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This autist got fucking ripped with one simple trick Find out how!

Well, it's finally here. Gentlemen, I present to you my humble attempt at honest, wholesome entertainment. 
There is a LOT of room for improvement, so hopefully works will get better as I keep practicing.
I have quite a few ideas I'm planning, but if anyone has any good proposals to submit, I will give it my best.

God Bless.
People keep asking for loli space marine lately so I drew a really shitty one. IDK what shading is. Post your work, anon.

Never forget...
You meet a skeleton. The skeleton is unable to speak and convey complex concepts, but it manages to communicate that it's extremely horny for you.
Dicking the skeleton will bring you no sexual pleasure, but it will make the skeleton extremely happy. 
Would you do it?
Does anybody feel like they belong to a community or did in the past?
I don't...
Nor ever did...
ITT we seriously discuss utterly irrelevant, vague and inconclusive topics that have zero impact or weight on anything at large for several weeks, until we get to 450 replies and have achieved absolute nothing but waste time.

By the way, no, this isn't meant to be some kind of indirect, passive-aggressive nudge or critique of anything on the board or anyone here, I just want to do this for no particular reason.
Beware, I wrote the following sloppily in 10 minutes, don't expect a literary masterpiece. I'm also very chill and tolerant normally, but this is something I had on my mind right now which kinda made me think. Here goes.
Something that all communists and other big pro-taxation people do is claim the moral high ground and believe in their heart and mind that they are good people because they voot for giving "free services to the poor", VERY OFTEN (not always) completely ignoring the fact that those services are funded with stolen money. But here's the funny thing: many of these people literally voot with this moral high ground (but don't get me wrong: I support voluntaryism, not technocracy), thinking that they are good people for vooting for free services and calling libertarians evil when they simply know that these services are indeed not free, and often wasteful and inefficient. It's honestly quite something when you think that this often happens - and hell, I can even understand the seduction of supposedly free stuff that communism promises - but this is how people voot.
This is also observable with ancoms, who consider themselves to be good people because they will give both free stuff and end the state... how this is supposed to happen without coercion is quite a mystery. Then they will call ancaps evil and greedy fake anarchists (they like to write it this way after all). Even though ancaps (real ones, not the retarded edgy ones on twitter) are ancaps because they know that things are scarce and that property is an inevitable legal concept (ancoms would just declare someone else to be the winner of a property conflict, probably without an objective way to determine it). Many ancoms essentially deny reality, which will inevitably result in problems and contradictions (do they really think they wouldn't form unjust and non-voluntary hierarchies? Props to the ancoms that defend voluntaryism though), but then they will still claim the moral high ground.
Oh and btw, although I'm defending ancaps and I do indeed very much sympathize with them, I still think geolibertarianism (paying compensation for taking land essentially) might be ethically superior... unrelated though. Rant over.
since /vhs/ wont allow low effort threads..
I will be watching alot of movies and i will simply state my opinion on them after watching them.
Just watched Grandmas Boy.
not bad. I kind of liked it
>rent always too high to live on own
>decide to recheck anyway
>see low rent
>it's just for the tourists that want to visit
>another one isn't but is for specifically x single woman as usual 
Gas all landlords.
What's your white percentage?
Welcome to the first sleepy loli speedrun competition. 
The objective is simple, draw a loli and draw it fast. 

>draw a loli
>the drawing must contain at least one of the prompts 
>a full recording of the drawing must be provided 
>the drawing must be fast and look reasonably like a loli 
There are no other limitations, you can use reference or any software you like, but using anything anything other than MS paint or oekaki will get you unofficially bullied.

The current prompts, generated by the only decent non-AI site I could find, are:
>Spanish guitar 

The competition ends on January 5th. Winners will be elected by popular vote and be rewarded with (you)s. 

Go fucking draw.
How long until soyjaks are allowed to be posted? I remember when chad,boomer,zoomer all the oomer and cuckchan shit was banned but now they're allowed.
>streamer who "doesn't do sponsored streams" does a sponsored stream to play a new game because it's "genuinely cool and interesting game"
>plays thoughtlessly like a retard
>completely uninterested in anything that's happening or understanding the game
>skips all the text and then gets confused about basic things
>praises random things that aren't even worth mentioning
>gives no criticism for anything except things that are obviously unfinished and work in progress
>when something clearly objectionable happens they just go "oh" or something and pretend it didn't happen or matter
>calls the game super epic whenever asked about their thoughts
>only plays for a couple hours and then quits
What's wrong with streamers? Is it really that difficult to just be genuine? I almost feel bad for the people who paid the streamers because the streamers are doing such a poor job at showing and playing the game. The least you could do is play it earnestly for a bit. I just saw this happen twice from 2 completely different streamers for 2 different games.

Yes you're a very very special child and an epic winner at life.
¡Que ganas de un buen asado por la chucha!
I forgot to wash my onahole several months ago and now the tip is stained yellow.
Should I throw it out?
post youre shitty wallps
Does anyone else find the concept of brains creepy.
Like your mind, ergo your essence, is a gross lump of meat in your body.
Would be nice to believe in a metaphysical concept like souls or whatever, but it's not easy to prove such things...
i just discovered firefox stores a history of every single website i ever visited
press ctrl+shift+h or ctrl+h
it even says the exact time and day i visited each!
click "this month" then right click the column headers and select "most recent visit"
now it will show the date and exact minute and second you visited each page
holy shit i can see every duckducksearx search i did while working on my court case
post funny 2d furry
Last thread got bumplocked.
Do you like fox girls, anon? Good. This thread is for (You).
It makes me sick that I have to share this board with Anarchist scum
The ancaps are at least funny, fuck the rest of you
Just realized that "checks and balances" in the government is an example of a circular logic fallacy. It does not matter if the government can "check and balance" itself if all parts of government are equally corruptible and are all colluding with each other behind closed doors
So get this /b/. Some dumb retard comes up to my web I spent all god damn day building and throws a beetle about 12 times my size into my nest like an asshole. It tore a huge hole, and now I have to redo all my work again. Fucking faggot.

here is your metadrama dumping thread. dump all of those frustration in here.
I found your ELPRESADOR on YouTube. But in those videos there was not a single episode where this dude did something “unpleasant” for someone. Why is that?
Have you noticed any strange things, or obvious hints that you are in the matrix?
I've had something in my eye ever since I woke up
Last thread >>130770 bumplocked, so here's the new one, again.
hello yes we have tv nights every wednesday night at 7:00 (three hours from now), please join us
Christ Jesus general. Due to heavy demand.
Why are there so many men who are doomers today? Why do you think you're doomed? Seriously why? What's your goals in life? Is it to raise a family or become successful? Do you think you're too old to be who you want to be? It's my opinion, that you're never too old to become successful or raise a family. People need to stop falling into the trap that "you should date the same age as you" and instead, date as young as you are legally allowed to date as those young women are going to have FAR LESS baggage being carried with them and are looking to be swooned and fall in love and not just to fucking settle. Men can have kids at pretty much any age women however can't and that's why they feign disgust when in reality they don't want to have to compete with higher quality women and are just jealous of young women
Hello. I am learning Japanese, and the main reason is to watch/read/play media in the original language, both ones that got translated and ones that did not.
However, a question arose. Is it manageable to find untranslated Japanese media online?
I have looked for some things before and it was pretty difficult or inconvenient to find them.
Maybe if I looked for things on the Japanese side of the Internet, it would be easier to find them?
what are your (loser) dream(s) anons ?

