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 Dress to impress!

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People keep asking for loli space marine lately so I drew a really shitty one. IDK what shading is. Post your work, anon.
>>166273 (OP) 
nice but warhammer sucks you got tricked into drawing shit
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Guess Ill just die then anon, thanks for calling my drawing nice anyway...
>>166273 (OP) 
That’s a fine loli and I also have no idea what shading is, or how to draw.
Replies: >>166378
Shading is not real, it is a social construct.
Replies: >>166378
Now draw her purging heretics 3000 kilometers deep in necromunda
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>>166273 (OP) 
Holy shit, that's way better than anything that schizoshitter has ever put out.
>>166273 (OP) 
>You actually did it
Very well done
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>you actually did it
He didn't, if you're referring to the banana popper spamming threads 24/7.
That's just some regular anon from this board having fun with the tegaki function.
If it was him the thread's subject would have been How to suck dick for 6 digits - Penguin Books
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>>166273 (OP) 
i wonder how big her titties are and if i could suckle on them. God what a sexy bitch.
Replies: >>166378
Replies: >>166378
Keep at drawing Loli space marines and you will find what you seek  
t. Anon with disposable 6 figures
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Okay I did my best
Discovered shading (kinda)
oops tricked again
I just needed to draw something
Purge-chan, loli of ultramar, has a suitably undeveloped test. Rowboat guiltyman himself used the incredible power of logistics to perfect cute and funny soldiers of the 42nd millennium. Sadly, the geneseed used was severely limited in supply, so only one loli space marine per customer and the rules datasheet coming by the end of 10th edition maybe. In the meantime you can just sub it for sly marbo, or something, Im a guard player idk what sphezz marines are like tb desu.
not 600k, 40k
I bet if I learned to draw properly id make a lot of money drawing space marine loli porn

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Used a ref
>suitably underdeveloped test
suitably underdeveloped chest, im fucking retarded
>what is purge-Chan purging?
kimono faggots who think they deserve to stand alongside superior monster girls
Polt is fine too.
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Spoiler File
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>kimono faggot
What did (You) mean by this, anon-kun?
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>>166273 (OP) 
I don't understand Warhammer. Why can't you shoot his head off? Wh
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It's doing weird things for me guys.
He probably meant "kemono"
Replies: >>166400
I know he meant kemono, jackass. I'm shitposting at his expense.
Replies: >>166401
Isn't that a breach of online forum decorum and standards of practice?
Replies: >>166402
I'll breach your standards of practice.
Replies: >>166405
I can't understand why.  I have done nothing that should offend you.  I was merely helping out the other poster.
>Im a guard player
cock roaches   
>Discovered shading
you'll get 6 figures in no time advancing that fast
Replies: >>166415
The secret is that I already knew how and I was just lazy the first time
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Am I a narcissist for thinking the slide threads are trying to push away my funny drawings or is just that slideniggers hate fun?
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It could be the first, but most likely is that the sliders are rude and autistic.
Replies: >>166635
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Very ungentlemanly behavior I agree
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I will draw more loli space marine if someone has a specific thing to request

>playing tabletop games on /b/
does sleepychan have a dice roll function of some kind?
draw a dark angel loli who has to hide the sweets from the other loli marines
Replies: >>167000
Yes, check the faq, (##5%6) = 19
Replies: >>167000
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delivered, took me all fucking day
(##5%6) = 19
is 5d6 then?
Well done, looks really good. Follow up panel would display her taking the sweets back from one of the Fallen Angel lolis, but now she faces an impossible choice. Really is very well done though, I wish I had ever had any kind of knack for art.
Thanks, glad you like it anon. Maybe I should do this for money...
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Your post is nice and you should feel nice.

And yes, the first digit is the number of die, the second is the faces of said die, and you can even add value to the result: (##1%20+1) = 19
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Holy shit anon that's really good.
Your post alone pretty much rips a huge one on 99% of all current threads on this board. 
Seriously, good job. Do as >>167015 says, follow it up.
>does sleepychan have a dice roll function of some kind?
Don't you remember the Risk threads? Those were wild.
Replies: >>167202
I'm aware. I just said it because someone did draw a loli space marine and I can use it to shit on the schizo if he comes up again.
Checked and appreciated.
working on it, real life makes me busy, soon(tm)
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That's very cute anon.
Replies: >>168010
[Hide] (120.7KB, 685x991) Reverse
⇖ Him, probably.
Replies: >>167866 >>168458
>>166273 (OP) 
Good day. We were very impressed by your space marine drawing, and we would like to offer you six figs in exchange for working as our illustrator.
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A tegaki I once drew as a reply to one of the schizoshitter's threads.
He actually "stole" this picture and used it as his next OP picture.
Replies: >>180897
Not bad impact
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Oh wow!
