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whore_dress.jpg (u)
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How do i stop panicking around women? I find it hard to breathe and  i start sweating. This doesnt just happen in real life. It happens online too. If i see a woman name in my game it will happen. If a woman adds me or joins a voice chat im in it happens. Im not a "simp" "orbiter" or whatever you call it. I couldnt care less about getting their affection. But the problem is that they keep making me panic.
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>Only some retard who can't live without smartphone apps is subject to this
You don't have to use any of them to end up on them by means of someone talking about you on them.
Other people that use them will care.
>or not bothering to look at any fallout if you do
It will come to you.
They know everything. If they don't know, they will know.
>there's no place in this world for such manifest weakness
And the sadistic creatures would rather keep them around to play with rather than to put them out of their misery.
Replies: >>48850 >>48939
>You don't have to use any of them to end up on them by means of someone talking about you on them.
Lol just change your online nickname, idiot
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s-l1600.jpg (u)
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Or just use anonymous imageboards.
>You don't have to use any of them to end up on them by means of someone talking about you on them.
That's like being afraid of speech or writing because people can use it to slander anyone whenever they want.
>Other people that use them will care.
Vapid social media mooks who're not worth paying attention to, big fucking deal they're irrelevant to real life unless the dumb nigger in question is actively obviously breaking some law with their real name and face next to them doing it.
>It will come to you.
Again only if you're stupid enough to shine a spotlight on yourself doing something beyond retarded/socially suicidal and again in those instances it's deserved if only to teach the victim not to be such a monumental sperg that they're worth filming and deriding for the world to see. 
>They know everything. If they don't know, they will know.
Everyone is a CIA nigger cos they have a smartphone huh? Nonsense noise, you're paranoid as fuck about people who don't matter.
>And the sadistic creatures would rather keep them around to play with rather than to put them out of their misery.
It's not their tormentors job to cull those worthless lives. There's ropes, pills and cliffs all over the place, plenty to choose from.

Quite aside 
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>>46965 (OP) 
Making wise decisions is rarely a dumb whores forte.

eceleb_rage.gif (u)
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My dad told me to get a job or he's going to kick me out so now I'm going to kill myself. Goodbye everyone, it was nice shitposting with you.
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I never said that but I'm glad you subconsciously agree you need to be active in your life.
Replies: >>48901 >>48903
>>47380 (OP) 
If all you do is drain other people's money they are perfectly justified in telling you to get off your fucking ass and make your own. Try having a 4 grand debt you're ill equipped to repay and having to find a job in the next month and a half or you're in shit.

Stop being a 12 year old faggot money nigger.
Replies: >>48901
>>47380 (OP) 
kill him and take his assets
republitard harder invaders
<i didnt say that, but heres what you said, even though you didnt say that

0e05d5409c81861ea997df58807802675f81167c36aa274e0fc44f90ab8d6899.jpg (u)
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0a5a56052a492ec26664e8b13d21a294d2cba23b635945114488eed4145399aa.jpg (u)
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0a5e57c5d00d0969347badfcc37b6cacb0d93a1479f9314ad80277f72e311771.jpg (u)
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1cd755c1f70b5beb6244d15c7fcc288c563bce21cfb72420971476bdfc4f79fd.png (u)
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98blKoj.png (u)
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Blessed by the power of soapy water and a well balanced broom, I bring you:
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the_reality_trap_mode.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>48871
Sulky+tiger_2e0e40_8660054.jpg (u)
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Cloistered+ibex_252f9e_8650066.jpg (u)
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1403255447820.jpg (u)
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1409195834890.png (u)
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0b30ff17200572dbabf8455e3741925bb9389183bf87774620bd3e9e2b06fbb6.jpg (u)
(25.4KB, 212x211)
Replies: >>48876
I don't get the third one.
Replies: >>48888
ameribear is a fat fuck
cries to greatest ally/enabler
Replies: >>48893

guitir.png (u)
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hey /b/ I changed my mind i want to be a guitar player/rock-star man now to make big money and fund catgirls research as well as a maid to clean my room and my cock. where do I start? what guitar should I get? is there a non retarded manual for retarded people? pic related 9999 minutes in paint. please and thank you.
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1423323917151.jpg (u)
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Can't let this thread slide from the catalog.
Replies: >>47053
wonder if OP has become a guitar god and is making millions and fucking groupies by now
Replies: >>47065
>OP was just Slash flexing on us
Hey why not say kike and jew some more, I bet that'll make your retarded non-points magically correct somehow.
>that .gif
Whenever I see anyone that bloated and fat and feel a strong desire to slit them open like a sausage mid frying.
my fingies hurt