shit that normie would call pathetic and shit on in general and something like that
/b/ is the citadel shining amongst the cold and charred wasteland. Where ib's and alike drag them self over every day only to find little to no food. Only for the lucky few amongst them to become rejuvenated once every five days and five nights (weekend).

why is it ?
If we gave the moon an atmosphere and threw a bunch of random shit in there, how do you think the ecosystem would evolve? 
Low gravity means weight is less impactful, but it also makes it harder to move. Would it returns to the megafauna of old or result in lanky creatures who use their limbs to try and reach anything they can while slowly leaping around in low g?
I tried to give the spider in my room some free food and not only was it hard to stick it to her shitty ass webs the ungrateful bitch didn't even bother checking it out.
Who is the SEA monkey tranny six-digit poster ?. I'm SEA also. if you are reading this Poster-in-question, nice to meet you OwO.

happy christmas/halloween/whateverevent/etc
look at these faggots
Youre a bunch of faggots. Fuck you.
are you guys workers ? i dont care if its office drones type stuff or factory stuff. or are you guys in education like colledge or smt ?
>you will never have a banana gf
Why dont' they make freckled girls anymoar? Is it because we are getting less white? Were they really just mutating into shitskins anyway? Is it the makeup covering it or even preventing freckling from forming? On a related note, what happened to banana boobs?
i miss the 2000s. why do we have to live in the hell that is today?
ATUMPTION INTERWEBZ!!!!: I HAVE THEE BADEST NEWS!!! as u all kno, i havbnt bean very active lately. that is bee cause MY DIARY HAS BEAN STOLEN (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ last i had it was at my skewl! so if anyone sees it, PLZ return it to me one and only, kiki! 

PROPHECY- The Punishment Of My Evil Elites

"The WEF has got to go, My son.  It is evil.  I will eradicate it from the Earth.  Its leaders are evil; they want to destroy the planet.  I will eradicate them.  I will destroy them all.  The evil elite will be destroyed from off the face of the Earth.  I will destroy all who want to destroy humanity.  They are evil.  Expect their elimination.  Tell all they will be destroyed.  I will depopulate them from off the planet.  They have to go.  Tell all that they will fail in their attempt to start World War 3; I will destroy them; they have got to go.  A blight they are, destroying humanity with evil drugs, vaccines, and all manner of wickedness.  Their technology will not go far; I will destroy them.  Their AI machines will fail their objectives; all the works of Satan will fail.  They give themselves unto the Devil; destroy them I will. Their wealth will fail them in the end, fail to rescue them from the evil calamities coming.  The LORD has spoken.  Amen and amen.  Distribute far and wide."
What's even the point of this anime? It just felt like "Realistic Relationships: The Anime". The only interesting part was the yandere gore stuff at the end.
Is the VN any better?
''Do not talk to me if you: Are in any other chatroom, Have any friends, Are in any schooling, Are a woman or child.
If you are evil you will not be allowed to talk to me either. If you think people exist to entertain you do not talk to me. If you only love people who love you or have "good qualities" you will not come near me. I am 27 and love Jesus and I am into AI stuff right now and trying to get part time money again to do van living. Only talk to me if you are going to work together.''

That is who I have been... but all you wicked people finally win. You all win. So yeah you can be happy, you win! I give up. I accept that indeed I am the last human alive. I give up. As the last human and netizen on earth I officially give up all hope you restoring any of you. Make no mistake I will remain in the light until the end. But I am the last light. All your evil and hatred and insanity wins. All you kids saying "incel larping schizo!" over and over, guess what, you win, now enjoy the world you made. Enjoy your 4chans and twitters you wicked men. Have fun. I will never ever try to make any friend ever again, I am the last of the Jedi.
Leaked videos from 4chan. 
These videos are from the 1970's. There's lots of UFO activity captured on them. Maybe that is why NASA kept them secret from the pubic for so long.
Remember that NASA means Never A Straight Answer!!!
Be sure to thank the Leakers at and look for more there every day!!!

they are making a new fnaf game.
If you could, would you choose to rather have been born a woman to live life on tutorial mode?
I like tummies. I like tummies.
Why do often times cgdct-fags feel superior to shounenfags even though they essentially watch glorified little girls cartoons no different from MLP?
I ask this as someone who can enjoy both.
Is it just spite because shounen helped normalize anime to the masses?
GOD PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! ...
Daily reminder to punch christians in the face if you can get away with it and that churches, as well as mosques and synagogues should all be burned to the ground. Also that christians and muslims (who sold out their people to the jews) are just as culpable as the jews are in jewish dominion over the west
>never experienced true friendship
>never experienced teenager escapades
>never experienced being part of something with someone else
>didn't develop any kind of lasting relationship 
>didn't learn any ability or anything that would be useful or good to have later in life
>missed out on literally all the genuine and careless fun of youth
>instead wasted it all indulging in cheap surrogate dopamine dispensers like video games and being on the computer
>now 30 year old, bitter, jaded, lonely loser no one in the world but his own mother gives a single fuck about
>parents not only allowed this to happen but they facilitated it
>everyone points their finger at me as if I'm the wrong for not knowing everything from the beginning

A fire once burning so bright with hundreds of possibilities and hundreds of roads to take. All gone. All that's left is a tiny wavering flame, struggling down a dark path with few forks that all lead in the same direction. Why did it have to be this way? I was reading some studies which found evidence that loneliness literally shortens your lifespan as much as if you were a smoker. Apparently, loneliness is a sickness and I've been sick for most of my life, and in spite of the cure being readily available, no one seems willing to share it. Just fuck my shit up, fam.
Why isn't it a common trope in movies for the bad guy to have a loli girlfriend and it shows that he's just grooming her or forcing her because he controls her candy supply or something?
It must be because Hollywood are kike pedo elites. They cannot talk about this subject because it would insult their lifestyle.
ITT we share best sleeping habits and practices so anons can achieve maximum efficiency.
Hello I am thinking of following this guy's art advice
but one thing he didn't directly mention is whether I should really just use Clip Studio Paint, or if other software is OK too (if properly configured, with specific brush presets, etc)? I'd like to avoid proprietary software, and would prefer to use something like Krita.
Do you think other software is OK or should I just bite the bullet and use Clip Studio Paint (on Wine), and why?
(Disclaimer for potential morons: art attached is not mine, as it is obvious)
What do the Japanese say to refer to a female character they are attracted to, like people say "waifu" in the west. I doubt they actually say ワイフ "waifu", right?
I wish this lil dood was in my life like you can believe.
>mom enters my room
>look they're doing courses for volunteer work! why don't you send an application?
>it's literally unpaid gubmint work
imagine literally wasting your time working literal slavery embellished with words and uniforms for the government, just imagine doing that, and then imagine your parents actually be willing for you to submit to that kind of deal. it's true, a sucker is born every minute.
I will never be an underage women who is cucked by Ryan Gosling's Girlfriend.
Why, hello there, fellow anons.
You wouldn't happen to know of a forum where I can discuss; 70s cars, sports, grilling techniques of various kinds of meats, 80s heavy metal, old films and the like now would you?
You see, I'm not very fond of discussing loli hentai and jews in all of my spare time. I have other hobbies as well you see.
Thank you in advance.
Just bought a ps2 slim, I’m a 21 year-old who wants to try out older games.
Recommend me some ps1 and ps2 games you enjoy. I’ll play anything but sorts games
>/x/ when you've experienced something
I like having my room relatively clean.
Does that mean I'm mentally healthy?
<suspect is on the move *squelch*
when you order a burger
do you eat the fries first then the burger afterwards or the other way around
or do u have them both at the same time
What's with the romanticization and recent interest in hinduism and indian culture? Or the completely pants on head retarded theories that indians are or were "aryans" in any way shape or form? They were savage low IQ poo in loo since the dawn of man, they contributed nothing to technology, science or anything significant human advancement at all just like like niggers. All they got is fairy tales and myths from their backwards gay ass religion that makes em worship cow peepeepoopoo and zero historical or archeological evidence they ever accomplished anything at all in their thousands of years of "history". If indians were so advanced back then how come they're the asshole of the world today? This is no different than niggers saying "we wuz kingz n shieet nigguh bix nood". Moreover they're horrible humans in general, they will lie, cheat, steal, trick deceive for personal gain and feeding their little insecure egos and they'll feel no remorse, just like Jews. Pooper power by 2030, God I wish there were some indians here to make fun of. If you ever feel bad about your own condition, thank the lord you're not indian, what a cursed fucking existence. Also thank God if you don't live anywhere near them or any of em, like me, I've only encountered a few in my life and they were all smelly, dumb and slimy characters. They somehow manage to be worthless and more disgusting than fucking turks or jews. NUKE INDIA, INDIAN GENOCIDE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.
It's OGRE, but I wonder if he means it's ogre or if it's just another prank.
>50 threads of stale christian vs pagan vs atheist discussion 
Don't care, not reading, and you're all gay.
Now which mythological entity would you fuck and/or marry? 

