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Does anyone here take good care of their feet as well? 
It's kind of embarrasing but I like to take care of mine. I make sure they're clean, my toenails cut and massage them once in a while. I usually like to be sockless so I make sure I wash them while in the shower until they're shiny and soft. I also use my feet for day to day tasks like drinking juice, eat and reaching for objects. it's not a fetish or anything like that. It's just helpful to be able to use my feet like that.
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Are you a girl?
Does anyone here take good care of their boogerballs as well? 
It's kind of embarrasing but I like to take care of mine. I make sure they're clean, my ballhair cut and massage them once in a while. I usually like to be ball-protectorless so I make sure I wash them while in the shower until they're shiny and soft. I also use my boogerballs for day to day tasks like drinking juice, eat and reaching for objects. it's not a fetish or anything like that. It's just helpful to be able to use my feet like that.
holy shit u guys are unfunny
No, my feet are calloused as fuck from walking around barefoot outside and on sharp rocks.
>implying your feet are versatile like those no hand cripples forced to use their legs for everything they do
It's not nice lying about something you can't do dude.

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what's that song that goes dundururun duntururun duntururon and then goes like PAM PAMPA PAPARAPAMPAM PAPARAPAM PAM truliluli luli luli truliluli luli luli
you know what song i'm talking about?
Replies: >>58212
Go back to Krauthahn
>>58192 (OP) 
No. Jewtube stopped more than 10 years ago showing interesting shit or I'd know such a thing.
I think it's sandstorm by darude
I like these musical quizzes. I think the answer is Pillar Men theme from the Japanian cartoon, JoJo.

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Good+to+see+people+can+just+afford+to+destroy+expensive+_821990e82ab0033a27a7af705bb24b7d.jpg (u)
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1590310086-3.png (u)
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post your Reaction images /b/astards
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It's not bait retard and it's original name was coolface.
wait, is "oldfag" wordfiltered?
Replies: >>58200 >>58219
search up "insta *word that is filtered*" on archive.org and download
thank me later
Replies: >>58219
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Technically, I can upload images from other threads so as to compile them all together.
I don't understand.

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Any good mmos out there?
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>>58144 (OP) 
>cuckchan images
Replies: >>58190 >>58215
>>58144 (OP) 
No, and there will never be a good MMO again thanks to WoW. I would fuck Chromie raw however.
Shut up, herdnigger.
It's good, it doesn't appeal to ADHD weabs though.
>being such a newfag you don't remember when 8ch had that filename format
Neck yourself.

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do you think any (any) girls use the webring? which ones?
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I believe I still have value, despite my flaws. You should too.
>>56373 (OP) 
I'm a schizo NEET with adhd but I'm a dude. If you're down to chat drop your discord
Replies: >>58193
>low inhib enough to use discord
Replies: >>58195
I only use discord for one person literally one other mentally ill neet i met from wizardchan
>>56373 (OP) 
i directed a femanon to webring a while back. suggested she check out kind and smug. she's a neet weeb that mainly sticks to a few of the 4cuck general threads that aren't complete shit at this point. doesn't purposely attention whore. has no public social media because schizo loner. they do exist, but they are rare.
>crystal cafe
also some congregate at lolcow.farm, /cow/ for femcel gossips, but that's a fucked up bunch there. i wonder whatever happened to that asherah's garden ib? it used to get raided from time to time by various /b/tards who would try and bait and mess with the femanons that posted there. can remember some funny threads where we'd share screenshots of getting banhammer and regret not archiving them.

frank-frazetta-wallpaper-frank-frazetta-wallpapers-12.jpg (u)
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Alright, /b/, this is a very serious question.

I'm sick of being an office nigger and I want to start doing some freelance copywriting and graphic design work - the problem is that I don't really have any experience or a portfolio I can show off. I can make up enough shit to put on a portfolio, but everybody and their mother has their own websites for this shit now, so I've started looking into setting one up for myself.

What's a good way to set up a secure, professional website that I'm just going to use to show normalniggers?
There's so many quick and easy website hosts out there that are being shilled that I have no idea what's really the best path to take. Do I go full normalnigger and just set up a Squarespace or something? Do I host my own domain?
I've got to get out of this fucking corporate hell, so I'm looking for help here.
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kill_urself.png (u)
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It's not technically a call center, but it has basically wound up being a call center for big brain problems that require months, if not years of specialized training. Except I'm getting paid pennies for it, so I might as well get paid nickles to do something I don't hate.
Replies: >>58184
how much do you have in savings? don't you have dreams? start your own business our of your bedroom if you have to, you don't have anything else tying you down besides a dogshit job, so just go for it.
Replies: >>58187
I actually just blew a bunch of my savings on buying the condo I live in, but I've still got a few thousand left. My dream is to limit my expenses as much as possible so I don't have to stress my nuts off every day trying to make ends meet, and then just doing whatever the fuck I want. Obviously, money has to keep flowing in, but I have a pathological hatred for authority that means I don't do well in corpo-nigger environments where some pencil-necked asshole tells me I'm not working hard enough and I should start putting in overtime.
I've worked at multiple call centers for the past 5 years. Tell me about it.
Replies: >>58197
It just gets worse as you get promoted, doesn't it?

