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On top of banners there's now the possibility to upload custom flags and whatever other shit for the CSS such as custom spoiler images, backgrounds and whatnot. Post them ITT and I'll add them if I deem them worthy, when I'm around and if I remember to.

Specifications are as follows:
300x100 png, jpeg and gif no idea if other formats work so stick with these
Don't think there's any restrictions in regards to resolution but they will get automatically resized to 16x11 when displayed, so vertical ratio images are going to look like shit, and any big image will get squished until it's just a mess of pixels. Also the filename they get uploaded as is what they will show up as in the menu so kindly provide one. png and jpg only stills probably
>other assets
Anything goes probably

Every file can be 32 MB maximum though try optimize your shit when possible.
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e7d56901b2464cfae282b93da7c70b180cd2c186eacee15099b5bdec335a1c8a.jpg (u)
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The above poster is a faggot.
Replies: >>68357
wow_thats_a_lotta_words.webm (u)
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ramen_how_its_made.jpeg (u)
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face_in_crotch is a tag, very nice.
Replies: >>68360
Watching male on female cunnilingus is the gayest shit.
Replies: >>68364
autism.png (u)
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It's C. Falcon eating ramen out of a girl so it's not even meant to be serious you realize. 

Not that anon. 

I miss falcon punch memes by the way.

7e25cf473ccb5fb20d1fa043bb90d6c4b55df7e2a9c222fd40ede055128d2ed6.png (u)
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I'm several months, and I believe over 200 hours of practice into my guitr journey, I'm not neither jon bovi, steve vaio or iron maid yet but I've successfully graduated from
<don't even know which way the guitor makes notes from
<ouchie fingy hurties
<why does everything sound bad
<oh my god I'm never going to be a guitar god
>can play an Fuck you and its variations with not much trouble
>thick invincible callouses
>starting to learn scales
>can play some relatively easy single note melodies as well as songs with chords
>the neck and all its frets don't look that scary anymore
>eager to learn more
I'm gonna make it?
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Your posts are cringy meaningless noise.
honestly I haven't played guitar seriously in years other than messing around . I still sort of got it, but it feels rusty. Just playing the ukulele that my sister never used. My parents don't like "devilish music" aka rock and roll and heavy metal and I am not as young as I used to and I don't have the energy to ague anymore. Still listen to heavy metal on my computer but only because they are blind as a bat and I have my headphones on so they can't hear. There's lewd pictures on this site and none of parents said anything even though they are hardcore Christians, to be fair my room is pretty big and it is obvious when they open the door ( I have double wide door and it's loud when you open it because all the a/c or heat air rushes out of my room when opening it)
Replies: >>69014
This is every guitarist in 20 years time btw
Replies: >>69016
I hardly walk or bike anywhere anymore either, everything is by car even if it's five minutes away. Part of the reason is the utility company is changing the streetlights to LEDs, so half  when there is construction of the time they park and block the sidewalk, forcing me to walk in middle of the road.

julius-caesar-is-offered-the-crown.png (u)
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Let's imagine we have finally arrived at the time before the Second Coming. A time when, as Jesus warned in Mathew 24:24, false prophets and mesianic impostors would walk the earth performing great wonders. Let's say the Devil, being as sly as he is, grants one of his minions the power to make anime girls real.
So any cartoonish representation of the female figure you ever long for is there, in the flesh, as perfect as you could ever hope them to be, and they beckon to you. All this bliss is just within your reach, you only have to kneel before your new master.
What do you do?
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This is the hollywoodized version of Lucifer, right? That faggot always has some kind of bullshit stipulation that you didn't account for. Not in a million years.
Are you the tulpa schizo from friday night threads?
Replies: >>69013
I wouldn't accept the offer. I do hope the end is near for this awful world we live in, however.
No, that's me. 
t. just fugged my snake tulpa waifu
I would decline. Anime girls are so perfect because they are unreachable. If they became tangible, there would be problems, not least of all that they’re so perfect that they wouldn’t ever actually love (You). Lucifer does not win today.

9de721afb246c36992207510dd7b0b3e60f6c8e144599ea54cae95578ee33f08.png (u)
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Did you know the word "Benis" translates in several languages to blessed? So this means when you say benis you are actually blessing the thread. So may all threads and this thread especially be Benised!
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its to simulate a child pussy
I like fuging my daki
Replies: >>69002
benis_billow.jpeg (u)
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Dis. I lieg fugging his dagimagi too.
Replies: >>69005 >>69011
bööbs and bagina xDDDDDDDDD
1440446334898.png (u)
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Look miku is a nigger.

