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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

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>be at work
>someone starts giving me unsolicited talk about mental health
>hr resources yadda yadda
>he's trained to look for red flags
>ask what brought this on
>well you're not doing working lunches at your desk like you usually do
>literally just started eating outside because I like fall weather
So I guess I give off pretty gnarly school shooter vibes for a 30 year old.
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These are the post which i keep coming for, sugoi.
Alice in banderland is better and from nihon, watch it.
Replies: >>62754
Damn even the old man episode didn't get you?
Replies: >>62754
Finished, its okay i guess. Too much gross 3dpd sex scene for me, pretty tasteless stuff. Has pro gay propaganda i think in the last episodes. Got anything else? Preferably anime.
You mean the ending? I think its pretty cliche stuff for death game type. I think the korean old boy is better than the manga.
>>60834 (OP) 
During slavery I eat outside every day, no-one gives a shit. Your HR faggot is just a busybody, it's safe to ignore the noise from that mouth. Fuck em, 

Cunts like that create red flags, they're the first to get shot.

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When was the last time you cried? Why you criy??
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But of course, silly, everyone knows that when you work, you die!
That's a great video
>>62742 (OP) 
When i thought about my life. A few weeks ago. Otherwise i got tear in eye when my anime wife died.
When I heard my waifu sing.
Replies: >>62892
It was so beautiful.

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How do you live with the knowledge that your ara fetish has become perfectly normal due to your being 25 years old?
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Social Security will get a 5.9% boost in benefits for 2022 due to increase cost of living.
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>facebook frog
fuck off
Replies: >>62861
Absolutely everything you enjoy will be used on facebook and social media in general.
Replies: >>62878
That's why you make new and better OC to fill the void.
Replies: >>62881
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how do you think of ideas for new OC promoting disablity bux and/or welfare? I can't remember how to use gimp anymore

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>drank away my weekly dole cheque 
>found only a package of dried spaghetti in my cupboard 
>oven is fuckered
>no microwave 
>no way to cook the spaghetti 
>eat it raw anyway
Replies: >>62868 >>62874
you can eat raw pasta?
Replies: >>62875
>>62866 (OP) 
>oven spaghetti
>microwave spaghetti 
The english language lacks the words to express my disgust.
Replies: >>62873
He's a dirty Anglo, going by his usage of 'cheque'. Culinary abominations are his specialty.
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>>62866 (OP) 
Do you have matches, a pot, and water? Go outside and start a fire. Build some kind of stand to so you don't have to hold the pot till it boils.
i considered soaking it to reduce the crunching noise but in the end, i had no problem eating the bag

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Although I appreciate smartness of attire, I do not usually pay attention to the perfection, or lack thereof, with which people’s clothes are cut.

One evening however, during a reception in a house in Milan, I met a man of the apparent age of forty who literally shone on account of the beauty, definitive and pure, of his suit.

I do not know who he was, it was the first time I had seen him, and at the introduction, as it always happens, it was impossible to catch his name. Anyway at a certain point of the evening I found myself next to him and we began to talk. He seemed a genial and civil man, yet with an aura of sadness. Perhaps with exaggerated liberty – may God have restrained me – I paid him my compliments for his elegance and I even dared to ask him who his tailor was.
The man gave me a strange smirk, as if he were expecting the question.

“Almost nobody knows him” he said “but he’s a real craftsman. And he works only when he fancies it. For a few initiates.”

“So that I…”

“Oh, try, try. His name’s Corticella, Alfonso Corticella, via Ferrara 17.” 

“He must be expensive, I imagine.”

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I somehow managed to miss the line which introduces the tailor, at the beginning of this part here >>61893 the script should read:

"In via Ferrara 17 I found a house as many others and just like many other tailors’ this was Alfonso Corticella’s home. It was him who opened the door. He was an old man with very black hair, although certainly dyed. "

My bad, I'll report the post and ask a mod to add it.

I can't say the same about your video, I think I'm going to have nightmares. But glad you enjoyed it too.
This story inspires me to make my own creepy stories. We should petition the fish to make a /lit/ board
Replies: >>61946
If he doesn't, I suppose x could use the activity.
fix'd your shit OP
Replies: >>62813
Fish, commas are important.

