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How come this planet has more people than ever before in history, important jobs that would take people's time and effort are more automated than ever before, yet the amount of people who can make good entertainment is lower than ever before? You'd think that we're in the best possible scenario for people's artistic skills to be developing and there would be countless amazing games and stories, yet humanity's ability to produce good anime or manga or videogames is just going down and down.

One of the main arguments for having more people in the world (as opposed to limiting human population) is that more people means there will be more geniuses and better things will be created or whatever. But it seems to me like the exact opposite is happening.
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>I don't watch porn
Do you still ejaculate plenty? I theoretically don't watch porn yet I'm addicted to jerking it. Your statement isn't conclusive enough.
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>>9554 (OP) 
Literally centralization, everything is funneled, weather you can or can't spread media is up to a small group that everything else revolves around. Doesn't matter how many people exist or not.
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Masturbation hasn't stopped anyone from doing anything. You masturbate because you've already been stopped. You already failed to do the thing and thats why youre maturbating. 
Telling people to stop is like telling people to stop wearing casts after breaking a limb because casts keep you from moving your joints.
No reason to innovate when you can just get dopamine hits from consuming. Also as >>9588 says centralized company structures have sapped all the vigor out of industries.
Not really, drug use and age must have decreased my libido. I don't care much about drugs either, i'm surfing more graceful patterns now.

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Spoiler File
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forced cancer is still cancer, quadranigger
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They're rage comics because they make you rage at how bad and cringey they are.
>>9505 (OP) 
Sage comics.

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Post your Klims here
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5 to go?
bumplock it already
will you?
come on you hardass

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Every/b/ody needs one of these.  Shitpost away.
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My Toilet is my Waifu: https://mylittlepony.hasbro.com/
zzzchan is being invaded by a gay nigger
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Just like your asshole.
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Fellow higher beings,

Now that the human experiment has failed and is coming to an end, the committee has decided that we will start the next project and leave our creation, mankind, to fend for itself.

However, before we leave, the decision was made to leave 3 of our creations to the humans in order to help them. What will these 3 things be?
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Sorry I messed up. Now the whole planet is Finnish.
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hello, za world subbort? :DDD
why eberone suddenly look finnish? :DDDD
tihs is ebin XDD
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Spoiler File
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Congratulations! We can now consider human experiment a Finnish-ed product!
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I'll start
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not sure, i do remember that one nig that posted about his birthday on faceberg and nobody showed up, so 4/b/ made a shitty birthday card in MS Paint and sent it to him
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>You were the sunshine of my life, I wanted a boy so badly and I had one - what the fuck have you done
I feel terrible now. Imagine being in that guy's shoes. If my kids ever turn into faggots I will probably run them over.
I'd like to believe that this is indeed old people sense of humor, so instead of despair, it's a positive image.
I'm not a native speaker so does "pulling oneself off" refer to onanism? Call me a coomer but the very thought of not being able to jerk off to the point of orgasm is horrifying. Is this the ultimate taboo of "transitioning"?
It would be much more intresting if the dad just disowned him or told him the truth about (((gender theory))

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>cakeniggers are on the webring now
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Literally who? What do they do?
People love their blacklists due to being spooked into being normalfaggy as hell. 

coward detect
where's that billboard that had a direct link to /qresearch/?
>tempted to check on /vore again
>don't want to give jimbo even a fraction of a shekel for visiting his shithole
>tengu (which now is a global mod here) temporarily moved his board to 8moe
Lol no, that board was dead the entire time. They actually moved to kissu and then moved here instead of just using the 8moe board they already had.

>But the admin

I seriously hope you don't crosspost on 8moe.

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/b/ is the TOP BOARD of Sleepychan!
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>new things
Replies: >>9452
>>379 (OP) 
Of course it is. People like having the freedom to post about whatever they want instead of being bound by a particular topic.
>nothing to me was ever new EVER
>i was SPAWNED into x website
I did what /r9k/ back in the day always did and argued over what abnormal vs normal meant, even on /b/ they did that before the /r9k/ even existed, but bootlicking zoomers take wizchan's rules too seriously so they banned me for open mindedness, then banned any comment i made that the IP would match to the meta thread over and over.
Replies: >>9455
>that the ip would match to the meta thread

I meant with that poor grammar that they deleted perfectly fine comments in other threads.

