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This fucking company knocks on my door every single morning to sell me their bullshit! I'm tired of it. I would like to mess with them a little.

Here is the number to one of their offices: (720) 597-5911

Do what you will with this information.
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>>143679 (OP) 
I'd much prefer running my own home security system rather than outsource to some company that's just gonna spy on me and sell the data to Google or Facebook.
>>143679 (OP) 
In Europe we have a webpage were you introduce your ID and you can block spam in your mail, email, or phone number. Is called Robinson List, in the US i think is called National Do Not Call Registry.
I think this is what you need: https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/
Replies: >>144405
Those "security" companies call you until you hire them, all their shitty cameras are made in china and they sell them overpriced. I'm talking in this case about Verisure. My family hired them and probably now all my info are being sell to the CCP. I think they paid gypsies to break into your house in first place and are teamed with the government to create insecurity to sell their "services". The only good thing is that you can use their webpage to make phone pranks to your friends. I don't know about ADT because ain't american, but i think is the same shit.
That only applies to unsolicited phone calls, for actual door-to-door salesmen all you can do is ignore them or tell them to fuck off.
>>143679 (OP) 
>door to door
Fun fact, that isn't ADT, those are people scoping your property to rob you.

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What if I said that one's entire life had been decided by fate?
That every single one of your actions, from the minute to the monumental, stemmed not from your own choices, but had already been decided upon?
That life being a journey of limitless possibilities was but an illusion, and no matter how fiercely man struggled, he stood at the mercy of a long-established path?
The wealthy shall know their riches. The needy shall starve on the streets. The wicked shall be wicked, the righteous just. The beautiful, the hideous, the strong, the frail, the fortunate, the miserable... and finally, the victors and the defeated.
What if I said that all such things had been carved into stone eons ago, allowing for no divergence? If so, sinners have nothing to answer for, nor do saints have any true virtue to their name.
What if I said that not a single action is carried out of one's own volition, but had been decided long ago?
That we are merely adrift in the current of time?
Tell me, would you feel content with such a world?
A world in which power is merely given, not earned - would you accept knees bent to a throne build upon such falsities?
A universe where the sinless have-nots are oppressed and downtrodden - would you allow such a world to exist?
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>>125369 (OP) 
Fate Stays the Night
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Forgive me, for I have sinned
Borne of loyalty, your will I once defied
Forgive me, for I am naught but a fool, never your equal
Let your crimson pyres have their fill
Fare thee well, my dear, bright child
I'll present you with the most fervorous of flames, no bride shall ever be your equal
For he who fears the tip of my lance, shall never pass through the river of flames!
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He said wood. Uhuhuhuh. Huhuhuh.
>>125369 (OP) 
>would you allow it?
But it's not my choice OP!
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And so fierce was the sundering echo of lamentation, at the greenest of mountains withered pale in their earthy roots as azure seas and bountiful to famine’s jaws succumbed.
And thus the wicked gods sprang forth into the realm, their cry like a sarm of insects reverberating into the cosmos, numbering in the myriads; bringing woe in all they touched.

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>no job
>no friends
>no money
>still living with parents
>almost 30
>bored all day
>all my possessions consist of broken and used up to shit 10-15+ years old crap because my parents don't want to buy me anything anymore since I'm a grown man
>can't buy anything because no money
>can't go anywhere because no money
>can't do anything fun because no money
>get random spurts of motivation
>yeah I'm gonna find a job and make something out of my life! yeah I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna fucking do it right now!
>go to job ad website
>unless you have 2 degrees and 5 years of experience the only jobs available are dead end underpaid slavery tier jobs
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I'm neither but I still swim here. What does that make me?
I 'd make one, but I don't have any real experience with board ownership and I'm nothing more than an novice anyways.
Replies: >>143603
>I'm nothing more than an novice anyways
All the wizards at /fringe/ poked fun at Smiley for being a bisexual degenerate; i don't imagine he was proficient at magick.
Replies: >>143604
Wonder what happened to that happy little wizard anyways. Did he really kill his mom or was that just a joke?
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>t. schizo
Another word for spiritually enlightened and highly intellectual individual.

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On imageboards, no one knows who you are. ITT confess your faults and secrets.

