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I am a cismale, and I have several kids, including my trans teenage daughter. She came out last year, and my partner and I have tried to give nothing but love and support to her.

I have joint custody of the kids with their mother, my ex-wife. The divorce was largely amicable, but we do not speak much except regarding the kids. They spend half their time with her, and half with me.

My ex is with a very conservative partner, and they have a young child together. That household has not been handling my daughter coming out as trans well. The children are at their mom's now, and apparently things have come to a head. My ex's partner explained that being trans is obviously contagious, is a mental illness, and will not have his child (my daughter's sibling, I need to emphasize) being influenced by this. My ex issued an ultimatum framed as a choice: our daughter either had to present as male and use her deadname and dead pronouns while at that house, or live with me full-time.

My daughter chose the latter.

I've just learned about this via my daughter. I immediately responded that, if that is the situation she is being put in, of course she can live with me full-time. Over the past four years I have never said anything negative about my ex or her partner with the kids around, and encouraged them to have a close and loving relationship with their mom. I am shocked that my ex has issued this ultimatum - I would always say that, whatever the problems we had in our marriage, she was a loving parent, and the well-being of our kids was her top priority. I can't really say that now.

I am heartbroken over this, for my daughter, for my other kids, and for my ex. The other kids are furious and very upset about this. Their mom is damaging her relationship with all of them by doing this. My partner and I want to focus on providing a loving and accepting home for my daughter, and I guess I just wanted to vent a bit before she switches back here, trying to get some of my overflowing emotions dealt with. Have any other parents here struggled with a situation like this?
Pippa Pipkin
Are you a hoarder? Want to get better, but don't want your garbage go to waste? 
Clean up your folders and post your "treasure" here, i'll take super good care of it, promise.
Lift your spirit up with a bit of banter,
Shitpost your fears away.
It's generally accepted that left-handed people have an edge over the rest of the population regarding intelligence. For whatever reason, the part of the brain that's more active makes for faster reasoning and problem solving and such.
Which begs the question, shouldn't they be treated like the superior stratum they are? Wouldn't it be logical for the state to garantee them access to the best education and positions in order to take full advantage of their potential?
Also, it's so odd to notice that the vehement attempt to discredit intelligence disparity between races doesn't exists when it comes to left-handed genetics.
How do we get more people on the chadring? 8chan saw a massive exodus from cuckchan with niggergate as a catalyst. Chadring doesn't really have anything like that, it's kinda stagnating. Are we gonna turn into those sad losers that shill their dead altchans here? Maybe it's just the imageboards dying out in general but I think we can still think of something. What happened to all the people who never found their way here after the 8ch meltdown? Went back to cuckchan?
Is it worth investing on a pair of NVGs/NODs? Preferably a dual tube PVS-14.
>look at 2d girl
<"wow this would be better if she had a dick"
>look at 2d futa
<"wow this would look better if it was just a pussy"
why am i like this
We live in a post-anxioskeptist society with a little bit of gnoseological nihilism, turboschizophrenic realism and antithetical gnoseoarchist ethnostatism busting it down pliforiobellic style... is it moonsided with the antieuroromanticism?
If you think about it every time the mods delete something they're basically saying
>stop posting what I don't like
okay (B/, I'll become a humble boat builder if I fucker up my next attempt at a career
Just music is lame.
sers the villege nieds more cow workers
Request edits, make edits, post edits.
>God has finally grown tired of fags and decided to get rid of them
Based and monkeypilled
ITT ask to be spoonfed anything, from images, music, archives, torrents... Anything, really.
For example:

Does anyone have a scan for the 4th issue of the Answer Me magazine? I have the first three ones, but I've been too lazy to find the last one myself.
You can also ask for small things, such as:

Does anyone have an image of Brendan Fraser with an expression suiting of someone wanting to kill oneself? Thanks.
/l/oli board fucking when? edition
I want to learn names of various dishes in various languages. Whenever some japanese dish shows up in some vn or something, it is always left untranslated, without any illustration or translation note. It is annoying, and here I will post photos of each such dish, one dish at the time, whenever I feel like it. Because opening word takes longer than opening a new browser tab.
Looking at the downturn in society lately I have come to this dilemma: Do I seclude myself an go live off the land as far as people as possible OR do I stay in the city and attempt to help the few that would listen?
>clubbed to death starts playing
If you smoke anything you are a stupid fucking gorilla. Fuck you.
How many IRL friends do you have?
I'm not gonna take the vaccine
Despite all the bitterness, infighting, gayops and drama, I just want to let you know that you are still my friend, Anon. And for your sake, I will never, ever let the spirit of fun times die over petty shit. I believe in (You), and I believe that one day anon will rediscover and rekindle that spirit of fun, and we will have better times and more fun than ever before!
and the show goes on
The old thread got rulecucked >>>/v/118472

Fighting games are hard.  Playing them is suffering, and they let you make other people suffer.  Let's talk about all the hard, punishing stuff we've done, and how angry we've made people

