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Are there any naturefriends that could give me some pro tips on approaching wild rabbits without distressing them? There was one near my house yesterday, and I tried to feed it some spring mix, but it didn't seem to react when I dropped some for it and it just fucked off as soon as I got too close.
*no new posts*
Why does cumming on myself feel nice? I didn't even bother to wipe. Is this gay? Not interested in men, but I like my own body. Not a tranny.
Oekaki board sounds fun but there ain't no oekaki, so paint thread. 

Post shit drawings and funpost through them.
Treat it as oekaki though, no layers or fancy editing tools.
I claim this get for myself, for I am the best poster there ever was and there will ever be. Witness me.
Anyone watching the olympiacs? Apparently Simone Bile got fucked by the entire US swim team!
Goodnight /b/. I'm off to bed to wageslave some more tomorrow morning.
Discord is the natural evolution of imageboard culture.
>post as anonymous
<wow OP, your threads are so epic and based! you're so cool senpai!!
>post with a trip
Why is it like dis?
It has come to my attention there is an increasing resentment of normal people disdain on this board. 
I ask that you desist your bitter jealousy at once.
That feel when no gf
I am the King of the niggers. All brownskins bow down before me.
I wish I had a topkek, why wasn't I born a filthy turkroach bros?
Has anyone used fake reference services such as careerexcuse? I want to move to Japan to be a remote software developer but I can't be assed to earn a degree to get real experience. 

I figure they give visas to working professionals (10+ year exp.), I can just pay some pajeet 200 dollars to say I have been a software developer for the past 7 years.
Dumping the best fetish, sprinkling in bits of the purest fetish as well (sholicon). Feel free to join me.
>it goes down
>no one even talks about it

Further evidence that imageboards died and you zoomers are basically ticktok watching retards that love censorship and safe places, of which is why you try to turn al imageboards into cringey right winger havens of course.
I would like a thread dedicated to imageboard memories you can remember. 
Screencaps are welcome too. 

>99chan's /b/ 
>somewhere around the year 2012-2013 
>an anon proclaims his love for his mother 
>dedicates himself to getting a blowjob from dear mums 
>thread goes hysterical 
>weeks go by as the anon prepares himself for the confrontation 
>records the audio 
>links an upload into the thread 
>someone saved it to m-less 
>99chan dies a slow death some time later
These 2 bit greentext threads suck, post some greenskin cock goblin
>go take a shower
>stomach hurts
>let out a massive wave of shit on the wall
>lol a bit
post music
Do you guys ever go on vacation alone? I haven't taken a proper vacation in a while and have been wanting to take some time off. Trouble is, I don't really have any friends so I somehow feel more limited. I'd like to go international next year, but I would like to get away for an extended weekend soon as well. Any ideas? General travel thread I guess.
happy full moon
you can't hide from poverty
not even if you hide the thread
see for more info
buy gme
What is the average weight of every anon here? This information is vital for me to know before I decide this board is worth considering as my main board for the foreseeable future. I am a very fickle person, you see, and my previous hobbyist community was far too overbearing for me to continue my interactions with.
Post American things.
If you had sex with a medusa would the snakes bite you?
>Now wooden doors CAN be effective when gassing 6 million jews. How effective? Lets see if we can put that to the test. Now in this room Ive got the standard yid i was able to find at my local synagogue. I was unable to find Zyklon B at the dollar store, but I did find this Round Up Extra strength green and white bottle lice killer. The FBI has spent decades telling us the mean confrontation with a scheming kike occurs at 7 yards. So we'll stand at 7 yards and use this garden hose and see what kind of results we get
>Skateboarding was added to the Olympic program for Tokyo under new rules that allow hosts to propose sports strictly for their edition of the Games. Skateboarding was added along with baseball, softball, karate, sport climbing and surfing.
>The youngest qualifiers are 12 years old — Brit Sky Brown, who turns 13 on July 12, and Japanese Kokona Hiraki, who was born two days after the Beijing Olympics ended. Brown and Hiraki are ranked Nos. 3 and 6 in the world, respectively.
>The oldest qualifier is a man known as The Danish Destroyer. 
>Rune Glifberg, 46, competed at the very first X Games in 1995 — and took third in the vert event won by Tony Hawk in Rhode Island. He was also in the very first Tony Hawk Pro Skater game for the original PlayStation in 1999.
Just got called for jury duty for the first time. Any fellow burger anons ever serve time on a jury? What was it like? Any advice? What was the case? 
I'm really just worried about getting picked and then getting put onto a jury with either people that can't speak english or some lazy fucks and I end up doing all of the work like it's a school project.
Also, I'm looking for something to read during the down time. I don't have any ideas and it's probably not helped by the fact that I haven't read a real book in a few years. There's plenty of classics I haven't read so feel free to suggest something even if you think everyone has read it.
You guys are fine. I won't shit up your chans anymore and I'll try not to be a jerk. Can't do much about my affinity for individualism, however.
In lieu of having no biz board technically one exists but it's on and also ded as it should be for being on here is a biz thread. ITT, post about your calls, your puts, your memecoins, how you know BTC is going to crash next week, how you know BTC is going to hit 100 grand next week, how the whole stock market is jewish, how crypto is jewish, why your charts are smarter than everyone else's charts, why you're a secret millionaire but spend your time posting on a manchurian doll collecting forum for some reason, etc. etc.
I just successfully disassembled my mouse, broke the LED lights inside of it into pieces, and put the mouse back together. I'm using that mouse right now. It is a good mouse but I was not able to use it before because the lights were causing flares in my eyes.
Let's go
Fuck me daddy
>try to spam zzzchan link on 8glow
>server took too long to submit your post
good to see some things never change
<A survey from Money magazine found that 42 percent of the people carry no more than $40 in cash, 30 percent carry between $41 and $99, 17 percent carry $100 to $199, and 11 percent carry $20
>tfw everyone is carrying more money than me and getting ssi or employed is impossible
ITT: Make up an 'inspiring' or 'heroic' quote that could pass as real advice if it came out of the month of a real philosopher.