I'm really into face paint and Egyptian and indigenous latin american aesthetics just activate my dick. Greek girls tend to have nice bodies but most stories are about how they're huge sluts aside from rare exceptions like Galatea and some married ones.
I've been listening the audiobooks of XVIII/XIX century British historians (Thomas Gordon, Thomas Babington)
Time and time again I see them claim something to the tune of "The people's happiness is measured by its industry" or "Individual liberty is the highest social value, because from this happiness is derived".
And it really got me thinking how contemptible it is to justify governance through materialism, and how false are the ideas that support modern states. This worshipers of money are no different than communists in their underlying premise, they just vary in their methods.
Ultimately, I believe, this Godless fools end up elevating those who they see as the most materialists and godless among them. Which ironically go about their labors driven by religious zeal, this being usually the jews.
So it becomes quite easy to see how having anything other than the services rendered unto Christ as the ultimate purpose of the state (though the same could be said of any enterprise) ends up rotting it out and delivering it at the hand of the servants of Satan. The Spaniards somewhat understood this, (see: Diego de Saavedra Fajardo in his "Idea for a Christian Political Prince") which I believe is why they are reviled, smeared and kept hidden by the zionists and their allies.

Lastly, I think something can be said for having the preservation of the dominant race as the ultimate goal of the state. It's still a materialist goal, and therefore doomed, though it's not as odious as the ones the jews have set out. 
But if indeed it is true that the most harmonious, peaceful, prosperous and virtuous society is one where races are separated and keep to themselves (which I'm inclined to believe that it is, but only by the way the jews oppose that idea) then such organization is indeed God ordained, for it would be the most aligned with Truth. And if that is so, having Christ as the sole end of the state does not impede the division of races within the state if it's true that such division is best for all.

TL;DR: Worshipers of Mammon occupied the circles of power in Europe from around the XVIII century onwards and delivered modern states at the hands of the jews.

Here are the links if anyone is interested in the source: (There's no English version I could find, but you can copy/paste the text into the translator)
Does anyone else miss Dobson?
What have you been playing anons? I've recently been replaying DAO and realizing just how much being a warrior sucks. At least I have morrigan. Also since theres a movie review thread, why not make this a video game review thread too?

I've also recently played through the first two episodes of Andy and Leyley. I personally think it's pretty good game so far. Without going into spoilers, basically it's an incest rpg maker game/visual novel with horror elements sprinkled into it. It's not scary, but it is pretty fun to play
Make bleached or other vanilla edits and post them. still exists and is the closest thing to a vanilla booru there is, but they're kinda gay in what they allow. 

Reminder to not reply to low effort bait.
You may now use a program like jdownloader to archive all the dumped images from the previous thread.

I'll be dumping the last of my folder and then I'll be finished and can die a happy fag who shared his golden years with you all.
post animl
If your non-white wife wanted to have a fully white child and you are white, would you have sex with a white woman? Would you feel bad about it? Would you think it was a trap? What would be your reaction?
Can anyone redpill me about supposed Japanese atrocities during WW2?
I stole soap from a store. Am I a nigger now?
this post was insta blocked on lain chan with the message "Stop Spamming" it appears they are compromised and the deep state has installed their AI based behavioral control system into it
Big government is constantly trying to shut down and steal profit margins from tobacco manufacturers. Here is the latest attempt they made (after just barely being rejected):
>    A 100 percent increase in the federal cigarette tax, from $1.01 per pack to $2.02;
>    The tax on large cigars would have changed in two respects: one change was to a dollar amount tax of $49.56 per pound. and the other would have implemented a minimum tax of at least 10 cents per cigar;
>    The tax on moist snuff would increase 1,700 percent to $26.84 per pound; and
>    A tax was proposed on modern oral nicotine and vapor products, to $1.15 per pod or $4.45 per 20-pack of pouches or lozenges.

If you are infuriated that they are always trying to bring back the clipper chip, this should be no less worse.

