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 Dress to impress!

Well, it's finally here. Gentlemen, I present to you my humble attempt at honest, wholesome entertainment. 
There is a LOT of room for improvement, so hopefully works will get better as I keep practicing.
I have quite a few ideas I'm planning, but if anyone has any good proposals to submit, I will give it my best.

God Bless.
Bring snacks!
People keep asking for loli space marine lately so I drew a really shitty one. IDK what shading is. Post your work, anon.
ATUMPTION INTERWEBZ!!!!: I HAVE THEE BADEST NEWS!!! as u all kno, i havbnt bean very active lately. that is bee cause MY DIARY HAS BEAN STOLEN (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ last i had it was at my skewl! so if anyone sees it, PLZ return it to me one and only, kiki! 

Last one >>160682 is bumplocked and on its way out. /b/ would be all the poorer without one of these, so here you go.

No means yes, yes means anal.
And it only cost him an ear.
Umisisters... not like this...
I have a few tetrabites worth of data stored on my HDD that I'd like to share. How to do this, preferably at no cost?
pic not related
why does this shit with js off put the typical redirect page when you click every link
like the web was slow enough to begin with now its twice as slow
i dont fucking care about your tracking shit im not a privacy autist
but your tracking shit is just autism as well. you arent fucking making or breaking your business for putting this dumb fucking misfeature in
only web devs can come up with this shit. web faggots are fucking invalids. i remember the very day duckduckgo started and all the faggots circled around with glee like they always do even the "hackers" and open source autistic trannies while i just sat back and wondered why i would ever give a shit about this.
do they actually crawl on their own? no
do they work without JS? barely
do they work without some bloated garbage like firefox? probably not
the web is fucking garbage that was obsolete in 2003, "web people" are fucking trannie faggots that should die in a fire (especially you faggots who feel all warm about "old youtube"). the web was never good, it's fucking pure garbage. bouncing around servers each having their own stupid autistic firewall policy is the dumbest fucking thing on the planet, like computing envisioned by some fat faggot neckbeard americunt get-rich-quick boomer
i don't want to open my browser and wait 10 seconds and then move the mouse like im playing a video game over to a corner and navigate to some page to get some basic info like lyrics or the population of a country, i also dont want to type this into google, which is stupid on multiple levels. you know what fuck it im just tired of explaining this, the web is garbage and youre a faggot beyond incompetence if you disagree
>be me
>showing my brother how image boards work
>hi zzzchan :3
>go on 4cuck
>nonstop tranny porn threads and BBC
I am not joking. The whole website is filled with transsexual and BBC pornography. I cannot tell if this is kikery afoot or if the youth of today really are like this. It was not like this 15, 10, or 7 years ago. I do not use the internet as much but I use imageboards whenever I do use the internet for basic OPSEC purposes and Jesus, it is unrecognizable. 
What is going on? Is this really false flagging? After Trump, sure, you would have controlled psyops coming in to break the usebase but this shit is in overdrive if it is indeed kikery afoot. For an old guy like me 4chan in its current state is unusable. I am not going to open a page and get spammed with gaping troon assholes with cum hanging out of them and a bunch of niggers from BLACKED fucking white whores.
You walk in
see this
what do?
>5 years flew by and there's still no true 8chan successor 
What keeps you going, /b/ros?
What brings you here, loser-kun?
What did you fail at in life?
What is the place you have to come here instead of because you lost?
Hidden user, what do you keep deleting? I, and maybe others, am really curious
Recently started watching pokemon indigo league and I haven't watched it in at least 2 decades now. I don't believe I've seen the whole thing unfortunately, my parents always rented it on vhs but at least I got to see the first couple movies. Maybe some of it is nostalgia, but I love this anime and think it's the best anime I've ever seen and Misty is the reason I'm into red heads 9/10.

