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mfw I momentarily not hate niggers
I love my thick, voluptuous, big tits kejourou wife. She has such beautiful hair that smells nice and is very dexterous. Not to mention she's a fantastic cook.
I started learning Japanese half a year ago (for muh raw animu and mango and VNs and whatever) and now I'm at N4. I got kind of tired of it for now.
Coincidentally, Chinese started interesting me. Its 100% kanji writing system seems cooler to me than Japanese's baby pool of kanji+kana. And also it would actually be useful for something other than watching cartoons, especially since not only it's used in countries other than China, it's that China basically rules the world! I could read the Chinese text on products and understand the top-secret terrorist plans the employees at the Chinese store are telling to each other.
I could start learning Chinese and after half a year it would probably get boring and I'd return to Japanese, which would feel fresh again. (To later return to Chinese after another half year, etc)
What do you think?
ITT we pretend to be retarded
if you dont go barefoot youre a cuck
shoe rhymes with jew. they are mocking us in plane site and think they can get away with it
>inb4 the word shoe actually comes from this totally non-jewish race
nice historical revisionism faggot, i bet you got that from ((( kikeipedia )))
how many of you here have had s*x?
let's keep the butthurt going
Here's your meta thread, faggot.
Keep in mind if this thread just turns out to be posting shit everywhere instead of actual discussion then I'm going to delete it myself.
The other one >>77290 is autosaging and about to slide off the catalog

Enjoy the /b/antz, make your day more light-hearted.
Germany without a nigger anywhere in sight
ITT ask to be spoonfed anything, from images, music, archives, torrents... Anything, really.
For example:

Does anyone have a scan for the 4th issue of the Answer Me magazine? I have the first three ones, but I've been too lazy to find the last one myself.
You can also ask for small things, such as:

Does anyone have an image of Brendan Fraser with an expression suiting of someone wanting to kill oneself? Thanks.
Do you find the ancient world fascinating, /b/? I think it's a very unique place and I find it very interesting. Which do you find the most interesting? I imagine most of you would find Ancient Europe to be the most interesting but I find Pre-Hispanic Central and South America to be interesting as well. I think think the Jomon era of Japan is an interesting time as well. 
Here are a couple of thread questions
>What is your favorite ancient Geoglyph?
>What Pre-Colombian Civilization do you find most interesting? 
>What do you find to be the most fascinating ancient artifact? 
>Lastly, I know this is a bit of a silly question, but do you believe that aliens were involved with early humans?
gonna cook a bunch of eggs cos otherwise I won't
How much spiced meat should I cook in the pan first
600g? 1.2kg? 2.4kg? I'm concerned that if I cook too much the build up at the bottom of the pan will turn everything into char
Only got butter for oil not that that's a problem
yo, yo, my niggas imma leave my demon core right here and hit the KFC down the street, don't fuck with it a'ight? i be off, laters biznatch.
I'm starting to think that maybe christianity isn't so bad. In truth, I don't think "turning the other cheek" is a good thing as long as it's for white people. The fact of the matter is that it's anti-porn, anti-gay, anti-semetic (at the very least easily interpreted that way), and are getting married and having children way more than the rest of the population in the west. It has the fundamentals for a healthy society and seems to have a lot of benefits to it. Back in the 30s and 40s, it was not uncommon for couples to have 4 or 5 children. I think I'm strongly considering becoming christian
He did it, bros.
Where were you on that fateful day?
Piracy is a human right. Legalize it.
grotesquely obese niggers
Post your shit and opinion regarding guitar. What do you think of my riff? Just made it.
I knew this was coming. Alot of shows getting outsourced. Have seen moire niggers in anime and such. And there are a few pozzed anime. Its saddening to look at you know, seeing anime being reduced to something that isnt what it is. Getting outsourced to goblin niggers like netflix. Outsourcing to korea and china. Its just not the same anymore and i certainly dont look forward to the future of the medium considering the influence western money,chinese money and korean money will have on it. Im not some japanese worshipping weeb or anything like that, i just enjoy anime you know. I enjoy the medium. Its just so sad, so sad to see something i was once very fond of going to shit. And im getting to see it happen live. I  knew this was coming but i hoped it didnt happen so fast. Well i guess i better just completely forget about modern anime and go back a couple of years and only watch from that point backwards.
We need a /tv/ board here since /cow/kike vermin have ruined Gahoole's site and fatass did nothing to stop it from dying all the while whining nonstop about /cow/kikes making fun of him and peddling shitty /cow/kike drama.
post in this thread to get banned, free of charge.
I got nothing else to do.
Tay is Love, Tay is Life
I'm not gonna take the vaccine
Nicholas Milan
22 · ACTIVE MEASURES Spring 2013
Page 26
As Lenin foresaw, “First we will take Eastern Europe; then the masses of Asia.Then we will
encircle the United States of America.
We will not have to attack it; it will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands.” The objective was to subvert the American moral fabric based upon ((( Judeo-Christian values ))), to create a fertile ground for revolution in which the communists would seize power.Yuri Bezmenov, a defected KGB officer, gives insight into the Soviet Union’s operations:
''"We rarely use guns to kill people and take their country.The cleanest way is to blackmail, pervert, bribe, lie and intimidate ((( the POLITICIANS ))) and
((( the MEDIA ))), ''and they will destabilize and disunify their own country for us. Then all we have left to do is to arm the procommunist or simply criminal
factions and we have a coup and another “liberated” country. As neat as that."''
The reason Americans do not understand this war is because it
has been fought in secret—in the schools of our nation, targeting our children who are captive in classrooms. World Communist leaders have made ((( schools and colleges ))) of the United States a target of infiltration.
The logic of attacking the education system is reflective of the tactics used by the Bolsheviks when they seized power in 1917, destroying the old educational system and instilling a new education curriculum. Lenin so strongly believed in the communist methodology of indoctrination that he stated, “Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever."
The Soviet Union was unequivocally committed to ideological subversion and the KGB appropriated up to 85 percent of its budget to active measures. The appropriation of resources reflects the focus of the “master-subverters” on youth, because of their malleability and gullibility, as a direct order from Moscow.
The Frankfurt Institute of Social Research (Frankfurt School) relocated from Germany to ((( New York ))) after the rise of Adolf Hitler.
Soon the Frankfurt School became affiliated with Columbia University while a diaspora of its intellectuals settled in universities such as Princeton, Brandies, and California at Berkley. The professors’ teachings, biased toward Marxist ideology, would prove venomous. The objective of the Frankfurt School and its successors is to control the educational systems and produce
poorly educated, little ((( world citizens ))).
Anyone familiar with this lass? Nati Dreddd is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Scotland who sings contemporary Folk tunes that aren't too far removed from the tradition.