>Adherence to dogma is the wine of of thirsting gods

>Cat food stinks a bit, but if you don't put up with the smell, the little kitten will die

>The first mountain climber among men was also the first schizophrenic

>As a man is to the lake, so a storm is to the juniper
Have any screencaps/copypastes?
>gulp gulp gulp
Anyone else here literally have give up and is just waiting the right moment to scape of this material realm?
Install roblox, join fumo touhou and bring upon the chair supermacy now!
You had 8 puppies, right? 
And you spit on them
>be on ebay
>be reading reviews from this guy selling cheap ost albums
>ratings and reviews are 99.99% positive
>check negative ones
>few people saying they're fake chink bootlegs
>psh what do they know
>buy a bunch
>get them
>happy with my purchase
>fast forward years
>get a close look at them again
>something looks off
>turns out they're fake chink bootlegs
>be on amazon
>need a sun hat
>find one that seems ok
>kinda pricey
>guess that means it's good quality
>has a bunch of cool features like adjustable head tightness, chin strap, buttons to fold the brim etc
>color is some light tan, just how I wanted it
>no logos
>looks comfy and cool to boot in the preview pics
>seller seems legit
>4.5 stars average out of 5
>read negative reviews
>one of them says it's chink crap not even worth a tenth of the price tag
>psh what does he know
>buy it anyway
>it arrives the next day
>it's chink crap not even worth a tenth of the price tag
>be on electronics website
>looking for earphones for running
>find a pair that seems good
>read reviews on site
>4.5 stars out of 5
>all praising how good they are for the price and how the quality is fantastic
>check negative ones out
>few guys say they sound like total bottom of the barrel shit and are quiet as fuck not good at all for any slightly busy environment
>psh what does he know
>hit buy
>get them a week later
>they sound like total bottom of the barrel shit and are quiet as fuck
>end up buying another pair of koss

It just keeps happening.
Your board is cordially invited to participate in a fighting game tournament. Score as high as you are able and earn glory for yourself and/or your board.



Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.

Full installation:

This repack contains pre-configured soku alongside quality-of-life mods like automatically enabling rollback (sokuroll), autopunch, netplay lobby and being able to change contents of your deck in the character selection menu during netplay. Simply extract and enjoy the game.

Full installation:!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k

Only for those that can't download from the main mega link for some reason. Get soku, then extract contents of swrs toys (modpack archive) directly into the same folder. 


