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 Dress to impress!

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Well, it's finally here. Gentlemen, I present to you my humble attempt at honest, wholesome entertainment. 
There is a LOT of room for improvement, so hopefully works will get better as I keep practicing.
I have quite a few ideas I'm planning, but if anyone has any good proposals to submit, I will give it my best.

God Bless.
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Not a fan of TOE-HOES but you do great work. Thanks anon.
[Hide] (800.7KB, 220x217) Reverse
Wow nice
Unrealistic, Mystia would totally try to poop on Yewyewko before flying away.
Source: have to kick out dumb sparrows flying in through my window all the time.
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>>133939 (OP) 
Very nice. I enjoy.
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>>133939 (OP) 
this is literally too good, I can't even imagine the amount of time and effort it must have taken to make these, this place doesn't deserve this kind of OC, you should've posted it somewhere where you'd get some recognition
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Amazing. Thanks for making this.
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>>133939 (OP) 
Wow holy shit, you made this? This is extremely competent for an MMD.
Plenty of attention to detail here and a lot of fluidity on the characters.
I would advise you tried to encode the videos in a smaller size to get a crispier quality, otherwise good job.
>if anyone has any ideas
I want to see Keine impaling someone like a bull would.
Replies: >>136904 >>144644
upload on youtube so nothing gets lost
good work
Replies: >>144902
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>>133939 (OP) 
Nice work.
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>>133939 (OP) 
Holy shit anon this was very good, keep up the good work.
upvote i guess
asukafag browses this chan and thats enough reason to offer this OC upon it
Some of the gags kind of overstayed their welcome. Guess its nice if you were trying to appeal to that /jp/ crowd that thinks that kind of humor is funny. Next time just remember the rule of 3 and make things faster, too. Also cant help but notice some OOC reactions, I personally dont have a big issue with that but the more hardcore teens may. 

6/10 I look forward to seeing your next works.
Replies: >>145080 >>146441
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The attention to detail is remarkable, from the eyes to the hand movements to the small changes in expression. You know what you're doing. The fact it took you a month to post means this kind of shit must've taken a lot of effort despite it being 1 third as long as the other two. Well done.
Replies: >>136904
[Hide] (12.2MB, 1600x900, 02:25)
You are all very kind, the support is very much appreciated.
Thanks, reuploading for reasons.

>I want to see Keine impaling someone like a bull would.
Very well, I'll get to it. I have in mind something like Krillin vs 2nd form Frieza in Namek. Any preference for the one getting gored?

God Bless.
Not a fan of Touhou but your animations are good.
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thanks for keeping my skelebros employed times are tough god bless
Replies: >>136936
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Nice to see you keep it going, I can't wait to see the finished results nice Simpsons reference and pantyshots article
Good OC, on MY zzzchan? It's more likely than you think!
>there are skeletons posting amogus
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Really good attention to detail again, everything feels lively. What's with the baseballs though?
>panties of the week
Very nice.
If you were to take criticism, I would say dialogues feel a bit too long, so your videos always have a slower pace to them.
>I'll get to it
Are you really going to do it? Do something short, I genuinely don't mind, only wanted to see some horny action.
>any preference for the one getting gored?
Anon. Either that or Mucus, I suppose.
Replies: >>136957 >>144644
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>What's with the baseballs though?
bump  gud thred
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>>133939 (OP) 
Berry enertanning OP
have you considered making a youtube channel?
Replies: >>144902
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[Hide] (724.1KB, 640x360, 00:13)
How the hell did you do to swap all the models around? Did you have a save with all scenes you wanted to use in the video? I didn't know San Andreas was ground zero for 2hu autism.
Replies: >>138854
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legendary, this is the quality I come to this board for
[Hide] (274.1KB, 1119x582) Reverse
Really nice, anon. Well done.
Replies: >>138838 >>176544
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Who is this girl?
Replies: >>138839 >>176544
[Hide] (447.1KB, 569x643) Reverse
I don't know, but she looks like a nice person.
Replies: >>176544
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1280x720, 00:10)
Really great stuff anon, but I think the billboards for the site make it a bit dated. Excellent work otherwise.
Replies: >>138844
what do you mean?
Replies: >>138846
I mean years and years down the line when this site no longer exists people will have no idea what a sleepychan is. It would be better to have more funny 2hu pictures in place of the zzz pictures. I cant stop anon from doing it, but I don't think it detracts from the video.
Replies: >>138847
I don't see any problem with that, besides I only spotted it in one scene, unless I missed more, surely having just 1 more picture instead of the site's logo couldn't have added that much to it, I think preserving the legacy of the site is of greater importance.
Nice Mystia Izakaya restaurant. More buildings should be decorated like that.
Replies: >>138853
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I noticed the Adolfs at first but I had to check twice to notice the AJ Styles refusing to let faggots in.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:23)
There's been 2hu models for years thanks to the nips autism. And you also had Western fans making stuff like this:
easy bet that none of you have ever played touhou
I played the first and the second one
Replies: >>138895
Yes, and?
Replies: >>138895
And I have no intention of ever doing it.
Replies: >>138895
I've played the Classic Windows era of 2hu gaems, which is 6-9 plus 10.
Replies: >>138890 >>138895
[Hide] (199.6KB, 850x558) Reverse
I've played it.
Same as >>138869 minus 10
Replies: >>138895
[Hide] (36.8KB, 400x560) Reverse
I played this one :3.
Replies: >>138895
all secondaries
Replies: >>138896 >>138902
and that's a good thing
Replies: >>138901
didnt ask
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>playing the main series is secondary
Replies: >>138966
Not that hard to find touhou games m80, and the japs spam art of them all the time, so that’s an easy bet to lose. I played up to embodiment of scarlet devil, but I will freely admit I find western games around that era to be vastly superior and have sunk a tremendous quantity of hours into HoMM 1.
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how high have you climbed???
6+ ~ Novice
12+ ~ Primary
28+ ~ RSI
Replies: >>138984
cause i know you people mean playing as in opened it once
Replies: >>139020
[Hide] (11.7MB, 512x384, 06:42)
I'm above this list.
Replies: >>138986
Post your 1cc list then.
Replies: >>139032
I beat both routes of HRtP but didn't beat it all in one go, I did play the 2nd once however.
[Hide] (11.4MB, 512x384, 03:45)
There's few Touhou players. Posting my 1cc list would narrow me down to a single person. Your list doesn't include LNNNs or scores.
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[Hide] (985.3KB, 500x338) Reverse
>>133939 (OP) 
It's good OP, very good but needs more Kappa's.
Replies: >>180662
[Hide] (159.5KB, 800x450) Reverse
Having to bump sooner than expected.
Replies: >>143467
[Hide] (146.6KB, 600x600) Reverse
>Having to bump sooner than expected.
Tragic, especially for one as good as this one.
>>133939 (OP) 
holy shit this is excellent, why has no one turned the intro into a banner yet?
Replies: >>143502 >>143518
Ask the 2Hu specific board, they might consider it.
[Hide] (59.5KB, 300x117) Reverse
How's this?
Replies: >>143666 >>143667
[Hide] (353.4KB, 419x480) Reverse
Pretty fucking sweet. I just added it, congrats on it being the first off ratio banner in the list.
Replies: >>143667 >>143689
[Hide] (435.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Guys you're so sweet. Here, have the HD pic from the non-downgraded render.
Replies: >>143689
[Hide] (62.1KB, 300x115) Reverse
Thanks for the HD version. I've decided to redo the banner using that.
You're welcome. Please check if this looks better to you or prefer the current one.
[Hide] (30.4MB, 1600x900, 03:48)
Here it is.