I'm going to deliver on this, but on another website, because the retarded globals permabanned me for shitposting in the loli threads. Permabanned for shitposting on /b/, of all fucking places. If they undo it then maybe I'll use their shitty website again, but I guess funposting time is over here for now. I'll post a new thread on the website I move to with the new drawing, once I finish it. I've een busy IRL, but I think its funny they fucking stickied my stuff after permabanning me as though they arent chasing me off the site.
Replies: >>168012 >>168017
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Turns out I was the one who was retarded and misread the ban message, but im still annoyed, so im leaving anyway
can you quote the post that got you banned?
Replies: >>168014
Something in my favorite shitposting/cuteposting thread. I went to post and saw a big popup that told me I was banned. Im happy to admit Im a tired retard who misread and consequently overreacted though, if thats the case.
Replies: >>168021
New guy got a bit too enthusiastic with the rangebans, feel free to appeal if you're still banned.
Replies: >>168090
I don't know if you're still deciding to leave but if you sadly do, where do you plan to go?
Replies: >>168090
why can't you quote what it was?
Replies: >>168046 >>168090
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It could just have been an honest mistake after the mod got overzealous with the banhammer due to his patience running short with the spammers, as shown in >>167847.
But regardless, if when jannies act retarded wherever you're going, can you come back here please?
Replies: >>168090
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It doesn't matter now, does it? Fatfinger or not it's hilarious how bad the globals have gotten so I'm taking my fun elsewhere since fun is not allowed here.
Replies: >>168058 >>168090
>consider joining in on drawfaggotry because someone else is doing it
>and also just to spite 600k monkey
>even ordered a drawpad
>drawfag got b& and is now leaving
Guess I'll cancel that order then it's not fun being the only one making shitty pictures for angry strangers.
Replies: >>168052 >>168090
[Hide] (146.7KB, 1280x720, 00:01)
>Orders a drawpad just to post pics on barely visited imageboard.
>Cancels order when random strangers leaves site.
Yeah sure, attention whoring is intense today.
Replies: >>168060
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>it's hilarious how bad the globals have gotten
Globals were barely existent for months now, only sometimes coming around to ban cp. The mod is now autistic because he decided to moderate the board and the fag shitting up the board keeps ban evading. Things should settle down within a couple days at most. 
Check back in like a week and see if you like the board then. 
Here's a failed loli study to keep the theme of the thread.
Replies: >>168090 >>168119
I can't wait to see you crying baout lack of OC in a week lol
Replies: >>168084 >>168090
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Here's some crude lineart of Yotsuba dressed as an ojamajo from Doremi, I think the outfit suits her well.
this is very cute!
Replies: >>168077
[Hide] (19.3KB, 339x433) Reverse
doesn't look too crude to me, that's a nice look for Yotsuba. I think it's worth a color, at least flat color without shading.
what software do you use I have been wanting to get into Krita but it for some reason doesn't run well on low end PCs and has been prone to bugs
Replies: >>168077 >>168174
Is that what people call tracing nowadays?
Replies: >>168077
[Hide] (1.4MB, 3508x4480) Reverse
Thank you, I primarily use Krita for Android, it's flawed but it can get the job done. I usually just sketch but I'm trying to get more into coloring and other important aspects of art.
It's heavily referenced after a basic image of Doremi, I probably should have gone for a more interesting pose.
[Hide] (614KB, 2000x2000) Reverse
this isnt up to my general standards but i wanted to make a quick 20 minute thing for the thread
IOU on the color, lol
krita's pretty good, my only gripe with it is the lack of proper blush blending like SAI has. i wanted to use CSP but i cant because im on linux and its fucky with wine
i like your cutesy style, it's very reminiscent of mahou shoujo anime and you are working hard on cloth detail which is where i falter the most since i almost exclusively like to draw naked lolis
[Hide] (433.5KB, 350x229) Reverse
>Krita for Android
do you draw on a phone or a tablet? does drawing on one suck? stylus?
Keep up the great work I look forward to seeing your progress if you keep posting, it's just lacking some shading for appearance of depth and added definition now

this is very, very good shit anon.
Replies: >>168091 >>168268
This aged poorly so quickly
Replies: >>168090
qq your d&c isn't working, cry about it :)
[Hide] (25.3KB, 800x666) Reverse
Thats not me, but I did complain earlier. It's better not to tag like this, it just feeds shit stirring (which the mods seem to dislike).
I couldnt find it in the logs and had to go to work. I'm sure now it was either a quickly-reversed newbie mistake/general screw up, or a case of me overreacting to something I misread. See >>168015
It was just a mistake, I'll stick around. But if I'm banned for real I'd probably go to a tiny altchan I dont want to ruin by mentioning here, tbh
I never go to meta because Im not a homosexual, and I post on imageboards for fun. But I think it was just a misunderstanding or an honest mistake, I'm happy to admit fault, and I'll be staying for now.
