for errors that federal institutions like the CDC(which you previously excoriated) make, and may have actually deflated the numbers it was also specifically focused on people between 18 and 30, the general population numbers as a subset of faggots hasn't yet shifted more than maybe  half a percent, because we still have the very large but shrinking yearly population of boomers who despite being the most liberal and insufferable faggots in every other way conceivable, still conform to their sex as their gender, oddly enough. Let's also not forget that they let John money run around freely, and NEVER PUNISHED HIM FOR WHAT HE DID TO THE REIMER TWINS.
[Hide] (311.3KB, 1280x960) Reverse
I was AFK. Now I am RTK. My thinking chair is not this one. Its probably an aluminum ration box in front of a gas cooker. The compound in Poz city is getting stale but I'm not there for funz. I did put some work into the camp in the ravine, A thin zone effectively unreachable by city normies who require arteries between organs or veins through tissues and anything else is interstitial space. I am bringing in spars and staves to upgrade the camp to the point where I am cooking meals in the evening there instead of the ute's tailgate in some high school's deserted car park. In my other travels,I did speak to a Dresden survivor, now a fear filled old man, deeply religious and paranoid. He was raised in the GDR and had hints of residual trauma. i.e. not drinking milk freely as it was for children only. He mentioned sitting next to a RAF officer in church once. The medal wearing dignitary reportedly told some tale about V2 rockets landing on Coventry, but nothing else that left an impression on the old child of the Reich, who was 8, and lived in Dresden's outer suburbs in 1945. I got the impression that the man's pitiful state of mind was a consequence of a lifetime of soviet and then mainstream jew media narrative about the holocaust, even though he literally lived through the real thing. Maybe this old man has actual mental damage from the lies, maybe its an extreme case and maybe its all very nebulous but it seems that only death and the truth will put you beyond such psychic harm. Back in Silver City for a while before I go back out and try and clear the schedule for Xmas in the mountains.
[Hide] (12MB, 720x900, 01:43)
These e-thots are really taking advantage of the current age. Those that posses the physical and character attributes to play at the apex of the digital social media platforms, onlyfans, sugardaddy, tinder, &c.. they can live a fabled life not before seen in history, where admirers simply wire them money and cement the fantasy that these women are some kind of exotic pet on display behind glass.  So bravo to these liberated women living the dream of luxury and glamour insulated from moral questions by a fat net worth. I am blood certain that they pay no heed to the frustrations of their consumers and you can listen to the horror story that one may have gotten behind the electronic barrier, or gotten their dox and posted it or not paid to leer at their online content, 

They are the priestess' of the new degenerate church of the flesh, not even in physical like the ancient  temple whores, but on some twisted new level where there isn't even contact of the flesh traded for the shekels. They engage in  this blase decadence but it exposes them as a useless by product of nature, caught in an artificial simulations and exploitation of dog shit psychology. They find validation in ideas that their winning of the current day is because of cleverness and enterprise.but in reality it is ignorance of their negative value to the community and the further degeneration of the dignity of themselves and the sacred role of all women, which is to bear and raise the next generation. 

How are these women unlike temple whores of a degenerate religion of narcissism and pathetic carnal voyeurism?  Their career will be fleeting but the mere rumor of this dirty online activity will soil their dignity irrevocably. 

I am not fooled by their performances. I will always hold these women beneath contempt and the stone glare of Aryan dignity in my eyes will suffocate them, pin them under water and drown them. I spit on their empty materialism.
[Hide] (49.1KB, 811x1080) Reverse
My mind is not squarely in the race war so much these days, though to be fair I don't think I'm a dilettante if my attention is taken up by the apparent plans of the NWO to "microchip" the global population, that is, discounting sub-humans and mixed breeds for which digital ID, One currency and a single set of rules would be appropriate. Anyway.

