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Last night I locked eyes with a sleep paralysis demon but it was a sleep paralysis demon within a dream so I'm not sure if it's proper to call it a sleep paralysis demon and not just a nightmare.  She had long black hair, pale white skin, black eyes with orange centers, oversized hands ending in bloody claws, and inhumanly wide open mouth with no lips, just her skin turning into sharp teeth.  She was cute.
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>Lucid dreaming is hard and unlikely.
You're just too lazy to practice.
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You're right.
If we talking about lewd dreams then ill tell mine.
>Be dreaming 
>Be still in bed
> I'm positioned on my side and I see a girl there.
>long straight black hair, crystal white face, plump lips, soft small eyes.
>She takes my clothes off and starts to blow me off as she still sits on the floor with my hip thrusted out to let her get better suction.
>goes on for a few seconds when every alarm bell in my body screams and I am scared in a dream.
>Try hard to wake myself up while she keeps sucking.
<Please don't be ghost bitch blowing me and gonna kill me in my sleep.
>wake up like normal.
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また見せてね 🙈

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Do you have any more travis 2 knives pics ? I did appreciate the deep autism in all those great shops.
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Of course I do.
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I am angry, angry about how everything on the internet has been turned into complete garbage and the only people responsible for this are the moderators of these sites. Sure sure 4chan bad, 4chan has been turned into a complete fucking abomination, but what about the current 8chan? The webring? I don't think there is a single difference. Look at the popularity and acceptance of vtubers on prolikewoah or smug, or the complete retardation and childishness of the trannies on julay. How about the fact that acid is a fucking cuckold? What about Mark? To the moderators of the webring imageboards, since all other imageboards are complete lost causes. You don't know how to do your jobs and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are not serious enough. You are pathetic attention-whore degenerates turned into bitches upon the first sight of pressure. Tom and zchan admin are both perfect examples of this."You should be grateful for it tho" >lel. You have neither the ability nor the will to do this. You have no idea what you are holding in your hands. Something needs to change, and it needs to change now. Purge retards out of this place right now. How can you live with yourself when niggers from reddit and 4chan can vomit out the current trendy phrases and get to get away with it? Why do you think 8chan died? It's not the popularity that killed it, neither is it de government that killed it. It has always been the admins, the pathetic, greedy and lazy admins. You don't create barrier 
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Replies: >>2613 + 5 earlier
all of the other imageboards made the mistake of having their clearnet presence be their only presence. this is not the case on zzzchan. there is no standard way to connect to it, because the only "standard" way to connect to it is private, and itself redundant. 

we have an onion, use it. it will work even if the clearnet "entries" are receiving 10 terabit/s ddos. 

shut the fuck up. we're here because everyone else didn't know what the fuck they were doing.
Yes. We need another meta thread dedicated to the issue of overabundant meta threads.
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(918.9KB, 1280x720)
We need to go deeper.
We need to make a metathread about meta thread about metathreads being too abundant.
Afterwards will go to a new metaimageboard, metachan only about metathreads having the boards /metameta/, /metameta/, /metapol/ to disucss the politics of meta threads and /metaintl/ to have free international discussion of the meta threads and lastly the actual content /meta/ in order to discuss the state of meta content of other imageboards across the internet and how everything was much better back then when my rosa metaglasses worked to look at the metapast until someone pointed out to me that the metapast was metashit too.
The metaadmins will be named metaman, moota, hotmeta and will manage the various meta^(meta)^(meta) discussion thanks to the great metaimageboard software running the website, called metaware. 
The juici leaks of the management of metadiscussion will lead to the the metaevent called metagate i wich metafags will realize that metaposting was the fun all allong. 
Then having reached critical metamass the metaposters will all metamerge in the metamass of pure metagottry and metasuck each other off to metadeath.
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wtf this makes sense????????
>>2468 (OP) 
Calm down anon.

