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Say something nice about my ugly wives
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Okay, how's this?
>Giving money to a bitch without even getting your dick wet is absolutely retarded!
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Not bad I suppose but when it comes to being an online geisha you need a voice more than anything. Simps want to be told shit not read it.
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Pic related. My deep, masculine voice will go from uncanny valley to curiously sexual within three episodes.
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if you're going to walk up to the door you better knock
pretty sure anyone into a voice like hers is just going to want the dr mrs the monarch impersonation
or a straight tranny
>>17493 (OP) 
What drives spomeobe to do this?

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Have you guys ever sort of just stumbled into a hobby? I'm not sure if it really qualifies as a hobby, but shooting rats has been a bit of fun since I've been stuck at home.

>early winter
>sister has a garden in the back yard 
>complains that there is something eating her plants
>turns out it's rats having a late night snack
>buy a scope for an air rifle we just happen to have
>bait the tree they use as a highway with peanut butter 
>sit out in the dark with an ebook or my phone and keep an ear out for them

It's actually pretty fun, except for the waiting part. My only regret is that I seem to have culled the population a bit so there hasn't been much damage as of late.
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everybody's line is in a different spot tbh, but as long as you're making it quick, not being unnecessarily torturous, and at least considering other options, imo you're fine
I've mercy killed and killed things of questionable dangerousness while I had opportunity, but I resort to it later than most

I don't think that makes me "better" than anyone else, just think that's the way one should endeavor to be
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>>19300 (OP) 
>be me, Albertafag
>live in most rat-free area of the world
>still have fucking mice for some fucking reason, but at least we only have amateur vermin instead of the professionals
>thank you based Ratcatchers
Replies: >>19852
Man Florida sounds like a fun place.
Rat Patrol is rad as fuck. Mostly volunteers too. Major problem we're having now is wild boars, which are pigs gone feral. 
They eat like pigs oddly enough, they're smart so they can avoid traps and they're massive so poison requires huge doses. People don't report them either because they're good for hunting.
>>19300 (OP) 
Good riddance, fuck rats

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Uh oh spaghettios!
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Poop sauce!
was this before or after getting bummed?
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>>23469 (OP) 
Good now get a BLACKED underwear.
>>23469 (OP) 
lick it clean

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The world would be a better place if women were in charge and men didn't have human rights. You wouldn't be suffering right now because you would have been killed as unnecessary, only the top tier chads would be allowed to live and they would be used as sex tools by many women.
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>Thus, degenerate culture would be frowned upon and whores and faggots would be given a run for their money.

I think whores would do rather well for themselves in an environment with limited entertainment options.
Even so I think most of this is on point.
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What's with the picture of Guile? You a Street Fighter II fan?
What a pretentious faggot.
wow thanks anon  you're great and I hope you have a nice day

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to end homos
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Chick-fil-A is my favorite fast food place. The chicken is good, but mainly it's b/c they are against literal-cocksuckers and other degeneracy. They're not perfect, but so much better than all the rest it's like day and night.
>>Things that never happened. The post.
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>niggers start hooting
>bitchboon makes me spill my lemonade when she starts twerking
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>>manager comes out, clapping >presents guy with frostie coupons

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In the summer I am gonna spend a month or so at uncle's probably to do jobs around the apartment block he owns  it's a small town out of my state where I don't know anyone. I am gonna be bored as fuck  with no internet except my smartphone but I need the money
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Yeah. I hear they're really hard up for cabin boys.
Replies: >>19360
seriously though, if you're a neet with nothing blocking the lowest level basic government security clearance, to can make like $400-500k over 6-9 months
and that's only about double what you can make without a security clearance

just have to love memorizing ship schematics so you can find your way to deck upside down in the dark after being woken, before you drown
Your parents were right to kick you out. Get a fucking life and a job.
is merchant navy worth it?
>>19201 (OP) 
Seriously get a life you fat fuck.

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It's been bugging me now in the 2+ years I've had this, and I cannot rest until I get a source.
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Replies: >>15711 >>19548
Cool. That's One part of the mystery solved. Leaving the electro-synth song that plays in the OP as the second (and hopefully final) part. And to >>15566, thanks again.
>>15560 (OP) 
I mean it sounds like Daft Punk, but I can't find it in any of their albums right now.
>>15560 (OP) 
Yeah, that's definitely future funk OP. I would accept my loss and give up now because all future funk sounds the same and it'd be like looking for a needle in a needle stack, but who knows. Maybe if you tried some music compilations on jewtube you'll hit pay dirt eventually.
Bumping for your sake OP

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Well another Pokémon bae.
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>I already have sex but I don't talk about 24/7 like you.
Learn to spell and also try to give me proof that the guy is always thinking about sex? Because let's be serious you never will nor had sex.
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Yet you fail to use it properly.
>Doesn't apply to me either. And you're moving the goalposts.
The fact that you would store porn/lewds of drawn women questions about what is your sanity. Only faggots do these degenerate things.
Replies: >>24816
The problem with these kinds of people is that instead of like not going to these threads, they go here and just rage here like a fucking /tv/channer. 
They insult everyone who posts anime pictures because "muh tranime". Despite the fact that trannies are a minority and not all people who watch anime are or will be trans and they have nothing to back it up, outside of few reddit posts and god knows what. It's just a retarded line of thinking.
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>Never have sex
Quit making up bullshit.
Replies: >>24816
>The fact that you would store porn/lewds of drawn women questions about what is your sanity. Only faggots do these degenerate things.
Why he shouldn't, give me proof.
Give me proof.

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>he likes girls before they are 21+ and are done with puberty
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You belong to the jail. Go on... drop your soap.
Replies: >>24589 >>24599
>to the jail 
Who's Jail?
Stop being rude.
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So this is the wall people are talking about, huh.
Replies: >>24793
Go back to 4chan.

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What makes Scathach the hottest girl in the history of the Fate franchise?
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Here's some more examples I guess. I don't know what argument are you trying to make though. I'm not saying that every single anime artist is bad. I'm saying wrong anatomy is wrong anatomy regardless what the purpose of the art, painting or drawing is.
Replies: >>24642
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>second pic
[Hide] (94.7KB, 680x994)
>You digging in the trashcan for shittily drawn images by unknown artists doesn't do anything to prove your stance.
My sides, you haven't heard of sakimichan? She makes like 6 figures a year on patreon btw.
Replies: >>24646
Holy shit the more I look the worse it gets.
How do you get that far with rendering and facial structure while puyting zero effort into the rest of the body?
Replies: >>24730
Pre made assets.

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