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Post ITT to get a ban on /b/, free of charge
Does /b/ like the book loli?
my waifu
Do anons think the current issues in the world can be solved relatively peacefully and without malice against innocents? Do you think you could solve issues if you became a politician?
Following the steps of our previous great Errverlord who ruled over this website I wanted to shit on Anime and weebs also.
Anime is not based and redpilled no matter what you are told by the fucking weebs coping and seething, it turns you into fucking cucks fantasizing to be chads, nothing more. You will not learn any manly value/moral there. It will only turn you into a cuck or a troon.

Pic related. I was in a zoomer discord today. (don't really use discord normally)

Here is the problem, every single cuck there with an anime avatar stated how fucking badly they want to protect the blind girl for like half a day none stop talking about this pathetic pic.
If you don't get the problem here is what it is: the girl was clearly interrupting their personal conversations and expected them to care. And fucking weebs think its normal/right/accepted/correct. WTF?????
Imagine yourself kissing your GF and then some tranny coming in and asking to be your friend. How can you not tell them to GTFO and STFU? How the fuck are you supposed to fucking be nice to them when they have clearly demonstrated they do NOT care for your personal space/conversation by interrupting what is a clearly important event for you? I don't care what the fuck your problem is, it's not my fucking problem. And YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO FORCE ME TO CARE FOR YOUR FUCKING PROBLEMS.

The central issue is pathological altruism. Just because the fucking girl is disabled/disadvantaged you are supposed to care for them no matter if they care about you or not just because its "nice." E.G. protecting the weak just because they are weak, not because they are righteous. The whole entire fucking thesis of most anime that came out of post-modernism forced on Japan after WWII.

Which leads us to niggers. You are supposed to care for niggers because they have been oppressed/enslaved/disadvantaged. No matter if the niggers are right or if the niggers care about you at all. When the fucking niggers barge down your door and demand gibs you are supposed to give them what they want like good little cuck weebs. All of the current societal problems are caused by this since the jews gave women the fucking voting rights.

This is inherently not manly, man care about justice, independence and honor. You are not supposed to fucking get everyone to fix your every single little problem nor are you expected to do the same for others. Righteous has nothing to do with if someone is weak or strong, it has something to do with actual objective justice. Being "nice" is in no way actual righteousness. If you want someone's help as a man, you respect him by bringing it up at an acceptable time and place. You don't fucking just go to random people and demand their help right away. Nobody own you jack shit.

Leviticus 19:15 Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour.

Objective truth > (((subjective truth/feelings))) When is the last time you saw an anime that is based on objective truth's triumph over subjective feelings? MOST OF ANIME IS ABOUT DESCRIBING SUBJECTIVE FEELINGS AND GET YOU TO (((SYMPATHIZE))) WITH THEM.

This is clearly female behavior. The more you observe the fucking weebs the more you will find the more they get into anime the more they behave like women. Women are biologically programmed to care for their children which is needy and weak. Men are not programmed by God to do so. It's not in men's nature. Boys laugh at pee pee poo poo jokes, boys like edgy humor, boys hunt and kill and eat "innocent little cute animals," boys don't care for "wholesomeness." Men face the world and stand up to its challenges, women expect people to bail them out and will shame every men who refused to be their white knights. If you don't have the balls to make edgy jokes you are not a fucking man.

The weebs are physically weak social outcasts that do not have the fucking balls to stand up to what is actually JUST and themselves IRL. They cope like trannies by escaping into a fictional world (anime) where they have power and "protect the weak" which (the weak) in reality are themselves.

HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE NAT SOC WHEN YOU CAN'T THROW THE "POOR" JEWS INTO THE FUCKING OVEN in minecraft? The zoomer generation is not the fucking cure some might have hoped.

The fucking supposed Nazi Weebs are only Nazi because 1. Power fantasy 2. They perceive Jews as the the more powerful and the Nazi as the oppressed. The moment an actual Reich is built they will have cuck and protect the fucking minorities. In fact most of them are actual "ironic" Nazis whom in a fundamental level do not have the balls to make the hard calls when push come to shove. The more you talk to them/know them, the more you will figure out they do not have firm convictions whatsoever. It's impossible for someone who have actual faith and convictions to not self improve and become a real man.

