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The sea artschizo also posts on cuckchan
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>>166439 (OP) 
a thread died for this retardation, why is this a thread?
go back
t. the sea artschizo

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>>166440 (OP) 
3d is not real. it's only a theory. We see in 2d after all. What is behind x door? You don't know anony.... .you don't know....

What you like is technically low effort art of which was catered to the goyim for the sake of 'it's cheap and we like it'. Just like the food for the goyim, the electronics as well with planned obsolescence at this point. As long as you realize it's low tier art then enjoy your burgers and fries and your canned food and broken e-waste. 

it's so carnal and immature most anime has either no plot or fan service. Something to think about.
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*or if not a bad plot it has fan service

Poor grammar.
where do you buy dolls
Replies: >>166541
Hell, wherein you yiff.
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>muh 3D
we know you would faggot

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When is it acceptable to tripfag? I've been on imageboards for like 10 years and i just read the faq on how to do it
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Replies: >>166506
So the user is easier to filter.
Because if it's not a 4chan clone, then nobody will use it.
storytimes, drawthreads, etc, something where continuity is actually important, not for discussions or attention whoring
>>162870 (OP) 
Whenever you want but a wild and jealous normalfag in their dark phase would surely spam reports rather than comprehend why wizchan/r9k is dead. It's ideal to hide the tripfag you don't like, only people with something to hide want to ban all tripfags. They want to force others to see their posts because they are shit posters, but yeah, shitposting is what an imageboard is for riiiight.
Ideally you're only "supposed" to do it when identifying yourself as the OP or a specific poster actually matters (/tg/ type game threads for example). That rarely happens though and most assholes just use it to make the same insipid dumbfuck posts everyone else does but with a name. Easier to filter though.

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hello yes we have tv nights every wednesday night at 7:00 (three hours from now), please join us
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>The X-Files S01E17: E.B.E.
>Hogan's Heroes S01E27: The Safecracker Suite
>Miami Vice S04E14: Baseballs of Death
>Babylon 5 S01E09: Deathwalker
>>147060 (OP) 
garbage token black pozzed show
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>Battlestar Galactica S01E22: Experiment in Terra
>The X-Files S01E18: Miracle Man
>Hogan's Heroes S01E28: I Look Better in Basic Black
>Miami Vice S04E15: Indian Wars
>Babylon 5 S01E10: Believers
I will miss most of the night due to a prior event, but I will queue everything up beforehand and time it right to start at 7:00 ET
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>Battlestar Galactica S01E23: Take the Celestra
>The X-Files S01E19: Shapes
>Hogan's Heroes S01E29: The Assassin
>Miami Vice S04E16: Honor Among Thieves
>Babylon 5 S01E11: Survivors
>option A
<well maybe next week
>option B
<wtf it won't load :(
>option C
<I'll just hide the thread finally, not waiting for x day to be cock teased like this shit anymore

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As the title says, fancy some vidya cheevos as if they were for a school shooter. I just remembered this relatively old screencap that was rolling around on my HDD, and figured, why not remaking the OP. It's pretty funny and I think it can still get some /b/astards' braing going. 

Here are the original quotes for illustrative purposes:
>Bad Choice
<kill the girl who rejected you
>Ninja Warrior
<escape the school before the cops catch you
<play a song on the school intercom before you start shooting up the school

I'll start:
>Straight Shooter
<shoot at least 10 kids with a homosexual background
>Run for the Border
<chase a Hispanic kid for at least 200ft
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>Extra Life
<Survive an otherwise fatal attack by using a human shield
>Perfect Attendance
<Kill every single student at the school
>By 1000 Cuts
<Earn at least 10 kills using only a .22 caliber firearm or lower
>New Game Plus
<Earn at least 5 kills after being incarcerated for a previous shooting
Replies: >>166459
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>Aspiring Agent
<Perform at least 3 kills without alerting anyone
>Perfect Patsy
<Have stricter legislation be imposed as a result of your shooting
>Language Test
<Perform a shooting as a protected minority
>Right Time, Right Place
<Kill an unrelated important figure such as a politician or a celebrity
<Survive an attempt to disarm you
<Cause at least one copycat shooting
>Dry Run
<Recreate your school and simulate your shooting using a videogame
>Bloody Mess
Message too long. View the full text
>Eugenics Program
<Kill only Special Education students
>If It Breeds, We Can Kill It
<Kill only non-virgins
Replies: >>166326
>If It Breeds, We Can Kill It
<Kill only asians
Replies: >>166459
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This one >>166033 is meant to be
<Bring a camera to school instead of a gun
Don't know why I let that little bit of post slip by.
I know I'm late but this is your thread, anon. Make yourself at home, show us your autismo.
>Earn at least 5 kills after being incarcerated for a previous shooting
Don't think you'll get out of jail after doing a shooterino, which implies a large number of deaths. Do you think any of the madmen currently in prison will see the light of day again? 
>If It Breeds, We Can Kill It
<Kill only asians
What's going on through your head, anon? Are we talking the same Asian people I'm thinking of?
I know this verbal diarrhea that means nothing can only belong to one retard.
Message too long. View the full text

