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Monsieur, when was the last time you had sex?
Quite satisfactory after drinking a lot of liquid. The more you hold it the more fun it is. However hold it for too long and you piss yourself in your pants or the flood in lack of pants. Then it's not so fun. This needs fixing.

Your mom:
Too fat although quite the cook

Cheetos Crunchy: Flamin' Hot Lemon Flavored:
Spicy and delicious. Good to shove in one's mouths and anus for prostate play
three stars/10
It's time to show your creativity and edit skills if any.
I haven't used photoshop in like 5 years so im pretty rusty
ideally we should use one pic per week and see who can do the best out of it. If you want to be a faggot about it you can photoshop another pic though.
I have brought you this obese monkey and my masterpiece featuring him.
see if you can do better.
Learn to draw. It is unironically the best way to use your time.

Drawing is a productive skill, by drawing you're adding something new into the world, you can use your skills to create OC, you can make your own lewds and draw you're waifu in different situations, you'll feel better about yourself because you're not just wasting your time doing nothing, you'll always have something to do in case you get tired of all your games and imageboards are being quiet, and if you happen to get good at it someday you can even make money with it.

And most importantly, it costs basically nothing to learn and do art, you can start doing it at any time effectively for free without even leaving your room.
In lieu of having no biz board technically one exists but it's on and also ded as it should be for being on here is a biz thread. ITT, post about your calls, your puts, your memecoins, how you know BTC is going to crash next week, how you know BTC is going to hit 100 grand next week, how the whole stock market is jewish, how crypto is jewish, why your charts are smarter than everyone else's charts, why you're a secret millionaire but spend your time posting on a manchurian doll collecting forum for some reason, etc. etc.
zzzchad hit 100k postsd
Decipher message.
I can't deal with the dysphoria anymore. Not gender related though, I just can't stand not being swole, although the extreme anxiety is making me feel for the trannies. Anyways, I've been lifting like a madman for almost two years with very minimal progress, so I'm taking it up a notch and buying 1000mg of anavar, which I'll be taking in 20mg doses daily for two weeks, with alternating 2 week/4 week rest periods.
Ask me anything.
When was the last time you went to see your dentist, anon?
This thread is my playthrough of Hinamizawa. Do not let the cute girls deceive you, this game is disturbing and terrifying to play. It's because of the cute girls that it is so terrifying. I keep tearing up playing this fucking game, not because of it being a tear jerker(though there are very bitter moments in the game that make you want to cry), but because it is oh so disturbing. I am scared out of my mind man holy fucking shit.  I am currently on episode six and I will come back again after I have finished playing everything. Don't think you can spoil me bitches hahahahaha. Highly recommend using the original spites.

This is mine. Food bag is lentils mostly. They cook fast and you can plant them. Also trail mix and foraging.
>want to make cool things like games and make the world a better place
>headache and brain fog every day makes it impossible to do anything
it's not fair
>worrying about them
What kind of boards should be added to the webring?
A different version of some existing board with different rules?
Some new board that doesn't exist?
Maybe even a board that requires new features that the current imageboard engines don't support?
Does /b/ has a board mascot/tan? If not, then does /b/ want to make one?
>be lower-class 13-year-old girl
>want latest iphone
>guy comes around
>offers you $2000 to sniff your feet
>accept his offer
>realize it's not as weird as you thought
>realize you just got $2000 for literally no work
>buy latest iphone
>tell the guy you're open to more foot worship
>make thousands of dollars off him
>buy all sorts of garbage teen girls like
>other girls in school get jealous
>effectively achieve rich girl status in school

In case you're wondering, yes, I would literally offer a 13-year-old girl $2000 to sniff her feet. The chance that I'd come across such an opportunity is very small, so I'd want to offer as much money as possible to maximize the possibility of her accepting my offer. I'd also want to minimize my chances of getting in trouble as much as possible, so I'd have to make sure she's not the type who hangs around responsible adults. Living in a single-mother household would give her bonus points, especially if the single mother has a low-IQ with a lack of conscientiousness and agreeableness, which is very common among single mothers, as should be evident by the fact that you need to be pretty dumb and careless to find yourself in such an easily-avoidable situation in the first place. A low-IQ would prevent her from being able to tell anything odd is going on in the first place (I know this from personal experience.), low-conscientiousness would make her too lazy to do any investigative work, even if she did notice something odd is going on, and low-agreeableness would simply make her not care about the health and safety of her daughter in the first place. With low enough agreeableness, even if she were fully aware of the fact that I'm paying her daughter to worship her feet, she likely wouldn't do anything about it, because I would be contributing a fair bit of income to the household, and because she wouldn't have to hear her daughter complain about not having nice things anymore.

I'm well aware that no teen girl is going to feel safe around an ugly adult, and that I need to keep up with my looks, unless I want to end up creeping out teen girls. Fortunately, I'm a young man who's about to turn 21, and I'm in the process of losing fat to make myself look handsome. I plan on becoming a buff muscle chad after becoming lean, which shouldn't take too long, since I'm already fairly built from years of strength training.