The FDA makes it illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under 21. That's 3 years over even the highest age of consent! How can you not smoke, which even in the rigorous studies, can only lead to cancer (as with 10 million other substances) if you do it heavily like 4 times a day, but you can consent to sex which could ruin your life financially, physically and emotionally just from one instance of the act????
The FDA makes it illegal for manufacturers to point out that cigarettes fight or prevent respiratory diseases (such as COVID-19). They want to censor the truth because they - who are in bed with big pharma - want to force vaccines.
I have this internationalized notion that bad people should be punished for doing bad acts, but one thing that I've come to realize over the years is that while some people deserve torture (e.g. Epstein or the golden state killer), the ones deserving torture are such a menace to society that the danger of letting them live outweighs the benefits or giving them the punishment they deserve. 
With that in mind, do you think it's better to secretly punish the evil or to secretly reward the good? 
If you could only choose one, and assuming people wouldn't know about it and therefore not change in life, would you rather heaven exist to reward all good people, including the ones who've done atrocities but honestly regret them, or for hell to exist and all of the wicked to be eternally punished? 
I mean this as a discussion agnostic of religion, don't start another fucking reddit fight.
I had a mental breakdown this morning. I feel angry and confused at same time and I don't know why. I screamed something needs to change over and over again. I don't know what to do or why I suddenly feel this way I can't pin point it. I feel like my teenage self has come to haunt me 10 years later. I felt okay a week ago but now I feel like shit.
This propagandistic crap of Muslim vs Jew is tiring.
>Biden doesn't like Trump's Abraham Accords and pushes Saudi Arabia away instead of letting them sign the AA
>Iran is on the brink of a civil war because the Muslim vs Jew fight isn't flying with the civilian men
>Saudi Arabia contacts Iran about starting back up the Jew wars
>Iran encourages Hummus to do the funny and poke Israel in order to spark back up an Israeli overreaction
>Iran and Saudi Arabia profit off of kike hate which lets them deflect from their own countries shortcomings
>World overreacts to Jews being Jews instead of realizing it's all just bread and circuses to keep the powers that be in power in the Fundamentalist Muslim part of the globe
Your in a propaganda war and you all fell for it. It's not about Jews, it's about Bibi Netanyahu, Mohammed bin Salman, and Ali Khamenei
i hate zoomers and their vaping faggotry. i'll be in between classes and on occasion feel like having a cigarette, and if i walk out into the smoke pit it's actually difficult to find someone to buy or bum a single cigarette off of. everyone is vaping
How come girls can easily have attractive bodies but the faces are usually 50/50? Butterfaces are common but I can't remember the last time I've seen someome say a girl had weird tits. 
On top of that you can exercise or change what you eat to tweak your body, which ages slower and already looks decent on unhealthy girls, but the face is mostly fixed and can be only made worse through habits or aging. 
Do you think that's just because the face is more apparent, and therefore we're more critical about it, or did evolution just not care about it, focusing on fat asses and nice tits?
how do i look like picrel if im brown ?. im not asian but im SEA so it must be reachable.
Hey guys, I got inspired by my favorite Danganronpa character, Junpei, and began learning wrestling.
My father stopped beating me because he knows that as soon as he lays a dirty finger of his on me, I'll punch his consciousness out of him.
i want her to fuck me up with her slippers like my mom used to
Do you ever feel like there's not enough variety in human eye and hair color? We've existed for a pretty long time and hair color is basically confined to dark/blonde/red and eye color is basically just dark/blue/green and the non-dark colors we have are  rare in proportion. 

If genetic engineering went public, I'd like to see the full spectrum of color for hair and eyes. It's probably one of the easier things to achieve through genetic manipulation and probably the lowest risk, too. I also don't think dyed hair is a good indicator of what we would have because the coloration always looks artificial and "off".
What's the point of this website when Gelbooru exists?
It doesn't seem to specialize in anything specific, so it feels like a bootleg Gelbooru but with much less pictures and tags.
Am I missing something?
altchans are dead. now what?
I've seen people online saying that subvocalizing your thoughts is "based" and a sign of having a superior mind or whatever, just like being able to imagine realistic pictures. While the latter is, indeed, a good thing, the former is not so good.
If you think in terms of language instead of just having abstract thoughts, your thoughts are bound by the language you're thinking in. Not only is that limiting by itself, but language can and is controlled by the elites. Look at how they can make a word like "nigger" be considered anathema for no reason at all.
Furthermore, when you subvocalize, your throat unconsciously makes minuscule sounds. People cannot hear them, but your phone can. So, if you subvocalize, your phone can pretty much read your mind.
Hello I fucking hate dogs
(pic is a bit wrong, a human partner is not good either. Waifuism is where it's at)
If the nazis were good, why did they execute POWs?

>On 17 December 1944, between noon and 1:00 p.m., Kampfgruppe Peiper approached the Baugnez crossroads, two miles southeast of the city of Malmedy, Belgium. Meanwhile, a U.S. Army convoy of thirty vehicles, from B Battery of the 285th Field Artillery Observation Battalion, was negotiating the crossroads, and then turning right, towards Ligneuville and St. Vith, in order to join the US 7th Armored Division.[2][7] The Germans saw the US convoy first, and the spearhead unit of Kampfgruppe Peiper fired upon and destroyed the first and last vehicles, which immobilized the convoy and halted the American advance;[7] as their immobilized convoy was out-numbered and out-gunned, those soldiers of the 285th Field Artillery surrendered to the Waffen-SS.[3][2]

>After that brief battle with the American convoy, the tanks and armored vehicles of the Kampfgruppe Peiper convoy continued westwards to Ligneuville; while at the Baugnez crossroads, the Waffen-SS infantry assembled the just-surrendered U.S. POWs in a farmer's field, and added them to another group of U.S. POWs, soldiers who had been captured earlier that day. The prisoners of war who survived the massacre at Malmedy said that a group of approximately 120 U.S. POWs stood in the farmer's field when the Waffen-SS fired machine guns at the grouped POWs.[3][2] Panicked by the machine gun fire, some POWs ran and fled the field, but the Waffen-SS soldiers shot and killed most of the grouped POWs where they stood; and some G.I.s had dropped to the ground and pretended to be dead.[2] Nonetheless, after the initial machine-gunning of the group of POWs, the Waffen-SS soldiers walked amongst the POW corpses, searching for wounded survivors to kill with a coup de grâce gun-shot to the head.[2][7] Moreover, some of the POWs who fled the farmer's field had run to and hidden in a café at the Baugnez crossroads; the Waffen-SS then set the café afire, and killed every U.S. POW who escaped the burning building.[2] 

>In 1949, a US Senate investigation concluded that in the thirty-six-day Battle of the Bulge the soldiers of Kampfgruppe Peiper murdered between 538 and 749 U.S. POWs,[13] other investigations claimed that the Waffen-SS killed fewer U.S. POWs, and put the figure of the dead as being between 300 and 375 US soldiers and 111 civilians executed by the Kampfgruppe Peiper.[14][15]
i feel like only men on text chat sites deserve my love and they actually appreciate it (for the most part) and are still attractive to me and are always attracted to me. I have total control here, i am like a God, i choose who i dominate and who dominates me. i can create life out of the click of button and make them disappear in to irrelevant oblivion. I have all the powers of the worshiped modern women goddess and none of the responsibility. 

I can have sex the way they do with multiple men without anyone calling me a whore, or if they do then i revel in it. I am whatever i want to be, reality is whatever i say it is, my body i just an interface to what i want I can even marry them and talk about kids, without actually needing to get money or be a good person. I believe this is superior to real life, So what if it's fake, it works. I'm not even an ugly virgin, i've had gfs and attractive ones, but there is always something wrong with them, some reason they must leave me, there will always be something wrong with me as well. and i must leave them. If people are always going to leave then why not have them be limitless pixels on a screen, instead of awful people who can harm me.

I don't care if you call me a faggot or pathetic, i've been called worse in real life by co-workers. It doesn't hurt me, you have no power here, and i will use your gender for my sexual gain, lovingly of course. Women are more visually stimulating, i don't care for having virtual sex with them, i don't see the point, i may as well ask a woman out than deal with coercing her to unenthusiastically to role play. Men are so different, i am the object of their desire, i can do no wrong and don't or else they disappear from my screen and from existence. I get to express love to someone who actually wants it and is attractive, with zero strings attached.

TL;DR: “I decide whether it is the right thing in me; there is no right outside me. If it is right for me, it is right. Possibly this may not suffice to make it right for the rest; that is their care, not mine: let them defend themselves. And if for the whole world something were not right, but it were right for me, i. e. I wanted it, then I would ask nothing about the whole world."
How hard is it getting a work permit for any EU country if I learned the said country's language would be working a minimum wage job? I'm from the USA and don't have any trade skills, and only work minimum wage/lower class jobs. I would be doing the same in Europe, but I might end up attending school after I've lived in the country for a little while.

