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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

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Because sturgeon is a nigger.
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>not wanting sticking your benis to a fox girl
Found the IQ89.
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Better then being midwit fox fucker.
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Go back.
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__fox_wife_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__a07d22e9bd6003946d1185d2cdf4f533.jpg (u)
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__fox_wife_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__02a0159e146db1f83c85d299e75e6584.jpg (u)
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__original_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__12b299ff5557bf6b8b7e12ff860b6c9c.jpg (u)
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__fox_wife_original_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__010c67d5e0c3f1b5856348b5cc25022c.jpg (u)
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__fox_wife_original_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__7c8b1e6deaf5a1d2394179f4f0036697.jpg (u)
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Hey boys,
If you ever find a fox out in the wilderness, make sure to pet her and give her lots of love. Make sure to feed her plenty of fried tofu, too! You never know what might happen if you did that to the right fox, you know...


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You know how I can tell most people here work for a living? this board's activity flat-lines on working days and skyrockets on holidays.
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Yeah true, every 4cuck enthusiast has a discord.
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FinalTerry.webm (u)
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"The problem is all the niggers posting anti-fun shit that makes nobody want to stay here." >>>/b/56573
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bretty cool webm
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jackpot.webm (u)
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Your webm doesn't concat properly. It's cursed.
They actually don't but small cultures such as dead imageboards blatantly have no reason not to have them. Discord groups.

Marty_Robbins_-_Gunfighter_Ballads_And_Trail_Songs_-_01_-_Big_Iron.mp3 (u)
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country music
12.eddie_noack_-_psycho.mp3 (u)
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If you could make an entire year loop perpetually. What year would you choose and why?

I would loop 2009, fucking youtube of those years still brings a tear to the eye. And everyday life was passable.
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>I don't necessarily know what to call capitalism 2.0 with the current year Intellectual Property DLC
In the US you can either call it a socialist oligarchy or corporatism, though I feel the former is more correct. The government having complete control over the economy, and using it to send cops after kids with lemonade stands while conveniently ignoring the constitution and their own laws when it comes to their pet companies is not what I would call capitalism. 
In most of the world it's just plain socialism though.
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922d55788b292eb9d41303dd11d5e2723de7e27246f5d9d997dbd48413956192.jpg (u)
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I would obviously build Mazinger, and choose whatever year would best facilitate that.
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cool, but could I get some cool motorcycles and giant rowbats as well?
IPC[forward_slash]NETIPC-6.jpg (u)
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pcm-3350.jpg (u)
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>>62821 (me)
>genius feelings

Socialism never meant anything to me but calling the USA an oligarchy and corporate is apt so says I. 

By the by the user says that the emualtors are working. I wish i had money to buy a very small single board computer chip that's able to do win9x, some exist, I know of two of them and they are low wattage as well. I wonder how bad they would run emulators? Still would be geektastic to make a custom mobile pc that's running win98. 

Such as IPC/NETIPC-6 and PCM-3350 though they say they can't I've seen images of users doing it, win98.
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Any year from the 90s.

7e25cf473ccb5fb20d1fa043bb90d6c4b55df7e2a9c222fd40ede055128d2ed6.png (u)
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I'm several months, and I believe over 200 hours of practice into my guitr journey, I'm not neither jon bovi, steve vaio or iron maid yet but I've successfully graduated from
<don't even know which way the guitor makes notes from
<ouchie fingy hurties
<why does everything sound bad
<oh my god I'm never going to be a guitar god
>can play an Fuck you and its variations with not much trouble
>thick invincible callouses
>starting to learn scales
>can play some relatively easy single note melodies as well as songs with chords
>the neck and all its frets don't look that scary anymore
>eager to learn more
I'm gonna make it?
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At first its a bit jarring when a song throws something new at you but once you can adopt it and then (eventually) quickly adapt it into the contiguous flow of movement you've been developing it becomes a joyful jolt of encouragement to your efforts.

I strongly recommend playing music you'd normally never try, while simple enough, Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley taught me to pay more attention to my positions on the D and G strings, which I really needed at the time.
Carnivorebassintro.mp3 (u)
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>>59040 (OP) 
What do you do to avoid burning out or losing interest in your instrument or favorite styles of music to play?
Replies: >>63172 >>63196
Not OP but taking a few days off is enough to kill thoughts of burnout and I find just having the thing sat in its stand near my bed is enough to encourage me to not go too long without playing it. Keep it within arms reach and you're much more likely to pick it up.
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Buy a new instrument to play.
chen_from_touhou_moments_before_being_run_over_by_a_truck_and_getting_pinned_against_a_wall_with_her_ribs_crushed.png (u)
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Keeping the instrument out and within arms reach is really good advice but I can't say the same about taking days off. You 'need' to keep the ball rolling constantly, stopping will only make you want to play less and less. I believe it's much better to power through whatever downward spiral you're going and keep at it. Running water never grows stale, don't break your practice routine ever.