To host, a hosting player forwards a port (detailed instructions are available on the internet) and provides IP with a port in an IP:Port format, launches the game and uses the Vs Network menu to start the server. Client connects to provided IP and port and plays game. For hosts, please be sure to check the options menu to set a port and disable the "post to bot" checkmark if you don't want random people from the lobby to join instead of people in the thread. If no one's joining in the central thread, playing people from the lobby can be a good idea to practice!

Should a port be unable to be forwarded, workarounds exist - Autopunch is installed in a modpack and is used automatically in case of un-forwarded ports. Keep in mind that it can fail on some routers and workplace connections and that ping will likely be less desirable, so please forward your ports.
Me too
Send your most disgusting shit to [email protected]
Getting stuck in the airport sucks, how do you sleep in the noisy airport? My second airplane got delayed by 2.5 hours and missed my third flight home.Fuck You Jet Blue.Is there an airliner that isn't thrash? Every domestic airliner I been on sucks ass. And why are most flights from Europe only through JFK/Laguardia or Boston? I don't like taking 3 flights.
Lolicons are pedophiles.
hey remember those massive shitstorms about "net neutrality" and "article 13" of the EU which were both supposed to be "THE END OF THE INTERNET AS WE KNOW IT"? I remember there was a huge push against both because apparently they were meant to be some sort of super evil scheme to ruin the internet, I remember seeing multiple threads talking about them on 8ch but both eventually got approved. so what the fuck happened to that? I have noticed literally no change whatsoever?


So i jumped into a dead vanilla server a couple of days ago. I waited until someone joined and then others started joining. I rinsed and repeat this because when you're alone in the server you can change the map to your liking and then just wait for others to join. Now this is where the problem happened. Because i waited for people so many times the server got popular. Its actually retarded. From 0 players to constant players. Now i cant even change the map whenever i like. Absolute trash. I cant believe i made this server popular. Fucks sake.
It's yours
I'm starting to really like Tim Dillon's crew, they remind me so much of the members of the Cumtown podcast
>whiney jew
>perverted self-centered fat fuck
>blue comedy
>satire for the sake of it
>crypto currency shenanigans
So we lost communistic mclarge flabs bellymaster 300 poundman, anus stretchin, hypocrisy spewin, sit-on-my-ass-all-day-do-nothin-but-eatin, kikess connoisseurin, gut universe expandin agathaposter grand duke of size bigfat but gained some avatarfag spic in return. 

Is that a victory or a defeat?
Seeing as there isn't a board for this I'll just make a thread here and see how it goes. This threads about /news/ so this isn't a place to post your manifesto. Sorry in advance if I've missed anything

>Darkie South African President is arrested and chimp out ensues
>England gets BTFO'd by Italy in the Eurocup causing england to start lynching again
>Wisconsin is wanting to join the audit on the US election
>Kikes bombed some more sandniggers
Roll Tide Alabama Crimson Tide 🥐🌊

2020	Alabama	CFP
2017	Alabama	CFP
2015	Alabama	CFP
2012	Alabama	BCS
2011	Alabama	BCS
2009	Alabama	BCS
1992	Alabama	AP, FWAA, NFF, USA/CNN, UPI
1979	Alabama	AP, FWAA, NFF, UPI
1973	Notre Dame, Alabama	AP, FWAA, NFF, UPI
1965	Michigan St., Alabama	FWAA, NFF, UPI, AP
1964	Alabama, Arkansas, Notre Dame	AP, UPI, FWAA, NFF
1961	Alabama, Ohio St.	AP, NFF, UPI, FWAA
1930	Alabama, Notre Dame	CFRA, HAF, NCF
1926	Alabama, Stanford	CFRA, HAF, NCF, HAF
1925	Alabama	CFRA, HAF, NCF

