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Request edits, make edits, post edits.
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how about you post it, faggot?
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The what now?
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It's getting shoah'd hard by fuming cuckold connoisseurs
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>one comment below treshold
>[click to show]
>score -81
>If I can remove bushy pubic hair from lolis, you can do your thing. Godspeed.
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The comments (and reactions) on pic related are even more egregious. Title is below:
[Terasu MC] Kokujin no Tenkousei NTR ru - Complete [English] [Colorized] [Decensored] [ARYANIZED]

Niggercucks are fucking pathetic.

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this iw what people born after 9/11 listen to
the entire song sounds like an outro
wtf is actually the fuck is wrong with the mixing

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ITT ask to be spoonfed anything, from images, music, archives, torrents... Anything, really.
For example:

Does anyone have a scan for the 4th issue of the Answer Me magazine? I have the first three ones, but I've been too lazy to find the last one myself.
You can also ask for small things, such as:

Does anyone have an image of Brendan Fraser with an expression suiting of someone wanting to kill oneself? Thanks.
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I can just get you another one I have quite a few
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7ae7c9c011025667578092b7fa0e4371d61f06f00709dc9441cd25eeb57967a8 don't spend it all in one place
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Thank you, anon.
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Anyone have the gif edit of this panel where Klonoa's thinking of Toht's face melting from IJ?

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and the show goes on
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The west is so feminized they worry about phone signal ruining their penises. Let's see if you still worry about it when I kill your husband and rape your rotten pussy. Why should I listen to a skank about anything technology related?
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Not to mention, your talk is so fucking worthless that you have to add a "the truth" to it to attract attention. Fucking subhuman pieces of shit. I hope normalfags kick down their house door and kill everyone inside. These people aren't any better than trendy youtubers.
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I just saw a pic saying that typing *#07# into your phone, like you're making a call, will display the radiation info but my phone just outputs the model number and FCC ID
Post your noodle arms, I want to laugh at how weak you are.

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Last one on /v/ got rulecuck'd

>Having trouble with your VN? Try the following before you ask for tech support:
1. Be in Japanese locale
2. Read the Readme
3. Check this https://pastebin.com/BVRT6tSN
4. Copy error messages with CTRL+C and paste them with CTRL+V into DeepL
5. Google it

>FAQs, Recommendations, and Other Useful Things:
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Umineko has a lot of banger songs, but since the topic of this thread is relaxing music. I will be posting these.
I don't want to play games out of order, and listening to music can count as "playing out of order", so I don't listen to those music tracks you post.

Post covers, post recordings of first 10-20 minutes of gameplay, post your "this game is good honest". Maybe tripfag as you do it, I'd actually appreciate that.
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You can't judge a VN by its first 10-20 minutes. Some of them need 10-20 hours to get going.
Replies: >>98427
For umineko you can just watch the anime to find out if you like it. The anime is a super streamlined version with all the clues removed. If you want the frustrating experience of having all the information and still not understanding what's going on then read the VN from the start. If you just want to find out what happens after the anime then read chapters 5-8.
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Umineko anime is soulless garbage, please don't recommend it. Even as a joke.

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look at it

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How could I make money stealing? I really don't want to get a felony on my record, but I don't have any source of income. I'm a NEET with a non-24-hour circadian rhythm that prevents me from getting a job. I'm currently learning all sorts of tech stuff and I may get a job programming in the future, but that's not going to happen any time soon. I really don't want to steal from individuals. I'd prefer to steal from wealthy major corporations like Walmart. I actually stole $2000 from Walmart one day through a credit card my friend and I found on the sidewalk outside near a university campus on the weekend. It was pretty based. I actually got a PS4 Pro when it was brand new. It had literally just come out a few days prior.

There must be some sort of nearly fool-proof way to make money stealing.
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Wow I managed to get retarded again just thinking about that thread.
>>98217 (OP) 
Just become a streamer bro. 

I'd say it depends on the gun.
>Not this libertarian nigger again.
I'm pretty sure all libertarians think that.
I like to believe that the soup letters agencies can make a better thread than this. The topic and general premise of this thread is borderline retarded. This man is more a danger to himself, more so than to others.
Just steal from Walmart to save money. If you're going to steal from people do it from rich neighborhoods or houses which are owned by jews or detached liberals.

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Despite being anon you somehow meet a girl. You're wary of her at first but you slowly open up to her and end up enjoying your time together, even if a lot of it is just spent talking about how the world is shit. 
She can be rather awkward at times, which you somehow don't mind, but today is different. She seems hesitant and distracted by something. Minutes then hours go by but nothing. Just as you're thinking of parting she finally grabs your hands, her grasp a bit forceful, and she looks deeply into your eyes.
The girl then reveals she's an ancient goddess that was sealed away for trying to destroy the world. She gives you irrefutable proof and you have no choice but to accept it's neither a joke nor lunacy. She loves you and she knows you also believe the world is rotten, which is why she wants to destroy it. You'll be together in your final moments as the universe ceases to be, if only you'll help her in the ritual.
What do?
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I doubt that she's going to budge on something like this when she had to get locked up to be prevented from destroying the universe.
Replies: >>98132
t. fedposter
((( still up )))
It's implied that she's a girl anon would like and trust, i.e. non-used goods and willing to listen to reason. 
She thought the universe was shit and she wanted to destroy it, but now she thinks the universe is shit except for (you). There's a chance, (you) could convince her and make a good reality with her, and I would take that chance.
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>>97977 (OP) 
Take her hand and let her fire consume the world, destroying it to clear the way for the embryo of the new universe. The wheel makes another turn, just as it has since the beginning of time - the eternal return. I'm just grateful I got to be a part of this one.

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Are there any sites with those facial filters apps, you know like aging, remove makeup and so on, but for PC and not only for the fucking mobiles...
Replies: >>98425
learn to photoshop kid
Replies: >>97981
this is not something you can photoshop, kid, it's AI work
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>>97826 (OP) 

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Rank these "people" in order from most worst to least worst:
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>Hanging Flesh
Easily the worst, killed julay.world
Moderated julay/v/, would actually be okay if s/he didn't act like a massive attention whore about PLW.
Seems to be a decent moderator at the moment, there's not really a lot of details about him.
Replies: >>98339
Sturgeon is oft reputed as Mark-lite. Didnt he also bake a really ugly looking cake and then brag about it on /b/? Then he deletes all evidence of it ever happening
>>98164 (OP) 
Grifter who ran 8chan to the ground by datamining its users, sending a flood of retarded boomers who don't know what an imageboard is, and completely killing its momentum after Kikeflare kicked 8chan off from its protection. Also has a shady as hell past, and easily has the least amount of history or connection with imageboards.
The guy who caused the above to happen and is a total attention whore who will do stupid shit and backstab anyone for his own personal gain.
Don't know a lot about him aside from datamining 2channel users, placing malvertisments on cuckchan, and just being generally shady. I still think he belongs up here.
Ran cuckchan to the ground and is a cock guzzling faggot, but for what I know, he was never involved in some major shit until the end of his time on 4chan.

The rest are small fry compared to the ones listed above, but I'll still rank them.
Would have been a footnote in 8chan's history, but every attempt to make a new 8/v/ always failed one way or another, aside from /vg/.  Anyways, he's a shitty BO, works for glowies, and tried to fuck with other imageboards, but is incompetent as hell.
Is Jim's slave. That's all I know.
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Moot = Hotwheels
Jewcy boi
>>98164 (OP) 
I'd say moot is the worst.

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