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Prep work is done.

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yuroe fucken posres lamo 
numetal is truth
That you, dudder?
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check 'em

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>my mom forces me to watch netflix series with her
>7 40 min episodes
>fine whatever
>3 interracial couples
>racism bad
>bunch of needless forced swearing
>niggers portrayed as the smart and good characters
>women portrayed as the smart and good characters
>ends without actually resolving the plot
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>>124304 (OP) 
>interracial couples
thats was standard in american TV for like 50 years or something idc touch grass retard
>bunch of needless forced swearing
imagine thinking this is new
>ends without actually resolving the plot
t. actual cookie cutter melodramatic brainlet moralfaggot NPC
>>124304 (OP) 
winter is coming
prepare for the white walkers
>>124304 (OP) 
is the pedo in the room with u now?
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what show?
sounds comfy
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High IQ sluts craving your seed
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she wears bangs to hide the "breed me" tattoo on her forehead
8===D~~~~ (  )i(  )
FTV Erika
Pic 1 & 5: LillyVig
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My gf and I are trying for a baby girl but she got preggers with a m*le and now we want to abort and start over. The thing is, you don't even medically know whether you're getting a b*y or a girl until ten weeks into the pregnancy which still falls under the first trimester so I don't think it's such a big deal to snuff out the little shit and try again for a girl.

Are we doing the wrong thing if we voluntarily slay the worthless m*le child for no other reason than a selfish preference for baby girls?
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Just put him in a dress and call him a girl like every other pedo family does.
You were gonna do anal anyway, right OP?
>>119660 (OP) 
>you don't even medically know whether you're getting a b*y or a girl until ten weeks into the pregnancy

bullshit story, you and your gf didn't notice she missed her period for the past 3 months? By that time you don't even need a doctor to tell you that you are pregnant.
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Read, nigger.
Is she preggers?
A boy named "Sue"

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bro, billie joe armstrong is fucking 50, FIFTY, can you fucking believe that?  he's one of those people whom in your mind stays young forever yet here we are. one day we're going to be 50 too and look ugly and droopy too, just like billie joe, what the fuck what the fuck
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>don't want to be an american idiot
<becomes the american idiot
Aging probably wouldn't be so bad if not for the alienation and mental decline. The best decades of our lives are shorter compared to the rest. Where we'll eventually be put into a shitty nursing home where an employee there would rather kill or abuse for the fun of it.
Rock star faggotry and casual hard drug use is fine with welfare state voters though.
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and right wingers h8 niggers, love copss, and promote mass shootings

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You may be an HSP, or "highly sensitive person".
>Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, is a term coined by psychologist Elaine Aron. According to Aron’s theory, HSPs are a subset of the population who are high in a personality trait known as sensory-processing sensitivity, or SPS. Those with high levels of SPS display increased emotional sensitivity, stronger reactivity to both external and internal stimuli—pain, hunger, light, and noise—and a complex inner life.
From PsychologyToday (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/highly-sensitive-person)
Further reading: 
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Replies: >>127253 + 7 earlier
What are you even getting at?
Replies: >>124492
That highly sensitive people are a thing, and its not always just "basic conditioning".
>>116362 (OP) 
yes, i am

lol what they consider disorder is stupid shit tho
only happens with my pp after cumming

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Imagine being one of the most popular singers ever and then you decide to throw it all away in an attempt to wake people up about the Jews.
Replies: >>127352 >>127354
>>127351 (OP) 
>you decide to throw it all away in an attempt to wake people up about the Jews
You get taken out for telling the truth*
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>>127351 (OP) 
only whites can be pedo

now u see truth

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What are the odds of vasectomies becoming mandatory for boys at puberty in 10-20 years? Liberals have been pushing for this hard the last few years
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>it's an indicator. 
An indicator isn't proof
>You can use your own discernment
Then you're basically supporting my assertion that worldly success proves nothing in and of itself.
Do take your pills and calm down.
Replies: >>124136
>Nothing proves anything, dipshit.
Watcha gonna do, use your yakub mindbeams to brainscan people and get an objective rating of their human potential?
Replies: >>124139
LOL keep dreaming I'd share anything of proprietary value on this kike-infested glowboard, shlomo.
They have been pushing it on twitter and blogs
NNN time?
Does anyone actually attempt this?
Anyhow, I'm weary
oh so tired

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>These two statements that exist purely in the mind of someone who doesn't believe in the objective meaning of language objectively contradict eachother
nu/pol/'s not sending their best
Gonna answer the question yet newfag?
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Nigga what
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Kekd. Hope you arent serious
Replies: >>124381
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no thats unironic discussion and id like to see somebody argue it
Replies: >>124385
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oh sup zonz, i didnt notice your name. it is i, nigger taking a break from /digi/ till i can find a good job or some shit anyways, ok "cultured" means more depraved no? id say panties are better since its easier to store them and cause not everyone has a leg and feetsie fetish.
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Smack mah bitch up

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You can become dictator for life of ONE African country. Which one do you pick and why?
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It isn't though.
>>125804 (OP) 
gimme scorched earth
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>>125804 (OP) 
this thread has gotten a lot of entertaining meme responses and while that's alright, I believe I can provide a more serious post. I have 4 countries in mind to be a dictator of. Those countries being:
My reasoning for wanting Libya is because I legitimately feel bad for the people there. They aren't as niggerlicious as the rest of Africa and have a legitimate cultural background. Their country was FUBAR by the ZOG and they are still in the middle of a civil war that was caused by it. To think, King Nigger was the one who caused this. I guess a nigger fucking up Africa isn't anything new. 
I think Ethiopia has a legitimately interesting culture and one of the few places in "traditional" Africa that actually has culture. Their culture, writing, technology and architecture is very impressive. Not to mention they successfully fought off Europeans twice and that's something all Ethiopians should be proud of. One of my first actions as dictator would be to establish a port city, probably where Somalia is blocking them off. 
Liberia is a country that had everything it needed to be successful. An intelligent upper class and English as their language. Most could compare them to Singapore in a lot of ways however the
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Gambia because it'd be easy to handle and it probably has little to no oogabooga drama on account of its size. As a beginner dictator I think it's a good starting point.

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