>What's the angriest you've ever been playing a fighting game?
>What's the angriest you've ever made someone?
>Did you ever get into a fight over a match outcome?
>How much do you enjoy grinding stuff in training mode?
>What's the hardest combo or setup you ever labbed?  Was it worth it?
Please the Dance King with King tunes only. Those who fail to comply will be beheaded in the name of the King.
Gentlemen, I bring you the following dilemma: If you have to choose a wife, and the choice was between muscular vs corpulent, well-built vs well-fed, hard&firm vs soft&loose, sixpack vs meat-rolls. Which one do you go for and why?
Post your shit and opinion regarding guitar. What do you think of my riff? Just made it.
I haven't had a shower in ten days
Do you think there's sentient life outside Earth?
>very long term neet that has never worked
>job interview coming up now that they are finally desperate for workers 
>not sure if can handle job
>keep watching training videos and reading comments on it's difficulty rather than sleeping
>will be up pacing for 4ish hours  then training for many hours after that
>will be up 40+ hours straight due to this probably 
>might not get the job
>everything going to shit so probably can't buy anything later on anyway 
>still must go to find out
>/b/ is now overtaking /v/ not only in PPH but also post count
Why does /v/ even exist at this point?
seagulls don't know bout my day old dumpster dived pizza
Consume your corn syrup and seed oils, anon~
I was out sitting around blending into the scenery. A woman who was walking with a thousand yard stare, and a confused look walked near. I asked if she's okay? Her daughter beat up her boyfriend and he hasn't communicated back. She thinks she's single now. I offered to help her with chores around her house. She reluctantly agreed after three attempts. My mission was to help this woman feel better. During the drive she told me she's depressed with life given her financial situation and failing business. Her daughter stresses her out and she's fearful of the court system swallowing her up. 
Arriving to her home, it looked tired. There wasn't much else I could say besides it reflected her. She didn't wear a bra either and I kept staring at her droopas. Anyway, I cleaned up her yard, washed some siding, fixed some landscaping, removed some growing saplings in her rotting deck, and removed some screws. She was nice, hesitant and even mumbled she better take a picture of me just in case while I was sweeping her deck. When I turned around, she said nothing and told me to finish. She touched my hands a few times, lifted her sweater a bit to show her back and stroked the pole of the broom she handed me. I did think of fucking her but I thought it wasn't what she needed. 
In the end, I felt accomplished I had done a good deed and walked back to my spot to resume my pose.
I'm gonna ask a girl out.
Why is /v/ so dead? And what few posts remain are fedposts or fullderp discord cucks.
why do software companies that don't take security seriously always write posts the start with "here at some company, we take your security very seriously"?
>shoot civilian in the back of the head for no reason
>get paid leave instead of instantly being charged with murder
im tired of being double jewed
if this guy doesnt go to jail im going to kill 1000 cops
I don''t think there's anything more vanilla than POV with eye contact. 
It's a shame that nips are cucks and this sort of content gets relegated to 3D western "artists".
The next false flag will be centered on the premise of malicious interdiction of nuclear source materials.  It will not involve a nuclear device or nuclear detonation but rather a radiological threat. Nuclear source materials will be deliberately leaked to target areas to inflict severe injuries through radiation exposure. The real number of casualties as a result of these attacks will remain very low. The purpose is to create
a new method of restricting freedom of movement and new policies that will enable the government to continue it's expansion of power.  The media will display images of attack survivors  who will have burns and lesions across their skin. Videos depicting overwhelmed triage centers with
victims vomiting or otherwise unresponsive will be shared on social media. The threat of radiation exposure - an invisible enemy -  will be used as the primary vector. 

An application modeled after COVID contact tracing will be installed on every mobile device that uses iOS or Android. This application will serve to notify the user about potential hazardous exposure" and recommend actions they should take which include voluntary exposure testing. Additionally, cellular carriers will roll out automated SMS alerts that will have similar functionality.  This application will interface directly with the UICC on mobile devices. If the user does not have this application installed, network connectivity will be prohibited.  New  policy will grant governmental agencies further access to metadata and geolocation data on every platform. Included in these policies will be backdoor legislation that bans the use of end-to-end encryption. This legislation will be identical in nature to the recently introduced S.3538 EARN IT act. 

These attacks will be localized to a specific region. Triage centers will be setup in the affected areas through the deployment of the National Guard and coordinating members such as FEMA. These triage centers will see moderate traffic. The narrative will continues longer than any possible threat. 
Despite offering no protection or even relevancy against a radiological threat you will see another wave of people wearing cotton surgical masks in not just the target areas but the entire United States.

There will be severe disruptions to the Internet through the use of addition rather than negation. Alternative sources of information will become overwhelmed with 
content generated by convolutional neural networks that support the narrative or uses a carefully crafted opposition. Platforms that are incompatible with this system will be suppressed entirely on the infrastructure level. There will be organic service disruptions as a result of excess traffic.

Videos will surface showing these triage centers empty with the personnel staffing them idle. This will threaten the narrative. The control of information is required for the campaign to be successful.

The perpetrator will not be an Islamic-affiliated group or evil I.N.C.E.L domestic terrorist. It will have no relevancy to the ongoing Ukraine conflict but the blame will fall on all of these groups. The fog of war will surround information relating to the origin and this is will be intentional.

The real attacks will be psychological.  Fear will be exploited. Just like with the manufactured response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

>NNSA, working with federal, state, and local partners, to hold major radiological incident exercise in Austin May 16-20
* Up
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>.»^ifO uQQ^a ^A^scao
lp\^ i~L*
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looifo cuq&^j
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]2a£,— jaX
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Ants crawling over my feet and through my forested leg hair is one of my favourite summer cosies
Is Something Awful any good? I have 10 dollars to waste
>tfw not a happy young couple with a child
Post things to amuse me.
My shower drain has been clogged for days. The water drains at an incredibly slow pace and the bathroom can very quickly flood if I were to take a long shower. 
I've tried using drain cleaners twice but they don't seem to do much.
But then I removed the drain cap/cover and it was fucking disgusting. Thick brownish gunk covers the entirety of it from the inside. 
Now here's the weird part. With the drain cap removed, the water drains normally!
If I cover the drain with the cap again, shits clogged again.

So, what the fuck is going on? Do I have to scrub off all the gunk on the drain cap itself? That shit looks vomit inducing. I'd have to wear a fucking biohazard suit to feel safe cleaning it. Also why would the drain cover even affect anything anyway, I don't get it. Is it some kind of ventilation thing?
I need to order some bullshit from amazon to make sure the package won't fit in my mailbox.
The item needs to be at least like 38 cm long, you get the idea. Something that wont fit in a 14 x 29,5 x 36 cm mailbox and is as cheap as possible.
Help me /b/retards
My literature teacher is so based. She's clearly more sensitive to the issue of privacy than the average person. Some weeks ago she was browsing with the classroom's computer and at some point the usual message about cookies popped up on a site; but instead of carelessly clicking on "accept", she went through a couple of clicks to reject them. Once one of the school's computers - one where she had logged in - had also been stolen, so, being the responsible and knowledgeable person she is, she changed her passwords. Perhaps it's also thanks to me, since I did choose to write about privacy in an essay she had assigned us once.
Privacychads, keep up the good fight.
look for old gifs here:
and post them ITT.
i lost $200 at an injun casino last week and i am upset
post in this thread to get banned, free of charge.
I got nothing else to do.
#Metoo was never about rape and sexual assault. It was about diversity. Harvey Weinstein and his brother were two of the biggest and most influential people in Hollywood. They knew diversity doesn't sell and they refused to fill casts with mutts and lose money on it for political reasons. Hollywood is full of pedophiles and rapists, it's common knowledge and everyone there is guilty. Harvey was targeted to remove him from the diversity push blockade and warn others not to get in the way. They all have dirty laundry and any who resist filling every form of media with niggers can and will be made an example of.

