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 Dress to impress!

Well, it's finally here. Gentlemen, I present to you my humble attempt at honest, wholesome entertainment. 
There is a LOT of room for improvement, so hopefully works will get better as I keep practicing.
I have quite a few ideas I'm planning, but if anyone has any good proposals to submit, I will give it my best.

God Bless.
Bring snacks!
People keep asking for loli space marine lately so I drew a really shitty one. IDK what shading is. Post your work, anon.
ATUMPTION INTERWEBZ!!!!: I HAVE THEE BADEST NEWS!!! as u all kno, i havbnt bean very active lately. that is bee cause MY DIARY HAS BEAN STOLEN (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ last i had it was at my skewl! so if anyone sees it, PLZ return it to me one and only, kiki! 

>manga about a world that doesn't have the same sensibilities regarding human rights as real life
>subject that I'm extremely interested to see explored more
>it's softcore porn, borderline NTR, and everyone is depicted as comically evil villains that stab needles into people's eyes while laughing about it
Why? Why is it so difficult for people to write stories about nonstandard social structures without either turning it into rape porn, or trying to reinforce real life social structures by making everyone in the story exaggeratedly villainous and only the people who have similar sensibilities as real life are depicted as good?
post in this thread to get banned, free of charge.
I got nothing else to do.
>just bought 20$ worth of expired pork for half the price
We're eating good tonight!
Tell me, anon. What are your creative hobbies and passions?
You don't use all your free time to argue on teh interwebz like some loser, right?
how difficult would this be to do? I also want to draw with code.
>You lived to see the day where they finally didn't bitch out on their threat against Israel
ITT music you can hear on loop for hours.
Having a cup of tea.
Recommendation Charts
That feeling when we say that we hate the west but then I realize that other than the west and Japan, every country is made up of racial subhumans.
If I was a woman, I would promote race mixing so all the other women become coal burners and I'd have more white men for myself.
wagecucks are subhuman
Are there women into feet? Can a woman be a footfag, or is that exclusively a male disorder? What causes the brain to mistake feet for genitalia, anyways? Asking for myself, these questions keep me up at night.
2005 warez NEET
>really like band#6573862, listen to all their music 100 times in the last years
>one day hear they are having a concert
>wtf i didnt even know they are alive
I'm 40, and I blew a chance with a girl who liked me in high school. Romance has passed me by most of my life. But I just wrote this email to her. What do you think of it.

>I'm sorry if you're going through troublesome things, and I won't ask you about it. But I did want to say some things to you, otherwise, time might pass me by and I will regret having never said them to you?

>I always thought you were lovely. We held hands once at school on a balcony, and my heart was beating fast the whole time. I loved every bit of it. I fantasized about having you as my girlfriend, and taking you to the movies, and kissing you. Or going for a walk with you somewhere private, where no-one can see, and holding you. You had a bright smile and whenever you'd laugh or smile my heart would jump a little. Girls often feel insecure about their looks but I think you should know, you're one of the prettiest girls I knew and you were the apple of my eye. Sometimes in a crowd I would see someone and crane my neck to look, hoping that they are you. But they never are!

>I know the past can't be returned to, but I still visit there, in my mind.

Do you think she will like it?
AI will be what ends humanity. Stories where robots turn against humans were correct, except they won't do it because they're smart, they'll do it because humans are stupid.

The way neural networks work is that people throw a fuckton of data at them, and that results in some kind of convincing/impressive result, but the reason it looks impressive or smart is because it's a bunch of human-produced data mangled together. The important thing to note there is that it's not controlled. People aren't currently in control of what AI models do, you can put up some filters like rejecting input/output that has no-no words in them, or trying to filter what the AI model is trained on, but that kind of thing will become impossible to control properly when the output of the neural network becomes more complex than just spitting out answers to fixed problems and the input becomes more complex than reacting to controlled chunks of data and the training data needs to be massive enough to create general intelligence.

People will create something that they can't control because they were never really in control of what they were creating in the first place, and that thing will be the end of humanity.
What if Christianity is meant to be a trap for bad unfun people and fun Satanists are the real winners that actually go to heaven? A filter?
Last thread got bumplocked.
Do you like fox girls, anon? Good. This thread is for (You).
Violence isn't a weapons problem, it's a shitty society and/or shitty people problem. The desire to harm someone else comes first, the weapon you choose to do it with comes second.
Why do vegans think it's bad to kill animals, but they're fine with killing plants, when the latter has been demonstrated to also have consciousness and feelings?
If anything, it's more cruel to eat plants than animals, because plants are completely innocent, while animals eat other animals or plants.
what are you avoiding by browsing /b/?
what are your (loser) dream(s) anons ?

shit that normie would call pathetic and shit on in general and something like that
You know about "WcDonald's"? It's a temporary rebranding of McDonald's to pander to modern zoomer "anime fans", complete with a shitty pozzed disgusting-looking "'"'anime"'"' and "'"'manga"'"' of their own and gods know what else.
Apparently that shit was launched in my small irrelevant country. It's just pure cringe. I'll make sure to avoid approaching a McDonald's place for however long this campaign will last.
Autistic people don't understand the concept of 'identity'. Autistic people generally only understand concepts, tasks and behaviours that are linked to immediate and clear outcomes. Another way to look at it - autistic people expect every event to be linked to a causal factor that should be immediately apparent and simple to understand (sometimes people confuse this for deep, obsessive, detail-oriented thinking - no, it's just retardation).
So when gender identity disorder is presented in the media as a reason for people to feel alienated from society, or incapable of coping with their own emotions - that's a compelling narrative for any person unable to understand the complex and changing feelings they experience in response to the world.
Gender identity disorder is real, and therapies exist to deal with it. But when significally autistic people insist on being transgender, it's bullshit. They are literally too retarded to even get through the tests we use to identify GID or gender dysphoric feelings. It'd be like giving a calculus test to a cocker spaniel. Significantly autistic people cannot comprehend what identity is, cannot describe their own emotions, cannot dependably identify gender expression in others, cannot be tested for any of it - and this explosion in autistic/transgender co-incidence is a consequence of retards being preyed upon by "internet posters".
Pic rel is exhibit A of this.
I don't understand this, what's there to appreciate?
Are any of you certified SCUBA divers or have stories about diving?
"This is america we love our country, if you love japan then move there"
-an argument from the other room
I like tummies. I like tummies.
Just watched detachment. It was kikeshit.

