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I've been permanently banned from countless imageboards, international, single language, tor only etc. Countless of times, with the aid of multiple, free and paid anonymizing services + router resets I've evaded probably hundreds of said bans and I've continued my posting openly boasting and announcing that their actions were useless and only emboldened me and inflated my ego, until the admins and mods' hands were forced and had to resort to blanket ban Tor and any VPN or proxy service, at times even blacklisting any anonymizer from accessing the site entirely, and my public IP range whole.
I've caused numerous word filters and image hash filters to be implemented site wide to try and combat me, I've been accused of being numerous different literally who locals despite not even knowing whom they were and I've entertained both the admins and the people who accused me for the sake of making them run in circles.

That is to say I didn't do it because just for the sake of it.
All I've been doing is fighting against injustice as the vast majority of the bans were for frivolous, vague or downright made up reasons like pointing out moderation flaws, "spam" and other similar things. Of course, if I deem something unjust, I'm simply not just going to take it like a good boy, I just wouldn't. I would not let my voice be silenced. And thus I fought fire with fire. I became what I was being accused and drove them to their own self destruction. I trolled, I derailed, I spammed, I acte
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>sorry you had to find out this way!
more than 1 version of that image also

it is arbitrary u child

also i was 20 in 09, if i grew up with the net i would have been there earlier because literally hs kids told each other about it when 15ish ergo i shoulda been there by 04.

not every1 had internet check ur privilege.
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>fagatha is 34
It's over.
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>i shoulda been there by 04
But you weren't and only arrived in its decline. Sorry, newfag.
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what if it were always in decline?

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go to jewtube or any invidious instance and search for a word, any word, followed by before:2006 2007 or 2008, download a video and post it ITT
[for example dbz before:2007 or doom before:2006]
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I'm scared of anime
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Why would you?
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cos they are 2d pretending to be real

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>>137808 (OP) 
ur 12
bleck. gay niggers indeed. Can't believe someone took the time to animate that.

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What the fuck is his problem, /b/?
raised improperly in a secular jewish home
never told no 
double digit iq
Replies: >>137810
All this + Nintendo brand loyalty & Hotpocketry.

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Post song covers and/or parodies you like ITT.
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duelling idol fashionistas. Hahahhahah.
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Shiraz Katyusha
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scuffed slowcore rendition of ac/dc's big balls

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hey what is this place
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or heaven?
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if this is heaven why haven't I got my wings yet? I am not holy enough?
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>>137239 (OP) 
Heaven is kind cute girls
nigger ew
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is this that race all the characters are in anime?
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>One on the left looks like a whore.
I like the one on the left more, what does that say about me?
Show us your meaty italian cock, anon.
Anime is actually based on the bushmen of south africa.
>>136173 (OP) 
jolie-laide on the right

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Tegaki works now, draw some!
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Replies: >>137693
Is that thang from that Polish demon harem game? Not bad.
Replies: >>137695
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someone drew this on /v/
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Pretty sure that's Malina. The slightly sour and tired look on her face is a dead giveaway.
Replies: >>137802
Helltaker needs another update.

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The /b/ is filled with cattle and tvch threads and the /v/ barely gets any traffic any more, and what posts it does get are in the general circlejerks. What the fuck happened recently? Where did it go wrong exactly?
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Smug is hardly a good imageboard. Its /tech/ board is stomped on by ours and /a/ is full of stuck-up faggots with the worst moderation I have ever seen. If you're into the more small, esoteric boards its probably good for you but otherwise no. If you're really into anime /a/ on 4chan is legitimately fine enough and doesn't have the Hoihoi retardation. I watch anime pretty infrequently though and enjoy it almost entirely on my own, so keep this in mind if it matters in what you think of what I've said.
After reading some greentexts I went back to check on 4chan after a long time.
I don't know how anybody uses it. It's fucking terrible.
/a/ is quite literally tranny-janny central and the hoihoi bot literally fucked over 8chan, but at the same time, I perfectly understand why you would want something like that given the fact it discourages undesirables from using your board. That said, I mostly keep to /monster/, /tg/, and /kohi/.
Replies: >>137762
>/a/ is quite literally tranny janny central
no, for cuckchan that would be the /lgbt/ board funnily enough. /qa/ found it out the hard way when they raided the place and the board was immediately deleted in retaliation, nevermind the fact that similar soyjak raids were permitted for the other boards
that lead to the rebirth of soyjak.party into what it is today, so depending on how you feel about it, the tranny jannies taking their mask off either helped the situation or made it worse, either way the scorned soyteens have only escalated their raiding efforts because of this, and have made tranny edits one of their bread and butter after the janny spergout(which hasn't even stopped the /lgbt/ raids btw)
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>smart people
Pick one and only one.

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>ywn have a brownish tomboy gf
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Tomo-chan is a girl...
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Yes, ducks are beautiful
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How much nigger is in that? Like 20-30%? 
It's depressing how much those genes permeate and corrupt the european part, even castizos don't look like injuns at that percentage.
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>ywn take your duck bropet for a walk with your qt tomboy gf
On this late Friday evening. The embrace of death seems sweeter than ever.

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