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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

 Dress to impress!

Can i talk about crimes that have been done to me, without the criminals getting arrested from here?
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I was raped by a doctor, and i have been avoiding getting a new doctor and i'm afraid of getting a new doctor because i don't want to get raped. I have no idea why someone would rape me? People lust after me, i don't know exactly why, but i don't want it to happen again. What do i do? both genders lust after me.

I don't want anyone to go to jail because of me. What do i do? I did magic once and i used to use porn a lot and now people lust after me. Is it demons or soul ties?

Can people spiritually rape someone? I used to use porn a lot, and i think spirits raped me because i felt a touching sensation on my body.
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>I was raped by a doctor
Are you sure you're using that word right? What exactly did the doctor do?
Assuming that you're not a total schizo, copypasting some reddit post (what with your redditspacing) or something.
Replies: >>194274
He inserted something in me and in a humiliating way, it was obvious that i didn't like it. I don't want anyone to get in trouble, a group of people are telling me to talk about it.
Replies: >>194276
>He inserted something in me and in a humiliating way
What did he insert, and where?
Stop being vague you baiting nigger.
Replies: >>194277
I'm guessing some sort of medical instrument in his ass, which he perceived as being done in a "humiliating" way".

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is there any mainstream media where i can shitpost without getting banned instantly?
Replies: >>194225 >>194235
Start imagining conversations in your head.
>>194220 (OP) 
What imageboard is that?
>>194220 (OP) 
no, because the whole concept of mainstream media consists on only allowing the mandatory thought.

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>indiachan is now in the webring
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>take your meds haha no one go look at the thread to see he is right and I'm a lying faggot
Replies: >>193978
I remember being told how absolutely vital it was to have quick access to other sites to bunker in. Mind you, the last time we tried bunkering on the webring, an entire fucking board imploded. The complete lack of self-awareness was astounding.
I made the thread myself.
Replies: >>194131
Oh then you know full well that a few posts in some retard started calling old memes satanic then, liar.
Replies: >>194142
I just checked it again and the closest thing seems to be
>Longcat is immoral demonic imagery and if you ever enjoyed it at any point you are going to hell, Raptor Jesus told me so.
and its replies. It obviously reads like a joke.

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It's becoming harder and harder enjoy myself other than spending time with my cat and music (which gets stale after a while). Another thing that calms me is taking showers/baths. I probably take on average 5 of them every day I have off from work. I'm also afraid because I'm not sure if I'm ever going to own a home. I want my own home because I want my cat to eventually have kittens (while keeping all of them) and I want kids of my own and I'm tired of paying for something I'll never own but have to pay for if it is deemed I damaged anything. My biggest problem is I have 0 credit for a home loan and not enough to buy something outright and frankly, I don't think I even want to involve a bank, I'll only do so if it's absolutely necessary. I have a budget of 25k and the best I can afford are polebarns (which I may never get to code because of cancerous zoning laws but this does seem to be the best option), and very tiny mobile homes/prefab houses which definitely wouldn't pass the inspections either. I even had a plan in case I had to deal with the banks, I would overpay my mortgage every month to the tune of my entire paycheck and my parents would pay all the other expenses which would take about 5 years to pay off and after that my parents can finally retire. I'm just sick and tired of seeing my parents working like slaves every day and my parents aren't exactly in that great of physical shape. My mom is emaciated and my dad has had back surgery. I used to post a lot here but
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<Bad goy! You can't take too many showers!  Global warming! We will run out of water and electricity! Go to college!
<You wont have warm showers in the camps we put you in goyim better get used to taking one bath a week! Eat the bugs! I want to feel better than some mere peasant! It's my steak! Your pain pleases me!  Get away from my pool water! *buys bitcoin with his family's money in case of 'reset'*
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>I used to post a lot here but that has slowed to a crawl and now I just post music occasionally
Same unfortunately.
Replies: >>194123
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Yeah I've also noticed myself posting much less nowadays. I think the economic hardship of the last year has taken its toll on me and I lack either energy or imagination to post. I'm just so busy all the time I don't feel that inspirational thrust as much as I used to.
Or maybe I'm just so tired and bored of the current state of the world I have subconsciously gone into energy saving mode while waiting for everything to collapse. Why try hard for anything at this point?
Replies: >>194129 >>194132
> collapse
Yes, but they'll just replace the failed dollar system with a CBDC. That was the plan all along. So you'll need to fight against that, just as you fought against vaxx bullshit (if you did). The fighting has only just begun.
For me the webring swings between inanity and boring, and I've found no replacement for the niche that imageboards socially filled for me. It's a piece of the pie that's channeled me further into isolation. Even when not I have no will to discuss anything out of dejection.

