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Prep work is done.

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when's the last time you had UVB rays on your dick?
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>>126399 (OP) 
I can't even remember..
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>>126399 (OP) 
A few hours ago, I piss in the yard more than the dog does.
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This also, during summer I went to local lake to swim nude right before sunrise on several occasions.
It feels really good to swim nude.
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>>126399 (OP) 
Probably never if it has happened it was quite along time ago. All he knows is darkness kind of like bane from that one batman movie.
Damn I haven't let him see the sunlight since I was like 5. I have my own house out in the country now I can just chill with my cock and balls waving in the air in my backyard now. Too bad about the road in the front.

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Do you still drink sugary drinks and eat candy?
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>>123010 (OP) 
I like carbonated water and chocolates the good ones that come in a tray inside a box. Eating over processed sweets gives me explosive diarrhea
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>>123010 (OP) 
water or tea, no sugar
only hi-quality chocolate
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I drink carbonated sugar water like a fish drinks water, baby.
>tea, no sugar
Whatabout honey?
t. tea with 2 spoons of honey & a dash of whole milk enjoyer
>>123010 (OP) 
sometimes, I try to limit it, getting old need to watch my health

>i am tired of living 
>i find no joy in anything
>i have no desire to do anything
>ive lost interest in everything i once loved
i tried everything people suggest for not feeling this way, nothing seems to work

i just want an escape an easy way out, i have tried cutting myself countless times and i never die
i dont have any tall buildings nearby to jump off, not like i could go to them anyways

you guys can call me a loser or weak or whatever you want, the truth is i already know what i am
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just kill yourself
w-we wont miss you
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There's nothing wrong with suicide.
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janny mayyud
>some dead ancient «aryan» religion.
Thank you for proving that your religion isn't white.
>we'll never get a Fire Punch OVA
>>125919 (OP) 
If you're not "vaxxed" then you can enjoy living to witness the apocalypse and watch all the synagogue of satan's members rot and fry for their infinite crimes against humanity and life.

If you are "vaxxed" then you've already committed suicide, and can at least work out some final good and righteous deeds to make the world a little bit better for others before you go.

Either way is going to be epic.

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>Pneumonia often shortens the period of suffering among those already close to death and has thus been called "the old man's friend".
imagine saying this while being against euthanasia and abortion
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>>126485 (OP) 
why does he make that stupid face
Replies: >>126510
News reporters often do these exaggerated fake expressions so you can be absolutely sure they are feeling whatever emotions are socially required of them.

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>UGH.... MMM... UGH...
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r8 my maymay
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>>123488 (OP) 
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so beautiful!

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when you're hyper-aware, you see lots of stuff that isn't there, but you also see lots of stuff that is there which other people miss
t. schizo pro
>>124199 (OP) 
So what ((( religious reason ))) do they grow their sideburns out like that?
Replies: >>126336
>>124199 (OP) 
Leviticus 19:27 
Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard
>>124199 (OP) 
Good anime.

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Can anyone draw this character diving underwater with goggles and fins? The air tank is optional.
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Replies: >>126402
I'm sure I could, but I won't.
Replies: >>126401
Why not?
>>126382 (OP) 
This is what happens when you give coom brains free lewds. They come back and beg for more. Like feeding animals.
Why wasn't she canon, /b/ros?
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Too pure.

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Hewwo! OwO
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>Never using this fake /b/ again.
Exactly as intended
anti mayyud bump
yes /dunk/ is freer than this one and that's saying something
He didn't drink water did he though?
Replies: >>126377
Yes he did, so if you drink water you are literally Hitler. This is also why humans can't practice eugenics, because Hitler did so the jews will get offended if we optimize our bloodlines and increase our intelligence and health.
I can't imagine why jews would be against having a growing population of healthy and intelligent Aryans in the world.

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Fact: Tobacco smoking was first documented during Roman times
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But the Romans didn't have contact with Southeast Asia, Australia or Madagascar.  And direct trade routes didn't stretch beyond the Mediterranean.  The people you're talking about were completely unknown to the Romans.  Their world stopped at the deserts of North Africa and India.
Replies: >>126314
But did they smoke cannabis?
Replies: >>124511
I don't know about the Romans, but the roamin' Scythians did. They would throw cannabis into fires and get high off of that. Apparently, it would make them excited since they would jump around and holler, instead of relaxed.
Replies: >>124522
Macedonians did this too.  I think they stole the idea from the Scythians.  Levantine cultures used it as a medicine.  They would light it in the bottom of a bronze jar an inhale the smoke.  Roman culture would have viewed this as crude barbarian medicine.  Especially eastern medicine they didn't take seriously.  But there were probably Romans who used it, since they surely knew about it.

Not tobacco though.
I wasn't saying that the Romans got tobacco from the Austronesian people. I was just using them as an example of an ancient group who were able to cross vast oceans to show that such a thing would have been possible.
Also, Roman merchants did have contact with Southeast Asia. They called the Malay archipelago the "Golden Isles".

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