In my occupation I came across a teenage he-she and had the time to gain an impression of his state of mind. He was in ruinous health, his hands shaking from taking Cyclosporin against his testosterone and distinctly fay and weak from eating high octane goyslop like a bird. I observed and listened while we both waited, me behind the wheel and him passively waiting in his stall for the day's whoop-de-do to occur.  I engaged with him just as if he was any teenager by finding commonalities, boosting up the wit of his t-shirt and the sophistication of his soft drink. His walkman didn't have any wi-fi and he was a little bored, a little bit happy for attention. 

No man knows another but my gestalt feeling was that here we had a sacrifice to the monstrous modern deity we here know as globohomo. He was nihilistic to a level aberrant even for a teenager, and suchlike was satisfied and even joyous to be anointed in the sacraments and consulted by the temple dignitaries who hold his hand as he ascends to his promised destiny on a stake at the top of the pyre of logs being built, just for him, in the daylight just outside of the cave he was presently and patiently waiting in.

For what it is worth, this is what I saw, I am never wrong. I don't hate this victim, this sick young white man. There are appropriate paths for him, Psychopharmacology with good success in gender dysphoria and re-education sanatoriums and then work camps, basically not achievable in the current timeline. This guy is not gonna make it and he is satisfied with his  fate.  

[Hide] (50.7KB, 700x467) Reverse
I'm waiting on some thunderstorms to pass before I go on a mission to the new Area of Operations. The plan is to establish a base camp that covers the first portage stage and then a forward base on the summit where I can operate from. This is a lot different from the patrols I usually do from the vehicle or the cottage in terms of the gear and supplies I have to carry. I have spent a week doing mods to my gear that I have been wanting forever. I am now thinking about shaving weight off, on any version four of the customised kit I'm fielding.  Kinda glad I'm not in the USA, carrying a gun and ammo along with all the other shit would break my back. Lucky I don't have to worry about bears and ceral killers and cannibal boongs see pdf related lol.
[Hide] (52.7KB, 450x600) Reverse
I have been feeling a bit strange lately, The long days preparing for the next mountain run has me behind the sewing machine modding and producing gear so I take advantage of the silence and listen to audio books. So far I have completed Ryan Dawson's "The Empire Unmasked" and Andrew Hitchcock's "The Synagogue of Satan". Currently I am part way through Solzhenytsin's "Two hundred years together". All idiosyncratically voiced by an A.I. algorythim, programming my mind and washing the normal thoughts out my brain. Bored with a week inside my cottage, I am delayed by a storm front coming across the mountain like a freight train and I have to go down the shops for flour but I'm not feeling normie, big coat collar up and baseball cap down, furtive. Got my flour, milk, eggs and butter all paid exact in cash. The tradies in sun-bleached hi-viz and chad beards, buying six packs for din-dins and they get to dilly dally beside their utes because they own the esplenade after knock off, forcing low profile chuds to take the back way home and hope that mean three leg dog doesn't make me run and jostle the eggs into the flour in the backpack and that Cat in the window down the street doesn't know who the hell you are and whats your damn name. Sneakers got wet, dumplings for tea. Early night to take advantage of the clear skies tomorrow only.  Might give the antisemetic history lessons a break, hope I don't see anyone out there.
[Hide] (34.8KB, 486x698) Reverse
Happy Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, 88 Bros.
I went up the bush to establish a trail head and test out the new gear. It was saturated from the misty rain and  the new cammies are getting wet and I'm getting sooky and looking back towards where I came from. I had a poncho which kept the drips off and let the steam vent until I dried off a little.  Its only the arms that catch the drips so that turned out to be the key piece of gear.  The canvas hood got stiff and kept the water and litter out of my neck. Old natural fiber canvas is rare and valuable, so grab it when it comes up. Synthetic stuff is stronger but inferior. The chainsaw carrier is super comfy and low profile in the close understory, +1 to Range and Ergonomics.