God Bless.
Wow what a bitch, she could have just asked to split it.
Good video work OP.
[Hide] (20.6MB, 1600x900, 02:15)
You are all extremely nice, thank you for the kind words. It's very encouraging to know that people find something agreeable in this shoddiness of mine.

I would rather keep this our little enclose garden for now. If I ever make something worth preserving I'll put it on anonfiles or mega and pass the link around.

God Bless.
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[Hide] (79.4KB, 584x584) Reverse
Bumping over the ((( totally organic threads ))) that seem to be plaguing the site lately.
[Hide] (478.9KB, 700x988) Reverse
How do you do the Foley sounds? Do you do sound recording yourself, or get it from a library?
Replies: >>169124
LOL great movie you made there anony!
[Hide] (319.4KB, 746x900) Reverse
Berry nice once again OP. Do you by any chance have YouTube and Odysee channel so I can subscribe to it? These works are art deserve preservation and more eye's and ears to bare witness.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 4000x4000) Reverse
Preserve it by reposting it here. It's sad to think that all good OC must be put on YouTube.
[Hide] (938.9KB, 1344x1342) Reverse
>Preserve it by reposting it here. It's sad to think that all good OC must be put on YouTube.
It's just a never keep all your eggs in one basket/HDD/SSD/imageboard only in this case you can make endless copies of said eggs/videos and even go as far as to re-post them on sites such as daily motion, Bitchute, New Grounds, and maybe Rumblr if you wanted to torture yourself. I think of it as a form of free cloud storage that other people can watch minus all the creepy shit that comes with clouds.
I see it as a form of hyper autistic digital preservation and cataloging/organizing, it's 'free' and benefits both parties. It certainly helps when third party actors decide to re-post your stuff unless your one of those huge autists who cares about their 'ownership' of the 1's and 0's they decided to post on the open web. Sure in some instances I can understand wanting credit and all but of course you don't strike me as someone who particularly cares about that given your le anoymoose rather than a namefag, well nothing against individual namefags who actually contribute things of value to image boards of course but those are the exception rather than the norm.

Yeah I know managing six gorillion accounts sucks but it's not so bad if you use a good FOSS password manager conveniently packed on a USB stick/thumb drive/flash drive whatever you wanna call em.
Replies: >>153356
[Hide] (598.9KB, 720x579) Reverse
Delicious. Finally, some good fucking OC.

Though I gotta agree with >>134059 criticism on the pacing. Some scenes could've been cut in half, would've still had the same effect and they would've made the video shorter and more digestible. Like in this one >>144902 there's a shot of Rin doing nothing but driving and looking around for a whole 10 seconds which was absolutely unnecessary. Same in the Keine one, half the video is just walking:  yes, I get it, it's night, anon is walking through a deserted village and Keine is walking opposite of him out of sight. I get what you were doing, you were trying to build tension up switching from chaser to chased often to climax with the impaling, but the shots were too many and too long so the effect ended up being kind of weak. 

Regardless, they're still damn good. In particular the movements are smooth and the small details add a tonne of charm and makes them look more natural. I also liked the general direction, the camerawork, save for the pacing issue, is pretty creative. 

Next do Cirno shooting up her school because she got bullied for being a baka.
[Hide] (5.9MB, 1600x900, 00:26)
[Hide] (38.6KB, 160x240) Reverse
[Hide] (20.2KB, 160x280) Reverse
Assets Acquired

Credit be given to:
"はるか"、"ウボア" and "dairi" for the drawings.
And to "倉うどん" a.k.a. "rabittoear" for the pixel art.
actually funny
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x360, 00:12)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x360, 00:33)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 640x358, 00:45)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 640x360, 00:26)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 662x480, 00:22)
>he delivered
W E W  W E W  W E W  W E W
E     E    E     E    E     E    E     E
W E W  W E W  W E W  W E W
It's bretty gud, 5/5, though
>impaling someone to death for a free sample
I have no idea whether it's the full moon or her menstrual cycle that's driven her crazy but that bitch needs to get her priorites straight.
Alas I'm going to agree with both >>145080 and >>134059 here in that most of the scenes overstayed their welcome and dragged on for too long. The whole video follows a very classic movie-like approach introducing both the characters and the situation at hand, and builds them up slowly. I don't think you should've tortured yourself with 3 minutes worth of video for a gag that could've been much shorter.
That being said, you've got a great talent animating and it shows when Keine's seen swinging anon over the wall. As an idea, I'd have restructured the video like one of those CCTV camera footages you could find on sites like Liveleak for instance. Picture a camera filming the stand in a fixed position, with Anon walking in from the bottom of the screen. Just as he's casually seen strolling he slowly approaches the stand to check out what it's all about. However, just as he's seen suddenly turning his head a horned whore appears charging at him at lightning speed from the top of the screen, impales him then juggles into the other side of the wall. To serve as a conclusion, you'd have the footage from another camera at the other side of the wall filming a stand owned by another 2hu, only for Anon's flailing body to drop from the top of the screen and crash the entire stand. All of this action could very well fit into the span of 15~20 seconds and, given the format, the brevity would be justified. The videos here are meant to serve as an illustration of how these videos go, with the 2nd one being the best example even if it's too fast-paced.
Replies: >>146453 >>159075
What is it with chinks and jumping down elevator shafts?
Replies: >>146462 >>146463
Too busy to know how elevators work but also too busy to stop and think about where you are going so much as thinking 'hurry hurry'. Sleep deprived rice farmers try really hard to get into the city and then....
Also, China is pro-suicide.
>>133939 (OP) 
What ever happened to the 2hu VN guy, anyway?
Replies: >>148787
For all I know he either left or is just lurking, which is a shame because he's the other 2hu anon on /b/ that made good OC.
Replies: >>148790 >>153342
[Hide] (183.6KB, 500x366) Reverse
you jest
Replies: >>148835
Like I said I have no clue where he went. Maybe he's still lurking here.
The 3d animations with just anime girls is pretty gay though. You should put luffy, goku, and naruto in there next time, that would be cooler.
Replies: >>148860
Go back.
[Hide] (4MB, 800x450, 00:04)
Bump. Credit goes to Tamo for the marionette and to Disk for the stage.
Replies: >>151397 >>153300
needs this sfx https://youtube.owacon.moe/watch?v=6TP0abZdRXg
Replies: >>152201
[Hide] (78.9KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
Upload your stuff on Newground then, yes that site still exists... Somehow.
Replies: >>152201
You could also upload it to Vidlii. They got rid of the 480p limit and you won't get banned for saying nigger.
Replies: >>152201 >>153356
[Hide] (249.2KB, 737x828) Reverse
Nice website. Will be following these channels.
Flash is a treasure and should be preserved. Flash content shaped me when I younger.
Vidlii captures the pre-YouTube feeling well but also has its own interesting community. It's a good place to listen to censored songs about niggers. I hope they keep developing it and that it gets more support.
[Hide] (196.9KB, 838x450) Reverse
Finally got around to watch those. I'm impressed by your work, anon. Please continue doing these. Do we get a longer version of the Remi one?
Replies: >>159075
Whatever happened to the guy who made the Tewi VN?
Replies: >>153342
>Yeah I know managing six gorillion accounts sucks but it's not so bad if you use a good FOSS password manager conveniently packed on a USB stick/thumb drive/flash drive whatever you wanna call em.
Why not use the same password for every site.
I have been using the same pass (very short and consisting of a simple patter) with minor variations on every site since I was nine and I've never been haxed as far as I know
>They got rid of the 480p limit
Soulless.... :((
[Hide] (219.1KB, 600x165) Reverse
((( The retarded jannies ))) should sticky masterpieces like this thread, and not retarded shit like liru shantae nigger debates
[Hide] (993.9KB, 800x660, 00:10)
Bumping, this just went down from page 7 to 15 in a few hours.
I'm almost done with something, God willing, it should be ready in a week or so.
[Hide] (88.4KB, 748x980) Reverse
Is she walking?
Looking forward to it
Someone necrobumped a bunch of old threads like a retard. It's basically the only form of spam that's not bannable.
Replies: >>159081
if fish had legs would they still go glub glub on land
[Hide] (29.7MB, 1600x900, 05:42)

