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How do I get REAL friends? I hate normalfags.
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Replies: >>61371 + 6 earlier
I have the exact reverse problem. I wanna socialize with normal people for once. Everyone I had as a friend so far, either turned into a tranny, some form of 4cuck with a tumblr-tier "depression", a left-wing extremist, a right-wing extremist, a mentally ill lesbian talking about killing herself constantly, and so on. Can't I just socialize with normal people for once? Pretty please? Perhaps even have a GF that doesn't draw suicide fantasies of herself? Could I have that?
>>60222 (OP) 
I dont know. Every friend that ive ever had has betrayed me in some way. And regarding internet "friends". They dont count. And ive had so many "internet friends". It all ended up the same way. In me deleting and blocking them for something. Im talking hundreds. Well sometimes they just deleted me but thats just a few over a several hundred. I can tell you with a guarantee that most people are garbage. They are shallow and literally do not care about others. I mean i dont really care about someone elses life but when i get a friend i treat the person as a friend. Most people dont. I dont know man. Its difficult finding friends. What i do suggest is if you ever find a friend is to not introduce him to other people. Maybe it sounds stupid but ive been friendcucked many times. Basically friendcucking is when someone steals your friend. I would advice you to only be 1 on 1 with your friend. Never hang out with someone else with him. Never talk with him with anyone else. Only have him for yourself. Why? Because if your friend might just end up liking that guy more than you. It sounds fucked but its true. People are awful. I dont know how to get real friends. The only "friend" ive had in the past few years is paid to be my "friend". He basically gets paid to help me get aquianted back into society. I dont know man. I dont trust people anymore. They are all shit and want to use you in some way
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Replies: >>61408
Do you drive trains at a certain german company by any chance? Just wondering.
Replies: >>61447
You're not subtle, /cow/nigger.
Replies: >>61461
>Two words to make em seethe, John. Rent. Free.

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Dumpster diving proved fruitful!
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>barely affects the flavour or contamination
>had diarrhea three times
Or you could just not be retarded.
Replies: >>61404
Replies: >>61400
What are you testing?
haha, croissant
I learned a lesson not to dumpster dive raw veggies. Cook them up and eat them, yum!

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Before reading, I would like to preface this with a statement: I wrote this late at night while I was basically running on fumes. If it sounds a bit too unstructured and disorganized, that would be why.

What defines a government? This question has been ever-pervasive in today’s society, yet the direction we are taking seems to be restricting the modern man’s privacy, freedom, and making things equal in the name of “justice”. (Neo-socialists, I am looking right at you.) 
What examples do I have, one may ask. Think about this: the modern college process has nearly no merit based scholarships when taken in contrast to the hordes of need-based ones. 
This is not the only flaw of the collegiate system, but it is certainly a very imposing one for the middle-class in today’s society. “So what if your IQ is measured at 140? Timmy here is from the slums, and even though his only redeeming quality is that he has above a 2.0 GPA (a 2.26, for your information), he happens to be the first one in his family to go to college. Guess who gets our support: the genius, or the “needy” man? That’s right: Timmy goes to school free, while you go and remain submerged in debt for the rest of your miserable life. You could have been something great, but unfortunately you weren’t born unfortunate.”
The reversal of fortune and misfortune in today’s society is a thorn in the modern man’s side. Nowadays, if one is born wealthy, only the utmost scorn and hatred is directed their way by the common man. They are sent death threats, need protection regularly, and constantly have to worry about everyone around them trying to get their hands on their inheritance.
If one is born poor, anything you do is seen as a great accomplishment, worthy of placing next to the construction of the Great Pyramids, or the discovery of radiation. To fall subject to this view is to view the poor with a pity that they do not desire. I recall, in my younger years, drawing terribly; however, the people at the “grown up table” would take these drawings and equate them to the Mona Lisa and whatnot. I hated every second of that, and my main thought was: “Wow, how stupid are they?” (Sad answer: very.) It devalues any true achievement you do, because your accomplishments are viewed relative to your age. If I were to draw as well as my third grade self in the present day, and presented it in much the same manner, I am willing to bet that the reaction would be a lot more lackluster. The same  issue occurs with the modern poor. The mainstream culture respects and applauds the bulk of the hip hop industry for “getting outta the hood” and making it big; if you took a middle-class white man, he would have no method of becoming a serious contender in that genre. 