She recently made a stop in New Hampshire and is on tour promoting her new tunes:
This is a nice Board
I was stupid enough to beat off to mlp futa in a public restroom due to an inconvenient moment of lust. Security was called because someone snitched on me after hearing my phone expelling sounds of pumpkin seeds being thrown at a wall in a plastic bag. They thankfully banned me from the local mall after being named and shamed in front of hundreds of people during my escort off the property. The security guard was nice enough not to call the cops even after scorning me of what I did, telling me the entire time in his scruffy accent to smarten up. 
I did not coom either, making this afternoon a very humiliating one.
Ukrainian women are the greatest shieldmaidens of our time. They have faced the arch-enemy of Western civilization with total courage and valor. They have proven their willingness to fight for "blood and soul" and have crushed the Mongol hordes and sent their defeated armies fleeing back to Mordor. They have equaled the honor, skills and prowess of their ancestral Viking sisters, the Varangians of Kievan Rus. They have exhibited their strength without sacrificing their femininity or their love of family and motherhood.

Let's take a moment to honor, thank and admire the amazing Ukrainian shieldmaidens.
>playing pretend
>collecting smooth and colorful rocks
>storing ladybugs in a bottle or just torturing random bugs
>talking about sex
>racing down the street with your classmates
>drawing stick figures killing each other
>arguing about who's stupid OC was the strongest
>building pillow forts
Do modern kids do things like this anymore or has the age of technology completely stunted their curiosity and creativity? Also, what did you guys do as kids before the internet fucked your life?
something to spice up your sex life
post food
>I was merely pretending to be retarded
Real raped of Gensokyo youkai 60 - 6000 years

Files taken from sealed land
>be on redeye flight
>get an aisle seat and the seat next to me is empty
>pretty nice
>pull out laptop
>start watching some ghibli film
>girl tells me to move over
>kind of confused but do
>she sits down and realize she just wanted to watch the movie
>she watches for like 2 minutes
>gets confused by subtitles
>then she gets bored
>starts poking the screen because apparently she's used to touch screens
>figures out that doesn't work and just starts button mashing the keyboard
>exits full screen eventually
>asks me where the games are on my laptop
>tell her I don't have any
>she doesn't believe me
>finds steam icon
>opens steam
>sees the only games i have are higurashi vns
>tries playing them
>too many words
>asks me to go to her favorite streamers youtube
>tell her i don't have wifi
>get berated
>open firefox and show her that there's no internet
>she yells at me to open chrome
>same result
>try to get us back on track with the film and explain the deeper themes that she might not have understood
>get interrupted several times
>she borrows someone's phone and plays candy crush but stays in my seat and sort of pays attention to the movie for a while
>she doesn't understand why it's not more violent
>asks me what my favorite game is
>say morrowind
>she starts talking about skyrim
>spills juice on me

I think I met my first irl /v/ user.
What's stopping him from starting his operations in other countries where Starlink is still looking for approval from authorities? He can just start handing out connections to people for crypto.
check em
What are the illegal ways to get money? Real life crime or internet crime.

Why? Because that's the only ethical way.
If you go to work and pay taxes you are supporting jews, capitalism, single mothers, oligarchs. You are cuck if you work. You work so your boss can be rich and fuck prostitutes and buy sports cars.

How to make money illegally, commit crime, steal, fraud, blackmail, extort, kidnap, sell drugs, steal cars? Real life and internet.