I'm very VERY glad to see you guys like this, despite its remarkable shortcomings. Most of them due to me being an idiot that doesn't take the time to plan properly and keeps rushing it.

>Next do Cirno shooting up her school because she got bullied for being a baka.
I thought about something like this a while ago. Will get around to it.

>Do we get a longer version of the Remi one?
Not for now, there are a few things I want to make first.

Answered that here >>144902

God bless you guys.
Also, some scenes look pixelated like hell because of the downgrading. Don't despair, more on that soon.
[Hide] (149.7KB, 912x675) Reverse
It's called forum sliding and it's an old imageboard manipulation technique.
Replies: >>159301 >>164700
>Next do Cirno shooting up her school because she got bullied for being a baka.
God I wish I did that when I used to go to school
Good as always. I have them all saved on my drive in case this thread slides off or something.
One thing though, is that I think your animations sometimes have minor pacing issues, namely some scenes dragging out a lot, but that filters tictac-addicted kids so maybe, on the contrary, that's a positive aspect.
[Hide] (546.2KB, 329x498) Reverse
[Hide] (577.9KB, 1280x904) Reverse
No wonder the site has been getting spammed. Another ZZZChan Production landed. Thanks for uploading.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 404x270) Reverse
Here's the Mega link to the original WMV files. Now you may all witness half an hour of mediocrity in all its HD glory:

[Hide] (1.7MB, 1600x900) Reverse
Nice. I was saving them but this is even better.
[Hide] (167.3KB, 1207x1284) Reverse
Fantastic work as always. Thank you Eirin-sensei for the advice too.
Nice, I will download the shit out of this folder. Thanks a lot.
you haven't addressed the pacing issues
Replies: >>159246
[Hide] (7.5MB, 1600x900, 00:10)
You're right anon, this is unacceptable, here's the fixed version.
Replies: >>159247 >>159255
Can you upload the short videos too?>>159246
Replies: >>159251
[Hide] (120.6KB, 1344x539) Reverse
Sure, there you go.
Replies: >>159262
[Hide] (6.8MB, 640x360, 02:19)
[Hide] (512.1KB, 850x848) Reverse
Thanks man.
[Hide] (44.1KB, 446x600) Reverse
[Hide] (402.5KB, 414x545) Reverse
That Eirin model is the same one that was used for the San Andreas mod.
see >>159081

>zoomers don't even comprehend what sliding something off a catalog would mean
How new are people anyway? Also, this necrobump shit, no one said that shit in the past. Neophilia indeed, but this sliding autistic is far far worse. It's literal jealousy for someone to do it to this particular thread.
Replies: >>159337
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1600x900) Reverse
If there is indeed someone attempting to slide this thread out of spiteful envy, I consider that a fine compliment. 
Anyways, it's up to whoever visits this board to check the catalog for content and not just sit on the index at the mercy of whoever is flooding the site that day.
[Hide] (794.7KB, 1000x869) Reverse
Bump. And addendum to >>136904 
Forgot to give credit to Nakao for the Yuuyuuko model used in the newspaper and to xi-on's album artist もにかにこ for Okuu's portrait.
Also the .wmv got corrupted somehow, so I'm adding the .mp4 to the list (luckily, it was the one least affected by compression, so nothing was lost.)
Replies: >>161707
You got some great music taste there MMD anon.
Highly enjoyable.
Thank you for getting rid of the captcah.
[Hide] (6.2MB, 800x450) Reverse
So you pinned it, very nice. Though I wish I had more to upload at hand so I could make it worth the space it's taking.