I slept
Why do white people get offended when people say "nigger"? I've been watching a couple of greifing/trolling youtubers and i've noticed that they get visibly upset/triggered when anyone says nigger. One of them said "i will feel really good killing this guy now". 
Another  greifing/trolling youtuber avoided someone saying nigger but when he said it again you could see his mouse twitch and he turned around and killed him. I just dont get it. These guys are dickheads,griefers and trolls. But they have such thin skin. They get upset on behalf of others when someone says nigger.
The games will begin on Sunday 06/06, 3pm GMT.
72 tributes, each district can have from 1 up to 5 tributes, although 4 tributes per district are encouraged. If the number of tributes posted exceeds the limit I'll choose those I find the most amusing.
The few posts below work as an example on how to format the posts.
You can also suggest events, as in sentences for the generator to use. Day/Night/Feast events will be accepted, be them regular or fatal events. Use the tributes as an inspiration for the events.
What happens if you were to have a Monopoly game where every turn, no matter what, each player remaining gets an additional 200 Monopoly money?
How can say poopies are not tasty if you have never tasted them?
>unwelcome even in the incel community
i have been rejected from every community i've ever been a part of. it's over
hi /b/, remember this: if a retard can do it, then you too can do it. have a nice day /b/.
Steamed and cooked veggies are better than greasy ass pizza, fuck all you bitches who think otherwise.
The only thing that's superior is a mixed salad.
>inb4 amerilards start burgerposting to prove me wrong and fail miserably like their hearts
Hey Anon wanna play together~?
Are you ready to be forced to become a normalnigger? Too bad.
>can't sleep
>use jewgle android to browse aliexpress to 'window shop' as a neet
>'window' shopping sex dolls on aliexpress
>>due to local laws this item can not be shown
>message goes away after a second as loaded desktop mode 
>too pissy to go to sleep now
Death to America tbh.
This girl was eaten, Rose Larner it's her name, it makes sense to me, as someone who seeks to serve man, she looks very "edible"
I wonder what determines this, both inside the brain of people like me and "outside" on people like her so to speak
Her skin is young without blemishes, she's sightly curvy but not fat by any means.
She had ADHD, which is generally an element of fast-life strategists, though, that's not sufficient evidence to draw any conclusions.

I wonder what determines the sexual dimension of this, foot fetishism is apparently caused by mislocating on the part of the brain part tasked with perceiving genitals of a potential mate which overlaps with the brain part tasked with perceiving feet.

I wonder if us "human servers" have a DMT and/or an Adrenochrome deficiency, both of these chemicals are naturally synthetised by the human body.
Both of these substances are orally bioavailable, that's to say, you can absorb them through food.
Worth mentioning is that high levels of Adrenochrome are associated with a high risk for Schizophrenia and Schizophrenia is currently understood as the opposite of Autism, even though Autism was considered a form of Hebephrenia in the past.
How do i stop panicking around women? I find it hard to breathe and  i start sweating. This doesnt just happen in real life. It happens online too. If i see a woman name in my game it will happen. If a woman adds me or joins a voice chat im in it happens. Im not a "simp" "orbiter" or whatever you call it. I couldnt care less about getting their affection. But the problem is that they keep making me panic.
My dad told me to get a job or he's going to kick me out so now I'm going to kill myself. Goodbye everyone, it was nice shitposting with you.
Blessed by the power of soapy water and a well balanced broom, I bring you:
hey /b/ I changed my mind i want to be a guitar player/rock-star man now to make big money and fund catgirls research as well as a maid to clean my room and my cock. where do I start? what guitar should I get? is there a non retarded manual for retarded people? pic related 9999 minutes in paint. please and thank you.
Heil Hitler!
Topics of discussion were:

>FC2, FC3 and redux mods
>why is FC2 shit?
>classic 3D shooters (e.g. Quake)
>throw commiecat on bed
>pull off clothes
>she mewls about how she thought you were going to let her lecture you on muh theery
>tear her copy of das kapital in half in response
>proceed to pound her savagely
Come up with a better way to use a commiecat.

Protip: you can't.
God I just want to be shoved up a giant girls ass, why is that so wrong? Like why am I the weird one here like what fucking gives man?
I just made these, but can't decide which one is better, because I think seeing the hands adds to the disappointed face but it makes the pic too long at the same time, meanwhile the smaller one is more focused and smaller but misses out on the hands

 post your shit
Waifubots when?
>hot as fuck
>turn on fan
>makes my eyes hurt after a while
>whatever, better than sweating to death
>next morning
>eyes are so fucked it takes 15 minutes before I'm able to look at the computer monitor even when there isn't a lot of bright colors
>turn off fan because wtf
>hot as fuck
>dick brown like a nip
It's not just me, r-right? Whenever I've seen porn, the guys dicks are white and pink and match the rest of their body. I know bleaching is a thing but does the average white guy have a darker dick or am I one of the few unlucky ones?
ITT we talk about playing Artifical Academy 2, the fun times we've had with out waifus, and any new mods that we are interested in. If you don't have AA2, follow the instructions in this video and it will tell you how to download it.
What makes you happy?
I'm happiest with a piano and a guitar.
Sup faggots
I have returned from the grave once more to turn cute girls into cute chocolate girls, be they voluptuous ladies or lolis. And I can do /bleached/ stuff aswell at anon's kind request. 
Allow me to post some examples.
>No cuckshit, niggers, faggotry, other heretical degeneracy etc

