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Prep work is done.

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Can anyone convince me that dinosaurs did NOT co-exist with humanity? Even as late as into the early 10th century, there has been depictions (countlessly corroborated) of dinosaurs or dinosaur-like creatures across all civilization on Earth (see pics)

More proof here
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We know about dinosaurs why wouldn't people in the past know about it? As if we're so much better.
I'm not convinced dinosaurs existed at all.
set up one or two hibachi grills in a bathroom, then seal and block all the door and window gaps with duct tape and rolled up towels. Next, proceed to light an adequate amount of charcoal in the grill(s) and let the carbon monoxide put you to sleep. You will never wake up.
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>>123551 (OP) 

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wapchan is kill...
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Don't feed the trannies.
Replies: >>127062
>>going outside is good
Replies: >>127064
It's more the spiteful hatred of anonymous or alternate mediums for discussion because you don't like how some fags handle them than the going outside part.
If trannies trying to get anonamous to touch grass is the same as jews getting political leaders to touch their wall then the  missing element that has rendered touching grass ineffective so far is the lack of a silly symbolic hat, probably something resembling a giant rainbow dildo.
I'm sure that if you go outside wearing one you'll find out that everything isn't so bad after all.
Replies: >>127069
Mmmhmm yes yes good good. Now go touch grass please.

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go to jewtube or any invidious instance and search for a word, any word, followed by before:2006 2007 or 2008, download a video and post it ITT
[for example dbz before:2007 or doom before:2006]
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It's not obvious to crabs like >>126936. You have to realize fags who act like this have truly convinced themselves they're special elites because they watched specific entertainment or played specific games and are also bitter and mad constantly.
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This made me burst into laughter. Holy shit. God bless Kanye, I did not expect him to go in like that. This man just might save us all.
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Blackies don't draw a distinction between jews named stein and jeets named steve, it's all just whitey to them
Wasn't there an oprah one like that a year ago?
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>y-y-you have to l-learn kike lingo!!!
>says while displaying his vibrant culture of diddling kids
How's weather in Tel Aviv?
Ice Cube cucked after Kanye's comments and swore that he's not anti-semitic on twitter.
The big labels and executives fuck over the artists, and then the artists notice the obvious ((( correlation ))).
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I pray to God to protect this man. He's definitely gonna be targeted for ((( assassination ))) sooner or later. 
Stay safe, Ye.

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The other one >>77290 is autosaging and about to slide off the catalog