Of course, offering a teen girl money to sniff her feet would be really weird. I was actually successful back in early 2018 in getting a girl to let me worship her feet. At the time she was 20, and I was 17. I posted a bunch of ads in the Craigslist personals section (RIP) offering $60 for a for a "foot massage," indicating that I was the one who was going to give it, and sent a bunch of emails out to women who made posts on the Craigslist personals section, and I eventually got that girl to reply. She was absolutely beautiful, and she was also a beauty school student.

If I wanted to be successful in getting a 13-year-old girl to let me worship her feet, I'd have to first build up a relationship with her over some extended period of time, so she wouldn't view me as a threat, then make sure she doesn't hang around any adults who would raise an eyebrow, then make sure she wants to buy nice things she doesn't have enough money for, then make sure she's the type of girl who would be open to such a thing in the first place, and lastly, word my proposition in such a way and take things slowly as to avoid weirding her out. I would do it in a similar way to the way I did it on Craigslist. If I were to outright offer her money for foot worship, she'd become weirded out, but if I were to offer her money to massage her feet, she wouldn't be as weirded out, and I would just begin by massaging her feet for a few minutes before sniffing them, and after a few minutes of sniffing her feet, I'd ask her if it would be okay to lick her feet.

I also have a massive hand fetish, and I'd love to slobber over her hands. I'd have her sit next to me and place her palm over my face, moving it back and forth over my nose and lips. After a while, I'd stick my tongue out, and feel her hand pushing it back and forth. After a few minutes of worship, her hands would be covered in my saliva.

Back in 2011 to 2013, when I was eleven and twelve, I remember wanting to worship my friend's mom's dirty feet, and they were dirty. She was a short redhead with freckles, and her eyes were a little big. She always walked around without any shoes or socks on, so her soles were always black, and I remember staring at her feet as she would sit outside on a lawn chair in the concrete backyard walkway. All I could think about was getting on my knees to clean her feet.

I also remember showing up one time to the place my dad was painting at when I was eleven. The house belonged to a fit, hot, young, wealthy couple, and the woman left her dirty underwear out in the bathroom. I remember deeply sniffing it. I had a lot of fun, and I didn't expect to get so lucky. I didn't know how to masturbate until shortly before turning fifteen, so all I did was sniff and enjoy the smell like a true connoisseur.

When I was between the ages of 11 and 14, especially between the ages of 11 and 12, I would rub the feet of my friend's little sister and sniff my hand afterwards. Once when I was 12, I was watching a movie or watching my friend play a game or something while sitting on the floor at his place, and his sister was sitting on a one-person couch next to me. I began playing a game with her where I would tickle her feet, and she'd put her feet back behind the couch, and I'd continue tickling them. She was legitimately having a lot of fun, and my friend didn't see anything wrong with it. My friend's dad saw what I was doing, grabbed my hand, and took me outside to talk to me. He told me not to touch her, and that she's not old enough to be my girlfriend. When I got older, I realized he thought I was fingering her pussy. I say he's my friend's dad, and not the dad of her little sister, because the man was definitely a cuck, as, although my friend was clearly his offspring, my friend's little sister clearly wasn't. When I was 14, I got to rub her feet one last time, but this time, it was on her bed, and there was no one else at home. Had I not been nervous about the potential of her telling her parents what we did together, I would've offered her a proper foot massage, and even sniffed and licked her feet, trying to make it something funny for her.
Let's go
I'm so overwhelmed with the fact that I'm 24 and still live with parents, have no savings, no ambitions, little friend interactions. I'm tired of indecision and overthinking. I understand that the only way to fix is do some shit with your teeth clenched, but I'm unable to start, like there's a circuit breaker which prevents me from doing this.
This is the only board in any imageboard that I go to anymore.
is fun
Sup faggots
I have returned from the grave once more to turn cute girls into cute chocolate girls, be they voluptuous ladies or lolis. And I can do /bleached/ stuff aswell at anon's kind request. 
Allow me to post some examples.
>No cuckshit, niggers, faggotry, other heretical degeneracy etc

If someone can link the last thread via archive, It would be solid.
I can't stop downing three of these fuckers a day.
I miss /roze/
What is /b/'s favorite MRE meal to take while in the great outdoors?