The rant has went on long enough. To finish up I just wanted to add:

the modern western world and its sheltered society is turning man into troons
whatever I said above you can replace the word weeb with troon, because they are in essence the same problem
you are not a men if you fucking think or behave like a women
if you are looking for a replacement for anime just play games, its way more fucking manly when compared to anime
WH40K is unironically manly. Read more about WH lore is better than fucking watching JoJo and expecting to learn any manly lessons there. You need to understand their is an eternal struggle for your blood and soul and make hard choices to stand up for what's right. There is no easy way out where everyone is happy. If the Jews are happy you won't fucking be. It's better to die for the Emperor (objective truth/God) than to live for yourself. The moment you seize to see this as ironic is the moment you become a man.
Do you queers ever use other chans? I have mixed reactions about 420chan. Its slow, has poor posting quàlity, poor freedom of speech and the mods are niggers, including kirtaner.
so many games yet nothing to play

name a good game
Gentlemen, and, just for shiggles, "ladies" of /b/:
>You're walking along, minding your own business
>Perhaps you are walking your dog
>Suddenly, without warning, there is a loud *POP!* as air is pushed out of the way by the arrival of a time machine
>The owner staggers out, riddled with the arrows of Genghis Khan's finest archers
>"H-help m-me!" he cries
>It's too late
>As he lies dying in your armsm he gives you the activation wand and begs you to go 2 centuries into the future, 2221, and tell the Chonos Council that the mad Archduke Slanther has once again meddled in Terran history and that he must be stopped at all costs before the inevitable timequake reaches them
>You gently lower him to the ground, grab the activation wand, and proceed to set the controls on the time machine, knowing at any moment you may be erased from existence

So, /b/, my question is this: which classic famous woman do you travel back in time to retrieve as your waifu?
Rie Kugimiya 釘宮 理恵

flat breast girl

small breast girl
I missed him a lot today
Can we talk about how they actually managed to destroy 8chan? The 2016 elections, the database hacked in April, the takedown after the shootings. By the time it had reincarnated as 8kun, half the community was already gone.
Some anons left forever, some went to julay, some to smug, an already shrunken community splintered into even smaller communities. And then the loli ban drove what was left of it on 8kun out, again splintering a husk of what was once thousands and thousands of anons all posting under the same banner.
Then the deplatforming of fatchan, the rebrand of julay, just more shit to the pile. And what's the result? A dozen low activity websites that hate eachother's guts and seem to reject the idea they were once all happy together on the same website, all trying to be what they could never be in a million years: the new 8chan.

I never really thought much of it, but damn, 8chan is fucking dead.
Did any of you ever go to a comic con? Did you meet cute cosplayers? How was it?


This thread is my playthrough of Hinamizawa. Do not let the cute girls deceive you, this game is disturbing and terrifying to play. It's because of the cute girls that it is so terrifying. I keep tearing up playing this fucking game, not because of it being a tear jerker(though there are very bitter moments in the game that make you want to cry), but because it is oh so disturbing. I am scared out of my mind man holy fucking shit.  I am currently on episode six and I will come back again after I have finished playing everything. Don't think you can spoil me bitches hahahahaha. Highly recommend using the original spites.
The new age retro hippie appears!
So why are the herdniggers here instead of jewshchan or their shitty boards they shill?
Egypt, China, Turkey censor Tor network so Tor users need to use a brdige such as obfs4 or meek-azure. 

meek-azure works in China.
can you guys STOP telling me to fuck off? it's hurting my feelings.
Am I gay for liking the smell of boys?
How do you find happiness? My research has led me to the conclusion that it is not achievable through internal methods for the majority without some kind of external object or other person, but perhaps I'm incorrect. Ironically, I've had more luck from the outside, but obviously not enough. The external method takes some finesse and leaves my hand too tired to work in the end. I have been able to catch a glimpse of a rainbow, but it tends to get away from me for some reason, even when I'm doing everything right.
my selfie
There's now a captcha
what is some weird shit you did because you were horny? especially as a teenager.
While I was a horny fucker back then I never did anything out of the ordinary. Maybe trying to suck my own dick or cumming in the same sock every day for a year until burning it because of the smell. Other than that not much.
Post heavy metal
Let us purge the animes, the weeaboos will find themselves without a home once again and will wander around the world as G_d commanded them.
Mina Kim (Min-ah Kim)
It's the only reason I voted for the guy.
Hey /b/ I'm growing watermelon mainly so I can sell it and because I felt like it. As you can see the lid can come off and that I've got one growing already, it's from the another set that didn't go very well.
I started this small project to satisfy my own autism. This is the result of 4 straight weeks of on average reading 43+ loli hentai galleries a day, followed by nearly 2 more weeks of miscellaneous tasks. These lists were collected from over 1200 lolicon works, over 430 lolicon artists, and over 280 translators. The goal of this small project was initially just to create a mass of crops from lolicon hentai where there was a significant textual focus on the loli being or appearing to be a child, or similar such explicit mention of any sexual agents' attraction being to that of children and compare their number to a total count of lolicon hentai. Autism quickly took over however, and I continued adding more tasks. I decided to loosely separate the two large categories into three subcategories each depending on the level of realism, to see how much loli I consume relative to non-loli I needed to count up the total of average non-loli hentai I consumed, to make lists of artists and translators to see which had the greatest effect on whether a work contained the aforementioned textual focus, to make a collage of titles with textual focus, to make a list of titles using cunny, to do some cursory research into certain things that stood out to me, and various other minor things. I cannot say for certain what all of these numbers imply about my loli consumption habits or lolicon as a whole, but I will comment on trends and outliers. At the end of this paragraph I will put all images and text files into an archive and upload it to anonfiles, which may include some information referenced that was not posted. First up, disclosure of my flawed methodology, then the numbers and comments, and finally some miscellaneous stuff I found along the way. Then I'll dump every single crop in the thread to give a sense of their quantity, so that people may save those they like which stand out to them without going through the whole archive, and so that people who won't bother with the archive may see them.

