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Articulated_hand_🖐-nt3md1lpt6w.webm (u)
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Waifubots when?
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That's assuming that there are enough intelligent and competent people around to develop such a thing.
With natural selection not being a thing for hundreds of years, and race mixing on top of it, i don't see it happening in hundreds of years, if humanity lasts that long.
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>>45483 (OP) 
I think regardless of IQ it is the modern day philosophers stone.
01.jpg (u)
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Me needs a waifubot right nao!
catgrills.jpg (u)
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for anyone interested, here is where most of the robowaifu dialog is taking place afaik 

One thing I have been thinking about recently is the viability of genetically engineering companions. Would it be possible to manipulate neanderthal DNA  into cute catgirls? Would the time frame on something like that beat out robowaifus? I can't help but think it would be faster to genetically engineer perfect waifus rather than trying to make robots pass the uncanny valley.
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Consider moving from this shithole, if you want anyone new to be interested in your board.

qkto65g7.jpg (u)
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>hot as fuck
>turn on fan
>makes my eyes hurt after a while
>whatever, better than sweating to death
>next morning
>eyes are so fucked it takes 15 minutes before I'm able to look at the computer monitor even when there isn't a lot of bright colors
>turn off fan because wtf
>hot as fuck
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these_eyes_have_seen_some_shit.jpg (u)
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He could be as white as Toga.
Its either dust going into your eyes or you're allergic.
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1588552560037.jpg (u)
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>allergic to a fans
>ctrl f
>no air con
lol how poor are you?
whorehey.jpg (u)
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But I want to be le ebin shit poster :(

Spoiler File (u)
(1.6MB, 400x224)
>dick brown like a nip
It's not just me, r-right? Whenever I've seen porn, the guys dicks are white and pink and match the rest of their body. I know bleaching is a thing but does the average white guy have a darker dick or am I one of the few unlucky ones?
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Your the one posting cocks you closet fag. We all know you watch it for the dick but just use the women to tell yourself your not really gay.
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82c21d49aaf2a200ec6a10e9feaa823ba9ec75ae6f56a9774c5a8fb604bbedbd.gif (u)
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>being so paranoid you thought I was replying to you
Take your meds.
Replies: >>48770
>Piece of flesh where there is a lot of blood flowing through is somehow darker then the rest of the body
Next thing you'll ask is why those weird lines on your wrist are blue?

>Falling for the Porn Jew
>In 2021
>being so paranoid you thought I was replying to you
Take your meds.
If you ever see amateur chink porn, some of them have practically black dicks. Humans are weird.

90a89c76630c1a35cc3d334add5a03f711a88320.png (u)
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0a73aae7368a489552910cc6f1cd8bbf31ae1bad.png (u)
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bd9fa3716751fa40553251b97423b57145cc326f.png (u)
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305c7f43ef53ccccc0bdb5f07174490689920706.png (u)
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11cf76c5c1ad88d412ced05f1a25786fffb2290a.png (u)
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ITT we talk about playing Artifical Academy 2, the fun times we've had with out waifus, and any new mods that we are interested in. If you don't have AA2, follow the instructions in this video and it will tell you how to download it.
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I tried to play an untranslated version of it as a language practice, to understand that it has timed choices. I don't like how it looks compared to koikatu, but I heard gameplay is much better in AA2.
don't post on my or my TOMODACHI's board ever again
by the game too
Looks like shit. So many better stuff.
Played it back around release, had a fine day of cummage, now it looks like shit.

1625937928650.webm (u)
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What makes you happy?
I'm happiest with a piano and a guitar.
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>>48676 (OP) 
Replies: >>48736 >>48738
Kung_Pow!_Enter_the_Fist_-_Tiger,Tiger_-_Birdy,Birdy-Jsy7JW2LC48.mp4 (u)
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True. I had a bird hang around me at work for a bit and it made me content.
3d535a5d0442c4a02533d8682c34aeb3e1a16e8af49be0e0bc2d9a983b523bfa.jpg (u)
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masturbating to toddlercon
how_do_you_do_fellow_channers.jpg (u)
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Based post fellow anon.

iowas6oclockBLEACHED.png (u)
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67560477_p0_.png (u)
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007(3).png (u)
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sylvie2.png (u)
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iowa_com_ver2.png (u)
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Sup faggots
I have returned from the grave once more to turn cute girls into cute chocolate girls, be they voluptuous ladies or lolis. And I can do /bleached/ stuff aswell at anon's kind request. 
Allow me to post some examples.
>No cuckshit, niggers, faggotry, other heretical degeneracy etc

If someone can link the last thread via archive, It would be solid.
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retard.png (u)
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horahora.jpg (u)
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It just happens that you that you're a crossposting nigger, I suggest you fuck off back to your "totally not 4chan 2.0", you fruit flavored faggot.
Secondly, I don't know what the fuck you are going about, kohlnigger