That's why #metoo died as soon as women started calling out famous niggers and pajeets. Diversity is going to be pushed and any resistance will be removed, Jewish, rich or other wise. Harvey was a bog standard Hollywood scumbag, there was no reason to target him over any other pedophile rapist except he resisted diversity. It's the only thing that makes sense.
Why do tiny little niggers with tiny peepees and smol brein always become mod?
Where do you think the world is going? Global enslavement like Orwell's 1984 or widespread chaos as in the fall of Rome?
Post 2d brown girls.
i want her to fuck me up with her slippers like my mom used to
I will have a dom gf someday. I believe.
What are your dreams like, Anon? Are they comfy, cool, sexy, creepy, or scary? Are they like movies, or are they disorganized images? What's the most interesting dream you've had?
this is nice image board
very comfy
I think most detrimental things in society can be traced back to delegation. Having others do what we could well do ourselves.
What makes people sheep? Ultimately it comes down to delegating the use of reasoning to somebody else; be it the government, a group of peers, the appointed superior, etc. It's voluntary abdicating that which separates us from beasts for the sake of comfort.
I've found that taking people out of that state is very hard. And I think that's because it can't really happen through mere words. A whole string of dissapointments must take place to convince the person of the folly on counting on other's judgement.
At least that's what happened to me in 2020, when did you stop counting on others?
shoutout to all my east coast anons keepin' it real
>spend 20 minutes making the OP for a new thread on /v/
>two fags come in saying it's low effort
>one fag says I'm some namefag
>mods delete my posts defending myself and then the thread itself

Anyone got any /v/ alternatives? Or can I start posting /v/ shit here? Is there any chance my threads will get unjustly nuked on /b/?
Why is this not allowed?
What are you reading anon?
Real raped of Gensokyo youkai 60 - 6000 years

Files taken from sealed land
Homosexuality needs to be made globally illegal.

Globohomo? More like Globonohomo.

I'm so sick of meeting a women to just find out she had sex with a gay person before, thanks to Jewish nusoya libtard commie cucks. How would you like it if you spent 30 years studying and working to be able to afford a house for you and your wife and you found out she's yet another whore who slept with a gay person (or, less commonly, another woman) and now has AIDS and you will have to get cucked with an adopted nigger baby and the faggot government forces you to take care of it? I swear to God, the next time I see a gay person, I will blast his head off.
i just find here
is this new nano?
captcha    WTF
Why does anime attract so many pedophiles and degenerates? How do we keep our communities safe from child grooming?
>have always been slow and meticulous with my math work
>final exam today had a million problems, each with multiple parts (a, b, c, etc.), 85% of them were pretty long
>points could be deducted for 'illegible work' so I had to waste time being extra neat
>I write very small anyway so scanning the work also had to be done carefully which ate up further time
>no way to finish all problems unless you were one of the top 3 students in the class or the professor himself
gg, university. gg.
No winter lasts forever!
Why is it that in movies there is always a bad guy with a hot woman, or a prostitute, or in a club getting a lap dance... but never with a young girl? Wouldn't it make him more bad?

Imagine if in the badguy reveal, a 12 or 14 year old with a developed body is on a pole in front of him, and she licks her lips or cusps her breasts or something you'd normally see an adult woman do to seduce. You would know right away he is a super massive douchebag for the fact that he brainwashed her to do this at an inappropriate age.

But there is no movie like this. You never see girls at all in such scenes. They could straight up kill or torture someone for no fun, but never this particular trope. This is too big of a discrepancy to be mere coincidence. What's going on here?
are you a true olddomo, or an unironic domo? a poster who acknowledges that liberals saying some retarded shit is retarded is based and reasonablepilled. a poster who goes further and is full right wing boringtard who listens to conservative talk shows, is just a normaldomo LARPing as an olddomo. nobody wants to hear about how you want imageboards to be illegal or some bullshit forced marriage law. get out of here kike
[ ] true olddomo
[ ] domo (cancer) (kike)
Settle the age old debate, can a big dick be feminine?
>posts the mods don't personally like are deleted instantly
>CP within threads remains up for days
Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?
best manga about incels?
You'd think Qboomers would give it a rest already.

How much money do you think Watkins bamboozled out of them?
Post scary/unsettling/creepy shit. Whether they be creepypastas, creepyvidyas, creepyvideos, etc.
>wh*te people can't eat peas and carrots without butter
do they really???
>his dog has 4 legs only
leglet doges get off my board
Why is this site so fucking slow to connect to? Are your servers located in Uganda or something?
Democracy is bad and meant to merely placate the ignorant masses. It was invented by ancient Greece, Athens specifically, in fact to stop violent revolts against the powers that had been. 

Imprisonment is unethical and only exile and executions should ideally exist. The amount of torture that results from time torture makes it not worth the efficiency. After all anyone born with money could outfox the judgement system of which makes it effectively a torture system meant to force the ignorant masses of the impoverished into obeisance. 

Slavery is more ethical than imprisonment. It brings less pain as slavery is a mindset according to some poets. After all in modern times most do not consider working by wages slavery and are happy.

Working by the hour is to be a slave. This is/was ancient Rome's definition of a slave, to work by the hour. Only slaves should be doing this. 

Races are diverging breeds. Due to natural Darwinism if a people lived in differing land masses and changed in some way they are effectively different a breed. They will have different cultures even if they are near equal in other ways to similar humans.

Culture shock is bad and people should be segregated by compatible personality type. This was famously explored in "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court", as obviously if pagans and Christians are forced to be together they are not going to get along.  

Pedo is not real and was invented by toxic femininity, or at least perpetuated by it when they raised the age of consent when due to c-sections lowering risks it should have anything been lowered. Historically feminists fought to raise the age of consent and not men, the other half of the human race. Taking bestiality seriously is also insane.

To be grateful is to have the mind of a slave. Such ethics are born of religious types such as Buddhism and Christianity, both are modest religions made for slave races. It's meant to dupe it's ignorant masses into feeling as though fun = sin.  All sins are actually good, of course. Even when not the christians and buddhists will just sin then get away with it, so what's the point? Brow beaten slavery is the point, some become masters, others the slave. 

All meat eaters are unethical. This leads to the evolutionary 'need' to feel fear and die some day. If we did not need to eat meat we could evolve potentially to live forever and also without fear as that could be how the efficiency would play out if we did indeed stop preying upon one another. 

Evolution made the mistake of making such meat eaters, we could have lived forever and stopped evolving but that is to do with the evolution issue. Humans should all be antinatalists that do not eat meat. 

Money was a mistake. Capitalism is effectively Neo-fedualism, of which leads to inequality and literal slavery. 

No land should be owned. It is finite and not created by any single person nor family. It is not only illogical but unethical to own it. Copyrights and patents are dystopian as well. 

The buying of retail and renting in generalis for slaves/fools. You become a slave for the temporarily owned products and that is a waste of time and disrespectful to oneself. 

Faith should be considered synonymous with delusion, only agnostics are sane. To think otherwise is obviously to be delusional, however such delusions are a good motivation to efficiency. 

There is no real difference between the idea of empathy and sympathy, and  empathy is actually delusional an idea. You have faith you know what they feel yet don't actually feel it. Even when you are reminded of past pains it's only yours and not theirs and to assume they feel as do is a form of faith, an assumption. The word empathy should be deleted out of the dictionary. 