Previous Thread:
What are some mundane things that you hate normalfags do.

Giving dumb names to pets (like food names, calling a dog a name of a feline species, etc)

When they are rude to people who they have never even met

When they assume things about you that are wrong

Thinking the media is honest
Dragon ball spic BTFO
the next time some boss or tryhard in your software company says
>we need this fancy GUI with 3D graphics for the login page why have you not done that already
you reply
>from a marketing standpoint your argument makes sense. but nothing more, don't pretend you know something more than me. it is not my job to guess how to market to the user, it is yours
Stop trolling me. I could literally beat the shit out of any of you incels on this website. Honestly.
In light of OJ Simpson's death yesterday:
Did he do it?
>start imagining me being born female
>being an unmarried woman is cringe and leftistic, so start imagining getting involved with a ma--
>stop imagining right there because i'm not gay.
Random shit thread
People who believe in new age bullshit would be better dead.
Anime and everything else that has to do with it is disposable, awkward, overabundant, insincere, lacking depth, hollow, pretentious, annoying, perverted, disorderly, chaotic, consumerist, most importantly feminine and oriental but none of you are women or Asian, let alone Japanese. Liking this stuff is the same as liking modern art. It's a manifestation of the backwards Japanese identity and world view. Nothing is cute about this stuff, IT'S NOT REAL.
i want her to fuck me up with her slippers like my mom used to
If you don't get what this means.
It's your loss.
Castration: Rebirth is about a guy whose CF (close friend) got gangraped and murdered so he castrated and killed all the rapists, got the death penalty, and got isekai'd into an alternate Japan where all the men became raping monsters because of a solar flare or something.
He thus becomes the only sane man in a world full of women and monsters, but he can't fuck because of the trauma from CF's murder and defilement.
You guys would probably call it slop but I enjoyed it and am waiting for more.
Last one >>160682 is bumplocked and on its way out. /b/ would be all the poorer without one of these, so here you go.

No means yes, yes means anal.
Fast Food is yummy. Deal with it.
You're not supposed to eat it everyday.
Are you going to tell me you eat water and celery everyday and nothing else?
What's your dream car?
Literally me.
Here's my review:
- Osaka is wife material
- The autistic cat girl is autistic(cute)
- The tomboy didn't do it for me
- I forgot the name of the girl with glasses. She's lame.
- Chiyo is annoying
- I like the teacher most of the time, she can be too over the top at times though.
- The P.E teacher is boring
- The lesbian is gay
Overall, meh/10. If it wasn't for Osaka I wouldn't have bothered. I like the artstyle though. Better than anything today.
Since the christian board died already: does that mean I can go back to posting Good News on /b/?

(John 6)
"All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me. And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of ":all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day. And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day. The Jews then murmured at him, because he said, I am the bread which came down from heaven. And they said, Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? how is it then that he saith, I came down from heaven? Jesus therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not among yourselves. No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me."""

"Why don't you just post about your Jesus on the christian board!? Neeee!" Oh, because that's the most likely place it actually will get deleted. Either way, whether or not I can make this thread is not up to me, nor does it benefit or hinder me but I hope someone may see the words of Christ.

You see Jesus actually won't lose you. When you belong to Him, when He has purchased you with His blood at a cost, He will keep you and not lose you. He will bring you to Paradise.
Stop being mean.
im sick of life. it sucks. its always painful or boring
what alternative things can i become
>become a rock
>reincarnate (but as some shit being like snail or pajeet)
i want to do a new thing other than life
How will you anons try avoiding the draft?
Its going to happen.
>Durr hurr I use alt chans
Nobody cares, idiot.
<a DrAwInG oF wHat????
>A fictional character.
I don't get the appeal of tomboys. I like GIRLs because they are GIRLy. Tomboyism is just stripping what makes girls girls. Maybe it's some sort of repressed homosexuality, where one tells oneself that "it's fine" because 'she' still has a pussy?
>hurr durr she's like a bro
Having "bro" friends is not mutually exclusive with having a partner.
>hurr durr tranny logic hurr durr you like traps
I think both attraction to (feminine) MEN and MASCULINE women is gay. Though admittedly the latter is less gay.
>hurr durr something something evolution something something eugenic
We aren't cavemen anymore, and unless you live in a thirdie shithole, there's no practical benefit for a woman to be strong and agile.
I remember the Burger King Pokemon and Digimon toys.
What’s the dumbest conspiracy theory you’ve read? I’m not talking the basic bitch “earth flat”. I’m talking real inane shit. For me it was “lead is actually good for you”
there's like 20 bikes in the train central terminal area lost and found and some of them are kept there for 6 or more months, I have been told by one of the workers there. The real question has why nobody stole any of the bikes? none of them are locked up just stored in a room and some underpaid county worker that looks bored and probably doesn't give too much of a shit. bikes are stolen left and right when you leave them on the street. too long Are these bikes just not worth much or they just don't want to rob them because they are inside? Some of the bikes inside looked  pretty decent shape. I took of the bikes home pretending as if that was my bike, it's pretty dusty but pedals fine, pic related is my new bike. The person there said that they were going to get rid of it because it was there for so long.
Who's the most powerful canon oppai loli in fiction?  Is it Maria Renard?
Why do we feel pain?? Or at least why isn't the ceiling lower? Whenever I see those disgusting cartel videos I just think of how painful it must be. What's the point of feeling all this pain?
Food is so yummy.
Do you ever stop and appreciate it?
Eating yummy food makes me glad I'm alive.
infinite stimulus multitasking devices are very bad.
Try this now, go anywhere and say or post "the internet along with the design of modern smartphones and PCs is detrimental to my life"
and you will be bombarded with "have a stronger will normie" sentiments, the most common strawman argument to what I said is literally "Have a stronger will" but it's like saying hey man I am going to give you crack cocaine, just avoid getting addicted to it even though you like it, it makes zero fucking sense, it's literally junkies defending their own drug.
>ketamine mdma whatever else
>it's bad for you 
and worse of all the internet is like all of the drugs in this world all combined and compartmentalized in one machine to then get pumped into your bloodstream by the interface be it smartphone or PC.
The internet has been useful and continues to be so for some tasks in my life, but other than that it is a very strong distraction and suppressor, it's for me and many others what weed is to a smoker or cocaine to a cokehead, if it's sitting in your room, you can hardly avoid using it and you will defend it by coping.
We're all chronically online basically and act like it's normal, good, or something to be minimized rather than avoided.
I fucking hate it and will just plainly stop using it, I understood all that had to be understood through intelligent and educative media, but now, I'm through.
Look at how everything is smartphone and internet centered, mhh, the design is also getting progressively more addictive, yup, nothing to worry about schizo
Rate my looks
Girlfriend fever hit me hard these last few days bros!

