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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

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>17 PPH

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>3 PPH
rattle me bones
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>58 PPH
its only because of the autist spamming the ara thread

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Is there such thing as knowledge which should never be known to anyone and is best for humanity/the universe as a whole if it is kept unknown?
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Today's human mind is an ascended beast. It is ascended because it practically threw away the fact that it can kill for it's own gain. Not for a good of majority, not for a good of worthy minority, not for any justification. Just for itself. That was tossed. Once one becomes immortal, it is inevitable for a human mind to once again pick up on the fact that it is possible for one to kill. Just what is it that it would do then?

All those noble goals like "supreme leader", "conquering the galaxy", "establish a new frontier", all of that is realized through struggle of the mind and body. Immortality is an absence of most threat of death. No adversity through struggle will just end in "I'm right you're wrong I kill yu swoosh" most times.

It is not "the rich" just because of "hey they're rich", it is because of their incredible resources and their will. Successful sociopaths will tend to be even more successful as they live. They'll think that they're winners of life! As long as I worship the "I" in it, no god can overtake me! I'll go for immortality next!

Basically. Humans struggle, are deluded or die. Give them immortality and struggle lets them think that those "mortals" are inferior. What would it take, four, five generations with this tech up? And for delusion, it's even worse. Humans must have an end-point of death or they go mad
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Socrates described the slow descent of man into manipulative practices when asked if books or music are a good thing. And while yes they're both very beneficial, they inevitably lead to the gathering of advertisers leaking their conscious and subconscious studies on how to gain a better consumer base. 
The best way I can think of this is the usage of cookie cutter advertising using colours, shapes and people to make us lured into unnecessary goods or the same with certain styles of music which have been created to access a broad group rather than create art for the sake of art and not profits.
Or if we were all immortal we'd all learn to be actually for the first time truly independent and no society would even exist. The thing you fear already happened really, them being pigheaded sociopaths. 

>>62065 (OP) 
I doubt it.
>>62065 (OP) 
You can fart in an elevator and lie about it, but the elavator will remember.
>Why is it you believe in "the rich" anyhow? I'd wager you've never even met someone you'd consider to be a member of "the rich"
Sure showed him, mr richfag. Why don't you drown yourself in cash somewhere else?

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So my mom was driving me to the hospital. When we got out of the car and was walking towards the hospital i passed a balcony that was decorated with a rainbow flag. I thought to myself "faggot shit" and i just kept walking. When i was walking back from the hospital i saw the same flag and thought "faggot shit" again. Then when we got into the car i saw the flag again and i said "faggot shit". My mom said "uhh what?" Because she probably didnt understand what i said. I told her "nevermind".
I thought this was worth sharing.
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>>62180 (OP) 
It wasn't.
I liked the story
>>62180 (OP) 
You should go back there at night, climb the flagpole and tear the sodomite banner off, and throw it in a trash can.
<what's this fucken shit here, FAGGGOTshit!
>curshes pokeball

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i've seen around a dozen different flags within the space of one city block in the states. stars and stripes, gadsden, state flags, college flags, rainbow, rainbow with nigger stripe, pastel trans striped, blue lives matter, half stars and stripes / half gadsden, stars and stripes with a graphic of christ worked in, pirate flags, flying spaghetti monsters, version 2.0 of blue lives matter covering all emergency responders, many mexican flags, and many other countries to signify heritage, and i'm probably forgetting some. the aesthetics of the usa are becoming a clusterfuck of unimaginable proportions at this point. i've yet to visit any other country that looks quite like this. drove around the states with a leaf bro, even before all these niche flags were in vogue, and he remarked something to the effect of, why so many flags, eh? do americans forget where they are or something? nobody has any idea where they're at now. are there other countries in current year that have developed such a flag fetish?

