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Do you keep track on movies,anime or tv shows you watch? How? I feel like i should just bite the bullet and make a account on one of those list websites but ive been avoiding it for years.
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I have a folder of anime with two subfolders: shit I haven't watched yet, and shit I have watched. You don't need an online account for that.
Simple as...
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I use a spreadsheet like excel to keep track of ep counts.
>>127730 (OP) 
>Do you keep track on movies,anime or tv shows you watch?
>Watch what you like, keep track in some txt file if you want to be autistic about it.
I was autistic about it and kept a journal like that some years ago, writing very short reviews, sometimes only a single sentence, of most everything that I watched. I didn't keep up with doing that beyond a couple years effort, but it was interesting to revisit that text file and see how some opinions had changed after much time had passed. Somewhat tedious to keep up with it at the time, but I appreciated it in retrospect.
I keep a text file in the root directory with a few setnence description of each one from some anime website or other, and then tag potentionall interesting ones or known meh ones so I don't spend the best part of being stoned wondering hat to watch.

I figure if I don't remember what it is then it might be ready for a rewatch unless it sucks.  The good stuff usually winds up with a subfolder of screenshots, so that doubles as a reminder of something I liked enough and if I want to give it another go.

And if all else fails I just use ls -ltru to sort by access time to chec when I last watched something or what the last episode I accessed was.  This is imperfect and gets mangled sometimes by sloppy backups and transfers, but it's just a last resot and gets the noggin joggin either way.  So it's like what you do, but better for being both higher dimensional and with the excitement of fragility.

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>have an autistic tendancy to make a small fart noise with my mouth anytime I see someone with a really fat ass
>at work
>woman from the other office walks in
>Older lady, probably 50 something, she's basically all butt and nothing else
>hilarity within my brain at seeing this comically large ass ensues
>She's grabbing some papers off the printer, back facing towards me
>I look directly at her ass and make a small fart noise with my mouth
>realize that right in front of her there is a mirror that gives her full view of whats behind her
>Im in sitting in full view within the mirror, She just watched me do that behind her
>Shes staring wide-eyed at the mirror for a minute before grabbing her shit she was printing and quickly leaving
>I sit there staring at the wall for a second afterward stewing in my autism
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I second this motion.

This is pretty similar to the noise I made. It was subtle but loud enough to hear I think.
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>single mother
Replies: >>136935
But those tits man
Why use vocaroo when you can upload the mp3 here?

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lets share some good youtube channels. Share a video you enjoyed from said channel aswell

oboeshoegames (obscure/old games)

sanity 4 sweden (politics)

pax tube (politics)

leather apron club (politics)

explore with us (crime investigation documentary)
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synthetic man
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FUTO: Organization led by a billionaire who aims to create/fund private and open source alternatives to abusive companies like google/apple.

Algal the Bard: Dude uses classical/historical instruments to play music and do covers.

Sebastian Lague: In-depth exploration of various programming-related things.
My politics aren't kosher enough for jewtube.

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 I read a lot of internets and saw that desolation and loneliness after 25-30 years is a ubiquitous phenomenon. In this regard, it would be interesting to come up with a cunning plan that would allow you to do interesting things and at the same time have a cozy social circle.
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takes a village to make a man dumbfuck

if not lonely u would not be hete either faglord
Replies: >>136862
*r and etc

kys stop using fake words
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>kys stop using fake words
>"*r and etc"
You honor Faglord ser
Cunny.  Cunts.  Kids cunts.

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What's the most interesting thing that you ever found laying around on the ground?

I just found some drugs! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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>forgot to put the propane back on the grill
>dad texted me that the grill was broken
>put it on the curbside
Replies: >>136730 >>136765
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got a shitty chinese flatscreen from the curb. worked well for a couple hours until the display started fucking up, so I had to smack the top right corner to get it back in shape. this worked for a while until eventually that stopped working as well. still, free tv.
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Can't see why you would be pissed, that family will have to buy themselves a new propane grill.
I found a child's batman printed belt on a tree in a field on a walk the other day. I didn't touch it.

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Best boomer insult?
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Replies: >>136857
dirty old zogbot
Corn oil chugger.
Replies: >>136844
What's it like knowing you'll never see America win a war
I dig it
>>136737 (OP) 
Snowflake pussy bitch. That seems to get them going.

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I'm tired of our children being assaulted by black werewolves. I won't stay silent no longer. It is time we go up in arms against black vampires who are grooming our children.
>Mark Edwards, a black 44 year old male, is alleged to have groomed a 14-year-old in Ohio after convincing her online to join his 'slayer covenant' 
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Replies: >>136801
I guess the chinks are here.
>>of course im gonna anal my little black boy, what did you think >eyebrows
Lol that's me on the right
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>>134322 (OP) 
It should be illegal to make a slayer covenant in the first place why is this world so fucked

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I got fatass again lol
Fat fukker
Gahoole is a nigger lover and actually a pedo
Replies: >>133807 >>134705
his sucking tranny dick in Florida together with his e-celeb friend Daiymo, the dude is literally married with a tall fat tranny

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I can't stop eating cold supermarket chicken tendies.
I tell myself I'll only eat 5 then end up finishing the entire 30+ box.
It's fine, right? It's protein even if it's fried.
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Replies: >>136722
>>136714 (OP) 
meat = renal failure
Replies: >>136724
that's chicken.
I premake meals on the weekend designed to last one or two weeks depending on what it is and my time constraints.  What now?
Replies: >>136731
>What now?
Now I request that you tell me what meals you make so I can copy you since I eat too much gas station food and I really need to stop before my liver fails but I don't have enough motivation to cook multiple days a week.
Replies: >>136766
Not that anon, but try these:
Also consider investing in a slow cooker and a rice cooker, preferably one made in japan if you can afford it. (Zojirushi etc)

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Have you ever noticed that this image universally backends the worst post you've ever seen in your entire life?
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those are three different anons...perhaps you belong on tvch.moe?
Replies: >>136620 >>136721
This, another massive win to Nuzach, the king of the webring and plategang.
Kys, Nuzach, you spam cp and nigger porn all around the webring and try to blame other boards for it to create infight, you did it for a long time and tried to blame zzzchan for the cp

my bet is, you're a faggot who dick suck eden or mark on discord
Replies: >>136744
the only ones who post cp are the /cow/ and guntstream pedos
Replies: >>136778
There is literally nothing wrong with loving children.

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