These efforts are done with a survivalist view. The challenge of operating out there in depth drives the development of my techniques and equipment and the counterpoise is a lonely miserable death in that sodden green hell, where my body will assuredly never be found because of the hidden nature of the private trails I cut. Ironically there is emergency services comms that blanket the area but I cant access them because they switched to encrypted digital modes. The HAM frequencies are spotty in those valleys but even if I could get onto a network, the old boomers have given up listening or cant hear you over their T.V.'s

Personal Emergency Beacons are for fags and women and mobile phones are useless there. I'm willing to stake my life on my abilities, just as the pioneers did. Existentially I put myself in peril, and using a chainsaw against that slimy abattis is drunk-driving level, but I don't feel normal unless I do this. Off to Poz Town to work on my summer camp. 

Seig Heil for the New Year
[Hide] (3.1MB, 498x498) Reverse
Its really hot outside and the suburbs are baking with the smell of barbeque. Kids on a heterogeneous array of wheeled toys patrol the footpaths and in the city the streets are empty except for yellow and brown heathens set free by the closed businesses and family commitments of whites. As soon as mine was over I went to the summer camp to lash spars and fuss over the tarps. Its lovely in the ravine, warm and quiet with the sea breeze making a whistle through the casurinas, all of it improved by the removal of my shirt as I work. 

Had to quit part way thru the complicated set-up, will drive back in tomorrow. Leftovers for tea and no chocolate, just hydration for dessert.
[Hide] (114.3KB, 640x480) Reverse
[Hide] (92.3KB, 640x480) Reverse
I finished Ernst Junger's Storm of Steel on my tour-de-Poz. The work was mostly boring, Mechanistic and sometimes quite tough. 11 days on and two bonus nights in the ravine, testing it out for next time and tear-arsing around town on the single speed, sniping hard to get items.  I even got a restaurant dinner and sneak-in matinee; Lukewarm McCuck Zambrero goyslop and "Anyone but You", NPC fantasy Rom-Com vomit with lesbians and negroids. I had to sit thru an hour of it because the shit I ate crashed my digestion after all that pavement thrashing and road rage in the hot sun.

The next day I decamped and hit the road. I got called out for damn near picking a fight with a local as I passed thru Leadburg, he told me to "pass it forward" and mind my manners next time. I recognized him as a White man who would just as quickly get along as stand up; eye to eye or toe to toe. Was still seething when I stopped off to scout the back of the mountain on the way home, looking for bushranger caves. (Pic Rel.). The next day I went back out to the Northern Area of Operations to do 8 hours work on the forward outpost. Now I'm back in the survival compound and messaging cunts I know from the before times. This one dude wants to do a river trip and we're talking about how there's lots of Nepos in Poztown, like two where there was one of us before. Its as if they are replacing us or something because they are evolution of the fittest, or something, and (You) can't complain because you got no skin in the game, like me with my two girls and system jerb, so there. 

Yeah but you are quad vaxxed, so there. 

The absolute Dichotomy between this guy and Junger. Like Steel is to Tofu. I don't think that river trip is going to get past the gas station hill-billys. Likely he'd end up embarrassing me before my new friends. I still feel honor bound to keep in contact tho, We had some good times on teh PS4 playing GTAIV. Nostalgia is stasis.
[Hide] (87.3KB, 900x843) Reverse
Merry Christmastide Anon, glad to see you're still earning your keep! Love that rock outcrop, what a beaut. I got a free notebook around Western Christmas. I have too many of these things and not enough gear these days. Need to fix that tbh. Keep your feet dry and around blacks, never relax.
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[Hide] (156.7KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Being AFK is easy to get used to, I duno if I want to get a field PC setup, but maybe out of the back of my ute with some repurposed scooter batteries. The thinkpad X230 project is waiting on a Pomona clip so I can coreboot the bios. I have had two cracks at it already. 