>ordered a drawpad
>cancelled it
I use one because Im putting serious effort into getting better. I got mine on sale and it was still voer $100 USD. Don't invest like that for a meme, anon.
I like it, please post more. What are you using for reference material? A manga or something? Whenever I do anatomy studies I like to watch speedpaints to see how other artists do it, and then use manga or a collection of different artworks I like the style of as a reference to practice.
It's great! Post more. I don't wanna be the only one posting OC.
Great drawing! I love the hair :D
I'm glad it did, >>168060 is a fag
Finally got around to it, it's been a busy few days. I was gonna improve the face but I couldnt stop laughing at how derpy it is. If anon's prefer I will make it look more serious.
thanks anon i appreciate it
this is really cute, i can see yotsuba behaving like this in this scenario, very on character.
>Great drawing! I love the hair :D
thank you, i had fun drawing that haircut
[Hide] (49.6KB, 736x736) Reverse
Why is this turning into a meta thread? I already said I thought it was likely that I was tired and just misread the popup. I checked the logs, didn't see a single (you) after getting asked to quote the post (save for being stickied, cool!), and figured I was probably overreacting to my own misunderstanding. What do you want me to do? Prostrate myself for daring to complain about something I thought happened, but didn't? Literally the next post I made I called myself retarded as the realization dawned. I was wrong, I've already said as much, and you've already made it abundantly clear in multiple places on the site and on this board what standard is being enforced. I'm still posting, so clearly I meet it, and I don't have any real fear of running afoul of it. Why are you swinging your cock around in the comfy OC thread instead of just silently enforcing the clearly defined rules that have now been repeated ad nauseam? It feels like I'm on trial a little bit, but maybe I'm just being overly defensive. Just draw something silly and have fun with the rest of us please, I apologize for saying mean things about you earlier, I was mistaken about the situation.
[Hide] (105.1KB, 820x1035) Reverse
Mr. Admin, I would like to constructively point out while I have the chance that posting with your tag on like this puts users on edge and hurts the atmosphere of the thread. Maybe I'm just projecting, though, I tend towards the more reactive and emotional side of things after all. To use an analogy, think of doing things this publicly like yelling at a child. At first it works really well, you cow the child into submission and they do as told. But when you yell every time, the child gets used to it, and the tactic loses power quicker than you'd think. The child may even start resenting you for yelling all the time, feeling like you are breathing down their neck, and that's not a situation either really want. Breaking away from the analogy, being public is a tool in your kit like any other, but for the sake of board culture it's one best used sparingly. I may be fine, as you say, but it still feels like I'm being scrutinized and that's not conducive to a fun posting environment. You have a shitty, thankless job that doesnt pay and I dont envy you for it, so I hope you dont take this personally and just let the thread carry on. I want the site to be good, and I want this thread to be good too.
Replies: >>168102
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nice hat kid, but can you draw her?
[Hide] (512.4KB, 652x572) Reverse
face was kind of an afterthought but whatever it's pretty funny
i rate it 6k/6k
Replies: >>168119
[Hide] (503.1KB, 375x455) Reverse
>types in the same regurgitated reply to every post because he doesn't understand the English language
What a compelling argument, faggot. You sure showed him.
Replies: >>168121
[Hide] (21.3KB, 500x500) Reverse
These are very good drawings, anons. I'm glad this thread is pinned so I can enjoy these.
As for >>168090, I'm happy you decided to continue here. Hopefully sturgeon controls the new guy a little bit.
It's cute regardless.
Anons proving once again that the 6 figure retard will never make it.
Replies: >>168199
Don't fucking reply to it. Report+Ignore.
> I was gonna improve the face but I couldnt stop laughing at how derpy it is.
I think it's fine as is, considering the conundrum she faces (heh) I find it very accurate. Well drawn once again, you will achieve six figs in no time.
>flat color
someone draw the singapore/taiwan/whatever the fuck he is shill acting like an autist while spamming every board in existence
Replies: >>168203 >>168205
[Hide] (21.4KB, 433x650) Reverse
[Hide] (338.5KB, 585x783) Reverse
Cute sieg heil
Nice line control. 
I still struggle with my habit of trying to fix shit lines by polluting it with more lines. 
>What are you using for reference material? 
Usually just random pictures I have laying around, like pic related for that one. 
I do separate pictures I specifically want to make studies of, but then I usually forget about then by the time I'm drawing and just go with whatever hydrus gives me. 
>post more
I'm extremely autistic about using reference and all I have is this failed and abandoned attempt at drawing a loli from memory. I think I've finally learned my lesson and I'll use reference next time I try a complete drawing. 
6 out of 6 digits.
Replies: >>168188 >>168199
now maximize viewership with social medias
second pic is really good if you drew it purely from memory
thank, i will probably post more once i get more free time
>Nice line control. 