I'm a young guy, live with family so I don't pay any bills, and I work full time which has allowed me to accumulate some money. The main country I'm thinking about, and willing to learn a new language over is Poland, besides that though I have an interest in Norway, and Sweden since they speak English. Any advice helps.
I have Terabytes worth of anime games and manga so if the internet goes down or it becomes unusable, I will still have lifetimes worth of quality entertainment
they are removing my neetbux in 1 month. My life is over. Is coding the only alternative working from home?
ITT we talk about the furniture in which we rest our behind while browsing imageboards. 
What do you use? Are head supports and 200+ dollar gaming chairs a scam? How long do you sit until you change your posture?
I had enough of my old office chair and decided to pony up 75$USD for something with at least a semblance of lower back support. It looks pretty much like pic related, and I'm so comfortable now that I realize the desktop chair is probably the highest quality of life difference you can feel in your house.
I'm trying to contact this women who liked me about less than 10 years ago. 

She was this strange homely woman who liked me, and she asked me out to dates, and she was like a bisexual woman, one day i got mad because she had some liberal view, and removed her from my steam's friends list. She got mad and deleted her steam account. Then she said something like "it may seem like I'm disappearing but i'm not" then she called me and showed off her new bf and never talked to me again.

I have her full name, facebook and what could be her current or a least her mom's address and another random address that is probably wrong. It would creep her out if i visited her house right? is this considered stalking? It's all public information. tfw no woman will stalk me.

I haven't thought about her in a long time, but we had a different relationship, she wasn't attractive but she would read me like a book and would appeal to what i was attracted to. I think i may have throw away something special.

tl;dr: Should i try to visit this old friend's address to reconnect with her?
>At least marxism has some kind of plan on what to do after eliminating the bourgeoisie. I've read what passes for NatSoc economics books like Stephen Goodson and they've got nothing.
Is this artist not on Gelbooru (other than this one artwork)?
Can some awesome NEET here put his artwork on Gelbooru please?
I don't want to go to sleep, i don't want to deal with the problems of a new day, i just want to stay in my anime fantasy land forever or die in my sleep.
there is no white incel. just geomaxx bro
Give me attention.
ITT: music that makes you feel like a wealthy, refined capitalist like picrel. I'd say it could be very thrilling music that plays at the peak of success, or also elegant and delicate one that could be enjoyed over a cup of tea with your maid. Here are some different examples that I can think of:
Don't disappoint me!
Classical wom·n deportment.
guys, give me advice on how to make that one menu in pizzahut where they make a bread and put some sort of egg on top of it. it was really delicious.
laugh at the weebcucks
I wave goodbye to all, as I fall
why do snakes like boxes
>2030: Through VR and AI, your waifu is now real.
walfare is le good. cope harder
I'm just curious of what is really happening in Antarctica. Is it really just a place the nwo meet up to discuss things in complete privacy, or is there something more insidious going on there?
i just discovered the fastest way to know if a search engine is good. Here's an example
I'm very to meet you all, I heard that this place is good for talking and chatting
i hate this fuckinf faggot zoomer game
look at this cover, what the fuck am i looking at and why would i want to play it. literally 100% abstract. no kid would ever want to play this bullshit let alone be able to figure out that its a game. all they have is marketing
it was never fucking good in any way. and they are always at the forefront of sucking the latest jew nigger cock, for instance now they proudly announce how they record your voice and digitally sign it through your computer for whatever reason to make sure its really you so they can really police you properly
and of course its written by some loser dev whos all proud of himself ACKTCHEWLLY, I USED ECDSSA123314 OMG BRO I SELECTED AN ALGORITHM WHAT A FEAT
fucking faggot gay shit die in a fire
who the fuck installs this shit
what even is the market? there's no reason why you would ever install this shit, it has nothing on the cover no trailers nothing, its just a spam buzzword like football playoffs for normalfaggots. when you install it its unsurprsingly utterly uninteresting garbage: bugs galore like worse than 90s fps games. cannot sustain more than 60 fps without $1000 machine aaand even then its garbage because 1 fortnite fps is like 0.0001 normal game fps
the entire community are losers who are carried by the $5000 rig their mom bought them and they think they're good at games because they shit on other losers who get 30 fps.
the devs work hard non stop to make sure the game always has the lowest fps imaginable. once you upgrade to be able to barely play the game they push out new garbage the very next day
the "community" are just SJWs but for games: they cry about shotgun doing too much damage. ever since then they made it so you get a loading wheel when you try and fire the gun twice: thats right, a fucking loading wheel, INSIDE THE GAME
when you die in the game it closes your menu (and same with other trash like apex legends and bladepoint naraka and basically any BR). FUCK THAT SHIT I WILL NEVER PLAY ANY GAME THAT DOES SOMETHING SO FUCKING STUPID YOU ARE SOYDEVS AND WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING.
dog shit fucking faggot cesspool worse fucking faggot game on earth
I slipped a disc again
Do you guys know about music such as this? And if you do could we discuss it?
Is yum
What do you most often carry on your person?
I carry:
+ phone with software to remove traces of my presence from buildings and other phones
+ handgun
+ cash
+ water bottle
+ stuff to entertain girls, for example music and videos, a small notebook and pencil to draw art
+ sometimes food and a change of clothes if I suspect I might have to camp outside or escape
I'm beanpilled

I'm an outcast but find comfort in my solitude.
I don't let bitterness poison my soul.
I spread joy to those who let me through my own amusement and bow to no one.

I'm beanpilled
Who else here has stopped fapping? I've recently stopped masturbating for the last couple weeks and I feel a lot better now and can actually concentrate properly. It's a massive waste of time not just because of the act itself, but because it pervades into your cognitive abilities slowing down how quickly you can process information. It's just a Masturbation is a weapon used by jews and should always be regarded as such
In honor of the Death of Omegle i'll post some of my Omegle trophies, and show you how much of a faggot i am. Funny story, the "daddy" from the first image  died soon after exchanging emails. i  don't remember how, but i got an email from his mother and she  explained what happened. There is also me having a nice offensive conversation with a tumblr girl. These are really old.