Females should have less rights as males have life on hard mode. This can create an equality. The sex industry should not be controlled anymore than it was by the ancients either. 

All natural drugs should be legal but blatant poisons regulated as much as any weapon. 

All nations should have nukes and also be independent of one another economically. 

Freedom of the press was a mistake even if freedom of expression is desired. 

If a scab replaces you it is ethical to strike back, either with thievery of an organization or through a direct attack on a scab. If equal opportunity is a lie then stealing from those of whom rejected you cannot be considered unethical. 

Without privacy you have no rights. 

Most laws/rules should be abolished, as in 90+ percent of them.
this is now a slowpoke thread
If it's pre-2013 and a model sold in the US (remember burgers don't believe in diesel) then you'll get some good repair information from AllData.
>tfw no trad gf
you just wasted an hour of my life because i couldn't get over how insignificant and pathetic you are
>hurr durr sex bad
>hurr dur i am going to have children alone without a wife cuz women bad
>this totally isnt cope
>yeah wh*te pride wigger
>ill never accomplish anything in life may as well raise children and pretend im based for this thing that literally billions of people have already done
>intel ME is backdoor cus i said so! thing that has name is backdoor while other 4000 components are not!
>i dont like anything. anything that people have who are better off than me bad!
>fun bad
>anime bad
>i browse imageboards but am against anime
>i play nigger games like MMOs and RPGs while being a wh*te supremacist
>omg you posted a waifu WEEB
>omg u used animal skin in fortnite FURRY
>omg u like legal 16yo PEDO
stupid wh*teoids
give me my hour back
COVID should have been let to run free because it would have got rid of you due to being either boomer or obese
My room smells bad but I don't know why. I changed the sheets, mopped, vacuumed, aired the room out (I have the window open a lot when weather permits. Also on cold days if there is heat) but it still smells of this weird smell that I can only guess comes from me. It's to the point where I had some clean clothes hanging in my room for a few weeks and they had to be rewashed because they smelled like the room. I keep my dirty laundry in the room but it doesn't smell like this smell. The room smelled like this before I started keeping my dirty laundry in my own room anyway. I shower with soap and I wash every part of my body and brush my teeth. I don't smoke or do anything else that has a smell besides fap but I don't keep cumrags under my bed or something. I don't eat smelly ethnic food. I just don't know what it is. No matter what, I can't help but have a sneaking suspicion that it's the smell of rancid cum even if I always clean up. I think I'm just paranoid since other people have said my room smells too.
I got this dirty bitch texting me she wants to do all of these things together like anal, cervix penetration, bdsm, hot wax, caning, and so on, but what else can /b/ think of that would be a good time with a bitch this kinky?
Today is the birthday of Adolf Hitler!!!
any anons like painting models? ive recently started and ive really been enjoying myself. my one best friend got me into 40k. we dont play mostly just talk lore. would like to eventually learn to play kill team or crusade.
I miss it bros
I want to do a parody rewrite of a hentai manga.
Anybody got any good suggestion as to which one I should go for?
Something short, please.
Send any stuff to fap or otherwise leak semen to pleaze. Pic unrelated?
ideal wh*teoid future
>whether you breed is decided by the state based on population target
>casual s*x is illegal and punishable by death and enforced in practice using surveillance state implemented by Hitler Corp instead of that wimpy Google commie shit so its fine now
>a wh*te male is paired with one wh*te female
>jenny gets paired with bob
>bob and jenny are finally alone at home after a hard day of copying data by hand around between sheets which could be automated but there are too many proprietary APIs in the way and in 2030 there is new TPM protecting the excel flow to prevent copyright infringement (a very important pillar of wh*teoid society)
>bob smells like sweaty locker room because he had to go from his corporate office to his car, and it was 120 degrees today and he never washes his shit
>but this has him on an adrenaline rush, this is the most physical activity he has had in years
>>Himmler (the name of the AI assistant), activate breeding provisions
><Yes master! Premises checked. Locking doors. Closing i_Blinds (underscores are used in all brand names because it resembles old masculine operating systems. apple's products have been merged into Hitler Corp)
>he kisses her to try to get her into the mood
>jenny gags as she tastes his breath of having not brushed teeth in 18 hours and having ate a McDonalds Hitler's Honor (a generic greasy patty with mustard, mayo, ketchup, with a side of avocados. avocados are part of the Fitler program which is an attempt to make wh*teoids eat vegetables)
>jenny lays on the bed
>bob takes off his shirt and looks down on jenny from above, revealing a 3rd chin and a massive, hairy, protruding chewbacca-esque chest and a 5 inch penis covered in smegma constantly protracting and retracting from its foreskin, looking like an alien horror scene in a movie
>jenny closes her eyes, trying to imagine a fit, below 35 male she saw do a forbidden body pose (pushups) in a forbidden movie (some generic bank robbing movie)
>10 seconds later
>a drop of watery substance expels from his penis which now looks like The Thing
>"Pregnancy detected! Pregnancy detected!" Exclaims Himmer, the AI assistant, using advanced methods to detect whether the sperm went in
Some people who call themselves christians have a rather wacky idea when it comes to sexual sins. Let me get this straight: Mastubation is a sin, and so is fornication, but leisure sex between a married couple IS NOT?
So in other words, according to these people, there is no level of sexual depravation a married couple can descend into that The Lord wouldn't smile upon.
This is utterly imbecillic, and this lie is the cornerstone of all the sexual inmorality we bear witness today. For when this evil becomes accepted as good, then why wouldn't all non-reproductive sexual acts be accepted? How can you denounce fornication, sodomy and all the rest, when you accept the same premise they are all based upon? That "Indulging the impulses of the flesh is good".
>everyone is sitting on a bunch of freezers wearing masks
>they're all composing basic music
>jewish lawyer walks up some stairs and sneers
>his face is the one being mocked
>his music is crummy
>the narrator of the story pans to the tuna can salesman 
>whoa what a guy, no mask and he's got the best music of them all
>sax solo blasts everyone's socks off
What's a good group to join?
Incels are useless. Bikers are corrupt. Military is filled with troons.
How do I get rich? What scam shitcoin do I buy? I don't want to be ultra rich but just enough to not have to work again
why would you be angry about age gap as an NPC? i think there are a few types that have different reasons
right wing:
>stay away from muh daughtuh
>pedo lynch him!
left wing:
>what so you're saying rich people should be able to get even more things we can't have? (13yos)
>bourgeois lynch him!
>she didn't know any better, she could have slept with younger people who have nicer bodies
>you therefore had a monopoly on her market! 20 years of jail!
law autist:
>that is aggravated child sexual assault, statutory rape and sex trafficking! 20 years of jail!
wtf I love batman now
I present to you, the carnivorous bee species.

