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I want to be dead
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I agree
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These sort of things never get a resolution, so here's one: I really was going to. I gave myself until I would have time enough off to rest, prepare, and kill myself (stupid as fuck, I know.) In that time I pushed hard for anything that could stop me. Tomorrow would be the day I would have killed myself, and I would have needed to spend today preparing for it, like a responsible adult. Instead I spent today working on projects that are close on the horizon. I'm not on the other side of it yet, but I won't have an opportunity like this again for a while, and, at least until then, I'll try to persist. There's a tiny bit of hope for the immediate future. Maybe not much, but maybe enough.

And for the record: I don't want to kill myself because of my life situation, or because I hate myself. I can't stand things that have happened, and that by the time I could fight it, it would already be too late.
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>anon isn't kill
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>I can't stand things that have happened, and that by the time I could fight it, it would already be too late.
I know THAT fucking feel.
I'm glad you're still with us, OP. Thanks for letting us know.
>it would already be too late
You don't know that, though. Plus, not all things can be achieved in one lifetime, but you can surely help contribute to it. Remember that the birth of the world took longer than a day, so the end of the world will certainly take just as long if not longer.

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Hi there
I am the broke beggar oracle asshole, Ask me any question. It can be about your life, about others, about celebs, about secrets, the universe it self.

Ask ANY question, and I will answer. The catch is, if you like my answer you wire me some money on paypal
paypal (9dot9) me/nolubhay

I mean why the fuck not?
I'm broke, and I'm utilizing the internet in the hopes of making things better for my self, and making you laugh.

Mods, if this is illegal just ban me
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why dont you comit some crime and get your ass in prison? free food and housing should suffice for something like you.
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this, shit thread, I'm poor too but I'd rather be homeless or dead than beg
How do I cast Magic Missile? Are there breathing techniques for that?
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> Are there breathing techniques for that?

>>14765 (OP) 
I'm so sorry.

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do you like spicy food, /b/?
how much spicyness can you handle?
I love me guacamole with habanero and hot buffalo wings.
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I really like spicy food but I'll go crazy if i eat something spicier than usual. My whole body will itch like crazy, especially my scalp, so much that I have no choice but to run back home immediately to scratch it incessantly, because doing it in public is shameful.
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>uses a little too much pepper
<goes home for it
I like really spicy stuff, the kind that can literally burn your lips and the roof of your mouth if you're not careful. Though not that carolina reaper or whatever the fuck it's called, at that point it's just pain and it doesn't even taste good.
What is spice?

Like theres a big difference between a hot jalapeno and hot mustard.  Heat that hits at all different parts of the mouth, nose, throat.  Sometimes you have something thats spicy with no heat at all and just something that attacks the nerves like pepper spray or wasabi.

I like food that hurts me the way I want females to, but I don't think I'd want something that just makes me want to drown myself in milk.
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>I like food that hurts me the way I want females to
Pretty sure tamales won't step on your scrotum for you.

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pic unrelated
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>>14743 (OP) 
this anon got it right >>>/japan/3523
fuck off
>>14743 (OP) 
It's a stupid idea?

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I propose a new way of reviewing things like games and movies.

Split the rating in 2 halfs. How much there is to like, and how much there is to hate. Example: the jokes are kind of funny? Increase the like score. Cringy "fellow kids" pop culture references? Increase the hate score. Visual effects are good? Increase like score. Race mixing and feminist agendas pushed for no reason? Increase hate score.
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nigger that's what all video game magazines have  been doing since the 90s
Replies: >>14739
Having pros and cons under a single score is not splitting the score in 2.
>>14735 (OP) 
They can be rated by how many times I jerked off with them.
Putting an arbitrary number on a piece of media is meaningless and only appeases low IQ normalniggers. There's no fixing the system because the concept is fundamentally broken.
>>14735 (OP) 
Let me know when you start your review site and I'll contribute. Word of warning, any movie featuring a woman that is anything but helpless will result in a rating of 1 or less with everything being in the hate column.

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I use ProtonVPN with ProtonVPN Linux GUI.


I want to exclude Tor Browser from VPN. There is Split Tunneling option and I can set IP address for it. If I set, will it work?

