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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

On top of banners there's now the possibility to upload custom flags and whatever other shit for the CSS such as custom spoiler images, backgrounds and whatnot. Post them ITT and I'll add them if I deem them worthy, when I'm around and if I remember to.

Specifications are as follows:
300x100 png, jpeg and gif no idea if other formats work so stick with these
Don't think there's any restrictions in regards to resolution but they will get automatically resized to 16x11 when displayed, so vertical ratio images are going to look like shit, and any big image will get squished until it's just a mess of pixels. Also the filename they get uploaded as is what they will show up as in the menu so kindly provide one. png and jpg only stills probably
>other assets
Anything goes probably

Every file can be 32 MB maximum though try optimize your shit when possible.
Example. For some reason or other you get asked if you watch anime. You reply with
>anime? with a doubtful look on your face/thinking face
>mm i might have seen an anime or two
Okay. So this person is misleading because hes seen alot of anime. He hasnt just seen one or two anime. Now is it morally wrong to do something like this? I wouldnt say so because you should be careful about what you say. Anime is normally looked down upon. And by acting doubtful/confused will make the person think you have probably just come across some anime episode somewhere. Its a safe play
Before reading, I would like to preface this with a statement: I wrote this late at night while I was basically running on fumes. If it sounds a bit too unstructured and disorganized, that would be why.

What defines a government? This question has been ever-pervasive in today’s society, yet the direction we are taking seems to be restricting the modern man’s privacy, freedom, and making things equal in the name of “justice”. (Neo-socialists, I am looking right at you.) 
What examples do I have, one may ask. Think about this: the modern college process has nearly no merit based scholarships when taken in contrast to the hordes of need-based ones. 
This is not the only flaw of the collegiate system, but it is certainly a very imposing one for the middle-class in today’s society. “So what if your IQ is measured at 140? Timmy here is from the slums, and even though his only redeeming quality is that he has above a 2.0 GPA (a 2.26, for your information), he happens to be the first one in his family to go to college. Guess who gets our support: the genius, or the “needy” man? That’s right: Timmy goes to school free, while you go and remain submerged in debt for the rest of your miserable life. You could have been something great, but unfortunately you weren’t born unfortunate.”
The reversal of fortune and misfortune in today’s society is a thorn in the modern man’s side. Nowadays, if one is born wealthy, only the utmost scorn and hatred is directed their way by the common man. They are sent death threats, need protection regularly, and constantly have to worry about everyone around them trying to get their hands on their inheritance.
If one is born poor, anything you do is seen as a great accomplishment, worthy of placing next to the construction of the Great Pyramids, or the discovery of radiation. To fall subject to this view is to view the poor with a pity that they do not desire. I recall, in my younger years, drawing terribly; however, the people at the “grown up table” would take these drawings and equate them to the Mona Lisa and whatnot. I hated every second of that, and my main thought was: “Wow, how stupid are they?” (Sad answer: very.) It devalues any true achievement you do, because your accomplishments are viewed relative to your age. If I were to draw as well as my third grade self in the present day, and presented it in much the same manner, I am willing to bet that the reaction would be a lot more lackluster. The same  issue occurs with the modern poor. The mainstream culture respects and applauds the bulk of the hip hop industry for “getting outta the hood” and making it big; if you took a middle-class white man, he would have no method of becoming a serious contender in that genre. 

To be born poor in today’s society is better than being born rich. To be a part of a minority is to gain instant sympathy from the majority, and to be part of the majority is to be relegated to the minority.

Another example: the censoring of certain political figures on social media platforms, by these big tech corporations. I do not testify to the accuracy of the aforementioned political figures’ ideas, sentiments, etc., but the fact that the mob has full, unregulated control of who gets silenced and immediately disdained is not exactly resting easy with me. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram should be completely incapable of censorship except for that which is a) commonly acknowledged illegal content (drug dealers, graphic violence, etc.) or b) commonly acknowledged indecent content (nudity, gore, etc.). Even this is pushing the limits. To grant a private corporation, which is obviously in bed with several governments across the world, complete control over who gets censored is the death of free speech. Between a tyrannical aristocrat and a mega-corporation, what real difference is there in policy?
All the attacks on the Tor network in the past is yet another proof of the modern sentiment towards privacy. Want to remain anonymous? Fuck you. Want to live untraced? Fuck you. Want to be out of Big Brother’s vision? Motherfuck you too. 
Why must governments be so centralized as they are right now? Take a look at the original Articles of Confederation (pre-cursor to the American Constitution) and their model of government. There were several separated sovereign states that were part of a Confederation. The federal government practically did not exist. The local level of society could live life without thinking about the government running in the background, and were unperturbed by such social issues as race wars and homosexuality. Sure, they had issues with funding the federal government, enforcing federal mandates, etc., but with modern technology this can likely be bypassed. Smart contracts are a very promising new method of business dealings; why not utilize them in government funds? This could make a system run rather smoothly, with no third party needed to maintain order.

