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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

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im gonna play half life source.
Never played the dreamcast expansion. Supposedly its good, yet short.
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Why do you like opposive force? I dont know i found it pretty weird.
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I've never finished Half-Life. I want to, but I've been busy with other shit.
It's felt like a good smothering of hazardous atmosphere and a bizarre intrusion of xenos who were also invading black mesa. 
That and the platforming was improved, as were the weapons. Plus the grunts were a good addition. 
Blue Shift isn't bad. A bit slow, yet it comes from a more down to earth character and didn't feel long enough or challenging.
Opposing Force is more difficult than Half-Life at times, but the levels are much more enclosed, linear and lacking detail. Not as much variety compared to Half-Life. Some areas are copy pasted. There's also weird geometry bugs.

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Good+to+see+people+can+just+afford+to+destroy+expensive+_821990e82ab0033a27a7af705bb24b7d.jpg (u)
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post your Reaction images /b/astards
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it's No Nut November not fap November. Technically you could still fap as long as you edge and don't lose your seed.

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I hope he at least takes a break from posting to improve his life and become a better man.
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florida_man.jpg (u)
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Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
OC on MY shitboard?
It's more likely then you think.
I_liked_that_post.webm (u)
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>he is survived by his messaging dildo
It does not message and that part is just lame anon. 

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I hate vtubers. I thought hate was stupid. How can someone hate something. That was until vtubers appeared.
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crush vtuber necks. Fuck. I hate them.
god should give me the book of truth so that i can ruin the lives of every vtuber.
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i want to buy vr and kill vtubers in it.
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153632e508727ce71afc4fce75c54f8637c185179ad7bec6a462cad0fcff6ba8.jpg (u)
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I want to buy vr and kiss vtubers in it.
Replies: >>63452
I'd fuck vtuber cunnies in VR.

trannyteacher.mp4 (u)
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>be computer science major
>Kid walks into class with a gay pink anime shirt on
>As he's is sitting down I notice he's wearing a Japanese school girl dress.
>turn to kid sitting by me
>"looks like somebody watched too much anime"

Seriously what the fuck! Kids are wearing masks outdoors, getting vaxed, trusting the science, trusting the media, and worst of all they have no idea who or what they are.
If someone is that fucked in the head can you really blame them for being a sheep?

I'm not really surprised or anything. I just don't really know how to react to that. Or maybe it's more that I know I can't react and neither can anyone else. This faggot just walked into class in fucking Japanese school girl dress and no one said a damn word, and they all know what would happen if they did. Not to mention that a good number of them are probably either ambivalent or accepting.

What is wrong these kids? Is it the tranime, is it the xeno-estrogens, is it groomers, or is it just everything?

I wish that I could be with my brothers and that we could fight.
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Replies: >>63433 + 7 earlier
>a-anime belongs to us- I mean trannies you fucking nazi 
Do a 50.
cool thanks
>>61385 (OP) 
Anime, on average, is pretty heterosexual. So it shouldn't be that. It's probably groomers on Discord.
Replies: >>63439 >>63440
>huge bouncing tits everywhere
>it's pretty heterosexual
Yah think?
it's about 50/50, some of them have hueg tits and ass but some also have a lot of homofaggotry (promare)

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>buy a bag of chips for the first time in months
>finish it
>was ok
>later that day a beetle that I've never seen flies onto my desk
it... it just smelled the chips and came from the window... right?
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.png (u)
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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I only like spicy chips. They're the only good chips.
Replies: >>63435
he's_a_big_guy.jpg (u)
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what kind of beetle are we talking here?  Post picture of the cute bug so I do research on why it came to your window
Replies: >>63437
dc36d005d98d9e56adf7a2c5cabd3aae9e6565354caf136a8e2ef17dfde051d5.jpg (u)
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50bf42e86cefa641a9b11a7cf0e7278a0d44e21fd6dbb201f6d6072acc69bb15.jpg (u)
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One of these?

why.PNG (u)
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Regardless of his situation it's still incredibly gay that you can be arrested for a fucking joke.
Replies: >>63411
I want a jewess.
On paper they didn't arrest him for his streams. They got him on some sort of gun-related charge. I think he didn't have the right to own a gun because he went to jail when he was 18 or something but he had one and that got him in. But obviously the streams is what made the feds go after him.
jew_enters_the_thread.mp4 (u)
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>/pol/ just got created
>a jew enter out of knowhere

159559ac005cdc4fc1b225827523073ef0a1aadcb547531935801cef97b4745e.png (u)
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5e95bcd6c8ace80bb8535a353fae3eafbdbe26932aec014bf29edb8f42e94685.png (u)
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Loli thread to keep the /tv/fags, /cow/tards and herdtrannies out.
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89688734_p2.png (u)
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89688734_p1.png (u)
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Replies: >>63369 >>63370
Why cunny when you could bussy instead?
85951244_p0.png (u)
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Why cunny when you could bussy instead?
Replies: >>63371
85c604a2eef1d8c5802c85be768f79f89a60636f72b4de2278fed445be4f89e3.gif (u)
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22518b51b1f3435d648d945d16b17987cefdfe00a947a10d087f89d60c8b7dbd.png (u)
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I turned 29 and the only people who wished me happy birthday were my parents. Wish me happy birthday you fags.
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dog-slut.jpg (u)
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>>63329 (OP) 
Happy birthday fag. Ate any cake yet?
Replies: >>63389
Thanks anons. 
Yes mummy made me my favorite chocolate cake.
ecacd9a74599dcf4206f821ced618d85ad622e056391690af2e8f69b906ffdb3.jpg (u)
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>>63329 (OP) 
Happy birthday anon.
sexy did cum

b.webp (u)
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>bee shows up
>make slow movements and ignore it, flies off

<anywhere, surrounded by people
<women screeching, children frantically trying to swat it away
>now i also have to evacuate
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Here's the article you linked.
You're a nigger that can't read.
Replies: >>62431
>can't read even though corrected self
I'd not have immediately deleted it if not for realizing that I read it wrong while drunk on mead and wondering why drinking only a little spiked my hypoglycemic index. When feeling anxiety while buzzed I read something backwards, ergo I can't read? 

It's about the same in any case. Drink stevia or you're being a fool. It's not like you're drinking mead, right?
Replies: >>62432 >>62433
>>62431 (me)
>only a little
hmmmmm maybe I should rethink this post too if not for the faggot that'll just 'undelete' my posts.
>>62431 (me)
I typed glycemic there, coulda sworn.  That's underlined in red, but I thought that was the word they used for the index....I fixed it to the wrong word. 

Glucose levels had risen faster and higher than I liked when I drank my shitty unfinished mead though. 

Isn't glycemic index correct?
Africanized humans and Africanized bees are both niggers. Go figure.

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