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 Dress to impress!

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the next time some boss or tryhard in your software company says
>we need this fancy GUI with 3D graphics for the login page why have you not done that already
you reply
>from a marketing standpoint your argument makes sense. but nothing more, don't pretend you know something more than me. it is not my job to guess how to market to the user, it is yours
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>being upoity when your job market has been seeing major layoffs 
This is like a coal miner telling his foreman to suck a dick right after 90% of the work force was replaced by machines.
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>being slavish
Every wageslave should be uppity, they should be ornery, they should be downright cantankerous. Demand outrageous pay, outrageous hours! Then, if the fools deny you your comfort and power, rise up and slay them! Slave for wages no longer!
...Unless I'm your boss, then you should definitely be content with what you're given since I love you and hurting me hurts the cause of good.
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oink oink, piggy
>gets fired 
>can only go on unemployment for a fixed period due to provable ability to work 
>I stuck it to the man tho can I have a dollar buddy? aight fuck you too

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Stop trolling me. I could literally beat the shit out of any of you incels on this website. Honestly.
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Well, by that logic you would only be attracted to literal vaginas and nothing else because that's the only thing you can actually fuck. You can't truly fuck other features or body parts of females unless you're talking about pseudo-sex hacks.
Replies: >>196929
That makes no sense, retard.
Replies: >>196935
Was that brainless bump worth it, you enormous faggot?
Use sites like iqdb and saucenao, you retard.
Might be the same faggot that thinks that liking tomboys is gay.
Replies: >>196937 >>197053
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>Might be the same faggot that thinks that liking tomboys is gay.
In 2024 appreciating femininity makes you a "faggot".
I already tried that including Yandex and Tineye.

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>start imagining me being born female
>being an unmarried woman is cringe and leftistic, so start imagining getting involved with a ma--
>stop imagining right there because i'm not gay.
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they put something in the water to make you forget
you can't make me
>chugs a gallon straight from the faucet
lol im chad ur cringe
>grows mantits and tumors begin sprouting all over
actually gender is indefinable chud
>melts into a puddle of cancer and estrogen
But he didn't say faggotshit. Example:
>it's not gay if you're the woman because the man won't be as faggy 
Of which is faggy because most don't pass to be a trap for straight guys.
Why zzzchan has so many tranny bait?
Replies: >>196934
Hey niggerdoop.

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Random shit thread
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Never trust anyone sponsored by big cum.
iirc they have three lungs, one of which is shared so probably not indefinitely but maybe longer than usual.
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Replies: >>197045
I don't think OJ qualifies as "oldfag", ran-chan
Replies: >>196886
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OJ is about as old as Doom. Also doomguy loses his gloves when he uses fists, heh.
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I meant if you remember the Bronco ride on live TV and the trial, you are probably and older user over 40.
>>196867 (OP) 
>some nigger died
Good riddance

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People who believe in new age bullshit would be better dead.
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Replies: >>197246 + 3 earlier
Fuck off with your shizo pajeet cowshit, Dikshit >>187258
You can argue that anime or videogames are just escapism, but man, is a healthier hobby than expending all your money on fortune telling and doing stupid rituals all day.
Replies: >>196773
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>expending all your money on fortune telling
Why would fortune telling cost any money? Get a tarot deck and do it yourself.
>doing stupid rituals all day
If you're "doing rituals all day", you're probably doing something wrong.
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You won 5 internets today, bro! Keep fighting those boogeymen!
>>196646 (OP) 
>People who believe in new age bullshit would be better dead.
Well their brain already is, if they follow that shit.

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Anime and everything else that has to do with it is disposable, awkward, overabundant, insincere, lacking depth, hollow, pretentious, annoying, perverted, disorderly, chaotic, consumerist, most importantly feminine and oriental but none of you are women or Asian, let alone Japanese. Liking this stuff is the same as liking modern art. It's a manifestation of the backwards Japanese identity and world view. Nothing is cute about this stuff, IT'S NOT REAL.
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>both being an animator and mangaka are horrible jobs, so people would only do that out of passion. Therefore it's soulful.
To play the devils advocate, how does this explain animation being outsourced to Vietnam, South Korea etc?
Replies: >>196817
Well, yeah, anime is slightly more "consumerist" and less soulful than manga, but as long as a show is based on a manga, at least the story/characters/etc are highly likely to be soulful.
Replies: >>196832
Disavow yourself of the notion of "soulful" products. From the smallest to the largest, all of your precious product makers are prostitutes. They can be ranked in terms of relative chastity ("Oh, this one doesn't do BDSM so they're nicer, this one does human urinal stuff so they're much more naughty") but they are all whores. A true "soulful" maker wouldn't participate in the economy for it sullies all interactions.
Don't know who the others were but back now. The joke was that the dolls are of European fashion and that they're thus "western" as bait and or to further bait about how it's really German clothing all along, from the west/whites/europoids. 

Thank you for your attention.

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i want her to fuck me up with her slippers like my mom used to
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Who is this generic disposable anime girl and how come this thread has been up for more than two years?
Replies: >>196710 >>196743
Nope, it's gookcha (gook gacha). Though unfortunately an "anime" adaptation is now airing, though it's literally just traced over 3DCG.
>this thread has been up for more than two years
Replies: >>196743
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>Who is this generic disposable anime girl
Her name is Ui, and she's from Blue Archive.
>how come this thread has been up for more than two years?
The same reason why the Chocolate thread is the oldest thread on this board.
>though it's literally just traced over 3DCG
Replies: >>196819
>The same reason why the Chocolate thread is the oldest thread on this board.
Suppressed scat fetish can be a very strong kind of autism, LOL

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If you don't get what this means.
It's your loss.
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Replies: >>196690 + 2 earlier
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>>193981 (OP) 
Replies: >>196692 >>196805
it means most pregnant of all time
Replies: >>196697
Replies: >>196700
no, more more more mostest pregnant*

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Castration: Rebirth is about a guy whose CF (close friend) got gangraped and murdered so he castrated and killed all the rapists, got the death penalty, and got isekai'd into an alternate Japan where all the men became raping monsters because of a solar flare or something.
He thus becomes the only sane man in a world full of women and monsters, but he can't fuck because of the trauma from CF's murder and defilement.
You guys would probably call it slop but I enjoyed it and am waiting for more.
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>he can't fuck because of the trauma from CF's murder and defilement
So, the author finally gave a, poor, in character reason for the typical nip protagonist to be turning down all the women throwing themselves at him? Sounds lame, would rather read about a guy single dickedly repopulating the world. Could even add some reincarnation stuff to the setting and give hope that he'd eventually sire his friend
Replies: >>196575
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Spoiler File
(495.1KB, 1200x1707) Reverse
I read through it.
It fucking lost me. 
Nobody's dicks got ripped off despite the fucking name being called castration rebirth. Just talking about gender roles and stuff.
pic related some evil bitch that raped male zombies got fucking raped, decapitated, and cannibalized.
>Could even add some reincarnation stuff to the setting and give hope that he'd eventually sire his friend
Oh he finds her, and it looks like she could control the "beast" (male zombie rapist) which isn't really explained besides finding the cure (which makes needing his semen pointless).
Replies: >>196578 >>196581
why the fuck would you waste your limited time on this planet reading this shit
I miss the days when nips were weird instead of retarded. Why are the zombies speaking, did the author fail to satisfy his fetishes with grunting bulls?
Replies: >>196804
It's probably something like Crossed where people get infected and act like crazy murderous degenerates instead of becoming living dead.

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