The federal power in the US needs to be scaled back, and individual states need more authority. The blockchain could be a solution to this.

Heck, why have a national currency? Why not use a cryptocurrency for everything as the base unit of money? Just tie credit and debit cards to crypto wallets instead of bank accounts, and include a function to convert Currency A to the business’ desired Currency B upon purchase of something. This puts inflation out of the government’s hands, since there will be no real control over the blockchain. It would make things so much simpler. We use digitized transactions as our current method of purchasing stuff anyways; why not make it official and go to solely that?

Another thing the government needs to stay out of: social justice bullshit. Like seriously, you protest the deaths of several people in the streets for half a year. What exactly are you trying to do? Martin Luther King Jr. had goals when he walked up to the mic: granting the black man the right to vote and ending segregation. What does the BLM movement or ANTIFA stand for, beyond vague ideals and making us aware that they exist? It does not matter WHAT cause they stand for, the strategy that they employ will cause no real change of its own merit in the legal system. Defund the police: they’re underfunded as is. Have you seen Detroit, MI, or Hartford, CT? Completely unsafe locations for the most part. Remove guns to stop school shootings: maybe if the teachers were licensed to use guns, there would only be one death instead of a whole school. What makes you think that most gun violence is caused by people who have licenses for their weapons? Apart from that, the amount of knife violence is even higher: perhaps we should ban those as well. Steak lovers beware.
On the subject of steak, I have some beef with the LGBTQAI+ movement as well (is that what they’re called these days? Is there another A, or a second I as well? Gotta be politically correct lol). In order to normalize a particular worldview, they decide to make it appear like it’s the most outlandish thing so as to gain attention. Talk about counter intuitive. The modern stance of homosexuality is generally positive and/or neutral, with some pockets disdaining it. These pockets are not only free to disdain it (as is their right to think their own thoughts), but are generally disdainful of the act and not of the person committing it, unlike the common perception of the “hardcore rednecked Baptist Christian country dude”. Like, really? I belong to one of the pockets that does not agree with the LGBTQ+ worldview, but I am on good terms with several homosexuals and one transgender person. I do not bear ill will towards them, but will argue if they try to force me to accept their sexual preferences as righteous.
This brings me to a sudden realization: why does the media try to portray preferences as “orientation”? Is it an effort to make it appear more natural, as if it was always that way and the person in question just happened to discover their “true self”? To make things appear as if they were simply the truth that could not be refuted? This is a curious bit of smoke and mirrors; surely they know that it is simply a choice that someone makes, or we would regard it as a mental disorder and have psych wards dedicated to curing it.
Besides, you cannot tell me with a straight face that someone is born to live in a fur suit as a Pikachu. Try it. I dare you.
If you want to identify as an animal, then you forfeit human rights when you deny human identity. Why, then, do we not have tranquilizer darts and tasers for furries? Yet another puzzling phenomenon in modern society.
Well, those are my random thoughts. I hope I did not offend; if I did, please do not take it personally, as I speak on a general level and not a personal one. I beg you adieu.
Have fun!!

