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You live in an apartment with a roomate but he just left and now you must find a new one. You put ads and soon you receive 25 requests, so...

Who of these pretty and lovely ladies will be your new roomie and why?
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Yep, she's a cute and hot lady with too much energy and joy!

Now number 5...
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Number 8...
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Number 24...
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Number 25...
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Ok, I hope you're happy with your boyfriend and that he deliciously sucks your pointy soy tits...

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im only attracted to either pitch black or snow white women
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Replies: >>138148 + 2 earlier
Well.. I tried to post some dark skin elves with white hair and pale brunettes, tomboys or not. 
But my post got filtered multiple times... Welcome to zzzchan.
>>134593 (OP) 
Black or White?
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Pale white with dark green eyes and black hair.
The only fuckable niggresses are the ones with stereotypical bush-like afro hair and sculptured bodies
In other words, there haven't been any fuckable niggresses since at least the late 80s and even back then they could be counted on 1 hand. 

In fact, they're so fucking rare that I can't even find an image of them. I know at least a photo of it exists somewhere, but if you look up "fit afro black women" you will not find any good looking examples. Far more likely to find an ARTISTIC depiction of such a woman than an actual photograph. 

The only uglier species of (sub)human females on this earth are the aboriginals.
a literal nigger lover MODS

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ib culture is the most cucked shit on earth
you either like cool things but are a rule cuck who only use ibs that block tor
or are a crab bucket boomer who hates anything thats cool
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I wanna give li'l loli meido a headpat for her service!
>Thinking of soyjaks when there's not a single one posted in the thread
Fucking lol, its over for you. They've transcended imageboards and now exist in your mind. Can't sweep em away there.
Replies: >>138441
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Nice dubs loli meido
And don't listen to what this nigger <<138385 says, keep up your work!
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Shoo, shoo!

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kill yourselves
/v/ is basically not used properly fag
very yes but hurrrr duur
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>Everyone I know is having a mental breakdown lately and I think I’m starting one too. What should I do?
Drink some green tea and go backpacking for a week or a month, believe it or not life is a lot more comfy when it's just you and nature rather than you and a bunch of retards, spergs, and self absorbed cunts ranting about their petty first world problems.

Just be sure to pack enough to eat and medical supplies since no ones gonna be around to cook your tendies or stop you from bleeding to death, bear spray too is important just just for bears and cougars but also for the crazy cannibal you might run into while hiking throughout the Sierra Nevada or Appalachian trail. I don't think pepper spray/bear spray will do shit to stop the Boars though, you'll need at least something in 10mm to top one of those if they decide to eat you but that depends on the region you'll be hiking, you'll mostly just be running into friendly hippies and wild bears most of whom are timid and will run away from you but again you'll have your spray just in case. Also racoon and deer, lots of them.
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limp bizkit nightcore

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Vote for Nuzach as the best poster from tvch in 2022. Vote for Gahoole or Moliberry as the worst poster.
Vote for any loli as best waifu.
Vote for God of War: Ragnarok to make the vargoons seethe. 

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>No, I don't care about dramanigger shit. I think I'm just going to wait here until the true successor to 8chan appears.
>coomer shitter is so stupid he cannot comprehend what the posters are talking about, so he spams porn instead
braindead, 'jakspam has more thought put into it and triggers people more effectively. oldtroons cannot compete
Replies: >>138417 >>138421
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This. Recently some faggot was sabotaging stream and board raids on the party so 'jakkers doxed him and are in the process of plastering 'jaks all over his house. Show me what lulzy thing 4chan or some other imageboard has done in just this year alone.
Replies: >>138420 >>138421
Nice, now go do that to the rest of the people who use that site.
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Good morning, faggot.
Did you eat breakfast yet?
<lol he tries to claim samefag because xyz
Can you prove that it isn't?
<devils proof

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post in this thread to get banned, free of charge.
I got nothing else to do.


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What is wrong with Kitten's (or how the fuck they localized キトゥン?) right knee? It's like the two bones dislocated.
I would be more worried about the other inmates.
Replies: >>138389
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they would just put in segregation rather then general population
Replies: >>138390
Then the guards. Or the pipes in the walls. Or whatever, he'll rape someone or something.
Replies: >>138391
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>Then the guards. Or the pipes in the walls. Or whatever, he'll rape someone or something.

plenty of Female CO''s to choose from
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I see you anons aren't getting your daily dose of shantae.

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Is Azumanga as good as they say?
I've never watched it.
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Salsa for this? Reverse image’s got nothing
202X anime is for zoomers with adhd is moar like and not even original about it

the most boring sof tho? bait
Replies: >>138408
sol rather 

f aint even near l ugh but most sol is not even remembered because it was fucking boring ergo if remembered it was not boring u lil nigger
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That's bullshit and you fucking know it.
Replies: >>138418
it is pretty bad bait but you responded to it

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The previous thread >>100027 had been bumplocked long ago. Here's a new one just in case.

