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What's with the sudden influx of faggot mods nowadays?
Examples are Muses, the former Julay/v/ BO who pussied out then left Julay/v/ since he couldn't handle the banter. And Hisuimeido, the current zzz/tech/ BO and the former zzz/a/ BO who pussied out then deleted zzz/a/ and left zzz/tech/ since he couldn't handle the banter in the meta thread.
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Thanks I already know that, kinda.
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If you really knew that you would stop posting and wasting everyone's time when they discover one of your posts and waste their time reading it.
not everyone is a discord tranny crossposting on the webring tbh
You're joking, right? I like fascist as much as the next guy, but it's the only good board on anon.cafe ever since the k bo turned into a no-fun-allowed nigger who even locked something as joyful as a celebratory thread about ginsberg finally dying because it "wasn't k enough."
OP here. Who is nanotranny and what is a nanotranny screenshot thread?

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>still no /pol/ in the webring
>every other board has it's own /pol/ containment thread that's more active than the rest of the board
Someone add /pol/ already. No, blacked.moe's 4chan+pedos (((/pol/))) doesn't count.
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If I knew that I wouldn't be baiting faggots here would I?
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Ok, what did I just read?
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I think he's trying to make himself seem superior but it isn't working all that well he just looks like another bitter nigger whining about how people aren't providing him with high quality experiences while doing absolutely nothing on his end to make anything better.
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Can't improve an ocean of piss. It's just fags wearing diapers and pissing all over themselves on every webring site.
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So go somewhere else.

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Why is he such a faggot /b/?
From the day when he became an 8chan administrator to his last days as one he has been an incompetent, insufferable faggot.
Nowadays nobody even knows where he's at because after he left 8koon he became an exclusively twitter shitter and he got permabanned there recently and now he's completely out of the radar
Is it just the hapa in him at work?
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>loli does nothing but attract real pedos.
I bet $5 you don't have a single ounce of evidence for this claim. 2d != reality, retard. 
>almost every country in the world considers it CP
almost every country in the world is fine with fags, they sure do make their decisions logically
>banning loli is the best course of action
I have two recoomendations for you then, >>>/facebook/ or >>>/reddit/, both would make a fine fit for you types.
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Canada, uk, most western European countries
Replies: >>13016
all of whom think sticking dick into poop chutes is virtuous and excellent. I wouldn't follow their lead on anything just because they think so without educating myself on the matter first.
Replies: >>13019
Even in the usa there aere states that ban loli
Replies: >>13024
see previous post, all states endorse fag marriage. these aren't moral champions, they're scumbags who pretend to wear white robes for some reason and consequently I see zero reason for them to have any authority over issues of morality. The fact they assume it anyways just means they're thugs, and I'm not going to cave in to thugs willingly.

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Egypt, China, Turkey censor Tor network so Tor users need to use a brdige such as obfs4 or meek-azure. 

meek-azure works in China.

(545.3KB, 1280x1515)
As for I2P, pretty darn decentralized, with one particularly notable exception, the "Reseed Servers." This is to deal with the DHT bootstrap problem. 

Basically, there's not a good and reliable way to get out of running at least one permanent bootstrap node that non-network users can find to get started. 

Once you're connected to the network, you only discover peers by building "exploratory" tunnels, but to make your initial connection, you need to get a peer set from somewhere. The reseed servers, which you can see listed on in the Java I2P router, provide you with those peers.

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If a flying saucer breaks down in space, do you think the aliens call Triple-Ayyy?

pic related

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So what happened to gurochan? Why is there no /g/ or /guro/ board on the webring?
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If you post your shit online, expect negative feedback.
Replies: >>12885
Why do you still screech in this thread?
Replies: >>12889 >>12897
because making weebcucks mad gives me pleasure.
Because I need to remind you that you're a nigger. I don't want you to go a single day without remembering this fact.
>>12445 (OP) 
Actual darker sites pretty much died or this place would be more active in general. They use such tactics as ISP blocks against sad panda rather than it just being hard to get into. Sites that are easy I'm sure if in English are USA sites, so they get taken down by the FBI. If not english then, well, why would you know or be on the site? 

The good sites are probably not in English as all English speaking nations have bad Internet laws.

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now I've seen my fair share of holly caust debunking back on /pol/, and after that quite a bit of debunking of that debunking with seemingly solid arguments, now how about a debunking of said debunkings debunkings?
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Men don't have fuckholes, retard. That's like, 6th grade biology.
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Men can't produce babies, what third world country are you from? I thought burger education was bad.
Replies: >>12887
Men can produce pleasure through their buttholes. I love guys' assholes.
Replies: >>12890
Dudes have a mouth and asshole to be used by other guys.
oh. kill yourself fag.

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Rdog is the symbol of zzz

(15.6KB, 1037x135)
This is why 8cucks should never ever be allowed anywhere near the webring. Blame the tr/a/nnies for allowing this to happen.
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ur gonna get sue for defamation
>broken links ITT
looks like some retard janny struck against
Replies: >>12833
I wouldn't be surprised if it was cp/models.
Replies: >>12835
Whatever you say, /cow/
all of it was my posts because I posted MonkaS and pepega along with twitch frogs up to 10000 character limit on one post so the mods decided to do a delete by IP like they're a sequel to Mark or something
none of it is in logs either

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