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am not

I have a hunch he was behaving for quite a while until this post. Last few posts I could recognize as his from a year ago were starting to better both in form and content, so perhaps he finally adapted. Either that or he found another site where to dump his shit on.
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>my shit

the whole internet is shit anony ergo i do not waste my time now that i have money as that means i have better shit to do anony get real plz XD my shit he says with his fall in line bullshit XDDDD
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>i have better shit to do
I assume anything can be more worthwhile than filming your prolapsed anus on the Internet.
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Yet u ended up watchin it anony....surely u were not THAT bored....right? Surely one would  have SOMETHING better to do than watch something they hate.....that'd be like... talking about niggers or something when u h8 niggers....really innitiates my oriental tapeworms

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bald is evil
bald is gay
bald is cowardice
bald is wretched
bald is pedo
bald is subversive
bald is sith
bald is demonic
bald is trans
bald is predatory
bald is falter
bald is decrepit
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Do what all evil people do, run for senate.
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"Come Leonidas, let us reason together."

I laugh like a stupid child every time I hear his bass boosted voice.
>bald is bad because Hollywood said so
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Yes, seethe more.

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ib culture is the most cucked shit on earth
you either like cool things but are a rule cuck who only use ibs that block tor
or are a crab bucket boomer who hates anything thats cool
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so you got banned from 4chan again, didn't ya?
>>132571 (OP) 
Fuck off back to cuckchan or tvch, discordfaggot.
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>fuck off to cuckchan and/or tvch and if not 8chan and 8kun else if reddit DO WHILE 9GAG FAGGOT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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<I am a soyjak nigger//tv/fag//cow/fag or some other type of herdnigger that doesn't understand that I'm not welcome and I can't take no for an answer.
<I will also attempt to posture by claiming to have a job, and a "life".

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I'm a bit lost since learning a good amount of VPNs (especially those shilled by youtubers) are just as bad as the ISP tracking us.

Are there any VPNs that can be classified as safe?
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The feds have completely taken over the internet by this point. most VPN companies are shell corporations that are directly operated by the feds, and those that aren't will still harvest your information if you get on their shit list. I don't think there is any escape on the clearnet anymore, at least not on Web 3.0 of today.  You're living in the chinese social credit system, sterilized and censored, it's just not as blatant yet, but wait until mandatory social media IDs/real IDs will come to substitute the social credit sytem and makes tracking you even easier, platforms like Youtube or Battle.net already require your full ID and even videos of your face so they can scan it and add it to the database to use their service, unironically stick to TOR and onion sites if possible
Replies: >>134200 >>134216
>>134188 (OP) 
Just use Tor Browser.
Man, it sucks they just can't leave people alone
Is this VPN any different from the others? 
Since this one is "based in Sweden" like Proton and those fags already showed they're filthy liars about privacy.
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This, it's over, we lost.
>"based in Sweden" like Proton
sweden and switzerland are two different countries
your joke sucks

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>Tu BiShvat (Hebrew: ט״ו בִּשְׁבָט, romanized: Ṭū BiŠəvāṭ, lit. '15th of Shevat') is a Jewish holiday occurring on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat (in 2023, Tu BiShvat begins at sunset on February 5 and ends in the evening of February 6). It is also called Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot (Hebrew: ראש השנה לאילנות), literally "New Year of the Trees". In contemporary Israel, the day is celebrated as an ecological awareness day, and trees are planted in celebration.
Around trees, never ease
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>>134224 (OP) 
i hate trees!!!!

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For 1980s music lovers, I wanted to recommend an online radio station I have been listening to for over a year.

http://hi5.1980s.fm/;/;.m3u - the link I use to listen

They have over 20,000 songs, so not only do they have hit singles, they also have album tracks. And you can sign up and request songs too. I have discovered so much good music I never knew existed! Bands/singers from all over the world.

