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i have 500 dollars left. I want to spend it but i dont know on what. Tell me what to buy
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ah some jewish kid
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>>137843 (OP) 
>Tell me what to buy
Invest in fish then cook an eat said fish.
buy 21 troy ounces of silver bars

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Fact: Tobacco smoking was first documented during Roman times
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Romans got silk from your mom's butt.
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Is anon's mom a spider?
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Her name is Arachne
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Your mother is Lolth the Spider Goddess?
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That is all.
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Hold still you spic bastard
Dutch is english’s closest mainstream relative. It is the easiest language for EFLs to learn. The only easier languages are obscure/meme languages like Afrikaans and Frisian (which are just dialects of Dutch).
>antisocial behaviour
It just clicked with me why I find this phrase to be so repulsive. It’s effectively saying you have a duty to obey the whims of and sacrifice your own better interest to some abstract ‘greater good’, invariably decided by some bureaucratic authority figure using nebulous fleeting definitions of what ‘greater good’ actually is. It’s “show me the man and I shall show you the crime” made statute. It is distilled bolshevism.
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>>135261 (OP) 
Dutch Dames are so smexy
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Well, it's finally here. Gentlemen, I present to you my humble attempt at honest, wholesome entertainment. 
There is a LOT of room for improvement, so hopefully works will get better as I keep practicing.
I have quite a few ideas I'm planning, but if anyone has any good proposals to submit, I will give it my best.

God Bless.
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Good OC, on MY zzzchan? It's more likely than you think!
>there are skeletons posting amogus
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Really good attention to detail again, everything feels lively. What's with the baseballs though?
>panties of the week
Very nice.
If you were to take criticism, I would say dialogues feel a bit too long, so your videos always have a slower pace to them.
>I'll get to it
Are you really going to do it? Do something short, I genuinely don't mind, only wanted to see some horny action.
>any preference for the one getting gored?
Anon. Either that or Mucus, I suppose.
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>What's with the baseballs though?
bump  gud thred
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>>133939 (OP) 
Jacques Brel - Seasons in the sun ( Le moribond )

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why do people eat spicy foods? It seems very masochistic to me. It burns your mouth. It ever gives you a stomachache the day after or burns your ass when taking a shit.
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hot peppers grow in hot places
>>137861 (OP) 
>third worlders
Mask the flavour of spoilt/stale/improperly-prepared food

>first worlders
1. Cultural cringe
2. To prove how “tough” they are
3. Grew up eating unspiced stale/improperly prepared food and think all unspiced food tastes that way
Fewer tastebuds on the tongue leads people to want to eat hot spicy stuff. That's why certain subspecies prefer the heat, it is in their genes to have less taste.
maybe he thinks for himself
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What does thinking for himself have to do with anything?
If he has any evidence for for spices letting people eat low quality, partially rotten food in relative safety, he'll post it himself.

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>mining trillions of tons of precious minerals and producing 100s of millions of car batteries and extincting lifeforms from the seafloor that we haven't even seen yet will save the world! so green! this is necessary for our future!
Ever heard of a fucking bicycle? I fucking hate "green" retards. They will do anything except change their lifestyle.

>but I NEED to sit in traffic for 7 hours every day to get to my hecking job!
And this is not a problem? How about changing the way we think of towns and cities so we can operate more locally. If you don't think American suburbs need to be bulldozed yet then you cannot claim to care about "sustainability".

Also here's a pop quiz. What's the most efficient form of long-distance transport by far in terms of it's capability to move people around, has been electric for 100s of years, can operate on AC/DC instead of batteries, and is significantly faster than a car? It's called a train.

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Vote for Nuzach as the best poster from tvch in 2022. Vote for Gahoole or Moliberry as the worst poster.
Vote for any loli as best waifu.
Vote for God of War: Ragnarok to make the vargoons seethe. 