hitler000.jpg (u)
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hitler790234.jpg (u)
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hitler_C5X59NIXAAQ4ShV.jpg (u)
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hitler_58c3643efe3e25732310429e43bc7dac94fad9cd8990ee2f5796d22a66fbb36a.gif (u)
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american_woman_trying_to_kiss_hitler.gif (u)
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Heil Hitler!
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09f20d703c5044c4ae9e673310b3d83a8eb1357bea4aad6cad581c390788f535.png (u)
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Replies: >>48826
hh.png (u)
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Hot and also saved, do continue.
Replies: >>48841
8fadc4948c6a5fa356f18b8b231d6df2c63e1f913513e9c3d792b4c7dc17018f.png (u)
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7daa6c782840f006917e820e273a4e29.png (u)
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1442184266760.jpg (u)
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dac6ce71300f13ee653bc56b4f3521dc.jpg (u)
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e9220dffa540d2f8f935b67c84864017.jpg (u)
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47790dbb1192ec77e89ce4883877707fa4896771b1ace60c7523eddedcde35c6.png (u)
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Topics of discussion were:

>FC2, FC3 and redux mods
>why is FC2 shit?
>classic 3D shooters (e.g. Quake)
halo killed fps
this thread is being slid by seagull, bump
This thread is being slid by togafag, BRAAAAPP!
go to your faggot videogay board

d6782306efeb0b293a9b87f7aafa601ce0ea16898c67574af128c134830eeb87.png (u)
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>throw commiecat on bed
>pull off clothes
>she mewls about how she thought you were going to let her lecture you on muh theery
>tear her copy of das kapital in half in response
>proceed to pound her savagely
Come up with a better way to use a commiecat.

Protip: you can't.
I would pimp my commiecat out and never declare a single tax on her earnings.
Replies: >>48703 >>48827
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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A better way to use a commiecat? I would give commiecat a strap on and force her to rape commiecatposter as I facefuck commiecatposter until it dies from bleeding and turns into a pile of gore

Cringe, cucked and ancap-pilled, just like commiecatposter
Replies: >>48827
pus.png (u)
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>allowing others to use your privately owned commiecat

Sorry, I do not wish to associate with "people" from [email protected]!n
I kill the cat
Replies: >>48836
e1bc4ec73e53bbc7466b7659392096af-imagejpeg.jpg (u)
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Why kill the cat?

__rosa_pokemon_and_3_more_drawn_by_awesomeerix__e09d8380e955948d8e6c5061f8667527.jpg (u)
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2e910a6cf76f4cdbf3f79d2ef8d94673e7d2f347429c5d26322ca248c72a243c.jpg (u)
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Sexy Babies
Replies: >>47509
Niggers are not allowed near cute babbies. Delete this please.
cute one
3b3abc96d985efda15b0d44e7b327bf9.jpg (u)
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Undeveloped humans
Dont be a idiot.

shitpost.jpg (u)
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God I just want to be shoved up a giant girls ass, why is that so wrong? Like why am I the weird one here like what fucking gives man?
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real gore >>47903
mexican_chainsaw_beheading_3.gif (u)
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1347769689788.gif (u)
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1438141348967.gif (u)
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Sturgeon is a cocksucking kike sellout
Replies: >>47993 >>48019
Hecking based af tbh ngl
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1280x720, 00:37)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 640x368, 00:59)
god_I_fucking_hate_people.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 848x480, 00:26)
Gore is small time. Now this, this is the real shit.
Replies: >>48822
too soft tbh

gross.png (u)
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gross2.png (u)
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I just made these, but can't decide which one is better, because I think seeing the hands adds to the disappointed face but it makes the pic too long at the same time, meanwhile the smaller one is more focused and smaller but misses out on the hands

 post your shit
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Fuck you want from us now? And take your trash off this board.
aek-16.png (u)
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aek-32.png (u)
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mist_32c.png (u)
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Here are palettes if you want them. Positioned dithering in gimp. I think they look nice.
Replies: >>48795 >>48813
487c9080762e229db31a06850a4a97f4d931362802ccc66a3f17364afc5cbe1c.png (u)
[Hide] (120.6KB, 300x224)
That's cool, some questions
>How did you do those?
>Is it like a command line type shit?
>Can you make them with different palettes too?
Also make a thread and make custom ones on request, that'd be cool.

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