>Normal bees can't defend against mammals, they usually die after stinging 
>Normal bees usually get gangbanged by wasps and have their nests destroyed 
>Normal bees are cute and harmless

But there exists a bee that is not weak and faggy like the others. Meet the Vulture bee and it's 3 subspecies. 
>They do not eat nectar or pollen 
>They eat meat only 
>They store, age and process meat similarly to how humans learned to cook it
>They attack small animals and even their eggs
>They kill wasps to the point of localised extinction 
>They got rid of the weak sting and evolved strong mandibles instead
>Their protein-based honey has a stronger flavor than vegetarian bee honey 
>Unlike vegetarian bees, they don't produce excess honey. They only make what they need.

Truly the Überbienen
You're telling me that having to
>Make a 3D model
>Make textures for 3D model
>Animate 3D model (even if just barely)
>Set up a scene where the 3D model matches the 2D background seamlessly 
Is somehow CHEAPER and FASTER to do than just fucking drawing the damn thing? What the fuck, this makes no sense to me
I bought drugz.
do you have to make an account to turn of babby search now or what?
>Sarah Palin is running for congress and her name is all over the news again 
Are you ready to see normalfags horny at politics?
Does something keep you up at night? What things would you say can finally bring the peace and comfort that's lacking on life?
This is driving me insane /b/, I can't get a pair of jeans that will just fucking fit properly. Normalfags somehow walk around with perfect clothes and here I am stuck in an eternal dilemma. (Then again, I've also seen many normalfags who tend to wear shit that is clearly too skinny or jeans way too short and yet they don't seem to care which is baffling to me). 

So my issue is that I'm somewhere between jeans size 29 and 28. But neither fit right. Size 29 is roughly 2 inches too long, while size 28 is too tight and a bit too short. JUST FUCKING FIT YOU CUNT!

I don't want to go to the fucking tailor every time I get a new pair of pants!
>inb4 why go outside anyway, why care about fashion 
Because I can't live off of welfare and I have to appear somewhat normal to my colleagues. Also this shit is supposed to be the simplest thing ever, fitting clothes should not be a big deal, normalfags get it right without even trying!
Smoking in honor of Hitler on his birthday!
I think he joined the KKK. I'm so proud of him. He's a good boy.
the best women really are the ones you have to try with or you find whores who while entertaining but don't put out
LOOK at this fucking shark
my niggas what classical artists should i pirate to listen to over the summer
what if i make a website where i write stories about dating underage girls?
is 1d loli illegal anywhere?
is this market already full?
seems like the highest reward littlest work job.
is it a good idea or is it comparable to moving to niggertown - population: 99999999 niggers? do they have any jobs or are they all poor shitholes? how's the internet infrastructure? how's the vagina?
I am NanoArchiver. I'm a tall, muscular and I have colored eyes. I groom myself and take care of how I look. I work out and exercise every day of the week. I eat healthy and take care of my body. I brush my teeth, shower, wear nice clothes, I drive a nice car (paid for by neetbux kek). I have lots of interesting things to talk about with people, and have a lot of positivity to share. But despite this I am a chronically depressed NEET. It's to the point where every single minute of the day is pain. Suffering. I have a deeply intense craving that dominates my life. I think about it all the time. I crave physical and emotional affection. I want to be loved. I want to be held, cuddled and kissed. I have never experienced this. Only experienced plastic imitations of this through destructive activities such as masturbating to pornography. I crave genuine love. I think about the idea of being hugged by a girl all the time every day. Its what I want. Its what I need. Trying to get affection I've got into trouble, trouble and big fucking trouble in the past. I've been a NEET for the majority of my life, so long that I can't even remember what its like to be in society. Imageboards have been my staple human interaction for ages. I've hopped from 4chan to 8chan to 16chan to Librechan to Nextchan to 8chan to Lolifox to Cutiegarden to 8channel to 88chan to this hole which calls itself 8chan. Seems pretty open to cunnyposting which is a plus. I am a kissless, virgin. I have severe trust issues and I can't hold a friendship together, let alone a romantic relationship. The older I get, the more I hate adult women. Everyone my age has already had relationships, been kissed, held hands, had sex and experienced love while I have never experienced anything of the sort. What am I to do? Is it too late for me anons? Every shithead anon just says "you need to improve yourself". I've done that and I've been self improving for years. I am fitter and healthier than 99% of people. Yet even guys who are fat ugly short and really unattractive still have girlfriends. I know the main reason why I don't have a gf. It's because I'm isolated as fuck and I have no contact with women. I don't talk to them on a daily basis and I never ever speak to women my own age. the only women I have contact with in my life are much older (40+). I've tried more than 200 cold approaches. I used to do bare cold approaches. I did it fanatically ten times a day, talking to girls on the street, and it did not work at all. I've tried all the other routes of meeting women I can as well. I've been to places where people have common interests, clubs, hobbyist groups etc., volunteering for free. I've been in at least 20 projects/groups/clubs to try and meet women, but nothing ever came of it. The interaction stopped there and I went home. I've tried the four biggest dating apps in my country. Put good photos on there where I have an excellent haircut, smile, and pictures with my muscles casually exploding out of my tshirt, and you know what? I've gotten more than 30 matches this month. But haven't met with a single one of them. The conversation is boring. It goes question -> answer -> question -> answer like a police interrogation. It's not fun for either parties. I barely socialize in real life its even harder to do it online. Doesn't help that I have no job or career prospects, I'm just existing as a NEET with no life plan. There has been only one evacuation from this emotional location I call the hell that is my life. I made friends with a guy who is old enough to be my dad. I became obsessed with him and his family and we spent hours and hours together every week. We talked every day and became close friends. I also became friends with his prepubertal daughter. He didn't like like that I wanted to be friends with his daughter. I didn't openly confess my love for his daughter but I hinted and signaled at it occasionally. One day I picked her up and cuddled her, and he went mental. Shortly afterward, we were no longer friends. Holding his daughter's hand and cuddling her are the happiest memories of my life. It meant so much to me to feel appreciated and have affection. It was/is literally the happiest thing in my life. The thing I want more than anything else in the world. She is a perfect angelic being and looks like Mara but EVEN CUTER. She has blue eyes instead of brown, and beaming with happiness and joy. Thank you for reading.
Guise we can do twoo capitawism if we just obey da ruwes okay?
>have ok job in IT
>easy enough, settle in
>job opening new location
>get encouraged to go there by regional manager for "growth opportunity"
>bosses boss fluffs me up and talks about how I could get promoted pretty quickly
>get to new site
>no-one knows what they're fucking doing
>everyone in department is incompetent
>less than half the staff we're supposed to
>building goes live in 2 weeks
>already working saturdays just to keep things on schedule
>tried to be chad normalfag
>punished for my ambition
Don't do it anons, don't get greedy. Remember that working is gay and retarded.
Talk about shit you hate or just vent about stuff.