I've also recently played Wildfrost and can say while it can be fun, it's mostly just a frustrating mess. If you don't have the cards to compliment each other, you're basically screwed and the forced diversity in the game really drags the game down to me 5/10
My brother told me that there was some Danganronpa fan who made a Danganronpa-style execution for some random dog in real life and posted it on jewtube or tiktok or whatever. Does anyone know if this story is true? Considering how insane a large portion of the western fanbase is, that sounds plausible.
>I can have 3 16 year old concubines that I can impregnate on a continuous basis
>I can murder whoever I want
>I can capture cunny and keep them in house arrest until they come of age at 16 at which point I swap out my grannified concubines and begin impregnating the new ones
>I can pursue genocide against Arabs and Blacks
>I can retake Alexandria and Jerusalem if I play as a Christian
>I can do the Crusades against the brown slime
>I can convert all of Europe to Asatru and kick out the kike-stick
>I can literally practice eugenics and only breed with smart, beautiful, strong cunny to produce smart, beautiful, strong chuds. 
I fucking love this game, holy shit. This was a great Steam Sale purchase.
>mooooom i cant put sun screen on now, its only 7 AM!! and then again at 10 and again at 1 OMG im gonna get acneeeeee
>i havent even had my kellogs
How to watch romance anime without feeling like picrel the entire time?
What's even the ranking in popularity of English imageboards? After 4chan, what's the second most popular imageboard? Sharty? And then the third, And after that it would be some webring board?
And about non-English imageboards, does anyone know how they compare in popularity to English imageboards? I've heard that they are most popular in Japan and Russia.
Is there like a database site for school uniforms (whether fictional or real)? Also post your favorite school uniforms I guess.
There is the expression of being "inside" a female when you fuck her pussy. But the scientific truth is that the pussy is just a separate "add-on" organ close to the outer part of the body (which half of humans don't even have) not really connected too much to the rest of the body. But the mouth and anus are extremities of the digestive system which spans the entire torso and has various other organs around and is connected to other systems, so only in that case it can be truly said that you're "inside" her.
Random shit thread
post in this thread to get banned, free of charge.
I got nothing else to do.
When I was looking for something on the 4chan /a/ archives I saw this image being posted to mock someone's supposed imaginary list of favorite anime. Some small amygdala negroes responded stuff like "my retinas are burning" and one of them even mentioned trannies. I just wanted to comment on it.
First of all, the anime on the left on the middle row (Hibike Euphonium) is not exactly "pure" CGDCT and has an "actual" plot (character/drama-driven), so I don't think that it's a good pick for whatever point the poster was trying to make. That aside, I think that MOSTLY there's nothing wrong per se with this list, with the exception of the anime right in the middle (Onimai) and fourth one on the bottom row (Zombieland Saga), which I can imagine trannies liking, since the former is gender bender (about a NEETbro drinking a potion to become a loli) and the latter allegedly has a tranny character (which ironically is a zombie, which is funny considering that trannies look monstrous in real life). There's nothing inherently wrong about a gender bender story, but considering this one's fetishistic and self-insert nature, it can be harmful for deranged westoids and fuel their mental illness (but Nipponbros have more 常識 common sense). Oh, also, if you don't self-insert and are attracted to xhim from an outside perspective, it's homogay (this goes for the resident autistic neet pornspammer, 笑 lol).
Though personally, even as a certified moe-god, I would say that only liking CGDCT kind of stuff by itself (also applies for yuri and other things) is a bit crippling because there's no male self-insert/anchor. That list needs more romance/harem anime (still big-amygdala and with lots of moe value, but actually with a self-insertable male MC). I can imagine trannies who only see anime as a way of projecting their mental illness and self-inserting as females strongly preferring the former and neglecting the latter though.
I've been binging Seinfeld and My Life as a Teenage Robot.
trance and ferraris while cracking code and hacking banks
industrial and CRTs while programming video game in your own engine written in assembly
which subculture should i commit to? note that THIS IS NOT AN EASY CHOICE as  the first has a high risk of v&
post hardcore and skateboarding while scoring girls
and why is there nothing like this for 2010s or 2020s?
Post frogs here.
You don't truly "get" One Piece until you read it by stealing manga from the ships shipping them across the sea.
What is your opinion on Jirai-kei?
What does it mean when people often call my genuine posts containing my real opinions "shitposting"/"trolling"/etc? Does it mean that I'm really retarded, or that I just have rare opinions that may look weird to others? Maybe both?
zzz/b/ is generalistic trash that will be forgotten without a trace. All its higher intellectual functions end at the 2hu Marionette Theatre, the rest is literally indistinguishable from any other image board with edgy shit. It will last forever like a grindy jrpg, until feds force a quick and unsatisfied ending, that's functionally identical to the one of the first thread.
While I hate zoomer speak, I myself have warned for years about 'slop': boards made exclusively to generate traffic and last, with no qualms about goals and messages. zzz/b/ is precisely like hay given to a cow, everyday the same bland feed that keeps hunger at bay, but provides absolutely no higher value than the most basic needs.
I hate sports, but is niggerball time and i noticed most european national teams are filled by niggers in its totality, why do normalfags tolerate this? football is bread and circuses, but now is also literally niggerball, What's the point of a national competition if the dudes who are supposed to be of a nationality to participate don't even meet this requirement? I'll watch football if the ones playing it were cute girls, but the feminine sections (apart from being a ZOG subversion) are all full of ugly dykes, this is what you get for expecting something from disgusting 3dpd
This said, the best sport is feminine beach volleyball, still 3dpd tho...
This has got to be the most profound and thought provoking piece of art ever created.
Bro this is the least funniest shit ever made
It seems like it is deliberately tepid so no-one makes fun of it for trying. “Teen in-jokes”, the show
Is it NTR?
Anon, had you had any close ones ((( coincidentally ))) suffer from an uncommon health problem you can bet came from the vaxx? If so you are welcome to share your experience on this thread.
this website sucks so much dick. I don't know how you clowns bear it.
Every hour that you spend orgasming you lose approximately 1 IQ point. Therefore if you nut twice a day amounting to 15 seconds, in a decade you lose ~15.2 IQ points.
That's also why whores are so retarded.
Post 2d brown girls.
How long can you go only eating instant noodles?
You ever watch police chase videos?

They used to have heaps of these kinds of videos on theync (RIP)
Right after the founder personally called them out for being degenerate freaks and threatened to come after them for the multiple felonies committed.
this seal causes page lag.
The board, much like the outside world, has been filled with too much negativity lately. So I wanted a thread about nice and comfy things to bring some joy. 
Share anything you may find comfy: pics, music, games, comicbooks, etc.
deleting posts is always butthurt
Noisy Neighbours

By god, if only murder was legal.

Share your ideas on how to screw over a noisy neighbour.
What do you think is the average amount of TV anime watched per year for someone who's enthusiastic about anime but does not "consume" it like oxygen? Counting different seasons of the same series separately, and assuming that most are 1-cour.
Anon, if you are frustrated with your life, why don't you just gaslight yourself into success? Isn't that what the legendary tulpa anon did? He opposed reality to the point it warped to fit his fancy.
Just be sure you don't gaslight yourself into retarded stuff like being a woman or that having a penis shoved up your anus is normal and healthy.
This is a response to book haters from another thread who wanted resources on why books are bad and why reading them does not make you smarter only make you feel smarter, well guess what you fucking dipshits. You learn Math from BOOKS, sure you put it in practice on your own but the knowledge comes from books you fucking smooth brained cuckolds. There are very good books out there but since you're fucking retards you'll never find them and I'll say GOOD, ROT with your shit fucking books while you whine about them you pathetic joke of a subhuman. You were non-white in your past life and it shows.
Should I buy it bros? I was thinking about getting a comfortable office chair but I think this would be much more comfy.
You're Essentially Giving Handjobs To A Man (You).
>Watching video of circa 2018, of a guy visiting Toys R Us for the last time before they close down
>He goes to 2 locations looking for a specific item which he doesn't find.
>Debates if he should go to a third location which is 2 hours away for a solid 5 minutes
>Finally hypes himself to go, saying he will never get another chance. I feel hyped as well
>Finally arrives. No stock of the item.
>Still he gets something else he was also looking for and is grateful for the experience of visiting the place for a last time before heading home
>Video ends. Check what he's been up to now.
>He became a tranny
I got a pit in my stomach. I hate kikes so much.
Is this the fabled wapanese beauty?
Post links to interesting pages.
I'm leading a fairly sensitive woman on as a schizoid and she seems into me. 
As I further this mess, I don't know how to dislodge myself from this ticking time bomb.
Is it kind of metaphysically cucked to love a 2D character (have a "waifu"), and to fap to 2D even if you're self inserting, because other people may love/fuck the same characters too? Is it rather better to invent your own character and not reveal it to anyone and only fap to your imagination of it?
i want her to fuck me up with her slippers like my mom used to
I've completely lost control of my life, hell, I don't think I was ever in control at any point in time.
Does it mean something bad if I have greenish piss?
Coincidentally matching the picture, I drink energy drinks if that's related.
It's ridiculous what lengths you have to go to make zoomers pay attention for longer than a minute.
Father Hunger