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>at no time will suits be worn in the pool and boys will not need them any time during the entire program
>all family members are invited to attend the final swimming session to watch the boys that pass the test receive their YMCA swimming certificate

Why was this allowed? Girls would have seen the boys naked
Go spam this shit on pol

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>feel like jacking off
>go to sadpanda
>search tag "catgirl"
>open this one that looks like it has good art
>start reading it
>it's about a guy finding his childhood love again
>they end up doing the most vanilla sex ever
>at the end they both are in love with eachother and become a couple
>boner killed replaced by a weeping heart of sadness
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1547e1eeeda850704ddb3381a7ed6e5ec1e13fdddea5bca31e6675b6fb584afb.jpeg (u)
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I should, but I don't have any experience managing or owning image boards. I also am a neet and might get a job in the future so I would have to find a moderator.
>>63040 (OP) 
It's hard to even get into sadpanda due to draconian laws. 


>being surprised that that hentai went to shit

The law hates fetishists and only tolerates those of whom feel super emotional for animu drawings rather than let the imagination go actually wild. It's for autists rather than Ancient Greek tier sexuality. 

I've not seen good hardcore exciting drawings spammed for years, maybe even 10+, on imageboards. The good sites are gone. 

It's not varg so much as right winger psyops.
Why though? Brendan's shit is unfucked. It's over.
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0558cbed59593397e3569c9ea0c9af78698cf422c7e64b6b3b6df7e88ba50484.png (u)
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4e6c61fd80465beac57f66dcb874801a9fa6527d025a17b3e0c479b11628c8de.png (u)
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c3a28f9445abb675aaec21915350d2c5d1952937d0ca0e58b84b38d9c2a6d40d.png (u)
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11a2bd172a1e9854ebbaace78b31766a89fe7776bc7f4c8618619f6a9ff2439a.png (u)
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d3c55225be3826f966f21aef725bd93247ebcc820c9cbef128f8b798b4c9e355.png (u)
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He is still paying for child support, I believe. I am fan of brendan so that's another reason why I'd like it. I wonder if there are other anons who like Brendan's work. I can't be the only one. 
Also fun fact, according to the same article I read that gave me the info I have listed above, Brendan has an autistic son.
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IMG_20211011_105516.jpg (u)
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what kind of "polishing" do i have to make my art be so that it gets like, millions of traffic and sales? 

i know leyendecker, helen scherjfbeck(sorry), masariro, turner, matejko...  but somehow i feel like.... no matter how good or similar i do... they wont get as much traffic as i expect? like cuz... some...more...modern, and minimalist things are in trend now?

and when it comes to...minimalism...
i think mine is "minimal" enough...isnt it lol
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so you just have to like...what, wait for job?
Replies: >>63173 >>63180
Either wait or go for a niche other than furry.
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stats.png (u)
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>>62771 (OP) 
The reality is: marketing, dipshit. Frankly, nobody cares about your work. Most people won't care unless you are already successful. A few people might voluntarily promote you via word of mouth, but when was the last time you told five people about an artist you like? Do you think they went off and told other people? Probably not. If you were imagining a chain reaction, that's not how it works in reality. 

I say this because I thought this way once too. If you seriously want to become "popular," well, become popular. Make friends in the right places, shill regularly and effectively. Ads and spamming reddit is not going to get you far. The better option is to use pre-existing markets and communities. Make shitty fan art, collaborate with people who have more clout than you.

Is it the right thing to do? Does quality not matter? I don't know anything about that and I'm not going to tell you what you should do with your work. I only came to these realizations in hindsight. I am no longer active, so I can only offer these observations and hope they are useful to someone.
Don't wait, create your portfolio, pander to an audience, be receptive of what they want, listen and advertise. 
Advertising is really the key and being proactive in your community of choice is how you'll continue your revenue stream.
Replies: >>63183
>>63180 whats good advertising? i think i paid for deviantart ads and they didnt come much. what do you mean by proactive? i recall some artist get more traffic without being much in forum...even more like, i ve seen so many who are very unactive in forums.

emergency_pepe_broadcast.gif (u)
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zzzchan.xyz/p o l/ is now open.
That's all, you may now resume your regular shitposting.
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say it with me 

/n/ would have been a cleverer homage. 
Or maybe a new name but /pol/ is stagnant and will attract glowies like flies to honey.
>check /pol/
>it's immediately gay as fuck
Bravo, 10gu! Now when's the nuking?
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bingofilled.png (u)
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I haven't got bingo yet.

laugh.mp4 (u)
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>know your place
I love using this phrase. Its just something funny seeing people getting so upset over it.
Replies: >>63119
I use it too when i want to piss anons off, because i know the impact that it does to people here. Its a woman phrase, only a low test person would use it usually. So beware when using this, for at times others will catch up and call you out for it, a woman. Youre a woman for using this word.
Replies: >>63138
>>63105 (OP) 
know my place
1418207696385.gif (u)
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Know your role, and shut your mouth.
Replies: >>63121
holy shit that gif is fucking smooth
Kirby_question.gif (u)
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