I'm stuck in Poz City at the compound, waiting for the chud workshop to guillotine some Aluminium sheets into panels, so I can repair the comms station on Crossbones peak, I bide my time back in the saddle riding the familiar pavements from dawn until the summer sun burns out behind the western peak. I was crossing the bridge into the worker suburbs and this dude in dated fashion from a prison time warp is all up in my face about being yelled at from behind. Protocol dictates that blocking a bridge is cause for a fight to the death but on the same front I'm impressed by his natural aggression and honestly the last time some pedestrian pulled this shit he became my best mate and the only 88'er I know. Regrettably he couldn't be reasoned with so I had to leave him behind and now I'm starting to be angst ridden that I don't know how to fight and the whole thing was a stupid risk. 

There is a bit of chatter about the NSN getting mass arrested on their way to a rally, apparently the cops swooped on the train they were riding. Thomas Sewell is pretty good about staying legal so it's likely this is an intimidation move by the ZOG who will be doxxing them at work etc..  Infuriating, 

I bought a knife from the junk shop, the blade was chipped as hell so I am re-grinding and putting a new edge on it in my workshop here while I wait for the panels. Feels good to have a throwaway in my gear tho. My retard mate bought a "Nazi Bayonet" for $300, literally two days wage for him. Said that ASIO sent the purveyor a nasty letter about the import. Cant wait to see what passes for a replica these days. 

The ravine camp went well. Filthy weather and treacherous footing made up of cricket ball shaped stones that roll until they are out of sight when you step on them, just adds to the insane inaccessibility of that urban ranger hideout. Food was bland but high quality fuel, less bloating than the cuisine back in Silver City. Will probably go back to work until the weekend warriors are mostly off the mountain roads, Might dono the money to a good cause. Might.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 4608x3456) Reverse
The city poz gets unbearable during peak summer, but here in the mountains there is surplus to be processed into prepper supplies. Blackberries and lemons for the freexer and firewood for the next couple of years 5 tonnes. I am trying to not put a hookeroon spike in my leg or get severely insulted by thorns by falling into the canes. You gotta get high when you're picking blackberries, once you elevate your perspective then the opportunities open up, just like structured learning. The study of history is more about avoiding mistakes, the other side of the coin for the ascendent man. I been getting into Two hundred years together and deeper into the stale coronabirus psyop. 

There are bags of cheexe to freexe which is a catering ninja level 36 skill. The trick is to periodically punch it as it chills so its pliable enough to make froxen pixxas and lasgnae. I forget whats under the frost and I found some lemons from two summers past, like stones from a mountain river, such as the one I crossed twice daily on my last mission. Its a formidible obstacle when its swollen after winter rain but these last days it was tempting to stop and bathe in after those strenuous days in the sun, working on the peak. But its too much hassle and I end up washing in the lake at the end of it all, because bathing is for bushwalkers who dustoff in their hybrid volvos as soon as they hit the carpark. One of them shrieked at me and I might have yelled "get out of here you damn normie" and thrown a tiedown at her while she was blubbering because she got scared when she saw me, concealed in the only scrap of shade on the mountain top, packing up for the hike out after a day on the tools. I have two more days before the observation post is finished and I intend to go back as soon as this mountain of wood is out of the drive.
Replies: >>3391
>I intend to go back as soon as this mountain of wood is out of the drive.
Get the falcon hell out of there?
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[Hide] (172.2KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
The delivery chud is coming tomorrow, forecast to be peak summer day, maybe one of the last and I was going to go and do a trail. This is the dichotomy of the online marketplace, sacrifice for convenience. I didn't know I would have to blow the last hot day of summer for some forgotten purchase? I suspect its my new hi-viz for teh wage Add to that the data brokers use us tertiary consumers as exploitable mushrooms, absorbing wealth from the clean and free air of legacy white nations and blobbing off money to feed a high octane lifestyle and a rapacious appetite for new things. I'm not immune and as such the glow agencies either think I am preparing for race war out of the bush or just an incel airsoft retard, based on my ali-express history.   