Contribute to the thread or sod off, cunt
f60aa53f3c99f273dfbb04e0cbf9744dc8aba7f1582bea5266c4374a4ed66cb5.jpg (u)
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8f4d523d4e96b3da89fa57e3b6c1fc5bdab8a0752c5f5e9c144d429814f6c88a.jpg (u)
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806420790ecd7e709a5a4e5f35cb0d0347fbbd6f996b541cdc33932cc670c143.jpg (u)
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d01c3494053e038ebaee212a76f9a8839e55a2e34d93a1f08393ef09f6f32786.png (u)
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a60ee5a32353dd07e294cb855129f342a6e9e87717e6c889db8873dcdb3673eb.png (u)
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Stop replying to low effort bait, retards. Those redditors believe that getting called a faggot means they did le epic trolle.
Replies: >>48742
14b48d255e5813a859210bf986ea71ba7035444e96ea3eb69e6580dfe56b2e4a.png (u)
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295ec587c4b5e088d00f2a79a208ed8e2be4de48faca08d2544e569b62d7cda0.png (u)
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9413a2442b57bcc036e35f6f3b867ac2c6d021819bde8199d398474990558953.png (u)
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d45379f19ea21bffb4ac023d592393af699d521d84dfab81da0618a4e25bcbfd.png (u)
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2e10d29e2ff7640f64255a7249cae9bf254cec67a9e44f6222f552ba32409def.png (u)
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You already used that line once already, shittedtranny.
Replies: >>48742
See >>48712

1695614.jpeg (u)
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Lolicon means pedophile when you hear it in your animes. If you don't understand it, many jokes will not make much sense.

To be more precise, lolicon means "somebody who is aroused by not fully grown girls", about 12 or younger.

I have no idea where the western "lolicon are 2d drawings of kids" came from, it irritates me to hell. I'd say both definitions are right, but when one side tries to correct another, it's retarded as fuck, first definition is much much older than this retardation.
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a2ba48022c5d2183d38ffb5741267de099faa6e75c913f16c3a74c2436e1032c.jpg (u)
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d75ae6eeb83e1b17e98f608fa534ce5ad8898cc9653e0aa659eea7efb9e2cf9b.png (u)
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f1b73f8285e20f9ea2ba4d4c9df40a573c5ce6b3449c1b60febf701294cb62a5.jpg (u)
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37ef001087cff0c4776ea56e7259737182e9ad55129ec5ede932f965769eb586.jpg (u)
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e0756ec40c78b1137280d9e3054f2435580db15b71e4adce8f6faeafc0f111fe.jpg (u)
[Hide] (484.3KB, 714x1539)
>>48714 (OP) 
>I have no idea where the western "lolicon are 2d drawings of kids" came from
Nips have no 2D/3D barrier, westerns do. When western fags started hearing lolicon in anime they figured it was something specific to 2D, and started treating it as such. 
Lolicon and ロăƒȘコン have effectively become two different terms with the same pronunciation, much like ă‚«ăƒłăƒ‹ăƒłă‚° and cunning.
>have effectively become two different terms with the same pronunciation
Not on my watch
>>48714 (OP) 
>second feminist propaganda hidden in catalog

pedo is not real to begin with and remember to sage and hide spammers

ClipboardImage.png (u)
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borntoshitpost.png (u)
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C_H_O_P_P_A_H.jpg (u)
[Hide] (60.8KB, 298x298)
Heil Ammit

Death to /cow/
Death to /tv/
Death to shitted.gov
Death to 4cuck
Death to kohlniggers
Death to Jewshniggers
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I'm gonna fuck a monster loli
Replies: >>48670
94df559bcfc87559d0e230113d83859be456ba7bd5fe574920b8a7f6d47012cc.png (u)
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I want to fuck one too. Monster lolis have the best cunnies.
7d3913fd5aae55d9d6f19c07a3ee39cf988f500795dcf618f58c83fc779bddf8.png (u)
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Replies: >>48695
948efcc3423bdd201c6a585eef57e6a04c80e2ab79cf800739bacd4fa810d293.png (u)
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>saving a jpeg as a PNG

Grigori_Grimoire.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (7.4MB, 480x368, 02:48)
>i bet you're the type of guy that washes his hands after taking a shower
Yeah, i am that type of guy. I dont get it. What the hell is wrong with washing your hands after taking a shower?
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I can detect nothing overtly misleading in that guide.
t. Knower of Poisons
Replies: >>48660
Does red meat really increase test? I heard you'll get dementia from eating it
Replies: >>48665
sv3rige.jpg (u)
[Hide] (62.4KB, 862x605)
If you're to judge e-celebs who boast about eating red meat, you'll be sure it causes dementia. 
However, if you truly cared about eliminating everything that causes dementia you wouldn't be here now would you.
Replies: >>48666
Uhh actually he's obviously a sociopath who thinks his hands are beautiful and need to be even cleaner than the rest of his body. Fkin amateur.

.jpg (u)
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How do we make Zzzchan Inc reach a wider market adoption and increase our ProfitPerHour margins?
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Replies: >>48662 + 2 earlier
wow thats a real good flower and grass
Replies: >>48651 >>48653
also there should be something in the background like a plane or something
Replies: >>48653
planet_earth_is_blue_and_theres_nothing_i_can_do.png (u)
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goddamn it fine... geez i have to do everything myself around here... fuck... shit
Replies: >>48658
Assman_judgement.jpg (u)
[Hide] (70KB, 529x546)
Are those views from Central Park?
EIVaR9q.gif (u)
[Hide] (24.9KB, 156x210)
>>46879 (OP) 
Purge our company of parasites.

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