159559ac005cdc4fc1b225827523073ef0a1aadcb547531935801cef97b4745e.png (u)
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5e95bcd6c8ace80bb8535a353fae3eafbdbe26932aec014bf29edb8f42e94685.png (u)
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Loli thread to keep the /tv/fags, /cow/tards and herdtrannies out.
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loli_on_2channel.jpg (u)
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d1e36337bf02e152c7afa4782e986c4d.jpeg (u)
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crt doesn't have fixed pixel count, like lcd.
15828eb4bf914835a01fc409093d6fd6dfe7febc10a7df69a873dfe797af88ea.png (u)
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aefeae6219b31aeb8b83c61425d2b4a4928d26b3e9bda890500cc238be2fd8d8.png (u)
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e13508d666d196a2c978e6be68de109051ef536a92bc97587bfaaa7c3cf5a448.png (u)
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5a8534ce7d5fbe4a9fd294db6f510a25.png (u)
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b06d1e9f4cef849dee7bc1eda3e5e689.gif (u)
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5c55d414781e950dec5ed9408f949596.jpeg (u)
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e4d65c967682d74fdc925990768653e6.png (u)
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5cfc869948ef824d5d300e1dcd3498c1.jpg (u)
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im_looking_for_this.jpg (u)
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ITT ask to be spoonfed anything, from images, music, archives, torrents... Anything, really.
For example:

Does anyone have a scan for the 4th issue of the Answer Me magazine? I have the first three ones, but I've been too lazy to find the last one myself.
You can also ask for small things, such as:

Does anyone have an image of Brendan Fraser with an expression suiting of someone wanting to kill oneself? Thanks.
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Replies: >>68942 + 2 earlier
Good to know. Thanks.


Replies: >>67879
75970514.jpg (u)
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Thank you!
>>67783 (OP) 
Does anyone have the original "Is this what you want?" image?
I think you're talking about the dub for the Abel no Yuusha series, and I found rips of the series on jewtube: https://yewtu.be/playlist?list=PLqdK0GpQq4E5ovNAlJVDqq1cKsNk2JXcP
Replies: >>68946
bump for interest

dfd64e7ffdabd3705d974a361448a41b06a0faeab169f4a005b581add7fcca90.gif (u)
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dfd64e7ffdabd3705d974a361448a41b06a0faeab169f4a005b581add7fcca90.gif (u)
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2a662fa607ed494ba3ce75a3e1543af3c7948ba7898c18e17e765211e26ecfb0.gif (u)
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dfd64e7ffdabd3705d974a361448a41b06a0faeab169f4a005b581add7fcca90.gif (u)
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Wish everyone a happy PADORU post your favorite PADORus, make more PADORUs, and especially have a happy PADORU PADORU!
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The global economy is gonna collapse later this decade so gotta spend all that money and use up all that jolly cheer before the real fun starts.
crying_water.jpg (u)
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>tfw best holiday is already over
Why can't there be more excuses to eat tender, succulent turkey legs and thighs throughout the year?
Replies: >>68999
The *nglos eat turkey at christmas.
Its not like you cant eat turkey all year long anyway; do what you like.
Replies: >>69004
maxresdefault.jpg (u)
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I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

But then that's not an occasion. After all, you can wrap up presents and give them to your loved ones all year, but Christmas is still big business.

4df1fcc5702f034e02530bd937c8c8931520bd17a6342b7a8fc807cd38ddbdde.jpg (u)
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thinking bout those cancer sticks
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I'll smoke to that
It's more like if you were speaking with a megaphone and someone told you to shut up.
Also shut up.
Replies: >>68990
Talking a lot does not equal talking loudly. 

Also have something to say next time rather than be pissy about someone else having something to say. Is it jealousy? What?
Replies: >>69000
hah.png (u)
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pan-cunny.webm (u)
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How do I have wet lucid dreams where I dick big tiddied ghosts instead of depressing violent family dies dreams?
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You know how I know you're a faggot?
Look at this bigot assuming his sexuality.
fag spotted
>dick big tiddied ghosts
That's a fetish thing isn't it.

03.jpg (u)
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04.jpg (u)
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04.jpg (u)
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05.jpg (u)
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Post and share voluptuous mature 2D ladies with gorgeous breedable bodies. 
Also recommend you favorite artists and all that mumbo jumbo. 
And of course, what and why awakened your love for older women?

Monstergirls and /ss/ welcome aswell to trigger /cow/cucks, herdniggers, and that fat ogre and his goon platoon from /tv/. 
Anyways I'll start off with some Otogi's artwork.

No NTRanny shit, Niggers, faggotry, furfaggotry, and other heretical degeneracy
Go to markchan with that gaynigger shit.
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8a9f5e5bd4bc3fdc4f5e493a7b0faea740fdd43d4ecdd59c02a9b8352fd2c4fd.png (u)
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Basically he says hes gay
Replies: >>68829
febf13cea6c97962c4ddf6e7a617c184f0f8c91405d800958c433367f69efa7a.png (u)
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205ee1d6cc15648c2ff9b4188aae68593bb726eb3d4a1765f640b5730ff7fea2.png (u)
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c564b84272fb84266dc5b0667d27912486094a58223e99c7a335833405dc9472.png (u)
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28a8762e69cfd0274f34c2d5504a54457283096a6ca387891771a330b18f28c7.png (u)
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25b45022dd72538d961d4f986ff8619b0cb4fe53abc3017e64c588d2544f6a51.png (u)
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That's a given if he's posting in this thread
994c93d7e108b13f241b4747d4e94bfcf48bb738f55ff1ad7a8e432a8b36241d.png (u)
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878c8f41e52ec6c000de63e62d5e983476d016928f756d794ca7330bbe4a6660.png (u)
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bb6b4c3b272dbc24201d71945300f685f3f0002aff2896775c7cbdaff261c65b.png (u)
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05efa3621b08b6b07870c8df29aed11949cc8e3111f957df24b478aa1ec568a7.png (u)
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beb87bf7f1f3483cd4d3f2b3afaaa405ab33e8ad5811bb58608e4ec8c5f55a10.png (u)
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