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How do i cope with moving out? I already did before and lived a year in another apartment but then i moved back to my mother around a month ago. But now i have another apartment lined up but i feel comfortable here. But at the same time i realize im also constricted here. I cant do exactly what i want. I cant fap when i want and stuff like that. Its going to be a pain when i move in a few days. I have to cook and clean. I dont know. So stressful. But at the same time. I dont know. I feel like i will never have a chance in life if i dont move out. Chance in life? Well i mean everything. What will i ever achieve by living with my mother? I might achieve something if i live alone, whatever that might be. Well lets see.
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>how do i make a friend.
> i want a girlfriend. I want a girlfriend that watches anime with me. I want a girlfriend that cuddle with me.
If you have to ask, you can't do it.
>do i need to become rich?
Might help, but not necessarily.
>Buy a girlfriend?
Considered morally dubious by some, assuming its even possible. You'd be relying on stockholm syndrome to make her actually love you.
Well... I changed my mind after long thinking. I will not move away. Im too mentally ill and autistic. It was very difficult the 1 year i lived away. Im going to have to be neet for life with people constantly helping me in some way. Fuck soyciety. I cant help for becoming this way.
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Buy one of the really loud vibrating onaholes that you wouldn't be able to use at home that you can now use to celebrate.
Replies: >>128052 >>128062
Why would you ever want a real woman?
sauce, I wanna fug glasses

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I stopped watching anime and reading manga. Just reading manga once every few months or so. I stopped jerking off to hentai/doujins. I started jerking off to real women. Recently i stopped jerking off for 40 days. It is only now i realize how truly disgusting and depraved doujins are. I went and looked at some doujins a couple of days ago and its so "gross." Well not gross but its depraved. Have you ever seen some gross old man. How about that old man succumbs to his desires and then like jerks off in public like a madman? Like cumming on the train or something? It feels something akin to that. Something akin to the state of that man. Thats what i feel like consuming that and thats what i think of people posting such things. You are much better off with real porn. Just doing it once a week to maximize testosterone aswell. Jerking off every day is retarded unless you want to destroy your memory and have constant brainfog. 7 days is a perfect loop for the testosterone. I think longer is stupid and that we are meant to release our sexual energy. Noporn might be better for you if you have a vivid imagination. Anyways its better to jerk off to real women.
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3dpd is shit. Its hard to even keep a boner when looking at it let alone masturbate to it. Real women will never hold a candle to 2d monster girls
Replies: >>128025 >>128041
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>>127222 (OP) 
all i want 4 xmas
>>127222 (OP) 
funny thread that i can barely remember making. I like anime,manga and doujins now
Are these girls tentacle monsters or are they ridiculously parasitized with tentacle monsters?
>>127222 (OP) 
>Just doing it once a week to maximize testosterone aswell.
>7 days is a perfect loop for the testosterone.
fuck off coomer
t. nofap for 364 days

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post in this thread to get banned, free of charge.
I got nothing else to do.


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When (You) make it


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You get Shantae for Christmas, what do you do with her?


Replies: >>128059 >>128060
I'd recolor her ugly ass purple hair to a different color.
I'd racemix with that cute nigger and make lots of half-genie mulattoes with her

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I meant to make this thread Nov 1st at midnight, but I forgot. So anyways here's to a Happy Padoru Padoru~
Post you favorite Padorus, make new Padorus, go find more Padorus to post, and most certainly have a Happy Padoru this season.
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I had the same problem. Site rejects one of the files you're trying to post.
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It's rejecting several files then.
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Replies: >>128057
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The site rejected all those padorus for no reisin.

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>it feels like a lot of boards fell in quality after 8chan fell.
the "quality" is proportionally more or less the same as ever, the root problem from the various communities drifting further and further apart, due to the demoralization and how the state of affairs helps the propagation of it.
the smaller the community the smaller it is to divide and conquer. when an imageboard entity is big enough, it becomes nearly impervious to subversion attempts because governments simply do not understand how the system works and throwing more money and manpower cannot stop or contain the free discourse and the waves of diarrhea that go along with it. the only way to try and slow it down is to buy the platform out or nuke it entirely, see 4chan for the former and 8chan for the latter example.
8chan used to be one such giant unhinged place but since the fracturing, every community that sprouted off its remains has been ruined and tarnished time and time again by a handful of dedicated people until either the admin gave up or most/everyone got demoralized and left for a perceived greener pasture only for the cycle to start over. what's worse is that demoralization works like an infection and anons themselves get so blackpilled they start contributing consciously or not to the destruction of their very own communities. the webring was never going to work because of being divided as a feature, like that you're just asking to get demoralized. think about it, decentralization is one thing, division is another. all 8chan spinoffs boards and sites have been bleeding users ever since they were created, as few are interested or stubborn enough to browse 20 barely active sites instead of a single moderately active one. it's actually really simple: united we stand, divided we fall.
>inb4 muh blackpill 
>inb4 muh decentralization
a single site can have a decentralized administration, decentralized software and decentralized hardware with multiple backup points, you don't need to make everything a private circlejerk with 20 users including the mods ad admins to be decentralized. everyone seems to fail to understand that, and the ones that don't either aren't willing to do anything about it or are unable to. 8chan is dead, gone to hell, and it's not coming back. the ones that are left, us, are living in the limbo soiling our pants and throwing shit at each other until someone actually does something.

