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Do you wanna request anything
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No promise, as usual
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A real hatty hat.
a bottle of veritaserum
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not the harry potter kind
I want you to draw the truth
homura licking madoka's butthole

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Gonna try to spread this around and see if it bears any fruit. Your thoughts /b/?
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drop this too:
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new location:
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>>125656 (OP) 
Oops typo.
It's way worse. Erections actually happened.
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Back in the 90's, people only started acting "professional" and stopped saying nigger and pretending to agree with things that are dumb when they went into the work force, usually around 20. But now, how many times have you heard "Bro, you do realize you can't say that on stream. You're gonna get banned". With "content creation", teenagers are learning to suck jew nigger cock at an earlier age than ever, as low as 12. What are the consequences of this on society and the human race?

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Is Azumanga as good as they say?
I've never watched it.
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>anime has always been gay
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>anime was never meant to be consumed by heterosexual males
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>It's a long standing part of the imageboard canon
Great, another True Anon(tm) to tell you what is and isn't culture according to Encyclopedia Dramatica and whispers of real oldfags from 2006BC.
Nichijou and Azumanga Daioh are good shows, if you disliked it but liked the latter you just enjoying watching cute girls doing normal and cute things but think you are intelligent and mature for shitting on the former.
I used to believe the same about the 2000s in general but seeing how mediocre the 2010s were, and in the realm of anime it was just moeshit and isekai, it's unfair to judge it as so. Look for shows from both decades that aren't popular or celebrated on the internet then compare which you liked better. Animation did get worse in the 2000s objectively.
Tokyo Ghoul followed with it the whole monochrome "aesthetic" thing that many of those 13 to 16 year olds loved. Obviously it wasn't going to be a Elfen Lied experience where there was blood and tits but instead a fixation on some male character and no other sincere interest or the individuality to explore anime as a whole since they felt too above that. That's the earliest I first witnessed zoomers liking anime but it was all to fit their totally not edgy in all lowercase attitude and latent hard ons for topless men.

There's really not much else to explain about them. But during that time period, that's what I witnessed and none of them had the capacity or attention span to thoroughly enjoy something like Nichijou which was widely liked by people not in their diapers still, people that have actually watched anime through the decades with 2010s having some worth-while mentions here and there.
>anime has always been about cute things.
yes. early anime was about children LARPing about kung fu and machine guns
>t. cute thing

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just saw this
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just saw this
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just saw this again
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He's telling you to slow the fuck down.
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>>125498 (OP) 
>See white woman walking down street
>Black man walking the opposite direction on same street
>Internet weirdo from afar stares intently at them and recoils in horror at the very thought of them fucking. Which was his first thought for some reason
The interracial propaganda lives in your head rent-free. Your life will be forever ruined as seeing two races in near proximity to each other will immediately cause you to think about sex in some capacity.
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Just saw this

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Except the walls inside slowly but surely warp and twist and they're supposed to turn you into a spaghetti monster of some sort as you are forced to advance and cannot retreat for some reason.

But how realistic is that really? If the walls actually did warp wouldn't eventually come to a point where you find it impossible to advance? What about air? In a place so cramped surely you'd run out of oxygen even considering it's open on both ends, your body would block one meaning  all your supply would be coming from the front but would it really suffice? And what about the irreparable body damage? Adult bodies don't just do that in a week or a month, it would take years for your limbs and skin to stretch like that, would it not? And what of bones? Unless they were crushed forcibly there is no way they'd fit once the space between the walls became thin enough.

This is bullshit.
Replies: >>125577 >>125583
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>>125574 (OP) 
All of Ito's work is bullshit because it's fictional horror. Fictional horror is made to be bullshit because you can live through real life horrors, and the doom is what makes the fictional horror appealing. I'm less a fan of Ito's works because almost all of them are constant doom with no way of living through them, almost like the inverse of happy ending fairy tales. Knowing how the story will all end gets very boring and feel dumb.
The japanese can't into anything meaningful. It's all pretentious and convoluted bullshit. See also: Metal Gear series, Evangelion etc etc
The whole point is that it shouldn't physically work. It's supernatural. It's supposed to be the final answer about whether the hole obsession was real or whether it was the product of mass psychosis.
>>125574 (OP) 
>You get in hole
>I'm at the other side waiting to fart in your face. 
There would be nothing you can do.

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Post song covers and/or parodies you like ITT.
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inflation tips: break open automatic soap dispensers to access their free soap 
reuse condoms you can obtain for free from health clinics
go through your neighborhood's recycling to find returnable alcoholic containers 
squirrels in the park are excellent protein and free when using the right traps
Replies: >>122416 >>125472
>>122381 (OP) 
Nice. But I prefer pigeons.
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>>122381 (OP) 
>using condoms

Might wanna watch if you want to make it through the nukes

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During your fantasy the vast majority of us will likely die within the first few months regardless of preparation.
Also you can buy that kind of shit and still buy silver unless you're poor as fuck in which case you will probably die no matter what.
Eh, I'm sure I'll be alright if I play nice with the forest spirits innawoods and ask them for help in exchange for protecting the woods.
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Just imagine all the wacky shit we could do once most of the herd has been drafted to far away lands and the local power structure begins to break down.
Replies: >>125446 >>125456
If/when the local power structure starts breaking down you will see police and national guard start to form up under warlords so unless you're as well equipped and well trained as them you're either going to be stuck doing some Taliban/IRA tier guerilla shit (and competing with other similar groups on top of fighting multiple warlords) or you'll be cowering in some bunker.
Checked, premium taste in arms and waifu.

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How to design environment for games, or movies????

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