I've played a perverted child and a woman pretending to be a perverted child soo many times on omegle, but i rarely saved the chats. Enjoy my cringe.
This video, and the story it tells, legit makes me cry every time I go back to it on Christmas season. This literally happened on several battlefields during one of the most bloody conflicts of all human history, why is it exactly that we can't do the same on the webring and other post 8chan satellites? Why do we still let a tiny handful of dedicated no life pieces of shit dictate that we should be all hostile towards each other for petty reasons? Even as numbers grow ever thinner by the year as a result of it, we still indulge in drama that's artificially pushed and inflated by a minority of retards organizing in walled circlejerks, like pea brained gossiping women.
Bonus question: how in the world did they go back to killing each other after fraternizing for as long as a week and then proceeded to keep at it for another 4 years? I genuinely can't comprehend that.
What does this picture remind you of?
I just found out my sister browses twitter, how do i brake up with her?
Fix your posture, faggot.
Post different kinds of frogs.
Both drawn frogs and real frogs are welcome.
the normalization of unplanned courting is highly dangerous and can lead to nonconsensual activities
just imagine a very ugly guy in first year college who becomes friends with the one beautiful girl in his computer science class
he is infatuated with her from the get go
after many meetings for doing homework and then even leisure activities, he creates a narrative in his head that she likes him, for instance when she smiles at him. he thinks
>wow shes so beautiful when she smiles at me this is a sign
which is of course an entire NON SEQUITUR
one day they might be sitting next to each other in the computer lab and he says
>wow that was some assignment huh
and she replies
>yeah tell me about it HAHAHA!
while smiling at him, then he takes this as that kissing moment in a hollywood movie
but thats not how it will happen!
she will instantly be repulsed!
then he would be strongly offended
and he might kill her in reaction
especially in the united states, where most men carry weapons
or he might rape her, because he is unable to control himself
its unethical and highly problematic and does lead to real murders and rapes
this would never happens on a platform like Tinder where your background is highly vetted, and she doesn't have to meet you in the first place if she isn't interested
>but what about people who are meant for each other who meet in real life and not on Tinder?
that's just too bad, there are (literally) millions of other fish in the sea, you will find one equally destined for you in no time.
there is literally no reason for unplanned courting to be legal
I like this picture.
>the goyim won't even notice as we destroy what little is left of freedom!
At last, the people who have been shitting up zzzchan have revealed themselves!
is this one of those early 00's thing girls talk about back then ?, i remember vaguely girls in my class say the name of the series and my female siblings saying the name. i don't consume it back then, and still not now, at least not yet.

talk about it. there is a new netflix thing about it yesterday (17 nov if i remember).
let's have a babby's super ez  edits thread
>open image editor of choice (i use paintdotnet)
>paste image in
>set to greyscale
>downsize a bit if it's too high res or it won't look as good
>posterize to 16 colors
>fuck around with RGB curves until you find a palette that you like/doesn't look extremely retarded
>pixelize size 3 with bicubic and nearest neighbor as options
post results ITT, you can get some really wack and interesting aesthetics if you tinker with the curves long enough
it is morning in my area, can you guest my country ?
/cow/ seems to be present today, so here's a loli thread to ward them away! Evil spirits out, blessings in!!!!!!!
This make the /cow/kikes seethe
My glans requires abrasion.
please post your favorite 2hu pics, or favorite pics in general but they have to be REALLY good..
i'll start!
Who's the most powerful canon oppai loli in fiction?  Is it Maria Renard?
Post cute girls in this thread.
Long cat is long
Post rabbits.
I demand you retards post some nice fat fucking tiddies. 
Flats are welcome too
zero two best girl
absolutely BTFO'd all othoer waifus
>10/10 face and body
>likes sex
>has special powers
>only you can have her because nobody else understands her powers
anyone have the fat ass copy pasta about azumangah diao?
when's the last time you had UVB rays on your asshole?
Post 2d brown girls.
thank you for your cervix
Gentlemen, I bring you the following dilemma: If you have to choose a wife, and the choice was between muscular vs corpulent, well-built vs well-fed, hard&firm vs soft&loose, sixpack vs meat-rolls. Which one do you go for and why?
If a straight man masturbates to gay porn, not because he finds it attractive but because he can last longer and therefore get a better orgasm, does that automatically make him gay, even if he doesn't find it immediately attractive?

If masturbating  to anything means you're attracted to it, then couldn't you be attracted to anything if you masturbated to it long enough? If you masturbated to it and because you were not attracted to it you lasted longer would that mean you found it attractive or does the lasting longer and off putting response mean you're not actually attracted to it?
Anyone watch the pilot of the latest meme webtroon "The Amazing Digital Circus"? It was pretty hugely well received so it's almost guaranteed they'll make a full season of it especially since they're probably already making bank off redditors selling them toys and shirts. What do you think? The main character, Pomni, is cute and funny and has the JUST look.
All CP,BBC, and Larpagan spam has stopped since hamas invaded israel. Post stuff in the thread that white people like if you're also white. I'll start.
even in manga i have to be lectured by the wokeists
i have never understand how neurotypical think. how people like me work is different and weird. their head and mouth and body is different and weird.

the world is bad becuase people keep preasuring to use their language and idea to explain the activity of people's head and mouth and is bad. it is wrong to do that. any body who think it is wright is wrong.

that's all i could think now, i ran out of thinking juice.
I don't remember it very well and this happened over a few months and a few years. i was house sitting and when i would sleep some neighbor would play the office theme almost every night, i'm pretty sure that happened but i'm not 100% sure. I had brought my PC and fapped to milf incest porn, one night i heard a mob of people saying they were coming after a pervert. weeks later i was at a birthday party and my other family member made food and when she gave me the food she had a strangely menacing atmosphere, and i didn't hallucinate but i strongly imagined her eyes lighting up like lasers, like in that "you can help by expanding it" meme (cheesy, i know) but it was like i unintentionally imagined it,

i had gotten into a racist verbal fight at work and made a lot of enemies before i left. Their harassment was either a hallucination, ti did happen but was in delusional context, or did happen. Their harassment was amazingly well crafted psychology. It was like i had beef with a master psychologist every retaliation was something about my personality, it's possible that it happened but at the end they made references to the type of porn i would watch and mocked me for it, i was very confused about how they could know this, i was sure i would get canceled for being a racist. I get to my house and i had a conversation with my family about the elaborate psychology of the previous job. I got another job and i was making light of the police with a friend, when i got an eerily timed automated call from the police. the next day I got home, and my house makes a knocking sound once a day, it sounds like someone is knocking on the wood, but it's the house buckling. I tried to sleep but i kept hearing knocks over and over, and somehow i believed that my family was doing the knocks (because who else would knock besides me), and i would hear someone open the oven and other obvious sounds over and over that i probably would not hear from my room. It was like they didn't want me to sleep, but that isn't something my family would normally do. I went to this thrift shop and they were playing a nostalgic song and i was almost crying while paying for whatever i had bought and the clerk woman was unaware of me, for some reason it was more emotionally meaningful than it should have been.

I went into my living room and the knocks felt like they were coming from specific places, like if a speaker was blasting but there was no speaker, or as if it was leading me to somewhere but there was no meaning behind it. I went with my dad to a restaurant and the TV was talking about me with out saying my name, they said they wanted to crush some coconut, witch was suppose to be my head. The next day i went to the store and when i took the bus, the driver said something trivial that i would causally say often, but it was weird the way he said it like if he failed to act normally. days ago i was talking to my outer family member about the fears i had (it was obvious that something happening to me and my family was worried) one my fears was my information getting stolen or sold and she suggested some school program in another city and i give them my personal information. Then i thought maybe she was trying to sabotage me while pretending to get me to over come my fears. I complained about transwomen and at the program was a woman who looked trans, i thought it was a weird coincidence. when i was going to take the bus, i looked at a sign outside the school program that said "smile you're on camera" and then i heard the Paparazzi song by Lady Gaga from a car next to me and i thought that someone was trying to tell me something about mass surveillance. i was waiting for the bus and there was this boy there with a back pack and he was jiggling change and it somehow offended me, as if he was symbolically making fun of me economically or about my masculinity. After missing the bus, another one came and i got on, i decide not to go on it after seeing the bus and the driver, and i started to walk to another bus stop (i think i felt like i was being followed by a group of people at this point, and this bus would only lead me to another bus that would take me home so i thought it was too dangerous to take the bus)  So i sarcastically said "thank you" and left, i felt like i made enemies when said thank you. while i was walking a man had a jug of water and a metal stick that somehow that gave me the delusion that he was calling me sexually impotent. because the stick was a reference to my manhood and the jug was empty symbolizing shooting blanks, later on a slutty woman walked behind me and i was uncomfortable and went to the other side of the sidewalk, On the other side there was a man with two women and they were looking at car with the hood up and the rod holding the hood was a reference to his manhood and this was a symbolic porn situation. i reached an intersection then i crossed the street, then this back guy on a smart bike (which i saw as part of the ploy of establishment to get you to rent and not own) passes me and i started laughing because it was like i was getting blacked somehow, stupid i know. 