And such like the convenience consumer sacrifices his privacy, our entire manufacturing sector was sacrificed for low-low prices on a cocophony of goods of inscrutable quality. Now we only make building materials, high end cookware and thankfully, foodstuffs. The odd 'show pony tech items get copied as soon as they get noticed, and not by the shining, sterile factories full of automation and powered by windmills, lol quite the opposite. We can't compete with eco-wrecking slavers, not with a free market that treats the arrival of sweatshop gee-gaws by the boatload as some right to happiness by retarded children. As for essentials and spare parts, we clearly have the duty to protect our industries on National Security grounds. Our clueless consumers are the 'free market''' which never helps our cause when selling shit back to them. China puts bans on whole sectors overnight, seafood and wine. Its all so tiresome. 

At least I can go running in my latest generation sweatshop sneakers, the ones that fixed the injuries my KT-26's gave me, but come to think of it, I used to run barefoot on the local oval, so they're technically a luxury item.  Maybe those highway boomers in  their new foreign SUVs are giving me disapproving looks with their cunty over-eyeglass sunnies because I'm being frivolous with my day, like a luxury enjoyer that I am, instead of working to support a family, like they did, back at Ford in Camberfield, from high school to retirement. Its a hard run, uphill until its down, but the effort helps me focus my hate, and thats one thing I can't ever sacrifice.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x12024) Reverse
The ZOG still hasn't done with Zac Rolfe who seems confident in his loneliness, like a Praetorian who's Emperor was assassinated and then given up to damnatio memoriae. He hasn't done anything wrong, he marched off to the most brutal battlefield in the land but found his demise in another foul game. I wonder about how a man deals with this betrayal. Although I have my own concomitant disappointments to give me some clues.
[Hide] (95.7KB, 1512x1344) Reverse
I am planning a trip to the Poz to get lemons, in short supply, however, the last of the hot summer days are forecast to come down the pipe.and  I am looking at the mountain and wanting to test myself one more time. I'm in a rare state of ambivalence, sometimes even contented, not bathing or even changing my underpants daily and serving up lunch and dinner from a stockpot of beans left on the bench. I want to camp my code project in the lab here but I figure I cant get further into the bush without some safety infrastructure at the trail head, so that gets put into place first, while I think about deploying those new techniques I learn in new frontiers. Its a hobby paradise here, everything for free and when I think about what my mate said about working his AIDS job and telling me he wont save all his money and blow some of it on Nazi repro junk just to have some motivation to keep earning. And what do you work a dead end job for if not to get some shiny new piece of shit with your worthless currency?  Like the a old Anglo mining concerns in africa, who found that they needed to have stores full of flashlight batteries and deodorant so that niggers would be interested in working for shit to spend a wage on.  Such is the case now that housing is unaffordable and the lower hanging fruit of Airline tickets to Bali and e-scooters fills that motivation role. Its such basic psychology a child could understand it, that is, if the children were allowed to be bored enough to think for themselves. 

I cant break through the retardation,children or normies so I might as well hobby myself into a state of stoicism. Maybe I'll just go up the mountain alone, no safety line. I got too much stuff anyway and it always holds me back.
[Hide] (140.5KB, 434x538) Reverse
My partner for the day at teh wage arrives with full cry for help blue hair. Apparently it was an 8 hour hairdresser sitting with a blue scalp and ears into the bargain. All the silly clucks being polite but, yeah luv you made a big mistake. 
I wanted to say something but I'm not that smart and would have got a dose of her radioactive psych issues in one way or another. Standards of professionalism cant survive in woke workplaces, I think because such is the fashion to be a free spirit and do your own thing, and do affectation maxxing and chose your gender identity and abo heritage and have a pride flag lanyard, or just roll up unshaven with long hair and dress down and wear flip flops. Its an intimidating and oppressive environment for a professional, who might use countenance, and deportment and elocution in an effort to be taken seriously. And its not worth being HR'd, or Union'd or frozen out if you make an issue. 