You choose to be a slave or a gangster.
You ghosted before I could give you your birthday lickings
If you didn't go shower smelly.
Also drawthread.
It almost feels to me like the following web page was written by an AI
What do you think?
Whats some lucrative things to study these days other than cardiology?
anyone who posts in this thread gets chocolate milk because he's awsome
>s-synagogue of satan amirite guys?
How ironic would it be that muslims are saying exactly the same things about the jews as christians are? Now, obviously both religions are not the same. But it's awfully suspicious that they are both adhering to the same things (jews are the synagogue of satan, teachings that contradict the OT, that jews corrupted the OT, etc). And all this so the jews can consolidate themselves and weakening the nonjews with philo semitism  which jews benefit immensely from.
Make it do the thing /b/.
ITT: we laugh at ourselves for buying into the initial coof scare and thinking it was the end of the world as well as retards who are still mentally stuck in that time period and still believe it

I literally locked myself in my room and only ate canned food for 3 straight months  after it started LOL

tell your stories
>Ariana Richards, Lex from Jurassic Park, now works as a professional painter
Always nice to see people escape pedowood and get real jobs
>Open MSPaint.
>Close your eyes.
>Draw a cat.
>Post it here.
We should band together and do something like crusades but for kikes and their slaves(ch*istians). Btw anyone relate to Timothy McVeigh's shit? He's literally me.
Hi /b/, I got evicted from my flat after a neighbour squealed on me about my inside chicken farming operation so I'm living in my car.
My gf and I are trying for a baby girl but she got preggers with a m*le and now we want to abort and start over. The thing is, you don't even medically know whether you're getting a b*y or a girl until ten weeks into the pregnancy which still falls under the first trimester so I don't think it's such a big deal to snuff out the little shit and try again for a girl.

Are we doing the wrong thing if we voluntarily slay the worthless m*le child for no other reason than a selfish preference for baby girls?
my mum was making a cake and i ate a bunch of the batter, now i dont feel so good, kings...
>do nothing
>do thing I like 
>try new thing
>do other thing I like
>try talking to people
>try doing multiple things at once
I'm so bored all the time, how do I fix this?
>In Zaporozhie, ukrainians who tore Russian flag from a local village school put it back up under escort of Russian soldiers with guns
tits are gay
they're just like balls but fat
basically as (un)attractive as a beer gut
Its one thing to like anime,manga and the such. Its another to blindly worship the japanese. We will now undo the japanese brainwashing from these weebs by introducing them to reality.
Now post realitypills. Post stuff that exposes Japan.
Anime is pretty cool... but porn isn't.
Anon, it's never too late to stop watching (and posting!) 'hentai'... ( )
Do you know what's the most overated piece of shit ever made for mobile phone. It's called touch screen. Not only smart phone is one gigantic botnet that you have to carry with you in the pocket all the time, it is a regression of convenient after dumb phone were made. I mean what's the point of having touch screen when the probability of missclicking on keyboard simulation are relatively between 30-40%. Yeah, good luck at writing a message with big hands on small screen while most of the times the simulation key is just unresponsive as fuck. I would rather have a mouse like pointer on mobile device screen, a small touchpad and buttion combine together + gesture feature on it.
Is it normal for your waifu to be from a work of fiction that you have made/are making?
would you let your kid use public transport to get to high school?
pic unrelated
Can't post a screenshot because tor bad but a post in this thread
is proof that women do indeed browse zzzchan, meaning we should all be on our best behavior to attract more maidens to lose our collective as well as personal virginities as well as to make the site more diverse and inclusive for all of the two existing sexes

ITT: we prove to be absolute gentlemen and get knee deep in some gash
cant kill myself because my enemies will win. Its so fucking stupid but its true. If i kill myself they win.
The are two kinds of people in this world:
There are niggers, and there are diggers.
Which one are you, a nigger or a digger?
Hewwo! OwO
Rayman makes a comeback
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Reposted on /b/ since /v/ is rulecucked
I love emptyness. Is so relaxing, you know?
Being in a large place all by yourself. The only sound coming from the wind.
I remember one night as a teen, I was in an empty airport.
It was so peaceful. So empty. I could've stayed there for hours.
Do you have images like that?
Why all the cuckposters and trannies posting here now?
1. Go to
2. Click on "Suprise me"
3. Show what site showed up! (don't forget to link it!)
faggots are disgusting
The black hole at the center of the galaxy is a butthole.  We are all something somebody ate and we are gradually being digested to be pooped out.  When you go through a black hole you end up in a toilet and get flushed.
The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will be bombed by eliets.
Any tips on pipe tobacco?
>see a thread that looks interesting
>fairly active and bumped just recently
>post a reply
>thread immediately stops getting replies and dies
pls teach logic how to write story that has no plothole on its basics and designs to make 6 digit NTR92PLSsupermax profit material

