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Hey idiots, I just wanted to remind you that you're not getting rid of me so you can cry about it as long as you want. I look forward to seeing more of your covertly anger motivated threads.
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Spic bitch
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stay mad
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Faggot nigger
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don't_talk_to_me_or_my_dubs_ever_again.jpg (u)
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Fun thread for fun people!
No sad pieces of shit allowed!
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>buying game subscriptions he doesn't own
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You don't own nothing, goyim!
nigger faggot
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I was expecting gore, and I demand a refund
Misanthropic animal loving gorefags are the worst

100kg_of_steel_vs_100_kg_of_feathers.jpg (u)
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spics out
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>we should have a new mascot
>I vote for
>same mascot but different color :-DDD
how original
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the red anonymous shit was so fucking cringe
A fucking recolour, even braindead scum from Deviantart can do better

Why would a collective resign itself to be a mere shadow, a mere parody, of its antecesors?
Peak subhuman mindset
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more aesthetic than that shit gook cartoon you love posting so much
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57.png (u)
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>>47303 (OP) 

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Why waste toilet paper if you got a maid?
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I saw you post on KC dumb spic, you really are so SHUT UP
1624184346802.png (u)
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>>45791 (OP) 
>Why waste toilet paper if you got a maid?
True awakening right here
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Queue predicted this.
Replies: >>47364
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>maid abuser
That isn't how this works, retarded nigger
Can confirm

tenor.gif (u)
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Just took some vitamin pills. I actually feel alive for the first time in a couple of months.
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>going out in the sun gives you omega 3
That's vitamin D anon.
Going out in the sun gives you cancer.
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083.jpg (u)
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Dubsman has spoken. Stay in your rooms anons!
everything does eventually
>I don't know of anyone who eats sardines on a daily basis. Do you? 
Poor whites eat that almost everyday. I don't anymore but used to.

a2c88e6ce7677388d8df228b201f7127f26a6bf8af0b302aa75173bc4c5c4a1f.png (u)
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>hot and humid and can't breathe
>go outside for some freash air
>hot and humid and can't breathe, featuring bugs, not featuring wind
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31e23e47a9da8b686964bc7ea610b9f7cb18a7a3ea4c29f98e5094fc7b705e22.png (u)
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>ywn be a spic
feels good
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by bugs you mean horse sized spiders and niggers, right
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Ik that feeling but I dunno what race has to do with you being a weakling and a genetic dead end
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spic.png (u)
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well done
>ik that feeling
no you do not
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>well done
>no you do not
I do thou
I'm feeling it rn

bill.jpg (u)
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The burger has nanochips
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110336299_1696579817184222_8805783152557630646_n.jpg (u)
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>>47298 (OP) 
Replies: >>47315
>visited pedo island
And why thats bad???

ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>coolspot is already down
holy shit i cant stop laughing
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Replies: >>47258
Replies: >>47262
Why is it down?
Replies: >>47262
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>why is patchchan number #6000000 down?
It's a mystery, we might never know!

74d004c0bd333b49efca1e2d7949ac5beae4bc93580ed3bb416a315adcfa5c84.jpg (u)
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>>47254 (OP) 

shitbucket.mp4 (u)
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The mods are trying to keep you from seeing this .mp4
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>>46535 (OP) 
filename reminds me of this
niggers amirite
Replies: >>47245
Please don't bump this sort of trash. Niggers are disgusting.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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I'm not talking specifically about this thread here, but generally untermenschen love popularizing and giving screen time to the things that they hate, they dedicate threads for shittiest movies, games and people, whenever something retarded gets made they have to bring attention to it, bet they rarely if ever want to discus anything that's actually great, beautiful and pleasant.

77291a4080c7d0ed734ca3477ef83afc9f324794cca9883f53afc6db667f1f30.png (u)
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I'm having some "mini crackers" they're like ritz except small and store brand, bretty good
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>brushing your teeth
dental hygiene is a jewish scam
mint is bad for your stomach too
Replies: >>47079
That's a bit of a harsh statement.  Mint and its close relatives have particular medicinal properties.  But of course if you eat too much to the point it makes you feel bad then that's pretty much your own fault, and possibly you might have some other irritation going on.
I'm from FL but hilarious image. ic wat u did ther
I finished dindin, but I'm still hungry.

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