What are you going to do for Halloween this year? What costume will you be wearing to frighten small children? Most importantly will your type 1 diabetes be kept in check? Do you have any moral busybodies trying to ruin everyone's fun over a harmless holiday? What monster girl would you fuck?
( ・ω・) 
use ms paint xp becaus its for pros or download on
Some months ago I made a thread detailing how certain species of insects have a life that revolves around rape. Ever since then I've been reading up on rape in animals other than insects and found some stuff. I will not be showcasing dolphins and ducks since those two are well known for raping anything they can stick their dicks in.
Northern Elephant Seals
>If a female attempts to leave a rookery, she will be pursued and intercepted by several males that will bite her on the neck and copulate with her either on the beach or in the water before she gets away.
>If the female resists or moves away, the male pins her down by slamming the full weight of his head and bites her on the neck more vigorously.
>Misplaced bites can lead to lethal brain damage while slams are likely to cause broken ribs, organ damage, and internal hemorrhaging due to the massive size difference between the two. 
>Even if the female dies from this, males will still compete over her dead carcass. 
Sea Otters (maybe river otters too)
>The hoarding of females has led to otters developing extremely sexually aggressive behaviors.
>Female sea otters often receive ocular trauma, nose scars, and other lesions when mating.
>There have been documented cases of females dying from this mating behavior with some dying half a year later from emaciation caused by repeated sexual aggression.
>If a male cannot secure a female, they will settle for Harbor Seal juveniles/pups and rape them to death (autopsy reports show that male otters are willing to rape both male and female Harbor Seals).
>Males have also been reported guarding the carcasses of female otters and harbor seals for later use.
Primates (This is somewhat rare)
>Sexual aggression in the form of biting and pulling is used as a way to isolate, punish, and sexually condition females to be sexually submissive. Females who are fertile tend to be the preferred targets.
>In Bornean Orangutans, 86% of copulations have some form of male aggression such as forceful restraining even when the female is not resisting.
>Infanticide is observed in species that only have one breeding male. When an outside male takes over a group, they hunt down and kill every young offspring that is not theirs to assert their position and to force the females to mate. 
>Sometimes, males will join together to gang up on a group of females, killing all of their offspring and raping them afterwards. This is supposedly observed in spider monkeys, chimps, and red howlers.
>Because of the great cost that infanticide has on females, they may form alliances with each other for protection and will "gang up" and perhaps kill immigrant/aggressive males.
Nature is fucked, and don't let a nature-loving hippie tell you otherwise. 

Northern Elephant Seals Source
Sea Otter Sources
Primate Sources (One source needs to be purchased. I could not find a free version of it.)
Do you remember the big names from the moments lost in time?
Request edits, make edits, post edits.
Pretty good movie. I enjoyed it. I recommend it.
I was but a little boy. About age 7-10 i believe. A vietmanese girl a few years older than me was laying ontop of me choking my neck. I punched her in the face. Did she love me? Why did she choke me? Did she want me to die? I cant remember her face or what she looked like. I can remember her name. I know who her little sister is. She is mysterious. Did i make a mistake punching her? Did i lose my chance? Its been a long time since i thought about it. I dont know, im thinking about it right now. There was also this danish girl, when i was a boy. She was my neighbor. She moved away. I dont remember much about her. But i feel like i lost something. I feel like i lost my chance.
Did you remember to explore the beautiful outdoors today, /b/tards?
If so, what did you find/encounter?
Watch mär.
ITT: post songs that are literally you right now
Even if you don't care about living, dying fucking sucks. It sucks because the pain makes you unable to do anything. You can't just wait for your life to end and do whatever you want in the meantime, instead you'll be sitting there suffering the whole time and wishing the pain would stop already.
I have watched all harry potter movies 7+ times.
Don't let it fall off the board again faggots.
Hi lads I'm back and got some more news for you guys, and seeing as the original thread is gone, here's a new a thread. There's 3 new buds and even a new fren, a ladybug, other than this nothing much has changed. :D
Now that Burgerland is getting to the hyperinflation part of its Weimar 2.0 collapse, I think we should share tips and useful practices in the spirit of solidarity. What to get your hands on as we see our money slowly dissolving in our wallets.
For me personally, I think tools are high on the list of investments. Powertools specially, you don't need to even know a trade to have them paid for themselves in odd jobs and such.
how come this board gets 1 post per hour
The previous ones got 

I wanna fuck ulala so bad bros
pic unrelated
How do I get REAL friends? I hate normalfags.
I have a loli mousepad and a loli keyboard with artwork i like. From a convention dating almost 10 years back. Now how could i put them to use? I like the keyboard and mouse im currently using. Is there any way i could put those loli appliances to other use? Where could i use them other than my computer?
>get an idea for a funny videogame joke
>requires a bunch of photoshopping so I don't have the patience to make it
How would you rate these groups from most annoying to least annoying?
In no particular order:
>regular old fags
>fat fucks
>people who stick their nose where it doesn't belong
>people who act weird for the sake of being weird / attentionwhores
recently found out that an emerging question higher end landlords are getting from new tenants is whether or not their new flats are soundproof because they want to record their own podcasts at home
>edgelords who won't get with the program
>regular joes
>irregular joes who have absolutely nothing original to contribute and have learned no wisdom beyond the age of 11
>slow walkers
can't forget about good old niggers
anyone to talk to here? i dont have any friends
>gave a $20 handjob last night 
I'm seeing an untapped market here
Post and share voluptuous mature 2D ladies with gorgeous breedable bodies. 
Also recommend you favorite artists and all that mumbo jumbo. 
And of course, what and why awakened your love for older women?

