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good morning, I hate niggers
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Moonman, always a true gentleman.
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>>137380 (OP) 
good morning to you too, I also hate niggers.
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Good morning, I am the niggers.
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what age do people become mature at
i think when i was 13 i was already fully mature, just didnt hold opinions that require deep political conditioning to believe
>u have to type properly or english will be destroyed
>u have to get car insurance or else ur hurting someone
>u have to pay tax or else there will be no food
>u have to dress this way or society will crumble
>u cant say niggerfaggot or someone will be oppressed
in other words a bunch of shit that they could be right about but are impossible to prove
does maturity just not exist but being adult just mean going around with this pretentious attitude that u know better than kids cus u adhere to a bunch of nonsense rules which u consider intellectual to submit to?
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When you get into your mid-thirties, you will look back on how unaware you were in your twenties, even though you think you're self-aware now. Take it from me: wisdom compounds like interest each year.
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>>132629 (OP) 
> >u have to type properly or english will be destroyed
That's how different languages come into existence, anon. Corruption of one language, leading to it splintering into different dialects, languages, and eventually even different alphabets. Things like this is why resources need to be diverted to translation services. Those resources could be going towards other things, in an ideal society of intellectuals and heroes, but that is as much of a pipe dream as "preserving a language." In another 20-30 generations, no matter how well you type and how many webster's dictionary sources you quote, English will still be nearly unrecognizable, simply due to the fact that the human brain is not designed to carry on such precise syntax.
Does this excuse the advent of something like ebonics at all? It simply implies that ebonics may branch off into their own languages, to be totally indecipherable by any white man in another 150 years. This different language will belong to a far removed culture, that culture will either conquer or be conquered, cleanse or be cleansed. Such is existence on this accursed Earth in constant flux. There will never be peace. The day there is peace, someone will long for the days of war, and they will do everything in their power to ensure the spirit of warfare lives in the minds of men.
Stop giving yourselves over to the ill
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4chan is locked
>>132629 (OP) 
 It’s not that people reach maturity at 13-15, it’s that they stop maturing around then. The average adult has the mental capacity and emotional stability of a teenager, they’ve just learnt to tard-wrangle themselves in public enough to not cause a scene
Being responsible and able to take care of yourself.

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is for the way...
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all according to keikaku
>>137283 (OP) 
L should have won but became also Kira.
>>137283 (OP) 
...you Lick my nuts
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Liru is the way, yes.
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you Love me tenderly.

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In the end, the NPC's deserved to be ass raped by the moraly bankrupt elites they enabled continuously throughout their lives. 
You reap what you sow.
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I feel the same as OP, everyone's guilty of the current jewry to some extent. I know about doing wages as justifying the current climate, though I wonder if establishing relationships also justifies the powers that be.
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>Just sit on your ass, hitler will come back
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I bought a little more silver this week, my bank account is empty now. Just in time for big bank holiday crash party.
The problem is that I, and I presume everyone else here, are on the same sinking ship as all the faggot traitors.
>don't do anything, that's fedposting!!