It's an acquired ability that i am still trying to hone, i wish i could give pointers but it's hard to explain into words.
>I still struggle with my habit of trying to fix shit lines by polluting it with more lines. 
it happens, best i can say as far as advice that encompasses all your drawing methods is to draw from your shoulder
[Hide] (23.8KB, 500x500) Reverse
I still have this tegaki someone drew from one of his retarded threads.
Replies: >>168205
[Hide] (189.4KB, 374x347) Reverse
>singapore/taiwan/whatever the fuck he is shill
The six digits autism got doxed?
Replies: >>168212 >>168240
Don't believe so, but everyone assumed he's a SEAmonkey from his retarded broken engrish
Replies: >>168213
[Hide] (172.3KB, 888x1036) Reverse
Replies: >>168240
His threads usually pop up during very early burgernigger morning/banana popper afternoon so unless it's a particularly dedicated western faggot playing pretend it's not hard to guess where he lives.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1031x1078) Reverse
>do you draw on a phone or a tablet? does drawing on one suck? stylus?
I use a Samsung Galaxy S7+, it's alright, you can use it like a Cintiq if you have the right software set up, I use the standard S-Pen that Samsung provides which is great.
I haven't tried out those programs yet but I've heard a lot of great things about them, maybe at some point in the future I can try them out.
Great Image by the way, I like the way you drew her hands around her face, it really adds to the expression.
Thanks, I love the Warhammer images you're making, they're funny. Props to the other anons contributing.
Here's an image of Cotton spinning I crammed into 3dgifmaker.
[Hide] (264.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
Have any of you guys any advice for more time efficient working sessions? 
Generally for me, I can do an hour, hour and a half straight, but then I start getting distracted. 
I'm trying to figure out napping times that don't take too much time away but can also get me in the right mood for drawing.
[Hide] (16.1KB, 496x448) Reverse
Replies: >>168455 >>184373
[Hide] (13.8KB, 500x500) Reverse
Okay  now what?
Replies: >>168462 >>168478
[Hide] (168.1KB, 600x600) Reverse
Ummmm Xir this isn't 8Cake.....
Replies: >>169083

Depends what you're trying to do. Learn a technique? Draw from imagination? Draw from observation? Improve your efficiency/accuracy? These are all things you eventually need to do to get good. 

A good place to start for any beginner would be to practice drawing from sight. You can do this for 5-10 minutes whenever you sit down to draw. Draw your hand in various weird orientations, or go look at things with weird shapes. As you improve try using a frame of video of some random person, or use nude references. Try to avoid capturing tons of detail, just go for the most important features, and try to get the relative positions and proportions of things close to the real thing. Focus on quantity over quality and don't worry about mistakes, but try to do it as good as you can in a relatively short amount of time. Don't go back to fix things, just move on. This develops two critical skills: hand-eye coordination and visual memory.

After that, you could make other exercises for yourself for things that YOU want to improve at. Drawing scenes with perspective, figures and poses, or anatomy, or mentally rotating objects. Take something out of loomis. Find some references, come up with something that is fun and challenging for yourself. Come up with 2 or 3 and maybe spend 15-30 minutes on them.

So that's maybe 20-40 min of exercises. If you only want to spend 15m on all of that, even that is better than nothing, and really you will get more out of doing this 10 minutes everyday rather than 2 hours once a week. Don't sweat this stuff unless you want to get really serious about it. BUT DO IT.

And then after that, doodle whatever and work on your general interests and techniques. As for what to draw, that is ultimately for you to decide. Draw some random stuff, and then try drawing a full scene. The complete process of finishing a draw from beginning to end, planning composition, execution, and polishing, are all skillsets in their own, so practicing them is necessary. If you find you are dissatisfied with your workflow in one area, try to come up with some exercises and focus on ironing out your biggest weaknesses first.
Replies: >>168478
Here, watch this.
(jewtube link: https://youtube.com/watch?v=TMynlk7KhXs)
Replies: >>168478
That wasn't me.

Well thank you, that's very useful.
first reply decides what i sketch
you have 45 minutes after i post this before im done drawing for the day
Replies: >>168679
A pair of hands and a pair of feet. Be as creative making the hands interact with the feet as you want. I am not sorry for choosing the two most difficult body parts.
Replies: >>168695
[Hide] (209.4KB, 787x677) Reverse
Replies: >>168697 >>168742
Absolute goblin with tiny feet.jpg
[Hide] (93.1KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
The toes need a bit more work, otherwise is ok, definitely 600k material.
[Hide] (44.4KB, 391x223) Reverse
Replies: >>168796 >>169257
Thank you for standing strong against faggotry, Nitori.  You truly are my greatest ally.
[Hide] (12.2KB, 248x413) Reverse
Haven't drawn anything in a few days. 