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Drinking banana milk.
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[Hide] (207.1KB, 1000x828) Reverse
Drinking tea.
[Hide] (148.6KB, 800x600) Reverse
Had tea.
[Hide] (631.7KB, 850x890) Reverse
Got more tea.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1000x1333) Reverse
Gonna get another cup.
Replies: >>194687
When are you making a new thread?

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The NSA will never understand that anions have the same software that is on a computer, but with infinite CPU ticks and time resolution towards death. The atmosphere can break any cryptography like an electrical tornado.
Replies: >>193787
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>radiator heating
based and redpilled
>>193734 (OP) 
saw this posted on another board
>like an electrical tornado
yeah, just like that
Replies: >>193788
It's a bot
>this shit staying up on a site that censors "spam" 
bump I guess

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When did stuffies or stuff animals become plushies? Is this a regional thing or is this a generational thing? I am a Millenial and never hear anyone say plushies outside of the internet.
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Replies: >>193843
I've always said "stuffed animal." Never heard "plushie" til I was an adult.
[Hide] (46.5KB, 640x853) Reverse
>When did stuffies
i've never heard anyone use the word stuffies before
>>191233 (OP) 
I'm a millennial and I started seeing it used in the mid-00s. It's probably a nerd thing because I first heard it used by fujoshis and the like, while normalfags still call them stuffed animals.
I've only ever seen it used in a sexual context, every other context I've just heard them referred to as stuffed animals. Never stuffies though, that sounds like some stupid gay UK or Australia term.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1280x720) Reverse
>distinguish between stuffed animals and other things that are stuffed but aren't animals
Is OP's mom a plushie then? Or a stuffed animal since she's a bitch?

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What theme do you use? I personally like Navy.
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I made a thread about it on the 25. and developed a solution too.
Put this in your ublock filter:
zzzchan.xyz##body:style(background:none !important)
It removes the background image which allows dark reader to darken the background and the rainbow shit below "boards" that uses up all your processing power on redrawing and reflowing the website at least 60 times a second.
Of course the admin seeing reason would be better but you can't always depend on that.
Replies: >>193902
Here's the thread I mentioned >>190101
I associate it with the worst anime ever, or particularly its tranny fanbase and their tranny imageboard(s) (>>187594).
Win 95 is the best
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[Hide] (123.2KB, 1585x900) Reverse
It worked, thank you very much!

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Leafs are pathetic! Just like any other anglo pigs.
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You are going to be treated the same as someone who rapes kids if you buy some stupid cartoon toy for yourself.
Replies: >>193869
NOT if it has big tiddies
Replies: >>193873
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Qaddafi was in the process of developing Africa, along with a new currency. So that's why the bankers killed him. Not like it did them any good, as BRICS is gaining momentum, and oil is currently being traded in currencies other than USD. And there's nothing they can do about it, other than threaten to send some NATO troops to Ukraine for the russians to slaughter.
Replies: >>193874
But I like flat chests
Qaddafi just wanted uranium to build his nuclear bombs to make sure his country doesn't get invaded. But lost against niggers in toyotas.

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Is this all that imageboards have been reduced down to?
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[Hide] (137.1KB, 996x884) Reverse
It's not that comfy most of the time. There's often some cunt trolling constantly or just plain flooding the thread with stupid shit. I'm sure they have scripts and/or bots for that purpose.
[Hide] (561.1KB, 2067x2923) Reverse
>>181945 (OP) 
>Is this all that imageboards have been reduced down to?
No, we also post cute pictures
Replies: >>190526
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>first thing I see is 2 threads by a blatant Tranknee 
>in thread there is a namefag of the name c0smo most likely the mindbroken suiciderunner
>>181945 (OP) 
No problem as long as 2D (and not degenerate: gay, nigger, cucking, etc)
It's funny and entertaining

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