just no plothole is a good start and not being completely WRONK
/l/oli board fucking when? edition
After they made it illegal to look at girls it really occurred to me how much of a good idea this is; We should separate sex from going outside. Only use apps for dating, then let going outside just be for going outside. The last time I went outside, this was liberating. I didn't have to think about what I look like. On the way to work I don't have to worry about some creep checking me out who might not be able to control himself. Should the new normal be for sex to be completely app managed? It seems like a huge benefit!
Post 2d brown girls.
>ywn have a brownish tomboy gf
zero two best girl
absolutely BTFO'd all othoer waifus
>10/10 face and body
>likes sex
>has special powers
>only you can have her because nobody else understands her powers
This make the /cow/kikes seethe
Gentlemen, I bring you the following dilemma: If you have to choose a wife, and the choice was between muscular vs corpulent, well-built vs well-fed, hard&firm vs soft&loose, sixpack vs meat-rolls. Which one do you go for and why?
i want her to fuck me up with her slippers like my mom used to
2 of my 3 autoflower seeds sprouted. The medium is regular potting soil with perlite and worm castings. The plants won't need much feeding as long as they're seedlings, just watering. When they get bigger, they'll be transferred into 7 gallon fabric pots. They're on a 16/8 light schedule on a starter light. Later on, they'll be under a large light that covers the 4x4ft grow tent. They have a dedicated fan to ensure they grow strong and are capable of holding up their buds. The strains are Zkittlez and Wedding Cake.
Are spiders actually our bros or is it all just a big lie made so they can invade rooms without resistance?
look for old gifs here:
and post them ITT.
Do you think it's a coincidence that the events of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni happen a year before 1984?
Lots of imageboard death this year.
Hispachan, 9chan, 420chan, Uchan, 16chan, Vichan, Tchan, and some of the newer alt chans that barley lasted a few months.

Who is next?
Both look like rats
Post anything and everything that relates to board drama. Screencaps, logs, etc., it all goes here.
No no you have to watch cartoons and masturbate to children or I'm a weirdo loner no one likes! You will destroy my identity if you don't do it and I will have to wake up and realize my life is meaningless and I'm revolting to be around! Please! Just one dick girl! Just one titty skittle! Please just accept me because my family hates me and I have no where to go but dead image boards!!!!!!!
Gahoole. Also known as ((( Patrick Nelson ))) is getting exposed in this thread by me. 
First of all, his name is not ((( Patrick Nelson )))
I first caught wind of this a few months back but i just brushed it off. But right now i saw another one of ((( Patricks ))) appearances on a tv show. I knew i just had to expose him.
To expose how his name is made up i first need to expose his acting appearances. I will post 2 clips of this. 1 of them is relevant to his fake name and pretty much all the fake stuff surrounding him. The second clip will just be a extra clip showing him doing another acting gig.
ITT is 2003
ITT we post predictions about anything.
>((( Party A ))) is no good, so you better go for ((( Party B ))) this time, it's your only choice after all goyim!
Is there a way to dismantle fake oppositions? Or the only thing to do is to wait for them to discredit themselves to the point of making the farce obvious even to the herd?
I love you anons, have good one
Here's your little mernig
How to sabotage a public building or a house?
But something that is delayed in effect. Can you make that water will be slowly leaking somewhere and doing water damage to the building? How?
Can you do something to electricity that it will create a fire but after weeks?
Can you block the sewage but with a delay?
Can you do something with electricity or water that will result in huge bills?
Can you destroy furniture and flooring but with days or weeks in delay?
Any other ideas and how to execute them?
Why? Even Ted Kaczynski, a high asf IQ nigga just targeted people who he considered "helping in furthering technological evolution", why not try to just target the people in power who are able to make policies? For incels, why target women when you can target mass media kikes and the tinder founder or sum shit? For "eco-fascists", why target niggercattle when you can kill oil execs? For racists, why target niggers when you can target the ((( rappers ))) who encourage niggering? For anti-semites, why dhoot up a synagogue when you have plenty of options to choose from, from the forbes list?

Or the schizos are correct and the mass shooters are all MK-ULTRA victims?
Was Joshua Moon really a bad guy? His actions seem pretty based to me.
What ever happened to tvchan? I went on there when it was new but then got spooked when that ip leak thing happened. I heard it became a den of lolcows

Congratulations with joining of new 3 states to Great Russia!
((( David ))) ((( Cohan )))

It's everything what you should know about so called "americans".
Ride the rubies
Why do the lolberts in the JewSA still allow school rooms to teach using pencils, pens and markers? I can see in JewKraine, or JewSSR as they don't care about their children there, but over here, it's completely crazy. Don't act like you don't know what children do with those objects. They should be learning trades anyway, not pozzed subjects like ((( science ))).
>but kids should be allowed to do whatever they want, and be in coed and play with dildos
This is what lolbergs actually believe.
i am so jealous of girls
they can have sex without even leaving their bed at night, someone will just sneak into their house and sleep with them
all they have to do is a bit of hair routines, makeup, and yoga or cheer leading
their life is so comfy
why even live
>be 6'2", handsome face, naturally muscular, etc.
>want friends
>no self-esteem/confidence issues
>simply don't know what to say to someone I haven't met before to make them be my friend
What the hell do you do?
The best thing I can come up with is stalking someone, learning their habits and interests, then orchestrate some scenario where I bump into them, exchange pleasantries, then go "I think I recognize you from [place I see them visit sometimes]" and proceed from there.
Is there a better way to go about this?
You guys should post on the other boards more.
I eat 2kg of bananers a day.
What video games have you been playing anons? I recently replayed saya no uta and it lives up to the hype to the first time I played it.
The next 15 years:

1. Collapse of Goblins Union (so called "european union" or "E.U.")

2. Most of Eastern Goblins countries (full of gypsies and Khazarians) will join a new "union" where Pooland will be the formal "leader", informal leader will be "U.S.A.")