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Turk give me Discord Nitro
Kill yourself

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>looking up jobs associated with digital nomads 
>"must have a bachelor's degree in arse licking with 1-5 years (preferably 5) of experience
I should just create a company. Anyone got some ideas? I'll hire you and give you good benefits.
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Call me if when you've learned to subsist on bitterness and learned to reject food entirely.
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At least he doesn't live off of boot polish you fag.
Replies: >>62164
Its already like this in some places offering up to $14 starting to work a McJob.
I'm offering to build a company with my collateral and you shame me over offering him a job?
The entitlement of zoomers nowadays dude.
Replies: >>62173
It's not like I know you're the OP. 

t. guy that's generation y and over 30

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>the sun came up again
>awesome dreams are over
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You act like the state Psychologist. I don't to back to the psychiatric hospital. Your probably right, it's probably a Ox but 8 year old me didn't know the difference but I keep referring it as a cow for some reason, this  thing has been in my dreams in adulthood also. As for alignment chart it's mostly neutral, as we only talk about things that happened in the past. Some of his advice is terrible advice and sometimes pretty good. As for Are the dark evil are mostly people in my past that disliked me and hated me or the "dark" and evil version of me. I can't remember what the dark beings turn into after talking to the them for a while but something dark reddish or a black creature depending on the setting of the dream.
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>randomly capitalizing are

Are ya drunk? 

Not that anon by the way that you were talking to. 

>>As for are the dark evil are
Word salad a bit anon....

>tfw he's seen the unseeable creatures too
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>Also I have no cow that talks to me but once had my subconscious talk to me and it's scary as you're literally talking to no one
That's what my subconscious is maybe doing, using animals as my emotions and my internal struggle instead of me talking to myself but I haven't figured out what some of the other animals symbolize. Some of my dreams could get heavy quick  because I try to keep my emotions bottled up. With all this fake smiling I have to do I feel like one day I am gonna just snap, that is why I quit my old job.
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Faux smiles are indeed of the most dystopian of the things that capitalism has wrought. 

Not that I've ever worked.
Anon, i don't want to scare you but demons are know to take animal forms, the cow isn't your friend, it's probably just waiting for something to exploit you.

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Ogrechan BTFO yet again by the boys!
Highly disgusting.

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Should i put my computer in my room or in my living room? Im moving into my new apartment soon. If i put it in my room i feel like i will just be in my room whole day and not really be in rest of apartment. But if i put it in the living room i will feel its unsafe because its not in the room i sleep in. Idk.
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The living room. It gets tiring being in the same room all day. If you eat at the computer, it's better to not have it in the bedroom.
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>>62024 (OP) 
Does your keyboard have LED lighting? Those are a pain to sleep even while it's on sleep mode so I would put the computer in a separate room
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Why would you need it anyway?
I think you should throw out your puter.
Helpers are going to come everyday to help me cook and stuff like that. Idk.i was thinking of getting a switch and putting it in the living room

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If Tanya posed like this, would you get in close and smell her farts?
Anti cake spam bump
I hope more shit threads get posted so I can hide them but will leave the cake up as it will be pruned. Saves me time to clear up the shitty threads but it will be weeks before the catalog recovers....


I don't even get this meme. I mean, I know where it came from, but I don't get it. It's just a twerk pose without the actual twerking.
Uh-oh... STINKY!

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Why was this allowed?
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Replies: >>61970 + 1 earlier
>>60592 (OP) 
i've seen people swimming naked before while they saw each other naked while they were swimming. i don't know why any of us allowed it to happen.
Replies: >>62001
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I have seen people use those beach showers to clean their crotch and boobs from the sand. They try to be quick but it's hard not to see because they put these near the beach entrance
Replies: >>62003
>free showers
<So that's why beach bums exist!
Replies: >>62006
The wealthy folks live on the beach got annoyed about the homeless camp and got the local police to push them to the downtown area but the downtown area is real close to the beach so I occasionally see bums busing back and forth there.
Replies: >>62013
Yes that does happen everywhere. They're thoughtless, richies.

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