To be born poor in today’s society is better than being born rich. To be a part of a minority is to gain instant sympathy from the majority, and to be part of the majority is to be relegated to the minority.

Another example: the censoring of certain political figures on social media platforms, by these big tech corporations. I do not testify to the accuracy of the aforementioned political figures’ ideas, sentiments, etc., but the fact that the mob has full, unregulated control of who gets silenced and immediately disdained is not exactly resting easy with me. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram should be completely incapable of censorship except for that which is a) commonly acknowledged illegal content (drug dealers, graphic violence, etc.) or b) commonly acknowledged indecent content (nudity, gore, etc.). Even this is pushing the limits. To grant a private corporation, which is obviously in bed with several governments across the world, complete control over who gets censored is the death of free speech. Between a tyrannical aristocrat and a mega-corporation, what real difference is there in policy?
All the attacks on the Tor network in the past is yet another proof of the modern sentiment towards privacy. Want to remain anonymous? Fuck you. Want to live untraced? Fuck you. Want to be out of Big Brother’s vision? Motherfuck you too. 
Why must governments be so centralized as they are right now? Take a look at the original Articles of Confederation (pre-cursor to the American Constitution) and their model of government. There were several separated sovereign states that were part of a Confederation. The federal government practically did not exist. The local level of society could live life without thinking about the government running in the background, and were unperturbed by such social issues as race wars and homosexuality. Sure, they had issues with funding the federal government, enforcing federal mandates, etc., but with modern technology this can likely be bypassed. Smart contracts are a very promising new method of business dealings; why not utilize them in government funds? This could make a system run rather smoothly, with no third party needed to maintain order.

The federal power in the US needs to be scaled back, and individual states need more authority. The blockchain could be a solution to this.
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>>61039 (OP) 
I could check, but I'm pretty sure that's not a real Amadeus quote.
>>61039 (OP) 
Just let the world burn and exploit it while you can. Just keep doing what is right and let society crumble due to their stupidity. 
If you are concern about privacy, stop using the services that don't care about your data. Find alternatives and keep using them, never go back. Go towards open source software and sites so you can see what information they are collecting from you or use the code to create your own software. Stop using your smartphone too if at all possible.
The common man can see that BLM, Antifa, and the LGBTQA+ as retarded movements which have no benefit to society and are founded by rich liberal Jews. The only way to escape from them is just stop watching TV all together, heck, stop watching stuff from streaming services. Pirate shit. If you actually like the movie, game, or TV show, find a way to purchase the physical copy. The less you use service that promote them, the weaker they get.
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greater_persia.webp (u)
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tl;dr vote SUMKA
This has to be satire or a massive faggot
Replies: >>61363
it's both

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by the way guys, remember "herdniggers" that tried to crash and make this their shitting ground and that are still desperately trying and failing to kill /b/?
guess what I've found?
they are a bunch of literal discord circlejerking troons, there's a whole thread about them on /cow/ and kiwifarms too documenting their shenanigans and if you don't believe me, see for yourself:

>/cow/ thread 
>kiwifarms thread
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/lukas-michael-hardin-chijo.95347/ kiwifarms is being ddossed right now it might not open

they are literally and unironically projecting their impotent HRT rage onto us, they are LITERAL mentally ill, phaluis in mouth, suicidal homosex LOL and they still have the gall to call anyone a tranny ROFL.
so /b/, whenever you see their posts, remember what kind of "person" you are talking to and remember that if you're too hard on them, you might hurt their feelings so much they might try to ha
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not_happy_smiley_:(.jpg (u)
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>stay here
Same shit, different pile
Kill yourself
>>52126 (OP) 
You herdtroons still at it?
Damn, you're fucking pathetic.
img_049.png (u)
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>MFW no matter what happens in my life, I will never be as pathetic as a herdnigger

The_Angriest_Dog_in_the_World.jpg (u)
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Landlords: how to fuck with them?
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>>59932 (OP) 
Cut a hole behind a piece of furniture that came with the place, take a shit in it, patch the hole, and move out.
Replies: >>61183
>a kebab in a crawlspace
Anon wants to fuck his landlord, not get him beheaded.
>Physically, a nut feels the same
Not even. Climaxing with my waifu feels like nothing else.
First: cut a hole in a box
Ass_is_superior.webm (u)
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>>59932 (OP) 

c6991621571c4a96c5da064423d9e6b7d37846650a1071d1aebb650c99ee6676.jpg (u)
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Serious discussions of politics, current events, nigger hate and general disdain of kikery.
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>only the freedom of voluntarism 
And how is it going to defend you from the inhuman masses voluntarily giving their freedoms away again?

