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Justin Bieber has half of his face paralyzed due to some herpes-based disease and will likely remain that way for the rest of his life. Can also go deaf.

There is God.
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chickpox. it's not an std
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he's a wigger so he deserves any punishment
>sage is always butthurt
#ParalyzedForBieber, when?
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I'm going to buy motorized rollingham soon, used of course since budget is as tight as it gets. Got any recommendations?  What should I stay away from? I haven't much of a clue about cars but was thinking of getting Peugeot 206 or maybe a 2nd gen Renault Clio, there are thousands of those around here and they're super cheap.

Also what does anon drive?
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That's partially true. The reason used cars are more expensive is because they are available. A new one might be more affordable, but you won't see it for months.
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>>95142 (OP) 
I used to want a car before I finally ended neethood. Now, as getting a job wasn't possible until they actually NEEDED workers, now all there is to buy is booze and junk food. Also, a bicycle, so I can get to push carts all day after riding around on that thing. I also have a tent rather than a car. Tent plus bicycle is all someone can have when they're not rich. Cars having that awful tax on them, the insurance, is reason enough to not want to save up for one. Then there's gas, THEN upkeep as they're not cheap enough to replace anymore. 

But yeah, if I need a car and to move away I'll just take one. Be it on their heads that they didn't give me a ride my entire life then have the audacity to uphold such an awful society to go with it. 

This is becoming like 'thanks Obama'. Stop blaming one tiny event that didn't matter. Not trolling, don't be reddit. Nothing happened but mass hysteria due to the time it was, they could have picked any unstudied virus to flame over. The times are the times. The modern economy is the modern economy. People are just people, and they're awful. Too bad only people make cars because they suck at it. It should run on pure oxygen, or solar energy and be electric, or all run on new oils like peanut oil, but instead steamers, non-diesel vehicles all over, it's pathetic. Older ones were m
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>Nothing happened but mass hysteria due to the time it was
>mass hysteria doesn't influence people at all
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The times caused mass hysteria... hysteria is as it does... what is your point? 

Anyway, a person it does not, people it does. Often people just fall in line so as to avoid making the hysterical person with wandering womb disorder from chimping out. Need to be polite and all.
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What happened to 1500chan? I believe it was Brazil's busiest image board. Went down last Saturday morning.

First Hispachan, now this.
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>>95374 (OP) 
>First Hispachan, now this.
Goobra gao. Supra saoa joah bao. Babo da mumu gainho gubao badao... Jede sopre cero sao voce selo vao escola ta pao. Pa-taw!
>>95374 (OP) 
>shitskin imageboard
who cares

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>>95312 (OP) 
Banned in China. They actively support it everywhere else when they're not busy eating babies.
>>95312 (OP) 
>ideological level is low
So there's just an implied tier list for ideologies in china? That's so based.
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>>95312 (OP) 

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Where would I go to learn how to wreak as much havoc as possible during a civil war? I've heard the meme of destroying power stations, but that would probably just make a lot of people angry, although you could potentially do millions of dollars worth of damage that way. Literally blowing up federal buildings is another option. If enough of them got destroyed, their ability to police rebels would severely be hindered. The thing is, there's probably no way you'd be able to get away with it, and they'd probably slam you into an inhumane federal prison.
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How much were you paid to make this thread?

Is there a version of this picture with a higher resolution? Even opening in a new tab and zooming in didn't help at all in regards to reading the highlighted dates.
Destroying valuable assets is nigger tier thinking and behavior. First thing we do in SHTF scenario is liquidate all low IQ whites will only get in our way.
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that was fucking savage
No. Anytime cops or feds tell them to fuck off, they do. They are larping faggots.

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Guaranteed that 90% of you faggots have feminine, soft hands that have never seen any work besides masturbating yourself and other men.
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Anon is right, as someone in that situation. Only real perk is that I've lost quite a bit of belly fat and can see where I'm urinating when I look down again.
I have soft hands ready for service
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Faggots like you deserve the rope
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that's called prostitution
You just need a hot, gay mouth to calm you down

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>muh status screen
>muh levelups
>muh class
>muh special skills
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Wen will nips figure out a roguelike isekai where protag becomes overpowered by earing jewelry and using a rotting cockatrice corpse as a weapon.
There's one where the protag abuses bugs to cheat at the game, close enough.
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Every isekai is basically a roguelike
>repeat the same action over and over for stat inflation
>abuse really obvious progression systems
>nobody in the world does this other than the PC
That said, something like an explicit elona isekai could be fun
<That time I was reincarnated into a watersports simulator and became the worlds gayest housewife
>>95094 (OP) 
read mushoku tensei
nips don't understand roguelikes, outside of elona maybe

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>trying to type π with altkeys (227)
>gives me 0227 (ã) instead
>0227 still gives ã
what the fuck did the demiurge mean by this?
Replies: >>95287
wow, that sure is interesting
>>94992 (OP) 
I don't know programming but maybe your computer isn't programmed properly...