Radio active girl also uses bad language, and she got frozen out by one client who I had no problem with, keke. I guess I got to use the fukn abysmal standards in that office to raise my own. Maybe one day I will say something. 

To the devil with it all.
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[Hide] (47.3KB, 454x434) Reverse
I've been thinking about the condition of white men, of late, and how they might be described as having a rank within those bee hives we find ourselves in. Where everyday categorization exists anyway such as managers and workers, officers and enlisted, inmates and guards. Broadly: Level and Order. 
Level denotes external ranking such as pay grade or supervisor status
Order is less easy to define but would score highly on tests relating to questions of existence. 

Diogenes the stoic, the ascendant man, his fate like flotsam in a storm river, would be one extreme example of a man of the highest order but lowest level.

I remember "The Order"from The Turner Diaries"". Was Calverhall making a point that only men of high order would participate in the required violence necessary to bring RAHOWA to the families of high Level'' ZOG/WHO/UN? Status in a slave society has nothing to offer the high order man who strives for nothing but to find an effective way to strike. 

They fear the man with noting to lose, because he values their silver as in itself Nothing.
[Hide] (786.3KB, 1280x5503) Reverse
The ZOG was appealing Sewell and Hersant's sentence due to leniency. They seem to have lost but in reality the legal juggernaut was applied as intended and there are a net of laws that can wreck the lives of the uncommitted N.S. activist. These two have gone through the purge and Sewell at least has prevailed with his new family and livelihood intact, but plenty of other no-name Aussie nazis have been shipped for ticky tack bullshit like putting up stickers or being retards on discord. Big win for the antifa fags who started this tho, the ones who tracked down and advanced on the NSN camp with their i-phones out like star trek phasers. Somehow thier cringe will get street cred because they did the work of the system pigs, ASIO and AFP. They would be exactly the caliber of villain that gets recruited to those bodies.

Imagine being the bad guys.
[Hide] (48.6KB, 542x800) Reverse
Suddenly its 3AM and I am wanting to become a Youtuber and I'm out of flour. The problems associated with this state of existentialism can be broken down thusly: 
Its Easter and there is a kind of public holiday lockdown in effect where if you leave your house you will surely be killed on the roads by some giddy normie with long weekend brain bypass syndrome. The shops are shut after two days of complete chaos in every aisle with le drones in a hyped frenzy to consume, mostly confectionery and booze. The privileged few are permitted to attain the exalted status of essential workers at enormous penalty to the public purse, simultaneously as spanners the size of Jesus Christ hisself are thrown into the gears of the wheels of the poor doomed hamsters living from one amazon package to the next. The hgher order sheep have a mandatory attendance requirement in church to get discombobulated by the guilt of having Christ die because of their shitty life choices and then two days later they be in rapturous joy because he came back as the Easter bunny (the inventor of chocolate)  although they can skip the first bit by simply testing pozitive for SARS-CoV-2 But even if I could get flour at my convenience, its cost has inflated ten fold since the first time I bought it as an old teenager, yet it impacts my discretionary spending the same then as it does now, with the wage of a professional.

My mind naturally searches for some kind of hack to get free flour but the only way forward I can see with tired eyes in the gloom of the suburbs at night, is to become an e-whore and prostitute my entire peripheral program in 4K: All my joie de vivre and tricks and bushcraft would be the material for skilled Y.T. watchers to like and subscribe to. I would even salt the recipie with algorithm bait like; random browns, opinion points from the bifurcating narrative; gain of function lab leak this and mRNA transhumanism that, and using the correct gender pronouns for the First Australian  re-named landmarks I would visit and do a set-up stealth camp at, with nothing but an axe and a fire stick and the gear behind the go-pro. This could even be the answer to male loneliness; a hundred thousand views on a system promoted channel that gives urban wagies and board NEETs a freedom fantasy playlist to binge watch. I will be living fat and loved off of state sanctioned propaganda with a chainsaw sponsorship at the same time. There's plenty of clowns doing their own shtick, tik-toked up the arse all popular and shared like those goyslop reviews and the dude cam-whoring the fam retard. Its white bread and circuses for this Aryan.