Pork Sausage patty on a wheat bread snack is certainly delicious, especially when you squeeze out the blackberry jam on top of the patty itself. Finished with the hashbrowns and the poptart, it makes a decent high-calorie meal.
I think I'll be a cripple by the time I'm 35 with the slippery slope my body is on.
I'm restarting my dream journal.
I'm sorry, due to covid we can't deliver the proper prescription requested.
Where do I go to meet women my age in the modern era? Note that I'm no longer in college and not an alcoholic.
>nigger supervisor arrives to work mad 
>throws a wrench at me 
>lolhemad and continue back to fixing a broken conveyor belt
>tells me I'm doing it all wrong
>fucks off when I ask him to show me how its done 
>finish fixing the belt and go around to the other plant to fix a broken lift 
>yells at me but lol earmuffs can't hear shit 
>walk over and he takes two steps back as I approach 
>he's scared of me 
>calmly ask him what's the problem 
>tells me I forgot to unwrap some machine's cover that he needs to fix
>he mumbles something about uppity fuck as we both walk away 
I'm gonna break this bitch nigger and possibly get him fired.
We must secure the existence of nice posts and a future of pink girls.
Let's celebrate once again the fact that we can all post as many lolis as we want.
it's supposed to be burger prime time, why is everything ded
You're going to fuck your posture if you keep sitting like that. Straighten your back, you fuck.
<hey, there's a very small group of anonymous Internet users over here
<what can we do about this?
>spams cp links
<there you go, now the thumbnail is in their drives and most won't use a c-cleaner, we can arrest them if we want if they get out of hand and say "cp was found on anon's pc among thousands of files' as always and imply that there were thousands of cp images when most are loli drawings!
I'm a fucking english ghost, you meaty bastards. And I have cum here to haunt youuuuuuu~~~~
I started this small project to satisfy my own autism. This is the result of 4 straight weeks of on average reading 43+ loli hentai galleries a day, followed by nearly 2 more weeks of miscellaneous tasks. These lists were collected from over 1200 lolicon works, over 430 lolicon artists, and over 280 translators. The goal of this small project was initially just to create a mass of crops from lolicon hentai where there was a significant textual focus on the loli being or appearing to be a child, or similar such explicit mention of any sexual agents' attraction being to that of children and compare their number to a total count of lolicon hentai. Autism quickly took over however, and I continued adding more tasks. I decided to loosely separate the two large categories into three subcategories each depending on the level of realism, to see how much loli I consume relative to non-loli I needed to count up the total of average non-loli hentai I consumed, to make lists of artists and translators to see which had the greatest effect on whether a work contained the aforementioned textual focus, to make a collage of titles with textual focus, to make a list of titles using cunny, to do some cursory research into certain things that stood out to me, and various other minor things. I cannot say for certain what all of these numbers imply about my loli consumption habits or lolicon as a whole, but I will comment on trends and outliers. At the end of this paragraph I will put all images and text files into an archive and upload it to anonfiles, which may include some information referenced that was not posted. First up, disclosure of my flawed methodology, then the numbers and comments, and finally some miscellaneous stuff I found along the way. Then I'll dump every single crop in the thread to give a sense of their quantity, so that people may save those they like which stand out to them without going through the whole archive, and so that people who won't bother with the archive may see them.

What qualifies as an instance of textual focus?
Words and phrases qualifying for textual focus are pedo, pedophile, little girl, underage, gradeschooler, elementary school, child, prepubescent, immature/childish/underdeveloped [body part], JS (slang for gradeschooler), JC (slang for middleschooler), et cetera. "Child" and "little girl" must be used in a way that is not how an eldery person or parent could refer to adults. Title text can qualify, as in Rustle's Little Girl series, but does not count multiple times if the title reappears elsewhere such as the credits. As this is about lolicon, such things referring specifically to shotas do not qualify. "Brat/bratty" and "Young girl" do not qualify due to likely common use to refer to JKs/highschoolers. Some fairly explicit though more indirect combinations of statements may qualify, such as references to how long ago a sexual act took place with a character directly implying her age at the time of lewding. Immature/childish/underdevopled [body part] was not initially counted as it ought have been in retrospect, so the count of works with significant textual focus should be considered somewhat of an underestimation.

What qualifies a work for significant textual focus?
Requirements for significant textual focus, also referred to as With Word or WW, are at least three instances of textual focus. Even if a single use is extremely explicit and severe, such as in Lady Yupiel's Servant where the MC is called a pedo by lolibaba Yupiel, it will not qualify. Though some severe instance may still be cropped and placed in Honorable Mentions.

Extra things may be thrown in the crops for fun, such as jokes and use of the word cunny. These do not contribute to instances of textual focus.

Why the separation of works into levels of realism?
A lack of explicit text alone is not proof a work doesn't contain a focus on a loli being or appearing to be a child, text crops are just used as the primary objective because explicit visual representation is more effective at communicating the contents. For that reason, it felt more honest to also loosely categorize stories based on their relative levels of realism. Even then being categorized as Fantasy and not having a strong textual focus on the age/appearance of age of the girl doesn't indicate there is no focus on it, such as in works like the second chapter of Mad Scientist Ootori, where the the lolicon has Ootori dress in a middle schooler outfit, randoseru and all, purely for the sake of fetishization on both the artist's and the MC's part. But this was the best I felt I could do. The lines drawn between these categorizations may at times be thin, and even subject to change if anyone brings up particularly good examples of miscategorizations and these examples pile up to a significant number.

What qualifies as Fantasy?
The vast majority of things qualifying works for the Fantasy category are those that break the laws of physics. Short comical chibi gags and other similar minor gags do not count towards physics breaking. Lolibaba is a Fantasy element and legal loli, like lolibaba, is considered a Fantasy element even if all else is normal, such as in Toradora! Porn Book. Major world differences like silly erotic new laws and other societal scale changes are considered a strong Fantasy element. If the setting is Fantasy, the work qualifies even if no physics breaking shenanigans take place, such as many Touhou and Prisma Illya doujinshi. Some works with no physics breaking fantasy or sci-fi elements can still qualify as Fantasy if something ridiculously improbable enough happens, such as the practically magically convenient talking parrot in Blue Bird of Good Fortune. "It was all a dream" is a fantasy element if the majority of lewd in the story is contained to the dream.

