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>have headaches every day for most of the day
Is this the only solution?
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>This, if you don't adhere to my standards of sobriety I will call you names, bet that'll cure your headaches.
Replies: >>196008
>>190966 (OP)  (Me)
I now try to sleep more and consoom less sugar stuff and I guess I don't have them as much now.
Back to reality he was born poor and drugs have nothing to do with it. If you were homeless you'd not be sober either. Get real.
Replies: >>196031
Stop consuming so much caffeine
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You like what the Jew sells you
You love it
You'll suck their dick and take in every fucking inch of their cut aids ridden cock like the good shabbos goy you are
Keep shilling and lying about people not being capable of keeping themselves sober cause you're a fucking disappointment.

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Not too many people, good food, not too expensive, etc.
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>98 percent white
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He has a swastika so you know it's just a tan.
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Wjhy do you keep posting the exact same image ad nauseum? Is that the only picture you've got inside your image folder?
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>Wjhy do you keep posting the exact same image ad nauseum?
Because I think it's funny, and every time I post it it's relevant to the topic. Pic 1 is where it came from by the way.
>Is that the only picture you've got inside your image folder?
See pic 2.
Replies: >>196028
Ah, I (>>196018) see, you have dispelled my doubt.

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If you couldn't watch any anime OR read any manga until the rest of your life, which would you choose?
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Spoiler File
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Can you please tell which ones (I'm curious)?
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extremely scary image, do not open
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Akira and Vampire Hunter D. So now I know everything there is to know, and I'm a certified japanimation consultant.
Replies: >>196015
The gif you posted is from Clannad. I don't know about the manga and I'm still reading the VN, but I watched the anime adaptation and it was a really beautiful experience; if all media had to be erased except one thing, I would leave Clannad.
If you ever thought of raising your watched anime count from 1 to 2, Clannad would be a good one.

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You wouldn't fuck a fumo.
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>I always thought the minimalistic design of the fumo was part of the joke
I don't necessarily hate fumos either. They're simply nothing to write home about. I just find it cynical how these weebs can astroturf what's essentially a very average piece of merchandise into oblivion. It'd be akin to Kpop banshees making fanart of idol photocards instead of the idols themselves.
>always get conniptions when you see a stuffed animal
No. I like ugly piece of shit cheap plush dolls myself. They work better when the characters are already blobs or were designed for children in mind, like Nintendo characters for instance.
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You've got it flipped.  Funkos have no fan content produced of them because they can't inspire such a thing.  Only antifan content like Sam Hyde melting them down exists.
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wrong they are for punching and abusing without facing the consequences any of hurting anyone.
Replies: >>196003
That still doesn't deny the fact that you have small amygdala and cute aggression.
It's like saying that you're not a pedophile if you just stalk kids with binoculars but don't interact with them.
Replies: >>196007
so what? I LIKE to roleplay as the evil character and being dominant

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>feel a vague urge to fap
>looking for porn (only 2D by the way, see >>189395) and consooming it is a waste of time
>just fapping on the spot is awkward
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There's a bit of a twitch down there.
>Remember I shouldn't
Is this some nofap or christcuck kind of thing?
I've heard that fapping can be bad for you in some way, but to be honest I've heard so much conflicting health advice on various topics that I literally cannot trust any health advice other than common sense and my own reasoning/judgement/imagination.
>Wake up and hope it's a premonition.
Would be good if only 99.99% of 3D weren't PD (even physical aspects aside, just mentally and spiritually).
Also good picture, pretty relatable.
>>195914 (OP) 
Replies: >>195996
Soock a dick.
Ok azure-hair avatar faggot but the zoom meme itself was resented of which started the spammy version and someone even reported you. I suppose zonz is a mod and gave you  a pass.

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What is your favorite VN soundtrack?
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The entire Clannad soundtrack.
Replies: >>195959
Basically yeah. Some of it was a little more vanilla though.
Time restraints, large backlog of games I intend to play. Late reply I know
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God, it's so perfect, so fucking dreamy, feels like I'm ascending to heaven whenever I listen to it.

