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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

 Dress to impress!

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If we're all gonna die and have our existence, emotions, memories, relationships, experiences, and all of our accomplishments erased forever why anything in life matter
I've been stuck in this void of thinking about this recently and I can't find an answer. What's the point of existing other than existence itself? Why is there no greater meaning?
yeah dude, learning how to draw anime women really well or whatever will somehow solve the existential dread always in the back of my mind 
>inb4 religion
fairy tales won't become real if you believe in them hard enough
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Doesn't really help when they make no effort to keep contact after graduation.
I guess we just weren't friends in the first place, considering that they don't think it's worth it to keep in touch.
These people cling desperately to life and fear the oblivion.
I find it comforting.
Obligatory faggot calling you a crab in a bucket in 3, 2, 1...
>karate or woodcarving
Wood carving is probably easier to learn, on your own, than karate. Martial arts in general cannot be self-taught.
>People can detect that you're bullshitting, unconsciously or not.
And yet, people who lie as naturally as they breathe seem to get pretty far in life.
I don't understand how they manage it.
>And no matter how much those people want to be friendly to you, help you out
They generally aren't going to be friendly do you unless they're getting paid to do it (either because you're colleagues or something, or they're literally paid to deal with you), or you have a vagina.
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Replies: >>196098
Traditionally you kept your childhood friends for as long as possible and if you failed you had no friends as an adult just your family instead.
Awkwardness is something that has to be unlearned.  Awkward people, as you say, don't know how to do things naturally. They lack spontaneity, not because they don't have it but because it's beaten out of them at a young age, and so they learn never to say what they actually think without careful consideration of whether someone will wound their pride again.  Someone might decide to put you back in your place so you learn to be as opaque and as unobjectionable as you can.  That constant hesitation is why some people can never be more than acquaintances.

The exception to this is people whose theory of mind is stunted for whatever reason, and never learned to grasp social protocols, or to intuit what other people are thinking.  This is something which must be learned.  And obviously it can be learned: level 0 is "don't play with your dick in public" and most people can wrap their heads around that.  It just happens that you don't get arrested for not grasping the further levels so there's less of an impetus to learn them.
Step 1. Realize that there are more friendless people today than have probably ever existed.
Step 2. Understand the causes for this.  If there are so many friendless people, then why aren't they friends with each other?
Step 3. Understand what friendship between men consists of.  Is it ju
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I'm an atheist and I don't have existential dread, or find the idea of eternal death depressing

In my experience only those who have been raised with religious belief have existential fears like that. They shouldn't have been told a fairy tale but instead the hard truth - you perish forever. Then they wouldn't wrangle with existential dread.
I also don't get this coming from the religious:
>you're a nihilist! You believe in nothing!

Isn't believing that everything is meaningless if there's no eternal life a rather nihilistic belief? THAT's the nihilism.

[Hide] (9.9MB, 640x360, 01:38)
How are you guys preparing for it?
I've been slowly buying and hoarding a ton of canned food and bottled water and I found myself a high spot to throw myself from, just high enough to break a leg if they try to draft me.

I am now saving up for a diesel and a solar powered generator.
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Replies: >>196094 >>196121
>>196050 (OP) 
>caring about "war"
The only thing I'm missing is a ((( car ))) and I can fuck off with all my camping shit innawoods. Mandatory insurance though? Petrol forced upon me? An overly high price, over half my paycheck just to slowly buy it so it can break upon being finally bought years from now? Without living with the parents I'll have to turn on the ((( cellphone's ))) sim too for net access, that's another gay bill. 

Anyway, in case I lose my job I need the car anyway so s for new job opportunitites. It's the only way they realistically let you win is through a ((( car ))). My "shtf' is just me having less money. ww3 probably won't even get the lights turned off. It didn't in the first two, depending on where you were. Stop romanticizing their drama. The powers that be just get a sort of cabin fever whenever bored. Who cares? Let them fly off to another country when they scare themselves and let another one rule. It won't make a difference. They won't use the bombs. If they do your plans won't matter. Priorities.
>wah wah a shorthand for "schizophrenic" is a buzzword
>wah wah the name of a social media website is a buzzword
Why do you even bother posting?
Replies: >>196103
He's right thi
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>>196050 (OP) 
I don't think I'm in danger for the war/draft as much as for the economic collapse arising from it.
I don't make the money for stockpiling silver so I learned a must-have trade and I'm currently filling my PC with everything I would potentially want if I had to spend several years without internet.
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Fellow cornpops, we need to send moar money to our allies and go to war in the Middle-east, and Ukraine, and Taiwan too! Just remember to not worry about the mostly peaceful southern border immigration. Yeah, because this country won't survive if we don't get fresh new scientists and engineers.