'What qualifies as Very Unrealistic?
Generally outrageous and highly improbable situations or characters acting wildly inconsistent, unreasonable, or irrational. Minor comic relief panels with exaggerated or chibi artstyle do not alone qualify as Very Unrealistic, but constant ones may. Extreme perversion and some level of precociousness will not necessarily qualify something as Very Unrealistic, because after all, precocious perverted girls are at the core of lolita complex and are not wholly unrealistic. I myself was sexually precocious and was doing very sexual things around 8 or 9, before I could even get an erection. No, I will not talk about it further.

If a continuous story has one entry with strong fantasy or unrealistic elements, all subsequent entries must categorized as equally or more unrealistic, regardless of realism, due to having an unrealistic or fantasy premise, such as Mitemite Ecchi where a loli is left in charge of a bath house. The only exception to this rule if an entry qualifies for fantasy due to the majority of it being dream, only to return to a story without strong fantasy elements in following entries, such as Tsuttsu's Welcome to the 2-2 Pee Soapland.

I'm not too familiar with the plots and settings of [email protected] games, so I've decided to qualify them as Very Unrealistic at minimum.

What qualifies as Least Unrealistic?
Generally situations have a decent level of plausibility. Characters are mostly consistent and rational. Rational of course, does not equate to intelligent. I've decided to label this category as Least Unrealistic rather than most realistic, because I know true realism is rarely ever reached in most mediums and often debatable. These works are just the relatively most realistic, and within this category can very from extremely realistic to simply not very unrealistic.

Last thread hit the reply limit. Post your ebin gondolas and make new ones.
do you know what day it is?
<what if the CIA and other 'top men' are like what gods/demons/angels/ghosts/etc are to idiots?
<t-the mythological G-MEN???
<also what if the planet Nibiru was the asteroid belt and the aliens trained us the way an animal can't train itself to be what we are?
<what if germs really were exasperated by human idiocy of being overly cleanly due to the mishaps of magical thinking?
<what if all your memories are fake and this is the only day you've ever lived or will ever live?
<what if time goes backwards and you don't know it?
look at this gif
Uninstall Windows.
There he goes. After him! We'll flog him good for getting out again.
whats your favorite gun? my is m4 that shoots rockets, a remote chainsaw and an uzi that shoots lasers
>new girl at work 
>tell her to do something 
>she awkwardly walks away 
>approach her to demand the same task 
>responds with a spergy voice with a tinge of mental retardation 
>solid 7/10 
Dayum shame she's dumb as a rock and sounds like she's deaf.
sweet ear candy
I am the most intelligent anon in the webring.
I was trying make a game of my own and already had some tributes, though I decided I'll fill the missing gaps with whichever (You) decide.
3 tributes max. Post either Moishe or Goyim, everything goes. Bonus points if they are actually funny and bear any relationship with the overarching theme.
What is tea supposed to taste like? Every time I give it a try it's like I'm drinking hot water that you soaked cardboard in.

Describe the taste of a good tea.
Oekaki board sounds fun but there ain't no oekaki, so paint thread. 

Post shit drawings and funpost through them.
Treat it as oekaki though, no layers or fancy editing tools.
Hello, my name is Anon and I have an internet addiction.
>what thyme do you think we have?
hey /b/ I changed my mind i want to be a guitar player/rock-star man now to make big money and fund catgirls research as well as a maid to clean my room and my cock. where do I start? what guitar should I get? is there a non retarded manual for retarded people? pic related 9999 minutes in paint. please and thank you.
>cute white girl
>has a tattoo
I want to become an astronaut. NO. I will become an astronaut. I promise you.
thoughts on bionicle?
42 dwn wants a man to come over and split a deep dish pep. and extra cheese. Its large and very greasy. Come over and rub a slice on abs and chest. Let me see your ripped arms and legs covered in sauce and cheese. Put your legs up on the couch ! Let me help you rub pizza on your pits after a hard day. You want pizzapits?? Im your man Reply with your fav toppings and i will see what we can do
Alright /b/, ITT you must convince everyone pic related is a person.
if a tranny can do this, you can do it too with enough autism
Is there any free onion web hosting or VPS?

Now "Freedom Hosting Reloaded" and "OnionCommunity Hosting" are shutdown.
Say something nice about my ugly wives
She used to be my waifu....
<also I figure I may as well post this with how le site is toast anyway and bottom of cat is gay-shit currently
>go on camwhore site
>click asians
>get mexicans
>gondola thread at the bottom of the catalog 
Guess I just don't respect the culture!
Reminder that Rap is considered music and Israel is a legitimate country/nation.
do you ever spend hours fantasizing about tonguing pussy
Best imageboard on Tor?
I drink 1litre of coffee everyday.
it's so sad when things don't go your way
I wish I could visit haunted places at night but unfortunately instead of findings spooky ghosts I would most likely find a mexican cult ready to kill me. It sucks man.
zzzchan is a boring graveyard.
How to make yourself instantly infamous and likely get killed while slamming the Overton window hard: An instructional video
What's the less shit place to live in current times?
is zzzchan ever gonna make it in the news?
Someone got a link
Imagine living in a ruthless society that just killed everyone that was ugly.
I had a good idea for a thread while I was hanging up my laundry but I forgot it so I'll make this thread instead.
I cant see the rules with my phone so they dont apply to me.
how do i unfuck my situation? 
need to get job and join workforce
the holy grail is defo programming shits and gimmicks for video games and anime shit
seems good mony too
things like mario

