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is zzzchan ever gonna make it in the news?
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I hope not.
Sure, just make sure you upload your school shooter manifesto here
>>31431 (OP) 
As long as the webring works and the whole thing is decentralized - no. But Cakejew is fucking it all up and will likely be the webring's downfall. Whoever allowed him back will regret it.
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Allow me to play devil's advocate.
Mark wasn't the one behind the documentary, he just wanted to be on tv and get a meal at olive garden. And he just talked up his role in gamergays, which the media is still trying to play up as some kind of neo-nazi boogeyman to drum up support for removing all free-speech from the internet.
Now, what do you think the average normalfag will think when they see the godfather of GG? Will they be scared and willing to turn over more rights? Or will they think it's a bunch of autistic sadsacks in the corner of the internet that aren't worth worrying about? They shot themselves in the foot. I say we embrace it.
GG was all Mark's fault.
But, seriously, who thought it was a good idea to tie him in to the webring?
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You say that, but he pretty much just got paid to say GG is about doxxing innocent womyn, there's no way normalfags will see it as anything but negative. 
Though I do agree that Mark is retarded and the fault lies, partly, in whoever gave him power.

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Someone got a mega.nz link
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Hold on let me find it
>>31394 (OP) 
Who's that cute slut?
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Imagine living in a ruthless society that just killed everyone that was ugly.
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Do you mean what we perceive and how we blend in? 

Actually that sentence doesn't mean anything now does it other than 'sheep go brrrr'?
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Oh I made a mistake about using the wrong word but it still explains why beauty is water.
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>>I made a mistake about using the wrong word but it still explains why beauty is water
>>why beauty is water
>beauty is water
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I had a good idea for a thread while I was hanging up my laundry but I forgot it so I'll make this thread instead.
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>>31379 (OP) 
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I don't know.
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Iron Kang.
What a rotten way to die.
Nigger avenger

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I cant see the rules with my phone so they dont apply to me.

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I don't see anything wrong with this.
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try 4chan.org/v/ I heard really good things
>even if they are currently working
Gay. Robot mindset even if currently fucking gf? Stopped reading at 1.
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Eat your pea, Professor! Also nice trips.
Dont even try arguing with /v/ermin, they think their board here is any different from the one on blacked.gov ( save for 100 less users )

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how do i unfuck my situation? 
need to get job and join workforce
the holy grail is defo programming shits and gimmicks for video games and anime shit
seems good mony too
things like mario

what kind o quality should i possess?
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construction is often shittier 
most farm jobs let you camp free of charge on their property and you get interesting and degenerate workers to do drugs and drink with, also no drug testing involved
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>interesting and degenerate workers to do drugs and drink with
<and some of them do it for free...
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)
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Prepare to get abused and raped on woofing farms.
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true, many such cases. shocked reaction image dog peering out from his cage was not pic unrelated in this case. there are probably a handful of kindly altruistic hippies in that organization, but i imagine it's a real roll of the dice.
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Farmers are rich in this day and age with how they are lords of land that have a tractor or tractors do the work of a thousand men. 

An easy job to get is to be a dishwasher, buggy pusher, ditch digger, trash sifter, and if lucky a warehouse worker in stock or just stock in general of which leads to back damage so then again not so lucky. 

t. first worlder born into poverty that has no finished degree  of whom knows better than to consider not being a neet

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I need books /b/, give me your favorites, I will read anything. Also there is this tor site with a library of all sorts of books from nazi to commie material that I lost when I forgot to back up. Do you have it?
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I think bachelor Mormons become servants to their ancestors but can't rember for certain.
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I've got just the right thing for you
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Ex mormon here. If I remember my Sunday school correctly, the planet thing is slightly incorrect. The afterlife is divided into 4 parts. 
>outer darkness
An afterlife slightly better than earth. For those not necessarily deserving hell.
An afterlife much better than earth.
>celestial kingdom
A place for the exceptionally worthy. God resides here and you too can achieve godhood. 

This was a long time ago so take my words with a grain of salt.
God is a made up thing or I have never felt his hands.
Not the point. 
>glow meme in retort to 'voting is for duped fools'

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I'm asking you for the last time.
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eeeeh, oniichan can do it.
i did, there was a guest coming in soon and i have cum sock and trash bags lying around.
Don't point at me, it's rude.
My hostel manager does it for me.
>>31343 (OP) 
>having an attractive mother
Ha, no one will relate to this.

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>need new hiking boots
>local retailers out of stock and overpriced
>amazon china won't ship to my cuntry
>amazon india out of stock
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>I want cheap shit, but I want quality! 
Either you bite the bullet and pay good money for something made outside of outsourceland or you pay a fraction of the price and eat shit.
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My boots are made in india, but the markup is insane in my country. 
I'm just a good jewish shopper trying to save a penny.
I own a shoulder bag from India. It's great quality goat leather.
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what a you a fag
Replies: >>31339
esl faggot pls

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>time to go to shower
>but first, I'm pretty thirsty
>drink water
>the whole cup just goes down like nothing
>do something for 5 seconds
>thirsty again
>another cup down the hatch
>go brush my teeth
>as soon as I grab the tooth paste I start getting thirsty
Why the fuck
This happens almost every day.
Have I been dehydrated all day every day and I didn't realize because I don't get thirsty until it's time to go to sleep?
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Drink more cum, negro.
>>31049 (OP) 
>eat shitty modern salty food all day
>blood thinks dehydrated due to sodium levels
>have to drink more fluids 
>swell up and get hypertension and dead kidneys or piss
Stop complaining that you don't need a diuretic or nothin' fag.
its beetus

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