Anons with absent fathers... How did you deal with father hunger?
What even is the definition of a "normalfag"? Is it about following societal norms? About being socially active? About having a good social status and being financially successful? About being happy and feeling fulfilled? About having common opinions or liking popular things? About shunning people who are different? About wanting to depend on others? About wanting to fit in instead of standing out? About being emotional instead of rational? A combination of some or all of those things, or none of those?
So, a respected man who runs a business and has a family, but also hates jews and niggers and watches anime, would that be a normalfag? What about some retarded autistic NEET who lives with his parents, but spends all day on Reddit and watching anti-racist LGBT videos and playing Fortnite, is that a normalfag?
Is being a normalfag a binary state, or is it like a spectrum? What do you even call the opposite of a normalfag? Are you born a normalfag? Can you become a normalfag? Can you cease being a normalfag?
And the most important question -- why do we hate them?
I think that I'm partly responsible for the Dead Internet Theory because I like to repost posts that I find interesting and I also practice samefagging/falseflagging.
Russians have started to send women into the meatwaves. Is it bad if i wank to this?
I think it's about time we took these for what they really are: weapons of assault. It's 2024, there's no reason to have these kind of terrorist muscles anymore, we should imprison anyone who carries them around.

Sincerely, UK national security.
Last thread got bumplocked.
Do you like fox girls, anon? Good. This thread is for (You).
Watching v-tumors, or watching generic male e-celebs/streamers?
Assuming that you don't "donate" money to either.
Zoomer here. I have "my whole future ahead" but I don't know what to do with it. I have realized that the True purpose in life is to marry and have children (with everything else being a cope/delusion), but in the current age that's a very difficult and torturous task considering the absolute state of 3DPD and the shit economy, and it's made even harder by me being a bit of a sperg.
I could abandon everything and rot in hikkineet misery but that seems too bleak. A field that interests me is IT, but I don't want to waste my time frying my brain with college. Maybe I could try some freelancing or lighter IT jobs without joining the rat race and live a humble life, but I don't know.
Nihilistic niggerpill crabs can (Hide) this thread. I want realistic advice, not fatalistic.
Tokyo Governor Candidate Teams With AV Actress to End Nudity Censorship Laws
>The lawless Tokyo gubernatorial election has been off to a wild start, with perennial candidate Kawai Yusuke teaming up with AV actress Sakurai Miu to end nudity censorship laws and promote the importance of freedom of expression.
>Controversial vigilante YouTuber “Guts” uploaded a video of himself helping remove the posters after Kawai asked for help following the police warning.
Japanese Anime Channel Forced to Remove Yosuga no Sora From YouTube
>Eroge anime adaptation Yosuga no Sora ran into issues with YouTube guidelines thanks to its incestual sex scene when the Japanese Amazon Prime Video channel Anime Times tried to run the show on YouTube for limited-time free viewing.
Sony to Launch Academy to 'Nurture Anime Creators in Global Markets'
>The academy will aim to "[nurture] anime creators in global markets, mainly by Aniplex and Crunchyroll with collaboration from across the industry."
Japan govt. updates roadmap for 'harmonious coexistence' with foreign nationals
>The government held a meeting of relevant ministers on Friday. They revised a roadmap through fiscal 2026 to realize what they call a "society of harmonious coexistence" with foreign national
You have no idea how hard it is to be a NEET
Reminder that if you are 50% like this your internet usage should be restricted to Discord, and if you are 90% like this you should be thrown off a bridge.
If you like philosophy you're a tranny
2D hags are inherently contradictory and the people who claim to like them and call them "cute" are retards because Japanese Moe Art is based upon the principles of True Cuteness and Cuteness is based upon Youth.
It's like 2D negresses, most of the time they just have shit skin and that's it because nigger traits are inherently anti-cute.


Wouldn't it be swell to sail to different spots and look around?
Hello Kitty is so cute.
I don't owe society my labor
Say something nice to the Danganronpa anony who used to post here around one year ago but is now forgotten...
Neetbux arrived today. 1500 euro. Any suggestions on what to buy? I already bought a tv and a dac amp and new headphones last time
>Women hate you because you're an ugly autist
>Men hate you because you're an ugly autist
>Society hates you because you're an ugly autist 
What's the point?
Post about your backlog and discuss new additions to it. Help improve other anons backlogs.
Just watched detachment. It was kikeshit.

