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This autist got fucking ripped with one simple trick Find out how!

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Well, it's finally here. Gentlemen, I present to you my humble attempt at honest, wholesome entertainment. 
There is a LOT of room for improvement, so hopefully works will get better as I keep practicing.
I have quite a few ideas I'm planning, but if anyone has any good proposals to submit, I will give it my best.

God Bless.
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>Keep in mind as of now Blender doesn't have multiple animation layers.
Well it has something of the sort, in an overcomplicated way, called non-linear animation. I'm yet to really look into it.
This >>189544, pass the music please and I'll look into it.
Do you have any directions for the video? Or is it just "generic MMD of tuhus dancing to a tune"? Bear in mind, I haven't got that much practice making dancing motions. Though I could try something, for it would be a nice thing to practice, don't expect much.
Replies: >>189624
This stuff looks really neat, although it looks a bit more complicated than MMM. Hopefully you get the gist of it.
So basically a "/b/ sings and plays instruments" thread?
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Here, a couple of nitpicks first. Although this is the third and final version I released it is still very much unfinished and generally poorly put together, as I previously mentioned. That aside, I just realized I worded my post in a somewhat misleading way. I didn't mean
>let's dig up this crappy demo I recorded, have you come up with a video and then slap the two together and call it a day
but something more along the lines of
>let's both come up with and agree on song we can both work with, figure out and convene how to do what, and get to work
In hindsight "Holiday" wasn't the best pick for first time ever project and I don't think it's a good idea to go back to it either and would rather do something else that fits these requirements
>easy to play
>mixing isn't up the wazoo AAA ultimo super awesome special professional extreme to the maxx
>lyric content is either relevant to imageboards or at least up to interpretation instead of blatantly one side political
Holiday did mostly check the former two but missed the latter two which is why I think it wasn't a great idea to go with it. If you still want to use my shitty, incomplete, badly mixed, out of sync and with horrible sounding fake bass, and you can figure out what kind of video to make out of it, be my guest.
>Do you have any directions for the video? Or is it just "generic MMD of tuhus dancing to a tune"?
Well, while I haven't given much if any thought about it yet, "generic MMD of tuhus dancing to a tune" is 100% not what I had in mind. I think something more like "thing you'd see in a music video that fits the lyrical and musical content" is still generic yet more fitting premise to begin without, considering we haven't even agreed on what song.
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>I think something more like "thing you'd see in a music video that fits the lyrical and musical content"
I'm flattered that you think me so capable, but I don't know the first thing about music videos, and I'm guessing there's quite a bit of study required on the subject to be able to make something worthwhile. I may look into it while you come to a decision on the music.
On the other hand, once you have the music, you could just write a script of the general idea and share it here, I guess that would be the easiest path.
All in all I really like the idea of a collaborative project, I would be glad to participate with what I can.
Replies: >>189758
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>don't know the first thing about music videos
>I'm guessing there's quite a bit of study required
I'd just look at actual music videos and how they do what, the camera angles, the tropes and cliches etc, that's what I'm basing most of my ideas off of
>once you have the music, you could just write a script of the general idea and share it here, I guess that would be the easiest path.
I've thought about a few songs myself, I was hoping to get some input from your end but I suppose that since I'll be doing the music I should just pick something I'm comfortable with. I'm tempted to go with Green Day again and just avoid American Idiot
>most songs are easy to play
>very popular = drum tracks for most hits are readily avaialable something I forgot mentioning as a must have requirement since I've never programmed drums
>not a lot of special effects and mixing prior to American Idiot
For instance, Having a Blast from Dookie could be a tentative pick: it's easy or at least it looks easy from the tab I saw, I haven't actually played it yet, just 2:45 long, it has multiple drum tracks available on youtube, 
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Bring snacks!
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A cheese burger with bacon would be nice!
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I'm staying at a hotel with a pool while I get my kidney stones sorted out (so I'm close to the urology hospital). I want to buy a swimsuit and go swimming but I want to make sure my dick stops bleeding first because I think bleeding from your dick probably violates pool etiquette.
Oh so you're >>188675 ? I guess you didn't die and your dick didn't get removed.
Post bleeding dick pics for proof, timestamp or not real
Are you trying to get a lethal infection? Even with all the chlorine they dump in those pools they are still full of shit that can fuck you up if you have medical problems.