The model is by 鯖缶 (@number359) but the little red balls in the neck were taken from たけ's Nitori (@TTakemodel)
The motion was made by いそビー (@isobe_fry)
Replies: >>161980
[Hide] (41.7KB, 548x416) Reverse
pacing issue, also the vaccine thing at the end felt very forced and was out of touch. covid was like 2 years ago, noone gives a shit anymore and you're preaching the choir while also spreading the wrong message, it's not all vaccines that are bad, just the experimental ones released without proper testing to profit off of the mass hysteria, like the covid one. it's a good job regardless of the pacing, I just wish you'd listen to the advice and shortened or got rid of unreasonably long cuts instead of passive aggressively ignoring constructive criticism like a woman.
Replies: >>161947 >>161960
Well done, I will never have cute bunnies to order about but it's nice to see that 2d land is flush with them.
There's nothing wrong with the pacing. Distrusting vaccines and being religious go together.
>slow pacing le bad (everything needs to fit my 8 second attention span)
>religion is le bad
>vaccine is le good
Smells of Reddit/Tiktok...................................
[Hide] (57KB, 378x507) Reverse
>not all vaccines that are bad
Glow harder nigger
[Hide] (197.7KB, 800x800) Reverse
I actually had seen that before on Nico, nice to see you using that motion. I don't have a problem with you taking your time, your stuff is really good despite its issues.
List of V-Tubers to get banned:
Gawr Gura
Yuko Yurei
Riro Ron
Replies: >>162036 >>179067
[Hide] (150.2KB, 744x681) Reverse
Patchy is the only VTuber I need
Replies: >>162106
>>133939 (OP) 
pure trash
>Actually editing spades onto teens to own da zoomies
Why are all Millennials pedophiles?
Replies: >>162110
avatardomo thread
>Patchy is the only VTuber I need
That's not how you spell Snuffy.
Is Gahoole and other tvtroons doing those awful edits and seething about "zoomers".
[Hide] (26.2KB, 348x494) Reverse
I can do the captcha for new threads without too much a of a problem, but when i try to report someone it never works, even though i select the "solid" (very misleading way to describe the black shapes) shapes.
Replies: >>162153 >>162335
[Hide] (55KB, 786x444) Reverse
Replies: >>162160
>there are FIVE columns! 

Said no Picard, ever.
Nah there pretty good overall, I especially liked the whitest kids you know one
Replies: >>163211
I honestly think an ai voice would complement your videos pretty well. Highly recommend it
Replies: >>162337 >>163211
refresh the page. When you have done/failed the captcha sometimes it wont work again until you refresh the page to reset
Replies: >>163211
[Hide] (501.4KB, 1800x1200) Reverse
Initially I had my doubts about the mods choosing to sticky this one, but the last couple hours of non-stop sliding have shown me what a wise decision it was.
The slider wouldn't let this thread be sled off, because it's cool and high-effort.
>t. I personally know the slider
[Hide] (404.5KB, 865x1000) Reverse
they did it to slide the guitar thread because they're mad they can't play it
>thread from months ago needs to be artificially kept afloat because it's one of the very very few OC products the site has to offer
i don't like the sliding as much as you but this is pretty sad behaviour, seems the admins tend to forget often how this board is /b/ - random, not /b/ - what the admins like and nothing else
let the course of /b/ activity resume organically
Replies: >>162785
[Hide] (492.1KB, 576x613) Reverse
your entire post can be summed up as
>mods shouldn't moderate and I should be allowed to delete what I don't like by sliding the entire board with 200 spam posts
I'm sorry that you're upset that there's oc on the board and it gets preserved, actually nevermind I'm not sorry I'm happy and I hope your butthurt increases exponentially to the point you have a breakdown and cry like the little disingenuous bitch nigger you are
Replies: >>162882
[Hide] (922.7KB, 480x360, 01:00)
We lost kiki's diary. I will never recover. Hopefully the fellow reposts it.
Replies: >>162987
>>133939 (OP) 
Incredibly good stuff. I'm proud of you, anon. I look forward to seeing more of this.
You want to cut off your nose to spite your face? fine
See where it gets you, bootlicker kek
Replies: >>162883 >>164853
>no argument
sounds about right
Replies: >>162967
Pretty much anyone who says "kek" is a total retard, you shouldn't expect much from them in general.
[Hide] (316.4KB, 1536x1536) Reverse
and nothing of value was lost
Replies: >>163012
I enjoyed it. Kiki was cute.
[Hide] (14.7MB, 1600x900, 01:34)
Guys you're all so nice. 

>AI voices
The thing is that I don't know enough japanese yet to make decent dialogue with it. And I'm not sure I like the idea of 2hus with english voices. Apart from that, there's a lot that goes into voice acting (ie: intonation, emphasis, etc.) that's very hard to pull off with the machine.
THAT SAID if there's anyone with know-how who wishes to add AI generated voice-overs (Either nihongo or engrish) to the works, they're welcome to try an post the results here. I think that could be a lot of fun.

That's nice, but I must clarify that video isn't mine, though I'm glad anon posted it.
Does it have a mind of it's own or is it  apart of her?
[Hide] (32.2KB, 500x500) Reverse Replay
Incredible thread. Love me some 2hus.
Replies: >>163520
[Hide] (1.5MB, 417x394) Reverse
Thanks for the video. That second song goes hard.
>AI voices
I don't know how advanced they are but if they do sound good it could work. Honestly I still prefer the subtitles.
Nice kaki.
[Hide] (164.9KB, 293x413) Reverse
[Hide] (162.4KB, 224x443) Reverse
For a second, I thought those were a matured Satoko and Rena from Higurashi (until I saw the girl in the background, which  didn't remind me of anyone from Higurashi).
Nothing more keyed than this exists in the universe
Is it just me or is the paste link dead/removed
Who cares if it's japanese voices or not, as long as they sound good and aren't pozzed (which is all on you if they are or not) then it's fine
Replies: >>164726 >>164747
[Hide] (883.3KB, 404x402) Reverse
>Who cares if it's japanese voices or not
t. amerimutt irony-weeb
Replies: >>164747
Voices don't have nationality, you dolts.
Replies: >>164779
[Hide] (32.3KB, 894x817) Reverse
>Voices don't have nationality, you dolts.
didn't read, i agree
[Hide] (2.9MB, 498x371) Reverse
>t.faggot who tried to slide this thread and is butthurt mods did their job
cry about it
Replies: >>164871
[Hide] (21.8KB, 627x970) Reverse
Replies: >>164887
>mfw didn't take the vaccines
Feels good, anon.
Replies: >>165479
go back and take ur shit with you
Replies: >>164943
I'm the sheriff around these parts
You can always use Yukkuri voices for the perfect lazy option. you might have to dig a little for soft talk, but there is http://yukkuritalk.com/ if you are retarded.
Replies: >>164968
Whatever happened to this
Replies: >>165531
[Hide] (798.2KB, 1200x1680) Reverse
whats wrong with vax?
i mean i think its pointless now but i got it and nothing bad happened
Replies: >>165480
[Hide] (19.8KB, 479x479) Reverse
Misaka avatarfag is a vaxxie golem
This one seems to be much better than the other one (unless there's something I'm missing)
[Hide] (63.3KB, 451x600) Reverse
>Not yet.
its been 3 years
Replies: >>165540
>he posted it again
Replies: >>165623
>noooo not  the vaxerino that is against my political position im only an environmentalist now that liberals have moved from that position btw im totally not a fucking retarded normalfag cancer
>yeah you disagreed with my retardation, that means you posted it again
YOU posted it again
>vaxnigger still stirring shit
Retard corona is over, stop trying to revive this shit for fucks sake god I wish I could kill you myself.
[Hide] (880.8KB, 750x1000) Reverse
bro WOT DOH FOK y r u  so mad like i just asked whats wrong with vax cus someone said it can kill u or smth ur buggin
Replies: >>165706 >>165793
[Hide] (197KB, 736x605) Reverse
>types like a zoomer
>took the clotshots
[Hide] (141.3KB, 768x1024) Reverse
shut up wigger SHUT UP
Replies: >>165774 >>165793
Yep, it's the asukafag.
Surely there's funnier less stale ways to get (you)s than this.
Don't think I ever said it was nigger foot licker.
[Hide] (529.2KB, 1920x1080, 00:29)
Stuff is getting cooked.
This is very cool. I don't know much about 2hu but I like the animation. What was this made in? What's your workflow like for animating?
Replies: >>169124
[Hide] (693.9KB, 800x800, 00:14)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1632x773) Reverse
[Hide] (129.6KB, 1465x1044) Reverse
I use a combination of sites, mostly this three:
Along with youtube and sound libraries I get from soulseek, mostly the "hollywood edge" collection.
Sorry for taking so long to answer, I just kept forgetting.

