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chan de espanol
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sadly for you, we like more types of food that you can fathom
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>>63236 (OP) 
the fuck is this some sort of alt hispachan
ok changos

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the-canterville-ghost-1944.jpg (u)
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Why would anybody be afraid of ghosts?

With Halloween coming, I have come across this pondering.

Why would any adult person fear an immaterial ghost?

If it's just a sorrowful spirit hanging around the building wailing and crying, why would you feel threatened in anyway by it? It would be a nuisance at worst.

And even if it was a vindictive soul, what is it gonna do? Jumpscare at you? He can only do that once, once you know it's there his spook ability evaporates.
just had sex
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with a ghost?
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171c6813cc9d2afeaf8f775e89b2727b3642ded17449b83df7d03621fcd39989.png (u)
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Nice formatting nigger.
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with my hand
thanks :,)

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How would you go about ban-evading from a xenforo-based website.
Protonmail limits the amount of free accounts you can create for any given time and cock.li has significally cutted dry the supply.

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I want kids of my own. How do i achieve it? I have thought about donating sperm but i cant do it yet. I have thought of getting a job at a sperm bank to replace semen with my semen. I have thought about paying women to carry my children. Though i dont have that kind of money.
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Impregnate a tulpa. Guaranteed hellspawn.
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Good job outing yourself newfag
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You're the newfag, I've been here two months now.
>finding a good woman 
how many times do we have to do this
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Until you realise that the woman was within you all along.

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Give me the money, I'll bring you the solution.
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>>63299 (OP) 
Why would you buy chemistry supplies from the police?
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At least you can post! Who are you?
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It doesn't matter who we are, just our board quality.
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If I drag that quality down, will you die?
How do I know the solution isn't a problem that leads to me giving you more money?

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I had a dream that I was captain of this ship and we were setting out for sea at dusk, and, for some reason my aunt, who I haven't seen in like 10 years was in the water and from the crow's nest I could see two huge sharks circling around, and I kept screaming "there's sharks, get out" at the top of my lungs but she wouldn't hear because she kept talking to someone else instead, so I got down from the crow's nest to the deck and yelled at her again, and in the meantime it had become dark, so she finally heard me and said "oh my god, what should I do?" in a rather calm manner and I told her to fucking get to the shore, and that's when I woke up. What a dream.
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I guess women are stupid even in dreams.
She's had trouble with her drug addict daughter and debts in the past
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>>63261 (OP) 
Who was she talking to that was so important, were they banging? Why did you tell her to go to shore instead of get in your boat?
The dream-allegory makes perfect sense then. You, or your subconscious, want to try and help her get her shit unfucked.
Replies: >>63297
But not try ||too|| hard. Bitch can find her own boat.

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Please the Dance King with King tunes only. Those who fail to comply will be beheaded in the name of the King.
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bargeld.webm (u)
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this_lacks_a_good♂version.opus (u)
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8a8f8d14f2334128cc511a9b356715fb8d43c312.gif (u)
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Bootek_-_I_See_Girls.webm (u)
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60d2e729f5c3d19a77bd18d4dcfc80be334f33fe112b5c1b30afebd639e82c47.gif (u)
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60d2e729f5c3d19a77bd18d4dcfc80be334f33fe112b5c1b30afebd639e82c47.gif (u)
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60d2e729f5c3d19a77bd18d4dcfc80be334f33fe112b5c1b30afebd639e82c47.gif (u)
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60d2e729f5c3d19a77bd18d4dcfc80be334f33fe112b5c1b30afebd639e82c47.gif (u)
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First EDM track you've posted, and it's pretty good. Post some more.
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9bc.gif (u)
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Because sturgeon is a nigger.
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>not wanting sticking your benis to a fox girl
Found the IQ89.
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Better then being midwit fox fucker.
Replies: >>63278
Go back.
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73847e192b20de31bc6caba2a79aac61105efb9ddd9b469f8db5ab1c186f6ec9.jpg (u)
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__fox_wife_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__a07d22e9bd6003946d1185d2cdf4f533.jpg (u)
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__fox_wife_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__02a0159e146db1f83c85d299e75e6584.jpg (u)
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__original_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__12b299ff5557bf6b8b7e12ff860b6c9c.jpg (u)
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__fox_wife_original_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__010c67d5e0c3f1b5856348b5cc25022c.jpg (u)
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__fox_wife_original_drawn_by_batta_kanzume_quality__7c8b1e6deaf5a1d2394179f4f0036697.jpg (u)
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Hey boys,
If you ever find a fox out in the wilderness, make sure to pet her and give her lots of love. Make sure to feed her plenty of fried tofu, too! You never know what might happen if you did that to the right fox, you know...


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You know how I can tell most people here work for a living? this board's activity flat-lines on working days and skyrockets on holidays.
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Yeah true, every 4cuck enthusiast has a discord.
Replies: >>63272
FinalTerry.webm (u)
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"The problem is all the niggers posting anti-fun shit that makes nobody want to stay here." >>>/b/56573
Replies: >>63235
bonk.webm (u)
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bretty cool webm
Replies: >>63242
jackpot.webm (u)
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Your webm doesn't concat properly. It's cursed.
They actually don't but small cultures such as dead imageboards blatantly have no reason not to have them. Discord groups.

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>Three twenty-somethings share a house and try to live a normal life despite being a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire.
Is it good? I'm not seeing anyway it can be, though I rarely watch live-action.
Replies: >>61978
Go without I guess.
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Replies: >>63263
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