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Is he right?
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If you removed all of the posts that aren't worth reading through on cuckchan it'd be just as dead as any webring board, pph whores are truly bottom of the barrel retards that exclusively fish for (you)s and probably don't even read any responses to their posts. They scream into the void and giggle at echoes.
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No he's wrong and another retarded low IQ faggot bareback ip honeypot peasant who gets his posts erased by trannyjanny thought-police and infos sold every day.
>>11424 (OP) 
Yey that's me. The post in the middle. 
The >4cuck is shite
But yeah he's a cuck.
>>11424 (OP) 
Checking the site last year:
>cope seethe incel chud
>take your meds
>shillers and psyops all over the place
>epic leddit frogs
>"N" threads
>"/pol/ here!" "/pol/ there!" "it's /pol/!"
>ad hominem
>rulecucking jannies
>"trans rights!"
>gay shit
>nigger wojak
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post random videogame related shit
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Not gonna lie, from the 17 signs i have 6, possibly 7
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Lack of Vitamin D is what causes hair loss at the scalp? Then how come construction workers, tanned as fuck as they are, are as bald as an 8 ball? I suspect stress and poor scalp maintenance can also lead to hair follicles shutting themselves, but then again what's the true cause of balding? Which of these factors weighs in more? How come we haven't found a cure to bald men yet?
Replies: >>11400
just shave it all off 
Maybe because they eat like shit? There was a video I watched back then about Gordon Ramsay trying to make construction workers' food less shit.
I think its just for thinning of hair and not bald spots? Like how you can be bald in some areas but thick in others; where with the lack of vitamin D the spots where you wouldn't be bald are still thin. 

Also construction workers have like tons of butt sex, pretty sure sodomy makes you bald.

You ever have a full head of hair my friend, its fucking majestic,  going bald is for peasants.

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How many gayops does it take to kill off smug and 8blacked?
Replies: >>11415 >>11418
>>11414 (OP) 
Also jewlay and tvch
Replies: >>11418
>>11414 (OP) 
I dunno. Mine problem is that /monster/ might have some problems with getting back up. While yes smug is kinda shite, but the problem is that it's nearly impossible to "kill them".
Replies: >>11429
It would be easy for an insider. Get to their circlejerk IRC cabals and sow discord/distrust. Autists like them are easy to suspicion, and once they turn on eachother, they’ll bring the site down with them.

(15.6KB, 1037x135)
This is why 8cucks should never ever be allowed anywhere near the webring. Blame the tr/a/nnies for allowing this to happen.
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No, I just saw an opportunity and I took it. I have yet to see anyone else make that joke.
Replies: >>10982
Congratulations on being the first!
>All v3 onions are down
>This means Rind*xxx is down
Get fucked, pedoniggers.
>(((/cafe/))) a tranny board from cuckchan
What is the cafe exactly? I have been dead for a long while until recently.
Replies: >>11421
It's the most popular thread in smug/a/, it's basically /b/ for animeposters and ironic (and unironic) gays.

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Replies: >>7883 >>7888
/librejp/ pls
>>7881 (OP) 
8chan more like glowchan
(841KB, 950x900)
>>7881 (OP) 
Replies: >>7895
living the better life.
(46.8KB, 300x250)

(13.8KB, 500x500)
Is a good alternative to cuckchan/a/, smug/a/, and /animu/ possible? Will it be sustainable for a very long time or will it fall quickly?
I don't visit anime boards often, especially cuckchan /a/ and /animu/, but I can already tell that they suck and cannot be saved. A new one would have to be created and start fresh.

<cuckchan /a/
>normalnigger garbage
>too many one sentence low effort question threads that aren't contained in a stupid questions thread
>general threads
>still rulecucky (lolis banned and jannies being really tyrannical, they can't be called meidos at all)

<smug /a/ (better than cuckchan /a/)
>full of faggots, mostly in the cafe threads and vtuber threads (im not going to lurk moar in those threads)
>most rulecucked (incorrect capitalization and punctuation? ding dong bannu)
>no organic fun allowed
>vtubers are everywhere and it doesn't help the fact that the head meido fell in love with a vtuber

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What the fuck do you mean "allowed" to post there? Just go post there, you faggot.
Replies: >>11374
Maybe he got banned because it's about as rulecucked as incels.co
Replies: >>11375
So? Post there anyway.
Replies: >>11378
He probably respects the rules and has gotten some fuck at some point. I shudder to think that he might actually be a she but that would also be a rule violation.
Replies: >>11386
(170.8KB, 806x731)
>He probably respects the rules
Definitely a virgin, then.

