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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

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How do i make 2 days pass fast? Should i just binge watch movies for 2 days straight?
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forced sleep time
Benzos and alcohol.
Masturbate, play vidya, transcend, exhaust yourself and then sleep, or virtually anything else.
A better question would be how to make the next 5 years or so pass and just wake up when it's over.
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Go bowling with a bunch of dwarves.

1633432983808.jpg (u)
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What happened to gassing the kikes racial war ASAP hmmmmmmm???
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1633282471581.webm (u)
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Sage negated. I'll let you chew on my foreskin fag
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e821a03a8890b8edd2408a16636dda0b98db41bc4b55ace225226c399503fb2a.jpg (u)
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>OP can't stop thinking about foreskins and cocks
Wow, such shocking discoveries!
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1633329724328.webm (u)
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What are you, my rabbi? Eat my rose tranny
cultured_gentleman.jpg (u)
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>>61098 (OP) 
We're just letting the world burn, friend. If they don't want us to save them, then we won't.
Replies: >>61140
Cowardice and complacency, naturally. But also what >>61133 said, let it all fucking burn down.

db0d7cc9dc6f5ca5ef0b350426d7e630e26f7b7e900b498066bb418176646199.jpg (u)
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Gravity was just mathematically proven to be a big fucking lie!

anonfiles com x1Y508L8uf

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virus site do not click
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>wasting milk, maple syrup and honey like that
5ad872f455858251da04a59ccefc3fe9a80ac3c6338b3f997734fe5fb68099a4.png (u)
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>>61045 (OP) 
>differentiation a force that can overcome the weak force of gravity means gravity doesn't exist.
The worst part is that the average knowledge of science by most people is so low they will fall for this.
0ca653be057afe1bd301710b27931cc8b9aeb192633c84a5169d778a4f4ba8cb.jpg (u)
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>gravity is a lie
>earth is flat 
Then how do we not float off this plane?
>>61045 (OP) 
site promised me free sex porn and bob vageen games, instead i got wirus, @min plz ban & delt thx

photo_2021-10-04_16-40-25.jpg (u)
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what do u think? hummmmm
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I wish it did happen
>>60973 (OP) 
>making me click into your thread just so as to see the image to see the poltard bullshit

sage I guess

But if it did happen we'd be far better off with neighborhood ran smaller nets.
>services connected to Facebook
>Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook
>and they're all owned by Facebook
and nothing of value was lost...
wonder if this incident has any connection to the fuckbook whistle blower frances haugan?
she was recently featured in the media as having dropped thousands of internal fuckbook documents, but from the little i've read so far, despite all the problems with an entity like fuckbook, it seems that coverage is focusing around "hate speech" and "extremism", lol.
2dff0ef23c3f843cd3b73754e072803cd8d129e5163159cb10e0048337b54788.png (u)
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Another failed habbening, whodathought.
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3eb2b273d8c57488ea0e07564bf1f7095c5a221e16912ba8f410f636c4a253ba.jpg (u)
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Inform the electronic old men.

1b15e0874a400fcb11f18700a984d89c07e0c5c370af9f7f8120848b0a69957f.jpg (u)
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It would be pretty easy to kill almost anyone as long as you can meet them face to face. Just imagine carrying a big ass knife in your pocket, waiting for a moment when the other person isn't looking at you, and stabbing them in the stomach. That guy's going to be pretty incapacitated from that, and then you could just cut the fuck out of them.

