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I'm a fucking english ghost, you meaty bastards. And I have cum here to haunt youuuuuuu~~~~
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I keep seeing 'ergo' a lot here, and still don't get what it means. Can someone sponfeed me?
It's properly ERgo or Emergency Room go
it's analogous to kys
It's a fancier, yet less character-intensive way of saying "therefore".
People generally want to use less characters these days because they are phone posting.
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I'm the ergo guy and I type as a touch typist the exact way that I talk aloud and therefore makes you sound like a sissy cunt trying to sound smarter by using larger words. Ergo is there for a reason and has existed longer than phones have faggot.

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I started this small project to satisfy my own autism. This is the result of 4 straight weeks of on average reading 43+ loli hentai galleries a day, followed by nearly 2 more weeks of miscellaneous tasks. These lists were collected from over 1200 lolicon works, over 430 lolicon artists, and over 280 translators. The goal of this small project was initially just to create a mass of crops from lolicon hentai where there was a significant textual focus on the loli being or appearing to be a child, or similar such explicit mention of any sexual agents' attraction being to that of children and compare their number to a total count of lolicon hentai. Autism quickly took over however, and I continued adding more tasks. I decided to loosely separate the two large categories into three subcategories each depending on the level of realism, to see how much loli I consume relative to non-loli I needed to count up the total of average non-loli hentai I consumed, to make lists of artists and translators to see which had the greatest effect on whether a work contained the aforementioned textual focus, to make a collage of titles with textual focus, to make a list of titles using cunny, to do some cursory research into certain things that stood out to me, and various other minor things. I cannot say for certain what all of these numbers imply about my loli consumption habits or lolicon as a whole, but I will comment on trends and outliers. At the end of this paragraph I will put all images and text files into an archive and upload it to anonfiles, which may include some information referenced that was not posted. First up, disclosure of my flawed methodology, then the numbers and comments, and finally some miscellaneous stuff I found along the way. Then I'll dump every single crop in the thread to give a sense of their quantity, so that people may save those they like which stand out to them without going through the whole archive, and so that people who won't bother with the archive may see them.

What qualifies as an instance of textual focus?
Words and phrases qualifying for textual focus are pedo, pedophile, little girl, underage, gradeschooler, elementary school, child, prepubescent, immature/childish/underdeveloped [body part], JS (slang for gradeschooler), JC (slang for middleschooler), et cetera. "Child" and "little girl" must be used in a way that is not how an eldery person or parent could refer to adults. Title text can qualify, as in Rustle's Little Girl series, but does not count multiple times if the title reappears elsewhere such as the credits. As this is about lolicon, such things referring specifically to shotas do not qualify. "Brat/bratty" and "Young girl" do not qualify due to likely common use to refer to JKs/highschoolers. Some fairly explicit though more indirect combinations of statements may qualify, such as references to how long ago a sexual act took place with a character directly implying her age at the time of lewding. Immature/childish/underdevopled [body part] was not initially counted as it ought have been in retrospect, so the count of works with significant textual focus should be considered somewhat of an underestimation.

What qualifies a work for significant textual focus?
Requirements for significant textual focus, also referred to as With Word or WW, are at least three instances of textual focus. Even if a single use is extremely explicit and severe, such as in Lady Yupiel's Servant where the MC is called a pedo by lolibaba Yupiel, it will not qualify. Though some severe instance may still be cropped and placed in Honorable Mentions.

Extra things may be thrown in the crops for fun, such as jokes and use of the word cunny. These do not contribute to instances of textual focus.

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>>13115 (OP) 
Does someone have the "Small Projects" archive? Link's dead.
Replies: >>28584 >>28621
Try searching the url in archive sites.
Here, plus the spreadsheet he posted later.
Replies: >>28648
Thank you anon.
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this thread will live on forever

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Last thread hit the reply limit. Post your ebin gondolas and make new ones.
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What was the music for this one?
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haha benis :DD
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I have one my self, there is anime girl on it also.
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I don't have much to contribute, but I don't want this thread to slide off.

