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What if I said that one's entire life had been decided by fate?
That every single one of your actions, from the minute to the monumental, stemmed not from your own choices, but had already been decided upon?
That life being a journey of limitless possibilities was but an illusion, and no matter how fiercely man struggled, he stood at the mercy of a long-established path?
The wealthy shall know their riches. The needy shall starve on the streets. The wicked shall be wicked, the righteous just. The beautiful, the hideous, the strong, the frail, the fortunate, the miserable... and finally, the victors and the defeated.
What if I said that all such things had been carved into stone eons ago, allowing for no divergence? If so, sinners have nothing to answer for, nor do saints have any true virtue to their name.
What if I said that not a single action is carried out of one's own volition, but had been decided long ago?
That we are merely adrift in the current of time?
Tell me, would you feel content with such a world?
A world in which power is merely given, not earned - would you accept knees bent to a throne build upon such falsities?
A universe where the sinless have-nots are oppressed and downtrodden - would you allow such a world to exist?
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There are people, for whom "dude like work lamo" advice works, carefully paraphrased, of course. It only has to mean that it is THEIR work that has to come to fruition. On THEIR terms exactly.

There are two kinds of humans on this crowded, floating rock. One kind is original: it brings forward something new, like an inspired artist. It carves a path forward, like a resilient soldier. It has no need to defend it's work, like an architect. Work's quality is sufficient to defend itself. The other is derivative: it recycles something others made, like a thief. It always follows the beaten path, like a greedy merchant. It likes to talk about meaningless things very, very much, like a T*kTok teenager. I want more original humans on this rock.
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Okay fulfill your own pophesy.  I'll enjoy my job opportunities and job security instead.  Less competition for me, but you were neverr competition anyway if you competely sucked at it and hated it anyway.
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Ah, my beloved dearest swan!
Behold this horn, this sword, this ring, and bestow upon him all three
For the horn shall aid him in his time of need,
and the sword shall deliver unto him victory most fortuitous
But this ring shall serve to remind him of me,
so Gottfried himself may know the name of he who freed you from torment and disgrace!
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Flood, burial, sabotage. Fields tainted, Crops ravaged, usurped. Animals skinned, abused
Myriads of Sins. Evil without end. Blood spilled, Life robbed. Many are sins of the land.
The sin of lying with one’s own kin. The sin of violating child and birth-mother alike.
The sin of defiling the beasts of the land. Calamity wrought by insects crawling upon the ground.
Calamity wrought by birds of prey soaring through the clouds. The sin of poison wicked and vile.
The sins of earth and heaven alike writhe and slither in my festering shell, pregnant with all that is evil, all that is wretched, all that haunts the dark of night.

Weed is the complacent gooner drug. You smoke pot and you don't give a shit. Marijuana turns white boys into dumb, pussy free cattle who binge shitty comedies, and it turns white girls into spaced out coalburners who get knocked up by drug dealers. Weed is the underconfident beta's drug of choice.

Here's the facts- you're a loser. You always will be. It doesn't matter how much money you make, you will never be confident with yourself. Stop studying. Shut the textbook. Put down the weights. Order a pizza. Your self improvement efforts are a joke. Grab a bong and light up.

The world needs burger flippers, janitors, cashiers. It needs people who get paid a pittance and don't care. You're a masochistic faggot and all it takes for you to be happy is some tranny on discord calling you a good boy. It's better to hang back from the dating game and let some black guy knock her up. You have video games, porn, and weed, and that's all you need.

Now go. Celebrate giving up on life. Pack a fat bowl and load up all your favorite porn. Stroke your loser dick and take a deep hit. Burn through that kush. I want you retarded, giggling, complacent. I want you horny and stupid and doing everything I say. I want you getting paid 8$ an hour to clean my shit off the inside of a toilet bowl. Loser.

You're neurotic garbage and it would be a waste for you to be successful. Let somebody else get the job, the promotion, the girl. You have weed, and that's good enough for you.
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I only said nigger
You brought up the cock, faggot.
this reads like pasta, and if people want to fucking do whatever they want, let them
world is shit anyways
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That's what I'm saying. I AM letting you be a loser. I want you to fill the 9 - 5 while I enjoy underage pussy on my yacht, any time of day.
Replies: >>134938
>Blaming the tooth fairy for your problems
THIS is what I'm talking about. Just 15 minutes after I post, a loser who has nothing to do but refresh a dead image board all day sees my post and immediately calls me a jew (in the same way that a faggot would call anyone he doesn't like a bigot) and tries to implicate me in some conspiracy to increase dependence on some drug that nobody even talked about.

You are the kind of person who needs weed the most. You burned out from trying to get on top, and at some point started blaming the system. And now you're burned out twice as bad by trying to fight the system, by posting on imageboards all day, thinking verbal insults that nobody reads will defeat your tooth fairy. That's just another loser route. Here's a much better alternative that would greatly improve your life: Buy some cream filled donuts, spin up Netflix or Twitch, and binge on something.
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Spoiler File
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I had this idea a few weeks back when I tried to recreate someone's redrawing of someone else's drawing.
After I was done, I had a look at the original and noticed that the person who redrew it had made a few mistakes here and there and I had collaterally picked them up and they ended up further accentuated in my own rendition. So I thought why not try that with several different anons and see what kind of malformed thing we get after a certain amount of redraws? tl;dr broken telephone but visual.

