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>failed /dup/ and got kicked out
>failed /tg/ and got kicked out
>failed /gaymoo/ despite 2 vidya boards dying during the same timeframe
is there a biggest loser on the webring?
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>no me
>>44702 (OP) 
Look at you freaks. All you do is sit on the computer and get mad when I spam your shitty imageboard. If I ever met one of you in real life I would beat the fuck out of you just to teach you a lesson about how you are wasting your already pathetic life. I get so much pussy. I am having a threesome in the shower right now on my waterproof laptop which I made myself.

Me and my boys caught some kid at school with a zzzchan lunchbox, we beat the fuck out of him with our huge muscles. I then smashed the lunchbox and pissed on the ashes. I was doing him a favour, he was wasting his life, he will thank me one day. You are all such ugly little nerds. I once fucked a girl so hard that she died. None of you losers will ever accomplish anything like this because you are at hom
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it's some dumb copypasta
/geimu/ is pretty cool from what I've seen. Not a regular on /v/, I always disliked 4chan and prefered slower boards. But that /geimu/ is just a sfw attachment to /hgg/, I dislike this split into sfw and nsfw games, border between them gets pretty fuzzy at times anyway. I kind of discuss sfw games on /hgg/ too because of that. Discussing is too big of a word though, blogging is better I guess.

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Alright mates, its time to do a Sunday supermarket run.
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You can't buy beer or liquor on Sundays in my area but all the bars and pubs are open on Sundays. All these dry county laws are just to make big restaurant and bar business richer.
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Why not stock up then?
Replies: >>46986 >>47177
He forgot to buy his stocking up license.
>can't buy beer or liquor on Sundays
imagine being british
I work Saturday, I have to buy it either after work or Mondays

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Holy shit, I hate homosexuals so much, I hate them even more than the so called "homophobes"
I think I hate virtually every human, especially misanthropes.

This may look like contradictions at face value, but actually they're not, and if you're not retarded you'll be able to realise that
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I'm 100% a faggot and I'm 100% not closeted, that doesn't mean I can't hate homosexuals and I'm not right for doing so. Fuck them
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>he's a peter puffer
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back to cuckchan
Don't worry, nobody's crazy about you either.
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I can't wait until the pandemic is over so I can travel to a cheap country and just laze around all day smoking hash.
>>47018 (OP) 
duped fool
185650704_10164969956395517_1069886689288718117_n.jpg (u)
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>>47018 (OP) 
>he thinks the pandemic will ever end
>>47018 (OP) 
>I can't wait until the pandemic is over 
The pandemic never ends, you fucking goy!

good.PNG (u)
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Why is night so depressing? Its the time where i always realize how shit my life is. But when im awake during the day its just a blur. I dont think about that at all. Only at nighttime. Even if i do think about it during the day i forget it fast. There is just something about the night. There is a reason why we humans go to sleep at night. Night is dangerous? Why do we sleep at night?
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I know you like it, slut.
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oh my fucking god can you make a post thats not haha funny sex
Replies: >>46848
LMAO sex is funny :))))
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>>46795 (OP) 
At night you retire with your family. Where is your wife? Do you get paid by the day as is also natural? 

We be backwards and night is just a fear of an alarm clock forcing you from either piece or waking nightmares your brain fed you due to being so the opposite of appeased. Plenty feel grim over this.

Also people party less than in past times so the day has activity and the night contemplation of missed opportunity. 

Even if you get 'a life' post modern (((society))) is damned by ignition traps for the goyim.
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>>47030 (me)

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What would you do with your privately owned commiecat anon?
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kat.png (u)
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Homoko is a shit-tier waifu tbh; commiecat is far better.
Celebratory Chungus.
I'd make it cook me good meals.
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15e26067cdbeaba03d78a57a574164c4-imagejpeg.jpg (u)
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Do [email protected] "people" even have good food?
delete throd

x.jpg (u)
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You're not crazy, they are different. Male nipples are female nipples after they've been bathed in male growth hormones (as are all parts of a man, this is why women are all failures from the outset - they couldn't become men). They aren't cute, they're often hairy, they aren't primed for milk transfer. They're not the same thing, but they are similar. That's why in pornographic depictions of feminized men the nipples are usually female nipples: Cute, easily aroused, pink, hairless, very sensitive, etc. A lot of the time they even give them puffy AA cup breasts instead of manflab or actual masculine flat chest.
Replies: >>46958
>they aren't cute
Replies: >>46969
I was speaking from the point of view of a heterosexual man. I'm not wrong, but I'll concede that someone might like man nipples. It wouldn't surprise me if women liked them, but I don't suspect most do.
Replies: >>46976
I have large areolas and women have complimented me on them.

hellsing_ultimate_ed_4.mp4 (u)
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I wish i was born as a german nazi catboy
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c0e142ebc527c17e481c5a9f7faf3a25--aryan-race-sabotage.jpg (u)
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I will fuck you up faggot.
Replies: >>46266
Whats your problem?
>>44731 (OP) 
You dumb fucking nigger, it isn't even a catboy, it's a werewolf. Kill yourself.
Replies: >>46974
>it's a werewolf
That does make sense now that i think about it.

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I've got this chill running through me and its unlike hypothermia.
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jerk off
Replies: >>46960
>>46810 (OP) 
what kind of aninal is that?
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Pufferfish and dolphin are my best bets.
Dolphins attack puffer fish to get high.
Lose weight fatass.

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shark girl now a cat
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Ok, here's my face dox
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ty for killing my erection

btw is the one in the left a tranny???
explain yourself immediately
Replies: >>46933
spic post

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