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Has anyone here had a loli onahole? Does it feel good and is it worth it?
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>call some guy a faggot
>"can you even define what a faggot is?"
Replies: >>196039
I think Onaholes are point of no return tier, i once got a disposable one and all i did was ejaculate, i'm amazed i didn't hurt myself ejaculating soo many times. All i did was cum in my room to porn. I would advise to find something better to do with your time.
[Hide] (71KB, 533x551) Reverse
Get out with your ugly roastie pictures
Onaholes are cold as fuck unless heated and don't feel as good as your own hand. It takes a lot of effort to clean them because you have to dry the hole somehow. Otherwise water is trapped inside and it will become moldy and rot your penis off.
And you need expensive waterbased lube. TPE tears pretty easily and deteriorates quickly.
I have one but I basically only jack off with my hand.
Wasted money.
There's a reason it's not common to have these things in the west. Only tiny dick asians go through all that effort.
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>it's not as good as a real kid

[Hide] (169.5KB, 1080x1598) Reverse
[Hide] (183.7KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (320.8KB, 780x1109) Reverse
If so, why?
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First version of reply: 

I'm scared of putting my bank info into sites that no one can review. A random imageboard user tells you to make crystals or delete system32 and I'm all like 'naw' but redditors don't let people discuss vendors and I hate social media so...... I never hardly get to use x new site. I should make a second bank account and just 'try it' but you do realize I'm a lazy asshole that gets stressed over literally OCD level shit. If I lose a pen I lose my mind, having a second card, where will I keep it? It will drive me mad before I even have it because there are so many bank choices and I chose NONE, my empoyer FORCED me to have a bank card. Anyway, thank you for the suggestion. I'll browse the two sites on my naughty vpn device and maybe later use my prim and proper device to buy it....... of which, anxiety. I do need a naughty card for the naughty cumputer, needs a bitcoin wallet it does, but will I actually go and do it? Naw. I'm saving up in case we're all canned right now, sadly, or I'd buy one for 500 usd easy. I mean, I trusted muzzleloaders and they put out, I love my gun :) and they left a box that actually said EXPLOSIVES and were supposed to have me sign but didn't. I laff. I just need to get drunk and order one then I can finally cuddle as I sleep. It'd be a pain cleaning it so I'd mostly cuddle it or press against it while cumming in my coverse. I'm a creature of habit obviously.

tl;dr: I'm a creature of habits that doesn't like new things. Pun intended (oh shit!). Get it? New things? It's a loli joke to go with the anti new site thing I typed. 

Second version of reply:

The point was that amazon and ali used to have a good selection of dolls and now they have literally zero, for the US anyway. Using vpn I still see them outside of the US for ali. I should not have to use a new site no one knows anything about especially if it means I am more likely to be spotted, more likely to be arrested, and about the pigs and real shit they could just plant the real shit don't be a fucking fool about this. My point was that they care and act like they're real, the dolls, one reason I used the silly nippon porn as a sort of visual pun. They care and that forces the one buying it to care, and when taking care one first hesitates. I'm saving up anyway in case I'm canned. 

Third version of reply:

Hmm..... I don't have money right now but I'm sure to eventually learn to use the Internet some day and actually have fun... I probably have seen someone post it before but didn't have money at the time. I feel like I have learned helplessness very often in life. thanks for the sites. I will browse them later. 

Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>195493
>decide to browse them
>first one
>dolls look kinda shit
>one looks good
<Web server is returning an unknown error Error code 520 
>second one
<no online ordering blah blah email me so I can blah blah
<oh well dolls look great tho
I guess that second one.... but I like the faceless ones from the first one being under 400. I can just give it a mask. I'd go with the under 400 faceless one and I'm not fucking it anyway so I don't need to buy that onahole seperate. I'll just pump my plush covers as usual, dry is cleaner. Who wants to be all wet and smell and sticky? Yuck! And it'd smell like a guy afterwards. No thanks. Cuddle only, molest only, and I'll be clothed and a blanket will seperate us. And yes I am a psi pefectly sane individual. Then again taking care of the face would be a pain. cuddling in the dark it'd ideal for. But Rei or Asuka model if I had to choose.....

sage for double posting
>I should not have to use a new site no one knows anything about especially if it means I am more likely to be spotted
If anything you're less likely to get spotted since it's a smaller company that prioritizes discretion and It's better to support smaller companies than have all products centralized on Ali and Amazon.
Replies: >>196012
Perhaps you are right. I'm afraid they'll shut down my visa and such. In the US all you have to do is order a popper to get in trouble.
>facebook level

[Hide] (17.6KB, 282x320) Reverse
>pay people $20 and a free mcdonalds meal for NOT voting
Is fixing democracy literally this easy and we've been thinking too hard about it all along? All the dumbfucks and niggers will self-select not to vote.
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>ignored forced "meme"
<that word is from sonic!
You've proven yourself to be utterly retarded m8t.
High IQ people don't even believe in right or wrong. Just because someone is smart does not make them wise nor ethical, in fact it merely makes them more wise and often less ethical. 
Smart people tend to hate dump people. Of course smart people want them in gullags.
Replies: >>196043
We have never lived in a healthy ecology that we are evolved for nor do we enough data from the populations were lucky enough to be born from a heathy template so i wont make judgments of how people should behave based on their intelligence in the past, only trying to describe it now and how only giving political power to the highly intelligent might just result in you get sent to the camps for not taking permanent HRT

