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why do middle easterns live in a demon biome?
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>>165278 (OP) 
Because they follow the religion of the devil
>>165278 (OP) 
Yaweh = Vulcan 

Volcano god that people forced others to worship rather than nicer gods. 

Go figure?

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I don't report CP spam because it requires doing the captcha.
How could you tell?
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From what I  heard he's required to delete illegal material at least within 24 hours from the host deliberately asking to take action, so he actually doesn't even have to do anything until someone reports it to the host and the host gets uppity. This assuming you know who's actually hosting the site.
>reminding the goyim they are golem
Good job, slave.
Replies: >>165308
Slave to whom? 

Also, that guy is a blatant spammer that's been banned for posting that image. His use of it is soyjack tier but objectively worse as it's literally just one version of itself.
Replies: >>165309
>Slave to whom? 
Replies: >>165312
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So he's a slave for letting goyim know they are golems, and golems are slaves I take it? So it's slavery to let goyim know? Is that your view? 

Or is the golem the system and letting goyim know that they are a part of it is..... slavery? Redpilling they used to call it pretty sure...

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That's right you fags we've hit the three year mark, brings a tear to my eye. This little bugger is enjoying his cake but I forgot to write him a birthday card, let's send him one written one post at a time. I'll take your posts and write the actual card out in crayon, with dubs getting to choose a color from a standard crayola 8-crayon box. I'll start with:

Dear Gondola,


As for the cake, it is a normal red velvet cake with chocolate whipped cream icing that has orange extract and instant pudding mixed in. I had heard that the pudding would help stabilize the icing and prevent some of the issues that arose with the first birthday cake but using the entire packet at the start inhibited aeration and so the consistency is closer to pudding than whipped cream. Maybe next time I'll add half a packet in once the cream is mostly whipped, either way it's delicious.
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Fug forgot em
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>look at all these use goods instead
how about neither

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How can I develop a better imagination? I want to at least be able to conjure semi-intricate and entertaining daydreams.
Is it purely genetic or can I develop that?
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>dungeons and dragons or other tabletops probably help
I'm a loner
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If you can't put your daydreams into a canvas then perhaps pottery is your other option anon.
just like think harder

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Daily reminder to punch christians in the face if you can get away with it and that churches, as well as mosques and synagogues should all be burned to the ground. Also that christians and muslims (who sold out their people to the jews) are just as culpable as the jews are in jewish dominion over the west
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Aristotle's quote is as nonsensical as delusional christfaggot bible versus/quotes are. I always did hate people that stole their philosophy from famous philosophers, of course I'd be asspained as soon as I see their shitty logic. Money does not breed money cooperation creates assets; resemblance does not matter only cooperation matters when breeding as well hence rules being there. Money creates no rules people do. Why? TO make use the same; to create order. Order for the sake of order is not logical.
Replies: >>165158 >>165192
>>165157 (me)
To make users the same, use the same, us the same, rather. Sheep, drones, soulless beasts that ironically think they have a soul. It's beyond ironic when I have to suffer the knowledge that some of the most famous philosophers were unironic bigots with no sense of priority.
And no, he did not mean nepotism I do not think. Romans cast their offspring to  slavery constantly from what I've learned from le Interweb. Assuming that is true indeed 'blood being thicker than water' meant the blood of the covenant, not the water in your family's blood.
>Money does not breed money 
It in fact (in a metaphorical way), does. Interest slavery is proof of this
Replies: >>165195
Why miss the forest for a single tree? Profit is the problem, not interest. A bank protects your money so it makes profit off of you and we call it interest but in reality profit was the problem, if they over charge and they always do because its ((( capitalism ))). To profit it's always a lack of fairness involved. No one should profit.

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This bird can speak Japanese
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growing - to increase in size.

surprisingly, humans are able to increase in size
You are a tranny
And that'a no secret.
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Transsexuals are a social construct. but lol plant

excuse me while I frack a gardevore pokeman, or however that may be spelled.....

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tell me everything about the farms, jewsh, lost dong jones, and everything else involving them because i am out of the loop and i know you have info
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>>165123 (OP) 
Is this true? Why can't people just be normal?
Are you knew or was that asked sarcastically? People preferred 8chan's buggy piece of shit experience over infinity next that should tell you something considering how truly awful posting anything on 8chan was at the time.
Replies: >>165140 >>165142
Believe it or not I'm a dumbass and did that on a keyboard and not through a phone's autocorrect.
The post suggested that there was a newer version made for some other imageboard.

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funny how blatantly all text and images AI generates is limited by what normalwiggers know.
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Replies: >>164946
Because you're a DUMB DUMB STUPID BAKA like all imageboard users, and like all imageboard users you feel the need to insult normal people on the internet to feel smart
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>>164868 (OP) 
This. It unironically doesn't know what TP looks like.
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obvious differentfag is obvious.
>calling asuka a mutt
>being this incoherent
gee i wonder who could be behind this post
Evangelion fucking sucks and I really don't understand how anyone actually likes it. It's a mediocrity at best.
Replies: >>165224
>I really don't understand how anyone actually likes it.
If you think it's super deep and symbolic and think it tries to convey a deeper meaning, you're wasting your time.

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there's cheese on the log again

where rapedomo @
Replies: >>164937
>>164894 (OP) 
Like 99ish percent of imageboard posters he got out of his dark phase and got a life I am sure. But surely never call such a person a cyborg.
he probably killed himself like all jannies

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