 I just need some flour.
[Hide] (84.7KB, 976x549) Reverse
Goebbels speeches A.I. translated into English.

Talked to a mate who has a small flock of sheep on a property out in Sunhill. He says its not that much hassle to kill and dress a sheep or hogget for the freexer, but these days he pays a mobile butcher to do it. Its a core survival skill and having those logistics worked out before the supply lines collapses is a good project for us like minded whites, seemingly the last of our order. I downloaded this book about home butchery http://libgen.li/ads2f92868286223278acd43b2924039cd0FQY3WBEL and I'm going to learn the skill. Being a hobby butcher will another giant step away from the decadent and degenrate normies, particularly the zoomers who populate the tea rooms at teh wage. The gruesome details of slaughtering and butchering shall be but a bagatelle compared to their debased lives. Their tales of weekend frivolity are the tips of icebergs of hedonism. Disgusting.
[Hide] (450.5KB, 1050x1050) Reverse
Do (You) feel lonely because of your fascist state of mind? For me its a kind of elation of certainty that I'm finally on the right path out of the darkness, and on to some ascendant ends, on to the light outside the cave. Now I have time to think about the concept of self actualization, where you become a kind of god to yourself, and maybe spin off some tangible thing that comes from your peak mind. Like art or an invention or some novels, if you're creative, or just become really good at your daily occupation, if you're not inspired. 

But I find these highest peaks of fascist thought and socialist practice are cold and lonely. I cant see any other people up here, no one I know is brave enough to attempt the climb. I have some time to think about whether I will bother with the more normie positions lower down, where other men have camped, men I can slaughter sheep with, for example. Or maybe I will stay up here and travel alone, wherever that takes me. I can think while I operate for two more weeks, here in Poz town while the car is at the all white mechanics getting a ominous tapping noise expensively silenced. Two more weeks to toil, desperately in the diminishing, diversity wrecked office while lazy, surly pajeets and thick bantu on fly-in contracts treat the place like a sheltered workshop. The psychological pressure of the decay of civilization and white genocide evident everywhere here is making me think about taking my game to the big boy level. I wonder if B.T's loneliness is pain or elation.
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Teh mechanic said two more weeks so I'm growing my field beard until then and maybe some more. The wages are good but I'm pushing a nonviable student loan threshold up a hill like I'm Sissyphus. Riding the single speed around is fun and the commute is like a race track with office chair doughboys to mog on the long uphill grinds. My legs have been in the overtrain zone for a month now and I've taken to supplementing Magnesium for restless legs at night. The food is awful, wheat and butter mostly but its a better diet than the doughy officemaxxing normietypicals who troop into the tea room to gush over a tray of brownies, dumped there by someone who had second thoughts about teh surplus and misbegotten home made calories. I don't pack home treats in my empty tiffin any more. 

I saw a lot of coke-head nonsense today, I've kept my mouth shut about things (You) wouldn't understand. I am rekt about being over my exposure limits for Poz town. Seriously considering buying a F truck just to get back to Silver City.
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Adolf Hitler's birthday today, 

Still stuck in Poz Town waiting for mechanical repairs to the StuG III and sitting out a cold. I have rested my legs for the final push at teh wage before the upgrades are done and amazingly I have adapted to the stultifying suburban wasteland compound I'm billeted at. I obsess about my earnings and schedule my home life around the hobby clubs. I fret about returning online purchases and do the vacuuming to fill in the hours between shifts. Even being the only white on a crew of ten is no problem, somehow, its comfy being a normie for a bit, being a rat in a cage, all you gotta do is work hard for a new spinny thing that goes on the bars. Just focus on the spinny thing and it'll be over soon.  Gonna be so good when I get the StuG back and that new head unit's gonna be bumpin my tunes so bass. 

