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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

 Dress to impress!

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Having some tea
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Alright I'll explain the joke:
It's a pun, the words "Iron knee" sound almost exactly like the word "Irony". It's probably harder to notice the joke for non native English speakers.
Replies: >>194933 >>194949
Sorry, I don't have subvocalization because I lack a soul, and there are people around me so I don't want to read it aloud.
Kill yourself soynigger
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Coming from the place where pizza was hosted.
Please consider pic related.
that's not the joke, the joke is that the armor prevents you from taking an arrow to the knee xD

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Is it good and White-like to have a good hygiene, like showering multiple times a week, shaving, etc. or is it just effeminate?
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Before showers people still bathed when they could, just because it wasn't as convenient back then doesn't mean they enjoyed being filthy turds.
>the shower jew
>>187454 (OP) 
but everyone likes it cheep

also you must give up all those worldly feelings, like cursing intensely and such or complaining

generally you suck
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draw me a space marine
Hello my fellow waffle stompers!

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I know it's OVER, but is it OVER OVER, or is it OVER but not really yet? I just want to know is it officially OVER? like is it SO OVER or not? only serious replies if you please.
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Fat blue hair tranny
Replies: >>187751
What about BetaRefugee?
>>185707 (OP) 
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>>185707 (OP) 
It's not over anon, I cloned Cookie Kiss Reimu's voice just for you.
>>185707 (OP) 
Ehh... I don't know, man...

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I took a week off from zzzchan. I was mildly looking forward to catching up on all the things that happened here, only to find out that nothing happened in all that time. It's still the same shit.
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Replies: >>194584
And to clarify other thant he ewhoes they post for whatever reason they post literally like 8 and 5 year olds with running noses and stuff. It's a troll. Also never ending and it fucks over every single thread. Nobody statistically would be so into such age groups, the entire situation is such bullshit.
Yeah I don't know why I use imageboards at all anymore. Things were way more fun when perpetually whiny retards with their heads so far up their own assholes they break the laws of reality were only a part of the population instead of 100% of the population.
What are some good herbal teas?

>>194171 (OP) 
I've almost entirely stopped browsing IBs.
Just too much degeneracy for my taste
Replies: >>194885
There are no good imageboards anymore.
Kill yourself pedoshitter

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think of and say something original for once
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I had a dream where I had some ninja gf I had and then I was kidnapped by an army of muscular dutch men and they wanted me to join them to the middle east to save the Jews from the Palestinians.
I am sacred of the Dutch now.
Replies: >>194791
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>ninja gf
Ahem, female "ninja" are called kunoichi
It's a social construct. Look it up. Well, you already did or you'd have, you know, an argument.
Replies: >>194800
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There's a pajeet name that's literally "Dick shit".
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Pajeets eat excrement pancakes
That's not even the one where the guy sticks his tongue in and the cow goes moo. Pretty mild 'jackass' tier a video if not for the zoomer-esque editing.
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why is there a barefoot kitchen goblin smashing the food with a hammer while wearing a frisbee
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>IT capital of the world.
Replies: >>194798
People on the left going to work to make Windows.
And Android, and YouTube.

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What are some ways to kill myself with it NOT looking like suicide? I want to die but I know it will bring pain on my family, the least I could do is to make it look like it was an accident
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I love men
I'm pretty sure life's about me making you eat my shit
Replies: >>194571
Ill gladly do it
I have a scat fetish
Replies: >>194573

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Not one single mother fucker who’s eyes have ever gazed upon this site has enough wrinkles on their balls to run a well maintained criminal organization like this swag wizard right here.
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Do you really think men are equal and not in a hierarchy?
Replies: >>194539
No you're right, beta.
Replies: >>194568
Everyone is to a bigger alpha, hence u too, and hence my point. 

Well, not HERMITS, they're omega, the weakest of wolves. That's the maverick that I am! You too?
Replies: >>194578 >>194581
Shut up beta, beta's words don't matter.
Humans probably started with a group of chimp "betas" being forced out of the trees and the chimps being selected to be more Cooperative to make up for the chimp physiology is made for trees

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I have grown too old. Where ever I go people are just shouting and screaming for attention, the only thing people post is the most annoying things they can come up with in hopes of being noticed.

I just want to make things and discuss doing things and go forward in some way or do something worthwhile, but people only seem concerned about getting something, whether it's attention or money or some social/ideological "victories". I'm just so exhausted of it. Where's the people who do things? Even threads like /agdg/ are dead these days.

I think I'm just ready to die and exit life at this point, I don't belong here.
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>>190571 (OP) 
>Where ever I go people are just shouting and screaming for attention
>whines for attention
Replies: >>190645
By that metric anyone who ever posts anything is just whining for attention.
At some point you have go realize that you have to cum in the kids pussy even though she is multiple decades your Jr.
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>>190571 (OP) 
>>190571 (OP) 
>Where's the people who do things?
The places where the glowies say that it glows

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>the comment section
Jewtube allows this? OY VEY

Jews seem to have a lot of fun... that and they control everything. I'm jealous but the comment section is nice.
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Are you that same fag who told the thread that it was "coping"?
Replies: >>187664
Pretty based if so.
What the fuck didnthat have to do with selling niggers? Jews twist words and distort their meanings all the time they have been notorious for doing this as far back as ancient Rome.
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It's now dead...
The text on the picture is basically saying that they decided to close down because jewtube was constantly banning them, and that you should quit jewtube and start using "alternatives", but if you really want to watch jewtube you should use some local clients.

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