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heckin_cute_n_valid.png (u)
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Can i go to jail for playing loli eroge games on steam? I mean its on their store. Why am i able to buy it for. It steams responsibility
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Posting this on KC wasn't enough, faggot?
Replies: >>42388
Replies: >>42391
Fuck off, gyp bastard.
Replies: >>42403
stop crying in my threads fag.
>>42369 (OP) 
>cuckchan/kohlnigger memes
>pointless time wasting thread

1624262794650.jpg (u)
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What's your favourite beverage?
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loli_elise_checks_em.jpg (u)
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Trips of truth
Water or Shirley Temple (sprite, grenadine, cherry)
cum is just the boy version of piss
Non-alcoholic: Root beer
Alcoholic: Yuengling beer and Jack Daniel's whiskey.
Ultra-based, I want to drink loliade.

loa69jl1om571.png (u)
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e2db28a98361d9a3f8917ab4a6b1e5f710129a4807e4a1d7313272e39705878c.png (u)
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megu.jpg (u)
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these are all of the ones I'm personally aware of

kb & irc
discord & cytube
see above, same ones & irc
irc (abandoned) & cytube
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>kb & irc
I havent set up an irc, it's just keybase and email. Tengu uses irrc but that's his thing.
Replies: >>42396
included board owners in the administration genie
Does anything ever happen in /monster/'s discord?

herp_derp_im_a_stockz_expert.png (u)
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coin_sale_missed_and_you're_poor_again.png (u)
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In lieu of having no biz board technically one exists but it's on blacked.gov and also ded as it should be for being on blacked.gov here is a biz thread. ITT, post about your calls, your puts, your memecoins, how you know BTC is going to crash next week, how you know BTC is going to hit 100 grand next week, how the whole stock market is jewish, how crypto is jewish, why your charts are smarter than everyone else's charts, why you're a secret millionaire but spend your time posting on a manchurian doll collecting forum for some reason, etc. etc.
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buy gme
Replies: >>42324
buy gme dubs
the market isn't even open rn
buy gme
Replies: >>42400
buy gme dubs
Replies: >>42401
buy gme dubs

birthday.jpg (u)
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>Happy birthday anon!
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Happy birthday anon!
Happy birthday. That's a cute cake.
Same. Would you hug and comfort her to tell her that everything will be alright?
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33b2ed06654abb48535057e985a83645bee97dc0465e1f39c0160cd425b80200.png (u)
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Obviously. I want to pat anime girls and make them smile, that's my raison d'ĂȘtre.
Replies: >>42398
Good lad, all anime girls exist for their heads to be patted and to have their husbandos tell them they love her.

soy.jpg (u)
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What the fuck is Raid Shadow Legend?
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>n-no u
Replies: >>42359
Replies: >>42395

iowas6oclockBLEACHED.png (u)
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007(3).png (u)
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sylvie2.png (u)
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iowa_com_ver2.png (u)
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Sup faggots
I have returned from the grave once more to turn cute girls into cute chocolate girls, be they voluptuous ladies or lolis. And I can do /bleached/ stuff aswell at anon's kind request. 
Allow me to post some examples.
>No cuckshit, niggers, faggotry, other heretical degeneracy etc

If someone can link the last thread via archive, It would be solid.
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d(1).png (u)
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d(2).png (u)
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d(3).png (u)
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d(4).png (u)
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Replies: >>42025
The original dick wasn't really that dark, not even "Mediterranean" tier, the fairy is just super pale. Now the dick is super pale too, and I'm disappointed that it's complete and there's no chocolate fairy.
Replies: >>42032
Tentacle sucker nipples are fucking disgusting.
3e207759a691fb4169b413753d295c8a331d329ccc37708a413eece9ca257078.png (u)
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Well I'm sorry anon, would you like fries with that too?
Replies: >>42380
Yes please.

u.png (u)
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I wanna start doing these types of  walking videos.
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>i appreciate nigger ape ass
fuck off back to /interracial/
Replies: >>42320 >>42332
I will reproduce and your cock will shrivel back into your overweight estrogen saturated body, queer.
Replies: >>42331
>I will reproduce
Enjoy your niglets that  will be mashed against a wall.
That's literally just a blacked board, posting anything that's not a black guy fucking someone is against the rules. 
I know, I checked.
Replies: >>42379
so technically it's interspecies

2ae3e3af043f414f2900c09a42d62125ae8f5ca5278e7a22902528dcfc38a653.gif (u)
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I have a big crush for commie fatso agatha poster fat fuck mclarge gut
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Hairsoy.png (u)
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>Take a 12 gauge buckshot aspirin, faggot
Replies: >>42352
That one guy posts his asshole and everyone loves him for it but I post witty and humorous Big Chungus rule34 and everyone hates it? Explain yourselves, faggots.
Replies: >>42352
Nice self portrait, niggerfaggot
You're an unfunny faggot who forces his faggotry on the board. There isn't much to explain.
IMG_20210620_081528~01(6).jpg (u)
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>almost 200 replies in roughly 2 days
>on a dead as shit board, including the "patch" retards and the /tv/ niggers
Please kill yourselves. All of you.
Especially agathafag.

07VarietiesChartlow.jpg (u)
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Potatoes is amongst the strongest and widely distributed staples on our earth, but which variety is your favourite?
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I'd like to put her in the oven.
Replies: >>42294
I'd like to put my sausage in her oven
Replies: >>42298
Both of you will make a good pair in my oven.
I just broil the plain potato for 15 minutes prior to mashing the potato though you might want to mix it a couple of times during the brewing process because the potato wants to stick to the grains. The potato taste isn't very noticeable but I use it because the starch turns to sugar and I don't have to add any sugar for the yeast to ferment.
Replies: >>42367
>>42366 (me)
almost forgot grow your own. Don't buy grocery potatoes because of the additives will leak into the beer and you will taste the additives and it will not be fun.

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