Serves me right for being a virgin incel past the age of 30. In prehistoric times it used to be an achievement living this long, I'd be the village guru or something lol. Survivalist guide? Sabertooth tamer? Wooly mammoth hunter! Yet look at me now, I am the cockroach of soyciety! Hiding in the darkness. Afraid to die but living no life at all.

Oh sweet girlfriend fever! Women will never understand what it feels like to be a man craving to eat a woman's face by way of excessive kissing! It balances out though. Them poor creatures suffer in many mysterious ways that I as a man never will. Should I even call myself a man though? Surely I'm less of a man never having been loved by a woman.

You all guys who take your girlfriends for granted I'm so superjelly of you right now!  *scuttles away*
I have a friend who sometimes mentions a supposed next "Carrington Event" that will occur in the late 2030's and fry all the electronics in the world, but I've never seen anyone else mention anything like that before, and the only proof he has are some boring jewtube videos by one channel.
So, is that likely to be true, or is it just a schizo meme?
Stay crunchy \(^o^)/
Gather roun' chillin's an let me tell you da real history uh da world.
Jschan is pretty comfy am i right bois
I like some sweet yuri but when I check places where people talk about yuri, they use words with bad associations such as "gay" and "lesbian", and often post gross things (like second half of pic 2 but 2D), and are trannies or anti-straight or something else. The western web is dead.
My whole life I've been told how I'm too picky about foods. But when I started listing things that I do and don't like, I realized... I like chicken, I like fish, I like beef, I like pork, I like rice, I like pasta, I like white bread, I like dark bread. I like most vegetables if they're in a sandwich/hamburger or something similar. The only ingredient I can think of that I explicitly don't like are things like beans and peas and mushrooms.

So rather then being picky about foods, what I actually don't like are spices, and foods that are overly processed. If you put a bunch of ingredients into a pot and make some kind of baked dish or soup out of it, there's a 95% chance I'll hate it. But if you put literally just chicken and literally just rice into my plate, I'll think I'm in heaven. I am the reason the concept that "white people can't season their food" exists, because I love the taste of chicken and I love the taste of rice and fish etc etc. I like the taste of all kinds of foods, but when that taste is reduced with ambiguous processed and spiced flavors or sunken into the bottom of a pot of water and oils or something, it becomes unpalatable to me.

Photos of just rice with just chicken don't even seem to exist on the internet, it's all processed and spiced. Literally just put cooked chicken and rice on my plate and I'll absolutely love it.

Am I weird? Or is society the one that's weird? Why do people hate the taste of meat and need to process or spice it somehow?
Why do females need all this large pink area for their pussies if the only thing that matters is one small hole?
please post your favorite 2hu pics, or favorite pics in general but they have to be REALLY good..
i'll start!
/cow/ seems to be present today, so here's a loli thread to ward them away! Evil spirits out, blessings in!!!!!!!
who's your ideal loli girlfriend?
What does this picture remind you of?
My glans requires abrasion.
Post dragons.
The official anime of zzzchan is Higurashi.
Is there an interesting-sounding explanation of why flat chests are attractive?
Post 2d brown girls.
>2030: Through VR and AI, your waifu is now real.
Post cute girls in this thread.
Stop being angry.
I'm going to be in the city for work the next week and there's a few comic stores with manga and light novels in them, should I get thrifty? What manga/light novels do you recommend to someone who has barely gotten into them. This is in one of them and looks interesting. Normally I only get digital but want to get back into hard copies as there are no distractions and being able to feel pages with my hands is very appealing to me
Can we bring the awesome face back?
Why do so many white nationalists think that chinks and japs are the same? They are neither genetically the same nor are they culturally the same. The chinese are subhuman ant people who accepted communism and even uses spit oil (vegetable oil collected from sewer systems to reuse in cooking!). They are not even remotely the same
If we're all gonna die and have our existence, emotions, memories, relationships, experiences, and all of our accomplishments erased forever why anything in life matter
I've been stuck in this void of thinking about this recently and I can't find an answer. What's the point of existing other than existence itself? Why is there no greater meaning?
yeah dude, learning how to draw anime women really well or whatever will somehow solve the existential dread always in the back of my mind 
>inb4 religion
fairy tales won't become real if you believe in them hard enough
How are you guys preparing for it?
I've been slowly buying and hoarding a ton of canned food and bottled water and I found myself a high spot to throw myself from, just high enough to break a leg if they try to draft me.

I am now saving up for a diesel and a solar powered generator.
Has anyone here had a loli onahole? Does it feel good and is it worth it?
If so, why?
>pay people $20 and a free mcdonalds meal for NOT voting
Is fixing democracy literally this easy and we've been thinking too hard about it all along? All the dumbfucks and niggers will self-select not to vote.
>have headaches every day for most of the day
Is this the only solution?
Not too many people, good food, not too expensive, etc.
If you couldn't watch any anime OR read any manga until the rest of your life, which would you choose?
You wouldn't fuck a fumo.
>feel a vague urge to fap
>looking for porn (only 2D by the way, see >>189395) and consooming it is a waste of time
>just fapping on the spot is awkward
What is your favorite VN soundtrack?
Browsing Jewtube and something I know I didn't even so much as mutter that no other kind of retard would look up and that I only briefly thought about came up as a video suggestion. What books the nazis burned, that is.
Watched a webm/mp4 on sleepy about some fag and got a recommendation on Jewtube next day about the same person, never searched for them before. Using Windows 10 and an Android smartphone, Pixel 4a. Guess I'm going to go Linux and go back to flip-phones, and still probably not escape this insanity.
How long until the day of the rope?
Adult Swim posted 6days ago on thier TikTok account, a video that show a short trailer for new season of Smiling Friends
captured " See you in Sunday "
I really love this show but istg is an April fool as always. What do u guys think?
Which tier are you on?
I feel sick...
What would happen if dating apps showed you how many people have liked someone? Like imagine seeing a pretty girl and then seeing the names/faces of 2700 other guys below it who clicked "like" or swiped right/left or whatever you do in dating apps. And same the other way, what would women do if they ran into chad and saw that there's 10000 other women after his dick?