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ATUMPTION INTERWEBZ!!!!: I HAVE THEE BADEST NEWS!!! as u all kno, i havbnt bean very active lately. that is bee cause MY DIARY HAS BEAN STOLEN (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ last i had it was at my skewl! so if anyone sees it, PLZ return it to me one and only, kiki! 

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I think paying that much attention to the art style and characters from an obscure webcomic would be an even greater sign of autism.
Replies: >>189047
>>189046 meant for >>189037
i think its about time for that nerd to get raped again
Penis no!!!
Replies: >>189456
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People keep asking for loli space marine lately so I drew a really shitty one. IDK what shading is. Post your work, anon.
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That's good, but I don't know if I would call that a loli. Looks more like a short teenager.
Replies: >>188744 >>188769
>stupid woman
The main point is still correct.
She’s missing a helmet, facepaint, and a comically large cigar.
It's a loli faggot
Replies: >>188911
your a lowly fagot

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If we're all gonna die and have our existence, emotions, memories, relationships, experiences, and all of our accomplishments erased forever why anything in life matter
I've been stuck in this void of thinking about this recently and I can't find an answer. What's the point of existing other than existence itself? Why is there no greater meaning?
yeah dude, learning how to draw anime women really well or whatever will somehow solve the existential dread always in the back of my mind 
>inb4 religion
fairy tales won't become real if you believe in them hard enough
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Replies: >>189908 + 3 earlier
>Yes, it's so realistic that there's literally no proof of it. Has anyone ever come back from death (to our world) to tell us of what happens after death?
Terrible argument. There is no physical evidence that people keep living after death. Also, why do people fear for their own lives if the latter is more likely? It doesn't make sense
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We're all going to die in the cold darkness and be forgotten by history as if we never even existed, eventually the sun will eat the earth and kill everything anyway so life and everything in this earth is all meaningless.
Replies: >>189907
Then you wouldn't mind it if I destroyed everything you ever loved including yourself
>>189818 (OP) 
Those feelings you have generally go away once you turn 15. You just have to wait, OP.
OP is a downer.

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Drinking banana milk.
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Sure anon, you are right. Hopefully a bag of chips has enough carbs.
If you keep poorly eating like that you will actually become a cripple like the girls from the 4chan VN. And no, unlike the VN, being a cripple yourself in real life should suck.
That happened to me once, now i eat properly. it sucks.
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Drinking chocolate milk.
Replies: >>189911

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Most of the US Cell network (Primarily AT&T and Verizon) went down between 1:00-4:00 AM EST today.


From what I could gather from archive related. It seems that there's some fuckery going about. Not a solar flare or a bad push: If it was, it would've been localized to a particular area.
Cuckchan suspects DEI hires. Normie folks suspect it's a hack. But for all I know, it possibly could be an inside job too.

The major thing though, Why the fuck is there NO FUCKING COVERAGE on this?? Major news outlets are just running the fucking motions of the election bullshit, and all we got was a single little fucking piss-moan amount of coverage despite such a huge part of the modern-day US communication infrastructure just got fucked.
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>dude wtf y rnt u talk bout 3 hour outage that happened when no 1 b awak
i dunno it r mistery
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Most modern gold coins are also .999 or higher purity. American eagles, south african krugerrands, and british sovereigns are the only major exceptions, all being .917 (22 karat).
Anyway, I stack both Ag and Au. I basically just buy whatever's cheap at the time, when there's a dip.
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>>189611 (OP) 
its the jews, thats all you need to know
How many times are you going to ask this and why does it bother you so much that you "forget" the answers every time? Faggot.

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You pussies would never.
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I think the helmets look cool.
Replies: >>189877
>children costing a lot of money is "anti-life" cult shit
Stupid take, but I'm not going to argue that point any further since you've clearly made up your mind and we weren't even talking about kids initially anyway.
>they don't have any reason to risk their lives for high pay
Single childless men, particularly the younger ones who typically take dangerous jobs, can also be very materialistic, and higher pay = more stuff and no kids/family = not as much to worry about if something happens. Men with families will still work these risky jobs, I'm not arguing that they don't, they're just far outnumbered by the ones without families.
They are pretty neat. I wonder how the view compares to regular welding, the water must distort how the bead looks to some extent.
Replies: >>189890
Look im not going to agree males need to be motivated to overproduce by a family in most cases if they dont have a reason they will work as much as they need at jobs that are tolerable. I have worked on frigates and every single one of those fucking assholes had a family, were divorced (majority) or young and looking to start a family
Replies: >>189902
> were divorced (majority) or young and looking to start a family
Maybe reread the conversation, we covered that. I'm not arguing this anymore, neither of us is going to budge.