what kind o quality should i possess?
I need books /b/, give me your favorites, I will read anything. Also there is this tor site with a library of all sorts of books from nazi to commie material that I lost when I forgot to back up. Do you have it?
I'm asking you for the last time.
>need new hiking boots
>local retailers out of stock and overpriced
>amazon china won't ship to my cuntry
>amazon india out of stock
>time to go to shower
>but first, I'm pretty thirsty
>drink water
>the whole cup just goes down like nothing
>do something for 5 seconds
>thirsty again
>another cup down the hatch
>go brush my teeth
>as soon as I grab the tooth paste I start getting thirsty
Why the fuck
This happens almost every day.
Have I been dehydrated all day every day and I didn't realize because I don't get thirsty until it's time to go to sleep?
I hereby state that /b/ is now a leftypol satellite board.
who she?
ITT: Post the worst images or videos at your disposal. I'll lead the cause with images of deformed babies.
Moonman Thread
Post heavy metal
If you have a good find post it here.
This is mine sitting crossed legged on my loveseat surrounded by pillows. Very comfy.
Should i pic related?

Will it make me gay?
Turning my ADHD into schizophrenia and killing me after 10 years?
How do you raise your son to not be a faggot?
Asking for a friend
Pic unrelated
I gotta stop getting six hours of sleep before work.
Do you n'wahs even huff skooma?
>dream I'm playing SM64, except the villain is a group of color coded bad guys 
>they attack me, I defeat the green one 
>the other 4 show me a recording of a room full of horny Samus Arans, tell me that I could fuck them all if I sided with them, then leave
>notice the sides of the green guy's pants are torn so I sew it back
>"you helped me, I'm your ally now. btw that samus thing is a trap"
>fuck around town for a while before heading to Bowser's castle 
>walking around advancing through the castle, enemies stop to show me a video of the Samus room, except they're all pregnant and dripping with cum, "this could be your future, you could be doing this to them right now, come to this room and it'll all be yours" 
>stop right before the last room, the one they told me to come to whenever I wanted to surrender
>guy I'm playing with says "that room is a trap, if you go in there they beat Mario into a coma and you get a game over. I got that ending as a kid and I was really upset." 
>ignore the room, break down the fake wall to my left and slide down rainbow road 
>that causes a monitor with ascii porn to show up and all the baddies to just die 
>wake up
Post dreams.
>own pic related
>it's supposed to tick 345600 times per day
>actually ticking 349200 times per day
How to fix? I'd ask /g/ but they're /biz/zy talking about nu-computers I'm sure.
Rather than UBI or welfare bucks, the government should provide free food and water and that's it.