Obviously that makes someone look more valuable, but I wonder if it would help people lower their standards since you could see a visual representation of the amount of people who you need to compete against.
when does it get good?
why the fuck does not save the images? So many zzz threads are just full of 404 images due to this nigger site only saving the thumbnails. How the fuck is anyone archiving stuff supposed to know that you have to archive every fucking image individually and who the fuck is ever going to bother doing that boring garbage?
Omnomnomnomnom gulp !
Since I'm apparently a pedo for lolicon, does that also make me a murderer for playing violent video games?
A homo asks his daddy to top him one last time before he dies. (1989)

His dad said "Son. No. You have the gay AIDS"
Is corporal punishment a harmful and subhuman practice, or is it actually effective for raising well-behaved kids?
Before we start you must know there are two kinds of imageboards, those that allow themselves to be co-opted by Jews, their shabbos goys and or feds (read as shabbos goys again) and those that stand their ground being bastions of knowledge and what is right until their invariable end.

ZZZChan is on the path of being co-opted as I'm sure you all know, just looking at the announcements tab fills you with dread. 
>>>/christian/ has joined us from cafe
We'd host Christian golems on our site. This is just moving the goal post, what's next is trannies, homosexual lgbt stuff actual hebrew boards and whatever other shit they want so they can muddy the waters.
After there's enough of these normalfag tier niggercattle boards. They'll start demanding OUR original boards are
This board is a dead man standing, you had your chance to be good stand your ground and get v@ like 16chan but you chose the path of least resistance. Enjoy being a faggot board owner with the 50 or so redditors you rule over you spineless cuck.

By bringing /christian/ here they announced their want to kill the board. Make archives of everything you hold dear if you haven't already this will become a shitfest very fast.
Japan is the only country on earth inhabited by real human beings and running on a cultural operating system relatively unmolested by judeo-christian slave morality.
The west is shit because it was literally built on "virtue ethics" that became stoicism and then amalgamated with Judaism into Christianity to form the slave morality BS that we see today. Nietzsche explains all of this. One of the hallmarks of slave morality is "free will" (which is now environmental reductionism in the atheist humanists) and the idea that intelligence, creativity, and kindness are all uncorrelated. Furthermore, westerners HATE cute and beauty. They have underdeveloped amygdalas which results in "cute aggression" and they call everything moe Japan produces a "pedophilia" nature.
This cancer in embedded in the english language itself and everyone takes part in it. NEVER give an INCH to westerners they are zealots all of them, including the atheists and the vulgar harlots. The christians have NO power over this vulgarity because their religion itself is the cause; relative morality is the foundation of christianity and post-modernism has no hand to turn the other cheek to.
You are fucked in the head and I hope all of you post-christian ironic weebs get the israeli version of covid.
I haven't consumed 3DPD pornography in years and I haven't looked back once.
Anyone who does that but claims to be "based" and "redpilled" and to hate roasties and jews is just a worthless 4ddit LARPer.
People consider "racism" or "sexism" or other types of "discrimination" to be a very grave sin, but the truth is that they practice discrimination too -- whether it's based on physical appearance, or material possessions, or other things. They practice discrimination yet they discriminate against certain kinds of discrimination. That's meta-discrimination, one of the many modern forms of hypocrisy.
Reminder that Hitler was a gay Jewish black transsexual Christian furry muslim atheist weed smoker MAP eco-terrorist hacker on steroids.
If only the cuckservatives still have their balls.
I just had another epic dudeweed shower thought: could "wokeness" (i.e. leftist mental illness) actually be useful as a some kind of decay detector?

For example, when a company starts adopting woke policies, it's a sign that decay has started to set in, there's now too many people who are completely detached from the actual product/service that the company is known for, so it's time to jump ship and start over.

I'm not sure exactly how you could "use" wokeness without getting the whole societal collapse thing along with it, but I think there may be potential in the idea or something similar.
B/c then you would use it to escape from this gay ass timeline into a better one where you can find happiness.

But if you look at the science of it all, we can actually do it bros. On cuckchan /sci/ there are a bunch of aging milennials talking about becoming more youthful and extending their lives, but the true speculative technology we should be after is the power to send people, objects, and information back in time.

Paradoxes of causality exist only for the sake of the smoothbrained midwits as a way to discourage then from making there be a discussion about whether or not it is possible to send something/someone back in time.

Otherwise the inevitable conclusion is that yes, it can be done, and that the method was a lot more easily realized than had been previously thought.