Amuse yourself with words, day goes in light and dark cycle.
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There's definitely an appeal to the simplicity of it all, absolutely, that's why WaW/BO1 still have more players than most other entries in the series. However BO3 stands out to me because it's the one outlier in the series, critics hated it but players loved it and somehow it's the second most played (not counting Warzone/Mobile) game in the series to this day, during the Steam Sale it seriously peaked after they patched an online vulnerability with the online. 
In contrast shit like ww1, cold war, the new faggot one (vanguard?) etc are all deader than death itself.
>its just genuine mental illness
i could tell that the retard is clearly very unstable.
Replies: >>138373
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>somehow it's the second most played
i think the reason for that might just simply be because its steam workshop supported
none of the other good games in the series have it, and they didnt even bother with it in the newer ones either. thats probably intentional because they dont want people sticking to playing older entries and buy their newer piece of shit for any new experience instead
and for whatever reason black ops 4 isnt even on steam at all lol
but yeah that one addition is enough for any game out there to stand the test of time, as long as the base is good
if waw's custom content was just as accessible instead of having to jump through hoops to get it working then itd probably be played a lot more as well
>critics hated it but players loved it
i bet thats because the critics looked toward the campaign and multiplayer side of the game which probably sucked a bit of dick, idk about the multiplayer but the campaign definitely did
while most of the playerbase just wanted to play zombies so thats all they needed to be good
and was this during the era where it was still cool to hate on cod even if it wasnt really that bad? maybe that too

i dont have anything else to go on about but another piece of trivia did you know cod zombies wouldnt even exist if it werent for a flash game
imagine making a flash game and its effect 
Message too long. View the full text
I'm drinking so its time to visit /b/, and it must be time to visit /v/. For I am drinking.
I could play WaW too but don't feel like installing it. And most of the custom maps I see nowadays are wacky/joke maps instead of more realistic things. In case you might know it I saw a really cool one over a decade ago that was grey and foggy, and took place in some labyrinthine abandoned series of buildings.
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I want to get into guns.
Tell me how to get into guns.
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Replies: >>138395 + 2 earlier
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Before you even touch a gun for the first time OP learn the basics of firearms safety and drill it through your head so your not a Darwin award winner who turns themself into a eunuch by accident. 
That should be your first priority, also read about your local state/province gun laws too.

Then get a Ruger 10/22 carbine or a Browning Buckmark so you can practice shooting for cheap.

>If you live in Europe, you're fucked. Your best bet is to buy a 3d printer and everything else needed to make a FGC-9.
Or OP could just immigrate to the Czech Republic, Finland, or paranoid gold hoarding mercenary mountain Jew land better known as Switzerland. Yes most Western Euro countries suck in terms of civilian gun laws but there are a few exceptions. I think Malta (the island nation state, not the sudo knight larpers allied with the WEF) is supposed to be really good too in terms of gun laws last I checked or at least not Bongistani tier.

Of course OP would have to learn a new language, at least enough to communicate on a basic level with his new neighbors.

>its good compared to the rest of them but how will you get the ammo, it too is restricted as fuck.
Not him but if you can't get ammo or the materials needed to make your own then just get really good at archery as a coping mechanism, who knows you might enjoy that too but try not to remind yourself of the fact that your flinging arrows as a result of being a serf in some cuck state.

Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>138403 >>138404
Nope, it's cucked. "Demonstrable purpose" really just means "prove that you're not a shitlord that goes against our ((( narrative )))".
>"training contributing to military capability under the Act on Voluntary National Defence (participating in or organising training)"
I'm sure i don't need to tell you about being a soldier in the interest of Israel.
<but https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firearms_regulation_in_Finland#Personal_protection_and_self-defense , "One can nevertheless legally defend himself by any means available, including firearms. Any use of force must always be proportional to the threat." https://finlex.fi/fi/laki/kaannokset/1889/en18890039.pdf page 29
Self defence laws like these always end up in the guy claiming self defence getting hit with the book by some cuck judge who feels more
Message too long. View the full text
Even in the ‘gun happy’ european states, it’s still akin to trying to buy a Thompson in Chicago to get anything other than a muzzleloader. In Switzerland for example you’re not even allowed to keep ammunition at your house if I remember correctly. 
The only places in europe where you can get a gun ‘easily’ are the backwater shithole states like the former Yugoslavia and the Greater Russian Empire (Belarus, Ukraine, etc) where there are open air markets with 50 year old Kalashnikovs being sold out of the back of a van for like $15.
Replies: >>138406
>former Yugoslavia
It should be noted that this is where the islamic invaders get most of their guns (and hand grenades) from; most of it is old Yugoslav war leftovers.
Yugos of various kinds, not just Bosnians, sell them to muslims for a quick buck and then the muslims do what they usually do.
On a somewhat unrelated note, its currently ramadan, so be aware of hangry muslims.
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Just buy a non fl pistol fag. Pic related, I own it. Stop crying about being safe b4 I summon Benjamin Franklin.

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Im sick of AI faggots. Im just going to limit what i consume from now on. I refuse to take part in the AI faggtry and the soulless degradation of this world. Its sad but it was bound to happen one day. Ironically enough ive seen tons of people that seem to love this AI development. The same people which are the kinds of people that would complain about "wef" "eat the bugs" and so on and so forth of a dystopian society.
Its just all so ironic, and tiresome. The faggotification of the world wasnt enough huh? Ofcourse it wasnt. Its not enough until everything is bland and boring.
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(##1d10000+6) Rolled 1 dice with 10000 sides and modifier +6 = 6408
(##1d10000+10000) Rolled 1 dice with 10000 sides and modifier +10000 = 12662
>Hopefully this software allows people to make cool content that otherwise wouldn't be possible.
This is literally the WHOLE fucking point of AI-generated images and people act like it's a bad thing.
Replies: >>138409
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see the op fucktards

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