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Cheems died 2 weeks ago btw
>He had leukemia and was undergoing thoracentesis (the draining of fluid from his chest) when he died on 18 August 2023, aged 12.
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If this is what "non-dog-worshippers" are like then yes they should probably be exterminated.
Not him, but, you're a spammer akin to soyjack spamming. You're trying to make people feel uncomfortable with a cringey image and aren't even putting any effort into it. It's soulless.
dogs good
dog culture is just another disgusting aspect of wigger culture
they look absolutefuckingly disgusting like little troll creatures, except for like 5/10000 breeds
they shit around your house
they drag their sweaty shit covered balls everywhere in it
they piss all over the place
they scratch up every floor
they bark like obnoxious niggers forever at fucking anything even if you slap the shit out of them every time
they leave their moldy ass smelling fur everywhere. your house will smell like shit just from the dog walking in it
a house is ruined forever once a pet lives there for 2 or 3 days. its literally unsellable except to retards
for some reason every single dog owner and dog have to lick each others faces, as if the'yre oblivious (they're not) to the fact that their dog licks its own asshole and other dogs assholes and shit on the ground outside
i literally do not date a girl if she owns a dog. if i see a girl outside with a dog i do not walk up to her. this isnt a big loss anyway since most people just own dogs as cope and use it as a conversation opener (translation: only ugly girls own dogs)
a mutt does nothing but drag you down. ironically all the seething retards with mutts say the same about women. and of course like the pic further up the thread they often have sex with their dogs too, or do nigger shit like maim someone then make their pitbulls eat their dick
wh*teoids who talk about dogs are the stupidest fucking people retarded hick degenerates
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another day in bill mcjeet's life
>wake up
>dog piss on the ground
>hmm never had this problem before
>google it
>close windows google and howto popups about "i dont want to be spied on"
>scrolls down the page skimming it >gee this is gonna be a lot of work
>images load in as he scrolls past their placeholders
>scrolls back to top
>buy this n that
>vinegar is in the list like every fucking howto ever so you may as well just always use vinegar and never use the web for advice because theyre either right and vinegar works for everything or wrong and so you should never trust them for anything
>bro trust me this removal method is the best >chemical reactions with hydrogen peroxied yeah i totally know what im talking about thats why i became an amazon affiliate link SEO spammer blogger
>says nothing about how you actually just need to replace the carpet but you will have fun wasting several 24 man hours trying our latest bullshit method sponsored by this n that bro turn off your ad blocker you are killing the web and the wh*te race

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why would i want to watch drawn pictures of girls marketed to me as something sexy
who the fuck posts anime girls
if youre gonna post them post real girls
actually ill post something that represents myself being a hapa
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real  women  = based
drawn  women = homo
i will seed  this trinity cosplayer and make hapas with her like the prophecy in the matrix
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you've really gotta write the hapa part at the beginning so I know not to read your post


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>>163446 (OP) 
>anime bad
WTF? you are not hapa
you are wh*te
you just so happen to have some asian genes
you will never be a hapa
Thanks for doing your job for once, mods.

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>tfw no gf
How do I get a misanthropic gf, /b/?
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how does that glow its more likely just an autist with a pet peeve
Replies: >>163460
Rapeman is gone, you casual (and also homosexual).
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He actually post that all the time, like it's his job, no only here, but all across the webring. Is always the same "memes".
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Cute pictures but none of them lend any credence to your assertion. Loliposters are (probably) real users, I don't see why spooks would do anything halfway nice for any board. Authentic users can, in fact, post the same image over and over again, especially when they're trying to get something through perceived dense noggins.
Replies: >>163518
>perceived dense noggins.
That's generous.

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>wife is something of an 'experimental learner'
>buy her pepper spray and explain to her how it works
>she tries it inside and has to spend the rest of the day outside
>get her another one later
>tries it out in the hotel room because she wanted to try the new brand and make sure it worked
>have some sores on my dick
>she gets something from the pharmacy to disinfect it
>soaks gauze
>puts it on my dick
>worst pain I've felt in my life
>take it off and rinse it
>bottle is 98% alcohol 2% iodine
>wife apologizes
>later that night
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Replies: >>163339
>third image
>not purified water
shit image
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>>163310 (OP) 
The Moomins are not for lewding.
>some anons are normalfags
You are the only one mentioning child love in this thread. Is there a reason you decided to bring it up?