Previous Thread:
guitards where u @
This is my cat, he has homophobia
when is a girl clean again after she dumped her last boyfriend?
Your amygdala is a small part of your brain, but it has a big job. It’s a major processing center for emotions. It also links your emotions to many other brain abilities, especially memories, learning and your senses. When it doesn’t work as it should, it can cause or contribute to disruptive feelings and symptoms.
What is the amygdala?
Your amygdala is a small, almond-shaped structure inside of your brain. It’s part of a larger network in your brain called the limbic system. When it comes to your survival, your amygdala and limbic system are extremely important. These are parts of your brain that automatically detect danger. They also play a role in behavior, emotional control and learning.
What does the amygdala do?
Fear is the main emotion that the amygdala is known to control. That’s why your amygdala is so important to survival. It processes things you see or hear and uses that input to learn what’s dangerous. If you encounter something similar in the future, your amygdala will cause you to feel fear or similar emotions.
>However, research shows that the amygdala contributes to more than just anxiety or fear. It also plays a role in the following:
<Learning through rewards and punishment.
<Handling and using implicit (unconscious) memory, which allows you to remember how to do certain things without remembering how you learned them (like riding a bike or tying your shoes).
<Social communication and understanding, including how you interpret someone’s intentions from how they talk or act).
<Emotions that relate to parenting and caregiving.
<Emotions we connect to memories.
<Learned behaviors related to addiction.
How can I take care of my amygdala?
You can do several things to take care of your brain, including your amygdala. They include:
<Reach and maintain a weight that’s healthy for you.
<Eat a balanced diet
<Protect yourself from injuries (mainly to the head)
<Manage chronic conditions (particularly high-blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol
How do you know if your amygdala is damaged?
Amygdala damage disrupts your ability to feel fear or learn from it. While that might sound like a good thing, fear can be valuable. It’s how you learn to spot danger and protect yourself.
How do you calm down your amygdala?
Like many functions in your brain, your amygdala isn’t something you can control directly. You need it for many reasons, not just fear. But it can disrupt your life if it causes excessive fear or anxiety, or causes those too frequently.
Some things you can do to help counter the effects of anxiety, fear or panic include:
<Don’t neglect your mental health
<Find ways to manage stress and anxiety
<Learn how to deal with panic attacks
I'm currently in a losing fight with spiders. Every time I take down their shitty webs they keep building it back up with even more resistance and more webbing. Some of their webs have gotten in my face when I walk out my front door and every time I have to clear it out its back up again.
I've tried smashing them and spraying them but the fuckers are persistent on making their home on my front porch.
I'm fucking tired of people who come to my home pointing out the amount of spider webs I have around my front porch.
Did this fat fuck become a millionaire just by selling drama on youtube? So if his youtube got banned, he will lose everything?
What the fuck? 
WHY IN THE FUCK?!!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!? 
You have been warned.
I like tummies. I like tummies.
soup /B
ITT we seriously discuss utterly irrelevant, vague and inconclusive topics that have zero impact or weight on anything at large for several weeks, until we get to 450 replies and have achieved absolute nothing but waste time.

By the way, no, this isn't meant to be some kind of indirect, passive-aggressive nudge or critique of anything on the board or anyone here, I just want to do this for no particular reason.
dont wanna do webshit
dont wanna do vidya with trash like unreal engine that makes fags feel good about beating a million kids who dont have high end hardware
dont wanna sell made up shit like skins
dont wanna make a winblows app
dont wanna make phoneshit
dont wanna make enterprise shit
dont wanna touch open source scat
want to actually learn my toolchain when i code but will get fired cus the rest of the fags just copy paste code all day
dont wanna steal
dont wanna sell digital items like art that can just be copied
how do i maek money from computers without being a net negative to humanity?
How do I get my zoomer brother who spends all day on discord and jewtube to stop using braindead zoomer slang when talking with me? It's making me consider avoiding interacting with him.
Faggot ass meme tbh
Having a cup of tea.
Would you?
New Code Gayass episode just released.
What would happen if we watered watermelons, with energy drinks, instead of water? We would have an "energy watermelon"?
Ever since my childhood I've always procrastinated on everything and spent most of my time on distractions, even if the thing that I'm supposed to do is actually enjoyable. Even when I try to eliminate the distractions I find other distractions or just do literally nothing. Even with outside pressure, I end up procrastinating until the last moment and then half-ass it. I also come late for any events, which I think is related.
I've never been able to fix this, I think that it's probably genetic and it effectively makes me kind of a cripple. But maybe there is a special solution for it?
>inb4 there is no special solution, you just got to try to discipline yourself
I can't do it.
>inb4 drugs
Just no.
I think that I have low reading comprehension.
Post memes, no christian shit no soyjak shit no amygdala shit no man from movie smoking shit
just memes and angry comments.
So, what's your score?
mmmm nummy mmm
Hello guys, I have something I need to say to you all. Yesterday I was arguing with a moenigger here on /b/ and he started posting smug anime girls in every response he gave, and I noticed I got angrier and angrier. Not because of how retarded his arguments were but because of the anime girl jpegs. A fucking jpeg was making me fume so bad, I felt like a cartoon character with smoke blowing out his ears, I could even hear the audible train noise that accompanies this cartoon trope.
Now, we've all seen that image of the Cuteness Aggression pic that says people who hate anime have a small amygdala and distorted fear and fight/flight responses. I always thought that pic was a shitty meme copout by moeniggers, but after yesterday, I just don't know. Maybe it has a kernel of truth to it. Maybe I got so outraged because of my miniscule amygdala. Can anyone here relate? Why so smug anime girls trigger the amygdala so much? Am I a nigger? Or are moe crowd right about that image thats been reposted over and over again?
>be me
>minding own business
>in bicycle lane 
>cop flashes lights
>curves in front of me
>forced into grass
>awkwardly slam into sidewalk without stopping
>assume he drives off
>tfw sidwalk so broken it breaks spokes
>tfw it's a bicycle lane on both sides
>tfw cop has never been on foot before 
>tfw bicycle stolen and they never found it

Sonic Home Movies parody really good
Post your favorite youtube channels
Starting off with some anti-china channels i like watching
Imagine benig muttmerican and having to "live" in an environment like this every day... can't be me, thank gods!
So I've been keeping a journal for almost 4 years now (it's supposed to be daily, but I hit maybe half the days in a year), and sometimes I go back and read an entry from the same date last year or the year before. And very rarely I leave a comment if whatever I wrote 2 years ago is particularly cringy or incomprehensible to current me. And recently I came across a comment I wrote last year about an entry from the year before.
So I got to thinking, what if I just commented on stuff every year and commented on the comments in subsequent years and so on? It would be like having a conversation with myself. Eventually after a few years I would have a lot to read and reply to every day.
Is there any archive of 8chan? Specifically pre 2017ish
Larpaganbros... would you read the Bible if instead of reading it was listening to a Japanese ASMR?
The past few days I've been using this site a lot more because I've had more free time. What I noticed is that there's a large quality drop off from two years ago, or hell, even a year ago and now. I mean, at first I thought maybe it was just me being batshit retarded and dropping the quality of the board by just being a porn-addicted dumbass, but I can see this is not a one-person issue; you've got multiple people trying either intentionally or not to make this site worse for everyone.

