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I dragged him
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>encrypted zoomer slang all to say nothing
fuck off kike
>Sonic shorts

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I love you guys
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You don't even know me.
if you love me - suck my cock
The entirety of /b/ could be genocided if you ask me
I like you at all
>>163260 (OP) 

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do imageboards count as social media?
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i think you should stop being so autistic
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>more and more the goyim are not falling in line
>over time the autism rates are rising

how fun a ((( society )))
Quick question: how does waifuing a e-celeb Jewess and sticking 17" dildos up your ass count as rebellion against the system?
Don't knock it till you try it!
The term was coined to describe sites like Bergbook so technically no. A characteristic mark of social media is that while it enables online communication and the exchange of information/content like every other web 2.0 site, it's primary feature is the feedback system, i.e. posting stuff so as to receive feedback in the form of upcummies (e.g. likes, karma, ratio, etc).
Imageboards are forums, not social media.

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It's 2 AM and I'm tired, what should I do? And don't tell me to go to sleep, give me a real answer.
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>>159885 (OP) 
Just go to sleep, fucking retard.
You are not in middle school anymore, neglecting your health does not make others think you're cool.
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>what should I do?
you should kill yourself fucking retard
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not op but bumping anyway 

>t that drunkard from before
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6am here
Two days without eating. Fuck up sleep schedules
Living with parents (technically, they are living with me, we don't have nursing homes here like in USA), I personally hate my boomer dad, he don't make any money, is stressful to have him around and he's a pig. He only talk about politics, not even insightful, he just repeats what he heard on the radio or tv, he has no connection with me, my mom or my half-sisters and in fact he spends more time online than the average neet, he actually cheat on my stupid mother and she barely cares. 

After three years I'm once again talking with someone I used to love, but I'm afraid we will never get in the same level of friendship like back in 2018/2019, we used to love each other, but it's over I guess, for the past three years it seems the only thought she's had towards me has been paranoia, meanwhile, I really missed her and dreamed about her a few times. Nobody IRL appeals to me like she does. 
I feel like shit exposing how much I like her and how eager I am to talk to her, while she still acts very superficially and avoids answering my questions.

The webring is the only place online where I try to interact with other people on a daily basis.
>>159885 (OP) 
>don't tell me to x, gib real answer
Draw space-sheep then collect them for the marines.

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>be boomer/early gen x faggot
>ruin the job market with immigration of shitskins
>ruin value of national currency
>ruin the car market
>now they ruin the classic car market even worse than before
>ruin the housing market
>ruin gun laws
>ruin the environment
>ruin the economy
>pull up every ladder behind them
>shill for israhell 24/7

When are we going to Pol Pot these motherfuckers already?
<t. electrician
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Interesting how you said gods instead of god, christcuck
Replies: >>165337
Interesting how you say White People share the same roots as filthy niggers, BBC lover
Replies: >>165339
White people evolved directly from primates so did niggers, the difference is niggers are inferior
no, white people evolved from niggers
Replies: >>165440
Regardless in either scenario niggers are inferior, something that can't be said about cuckstianity

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Do Americans have a scat fetish? Why are they always groping the toilet rim? Like, if they have to do any work in the bathroom, instead of one of the 700 ways of kneeling, they'll firmly grasp the piss covered toilet seat in one hand while doing the work with the other. I've had plumbers multiple times and they do this shit. And in movies when they need to vomit they run to the toilet letting their hair (if it's a girl) run over and inside the toilet bowl while they grasp both ends of the toilet to hold their face over it. Like WTF they could just go on the lawn or something.

This post was deleted from lain/b/.
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>>163286 (OP) 
>posting on lainchan
deserves a ban tbh
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>>163286 (OP) 
>autism over germs
i hate it too but normalfags have sex so they are not afraid of the germs because they already feel dirty
Literally the only 2 minutes of TV I watched in the last 13 years and the first thing I see is someone doing exactly what I described. I was searching "disillusion" on y**tube for something that has absolutely nothing to with this thread: I helped Asukafag Type IV find a dramatic disillusion scene to take out of context to make fun of a hypothetical Linux user realizing that his world is an autistic joke (this video was one of the discarded candidates).
I love it when someone comes along with a completely made up consensus and pretends everyone should know about it. Also moviies and tv shows are all jewish, and most kikes have disgusting scat and piss fetishes so there's your answer for that, but otherwise not even niggers dip their bare hands in toilets what the fuck goes through your mind to jump to retarded conclusions based on tv and movies? I hope you get deleted IRL nigger.
Replies: >>165418
>I love it when someone comes along with a completely made up consensus and pretends everyone should know about it
>Also moviies and tv shows are all jewish
>also thinks anglos are clean and not hogs
lol lmao even

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I'm going bald, but there's a reason not to go bald. Human hair (mine) smells very good like human hair for a while after washing. I can take a bunch of hair and give it a good sniff. Oh, how good the man smells!
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>>165390 (OP) 
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>>165390 (OP) 
According to niggertrannies here, if you're not bald and don't hate hair, you're a fanatic christcuck
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>hidden and saged

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Based on what?
Replies: >>165368
Didn't they rename India?
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Find Rika and start sniffing if you want to live

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Is it me or does it feel like the internet has been suffering unbelievable levels of creative stagnation since 2016 or so?
The same pictures have been posted for more than half a decade now and people aren't coming up with anything new. 
Is it because the consumers of said content are subhuman retards who don't care for innovation? Or it has more to do with the fact that something as simple as making jokes in the web has become a decadent industry that shuns new ideas in favor of feeding the lowest common denominator?
It's just sad. To think what Jewtube used to be a decado ago and that now it has become the modern equivalent of an opium den. With people just laying around barely using their brain trying to scrape any dopamine they can out of piles of mass produced souless trash.
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im just saying it is what it is the internet is dead move on go to the decentralised net do what you want i cant tell you shit if you wanna stay in an automated run down shitfest of a government playboy sandbox then fucking stay here but dont be a faggot and tell me that everything about this is fine
Replies: >>165319
'decentralised net'

how do i get there?
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I'm sure there are loads of amusing imageboard memes and OC made after 2016.
Just look at all the wojaks, wojaks, more wojaks and finally, soijacks.
Replies: >>165363
>I'm sure there are loads of amusing imageboard memes and OC made after 2016
There unironically is. It's all rejected here though because anything new is reddit/cuckchan/twitter/[insert boogieman].
Replies: >>165375
Can you name one that isn't a wojak or a soyjack? 
>inb4 you wouldn't like it because muh reddit/cuckchan/twitter
Post it anyways fag.

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ITT post about when you fap, what you fapped to or whatever other details you wish to let the world know. I'll start saying today I fapped once to a doujin by Senmura, the boner had actually started with a random thought about whether Winged Cloud had released any other "game" with Wanaca as an artist, which led to a search for an answer to the question which in turn led to just looking at Wanaca galleries on sadpanda which culminated to just going to the doujin which I ended up nutting to.
Replies: >>164901 >>165314
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>>164900 (OP) 
I don't understand what you're talking about.
i haven't jerked off since december 2021
Replies: >>165269
you are free to cum inside my mouth when you're ready to explode
Replies: >>165371
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>>164900 (OP) 
I fap in many ways and usually to things you'd not like to hear about. Butt bump. 

Image semi related, funni for a reaction image.
there's a limit to how much cum a man can hold you dumbass

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