Monstergirls and /ss/ welcome aswell to trigger /cow/cucks, herdniggers, and that fat ogre and his goon platoon from /tv/. 
Anyways I'll start off with some Otogi's artwork.

No NTRanny shit, Niggers, faggotry, furfaggotry, and other heretical degeneracy
Go to markchan with that gaynigger shit.
Can someone currently living in the USA under the 1984-tier shit that is going down, please explain why you haven't gotten the fuck out? 

I think the optimal choice is a bordering mexican town so no paperwork is required and you can live like a somewhat free human being. I mean, the druglords don't give a shit about you as long as you keep to yourself and a dollar goes a looong way over there. And if things turn around you can always walk back home.
Welcome to the first edition of mini/pol/ which will continue until Sturgeon mans up and gives us our own board.

>What do I do here?
Talk about world news and current events/happenings. Do not reply to people pretending to be feds or people who can do nothing but pretend everyone is a fed.
I'm sexually aroused by living puppets
Why is it so hard to not be a fucking wagie? Why can't we be all NEETS? Just fucking why.
Who wants to help me make another one of these? We could make it a collaborative effort. The general idea is an anti-white or degenerate video being picked apart by Moonman using sources and educated answers, plus funny jokes and general moonman stuff.
you should try socks for women. They are really light and feel good. Im not a tranny or faggot. Im a man. Im just saying that female socks are better than male socks.
ITT: cuckime absolutely FORBIDDEN

failure to comply to this rule will result in immediate termination
Do you drink anon?
What, when and (most importantly) why do you drink?
>therapist gave me benzos
Recently I've really gotten into mushrooms and edible weeds. Mostly this is because food prices are skyrocketing so anything that can lower my food expenses is a good thing. Luckily I have plenty of woodlands where I can hunt for mushrooms and not get shot by retards. 

I'll post pictures of mushrooms I find in the area and will make sure they are broadly distributed enough you fags wont immediately find my exact location because of the chirping of a rare cricket or chem trails in the sky. Hopefully I'll find some good ones soon and post them ITT.

I am also interested if anons on here are into stuff like subsistence hunting, or fishing. I have wanted to get into both, but the regulations make it such a bear to do anything without getting arrested.
im gonna play half life source.
post your Reaction images /b/astards
I hate vtubers. I thought hate was stupid. How can someone hate something. That was until vtubers appeared.
>be computer science major
>Kid walks into class with a gay pink anime shirt on
>As he's is sitting down I notice he's wearing a Japanese school girl dress.
>turn to kid sitting by me
>"looks like somebody watched too much anime"

Seriously what the fuck! Kids are wearing masks outdoors, getting vaxed, trusting the science, trusting the media, and worst of all they have no idea who or what they are.
If someone is that fucked in the head can you really blame them for being a sheep?

I'm not really surprised or anything. I just don't really know how to react to that. Or maybe it's more that I know I can't react and neither can anyone else. This faggot just walked into class in fucking Japanese school girl dress and no one said a damn word, and they all know what would happen if they did. Not to mention that a good number of them are probably either ambivalent or accepting.

What is wrong these kids? Is it the tranime, is it the xeno-estrogens, is it groomers, or is it just everything?

I wish that I could be with my brothers and that we could fight.

**Good videos that touch on the absolute state of this generation **
>buy a bag of chips for the first time in months
>finish it
>was ok
>later that day a beetle that I've never seen flies onto my desk
it... it just smelled the chips and came from the window... right?
Loli thread to keep the /tv/fags, /cow/tards and herdtrannies out.
I turned 29 and the only people who wished me happy birthday were my parents. Wish me happy birthday you fags.
>bee shows up
>make slow movements and ignore it, flies off

<anywhere, surrounded by people
<women screeching, children frantically trying to swat it away
>now i also have to evacuate
Last thread was slid, with many other fine threads, by some tranny faggots intent on turning everything into a burning trash heap just like their own lives. However, Down the Rabbit Hole is still available!
Why would anybody be afraid of ghosts?

With Halloween coming, I have come across this pondering.

Why would any adult person fear an immaterial ghost?

If it's just a sorrowful spirit hanging around the building wailing and crying, why would you feel threatened in anyway by it? It would be a nuisance at worst.