And I don't have any solution for it either; discuss if you want. I just wanted to speak my piece.
Why the fuck do zoomers act like this? They should be shot. I rather convert to Islam than have to put up with this bullshit. Why are zoomers so cucked?
redpill me on drugs
clownflare down again for anyone else?
This is fucking awesome.
What's your opinion on Fascism/Nazism and people who subscribe to it?
Personally I agree with many ideas but I think that all ideologies are inherently flawed, and Fascists/Nazis especially are very LARP-like because of how anything surrounding those ideologies provokes an extremely negative reaction in 99% of people and it would take many decades or even centuries to undo that.
I can imagine there being many posters on imageboards who are confined in psych ward where internet is allowed and post from there, but is there anyone who got confined in a psych ward where internet is not allowed but somehow stealthily brought a phone beforehand (maybe put it inside his rectum or whatever) and posts from there?
gnigger is the new nigger
What enchants about the tank is that a tank moves forward even when it’s underfire, and if we want a life like that then we need the full armour of God so that when firy darts: temptations, distresses, hate and evil works come they bounce right off us; because our confidence and peace and joy comes not from nature but from God. And this is the tank of God: the treads of peace, the shell of faith, the schurzen of love, and the cannon of scripture; fueled by God’s own Spirit, it doesn’t take any other fuel. Dividing rightly good and evil, we judge no one, we announce the judgements of the Holy One and King over all the earth. Then we too will move forward even under fire and provide shelter and be a shield to those around us. Be a holy tank. Again I say a tank moves forward underfire, a lover of Christ held up by his Master whom is his path and example, he moves forward in times of distress. The apostle Paul says,
“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.” —II Corinthians 4
Everyone knows Psalm 23:
“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” —Psalm 23
That was sung 1,000 years before Jesus, yet in Jesus it finds its fullest fulfillment, being that He walked through that valley of the shadow of death on His way to His trial, being the Kidron valley where the dead are buried.
Now in the year 63 AD there was a disciple of Jesus named Paul and he sent a letter to his friend Timothy, he wrote,
“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.” —I Timothy 6
Two years later he wrote his friend again and said,
“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” —II Timothy 4
He didn’t keep the law, he didn’t do enough good, by the end of his life all he could say is, I have kept the faith, the faith in God’s mercy through the propitiation of our sins, the perfect spotless lamb of God. It is the times we lay down our works and lay ourselves under the cross that is when God’s Spirit works.
This month is named after the Roman idol Jupiter, if that’s not bad enough now certain licentious people want to name this month after the sin of pride, pride which is what caused the fall of Satan. Where’s the month of humility, well christians already have it, it’s called lent. A lot of people are angry and they say, Do you think homosexuality is a sin? Why care what I think, but what does God say, and the reality is we all know what God has to say about it, and that goes for all our sin issues; we know them yet don’t take them to God to begin a healing process, and yes medicine and going to the dentist is not always if ever pleasant, but what excuse then can we have for ourselves: doing what we know God hates. There’s a hymn that says, “Depth of mercy! can there be mercy still reserved for me? can my God His wrath forbear, me, the chief of sinners, spare? I have long withstood His grace, long provoked Him to His face; would not hearken to His calls: grieved Him by a thousand falls.” Isn’t that your history, be honest about it. Jesus asked His disciples, Will you also turn away from me? And they said, where else can we go, you alone have the words of eternal life. Just like today their were police in Jesus’ time as well (though every time is Jesus’ time) and some police officers were sent by the priests to arrest Jesus. After a while the police returned back to the priests and they didn’t have Jesus. The priests asked them, Why? And they looked at each other and said, No man has ever spake like this man. I love Jesus Christ. And you need power of words to turn even the officers away.
I`m bored. Entertain me plebs!
"People" who watch isekai for its escapist value as opposed to normal anime are browns with aphantasia because they need to self-insert as someone explicitly being transported from modern society to a completely different world, instead of being content with media that depicts a world that may resemble modern society at surface level, but under the hood is actually very idealized and different (for the better) from our world.
Apparently my mother is thinking of divorcing. I think it's just dumb and sad, there's no real reason to do it and it's going to bring bad consequences. My mother uses exaggerated English buzzwords like "toxic" and "abuser" to justify why to divorce, but although my father is a lunatic sperg with various flaws, he has never done anything objectively too bad.
I have two underage siblings and I'm a NEET myself... my mother would want to take my siblings for herself even though she has a lower salary than my father, and I'd have to start wagecucking too because my mother wouldn't have enough money to support me on top of my siblings, and my father does not approve of my NEET lifestyle and wouldn't support me...
The Bible says Jesus earned favor with God and man, and He grew in spirit and wisdom. Jesus did not have a get-out-of-jail-free card; He had no one to die and cleanse Him from sin and give Him a second chance. He walked perfectly to the point that our heavenly Father (being a righteous judge) owed Him eternal life, Jesus had no sin for God to condemn Him for, no trespasses, not for a split second was He a sinner.
So you want God without His anointed one? By all means, and I do mean: by all possible means gain eternal life on your own, live a perfect sinless life. In fact, here's a challenge: forget about your past sins for now, can you live a life like Jesus for your remaining years, do you even want to (I'll get back to that,) can you live like Jesus for just one day? Psalm 119 says, I do not let my eyes behold vanity, and Psalm 10, The wicked do not have God in all their thoughts. Jesus would never go to a hockey game unless it was to do His Father's will, that's how dedicated He was. The holy Spirit is what gives us new desires and new interests; our heart softens, our consciousness becomes more alive than ever. Some people they have a totally dead conscious; God says, If someone who is accustomed to doing evil could change their ways; then so too could a leopard change its spots, or a man the colour of his skin. You and I alone cannot defeat sinful addictions and attitudes and ways about ourselves, nor can I live a christian life, and who has the desire to anyways, we give up and give in. What's the point, I know smoking is killing me and those around me, I know porn is damaging my brain and relationships, but what can I so it's too hard, I don't have the desire to do what is actually good for me and good for others. But the love of God casts out all darkness. When God sends His Spirit He seals us as His children to inherit Paradise, and we want to do good. That's the funny thing, Jesus is the ultimate figure of the entire world, you know He is the perfect man whether you have faith in Him or not, and it's all because He simply did not do stupid things. He's the only normal person who ever lived, everyone else is an insane lunatic doing things that hurt themselves and others. Just by living a simple pure life, He worked as a carpenter for the majority of His life and then the last 3 years of His life He preached and healed people and turned His eyes to heaven and said, Father I have finished the work which you sent me to do. And he's the eternal King of the universe, He hardly traveled more than 100 miles from His hometown. He never started a rebellion or raised and army, and yet His words alone He turned the whole world upside down, to this day for all these years people have continued to proclaim to know Him and be in fellowship with Him by His Word and Spirit.
The Bible says all liars will burn in the lake of fire. Well I've told lies what can I do now? Mercy. I have no hope in anything but hell if I am judged by God, no man will be justified before God, yet we can be hidden through Christ.
The police. God has His own police force, even His angels that He will send. And the angels are looking for sinners, people with blood on their clothing, and they are already at the door. And what Jesus now does, He takes your blood stained shirt and wears it, and He gives you a new clean shirt, and the police bust into your home and arrest Jesus and take Him to prison and you don't serve any of your own punishment. Would a friend do that for you? I'll say this, a loving father might, the prophet Isaiah said the Messiah would be known as the everlasting Father. God to be God, a holy righteous just judge: must punish sin. We wouldn't stand for a justice system that just lets everyone off the hook if they said they're sorry and they'll change their ways; the mobster, the scammer, the brawler, people would make a mockery of such a system. No but where will our punishment fall, who will our punishment from God fall on, ourselves? Or will it be paid for 2,000 years ago at the cross of Calvary.
Every religion in the world is trying to overcome the sin issue, just be less and less sinful and be sorry about our sins and maybe God will accept us. Perfection God accepts and punishment must be paid. Christianity differs from other religions in this: our righteousness comes not from ourselves but from God from whom all good things come and all blessings flow.