>can only use the tegaki applet
>only use the latest posted drawing as reference
>reply to the anon whose drawing you're using as reference to keep track of the chain and avoid double posts
>spoiler after you're done so people don't accidentally look at previous shit
>color required

Pic related is the source, we'll go with a tentative 10 drawings before we look at the result.
Spoiler File
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made on my leg bcuz my cat was sleeping on my mousepad XDDDDDDDDD
Replies: >>134506
Spoiler File
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I don't like drawing.
Replies: >>134918
Spoiler File
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me eiother

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Come enjoy some music! 

Starting on Friday 7PM PST, stream will be live for the next 48 hours (Unless the server dies, as it often does) with the best tunes played this past year. You are welcome to join in any nigger games and streamer will be hosting and spectating intermittently over the weekend. Happy New Year!

Main thread here: https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/thread/10635.html
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I keep forgetting to join.
/japan/ is so dead on its own that it has to advertise on /b/ now LMAO

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Some reading material
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Some more
That was worth a chuckle. Thanks for sharing.
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You'd think he was getting paid by the word. What happened to brevity being the soul of wit? I'm not even going to touch the other ones.
Replies: >>134882
Have you never read a comic? They get paid by the word.

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Do you believe in Aliens, Cryptids, Mythical Creatures, Paranormal Entities, etc? 

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>Wishing it was samefagging to try and cover up your embarrassment
>The big man would never be able to catch up to them against a real military trained unit.
Maybe, just maybe, he caught them by surprise.
What the fuck is with that niglets hairline, he's a baby and a middle aged man st the same time.
Replies: >>134861
That's just what race mixed babies typically looks like.
Replies: >>134876
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Not always. when you have a child with a worthy race such as the higher caste Hispanics like a castizo they tend to look quite beautiful. Just make sure to give them a proper upbringing.
I need to know about longer range (shortwave?) Communications in a setting with lots of concrete and soil.

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Do you find the ancient world fascinating, /b/? I think it's a very unique place and I find it very interesting. Which do you find the most interesting? I imagine most of you would find Ancient Europe to be the most interesting but I find Pre-Hispanic Central and South America to be interesting as well. I think think the Jomon era of Japan is an interesting time as well. 
Here are a couple of thread questions
>What is your favorite ancient Geoglyph?
>What Pre-Colombian Civilization do you find most interesting? 
>What do you find to be the most fascinating ancient artifact? 
>Lastly, I know this is a bit of a silly question, but do you believe that aliens were involved with early humans?
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Replies: >>134762
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when wow is too much but wew doesn't cut it, I introduce: weow
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>>131770 (OP) 
What's the official scale of reactions, from a scale of lol to wew?
Replies: >>132027
From first hand interactions, lol and kek imply butthurt from the writer, whereas wew and now weow denote selfless amazement.
>>131770 (OP) 
This thread made my life better
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>>131770 (OP) 
how do you pronounce it? WEE-ow?

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A shining example of what NOT to be like. Why did blacked.gov become a ginormous repository of all the bad qualities of the original 8chan? They got all of it. They took the 8chan name and shat on it even more. The /v/ and /b/ there are vastly inferior to the one that can be found here on snoozechan. The content there is vastly inferior, the moderation is vastly inferior, their very site is vastly inferior. That's what blacked.gov is, vastly inferior. Why do people continue to use it? Is it really the 8chan in the name that keeps them coming back to that shithole?
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How do you even kidnap a 400 pound jewish retard
Replies: >>134728
Offer free cakes, blood-matzohs, nd Nintendo cardboard.
it gets better, he complained in the meta thread that he got banned for posting this, as if he was offended that "deflowering a child" is a bannable offense
the mod leaked post history in the thread because some retard who is shilling his fetish game was samefagging
Replies: >>134752
>confess to wanting to break law
>ib bans

such reddit

That's never gonna happen.

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I kinda miss these guys.
I couldn't really get into any other LP channel after they disbanded, it's all either normalfag cringe or pozz. And not like these guys were incredible or something, and by the tail end they started going the pc culture route more and more too, but during their early and prime days they struck the right balance of industry knowledge (all are professional game testers); goodish game taste - into character action, fighting games, survival horror; bare minimum of anime knowledge to not be cringe weebs but enough to be in the known on the culture; the dudebro attitude that was initially very much anti-pc but then succumbed to it in the end (maybe it's the nigger); and the general polite nature of french canucks that you can hardly find mirrored in any amerimutt jewtuber. There's nobody like them now.
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>late 90s
lmao, spot this newfaggot johnny come late
Replies: >>132501
bot, make me this meme:
>the 26 year old original youtuber
>kids these days dont understand when the web was good
>something something pewdiepie
>some gay TF2 video impossible for anyone to understand why it's supposed to be funny
Replies: >>134633
>cnet exists, in 1996, literally the late 90s, shilling some faggot products with zero technical reasoning, exactly as i said
>some fat fuck mcdonalds eating spongebob watching faggot disagrees with me, and still will, despite it being being proven right here that im right
Replies: >>134633 >>134657
>sage is always butthurt
This looks reasonable to me. Not sure why people are being pissy about it.

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