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Post ITT to get a ban on /b/, free of charge
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>>5446 (OP) 
Cuckmin is a massive rulecuck.
>>5446 (OP) 
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>>5446 (OP) 
This site is gay.
—Āuckime indeed

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Let us mourn His death.
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I just wanted to add about my desire to breed an English or Scottish woman and have her read me bedtime stories with her sexy accent.
Oh you bloody wooden teeth cocksucking half-jew ginger it's in front of your your greasy face yet you couldn't take your lazy fatass to take a look in there.
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>>25225 (OP) 
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>>25225 (OP) 
Everyone in this thread except me.
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I don't get it, why is every single button other than test and pi redundant?

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<what if the CIA and other 'top men' are like what gods/demons/angels/ghosts/etc are to idiots?
<t-the mythological G-MEN???
<also what if the planet Nibiru was the asteroid belt and the aliens trained us the way an animal can't train itself to be what we are?
<what if germs really were exasperated by human idiocy of being overly cleanly due to the mishaps of magical thinking?
<what if all your memories are fake and this is the only day you've ever lived or will ever live?
<what if time goes backwards and you don't know it?
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What's that? Like Basilisk Roko stuff?
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what if                                                                                
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Going too far with that one m8.
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Not necessarily, just suffering in general whether AI is involved or not.

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What happened to furries? I feel like they used to be everywhere but it's been a while since I saw anything. I mean /fur/ or /furry/ or whatever was consistently at the top of the board list in 8chan.
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stop complaining, i'm glad we bullied them back into hiding
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They're still there but mostly on discord and the other corners where they can roleplay their sick fantasies.
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>>27140 (OP) 
>What is twitter?
>>27140 (OP) 
8/fur/ was always in a bad spot, with Bui spamming it in the early days and the BO shitting it up afterwards: all 8chan successors managed to be even worse, so basically nobody sticked around.
Furries started going back on 4chan pretty early on, they're not even limited to /trash/ anymore as the new rules only forbid furry porn and not all furry pics.
>>27140 (OP) 
their need for constant attention was always a bad match for the anonymity of imageboards. I don't know where they went, hopefully they all an heroed like I told them too many times. As for "fur was consistently at the top of the board list," my memory is hazy but as I recall all the board activity was at pol, b (b2 later because of dysnigger) and v. porn boards sometimes tailed behind, namely hgg competing with christian for a spot.
I really don't remember fur as being any kind of "top of the board list" at all.

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snakes are cool
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snakes are cute
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>>27125 (OP) 
fascinating to watch them eat
used to have a ball python, it got freaked out at fireworks one time and regurgitated a couple mice a couple days after eating
they looked like plastic mice someone had melted, partially hollow
covered in this opaque, generic fleshtone looking liquid
reminded me of that chucky shit where he gets fucked up in the plastic machine
the smell was all the worst bits of puke and rotten corpse combined, house stunk of it for days afterward
>>27125 (OP) 
If I see a snake I'm going to stab its head.
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If I see you I'm going to stab your fucking head, faggot.

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Who gave the dodo keys to b's janny closet? Why is there always one absolutely cancerous janny even by normal janny standards? yes all jannies are cancer but some lead the pack.
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>>27203 (OP) 
>>>/meta/ is that way.
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>post your complaints on the dead board where no one will see it plz
Nope, doing it here. Seagull is a nigger and so are you.

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Best imageboard on Tor?
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But the anon is right though. TOR is insecure.
Replies: >>27206 >>27207
prove it
Replies: >>27214
Tor might not be perfect but the anon who spams "tor is compromised" every time it's being mentioned is a fucking idiot who cannot or does not want to give an intelligent, technical explanation on what he's saying. He's either trolling or was reading something about a x flaw in tor somewhere on some tech news site, but didn't really understand what he was reading. Or maybe he just doesn't like the people involved in the project from a political point of view and projects that onto the technology itself. Peak dunning kruger.
Replies: >>27215
>70% of the nodes are glowed
>Browser requests
Just use other placebo meme protocols other than that rubbish crap.

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Freech has RETURNED. We have flags. All goons, herdsmen and anons welcome.


Tor: http://freech74amlzoxrrv2c2yi4l2q6qqk5rlo6lrhhq6phdr2ddxkwuinad.onion/intl/
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>>27211 (OP) 
You banned me just like on c0ronachan.

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I've seen a lot of posts by anons  here and around the webring saying to "only invest as much that you're willing to lose" bullshit. Low risk, lower reward.
Why should anyone listen to that kinda pussy talk about being careful with your own cash?  Guys like that live their whole life living paycheck to paycheck from their job or government, they post on imageboards and they're probably a virgin, just like you.
But it doesn't have to be that way. So take all your money, take out a loan and get even more money if you can, and invest in dogecoin. But maybe you're thinking to yourself that $0.42 for dogecoin is too much to invest in right now? But if don't, you're gonna remember that $0.42, because a year from now, 1 dogecoin might just be worth $500, maybe even $5k. And then you're gonna remember about how you let a fortune slip through your fingers, for the rest of your life. But hey, what do I know?
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>>27095 (OP) 
fuck year mayne cant wait to lose it all on ironic shitcoins and post some red wojacks
But I made a double on my investment.
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>>27095 (OP) 
>Gay Caricatures
>how dare you not go all in!
>my ponzi is DYING!
>give me liquidity NOW!!!
You'll never be a millionaire.
Replies: >>27212
If you think like that you're never going to have 7 digits on your deposit.

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1) kale (prefer ornamental) (high calcium and relatively high protein) (a superfood) 
2) potato (because whole protein) 
3) dill weed (spice)
4) kratom (partial opioid agonist) 
5) stevia (sweetener) 
6) soy bean (because whole protein and relatively high calcium) (a superfood)
7) bell pepper (vit c and 'spice')
8) radish (vit c)
9) lemon grass (spice)
10) cumin (spice)
11) cayenne (spice)
12) ginger (spice)
13) garlic (spice)
14) green onion (spice)
15) hemp (cloth)
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>wtf I love underage posters now!
Replies: >>27201
But I'm 24-30 y/o.
Replies: >>27202
If you're not about 27+ actually you need to go live your life faggot.
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I'm living the life whilst fucking it up. It's great.
>>27102 (OP) 
Good list, I'm going to archive this. Thank you op, and I do remember the thread to which you reference, you did a good thing.

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