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What's a good non alcoholic based moisturiser to use?
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>>97967 (OP) 
well, the jews use foreskins as a face moisturizer
from your ass homo
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I do not appreciate unsolicited inspections of my virgin anus.
>>97967 (OP) 
>non alcoholic based moisturiser
what the fuck are you talking about?
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Some moisturisers and aftershaves have an alcohol base drying out your skin after applying it.

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why cant the dildo fucking cock smoking morons behind any browser that works for more than 10 sites make even THE MOST SIMPLE things work. the fucking MENUS AND SHIT dont even work
>why is doing anyfuckingthing slow and take multiple seconds unless im on my gaming box which i dont use for banks etc (i.e the only time i ever use webshit)?
>why do downloads get stuck in the download box
>why do downloads open in two different types of windows with each their own path history?
>why does it need an update LITERALLY every fucking day?
>why do you have to press alt to open the menu and then youre stuck in some stupid fucking mode when no other program does this?
>why does developer tools take a fucking hour to open?
>why does it save a PDF but then open it at the same time
>why is that window/tab titled pdf.js instead of having a valid design for that part of the GUI?
>why does it append https and / or www to my URL and so the site doesnt load? [yeah, i know, some dildo fucking soyboy thought he was fixing some security problem etc]
>why do i see all these stupid fucking products? why is it loading pages i didnt explicitly type in the URL? why d
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>>98056 (OP) 
>fakebook toad
Because money.
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my post is about the non DOM shit, fucking faggot. of course the html, DOM, web api etc are full nigger shit, but that doesnt mean the container around it has to be as well
look at any fucking menu in firefox or chrome and its completely inconsistent and braindead
why the fuck is there lag when typing in the URL bar when you have it configured to only search bookmarks, even when you have ~20 bookmarks total. it was like this for 15 years too, this isnt something new or that was only in some version.
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this makes me think, what if bookmark searching is not the intended use case of the URL bar?
of course, in real software you could just use the hotkey to open the bookmark browser, type in the search string there, and it will be more optimized, but nope. opening the bookmark menu at all in firefox is slow as fuck instead of being instant like with normal software, and then the search is still slow as fuck as well
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btw im talking about for example in firefox:
ctrl+shift+o -> ctrl+f -> nigger porn -> enter
ctrl+shift+o -> faggotsrus -> enter (you have to type a prefix of the bookmark title for this method)
>of course the html, DOM, web api etc are full nigger shit, but that doesnt mean the container around it has to be as well
It does, because all the retard shit inherent to basic web functionality is going to affect programs that want to implement that basic functionality. What happens then is that the only browsers available are the browsers that were started before and you can only put more shit on top of that, which is bad in itself, but then it also means the number of browsers is limited and the ones behind them are corporations, thus it's easy and desirable for a corporation to buy them out. Look at what happened to firefox, a single "donation" from google was all it took for them to sabotage h265 and implement forced google analytics on the browser itself. Sure there are forks and "new" browsers, but those are just built on top of those bloated programs built on top of decades old software. 
The reason why they're shit is because they're maintained by profit first corporations, but the only reason those are the only options is due to the disgusting state of the modern web. 
To make a good browser that works with 90% of the internet it would be easier to just make a new internet instead, and then you have a new standard that is going to bloat browsers even more.

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Can we get some /b/ gamenights going? Since /v/ is dead I figured it'd be prudent to ask here. Maybe we can get solomon to host again? He stopped originally due to complications with seagull but maybe he'll change his mind if it's hosted on /b/ rather than /v/? Anyone got solomon's discord #?
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>bawwwwwwwwww why can't /b/ have any gamenights
<suggest gamenight
>ew go back to /v/
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>post any criticism of the status quo
<youre eden!!!!!!11!1!1!
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your day is ruined

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Imagine the information we could access if humans could connect to the global mycelium network biologically and avoid misusing this information.
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>>97969 (OP) 
Imagine if you could inhale the entire global mycelium network
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That was honestly funny.

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Would you be okay with microtransactions as a payment model for a videogame, if the microtransactions simply gave you more gameplay?

Currently most microtransactions give you gameplay advantages like items and xp boosts and loot crates and the like, or cosmetics that make you look better. But what if you could for example buy keys that allow access to new parts of the map, or to play alternative game modes? You can still play the game for free, but have to buy keys to unlock certain areas.
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I love microtransactions.
I don’t play games tho.
>old game: woman stares at man who sees the potential of staring off into the abyss 
>new game: coloured haired woman stares at her phone, bent neck, back posture, out of shape, dysgenic, while the weakly androgynous man stares into a mirror and see's himself as a woman
The shitposts I could make if I could draw
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Stop playing goystation.
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Anons, come check /valis/, it's a spiritual successor to 8/vg/ and jula/v/ with actual video game discussions.

>>97837 (OP) 
As shit as games are I'm barely okay with paying for them once much less twice. I usually go years and years without buying a game, once, actually. 

Don't make me throw up in your thread. 

Very yes.

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Are coffee enemas a good idea?
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Reminds me of anon when he talks about his waifu.
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Elephants love Rumia-chan!
He'd probably draw it quicker than the subhuman faggot who keeps spamming those threads
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How much do you think I should pay an elephant to draw me a space marine?
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>>97862 (OP) 
They're not the worst idea
caffeine will permeate the barrier though (like alcohol) so check your intake
also don't use boiling hot coffee obviously unless you're looking for a really good time

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I was mulling an idea of going to a rub and tug place only to get the rub without the tug

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It's caturday but I'm not seeing any cats.
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Is this NEDM?
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something something yiff something something hell
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nah it's zippocat
Found the half torched icu furfag. Someone extinguished you too soon.

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why what's happened now?
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The worst possible thing that could happen: Existence continuing forth.
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It would feel good finally being able to post this gif unironically.
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wonder how many times ive heard this line
wake me up after it starts already

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>You will never live in Feudal Europe
>You will never experience a truly Christian society
>You will never have a tradwife
>You will never give generational wealth to your children
>You will never fight for a noble cause
>You will never be truly free
Wew Lad
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Anything but autonomous village life is suffering, it's just that the world after WW2 is so absurdly awful and people learning the medieval ages weren't a totally terrible time period to live give to the romanticization.
Nice try, jesuit scum, but not even /b/ is autistic enough to fall for these lies.
[Citation Needed]
Serfs could afford to live in a relatively good sized house with a family on one income. They also had a shitton of holidays according to some historical records. There’s a reason so many big public works things were built around that era, everyone had volunteer time. 

It’s not like our freedom gives us much at the moment anyway.
They only worked 4 hours a day and could legally be homeless (it'd be easier when the trees weren't cut down laws aside) Also drugz weren't banned nor were hookers and we had a free market system basically. 

I mean, you could get away with murder super easy. People respected one another or they got attacked. Purity.

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