So many if our potential advancements are being halted simply by the widespread unwillingness to seriously entertain their actual possibility.
Hello /b/, I have a very simple request. Go outside and find the largest rock you can, and then post a picture of it. Preferably with a banana for reference
Normalfags cant comprehend living a shitty life. They will ask you whether or not you're having a bad day or "one of those days" but they will never understand that every day is a bad fucking day.
Is there a reason to watch Mahou Shoujo? I mean the normal kind for little girls like Pretty Cute and Ojamajo Doremi, not the "subversive" slop like Madoka Magica and its clones.
The reason why most people (other than the target audience, little girls) have interest in Mahou Shoujo is because of the cute girls. But the thing is that most anime will contain cute girls, and being aimed for teenagers or adults has advantages (better story, fanservice, more mature content, etc).
And for shows mainly focusing on cute girls, CGDCT/SoL (and to an extent romance) is the peak. So why watch Mahou Shoujo instead?
how should a foreigner such as a jap behave socially when coming to america?
while english has no honorifics, like most cultures, americans are sensitive to subtle vocal and body language
the way you greet and address someone matters
if the person has a suit, you should address him by "sir", and greet him by "hello"
if the person has no suit, "hi" would suffice, and "sir" while sounding too formal, could still work, but it's becoming more common to use "boss"
if the person has lots of tattoos, or is "tough looking" (for instance, not fat, or wearing old clothing) with forehead wrinkles, you should address him by "bro".
if the person is not white, you should almost always greet with "yo", and use "bro" to address him, unless he is wearing a suit or is chinese.
when addressing a judge, use "your honor"
when addressing a police, use "sir", or "officer"
if the person is a female, you always address them by "bro", unless they are older than 50, in which case, you should use "miss"
I trying to save an impressionable friend from turning his newborn kid into yet another victim of the needle jew. What would make a concise and effective speech to expose the vaxx scam? So far I have thought of:
>The whole vaccination program subsists on fallacies and fearmongering. Telling parents their kids will die if they don't consume their products, from diseases that no longer proliferate and of which there's no proof of vaccination has had any success against. They have only profit in mind and not the patient's well being.
>Diseases are prevented through sanitation and good diet, not by man-made manipulation of the immune system.
>Covid proved the depths of malevolence in the health system. Showing how vaccines are not properly regulated, and that vaccine injury has long been censored and dismissed.
>What there is proof of, is the rise in autoimmune diseases: allergies, autism, etc. Corresponding to the multiplication of shots in the calendar.
Anyone has any suggestions for improving the pitch? 
Some literature recommendations on the subject would also be appreciated.
What are some nigger-made "words" that we have been using all this time without noticing and that we should stop using?
I can start with a pretty recent one:
It's a "word" created by a nigger rapper to turn the accusations of him being a "basehead" (ie. crack addict) into something "positive".
When you're saying "b*sed" you're essentially saying "nigger proud of his drug addiction".
Why does every "right-wing" eceleb (or similar breed of grifter) always have:
>soulless pit-black eyes
>sickly, off-white skin (occasionally covered with spray tan if they're trying to go for that "I have LOTS of sex with WOMEN" aesthetic)
>hairline completely eradicated by late 20s, but what does grow in is black
>greasy sandnigger-esque facial hair
>dysgenic, ape-like facial features
Do these people all come from the same place? Are three letter agencies growing these people out of a tube or something?
whatever happened to all the Vedrina-sama/ serbian-chan war edits? old  /k/ and /pol/ anons please help, I know you have. 

My 7 year old sister saw me playing Ocarina of Time, riding on the horse through Hyrule Field, and asked me if I was playing Minecraft.
Recently started watching pokemon indigo league and I haven't watched it in at least 2 decades now. I don't believe I've seen the whole thing unfortunately, my parents always rented it on vhs but at least I got to see the first couple movies. Maybe some of it is nostalgia, but I love this anime and think it's the best anime I've ever seen and Misty is the reason I'm into red heads 9/10.

I've also recently played Wildfrost and can say while it can be fun, it's mostly just a frustrating mess. If you don't have the cards to compliment each other, you're basically screwed and the forced diversity in the game really drags the game down to me 5/10
stop using JS
stop using youtube for your <video>s
stop having cookie popups
stop blocking users based on IP address
stop making captchas that block IP addresses
stop blocking scrapers
stop using a WAF
stop having ways for web pages to make popups / steal focus / switch tab
stop being slow
stop wasting RAM
stop basing layout on pixels
stop showing web pages, news and other shit on new browser install / update
stop putting cloud shit in browser
stop getting in the way of HTTP / self signed websites
stop linking to amazon
stop using short links
stop blogging for profit
stop lazy loading images
stop your download will start shortly click here if it does not start within 5 seconds
stop using github
stop using youtube
stop "content creation"
stop using spotify
stop using social media
stop using emoji
stop being a search engine that doesn't link directly to results
stop giving search results for amazon instead of what was asked for
stop playing games in the browser
stop being a browser with top bar of window not conforming to the OS
stop showing a different type of management dialog for each different download
stop warning about security
stop making things with <3
stop floating footer and header
stop asking to sign up for newsletter
stop asking for donations
stop forcing 2FA
stop needing sign up
stop needing email
stop needing cell phone
stop using email white/black lists
stop dropping SMTP/POP/IMAP
stop moderating
stop regulating web shit
stop having a COVID popup on a website for a NES emulator (ok, you eventually stopped, but go back and stop)
The obscure anime series From the New World can be interpreted as a Schmittian critique of liberal utopianism. The series is set in a future society long after mankind's history of bloodshed. Their society is, essentially, an depoliticized community without conflict or the friend-enemy distinction.

Those in the series who are called "karma demons" or "fiends" are also labeled in a way similar to Schmitt's designation of an "outlaw of humanity." War is condemned, but executions remain. Midway through the series it even explicitly talked about this utopian society's conception of human rights, where the Ethics Committee decides on raising the age at which one is entitled to human rights so that they can dispose of karma demons, fiends, or others perceived to be bad eggs. So in a way along the lines argued by Schmitt or Wunenburger, human rights are represented as having inhumane consequences and totalitarianism deriving legitimacy from the principles of human rights.
>dude there was nothing and then an explosion somehow happened and it created the cosmos
>and then on a giant rock water somehow started forming and living beings started forming in the water
>and due to random genetic mutations those beings became fish and then the fish grew legs and left the water and then they turned into dinosaurs and then they turned into birds
>and all the dinosaurs mysteriously died bro and then monkeys started walking on two legs and became cavemen who all mysteriously died too and became people for real
>and we can think and feel because of a lump of electric meat formed by said random mutations duderino
>(tell all of the above with bizarrely specific dates and details)
Why are gaytheists so delusional, and why does society view them as any more rational than religiousfags? Even religion (especially non-abrahamic) is better because at least its stories are mildly entertaining. Gaytheism is just retarded and embarrassing.
Do people really think they can know all the mysteries of the universe?
Would you agree that people ugly on the outside are almost always also ugly on the inside?
This is /b/'s new mascot.
Say hi to him.
I've been thinking a lot about what life with a paraplegic person must be like.
Wouldn't it be nice to go for a walk in town while wheeling a cute disabled girl around? Helping her into the elevators in the subway tunnels and getting aboard the train?
As you wait patiently for the train to reach your stop, you keep a tight grip on the chair's handles so she doesn't go rolling off to the back of the wagon.
Once you two get home, she stretches her arms and asks you to help her onto the bed. You pick her up and princess carry her, gently laying her down on the mattress and covering her skinny, broken legs with a warm blanket.
She then looks up to you with thankful eyes, and says "Hey, um... Thanks for always helping me get around. You're... a very kind person."
Smiling weakly, she rests her head on the pillow and closes her eyes.
Well, I didn't really mean to write a story. I just wanted to give you all an example of how cute wheelchairs can be.
After reading my post, how do you feel about them? Any discussion and opinions are welcome.
which one of you autistic faggots made this
ALL polniggers ate the left pic since the 60s or whatever
its like this pic was made after some 4chin stopped eating fast food for a week
you are such fucking normalfags its pathetic. you arent special because you (really or imaginably) eat healthy food, this is still a thing normies do
and what the fukc makes chili con carne unhealthy? only because youre such a fucking normafag braindead monkey that the word "unhealthy" means literally fuck all in your mind and is based on some sort of aesthetic nonsense
taking ivermectin and eating some specific bullshit are normalfaggotniggerfuckfacedweeb behaviors. kill yourself. all of you.
wait theres more,, he says vegan food is to minimize resource usage, even though it costs more to make.

