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How to download videos from the internet? youtube-dl doesn't work
Browser plugins?
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Also doesn't work.
Replies: >>164169
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Have you tried downloading the latest release: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/releases/tag/2023.07.06
I've tried with both youtube and vimeo videos and it's downloaded both. Why would you make a thread for this?
Replies: >>164235
I downloaded current version from github. It crashes on socket.py on line 49.

I installed browser extension for normalfags to download videos, works without problems.

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Are rice cookers good? Would you recommend it to someone who regularly eats rice (ie. 3~6 times a week)?
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shut the fuck up you retarded weebcuck. 
>>164014 (OP) 
dont listen to the retarded weebcuck that is telling you to buy 300 dollar rice cookers. Go to your local store and buy a 20 dollar one.
Replies: >>164156
>>164014 (OP) 
Yeah rice cookers are nice because you don't have to have the perfect water/rice ratio and the rice isn't going to stick to the bottom of a pot. Rice cookers are also good for steaming veggies and making a quick stir fry
>Go to your local store and buy a 20 dollar one.
Which'll last you a few years at best, might not be able to cook some rice types well, scorch the crap out of your rice etc.
Better to spend some money on something that'll last.
>but muh internal batteries running dry in Zojirushi models!
So don't buy those then, if you don't want to bother with soldering new batteries into them every 10 years or so.
Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker.
Replies: >>164164
>Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker.
Get a proper pressure cooker, you can do a lot more with them than just rice. You can dump dried beans and water in them and they're ready in an hour, as opposed to 3-8 hours of letting them soak. I've made chili in mine on many occasions and it's fucking delicious. Instant Pot is a good brand, I don't know how much they cost because I got one for free (my sister bought one for my mom for Christmas but they delivered two by mistake at no extra charge). Recipes are everywhere online and you can filter out the good ones from the bad if you think for two seconds.

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>i hate when people checkout with cash for me because then i have to count
>bippidy bop cash is discouraged here because covid
>t. 3 vaccines and still wearing a mask after 4 years
>muh loyalty points
fucking kill yourself wigger i hate you so fucking much please jump off a cliff
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>>163083 (OP) 
Ha, count my fist full of change, then go fuck yourself.
What is it about Asuka that draws in the biggest faggots?
Replies: >>163223
It's one guy
anyone who uses a payment card of any kind ever is a massive faggot
you are literally oppressing yourself if you cant even do basic math, you will never be anything, humanity has evolved to require math and (basic) technology (like ass wiping)
math is taught in school for a reason
meanwhile like a self centered cuck you state, "well cash is inconvenient" while it isnt even and, "i dont have anything to hide", and youre just cucking yourself and everyone else by shitting up the status quo
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>>163083 (OP) 
whats wrong with pay apps asukadomo?

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Which of them has more swag?
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OP here again, for your information I am not the person posing as Starlight Glimmer.
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>>163395 (OP) 
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This one. The rest can get gassed along with their proponents for all I care.
Which would also eradicate over 90% of brownie population, which would be a net positive for society.
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Technically, in the show Luna is portrayed as somewhat awkward while Celestia is shown to be extremely good at networking, so at least per the definition of "swag", it would be Celestia.
>>163395 (OP) 
Imagine eating out and fucking their ponut.

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I had a mental breakdown this morning. I feel angry and confused at same time and I don't know why. I screamed something needs to change over and over again. I don't know what to do or why I suddenly feel this way I can't pin point it. I feel like my teenage self has come to haunt me 10 years later. I felt okay a week ago but now I feel like shit.
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Off yourself glownigger pedotroon
Replies: >>163721
Maybe to 4chan, not for all imageboards.
Replies: >>163720
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>Maybe to 4chan
Which is why you should fuck off back to there, subhuman.
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Fuck off gaia/myspace anti filth.
your mistake is not thinking because you believe thoughts are negative or positive££££££££££

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>go buy groceries
>picked up some of those italian thingies in water
>get to cash register
>old lady in front of me is struggling to pick up her stuff from the cart
>"here let me do it" I say as I begin picking up stuff for her
>she gives me a weird look and asks "what are you doing, is it your turn?"
>"n-no I'm just helping"
>she mumbles something I can't quite understand I think she just said ok
>as I'm picking up her shit I drop my italian cheese
>the box ruptures and the water comes out
>fuck fuck fuck
>quickly look around
>nobody saw, not even the old lady
>I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone what happened maybe I can just bring it back and get a new one
>go back to where I got it
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Replies: >>163727 >>164107
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Time to move to a different town and change your name and get plastic surgery, there's no choice
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>>163691 (OP) 
you deserved it bitch
This is now a vent greentext thread
>be in uni
>when I look around at people most are either with people talking or talking on the phone while I'm always alone
How am I supposed to relate to people who didn't have to listen to hours of screaming every day growing up
>>163691 (OP) 
stop caring and stop repeating your stupidity

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why do wh*te people just make a company and then climb onto it like a pedestal where they can hand out lawsuits
but they never actually get to the part where their company develops some sort of product or service
think about it, you cant name one piece of tech that actually matters in any way that came out in the last 20 years, other than chatgpt, which from the get go came with a new precedent that "it has to be regulated maaaan it has to be free of hate"
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Replies: >>163873 >>164046
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>>163858 (OP) 
>posts a kike in the thumbnail 
>directly attacking whites 
Nice try Chaim. Now back to the oven you go.
Replies: >>163981
oh wohohohohoho no non o no nonono
>why do people have babies in concentration camps
because they got rounded up with their baby or gave birth on site
0IQ romewigger mobster personality confirmed
Replies: >>164010
you will never be a woman, herdtroon.
Replies: >>164012
nobody cares brandon
>>163858 (OP) 
>but they never actually get to the part where their company develops some sort of product or service
Here's the company product and service:
White People.

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Replies: >>163934 + 2 earlier
>Posting trannies
>>163915 (OP) 
<So that's what the normalfags meant by the clap!
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where's her dick

how do i uncook pasta? i overboiled mine.
Replies: >>164011
>>164007 (OP) 
You don't. Either cook a new batch, eat your overcooked pasta or just throw it away and don't eat.

Spoiler File
(3.6MB, 682x1080, 00:05)
Picrel should be the board's corner/mascot.
Replies: >>163847
I do like her hair.
that is NOT how you eat bratwurst
>>163796 (OP) 
>the lines censoring literally nothing
the nips are retarded
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If you watch porn (either 2d or 3dpd, worse if the latter) that contains a male, you are both a cuck and a homo.

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