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dead board
Replies: >>48090 >>48197
>>48078 (OP) 
May he find a lot of frags and montage plays in heaven.
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>>48078 (OP) 
lol fucking wifi shitters

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At long last, I am proud to present to you my first VN, Down the Rabbit Hole, a story of love and friendship.

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>get it to 5% 
Literally impossible without drastically reducing the services they have available and causing the users to leave for epic. 
Also, >>48040
didnt know MI6 has to spend the guv money on some avatarfag ponce
Not only an avatarfag, but making the same post several times. What a nigger.
Just posting your game on steam costed about 100$, even if it's free. From what I remember. And you can't download it without installing steam first, fuck that.
Replies: >>48114
Humblebundle has DRM free games, but I'm not sure how they filter games. 
Maybe other places like that .io store could work. 
Alternatively just use 50 file upload places, post it on forums like fag95 and achieve immortality through mass redundancy.

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What do you guys think of this song? I've taken a liking to it but I'm not sure why.
Also, post good music.

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hi alex
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no I'm spartacus
Replies: >>47984
I am Spartacus!
no I'M Spartacus
Replies: >>48037
no you're a faggot

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guys i love the covid vaccine it's so epic and cool look at my healthy forearm it's super healthy and epic, get the vaxx now guys
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Hiding your face is now a human right.
The vaccine is so empowering! Get it now!
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Long term mask wearing really does have negative effects on health. You have to be mentally disabled to not mind something inhibiting breathing for longer than an hour.
Replies: >>48013
You are not wrong but you have to be at least somewhat physically disabled to actually notice it.
Replies: >>48025
or live in FL
not him btw

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What the fuck was the author thinking by doing such a 180 with the series? It was so much more unique, refreshing, and funny when it was some lonely girl trying and failing to fit in with normalfag society. It was about a girl enjoying what she enjoys even if it makes her a total creep in society's eyes. Now she's basically the same creep but with friends out of nowhere and has become a normalfag willingly.

Pre-normalfag Tomoko is still my waifu. I will pretend like that shitty normalfag tomoko doesn't exist.
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Replies: >>46501
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Yeah, might as well give it a try.
Replies: >>48018
aaaand it's still dead, nice try. Now if you'll excuse the smartest of us, we'll be going to /animu/.

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I think I've hit the point in my life where my fatherly instincts are running out of control. I now regularly get thoughts of starting a family and getting kids so that I can make memories with them. Just thinking of the possibility that I might never start a family fills me with irrational dread and sadness. Has anyone broken through this phase or have at least experienced something close to this before?
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>>47631 (OP) 
Yes, every normal virile man has this instinct Anon. It's right and true within us, given by God for our blessing.

If in fifteen years from now, you still haven't found a wholesome trad wife to build a family with, your economy is in the shitter, and your whole land is filled with niggers with black-and-brown bodies...just remember what the globalist kikes have stolen from you.

You'll know what to do Anon.
>>47631 (OP) 
>Kidnap a female child and make her your child bride and make your own family. 
<You can make many babies with her.
>>47631 (OP) 
You can marry a coloured woman. 
<They're cheaper than white girls so you can afford her.
I feel like this is the reason I look at photos of kids again and again. Besides oblivious edge.
Replies: >>48007
I also wanna rape children.

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Post everything having to do with the greatest race on earth.
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>i know nothing about history, the post
get raped
Replies: >>47391
No he means race used to be more specific until amerilards started grouping all groups under labels that had little meaning. Grouping all euros/jews/and other light skinned races as white, countless different african ethnicities as black, japs, gooks, chinks, and mongols as asians, and all south americans are now latin-x or some shit.
Replies: >>47408
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>implying germans/french/russians/english/finnish/etc are not all the same little bastards of Rome's demise

I get you though. Race/nationality should die and give way to the new world order tbh tho family to avoid confusion.
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you_are_being_attacked_by_steppe_bandits.webm (u)
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file:///media/muhusername/Data/Music/Sanitation Department/MD.45/2004 - The Craving Remaster
file:///media/muhusername/Data/Music/Sanitation Department/MD.45/1996 - The Craving

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Replies: >>47697

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