Your life won't be threatened if you're a lazy nigger, but if you want any kind of luxury including food that isn't shit, you'll have to get money somehow. Now people will no longer feel like they're working because they're slaves who have to, but because there's something they want. They want to buy videogames, they want to buy fat fuck food, they want new clothes, they want to go on a vacation, they want to buy a house and move out of their parent's basement, that's what they're working for. They don't have to sign a soul crushing 9 to 5 job contract just to live, and then stay that way for the rest of their life.
koko the gorilla had some kind of fixation with nipples, do you think her handler showed her her mammaries? do you think koko pinched her pink buttons?
I'm bored /b/, how are you?
Post pictures that you haven't had an excuse to post anywhere else.
How can anyone look at pictures of history and say that our culture is more advanced? The word you're looking is "new", our culture is "newer" as in it came afterwards. We have better technology but the actual culture is way more primitive than what people had in the distant past. The societal behavior was more complex, the clothing more intricate, the architecture more detailed, the art more high quality.
Why do you think women are into being degraded?
This thread is dedicated to nice things.
wait a minute... that Z kinda looks like 8!
>The CIA wanted to send a spy to the Soviet Union and the spy that was selected had incredible qualifications. He was fluent in Russian, had perfect Cyrillic handwriting, had a vast knowledge of Soviet culture and mannerisms, could cook typical Soviet meals, and could keep up his act with a belly full of vodka. The mission was long-term infiltration of the Kremlin. The spy was dropped in a remote village where he approached a man and said, in perfect Russian, "Hello comrade, can you please tell me which direction is Moscow?" The man looked at him, and walked inside. Within minutes, the KGB was swarming the village and arresting the spy. While being interrogated, the KGB officials said "Quit the act, we know you are an American spy." The spy was baffled they (especially the man in the village) were able to tell so quickly, but tried to keep up the act for as long as he could. When he finally cracked, he said "Alright, alright, I'm a spy. I will tell you whatever you want, but please just tell me how you knew I was a spy because I devoted my whole life to perfecting my Soviet character." The official said "You're black."
ayo its yo boy George "Fen'yl" Floyd, say something nice about me bfo' I cap yo cracka ass
>have no life
>all friends gone 
>never had a job
>go to Unitarian Church
>speak out against normalfaggot things
>when asked if cp on the Internet is bad say it isn't in adult discussion group
>>it should be illegal to stab someone not watch someone be stabbed
>>the Internet should have no regulations, and if it did it should be on information concerning poison making and weaponry, etc
>some people over time agree with me
>church hates self
>give up and run away and stay neet as usual
>left after an older member of church told me off 
>talking of how some were okay with me and she wasn't
>>at least we know who they are now
>be 7ish years later
>often banned without breaking rules
>now accidentally making IB's hate itself 
>even go to reddit and banter about the definitoiin of pedo being fucking someone under 25 ergo women are more pedo due to puberty ages of men being so late and long
>massively downvoted, but also massively upvoted
>think back to when friends
>accidentally would end relationships but saying something without thinking first
>>why are there so many female names on your phone :/ who are they?
>his gf was living with us at the time
>can only cause groups to hate themselves 
>even turned own therapist into a racist 
<I have a talent after all!  
How can I sell this talent for mad-cash so I can finally have a life?!
this is tribute thread to girl I kno nothing about. but lok at images, she smiling
I lok at pictures like this from compooper
Anyone into bardcore?
1) kale (prefer ornamental) (high calcium and relatively high protein) (a superfood) 
2) potato (because whole protein) 
3) dill weed (spice)
4) kratom (partial opioid agonist) 
5) stevia (sweetener) 
6) soy bean (because whole protein and relatively high calcium) (a superfood)
7) bell pepper (vit c and 'spice')
8) radish (vit c)
9) lemon grass (spice)
10) cumin (spice)
11) cayenne (spice)
12) ginger (spice)
13) garlic (spice)
14) green onion (spice)
15) hemp (cloth)
16) passion flower (anxiety and mao(?) inhibitor) 
17) marijuana (reasons)
18) tomato (preservative of stews and vits such as c but also dip) 
19) kava (seeds are sterile) 
20) indian hawthorn (to replace ace inhibitor) (Rhaphiolepis indica)
21) barley (for malt to make wine/vingear and or grain)
22) spearmint (spices)
23) basil (spices)
24) oregano (spices)
25) blue berry (desert and or wine)
26) rapeseed (oil)
27) lemon balm (smoke/tea)
28) maze (grain)
29) chamomile (smoke/tea)
30) damiana (smoke/tea)
31) calendula (smoke/tea)
32) blue lotus (smoke/tea)
33) grape (just because sugar)
34) calabash gourd (bottle gourd)
35) bamboo (bulding)
36) mullein (asthma) 
37) salvia (divinorum)
38) wild lettuce (analgesic) 
39) klip/wild dagga (tea/smoke)
40) winterbloom  (astringent)
41) saint john's wort (depression)
42) valerian (sleep)
43) Chlorogalum pomeridianum (soap plant) or Saponaria officinalis (soapwort) 
44) coconut (for lube (and hats (and food I guess (but also containers like the gourd))))
45) Wasabi (spice)
46) morning glory (lsa)
47) dandelion (vitamins) 
48) yarrow (coagulant)
49) rosemary (possible anti-inflammatory/UV-protection)
50) olive (salt and oil and tastes great) 

<hell may as well bullets_notes.txt as well


Recipe 1:
75 parts of saltpeter
15 parts of charcoal, and (Parts given by weight)
10 parts of sulfur

Recipe 2:
100 parts of saltpeter
24 parts of charcoal

Recipe 3:
45 parts of saltpeter
5 parts sugar
9 parts charcoal


First you need a place to keep and mix everything. You will need a large container such as a barrel or a tarp, plastic or whatever. The thing to consider is you want a bottom that will not let all the valuable urine escape. Evaporation is OK, but you do not want the urine to ever just leave by flowing into the ground. The saltpeter bed will also need to be absolutely protected from rain. Rain water will wash away all of the salts that you are trying to collect and you want as little sunlight as possible.

Here is one very good method for manufacturing saltpeter beds. Collect a good supply of animal excrement. To make the bed you need a floor as stated earlier. The floor that doesn't ever collect water should be selected. A clay floor was traditionally made, but any impermeable floor material can be used. Next cover the floor of the bed with manure, wood ash and straws.

Now you need a roof to protect it from rain and sun. The roof that doesn't leak can be anything of your choosing. Wood, plastic, tin or a tarp are all acceptable.

Now your bed can be any size, but since this is a long process that doesn't yield a whole lot of saltpeter the bigger the better. 15X10 and a few feet deep is a good goal. Sides are desirable, but not required. Now the fun begins. Continually dump urine on the pile. That is right you need to pee on the saltpeter bed. The goal is to keep the bed always moist, but not dripping wet. So don't make the bed bigger than your piss can keep up with

If you want to improve on this, you could have drains or even a slope to allow you to collect runoff from the heap which can then be added to the top of the heap again or saved for a later time when the heap needs more liquid to keep it moist.

The saltpeter bed should be turned over to a depth of five or six inches every week, and the whole heap turned over every month. This will facilitate the entire bed producing and not just select parts that have the right conditions.

This entire process is long and is greatly influenced by the temperature of your climate. In the south it will be much quicker than in Michigan! In the south it might take 7 months. Up north it can take a year. It is extremely variable as materials used in the bed also affect the speed of nitrification.

During the last few months of the process do not add any more urine or anything else. ONLY add enough water to keep the bed moist. The reason for this is that un-decomposed organic matter will interfere with the separation of the saltpeter. So the process for the first few months is simply a decomposition phase where you are building up a large amount of decomposed organic matter. Better to go too long on the first phase than to move to the water only phase without a lot of really decomposed material.

