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Monsieur, when was the last time you had sex?
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>having sex
Replies: >>32689
Maybe nine or ten months ago
>if you have sex even ONCE 
this makes me laugh too, like all sexual experiences can be good
my first few were terrible and some guys only get a few if that anyway, so you could end up having your only sexual experiences be shitty
kind of better to never have had than be stuck with that
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Having sex and sucking at it in fact could be thought to be worse than outright never having had any. As it is childish faggots do chimp.exe instead of think about things logically while claiming that slippery slope of /soc/ will happen when in reality everyone's a fucking loser on IB's, just varying levels of loser and they're afraid to find out that they're the biggest one when they pretend to be proud of it, of which suggests of course that they are afraid to find out just how NORMAL they really are if they were to have to be thorough in their descriptions of self abnormaltry. In reality the whole virgin virtue signalling is a  vapid and uninteresting and impersonal cop-out. 
Why is this fire-touhou so contagious? I used to have a desktop image of her without even knowing her name back in the day. Image related.
The 'robot' shit-logic is the actual spook ironically.
Replies: >>32690
>in reality everyone's a fucking loser on IB's, just varying levels of loser and they're afraid to find out that they're the biggest one when they pretend to be proud of it, of which suggests of course that they are afraid to find out just how NORMAL they really are if they were to have to be thorough in their descriptions of self abnormaltry
all of this
and none is a bigger loser than the guy who repeatedly insists he's above others for some detail that doesn't mean actual shit on these
details and posts and arguments and everything else aside, we're all fucking here, so the playing field is leveled from there

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Decipher message.
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>>32446 (me)
or slang rather
<Reminder that the Internet was not originally made for sheeple normalfaggots that have ethics and used to have no rules to speak of in the 1990s.
Come on now anon you were on the right track!
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>they will never even try to guess save one anon
It's a glire. 

glire son bitch is how an extreme southerner would talk when saying lying son of a bitch, lyer son of a bitch, liarsonbitch is how it sounds. It's so garbled that a g makes sense a bit. Gliresonbitch. Liarsonbitch. They butcher random shit so much it's not too faggy to start it with a g. Such slang is created by glitching anyway. 

Also it's punny as we were all glires, glires are such a link to so many animals including primates and also your mother is a bitch, and humans love lies after all. 

I was hoping someone would realize it's glire, sounds like liar, and then make more 'puzzles' or post them. But oh well.
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>expecting anyone to know what a glire is
Sorry, I thought it was a rat too. Cheer up, see if you can figure mine out!

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Quite satisfactory after drinking a lot of liquid. The more you hold it the more fun it is. However hold it for too long and you piss yourself in your pants or the flood in lack of pants. Then it's not so fun. This needs fixing.

Your mom:
Too fat although quite the cook

Cheetos Crunchy: Flamin' Hot Lemon Flavored:
Spicy and delicious. Good to shove in one's mouths and anus for prostate play
three stars/10
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>take a look in the mirror
One must first look at society before caring to do that. It takes a village to make a man after all ergo the reflection only matters if the village says so, ergo the mirror is pointless as an abnormalfaggot cares not about a village to begin with. 

Then again I do often goatse in front of one. 
You are already fat as fuck for eating mayonaise with chips. What the hell is wrong with you?
Replies: >>32687
>cock and ball torture
hurts too much
especially in my cock and balls
would prefer they not be tortured
but there's really nothing I can do about it at this point
kind of violent
most people would rather not live near them
reduce property values
commit crimes
generally a nuisance with no upside
8 if they give you free drugs
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i'll let your know that i work out 3.5h a day so i can consume jars of mayonnaise. so you take that back you fucking mean mr mustard.

