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Rank these "people" in order from most worst to least worst:
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>Hanging Flesh
Easily the worst, killed julay.world
Moderated julay/v/, would actually be okay if s/he didn't act like a massive attention whore about PLW.
Seems to be a decent moderator at the moment, there's not really a lot of details about him.
Replies: >>98339
Sturgeon is oft reputed as Mark-lite. Didnt he also bake a really ugly looking cake and then brag about it on /b/? Then he deletes all evidence of it ever happening
>>98164 (OP) 
Grifter who ran 8chan to the ground by datamining its users, sending a flood of retarded boomers who don't know what an imageboard is, and completely killing its momentum after Kikeflare kicked 8chan off from its protection. Also has a shady as hell past, and easily has the least amount of history or connection with imageboards.
The guy who caused the above to happen and is a total attention whore who will do stupid shit and backstab anyone for his own personal gain.
Don't know a lot about him aside from datamining 2channel users, placing malvertisments on cuckchan, and just being generally shady. I still think he belongs up here.
Ran cuckchan to the ground and is a cock guzzling faggot, but for what I know, he was never involved in some major shit until the end of his time on 4chan.

The rest are small fry compared to the ones listed above, but I'll still rank them.
Would have been a footnote in 8chan's history, but every attempt to make a new 8/v/ always failed one way or another, aside from /vg/.  Anyways, he's a shitty BO, works for glowies, and tried to fuck with other imageboards, but is incompetent as hell.
Is Jim's slave. That's all I know.
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Moot = Hotwheels
Jewcy boi
>>98164 (OP) 
I'd say moot is the worst.

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New disney show "baymax". Literal tranny propaganda to kids.
>Disneyshit is shit.
Of course it is. Nobody expected otherwise.

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people who aren't able to give or downright refuse to give clear and concise instructions when asking for anything should be shot, they fucking expect you to read their mind and guess what they want instead of just saying so, and then have the audacity of getting angry at you for not understanding. holy shit fuck them.
Replies: >>98412 >>98413
People who don't regularly work with the autistic are going to expect them to have the intuitive social and contextual knowledge that the non-autistic do.
>>98409 (OP) 
what were you trying to find out?
>>98409 (OP)  
If this was a workplace environment, your colleague was likely sabotaging you to make you look incompetent to others and unable to adequately complete your tasks.
Consider writing up a manifesto and going on a shooting rampage in revenge.
He was prolly just flexin at your expense to impress all the office staceys he's banging.
Pretty sure they only thing he'd understand is a bullet to the face

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Just found out my gf dated one of my friends a couple years before we met. I mog him into oblivion, but I'm feeling cucked because he fucked a younger and hotter her and I already felt like I was putting more into this relationship than I should. I don't know if I'll be able to get the thought that he might have gotten better experience out of my head. The worst part is that I have nobody to talk to this about except venting on imageboards. Call me a normalfag, but both he and I are anons even though I'm pretty sure he only ever used cuckchan /pol/. He was always a redpill PUA faggot, so it makes me feel like she's more retarded than I realized.
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>Nothing fills the void, not work, not friends, not sex.
Enjoy your AIDS
Japs call post ejaculation mood "sage mode", period when a man is free of all wordly desires.
>>97557 (OP) 
<I'm a normalfag you know!

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Here's my suggestion for improving this board:
sageing gets you autobanned
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>fucked the name
god dammit now I gotta kill myself
Replies: >>97434
Not sgeing in this thread should get you banned.
Replies: >>98371

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Do you quit games you find frustrating or boring? I just started doing it. Id rather have fun playing games.
Replies: >>98370
I only complete games I don't like so that I can complain about it on the internet.
>>98224 (OP) 
Yes, but the problem is that I suck at video games and only good video games are too hard for me despite bad games being too easy....

...so yeah...

