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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

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I need your best out of context images you have. Preferably anime, but any will do.
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Just a fraction
A very small fraction. Most of the capsaicin has already locked into taste receptors so if you feel the heat it's already too late to make others suffer with you unless you have more peppers on hand.
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It sticks to your lips better than your tongue.
chili peppers give me burning diarrhea. Can you get constipation and diarrhea at the same time? Last time I had something spicy, I slept on the toilet because it felt like eternity to come out of my ass.

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>Tfw I'm in possession of more than 12000 unsorted images that I've downloaded from various imageboards.
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I was raised by a single mom and in the same position but got my own job work from home and got laid several times. If I could do it so can you. I literally accomplished your goals and I'm 26.

I used to live with 3 single moms too all crazy bitches. I got my life on track and moved out. Get away from them ASAP
Replies: >>63047
Learning to code for Web Development.
The actual course (bootcamp) I want to get into is lambda school.
They teach you actual worthwhile shit in a faction of the time a college can and will actually make you do projects then help you out with the job search afterwards.
I want a remote job so I can fuck off from society as best as I can, I am sick of people, the niggers fucked everything up.

You replied to me twice lel.
I have a few years to go before I make it to where you are, better hop the fuck to it now.
I wanted to try to do Amazon FBA but that involved buying products wholesale from chinks but with the current pandemic, the literal cold war happening right now and shipping route cuckery, I'd rather just hold off on that for now.
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>first date with an actual grill
>kept making rape "jokes" that were little more than "lol rape funny haha"
every time i think of it it gives me an aneurysm, i want to go back in time and strangle younger me
Replies: >>63088
Stop responding to tengu
Were they funny, though?

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Who on earth would delete a headpat thread?
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How do you dox yourself on an anonymous imageboard?
Replies: >>63027
Replies: >>63028
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>Mods actually deleted the thread in response to my joke post.
Sasuga fish-san
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It feels weird leaving behind a imageboard you've been browsing for years. Though its necessary to move on because its gotten so bad. I dont know. Its strange.
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Killing Fields - FGFC820
Replies: >>63014
the problem of 4chan is that if you go to /b/ or /pol/, there's feds.
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Thanks anon!
>rulecucked as fuck
Aren't they German? It's to be expected.
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>the recent increase in PPH is from kc niggers jumping ship
At least lurk for awhile, fuck.

gun_review_rage.webm (u)
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>protaganist complex
>main character syndrome
There is literally nothing wrong with having this. But people will try to convince you that you have to be satisfied with being a side character/mob. I am the main character.
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"meaningful life" does not equal main character. Stay in your lane. Someone with a herd mentality mind cannot understand and thats why you didnt understand my post.
>>62962 (OP) 
>there is literally nothing wrong with being delusional
You're certainly in for an eventful journey.

Congratulations on being dumber than OP.
you are the antihero
>>62962 (OP) 
None of that shit matters. Only the results of acting on your beliefs matter.
I'm the main character, but this shit is a boring SOL where you eventually get a giggle at the protag's fuck ups.

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we hispachan now
Replies: >>63003
El miranda dos milantiino
la_aberracion.jpg (u)
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>soy rumano
¿Rumano o payo?
Replies: >>63024
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Aguante chispita 
Extraño a hispa del 2013 a 2017 ;_;
462c9e27bde11f800be04bc43d533ec97c106c1c85c2d793b83b03b27c70f320.jpg (u)
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Sunt român în sânge nu țigan. Te fute

684ad5731f7d4cdbec5c0f1ac259357f3f4bd2973fa6070e325da65b8181f7fa.jpg (u)
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b72d01918b643ec8959c77a890d400f1256d50870815bd31de9b5885bcd60a12.jpg (u)
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e39867185e6d06981e0fcccc087f4c43524630fc5e0059d030f8e441a159ecf4.png (u)
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0d2d565ebd6bbec2a051484779ebf0ea134d9425fe6e60d87cc955860b5b8616.png (u)
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Laugh thread
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Replies: >>62998
96a5634be8ac84f0f5b02129cde30be0faabd87c8fe635e893f10df3709fb3dd.gif (u)
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While I agree all trannies should be euthanized, how do you ironically kill yourself?
Replies: >>60814 >>61067
Just write "I'm le suicidal XDd" on your suicide note.
Replies: >>61067
Deep thick anal is a suicide attempt so suicide ironically is already happening.
mario's_a_nigger.png (u)
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>>59707 (OP) 
I'm pondering whether to screencap this or not.
Wasn't there another thread derailed by Faggatha that caused this one to be made? Elucidate me on this debacle.
Replies: >>62999
this one >>59113

tohou.png (u)
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I fucked up. In 2012 i hit my head while sliding on ice. I ended the world.
Replies: >>62966
me too
I drowned in a kiddie pool once, then the universe reset and I got thrown into a bad ending timeline
shit sucks bro
20122021.png (u)
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>>62956 (OP) 
Replies: >>62968
End-of-the-world-Mayan-calendar-2020-2537494.webp (u)
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Did anything happen on this date?
Replies: >>62976
>Did anything happen on this date?
someone called op a faggot and it finnaly hit home after all these years

expert.jpg (u)
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I propose we create a club.
Id love to see 2d flat chest milf. Id cum so hat.

898.jpg (u)
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Do you guys have friends in real life? If not, do you have friends on the internet? I'm sure many of you have neither, but for those who do, how do you keep them as friends once you've made them? Sorry if this is too similar to the other thread.
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I met my online friends in real life, we live in the same area and I'm rooming with one. I'm really grateful for the internet, it would be a lot harder to find genuine friends in real life.

What a fag.
>>61401 (OP) 
Both. Took me time to find them though.
I don't have friends, but I'm unsure if I really want any. I don't believe Internet friends aren't real friends, since they're abstractions of people you communicate with text. They aren't real until you meet them yourself.
>>61401 (OP) 
I have one friend I've maintained for 25 years (he knows ALL my darkness and I know his) and he now lives 14.000 miles away so it's a bit difficult to maintain. Skype or email is the only way atm.
People who're incapable of accepting that another viewpoint even exists are such delicate doilies I wonder how they can ever get a (reasonably well informed) friend in the first place. If their base reaction is 'block/ban/ignore' they're not worth keeping around anyway, censors are pathetic children with tiny minds.
>Hell no. Too risky.
Works as long as you know you can both destroy each other. Also an accrued trust you can only build with someone you've known since you were kids,
Replies: >>62931
>friends on the internet
Is exactly the same as
>a long distance relationship
Which as we all know means 'FUCKING NOTHING'.

If you can drop contact with a 'friend' without feeling like an active asshole for doing so then they were just an acquaintance in the first place.

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