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Browsing Jewtube and something I know I didn't even so much as mutter that no other kind of retard would look up and that I only briefly thought about came up as a video suggestion. What books the nazis burned, that is.
Watched a webm/mp4 on sleepy about some fag and got a recommendation on Jewtube next day about the same person, never searched for them before. Using Windows 10 and an Android smartphone, Pixel 4a. Guess I'm going to go Linux and go back to flip-phones, and still probably not escape this insanity.
How long until the day of the rope?
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Good luck with Linux, the faggotrons are  all busy shoving CoC & Rust in kernels and systemd up your ass. And that's before you even get to the hardware backdoors. Modern technology is a trash.
Replies: >>191609 >>191629
I dunno about that but last tiem I checked linux mint was fine  and even then kubuntu looked like a decent modern distro
Replies: >>191629 >>195912
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>>191602 (OP) 
>I only briefly thought about
Thought subvocalization (internal monologue) is a psyop.
When you subvocalize your thoughts, your throat unconsciously makes minuscule sounds. People cannot hear them, but your phone can. So, if you subvocalize, your phone can pretty much read your mind.
>>191602 (OP) 
>Windows 10
I personally use Linux, but maybe Windows 7 or even XP can be fine, I don't know.
>Pixel 4a
I personally use a flip phone, but I've heard that it's easy to install "custom ROMs" on Pixel smartphones, which are like Android "distros" but with more user freedom and no spyware.
>Rust in kernels and systemd
It certainly sucks, but there's no real tangible proof that those things spy on you.
Though if you want to avoid them you can look into BSD. I have never checked out the best one, FreeBSD, because of its satanic logo.
>And that's before you even get to the hardware backdoors
Well, there's not too much actual cases of it (at least Intel Management Engine) spying on you either. I think that it's possible, and I've heard that Trump has been spied on through the IME or whatever, but if you're just a random nobody it shouldn't matter too much, probably.
Keep in mind that the main thing that makes distros look "different" at a glance are the desktop environments or window manager. If you like the appearance of a distro, you can copy it on a different one. For example Linux Mint uses Cinnamon (good enough) and Kubuntu uses KDE (very customizable, but heavy and crashy).
Avoid GNOME (used by Ubuntu, etc), in terms of appearance and functionality and customization it's basically for iBabies.
XFCE is fairly lightweight and stable, and offers decent customization. I personally use LXDE, though.
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>>191602 (OP) 
So, are you using Linux and flip phones now bro?

Adult Swim posted 6days ago on thier TikTok account, a video that show a short trailer for new season of Smiling Friends
captured " See you in Sunday "
I really love this show but istg is an April fool as always. What do u guys think?
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>>apparently hangs around places where people do like it
Is this the part where I ask you what you've been doing on the Internet to avoid that crap, which you'll take the opportunity to humble brag about how disconnected from the modern Internet you are, despite the clear fact that you're wasting your time mucking around on a site like this instead of focusing on your hobbies or apparent social life?
>>also brings it up when no one was talking about it
The topic of this thread is about that show.
Replies: >>195885
>Is this the part where I ask you what you've been doing on the Internet to avoid that crap, which you'll take the opportunity to humble brag about how disconnected from the modern Internet you are, despite the clear fact that you're wasting your time mucking around on a site like this instead of focusing on your hobbies or apparent social life?
No, but good to know you got mad an assumed a bunch of shit and that this conversation will probably be a total waste of time moving forward unless I feel like getting into a shitflinging match.
>it's what the thread is about
I thought you were the OP. I assumed too much there then my bad.
Replies: >>195947
It is stupid to seek out places that talk about shit you hate but that clearly wasn't OP.
You guys have less than a dozen or so subjects that you inevitably gravitate towards and then you freak out when I exhibit basic pattern recognition.
Anyway, the jewtube algorithm is already forcefeeding me content from the new season so I guess that my suffering has begun.
Go ahead and give me platitudes about jewtube being shit like I don't know more about it than you do, by the way. You're just proving my point.

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Which tier are you on?
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>>195498 (OP) 
I go between apathy to acceptance several times a day. Working on improving myself though
Kind of, it's new-age jargon for your vibrations (whence comes "vibes").
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>>195498 (OP) 
I have absolutely no idea, so probably the bottom tier.
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Ascended | >9000 | Smug | Passing | Nordic | TND

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I feel sick...
Replies: >>195797 >>195798
>>195795 (OP) 
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>>195795 (OP) 
I don't feel well...
It's been pretty gloomy where I live, yeah.

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