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Can you think of the worst memes you've seen?
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The one on the left wasn't initially a normalfag meme. Initially there would be an objectively good thing on the virgin side that was described negatively and an objectively bad thing on the chad side described positively. There's was a layer of facetiousness to it. Normalfags are too retarded for even that though, and need their jokes to be clear and explicit. So they started putting things they didn't like on the left and things they liked on the right, reducing the "joke" to a non-joke of "your thing bad, my thing good".
Replies: >>2609
This meme literally makes zero sense, it's just projection and an imagine of a really ugly Southern European imagining that he's better than Northerns. What's even funnier here is that Medniggers needed to be saved from Normans from mudslime occupation during the medieval era and needed the Germans and slavs to save them from the Turks from turning them into twinks.
Replies: >>2598 >>2609 >>2612
What's even dumber about it is that most of history is written by them. There is no evidence that Northerns didn't use writing or were too stupid for not cutting down their trees to write. Scientists can rarely can find anything in Europe that can be accurately dated and can give us a clear explaination of what life was like in Northern Europe since the Bronze and Iron age. But even if we ignore this, the Northern Europeans being "stupid barbarians", considering overtime due to the warming of Europe and existing the long ice-age, powerful civilizations like Sweden, England/GB, Netherlands, and Russia and were all becoming major powers and begin to excel in science, economic, and military all at the same time, while the only great powers in Med Europe was Spain and Portugal. Let's not also forget that The United States a nation found by those Northerns also almost took over the entire Americas and created an Empire that was something way stronger than Rome.
Replies: >>2609
This is an anti-pol troll by posting aryans<meds that is rather successful as far as the eye can behold the butthurt.
What's even dumber about it is that the ostogoths, visigoths, and lombards influenced their renaissances in art and culture. These "barbarians" became the nobility of the Italy and Spain and did good for it. So yeah I'm thinking butt hurt coming from Italians who never could revive their dumb empire and are still ass hurt that Lovecraft was right about them being more related to niggers than Europeans.

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By this time next year someone will have written a computer virus that will make anime real.

>a way to “reprogram” the molecules that carry the genetic instructions for cell development
>a special injector to be introduced under the skin where it can transmit light-based digital signals through a wireless network like 5G
>Once firmly implanted inside the body, human cells are at the mercy of any mRNA program delivered via this substrate
This is going to be labeled as a coronavirus treatment. Normalfags will line up for miles to be injected with a chip that's connected to the internet and can do literally anything to their bodies.
It's going to be hilarious. I can't wait.
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I plan to travel through my country always on the move, Try find away to distance myself from civilization. Though my country's quite urbanized. I mean what's there to miss in all honesty. Sure I'll miss talking to you guys but other than that it's pretty much just meaningless.
Replies: >>2604
>but other than that it's pretty much just meaningless.
Completely agree.
What country are you in btw?
Replies: >>2605
I don't think something like this is going to be possible to be honest. I've always been skeptical of the idea of being wired and I would much rather die than be hooked up to a computer or become a slave of the (((elites))) further proof that transhumanism is gay and will only lead to diasters.
Replies: >>2607
It's a possibility, Especially considering the fact that people are saying that they'll do it via vaccination.

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I can't sleep well because stress plus fucked up shit routine plus asthma, how do I knock myself out for some 6 hours?
Replies: >>2601
>>2599 (OP) 
take a hot shower
drink some hot unsweetened chamomile tea
ASMR/read a boring book
Replies: >>2603
(353.3KB, 500x360)
I already showered today and I'm not gonna take another when I have to workout next morning but I'll try chamomile tomorrow, will report back day after tomorrow about its effectiveness

(117.9KB, 300x368)
Can't kill me I have a momo shield.
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He was basically a human with green skin. When people say bestiality, they mean with non-bipedal shit like bugs and animals, or they mean furfaggotry. By your standards, every single kind of monstergirl is bestiality. You're either reaching pretty hard for something hate, or have a weird definition of bestiality out of sync with the norm.
Replies: >>2540
>I'm reaching pretty hard
>He's just a human with green skin
If I'm reaching hard then your reaching harder, Seriously how can you say that he's just a human with green skin that's literally retarded. I guess that since niggers are humans with black skin they can mate with our women too, He's a literal ant. Not some horrid genetic experiment gone wrong but an ant, Komugi is trying to bone the equivalent of the ant queen in male form with a human body.
>Every single kind of monstergirl is bestiality
... You're wanting to have sex with women with animal parts, That constitutes bestiality too me.
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(261.9KB, 1878x1701)
Ebin shitpost, fellow anonymous.
Cuckime rots the brain and the society.
Replies: >>2602
Go back to cuckchan /pol/ retard.

(662.1KB, 526x526)
Hahaha you 4chan incels
is this where you """"alt-right"""" nazis come to complain about how you can't get laid??? what's the matter, did a brown person sleep with your crush who's out of your league?
(1.2MB, 957x958)
look how beautiful I am
you trolls will never have a woman like me because you can't leave your moms' basements
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(4.2MB, 270x188)
Haha , funny.
(331.9KB, 1980x1308)
jeepers creepers!

(113.5KB, 600x955)
Apparantly both Taichi and Hikari where supposedly gonna be put into an incestuous relationship, That's pretty fucked up honestly.
Replies: >>2567 >>2590
>>2565 (OP) 
>fucked up
You mean hot as hell.
(1007.2KB, 1353x1039)
>>2565 (OP) 

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