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Prep work is done.

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What do you guys think about bands like Black Magick SS, Edelweiss and other Natsoc music like it?  I find BMSS to be a strange sound for rock/black metal? but it's a very great sound nonetheless.
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I literally gave the tldr in english
He's saying "I don't like this music, you're a fag, and I will now stifle your thread".
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Can the mods do something about this? This is bullshit. The Ukraine-Russia spam is getting fucking annoying, and now they're repeating posts in unrelated threads fishing for replies.
my only complaint is that it sounds like it's being recorded next door from a toy karaoke microphone that got flushed down the drain and they picked up from a beach landfill. I hate this kind of "hurr durr it sounds like total ass so it's authentic" type of negative budget crap, I've heard 12 year olds master their gay rap shit better than this with pirated software on their laptops.
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>>124495 (OP) 
sounds interesting but now i feel like im surrounded by boomers covered in the smell of alcohol and cigarettes
>other Natsoc music
pic related

Do you have any guilty pleasure entertainment? Things you really don't want people to know you like? Don't worry, it's anonymous here, so we can only judge the idea of you for watching it, not you in specific. Porn doesn't count.

Here's mine. This fucking JewTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CONEYZZ. It's mainly react content, so the lowest of the low, but it's so addicting. I'll binge it for hours late at night before forgetting about it for a couple of months and then binging it again.
I like eavesdropping
This dysgenic finno-swede hybrid retard is one of the worst examples of zombie consoomerism to exist.
Instead of bothering with his university education, he lucked out and achieved every fat gamer retards dream: to stream video games, earn thousands of dollars per stream in paypiggy bux and spend it on huge takeout meals 3 times a day, energy drinks, pokemon cards and an ungodly amount of nike jordan shoes, among other stupid things.
His stepsister leeches off of him in his purchased apartment in Malta in spite of having a fucking ring on her left ring finger. I assume that he and his stepsister are not married.
He always wears a white ski mask on camera, in spite of having his face revealed several times already.
He constantly virtue signals about being antiracist despite only having a circle of white friends, with a single arab (that lives in saudiarabia) kept as a token non-white friend.
He's deathly afraid of the nigger word despite having said it before and still leaving the damn video public.
He constantly pours alcohol down his alcoholic dads throat for content, but is afraid of trying it himself, instead sticking to his sugarbomb energy drinks. (or milk when he eats out at literal michelin star restaurants. Milk is good, but who the fuck orders mil
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My guilty pleasure is replying to shitty, botmade datamining threads.
I like looking up and listening to paranormal bullshit but most of the videos put out about that stuff is dominated by the most annoying type of women anymore. I don't believe the vast majority of it but sometimes it's nice to suspend the disbelief and imagine myself in those kinds of scenarios.

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why is it that anyone who calls people "toxic" is the same person who constantly swears, accuses people of things that are highly unlikely 20 times a day, and constantly talk about porn and sex and how they "stuck their dick in some fat chick's greasy hairy asshole today"?
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Oh here's one right now.
Why do posts I respond to keep getting delet? I'm not reporting them. Just let the retard have his tantrum, it's not like it's outside of the thread's topic anyway.
Replies: >>125128
He deleted it himself. But yes, this /b/ has a major problem with overzealous, power-tripping internet janitors.
Replies: >>125130 >>125133
>self delet
Guess he realized how fuckin stupid he looked lol
User's shouldn't have the option to delete posts.