I manually copypaste text and add > to quote people instead of just selecting text and clicking the post number, even though I have JS enabled, because I never learned, I keep forgetting it's a feature and I'm retarded.
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Sometimes I just hold my crotch without thinking about it. My left hand ends up there even if I am just relaxing and not thinking about anything. Sometimes I wonder what am I  doing with myself?
Lol no.
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The first time I ever posted on 4chan I thought filling the email and subject field was mandatory so I added my personal email in my posts. Some time later I did the same on a local imageboard and used my gmail which at the time led to my Google+ account which was filled with embarrassing pictures of myself, which were then scraped and posted and I was mocked endlessly. Luckily some people assumed I was trying to get a personal army to bully the "real" owner of the account and they stopped because they never thought someone would be so stupid to actually post their email.
Replies: >>143836 >>144374
user 9

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Replies: >>144369
That's funny, anony!
I don't like Marquis de Sade's works.  They read like the world's longest left-wing memes dressed up as highly euphemistic erotica.
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>>139522 (OP) 
Heh, epic prank OP. Here's another one.

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Replies: >>139991 >>143414
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>>139980 (OP) 
>can't make your own shitposts so you resort to a computer to write them
That's it, I'm leaving.
Replies: >>144366
>>139980 (OP) 
Is that AI?
I'm honestly sick and tired of the AI hype too. Whens it gonna die?

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Back in 2022 the Rally1 group was introduced which uses "100% sustainable synthetic fuel". And I'm thinking, wow the Internal Combustion Engines can be saved after all!

Electric cars are pretty clumsy atm without infrastructure in place: just having charging stations won't cut it: ideally you want battery replacement stations and the entire city powering your car while you're on the (major) streets, and only switch to your car's battery when outside of the city. There's also a rumor that there's simply not enough Lithium to make electric cars for everybody.

So... sustainable synthetic fuel. If this isn't snakeoil, it's the answer we've been looking for. And those environmentally concerned citizens can stop worrying about their personal CO2 emissions being a major pollutant, not to mention electric energy doesn't come cleanly in the first place, so electric cars still pollute indirectly.
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>Kind of makes sense otherwise they'd use that as a justification for pushing alternatives.
They tried in the 70s, "experts" said we would use up all the oil by the 1980s or whatever. But then real experts kept finding more oil deposits and more efficient ways of extracting it and more efficient ways of burning it, even the most bluepilled NPCs had to stop believing the narrative.
Replies: >>144228
Isn't it weird how germany managed to set up carbon cracking plants in the late 1930's to fuel 90% of their war effort using chemistry knowledge from the 1800's to produce all manners of synthetic petroleum on land yet faggots would have us believe the lies of fuel scarcity and that the "dino juice" can only come from drilling the ground in ((( selected locations )))?.
Replies: >>144237
>more efficient ways of burning it,
The big vehicle companies have blackbagged all the most efficient ways of using it faggot. We could have cars that have 300 mpg and last 30 years without any major maintenance but instead, we get pieces of shit that last 5-7 years tops before you need major maintenance done on them
Replies: >>144237
>WW2 germany converted coal to oil
It is horribly expensive, they did it because they had no other sources of oil not because it was a good idea. But that's true synthetic oil is a thing too, even without the internet a vaguely educated person should have known that in the 70s.

>The big vehicle companies have blackbagged all the most efficient ways of using it faggot. We could have cars that have 300 mpg and last 30 years without any major maintenance
Bullshit. Even if you have marxist braindamage and don't understand how market competition works, you can't deny that if such technology existed then either the USSR or NATO would have used it for their military vehicles And once one side adopts it that forces the other side to adopt it too.
Replies: >>144365
> >We could have cars that have 300 mpg and last 30 years without any major maintenance
> Bullshit.
He does have a point though -- not about the mileage (there you are right imo) but about the maintenance.

Cars today are not built to last. The carmakers have optimized cars to be as cheap (to make) as possible, soft as shit (for safety reasons) and last just about until the average normie gets bored and would've wanted to replace it anyway.

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Oh my science... MASTERPIECE!!!
Replies: >>144313 >>144364
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موضوع جميل.
>>144310 (OP) 
[Hide] (9.9KB, 600x600) Reverse
>>144310 (OP) 
>this film is dedicated the brave Mujahedin freedom fighters of Afghanistan

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You guys are still here, stuck in a loop, day by day, time goes by, after all this time, nothing has changed, you haven't changed, you haven't moved
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Obvioius origin of the toilet witch  in India. 

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dayan_(witch)

control plus f toilet
It's why they shit in the streets, clearly afraid of toilet witches.
Replies: >>144361
And b4 someone says the witches are female have you even seen how fat women are?
[Hide] (646.8KB, 1488x2104) Reverse
>implying toilet witches aren't a serious problem and a pain in the ass to remove
Clearly you've never dealt with them before anon. They're worse than bed bugs.

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Where to, /b/?
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you have no idea how easy picking a lock is
>bolt cutters
He probably picked the lock with a paper clip
Replies: >>144336 >>144358
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