The animation program is MikuMikuMoving, an updated equivalent to MMD that offers massive improvements to speed and quality of life (like keybindings, bookmarks, better mouse control, etc.), see: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Le5nSKbIv_k for more info.
The editing software I'm currently on is Vegas 18, though I'm looking into Kven or Corel to see if they can offer better results.

The pipeline for the productions goes as follows:
1-Coming up with idea that might be worth the effort.
2-Planning and storyboarding the scenes and writting dialogue (roughly sketched on some rolls of paper I have lying around and written on text documents).
3-Gathering the necessary models (usually from Bowroll, Nicovideo or Devianart).
4-Setting up the storyboarded scenes on MMM and animating them. (This is a really long step)
5-Rendering the AVI file/s.
6-Editing the video.
7-Gathering the necessary sfxs and music. (On Soulseek and the above mention pages)
8-Adding the sound (and editing it as necessary either with audacity or adobe auditon) to the project.
9-Rendering a low res version for captioning.
10-Making the captions loading the low-res wmv to subtitleedit (https://github.com/SubtitleEdit/subtitleedit/releases)
11-Loading the captions into the Vegas project.
12-Rendering the final WMV file.
13-Turning the WMV into mp4 with FFmpeg.

I might do an indepth video showcasing all of this, though I still have a lot more I need to learn first.
what in the goddamn that's more effort than I put in anything in my life
I recommend you using aegisub for the captions. Is basically the same but you can do cool effects like those in anime openings if you want. And instead of rendering a low res video and then rendering again. What I do is making the captions with the high res video and then just use VLC to render the video with the captions which is faster than using the video editor.
Replies: >>170725
You can just use ffmpeg to burn in subtitles, no?
Are you a NEET?
you broke something, I can't scroll down in big threads or in overboard
Replies: >>170578
Unable to replicate, post a screenshot
Holy shit that's incredible, thanks for the explanation.
I don't know, wouldn't that cause artifacts?
[Hide] (2.6MB, 800x450) Reverse
Despite a serious lack of diligence, the animation part for the current production is around 70% done. It will rather short, but sweet, God willing.

Reisen by Flick (@flick996)
Replies: >>171020 >>171024
This looks great. Looking forward to the full video.
Where'd she get the MG36? I read that H&K stopped producing them, unless that's the coveted MG36LE (lunar export)?
[Hide] (5MB, 600x337) Reverse
I can say there are more keyframes saved today than there were yesterday. There's still quite a bit to go.

**This is Arlvit's Youmu (https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im11149598).
But the Ghost was taken from Okuto's model (https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im10736060).
And the slash lines were made by 鍵束 (https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im2918413). **
Replies: >>172908 >>172982
that walkcycle looks a bit awkward like she's on stilts, the weight of her upper body doesn't look like it's shifting properly and the momentum of the slashes  looks stuttery
Replies: >>172909
I know. The motion wasn't meant to be looked from this angle nor this close. You'll see later, God willing.
Is this from the same video with the lunarian rabbit?
Replies: >>173035
Yes, this one, >>166931
it looks good, keep going anon
Spoiler File
(668.5KB, 1598x898, 00:04)
It's getting there.... (Minor spoilers)
Replies: >>174195 >>174243
I'm excited to see the full animation, I'm sure it'll be really great RIP Hatate
me on the right
solid stuff. nice to see some content like this
[Hide] (2MB, 1600x900, 00:23)
Sort of...
[Hide] (175.7KB, 507x340) Reverse
I was going to ask why you used flick's old model instead of Nikumuni's, but now I see why.
Nice. Thighs need to be bigger though.
Replies: >>175410
[Hide] (507.6KB, 512x343) Reverse
I agree with >>175391, there needs to be more meat surrounding the bone.
cp is posted in the thread. MOOOOOODDDDSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MMDanon, are the multiple timelines for bones in MikuMikuMoving that helpful? Or do you use them in any significant way?
Replies: >>175995
[Hide] (20.2KB, 572x280) Reverse
If you're referring to the overlapping timelines that can be added to the same bone, that's extremely useful. And I've come to make use of them all the time.
For example, lets say I make a motion consisting of three keyframes of an arrow flying through the screen in an arc. But when I'm done I notice the entire motion is slightly lower than where I wanted it. In that case I could:
A)Go keyframe by keyframe and raise the Y axis. (The slow and painful method)
or B) Just create a new timeline for the arrow bone, and add a new keyframe at the beggining of the motion that raises the Y axis for all other keyframes at once. (Which saves a lot of time and effort)
Replies: >>176074 >>177411
Interesting routes there. Which is preferable?
[Hide] (180.8KB, 400x600) Reverse
[Hide] (380.8KB, 400x566) Reverse
Koguma https://anidb.net/character/109968 from Super Cub https://anidb.net/anime/15260
Late in responding back, but that explains things better. I never got a chance to really experiment in MMM over MMD, but there were a few times I needed to do what you said, and having that option would have made things go smoothly. Then again it feels like the potential problems with effects was also an issue, but just exporting motions would work anyway.
Replies: >>177415 >>180857
[Hide] (45.7KB, 572x914) Reverse
Effects aren't that big a problem, most of the worthwhile ones have been made MMM compatible by now. Problem is they're all over the place.
>shills for blacked.gov
rly makes u think
Replies: >>177775
i think thats a privated board on 8nigger at that
nice job op btw
Replies: >>178484
I second this
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1488x836, 00:21)
The animation is done, now it's just making the credits look pretty and adding the sound. God willing, at this pace it should be over by around Christmas.