For example, ham radio. Holy shit, ham radio is one of the most cucked hobbies imaginable, and the community is filled with a bunch of no-fun faggots who talk about the most boring shit.
lol look at this little fella
>Michael Jackson was innocent and the parents of the kids all admitted they lied for money
>Only thing MJ was guilty of was being extremely autistic and wanting to give kids a better childhood than he had

1. Was raped by his father
2. Killed cats when he was a kid
3. His mother is a JEW
4. He was a faggot in the Polish prison (just a kurwa for prisoners)
5. Literally a Khazarian degenerate

Khazarians ("ukrainians") love him very much, dedicate songs to him, made an icon from this Khazarian trash.

His photos IRL
Looking at the full moon and it's beautiful. Contemplating the starry sky has always been a mystical experience for me, and it's a shame that light pollution has greatly worsened the experience. Anyways, this sort of makes me want to study the science of astronomy, does anyone have any experience with that here? And do you think travelling to the moon will be possible for us commoners within this century?
(also post cool space wallpapers)
I just had a bowl of homemade shoyu ramen
Watch the attached video.

There are two new world orders, the real one that Alice Bailey talked about, and the counterfeit one that New-Agers and conspiracy theorists focus on.

And they are revealing this counterfeit new world order right along with Luciferian messages of human unity, oneness, and higher consciousness always.

The message is: "Look! They're enslaving us! They are stealing our power, keeping us from realizing who we really are, from realizing that we are all one, they are stunting our creative energy"

And just be clear, this counterfeit new world order is real, just like a counterfeit 100 dollar bill is physically real, it all had to be real for this plan to work and that's the point. 

And it's the fact that it is very real that it's giving all these New-Age conspiracy theorists real power and validity, and it's giving power to their message, to their prescription about how to deal with the problem.

And that's why this deception is gonna be so powerful, people in growing numbers are researching this stuff, realizing that it's real and then they go to people like Alex Jones and Icke for advice on what to do.

And they tell people to "unite", to "resist", to realize that you are a powerful conscious being. Icke tells people to let go of religion because it's one of the tools of control.

Jones tells people, all of us of every religion have to unite and stand up against these people.

This is going to be a masterfully deceptive trick. A fake phony new world order is going to rise, and then going to be purposefully allowed to be defeated, so that the real new world order can finally be implemented.
"Zage", the brand new anonymous academic journal is calling for papers.
Do you want to unleash your ultimate autism in serious truth-seeking essays? Do you despise the ((( academia )))? Do you want to demonstrate the proof of your non-mainstream theory? Post your paper in this thread and your name, anonymous, will be know forever far and wide.
1. Total anonymity in the paper, you can add a throwaway email, but that is not recommended.
2. Accepted format: latex or text
3. Serious autism only, any argument should have accompanying proof and evidences/experiment method + results.
4. Any academic or non-academic topic with sound proofs and/or experiments is accepted (eg computer science, philosophy, politics, economic, even games (if done seriously), anime, anything)
5. Anon-review needed, I know jack shit about most things, anyone with the appropriate knowledge is welcomed.
6. Deadline is unset for now, trying to gauge interest.
Against my instinct, I want to see real effort posting into the memest form. I want to see how far serious shitposting can go. tldr for the lulz.
My son is 9 years old. He’s big and beautiful and biracial, and although my wife and I have always known we would need to prepare him to face racism, we’ve never talked to him or his little sister about police violence against Black people. Not until now.

He wept when we told him about George Floyd. His voice shaking, he asked whether the same thing would one day happen to him.

My wife and I told him to draw about his feelings, and what he brought back to us broke both our hearts. In pen, he’d drawn a white police officer standing in front of a cruiser, holding up a smoking gun and looking down at an unseen corpse. My son had written the words “Killed Me,” with an arrow pointing down at his own body, lying lifeless just outside the frame of the page.

There’s nothing my son can do to prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality. There’s nothing he can do to change the way the world will see him when he grows into a tall, broad-shouldered Black man.

To protect my son, and every other Black boy and girl in America, white people must change the way our own eyes see the world. We must do the work of stamping out white supremacy where it lives: in our systems, and in ourselves.

In 2007, less than a year after I moved to Boston, a 22-year-old woman named Chiara Levin was killed by a stray bullet, caught in the crossfire between two gang members at a party in Dorchester. I followed the news on the radio for a week or so, never seeing a photograph of the victim’s face. Unconsciously, I assumed that she was Black. When I finally saw her picture in the paper — this smiling, pretty white girl with wild, curly hair — I thought: Oh.

There was a lot to unpack in that "Oh." Beneath my unspoken assumption about her race was another assumption: She was the type of person who attended parties with gang members. And beneath that: On some level, it makes sense that she was killed.

And then, even deeper, in a dark part of my mind that I didn’t even know was there: Her life was less valuable than a white person’s.

When I realized what was happening in my own brain, I shuddered. I wasn’t what anyone would describe as a racist. I was engaged to a Black woman whom I would marry later that year, and who would become the mother of my two children. But white supremacy had infected me in ways I’d never realized.

I’ve lived my entire life in a world filled with literal monuments to racism, a world where we regularly make unspoken justifications for living on land stolen from indigenous people, for honoring slave owners on our money, for tolerating enormous racial gaps in wealth and education and health outcomes. Even my awareness of Chiara Levin’s murder is an example of white supremacy in action; if she’d been Black, I doubt the news media would have latched onto her story. Journalists saw her white face, and the same thing that happened in my brain happened in theirs. Of all the murder victims in Boston, this is the one who matters, the white supremacist inside them whispered. This is the tragedy we will talk about for weeks, while the names of murdered Black men and women go unspoken.

I confess that there’s still a part of me that tries to look for “reasonable explanations” when I first hear of a Black person dying in police custody. A part of me looks to explain away the horrible things I don’t want to confront. If I’m going to be a part of the solution, this is the piece of me I need to destroy.

But how?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot lately, and I think there’s only one acceptable answer: However I can.

I’m going to more actively look for ways to get involved, rather than hide in despair when the news makes me afraid for my children’s futures. I’m going to take my cues from Black activists who know what actions will make a difference in their own lives. Perhaps most importantly, I’m going to recommit to listening to and amplifying Black voices — and I’m going to try to sit and stay quiet during my own moments of discomfort, when their stories challenge the things I thought I knew.

I’m particularly interested to relearn American history from the perspective of the people who lived through it. The version I learned in school was so sanitized, so paternalistic: White people enslaved Black people, but then we saw that it was wrong, and we stopped. We forced Black people to live as second-class citizens in their own country for another century, but then we saw that it was wrong, and we stopped.