When i got to another intersection there was these two people on bikes who were a personification of my negative perverse traits (my perversity as a child and my perversity as an adult, because i've watched porn for since was a child) and they formed a vesica pisces leading to a bus that stopped and milf woman who represented the immoral milf porn that i would watch came out of the bus, at the perfect timing, that was then that i thought maybe this isn't a gang stalking but a group of elite people following me, because controlling the buses would require some influence and money, but having it choreographed would be some real elaborate effort for such a trivial person like me. I thought maybe exposing those in power online has finally caught up to me. When i finally reached my last bus stop, a cop had parked and i went to the place that i always go to sit down for the bus. There was a bag in the place where i would always go, the cop comes out of the car and said something like "stay where you are" and i thought he thought i was going to steal the bag, so i waited and then cop just ignored me and i left. I didn't want to take the bus anymore or deal with the paranoid (the irony) cop. So i walk down further and these two women are talking about how disguising milf porn is and how i have no right to want a wife. There was SUV and a man who cartoonishly resembled the Jewish merchant character was driving it, there were stickers on the side of the SUV that gave me the subtle context that he was into porn as well, i think it was a playboy bunny. I went to the cemmetary, i felt sad and hamulated that so many people know about my porn. I was sure that at least 50 people knew and some must have been rich or in elite positions to orchestrate such a display. I walked the rest of the way home which was like 4 miles, my toe nails were bleeding when i got home. 

On the way i found a circuit board with a piece that was looking for to fix a GBA that i had soldered incorrectly, as if some people were rewarding me for enduring all of that. There was also a car of people who looked like they were following me and placing things that i might interact with, i just accepted it, because they haven't actually harmed me. I thought maybe i'm being gang stalked and i researched it a lot. I ran into some video about a man give himself a bath in some chemical or food product that would wash away some film was invisible on the skin, but never did it, thankfully. Another time while i was on the bus, i watched some of my family get on the bus, but i never saw their faces, but they look just like my family from the back. Another time people were getting on and each person was non-verbally telling a story about me, there was a conservative redneck who was some representation of me and another guy who was another part of me, and their parallel positioning that was somehow important but didn't get delusional information on how. I though maybe i was just deep in thought, one symptom of schizophrenia was illogical thinking. There was one time where the people getting on the bus and the people getting on were trying to trying to tell me non-verbally that there was love for me, the way it was done was with the symbolism on their clothing. I was at home and i was non-verbally getting hit on by my family, every time i would pee i would hear some one dump water somewhere (this was sexual to me somehow) and when i would enjoy porn i would hear my uncle or someone make perverse sounds or calling me mundane descriptions with a sexual double meaning that could be dismissed as regular speech, like him talking about how sweet a melon he was eating was. When i was fap to porn and go outside someone would say something like "i'm frisky today" and that was a him sublty give me the messages that he was watching me. One day i was typing things on a text document on my pc and i would hear responses to what i typed, i had to go and when i closed it, i would hear someone disappointingly say "Aww man!". I remember taking the bus and seeing the three homeless people dressed as Alvin and the chipmunks. Later in the bus ride i saw the actual batman car on the street, i just thought maybe it was some eccentric rich guy, or a coincidental colors that the homeless people wore. One person down town would wear a shirts of the youtube songs i would watch. 

I sat down and watched the terminator with my dad and i don't remember what it was but i got some hidden meaning from it. I forget what it was but days before something gave me the messages that sweaters were safety and then my parents robotically almost like if they were mind controlled (perhaps i hallucinated them doing it, but the sweater was real, somehow) they put a sweater on me, i would asking them why they put the sweater on me but they would just get angry (probably a hallucinations as well since they don't normally get angry and there was nothing for them to get angry about) about my questions and conclusion that were irrational to them. This progressive unfolding of meaning would happen a few key times, something would happen that makes no sense but would make sense later and when i would talk about it, the people who were there would be confused. For example there was a picture that would say "you are loved", that i got from my outer family member and i was sure it was proof that i was love because of this picture and days would go by and my dad would see it and i would explain that i'm loved because of it, and he would say that my aunt gave it to him, and i would have many questions. The parts that i really didn't enjoy was when i would have to decide on something and either something bad or good would happen as a result, there appeared to be a logic to it but it most likely didn't. There was a disturbing hallucinations where my mom was flirting with me, and i disassociated from it, i could not handle it, i enjoyed milf porn but i didn't want to do anything with my actual mom. I asked her why she did that and she said she would never do that, and she thought i was sexually desiring her and i quickly told her i don't see her that way. When i said that there was something in the bushes that moved, her not reacting to that was a clue that i was going insane. Later on there were two times where i would hallucinate that she would non-verbally flirt with me, i didn't confront her about it this and i'm very glad i didn't. 

One day i was in my living room in the morning (i just could not sleep from everything going on) and maybe my parents were organizing (and they like to have a lot of decorations around) and all the decorations had some meaningful message about something wrong in my life, for an example there was a decoration statue of a poor boy character and it was on top of a non-pornographic movie with the titled "step-mom" and other seemingly innocuous movies that made a double meaning to something relating to problems in my life. This was the case with soo much of the living room. They were getting a new dresser and it had some wires in it but it was missing something electric, and my parents said something that give me the message that the dresser was representing me and the missing wired was me being stupid or insane. There was this book that someone gave to someone in my family and it had a tiger character who was laughing about being a pervert and it horrified me because of my porn, it was like meaning was here all a long. When i was done helping them move my mother said "thank you" but i sounded resentful, jaded, and disappointed. Something gave me the message that they were going to send me away to some place, and i was honestly terrified, my mom could see it but didn't know what it was or maybe they did know but thought that telling would have me dismiss it or give me fear. It was the middle of the night and i brought my brother outside (because i thought the house was bugged because everything i would talk about was being put in front of me mockingly, this was subjective but my mind gave it deeper meaning, for example if i complained about Muslims or blacks i would run into them in real life) and asked him to lift his shirt to prove he didn't have a wire because everyone strangely knew things about me such as what i would do and talk about. then i asked him to take out his ear pieces in case he was getting orders from whatever group of people had taken control of my family, town and city and were coming after me. I don't remember what he said but i was terrified for some reason and i started saying " i give up" over and over again, then my dad came out and they started talking. I would go on walks while i was going through this and people would say weird things to me, there was a woman yelling at her son saying " you're too late" and i had the delusion that she was talking about me and starting a family, even thought i'm not even that old. The next day i went to a catholic church (because my mom was catholic) and the father was repeating  "I give up" over and over again as if they were mocking me, so now it was the church was involved. i called someone online a bitch and then later a car passed by my house yelling "bitch" to me. I went to see a movie movie with my father and brother, on the way there were people strangely dressed as me. 