And even if it was a vindictive soul, what is it gonna do? Jumpscare at you? He can only do that once, once you know it's there his spook ability evaporates.
How would you go about ban-evading from a xenforo-based website.
Protonmail limits the amount of free accounts you can create for any given time and has significally cutted dry the supply.
I want kids of my own. How do i achieve it? I have thought about donating sperm but i cant do it yet. I have thought of getting a job at a sperm bank to replace semen with my semen. I have thought about paying women to carry my children. Though i dont have that kind of money.
Give me the money, I'll bring you the solution.
I had a dream that I was captain of this ship and we were setting out for sea at dusk, and, for some reason my aunt, who I haven't seen in like 10 years was in the water and from the crow's nest I could see two huge sharks circling around, and I kept screaming "there's sharks, get out" at the top of my lungs but she wouldn't hear because she kept talking to someone else instead, so I got down from the crow's nest to the deck and yelled at her again, and in the meantime it had become dark, so she finally heard me and said "oh my god, what should I do?" in a rather calm manner and I told her to fucking get to the shore, and that's when I woke up. What a dream.
Please the Dance King with King tunes only. Those who fail to comply will be beheaded in the name of the King.
Because sturgeon is a nigger.
You know how I can tell most people here work for a living? this board's activity flat-lines on working days and skyrockets on holidays.
country music
If you could make an entire year loop perpetually. What year would you choose and why?

I would loop 2009, fucking youtube of those years still brings a tear to the eye. And everyday life was passable.
I'm several months, and I believe over 200 hours of practice into my guitr journey, I'm not neither jon bovi, steve vaio or iron maid yet but I've successfully graduated from
<don't even know which way the guitor makes notes from
<ouchie fingy hurties
<why does everything sound bad
<oh my god I'm never going to be a guitar god
>can play an Fuck you and its variations with not much trouble
>thick invincible callouses
>starting to learn scales
>can play some relatively easy single note melodies as well as songs with chords
>the neck and all its frets don't look that scary anymore
>eager to learn more
I'm gonna make it?
>at no time will suits be worn in the pool and boys will not need them any time during the entire program
>all family members are invited to attend the final swimming session to watch the boys that pass the test receive their YMCA swimming certificate

Why was this allowed? Girls would have seen the boys naked
>feel like jacking off
>go to sadpanda
>search tag "catgirl"
>open this one that looks like it has good art
>start reading it
>it's about a guy finding his childhood love again
>they end up doing the most vanilla sex ever
>at the end they both are in love with eachother and become a couple
>boner killed replaced by a weeping heart of sadness
what kind of "polishing" do i have to make my art be so that it gets like, millions of traffic and sales? 

i know leyendecker, helen scherjfbeck(sorry), masariro, turner, matejko...  but somehow i feel like.... no matter how good or similar i do... they wont get as much traffic as i expect? like cuz... some...more...modern, and minimalist things are in trend now?

and when it comes to...minimalism...
i think mine is "minimal" enough...isnt it lol o l/ is now open.
That's all, you may now resume your regular shitposting.
>know your place
I love using this phrase. Its just something funny seeing people getting so upset over it.
I need your best out of context images you have. Preferably anime, but any will do.
>Tfw I'm in possession of more than 12000 unsorted images that I've downloaded from various imageboards.
Who on earth would delete a headpat thread?
It feels weird leaving behind a imageboard you've been browsing for years. Though its necessary to move on because its gotten so bad. I dont know. Its strange.
>protaganist complex
>main character syndrome
There is literally nothing wrong with having this. But people will try to convince you that you have to be satisfied with being a side character/mob. I am the main character.
Laugh thread
I fucked up. In 2012 i hit my head while sliding on ice. I ended the world.
I propose we create a club.
Do you guys have friends in real life? If not, do you have friends on the internet? I'm sure many of you have neither, but for those who do, how do you keep them as friends once you've made them? Sorry if this is too similar to the other thread.
>WWIII starts
>Draft implemented
>Army truck coming to your house tomorrow at dawn.

What do you do?
>be at work
>someone starts giving me unsolicited talk about mental health
>hr resources yadda yadda
>he's trained to look for red flags
>ask what brought this on
>well you're not doing working lunches at your desk like you usually do
>literally just started eating outside because I like fall weather
So I guess I give off pretty gnarly school shooter vibes for a 30 year old.
When was the last time you cried? Why you criy??
How do you live with the knowledge that your ara fetish has become perfectly normal due to your being 25 years old?
>drank away my weekly dole cheque 
>found only a package of dried spaghetti in my cupboard 
>oven is fuckered
>no microwave 
>no way to cook the spaghetti 
>eat it raw anyway
Although I appreciate smartness of attire, I do not usually pay attention to the perfection, or lack thereof, with which people’s clothes are cut.