a new decentralized not8chan that unites every bunker of the limbo is needed.
>inb4 blacked
blacked is literally and unironically the perfect successor of 8chan, in that it encapsulates and embodies everything wrong there was with it except with a new coat of paint and less users
>garbage spaghetti software
>run by well known unlikable shady niggers not worthy of anyone's trust
>advertised to normalfags on social media and reddit
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I agree, the webring at best was good for being a series of bunkers for anons to hang out while a successor could be made. I suppose 8moe could have been that, but as you've said, it was pretty shit pretty quickly. 
I think the main problem with a successor to 8chan would have to be how to get a competent, or at least non-retarded, administration, or how to avoid being shat up. And speaking of software, do you anons remember those threads about the "Promised Chan", with all the cool features it would have, if someone has any screenshots or list of that? Could something like that be made?
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I can't believe fracturing into little hovels that being free from responsibility for each other, thinking that entailed breaking off shackles, ended up with us getting balkanized a la the Soviet Union turning into the СНГ, and unable to ward off stagnation because disassembling the mighty faggot made us more open to attack is just part and parcel of this freedom. No longer being a force to be reckoned across the wider spectrum of culture as a beacon and think tank stronghold didn't mean anything evidently.

"We just wanted to be left alone, man! I-I just want to discuss anime and video games in peace, this is ridiculous, I don't care about this politics crap!" Keep telling yourself that, you got what you asked for. I can't be high and mighty about this though, /pol/ was garbage and I was getting sick of the place by the time it died so I was also sort of excited for the webring which ultimately just became a streamlined caricature of 8's administration in not even a year.

Another thing that irks me is this clinging of identity to 8chan. No one on 8chan did that with 4chan even though (in the beginning) it was touted as the true branch of a corrupted community. Tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire, statues are not made for the dead but made so one may continue to live.
boy there's a lot of reddit cope in this thread already
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>you have been banned for: spam
Why does this mentally retarded inbred kike think banning on the hour actually works? You can just IP hop and carry on your conversations like nothing even happened, it just shows how butthurt + powerhungry he is.
One thing I'm concerned about is how to handle the merging of the webring. I imagine there will be a lot of butthurt and bad feelings if it's handled improperly, so there should be a way to handle that without causing problems from the beginning. Obviously, the webring would have to go if such a thing were to happen, since otherwise that would defeat the whole purpose of the webring, but I do think having, say, anon.cafe or smuglo.li as bunker-chans could work while the rest moves on to the new site. Admins and BOs could, depending on their temperament and past history (i.e., no Mark, Acid, or other problematic BOs allowed), be allowed in to smooth the transition.

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Do you keep track on movies,anime or tv shows you watch? How? I feel like i should just bite the bullet and make a account on one of those list websites but ive been avoiding it for years.
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>>127730 (OP) 
Why does no one in code geass have a penis?
Best way is to have an external devoted solely to your select choice of drek. 
Then organise via proper categories or via months. It's not difficult, dimwit.
>>127730 (OP) 
You can instead make a NeoCities site (for free) or you can use csv/tsv file or markdown/org-mode file.
Install Jellyfin, retard
I have an account on MAL and I get off on rating everything that normalfags like 1/10 and watching everything I like 10/10. I like to imagine normalfags getting triggered after watching something that I enjoy, probably doesn't really happen but one can imagine.

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do you walk around with socks or barefoot?
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> no love for the uralic languages

az urális nyelvek a világ legszebb nyelvei.
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I will become the internet
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four minutes in got retarded
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[Hide] (4MB, 654x480, 02:04)
Replies: >>127766 >>127781
>file 5
>Children's first reaction when seing a robot is to abuse it

WTF kids are BASED
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Post your shit and opinion regarding guitar. What do you think of my riff? Just made it.
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yeah, 911. turn yourself in faggot
I just watched a video on tapping, I thought it was some kind of impossible master type technique but it turns out it's not that hard even for a beginner
Replies: >>126483
addendum: how are you supposed to tap and keep your nails long for fingerpicking? it's incredibly hard to do it with long nails
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>get notification about recording studio looking for staff
>holy shit that's awesome
>it's in the next town over
>well that's fine I'll just take the tr-
>shifts are from 8 pm to midnight
>I can only get a train to it but not back since there are no more past 11
>maybe I can bike it
>it's a 1 hour 30 ride at night on badly lit roads
>whatever it's still a nice job
>call them
>the 4 hours aren't actually guaranteed, it's on call, it can be 4, it can be 2 it can be 3 it can be 0
>because of that he doesn't pay a fixed monthly or weekly amount but per hour worked 
>the hourly pay is also pitiful
Message too long. View the full text
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just metal

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If you haven't already, buy yourself a new gun. I got a Ruger AR-15 for around $850. Although I have an old Taurus pistol, I'm currently saving up to buy a Glock 17 Gen 5 with a threaded barrel. It pisses off leftists beyond belief when they see the number of firearms drastically grow in the US. You may not be able to buy one in the future, but if you have one, you will likely be able to keep it to the rest of your life if you keep quiet. Keep a gun in your bedroom in case a nigger ever tries to rob your house and rape your wife and daughters.

Buy so many guns that in the future, it becomes impossible to prevent criminals from obtaining them. Why would this be a good thing? Because many normies would realize that they might as well leave firearms legal, because otherwise, only criminals will be able to obtain them or decent citizens who are willing to risk breaking the law to obtain them illegally.

If you have the money, buy as many lower receivers as you can within a single purchase. Regardless of how many guns you buy, you only have to go through a single background check. Although the ATF illegally records background checks (There are several ongoing lawsuits against the ATF for doing so.), the feds have no clue how many guns you bought or which guns you bought. Serial numbers are not attached to background checks.
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Bump. Buy an AR-15.
>>124301 (OP) 
I prefer russian RPD
Most Americans have an AR-15 so more people buy them which makes more people have an AR-15. Having a militia requires you to share magazines and ammo.
for those that live in cucked shitholes
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>>124301 (OP) 
all i want for Xmas

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