3. Western and central Goblinistan will be switch to something like Fascism and total monitoring (control?) from the special services side

4. Nazism in some countries of Goblinistan

5. Cunts (so called "americans", actually Goblins garbage relocated to that continent) will lose and lose and lose more and more and more and I thing next 100 tears new PAXAMERICANA won't happen, just total collapse and civil war. "U.S.A." always was weak regional state beaten by Mexico and Canada and I think it can  even happen again in the next 100 years.
Are you my mommy?
>be Brendan Fraser
>your career and personal life is fucked beyond belief
>after 20 years you finally get to be in a major blockbuster again
>about to be unjusted
<it's cancelled
i need MGTOW because feminism is just cope for women's sexual failure and hordes of w*men are oppressing me
Good book
ITT we share the tales from our lives in the ethereal realm.
Anikino is back on the menu boys
==ZZZ=chan is the official anti-jewcranian and their golobohomo masters HQ

Keep working brothers.
This thread triggers /cow/ immensely. Mods constantly delete it.
Talk about thin skin.
>be me
>rewind to 11 years ago
>be 14
>parents take me to all these fancy upper class places like yacht clubs, polo, museums, churches, etc
>want to kill myself out of boredom, every time
>one day there's this hot as fuck girl in our group
>want to hit on her but too scared
>on way home mom asks, "that girl was nice, didn't you think so?"
>another time same thing happens with a different girl at a different place
>mom says, "are you gay or something?"
>this happens several more times in the next 2 years
>one time, right after my fuckup, dad gives a speech about "manning up"
>fast forward to today
>parent often complain about how they could have had it easy if I married a rich girl
>never get a chance with a girl this hot ever again
Post ITT to petition Sturgeon to add a /christian/ board here. With the inclusion of /larpagan/ recently, I feel it would only be fair. I will be the first BO/mod if nobody else agrees to help out, and once the petitions are made ITT I will post it on /meta/ for Sturgeon to give the final approval.
Are there any Urban explorer fags lurking? If not ignore my blogpost.
Most of the forums I used to browse have died, though I remember getting annoyed at how secretive people were about the locations they visited, and honestly it took me too long to understand why.
Bringing these locations into public knowledge destroys them, by vandals or by rich city folk who lobby for the destruction of an "eye sore" or "environmental hazard" regardless of local history.
The kind of people who would spend hours researching and hours hiking through the bush simply because of a few pictures posted on an obscure forum are not the kind of people who would damage these places. And these people are the ones who deserve to visit them, we respected the places we found.
Not these modern Jewtube and Kikebook faggots who are willing to destroy these places for a paycheck and popularity. Around half a dozen of the local ruins in my area have been vandalized or completely destroyed by these cunts on social media and it makes my fucking blood boil.
The webring is a demonstrated failure. 100 or so boards 90 of which have 0 PPH and 0 users with the rest of the active ones not amounting to an actual active board from 8chan even when combined. And, to further fuel the fire, every single node is actively belligerant towards the rest: "x is honeypot," "y are trannies," "z is rulecucked," a constant stream of accusations about who did what and a constant stream of lies, slander and division rapid fired at each other. There isn't a good rate of consistent valuable content or discussion being generated by it instead most of the time is spent bickering and circlejerking about other boards or people from other boards. Some friendly neighbors on what's supposed to be a collaboration project.
While 8chan did have some of the same issues, another thing it did have was tens of thousands of active users, and when you have that many people the noise gets easily drowned out. With what's left of us in this place those who are hellbent on ruining it for everyone are loud and obnoxious, so loud and obnoxious in fact that it is impossible to ignore that noise, you can learn to live with it, at best.

When 8chan died and the webring was created, it was never meant to be a replacement for it but more of a temporary solution waiting for the former to come back. But 8chan never came back and thus, it did begrudgingly become the new permanent "solution," but no one ever felt like it was.
The webring is a demonstrated failure which had a sliver of a chance in its infancy because of the whole 8chan debacle scattering everyone around, but every attempt towards building it up for the better was completely botched every step along the way. Everyone from users to the administrations to the various nodes has grown entirely apathetic towards working to the original goals of making it a new home for the anons from 8chan, and the few ones who still care are too few or too incompetent to make a difference.
8chan was thunder in a bottle which only got to where it got because it was there at the right moment at the right time, the webring was much of the same, on a smaller scale, and 

