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What would happen if dating apps showed you how many people have liked someone? Like imagine seeing a pretty girl and then seeing the names/faces of 2700 other guys below it who clicked "like" or swiped right/left or whatever you do in dating apps. And same the other way, what would women do if they ran into chad and saw that there's 10000 other women after his dick?

Obviously that makes someone look more valuable, but I wonder if it would help people lower their standards since you could see a visual representation of the amount of people who you need to compete against.
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> dating apps
> likes
What's next, facebook?
Replies: >>196017
Dont know about that but if it does then it is a shit death cult
>>193180 (OP) 
it would tell you what you already know and be an otherwise meaningless number like youtube views or page hits
>>193180 (OP) 
>I wonder if it would help people lower their standards since you could see a visual representation of the amount of people who you need to compete against.
No it wouldn't because women are retarded
>>193180 (OP) 
>what if men knew that no one liked them
Then no one would use it including the feeeemales. then again it already probably does that sort of thing of which is why to this day half of the Japanese are virgins. It doesn't work. OKcupid used to be okay and it turned into tinder. I don't like even hearing about dating sites because even okstupid was a great failure at trying to sort people. They admitted to lying about dating percentages, the match percentage rather, they lied and played with people's lives. It's sick. People are meant to meet at childhood and know one another not just slut around. If they want sluts then why not just let people hook? Faggot ass society. Taking down backpage and shit. You know rich people still have escorts.

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when does it get good?
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Pretty much this >>195434 (OP) 
Yah played yourself son, watch better little girl shows instead.
Replies: >>195681
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Im watching a bit more and its actually not that bad...
>dont watch horses, thats for little girls, watch trannyme instead
Gas yourself, well poisoning jap
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thx for the recs
>>195434 (OP) 
It gets bad after the first season, it get really bad when they get bfs.

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why the fuck does archive.today not save the images? So many zzz threads are just full of 404 images due to this nigger site only saving the thumbnails. How the fuck is anyone archiving stuff supposed to know that you have to archive every fucking image individually and who the fuck is ever going to bother doing that boring garbage?
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>Why isn't OP using archive.org?
For some reason archive.today is more popular among '"'alt right'"' and imageboard-oriented people. I'm guessing it's because archive.org is pozzed in some way and has censored stuff before, maybe.
>who the fuck is ever going to bother doing that boring garbage?
archive.org saves all the JS cancer and "interactive" elements including pop-ups, meanwhile archive.today saves pages in a completely static form that is much more readable. That being said, there are (rare) cases where you might want the interactive elements.
Replies: >>195721
i do that boring garbage and have for years but only for specific threads on not here
>That being said, there are (rare) cases where you might want the interactive elements.
Most often they require the servers which are offline or no longer serve the content you archived.

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Omnomnomnomnom gulp !

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Since I'm apparently a pedo for lolicon, does that also make me a murderer for playing violent video games?
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>>195317 (OP) 
Dumb pedo.
Only brownoids and women think lolicon or violent media enables degenerates. Anyone else beliving the same is either underage or a faux moralist.
You niggers are all brainrotted faggots and can't be trusted as shotcallers.
Replies: >>195669 >>195674
My plans are turning coal burners into something like a broodmother from dragon age and using thier offspring to map out the genome, make soldiers i can use to make jewtopia crumble while releasing a new type of white person that has all the behaviour patterns of whites from a harsh ecology but wont be able to mutate to be less ethnocentric and feel empathy for every god damned thing
I dont want to rule anything, i want my phenotype to have a chance
Replies: >>195674
Yeah pretty much. Moralfags are always cancerous retards.
Nigger, what the fuck are you talking about?
>>195317 (OP) 
See, that's how you crack apart the feeble lies of the normalfag filth.

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A homo asks his daddy to top him one last time before he dies. (1989)

His dad said "Son. No. You have the gay AIDS"
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Damn they're fat.
>he was apparently an intelligent man except on this one point
Because he was doing it on purpose and probably knew full well how fucked up his behavior was. I wonder if people will ever realize that gays are basically malicious death cultists.
Replies: >>195665
I mean, people think of sex as a casual thing deserves whatever happens, and fags the do fag sex need to be taken out of the gene pool
Replies: >>195675 >>195707
>I mean, people who think of sex as a casual thing deserve whatever happens, and fags that do fag sex need to be taken out of the gene pool
FTFY. Please refrain from writing in broken English.
That doesn't magically make what he did any less fucked up. I agree casual sex isn't something people should do, but when most people find out they have a disease they refrain from intentionally spreading it to uninfected people. The ones who deliberately infect others are actual incurable psychopaths and should be drowned in septic tanks.