My wife is originally from Haiti, and several years ago, I learned the history of her country. It’s a very different narrative: The French got greedy, enslaving so many Africans that Blacks outnumbered whites in Haiti by 9-to-1. The enslaved people took advantage of their numbers and the machetes they’d been given to work the fields. They rose up, and they killed their masters, and they took their freedom.

It’s one of the most glorious, triumphant events in all of human history. And yet, when I read about it for the first time, my hand instinctively floated upward to protect my own throat.
Guys, please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a fren and he posted me 2 photos (pics).
He said me that these pics contains:

- one Aryan
- one Muslim
- one Viking
- one WP
- one Islamophobic
- one Quran burner
- one DNA garbage

and he asked me: who is who? Help me to answer him, I am brooding, who is an Aryan and who is the DNA trash?....
I came across this old Deviantart account and was pleasantly reminded of how warm the internet used to be where people would open about their lives without shame or caution because why not so if you find other accounts of this strain post them to the thread..  The guy sometimes used it post about his personal life where he was a mechanic and his fetish was a "weird quirk" rather than something gross, perverted, and consuming of his interests.  He is a millenial who you can visibly see become more embittered after the 2000s ended and 2010s began as he gets older evident by his art style, deepening of his fetish, amount of soul put into his work, and posts culminating in him saying all of the work on this account makes him cringe and doesn't make him proud.
If you were to prepare a dish and serve it with semen in it what would be the best dish to do it in? Like what dish could you have the most semen per serving and not have them notice the semen. I was thinking something with blue cheese dressing. But I want this to be a regular thing.
i make gifs and im trying to systematically calculate the sort of content styling and polish that ll hit say, a few thousand likes and share 

how do i do that?
>tfw not a happy young couple/family
Feels bad man
i fucking hate rightoids
im so fucking sick of idiot rightoids and centrists 
if youre gonna larp as a nazi at least learn political science you god damn fucking retard
im so fucking sick “libertarian” hurr durr tax is theft retards 
i really fucking hate rightoids 
and dont get me wrong tankies are just as bad but fuck i hate rightoids
this guy is a meme now
Any tips for running away from home? I might spend the whole night outside, until morning. Is that dangerous? In third world. And should I have food or water?
suggest me ways to be adept at programming in any types of IDE....
how many times a minimum do one need to repeat their reading to memorize somethin

like chinese radicals, japanese kanjis
stuff like that.
of cloud computing or 3d printing or 3d computer graphics, enough knowledge to make me win all the certs and earn six fig salary everyyear
now that bitcoins and altcoins are dead, is there any other way to retire young?
Thursday, May 12 - A high level officer of the LAPD Tuesday is being criminally charged for his conduct on a pedophile raid operation. The officer allowed a pedophile to digitally penetrate a child before arresting him.

Last Wednesday, officer Brubeck was one of the officers conducting a raid on a pedophile house. This was just after a month long case, when investigators finally found a heap of evidence showing that the pedophile has sexually assaulted multiple minors. When Brubek and his team breached the pedophile house door after getting no answer, they found the suspect, "Jared", masturbating to a video of a 16 year old child who sexually abused herself on video. He was using a masturbating sleeve modeled after a "loli", a Japanese word for a child, used in sexual contexts.

In an odd twist of events, Brubek stopped his fellow officers from moving in for the arrest and said, "let him finish, this is the last time he's going to feel good for most of his life".

The LAPD Public Integrity Bureau has spoken Tuesday, stating that Brubeck was found guilty of criminal negligence and failing to prevent a child from being digitally penetrated. The bureau has pointed out that that these offenses total a a minimum sentence of 15 years. Both the suspected pedophile and the officer are now in holding.
8kun bros what this?
Help me figure out the amount of "polishing" my art should have to maybe sell a piece for a dollar

like, obviously there is a market value and knowing this seems important for succesful artist to regularly deliver good stuff... or at
did I say already that Goblins ("europeans") are degroids ? 

No? Well, then pics. THE KING OF SWEDEN mazafaka. You know, vikings, blah-blah, all those clowns, ((( Odin )))-Shmodin mazafaka.
Cruelty has a Human Heart
And Jealousy a Human Face
Terror the Human Form Divine
And Secrecy, the Human Dress

The Human Dress, is forged Iron
The Human Form, a fiery Forge.
The Human Face, a Furnace sealed
The Human Heart, its hungry Gorge.
The last thing I remember him doing was lobbying to get 8chan shut down.
Well well, how have you been this past two years? Have you been listening to the talkshows? Have you been watching fox news? Did you buy all the books you were told? Did you do absolutely nothing else during all this time? GOOD! Now your nation needs you once again!
Are you ready to Own the Libs™? Are you ready to Save America™? Are you ready vote America First® patriots that will totally Drain the Swapt™ this time?
So get ready goy, sit on your ass and watch cable news like you never have before, share clickbait like your life depends on it, donate now to, and don't forget to have your vaccine's boosters up to date! (You wouldn't want to be one of those antivax weirdos wouldn't you?)
And when the day comes, you're gonna cast that ballot the hardest you ever casted it!!! Because this time we save not only America but also God and the Free World™!

Brought to you by Aipac
the time of man is over.
self determination bad. masculine bad. DIY bad. having penis bad. unigender bad. STEM innovation bad, just do what boss say
all is liability diluted and insured

what if someone tortures you to make you transfer funds?
cant have that. bank will use AI and camera to monitor your emotions to make sure you are okay
you think you can just have money and if its stolen its stolen? sorry, the time of man is over. JUSTICE FOR ALL!
what if you go outside and get raped? no phone bad. smart phone will decide if you are being raped
what if you have sex and realize its rape? age of consent will be 35 to be sure. until sex is replaced by pill
you cant have security cameras on your house or car. gov corp will do it for you

you are not allowed to drive a car without insurance because you might cause damage to some shit you cant afford and instead of going to jail for incompetence you get payed for by the insurance company
you cannot choose who you do business with, credit bureau will choose
you cannot choose what game to play. piracy is illegal. any game no longer on sale you cannot have obtained without piracy. corpo gov will choose what you play. likewise for music, movies, documents

you cannot have weapon of any kind. body building illegal too and exercise replaced with anti heart attack pill. government will fight attacker for you. this is also why its illegal to try and not be fat

you will be honored when you and your friends get to take a picture at the mall. this is the highest reward of post man society. you can post it on insta!
you cannot review (reverse engineer) hardware, that is IP theft and carries the death penalty for financial crime. toms hardware will do it for you
you cannot even drive. NVIDIA self driving car will do it for you

you are not important. you are just number. government regulates justice. government keep bad numbers low. if NVIDIA car drives you over cus you walk weird, stop walking weird. you may die as one of the small number of unintended deaths, but number low. you are an hero.
to think otherwise is masculine. they think they can do better than someone else by being smart or strong. wrong! selfish!

many people born today will question what was the mythical concept of a man
what did men do before they were exitenct?
did they spend thousands of hours and all their money on risky idea that turned out to progress science?
were they honorable? or did they just squander their privilege for rape and murder and steal proving why we need laws against man?
More Khazarian White-Powered Neo-Nazi -

BORISLAV ((( BEREZA ))) - pic 1 - in the left side. Fuck, so SLAVIC name, aaaah. In the right side - it is the leader of the RIGHT SECTOR (veeeery Nazi organization) - Yarosh.