Here's a sketch of a pose I want to draw.
Replies: >>169159
I fail to make out what this sketch's meant to represent. Is it holding a basket? Why does it have walrus cheeks?
Replies: >>169172
[Hide] (452.2KB, 640x480, 00:07)
[Hide] (148.4KB, 1009x684) Reverse
I've given up on getting gud, but it is meditative
Replies: >>169180 >>169378
[Hide] (1.1MB, 857x1500) Reverse
Don't give up, remember that any work bears a fruit. It's not like you willingly improve, it's something that just happens the more you do something.
Replies: >>169452
[Hide] (39.5KB, 400x419) Reverse
my six figs seanigger can't be this cute
Replies: >>169378
[Hide] (163.7KB, 584x872) Reverse
[Hide] (23.9MB, 960x514, 14:30)
I said I was going to use reference. I think looking at my arm once counts as reference. 
For the sake of your auditory pleasure I made the editorial decision to not speed up the song on the recording, but I did just listen to it on loop for one hour. 
That's not too bad, it just needs more structure. Start with boxes or blobs and refine from there. 
Loomis and Proko have some good introductory content for that type of drawing. 
You wouldn't be calling her cute if you saw how fat her ass is.
Replies: >>169403 >>169452
bigbutts can be cute though
[Hide] (156.9KB, 893x860) Reverse
what is the fruit am I after? started this thinking if I got good I could make stories I like into comics, but there are cgi comics that are top-tier now, so that would be the way to go if I wanted to still do that
never been a schooler, but thanks for being easy on my my ego
Replies: >>169469
>implying hivers would survive coitus
Replies: >>169479 >>169516
I can be gentle. 
Or not and get her toughness up.
[Hide] (199.4KB, 921x706) Reverse
they need it in my headcanon
Replies: >>169517 >>169518
shit i forgot the horn on the hip
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1642x2200) Reverse
>If you win you can cum inside me
>If I win you have to cum inside me
Any gallery site? Do you take requests?
Replies: >>170679
[Hide] (101.5KB, 390x590) Reverse
I was trying to figure out how lolis work. I may have gone too far in a few places.
Replies: >>170275
[Hide] (3.5MB, 2894x4093) Reverse
>how lolis work
Replies: >>170276 >>170300
[Hide] (867.2KB, 498x1557) Reverse
but where's the fat thighs?
Why does she have a nutsack?
Replies: >>170568
So you have somewhere to nut.
[Hide] (19.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
Do any good gallery sites even exist now to follow artists?

Dying in favor of Misskey after AI spam and content bans or other fuck ups? I'm not up-to-date on it because I barely used it after they started requiring JavaScript.
>Misskey and other ActivityPub sites
Slow. Twitter shit, but more convoluted with six million jannies who will cut you off from all their users.
Sold to kikes. Destroyed by UI change, search nerfing, and AI grifting.
Was supposed to be a general art site? But it's dead outside of gay furry porn, only has furry admins, and has a paw print icon for commissions on the wiki. Apes twitter "feed" format, but surprisingly decent performance for a JavaScript site.
Google. Started requiring an account for 18+.
1 GB storage.
Replies: >>170708 >>171530
Boorus tend to be the best to get stuff from artists even if it's not perfect. Image board artists usually get their stuff posted on ourobooru. 
Then there's twitter which is unfortunately the place to spread your art if you want to get popular. 
If you're autistic enough there's also the option of using neocities and hosting images somewhere else.
Replies: >>170727
Boorus are great for artists that other people already know about and care enough to upload, but as first party uploads are frowned upon it's not a place to actually follow artists. I considered begrudgingly joining twitter when nitter was broken. After some nitter instances started working again, I still considered it for the opportunity to interact with artists, but learning of Musk's desire to turn it into "the everything app" is too dystopian for me to ever join twitter now.
Replies: >>170730
>Boorus are great for artists that other people already know about
I've discovered new artists through boorus, though admittedly only when looking for specific things like characters or fetishes. 
>it's not a place to actually follow artists
I used to scrape artist tags since it's the most reliable way to get high quality files. I haven't done it in a while due to hard drive full.
>but as first party uploads are frowned upon
It's allowed in ouroboros. Most popular boorus don't and I would respect their wishes but I wouldn't care for gelboorus' rules in specific as the mods don't care about them either. As long as you aren't dumping them frequently I don't think it's too bad. 
>I still considered it for the opportunity to interact with artists
I've seen some artists I like mentioning blue sky. It's some gay whitelist twitter but it might be worth a look if you can get an invite.
[Hide] (353.3KB, 1168x878) Reverse
Replies: >>170758 >>170763
based skin bandits
that's something out of junji itou
[Hide] (517.9KB, 2000x2000) Reverse
i hate that tranny cartoon all the fucking trend hopping retards are talking about so i did this
just to be clear i dont give a shit about women rights either, i just made this to piss off trannies
i wonder how much i could piss off faggots by drawing a canonically dyke girl getting impregnated
Pomni is cute. I don't care about the affairs of the mentally ill.