b3347692c97322693b592fe6d55f50ea1154b978ab377cfe2a29a9951d33d011.png (u)
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ITT: cuckime absolutely FORBIDDEN

failure to comply to this rule will result in immediate termination
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This is what we call basedime.
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Replies: >>58185
back to 4cuck newfag
her boobies aren't actually that big
Replies: >>58188
if you knocked her up they probably would be

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User board creation is a mistake.. If you make a new chan, don't enable it because it's the source of a lot of problems.
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Sleeping-bunny.jpg (u)
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Maybe for the same reason there is a warning sign for deers?
01-rabbits-riding-sheep.jpg (u)
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funny-bunny-29111.jpg (u)
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cat.gif (u)
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A4_jGz9CUAEtNBM.jpg (u)
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469655837.jpg (u)
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>like pets that are more troublesome than dogs
Bunnies in the British Isles can be as dogs or deer.
1351060544171.jpg (u)
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兎 = うさぎ
usagi usagi usagi

mcafee-suicidio-carcel.jpg (u)
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How do I escape wagecuckery?
I've been working as a programmer for the past 4 months now and I already hate it. I work in a tin warehouse with fluorescent lighting that gives me a headache. My supervisors complain when I get up and stretch my legs too much. Got yelled at for bringing a dumbell to work so I can lift while working. I spend most of my time bored out of my mind due to proper lack of assignment but I can't just go home because filling in that 8 hour quota even when you don't have shit to do is so important for some reason. 

How do I escape this lifestyle without being poor? I got this job so I could afford the nicer things in life but after work I've either got a headache or just no time to do anything.
Replies: >>58162
>>58161 (OP) 
You get a job that lets you work from home. There's never been a better time for it and you can do whatever the fuck you want as long as you're able to stay near your work machine. I've been working =< 3 hours a day on average since covid scared everyone and noone would ever know or care because I get shit done to standard and on time. The trick is managing people's expectations, you wont get paid more for delivering ahead of time so as long as you keep to deadlines you can take all the time they give you. Now, if this is your first dev job you'll be better off dealing with it for a bit longer so you have a chunk of time to put on your resume and get out. The first job is usually crap and the hardest to get but if you aren't shit you should be able to get something better with higher pay.

Protip, get a mouse that you can program macros for to jiggle the arrow keys. Even if the machine they provide has the shut off timer hard set it'll look like youre doing shit.
5ad4ebd60bcee21abe08531dc7730c00d44313f79cc3faad5ee011c6c649c8c7.jpg (u)
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I've never been able to program for shit, I've bullshitted my way through Javascript, Visual Basic, and Java classes and learned nothing. Working on Haxe for a game I'm making but it's Greek to me. I can understand how to do something with a program (getting from point A to B and all the steps involved), it's the syntax and learning what each part does that makes me give up.
As for being bored at work, there's really nothing you can do. Get some sunglasses that filter out the shitty lighting, not sure if they exist for that purpose but hipsters are finding ways to make everything now so surely there's something like it. Find a hobby to do during downtime that at a glance looks like actual work (learning another programming language, reading API docs or textbooks from libgen is a good place to start). Find what you really want to do with your life before it's too late.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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d2de7cde91694ac70b27adc3fa9e23d0fa4d7bd4e2a1cfc32eff0125b5406e5d.png (u)
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What’s a good way to make a bit of money? Got a sudden debt I want to deal with this month. Between overtime and selling some shit on ebay I can handle a lot of it but what’s a retarded way to make like 100 dollars?

Shitty porn renpy patreon?
Small trades with different bitcoin types?
Draw bad furry porn?
Become a vtuber?
What’s the go to sheckel make strategy?
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That is the literal most competed for job in the USA as half literally of all people that got their first job got it at mcdonalds.
Replies: >>58143
Literally all you need is a college degree for these positions. Especially if it's in STEM. McDicks prefers to hire high IQ candidates over retarded teenagers who always get the orders wrong.
Replies: >>58147
Your sarcasm isn't even sarcasm.
Learn blender. Go look up blender on youtube (their official channel)
Go to their playlist section and pick: 
Blender Fundamentals 2.8
Donate plasma nigger, they love first timers. Within a week you can have $500 then never come back.

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