What qualifies as an instance of textual focus?
Words and phrases qualifying for textual focus are pedo, pedophile, little girl, underage, gradeschooler, elementary school, child, prepubescent, immature/childish/underdeveloped [body part], JS (slang for gradeschooler), JC (slang for middleschooler), et cetera. "Child" and "little girl" must be used in a way that is not how an eldery person or parent could refer to adults. Title text can qualify, as in Rustle's Little Girl series, but does not count multiple times if the title reappears elsewhere such as the credits. As this is about lolicon, such things referring specifically to shotas do not qualify. "Brat/bratty" and "Young girl" do not qualify due to likely common use to refer to JKs/highschoolers. Some fairly explicit though more indirect combinations of statements may qualify, such as references to how long ago a sexual act took place with a character directly implying her age at the time of lewding. Immature/childish/underdevopled [body part] was not initially counted as it ought have been in retrospect, so the count of works with significant textual focus should be considered somewhat of an underestimation.

What qualifies a work for significant textual focus?
Requirements for significant textual focus, also referred to as With Word or WW, are at least three instances of textual focus. Even if a single use is extremely explicit and severe, such as in Lady Yupiel's Servant where the MC is called a pedo by lolibaba Yupiel, it will not qualify. Though some severe instance may still be cropped and placed in Honorable Mentions.

Extra things may be thrown in the crops for fun, such as jokes and use of the word cunny. These do not contribute to instances of textual focus.

Why the separation of works into levels of realism?
A lack of explicit text alone is not proof a work doesn't contain a focus on a loli being or appearing to be a child, text crops are just used as the primary objective because explicit visual representation is more effective at communicating the contents. For that reason, it felt more honest to also loosely categorize stories based on their relative levels of realism. Even then being categorized as Fantasy and not having a strong textual focus on the age/appearance of age of the girl doesn't indicate there is no focus on it, such as in works like the second chapter of Mad Scientist Ootori, where the the lolicon has Ootori dress in a middle schooler outfit, randoseru and all, purely for the sake of fetishization on both the artist's and the MC's part. But this was the best I felt I could do. The lines drawn between these categorizations may at times be thin, and even subject to change if anyone brings up particularly good examples of miscategorizations and these examples pile up to a significant number.

What qualifies as Fantasy?
The vast majority of things qualifying works for the Fantasy category are those that break the laws of physics. Short comical chibi gags and other similar minor gags do not count towards physics breaking. Lolibaba is a Fantasy element and legal loli, like lolibaba, is considered a Fantasy element even if all else is normal, such as in Toradora! Porn Book. Major world differences like silly erotic new laws and other societal scale changes are considered a strong Fantasy element. If the setting is Fantasy, the work qualifies even if no physics breaking shenanigans take place, such as many Touhou and Prisma Illya doujinshi. Some works with no physics breaking fantasy or sci-fi elements can still qualify as Fantasy if something ridiculously improbable enough happens, such as the practically magically convenient talking parrot in Blue Bird of Good Fortune. "It was all a dream" is a fantasy element if the majority of lewd in the story is contained to the dream.

'What qualifies as Very Unrealistic?
Generally outrageous and highly improbable situations or characters acting wildly inconsistent, unreasonable, or irrational. Minor comic relief panels with exaggerated or chibi artstyle do not alone qualify as Very Unrealistic, but constant ones may. Extreme perversion and some level of precociousness will not necessarily qualify something as Very Unrealistic, because after all, precocious perverted girls are at the core of lolita complex and are not wholly unrealistic. I myself was sexually precocious and was doing very sexual things around 8 or 9, before I could even get an erection. No, I will not talk about it further.