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How do you deal with the suicidal thoughts? Its not like i havent tried by consuming media or whatever. I mean i dropped out in high school. So many years and it doesnt get better. I also have no education whatsover and no skills. Adhd and autism. Have been a neet for like 7 years. 
I looked online at suicides and most people seem to have atleast something/anything to live for.  You watch these suicide awareness videos or whatever and they all say these cliche stuff. I dont have any friends. I have a family but its pretty dysfunctional.
I dont know what im rambling about. I just dont have anything. I also have no motivation whatsoever,little to no willpower. Its strange. I have a bad memory aswell that it scares me.
I dont know. I was going to rant but what ive written so far is just disjointed thoughts.
I just dont know what to do anymore.
Im going to go to sleep soon. And these thoughts will be reset to lower once i wake up. But as always will come back. Viscious cycle
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>>137290 (OP) 
>How do you deal with the suicidal thoughts?
See >>137292 , but add an actual suicide method that you're comfortable with using, and keep it around.
Preferably more than just a length of rope. Even if you're confident in using a rope to hang yourself, practice tying a snuggle hitch and a slipknot.
>So many years and it doesnt get better.
We live in the Kali Yuga, among many other names. It won't get better, and there may be a spark that sets off a chain reaction which power has never been seen before by man.
>Adhd and autism.
Are you not able to qualify for autismbux or something similar?
>I looked online at suicides and most people seem to have atleast something/anything to live for.
That's you looking at them from an outside perspective; they may not consider what you think is worth living for, worth living for.
They'll do the same when you talk about suicide to someone else. Your own perspective is what matters the most.
>You watch these suicide awareness videos or whatever and they all say these cliche stuff.
Hypocrites. They want you alive, but they also want you out of sight and out of mind; pay your taxes and abide the law, but do it where i cant see.
>I just dont have anything.
Image related. It probably won't help you, since you need something to do something.
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>>137290 (OP) 
I wasn't dealt a very nice hand, either, but I never gave up and now my life has turned around.

If you kill yourself, your enemies win. Words to live by.
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>>137290 (OP) 
Any sane person has suicidal thoughts in this society we live in, unless you're normalcattle.
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When was the last time you were excited to get on the internet and not doing it out of some sort of mental obligation to keep you hanging there? When was the last time you heard something being described as being "made of win"?
I miss the childlike innocence I Used to have regarding the internet and how it seemed so vast and mysterious.
I'm getting old, /b/
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Imagine not tracing the underwear section of the sears catalog so you can draw real boobies on it somewhere closer to half that age, and also being undepraved enough to think there was something strange and somehow perhaps wrong about pages of boys modelling boys' underwear in there.
>zero argument
>not even an attempt
i consider this throwing in the towel
Replies: >>135258
>on /b/
You're kicking over sandcastles in an autistic daycare and expecting the toddlers to fight back. Pick better battles you low hanging fruit hunting nigger.
Looking at a PC like that makes me want to press a turbo button. It's been a long time since I pressed a turbo button.
It wasn't always like this but by now I don't even care anymore. People have been using and shitting on what I like for many years that I begun seeing that shit as the norm.

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Is loli moral? I am thinking of either moving to brazil or japan because of loli being illegal. loli is a fucking cartoon. A cartoon is illegal. We live in a fucking dystopia, is what i think... 
Now come to the japanese citizenship requirements.
>be of good moral character
If you like loli are you of good moral character? What if you keep it hidden? How would they know? Can they remove your citizenship afterwards if they do somehow find out?
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>>136690 (OP) 
i dont give a shit about your morals, your image or your thread
watch me post in it to show how little i care
Replies: >>137168
Good taste. Who is the artist?
Replies: >>137169
that's bleached jcm2 art, he is a cuck by default so check bleachbooru.
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Who has the full collection?
If you have the money to live comfortable stay on a shitty asian country that doesn't have a lot of chances to be topped over by a dictatorship. They won't care.

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happy new year
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2020 was quite a lit year.
Replies: >>132680
Indeed it is...
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>>130153 (OP) 
god i fucking hate fags who say "in 2023", even ironically
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God I fucking hate fags who say "god i fucking hate fags who say "in 2023", even ironically", in 2023

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Good Mornig Sirs, 
From now on, this will be the national cousine of Great Britain.
Happy Diwali.
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They don't let you buy sheep lungs.
Replies: >>132677
Did you make me google sheep lung for sale as some sort of ebin meme?
Replies: >>132679
Yeah. You got punked, bitch.
Such gorgeous colors
>>124746 (OP) 
british food and culture was already disgusting anyway
they live in cramped grimy town "houses" (their invention) with a dog and wipe their dishes with a 3 month old rag covered in pink bacteria. they eat eggs and milk in every single fucking thing and have double chins

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