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Is corporal punishment a harmful and subhuman practice, or is it actually effective for raising well-behaved kids?
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Subhumans should not procreate, they are a disgrace to nature and their personal lives should be exposed in order for them to no longer be perceived as innocent to liberal oriented people.
Replies: >>195700
also im trans btw
>hits too close to home
What, did you also kill your abusive relatives in your childhood?
Replies: >>195684
I wish I succeeded in doing so.
I agree. Thank d-g no one on zzzchan will ever reproduce.

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Before we start you must know there are two kinds of imageboards, those that allow themselves to be co-opted by Jews, their shabbos goys and or feds (read as shabbos goys again) and those that stand their ground being bastions of knowledge and what is right until their invariable end.

ZZZChan is on the path of being co-opted as I'm sure you all know, just looking at the announcements tab fills you with dread. 
>>>/christian/ has joined us from cafe
We'd host Christian golems on our site. This is just moving the goal post, what's next is trannies, homosexual lgbt stuff actual hebrew boards and whatever other shit they want so they can muddy the waters.
After there's enough of these normalfag tier niggercattle boards. They'll start demanding OUR original boards are
This board is a dead man standing, you had your chance to be good stand your ground and get v@ like 16chan but you chose the path of least resistance. Enjoy being a faggot board owner with the 50 or so redditors you rule over you spineless cuck.

By bringing /christian/ here they announced their want to kill the board. Make archives of everything you hold dear if you haven't already this will become a shitfest very fast.
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When did being a man start being about pleasing whores?
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Goblins, oh yeah!
People only took screenshots of things that were truly exceptional and worth saving and immortalized it into an image, and only the part that was funny/interesting was saved rather than the whole thread. Also putting it into an image can be OC by itself because you're composing only the funny and interesting parts.
Nice projection.

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Japan is the only country on earth inhabited by real human beings and running on a cultural operating system relatively unmolested by judeo-christian slave morality.
The west is shit because it was literally built on "virtue ethics" that became stoicism and then amalgamated with Judaism into Christianity to form the slave morality BS that we see today. Nietzsche explains all of this. One of the hallmarks of slave morality is "free will" (which is now environmental reductionism in the atheist humanists) and the idea that intelligence, creativity, and kindness are all uncorrelated. Furthermore, westerners HATE cute and beauty. They have underdeveloped amygdalas which results in "cute aggression" and they call everything moe Japan produces a "pedophilia" nature.
This cancer in embedded in the english language itself and everyone takes part in it. NEVER give an INCH to westerners they are zealots all of them, including the atheists and the vulgar harlots. The christians have NO power over this vulgarity because their religion itself is the cause; relative morality is the foundation of christianity and post-modernism has no hand to turn the other cheek to.
You are fucked in the head and I hope all of you post-christian ironic weebs get the israeli version of covid.
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>wow look the thread's so shit the christcuck is trying to pray the gay away
Not that the christfaggot deserves a response but multiethnicity can work but only has for Muslims in Afghanistan, not christfaggots. Multiculturalism is worse than race mixing because he's right, there's no such thing as race so it's not the issue. The jews want you racist so you can attack nonwhites while pretecting them. It is a very old trick. The Germans were invaded by jews and they, the Germans, invented race, coined it, in the 1700s AD. They did what, the Germans? Had a printing press.  They used it really hard and now you obsess over literally nothing. If Afghanistan can be the graveyard of fallen empires then so can you, but only if you're Muslim clearly. They get 80 percent of the ((( USA )))'s opiate money for a reason, they want to be like them. To be legally executed over petty shit like denouncing faith in Allah. Christianity was meant to control whites like racism is though, give it up.
Replies: >>195611
Hey Kyle, weren't you and that sheboon whore sticking to Discord?
Replies: >>191401
>Hey Kyle, weren't you and that sheboon whore sticking to Discord?
Gigantic if true, sage negated.
>there's no such thing as race so it's not the issue
>Christianity was meant to control whites like racism is though, give it up

[Hide] (197.8KB, 449x478) Reverse
I haven't consumed 3DPD pornography in years and I haven't looked back once.
Anyone who does that but claims to be "based" and "redpilled" and to hate roasties and jews is just a worthless 4ddit LARPer.
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Well rangebans are ineffective faggot shit, the only time I've ever seen them used it just makes the board in question worse for people who don't spam and the fags who do spam just go "lolk" and hop IP ranges. They are only here to annoy everyone and rangebans just help them do it indirectly.
Replies: >>195602
Propose a better solution then, faggot.
Replies: >>195608
Rules here are extremely lax, so you probably posted something that isn't tolerated here and are now playing dumb.
Replies: >>195608
Banning them individually when they show up was working fine, that limits their annoying behavior.
>nuh uh u r boogeyman
Nope, fucking faggot. Maybe I posted something that caused an argument, but I don't spam. Go fuck yourself troglodyte, retarded banhappy boogeymanning faggots like you are why pretty much no one posts here anymore.
Also posts I made in the past week are still up, so it was definitely a sweeping rangeban I got caught up in and not a specifically targeted ban.

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