"And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life." —John 3
>ywn look this good
why live
invidious is terminally addicting and making me dissatisfied about my life AAAAAAAAAAA REGULATE IT
>please turn off your VPN and refresh the page
isn't it racist to say this? there are only 4 billion IPs (IPv6 will never happen) and 7 billion people. what are you gonna do when anyone with a non shared IP is probably white? make africans and asians share IPs with 3 of their neighbours?
>google why im angry when im tired
>first result is amygdala
I couldnt believe my eyes. The amygdala spammer was right.
What are some mundane things that you hate normalfags do.

Giving dumb names to pets (like food names, calling a dog a name of a feline species, etc)

When they are rude to people who they have never even met

When they assume things about you that are wrong

Thinking the media is honest
Do you play chess or have you regularly done so in the past? Do you think that chess can improve mental capabilities?
Personally I was never really into chess but two years ago reading Umineko and rewatching Code Geass inspired me to get into it. I created a (pozzed site by the way) account and started playing there, and I also started reading articles and watching videos about chess, but... eventually I started getting frustrated by losing to pajeets, and I was also going through a brief rough period in life, so I ended up deleting my account and quitting chess. I don't know if I'll ever try to get back into it... it's an interesting and iconic game, but it's a time sink if you want to become better (and there are more interesting things to spend my free time on), and losing against others (even online) feels quite shameful. As for mental capabilities, I'm not sure. I'd say maybe, but supposedly at higher levels chess is ultimately more about memorizing patterns rather than thinking, though there are modifications (such as randomized initial positions) that address that.
It's so cool
>muh natural instinct
Yes the natural instinct for wasps to put their larvae eggs in parasitial fashion? Dolphins raping baby seals to death?, polar bears having a "kill on sight" policy towards evetything they see? naturalism is a mental illness that should be cured by studying insects for more than 30 seconds, those who look for "Natural" to justify moralism are profoundly ignorant and retarded, if anything nature valdiates all sorts of gay nigger stuff since there are homosexual animals, matriarchal species, hypergamia is pretty much a default across many species like cats and dogs...
Is there any good anime that is half moe/half fighting anime that has loli love interests in it who don't fight? Asking because I have a medium amagydala.
Are people who like spicy "foods" essentially masochists?
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ who has saved me and Him I love and care not for anyone else's nonsense.

