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I don't understand this, what's there to appreciate?
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The fanmade music and fanmade games had me interested years ago. Mostly I liked the progressive remixes on jewtube of which at one point were all removed over copyright infringing.
How were you introduced to them?
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This stupid video, so many years ago.
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Oh yeah, that one. I want McDonalds now, but most McDonalds chains are inconsistent in quality.

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Are any of you certified SCUBA divers or have stories about diving?
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I went to the Marshall Islands many years ago when KanColle came out.  Walked on Prince Eugene's ass and touched Nagatos chest.  She's laying upside down at a depth around a hundred feet or so if I remember.    

Made it with a kid in Majuro.  Good times.  All my diving stuff has been put away for quite a few years in the basement.  Pic related.
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Where would you go if you dove again?
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I think it would be fun to dive Gensokyos Misty Lake.  There are widely varying reports how deep it actually is and at the bottom supposedly is a mizuumi no josei but little is known about her.
Isn't it a really bad idea to dive around seals?
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I don't fucking know lol.

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"This is america we love our country, if you love japan then move there"
-an argument from the other room
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I wouldn't mind living there so long as I'm retired and not in Tokyo. There was some cool city with a bunch of navigable waterways that looked comfy. Don't remember its name at the moment.
I worked at walmart for a few mouths, a nigger got coached for doing push ups
I never got coached for doing anything, and i did pull ups on the shelves they have in the back room
You can say that now, but you don't know what you'd do in the heat of the moment.
If you move to a country you should at minimum be fluent in their language, both written and spoken.
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>>196999 (OP) 
>just be a very high valued 'skilled' worker bro
And if I did that I'd contribute to the USA first, fuck that. If I got used to the money I'd make more here than there too, ergo it's a mental trap. The vast majority cannot realistically leave when you consider human psychology combined with the rules. 

Tech should solve this by now. Knowing their rules is more important, and their culture. Learning a new language so you can talk to normalfaggots is primitive a thing.

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I like tummies. I like tummies.
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IDK what you're talking about schizo, I just found this artist on a booru and liked his art
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What anime?
Replies: >>196169
First 2 are Princess Connect and the rest are Blue Archive. Both are gacha games, but the latter is gook shit on top. The former got an anime adaptation a while ago, the latter is getting on very soon.
You can see a lot of Blue Archive fan art, doujins, etc. especially by Japanese people (well, it's also getting an actual Japanese TV anime). While the character designs are pretty good, it sucks that it's gook shit.
It's almost like the problem with v-tubers also having good designs and fan art, but I don't think that Japanese v-tubers are worse than a GOOKcha.
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Just watched detachment. It was kikeshit.

Previous Thread: https://archive.is/7e5KU
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It was kino.
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The action was great, the plot actually focused on the kaijus this time, half the main cast was white (to my knowledge), and they brought back best girl Mothra.
As far as kike shit goes, it was pretty high end. It's too bad that it got cucked in the box office by Minus One, but I think that this is a fine place to end the series either way.
t. not OP
Replies: >>196911 >>196963
It was okayish. It focused more on Kong than Godzilla.
Replies: >>196977
To be fair, I wouldn't know where to go with Godzilla. He goes ape nigger on pretty much any other kaiju.

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What are some mundane things that you hate normalfags do.

Giving dumb names to pets (like food names, calling a dog a name of a feline species, etc)

When they are rude to people who they have never even met

When they assume things about you that are wrong

Thinking the media is honest
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They were time traveling autistics that wanted to out cellphone poster newfaggots of whomst were the only ones originally triggered by line breaks and or freedom of expression. The original reddit was  a free speech site and also had lots of line breaks. Just to make sure you made a paragraph so the old boomer, gen y or x, eyes could see it they made you clack the execute key not once but twice. 

Also, sardonic insult aside it was a computer programming thing wherein in the text editor you had to press enter more than once to get to the next line. Of course I'm pulling this out of my ass and all so you should probalby stop reading....too late.
theatrically the mutt of cats
Replies: >>196959 >>196972
that too
Cats suffering is not entertaining
I don't want to live in a society.  I want to live in a culture.

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Dragon ball spic BTFO
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I didn't say that I disagree with you, you schizo. I just pointed out a silly typo.
Does your browser not have a spell-checker?
>pedmoephile vs shonenspic shitfest I started two months ago is still going 
>shitloads of IPs are now banned 
>I've popped in maybe 5 times in that time period 
I know this is just mentally retarded people grr'ing at each other but I can't help but feel like a puppet master.
Replies: >>196961 >>196974
>pedmoephile vs shonenspic shitfest I started two months ago is still going 
If you had bothered to look through the thread, you would see that the shounenspic almost doxxed himself.
Replies: >>196971
lolo he can do that all he wants (he probably didn't but I don't care enough to look) it's still funny to me that you fags went this wild over like 5 posts I made in an argument that I otherwise would've forgotten in a couple hours.
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It's a pretty shit argument to begin with. If you simplify it then yes, all sagas revolve around the same concept of getting a new power to defeat a bad guy, but each saga contains its own unique set of elements and story arcs that keep the story engaging. People complain about the filler but some of the best character development happens in those.
This board has gone through a whole range of sagas.
>'Is Loli Pedo?' saga
>The Fagatha saga
>Christfag vs paganfag saga
>moefag vs shonenfag saga
and probably a few more I'm forgetting.

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the next time some boss or tryhard in your software company says
>we need this fancy GUI with 3D graphics for the login page why have you not done that already
you reply
>from a marketing standpoint your argument makes sense. but nothing more, don't pretend you know something more than me. it is not my job to guess how to market to the user, it is yours
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>being upoity when your job market has been seeing major layoffs 
This is like a coal miner telling his foreman to suck a dick right after 90% of the work force was replaced by machines.
Replies: >>196878
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>being slavish
Every wageslave should be uppity, they should be ornery, they should be downright cantankerous. Demand outrageous pay, outrageous hours! Then, if the fools deny you your comfort and power, rise up and slay them! Slave for wages no longer!
...Unless I'm your boss, then you should definitely be content with what you're given since I love you and hurting me hurts the cause of good.
Replies: >>196879 >>196965
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oink oink, piggy
>gets fired 
>can only go on unemployment for a fixed period due to provable ability to work 
>I stuck it to the man tho can I have a dollar buddy? aight fuck you too

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Stop trolling me. I could literally beat the shit out of any of you incels on this website. Honestly.
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Well, by that logic you would only be attracted to literal vaginas and nothing else because that's the only thing you can actually fuck. You can't truly fuck other features or body parts of females unless you're talking about pseudo-sex hacks.
Replies: >>196929
That makes no sense, retard.
Replies: >>196935
Was that brainless bump worth it, you enormous faggot?
Use sites like iqdb and saucenao, you retard.
Might be the same faggot that thinks that liking tomboys is gay.
Replies: >>196937 >>197053
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>Might be the same faggot that thinks that liking tomboys is gay.
In 2024 appreciating femininity makes you a "faggot".
I already tried that including Yandex and Tineye.

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In light of OJ Simpson's death yesterday:
Did he do it?
>>196898 (OP) 
>>196898 (OP) 
There is no such thing as an innocent nigger, so of course he did it.
>>196898 (OP) 
>black males are six percent of the population of the usa 
>black males are 50 percent of the incarcerated population
Dude even if not guilty who cares it's a nigger.

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