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Prep work is done.

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why do women keep trying to remove their freckles? it is so beautiful, delicate and angelic. 
it seems that beauty in nowadays is to look adult, unnatural and modern as possible..
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>>123449 (OP) 
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Bitches apply fake freckles to look cute and girl-next-door for their OnlyFans subscribers. Everybody wants what others have.
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>i'm ready to settle down

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>mom storms into my room
>she tells me with the most serious and authoritarian tone something which roughly translates to
>I found you a job, it pays peanuts, you work 60 hours a week, you start monday
>"uh, no"
>"yes I can"
>"I don't care"
>storms off slamming the door talking to herself

imagine wasting literally your entire fucking life being a wagecuck who achieved nothing but stress and traumas and trying to drag down your offspring into the same wagecuckery because you're so deluded and deep into the schadenfreude you actually think it's good for them lol
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I pirate all my vidya and software and I'll steal yours when you're out wagecucking lol
Hey now, it'd probably be a better idea to preserve the vidya so future generations of severely autistic social retards anons can be enjoy what we had.
>>127109 (OP) 
Time to join the world, manchild. Mommy won't be supporting you with tendies and GBP much longer. Maybe another "suicide attempt" will guilt her into supporting your fat parasitic ass a bit longer.
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Me to anon, me to.
>>127109 (OP) 
>you work 60 hours a week
You were right to refuse, that's a job for illegals and felons. Full time 40 hours is better, than anything over 40 is overtime so at least you know you're being paid time and a half for going over 40. That said, if you're able to get neetbux than keep doing that, it's far preferable.

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anon, the first step towards this is turning off your computer and stepping outside
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>stfu commie
Communists stuck work-shy people in the gulag, at best. What the fuck are you talking about?
>it's helping the society
It'll do just fine without me.
>proving you're not a lazy ass
Why do I need to prove anything to anyone else?
They despise me anyway.
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>step outside
>5 inches of snow
>turn 360 degrees and walk back inside
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>They despise me anyway.
Gee I wonder why
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>Communists stuck work-shy people in the gulag, at best
You mean like the kulaks? The ones who held at least modest amounts of land and wealth from farming who refused to just hand over all their produce to ((( bolshevik vermin ))) and ended up being prosecuted and killed by the thousands/millions by ((( them )))?
>this guy rearry jizzed on his sweater
>couldn't even go to the fucking drycleaners for this huh?

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>white men worshipping an arameic carpenter
Replies: >>127063 >>127146
>Varg Coon
ded kike
on a stick
t. /cow/shitter LARPagan nazi manchild
I run FreakBSD VM in my FagBook.

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when did you become "that guy"? and when did you realize? for me it was around when I hit 24 or 25, after that I began noticing both friends and family started treating me differently. I assume up to that point they all were hoping I was just a late bloomer and maybe a bit odd, but there was a certain shift in everyone's attitude past that, as if they'd all given up on me and just felt pity. I haven't given up myself yet but I'm starting to accept my status and I find it funny.

by the way I just noticed that if you hold a longish hair of yours between your fingers and then move them back and forth while still holding it tight does a funny dance like those inflatables you see at car retailers
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I don't think I've become "that guy" yet, only because I've been trying to not be that guy and keep improving myself. I'm still an autistic loser, but I'm just less of one.
Replies: >>126871
Loser by what metric? If you're improving yourself and accomplishing your goals is that not success?
Unless having a family is literally your only goal you're probably not as much of a loser as you make yourself out to be considering you're putting effort into your life. People who give up and become bucket crabs are losers.
Replies: >>126874
Good point. I meant loser as in, not being like normalfags. I guess it's more of a self-deprecating thing. It certainly is good that I'm improving, yeah, and hopefully I'll be able to keep on improving.
t. Incel
Replies: >>127147
t. incel

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Is there anything more manly than having another cute girly looking boy falling in love with you? And him fully knowing you, yourself isn't gay at all? Man that shit gets me hard. I want to have multiple wives, consists of multiple genders. 
Emphasis on the boy looking cute and girly. I dont want to be around ugly gay males.
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>>127078 (OP) 
ok Servius Felix Magnus Homosexualis Maximus
focus only on vaginas, do not ever look in the direction of a penis, and you'll be cured of your bisexual illness
True manliness is being the kind of man who can dominate a futa and then make her into a loving wife.
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>>127078 (OP) 
Manly, being finding companionship and not looking at it from a hedonistic sex point of view. A weak man is no companion, since you cannot even get him pregnant. It seems like a dumb way to use your time, i'm sorry to say. As of the multiple wives thing, as a dream it might be good. But polygamy worked for us and our ancestors. It would be very hard to take care of many people during the economic suicide that is happening before us.
TL:DR : Wanting to marry a man is gay. You're free to do as many mental gymnastics and claim otherwise though.
I lik the kot
I also lik the girl holding the kot

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What's the fiction work with more resemblance to the concept in the greentext?
>gayming and soycial media addicted boy for some reason takes a walk in his town
>he discovers some secret dimension that can be accessed from a rural part of his town, that looks like pics rel and the only person living there is a girl
>there's some symbolism of the internet, mass media and information overload v. "touching some grass", actual human interaction and relationships, blissful ignorance, nature, etc.
>he goes visit that dimension every so often, and a romance starts developing between him and the girl
>that dimension is at danger because of [whatever symbolically represents the internet and mass media]
>the boy wants to save it
>the ending is bittersweet. it might be something about the boy and the girl getting separated forever but getting united in an alternative way? or maybe the boy denying the world and going to live with the girl in her dimension forever (this one seems more happy).
>the work is considered "beautiful", "deep", and makes some people cry
>>126876 (OP) 
Replies: >>126878
Ha ha, Boku no Piko. You're so funny and original, dude.
>>126876 (OP) 
The beginning and the end sounds similar to Now and Then, Here and There, but it has nothing to do with the internet.
What happens instead is that MC gets forcibly drafted into a child soldier army under an insane king, and much suffering happens.
>>126876 (OP) 
Bridge to Terabithia