Maybe it's the singularity's way of telling you to fix your software...

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I have to jerk off to most vile and raunchiest porn available. 
Otherwise if I whack off to vanilla doujins of loving couples I'll end up ejaculating tears from my eyessockets.
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>Newer is not necessarily better
Your post is proof of that
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>saving sexual energy makes me more powerful
>I am a dickhead!
Indeed. "It's better to spill a man's seed into whore than it is to spill it on the ground." They wanted to do a 'mission'. That mission is to spread christfaggotry through sex for the 'soul' purpose of procreation. Pagans get out bred that way. Now days whites are getting out bred but we have protection and birth control and abortions and foster care and step parents (taboo in some abrahamic bibles, step parenting) and etc. Stopping males from fapping won't cure anything. In this world that makes you feel so dead inside you need hardcore things, like porn, as without a fair young maiden what do you have? Watching someone you can't have? That's pathetic, ergo the porn is MEANT TO BE HARDCORE. You're not 'touched' otherwise. It needs to be larger than life, full of epic hardships. Children that died farmers learnt of dragons and other things of that nature, larger than life. Touching, but the knight, he lives a stressful life going down into hell to save everyone else. Super heroes are a better example I suppose. you even see the masochism in cop shows where they are all stressed out. It's touching. 

Then humor, always about laughing at someone else's misfortune nearly 100% of the time. 

We're not nice 
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Replies: >>95201 >>95225
>performance art to fill a beggar's belly
The foundation of literally every philosophy is a bunch of shit that somebody made up to make money. What actualizes it is that others find value in it.
>"It's better to spill a man's seed into whore than it is to spill it on the ground."
Unfortunately this isn't a real quote from the bible. Though the half Jewish tribalist supremacism and half Roman peasant suppression propaganda is bad enough alone to condemn the "greatest story ever told".
>It needs to be larger than life, full of epic hardships. Children that died farmers learnt of dragons and other things of that nature, larger than life. Touching, but the knight, he lives a stressful life going down into hell to save everyone else. Super heroes are a better example I suppose. you even see the masochism in cop shows where they are all stressed out. It's touching. 
Do you read Lacan by chance?

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Have you ever met an anon in real life? And I don't mean any preplanned meetups, that's for retards that want to get doxxed. I mean you've been talking with someone and slowly realized that this man uses IBs on a daily basis, and you've either asked him directly or inserted some joke that only board users would get. Did they look like you expected them to? Were they as autistic as you or worse?
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ya met some fag at the bar and after exchanging a few niggers and a couple other things like probably holocaust denial he asked me about /pol/ and i was like yeah it sucks infinity died and he was like fuck he was expecting me to say 4pol and he was like "did you know about /cow/" so i called him a faggot and said yes and he was sad that it was gone so i told him about the gunt retort or whatever and he was very thankful stupid /cow/tist well anyway now he uses the webring but as far as i could get out of him he had no interest in venturing past /cow/ so that's why i was willing to tell him. 
this was probably a year and a half ago.
>five dykes censoring in a circlejerk
>a real imageboard
females are like 1/5th of imageboards . Only unfortunate retards end up on tiny alt chans.
Yeah, I hate the faggot loser who introduced me to them. At least I got laid and a good paying job while he's a KHHV NEET.
Replies: >>95163 >>95165
Why do you hate him? Was he a spaz?
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The 15 year old I knew was a thin gothic clothing wearing (the pants anyway) girl that graduated HS with blue hair. Autistic girls actually developed better than autistic males also, just for your information. You can look it up. Brain scans show that females are very into being social when autistic, the same as non-autistic males, but autistic males are afflicted. It's complicated. 

Tits or ____

From where? Here? So you can have a sexually frustrated sausage fest? They should be objectified as e-girls and the rest of us can do everything else.

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