If someone can link the last thread via archive, It would be solid.
Lolicon means pedophile when you hear it in your animes. If you don't understand it, many jokes will not make much sense.

To be more precise, lolicon means "somebody who is aroused by not fully grown girls", about 12 or younger.

I have no idea where the western "lolicon are 2d drawings of kids" came from, it irritates me to hell. I'd say both definitions are right, but when one side tries to correct another, it's retarded as fuck, first definition is much much older than this retardation.
Heil Ammit

Death to /cow/
Death to /tv/
Death to
Death to 4cuck
Death to kohlniggers
Death to Jewshniggers
>i bet you're the type of guy that washes his hands after taking a shower
Yeah, i am that type of guy. I dont get it. What the hell is wrong with washing your hands after taking a shower?
How do we make Zzzchan Inc reach a wider market adoption and increase our ProfitPerHour margins?
there's nothing more life ruining than having high social inhibition. the ugliest indian janitors can get laid as long as they have low inhibition, and a 10/10 6'10 gymmaxxed looksmaxxed gigachad will never have sex if he has high inhibition.

There he goes. After him! We'll flog him good for getting out again.
Let's face it... the average board owner is woefully unqualified for the job. They spend more effort on gaining attention for themselves at the cost of the board, rather than making their board a better place to post. This is one thing I think halfchan did right.
>five egg brekkie 
>crack open number three
>oozes out a viscous slime
>fuck it, scoop out the rest
>nearly shit my pants five hours later
A board I loved is dead..
I don't think anything surpasses the pleasure of scratching an itchy ear itch quite like scratching it good.
What's the correct course of action when your girlfriend texts you that she's going to have sex with another man while you're visiting your parents? She says it's not cheating since she's letting me know in advance.
There's no easy way out. There's no shortcut home.
I have a big crush for commie fatso agatha poster fat fuck mclarge gut
dead board
At long last, I am proud to present to you my first VN, Down the Rabbit Hole, a story of love and friendship.
What do you guys think of this song? I've taken a liking to it but I'm not sure why.
Also, post good music.
hi alex
guys i love the covid vaccine it's so epic and cool look at my healthy forearm it's super healthy and epic, get the vaxx now guys
What the fuck was the author thinking by doing such a 180 with the series? It was so much more unique, refreshing, and funny when it was some lonely girl trying and failing to fit in with normalfag society. It was about a girl enjoying what she enjoys even if it makes her a total creep in society's eyes. Now she's basically the same creep but with friends out of nowhere and has become a normalfag willingly.

Pre-normalfag Tomoko is still my waifu. I will pretend like that shitty normalfag tomoko doesn't exist.
I think I've hit the point in my life where my fatherly instincts are running out of control. I now regularly get thoughts of starting a family and getting kids so that I can make memories with them. Just thinking of the possibility that I might never start a family fills me with irrational dread and sadness. Has anyone broken through this phase or have at least experienced something close to this before?
Post everything having to do with the greatest race on earth.
just what i wanted dog
What do you think of commiecat stuffing?
me on the right
Hey /b/ I'm growing watermelon mainly so I can sell it and because I felt like it. As you can see the lid can come off and that I've got one growing already, it's from the another set that didn't go very well.
Hey idiots, I just wanted to remind you that you're not getting rid of me so you can cry about it as long as you want. I look forward to seeing more of your covertly anger motivated threads.
Fun thread for fun people!
No sad pieces of shit allowed!
spics out
Why waste toilet paper if you got a maid?
Just took some vitamin pills. I actually feel alive for the first time in a couple of months.
>hot and humid and can't breathe
>go outside for some freash air
>hot and humid and can't breathe, featuring bugs, not featuring wind
The burger has nanochips
>coolspot is already down
holy shit i cant stop laughing
The mods are trying to keep you from seeing this .mp4
I'm having some "mini crackers" they're like ritz except small and store brand, bretty good
>failed /dup/ and got kicked out
>failed /tg/ and got kicked out
>failed /gaymoo/ despite 2 vidya boards dying during the same timeframe
is there a biggest loser on the webring?
Alright mates, its time to do a Sunday supermarket run.
Holy shit, I hate homosexuals so much, I hate them even more than the so called "homophobes"
I think I hate virtually every human, especially misanthropes.