The movie was about me and distinct points in my life, i haven't seen the movie recently but if i would watch it it probably be a different movie.  There was a part where some woman recites the Marine copy paste but when i asked my bother about that he said it wasn't in the movie. there was this character who was suppose to be me and looked like me, who would hate on the Jews in the movie and at the end he got his legs cut off. At this point my family was getting worried, i enjoyed walks with them when i would ask them to walk with me, there was a man walking the dog and  my mind was mocking me saying i am that dog because i enjoyed talks with my dad. There was also other delusions about my family treating me like a non-sexual pet, while on the walk there were leaves on the ground and every leaf was a woman from a porn movie i had watched and i was disrespecting stepping on them and i felt guilt. My bother asked " do you see something?" because i was constantly perplexed at the constant mentally ill revelations i was getting. I looked at a sign and it had a zero with hundredth decibel of one, and my mind was telling me i almost less than zero. It was delusions and paranoia but i was also somehow my mind trying to degrade me, maybe disorganized thinking. after a while something gave me the delusion that my family were mind controlled and they were going to cut my legs off like in the movie, i just froze and this was in a some what busy intersection, after sad amount of convincing i eventually i just went with them and accepted and truly believed that my legs were getting cut off. When i get close to my house and lesbian woman drove by and another car drove by and i was sure these were angry liberal women driving, and watching me and seeing where i lived. When i got home. i had a very scary conversion (scary to my parents) with my parents where i believed that aliens had been speaking through them and every now and then they would return to normal without realizing that they were mediums for aliens. They were disturbed and keep saying "Anon.., we're you parents" over and over and i casually dismissed it as " yeah, sure"  then i would go and try to learn more about the aliens. I got a banana and while i was eating it, i felt like my mind was calling me a monkey but i was irrationally amazed that the insult connected to the banana. I sat in my living room with my mom, dad, and brother and their faces looked angry at me, even thought at the time they were probably more worried, and there was something odd about their faces, it wasn't obvious. 

i was working with some woman for life couching and she asked me to write my perfect dream life, and i put a cat with a chubby head. Later a cat would come to the house and i would play with her, thought the cat came because of my writing. I found a paper bag of some clothes company in the trash and i believed it was somehow important to me, i asked my parents they told me to throw it away. I get the delusion that my family was trying to poison me and i dropped some of the water filter water into a plate and it had brown crumbs in it ,and that was confirmation that they were putting something dirty in the water. I had no idea what to do. There was this group of birds that would follow me, and when they would make sounds i understood it as them laughing. I was eventually sent to the suicide prevention hospital somehow, and while i was there they put on the Adam's family movie, and the movie made references to my clothing, and i believed that my old clothing that was given to me years ago was given to me for the viewing of this movie, just because they said a word that was on the clothing, i was completely out my mind. There was a man sleeping next to me in the of the chairs and he kept saying things, and i thought, if you can actually listen to my thoughts then make the man say nigger, and the man started singing a song with only lyric being nigger. They eventually got everyone out of the room i was in, and i saw that 4 people were in another room and i was alone in the tv room. After a long time of my believing that people could hear my thoughts and getting delusional messages from every sound, they had me sign something to send me to a psych ward, i forget what they said to me about it but i probably read it and then singed it. One of the staff came in and sat next to me i don't know why, but he had a keychain on his backpack that was a reference to the porn i had watched, i forget what it was, maybe an "M". On the ambulance i was accompanied by an attractive ambulance woman who talked to me. eventually i hallucinated that she insulted my intelligence and i stopped talking to her, and she said something like " what's the matter? don't like that?" She had me wrote some meaningless word on a piece of cardboard and i was sure that this would be something i would see when i was permanently trapped in some asylum. After i got to the psych ward, i was briefed by a black woman, and they gave me brown rubber socks, and the black women said "i know the color is weird" and i was sure i had offended her and i felt like i was in a vulnerable place. I was pretty isolated in the beginning there, i believed that my thoughts were being broadcasted, and if i thought something cruel about someone i would hallucinate that they were angry with me, so to combat this i would have to repeat the same thought over and over and over, so i wouldn't make more enemies.
Is this the best story that has time travel as a major subject of the story? What are the best movies or shows or comics or anime where time travel has a major role?
>leave wizchan for literally years because it's a dead imageboard
>click back in randomly
>comments I made years ago are still there
post in this thread to get banned, free of charge.
I got nothing else to do.
After I play Ocarina of Time for a while, I get a "Tetris Effect" kind of thing where I imagine Z-targeting objects/people in real life.
Since my thread was deleted on /v/ i guess I'll have to make it here instead
>dresses like a girl with aspergers
>never combs her hair
>talks like a retard (the high voice) and barely talks at all
>isn't shown with many friends besides mario
Is Princess Peach autistic?
How come burger farms keep spontaneously burning and exploding?
>try to read philosophy 
>it’s gay and dumb 
Am I missing something?
All I want from this life is a big mansion, 12 Japanese wives/maids and a Dreamcast.
How do i get the resulting webm conversion to match the audio quality of the original using xmedia recode?
Are there bisexuals who have the same taste in looks for both men and women, e.g. liking both androgynous tomboys and effeminate men?
My girlfriend made me shave my chest because she said it looked retarded, now when I hug her all the prickly stubble shit rubs against her now she wont sleep with me. Am I just fucked?
Is there a race on this planet that hit the wall harder and faster in attractiveness than spic women?
Do you feel bothered by masturbating when your cat (or whatever pet) is in your room?
Zoophiles and other "people" who actually get turned on by that need not reply.
Look at my things.
Heard you were talking shit about jews.
Not cool bro.
You have no idea what you're watching, reading or listening when you watch mass media, be it the Jews or whatever conspiracy group you believe is be on top, they're all working together and they're using psychology and magic to influence you to ruin your life.
>Israel is supposedly being bombed by a small militia that cropped up out of nowhere
100% a falseflag attack and everyones falling for it
How do I get more a more veiny and rough looking body?
I'm getting considerably buff but my skin is too smooth and soft and I can't grow much body hair.
Should I get a tan?
How do i stop crying so easily? 

I get so nostalgic, and i'm extremely depressed.
Anon what's at the top of your priority list if you where to have more disposable income?
Mine is definitively a higher end GPU and a bigger chair. Then I would probably start some farming projects like in pic related, maybe even some hidroponics.
>Despite being a fat man I can do pull ups no problem
I'm a fucking beast unlike you skinny twinks.
downriver spring
can anyone post those infographs about aids and child molesters being homos with the sources? some faggot is trying to argue it's naw truuuuuuu and I'm just a hateful bigot
I saw this photo in another thread and she's gorgeous! I'd like to see more photos of her and other girls like her, please, thanks!

Also. Am I the only one who likes to see women wear skirts? Do they even still wear feminine clothing in feminist countries or is it just the men who do that? ;)
I want to make youtube videos but I don't know what to make them about.
spic neighbor below me loves blasting his shitty bassboosted music all night, management and police have done fuckall. how can i fuck with him and not get arrested or stabbed?

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