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>backorder item I purchased has been delayed yet again

Covid has been such bullshit. How has it inconvenienced you guys so far?
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>>58949 (me)
Also they force you to wear a mask in the heat of FL.

>tfw have no money so can't related to the OP

Another neet here I see. 

Ermagerd toxicity in the city!

Me too though, he's getting some stupid shit when I wish I had essential shit and complaining about his wait for his own personal sporadic christmasses.
Replies: >>60903
What compels you to blogpost in every single thread?
Replies: >>60915
I figure that when you're desperate for attention and validation, you'll take all kinds, both negative and positive. Pretty sad.
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Well I have most of what I need. What sucks about taking photos with a dslr is the weight affects the quality at higher magnification. Even the lightest touch makes the image very blurry. Pic related is Jupiter at a higher and lower magnification.
IMG_0018.JPG (u)
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Some neat pictures of the moon too.

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>want to download a game
>it's only available in steam
>can't download it because I don't want to install steam
>can't pirate it because it's a free game so pirate sites don't have it

I challenge you to find a more stupid problem in your life.
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Fuck off dumb ass(es). Stop trying to kill every board. I think you're pigs at this point hired to stop people from getting out of Internet bubbles. 

It's probably one person.
Replies: >>62551
a_shekel_for_the_good_goy.webm (u)
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nah, he deserves to die and so do you for defending him
Replies: >>62699
>>61714 (OP) 
Install Steam, play the game then uninstall Steam when you get bored of the thread.

Stupid thread
>he does not work
<just die already
>fuck off
<le jew
no u
Replies: >>62724
no w

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In the hopes of somehow raising this dead board's pph.
Is it hopeless?
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pretty cringe
can't even bypass
newfags can't gm­e
buy gm­e
bump buy GM­E
been away for a while because I forgot this dead site existed
heyyyyyyy board is still dead
buy g­me
bump buy g­me
forgot shit board existed again
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Just walking. Don't make eye contact.

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A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?
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Man, Frownland was such a great first song, and I really wanted to like this Beefheart guy. Then he up and writes an entire damn song about muh hall of costs. Also he references fucking sheboons multiple times - might be he's really into tan girls, but I really doubt it. Absolute waste of talent.
Replies: >>62617
yeah... i hear ya, but i've come to peace with taking things piecemeal where things like that are concerned. found life to be less interesting if you purity spiral so hard that good material gets left on the cutting room floor because of abstract notions and ideals.
>writes an entire damn song about muh hall of costs
which one is that?
Replies: >>62716
Our time on this world is limited, friend. We shouldn't waste it like this.
>which one is that?
The third one, I think.
Replies: >>62762
i'll have to give that another listen and maybe this info will ruin it for me. that can happen... more often then not, when art and politics are combined both suffer as a result.

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I realize this is both ancient and very obviously has to be trolling, but...
<watching a particular movie
<get to the soapmaker theft scene
<out of curiosity, search to see how it's disposed of IRL
<find this:
>Fat to Food Recycling
>Over the past few years, IRFAK had developed an optimal production system for making excess human fatty tissue acquired by liposuction suitable for human consumption. This tissue has been acquired by IRFAK by means of donations. In this, IRFAK had the support of several international clinics which have a broad spectrum of liposuction treatments at their patients’ disposal. One of our business partners is Gerven en van Iersel Cosmetic Surgeons.
>Highest priority at IRFAK is “to contribute essentially to solving the worldwide food problem, with the emphasis on making healthy nutrition accessible to everyone.” For our business partners supplying the liposuction fat the main goal is to reduce the costs of their waste disposal.
>Of course strict safety precautions are being taken when processing the waste fatty tissue. By means of freezing, heating and treating the matter using UVC-light frequencies, a product consisting of 100 percent fat with a sterile percentage of 99,8 percent is bei
Message too long. View the full text
so don't buy shitty generic soaps then
you don't have to buy the most expensive soaps to make sure that you're not washing yourself with saponified human fat, there are cheap soaps out there that at least disclose the fats used in the making of the soap on the label

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