If a continuous story has one entry with strong fantasy or unrealistic elements, all subsequent entries must categorized as equally or more unrealistic, regardless of realism, due to having an unrealistic or fantasy premise, such as Mitemite Ecchi where a loli is left in charge of a bath house. The only exception to this rule if an entry qualifies for fantasy due to the majority of it being dream, only to return to a story without strong fantasy elements in following entries, such as Tsuttsu's Welcome to the 2-2 Pee Soapland.

I'm not too familiar with the plots and settings of [email protected] games, so I've decided to qualify them as Very Unrealistic at minimum.

What qualifies as Least Unrealistic?
Generally situations have a decent level of plausibility. Characters are mostly consistent and rational. Rational of course, does not equate to intelligent. I've decided to label this category as Least Unrealistic rather than most realistic, because I know true realism is rarely ever reached in most mediums and often debatable. These works are just the relatively most realistic, and within this category can very from extremely realistic to simply not very unrealistic.

<FaceApp can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or 
>change gender.
>there's a pain inside my knee whenever I bend it
>it's been there for a couple weeks now
It's cancer, isn't it? What should I do with my last remaining time on this earth?
Carrot Cake is the best cake. Prove me wrong.
DuckDuckGo says even in Incognito Mode Google serves personalised search results, Google denies

Google's rival engine says that even when people are not logged into their Google accounts, they see personalised search results because of the way search algorithms work

December 5, 2018

DuckDuckGo published the findings of its research on its blog

Google has denied that it uses a person's search history to influence search results in Incognito Mode

But Google acknowledges that location, time or some other factors may influence search results

When you go into the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome, or use the private mode in Firefox, do you then become anonymous? According to DuckDuckGo, a search engine that competes with Google, the answer to this question is no. The company says that it has conducted a study and has found that even when people log out of their Google account, or the Chrome account, and switch to Incognito Mode, they are served "personalised" search results by Google.
I remember there being a screencap/knowledge thread around during the summer months of 2020, but it seems to have been bumped off.
Does anyone have an archive of that thread?
hmm yes
to end homos
Man drugged, raped, filmed girl (9)

Unemployed Como man, 30, allegedly sold child porn on deep web

25 May 2020

Como, May 25 - Italian police on Monday arrested a 30-year-old Italian man on suspicion of drugging and sexually abusing a preschool girl, filming the abuse and selling the video on the dark web.

The unemployed Como man, Stefano Taroni, was arrested on charges of aggravated sexual violence, and the production, possession, and distribution of child pornography.

The case was reported by the Il Giorno and Provincia di Como newspapers.

It emerged during a probe into the "deep web", police said.

The man had succeeded in getting the girl on his own on several occasions, police said.

He used drugs, also procured on the deep web, raped the girl and filmed it all with a camcorder, police said.
Remember /b/, the most important thing in life is to never lose your spirit; keep the fire burning inside your soul and, no matter the odds or adversities, stay positive. NEVER GIVE UP!
I want to be dead
Hi there
I am the broke beggar oracle asshole, Ask me any question. It can be about your life, about others, about celebs, about secrets, the universe it self.

Ask ANY question, and I will answer. The catch is, if you like my answer you wire me some money on paypal
paypal (9dot9) me/nolubhay

I mean why the fuck not?
I'm broke, and I'm utilizing the internet in the hopes of making things better for my self, and making you laugh.

Mods, if this is illegal just ban me
do you like spicy food, /b/?
how much spicyness can you handle?
I love me guacamole with habanero and hot buffalo wings.
pic unrelated
I propose a new way of reviewing things like games and movies.

Split the rating in 2 halfs. How much there is to like, and how much there is to hate. Example: the jokes are kind of funny? Increase the like score. Cringy "fellow kids" pop culture references? Increase the hate score. Visual effects are good? Increase like score. Race mixing and feminist agendas pushed for no reason? Increase hate score.
I use ProtonVPN with ProtonVPN Linux GUI.

I want to exclude Tor Browser from VPN. There is Split Tunneling option and I can set IP address for it. If I set, will it work?

Or do I have to set

And how can I know whether it works properly or not? (Chrome Browser uses ProtonVPN, and Tor Browser doesn't use VPN.)

