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To my bedroom mostly but I'd have to go to the bathroom/kitchen a lot as well as the store to pick up moar beer.
Depends on the budget and vacation ideas. Most of the time I just hang out at home just to recover from the work day. However, I do like to go to the woods and just wander around.
I've considered doing just that.
>>119143 (OP) 
>do japanese police officers take off their shoes when in  a victim's house?
Replies: >>166807
It doesnt seem practical in most cases. It probably depends on the context of the visit. Are they trying to arrest someone, or responding to an emergency call? Its unlikely theyd stop in such a case.
Replies: >>166811
Further evidence that police are evil in every nation if so.

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What is the most unpleasant sounding language?
Here's my rating:
3. American English (chewing)
2. Korean (bool-b00l sounds)
1. ???
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Replies: >>166808 + 2 earlier
1) Mandarin
2) Spanish/Portuguese (same shit)
3) Hindi
Replies: >>166794
What even are the major differences between Portuguese and Spanish? I know there's some nouns that are different, but otherwise they really sound the exact same to me and I can only ever tell between one or the other if I recognize a heavy Brazilian accent coming from the speaker.
Replies: >>166797
Portuguese has slightly easier grammar when speaking in the past and future tenses then spanish once you get used to the pronunciation. portugese uses a lot of schwa sounds similar to English but more nasalized
Replies: >>166798
Portuguese pronunciation is more nasal.
>t. portucuck
>>166668 (OP) 
I speak English and like Animu ergo everything is shit but Engrish and Nipponese. 

Get over it. 


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>Loneliness is not only felt by fools
>Alone, I call to ease the pain, yearning to be held by you, alone
>So alone, I'm lost, consumed by the pain
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Black windows of paint
I scratch with my nails
I see others just like me
Why do they not try to escape
They bring out the older ones
They point at my way
They come with their flashing lights
And take my family away

And very later I have learned to accept some friends of ridicule
My whole existence is for your amusement and that
Is why
I'm here
With you

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Life, it seems, will fade away
Drifting further every day
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters, no one else
I have lost the will to live
Simply nothing more to give
There is nothing more for me
Need the end to set me free
Replies: >>166179
>>165454 (OP) 
This is what zero pussy does to a nigga.
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You know these, every/b/ody knows these. Post exceptional threads on imageboards that warranted a screencap to share with future generations.
Post as many as you've got here, be them informative, culturally relevant, particularly funny or simply batshit insane. Personally, I've been dying to find that one screencap with Anon flying to Paris, stealing a skull from the catacombs then ejaculating inside the skull. Does anyone remember it? If so, can anybody share it?
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Fun fact, the [XXXXXX] filenames are from a recovery of a flash drive that died on me. Of course not all was recovered, but a good 90% was
Now you know.
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Fucking zooniggers.

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post in this thread to get banned, free of charge.
I got nothing else to do.


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I don't know, I feel so alienated. I walk away from real-life interactions feeling angry and unsatisfied. I can't find a place to belong online. The main site I was hanging out before (for years at that) hit me with a permaban a while ago. I guess the feeling was mutual. I even managed to butcher my reputation at work, to the point that when I have to interact with people, it's like a switch goes off when they realize what I am, and they instantly want to get away from me. I know I don't belong here either. I just want to post somewhere.
Replies: >>164989 >>164991
I get how you feel,, the only person I can truly relate to is my brother 
I feel like I would be happier if I was just a grunt
stop whining doomnigger.

and in the case you wanted advice, this is all very vague
I desperately want to make love to a school boy!
Replies: >>166738
lol what a gay

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Take WoW and now get rid of the name Warcraft and just have some other thing, now would you play this game?  I only got into WoW because of the great Warcraft RTS series, of course I quit WoW since its just grinding and having to spend your whole life in the game to get anywhere good with PVP or you cannot keep up, then you got to raid all day just to get a chance of good gear.  So why even play WoW, it's just a crappy MMORPG masked by the Warcraft name and lore which by the way Blizzard messed up in WoW to begin with.

Only people I can think of who enjoy WoW are little kids who know nothing else but this type of boring gameplay.
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Literally nobody cares about the name or even the genre. The only thing that matters to normalfags is how many other normalfags are playing the game.
>Discovers the MMO plays like an MMO and hates it
Well, in 2006 when I tried it, I expected it to be good like other Blizzard games. I don't care what genre it is, I assumed a good company would have a good take on MMOs instead of just clicking menus all day with some shit tier gameplay mixed in once in a while.
This is another good point. These kinds of games are for pussies.
Replies: >>166666
>This is another good point. These kinds of games are for pussies.
Because shooting fish in a barrel is so fun, or being the fish.
Make PvP in MMO rewarding and more importantly, about skill rather than gear and numbers, and there will be no need to have PvP be consensual.
Replies: >>166667 >>166703
>Make PvP about skill
You don't want an MMO. MMOs will always be an inferior version of other games because being an MMO takes too much resources.

If you want a good MMO, it has to be good AS AN MMO, not a good non-MMO game that also happens to be an MMO.
holy shit
you can be an honorary hapa
btw what anyone means when they say MMO is actually just "persistent world", you never actually have a massive number of players in proximity, since no white trash game engine can handle that, not at the network level nor the 3D rendering level

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https://www. newwaysministry.org/2023/08/08/pope-francis-emphasizes-radical-inclusion-calls-trans-women-daughters-of-god/
>b-but muh larpagans
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Their god isnt christ, its the pope
They dont follow scripture, if they followed, they wouldnt support lgtv
Replies: >>166696
Christians never followed christianity closely, that's the whole point
Replies: >>166697
>[citation needed]
Replies: >>166701
Lesbians Gays Transvestites and Vagina-lovers
The proof is in the pudding, no one could agree on anything from the very beginning exactly why all those so-called "holy" wars happened fighting against other christians. Wars that were in actuality fought for the jews

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I keep seeing so many normalfag blog posts about this foid who I guess created an account on incels.is and saw people saying foids are meant to serve them, 
<they are 
If they aren’t then why are women never leaders and always servants in all of history on top of that they have never proved to men that they aren’t retarded
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Incels are not real. Daily reminder to ignore that female made up label called incel. It's stupid shit.
Females exist for the purpose of producing sexual pleasure in others with their bodies, producing babies within themselves, producing milk, and serving men.

When they accept that their role is just to make others feel good, procreate, secrete dairy product, and obey the master sex, the world would be much better than it is now.
why are you saging you faggot
>the enemy females did dis n dat, guys!!!
dont care didnt ask + ur gay + u dont know what normalfag means
Replies: >>166625
What does normalfag mean anon kun?

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>Gah. Your tab just crashed.
>Restart to continue using Firefox
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Replies: >>166619 + 1 earlier
>room remperature bad i like to sweat all day yeah this totally isnt cope for what my lifestyle forces on me
wh*te people.
Replies: >>163420
modern smartphones are computers
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>appliances for room temperature retards
<room [sic] remperature bad i like to sweat all day
<wh*te people
He's found the room temperature IQ retard alright. What are you on about?
>>160506 (OP) 
it happened AGAIN
Did the child at least consent?

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The sea artschizo also posts on cuckchan
Replies: >>166441
>>166439 (OP) 
a thread died for this retardation, why is this a thread?
go back
t. the sea artschizo

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