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It's time to show your creativity and edit skills if any.
I haven't used photoshop in like 5 years so im pretty rusty
ideally we should use one pic per week and see who can do the best out of it. If you want to be a faggot about it you can photoshop another pic though.
I have brought you this obese monkey and my masterpiece featuring him.
see if you can do better.
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>the versions since the UI change suck and are all around horrible to use.
this, took me forever to realize they'd stacked tools on top of one another, sometimes in unobvious groupings
I didn't start really getting into editing until I'd already ditched adobeshit in general, so I learned what little I know in gimp
Replies: >>32668
Not just that but shit tends to be weird and bug out in general. 
Sometimes your mouse will catch onto shit and pull the current tab out into a new window which you have to really struggle to put back into where it was. 
Before you could just f -> select -> f -> select, but now it has a shitty retard proofing thing where you have to f -> select -> click outside of the window -> f -> select, and that goes for multiple tools. 
It's just bad decision on top of bad decision, I wonder if the devs changed from coders to activists.
Replies: >>32669
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>pull out current tab
Click pic related
Check "Lock Tab to Dock"
I didn't say you shouldn't pirate, despite the fact I refuse to bother pirating photoshop I support theft of all kinds, especially whenever it's convenient and you can get away with it. If anyone really deserved your money they would have you so cornered you had to pay them specifically, and that's almost never true unless it's like a service one guy alive can perform for you or something. Stealing things is just cheaper and easier, but not stealing things because you don't care enough about whatever it is you'd steal to actually bother stealing it is even easier than that. Doing nothing is preferable because it allows you the freedom to spend your entire day telling people who wageslave and pay for things that you refuse to engage with their system and nothing pisses them off more.
I'm also so lazy my version of GIMP is years and years old, so I don't even know what the UI changes were firsthand, bro fuck ever updating software.

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Learn to draw. It is unironically the best way to use your time.

Drawing is a productive skill, by drawing you're adding something new into the world, you can use your skills to create OC, you can make your own lewds and draw you're waifu in different situations, you'll feel better about yourself because you're not just wasting your time doing nothing, you'll always have something to do in case you get tired of all your games and imageboards are being quiet, and if you happen to get good at it someday you can even make money with it.

And most importantly, it costs basically nothing to learn and do art, you can start doing it at any time effectively for free without even leaving your room.
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The pumpkin one is of my favorites, I plan on drawing more farmgirls in the future.
It is fence, her farm is covered in fog.
The horned one is in hot spring.
>We should (You) him
Nah, I'm way past the need of (you)'s. I'm trying to please myself with these drawings, only I can convince myself whether it is good or not. I post because what else to do with them? It is just drawn girls portraying emotions and desires, the more skill I obtain the more precise and impactful those things will be. Alas, for now I simply cannot portray what I draw the way I want.
Replies: >>32589
thank you tiddie man
thank you
>more masturbation about how great and special your art is
>everyone should either believe my lies about being able to become an artfag or kill themselves because they aren't sucking me off by believing them
artfags are the kikes, coveting all of the talent and demanding everyone worship them when they never earned it
Replies: >>32677
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>I came here to be alone and not get attention
>when others get attention and I don't online toxic.exe gets activated by jealousy.exe
One of these is true and the other is not.

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In lieu of having no biz board technically one exists but it's on blacked.gov and also ded as it should be for being on blacked.gov here is a biz thread. ITT, post about your calls, your puts, your memecoins, how you know BTC is going to crash next week, how you know BTC is going to hit 100 grand next week, how the whole stock market is jewish, how crypto is jewish, why your charts are smarter than everyone else's charts, why you're a secret millionaire but spend your time posting on a manchurian doll collecting forum for some reason, etc. etc.
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I too have always wondered how gold is meant to be a currency against disaster, since you can't eat it, build shelter out of it, or wear it for warmth.
Replies: >>32655
Gold has always been a convenient resource of trade since time immemorial. The value of gold is also fairly stable, it can buy the same amount of goods today as it could in the roman era. Or so I've heard.
But if the bottom ever really fell out, I'd rather have cartons of cigarettes and bottles of liquor to trade than gold. In a barter economy you need intrinsic value.
Replies: >>32664
>if the bottom ever really fell out, I'd rather have cartons of cigarettes and bottles of liquor to trade than gold
wish I could find the cap of the guy talking about serbia (I think), knowing some guy during that was getting fucked by guys' wives for disposable lighters and canned food
Replies: >>32671
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>bought 15 shares of stock in some random pharma company because the ticker was the same name as a show I really liked
>they're pushing into the CBD venue which will only grow in the next few years as weed goes legal
it was a very stupid decision but we'll see where it goes