Enjoy the /b/antz, make your day more light-hearted.
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There's only so much a few guys can do, especially when everyone seems content to lurk or else spray their stinky diarrhea doo-doo shitposts all over the board.
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>Say hello to your Community tab! (So long, Discussion tab)
YouTube is such a piece of shit. The discussion tab was great, especially on older channels. It was such a time capsule because nobody used it after 2014 or something, and so everything in it was left as is. It's just a lot of fun seeing how innocent people in YouTube were a decade ago, it was vintage autism. At pretty much any point you could go over to a random old channel and delve into a rabbit hole of drama or whatever from the discussions tab. The way people talked was exactly as all those old internet screenshots and copypastas make it out to be. You can still see part of this from simply going to old videos and checking the comment sections out, of course, but it's just that the discussions tab was an advanced level of the 'tismo. Probably because things got more personal in it.
Beyond that, I suppose you could check out old internet forums and such if you needed your fill of old internet sightseeing, which are still pretty good, but even then it's just not the same content. I guess that's because they were a little bit harder to get to, as opposed to YouTube where every single retard was already congregated, and that just made for fun.
Oh, and not to forget the fucking sub for sub people. They loved the discussions tab for that. It was good because it was retards having to manually advertise rather than having bots do it for them.
I myself liked to check some specific ones back every once in a while and read. Too bad that I can't anymore. 
They already did away with discussions from the UI a long time ago, but I think you could still access it by just changing the URL. Now, they've removed that as well. As if it hurt anybody or anything to have that option for whoever wants it. And they're being smug about it, too. They put that little bit of text there intentionally to taunt people who remember what discussions were, because it's not like that's a lot of them.
And this was with something that people actually cared about. There was a big enough backlash once they removed annotations, but of course, they didn't care. I think some people actually made extensions to bring them back, but I have no idea if that works well or not.
The discussion tab on the other hand, I'm probably one of the handful people who cared for it. Aaa.
I was actually leaning towards YouTube not being that bad still, until now. That smug ass jab towards the discussion tab does it. I hate these people.
But, makes me think more about it.
This is just one thing, but infuriates me and goes all the way to show how insufferable these people are.
You know how you could sort videos by oldest to newest? How it made life much easier when you wanted to find older videos somebody made, but their channel had a lot of stuff to go through? Or if you just wanted to see the first videos ever somebody put out, for fun? If you didn't, well, a lot of people did. And it was pretty cool. Having to manually scroll through all that stuff is more of a bother than it sounds, especially on mobile because of their app being such garbage. I guess it's only a slight thorn on PC, but yeah, when it comes to mobile even scrolling through small channels is a huge hassle. But no matter, because you can just order videos by the order you want, right?
Except not. They removed it. The motherfuckers. You can't sort videos by oldest anymore, only most popular and most recent. Somebody made the conscious decision to remove this option. They either thought about it, or didn't, I don't know which would be worse. Thought about it means they had a reason they figured to be acceptable, and didn't think about it means they just fucked with stuff for no reason.
You'd figure that a normal site designer would like to give their users options for convenience, and add things like this rather than remove them, right? But these aren't normal people. The demons over at YouTube are insane.
Just how does this change benefit anybody, in any way? How fucking petty can you get? You already had it in as an option before. You didn't need to touch anything, it was already perfect. But you just had to go ahead and meddle with random shit, just because you can, I guess? It's not like it's a big change, or anything. It's just this one small thing that was there to save people's time when they needed it.
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>Just how does this change benefit anybody, in any way? How fucking petty can you get? You already had it in as an option before. You didn't need to touch anything, it was already perfect. But you just had to go ahead and meddle with random shit, just because you can, I guess?
People just do this shit. Random fucking one man indie developers with thirty players will do this and make you turn on forced macros that take six minutes of real time to edit out of your player settings on the server and slap faggot annotations on all your shit with no way to revert automatically in order to pick something up. My best conclusion is that normalfags (that is in this case, simply the vast majority of people) actively dislike things that they don't use. Indeed, I'd go so far as to say that people generally don't even like things that they use, they just like disliking things.
Replies: >>127027
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It's scary coming here because of you, you know.
Replies: >>127029
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I mean you could just reply to my post and it'd dispel the tension entirely
It's kind of annoying to keep linking someone to a post that's got a bunch of missing words kinds of passive fastwriting/drafting/editing errors but it is what it is and it's not like I could remake the post in another thread since without the chain of replies to go up to get context the conversation is pretty much meaningless (unless you just accept all my conclusions without any doubt which is the worst outcome for me, at least)
you've got like 70 replies or less to respond since this thread is gonna fall off the board in like a day after it hits the bump limit

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Was fiction created specifically to depress you?
>extraordinary tales of fantasy lands
>distant worlds
>true friendship
>magical creatures
>genuine love
>amazing advanced technology
>superhuman abilities
>carefree lives
and whatever else.
Meanwhile, reality is ultimately bleak and boring, Most of those things either don't exist or are inaccessible without impossibly large sums of money. The most people like me can have is get drunk and indulge in the escapism provided by fiction, be it books, movies, plays or video games. There's no evil to fight, no place to explore, nothing to discover, no real humans with real emotions left.
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Alright, thank you. I'll try to be less of an over-emotional faggot in the future. You have a good night now, anon.
Modern society is unbearable but he's referring to the principal of that logic and it having become a mantra/tenet. It's fair that you feel that way, many more than you think do as well, but it was never in your control to begin with. If fags or niggers harass you on the street deal with it accordingly, if an unjust law is broken out of sight from anyone who cares did it ever happen? Why pay so much credence and concern for a society that was on the path to treating you disdain or indifference before you were born.