Reimu's head was made by @otakaranohako, and her body was put together by Nidoru-RS.
The orb was made by Tamo.
Is Reimu most powerful 2hu?
[Hide] (570.9KB, 676x767) Reverse
Indeed, Reimu's fantasy nature defeats every natural law.
>List of V-Tumors to get banned:
Replies: >>180043
In the land of gensokyo, Reimu has to be the most powerful 2hu in order to get more donations
Replies: >>179389
[Hide] (355.1KB, 600x680) Reverse
Nice, thanks for the update and for that Reimu.
Replies: >>179965
I never did figure out how to combine different parts of models in PMX Editor that well. Even if I regularly had to make IK edits for the hands. How do you do this as an example?
Replies: >>180857
[Hide] (449.3KB, 777x1104) Reverse
Must be pretty weak, then.
Replies: >>179481
[Hide] (100.5KB, 639x674) Reverse
Maybe keep your mouth shut, Sanae.
What the fuck is wrong with her ear?
[Hide] (773.7KB, 744x1026) Reverse
I'll still defend Patchy as the only VTuber I need
[Hide] (36.4KB, 255x143) Reverse
Are you the same guy who made a VN and shared it over 2 years ago?
Replies: >>180857
[Hide] (24.7MB, 1600x900, 03:44)
Here's more Kappa.
 After 4 months in development, hopefully, it would have been worth the weight.

God Bless, merry Christmas.
[Hide] (395.4KB, 39x69) Reverse
[Hide] (395.4KB, 39x69) Reverse
[Hide] (395.4KB, 39x69) Reverse
[Hide] (395.4KB, 39x69) Reverse
[Hide] (395.4KB, 39x69) Reverse
Merry Christmas 2hu anon.
[Hide] (130.5KB, 800x529) Reverse
[Hide] (293.6KB, 640x360, 00:03)
[Hide] (592.7KB, 1280x720, 00:02)
[Hide] (724.1KB, 640x360, 00:13)
I think this deserves a wow, a wew and a weow even. Toppestmostest-notch work my friend, very well done. It is true OC is scarce around these parts and that really any crude, quickly slapped on together thing would pass, but instead you go above and beyond "good enough". I particularly appreciate the finer details here and there, they really make the whole thing shine and show the amount of care and effort that went into it. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, thank you for keeping this forsaken place alive with excellent content.

speaking of weow, did anyone save the thread or the OC in it? at least the OP pic
Replies: >>180675 >>180677
[Hide] (81.9KB, 500x375) Reverse
NTA but very nice. Impressively nice. Love my kappas too, and the animation was very cute. Felt bizarre listening to Nitori speaking in a male Southern voice but that may be my autism speaking.
Here's a question though, why do you go through the effort of doing a credits roll with all models you used? Feels like time wasted on what's essentially a footnote only other MMDfags would bother looking into.
If you want to credit the creators, go ahead and mention them in your post. The animation was great but those two segments felt so out of place I skipped them. They amounted to almost half the playtime too.
I was bookmarking past fun threads on this board now that it has mostly gone to shit. It's in archive.org, though the kaki itsef doesn't seem to have been saved.
[Hide] (27KB, 301x267) Reverse
[Hide] (594.2KB, 640x360) Reverse
[Hide] (67.8KB, 00:03)
[Hide] (925.7KB, 4096x3724) Reverse
[Hide] (617.4KB, 800x800) Reverse
Wew lad, this is very good. Thanks for the video and merry Christmas to you too!
[Hide] (490.9KB, 660x680) Reverse
Very nice. 
I like how fucking smug she looks all the time.
[Hide] (467.2KB, 640x360, 00:12)
>it's on archive.org
>the kaki itself doesn't seem to have been saved
[Hide] (10.5MB, 1198x798, 01:43)
[Hide] (11.5MB, 1200x600, 00:47)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 480x360, 00:52)
You are all so very lovely. Thank you a lot for your comments and your kind words. 

1-Open model in pmx editor.
2-Using the masking tool, delete the materials, bones, rigid bodies and joints (MBRJ from now on) of everything but the head.
3-Save as new .PMX
4-Open the other model.
5-Delete the MBRJ related to its head.
6-Drag and drop the previously saved head model into the pmx editor window, and when prompted, select the ADD import setting, and tick the all the options under "model adjustment".
7-Select the MBRJ of the new head and line it up with the model's neck.
8-The imported head will look for its textures in the texture folder of the model you imported it to, so either copy the textures from the head's to the body's folder or edit the material's texture path.
9-Open transform view to test if the bones work and physics don't spass out.
For more info, watch Vid related And yes, the user name is shown, come at me feds.

Another thing you can do with motion layers is turn quadrangular movement into a perfect circular motion by just offsetting the keyframes. I made a video showing just that.

You can beat her if you play as Marisa in Imperishable Night soooo...

I'm not him. But he was an inspiration. Though I found the lewdness of some of his work objectionable, his thread showed me what a warm reception O.C. gets here and what a big difference someone can make on the board if they care enough to put the effort.
I wish he'd come back, his models were nice and it would be nice to rig and animate them.
Replies: >>180981
[Hide] (921KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (149KB, 825x1377) Reverse
>my low effort shitpost reply yielded a delivery from OP
I'm not disappointed in the slightest, while this certainly isn't the first 'Meet the Kappa' video it is the best one I've seen yet. OP isn't a faggot for once, thanks for the unexpected Christmas present.

>Here's a question though, why do you go through the effort of doing a credits roll with all models you used? Feels like time wasted on what's essentially a footnote only other MMDfags would bother looking into.
Not him but the credits aren't even that low and it helps with anons who will inevitability upload these videos to other platforms that way those who watch the video don't have to lurk an archive of this thread when it 404's in the future.
>Love my kappas too
We all do fren
[Hide] (786.9KB, 1080x1920) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6MB, 338x600, 05:37)
Because it's just what MMDfags do, credit all the stuff used for videos. I really don't have a problem with that.
>I wish he'd come back
Me too, buddy.
Replies: >>181186
They also like making you solve stupid riddles to download their models, often before you can even properly see how it looks.
[Hide] (30.9KB, 1566x330) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1600x900) Reverse
[Hide] (249.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1600x900) Reverse

I've come to announce that the mega repository has been organized and updated. I uploaded the marionettes and scenery converted by myself, and added a video material section for whomever could be interested.

You should be able to get to it through this link: 

Password: LEL just kidding, there is no password 

Also, the schedule for work for the immediate future, God willing, would be as follows:
1-Finishing a long overdue organization of folders, along with some conversions and modelling I've been wanting to do (Which will be shared in the mega folder).
2-Producing some shorts that have been sitting on paper for months. They should be rather quick and easy to make.
3-Making Production 7, which will be the one requested here >>145080. And that by itself will take quite a while.
4-Then, Production 8 (if by the Grace of Christ I get to it) will be something of my own.