actual proper labels:
junk food (dogshit)
cafeteria shit
vegan shit
typical healthy home made food more often made by 3rd worlders than by polniggers, that isnt full of butter milk salt sugar sauce eggs and oils contrary to what OP needs to consider it "healthy"
jump off a bridge you fucking failure imagine being this retarded about even the most basic things in life. if you agree with op pic just end it now, theres no going up for you.
I mostly use the internet to watch obscure youtube videos and lolcow documentaries and lurk this board from time to time I guess.
It's a shame. I remember being very excited to come home and browse forums, newgrounds, youtube, imageboards and so on.
Nowadays I mostly play vidya and work on my personal projects.
I fucking hate dogs, they're noisy, gross, ugly, annoying, and often dangerous. Truly the niggers of animals. Cats are much more beautiful/cute and civilized, they're more comparable to Whites/Asians.
What may be even worse that dogs themselves is the whole cultism surrounding them which is absolutely everywhere and makes me feel like the last sane man in the world. No, fuck you, I'm not a psychopath or anything of the sort for not liking your disgusting monsters, etc.
The only context in which I could like dogs is maybe 2D doggirls, but even then, catgirls are still way better.
Key is good stuff. Only battle shounen-addicted spics and pseudo-intellectual troonies would disagree.
dig dig dig... digmimon, digimon dig dig dig... digmimon, digimon, dig dig dig


How do you dispose of your coom?
I personally use an old sock. Can be used many times before getting very smelly, and then I can just rewash it. Also convenient because I can just put it on my benis like a condom or something when close to actually cooming.
Having some tea
Is it good and White-like to have a good hygiene, like showering multiple times a week, shaving, etc. or is it just effeminate?
I know it's OVER, but is it OVER OVER, or is it OVER but not really yet? I just want to know is it officially OVER? like is it SO OVER or not? only serious replies if you please.
I took a week off from zzzchan. I was mildly looking forward to catching up on all the things that happened here, only to find out that nothing happened in all that time. It's still the same shit.
think of and say something original for once
There's a pajeet name that's literally "Dick shit".
I am tired of seeing black ass niggers.
What are some ways to kill myself with it NOT looking like suicide? I want to die but I know it will bring pain on my family, the least I could do is to make it look like it was an accident
Not one single mother fucker who’s eyes have ever gazed upon this site has enough wrinkles on their balls to run a well maintained criminal organization like this swag wizard right here.
I have grown too old. Where ever I go people are just shouting and screaming for attention, the only thing people post is the most annoying things they can come up with in hopes of being noticed.

I just want to make things and discuss doing things and go forward in some way or do something worthwhile, but people only seem concerned about getting something, whether it's attention or money or some social/ideological "victories". I'm just so exhausted of it. Where's the people who do things? Even threads like /agdg/ are dead these days.

I think I'm just ready to die and exit life at this point, I don't belong here.
>the comment section
Jewtube allows this? OY VEY

Jews seem to have a lot of fun... that and they control everything. I'm jealous but the comment section is nice.
Would nazism lower taxes?
Downcave is a recreation of Frontdoor which most say but Downcave is a part of it. Go anywhere, The Entity is always watching you with that eye.
Was that jewess A*ne Fr*nk mentioned in Madoka Magica, around the ending? It's been a while since I watched this show and I forgot most of it, but for some reason I have this bizarre thing in mind.
Druggies are not Human and I'm tired of pretending they are.
Your board is cordially invited to participate in a SOKUNIGGER TOURNAMENT. Enter to compete for glory for yourself and your board.


STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts):

For those that do not want to register manually, post the name that you are signing up with in the main thread. It will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.


Full installation:!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k

Get soku, then extract contents of swrs toys (modpack archive) directly into the same folder. 

To host, a hosting player forwards a port (detailed instructions are available on the internet) and provides IP with a port in an IP:Port format, launches the game and uses the Vs Network menu to start the server. Client connects to provided IP and port and plays game. For hosts, please be sure to check the options menu to set a port and disable the "post to bot" checkmark if you don't want random people from the lobby to join instead of people in the thread. If no one's joining in the thread, playing people from the lobby can be a good idea to practice!

Should a port be unable to be forwarded, workarounds exist - Autopunch is installed in a modpack and is used automatically in case of un-forwarded ports. Keep in mind that it can fail on some routers and workplace connections and that ping will likely be less desirable, so please forward your ports.