I use Ubuntu 20.10.
Jeph sucks cock.
>still no general politics board in the webring
>even /fascist/ is leaving
Well, did you ever feel tempted to sign up to a paid porn site? Which ones? Did you actually do it? Was it worth it?
Which of these lovely dames should I wack it to /b/?
How do I find movies that aren't seeping with subtle and less subtle globalist progressive messages? I don't know how to filter movies to find something to watch.
Check 'em, faggots!
Anime makes people gay
I just wanted to say that imageboards are gay.
What would you do If you were Inmortal and your body could regenerate from any type of wound or disease? What effects do you think It would have in the average joe's or your mental sanity?

image unrelated
Did he do it for lulz after all?
I dont want to get a job or drivers license
What are your parents pestering you for?
Thread about discussing cars. Still waiting for /o/ board tho.
Only a bona fide nigger cannot solve this with only pen and paper within an hour. Log is in base 10 btw
is diet coke bad for you?
MuWire - Easy Anonymous File Sharing

GitHub - zlatinb/muwire: MuWire file sharing client for I2P
Some of you still browse cuckchan!
Recommend me some quality glue to huff.

>tfw someone posts a reaction image that you cropped
My life wasn't meaningless after all!
Senator Amidala, I'm JEDI.
Go to /librejp/ and bring something back:
>go to a barber
>barber keeps putting her fingers into my eyes
>just hands-free pokes scissors into my hair and takes cuts
>whenever she holds still I can tell her hands are shaking
>sprays some hair gel into my eyes and all over my face without warning
>keeps continuously spraying so long that I'm forced to breathe in the chemicals
>spends half of the entire haircut duration trimming the back of my head
>takes off the coat before she's done cutting, hair goes all over my neck and shirt
>get back home
>there's hair all over my face, glued on by the shit she sprayed at me
You should require a license to be a barber.
>we're back
Feels good man
all your base are belong to us
Facebook offered a 0-day flaw in Tails


In an article published yesterday, the American magazine explains however how Facebook actually paid a cybersecurity company in order to develop aexploit using a 0-day security vulnerability in the Tails operating system in 2017 in order to help the FBI identify a criminal acting on its platform.

The suspect in this case, Buster Hernandez, was arrested in 2017. He had been active for several years on Facebook: he mainly attacked minor users of the social network, whom he blackmailed into believing that he had obtained stolen intimate photos and increased the threat of attacks on their family and friends to extract new intimate photos and videos from them.

A helping hand for several hundred thousand dollars

In 2017, the FBI nevertheless managed to de-anonymize Hernandez by sending him a video trapped with software, which allowed him to identify his real IP address when the video opened.
my legal dad
if I make my gf dress like Nami from dragon ball (pic related) and she makes me dress like monkey d. monkey while having the secs, are we both a couple of cucks?? ? i need you to tel me right now becaus my mother didn't raise no cuck
What's the deal with this guy? He would be useless without the shield that someone else gave him. If his enemies weren't written to be retarded and/or cannon fodder and instead someone just stole his shield, he wouldn't be able to do anything.
what other imageboard u browse?

Uuuhh, bros?
How would the world be like if all the norms and neurotypicals didn't exist?
What are your goals in life?
prepare yourself
I've mentioned that I asked administration get myself relocated, since my former African room-mate planned to kill me and then himself. And I was not particularly excited for such a Romeo and Juliet opportunity.

The new compartment has more African experience. At night I was awoken by the loud squabble sounds. There is a gay guy from Tunisia, and he was relaxing with his friend in the kitchen, during night. Guess they left the strict Muslim country expecting to enjoy some decadent Western life, but instead of liberal West they met some hardcore African values. Basically, a Black man from Ghana demanded them to GET THE FUCK OUT, because he wont allow them kissing there in the kitchen, since homosexuality is a big no-no in Africa.

Apparently LGBTQ is the new racism, because the Africans I seen here are very homophobic, but they are also rather conservative and right-winged. I.e. like Russians, just Black.

Anyway, Tunisian people cook some funny food. Like they take a lot of garlic, and only garlic, boil a full pot of it, and then eat it with species. I have never seen people eating garlic like that. They also speak some Italian dialect and look like Greeks or Italians.
Chinese economy to overtake US 'by 2028' due to Covid
26 December 2020

China will overtake the US to become the world's largest economy by 2028, five years earlier than previously forecast, a report says.

The UK-based Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said China's "skilful" management of Covid-19 would boost its relative growth compared to the US and Europe in coming years.

Meanwhile India is tipped to become the third largest economy by 2030.

The CEBR releases its economic league table every year on 26 December.
post your favorites
Does anyone have the edit of this that references thomas payne and federalists and shit.
install cloveros
How many of you are going to miss Voat?
Thanks, doge!
How much would you pay for this sex slave?
This used to be a show about an old white man.
hey /b/ I changed my mind i want to be a guitar player/rock-star man now to make big money and fund catgirls research as well as a maid to clean my room and my cock. where do I start? what guitar should I get? is there a non retarded manual for retarded people? pic related 9999 minutes in paint. please and thank you.
What the fuck are those really wierd retarded Sex porn site that call themselfs "addicting". How much illegal are they? If is there any gameplay from them? Are they all just a scheme to get your credit card info? If I've used a random credit card generator on them does it make it illegal or what? Tell me I'm in a wierd feel over this.
Sex robots are just around the corner, right? It makes me daydream of the potential they have. What features would you like your robowife to have? I would install a drèamcast inside of her and put a screen on her stomach to play vidya using her metalic nipples as joysticks.