Replies: >>3802
Sieg Heil brother!
Replies: >>3819
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Without Heritage there is no future. A man must be connected to his heritage to find worth in working for his legacy. His connection to a place, a homeland is what drives him to labor for that homelands sake. You see this with families, as they grow older they don't tend to coalesce around one or two people, they usually stay together around a homestead where they can live, and work. Maybe a farm in the regions or a house in their neighborhood of decades. The commies think the worker will sacrifice his labor and life for the idea of fairness and the ascendancy of his class but that's just marxist psychosis, The working man will fight for his kin and his land, generally, or maybe for adventure or at some stretch, for notions of fatherland. 

For the nation to survive it needs national scale socialist projects of pride. Like our post war dam building or an Iran's Islamic Bomb. But they don't come out of a vacuum, they are brought into being by strong men who draw on the motivation from ancestral example, such like: my fathers fought, or built, or settled so I will do likewise, There are plenty of men who have the greatness or were allowed to become great by self interested nepotism but their motivations are for the business of profit and future hegemony, i.e. capitalism and corporate empires. Disgusting, no thanks. 

A mixed race man has heritage in two races but his ancestry will be effectively weak, belonging to neither nation of race, really. I'm sure there are notable examples but you will find that the half breed individual would have been raised in a homogeneous and dominant racial environment, like black blood amongst the Boers.  This is impossible now, and the mixed race man will forever be existentially unbound to any nation. Loyalty to a city of mud men at best, he might as well be at home in a thousand cities in a hundred countries, he will never be motivated to improve his nation because he has none of tangible ancestry and his fathers never built nations together. His motivation will be most likely to acquisition of capital and the baubles he can adorn the bars of his cage with. This is why I am filled with despair when I am confronted by degenerates and their mud lovers. Their misbegotten offspring will never enjoy the glory of service to the nation who's passport they hold, because they will never be motivated to serve anyone but themselves.  Worthwhile labor can only be Aryan labor.
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Having trouble with the praetorians at work, you know, those robots who take orders as a pre-requisite for giving them. Its debatable whether the system at work needs teh accepted framework of rules to barely functions or is monstrously dysfunctional because of it. The trouble I'm seeing is a full-retard application of rules, elevated by default to time-tested common sense based on established mechanism, which it usually isn't, It's often the opinion of some aspiring praetorain guardsman who doesn't see a future for themselves stacking sand-bags and laying rail with the mules. Somehow the calculus to power in their brains equates an asymptotic application of the spirit of the law with some nebulous, cartoon idea of professionalism they hold, without the light of reason or reflex to the pain this rigidity brings them and everyone.  And thus; the boundaries of the rules get pushed outwards and those rules were chinees whispers probably started by some disgruntled night porter who stuck up a passive-agressive sign because the day shift left a mess that one time. I am a veteran and a ranger at work and I don't parade with units where the tyranny of retardation gets too loud, bullying is a unacceptable risk to my income stream because it always ends in tears for the bully who always cries to HR about being a victim. Praetorians are cowards and herd animals, cadres of a dark age and (You) can see their oppression because a Praetorian in their misbegotten loyalty would have us all strive towards a zero-harm model over the human dignity of risk, and they would have (You) suffer because our  right to feel good is more fukn socially acceptible. Go and lift up that rock to see those bugs of Praetorian behavior scatter and that loyalty is to the ZOG and the marxist tranny-fags write the book on what's socially acceptible.
Beware of them, Anon, Praetorians will re-brand their ranks and promise 'New Order' and 'World' peace but they seek to hold back the light of renaissance, downwawrd force such that they are.
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