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Since we had one back on old pre-dysnigger /b/. I think it would be a good idea for us to produce OC banners and such.
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Put these in the rotation BO
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(684.4KB, 1000x1034)
>Jewish Dialectic
Fuck you!  Cirno is a good girl!
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I meant 9chan but i'll put you cirno pedos under that header as well.
(48.9KB, 654x667)
They all suck, die.
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Then why don't you make something better faggot.

(81.6KB, 960x960)
ayy lmao
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The first search engine result when I type "sideways text generator" 
I'd give whatever I used a 2/5, random capitalized letters and the "o" isn't even sideways
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∀ʎʎ lɯɐo
(122.9KB, 751x751)
Install gentoo
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gentoo more like gaytoo LMAO

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Post anon's wisdom here, any form you have.
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That's what makes it recent, anon. :^)
I've been forced to be a wageslave for half a year and still don't understand what first pic is talking about. I feel the exact same as I did when I was a NEET, maybe even worse. Are some people just hard wired to get dopeamine hits from working or what?
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(64.8KB, 761x750)
(147.2KB, 1317x539)
(36.1KB, 610x408)
He has a good job and other hobbies or is talking out of his ass.
>social media
If social media really depresses people then it's one more logical reason to stay the hell out of it.
>also implying that people, whether they're neet or minimum wage slaves couldn't be actually happy for their friends and family members having a relatively good life

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what did you fap to recently
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>It's not cheating if she gets fucked by a little boy
The absolute state of NTRfags.
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Anon, this isn't 8cuckold. Loli is allowed here
(617.9KB, 1414x2000)
but anon...
I AM that little boy
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(4.2MB, 1280x720, 00:28)
Why are you even on this website and not Qchan or Cuckchan?

>I self-insert as the cucker, not the cuckold!
Basic bitch NTR excuses.

(259.3KB, 1000x1080)
Greetings and salutations, anon here. I used to be active on Fatchan, then I got involved in some other imageboards, and by the time I went to look back at Fatchan, it was gone. What happened?
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(368KB, 500x562)
who cares
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so much this, no one gives a shit, PLW has lower activity for a reason, nobody can be assed to deal with stupid niggers huffing their own farts.
Replies: >>1541 >>1561
I only use /animu/ and /hgg/.
(708.8KB, 829x793)
(3.4MB, 1144x4744)
(9.2KB, 300x100)
(1MB, 1149x995)
Speaking of cakejew, I'd say it's more apt to call it BLACKEDchan than cakechan, even if the kike runs the only active board.
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PLW also has a couple of plebbitors on there as well.
No surprise that acid man is a cuck, a jew or both.

(124.1KB, 750x610)
I want to troll and wreck some noobs. What should I name my player character? Requirements are 4-16 letters and no 'profane words'.
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>>706 (OP) 
Replies: >>1018
Ketchupanddirt is pretty epic
See Gail
Nate Higgers
Kate Hikes
Kurt go bang
Seth Putnam
GiGi all in
Timothy GetLaid
Jeffrey GotHer
Marilyn Hanson
Fed Gein
Adolf Hit Her
Tre blinks ya
Dindu muffin
White Gingdham
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(107.9KB, 750x944)
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(389.2KB, 960x2880)
I'm only surprised it doesn't happen more often.
>one of them breaks, kidnaps her and kills her
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He posted that pic in their discord after he did the deed.
>that better not be real
(509.6KB, 685x700)
>>1359 (OP) 
Not just that, he blackmailed him with jail time because she lied about being an adult.

(257.3KB, 736x1104)
Banned on cuckchan for posting gore because it's "child porn". No wonder it's got so bad, nobody can even gorespam to keep the normals out. I wish there was just a place I could post in peace about topics I'm interested without the constant stream of normalfags ruining every discussion. Unfortunately even 8kun has this problem. My only option is to go to a fucking i2p server or start trolling tor but I don't want to see disgusting actual child porn. It was sort of the same thing when I tried to flee to masterchan when 8chan was getting flooded with normies, the admin was a fucking pedo and the site was horrible.
I think some of you are from 8chan and krautchan before the nuke and you might be able to sympathize at least a little with this whining.
I just want it to end, there's no reason to go on. Even with a place to post free of normals, it's not like it would make a difference. The real life gets worse, I get worse, the internet gets worse. There's nowhere to go, and even most of the anons I used to talk to have disappeared. Even some of the 8chan moderators have killed themselves(sometimes livestreamed). What's there to do? I've just turned into a whiny internet boomer. I guess I'll try to make this my last post on the internet, and hopefully never worry about the world again.
It was fun, anons, I'll finish my backlogs and see you guys some day.
>inb4 kill urself whiny fag
it'd never be the same without it. :')
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it's good to be back
(25.1KB, 242x385)
>Even some of the 8chan moderators have killed themselves(sometimes livestreamed).
You have my attention and my boner; who an hero'd?
Replies: >>1457
For starters, Omlet(/b/ mod) If I remember correctly Smiley(BO of /x/) and a few other lesser mods like one from r9k
Replies: >>1459 >>1473
what, really? sauce?

(97.3KB, 932x400)
Who would win between the two /b/?
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>The duelist vs the bearer of standards
I'd put my money on the bloke with the flag spears.
Not only does he have a reach advantage, he's got two moire legs than the mermaid on the left.
Replies: >>1360
he's got two Deaths chasing him though, I don't know how long he'd last, he might even die before the battle even begins
>the lad on the right
That's a big dong
Replies: >>1380
Could beat the other one to death with that alone.

(11.4KB, 249x211)
Hey do you niggers wanna raid bunkerchan for lulz?
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Replies: >>1333 + 1 earlier
Whoever gave the Bunkerchan admin(s) cause to make it impossible to lurk there easily via tor, I hope you're happy. Faggots.

I'm not sure what irritates me more: Cloudflare, or idiots who have to ruin something for others
Qtards are much more hilarious to bully because they're all boomers that actually get bothered by stupid mundane shit like loli. Plus Ron is convinced loli is illegal so they'll all start global reporting it as CP. Leftypol is just lame, who fucking cares about that shit.
Replies: >>1327
It might have most active imageboard /pol/ outside of 4chan. I liked lurking there and posted substantial contributions once in a while.
(1.4MB, 998x1474)
>What would be gained if we raided 8kunt?
Lulz.  The Qboomers are all paranoid and superstitious newfags.  Post some shit in amharic with pics innocuous things and they'll think Satan himself is raiding their site.
>>1319 (OP) 
acdc and metallica sux lol

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