You see this shit bruh? It's time for another raid. There are a few things you need to keep in mind for a successful operation
>you need to make an account to post an image, and images are important. So use throw away emails and maybe vpn. Tor is always blocked so don’t bother with it.
>do not obvious shitpost, it will get you banned. Changing all the text and images to obvious offensive stuff will alert the gay guards.
>shitpost discreetly. Blend in, confuse them. Make stuff that sounds like it is from one of them. If they delete it complain like them in the comments and help out each other. Everything you do needs to be like them, from what you write to your username and shit.
>shitpost by adding new article, fixing existing ones and posting status on the front page.
>get out of work at the same time as an acquaintance
>he started to wake up a bit during the summer due to covid and blm riots
>he mentions that he's been listening to info-wars lately
>I say that there are certain things jones won't talk about
>like what anon
>briefly discuss the israel lobby, he doesn't object
>he asks me what I've been watching lately
>blackpilled and goyimtv
>what's goyimtv?
>hesitantly say that it's a talk show and they don't like jews much
>do you not like jews anon?
>well they do run the media, the banks, the porn industry etc.
>he seems to agree somewhat
>mention that goyimtv also thinks the holocaust was exaggerated
>he seems taken aback
>I think that'd be pretty hard to exaggerate anon
>awkwardly state that i'm agnostic about it
>he says he'll check it out
>driving home I start thinking that I probably shouldn't have mentioned goyimtv
>feeling of existential dread starts coming over me
I think that was probably too much at once and he might get the wrong idea about me.
Am I fucked?
Ive posted a thread 
Make what you will of it
is this an upgrade?
what happens if you drink a lot of coke and then swallow a mentos?
Every/b/ody needs one of these.  Shitpost away.
look at it
Stop necrobumping threads

Pic unrelated
ITT post good music
The post that BTFO'd the trannyring
where were you when 2020 was kill
You're invited!
To the sporting event of the year!
The superb owl!
Hosted by spee
Come on by, drink some beer, eat some snacks, shitpost, and jack off with your spartman friends!
Cya there!
Why do numales hate him so much?
Anybody got the shop of this pic but with a wrestler doing an elbow drop on the baby?
So what's in your no no folder?
Post robots/mechas/cyborgs you would fug.
Linux users are pedophiles including Richard Stallman.
>hear they don't sell Nazi flags anymore 
>click into search engine
>>nazi flag
>zero duckduckgo results
I'm not even a Nazi but do they think that flags are magic? 

I also heard that they were trying to pass laws to 'change history'. Do they think that deletion of race crime statistics, exile of jews over and over for centuries, or the deletion of a basic flag symbol is going to make people suddenly the same race and stop culture shocks?

Because that's silly. 

This is making me feel for the poltards more than the sjw's, and I hate both.
Penny for your thoughts?
My cock smells like fish for some reason.
I haven't fucked a cod, salmon, koi or even tuna for at least 3 weeks and it still smells.
What gives?
/b/, I need help. I'm on the risk of being a diabetic because I can't stop drinking my sister's breast milk. It started with me tasting it for fun and then getting addicted to the taste. I then would take a few bottles and in one of those times my sister caught me. I've been feasting along with my little nephew on my sister's titmilk directly from the source ever since. It's fucking delicious and I can't stop but now my doctor says I've been eating too much sugar. What do I do?
I'm on the lamb but I ain't no sheep
Belle Delphine really has STDs. You can find newspapers saying her STDs.
I'll start
Are you happy or sad right now?
How old are you? What are you doing for living? How many years of experience have you? I'll start:
>full time uni student/no job
>around 6 months now
Are you ready for some hardcore banter, faggots? Today I ask the ultimate question. Is lolicon pedophilia/hebephilia? And no, I don't mean does loli=CP, or does loli=the medical paraphilia in its entirety which requires the obsession to interfere with your regular judgement and daily life. I mean, does sexual attraction to cartoon representations of little girls=sexual attraction to children, the laymen's definition and most common usage of the word pedophilia.