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Wait, do mangakas even read [other] manga?
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>>126266 (OP) 
What if the png you posted was lying
Replies: >>126279 >>126287
[Hide] (3.3MB, 854x480, 00:36)
It could be, but nips are known for working themselves to death so it could be true too.
Replies: >>127101
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>>126266 (OP) 
Cats are their muse
I have seen some videos of workers sleeping and working in some office buildings during the covid restrictions happened so America is equally as bad as Japan

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What if I said that one's entire life had been decided by fate?
That every single one of your actions, from the minute to the monumental, stemmed not from your own choices, but had already been decided upon?
That life being a journey of limitless possibilities was but an illusion, and no matter how fiercely man struggled, he stood at the mercy of a long-established path?
The wealthy shall know their riches. The needy shall starve on the streets. The wicked shall be wicked, the righteous just. The beautiful, the hideous, the strong, the frail, the fortunate, the miserable... and finally, the victors and the defeated.
What if I said that all such things had been carved into stone eons ago, allowing for no divergence? If so, sinners have nothing to answer for, nor do saints have any true virtue to their name.
What if I said that not a single action is carried out of one's own volition, but had been decided long ago?
That we are merely adrift in the current of time?
Tell me, would you feel content with such a world?
A world in which power is merely given, not earned - would you accept knees bent to a throne build upon such falsities?
A universe where the sinless have-nots are oppressed and downtrodden - would you allow such a world to exist?
If fate has drawn my cards, give me a good hand to fall with.
What if I said you can't be proven right or wrong and that every argument about fate or free will is a retarded waste of time regardless of what the reality actually is?
This is why there is no respect for humanity of itself besides knowing that the world prove itself a regret to life. There is balance of the pillars to a moderate or middle if so not that but an edge. Nothing good of its own reason to distinctive to know contrary or counter the wickedness of its own heart. Even so, to argue logic with counter and yet know that both cannot see reason in the methods chosen to prove, but rather disprove they.

Has a world gone wicked, it forgot its own sanity? says pure. 
Had a world gone pure it would hold no history says the non-pure? 

Both are utterly stupid before the eyes or mind that inherit to understand, with flesh and soul if so others as many thought with their mind rationally thinking and had been one to discern. Or careless they be though they observe and cannot see reason as much is edge and sought with one reason to gather a main purpose.

Guess what. I could do without the heaven and hell disregard distinctive to cult way to damage of the faith of many as each one does have a free will as others with caution under to above this are warned of themselves to generations. Let me explain this to what century of time have you to those who are manipulated by this junk to people as old to younger. 

Be careful what you ask as myself stated be sort of not to say this - but we all be sacrilegious in some manners though it is better to be true to what actually is thought of oneself if so it be valid towards the actual emotion.

We long to break a cycle for hopefully a cure or that of stability and a man to many others laughs at own stupidity or intelligence gone power mad as they lose themselves and us stupid to ask the question.

Because, this will be fun for idiots who conduct logic and magic in the centuries or the undoing of those who truly choose to corrupt themselves for gain, power, or fortune, and yet lose themselves. Though who actually believes this junk if so pure or wicked to agree to one or the other and that light shine with a grant as if to give peace? To compare many beliefs or everything under a concept, it can be a humanitarian error or calculation with whatever symbolism.

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Hello, this is Haruki Zach. I am gradually no longer a pedophile because of collisions with DeviantArt and Fandom users over my dark past. I have decided to post a thread regrading art communities on the internet.

In May 2016, The Loud House caused the beginning of the downfall of art communities. Many artists became fans of The Loud House with some artists having pedophilia after the premiere of Space Invader, a episode from The Loud House.

2 years later, Gacha Life was released, which went popular on social media but it changed art communities due to its popularity. However, It was also plagued by a series of inappropriate works out of Gacha Life known as Gacha Heat.

In December 2018, Tumblr, under Verizon ownership, banned NSFW (which led to a exodus of artists) and was bought by Automattic next year. On May 20, 2020, DeviantArt which was bought by Wix in February 2017, removed old Interface in favor of Eclipse interface, leading to a exodus of artists.

In the same year, Friday Night Funkin' was released and went on to become known for its modding community. However, It was plagued by controversies including Sky, a character created by a TikTok user with inappropriate works. It also caused many fans to have pedophilia.

In 2021, a neo-nazist known for its funeral videos, Antoons began bulling Puppychan in a series of user dramas which lasted until the next year.
Puppychan went to grooming and intended to be Asian. This disaster changed art communities. 

In the same year, fan fiction creator and artist Geoshea/FanonMaker was greatly exposed for pedophilia. This disaster changed fanon communities. In next year, Ra1nb0w K1tty 101 was also exposed for pedophilia and its relationship with Julian Marrero. This disaster also changed art communities.

Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>127084
(feel share this my thread to 4chan as I cannot send to 4chan's random board and social media as this thread is in public domain)
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>>127076 (OP) 
>In 2021, a neo-nazist known for its funeral videos, Antoons began bulling Puppychan in a series of user dramas which lasted until the next year.
wdym, antoons is based af. and he's passionate about his work because it's really unprofitable to be a (hi quality/frame by frame) animator on youtube
check out his channel, everyone

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