As for your interests you are correct, your thread would get under 100 replies then discussion would peter out as no one cares about these things enough. I think you should keep posting by yourself until you get 2 or 3 people who are invested in what you have to say that they start bouncing back off of you and don't make it into a general with a list of what should be discussed and what gets dumped in your thread. If that fails find a forum to be apart of, they still exist if you make an effort to find them and follow links to pictures or use different search engines.

As for myself I wouldn't be able to have a discussion on most of those not that I dislike or are totally uninterested in f.e. Anglo-Saxons and creative writing. It could be that it's just this imageboard, try another.
Society, people and culture have 
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>127018
>Society, people and culture have become so ugly and retarded that anything that opposes its values is good enough
No that's just something you tell yourself to feel good about doing nothing to counteract the trash. That's not to say you can't complain, but don't expect others to grovel at your feet and pat you on the ass just because you know things suck in the world and you like to whine about it.
Replies: >>127023
I'm not speaking for me, that is my explanation of the reasoning for that mindset.
Replies: >>127024
Oh well never mind then.

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eat this
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>Eating greens
Ahahahah, what are you, a cow?
Replies: >>126976
>not exercising your rights as an omnivore and eating everything
Pussy shit
How do you guys eat your veggies? I'm still a pretty picky eater and veggies are still something I hardly eat. I can't stand the taste of most cooked greens. If I do have something green, its usually raw like spinach or lettuce.
Replies: >>126984 >>127003
Drowning them in teriyaki sauce might help if you like teriyaki sauce.
Try veggies that are a different color.

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Replies: >>126916
>>123427 (OP) 
when's the next season of korra?
Replies: >>126937
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never, you watch E;R videos instead
The only place whorra belongs is on my big white cock.
>nigger dick
>Third image
Kill yourself.

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2 of my 3 autoflower seeds sprouted. The medium is regular potting soil with perlite and worm castings. The plants won't need much feeding as long as they're seedlings, just watering. When they get bigger, they'll be transferred into 7 gallon fabric pots. They're on a 16/8 light schedule on a starter light. Later on, they'll be under a large light that covers the 4x4ft grow tent. They have a dedicated fan to ensure they grow strong and are capable of holding up their buds. The strains are Zkittlez and Wedding Cake.
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Replies: >>127001 + 1 earlier
>the onion site
wanna know how i know you're a glownigger?
Replies: >>124338
Don't take your meds Schizo

t. Fed
>>93875 (OP) 
Cringe and gay and jewish. Hope the feds catch you.
>terminal autism
Hmmmmm did you get the idea for this term from reading comment sections of some specific Odysee tech channels?
Replies: >>127592
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Drug prohibition is jewish. Growing is legal, common, and accepted here.

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ive noticed an interesting thing. among the girls in my school theres a very high correlation between being a tomboy/dyke and liking anime/manga/etc. it honestly baffles me because girls in anime are generally much more feminine than in other types of media, so why are the girls that watch it tomboys/dykes? what do you think? one theory i came up with is that both things (tomboys/dykes and anime/etc) are "couterculture" so girls who want to feel special get into both despite the large difference, almost contrast, of both
ps. im not anti anime. just clarifying this because some autists could misunderstand m y post
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Replies: >>126978 + 1 earlier
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Tomboys are cute, anime is cute, what's so hard to get?
he's probably right.
They pretend to act like that when their partying years catch up with them or realize they won't find a mate with this behavior. Everyone talks of big ideals and morals but are still addicted to their vices and stagnancy i.e. porn, anime, video games, sex, drugs, alcohol.
I've never heard of or seen lesbians being into anime. All the girls I knew of being into anime were at the very least bi but all being yaoi fans. Was in a relationship with a few that were cute. From what I commonly witness is them feeling shame for being into anime or growing to dislike it when they realize the vast majority (males) are into it more and the focus goes into female characters like it often normally does.
>>126927 (OP) 
I think it's just misfits being more likely to like anime / manga.

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