It is a fact that it has not gotten any better but rather much worse in these 3 years both content wise and activity wise. 8chan officially launched in 2013 and lasted 6 years until the 2019 takedown and 8kun fiasco, the webring has been around for half that much and it has seen zero growth but instead a slow trickle of users leaving. This is an irreversible trend. In 3 years from now the webring will be even more dead than it is right now. The webring will never be what 8chan was, it will always be a group of waiting hall deadchans hurling various insults at each other with zero unity and camaraderie whatsoever. 8chan's "make your own board" redditarded's concept was already stupid then, but the webring's "make your own site" is even worse. None of the current issues the webring has will ever be solved until the admins of each site including admit that this is unsustainable and the idea of spreading users and activity thin over 10 gorillon websites is stupid and doesn't work, then someone who actually gives a shit and is competent can wear the big boy pants and make an actual new 8chan replacement.
Where is /fascist/??
The bunker is gone. Where did they go?
waifu thred
You may be an HSP, or "highly sensitive person".
>Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, is a term coined by psychologist Elaine Aron. According to Aron’s theory, HSPs are a subset of the population who are high in a personality trait known as sensory-processing sensitivity, or SPS. Those with high levels of SPS display increased emotional sensitivity, stronger reactivity to both external and internal stimuli—pain, hunger, light, and noise—and a complex inner life.
From PsychologyToday (
Further reading:
If you are European, you should revert back to Paganism, the religion of our ancestors. Christianity broke down the tribal structure of Europe and replaced it with churches which issue orders in favor of their kike overlords. No rational and self-respecting European should follow an Abrahamic religion, they are kike subversion tactic at best and a ploy to extinct Europeans at worst. It's not natural to submit yourself to a dead kike on a stick from fairy tales. Christians waged wars against the Europeans more than they did with the kikes or sandniggers.

Exhibit A: there's a perfect correlation with Catholics and opposing the Nazis in the 1930s Germany elections. The kikes were so successful in brainwashing people, they made Catholics follow the orders of their religious leaders to save themselves. The Catholics knew for a fact Hitler was right about the kikes, but they still didn't support him because their religion said so. This proves the Christian will hold their religion superior over their own race.

Rome fell after Cuckstianity got a grasp over it, and it will be the reason of the downfall of another great empire in our times. Remember, the self hating woke movement is perfectly justifiable according to Cuckstianity, dare I say, it even laid the foundation for the woke movement.
Gonna drop a couple of truth bombs because this topic is a sensitive one. I'm mainly going to be talking about female infidelity because that's the type that comes to mind when this topic comes up. One thing people need to realize is that Cheating and Cuckoldry aren't the same thing. One is where the party is unaware while the other is where the party is fully aware. A lot of the time anons on here and people in general see these two as indistinguishable when it reality it's further from the truth. Now I'm going to talk about the guy who gets cheated on. These guys are generally faultless in the situation, Yet they are the ones who get the most emotional damage as well. It pretty much raises questions of self worth. What's worse is that most modern "men" attack these guys as "cucks" which is generally misusing the term. I genuinely think this behavior is sick and really does show the deterioration of society as a whole. It also shows man's fall, Men are supposed to lift themselves up and work to make themselves better, That spirit of self improvement so to speak. When the innocent are flung and mocked to the mob. While the perpetrators get off scot free. These guys have to suffer all of the damage their loved ones cause them. The cheater on the other hand deserves all the crap she gets. People call them everything under the sun from whores to sluts you know the drill. The main reality of adultery for the majority of the time is that the women falls in love with another man. It should also be noted that these men usually attack these women in moments of weakness which happens a lot for women because they are more emotional. One thing I disagree with is that the women never truly loved her husband if she cheats. I don't think this is the case. In most cases I think the women are still in love with their husband even when commiting adultery. However I think they bottle it away which is why many cheating spouses become easily agitated with their husbands. This is because they do feel guilt for their actions, It's precisely because of this that you should NEVER return to a cheating spouse. If she's willing to cheat on you despite loving you then she holds her own pleasure above her love of you. A marriage is a mutual bond between man and women and if either party breaks that bond they should be punished. Now there's also the third party to talk about. The guy who sleeps with the wife. These guys are the other guilty party except these ones are celebrated for some reason, They're "chads" people want to be like them when what they are doing is completely destroying the lives of others. It's not like the women who is constantly shat on. Manwhores are just as bad as regular whores and I'm sick of people defending them. They should be mocked and ridiculed as much as regular whores and maybe we can actually get a semblance of class back into the population.
I've been messing with this site for a bit, and I wanted to share a few of the images I managed to get out of it. Here's a link if you want to try it:
My 16 year old cousin (male) drank half a liter of an alcoholic beverage with 4.5% alcohol. He got a little sleepy. Is he gonna be okay, or did that alcohol permanently harm his brain or something?
<You ain't seen nothing yet.,animagic-2018-made-in-abyss-special-panel-ich-liebe-kinder
>But when one of the present directly asked why he shows the characters explicitly naked and not as usual censored with "random" objects, the first part of his answer was ok (something about he wants to show what the characters also see, well for me) but after that was translated then came with emphasis again a "And I love children" afterwards. Am I thinking too pessimistically when the pedophile alarm bells go off here at the latest? And even more frightening I found, when then on this extra with emphasis added "I love children" very very many in the room cheered and clapped, some even extra stood up... much much more enthusiasm than with all other answers.

Big uoh moment?
They are literally replacing every article on wikipedia with some form of woke agenda in some way.