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Wow, I actually agree with the nanonigger for once. What has this board come to?
Actually, /cow/ as we know it was dead even before the collapse of 8chan. The Internet Bloodsport niggers that have turned into the modern day /cattle/ have basically pushed apart everyone else, not unlike the normalfags that ruined the original /b/ on 4chan after the fappening/chanology. I still remember how you couldn't even discuss chris chan in the last days of 8chan prime, since mods PROTECTED HIM and said you were also another random boogeyman if you said anything mean about him("hirtes" in this case). Then, years later it turns out that a literal discord gayops server, filled in part with underage children mind you, was gatekeeping chris fucking chan from others like he was their toy, including on sites like /cow/, and apparently the mods of /cow/ were in on it. "hirtes" was much like this "nu-zach", anybody and everybody was him if it proved convenient and mods went as far as going full cakekike mode and purging any and all IPs even suspected of being him, not unlike the "niggerpill" paranoia that is present on both /v/s even today. You can see why most "sane" /cow/ posters left long before the great purge, and why the only /cow/ posters afterwards where the drama obsessed schizos we have now
Honestly, most must have moved on to kiwi farms at this point, which unlike 4chan to 8chan is a much better alternative. Modern day /cow/ is a disgrace and I am glad that weeb nuked it, twice, now he lives 
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>literally who
<imaginary boogeyman
<pedophilic, balding ogre
<troon obsessed with pokemon who hates black pikachu
nobody worth caring about, it's random drama niggers shitting everywhere they go and forcing people to like the smell
like some anons pointed out, is really bizarre the damage control going on.

>i don't care, but I will keep posting in this thread and seething at you, anons
Replies: >>138054
A now MarkMann is the owner of the new video game board on tvch.
He and Gahoole are after all behind the scenes doing their gayops.

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Brotip: Borax is great as a laundry additive or alone. 
Borax kills mould and creates a barrier when applied to surfaces. 
It's has a lower overdose threshold than table salt. 
It can help boost your immune system. 
Bitches love borax.

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I don't want work in fast food anymore 

I don't want to to deal with mangers blaming me for everything. 

I am tired of being treated like a dog. 

I am tired of everyone screaming my name to to do something else when I am in the middle of talking to a customer. I feel like I slowly losing hearing and I think have ringing ears when I get home sometimes.

I feel like am running everywhere and I can't think straight because of how fast everything is.  

I am tired of having my boss taking too long to change the cash register while customers are angry about not having the change because missing it ones and quarters in the register. 

I am tired of giving out the food then getting yelled at for food at wrong car parked in the curbside because someone else parked at #4 
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i never had a job and at 28ish they rejected me a final time and the judge gave it to a woman for depression

 normalfags do not pitty real losers beg and cry or u won't get it
Replies: >>138046
>>137920 (OP) 
>don’t have seed capital
Sell some shit, or go work for someone and hoard every shekel you earn like a covetous jew until you have enough, or take a loan if your credit is good enough.
>I don’t want to take the risk
Then you deserve whatever you an authority figure thinks you deserve. If you’re not willing to take risks in exchange for freedom, you’ll never be free.
99% of degrees are worthless and never pay themselves off. Unless you’re going for something practical and high-demand (engineering, compsci, etc), don’t bother. Go to trade school or find an apprenticeship. You were told that you NEEDED college because the system wanted to trap you in a perpetual cycle of debt slavery because it makes you easier to control.
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>i never had a job
Ah, I think that might be it. You need worker credits iirc.

<How You Qualify

>To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you must:
>Have worked in jobs covered by Social Security.
>Have a medical condition that meets Social Security's strict definition of disability.
You need both

>In addition to meeting our definition of disability, you must have worked long enough — and recently enough — under Social Security to qualify for disability benefits.

>Social Security work credits are based on your total yearly wages or self-employment income. You can earn up to 4 credits each year.
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Replies: >>138047
>to be disabled u must prove can werk

*deep breath* HuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUURRRR

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