One evening however, during a reception in a house in Milan, I met a man of the apparent age of forty who literally shone on account of the beauty, definitive and pure, of his suit.

I do not know who he was, it was the first time I had seen him, and at the introduction, as it always happens, it was impossible to catch his name. Anyway at a certain point of the evening I found myself next to him and we began to talk. He seemed a genial and civil man, yet with an aura of sadness. Perhaps with exaggerated liberty – may God have restrained me – I paid him my compliments for his elegance and I even dared to ask him who his tailor was.
The man gave me a strange smirk, as if he were expecting the question.

“Almost nobody knows him” he said “but he’s a real craftsman. And he works only when he fancies it. For a few initiates.”

“So that I…”

“Oh, try, try. His name’s Corticella, Alfonso Corticella, via Ferrara 17.” 

“He must be expensive, I imagine.”

“I suppose he is, but I swear I don’t know. He made this suit for me three years ago but he hasn’t sent me the bill yet.”

“Corticella? Via Ferrara 17, right?”

“Exactly.”, the stranger answered. And then he left me to join another group.
>backorder item I purchased has been delayed yet again

Covid has been such bullshit. How has it inconvenienced you guys so far?
>want to download a game
>it's only available in steam
>can't download it because I don't want to install steam
>can't pirate it because it's a free game so pirate sites don't have it

I challenge you to find a more stupid problem in your life.
In the hopes of somehow raising this dead board's pph.
Is it hopeless?
A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?
I realize this is both ancient and very obviously has to be trolling, but...
<watching a particular movie
<get to the soapmaker theft scene
<out of curiosity, search to see how it's disposed of IRL
<find this:
>Fat to Food Recycling
>Over the past few years, IRFAK had developed an optimal production system for making excess human fatty tissue acquired by liposuction suitable for human consumption. This tissue has been acquired by IRFAK by means of donations. In this, IRFAK had the support of several international clinics which have a broad spectrum of liposuction treatments at their patients’ disposal. One of our business partners is Gerven en van Iersel Cosmetic Surgeons.
>Highest priority at IRFAK is “to contribute essentially to solving the worldwide food problem, with the emphasis on making healthy nutrition accessible to everyone.” For our business partners supplying the liposuction fat the main goal is to reduce the costs of their waste disposal.
>Of course strict safety precautions are being taken when processing the waste fatty tissue. By means of freezing, heating and treating the matter using UVC-light frequencies, a product consisting of 100 percent fat with a sterile percentage of 99,8 percent is being obtained.
>That way, IRFAK guarantees a product that does not damage health and is free of any bacteria, viruses and possible residues of additional fluids used during the liposuction process by the clinics.
>17 PPH

