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https://cytu.be/r/OldManGerpkin streen
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>>11696 (OP) 
anonymous messenger app, Session

Session doesn't need phone numbers. It uses Lokinet to hide your IP address.

Lokinet has three nodes like Tor network.

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my day is ruined
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Sorry I sent it to the wrong person. You are a nice person and also cute
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my day is wonderful again
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A shop of the shadow would be potentially funni.
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I only have mspaint so I cannot make a good funne image.

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Neviem čo mám viacej povedať.
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>>11420 (OP) 
걸레같은 년들
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Ja nehovorím po basing-seisky.
Korean language

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I'm feeling very sleepy. I just might, ~zzz
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That book she's holding looks absolutely great. Anyone know what it is?
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L Vanna Banonnymous.
Kama Sutra

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Is zzzchan a pedo site?
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"borderline cp" is still not cp. like some  gymnastic videos of little girls is not the same thing as them getting fucked un the ass by some weird 50 year old man and then him distributing it to all his sick friends. also look at all the chans. 10 years ago it was completely fine to post that trash on pretty much any chan. nowdays even the darkest places like this one are kept clean.
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>"borderline cp" is still not cp.
It is if a court wants it to be.
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slippery slope and making sure that kind of crowd understands their kind  isn't welcome
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>How is a place so dead and me online so often that so many see something yet I never do.
Two people and one faggot janny saw it, and I was mostly shitposting. Jokes on you. I still have my browser open and can watch that cute girl shake her ass.
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You can say that about anything. If she's pretty she can't be   a murderer because le judge says so. Alternatively a pedo is only pedo when ugly regardless of sex. 

No one cares who you do or don't like personally, Mister Here. 

Are you going to use the word WE alot next?

Only nigger lovers like democracy. 

>shaking ass
So not actual porn then? Predictable. Did they ban using profane words online yet? Because you know they eventually will have AI do that.

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NSA Said to Have Used Heartbleed Bug, Exposing Consumers

12 April 2014

The U.S. National Security Agency knew for at least two years about a flaw in the way that many websites send sensitive information, now dubbed the Heartbleed bug, and regularly used it to gather critical intelligence, two people familiar with the matter said.

The agency’s reported decision to keep the bug secret in pursuit of national security interests threatens to renew the rancorous debate over the role of the government’s top computer experts. The NSA, after declining to comment on the report, subsequently denied that it was aware of Heartbleed until the vulnerability was made public by a private security report earlier this month.


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Because all the other ones are filled with trannies and furries and faggots. Normal shit only.
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Go back to whatever shithole you crawled out of, faggot
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>Oh boy, more zoomer Interweb lingo
Hi twitter, you are free to go back.
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>Why does it bother people so much, line breaks? 
Have you considered how much space it wastes? A sentence is a sentence, not a paragraph. Don't make paragraphs when there isn't one logically.
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I don't user normalfaggot sites nor ever have. Well, I tried reddit off and on to see how long i could be myself before banned, but other than that. Chan sites never stopped talking about them, so that's whatever. Obviously I hated it. 

On a cellphone I'm sure it really really pains you, zoomie.
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How about this, learn english.

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My cock smells like fish for some reason.
I haven't fucked a cod, salmon, koi or even tuna for at least 3 weeks and it still smells.
What gives?
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But it didn't used to smell like fish before!"
It smelled like cheese all the time.
Now I don't know which wine to drink anymore, I'm so confused!
are you sure girls don't like this smell? I mean all men like slurping pussy and smelling it so why not the other way around? I really the musky smell of my penis to be honest with you, i often smear my finger with the edge of my shaft and smell it. Good shit nigger, you should do it too. Real men don't bathe unless he himself can't stand his own smell anymore.
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Stink only matters if youre in the same social enviorments as these women.  If you are an incel, youre not an incel because youre surrounded by women you can't stand to smell you.

You don't bathe because of your own smell, you bathe because of other mens smell. If youre a real man you probably do some sort of sport that involves pitting yourself against other men physically.  Those other men can stink, and you can catch their stink. 
My scent is pretty freaking great, kinda dusty and not unlike an old coat, but after randori with a nigger who never washed his gi, it took a while before my scent stopped smelling like stalebread/oldmacncheese.
>>11747 (OP) 
A dude can rape another guy!
Men hate the taste of vagina though.

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Shit board, shitty posts
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Wolfspider fucked a 15 year old boy.
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he is also a nigger
>>11564 (OP) 
i need the full picture with the girl.
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Can we talk about how they actually managed to destroy 8chan? The 2016 elections, the database hacked in April, the takedown after the shootings. By the time it had reincarnated as 8kun, half the community was already gone.
Some anons left forever, some went to julay, some to smug, an already shrunken community splintered into even smaller communities. And then the loli ban drove what was left of it on 8kun out, again splintering a husk of what was once thousands and thousands of anons all posting under the same banner.
Then the deplatforming of fatchan, the rebrand of julay, just more shit to the pile. And what's the result? A dozen low activity websites that hate eachother's guts and seem to reject the idea they were once all happy together on the same website, all trying to be what they could never be in a million years: the new 8chan.

I never really thought much of it, but damn, 8chan is fucking dead.
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>raided several sites later
Wot? All I knew of was the shitposting during the Julay implosion over Hangingflesh banning loli.
Replies: >>11093
Julay and then the two-time PLW hostage saga
It was an implosion preceded by an explosion of spam that erased the board and a subsequent nuking of the backup.
I would call anyone that didn't abandon /v/ for /vg/ years ago an irredeemable idiot but then I'd be calling 95% of anons irredeemable idiots. So I went with calling 70% of anons irredeemable idiots instead.
Replies: >>11218
>but then I'd be calling 95% of anons irredeemable idiots.
Seeing how many returned to halfchan, how many went with the kike and how others behaved like cunts when they went to other boards i would say you are completely correct.
>70% of anons irredeemable idiots instead
We can suppose 25% are not irredeemable idiots but are cattle-tier useful idiots, except they don't want to be useful to anyone anymore and are just sitting idle in a single board when the rest of the small boards are waiting for someone to post something even if it isn't specialized in its entirety.
(29.6KB, 255x166)
>>1951 (OP) 
It is sad to see the state of the once unified 8chan community. You're right in that the small community continues to splinter and splinter into even more smaller communities
Not only are we fractured but we are also divided
Many of the former 8chan anons returned to cuckchan or just gave up on imageboards altogether. There are still some on 8coon, either because they don't have faith in the webring or are trying to rebuild the former 8chan. But since Jim's planning on making the whole site Tor only and Qlarps, the only people actually left supporting the site being tech illiterate and all most likely won't even be able to access it.
8coon is really just living off of borrowed time, Jim will pull the plug on the place it is a question of when
The few that remain (the webring) are scattered remnants of what was once the best alternative to 4chan with numerous different /v/ boards, /pol/ boards, /k/ boards, /tv/ boards, /b/ boards, etc scattered across them, dwindling the user count even more and once those sites die where will they go next? They don't trust the cakekike in the same way the users on cakekike's /v/ won't come here.

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