The wicked and hateful have nothing of themselves, they are empty. We are full, our cup overflows. The wicked need to take from the good to have anything. But homosexual stuff, porn stuff, sending hate messages over the internet; it'll never fill your cup, no it will not satisfy you only kill you, I ought to know. And you will be full of fear. But we have assurance of heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ. Being with the street preachers has been wonderful. Someone came by and said about the preacher "Oh it's the Jesus guy again." Oh my brother was so happy, he could only ask to ever be known as "the Jesus guy".
Some people have this genuine curiosity about why we do it. Why do you spend so much time and money nearly everyday to come here? Even though the reason why is preached, it's hard to believe. It's hard to believe. But the Lord and the Holy Spirit is all real. And God gives us comfort. I rose up today in a strength that is not my own. I'm held together by the promises of God and I'm never alone. I don't know if you can comprehend Jesus' love, the depths never end.
Where do i find good fansubs? I mean fansubs that arent in cahoots with nyaa trannies.
The love of God casts out all darkness, The love of God casts out all fear, The love of God casts out all sin, The love of God casts out all hate, The love of God casts out all doubt. Then the man says, But where was God's love when such and such thing happened to me! We do everything we can to remove God from our life and ask where He is? We remove God from school and then ask where He is when there's a school shooting. We invent religions and ignore God and wonder about why there's fighting. Jesus suffered and was tempted as we. We have a high priest who can connect and understand us, My God my God why have you forsaken me. That's the call of pain from king David. We have all from the lowest to highest we have all felt a distance from God, felt far from God.
When we follow God's commandments God's love will be in us and we know it. But even without knowing it God loves us even while we are sinners, regardless whether you know it or not Jesus carried His cross and was lifted up for your sins to be erased, whether you want it or not, Jesus died for the whole world even if He didn't want the world but God's people. That's why anyone can come back to God and run the race, God will not throw you away when you make a mistake, even a big mistake. Peter denied knowing Jesus. There was a man in the Bible who had sexual relations with his father's wife, probably his own mother, and the Apostle Paul still had confidence in the salvation of his soul. Nicodemus was a religious teacher who didn't understand the new birth in the holy Spirit, Jesus corrected him, and Nicodemus still honoured the Lord Jesus.
This world is not our home, that's why it'll all be over in a short time. We don't belong here. Adam and Eve had paradise, and God says all the world will be paradise again with no tears and no pain. That's His eternal will, this life is short like a breath, a passing shadow small, yet God humbles himself to observe the poor and broken and evil.
Christ was crucified, for the love of the Father He gave His life for us. That we might be justified not by working for it but by faith in Christ, even we have believed that we may be found hidden in the righteousness of Christ to receive the reward of the eternal kingdom of Jesus Christ our Lord. If you've had a bad experience in church or with someone I'm, sorry, but man will let you down when you place your faith and trust in him. Jesus is perfect. And we preach for the love of all that all may be saved and go to heaven, doesn't matter who you are.
David Brainerd, one of America's greatest saints, he was dying of tuberculosis. When he sneezed, blood in the ground, when he coughed, blood in the ground. he said, It's not about how long you live, it's how you live that matters. He went as a missionary to the native americans. Would you believe that little man, dying there, a man who stayed with the native americans, they let him sleep in a wigwam in a beaten up old building, he hardly had a thing to eat he survived off berries, he wrote in his journal, I never get a decent meal but oh God is so real. Why did he do it? Because when he experienced God and was saved by Christ he was given a kingdom mindset, a desire to see the kingdom of God expand, and no one can stop that expansion, he had to go, to see souls enter through the narrow gate into life.
>My life in Portugal was an endless nightmare of the most dreadful things that can happen to a person's life. What this country full of crooks and obnoxious people has done to me, and to countless other victims every day, is so shocking that it could only happen in any dictatorship in a third world country...
Post metals, talk about recent bands you found or CDs or merch you bought. Keep it true, keep it underground!
>social media is making me dissatisfied with my life cuz it has a pic of a pretty person or something and im addicted to it omg it needs to be regulated
you cant make this shit up, what will they come up with next
I saw some anons earlier on here talk about how they've been getting headaches constantly. I've had the same issues, mainly where I get numb pain on the left side of my temple, which then moves onto my whole forehead to. These headaches I got were called tension headaches. So as I dug around to find cures, here is what I found that helped pretty much get rid of the pain almost completely.

These are some of the neck exercises I do now, tension headaches are usually related to sore necks, neck pain, stiff necks. (With this video, It's suggested not to do upper trapezius stretches as it does more harm to your neck. Instead, just hold your head forward, stretching your neck forward as well. Here is a video below explaining more)

If these doe not work, perhaps you have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is good for blood pressure regulation, so perhaps you're not getting a good enough blood flow to your head which causes you migraines. Either taking magnesium oxide or magnesium glycinate may help cure this. Hope this helps you anons get rid of your pesky headaches!
I remember the Burger King Pokemon and Digimon toys.
This... says a lot about society...
Trump was just found GUILTY on ALL CHARGES. What teh fuck is going on in America?
Stop being angry.
remember when covid first hit and these infographs were making rounds? was it all just hysteria or was a paid campaign to make everyone self jail and isolate from the entire world in fear of catching a cold? looking back it all seems so fucking insane that people were seriously recommending going outside in fucking hazmat tier equipment and going through decontamination routine as if it was literally the zombie apocalypse.
Many things that appear bad can be seen in a positive light if you want to.

For example you might think that women being coal burners is bad, but you could also think that it's a form of eugenics, it's making "race traitors" end their own genetic line and only leaving behind the ones who are faithful to their race.

You might think that third world migration is bad, but you could also think that it's an antidote to otherwise unfixable societal problems like LGBT and feminism because third worlders are a protected class and thus allowed to be openly anti-gay and beat women and call out jews and stuff.
I honestly hope all of you zzzchanners get tortured slowly in horrific, agonizing pain until death. All of you are subhuman cockroaches that should be genocided.
I want to save a thread with images but it only saves the thumbs despite me opening them all up. What do?
Why do you guys claim to be the only "proper whites" and worship Star Trek while you talk nothing like them? They don't use the words, "nigger", and, "faggot" in every sentence. They are an advanced civilization and conduct all aspects of life professionally. In contrast you look primitive.
I need to do great things in my life. I need to suffer. I watch all these animes with main characters doing monumental things in their lives, achieving great success, and suffering heavy failures, yet here I am, half-assing everything. I want to be like them; I want to suffer like them. I want to get my dick wet on a regular basis. From today onward, that will be my goal. I will study and absorb like a sponge. I will wake up at 5 AM and run. I will read my books, play my video games, and read my manga. I will learn my instruments, and I will learn coding until my eyes bleed. I will be the greatest hacker known to man. I'm not a genius, but I have the heart to do so.  Hikki are the ones with strongest motivation, since we are so fed up with the state of our lives. Nothing is more disgusting and painful than the guilt of a neet.
What does this picture remind you of?
>2001 family comedy tier movie
>dad in his lab on the microscope
>quirky laid back music
>trying to repair his smart light bulb to save 50 bucks
>zooming into one of the LEDs
>he sees a windows 7 boot screen
>then ubuntu
>then windows 10
>runs out of his room to the karen, holding up a disassembled smart bulb
>runs off to the car
Praise the Lord Jesus, always be with me as you promise. All mankind has gone astray in their own conceit. Thinking they are wise so that they may have an excuse to turn from God and turn to sin. And to attack others.