Thank you all again for your niceties, I hope this may be helpful.

God bless.
Nice. The stages should be useful to have. If you have any tips on conversions and modelling, be sure to share them. I don't think it should be too complicated beyond editing physics to work. Which is its own hassle in PMXEditor. 

Also any reason why you used the 3D scan models of the fumos instead of the ones found here? 
They have bones, and generally look better in MMD too. Well MMM for you.
Replies: >>184397
[Hide] (57.7KB, 689x927) Reverse
Nice, thanks for all the work you're doing. I've downloaded all the videos and gifs to keep an archive.
>Production 7
[Hide] (425.2KB, 894x763) Reverse
[Hide] (155.8KB, 850x908) Reverse
[Hide] (17.5KB, 400x400) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1500x1055) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 960x642) Reverse
>3-Making Production 7, which will be the one requested here >>145080. And that by itself will take quite a while.
>4-Then, Production 8 (if by the Grace of Christ I get to it) will be something of my own.
Let's goooooooooo sugoi :--DDDDD
[Hide] (288.8KB, 2048x1773) Reverse
Fucking retard Sturg why do you have CAPTCHA up for post reporting? Do you want pizza to stay up for longer than it has to?
Replies: >>183434
Because otherwise it takes 5 minutes and a 2-digit IQ to write a script that keeps reports shat up 24/7.
Replies: >>183476
Then at least make the captcha less annoying for reports if you can set the annoyingness level of a particular captcha.
[Hide] (20.5MB, 1600x900, 04:23)
>If you have any tips on conversions and modelling, be sure to share them.
There's this attempt at a tutorial. I hope it helps.
The map is now available in the mega folder.
[Hide] (25.6KB, 480x360) Reverse
>Post video
>Watch it for the 56th time
>Just then notice "Procced" "Correspoding"
Welp... next time I should probably run all the text through a spellchecker beforehand.
if you still have the project it's an easy fix
Thanks for the tutorial. Do you know if EYE maps are as easy to port over like TF2/Gmod maps, or do they have their own hurdles to go with?
Replies: >>184807
cool vid
Cool video misspellings aside
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
A few addendums:
1- In blender select all is "A", not "CTRL+A". I'll make a revised version and upload it to the mega folder. My apologies.
2- Io_import vmf is now called "plumber" and for some reason it imports triggers as large rectangles that obscure the actual map (Seen in pic related). You can still get the older version from github, just scroll down in releases until you get to 0.6.9. Also, this addon needs the "blender source tools" addon installed and enabled, otherwise you get an error message.
I got a map from gamebanana and it went well, for e.y.e. uses .vmf too. I don't have the game and couldn't find any torrent for it, so most textures were missing, but I'm guessing it should work if the game directory saves the textures in the same manner as other source-based games. That is, in .VPKs that can be detected by the io_import .vmf addon. Or you could just download maps that use entirely custom textures.
really awesome
Very nice animation. I just found back here.
I didn't notice that this altboard became so popular.
With 16pph and 75 users it's the most popular one right now in the webring.
It's not much though and could be better.
[Hide] (323.1KB, 2048x2048) Reverse
Hey toehoe video man, would you be interested and willing to collaborate for a music video?
Replies: >>189306
[Hide] (2.3MB, 800x450) Reverse
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1200x675) Reverse
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1600x900, 00:15)
[Hide] (5.7MB, 1560x908, 01:24)
Greetings gentlemen,
I noticed a lot of things could be done easier and faster if I had some grasp on higher end software, so I've been getting familiarized with blender in the last weeks. Here are some results, God willing, there will be more to come.

Depends, what would you have me do?

Orin by Flick
Skull from the skeleton by gmhim
Background is Chireiden by 鯖缶 
Books by とりそば

The musical sisters by たけ
Aviator sunglasses by Kimppo
The music is "electro alien" by Rolling Contact

Okuu by otakaranohako
And the keyboard was made by Tansoku102cm
[Hide] (880.1KB, 720x720) Reverse
>what would you have me do?
Well, the video?
I'm part of the up and coming band "Loser Fucking Around with his Shitty Guitar & The Literally Nobody Else" which not recently at all recorded a demo cover of Holiday by Green Day in an attempt to bring some anons together in a group project. At the time, in spite of the fact 2 anons originally offering to provide vocals, both of which chickened out last second, and me knowing there were at the very least another guitarfag and a bassfag amogus, said attempt to get any kind of collaboration failed miserably and so I ended up scrapping the vocals entirely, shamelessly stealing the drums and doing everything else myself. The final product was rather sub-par for a number of reasons and nobody gave a shit about it, however it did help me get some valuable insight and experience about the whole process of producing and mixing music.
I never really gave up on the "anons sings x except they also play the instruments: zzzchan edition" idea, and lately it's made its way back from the depths of my mind to nag me again. So I saw your videos get a lot of positive feedback, for good reason, and figured that if we paired the music with your visual elements it would make for a more appealing end product and potentially convince more anons to join in and make something cool.
I've yet to experiment in blender, but the inherently smoother animations are one reason to always consider it. Keep in mind as of now Blender doesn't have multiple animation layers. So you'd have to trade off the multiple timelines MMM for all of the things blender does better for now. 
Could you share the song in the thread in case anybody else decides to do something with it?
Replies: >>189549 >>189624
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1543x1080) Reverse
>Keep in mind as of now Blender doesn't have multiple animation layers.
Well it has something of the sort, in an overcomplicated way, called non-linear animation. I'm yet to really look into it.
This >>189544, pass the music please and I'll look into it.
Do you have any directions for the video? Or is it just "generic MMD of tuhus dancing to a tune"? Bear in mind, I haven't got that much practice making dancing motions. Though I could try something, for it would be a nice thing to practice, don't expect much.
Replies: >>189624
This stuff looks really neat, although it looks a bit more complicated than MMM. Hopefully you get the gist of it.
So basically a "/b/ sings and plays instruments" thread?
Replies: >>189624
[Hide] (6.3MB, 220x220, 03:55)
Here, a couple of nitpicks first. Although this is the third and final version I released it is still very much unfinished and generally poorly put together, as I previously mentioned. That aside, I just realized I worded my post in a somewhat misleading way. I didn't mean
>let's dig up this crappy demo I recorded, have you come up with a video and then slap the two together and call it a day
but something more along the lines of
>let's both come up with and agree on song we can both work with, figure out and convene how to do what, and get to work
In hindsight "Holiday" wasn't the best pick for first time ever project and I don't think it's a good idea to go back to it either and would rather do something else that fits these requirements
>easy to play
>mixing isn't up the wazoo AAA ultimo super awesome special professional extreme to the maxx
>lyric content is either relevant to imageboards or at least up to interpretation instead of blatantly one side political
Holiday did mostly check the former two but missed the latter two which is why I think it wasn't a great idea to go with it. If you still want to use my shitty, incomplete, badly mixed, out of sync and with horrible sounding fake bass, and you can figure out what kind of video to make out of it, be my guest.
>Do you have any directions for the video? Or is it just "generic MMD of tuhus dancing to a tune"?
Well, while I haven't given much if any thought about it yet, "generic MMD of tuhus dancing to a tune" is 100% not what I had in mind. I think something more like "thing you'd see in a music video that fits the lyrical and musical content" is still generic yet more fitting premise to begin without, considering we haven't even agreed on what song.
>So basically a "/b/ sings and plays instruments" thread?
Basically, yes, except with the addition of MMDfag also producing a video to go with it.
Replies: >>189638
[Hide] (28.4MB, 512x384, 05:17)
>I think something more like "thing you'd see in a music video that fits the lyrical and musical content"
I'm flattered that you think me so capable, but I don't know the first thing about music videos, and I'm guessing there's quite a bit of study required on the subject to be able to make something worthwhile. I may look into it while you come to a decision on the music.
On the other hand, once you have the music, you could just write a script of the general idea and share it here, I guess that would be the easiest path.
All in all I really like the idea of a collaborative project, I would be glad to participate with what I can.
Replies: >>189758
[Hide] (997.8KB, 2500x3284) Reverse
>don't know the first thing about music videos
>I'm guessing there's quite a bit of study required
I'd just look at actual music videos and how they do what, the camera angles, the tropes and cliches etc, that's what I'm basing most of my ideas off of
>once you have the music, you could just write a script of the general idea and share it here, I guess that would be the easiest path.
I've thought about a few songs myself, I was hoping to get some input from your end but I suppose that since I'll be doing the music I should just pick something I'm comfortable with. I'm tempted to go with Green Day again and just avoid American Idiot
>most songs are easy to play
>very popular = drum tracks for most hits are readily avaialable something I forgot mentioning as a must have requirement since I've never programmed drums
>not a lot of special effects and mixing prior to American Idiot
For instance, Having a Blast from Dookie could be a tentative pick: it's easy or at least it looks easy from the tab I saw, I haven't actually played it yet, just 2:45 long, it has multiple drum tracks available on youtube, and the lyrics can be adapted for our purposes, furthermore I already have a couple ideas to translate some of them to video.
Now, anticipating the worst and also most realistic scenario, I get to do all the music part and you do all the video part, there's still one key element missing: vocals. As long as it was just me fucking around for demonstration purposes having no vocals was all fine, but I feel like if we're going to make a music video the vocals are somewhat of an integral part. I can't do it for a multitude of reasons ranging from technical to physical, so either someone other than me picks up the mic or we get some AI voice to do it assuming anyone knows how to do that.