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how do i play this with ePSXe?
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Replies: >>11330 + 2 earlier
>>11247 (OP) 
I've not played that game but sometimes dumps are bad. Go to cdromance and get a good dump if they have it, it should be bin/cue and clicking either can work. Often there are many bins, so you click the cue. 

Also, img/iso was made altered to avoid webcrawlers. It's a haxor type things so emulators likely will be better off having real bin/cue dumps of the real games. When you rip an image of a psx game it is bin/cue not iso/img. 

Not that I've ever ripped one myself, I just know that things like lakka don't even play img/iso due to le retroarch being faggoty with laws. No psx bios in lakka, then it hates the hacker version? Pretty faggy. Also these things give you more trouble than they are worth, new emulators. 

So epsxe should be fine no matter what faggots say on chan sites. 

I'm 31 and I don't know why this duckstation shit is a new meme. What even possess you contrarian faggots to act like something that was always fine is suddenly bad? Do you, like, say shit like "that's so yesterday's fashion" along with that shit? 

Because, like, stop. 

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Replies: >>11338 >>11344
(66KB, 597x960)
I'll bite
First off all ePSXe is shit most of the games runs like shit with horrible sound, while PCSX reloaded and duckstation are much better and they have neat visual upgrades like removing the texture wobbling and stuff like.
>i only use chan sites
>chan sites
>I'm 31
You sure lad ?
Replies: >>11380
Only nigger lovers care about high sound quality.

Chan sites sounds better than image boards to me. 

Yes I'm thirty one and only use chan sites. 

About higher quality, only kike enablers get expensive overly powerful hardware, so I like missing special effects to barely run at full speed only at 80 percent of the game's progress. 

Can't stand it? Perhaps you should be a bigger zoomer until you remember that epsxe was the best and probably still is, and if not then you're zoomerware is likely bloatware. 

Just upgrade? To your hacked cpu's made post 2007? 

No thank jew.
Replies: >>11385
Are you drunk anon?

(1.5MB, 260x304)
Hello everyone

This is about cats.

Has anyone seen videos were cats are "educated" with a little bit of pain.

I wanna see videos of cats getting, not tortured or abused but slapped and such. testicles slapped for example? i wanna see how cats react

Any links to such forums/sites which may have material like this , i would really appreciate it

Not sure why cats or why i wanna see videos like that, but i do. I like animals and people. Cats are ok too but i wanna see them slapped around a bit for some reason.
Replies: >>11353
>>11351 (OP) 
why would you ever keep a stinky dirty cat in a house when you can just keep them outside (along with dogs and the rest.) Only ones I can think of that you'd have to have inside are birds and tiny furred creatures, like hamsters. 
But no, I have no videos of the which you are searching for.
Replies: >>11377
All animals are filthy. If you're going to say that dogs are too much then birds are certainly too much.

(225.9KB, 424x320, 00:06)
I guess you could say he couldn't breathe to save his life lolol
(76.4KB, 776x584)
(386.8KB, 496x368, 00:08)

(207.8KB, 1280x720)
How many of you are going to miss Voat?
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>I used it one time five years ago, I think. I forgot it existed until I saw this thread, which I can only assume is why it's now dying.
There's a million websites that claim to be a reddit off shoot but with free speech or have better moderation, most of are completely dead.
Because torrent is infinitely superior???
Replies: >>11162
limited speeds of Internet and limited hardware data space would negate your sentiment
Replies: >>11170
>muh speed
Let the machine run all days bitch
>limited space
Used hdds are dirt cheap you have no excuse.
Press s to spit, normalfag.
Replies: >>11315
>let the feds have time to catch and prosecute you
>buying non-gobag tier external drives that break easy and take too many watts
>implying even on my potato it lagged (used an older browser)
>implying ublock couldn't block the ads (why do you think they REALLY went down?)
Nice meme but torrents can have viruses too you know. 

What is this malware going to even do? Steal my *giggle* bank account that I don't have? 

Even if they stole my ssn I've never even had a jobs before. I win automatically. 

Also, I hated kiss anyway because they kept censoring my comments on anime from the 90s and early thousands being racist. They were sjw tier, but it's more note worthy than some failed redditor alternative. Ceddit going down was far more a sadness if I even used it, of which due to it being a dead redditor clone I of course did not, but ceddit was an anti-censoring archive of reddit of more value than voat. It also lead to a based p2p version of reddit ceddit did. It never took off and now I imagine it's either down or realistically hard for newfags to find, so it's been killed by the anti-anti-censorship (((ethics))).

Bur sure, let's cry over voat and it's dead ass link's to kratom vendors and
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