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George Harrison is kind of a piece of shit. Why do people like this guy? He might've made some good music, I wouldn't know because I never listened to the Beatles, but it's not like that's something that would excuse him out of being a bad person. Maybe if it's really good music. But even if so, he would still have "bad person" status by the end of it. Anyway.
To start off, he was okay with the rest of the band sitting around him and watching as he lost his virginity. That is fucking weird. Sure, they might've been insensitive to sex because they pretty much swam in it from what's told, but it doesn't really apply to this guy because it was his first time doing it. Why would you EVER agree to people watching as you're having sex for the first time in your life? There's no way that wasn't insanely awkward and uncomfortable. They congratulated him loudly the second he finished, also. Imagine being in that room. If you don't get bothered by this, then the only other explanation is that he got off to it. Which is, obviously, insanely gay. What's the excuse? That you're bros? Would you sit there and watch as your best friend has sex? Or have sex as your best friend is watching?
It's a pretty generic thing to theorize about boy bands being secretly homosexual, but here it's very justifiably applicable. These men excitedly watched each other have sex. You don't do that without being at least a little bit gay.
That's a pretty bad look for the entire band, but especially for George since he's the guy that was okay with being in the middle of all this, and having his virginity be taken like it. I don't think anybody would blame him if he told his friends to fuck off when they asked to watch him pop his cherry. But he just went along with it, with zero refusal. He didn't even express that it was weird or anything afterwards, it was just that. 
It's either that he was too nervous to do so, or that he was simply okay with it. I think it's the latter, considering what I'm about to get into later on. He really likes to just let things like this happen.
Oh, and on top of that, he's supposed to be a Christian of some sort. So, there's no way that this isn't going completely against his values, right? Having other men be completely focused on you having sex for the first time, is likely sinful. I would imagine. If it's not, then that's weird on it's own. His actions definitely don't reflect the things he likes to boast so much about believing in, that's for sure.
This little event happened way before he dropped Christianity and started following some weird obscure Indian teachings, but the values in both are actually kind of similar and what he did was most definitely unacceptable in either case.
Speaking of it, that stuff he started to follow is indeed some pretty weird shit. They spend several hours every single day repeating the same chanting over and over again, apparently. How do you even live when that's how most of your day goes? Or, do they just keep repeating it as they're going by their day? Either way, that is messed up. They also believe that when you cook food, your consciousness gets sort of transferred into that food. So, if you chop up some tomatoes or something, then congratulations, those tomatoes are now "you". They also believe in vegetarianism because animals are created with a soul by their god, and therefore killing them would be immoral. As if that makes any sense when you're watching pitbulls chow down babies and the majority of animals tearing each other apart. I could go on, but yeah, the gist of it is that these people are insane. And since he got pretty deep into these teachings, that also makes him insane. And yet again, it makes him look even worse with the thing that I'm about to talk about. 
Not to mention, I sure love it when celebrities act all righteous with their fancy religious beliefs, while having millions in the bank and sitting in a mansion. Motherfucker. If you're so devoted to these teachings, then maybe spend some of that wealth on supporting your fellows and doing things that are considered good by it? If you're rich beyond belief, then you should definitely be able to do that. You should even consider it your duty.
Oh, but you know what he did? He did, with his concerts, raise 12 million dollars for refugees in Bangladesh after a massive flood happened. That sounds cool and all, but in reality, the majority of that money didn't get to any of those people until decades after. After millions of them died and the whole thing was over with. The money raised did literally nothing for the cause, and ironically enough, a nice chunk of it went into Uncle Sam's pockets. Good job with that fundraising, George. Such a kind soul.
Now, this is some complicated drama and goes a bit deep, but it doesn't really matter because the reasons for it happening had less to do with George and more with the company they were signed with, his manager, yada yada. The problem is his lack of action here. It seems that when the controversy started, George basically dropped off the face off the earth. Imagine if you spent a bunch of effort on setting up a charity event for people that need the money raised as soon as possible, and once you hear about the money not going to them and things being tangled up with the government, you have absolutely nothing to comment on it, or do anything to help those people regardless. What happened George, did those people suddenly stop needing your help after because the government cucked you out of some money? How about you sell that however-many-million-dollars mansion and have the money go into helping those people? Oh wait, you can't. 