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So he’s a vorefag too? I can’t escape it
Replies: >>189849
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I apologize for delivering the news of  the harsh reality given to us in this situation. Truly she would have been a great waifu otherwise.
Replies: >>189867 >>189894
>y dis so accurate ECKS DEE
What a faggot.
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Wow thanks for ruining this for me.

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When Israel was plundered by the greek empire and the Temple of God was ruined then arose the Maccabean revolt led by Judas Maccabeus and his father.

"Then took Gorgias five thousand footmen, and a thousand of the best horsemen, and removed out of the camp by night; to the end he might rush in upon the camp of the Jews, and smite them suddenly. And the men of the fortress were his guides. Now when Judas heard thereof he himself removed, and the valiant men with him, that he might smite the king's army which was at Emmaus, while as yet the forces were dispersed from the camp. In the mean season came Gorgias by night into the camp of Judas: and when he found no man there, he sought them in the mountains: for said he, These fellows flee from us. But as soon as it was day, Judas shewed himself in the plain with three thousand men, who nevertheless had neither armour nor swords to their minds. And they saw the camp of the heathen, that it was strong and well harnessed, and compassed round about with horsemen; and these were expert of war. Then said Judas to the men that were with him, Fear ye not their multitude, neither be ye afraid of their assault. Remember how our fathers were delivered in the Red sea, when Pharaoh pursued them with an army. Now therefore let us cry unto heaven, if peradventure the Lord will have mercy upon us, and remember the covenant of our fathers, and destroy this host before our face this day: that so all the heathen may know that t
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Love and hate are never mutually exclusive.
>Love not the world [...]
I said to love the context of your lifetime, which is different.
>The thing is I will never love this world, because [...]
The world exists to be overcome. I do not care if you love it.

I will stop posting here. Meditate well on today.
Replies: >>189874
[Hide] (19MB, 500x500, 01:28)
So check out the google doc, working on getting more information there. At least for me I find information to be a key. As Thomas Kempis says, God speaks to one in books another in visions and so on. God is not just for scholars or religious priests or even just literate people, but God is there for everyone. You might be a lazy person, a heavily addicted person, a whatever person, doesn't matter. Without Christ, without the holy Spirit, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. God is building His kingdom with or without you. And one day a man wakes up in hell buried under the weight of his sins. That's the warnings of the Bible, punishment for sins, it's a very serious warning, not fun and games.

God's grace is greater than all our sins. To say your sinfulness is greater than God's forgiveness is blasphemy, a common one. Jesus says all sins shall be forgiven of men, aside from the sin against the holy Spirit. Because the holy Spirit is the seal. Now is Jesus a liar or not? All your sins are to be forgiven, at what point, well it's up to God, ask Him about it. Pray and seek Him. If you want to live forever God is offering it. If you want freedom from sin God is offering it as well. If you have no interest in righteousness or eternal things, then God indeed is not for you, there's really no point then to turn to Him, you won't enjoy Paradise. But on the otherhand, it's as simple as trusting in Jesus Christ, see the payment has already been paid. The payment for the world's s
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[Hide] (9MB, 05:00)
The problem with "just live a good life and if there's a god then he'll do good" and such things, is that, what kind of logic is that? Ladies and gentlemen, I implore, on what basis? Why should you at all believe that? Maybe god is evil and wants you to do evil, maybe he really is concerned about you supporting the right government candidates, who knows? This is the problem with inventing god, it's vain, it really is. What is a good life? You know? What can you really know in comparison to god.

"Well the god has given us all a moral compass, I know good things and bad things." Yes. You know which God claims to have done that? The God of the Bible, additionally you can seer your conscience until it's dead.

I implore you again, where is God, what is he doing? What is happening in the universe? As far as we know nothing aside from our lives. Everything else is just things bouncing around, well maybe God is interested in that and not in us. It's just a thing you know, that the most complex interesting thing we know of in the universe, is us, and we have seen nothing else. I think, rather I know, God is interested in our lives. And is He a God that just wants to be unknown. You complain that God should make himself known to you, then you'd believe. But at the same time you claim He clearly has not done that for whatever reason, well, He has. He has left you with a way to know of Him. It's right in your face and it will be all over for the rest of your life. But at the same t
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Anymore words would be unhelpful. So.

Testimony. I would say these are the three common encounters with God's salvation.

And these are the Gospels Mark, Luke, Matthew, John 

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