got it
Replies: >>32676
>that article
Scary stuff. Hopefully we never have to deal with that, but be armed and have people you trust are the main lessons to be learned. I've been meaning to learn how to make wine, that would be a valuable commodity, I should go ahead and do that.
My brother bought some cbd stock recently, hope it does well.

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zzzchad hit 100k postsd
Replies: >>32622 >>32659
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>>32617 (OP) 
>37k times less history than 4chan
>2.x times less than lainchan
>9 times less than wizchan
So z's on par with 16chan hence why I"ve brought it up to a shitposter of pepes on here before then was ironically 'who'd'. 

I posted on 16 first but eventually moved on to here at some point when they pissed me off with censorship via it's /r9k/ to only be censored harder here of which of course made my dick hard so I never left.
Replies: >>32659
>>32617 (OP) 
How's 22chan doing, anyway?
Replies: >>32675
I never used that one nor feel like finding the address and also are not op.

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I can't deal with the dysphoria anymore. Not gender related though, I just can't stand not being swole, although the extreme anxiety is making me feel for the trannies. Anyways, I've been lifting like a madman for almost two years with very minimal progress, so I'm taking it up a notch and buying 1000mg of anavar, which I'll be taking in 20mg doses daily for two weeks, with alternating 2 week/4 week rest periods.
Ask me anything.
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I have never once been to a gym and have bigger biceps than you you're fucked also give us more updates
I'm taking a break, I'll consider doing 1 week on 4 weeks off instead. The first few days after coming off of the drug I really felt the backlash, but now I'm better.
Also, if anybody is thinking of doing anavar, (don't, honestly), use ketoconazole shampoo, it blocks the absorption of DHT in the scalp, slowing down the effects of steroids on the hair.
>drop the gay shit
>prison conditioning
anon I
'gon die

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When was the last time you went to see your dentist, anon?
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 At least 7 years. I have not changed my dental habits too much. Every time I went beforehand, they would just tell me to floss more. I figure there's no discomfort so there's not too much to worry about. Besides, my dental kinda sucks so I'm less inclined to go.
Like a month ago. I drink carbonated jew like a motherfucker but still turned out cavity free. Just floss once a week bro lol.
Replies: >>32667
>Also he looks reeeeeally depressed though also kind a demeanor he has.
depression is highly common in dentistry for some reason
general mental illnesses and psychosis seems common too
but dentistry is like some low bar of medicine
failed surgeons etc often become dentists
Replies: >>32666
They have to make people cry a lot is probably why.
Receding gums are the main cause of tooth loss and gum recession is caused by not flossing and brushing several times per day and or brushing or flossing too hard/often.

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This thread is my playthrough of Hinamizawa. Do not let the cute girls deceive you, this game is disturbing and terrifying to play. It's because of the cute girls that it is so terrifying. I keep tearing up playing this fucking game, not because of it being a tear jerker(though there are very bitter moments in the game that make you want to cry), but because it is oh so disturbing. I am scared out of my mind man holy fucking shit.  I am currently on episode six and I will come back again after I have finished playing everything. Don't think you can spoil me bitches hahahahaha. Highly recommend using the original spites.
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Is she eating a raw head of lettuce with ketchup?
Replies: >>28501
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Saya's getting her stupid ass raped by the neighbor was the funniest part of the whole VN.
Replies: >>28777
true, urobitch is an epic cucktroll
Play anything good lately OP?

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