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Imagine putting a real life zoomer meme on a corporate website's front page.
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>made in abyss
Way to out yourself as a Reddit troon-supporter
>>161096 (OP) 
Mark Z or Elon M?
Better than a fat nigger woman.
what was the sauce of the green haired one

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If I was Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin I would kill the other guy with a moon rock
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>>166327 (OP) 

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I will see what I can do.
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Kiki's Diaries are on hold for a bit since there's many projects piled up, it should be back in due time.
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lmao what
man you did like a trillion of these

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ITT only geniuses can post, because apparently you need an extraordinarily high IQ to solve a nigger monkey level captcha, mods please enable it for all posts.
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The captcha taught me to play chess, I can confirm this is correct.
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it shuld need more words
ur retarded it was already hard enough to figure out the meta for the one they use currently like touch grass not every1 wants to solve puzzles pointlessly
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meant to quote 1st line

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Metallica peaked at Ride the Lightning, anything after that wasn't as good, and anything past the self titled Black Album was total unbearable crap not even worth listening to.
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>>163956 (OP) 
Probably one of the nastiest demos to come out of Sweden after the Treblinka and Dismember tapes
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>>163956 (OP) 
Metallica is best on a harp
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>>163956 (OP) 
Post demos
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Do you think by yourself? We're invaded by another people opinions and there no way to block it and you are ((( influenced )))
The more the man think how intelligent is the more stupid it is 
Simply as
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Tank G?
The mere act of communicating is a mutual invasion of minds. You are literally projecting ideas into another person's head with your words and vice versa, stop using the Internet and go live in the woods if this bothers you.
>>165722 (OP) 
Mob mentality is dumb as hell
Early 4chan was a good example of how anonymity and lack of moderation could break social conditioning.
We came to the conclusion that a lot of what our society most hated was in fact unworthy of it if you looked at the evidence and argumentation with a detached skeptical eye.
We became contrarians on the most taboo subjects, advocates for the most hated opinions, enemies of "common sense".
We scared the hell out of the jews who run the world, so they shut us down. We never really recovered from 2020, but we should.
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not fond of colords

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What is the wildest conspiracy theory you believe in?
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Straws are a strawman. Banning straws inconveniences normalfags and makes them subconsciously believe caring about the environment means making things worse all while not actually harming the beast. The plastic that pollutes the world, your food, and the very air you breathe comes not from plastic straws but primarily from mass produced consumerist products from China and American corporations. 
You can't drink soda with a straw that isn't made out of paper because environment. But the same soda can be in a plastic bottle, made from plastic that can't be recycled, with no regard for the health hazards of doing so and despite those very same bottles polluting the very same water you use to water your crops.  
There's a reason why the government reacts to pic related by banning straws.
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peod elites control the government
you can tell by how whenever the pedo is discoverd hes sent to protection
or they call it "s*xual assault" so nobody notice what hes really being charged w/
every1 nos s*x..sault is just a word every1 ignores cus its always charged for overexaggerated things
this is how epst*n got away for so long
idk mental block bbl
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Aryans are extra-terrestrials from the planet Nibiru, Jupiter, or somewhere else in the universe while jews are a demonic/negative karmic people from Saturn or somewhere else in the universe, or were once brother races that pursued different alliances in regards to divinity and heresy at some point resulting in the destruction of their home planets and leading to their arrival on Earth. Man was once many feet tall and could be capable of telepathic communication.

Side note, a friend of mine who I lost contact with told me of a scientific expedition by the Soviet Union in its earliest years, in the midst of the new art and science period, to investigate claims of Siberian tribes who were capable of telepathic communication and when the eager lead of this expedition reported his initial findings he was then appalled to discover the Soviet government had sent an army contingent to massacre all the locals in the region.

The other races of the world were animals or hominids the Aryans bred with to act as slave castes. The Aryan race utilized free energy technologies lost to time and hidden on purpose by the jews who now lord over us. The holy nuclear war that ravaged Aryan India led to an exodus of the survivors to settle in modern-day Iraq, where these people became known as the Sumerians, who lost out to Zagrosian and Aryan savages known as the Gutis and the Semites they ruled over which became the Akkadians.

The Grand Canyon was an electrografted mine and the tenders o
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*a "friend"

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For me, it's the PS3. The best game console. I even have a PS3 in my bedroom, living room, bathroom, and office because the PS3 is so user friendly and helps fill my PSN account with achievements
One time I asked for 3 games to be served and they gave me three, WITH the achievements. I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly game vendor laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!". But the best part is with PS3, the games are not even free for me!
Now the PS3 greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS gives me dopamine, serotonin, and happiness. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere with my PS3, I use it at least 7 times a week for my daily gaming needs which include Uncharted, Motor Storm, Resistance, and Infamous (without any boredom!).
What a great PS3
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>>159008 (OP) 
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I like the part when he says "gay niggers, gay niggers"
>>159008 (OP) 
But PlayStation has no games
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Why are there faggots bumping a thread that's obviously a GPT prompt? Nothing on that post makes sense.
>one time I asked for 3 games to be served and they gave me three, WITH the achievements
What kind of human being would type this? Does any human being here believe videogame stores sell you achievements?
>what a great PS3
How about you kill yourself OP? If you want to post, post yourself, not a machine. Why would I ever reply to (You) if I knew you were a machine? Shouldn't I just talk to ChatGPT instead?

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Not pooping as much poop again.
A 1, and not so much.
Time to eat some prunes.
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Pooped a decent amount of 4, likely thanks to the prunes.
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How can I do that when I only post on teh PeeZee?!?! Gonna potty in leik 1 min so...am I still valid?
Drop your phone in the toilet please

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