As the bed ripens, the saltpeter is brought to the surface by evaporation, and appears as a whitish efflorescence. When this efflorescence appears the top couple of inches of material is separated and placed in its own heap where it is continued to be kept moist just like the original saltpeter bed. 

This process of removing the top of the bed to be added to the previously removed contents continues until most, but not all of the bed has been removed. Let's say 75% has been removed. The remaining 25% is left and used as a catalyst for the next batch of saltpeter. Just add more hay and excrement and your second batch of saltpeter has already started.

Now back to the 75% that has been removed from the original bed. This removed 75% (nitrified earth) is now ready for leaching.

The process of leaching involves putting the nitrified earth into a vat, or tub, or barrel. Cover with straw. Add water. How much? If you have 2 parts of nitrified earth you need to add about 1 part of water. Stir and let sit for 12 hours. Drain off half of the water. Now add water again. Since you drained off half the water add that same amount back.

Let it sit for just a few minutes and again drain off half of the water. The first batch of water will have twice as much saltpeter as the second. Continue this process five or six times. This should have pulled almost all of the salts out of the nitrified earth. The now exhausted nitrified earth can now be thrown back onto the original bed or can be used to start an entirely new bed. The water collected from the nitrified earth we will call saltpeter ley.

The saltpeter ley (liquid) contains saltpeter as well as nitrate of lime and magnesia and chlorides of sodium and potassium. The next step is to convert all other nitrates into nitrate of potash. This is done by taking lots of hardwood ashes and mixing them into a vat of water. Stir, then let settle and then carefully pore or siphon off the liquid. The more ash the stronger the water will be.

Now you will need two containers ... One of wood ash water (lye) the other of saltpeter ley. The next step is to pour the wood ash water a little at a time into the saltpeter ley. As you do this you should see a whitish cloud appear. As you pour more and more wood ash water (lye) into the saltpeter lay, you will eventually notice that the white cloud is no longer produced. At this point you will not be helping by adding more wood ash water (lye).

Now allow the mixture to evaporate. A container that is more like a tray than a barrel will evaporate off the water more quickly. The evaporation portion can be done in batches.

Heat is now added to the solution to bring to a slow boil. So boil the saltpeter ley to begin concentrating the solution. Blood can be added to the mixture to encourage organic matter to rise to the top as scum and dipped out. Scoop out and discard any crystals that form while boiling. After a few hours of boiling the water can be filtered through something like cheese cloth to remove any solids. Hopefully there are few or none in which case this step would not be absolutely required.

The ley still contains common salt and some other impurities in smaller quantities. When the concentration has reached almost the point of saturation, the ley must be allowed to cool. You will know when this point has been reached by dropping a little bit of the boiling liquid onto a piece of metal. If it quickly crystallizes, it is time to stop the boiling.

Now that the liquid is boiled down but not completely boiled away let the liquid cool down, crystals will begin to appear. The first crystals that form will be various non-saltpeter crystals, rake these out. As the saltpeter is more soluble than the other salts. Eventually the crystals will form in a more needle like form. These are the good saltpeter crystals that we have been looking for. Saltpeter crystals will form and sink to the bottom. Anything that remains floating should be skimmed off and discarded.

These collected saltpeter crystals are not pure saltpeter yet. They still contain maybe ~20% impurities.

  Dissolve crystals in small amount of boiling water
  Remove any crystals that appear
  Pour through an improvised filter then heat concentrated solution to dryness.
  Spread out crystals and allow to dry


*phosphorus or mercuric fulminate*
>being a pedo
>being an incel
>being a troon
dregs of society
bury the pedo, cleanse the board, decapitate the incel, enjoy peace, sever the tranny, all is restored
Isn't it about time for cat girls to be real already? Why are our scientists so incompetent?
>browse Pixiv
>all the ugliest and most degenerate and cancerous and mentally ill drawings are from English accounts
>literally every time I see something I would rather not see, the name is not Japanese and the title is written in English
The west needs to be purged from all Japanese spaces.
>go to walmart
>see underage girl
>has fucking Miku Hatsune shirt on
many keep saying muh pph != quality but, dead as fuck != quality either, fucking hell single digit / zero fucking PPH is just lame and boring. one thread active at a time with odds of it being retarded or borderline spam is nobody's definition of quality. checking the board once a day so that at least I'll know there's gonna be multiple posts from yesterday, is nobody's definition of quality. I get 8chan it's dead and it is not coming back no, is just, it is not, and will never be, 8chan reunite the fucking webring under one banner and one idea. I'm tired of this slow ass shit. 

Is there some kind of guide to rape women in minecraft? I have so much hate for them, it's time to clean society.
Post ITT to get a ban on /b/, free of charge
once in a while I'll think to myself I'd make a beautiful woman but I'm glad I'm a man
Matthew 5:13
You are sitting in your room, browsing /b/ on your computer and having a good time when suddenly a Boeing 747-8 jet airliner, operated by South Korean flag-carrier airline "Korean Air", crashes through your window and hits you on side of the head.