Or do I have to set

And how can I know whether it works properly or not? (Chrome Browser uses ProtonVPN, and Tor Browser doesn't use VPN.)

I use Ubuntu 20.10.
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maribel hearn (touhou) drawn by tori_(minamopa) | Danbooru
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Don't use protonvpn-gui.

Use protonvpn-cli.
Replies: >>14663
protonvpn-cli doesn't have split tunneling feature, but it's quite stable.

protonvpn-gui is really unstable.

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Jeph sucks cock.
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(188.3KB, 400x400)
Oh, we're all well aware who and what Rebecca Sugar is.

Given how feminine "her" "brother" looks, I've often fielded the theory that they both transitioned and swapped identities.
(485.5KB, 800x1160)
>>14013 (OP) 
That's a blast of nostalgia, I used to bake cakes for the guy. One had a frosting hand with a knife stabbed into it.

Shame the only image I still have saved from back then is this Dora face edit oc I made.
Replies: >>14700
>I used to bake cakes for the guy. 
Those were awesome, and I remember how those pics gave me cake cravings every time you did one.

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>still no general politics board in the webring
>even /fascist/ is leaving
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(509.6KB, 1748x1597)
Not involved with /fascist/ in any way but I would much prefer looking at a white (built civilization as we know it, not butt ugly) rather than a shitskin/mongoloid. Also considering how /fascist/ was filled to the brim with LARPagans and Atheists abound, it seems to me like your so-called amerimutt boogeymen are actually non-whites LARPing as whites and worshipping pagan gods - a common trend. 

If /fascist/ dies you will not see me shed any tears for it. It was poorly managed and poorly envisioned. Hopefully the upcoming zzz/pol/ fares better.
Replies: >>14628 >>14652
Pagans and Atheists are objectively superior to those who submit themselves to foreign memes. You talk like a fag.
Having circlejerk boards for politics was a fucking bad idea, it would've happened eventually on 8chan at least but now it's just a way for no life, no dad losers to talk about how "EBIN COOL TARRANT WAS OMG HE KILLED ALL THOSE MUDSLIMES WHAT DO YOU MEAN CIRCLEJERKING ON AN IMAGEBOARD ISN'T GONNA DO ANYTHING? B&." I would prefer a general political board because these fags would in theory can't just ban and delete any message they disagree with like, but fish is either working on or has dropped the idea for now while he figures out how to get around the issue of not having /fagcists/ flood the board with cuckchan memes and circlejerking. Any you guys got an idea or two?
If you still haven't figured out that the difference between ancestral deism and jew movie paganism and its imitators is as large as the gulf between National Socialism and hollywood Nazis, you probably don't belong there anyway.  Sounds like you're still in the proto-Bolshevik camp.
>>14555 (OP) 

(79.7KB, 1280x720)
Well, did you ever feel tempted to sign up to a paid porn site? Which ones? Did you actually do it? Was it worth it?
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Crush this trap's balls and rape his butthole!
(33.6KB, 360x355)
She's a pornstar who is currently trying to erase her sex scenes from the INTERNET. You can't do anything to her that's worse than knowing that millions of men will be watching her cunt being impaled by a guy with prison tattoos FOREVER.
>>14055 (OP) 
Back when I cared about that shit there was a ton of sites that would let you log in to these sites without paying for it. I wonder if that is still a thing? Of course these sites must have improved their security but then on the other hand there are many APIs exposed that shouldn't nowadays.
(84.8KB, 200x253)
Some 8-bit image of a purple-haired NPC anime girl from a nintendo game I can't remember the name of, back when I was eleven.

My sisters Rainbow Brite coloring books when I was seven.

The sound of girl muppets on Sesame Street when they were out of breath for some reason, back when I was probably three or four. The sound turned me on. I was a mattres humper with a vivid imagination.

Astroboy, for some reason.

Hey since we're on memory lane here maybe somebody can help me remember the name of that Nintendo game?
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(48.9KB, 533x192)
>Astroboy, for some reason.

(9.7KB, 480x360)
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/b/ - bad
>>14618 (OP) 
She was punched and raped by her daddy.
>>14618 (OP) 
>"I'm a WHAT? A 'meme?' What the fuck's a meme?! How do I contact the internet police?!"

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