Cute design and doodle I have no idea where it's from and I'm better off not knowing
Lmao, good shit anon
[Hide] (27.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (72.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
Replies: >>171416
Literally me
Newgrounds. And depending on your tastes, Inkbunny.
[Hide] (88.5KB, 300x607) Reverse
not 600k material but i am learning
if it looks bad cover up the head and see if it gets better
Replies: >>172425 >>172430
>posting some shit I drew in high school and posted in a cringe thread
How long have you been around that was years ago holy shit
Replies: >>172427
idk who you're referring to but i just drew this
Replies: >>172430
Why are you stealing people's art? Plagiarism is wrong, anon.
[Hide] (478.6KB, 832x1344) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 3448x2500) Reverse
With digital I can abuse layers to get a cleaner drawing, but with paper my drawings are always too messy. I really need to work on that.
Replies: >>173015 >>173024
Nice. I wish I could find the motivation to draw again.
Replies: >>173017
[Hide] (8.5MB, 1280x720, 03:03)
Just pick up a pen and paper and draw. It's hard to get motivated when you can't draw but you won't learn without practice. 
Do like one drawing per day every day and eventually you'll feel like drawing more.
Replies: >>195172
nice I like how all the ones with mouths they all look condescending, did you draw thosde?
Replies: >>173031
[Hide] (707.7KB, 3519x1236) Reverse
Yes. I'm not particularly good with mouths, I just settle for the :3 look which happens to make them look particularly smug. 
Here's some more recent drawings.
What is a bannana popper tho srly?
Replies: >>174665
Bend over and I'll show you.
[Hide] (81.3KB, 489x680) Reverse
[Hide] (817.1KB, 1655x2300) Reverse
[Hide] (829.8KB, 1655x2300) Reverse
[Hide] (843.9KB, 1655x2300) Reverse
Spoiler File
(859.8KB, 1655x2300) Reverse
Replies: >>174909
That's really fucking cute          
I agree.
[Hide] (21.1KB, 500x500) Reverse Replay
Replies: >>175270
[Hide] (620.1KB, 1379x2048) Reverse
Where did you find this picture of me?
[Hide] (38.7KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (8.7KB, 275x376) Reverse
[Hide] (21.5MB, 764x360, 16:34)
tried doing a loli speedrun using modern tools
she looks kinda goofy but it was an any% run
nice sauce on song?
Replies: >>176826
Not bad honestly, keep it up.
Replies: >>176826
[Hide] (8.6KB, 368x197) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 480x264, 11:01)
Here's my loli speedrun doods
Maybe we should hold some kinda loli speedrun competition
Replies: >>176826 >>176852
CARCASS - The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills, CARCASS - The Scythe's Remorseless Swing, CARCASS - Unfit For Human Consumption, Caramelldansen because I told mpv to play all songs starting with "car", and  Carcass - Corporal Jigsore Quandary. 
Nice power stance and good taste in bloomers. 
>Maybe we should hold some kinda loli speedrun competition
We could make some themed loli speedrun competitions and invite fags from other boards. Winner gets to be called not a faggot or something.
Replies: >>176829 >>176852
Necroticism gets shit for sounding like Pantera and Queenscryche, but that's about the last good album before they went full sellout mode, and Symphonies of Sickness is still their greatest album with the sickest riffs yet.
Replies: >>176838
I think the corporal jigsore intro is enough to disregard any negative opinions anyone has about the album.
Replies: >>176839
Nah after Symphonies I get why people shit on Necroticism. Its basically SoS but tamer and less extreme or interesting. It got me into Carnage because of Michael Amott at least, so it's got that.
Replies: >>176852
Actually, I just remembered those prompt generators exist. 
I'll try getting some good prompts and making the thread, maybe have it be like a month long or something. 
I haven't listened to the albums back to back, so I'll take your word for it.
Replies: >>176865
Took too long to find a decent prompt generator but it's done. I'm going to shill it in a couple boards.
[Hide] (273.1KB, 992x884) Reverse
Random doodles.
[Hide] (12KB, 500x500) Reverse
tell me what to draw and i might do it if it's not too gay
A young lady sitting on a couch distressed by the room's heat.
Replies: >>178968 >>178971
a couple of spheres making some kind of contact with one another
Replies: >>178968
[Hide] (238.4KB, 762x667) Reverse
[Hide] (47.4KB, 1057x1034) Reverse
I may have gone too monochromatic on the colors.
[Hide] (238.9KB, 762x667) Reverse
I forgot the most important part.
Replies: >>178974 >>179015
I like the faces you give em
Replies: >>178983

Replies: >>178983
Spoiler File
(368.6KB, 1080x814, 00:06)
Thanks, I like your face too. 