I will make this argument, as a devil's advocate, that lolicon is almost definitely pedophilia. It is jacking off to the concept of fucking children. You won't find many sane people arguing that a man that primarily consumes regular straight hentai without deviations to faggotry isn't heterosexual just because he thinks 3D is PD. The same can be said of a man who jacks off to hard gay muscle yaoi almost definitely being homosexual. Japan doesn't see the difference. When they say lolicon, it can mean fiction, reality, or both. Here are some translated pages of Comic LO, a prime and popular lolicon magazine that is arguably representative of the voices of lolicons in Japan.  It clearly uses lolicon to refer to attraction to real children. LO is published with an audience of pedophiles in mind, by the mangaka themselves.

Now don't mistake my argument. The idea of lolicon being pedophilia is not antithetical to being pro-lolicon. Assuming it is pedophilia, it thus reasons that loli serves as a safe outlet for pedophiles that is harm free since it requires no children for its creation. Japan proves it doesn't increase child sexual abuse cases unless you want to make up some unverifiable bull about unreported cases being staggeringly high. It's also a matter of freedom of speech & expression that lolicon material should be able to freely exist. These are both principle and practical justifications to be pro-lolicon, even if it is pedophilia.

Yes, I am a lolicon as I consume a large amount of it relative to other hentai. No, I have no attraction to real children, but I can't prove to myself or others that what is true of me is true of the majority of lolicons. It also can't be argued that since most lolicons claim to not like real kids, that they don't like real kids, since they would obsviously almost always lie about it if true and want to distance it from pedophilia. There's a small amount of verifiable information suggesting lolicon isn't pedophila, like the rate of convicted pedos with loli since its introduction to the west, but it's not much and is easily explained by loli being safer and more easily found than CP. Lots of lolicon is fairly anatomically correct in all aspects but the face, so it stands to reason lolicons are attracted to the bodies of children and not the faces, and would easily get a stiffy to nudes of a real girl featuring a bag on her head given that they have any attraction to 3D at all still. And all of this is to say nothing of how the lines are blurred when you get into text only fiction.

>Inb4 it's a body type not an age, so it has nothing to do with children, she's 4000 years old bigot!
Loli is a body type with proportions generally corresponding to children of the ages 7-14 according to the way the word is generally used both in the west and Japan. While 12-14 clearly enters hebe territory, I am of course talking about lolis in the body proportions range of appearing roughly 7-12 when arguing that lolicon is pedohphila, since loli also covers that small upper range of petite body types beyond what would be considered prepubescent. If the character doesn't look mostly representative of the proportions of those ages, it is not loli. You cannot divorce it from the appearance of age, no matter what you claim is canon, except in non-standard styles like chibi. Here is an editor of Comic LO clearly stating that the lolis should look like a certain age.
>When I was making arrangements with my boss:
<"These characters look a little young for 9."
>When I suggested making them 8 instead:
<"LO's readers want 9-year-olds, 8 is too young. Change the picture instead!"
Some Japs may also use loli to refer to toddlercon, though it is not common as far as I've seen.

>Inb4 lolis don't act like real children
Most fictional characters don't act like real people, including those portrayed by actors that tons of people lust after. Their scripts are deliberate at the will of the author and wouldn't be entertaining with totally realistic dialogue and behavior. Again I must refer to the fact that a man who jacks off to muscley yaoi fudgepacking is most certainly gay. Whether the characters act like real people, or like real homos in particular, is irrelevant. The same is true of loli. The personality may range from childlike to mature, but that doesn't change the look. Sexual attraction to the innocence and naivety of children alone can make a pedophile in some cases, yes. But non-pedophiles aren't unattracted to children purely because of a child's mind. Sexual attraction to underdeveloped or completely non-present secondary sexual characteristics is pedophilia, even if one doesn't care for the mental immaturity of the child, their behavior, or personality.

Also, since /delicous/ and /loli/ both don't exist anymore and anons are having trouble getting any new loli boards approved, this a general loli thread.  Post your cutest lolis.

Original thread.
what's your favorite dish?
mine is fish.
What would happen if the pig farmer bought 4chan from m00t before gookjew could get his hands on 4chan?
What's with the sudden influx of faggot mods nowadays?
Examples are Muses, the former Julay/v/ BO who pussied out then left Julay/v/ since he couldn't handle the banter. And Hisuimeido, the current zzz/tech/ BO and the former zzz/a/ BO who pussied out then deleted zzz/a/ and left zzz/tech/ since he couldn't handle the banter in the meta thread.
>still no /pol/ in the webring
>every other board has it's own /pol/ containment thread that's more active than the rest of the board
Someone add /pol/ already. No,'s 4chan+pedos (((/pol/))) doesn't count.
Why is he such a faggot /b/?
From the day when he became an 8chan administrator to his last days as one he has been an incompetent, insufferable faggot.
Nowadays nobody even knows where he's at because after he left 8koon he became an exclusively twitter shitter and he got permabanned there recently and now he's completely out of the radar
Is it just the hapa in him at work?
As for I2P, pretty darn decentralized, with one particularly notable exception, the "Reseed Servers." This is to deal with the DHT bootstrap problem. 