All these fags crying out loud about anti abortion law, yet they're all already have taken Vaxx. Does that mean they they are no longer have ability to fertile because already vaxx? WTF they're screeching for?
Replies: >>61035
Our body, our choice, they say. Except when it comes to vaccines. The reason they talk about choice isn't because they believe in freedom, it's because you do.
Replies: >>61038
Believing in freedoms is the first step towards being a caged in sheep even without our precious fear mongering about vaccines.
Replies: >>61162
t. glownig

ai.PNG (u)
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How do i make 2 days pass fast? Should i just binge watch movies for 2 days straight?
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forced sleep time
Benzos and alcohol.
Masturbate, play vidya, transcend, exhaust yourself and then sleep, or virtually anything else.
A better question would be how to make the next 5 years or so pass and just wake up when it's over.
Replies: >>61153
Go bowling with a bunch of dwarves.

1633432983808.jpg (u)
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What happened to gassing the kikes racial war ASAP hmmmmmmm???
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Replies: >>61133 + 2 earlier
1633282471581.webm (u)
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Sage negated. I'll let you chew on my foreskin fag
Replies: >>61107
e821a03a8890b8edd2408a16636dda0b98db41bc4b55ace225226c399503fb2a.jpg (u)
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>OP can't stop thinking about foreskins and cocks
Wow, such shocking discoveries!
Replies: >>61108
1633329724328.webm (u)
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What are you, my rabbi? Eat my rose tranny
cultured_gentleman.jpg (u)
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>>61098 (OP) 
We're just letting the world burn, friend. If they don't want us to save them, then we won't.
Replies: >>61140
Cowardice and complacency, naturally. But also what >>61133 said, let it all fucking burn down.

db0d7cc9dc6f5ca5ef0b350426d7e630e26f7b7e900b498066bb418176646199.jpg (u)
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Gravity was just mathematically proven to be a big fucking lie!

anonfiles com x1Y508L8uf

Replies: >>61064 >>61100
virus site do not click
displeased_moomin.png (u)
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>wasting milk, maple syrup and honey like that
5ad872f455858251da04a59ccefc3fe9a80ac3c6338b3f997734fe5fb68099a4.png (u)
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>>61045 (OP) 
>differentiation a force that can overcome the weak force of gravity means gravity doesn't exist.
The worst part is that the average knowledge of science by most people is so low they will fall for this.
0ca653be057afe1bd301710b27931cc8b9aeb192633c84a5169d778a4f4ba8cb.jpg (u)
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>gravity is a lie
>earth is flat 
Then how do we not float off this plane?
>>61045 (OP) 
site promised me free sex porn and bob vageen games, instead i got wirus, @min plz ban & delt thx

photo_2021-10-04_16-40-25.jpg (u)
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what do u think? hummmmm
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Replies: >>61009 + 1 earlier
I wish it did happen
>>60973 (OP) 
>making me click into your thread just so as to see the image to see the poltard bullshit

sage I guess

But if it did happen we'd be far better off with neighborhood ran smaller nets.
>services connected to Facebook
>Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook
>and they're all owned by Facebook
and nothing of value was lost...
wonder if this incident has any connection to the fuckbook whistle blower frances haugan?
she was recently featured in the media as having dropped thousands of internal fuckbook documents, but from the little i've read so far, despite all the problems with an entity like fuckbook, it seems that coverage is focusing around "hate speech" and "extremism", lol.
2dff0ef23c3f843cd3b73754e072803cd8d129e5163159cb10e0048337b54788.png (u)
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Another failed habbening, whodathought.
Replies: >>61026
3eb2b273d8c57488ea0e07564bf1f7095c5a221e16912ba8f410f636c4a253ba.jpg (u)
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Inform the electronic old men.

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