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Last night I locked eyes with a sleep paralysis demon but it was a sleep paralysis demon within a dream so I'm not sure if it's proper to call it a sleep paralysis demon and not just a nightmare.  She had long black hair, pale white skin, black eyes with orange centers, oversized hands ending in bloody claws, and inhumanly wide open mouth with no lips, just her skin turning into sharp teeth.  She was cute.
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Had another dream last night. Teleported into a submarine with space aliens in it that looked like squids and never ventured onto land.
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I had a cool as fuck dream tonight where I was a marine squad commander from Aliens, and the xeno fucks caused a lab breakout, so we had to euthanize the fucks, we did a pretty alright job even with the casualties. Some egghead fuckers tried to explain to me about what's the cause of it all and show me some computers and glass vats but fuck that, it's time to pull the trigger on that pulse rifle.
Someone needs to draw this

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Do you ever look at a Giraffe and realize how weird looking of an animal they are? They look like a gazelle with incredibly long legs and a stretched out neck.
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I can be your fren.
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I wish I was a beaver, having your own lodge you can only access from underwater sounds cool and comfy.

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Was gonna post this on /v/ but I suppose I could post here instead.
What are some things you are surprised are still alive? Pic unrelated, I'm just surprised that this still works.
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>boorus, doujin sites, paheal
Oh, I thought you were talking about the time travel sequels coming out where she most likely lives.
Why would they disappear?
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How many people would browse them over almost any other option at this point? I remember when they used to watermark whatever they hosted, sometimes even multiple times on the same image.
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How embarrasing.
Can't wait for the niggers to start openly murdering you burgers once they become the majority population.
Good riddance.

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prove me wrong, furry characters have ruined everything from video games to cartoons.
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Nice taste.
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Don't really have any saved.
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Accusing someone of being from cuckchan is just a lazy way to dismiss an argument that you feel attacked by.
It's typically a reflection of your own insecurities as a newfag to try too hard to fit in, because neither 8chan.co nor 8ch.net had tryhard faggots to the extent that you see on the webring or 8moe these days. Tryhard faggots need to be bullied away so we can get back to having real discussion on these places.
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I believe all of those save for /lgbt/ are incredibly old boards.
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Handsome men is a porn board for 3D. I think the others mostly concern 2D.
I don't think /lgbt/ is an old board compared to /b/ and /a/.
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>No. It's just RP
>we wuz Romans, we wuz empire
That's a larp
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Live-action roleplay is acting out a role in person, roleplay is just acting out a role.
>But it's not bait
>Cry more
Cope with your retardation and humility, you bought it hook, line and sinker.
4chan is a normalfag website full of personal life blogging and double-digit discussion ideas, and the most extreme one they'll venture to.
>actually admitting you're from there
Go back.
You got it backwards and /lgbt/ isn't old compared to the other boards though I don't know what's been added since 2014.
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>I don't think /lgbt/ is an old board compared to /b/ and /a/.
>You got it backwards and /lgbt/ isn't old compared to the other boards though I don't know what's been added since 2014.
Yeah, that's what I said.

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what did you fap to recently
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Anon, this isn't 8cuckold. Loli is allowed here
(617.9KB, 1414x2000)
but anon...
I AM that little boy
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(4.2MB, 1280x720, 00:28)
Why are you even on this website and not Qchan or Cuckchan?

>I self-insert as the cucker, not the cuckold!
Basic bitch NTR excuses.
I fap inside your mom's pussy every single night

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ayy lmao
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The first search engine result when I type "sideways text generator" 
I'd give whatever I used a 2/5, random capitalized letters and the "o" isn't even sideways
(361.5KB, 960x960)
∀ʎʎ lɯɐo
(122.9KB, 751x751)
Install gentoo
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(12.5KB, 600x450)
gentoo more like gaytoo LMAO
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(192.6KB, 530x398)
I curse Bill Gates to die in two weeks.
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I will kill Bill Nye in two weeks.
(30.3KB, 768x432)
>>2417 (OP) 
Let it happen because of the Kung Flu
(2.5MB, 1280x8399)
>>2417 (OP) 
Did someone say LibreOffice?
(41.4KB, 356x437)
>>2417 (OP) 
Imagine if he died of coronavirus.
>>2417 (OP) 
Bump. Only a few days to go.

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We're slowly approaching a point in time where search engines become completely useless, because the results for every search query is replaced with products of the same name. In the future if you search for anything at all, 99% of the results will be some game or movie or song or rap artist or something similar.
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This 'what is my IP' shit ruins the legitimacy of the argument because of how stupid it is. They're literally just printing the IP that you connected to the server with, every website will automatically have that IP if you go there.
Finding a good search engine and browser is impossible or near impossible, I just stick with DuckDuckGo because the alternatives yield too few results and Ungoogled Chromium.  Fags will swear by Palemoon, IceCat, and Waterfox though so try those.
Replies: >>3580
If you're autistic about duckduckjew for whatever reason than use a searx instance you've decided is worthy of your trust, or run your own instance. You're either trusting the server host with your data or you're running your own server, there is no in between. I guess there's also startpage.


Pick your poison retards. None of it matters.
Those are browsers but thanks
Ecosia is pretty good

(386.6KB, 561x584)
I have come for YOU!
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>>3426 (OP) 
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(2MB, 460x460)
NICE post, friendo.
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(139.8KB, 391x318)
Hello fren, i see you are posting some really nice stuff there. Keep it up and dont forget to drink water.
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(425.2KB, 667x998)
Water is 99% of what I drink. Staying hydrated is important. Heat cramps are not NICE.

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