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How do I do 80s metal singing and metal scream like mp3 related (2:38)? 
I want to make cool heavy metal band but I can't if I can't sing like Dio or Rob Halford.
What do?
hire someone who can
(125.1KB, 544x592, 00:02)
You're approaching it all wrong. Just learn your singing voice and you'll do what you can.

(1.2MB, 10x10, 00:16)
look at it
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nostalgic, too bad they patched it
(79.1KB, 1016x1016)
(88.9KB, 1016x1016)
(579KB, 1500x1488)
(11.8KB, 512x512)
(40.9KB, 1024x1024)
Open them in different browsers and image viewers.
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What the else is the sauce on this shit? I straight watched this for 20 minutes and I need to know.
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(37.5KB, 600x803)
>what's the source for this?
The garbage bin. It seems it has escaped from where it belongs.

(70.6KB, 1039x1200)
Today, I'll post bullshit. It's up to (You) to verify if such bullshit is a bullshit, or there's an actual meaning behind it.

I identify and separate XenoPhilia and ExoPhilia And even TeratoPhilia, perhaps, into next columns:
In Nutshell, Anon would at very least fuck a heckwan girl.
This rank is attracted in somewhat human, human with extras or just a humanoid species. You can place >interracial in this category for RL example. Another example: Low-Effort Monster Girls (basically female human with monster bits).

In Nutshell, Anon would fuck a Xenomorph and other non-bizarre-ish alien at the best, or anything Anthro at very least.
This rank of people are attracted in beings, that are definitely different, however somewhat retain a few of human qualities. Examples: Anything Anthropomorphic forgive me, or somewhat remotely reminding of a humanoid with sapience.

In Nutshell, Anon would cum in the mystery orifice of the cosmic squid.
This rank of anons would fuck a Sun date a Cthulhu in whatever form, pic related.

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(284.4KB, 600x600)
I was drunk at the moment of writing the OP, I presume subconscious told me to add first line as a bizarre disclaimer of sorts. And I also didn't put much effort into High/Advanced category, "In Nutshell" text is best I can do here.
But yes, I wanted to check if Anons agree with this and if they can associate in related category.
Personally, I prefer Medium to High categories, but I also like Low category if monster girl actually have perfect good human-monster ratio, but that is probably Low to Medium deal. Of course, some exceptions may apply.

Hopefully 3.0 this year and probably sooner than MeanDraco x KindWyrm short fanfiction based on the names alone. Who's your favorite alien?
Replies: >>10698
Really depends on the character tbh, though I can't think of anything in the High/Advanced tier that I've fapped to. Doesn't mean I haven't, just that  I don't remember any incidents.
>Who's your favorite alien?
Caenamung, I believe her name was. Generally I don't like the beasties, but she's intelligent enough and I have a thing for serpents.
I'd rank myself in the low/zero category. The female form is very important for my sexual attraction. The highest I would go is /clang/ as long as the gynoid had the proper form.
(49.6KB, 449x642)
(84.8KB, 1123x794)
>tfw not a drawfag
Also why the fuck Low/Zero? Should have been Low/Below-Basic, at least.

(189.7KB, 1280x914)
(85.6KB, 496x800)
(83.2KB, 800x800)
Post robots/mechas/cyborgs you would fug.
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(1.2MB, 480x272, 00:12)
The Adeptus Mechanicus endorses this thread.
(442.6KB, 885x1254)
(224.5KB, 612x950)
(148.3KB, 1000x1160)
(113.4KB, 780x1024)
(1.5MB, 2271x2962)
>>10716 (OP) 
Anon you already have /monster/ robotgirl thread, you can post basically everythung that isn't against the rules there
But outside of that here you have only a smidge of my collection.
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(631.1KB, 2500x3000)
>>10716 (OP) 
I am a simple man, so I like camera-heads.

OP probably wants to see robots, that also go beyond /monster/ tastes, hence why he's posting in the /b/.
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(407.7KB, 800x777)
(1.3MB, 977x1689)
(205.4KB, 850x1511)
(342.7KB, 1200x1680)
(236.2KB, 425x1072)
Ha, depends I've seen nohuman faced robots on /monster/ while yes he could go full past that, but I really don't know hiw much far you can go on /monster/ with robo-girls

(178.6KB, 1920x1080)
(436.8KB, 400x400)
Due to the artificial and forced PPH inflation this GET is officially being relinquished by the most illustrious administration of zzzchan/b/.