Is there such thing as knowledge which should never be known to anyone and is best for humanity/the universe as a whole if it is kept unknown?
So my mom was driving me to the hospital. When we got out of the car and was walking towards the hospital i passed a balcony that was decorated with a rainbow flag. I thought to myself "faggot shit" and i just kept walking. When i was walking back from the hospital i saw the same flag and thought "faggot shit" again. Then when we got into the car i saw the flag again and i said "faggot shit". My mom said "uhh what?" Because she probably didnt understand what i said. I told her "nevermind".
I thought this was worth sharing.
Turk give me Discord Nitro
>looking up jobs associated with digital nomads 
>"must have a bachelor's degree in arse licking with 1-5 years (preferably 5) of experience
I should just create a company. Anyone got some ideas? I'll hire you and give you good benefits.
>the sun came up again
>awesome dreams are over
Ogrechan BTFO yet again by the boys!
Should i put my computer in my room or in my living room? Im moving into my new apartment soon. If i put it in my room i feel like i will just be in my room whole day and not really be in rest of apartment. But if i put it in the living room i will feel its unsafe because its not in the room i sleep in. Idk.
If Tanya posed like this, would you get in close and smell her farts?
Why was this allowed?
I can't sleep. Can someone tell me a bedtime story? Maybe it can help others go to sleep too.
convince me to take the vaxx
Let it be resolved DUCKS hereby formally declare ​war againts foxes in this board.
Duckanons rise up. We must exterminate foxes once and for all. Such disgusting lustful creatures have no place in the genepool. They must be captured, raped and then executed at once.
Im a good talker. I know how to keep a conversation going. The problem is im not a good talker when it comes to women. I will be moving into a "special needs" apartment soon and the "helpers" will all be women. How do i talk with them?
Who wants to try next?
Any good mmos out there?
ah fook i jus pooled me bek a secund time in two manths
The flags on 4chan are pissing my off. I'm gonna stay here for a while
Hello friends and family! I am looking for an image of a diagram/chart of all the imageboard software.
It was originally posted on 8chan's tech board in 2019:
Sadly has blacklisted the media files domain for 8chan and it's not on either. So if any oldfag here has the image, it would be much appreciated.
What's the best way to curb homicidal thoughts?
Does anyone have the full webm or gif of this meme. Or at least know who this is?
I just want to smoke some weed for god's sake.  Someone give me a bud!
I remember reading that a ton of right-wing militiamen in Ukraine were in support of Russia. That they are literally fighting on both sides. Are there any unironic ethnic Ukrainians literally fighting for Russian rebels?
>Look for Bible.txt online
>1.2 gorillion results, as expected
>Click first link
>Check it out
>Wait a second... where is Ecclesiasticus?
>Do research
>Turns out the protestants take Sirach and Wisdom out and still call it a Bible.
>mfw poor fools don't know what they are missing
My security blocks a site every so often that I never clicked. After looking up reviews of this site I could see that it was a scam site with malware. But I don't get why it would keep being blocked when I never clicked it in the first place. Is there malware on my computer
Dumpster diving proved fruitful!
by the way guys, remember "herdniggers" that tried to crash and make this their shitting ground and that are still desperately trying and failing to kill /b/?
guess what I've found?
they are a bunch of literal discord circlejerking troons, there's a whole thread about them on /cow/ and kiwifarms too documenting their shenanigans and if you don't believe me, see for yourself:

>/cow/ thread
>kiwifarms thread kiwifarms is being ddossed right now it might not open

they are literally and unironically projecting their impotent HRT rage onto us, they are LITERAL mentally ill, phaluis in mouth, suicidal homosex LOL and they still have the gall to call anyone a tranny ROFL.
so /b/, whenever you see their posts, remember what kind of "person" you are talking to and remember that if you're too hard on them, you might hurt their feelings so much they might try to hang themselves inside their closet.

ITT: post yfw you'll never be or stoop as low as a tranny herdnigger
Landlords: how to fuck with them?
Serious discussions of politics, current events, nigger hate and general disdain of kikery.
How do i make 2 days pass fast? Should i just binge watch movies for 2 days straight?
What happened to gassing the kikes racial war ASAP hmmmmmmm???
Gravity was just mathematically proven to be a big fucking lie!

anonfiles com x1Y508L8uf

what do u think? hummmmm
It would be pretty easy to kill almost anyone as long as you can meet them face to face. Just imagine carrying a big ass knife in your pocket, waiting for a moment when the other person isn't looking at you, and stabbing them in the stomach. That guy's going to be pretty incapacitated from that, and then you could just cut the fuck out of them.

There's a good chance you'd even get away with it, since unlike guns, knives don't exactly make a loud sound that alerts everyone in a mile radius. You could systematically erase everyone in your family and get away with it if you wanted to.
Disney kiddies could be made to be afraid of just about anyone. They're made of paper, that's why they act like they do.
Ethan Ralph
I'm gonna sleep at 5 am and wake up at 8 am the same day. Try your best anon, always give it all or give nothing. I'm going to try my best too so you must do the same.
Post music in this thread.
>tfw no vibrating gf
Tell me, how does this image make you feel?
r8 my new watch /b/

fuck this stupid captcha i had to do it 10 times XD
post higurashi things
this is a comedy series btw
Looking for 2 videos that was posted in a now gone webm thread on /v/. First one was rozen maiden dolls dancing to some song. Second one was of hidamari sketch putting on glasses with deus ex voiceover. 
>something something jayce denton
>my vision is augmented
The rozen maiden were dancing around some kind of magic circle or something. Looked demonic. I fucking forgot to save them and now they're gone forever.
I want a girlfriend
am i alone in this universe
When did goblins become bigger sluts than elves?
I have nothing but hatred for vtubers. Ive had to make sacrifices. But thats how deep my hatred goes. May they all burn in hell.
can we post anything we want here
japanese games and visual novels thread.