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(17.3KB, 460x460)
>Mom asks me to transfer photos from my sister's phone to her laptop
>scroll through the photos out of pure curiosity
>most of the images are just retarded teenage girl memes from Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter and her messaging app
>suddenly see second pic related
No, she can't possibly be...
>realize that she was begging my Father for a dog few months a go, even though we already have 2 cats and had like 5 of them in total
>realize that she often admitted to me that she went to her boyfriend's/friends houses just to see their dogs
What the fuck am I supposed to do? I was never so nervous and scared in my entire life before. How can I look at my sister's face in person again? Should I buy one of those secret recording devices, just to be sure that my sister is possibly not a dog fucker and that I was wrong? Should I tell about this to my parents?
I've always genuinely though that she's better than most women, because she hates niggers and often listens to me for life advice.
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>implying it means what you think it means

I hope the autists aren't this autistic, because wahmen hate dick picks as they take men for granted and you are to turn them on with personality, and that generally means by being funny. 

memes = you made her laugh

her laugh = higher chance she fucks you

Or do you people sit here in the middle of nowhere online because you don't understand how women think?

Do you really?
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Just kill yourself niggerfaggot.
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(546.6KB, 1022x602)
Explain as to why you think I should in more detail.
(20KB, 358x358)
Will OP deliver?
Will his sister get her dog?
Who will fug her first OP or the dog?

Every woman i have ever known that liked dogs has been batshit insane, insufferable, and borderline retarded. This is including family members, coworkers, friend's girlfriends, and (regrettably) girls I have dated.  For whatever reason they all believe that dogs can somehow sense if you're a good or bad person and believe in other retarded shit like astrology.

My sister sleeps with the dog in her bed and lets and almost encourages it to lick her mouth.  Even if that's all she's doing it's disgusting as fuck.  She also believes the dog is super intelligent and can "read" people.  This dog barks and growls at the washer and dryer whenever they're on.  It's been doing this for 8 years.  You would think such an "intelligent" and perceptive animal would realize that barking and growling at an inanimate object is irrational.

This one girl I dated for a year convinced her sister to not marry a guy she was engaged to because when he came over the dog randomly bit him because dogs can sense if someone is a bad person.  This dog ate it's own shit and had to be taken to the vet multiple times because it kept eating inedible objects.

(515.3KB, 874x618)
Anyone given you any problems for not wearing a mask?

>in goodwill filthy foreigners read: big thrift store
>some old yank kikess waiting in line starts bitching at me
>just stare downward at her with a shit eating smug on my face
>PEOPLE ARE DYING my son oh my poor son has got covid
>she glares at me
>notices the women half of a family at another register
>starts kvetching at them
<they tell her not today lady and the mom insinuates she'll fight her
>continuous kvetching to herself then the cashier then leaves
>chat it up with the family and tell them how it started
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Virus gave me perfect excuse to wear the mask and even basic gloves all the time. Yes, I don't care if it saves me or someone that much, I just want to play mask outside and use video games inside.
Replies: >>9321
*use mask outside and play video games inside
Jesus fucking Christ where's my eyes.
>>9288 (OP) 
The jewish love spics. Do research on it, they reject caucasians for mturk but allow histpanics more often because of their plans. 

Also, people go to goodwill and such to buy and resell and you're not a kike like them so they felt as though you just copied their uppity ways. 

Obvious shit is obvious. It's not "for some reason". 

Wish I was wrong because I hate poltard invasions of right wingers and hate right wingers but when shit's obvious it's obvious. Who complains the loudest and loves to buy and resell? Jewish people.

That's the jews for you, loud minority, the race. 

Duh. They already have it as the only thing the jewish ever were great at was playing mindgames, hence why so many have their abrahamic religions now, they were really loud about that too. 

They get off on telling people what to do and how to think and the news blatantly is what that's for. It's propaganda, but the jewish oddly ended up dominating it while a minority all over. 

What matters more than the money mindgame is propaganda to keep they goyim in line. Not them because when you're rich you can just fly to where something isn't illegal and other cheats but yeah, keep the poor goyim in line as slaves. 

Back in ancient rome perhaps half were slaves, they often got their freedom too, now like, what, 10 percent are bosses? 90 percent wage workers? half and half was better and the jewish DESPISED IT because they can't shut the fuck up, they likely never would get their freedom and kept getting seen as problematic instead while wishing for some militant messiah to help them shoot lightning bolts at the Roman soldiers and instead when le jayzuz gets born he actually likes the goyim, so they kill him. Now they're sitting there wondering if they failed some test while trying to end the world to get le gawd to come, when in reality he'd have smashed Greece's cock, Egypt's, etc, as soon as the popped up if he were actually real. 

They're insane and loud about it, so it catches the sheeple's attention. 
Message too long. View the full text
no cuz i wear mask lol

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