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Replies: >>10693 + 6 earlier
its just a collection of animated H-scenes, only a fee are noteworthy. You’re better off skipping.
So is male on futa, the other way around is faggotry.
(436.5KB, 768x576, 00:03)
Firstly: That is incorrect. It is perhaps between two different "sexed" individuals but "Heterosexual" presupposes only two sexes and is meant to refer to "Man" and "Woman". A "Futa" is regarded as a "Female" and therefore in the strict paradigm "Heterosexual" exists within it would be "Homosexual". In a more relaxed system with three or more sexes the word "Heterosexual" would lose all relevance and although you would be technically correct it would not be denying the faggotry.
Secondly: That is incorrect. Your response was to a man who called you a faggot, faggotry is a reference to the "gayness" of a thing and the "Gayness" of a thing isn't equivalent to the genitals involved. Many things which could be done between a man and woman are gay, many things which could be done between men are not gay. The "gayness" of a thing has to do with role subversion. Futa is gay even alone because a woman with a man's genitals undermines the femininity of the woman. Homosexual activity between feminine entities is gay because one of them is necessarily violating the submissive nature of the feminine. It is also worth noting that things can be more and less gay than other things so one needs to essentially establish a "gayness level" beyond which things are "gay" and before which they are not. The "one-drop rule" is popular, but many modern Humans draw the line far further up on the gay scale. For example, many men thi
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How else are you supposed to find non loli females attractive if shes not trying to rape you with her giant cock?

Futanari isn't gay, but it is a cope.
(449.2KB, 540x650)
>>10000 (OP) 

(56.5KB, 1400x700)
I want to play a game
Replies: >>10683
(92.9KB, 1280x720)
mario kart double dash?
>>10681 (OP) 
Replies: >>10685
let's dress OP as a girl, put make up on him and make him kiss our headcocks. no homo though
I can't play games anymore because the guilt is too much.
Replies: >>10687
The guilt of wasting your time, you mean? Isn't browsing imageboards a waste of time too?

(246.3KB, 2560x1707)
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Welp better dead than a slave if you know what I mean.
The only thing this year accomplished was making us even more enslaved than we already were. In other words, we're fucked.
(116.7KB, 298x493)
This year has been fine. I don't know why everyone keeps saying it's been so awful when there are probably going to be worse years ahead.
Replies: >>6820
stop necrobumping. i don't have any power to delete your posts and it's driving me crazy.
(35.8KB, 1200x675)

(18.4MB, 1280x720, 02:36)
Marry late Christmas /b/

(63.7KB, 162x249)

You see this shit bruh? It's time for another raid. There are a few things you need to keep in mind for a successful operation
>you need to make an account to post an image, and images are important. So use throw away emails and maybe vpn. Tor is always blocked so don’t bother with it.
>do not obvious shitpost, it will get you banned. Changing all the text and images to obvious offensive stuff will alert the gay guards.
>shitpost discreetly. Blend in, confuse them. Make stuff that sounds like it is from one of them. If they delete it complain like them in the comments and help out each other. Everything you do needs to be like them, from what you write to your username and shit.
>shitpost by adding new article, fixing existing ones and posting status on the front page.
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Find a way to make them feel inferior and wrong, push competition between genders/orientations as if one is better than another (and so on), remember that these kind of people are afraid of hierarchies which is how privilege is created.
Replies: >>10635
This shall be our experiment ground. Let's play with our toys a bit. Let's try posting different things from gore to lolis and see the different reaction we can get from these creatures.
(86.7KB, 638x479)
remind them that 40% of the homeless are gay or trans, lesbos don't this issue
Replies: >>10664
Wheres the dolphin when you need xir? Stop annoying fellow heterosexual and focus your shitpost on something more important dude.
Mostlikely in america 
HRT treatment might cause depresion, infertility and much more.

(1MB, 1016x810)
hey /b/ I'm poor and I want to make some money so I can buy anime blu ray and 4k monitors:
how do I become a real life hitman?
I looked at a bunch of tor websites but they all glow or look like gay indian scam sites, is my onyl chance of becoming one getting involved with some thug nigger gangs or what?
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>>5655 (OP) 
anon you are supposed to kill the evil jew elites and steal their jewgold, using the jewgold you steal to steadily finance your trips to other locations with even more jewgolds to steal until finally you steal all the diamond mines from the jews in south africa
>>5655 (OP) 
Hitmen aren't real.  In real life you just get some drugged up dude to kill someone for more drugs, since he has no other choice and you don't lose anything if he fails.  Besides them you have ex government guys,  so go join the marines and swim in sewage for a few years I guess.  Which afterwords you can join mercnaries groups and you'll be in the right social circles to find out about kills.  
Even then, youre never going to inject sleeping drugs in a sausage to knock out a dog so you could beat up a santa and take his out fit, so you could blow up an ice hot tub at a playboy ski resort unnoticed.
Replies: >>10650
>See the mexican cartel
>Most of the hitmen who work there would kill an entire family (including children)
Objectively false, one of the rules for buying power from the government is never mess with family members on both sides, that's something told by plenty of hitmen and heads of distribution, major street wars started after killing a brother or wife of someone you shouldn't.
To hit families you need outsiders, which are usually quickly trained drug-addicts and/or ex-peasant military personnel (moonlighting as mercenaries) both which are highly frowned upon by both the civilian population as well as the criminal underworld.
>inject sleeping drugs in a sausage to knock out a dog so you could beat up a santa and take his out fit, so you could blow up an ice hot tub at a playboy ski resort
You can do all that, just not unnoticed

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