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I want to get into guns.
Tell me how to get into guns.
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thanks for the recs bb
you can't buy a gun a wolly world anymore even the BBs guns are gone thanks to the parkland shooter, maybe they sell in rural areas but any of the major cities in Florida but luckily it's Florida so there's always so many small gun shops around so I don't even know what the walmart executives are accomplishing by banning ammo sells in Florida.
Replies: >>137734 >>137764
>what the walmart executives are accomplishing
Maintaining ESG ratings as calculated by some garbage-in/garbage-out metric.
Depends on the store.  The one down thre road from where I sit still sells real guns.  Not sure about the selection since I wasn't there to buy one and would probably prefer to do business with a more local outfit or at least an FFL transfer with one if I wanted something from the interbutt.
Other than the guntuber channels, I suggest this website
It's filled with nerd shit and overly complex details on any mistakes games, movies or anime make regarding firearms. Pop in any media you like in the searchbar and just read the articles, sooner or later something will rub off and you will know which end of the gunbarrel the pew pews come out of

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ITT ask to be spoonfed anything, from images, music, archives, torrents... Anything, really.
For example:

Does anyone have a scan for the 4th issue of the Answer Me magazine? I have the first three ones, but I've been too lazy to find the last one myself.
You can also ask for small things, such as:

Does anyone have an image of Brendan Fraser with an expression suiting of someone wanting to kill oneself? Thanks.
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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt?
Replies: >>136987
Nah I meant this one.
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Does anyone have edit of this page of chainsaw man with Agni's face instead of the doors?
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Does anyone know where I can find the episodes for Prayer? The anime was ill-received when it came out and only two episodes were ever aired as a result. The only proof of this anime's existence is a 5 minute clip that I shortened because I don't want to do ffmpeg shit. The torrent on Nyaa is dead and the fact that this anime is effectively lost media makes me want to watch it.
Does anyone have scans of the Girls und Panzer 2023 calendar?

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just discovered this awesome band
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>>133660 (OP) 
why you let youtu.be autoplay?

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Why is midna like this?
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Replies: >>137362
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Thanks anon.
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Midna thread, fuck yeah
>>137225 (OP) 
>draw a space marine!
Zelda 2 was kind of more of a final fantasy RPG top down between different levels and towns and battle scenes (though not turn based - not sure if final fantasy is).  And then it would switch to side scrolling for the battles and levels and whatnot.  Not terribly well received at the time, but it was hard to follow up on how the original kind of hit the sweet spot almost for a new genera.

Original was all top down.

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Why are current year fags so afraid of eating soy beans? You do realize it's just a bean, right?.
Then they bring up muh phytoestrogen. First of all, they wouldn't even know what estrogen is if they didn't learn it from biologists, but then they ignore biologists when they say "phytoestrogen is harmless", because biologists are liberals. But it was the same liberals that told them estrogen exists. Imagine being that dumb.
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>anything -phobe
>an insult
Replies: >>137735
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Replies: >>137737 >>137742
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You've gone a step too far buddy.
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As the subject says, I need help with an Essay Assignment that is due tonight /b/. The essay is on the Atomic Bomb and it goes a little something like this...."The use of atomic bombs against Japan saved lives and promoted world peace.". I also must present evidence to support my stance, provide references for any outsides materials I used and discuss opposing viewpoints and weaknesses in those arguments but I'm retarded and have just been going back and forth in my mind on what to write wasting time so please help me. I am not asking for /b/ to write my Essay for me all I am asking for is an open dialogue on the use of the atomic bomb to end World War II this is the difference between life and death I can NOT fail this class /b/ for the love of God please help me. Also fuck 4chan Jannies they banned me for asking this same question on /b/ of all places, I fucking hope they fucking die of fags disease!
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Lately I've been this phenotype spread like wildfire, as if there has been a general faggotization of dudes everywhere.
Just the other day I saw a faggot that looked like this with a nose ring on. Needless to say I felt that day particularly violent.
Kill yourself asap
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Getting that shit out of the front page.
These are currently the worst posts available on this site.
Replies: >>137740
I don't know, /v/ is pretty damn unusable at the moment with the nigger-brained one-line posts being posted everywhere.

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hello we are having tv night tonight at 7:00 (two hours from now), please join
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Replies: >>137712

It's in 2 hours.
Replies: >>137713
fug, it's in 30 minutes actually. it should be EDT now

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>eats soy
>is fat
>the first NEET
cant make this shit up. its like ((( they ))) mock us in plain site
Replies: >>137578
Not really, character was an obvious jew in the show like the rest of them.
Replies: >>137518
Nobody ever told me they were all jews when I was a kid. I feel like I and many other White people were bamboozled by this.
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>>137514 (OP) 
Doxxing is said to come from Documents. But I say that is total bullshit, it actually comes from Dodgson.
>intelligent white cis male is not hardworking and has nontraditional ethics 
>strawman is now in effect

very yes

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Im sick of AI faggots. Im just going to limit what i consume from now on. I refuse to take part in the AI faggtry and the soulless degradation of this world. Its sad but it was bound to happen one day. Ironically enough ive seen tons of people that seem to love this AI development. The same people which are the kinds of people that would complain about "wef" "eat the bugs" and so on and so forth of a dystopian society.
Its just all so ironic, and tiresome. The faggotification of the world wasnt enough huh? Ofcourse it wasnt. Its not enough until everything is bland and boring.
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In a way, aren't sites like these the greatest exponents in self isolation? What do you have to fear?
Fucking hate ai niggers. It just keeps on rapidly evolving
>it wont take your job bro
>only the people bad at said thing are getting replaced
Disingenous faggots. I hope one day the ai evolves to a point where they personally come and throatslash your nigger ass.
I bet you feel smug at your shitty normalfag job. Thats the only thing i can think of. Resentful faggot from some normalfag job hates that other people can do things he cant and THEY MUST SHARE. One day hopefully you will get affected by the ai. In the form of a throatslashing
AI hentai is pretty good. Beats waiting for some other faggot to commission an artist for your specifically desired literally who.
I learned to hate people who bitch about technology killing art on the internet because they are the most phoney pieces of shit out there. Nobody cried when the coal miners lost their jobs and nobody cried when truck drivers realized that they will all be fired once self-driving cars become available. People only started caring when the cushy progressive folk realized that they were being threatened and finally pulled their fist out of their asses to do something. I lost all sympathy for the artists because deep down they are self-absorbed pricks that only care for themselves. Just like how cars murdered the horse industry, you need to get the fuck out of the way or be run over.
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>so called art
If one is legitimately passionate about art then why would they care about the origins or monetization of ((( commercial art )))? Like, there are artists that are technically more skilled then me, as could be said of some technological construct, be it a camera or an animated database of photographs, but that doesn't stop me from painting. I don't expect anyone to pay me money for what I enjoy doing and look upon those that fret over commercialization as an institution with the same skepticism that I would look at a church that charged a cover fee at the door.

One thing that I do feel unsettled by, with respect to AI at the moment, is the prospect that we may have lived through a brief era where an anon could post anonymously and have a high degree of certainty that they were interacting with another anon and not a bot. It's odd to be confronted with the prospect that the days of anonymous posting, with that high degree of certainty that one was interacting with another anon online, might be a thing of the past.

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>"We want the 8chan audience"
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Why the usb logo on the shoulder?
Replies: >>137632
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With a mutt ass face like that why bother.
probly some schizo lore due to the fact that usb implementations are unreasonably insecure (due to the market being full of retards like schizos)
Glowniggers need to keep up with the times.
a literal glownigger

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