Basically, there's not a good and reliable way to get out of running at least one permanent bootstrap node that non-network users can find to get started. 

Once you're connected to the network, you only discover peers by building "exploratory" tunnels, but to make your initial connection, you need to get a peer set from somewhere. The reseed servers, which you can see listed on in the Java I2P router, provide you with those peers.
If a flying saucer breaks down in space, do you think the aliens call Triple-Ayyy?

pic related
So what happened to gurochan? Why is there no /g/ or /guro/ board on the webring?
now I've seen my fair share of holly caust debunking back on /pol/, and after that quite a bit of debunking of that debunking with seemingly solid arguments, now how about a debunking of said debunkings debunkings?
Rdog is the symbol of zzz
This is why 8cucks should never ever be allowed anywhere near the webring. Blame the tr/a/nnies for allowing this to happen.
all me tbh
With this method you will be able to get anything from completely for free. The site is a legit website selling stuff for cryptos, butI have found this massive exploit that you can get literally any product that is available for sale on Keys4Coins including Game Codesand Gift Cards

So how it works?
That’s really simple. We will use a Tampermonkey script that will inject expired payment session whenever we make a new order at keys4coins. It’s still a small company and they just got a big security breach, that’s all. Your browser will think the payment is expired and will send information to the server that you are eligible for a refund, but at the same time server side is accepting this paymentand finalizing the order.Then the refund information sent by our browser comes and they will refund your money instantly

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Would it be helpful to teach yourself to believe in some kind of gods who are judging your actions, to help motivate yourself to stop being a loser and work on productive things? Like imagine genuinely believing that whenever you're sitting on the computer without pants on and posting anime images on imageboards instead of doing something productive with your time, Odin is looking down at you with a face like pic related. Seems like it would motivate you to work towards things.

I mean all the great civilizations of the past, historical architecture and renaissance artwork that are still unsurpassed were all made under the belief that god was real. Even TempleOS, an operating system with some innovative features made by a single person, a feat that nobody else is able to reproduce, was made by someone who believed that it was god's command.
vpn_support · Wiki · tails / blueprints · GitLab

What we don't want

Some users have requested support for VPNs in Tails to "improve" Tor's
anonymity. You know, more hops must be better, right?. That's just
incorrect -- if anything VPNs make the situation worse since they
basically introduce either a permanent entry guard (if the VPN is set
up before Tor) or a permanent exit node (if the VPN is accessed
through Tor).

Similarly, we don't want to support VPNs as a replacement for Tor
since that provides terrible anonymity and hence isn't compatible with
Tails' goal.
How many gayops does it take to kill off smug and 8blacked?
Why does rule 2 even exist? Non-CP sexualized pictures of children are legal. 
>inb4 d-die pedo!
It's not okay to just delete everything you don't like.
How to use I2P

Install I2P from Google Play Store

Use I2P Web Browser (embedded web browser) or Firefox

Connect to an eepsite (.i2p address)

What do the ziggers think of dippity dopper's imageboard reviews?
where are the burger :D :D
4chan is still my main imageboard
Mark wins yet again. So much for boards that hate Mark.
oh ma, un po' di figa qua?
Is a good alternative to cuckchan/a/, smug/a/, and /animu/ possible? Will it be sustainable for a very long time or will it fall quickly?
I don't visit anime boards often, especially cuckchan /a/ and /animu/, but I can already tell that they suck and cannot be saved. A new one would have to be created and start fresh.

<cuckchan /a/
>normalnigger garbage
>too many one sentence low effort question threads that aren't contained in a stupid questions thread
>general threads
>still rulecucky (lolis banned and jannies being really tyrannical, they can't be called meidos at all)

<smug /a/ (better than cuckchan /a/)
>full of faggots, mostly in the cafe threads and vtuber threads (im not going to lurk moar in those threads)
>most rulecucked (incorrect capitalization and punctuation? ding dong bannu)
>no organic fun allowed
>vtubers are everywhere and it doesn't help the fact that the head meido fell in love with a vtuber

</animu/ (might be the most ok board of them all)
>vtubers are on /animu/ but they are mostly contained to their own thread
>normalfags are on /animu/, but it may not be so bad
>/animu/ is on life support and it can die if loleron simply pulls the plug on prolikewoah

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