But... the real surname of the Borislav Bereza is... ((( BLYAHER ))) hahahahaha. Fuck, and he has a..... passport of ISRAEL!!!!!!!!


Borislav Blyaher-Bereza is the speaker of the RIGHT SECTOR, lol.

The pic2 is the leader of the RIGHT SECTOR together with.... a Rabbi.

pic3 - Bereza-Blyaher again.

Pic4 - more of RIGHT SECTOR.

Mazafaka, ah. The "sector" must be renamed to SHALOM SECTOR

I hate this country
anyone who didn't have a girlfriend in high school should be put on a watch list. they probably live out the rest of their lives like ghosts with unfinished business. this can't be good for anyone. some are responsible enough not to commit any crime, but others not so much. the FBI should be covertly monitoring all of these people just like the NSA, to make sure no school attacks or groomings happen.
lurked for 1 and a half years, suddenly it's gone. i'm deeply concerned. did endodom0 get v&? did he step on the server cable but was too fat and disabled to notice?
Why are women who are ((( sex positive ))) the most afraid of being raped? Like they will make a giant scene about a rectal exam because they weren't given a month's notice in advance to consider whether they "consent" to it. Why do ONLY ((( sex positive ))) women have this concern about being haved sex with in the open by someone looking at them funny?
Describe this in 2 words or less.
Why does this single nation make vatniks and western Russophiles so incredibly asshurt? Is it because it demonstrates that Russia is a ridiculous little corrupt non-nation with a shit military? Is it because the Russians, like their Bolshevik grandfathers, hate life, liberty, and civilization itself? Perhaps we will never know. 

In the meanwhile, though, I would like to extend congratulations to Azov Battalion for fighting for the white race against the Judaized mongrel orc hordes of the Bolshevik Horde. Thank you for defending civilization. Slava!
Prospects for the near future don't seem all that great, especially if you live in densely populated areas. Do you have an escape plan? And what do you watch for to begin its execution?
For me is grocery shortages, as soon as a whole week goes by without stuff in the shelves, I grab my shit and get to the countryside by any available means.
Can someone draw her diving underwater wearing goggles and swim fins? Preferably nude or a bikini with side-ties or side rings.
Can we have a moment to talk about how Seagull is Kiimemaru and the entire site is compromised?
Today they added back into the webring too, we're being sold down the river anons. I'm out.
PS: he's been deleting everything exposing him on /v/
This thread is dedicated to Soviet cartoons. We all know how awful and jewish the USSR was, but their cartoons were pretty nice and often BASED. This one (from picrel) predicted modern consoomers (you can understand what's going on on this one without even knowing Russian). I wonder where I can get archives of Soviet cartoons to mass-download/torrent. Also, I wonder how many of them are translated, I never looked too much into that since I already know Russian.
>me on the X
>you on the Y
you guys got any more cool 4chan alternatives
>Listening to my music through my headphones
>Today, I start hearing some weird crackling, static-like noise that pops up randomly on either cup of the headphones. 
>The headphones are new, I doubt they're broken
>I reinstall audio drivers, change audio settings, use different audio jacks, I try everything
>Crackling still shows up on random
>It's not very loud, but just loud enough to be noticed
>I disconnect the headphones completely, but still wearing them
>Suddenly, crackling
<what the fuck
>Literally disconnected and still somehow producing sound glitches

Help, the machine spirit of my headphones is trying to speak to me. I'm not going crazy, my other pair of headphones is not making any weird sounds, especially when it's fucking disconnected.
You see this. She says "Breakfast is served big boy".

Wat do?
Erm... baste?
>this homo 90s snakeoil has existed for 12 years now
i want to stomp matthew prince's head into the pavement
I like you guys
Never change no homo intended
feel free to catfish this faggot umi#2696
e621 is pozzed. any alternatives? i know there was i2p version but gallery-dl wont work with 4444 proxy on it for some reason
any software smaller than these like animation, also nice pressure detection and also small and easy?
bitches don't know bout bread cannons
I accidentally stumbled upon this page and I also clicked on the links for 90's, 00's, 10's, and 20's animation, and now I'm traumatized. The majority is from Japan. Now I feel disgusted by anime. Can any of you give me a good cope, excluding shit like "akchyually there's nothing wrong with homosexuality"?
If anybody is considering making an interactive thread like a quest or something, but are afraid of wasting effort for lack of interest, I offer to play ball with whatever you throw at me ITT.  Just know I connect for a few hours between working shifts
I find amogus funny.
Post BBC.
where do i hire a massive teacher to help me excel cloud computing, 3d cg and 3d printing, all the way to getting 6 fig salary weekly and maybe acing alibaba cloud academy?
Does anyone know of any /v/ alternatives? Preferably without insane rampant post deletion sprees and namefag mods who post in every thread trying to bring attention to themselves. Also preferably with actual non-cringeworthy OC like what you'd find on DeviantArt.
completely shit my pants i feel proud
If you needed any further proof that is glownigger owned then here you go.
ITT you post flash games/animations/etc

hare are some sites to post from
Pack it up boys.
Can we agree that "Pertinax" "Mithridates" and "Ozymandias" are the coolest names ever? Or does somebody have any competitors?
Are you sad anon? Tell me about it, that may get you better.
Alright I give up, screw art and all the con-artist that make a living of it. I'm going to get a job at a wharehouse. Here's your fucking space marine. Bye.
Where were you when Twitter became the new 8chan?
Remember that time when tranny herdniggers tried making sleepy/b/ their personal shitting ground and got blown the fuck out?

Good times.
Why Japanese are so good in video game production but so weak in music production? I have not heard a single Japanese song in my life. 
Wait, actually they do produce good video game music. But what about non video game music?
Or is their music good but American-Anglo music jews are protecting their markets and not allowing Japanese music?
I've heard japan play modern classical good, like piano. But other music?
I assume at least one or two people have to be familiar with automechanics. So i need help, with several very detailed things and i'm a relative newfag to fixing shit myself. If anyone responds, will expound further
i dont remember all my cousins names

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