I see so many people in this city talk about "this evil thing happened, this bad thing happened, these people are so bad and did this bad thing! Where was God!?" Exactly, where is God? Where is He? Where was Jesus in those dark three days when evil seemed to have triumphed. We reject God and yet ask where He is? We do evil and blame the holy just and good creator? Yet after those dark days the Sun of Righteousness dawns and new are His mercies every morning. He comes to justify those who humble themselves and those who love Him. As for those who think they are something and come to destroy others, they will find the arm of God swung around to break them into pieces. But the meek will inherit the earth.

Anyone can be saved and be born again by God's holy Spirit. Jesus says those who ask will receive. It is the Father's will to give to His children His blessings and Spirit. Reject your bitterness and hatred and obsessions. "O waaah the crusaders were so bad and you know a catholic priest touched me as a child and then someone stole my cellphone and my dad died of cancer and I had a miscarriage and..." Grow up! I'll be very frank, grow up and stop your whining. Gird up your loins and do good, and it might be the Lord of heaven and earth will have mercy on you. But those who have no mercy will receive none but find themselves outside the kingdom of heaven never getting inside while they blame the person next to them, "but this person is a murderer! I don't deserve to be with him!"

"Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him."—I John 3

Grow up, get wisdom. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. But you choose to live in nonesense and vanity. God's Word is before you, His churches beside you, and His Spirit moves as the wind ready to inhabit those who seek God in prayer out of an honest heart. Enough anger and hate towards your fellows and realise you are nothing before God, nothing of your smarts or goodness. You know what happens when you can't forgive, can't move on, can't see a new day as a new day? Bitterness and hardness of heart and you will be defiled by it.

The Lord Jesus has died for all those people you hate, because He loves them even if you don't. Every evil someone has done against you every sin someone has sinned to your hurt, Jesus has died to pay for it so that that person could be forgiven with or without you. God is the ultimate judge and authority, Jesus is the chief party concerned in all offenses. Be forgiven and receive new life with Jesus Christ. Known Him.

Now how can I know Him? By reading the Gospels for one thing, but He will know how to lead you. His words in the Bible will speak to you through time. And His Spirit once you have experienced it, will guide you.
here catch
My glans requires abrasion.
<pink texting
/cow/ seems to be present today, so here's a loli thread to ward them away! Evil spirits out, blessings in!!!!!!!
Anyone else becoming increasingly more scared of death as you edge?, I remember not giving a fuck at 16 but now that I'm in my 20s I really can't get it out of my head and how much it will hurt

Tl:Dr death scary am I being a pussy?
who's your ideal loli girlfriend?
The official anime of zzzchan is Higurashi.
Post dragons.
please post your favorite 2hu pics, or favorite pics in general but they have to be REALLY good..
i'll start!
I like some sweet yuri but when I check places where people talk about yuri, they use words with bad associations such as "gay" and "lesbian", and often post gross things (like second half of pic 2 but 2D), and are trannies or anti-straight or something else. The western web is dead.
Is there an interesting-sounding explanation of why flat chests are attractive?
Who's the most powerful canon oppai loli in fiction?  Is it Maria Renard?
post amygdalambs
>2030: Through VR and AI, your waifu is now real.
Post cute girls in this thread.
This image makes the following seethe with rage
>Animal abusers
>Anime haters
Go ahead, try and prove this image wrong.

Pro tip: you can't
you are all a bunch of newfaggots from 4cuck.and it shows. You never were on 8chan. You don't even know who pic related is without typing your virgin cheeto fingers onto the keyboard to find out in a Judegoole search.
Can anyone prove me that books about philosophy, psychology, etc are not just a worthless waste of time for fart-sniffing faggots who think they're smarter than they really are?
Is religion just socially accepted mass-schizophrenia?
>t. agnostic, for all intensive purposes I count gaytheism and its crazy theories (big bang, evolution) as a religion too
How to find information about god reincarnation? You guys will think im crazy but i think im some kind of deity. Its not stuff i made up on a whim, i have been thinking this way since i was born. But how can i convince you guys though? Impossible, it is physically impossible to tell anyone about this. The way i see it, im the only one with consciousness. Its like controlling the main character in a videogame and everyone else is an npc. Thats it, you guys think im retarded right? But i have been aware of this as long as i remember. Im not here to brag, i just want to ask for more information about gods and deity. For me so far, no dream no events no special talents anything, total fucking silence and it scares me a bit. Im not a from a religious background so im thinking of reading the bible. Do anons have suggestions?
If so, why?
Kung Pow was aired on [adult swim] and they cut out all of Ling's flashing. She was allowed to say "Oh, man, I'm a little, tiny, horny honey", but a quick close-up of breasts covered by a thick bra and shots from behind of her robe opening were too much for the dying network.
i'm a 30 year old who spent his life dating preem girls and now that my looks are over will go into a incel hobbies like electronic music, streetracing, cracking/hacking, gaming. AMA
I heard my 7 year old sister mention the word "anime" and the word "Naruto". I just don't want her to become a fujoshit. Aside from the fact that male homosexuality is disgusting, I have seen some fujoshits in real life and they all were androgynous dyed-hair piercing-covered LGBT lowlife freaks that should be euthanized. Naruto and by extension battle shounen (and other shows with lots of male characters) are gateways to fujodom. I would like to direct her towards mahou shoujo and normal male-targeted anime with cute girls. I even believe that being exposed to cute 2D girls may be able to influence a 3DPD and fix some character flaws.
Though probably I'm just overthinking and she's not interested in anime and won't be.
>t. that anon whose sister mistook Ocarina of Time for Minecraft
This thread is for how much we all love amygdala. Post why you love amygdala.
It's fine and completely normal to feel absolute disgust when seeing a cute anime girl.
>B-But muh small amygda-
Is a pseudoscience meme created by neet, virgin, incel, altchan dwelling, weebs to make you like their shitty flavour of the month moeshit.
Damn it mon! Don't go through my stuff without permission!

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