This radio network also has a few other stations, though none of them are my tastes:
Death.fm - Black/Death Metal
Streamingsoundtracks.com - Movie Scores
Entranced.fm - Ambient/Lounge
Adaigo.fm - Classical
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listen to music from around the world in different decades
unfortunately you have to pay for premium options
Replies: >>133801
That is cool! Thanks for sharing.
>>133698 (OP) 
Thanks! Though I believe the classical site is called adagio.fm
Replies: >>134196
>>133698 (OP) 
I rather not, dude
You're welcome, anon.
My bad on the spelling error there.

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was edarem based?

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Post your best 3DPD
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IMHO This is geriatric fetishists over 16yo shit and is gross.
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I wanna nut in some demon pussy
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Oops *child
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bost baginas xDDDD

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ITT: dedicate a song to someone. This is mine to the kikes and my parents.
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To my piano teacher
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To every gore thread.
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To my old music teacher.
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To my beloved.
>>125286 (OP) 
Forget youuuuuuuuuuuu and forget her tooo

I don't know why I'm doing this, but I guess I just wanted SOME form of an outlet.  I first thought I'd make some silly video/vlog. Maybe track the month long progress leading up to the moment. I though if leaving hints and clue, possibly trying to make it more public and known to those few left that.... I'm nearing the end.  I'm pretty content I think now with actually doing it.  I've done the "6 months or else" before but I always knew when the cluck struck zero I'd just restart it then but.... Idk this time feels different. This time it feels.... Idk. I have the heaviest sickest feeling know almost a grim acceptence that if I can't figure it out this time I'm not trying anymore.

I guess I should explain somewhat, I've tried all the ways.  I went to multiple therapists, I tried over 20 medications in the span of nearly 3 years. I've done a few psyches, maybe too much for a bit there, but at the very least LSD and MDMA made me feel more then anxiety, depression, and whatever the fuck this inner monologue of mine is.  I tried to be the adult I'm expected to be and reach out for help. I reached out and opened up about my gender, even started seeking help. Despite not believing it I put up with the bipolar treatments for 6+ months. And now here I am..... It's Feb 3, I haven't been to work since August, that's when I had my last anxiety/PTSD/whatever you call it in a public setting, almost immediately making any chance of me leaving impossible it felt like.  Ugh between the f
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Replies: >>134073 >>134117
>>134055 (OP) 
>I reached out and opened up about my gender, even started seeking help.
And this is where most people will throw your blog in the trash. why did you think opening up about that is a good idea?
>my knee is going to be in pain and hurt the rest of my life and is just going to get worse and worse as time goes on
>And that's just ASSUMING I'm not neurodivergant
A diagnosis wouldnt help you.
Autism resources only exist for kids.
>Not being able to work, not being able to care for myself
Do you atleast get SSI/SSDI?
>Loosing crackers so suddenly..... Then little Iggy
Medical bills and caring for pets don't mix.
>for Michaela
She let your dog eat a bunch of chocolate and you still care about her?
>it's way easier for me to get a gun and a single bullet
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Where did zonz go.
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>>134055 (OP) 
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sorry about your dog
>10,000 can help Jo tremendously. It could clear her debts up entirely and help her move out of here, or she could invest or who knows. And maybe she can talk the insurance agency into getting her some.more.money.... it's the least o can do for all the shit I've put you through.

Life insurance does not cover suicide. If you are genuinely going to kill yourself which I don't advise you do because you'll probably reincarnate as a indian street shitter without legs you should just embezzle as much money as possible. What does your credit score look like? I would open up as many different credit cards as possible and get as many payday loans or personal loans that you can and then buy either Bitcoin or Monero (XMR). Store it all on a cold wallet (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/cold-storage.asp) and use a tumbling service to launder the funds. At this point, if you have figured out how to follow those steps you can have around $30,000 to $40,000 in untraceable cryptocurrency that you can give to anyone.  Or you can say fuck it all and fly to some country with no extradition treaties with the United States where the purchasing parity of the US dollar is high and live a nice life. You could even bring your dog with you and the vet bill is probaly going to be 1/1000th of what it is in the Un
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