How do you react?
In ten years time I'll reflect back on these years with as much disdain as I had ten years ago.
In this thread we discuss why Americans like to shoot niggers and then act all vindictive against those who did the shooting.
Is it their subhumanity finally coming to full ripeness? or maybe they derive some kind of sick twisted pleasure from machinating artificial problems themselves?
what's your opinion regarding the burger question?
I just stopped using using porn. Ask me anything.
Actually don't, just read the fucking book. It's good.
The OG 4/bant/er.
Sleep well, sweet prince.
Would you cream in this ice cream?
Do you think the term "horse cock" for big dicks would get replaced by "whale cock" if we lived underwater?
Is sucking your own dick gay, narcissism or simply self-pleasuring?
>get into astronomy 
>flee to another state like a refugee because of corona gestapo 
>new place is in the city 
>cant see anything at night because of all the lights
>need a new hobby

what do
>see sign that advertising some temp agency
<wonder what they have for my area?
>sort by all
>three results
>trash sorter
>the sales representative 
>realize that the sign is trying to get people to get jobs even worse than mcdonalds or small stock in stores, bagging, cashier, etc
>the mcjobs and store jobs are too competitive so bums go for that shit
>wanting to sit in the direct sun in fucking FL
<no wonder the temp agency is trying to trick rotten toothed bums into doing this
>recycle job requires drug screen
<XD good luck finding someone to do that shit assholes
<three results and one doens't count XDDDD

Sometimes you realize why you're neet when you're me. It's a bad area but there's no way to just leave as being homeless in the USA is illegal. So is train hopping, also that's hard. You'd have to steal a car or sit in direct sunlight waving flags or digging through a landfill because old people and well to do teens get the okayish entry level jobs, that and felons I suspect. It's hiklarous what old people say about such a life too, "you can work on the railroad on a train". Even if it were possible to get such a job that'd mean I attack my own fellow bums with chains and shit to keep them from train hopping, how morally repugnant is that? What job wouldn't be morally repugnant, even forgetting that one does not even want to support a faggoty society in the first place

The most funny part is the organization is national, claims to not just be temporary but also permanent. They expect people to permanently sit in the hot sun digging through a landfill? 

Normalfaggots are silly. They ban everything fun then subject people to rejections from ssi over and over whilst banning so many things then ask for people to do work that should not even be a position in society for minimum wage.
I would. It seems comfy.
Hey /b/ I'm growing watermelon mainly so I can sell it and because I felt like it. As you can see the lid can come off and that I've got one growing already, it's from the another set that didn't go very well.
>run out of food after work 
>nothing in the pantry 
>dumpster dive the nearby petrol station
>14/30 pies taken
>1/4 sausage rolls lifted
>one cupcake pocketed 
>one brownie that I ate 
I don't even know what to do with all these pies now.
Patch why did you leave discord?
(((remove))) Richard M. Stallman (PEDOPHILE)

(((support))) Richard M. Stallman (PEDOPHILE)

[BREAKING NEWS] But, Tor Project does NOT allow the pedophile!
>The Tor Project is joining calls for Richard M. Stallman to be removed from board, staff, volunteer, and other leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. Sign the open letter:
is futa gay
having a tail would be cool, imagine the balance bro, or imagine using it as a third hand

pic unrelated
It's okay to like little girls
>dodge and weave through 843646437 billion early access games to find something to play
>play Loop Hero
>after a few rounds already feels like I've seen everything the game has to offer
>play Idle Raiders 2
>probably the slowest "idle game" I've ever played, enemies quickly become unbeatable because they regenerate health so fast and there's nothing you can do to improve your power except grind for a million years
>replay Graveyard Keeper since it got a DLC sometime ago
>impossible to skip the shitty story intro movie so I just closed the game and deleted it
>play First Feudal
>it's just shitty Rimworld with less of everything (including quality)
>play Mr. Prepper since it was popular recently
>turns out it's just a mediocre building game that hides it's shallowness by making everything tedious, probably only popular because it memes about politics

There's infinite game developers, shouldn't there be more games that aren't straight up shit? Where are they? I literally cannot find them. I don't even want a good game anymore, I just want something that's not shit.
>try to use gimp
>fail at selecting layers to alter gifs
Guess I didn't need to make OC gifs from existing gifs anyway. It's hard enough to take the time to draw as it is without struggling to use some overrated trash application. 

Why do people shill free software that's so hard to use? "Omfg after many months of using it I love it finally" is the type of shit I see, it's not even trying to hide that it's shit. Should i copyright infringe photoshop off of le pirate bay? There's so many options to download there that I shrugged and ignored them. That and gimp's shit ass was over shilled to me. I can make a gif (following a step by step guide of course) but not alter them. Clicking the eye does not help either though I read you have to hide the active layers or something rather than it just let you flip back and forth like a sane and useful software would. I tried using some shit Internet site for it and they seem to not work very well anymore, would not upload the gif currently with the one I used to use out of a desperation as good software eludes me, assuming some video editing software is there I don't have that is not gimp. 

If it's so hard to use people basically need courses in school to use it yet they don't teach you such things in school that you'd actually want to use. So yeah.

I wish people never told me about gimp and that photoshop didn't have to be stolen. It's time I do exactly that though. Why is there over 9k photoshop's to download though? The indecisiveness stops me.... and isn't photoshop not free yet adobe is free? That makes no sense...

tl;dr: gimp is shit and editing simple gifs should not be so difficult when drawing is going to take it's toll on willpower, health, and time, to begin with.
Are fleshlights worth buying?

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