There's a good chance you'd even get away with it, since unlike guns, knives don't exactly make a loud sound that alerts everyone in a mile radius. You could systematically erase everyone in your family and get away with it if you wanted to.
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how_to_defeat_iron_dome.jpeg (u)
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>kill your family members, goyim !
<don't kill politicians, journalists, bankers, three letter agents, police, minorities and jews !
Replies: >>60947 >>60948
>/pol/ doesn't understand strategy, the pic
Decoys are only worth it when you're not limited by your launch capacity, and if you have the capacity why not spam kinetic munitions instead of decoys?
Also, why the fuck are you not bombing iron dome stuff first?
The sooner it stop working the more actual targets you can hit.
Replies: >>61010
>missing the point this hard
/pol/ is rotting your brain.
Replies: >>60977 >>61010
On the other hand, communism hasn't been kind to your brain.
Nor your asshole, for that matter.
Replies: >>61010
Agathafaggot back from the posts far above. He's reaching to assume that someone is saying to kill their parents rather than the govt and also communism has the highest kill rate, dumb ass, so if anything you fags are the ones enabling 'a' Fascist 'nation' to stay in place while having delusional ideas and thinking you're against Five-Eyes. A demand for equality would kill politicians and poltards are absolutely against equality, ergo they do not hate the jew but are jealous of the jew and want to replace it. Hypocrites. 

I'm not >>60948

those posters by the way and stopped posting here >>60738 last in the thread

thanks for playing

League-of-Legends-official-art-2-1024x576.jpg (u)
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Disney kiddies could be made to be afraid of just about anyone. They're made of paper, that's why they act like they do.
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Most white men.
Replies: >>60991
Keep pretending you're not human and that you haven't done anything heinous that you're currently running away from. I'm sure this will last forever.
That you haven't done or aren't currently doing the same things you accuse regular people of doing that you (and I) find disgusting.
All you can do is abuse huge information advantages you have over people. It's all you do yet it's so effective. Why is that? Is it because you can strike a person all you want while you yourself remain untouched. Don't call anyone a coward after that. You strip the meaning off the word.
History says that's a lie.

2568241-829b42c4eeb850f112611ec283fb9764.mp4 (u)
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Ethan Ralph
Replies: >>60967
>>59514 (OP) 
Is this how democracy dies?
he farted and now it stinks xD

25247aa22f6a6bd8918067acb07d269f5c9107f6b4ef3b9e0b403e35d1422638.png (u)
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I'm gonna sleep at 5 am and wake up at 8 am the same day. Try your best anon, always give it all or give nothing. I'm going to try my best too so you must do the same.
Replies: >>60946
>>60945 (OP) 
>sleeping 3 hours 
Big mistake, take powernaps instead. Just chug coffee and sleep for 20 minutes, make sure to actually get up or else you'll fuck yourself.

Suicide_-_Ghost_Rider.webm (u)
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Post music in this thread.
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IMG_131769354526260.jpeg (u)
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Crimson_Wars_Track_5.mp4 (u)
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Outpost_2_Music_-_11.webm (u)
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postan' some beat.
Pestilence-Stigmatized.mp3 (u)
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Drudkh_-_Fate.mp3 (u)
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Kampfar_-_Troll,_Død_Og_Trolldom.mp3 (u)
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Revenant_Marquis-_Submit_to_the_Ruins.mp3 (u)
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Babylonian_War_Chant_-_Ahulabakku.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (8.4MB, 09:59)
Repostan some music I've posted here before.
Toilet_-_Clown_Core.webm (u)
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Hell_-_Clown_Core.webm (u)
[Hide] (4.9MB, 640x360, 01:35)
Google_Your_Own_Death_-_Clown_Core.webm (u)
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Truth_and_Life_-_Clown_Core.webm (u)
[Hide] (13.3MB, 854x480, 02:47)
From the last Webm thread fuck that faggot
thank_you_google.webm (u)
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-He_was_a_good_stalker_.mp3 (u)
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9mm_Parabellum_Bullet_-_ハートに火をつけて_.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 04:00)
Pink_Sand.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 05:12)
Dragonforce+-+Revolution+Deathsquad-30eh5gWlLs0.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (17.3MB, 480x368, 07:51)

SWEET_ANITA.webm (u)
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>tfw no vibrating gf
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fake shit
In this economy?? Buddy, you are the battery
I still have no clue what's happening in the video, is she masturbating or what?
Replies: >>60832
She's using a vibrator so high powered it could dim the lights in the entire neighborhood.
beauty_and_the_beast.jpeg (u)
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>Guys are not really the picky ones about looks. The real reason women are hated for being old is for being used up. Men are the ones expected to be above average. 
disagree. it can go either way

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