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>girlfriend (male)
>girlfriend (2D)
>girlfriend (single mother of 2)
>girlfriend (tulpa)
>girlfriend (long term internet relationship (open))
>girlfriend (your reflection while you wear a skirt)
>girlfriend (mom)
Which one is it, /b/?
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Replies: >>166514
I think girlfriend (tulpa) is acceptable but I would like to know what girlfriend(mom) is supposed to fucking mean. Is OP from Alabama?
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A girlfriend is a girl of any age but more than likely younger or else she would be a "womanfriend".
For me, it's girlfriend snek tulpa waifu, of course
Replies: >>166436
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I see.
>>166420 (OP) 
Are more sought after than anyone. When I tried okstupid before it died their inboxes were always full. I never had sex via okstupid but the point is that "I know what I am talking about here". 
I don't have autism. 
I don't have schizophrenia. 
>single mom
Why would I say yes regardless of the number of bastards? Fuck you OP. A sage has been earned at this point, especially because you used a special sort of gif to force attention to get bumps in a rather cheap way. 
>fake gf
I should sage your ass twice. I mean really, tulpa, 2d, long distance, ur mother, come the fuck on.  Fake fake fake. Only the disingenuous spam gets bumps on imageboards then they get mad when I go into shitposting mode and 'shit' on everything. How uninspired. 

The answer is none of them. 1 is fake, two is fake, three is for blatant cuckolding, literally, tupa is not real, long distance is a pen pall, your relfection is auto genitalia or whatever, ur mother is not your gf either faggot. 

NONE you gay, autistic, cuck, schizophrenic, lonely, fetishy, degenerate.

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smug anime girls dump incoming
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Replies: >>162740
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Smug ponies beat smug anime girls though, it's a rock paper scissors kind of thing.
YWNBAW, tranny.
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200 years ago
>marry someone you barely know at a young age and happily live together for the rest of your life
>have a gorillion different partners you break up with, and when you finally marry someone, you live unhappily with them for a few years before divorcing
What went wrong?
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Hey look a supernova.
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>Pedophilia is natural and A-OK, even acting on it is doing nothing wrong so long as it doesn't involve force or intimidation.
how is it ok
wtf do u mean "acting on it"
so every pedo all kids are intimidated when near a 30 year old
>Even in those cases where you can make the most clear cut case for rape, it's not nearly as bad as society pretends it is.
>more walls of bullshit
not  even  gonna  read  that
Replies: >>166410
Because womym don't have souls.
Rape is not that bad if you take responsibility, if she is a virgin.
I did, 12 year olds look sexier, healthier and more fertile than a 30 year old.

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Can you catch flies with your hand like me? If a fly flies into the house, it will wake up early in the morning and interfere with sleep. These flies are smart and very nasty. They know how to hide.
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Replies: >>166364 + 1 earlier
>he has not seen the movie
The kid catches the fly with chop sticks. Also, smashing a fly is not catching it. It's dead at that point.
I do this with one hand. When I catch a fly, I throw it out the window so that it can terrorize other people.
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There is another secret way. You need to swing this thing. The strike can be very fast and cuts the fly.
>>165705 (OP) 
catch flies with chopsticks
Replies: >>166368
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Furudo Erika from Umineko No Naku Koro Ni would probably be able to do that.

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Imagine putting a real life zoomer meme on a corporate website's front page.
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Replies: >>166363 + 2 earlier
>made in abyss
Way to out yourself as a Reddit troon-supporter
>>161096 (OP) 
Mark Z or Elon M?
Better than a fat nigger woman.
what was the sauce of the green haired one

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