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Post your favorite pics or videos, or those which you think are cool. I hadn't seen the full Ronnie Mcnutt suicide before, but the full video is here. I felt a bit bad for the little dog in the background
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A small price to pay to keep the sun rising each and every day. You don't want the world to end, right?
I disagree, my fellow cis man.
I know I'm multiple days late with this but wtf are you even trying to say with these dumbass comments? Are you legitimately schizophrenic there is no cohesion to anything you post and I can spot you immediately as I scroll through the thread.
The first world where beheadings and being flayed alive don't happen on a daily basis, regardless of believing in Christianity or not how the fuck can you sit there and say with a straight face this Aztec shit is in any way preferable?
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>wow we have buildings! so modern!
does anyone notice charlotte is a nigger shithole?
t. lived here all my life
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Never been there, probably because there's so many niggers.
Any building with more than 4 floors (including basement and attic) is a kike box for goyim.
Replies: >>163403
>comfy three story house with basement and attic with acres of land is a "kike box for goyim"
Zigga please.
Replies: >>163405
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>6 floors? surely 8 floors is too few. What can I even do with 10 floors? Anything less than a 15 floor apartment is too little!
Please build up to the sky.  I am a high acreage land owner and would rather have most of you stay concentrated in the cities.  Thank you.

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>you dont think it should be illegal to say nigger, what are you a lolbertarian?
>you dont think it should be illegal to be gay, what are you a lolbertarian?
>you dont think it should be illegal to discriminate against employees, what are you a lolbertarian?
>you dont think it should be illegal to copy software, what are you a lolbertarian?
reminder that you are still right/left tards, aka 99%er, aka normalfags, and were never right about anything. just because you agree with me on one point doesnt make us friends
you create insults to attack people neutral to your politics because you are a little child with a group of friends he identifies by as his team. instead of acting like a reasonable adult you consider anything that goes against your politics, even if its fair, as a loss in your "battle"
a black SJW  nigger considers it a cuck move to not sue for employment discrimination when he knows the discrimination doesnt exist but he will win the court case
a white corporate faggot considers it a cuck move to not sue for 10 million dollars when someone shared an mp3 and it actually costed him nothing but he will win the court case
the word faggot was created for people like you
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Emilico would never say that.
Replies: >>163694
>>163299 (OP) 
What you're saying, but replace "gay" with lolicon
Gays should all be annihilated, but Lolicons are GODS hated by both the left and right
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>you dont think women should wear burkas? what are you a lolbertarian?
This is often my problem with people posting characters I recognize. One should always do their best to choose an image which represents their post best, not simply which girl they find cutest.

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Since my thread was deleted on /v/ i guess I'll have to make it here instead
>dresses like a girl with aspergers
>never combs her hair
>talks like a retard (the high voice) and barely talks at all
>isn't shown with many friends besides mario
Is Princess Peach autistic?
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Spoiler File
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apologies for the nigger
Replies: >>160538 >>160539
I posted in ur thread. I wonder what replies I got? I bet jews would buy that piggie bank thingy.
Got any more of the fourth one?
Replies: >>160540
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>what, you have a "waifu"? it's just a cartoon, she's not real, CHUD
>oh my antichrist! what do you mean that you like lolis? they're underage, it's child sexual abuse! you're literally a pedophile!
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>Hello, Officer? That man is back. Yes, he won't stop hanging out around my school and keeps talking about "anime" or something, please come quick.
Replies: >>163354
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Replies: >>163358
>Sir, we have swabbed the cavities of the animals of this petting zoo, and we found human seminal residue in most of them.
>Who would do such a thing? And why are we using rape kits on animals in the first place?
>Well, the owner noticed white fluid coming out of the animals, and couldn't recall having them bred any time recently, so she sensed foul play.
this is such a stupid gotcha argument
don't you think that pedos would be vehemently against pedophilia as to make it less competitive for them to groom children or hide behind labels just like others do or this might be just your FBI slander and discrediting of the individual?

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