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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

 Dress to impress!

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how difficult would this be to do? I also want to draw with code.
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A white person would do this: <img src="image.png">.
>OP asks an innocent question and posts a cute video
>gets met with a chorus of codefaggots bleeding out of their hairholes over it
Is it any wonder why companies would rather hire pajeets and robots?
Replies: >>197517 >>197528
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Who cares about some faggot IT stonks bubble companies. I'm not buying their shit. All my fake ass (not real money) federal reserve notes go into food and silver, simple as.
what's a hairhole
Replies: >>197532
Don't worry about it.

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I know what you're talking about but I'm pretty sure it's somewhere on my old pc that's dead
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testing OGG support
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Mine is buffalo wings with carrots sticks, french fries and a ranch dip.
BBQ ribs are a close second.
-Bonus: What's your favorite dessert?
Mine's a hot chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
>>197283 (OP) 
I NEED a sharp cheddar cheese and natural ice beer, other than that it varies. Often I eat halfway healthy though so I like to often eat lentil brown rice soups with butterball turkey jerky in it and flavored moar with badia 14 spices. Lentils cook faster than beans. It's cheap if not for the turkey jerky, of which, turkey has too much cholesterol even if not for the cheese. Doctor says I'll die eventually.... what a shock! A common side includes bell pepper with cherry tomato, not grape but cherry tomatoes, and soem sort of chip and or cracker. My new fav cracker is some chicken flavored cracker that's only sold in the US"s south.
>>197283 (OP) 
eggs with a side of water
and maybe some hot sauce
Lately I've been partial to making pancakes with chocolate protein powder and frying them up in bacon grease. They taste so god damn good but I know I'm just asking for a cardiac incident.
>>197283 (OP) 
Fettuccine Alfredo, pretty hard to fuck up. I don't know Italian food is pretty easy to make

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video unrelated
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Yell "heil hitler and fuck niggers"
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>There are better ways of doing that.
I'm listening.
>It's second hand embarrassment
That's why it's funny.
>There are better ways of doing that.
No one cares about your standards for obtaining a laugh. If they did nobody would laugh because you're an impossible faggot.
>read the rest of the post
>it was the fag who's been throwing a months long tantrum over "based"
What a bitch you turned out to be.
Everything is cringe. Caring about nothing and hating is based. If you disagree with me, you're Jewish and brown.

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wagecucks are subhuman
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>the shit he had to deal with there sounded nightmarish.
Like what?
Replies: >>197353
>heroin addict shits
>dealing with meth heads
>nurse drama (nurses are by and large tremendous cunts to work with according to both him and my aunt)
>dumb fucks getting into dumb fuck accidents and having to get covered in dumb fuck blood to keep them alive
>hospice patients shitting themselves constantly
>maggots and necrotic flesh
>massive cysts and tumors
The list could probably go on for awhile, they apparently had him in every position from working in the ER to simply monitoring patients after surgery. I don't know if that's routine treatment for up and coming doctors or if he just got handed a particularly terrible assignment or whatever, but he certainly bitched about it to me enough to squash any desire I had to get into anything involving medical care.
He makes a tremendous amount of money now though.
Replies: >>197364
>heroin addict shits
>opiate junkies
>ever pooping
Replies: >>197365
Yes that's the point. Those massive turds have to be taken out or their bowels will rupture.
As in he's had to unclog impacted heroin shits, you can look up what they're like if you want.

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Gather roun' chillin's an let me tell you da real history uh da world.
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Hey kid I think you got the wrong door, cuckchan is 2 blocks down.
Replies: >>196422
hellenisTIC astrology?? And not hellenIC astrology?? So, that means that Helena is specialized in the astrology of the non-greek civilisations that got heavily accultured by the greeko-macedonian culture after Alexander the Great's conquests?????????????
That's crazy
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Replies: >>197320
This place is more cuck than chan tho.
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Recently started watching pokemon indigo league and I haven't watched it in at least 2 decades now. I don't believe I've seen the whole thing unfortunately, my parents always rented it on vhs but at least I got to see the first couple movies. Maybe some of it is nostalgia, but I love this anime and think it's the best anime I've ever seen and Misty is the reason I'm into red heads 9/10.