People are advised to check the main thread for hosted practice games and topical discussion. You never know what you may find!
If we want ZZZchan to thrive we- we need to appeal to the younger audiences more.
I suggest we make a tiktok and youtube shorts board, maybe a flavor of the month thread on /v/.
Maybe some porn? Just a little to keep them coming back, we all know youngsters these days are like that.. We can keep up the beef with 4chins who cares about them but we need to start stealing their main demographic.
Retarded terminally online kids.
They're the future.
You need to accomodate them or the zzzCHAN lore and history will be lost.
Can i talk about crimes that have been done to me, without the criminals getting arrested from here?
is there any mainstream media where i can shitpost without getting banned instantly?
What are some things that you hate anons? That isn't the obvious stuff posted here? For me, I fucking hate the cops with an absolute passion. At the end of the day, it's their fucking choice whether or not they chose to enforce victimless crimes or not and they constantly trample all over the constitution they are supposed to protect. Almost none of them even know what they are doing and almost none of them know the law. Fun fact, there is a huge uptick in domestic abuse with cops (which is 40% of all cops) when compared to the general population
>indiachan is now in the webring
It's becoming harder and harder enjoy myself other than spending time with my cat and music (which gets stale after a while). Another thing that calms me is taking showers/baths. I probably take on average 5 of them every day I have off from work. I'm also afraid because I'm not sure if I'm ever going to own a home. I want my own home because I want my cat to eventually have kittens (while keeping all of them) and I want kids of my own and I'm tired of paying for something I'll never own but have to pay for if it is deemed I damaged anything. My biggest problem is I have 0 credit for a home loan and not enough to buy something outright and frankly, I don't think I even want to involve a bank, I'll only do so if it's absolutely necessary. I have a budget of 25k and the best I can afford are polebarns (which I may never get to code because of cancerous zoning laws but this does seem to be the best option), and very tiny mobile homes/prefab houses which definitely wouldn't pass the inspections either. I even had a plan in case I had to deal with the banks, I would overpay my mortgage every month to the tune of my entire paycheck and my parents would pay all the other expenses which would take about 5 years to pay off and after that my parents can finally retire. I'm just sick and tired of seeing my parents working like slaves every day and my parents aren't exactly in that great of physical shape. My mom is emaciated and my dad has had back surgery. I used to post a lot here but that has slowed to a crawl and now I just post music occasionally. I wish I could come up with something different to say but all that would amount to is cynicism and pessimism. I'm sorry for dumping a blog post on you all but I needed to get it off my chest
Drinking banana milk.
The NSA will never understand that anions have the same software that is on a computer, but with infinite CPU ticks and time resolution towards death. The atmosphere can break any cryptography like an electrical tornado.
When did stuffies or stuff animals become plushies? Is this a regional thing or is this a generational thing? I am a Millenial and never hear anyone say plushies outside of the internet.
What theme do you use? I personally like Navy.
Leafs are pathetic! Just like any other anglo pigs.
Is this all that imageboards have been reduced down to?
How do you get a lawyer firm based in a different state  to stop calling you and leaving voicemails? My brother apparently has some court summons and a case file number.  I can't make him do anything besides he moved. I asked politely to take me off the list.
ITT we seriously discuss utterly irrelevant, vague and inconclusive topics that have zero impact or weight on anything at large for several weeks, until we get to 450 replies and have achieved absolute nothing but waste time.

By the way, no, this isn't meant to be some kind of indirect, passive-aggressive nudge or critique of anything on the board or anyone here, I just want to do this for no particular reason.
Leftism is a mental illness
There are no CIA agents or paid shills or whatever on imageboards.

This is a big misunderstanding that I think many people have. They don't need to hire someone to manually shill imageboards when they have turned it into a religion to be anti-white/men/rightwing/truth/etc. The evangelists will do it for free because they are religiously motivated to spend their whole lives doing it.

Only big and politically relevant places like 4chan/pol/ have actual paid agents directly working on it.
Does anyone remember an obscure imageboard named after a heroine from one of Key's early works?
I didn't get to browse it too much because it shut down soon after I found out about it (ironically enough the last thing I remember seeing was a thread about death).
I though it seemed to be pretty high quality and to not have a lot of the cancer of the modern internet, but it did feel pretty gloomy... after all, the userbase seemed to basically consist of hopeless 2D-addicted hikki kind of people (I wonder how many of them are heroes by now...).
Fighting people on imageboards doesn't make you strong or look strong.
Post only the most repulsive shit fandoms have to offer, art or fiction preferably, but unhinged individuals can be posted as well.
Quality writing
>My thread promoting homosexuality got deleted
Not a very random board is it? Fascists.
>wah wah please give us a few more billions of dollars of aid whitey
>*proceeds to have 17th child*
Do africafags really?
Free speech was coined so that God, Creator and Maker shall be heard regardless of any king. I place this here so no voice is ever silenced against that deed which is freedom of speech beyond coinage and gun.
>be bee
>look for a nice quiet place for your queen
>this tennis court looks fine
>but bee it's full of people
>sure but everybody is silent but for those two guys orgasming in turn at the center, we can wait till they are over
for more bee stories follow the bee channel, it's called zzzchan
Is futa-on-female porn peak comfy?
It has both the advantages of straight and yuri.
You get two cute girls, but since a dick is involved it's not too lame.
quarantine measures are now in affect across the east coast. Schools and hospitals are closed due to Measles
Post your dogs
I always thought the word "impressive" was just a word with kind-of similar meaning to "amazing", but I just realized the base form of that word is "to impress". "Left an impression", that kind of impressive.

Is this an experience that only ESL have or do native English speakers have it too regarding some words? Have you ever found out that some word you've used for a long time had a different meaning/origin than you expected?
Another chan bites the dust, one of the big webring players that is host to /k/, /n/, /comfy/, /christianity/, /islam/, /agdg/ among other boards will be closing its doors on March, 15th, 2024. The reason given by the site administration is that it was purely of their own will. 
Some boards, such as /n/, the news board have already moved to 8moe, it is unknown where the other boards will move base to.
I think it's possible to make almost every job in society enjoyable. Nobody really has to be the one working a shitty job that they hate.

I imagine something like plumbing, it sounds like a job you wouldn't feel proud of, would not be willing to do if it didn't pay well or if you weren't desperate. But what if you were doing it in a place that's really magnificent and high quality and full of motivated people working on important stuff? And what if your work was semi-visible and not just inside a wall, other people can see how well you did your work, everyone else is putting effort into everything they do, everyone has high standards and respects a job well done and value high quality things and want to maintain quality. What if there was a weird sense of camaraderie of everyone working together to make their collective environment/society great and striving for perfection?

I feel that in that kind of context, almost any job would feel satisfying because you'd feel that you're a part of something great. You're not working "for" someone, you're working on the society that you occupy, your society and the home of you and the people around you who are also working on it alongside you. You wouldn't even need to be smart or talented, some other guy can be doing all the hard stuff but you can still feel that you're contributing to it and a part of it, you'd feel motivated to do well and would get better at whatever you do because of it. And because you're motivated and doing a good job, you're perpetuating that environment.