One last thing, I managed to dig my old Tox chat profile out so if you want to discuss the more intricate details and coordinate our shit it'd be probably be easier to use instant messaging, this is the ID you can reach me at 55C625023F8C02B35C98A8500F67A691E7056F1791F5A7E633FE6B9DF4F073634EDF5D1162FA
hey mmd meme man can you help me with the japan frag movie i need aya flying through the sky (speed lines?) and stopping for a few frames every few seconds on a loop

the line in the script is : "Moving from place to place and never staying in one spot for too long as they were constantly attacked by *spoiler*..."
maybe when she stops she could get shooed away and shot by F.O.E.s or something idk

the sequence will be about 18s total but the loop only has to be like 6s I think.

warmly await your reply
Replies: >>191033 >>191040
[Hide] (472.2KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
>shot by F.O.E.s or something
By the Fraternal Order of Eagles?
Replies: >>191059
[Hide] (229.7KB, 1616x1080) Reverse
If anyone would like to communicate in private you can reach me through tox with the following link: B885A1D7D4692F89D36A53C5EBCBFC383A9D38B5A3567BFD373137856686515D55308C7D414F

You are all welcome to send any ideas, scripts, thumbnails, questions, comments and the like, I would love to get them.

I'll do what I can. But I'm going to need quite a bit more info on the scene than just that (like camera angles and movements, background, if the scene is partly on the ground or is only air, among other things) . If you already have an idea of how it should look, you could make the thumbnails and send them to me. PM me if you will.
[Hide] (22.1MB, 1280x720, 00:06)
This was made roughly 3 years ago, so apologies for the poor quality.
Replies: >>191109
[Hide] (202.9KB, 900x761) Reverse
I agree it's kind of rough around the ages and the "baka" line doesn't work.
You missed the chance to call tanned Cirno a nigger by keeping the original audio too.
i present the /japan/ ona
shoutout to mmdbro for providing 6 seconds of footage
Replies: >>191383 >>191526
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1600x900, 00:07)
Glad to be of help.
Replies: >>191397 >>191526
Aya model is the magnificent work of ccw @ccwtw
It was really nice seeing your work in there.
I don't want to jinx it but do you have to deal with him posting here?
Replies: >>193012 >>193112
[Hide] (34.7KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Replies: >>193023
I mean the pedospammer
Replies: >>193025
[Hide] (149KB, 825x1377) Reverse
Oh, well in that case some faggot hell lobster would probably be preferable as company compared to some cheese pizza spammer with a green glowing aura and alleged Basketball American ancestry (according to Saint Terry Davis) who's whole 'personality' is gaslighting and trying to be a 'fellow anon' for the inevitable shit list hit piece that usually concludes with something along the lines of Google and Cloud flare should 'save the internet' by censoring curbing hate speech and blah blah blah the Chinese Great Firewall is le good even doe China is heckin evil for being mean to Muslims or whatever... Unless it's Pakistan... A country that shouldn't even exist in it's current form but that's a different discussion entirely...
At least with the red underworld incrustation he wears his agenda right on his sleeve and is far less evil when compared to the glownigger alphabet soup agencies the US federal government uses to terrorize people with.
Sorry for the unhinged autistic rant, I'm in one of those moods today.

It's all so tiresome.
Replies: >>193029
I only ask cause he's always posting that creepy Ran model
Replies: >>193064
[Hide] (582.8KB, 1060x1060) Reverse
>that creepy Ran model
I don't lurk here nearly enough to even know what that is so I'll just take your word for it on it's creep factor.
Replies: >>193068
It has those stupid soulless glowing eyes, like from the funny bear game
[Hide] (222.1KB, 522x450) Reverse
Due to an unfortunate sequence of events, some reinstalling had to be performed on my PC. So a new tox ID was generated, sorry for any inconvenience.


Not to my knowledge.
Replies: >>193129
Please tell me you did backups of your work
Replies: >>193130
Yes, the system files are in a separate drive that gets formatted constantly. All the files and programs that are actually used are in a different drive. The very important things are backup'd on yet another drive, a memory stick, and the mega folder.
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