Excellent thank you very much!
[Hide] (129.8KB, 300x250) Reverse
>using GIMP for drawing (instead of Krita or whatever if you're a freetard)
Replies: >>179262
I just used that for the video. I don't think anyone actually draws with gimp's shit ass brushes.
If you still take requests I'd like a blonde loli
Are you taking requests?
Replies: >>180488
ye, might take me a while to get to it though
Replies: >>180849 >>182119
Ok: https://litter.catbox.moe/fdgyrn.png
Replies: >>180850 >>180893
oh its you
Replies: >>180854 >>182119
Have we met before? Or you've just seen me posting someplace?
[Hide] (165.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
muy bueno
Is this the same artist or someone else? Style looks a bit different.
In either case, thank you. Cute and soulful.
Replies: >>180897
I'm >>167844
[Hide] (11.9KB, 500x500) Reverse
>>166273 (OP) 
Trying the draw function. Hope it works.
Replies: >>181148
[Hide] (18.9KB, 500x500) Reverse
Dicks are gay, anon.
You should rather draw cunny.
Replies: >>181171
That is an elephant spraying water from its trunk. Seek help for your depraved mind.
[Hide] (9.2KB, 400x398) Reverse
How do I prevent my hand from shaking?
Replies: >>181271 >>181439
[Hide] (388.6KB, 700x819) Reverse
Replies: >>181340
Won't that just make it worse?
Replies: >>181364
alcohol is a sedative, maybe in small doses it'll be fine
Replies: >>181522
Wrist exercises and bone strengthening herbology.
If it's a neurological issue it will make it worse.
[Hide] (19.9KB, 500x500) Reverse
Did you catch the ref?
Draw Sisyphus happy
Replies: >>182574 >>182829
one must imagine
[Hide] (236.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
Not OP, but here you go.
Replies: >>183017 >>183150
This is beautiful. Love the background.
 >>182829 if it is supposed to go up then does he ever really push
Replies: >>183511
What goes up must come down.
[Hide] (26.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
I tried drawing a cute girl
[Hide] (438.3KB, 615x720) Reverse
You almost succeeded.
Looks cool
Draw what you think I look like. I'm not giving any hints, just think about what you think, I, Anonymous, the man behind the screen, looks like typing this IRL. Who do YOU think I am?
Replies: >>183844 >>183959
[Hide] (54.8KB, 680x497) Reverse
>Asking OP to draw a faggot.
Replies: >>183845
I didn't OP to draw chuggaconroy though
[Hide] (16.1KB, 500x500) Reverse Replay
I think you looked like that when you had the idea of making this post
Replies: >>183964 >>184530
Well, I am white, and I have brown hair, so you got those things right
Replies: >>184092
did you get that, sturgeon?
add it to your database
[Hide] (31.9KB, 500x500) Reverse
Nice looks a bit like Dilbert
[Hide] (31.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
Have a quick spurdo I just drew in class
[Hide] (31.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
Have a really shitty gondola. He represents how I feel inside.
[Hide] (24KB, 500x500) Reverse
Fixed it.
No need to thank me, bro.
Replies: >>185095 >>185151
SOVL drawing
SOVLESS drawing influenced by decadent jew-promoted asian culture
Replies: >>185491
[Hide] (96KB, 500x500) Reverse
>big nose is [good 4ddit buzzword] (and non-jewish)
>neotenous nose is [bad 4ddit buzzword] and jewish
Replies: >>185780
oekaki rika is  cute
Anyone here?
Replies: >>187000
Hello nigger
Replies: >>187041
[Hide] (13.1KB, 500x500) Reverse
Replies: >>187314 >>188028
[Hide] (14.8MB, 720x480, 03:36)
[Hide] (1002.3KB, 775x735) Reverse
[Hide] (16.6KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (19.3KB, 500x500) Reverse
>>166273 (OP) 
Here's a loli with a gun at a gun range. 
And here's a second picture I tried.
I tried drawing some adult supervision but gave up because I really should've been learning to draw instead of video games
I don't know how to work with colors.
very nice, and it's good to spend bonding time with your loli at a gun range.
[Hide] (275.2KB, 320x240, 00:19)
Next frame
That's good, but I don't know if I would call that a loli. Looks more like a short teenager.
Replies: >>188744 >>188769
>stupid woman
The main point is still correct.
She’s missing a helmet, facepaint, and a comically large cigar.
It's a loli faggot
Replies: >>188911
your a lowly fagot
[Hide] (546.4KB, 1280x720, 00:02)
How 2 hands? I can sometimes barely miracle them into kind of working, but it's an uphill battle. I am ready to go the burning monk option but I would prefer not to. Any tips or tricks?
Replies: >>190089
Look up "proko hands" on youtube or whatever frontend you use. He breaks it down well enough to give you a start.
