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Prep work is done.

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Everyone should try it at least once
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Halloween is the perfect time to try!
Now you understand why religion is tryinf so hard to be the more "logical" one too. Because it is jealous but wants you to not feel shit.
Got invited to a party so this is timely
What if you're already dead inside?
Will be fun

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what did janny mean by this?
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If jews want to mutilate jewish babies who actually cares?
Replies: >>121190
Because they need to ((( normalize ))) the practice among the goyim to not stand out as the barbaric sand niggers that they are.
What flavor?

Xi is under house arrest
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why do jews always make this same stupid face every time they post
Ah yes, ((( Shelomov ))); a very appropriate surname for the savior of the white race.
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You did good, chunners
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>>119634 (OP) 
Time for meatless & muscle monday
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just another manic monday

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something to spice up your sex life
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ur waifu a shit
polite sage for off-topic
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t. mayud hapig
>not using oil of Bengay as lube
ya'll aint even real niggas
i want juri to pull me inside her ass and digest me
See >>126303

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I fucking hate video gaymes (aside from visual novels)
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wew laddie
I love it when some retard suddenly has an issue with a random word and expects everyone else to accommodate him. Guess I'll be saying dude more often now.
Replies: >>123661
He consistently picks shit from affected cultures that sprang up on some board or another before his time cos he doesn't like the kinds of posters from there too
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Do you find the ancient world fascinating, /b/? I think it's a very unique place and I find it very interesting. Which do you find the most interesting? I imagine most of you would find Ancient Europe to be the most interesting but I find Pre-Hispanic Central and South America to be interesting as well. I think think the Jomon era of Japan is an interesting time as well. 
Here are a couple of thread questions
>What is your favorite ancient Geoglyph?
>What Pre-Colombian Civilization do you find most interesting? 
>What do you find to be the most fascinating ancient artifact? 
>Lastly, I know this is a bit of a silly question, but do you believe that aliens were involved with early humans?
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Aryan women are beautiful even when dead for millennia
The thought of witnessing the first few black plague outbreaks has always fascinated me since the first time I read about it. Imagine being one of the lucky few who didn't really get all that sick from it. One day you're wondering around a packed market street in Constantinople, brushing past people and trying to pick out whatever bullshit you need to make your next meal, maybe even getting shoved out of the way by some faggot senator's bodyguards as he makes his way past you. Then two weeks later the streets are basically empty except for dead bodies and the smell of rot is oozing out of nearly every house, the aristocracy has all fled the city to wait out the plague in their countryside villas and all the poor people are either dead or too sick/afraid to venture outside. Just near complete silence outside save for maybe the sounds of crows and dogs eating dead bodies.
Then when the plague finally subsides something like 1 out of every 3 people is dead and many of the survivors are permanently weakened and the city of Constantinople will still be recovering from this first outbreak long after you're dead. Makes me wonder how badly the fags who overhyped corona would react to an actual Justinian plague tier outbreak on a global scale.
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Clone their DNA along with the woolly mammoths :-P
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Even though their art lacks detail and polish by today's standards, the ancients sure as fuck didn't overlook the most important details like making the pussy notch.
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This thread is for the appreciation of Terry A. Davis, who lived from 1969 to 2018. Post all things Terry Davis.
<Who is Terry Davis exactly?
>implying you don't know who Terry Davis is
Terry Davis, also known as King Terry by Divine Right, was an exceptional programmer who created his own OS, named 'TempleOS' in response to a communication that he received from God himself in his dreams, commanding him to build a successor to the Second Temple. Terry A. Davis would go on to build the TempleOS by himself and would, on occassion, recieve commands from God via a Calculator. The CIAniggers would try and attack him via Voice-To-Skull, which Terry resisted by saying the most powerful word in the english language: nigger
<where is he now
Terry A. Davis, sadly, for ((( reasons that are still unknown ))) ((( walked in front of a train and got gibbed ))) in August 2018. It is widely suspected that the CIA niggers got to him.
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>Only interacts with others to achieve a desired goal
I do not understand how this can be seen as a sign of anything bad, or even a "symptom" for that matter. Humans are naturally goal-orientated due to our higher intelligence. My goal is to have fun, so I will interact with others to achieve that goal of having fun. I want to find my lost ball, so I will ask others and interact with them to get information. I want to eat, so I will ask others for food. There is nothing wrong with any of these things. It's just how humans act.
Replies: >>124069
Diagnoses are invented by those with noses.  Do you ever wonder why the noseheads stick their noses where they don't belong?
Replies: >>124073
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You beat me to it. More accurately, jews invent problems out of thin air, then sell you the solutions. They also invent "virtues" like getting women to smoke because it's ((( empowering ))), then sell you those virtues.

Also, you forgot to sage.
Replies: >>124077
Why would I want to sage when somebody who knows about Edward Bernays might add to the thread?  Never forget how this works and how many people might not know, even though it's probably not many on a slow, obscure chan.

So we could also discuss the design of TempleOS, but you'd probably have to be versed in assembly language when the 80386 came out to appreciate what Terry A. Davis thought up.
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Mister Metokur gets really butthurt if anyone talks about he killing Terry.

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Shitty twitter "art".

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Reminder that ANYONE  ENCOURAGING/GLORIFYING  SUICIDE/DEATH  IS A CRYPTO-SATANIC SHILL WHO JUST WANTS VULNERABLE PEOPLE TO END THEIR LIVES, and the evidence is that if they truly believed in what they preach, they wouldn't preach it because they'd already have killed themselves.
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Spoiler File
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I know a lot of you will be really triggered by reading this, but you can also try to swallow your pride and maybe consider joining Christendom. The easiest first step would be making a thread on anon.cafe/christian about your situation. What do you prefer? Living a happy life as a «Christcuck,» or be depressed and kill yourself?
Replies: >>126110
>The first step is making a thread asking for advice from interner weirdos who intentionally stay on a glownigger friendly imageboard
gr8 b8, 8/8.
Reminder no one on /christian/ believes in what they preach and are only herdniggers roleplaying while they shit up sites. They helped kill PLW, they were responsible for killing the cafe, and they've almost succeeded in killing zzz. Only /cow/cucks are more destructive.
Replies: >>126113 >>126293
You were right in the first half, but I highly doubt they're the ones actually doing the latter. With the exception of that one christnigger's asshurt against pagans here on /b/, they've mostly kept to themselves. After all, it was /cow/ who caused loleron to abandon PLW, not /christian/.
The first part is right, the rest is bullshit or fake new, also, the majority of /cow/ hate or don't care about Weasel, Dolphin, essayfag and all those losers from cytube.

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No no you have to watch cartoons and masturbate to children or I'm a weirdo loner no one likes! You will destroy my identity if you don't do it and I will have to wake up and realize my life is meaningless and I'm revolting to be around! Please! Just one dick girl! Just one titty skittle! Please just accept me because my family hates me and I have no where to go but dead image boards!!!!!!!
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If there is no victim then it's not a crime.
>I don't believe that peoples' private lives should be monitored
>But if you manage to get noticed
What do you mean by 'noticed'? Noticed in what way? Because it looks like you're holding two contrary positions, unless you can elaborate further what you're trying to convey.
gud thred
Replies: >>123597
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>It's the same guy who is a hardcore christian
Wow... He's so hardcore that he actively doesn't avoid imageboards? Lol

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