You know what, ignore this thread, create a thread for every game you like separately instead.
>watching someone play a puzzle game
>they enter a new level
>0.24 seconds in
>already see the solution
>they're stuck in the level for 20 minutes
Is there anything more torturous than watching other people play puzzle games?
Tf2 /v/ thread got deleted. Fuck your gay anti-fun moderation.
I've come to the conclusion that the wagie life isn't for me. Carding seems pretty simple and easy to do. My question is, why do vendors choose to sell hacked credit cards/fullz for ten cents on the dollar instead of using them themselves? Did everyone lie to me on the internet when talking about how it's safe as long as you have good opsec? The only reason I can think of is vendors are too afraid to use stolen credit cards.
>floating around with no work 
>real redneck type fellow offers me a job and free accommodation
>seems too good to be true 
>work is easy
>boss gyps me 15 minutes one day 
>sole coworker who's a spic is also jewed these 15 minutes 
>boss is verbally abusive
>calls us useless good for nothings 
>always demands me run to his truck when he shows up as if we're dogs
>made one job needlessly hard because he fucked up then tried blaming me I'm not paying attention when he's trying to explain how we're being lazy 
>jump ship to the nearest town 
>text boss to pay me 
>calls me up, tells me I'm disrespectful by not saying goodbye, shows what sort of character I am 
>spic coworker gave me a rundown of over 20 people leaving in the three months he's been there 
>I need to take a shit RIGHT NOW but my sister is in the bathroom
>Ask her if she's gonna take long
>"yeah I'm about to take a shower"
Currently writing this while I feel like my asshole is about to burst, it feels as if there's a truck inside my colon loaded with hot poo trying to push through the blocked tunnel. We don't have a second bathroom, I do not know any of our neighbours well enough to ask them to use their bathroom. I AM FUCKED, I NEED TO SHIT RIGHT NOW FUCK
Ten years ago I was in a "relationship" with a post-op tranny for two months. Since then I went back to my mother's basement and haven't left ever since. I have also gained 150lb and have become an incel. AMA
Currently torrenting: Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told
6 hour documentary on hitler.
Maybe i should torrent look whos back aswell.
how do you cope with something really shitty and disgusting you've done? every single time i'm happy a voice makes sure i remember i'm the guy who did that shit. every waking moment i have the same arguments in my head. i just want things to go back to how it was. i've become the person i'd laugh at and call a dumb faggot a couple years back.
I just realized where the word "teenager" comes from.

It means you're at the age of -teens (numbers).
More damning evidence that the ogre is a piece of shit and can't be trusted.

Picrel is gahoole's hacker forum account, [email protected] is the email he likes to use a lot. I know this forum account is his bickers it uses the same password he always uses, gahoole123.

 2nd pic is a post of his on the hacker forums. VERY not a good look.
I'm angry and disappointed. Angry and disappointed about normalfags.
Are women aware that they exist for literally no other purpose other than to attract males with their sexy bodies and get impregnated? I believe most men are aware of it, but whenever we have a public social interaction with women we must pretend that the perky pair of tits and tight pussy in front of us is just a person like us. 

Come on, get fucking real. Everything on a woman's body exists to attract males. Attract them for what? Well for sex obviously. Surely, women, and I mean 80%+ women must be aware of this fact too right? Are they also pretending that they are just mere people instead of fuckholes? Or are they so incredibly dumb to think they are like men?

I think women know it too, all these dumb whores on social media are proof of it. They start at an early age, usually around 13 to 14. They post pictures of themselves in sexy poses, making sure what their tits, legs and asses are emphasised. Even the more "innocent" women do this, though I don't know if it is instinctively or not. They all want to show off. Why would a woman show off herself? To pretend that she doesn't do it to attract males to pound her is fucking stupid.
My life's the same exact thing everyday, I can't get alcohol or drugs. I'm really bored of this shit, how do you get an easy high? Don't care if it harms me.
Arabic coffee is the best coffee and none of you motherfuckers can prove otherwise.
Also "Turkish", "Greek" and "Balkan" coffee don't exist, these are all Arabic coffee and they are trying to claim it for themselves. Make no mistake, this marvellous drink is 100% pure Arabian. 

P.S~ French coffee is faggot shit
It's true and you know it
I like my dreams so much more than real life. I hate waking up to the reality where I have no friends, when I had friends in the dream. It's like reading a good book, and then you never get to finish it or even read it again, and you will forget it in a day. I hope that when you die you get to live in a dream that never ends. That would be cool. This post is gay

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