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>have headaches every day for most of the day
Is this the only solution?
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Replies: >>195998 + 5 earlier
[Hide] (23.4MB, 4896x3264) Reverse
>This, if you don't adhere to my standards of sobriety I will call you names, bet that'll cure your headaches.
Replies: >>196008
>>190966 (OP)  (Me)
I now try to sleep more and consoom less sugar stuff and I guess I don't have them as much now.
Back to reality he was born poor and drugs have nothing to do with it. If you were homeless you'd not be sober either. Get real.
Replies: >>196031
Stop consuming so much caffeine
[Hide] (171.3KB, 512x384) Reverse

You like what the Jew sells you
You love it
You'll suck their dick and take in every fucking inch of their cut aids ridden cock like the good shabbos goy you are
Keep shilling and lying about people not being capable of keeping themselves sober cause you're a fucking disappointment.

[Hide] (236.8KB, 800x450) Reverse
Not too many people, good food, not too expensive, etc.
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[Hide] (133KB, 765x574) Reverse
>98 percent white
Replies: >>196014 >>196018
He has a swastika so you know it's just a tan.
[Hide] (26.1KB, 350x600) Reverse
Wjhy do you keep posting the exact same image ad nauseum? Is that the only picture you've got inside your image folder?
Replies: >>196023 >>196028
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1200x7994) Reverse
[Hide] (39.8KB, 1910x999) Reverse
>Wjhy do you keep posting the exact same image ad nauseum?
Because I think it's funny, and every time I post it it's relevant to the topic. Pic 1 is where it came from by the way.
>Is that the only picture you've got inside your image folder?
See pic 2.
Replies: >>196028
Ah, I (>>196018) see, you have dispelled my doubt.

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[Hide] (28.5KB, 237x373) Reverse
If you couldn't watch any anime OR read any manga until the rest of your life, which would you choose?
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Spoiler File
(533.4KB, 9999x9999) Reverse
Can you please tell which ones (I'm curious)?
Replies: >>196002 >>196009
extremely scary image, do not open
[Hide] (688.7KB, 266x199) Reverse
Akira and Vampire Hunter D. So now I know everything there is to know, and I'm a certified japanimation consultant.
Replies: >>196015
The gif you posted is from Clannad. I don't know about the manga and I'm still reading the VN, but I watched the anime adaptation and it was a really beautiful experience; if all media had to be erased except one thing, I would leave Clannad.
If you ever thought of raising your watched anime count from 1 to 2, Clannad would be a good one.

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[Hide] (56.9KB, 513x513) Reverse
[Hide] (86.6KB, 1271x1097) Reverse
You wouldn't fuck a fumo.
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[Hide] (47.3KB, 540x332) Reverse
[Hide] (749.1KB, 1698x2250) Reverse
[Hide] (135.7KB, 1189x809) Reverse
[Hide] (26.7KB, 457x500) Reverse
[Hide] (81.1KB, 960x642) Reverse
>I always thought the minimalistic design of the fumo was part of the joke
I don't necessarily hate fumos either. They're simply nothing to write home about. I just find it cynical how these weebs can astroturf what's essentially a very average piece of merchandise into oblivion. It'd be akin to Kpop banshees making fanart of idol photocards instead of the idols themselves.
>always get conniptions when you see a stuffed animal
No. I like ugly piece of shit cheap plush dolls myself. They work better when the characters are already blobs or were designed for children in mind, like Nintendo characters for instance.
[Hide] (609KB, 800x583) Reverse
You've got it flipped.  Funkos have no fan content produced of them because they can't inspire such a thing.  Only antifan content like Sam Hyde melting them down exists.
[Hide] (172.8KB, 220x220) Reverse
[Hide] (3.3MB, 640x358) Reverse
[Hide] (18.4KB, 480x360) Reverse
wrong they are for punching and abusing without facing the consequences any of hurting anyone.
Replies: >>196003
That still doesn't deny the fact that you have small amygdala and cute aggression.
It's like saying that you're not a pedophile if you just stalk kids with binoculars but don't interact with them.
Replies: >>196007
so what? I LIKE to roleplay as the evil character and being dominant

[Hide] (110KB, 586x720) Reverse
>feel a vague urge to fap
>looking for porn (only 2D by the way, see >>189395) and consooming it is a waste of time
>just fapping on the spot is awkward
3 replies and 3 files omitted. View the full thread
Replies: >>195995 + 1 earlier
There's a bit of a twitch down there.
>Remember I shouldn't
Is this some nofap or christcuck kind of thing?
I've heard that fapping can be bad for you in some way, but to be honest I've heard so much conflicting health advice on various topics that I literally cannot trust any health advice other than common sense and my own reasoning/judgement/imagination.
>Wake up and hope it's a premonition.
Would be good if only 99.99% of 3D weren't PD (even physical aspects aside, just mentally and spiritually).
Also good picture, pretty relatable.
>>195914 (OP) 
Replies: >>195996
Soock a dick.
Ok azure-hair avatar faggot but the zoom meme itself was resented of which started the spammy version and someone even reported you. I suppose zonz is a mod and gave you  a pass.

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