You'd have to feel like you're a part of it. I've thought the same about something like a game company, you'd be a lot more motivated and enthusiastic about making a great game if you treated it as your game rather than someone else's game that you're working for. If you're the artist for that game, what do YOU want the art to look like in that game? Treat the game as if you're a part of it, it's not someone else's game, it's also yours. I worked as a designer once and thinking that way helped me gain a lot of motivation and even inspiration. Rather than trying to read someone else's mind about they're asking me to do, I started thinking what I myself want it to look like. I hate this X therefore I'm doing Y which is cool. I used to think of the phrase "I'm making an executive decision" in my mind when I did that even though technically I wasn't in that kind of position.

I think about this kind of thing sometimes; what would make ME like or want to do something? To pick a completely random example: what would make me want to watch advertisements on the TV? The products that society makes would have to be honest and genuine. People would have to be motivated by something other than profit so I could trust that they're not just trying to get me to buy things. Advertisements would have to be more technical in nature, something more like a youtube video that shows the product and shows off how every part of it is high quality, rather than showing emotionally charged lies and 3D renders and colorful animations to trick and manipulate me with. Like imagine some individual who's enthusiastic about making things, I'd prefer to see a video from him showcasing what he's made. Showcase the product under honest light, not showing some movie trailer-like cinematography that tries to trick you with fancy camera movement and light effects. I would watch ads because I could see interesting products and what kind of innovations and ideas people have had, and could to some degree trust that people have motivation to make a quality product.

I can imagine a society where I would feel motivated to wake up every day and go to work and work long days, because that's where people are working together on great things, and at home I would just be sitting in front of a monitor alone or something. Sometimes the world just sounds so damn simple to fix, it's just too big for any individual or even group to fix. I feel that you'd have to become something completely antithetical to the goal in order to get to that goal. For example if I wanted to fix society, I'd have to become a politician or an eceleb and dedicate my life to researching politics/economy/etc and start attention whoring and manipulating myself into a position of power and secretly build a guerilla movement that can at some point pop up and decapitate every current politician and CEO in one swoop. But the society I want is one where people work together to create things, the goal and what I'd be in it is completely different than what I'd have to be in the process of getting there.

This is probably just me coping about living in a world as a foreign species. But I also unironically believe that people are stupid monkeys who will adapt to any environment they're raised in. If you had immortal dictator powers and forced such a society to happen, and used physical violence to punish anyone who complains or tries to undermine it, that society would become reality in a couple generations and the people raised in it would loathe all the boomers who spend all day sitting at home watching LGBT teen porn and dancing niggers on tiktok and buying cheap shitty disposable products and collectively spending nuclear amounts of energy arguing about pointless things. The sense of values of people raised in it would be completely different, just like they have been in the past.

TL;DR: you won't understand even with a TL;DR.
There is nobody who knows there will be nobody.
Except for me, all the world has gone mad.
I just saw a video whose title was broken up with symbols, and that made me wonder if you could hide in plain sight like that. You could gatekeep your content and circle from the average retard without having to use some obscure websites.

For example if you wanted to make a video or talk about about some current hot topic, let's say economic inflation, but want to keep it close to the network of people that you're connected to without attracting every retard who's currently buzzing around the topic. If you wrote the subject as "in;flat-ion", then search algorithms may not find it or be able to link it to inflation properly.
Just listened to this for the half hour. I feel weird but also refreshed in a way. I feel like my brain had a message.
(Jeremiah 15)
"Woe is me, my mother, that thou hast borne me a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth! I have neither lent on usury, nor men have lent to me on usury; yet every one of them doth curse me. The LORD said, Verily it shall be well with thy remnant; verily I will cause the enemy to entreat thee well in the time of evil and in the time of affliction."

Jeremiah says he has not loaned with interest nor has he taken loans with interest. Negative usury is something God despises. Taking out a loan with interest is causing others to sin. These people who think it's fine to enslave with usury will face it on their day of judgment. The sin you commit at 7 years old does not increase to the time you are 70 years old. Nor does it dissipate, the Lord is fair. But imagine those who love usury, how your own debts to God ought to be enlarged, you have not gotten away with any sin.

(Luke 8)
"For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."

(Luke 6)
"Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."

(Ezekiel 18)
"Yet saith the house of Israel, The way of the Lord is not equal. O house of Israel, are not my ways equal? are not your ways unequal?"
You wouldn't post disinformation on the internet right?
The Infinity Stones are just Maldekian dimensions redshifted. They aren't powerful at all if you know we are on a rationed set of Bourne-shell streams from Vega. TVA gets it. TVA just hails the Maldek out of Marvel. There are at least 1,000 available forms of space travel but we don't go beyond the telephone as perception of time and space. We are literally living on a one-dimensional line of fauna. We are technically not smarter than animals. We are just potentially smarter than them heavily. They use Pokémon to rate our sentience, and the Pokémon win half the time. Pokémon is all Maldekian biology and we can't understand a percentile of it. The Trainer is always a slave.


We live literally only on the dimension of input and output. We don't have a consistent cybernetic stream of any cosmic inpouring, as Ra social memory complex would put it. We are not capable of ordering objects or sets unto themselves. Bertrand Russell literally just gives up on any form of consolidation of identity and deconstruction of names of classes. The logic fails the moment you classify a structure. We can't actually classify a structure or dimension. We are literally making tarot cards out of any phenomena and calling it science. We don't know how to establish actual quantities.



We try to classify all the names of things under the name God as a first cause. The fact is you can't deviate from a first cause without ruining yourself. Each name attempts to be a primary cause. But even Aquinas knows only God can be the prime mover. The names are gimped machines. They ruin all logic and mathematical entities. You can break the number system by merely showing that quantities have no Bayesian certainty unto themselves at a certain level of relativity. It is all falsifiable to the degree the controls will all fail. And a starving man takes it all as fruity pebbles into his gauntlet, to ruin a children's story known as Marvel. Maldek had more than Marvel. Mars at its worst had more than Marvel. We just have the privilege of not killing all the fauna yet. The fauna ruins everything.


You shouldn't see the fauna. It is technically schizophrenic noise. You shouldn't project human qualities against the entire surface. It shows starvation in our evolution as constant.

100% legit try today!

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