*sips booze* *presses play on tv show video(s)*

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2 of my 3 autoflower seeds sprouted. The medium is regular potting soil with perlite and worm castings. The plants won't need much feeding as long as they're seedlings, just watering. When they get bigger, they'll be transferred into 7 gallon fabric pots. They're on a 16/8 light schedule on a starter light. Later on, they'll be under a large light that covers the 4x4ft grow tent. They have a dedicated fan to ensure they grow strong and are capable of holding up their buds. The strains are Zkittlez and Wedding Cake.
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The plants have their first 2 nodes now. The wedding cake got lanky and is leaning on the side of the pot. Not a big deal, it'll pick itself up as it grows. The plants will be ready for topping and low stress training soon.
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More development. The wedding cake is being trained to stand.
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They're both growing rapidly. The wedding cake is standing by itself. They've gotten their first tops and are now extending their branches to cover more width. They're getting more rigid main stems and are filling out their pots. The leaves of the first node got dry and feel like paper on both plants. The newer growth feels soft. I'm not sure what caused that. It could be that it was only the first node or that they got too much light exposure or they needed to be fed. I'd normally top them now but I decided against it. Since they're autoflowers, they flower quickly and I don't want to shock them. These are compact plants that are said to only get 3-4ft high and flower after ~1.5 months to be harvested in 3-4 months. The plants are already 2 weeks old. They've been getting watered regularly and have been getting fed with kelp(0.5-0-0.5) and worm poo(1-0-0). It's organic so far but the plants will probably get some mineral fertilizers later. They'll be transplanted into their 7 gallon pots soon along with mycorrhizae.

It's warm, sunny, and humid. Perfect for cannabis. Meanwhile, the plants are inside using electricity. It's a honk honk clown world.
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Transplant successful. They've been put in fabric pots. These pots are big so they've not been filled all the way yet. Burying the stem can help keep the plant lower and more stable. Smaller pots would have probably been more appropriate. These are the ones I had.

They've been given mycorrhiza. Mycorrhiza works by providing the plant with resources from the soil in exchange for photosynthesis products. Mycelium is like a silky web and is able to fit into smaller spaces than plant roots allowing them to access resources otherwise unreachable. The relationship between mycorrhiza and plants is fascinating.

They're in week 3 and are advertised to flower in 8-10. Once that happens, I'll post microscopic pics of terpenes. An air filter will have to be installed. They'll smell like planty skunk.

Since they're in early veg now, they've been given extra light. Previously, doing this made them droop and turn away. Now they enjoy it. Trying to keep the plants on a light schedule messes with my own. It would help to be able to automate it and provide a realistic day/night cycle. I might get a controller for the lamp.

There's sunflowers also. They're going to be transplanted outside.
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Stigmas are now visible. It'll be exciting when they change color.

Autoflowers are amazing. They're small, bushy, have relatively small leaves, and have more nodes for the same area. A photosensitive plant at this size would look different. For my last grow, I had photos. They were planted in spring and didn't flower until fall. It was overcast and rainy for over a month and the crop turned into moldy shit with caterpillars.

The light and fans have been put on programmable timers. This will help the plants get a proper light cycle.

It's important to pay attention to fertilizer PH and volume. This grow is using liquid plant food. Regular filtered tap water is at an ideal PH. The PH changes up and down depending on the fertilizer added. The mix needs to be treated with PH adjusted water. It's easy to confuse PH shock with other issues.

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Do you prefer cupcakes or muffins?
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That cat is just a terrible cook
Replies: >>98163
I meant to reply to the Hungarian roll.
Thanks, retard. This shit looks fucking delicious.
10/10 would share with cat
Finally a full meal and balanced meal!

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A monkey armed with a machete terrorized an entire town in Brazil for a week. In desperation, the locals contacted the local institute of environmental protection.
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I'd only fuck the fourth one
Replies: >>98200
That's a tail, anon.
>hue monkey shoot each other on a daily basis
>can't get rid of an actual monkey posing a threat
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Foxes think they're tough guys, well I have news for you faggots. Ducks are the strongest birds on the planet. I lift over at least 100kg of grain a day and eat nearly half of that. 
Come at me you sneaky weaklings.
Replies: >>98234
>>98190 (OP) 
holy shit is that real?

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