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I am a cismale, and I have several kids, including my trans teenage daughter. She came out last year, and my partner and I have tried to give nothing but love and support to her.

I have joint custody of the kids with their mother, my ex-wife. The divorce was largely amicable, but we do not speak much except regarding the kids. They spend half their time with her, and half with me.

My ex is with a very conservative partner, and they have a young child together. That household has not been handling my daughter coming out as trans well. The children are at their mom's now, and apparently things have come to a head. My ex's partner explained that being trans is obviously contagious, is a mental illness, and will not have his child (my daughter's sibling, I need to emphasize) being influenced by this. My ex issued an ultimatum framed as a choice: our daughter either had to present as male and use her deadname and dead pronouns while at that house, or live with me full-time.

My daughter chose the latter.

I've just learned about this via my daughter. I immediately responded that, if that is the situation she is being put in, of course she can live with me full-time. Over the past four years I have never said anything negative about my ex or her partner with the kids around, and encouraged them to have a close and loving relationship with their mom. I am shocked that my ex has issued this ultimatum - I would always say that, whatever the problems we had in our marriage, s
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This looks like a job for Mike Pence

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Pippa Pipkin
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hey buddy you've got the wrong place, foxdick farms is two nodes down
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>there are "people" on the webring seething from anime rabbits
Replies: >>92795
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>dumb internet whore pretending to be an anime rabbitgirl
>is not an internet whore...
>she is a legit anime girl bunny!
Is this your brain on reddit? Do you retards have any functioning brain cells left?
Replies: >>92799
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>sage is always butthurt

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Are you a hoarder? Want to get better, but don't want your garbage go to waste? 
Clean up your folders and post your "treasure" here, i'll take super good care of it, promise.
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I forgot this one.
Those are more Chinese and SEAsian.
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Does anyone have the pic that has GPUs (nvidia vs amd vs intel vs apple)??
Replies: >>92418 >>92420
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No, but I have this.
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Lift your spirit up with a bit of banter,
Shitpost your fears away.
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>>92229 [>where do i find the] oops typo fixed
>>92222 testing GET
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Saw a cute girl at the store today, sometimes I don't mind summer.
Nicaea was heretical as fuck though, that doesn't really help
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>Post ITT whenever you visit /b/
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It's generally accepted that left-handed people have an edge over the rest of the population regarding intelligence. For whatever reason, the part of the brain that's more active makes for faster reasoning and problem solving and such.
Which begs the question, shouldn't they be treated like the superior stratum they are? Wouldn't it be logical for the state to garantee them access to the best education and positions in order to take full advantage of their potential?
Also, it's so odd to notice that the vehement attempt to discredit intelligence disparity between races doesn't exists when it comes to left-handed genetics.
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Replies: >>92793 + 3 earlier
It's generally accepted that OP is a faggot.
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My post is getting blocked by a word filter.
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every left-handed person I know has some sort of deluded superiority complex because they use their left hand instead of their right, wow big fucking deal. left handers are the ultimate "look at me I'm such a special snowflake" faggots. if you're left-handed, nobody cares. stfu about it
>>89722 (OP) 
>shouldn't they be treated like the superior stratum they are?
That's a myth that's propagated for years and years. Total bullshit. Urban legend. Post source for your miracle lefties.

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How do we get more people on the chadring? 8chan saw a massive exodus from cuckchan with niggergate as a catalyst. Chadring doesn't really have anything like that, it's kinda stagnating. Are we gonna turn into those sad losers that shill their dead altchans here? Maybe it's just the imageboards dying out in general but I think we can still think of something. What happened to all the people who never found their way here after the 8ch meltdown? Went back to cuckchan?
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don't reply to this guy he's a /cow/ spammer weasel leaves unbanned
he and weakload have ruined /cow/ and if you reply to him he will take up residence here too
Replies: >>92761
Anyone who ruins /cow/ is a hero in my eyes.
Still a shit thread tho.
Replies: >>92761
>sage is always butthurt
>kek is always kek
Replies: >>92792
>sage is always butthurt

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lorem ipsum
Hi say to r
Install Gentoo
babnies first entry into the gnu/linux botnet
>no mx link
lol noob

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Is it worth investing on a pair of NVGs/NODs? Preferably a dual tube PVS-14.
Replies: >>92745
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>>92737 (OP) 
you haven't near enough cash for a pair of those
Replies: >>92752 >>92780
How do I become /fa. enough to look like a skeleton and wear shades?
Let's say I do. But thanks to the faggotry known as ITAR, I'll need to do some saving.
Replies: >>92787
>his dream finally came true
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I'm pretty sure you can grey import housings and tubes by themselves.

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>look at 2d girl
<"wow this would be better if she had a dick"
>look at 2d futa
<"wow this would look better if it was just a pussy"
why am i like this
What do you think of full-package futas?
Replies: >>92782
it's all the same to me. but hyperfuta i find either disgusting or laughable and i cannot understand how depraved one would have to be to get off to it.
stop being a degenerate coomer
Replies: >>92786
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i'm trying, i really am. i haven't nutted since December, and i avoid any image that's even vaguely erotic as best i can. however i still have flareups and will find myself indulging in my sick fantasies from time to time. it sucks.

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We live in a post-anxioskeptist society with a little bit of gnoseological nihilism, turboschizophrenic realism and antithetical gnoseoarchist ethnostatism busting it down pliforiobellic style... is it moonsided with the antieuroromanticism?
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owned that teen
Replies: >>90329
m*ds mad
m*ds are touhoutrannies and furfags
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Wait this thread can't slide yet, I still haven't figured out how to perpetuate conductive paralelisms that would reintroduce syncretistic speculations in alternated common subnominators. I venture to guess it has something to do with exciting preternatural assumptions along transversal factoids dissociated among pseudo-aversive intellects.
Replies: >>92784
You sound like that negentropic pseudo-pneumaticist who I encountered in the hypersaturated primordial pleroma of non-Kantian priories while I was trying to exchange my arbitrary phantasms. It is logically deductible that any person with a colloquially sufficient amount of linguistic rationality would stumble upon the finite posterior conclusion that can be abstracted as engaging in the nth order belief that the irreconcilable topologies postulated by the schizotypologists are an accurate depiction of the neurogenesis of syntactic amorphisms.

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