Because as much as your religion is about not being attached to materialistic stuff and whatnot, you just can't bring yourself to support those people out of your own pocket. He was probably too busy relishing in even more fame after the success of the album and concerts, to be able to pay attention to all of this happening. Literally millions of children died and his hard-raised cash all went to nothing. If George used his wealth to personally forward funds into the organizations helping these people and didn't let things get tangled up with the government and all, then at least some help would've come out of it. I don't think there's excusing that, sure, it's pretty fucked up that the money from the charity got snatched, but that's not an excuse for dropping the idea of helping these people that you're supposedly feeling so bad for. It's almost as if he didn't actually care about any of this, and the front of him raising money for those people was enough, while the people he was trying to help getting any benefit from it was no matter, not after his image was looking all good and he got all the props towards him. You have to agree that's just scummy, right? It's really not like he didn't have the money to help these people out personally. And there's no way that he had no knowledge of the controversy going on, so, it's just inexcusable. I don't think you half-ass helping people. If you actually believe in doing good things, then go all the way with it, even if there are bumps along the way. But that's not how it goes for George, I suppose. Plus, we have no idea if he didn't know of the things going on that led to all the bullshit lawsuits, since he was somewhat close to the people at the center of it, it's not a far-fetch to say that he did. Either way, I think him not at the least just having something to say amidst all this, is fucking weird. Let alone him doing something helpful, the guy just dropped off the second all this happened
Overall, fuck the people that caused the money to be held, but also fuck George for not doing anything about it. I don't believe that there's cutting him some slack when it comes to this, because despite of him apparently being so willing to help these children, he achieved absolutely nothing in the end and millions of them died. It's not saying he could've saved all of them, of course, but the number would've been less if George gave an actual shit about what he said he gave a shit about.
I also wonder, why does there need to be some big catastrophe happening for these celebrities to get off their ass and suddenly be all committed to helping the people that are suffering? George, you do know that the conditions those people live in usually are pretty much akin in suffering after the happening of a massive flood, right? Why couldn't he get together some money to support them or people of that sort before? Since the religion he followed for a good chunk of his life came out of this region, you'd imagine that he would be somewhat knowledgeable about life in there. Either that he didn't, or that he did but just doesn't care. And, he obviously didn't care after the events I talked about earlier happened. But anyhow, you get the point, it's nothing groundbreaking that celebrities are dumb pieces of shit that don't do anything with the opportunities given to them. It's just rather annoying when they try to present themselves as some source of positivity and righteousness while being that way, though. I think George fits perfectly into that crowd. If you don't believe me on that yet, then I think you will once I get into the final matter. This wasn't even my main gripe with the fucker. You can just say he tried to do his part but got cucked by the government and also brush away his ignorance afterward, but with this next part I don't think that he can be excused. It shows how he really is and how much he thinks about the well-being of others.
So, one fateful night, George ran into some Hell's Angels members. And he had the very bright idea to give them an invitation to come over into the company building back in England. Then, the gang members nicely asked one of George's friends for the opportunity to get there, by offering to not kill them. Apparently, they've already threatened this person before and fired bullets into his workplace, he was a Beatles promoter or something. Real good idea from George to make these people think that they're buddies. Now, he might've not known of how they already treat people that he's associated with, but he most definitely knew who the Hell's Angels were. This was around the peak of their time, I believe. They're drug traffickers and murderers, if you didn't know.
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>not common
not uncommon*
>bunch of one line replies 
lol I'm just going to start hiding those outright.
What do you have to say about /digi/?
Replies: >>125105
There should be also 4 additional rules: 
>Don't advertise Zzzchan on 4Cuck, Reddit or Twatter/Faceberg/similar social media platforms. In my opinion, the imageboard software should check the HTTP referer and block you if you come from those sites (basically have the server redirect them to rickroll or something).
>At maximum, there can be only 1 thread per 1 board/site for /meta/ posting.
>There should be only 1 thread where posting 3DPG porn is allowed. No 3DPG porn is allowed outside that thread.
>There should be only 1 designated thread for porn dumps (but you still can't post 3DPG there). 2D lewd is allowed on other threads but no dumping is allowed outside the porn dump thread.
Additionally, I personally would pin the Banhammer thread and/or the "Post ITT whenever you visit /b/" thread.
Here's some proofs that I'm postan on /digi/ I guess, I don't really know where else to post this other than the thread with zonz's diatribes. Also hello John Handcock.

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