[Hide] (7.6KB, 500x500) Reverse
Someone draw something >:((((((((
Replies: >>192856
[Hide] (30.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
ok budy
Replies: >>193008 >>193022
Are you one of the new neighbors?
pretty gud actually
[Hide] (17.1KB, 500x500) Reverse
>Motherboard fails
>Causes OS to fail and need reinstall
>Try to run it on VM on after installing better OS
>Doesn't work
>This is what has absorbed most of my free time yesterday, today and probably will tomorrow.
Replies: >>193055 >>193513
That's a very nasty spurdo, I'm more concerned about him than the chicken above your PC.
[Hide] (29.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
>MMMM. Why, yes, your honor, I LOVE smoking next to gas pumps. What's the relevancy?
That sucks anon, hope you backed up your files
[Hide] (19.9KB, 500x500) Reverse
I just wanted to draw a picture of Alto in sun glasses.
very naice
[Hide] (15.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
ib's breddy gudd :-DDDDDDDDDD
[Hide] (212.8KB, 2048x1032) Reverse
looks like one of the girls from that gun gacha game
[Hide] (54.6KB, 500x500) Reverse
Replies: >>194078
I don't think that drawing needed some drink brand advertisement attached to it.
Replies: >>194094
He's implying it looks like the boomer wojak.
Replies: >>194103
>the boomer wojak
How's that any better? Are you telling me you're identifying the cartoon soy man with blatant product placement?
Replies: >>194104 >>194126
>Are you telling me you're identifying the cartoon soy man with blatant product placement?
That's all it ever was.
Yeah sure why not, grr at me about it fag. Grr so hard you burst a blood vessel in your eye.
Replies: >>194165
[Hide] (4.8KB, 84x126) Reverse
Unless you own a stake at Monster Corporation I shouldn't be mad at you, I should feel pity.
Replies: >>194436
[Hide] (15.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
Hey this site may come in handy for making sprites. http://superpixeltime.io/
Good thing condescension from a whiny loser is meaningless.
[Hide] (22KB, 500x500) Reverse
Fun fact on my sketchbook she had fishnets.
I am grinding my fundamentals by drawing 50 of the same fucking shapes.
She's cute.
Keep on grinding, anon.
[Hide] (32.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
Very good, very cute.
[Hide] (13.3KB, 480x360) Reverse
A budding artist, I see. You might potentially end up joining the otaku force to participate in creative otaku projects to fight against modern western (globalist) brainrot.
[Hide] (22.7KB, 140x171) Reverse
How does speech synthesis like this work, is it just a source voice sample and then a recording of the users own voice which the annunciation of the voice sample is then applied to the users dialogue? What website or program is being used and where do you find it?
Replies: >>195263
[Hide] (478.3KB, 480x360, 00:02)
> What website or program is being used and where do you find it?
I use this one: https://huggingface.co/spaces/coqui/xtts
The docs say you should use a 6 second sample of the voice you want to clone.
[Hide] (49KB, 500x500) Reverse
Replies: >>195584 >>197315
Nice old 2hu kaki maybe I should play those at some point
[Hide] (880KB, 1120x482) Reverse
What are these fine gentlemen up to?
[Hide] (22.7KB, 512x512) Reverse
Spoiler File
(5MB, 1836x2577) Reverse
Shamelessly traced from a drawing I posted on /v/. I just wanted to color it in.
[Hide] (9.5MB, 293x380) Reverse
Cute, very cute.
Replies: >>196139
Nice, keep doing it.
Tell the 3rd grader who drew this monstrosity to work on human anatomy a bit more.
Replies: >>196116
Oh, yeah. Where's YOUR loli drawing, anon? Are you above or below a 3rd grader?
[Hide] (17.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
>Do you want me to wink?
>It's fine, I guess...
>Are you satisfied?
Translation of GIF
Replies: >>196459 >>197535
[Hide] (18.6MB, 854x480, 03:10)
Can you translate help me understand what's this video about, happy buckteeth-kun?
Replies: >>196471
Not going to translate all of that, but it's basically a fictional advertisement for this salad grating tool thing.
Though I can translate the AROUSING comic at the beginning.
>I chewed a lot for your sake
>I want to completely gulp down your taste
>But I'm close to throwing up
Your drawing is making me think about having sex with a nerdy girl with freckles.
hang yourself kike
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1267x1730) Reverse
I don't see Helena's frilly underwear peaking out from her shorts.
[Hide] (2MB, 201x275) Reverse
mother bearing hips on dudette
Replies: >>197882
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1080x1920) Reverse
have a drawing from last year that I don't know if I've posted before.
Replies: >>197883 >>197960
man that's fucking ugly
Replies: >>197890
Don't be harsh, not everyone knows that DeviantArt exists.
Helena cute
delet futanari
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