Considering that zoomers take all their knowledge of the word from kikepedia this is pretty much that Orwelian manipulation of digital information and history people were memeing about just 10 years ago.
A reminder to save and safeguard everything physical.
Confucius say "he who not take bait can not strangle fisherman with line"
Don't you find it overwhelmingly ironic how the same people here who so fervently exclaim Christianity is Jewish are the ones who consume, distribute, and support pornography and child pornography (both real and fictional)?
And that includes the jannies, who censored me when I said that some hours ago.
I love the smell of soy in the morning
>so you're telling me that if i just take this i can stay young forever?
In the last few months there were zero friends or sex given to me. I don't live in remote area with no people. There is plenty of people around. For some reason they didn't give me. They will pay for that, I am planning a big revenge.

Where do normalfags meet friends and sex? Only from other friends? What about social structures? Places like school, work, courses, events, family meetings, sects, hobby groups. Do they meet friends and sex there? How?

What its the list of all "social structure" places? Which are for what kind of person?
Right Wing coalition won just now.
Can you imagine the soy meltdown if Dup wins in 24
Are you guys fr racist and hate kikes? Like I get they are the cause of many of the problems in modern times, but I still don't think every individual deserves hatred for what the group did. I won't go on killing kikes and niggers even if it became acceptable for the soyciety to do so. 

How racist and anti-semitic are you guys? Do you really try to avoid them at all costs, don't buy from their businesses, and don't interact with them? I mean niggers are pretty okay if not for people who live in the "hoods" or aren't uber ((( liberal ))) retards. And as for kikes, every rich person of every religion does nefarious shit, so I don't think kikes should be only people getting hate.
Got a pedo mod did you? Can't handle the truth huh? Grooming on game night hoping an underage boy joins?
Did they really nuke their pedos? Or just hide them somewhere else?
Why people like Japan? Like, shit, even I find myself geing hypnotized by that country.
Let's laugh at the nigger loving larpagan cucks.
>delete their post because it was obviously showing a white women sucking nigger cock
>Some Larpagan allies decide to defend the nigger lover
>>112719 this one is doubly hilarious when he does the exact same thing as he said I was doing I.e strawmanning me. 
>Fascists board tan is a literal mongrel and that's where most of the larpagans hang out. 
These are the people who claim themselves as the last bastion of the white race.
What went wrong in a 1000 years?
>live in The Westistan
>nothing but endless seas of mudslimess and mutts all my life, with occasional Whites
>still on top because smart enough to use computers and get six figures at an early age
>fast forward to 10 years later
>move into wealthy suburb
>each property starts at one million USD
>every time I go for a walk or even do something in my yard, see nothing but smoking hot White MILFs
>all this time I didn't know how good this place was, right at the edge of the city I've in lived all my life
Are you a hoarder? Want to get better, but don't want your garbage go to waste? 
Clean up your folders and post your "treasure" here, i'll take super good care of it, promise.
Chink kid chokes his chink grandma to death
Ever feel so impartial just because you are so not social comapred to this other person you have affection for

Not sure into relationship or being completely insecure
Even after going in you just feel left out and alone
Maybe even more alone

What a cringe word

I guess i feel so helpless reading this even after all that happened. 

I hate her so much

I wish she just died 
Maybe it ll be much happier for me that nobody owns her. So it means i am not below anyone else

But i couldnt bear with it either. Not when i am still

Not in jail lol

Pls fucking let me sleepforever tx
yet another good boy 
Personal RESPECT from ME

+4 frags, look for FPS video in 4
dump all things terry davis
What's even more foolish than saying Christianity is jewish, is making it your mortal enemy instead of an ally, even if a temporary one.
Hello, my "pagan" friends. As most of you know, you and most Christians agree on more (politics/economics/society/etc-related) things than disagree on.
Now, why do you put so much time and effort into "fighting" Christians instead of siding with them to fight communism, LGBTP, liberalism, immigration, etc? Why do you spend so much hours and hours a day trying to prove on obscure imageboards that Christianity is "jewish" to - the like 4 or 5 - Christian users on there, instead of telling truths about political subjects - like the ones mentioned before - on mainstream forums and social media alongside Christians?
Why? Why??
To be honest that's all very suspicious, or bizarre and confusing at the very least.
Post some of the most insane instances of Clown World you can find
>Daler Mehndi, artist of Tunak Tunak Tun is in jail on human trafficking charges
ITT only uncircumcised people

