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Who were your childhood and adolescent crushes? 2D or 3D, it doesn't matter.
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also power rangers beast morpher was cuckshit bullshit
was not she always bleck and the pink the only hwite chick?
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no the first yellow ranger was Vietnamese, they ended up replacing a episodes afterwards because she died in a car accident
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>black ranger is a bleck goy
>yellow ranger is basically a gook
<das racis
Her death was not an accident! But anyway...
>beta blue is intellegent
>red is alpha
>green is ebil
Did the later shows have a point? Why even adapt it from the actual gook show? What WAS power rangers anyway? Rainbow police, for claymation terrorists?
what gappend to his head lol

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Let's talk strategy and tactics. Who are your favorite generals? If you were a general, what kind of strategies would you use regularly? How would you organize and supply your own army? How deep does your autism go in the pursuit of victory?
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>>96437 (OP) 
>Who are your favorite generals?
Guderian, Von Manstein and Montgomery
>>96437 (OP) 
That entirely depends on what the purpose is

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Lift your spirit up with a bit of banter,
Shitpost your fears away.
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must be automatic, the logs don't show anyone bumplocking it and jschan shows the bumplock icon for autosaging threads too
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I'm pretty sure the bump limit is like 485 or something, and the post limit is 500.
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time to make another one then
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Or we can just use the banhammer thread, it has the advantage of being cyclic.
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Why are you guys arguing over if Russia or Ukraine is more jewish when they're both run by kikes. This bickering plus the entirety of Gahoolestan falls under Poe's Law to me.
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cringe and forced
I don't really support russia but do love seeing triggered westoid npcs when I post Z
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friendly reminder transcarpathia is Hungarian both in cultural and politically. transcarpathia will one day be part of Hungary
I don't really support Ukraine but I do love seeing slavs get slaughtered when we send them more weapons.
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100,000 Russian dead

what is the rda for sexual intercourse?
i heard from an elite peod that it is 3 times / day so it sounds like he at least knows a little more than us.
the high amount sounds like bullshit though, i'd say it's once per day up to once per 3 days. does anyone know the actual number? i cant google it because sex is a taboo in the west so literature surrounding this is blocked. can a supplement such as one in tablet form provide suitable replacement?

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this is nice image board
very comfy
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You must miss 4chan.
go back. shit meme. was never good. you're not nice btw
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this is rude board now
very mean

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Did the dopamine hit? Post in this thread and tell everyone about it

I just woke up at a sensible time from a decent night of sleep and made breakfast, the sky is clean and the sunrise was pretty to look at. Today I'm gonna do my best and I hope anon does too.

Don't let anyone ruin your day!
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It dosn't invalidate his post
Replies: >>96300
That’s a woman though.
>>96253 (OP) 
>didn't ohayo post
sage I guess
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i am pairing paint tool sai and rw cursor editor to make animation regularly while also "learning". to spice things up i figure i could add another "interactive" stuff but not sure what software... preferabbly small, portable, and funky

any idea?
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Replies: >>96403
>>96302 bbbut its tru
>>96304 no
start small draw a trooper first then a spess marine
Replies: >>96450
>>96287 (OP) 
calm down
>>96405 how do you start trooper

Spoiler File
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Porn posters are ruininv this board
Those who disagree with me are porn sympathizers or over socialized porn addicts
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Sex and drugs ruin everything, fuck off.
Replies: >>96436
Sex with 2D girls is perfectly acceptable. Drugs are alright if they're for a legitimate, beneficial reason.
There should be a porn dump board. Yeah, It would take 40% of the activity of /b/ away but I think it would be for the best.
Replies: >>96443
It's called 4cuck
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>>96433 (OP) 
What is wrong with porn exactly? It's just porn. It won't kill you.

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The elephant trampled the woman, who ultimately died of her injuries at a nearby hospital, police told the outlet Saturday.

Murmu’s family was then performing her last rites before lighting a funeral pyre when the elephant allegedly returned and grabbed her body.
The animal threw the corpse in the air and then ran away,
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Give me one good non-right-winger reason as to why I should anony?
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>Give me one good non-right-winger reason as to why I should anony?
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I wish /fit/ had more posters
So you stop being a fag?
Normalfags and their zero effort images?

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