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do you know what day it is?
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>>28567 (OP) 
Replies: >>32283
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<what if the CIA and other 'top men' are like what gods/demons/angels/ghosts/etc are to idiots?
<t-the mythological G-MEN???
<also what if the planet Nibiru was the asteroid belt and the aliens trained us the way an animal can't train itself to be what we are?
<what if germs really were exasperated by human idiocy of being overly cleanly due to the mishaps of magical thinking?
<what if all your memories are fake and this is the only day you've ever lived or will ever live?
<what if time goes backwards and you don't know it?
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>go outside for a walk
>see wasp nest under overhang of roof outside door
>close door, lock it
>take stick to knock it off
>it's no longer there
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<What if OP is a faggot?!?
Replies: >>29518
OP being a faggot is typical so it's more thread appropriate to say "what if OP wasn't a faggot....". 

Also the thread isn't typical, ergo....
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Seriously this one freaks me out as I am ironically not on drugs. 

inb4 should be

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look at this gif
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I meant this one: >>31725.
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lossless version is 45Mb so here is lossy one to fit it to file limit.
The only difference I spotted was fist few seconds, so I could probably push bitrate even lower.
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>1467 layers of gif weigh 10MB
>I can't get 4 layers of gif into less than 400KB
I have failed at editing.
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>compressing lossless gifs
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here is lossless version (that you probably can't play in your browser)

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Uninstall Windows.
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My dad thinks I am messing with internet, the local network or his computer somehow whenever I open up the terminal. he forget his own password when he disconnects himself off the the wifi
this, really
and I'm kind of a recovering addict to prerelease/indev/early access shit which is already notoriously buggy and forces constant restarts and replays even when it works right
and then I make it worse with mods forcing even more restarts and replays
and now you say you want to add more to this
and now I'm probably going to

I will curse your name during this hell
im browsing on debian rn
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If it's not 100% reliable, then it's not a viable alternative for gamers.

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There he goes. After him! We'll flog him good for getting out again.
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>a few genuine racists
Your interpretation is almost entirely backwards sir, unless I misinterpret your interpretation, making mine the misinterpretation of the interpretation instead of an interpretation of a misinterpretation.
It isn't entirely accurate to say it's used simply to "upset others", rather I'd say we of the priesthood use Power Word Nigger to identify and punish sinners and outsiders as well as confirm we are in good company. Furthermore your reference to "American culture" is entirely misplaced, as the nigger word has various meanings and reception in various American cultures. Finally, as I've already touched on, the notion that there are only a "few genuine racists" on any given board is amusing. You should understand that those who demonstrate the heights of normalfaggotry possess the trait of anti-racialism or race denialism, ergo we who reject normalfaggotry, logically, tend to hold true at least the idea of racial differences, if not racial supremacist ideologies. I will remind you that one really only needs to recognize darkies as distinctly different in order to wield the words of power.
Replies: >>32153
Shut the fuck up brandon Jesus christ
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>so triggered by the word nigger he spams the a bunch of other threads accusing random posters of being random boogeyman of the month.
You're the same sperg who freaked out at the jewish vampire posts aren't you?
Replies: >>32258 >>32291
>wall of greentext
>You're the same sperg who freaked out at the jewish vampire posts aren't you?
No, that's me and I don't have autism. I don't give a shit about racism but don't like people being wrong for no reason.
thx bby savd

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whats your favorite gun? my is m4 that shoots rockets, a remote chainsaw and an uzi that shoots lasers
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It looks kinda ugly. Even if it's practical, I hate the plastic look of modern guns.
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It looks like a chinese rip off of G3, M4 and a bit of Galil.
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saved image
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>new girl at work 
>tell her to do something 
>she awkwardly walks away 
>approach her to demand the same task 
>responds with a spergy voice with a tinge of mental retardation 
>solid 7/10 
Dayum shame she's dumb as a rock and sounds like she's deaf.
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>no sound
The more retarded a girl is the cuter she gets..
Replies: >>32179
Thanks, you need to post in more than one thread, eben when u get btfo
Replies: >>32242
Ok schizo retard
Replies: >>32243
Ok samefag

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