I've also recently played Wildfrost and can say while it can be fun, it's mostly just a frustrating mess. If you don't have the cards to compliment each other, you're basically screwed and the forced diversity in the game really drags the game down to me 5/10
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Replies: >>197282 + 2 earlier
She isn't annoying nor a bitch and she did deserve togepi
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I recently binged the first 3 cours of Mushoku Tensei because of FOMO and wanting to watch the new cour as it's being aired.
To be honest, this was my only anime I consistently watched at 2x speed. I guess I just don't have interest in fantasy/isekai settings, and there was also a lot of distasteful sexual slop... Mind you, I love normal fanservice (panty shots, girl showering, etc), and I also like sex scenes in VNs (loving sex between the MC and a heroine), but Mushoku Tensei was just filled with cringe and degenerate Shitflix-tier garbage.
Although I like Japanese high school SoL anime, I'm not finding the Harry Potter magic school arc too interesting either, because aside from it still being fantasy, it focuses a lot on the life of MALES, which is gay and unappealing.
One thing I appreciated was Shirufi, though. She's a sweet character and her appearance has boyish elements but is elegant and feminine (this is what tomboyslop wishes it was). Though despite how much cringe sexual garbage this show had, they decided to cut out specifically the MC having sex with her, which is just frustrating.
But yeah, I guess this is not an anime for me, but I'm watching it because of sunk cost and not wanting to feel left out.
Replies: >>197304
>>194636 (OP) 
You played a roguel*te, you get what you deserve.
>there was also a lot of distasteful sexual slop
>Mushoku Tensei was just filled with cringe and degenerate Shitflix-tier garbage
Could you be more specific?
>I'm not finding the Harry Potter magic school arc too interesting either
It's about to end.
>they decided to cut out specifically the MC having sex with her, which is just frustrating.
It's a TV anime, they can't broadcast sex as such.
I'm guessing you were also frustrated with not seeing Eris take Rudeus virginity?
>but I'm watching it because of sunk cost and not wanting to feel left out.
There's a lot of source material to adapt, considering that it depicts his life all the way until Rudeus is an old man.
Replies: >>197317
>Could you be more specific?
Basically all sex scenes that didn't involve the MC. The most annoying example being that whore.
>It's a TV anime, they can't broadcast sex as such.
But they did broadcast unnecessary sex scenes, though. Is there some regulation on how you can't broadcast sex ONLY if it's very relevant to the story and has emotional weight?
>I'm guessing you were also frustrated with not seeing Eris take Rudeus virginity?
Not as much, because I wasn't rooting for Eris as much.
>There's a lot of source material to adapt, considering that it depicts his life all the way until Rudeus is an old man.
Since I already caught up, watching one episode a week for some weeks with several month hiatuses in between doesn't feel as much of a burden as "binging".

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That feeling when we say that we hate the west but then I realize that other than the west and Japan, every country is made up of racial subhumans.
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Replies: >>197272
>>197230 (OP) 
Yes yes hail hitler. Blah blah. Keep calling people subhuman as a tryhard and I'll hafta point out that whites are a minority in comparison to the rest thus making them the anomaly and not the other way around. The west is always being the opposite of the truth. Nigger lives matter, diversity means having less diverse white people genes, and west + japan is just you being autistic stop it. the West is full of niggers and spics, what you call the west.... how could japan be compared to that when they still have an actual nationality? But yeah, comparing the west to the nips for some reason like this, in the context of them being somehow better than others, as a couple? Saged.
Just wanted to bump this so the 600k tier babble in this post can be appreciated by everyone.
I brought up Japan because it's the only non-western country not made up of racial subhumans, to show that the amount of non-western countries not made up of racial subhumans is very low (1).
Replies: >>197316
whoops, I didn't mean to do that
the biology that allows a population to get to high civilization fast enough for it to mean something in terms of biology is only held by white people, and 'the west' as in an entity that for most part tries to cares about decency even for enemies, and individualism to a maladaptive point is the product of white's biology, and only really compatible with whites
people hate the bio protocol that happens when a pop isn't under selection for long enough; liberals
tho liberals ultimately are a force to destabilize the ecology, and allow selection again, whites got to the point of industrialization, and the liberal protocol isn't good enough to be fast enough to get us out of this evolutionary mismatch before the weakness of good times allow a bunch of non-whites to established themselves in our territory, thus we feel disillusioned, and hate the super organism that we don't want to be part off

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>just bought 20$ worth of expired pork for half the price
We're eating good tonight!
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Replies: >>197301
[Hide] (484.1KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I meant, it will pay for itself
I never buy readymade meals unless they're on clearance, and I'm probably still overpaying for them.
Doesn't pork rot from the inside out? Can you just trim into the meat and cut around the bad shit?
>>196978 (OP) 
Boiling meat for hours kills any bacteria that can hurt you.
Pressure cooking it will do the same.
Replies: >>197311
Can confirm, boiled some rotting stinking roadkill in my pressure cooker, tasted great and I did not die
My stomach does feel a little weir

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