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Tokyo Governor Candidate Teams With AV Actress to End Nudity Censorship Laws
>The lawless Tokyo gubernatorial election has been off to a wild start, with perennial candidate Kawai Yusuke teaming up with AV actress Sakurai Miu to end nudity censorship laws and promote the importance of freedom of expression.
>Controversial vigilante YouTuber “Guts” uploaded a video of himself helping remove the posters after Kawai asked for help following the police warning.
Japanese Anime Channel Forced to Remove Yosuga no Sora From YouTube
>Eroge anime adaptation Yosuga no Sora ran into issues with YouTube guidelines thanks to its incestual sex scene when the Japanese Amazon Prime Video channel Anime Times tried to run the show on YouTube for limited-time free viewing.
Sony to Launch Academy to 'Nurture Anime Creators in Global Markets'
>The academy will aim to "[nurture] anime creators in global markets, mainly
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boondock saints but they are shooting up a gay parade
what is she saying?
Replies: >>206607
Doesn't seem to be anything of substance. Just playing an idol/moe-like character. Talking about her name, or about how she wants you to become her friend, or about her favorite foods etc. Pretty weird for what was supposed to be a 政見放送 broadcast of political opinions. And about taking off her clothes, she just said that "it was getting hot" (well, just a part of the play).
Replies: >>206608
i thought she was talking about whore politics or something

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You have no idea how hard it is to be a NEET
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Most of the population actually took the vaxx, without any meaningful resistance. This is a fact. You seem to have a problem with this concept that most people are normies who just don't question anything and just follow the herd. They are in fact in a hivemind, as you say. And if they don't wake up in time, they're going to get fucked.
And no, not everyone has to be in a hivemind to resist, because the system can't even stand up to any meaningful resistance at all. The canadian trucker protest demonstrated this very well. The only leverage the system had against them was to shut down their bank accounts and those of their supporters. But this backfired, as more people started pulling their money out of the banks.
This type of resistance won't be possible once CBDCs are in place. I would recommend everyone take steps to avoid those, but I know you won't. I already have.
Replies: >>206566
>I would recommend everyone take steps to avoid those, but I know you won't. I already have.
Not much you need to do other than
>Have alternative physical currency like silver
>Have goods to barter
>Have a practical skill to trade for silver or goods
The size of your market and ability to survive outside of the new jew system will depend on how many other resisters there are in your area.
Replies: >>206587
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>there's so far that soft brainwashing (no mkultra shit like drugs, deep psychological trauma, etc) can go.
Oh really? If you can make someone believe in something they can't even see or believe something they clearly are not, clearly this goes far deeper than soft brainwashing.
>And anyway, there's no such real thing as a "normalfag" and it's more like a spectrum.
It's not a spectrum. If someone believes in the same exact ideals as someone else but believe in different means of achieving those ends, it still doesn't change the fact that they still believe in the same ideals. 90% of people have the same core beliefs as each other
>You're just sheltered and lucky to have a kind mommy and daddy or government that let you live a comfortable life without interacting with the outside world.
I have a job and live on my own and I can tell you that you are full of shit
>I have interacted with normalfags and none of them expressed a fondness for their job, they treat it like a necessity to have money to live a non-shit life and for some to sustain their family
Whether or not they like their job it still has no bearing on if they are brainwashed or not
>Have alternative physical currency like silver
>Have goods to barter
Means nothing if you don't have a gun, otherwise you're getting robbed of your shit. Trust goes out the window as soon as SHTF.
Which, in the case of CBDCs, it hasnt quite yet gone that far.
>Have a practical skill to trade for silver or goods
Like what?
You're a delusional liar

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Reminder that if you are 50% like this your internet usage should be restricted to Discord, and if you are 90% like this you should be thrown off a bridge.
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Replies: >>206442 + 3 earlier
And you flubbed it. Decent bait until that point though.
Play the Vita original, too.
This, so much this! Every zoomer is cope seethe rent freeing the coomer doomers and sneed feed and seed, they're locked and KEYED and SOVL and /pol/cel bloomer soulless slop black people(nah but seriously I'm not a racist, that's a /pol/cel thing, so please don't tell me to go back to /pol/ cuz I'm not ok) kino peak fiction!
Replies: >>206438 >>206582
Been a while since I saw that pasta, huh.
Replies: >>206446
>>206016 (OP) 
i began using 4chan on 2015, i have no idea of "old 4chan"
Included a new bit of sneedspeak to make fun of this go-around, can you spot it? I promise to not smack you in the mouth for IDing it.
>Play the Vita original, too.
I'm the guy you replied to there, and I agree 100%.

Spoiler File
(694.3KB, 640x360, 00:19)
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>You know the more I learn about hitler the more I don't care for him.
Replies: >>206335
this shreds
Yeah, I don't get it. The more I learned, the more I respected him. Wish US had a politician like him (though a Titus would be even better).
Replies: >>206336 >>206533
>Wish US had a politician like him
They did at one point: Louisiana Senator Huey Long who was actually looking like he was gonna be the presidential bid instead of FDR, in 1935 was shot dead by a Jew
Replies: >>206533
RIP Huey
total kike death

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If you like philosophy you're a tranny
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>nigga going reddit crazy
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>t. I had the whole world figured out by 10
Replies: >>206528
No? What you're saying implies that this gay philosophy shit "figures out the whole world
NGMI brehs
t. Ubermensch

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2D hags are inherently contradictory and the people who claim to like them and call them "cute" are retards because Japanese Moe Art is based upon the principles of True Cuteness and Cuteness is based upon Youth.
It's like 2D negresses, most of the time they just have shit skin and that's it because nigger traits are inherently anti-cute.
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Replies: >>206530 + 1 earlier
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>make fun of you for shutting down
>you just shut down even harder
Thanks for making my day with this genuine autism. I forgive you for being unable to have a proper discussion like a normal person.
Replies: >>206494 >>206499
Says the faggot who shut down first.
Replies: >>206501
<no you are le shutdownfag
Thank you for ultimately agreeing with me.
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>>206376 (OP) 
Most hags, when not depicted by the mentally ill, are just hags by happenstance and barely informs their design. Lana's mother from the Pokemon anime, for example, could have been a 16 year old girl in another anime and nobody would have asked questions.
A staple of ironic weeb philosophy is applying real life logic and morality to anime. It's well documented that low IQ individuals have genuine trouble separating fiction from reality.

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Wouldn't it be swell to sail to different spots and look around?
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Replies: >>206372 + 1 earlier
If you're going to buy a nice sail boat, charter it and you'll make decent money.
The whole ocean surrounding antarctica is dangerous. That's some of the worst possible sailing conditions. I guess you probably shouldn't go there in a rinky dinky sailboat.
You have someone always taking the wheel so you go into the wave. You face the waves and if giant you just roller-coaster your way around. A giant ship can't turn that fast so it would get fucked over though. Then again I'm talking out of my ass and are not the other anon. The vikings had short fucken ships so it has to be right though.
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>>200650 (OP) 
This is like some ENYA song
Sail away, sail away
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>people in this thread don't get this lame pun

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Hello Kitty is so cute.
Why is Sanrio stuff becoming popular again?
Pornspammer neetxister, unleash your collection of Hello Kitty porn.
[Hide] (69.1KB, 500x500) Reverse
What kind of perv would lewd Hello Kitty?
[Hide] (112.1KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Anyone excited for Island Adventure?
I'm a big fan of Roller Rescue for the Gamecube, so It's really nice to get more games of the iconic cat or kitty if you will.
Replies: >>206344
i liked roller rescue as well its a very fun little co op title

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