Fags who got their bepis oy vey'd from birth OUT
thoughts on this human masterpiece?
>be mazungu in uganda
>sample local drink in south
>they call it local waragi, not to be confused with waragi gin
>banana liqour that you can set on fire for $1.50/.5 liters
>drink it a lot and like it
>go to north
>try to find local waragi but less bananas
>find local millet alcohol
>not distilled multiple times, not strong, not even filtered
>still millet floating around in very week alcohol
>very thick and grainy
>dislike it greatly
>take a plastic water bottle back to hotel room anyways for some reason
>get out of shower
>apparently bottle was still fermenting because it just fucking exploded and covered me and half the hotel room
>covered all of my clothes, clean or otherwise
>covered my one towel
>cry and start drinking the last of my waragi so i can be drunk while i clean chunky millet booze
>tried to clean the desk, walls and floors with a sock I can wring out
>mostly finished
>lay down on bed
>still smell millet
>still have seeds left in my chest hair
>porridge is 2.99 (without tax) per kilo 
It didn't have to end like this.
Should I learn acting? I'm socially retarded and uncharismatic. If I learn acting, I would be able to impersonate the cool characters of the movies. Is this retarded?
I post this animation that has a more heartfelt and touching story than most howwoywood movies and it was deleted for no reason
Even if you were gonna be a huge faggot about this kind of thing shouldn't you fold it into the webm thread or something?
Request edits, make edits, post edits.
Now imagine what most women do with their mates. They have them lick and suck their breasts and nipples, and they get off to this.
What the fuck do you think happens when a baby sucks their tit? They have the same feelings. They are literally having sexual activity with their baby in plain site and we are okay with this????? Blame the jewish media for promoting women's bodies.
Have you guys ever seen a backwards clitoris?
I no longer wish to work or pursue a career. This idea that it will pay off has been embedded into us and it eats me away each day seeing how tired I'm becoming. The idea of being a hermit seems frightening when you realise this goal is achievable with a the cash flow I'm currently lacking.
So what's going to happen once man has been made obsolete by AI/algorithms to create our culture and in effect shape our memories into a void of replacement? Eventually the life of a man, even an exceptional one will be shadowed by the godlike powers of our own work. 
What will we do with the endless amounts of out of work wagies and dregs?

Today is very bad black day. The day of the tragedy. We call it 9/11.
11th of September 21 years ago died 19 mudjahids, they were shahids, they died in the name of freedom and justice. They stood up against the largest shaitan, against the biggest evil in the human race. Let's remember them
go to jewtube or any invidious instance and search for a word, any word, followed by before:2006 2007 or 2008, download a video and post it ITT
[for example dbz before:2007 or doom before:2006]
Please the Dance King with King tunes only. Those who fail to comply will be beheaded in the name of the King.
Just music is lame.
>back to college 
>prepare to study a lot 
>get assigned 20 pages of very light reading for next week
>fucking astonished at the low amount of work
>math class arrives
>teacher chokes because he's a sperg
>fumbles with basic equations my sleepy retard ass understood immediately
>80% of the class can't understand it
>fat hog teaches her table
>teach mine
>every table is practically sinking in confusion
>teach begs for our forgiveness
>hands us three basic algebra equations due next week worth 15% 
>ask him if he's serious 
>shoots spaghetti out and says yes 
>electrical teacher tells us not to fuck around
>proceeds to open the breaker panel five times in ten minutes joking he's going to blow himself up
>mech teacher doesn't show up because he was probably drunk somewhere fucking a twink
>shop teacher is a tired power hungry lame faggot who's trying shit with a few students 
Man I think I fucked up getting a trade.
>, which was acquired by Yahoo in late June, appears as ripe a place for any to find like-minded individuals for child pornography. A search for "child porn" on egroups calls up such groups as "childpornonly" and "High-QualityYoungLadyPics" -– a group that warns its members not to post "any obvious child porn."
>There's also "under21females," a group that warns "no child porn" but says in the same e-breath that "under 18 is ok."
What does this picture make you feel?
Talk about your favorite subreddits, post your best screencaps, downvote (sage) this thread to prove my point.
>queen is dead
>next queen is a nigger mutt
For england, James?
Help me get a job after being a 20 something NEET with no experience, anons. How do I do it? Does anyone have experience with this? What are some jobs where I preferably don't have to interact with customers as the main part of the job? I don't wanna flip burgers or work for Amazon where they track you to meet quotas and put you in a wage cage when you miss them.
Does anyone have some from years back on 8chan. I never saved but it was funny as fuck
Whenever I go outside for whatever reason, and see dozens or even hundreds of females, I have a hard time finding even 1 (one) female of any age wearing a skirt. They're all wearing pants or shorts, often jeans, and sometimes the slutty "yoga" ones.
That really is a shame, since skirts are very cute and feminine (y'know, women are meant to be women!). The best I can find is rarely some preschooler or middle-aged woman wearing a dress but that's about it. Dresses are cute too, but not as much as skirts and I'm also not a pedophile or a MILFophile.
That makes me conclude that skirts (and pretty much dresses) only exist in anime.
The only silver lining is me getting married and having children, and instructing my wife and female children to wear a skirt or dress.
>A U.S. military man was fired after the FBI found out he was a neo-Nazi and only joined the military to "learn how to kill negros more effectively."

>Also, 21-year-old Killian McCate Ryan of North Carolina faces federal charges of lying on official documents.

>"I serve for combat experience, so I'm better at killing negros," the soldier wrote on social media under the nickname naziace1488. The FBI learned that Ryan turned out to be a private in the 82nd Airborne Division. At the time of his discharge, the private had reached the rank of fire support specialist.
Why does nobody post on /v/ anymore? Why are only generals allowed? Why do threads and posts keep getting deleted?
These days there seems to be nothing that could satiate one's need of purpose, humanity seems to be going nowhere, it feels like everyone has either consciously or subconsciously given up. It feels as if at some point world's greatest thinkers have managed to connect enough disassociated knowledge to discover that humanity is in fact doomed and stopped really trying, only kept maintaining a facade that someone is still in charge, and this realization has silently seeped into public consciousness, turning people into nihilistic zombies. Anyone else feeling like this, or am i just reflecting my own shadows upon the world?

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