This may look like contradictions at face value, but actually they're not, and if you're not retarded you'll be able to realise that
I can't wait until the pandemic is over so I can travel to a cheap country and just laze around all day smoking hash.
Why is night so depressing? Its the time where i always realize how shit my life is. But when im awake during the day its just a blur. I dont think about that at all. Only at nighttime. Even if i do think about it during the day i forget it fast. There is just something about the night. There is a reason why we humans go to sleep at night. Night is dangerous? Why do we sleep at night?
What would you do with your privately owned commiecat anon?
I wish i was born as a german nazi catboy
I've got this chill running through me and its unlike hypothermia.
shark girl now a cat
You cant escape them. For example in a co-op game. They will always do the same thing. They will always buy the same stuff. They will always go to the same spot/area. God i fucking hate them. They are the most nofun faggots ever.
What even is a meme? I dont know anymore. Everything just feels forced.
be of postings them
I absolutely DEMOLISHED an insect a couple of minutes ago. This little fucker has been pestering me for weeks now. It only shows up maybe once or twice a day but it flies infront of my face and around my pc really fast and then just fucking disappears. Today i had enough. This little fucker went for my head. He sat on my head but i didnt know. I just felt like dragging my hand across my hair just incase. Then right after that this fucker starts flying around infront of my eyes. It was enough. I had to destroy him. I started frantically look for him. And when i thought that all hope was lost i saw that little fuck. I started panicking because i didnt have paper so that i could kill him. I find a paper and fucking slam that fucker. I slam but he doesnt die and he almost escapes the paper. I fold the paper with him in it. i then smash it again. And fold it again. And squeeze the shit of the the paper. I then went to my trash bin and threw him in. I then went to wash my hands to get rid of unwanted contact of insects.
I require your highest definition execution gore videos of people. I need to study them to draw better violence.
danke in advance.
>get back from work
>switch on the tele 
>hear an advertisement for domino's pizza 
>remind myself its been a while since I had a pizza 
>sickened at the thought of domino's 
>at work
>feel like a pizza
guess i am getting a fucking pizza, fucking tv
Don't piss Cirno off, or she's gonna piss on YOU!
In a 2015 promotional video for Super Mario Maker and the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., "Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto", series creator Shigeru Miyamoto answered some questions about Super Mario lore.
When asked about this mystery about who is the Bowser Jr. mother, Miyamoto nods before pointing to himself, suggesting that he is the mother.
People interpreted it as a joke about Miyamoto creating Bowser Jr. as a character. But the truth is... he really meant it.
holy whiskers!
Who has that one image of some guy on a forum complaining about his mom having him take his weight underwater?

Have some gondolas in return.
Are you a sigma male or a beta male?
POST Terry Davis NOW
Don't forget to give cummies to your daughter
Sometimes I rip my frenulum when I'm restoring my foreskin.
>develop whitepilled /fit/ mindset and force myself to think positively and confidently
>it works and I'm high energy and hardly ever depressed 
>go on date with girl I met on dating app
>kiss on first date
>we continue talking on the app, talking about plans to meet again
>about a week later, she just stops responding 
>send another message after 2 days since I figure she just had a busy weekend
>her responses are cold and short
>ask her if she still likes me
<You know, I do like you and we have a lot in common, but I don't know of we should continue dating. Just my thoughts 
>instantly lose all confidence I built up since then and can no longer think positively
How can I keep happiness internal when women treat me like shit no matter how hard I work on myself?
4chan just got it's own IQ test captcha and people are absolutely seething at it. The idea is that you need to use the slider below the captcha to find a position where it's readable.
I had this horrible dream last night about building a staircase out of coconut wood, then I started eating out this girl, whoa, it was hot and almost made me coom but I thankfully woke up before I camed. Whoa!

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