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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

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What's the best way to curb homicidal thoughts?
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>>59718 (OP) 
To curb.
Why would you want to cide your homies?
I'm sure OP means homosexual thoughts.
>>59718 (OP) 
Homicidal thoughts have only one cure...homicide. DO IT OP YOU HAVE TO DO IT OP THEYRE TRYING TO GET YOU OP
>>59718 (OP) 
bdsm gf

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Does anyone have the full webm or gif of this meme. Or at least know who this is?
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He doesn't like you. I don't like you either.
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o-oh my
6UzFldi9JcEzZoed.mp4 (u)
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Good shit dude that made me laugh.
Here have some titties as a reward and positive reinforcement.
The whore who told you to kys can eat shit for all I care.
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sauce you unpolite fuck
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you can kill yourself too, I don't mind.

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I just want to smoke some weed for god's sake.  Someone give me a bud!
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different people take to different things differently. i often feel like shit if i drink more then one alcoholic beverage, so i don't drink often. never been in a paranoid mindset after smoking weed, but that's a common effect for some. psychedelics can have unpredictable effects from person to person.
Replies: >>61582
Set and setting shouldn't be a factor for a drug that supposedly has anxiolytic effects.
The most plausible conclusion i can come to myself is that i shouldnt bother with sativas (which is most likely what i smoked) and should try indicas.
Replies: >>61588 >>61594
It's that skunk weed. High THC levels and cheap and grows easy and faster. Higher THC means more antagonization to the cannibinoid receptors. 

Also it triggers psychosis in some people, THC, so they'd not like it. Reminder that, though this is abusing statistics, like 1/5 people at some point in their lives are mentally ill. I'd not be surprised if like 1/20 people can't smoke weed without going crazy.
>Set and setting shouldn't be a factor
my personal experience says otherwise, at least for a certain percentage of people. particularly so for infrequent smokers. had one bro that would rarely smoke and when he did, he would often have to lay down for an hour or so and become nearly catatonic. would snap out of it about an hour or so later after the peak of the experience wore off and start sketching images from the visions that were washing over him while he was resting with eyes closed. knew another that would become stuck in a negative emotional feedback loop and lose her shit if she didn't have a minder. would go on and on about how she felt she was stuck in a tunnel. another person i knew well would become completely paranoid and fixate on what he thought others thought about him and get angry over things imagined. keep in mind that i'm talking about first time smokers. for some, the first few times smoking can be somewhat similar to a mushroom or acid trip for a short duration. in my experience, the first few times smoking can be very wild rides, but that sort of intensity fades over time if one continues to smoke regularly and that is the point when it might be able to be used regularly for the anxiolytic effects.
Weed isn't an anti-anxiety med. CBD is, THC is not; to get high the THC must outweigh the CBD. 

Also, me personally when I've smoked weed unless I was already in 'a safe place' I felt freaked out. Other people smoke it to feel an escape from their life in contrast so I guess that goes both ways. So I agree with the other guy about setting indeed mattering. I've liked it and hated it.  The more I feel something dramatic might happen the less I can be at peace with it.

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I remember reading that a ton of right-wing militiamen in Ukraine were in support of Russia. That they are literally fighting on both sides. Are there any unironic ethnic Ukrainians literally fighting for Russian rebels?
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Isn't Ukraine just a shithole used by western powers to fuck with Russia to the point of supporting neo-nazi groups?.
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commie_beatdown.gif (u)
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Ever since they stupidly gave up their nuclear weapons to NATO based on "Yah bro, we'll totally protect you." fucking morons.
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I just read that they had the third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons after leaving the Soviet Union, and they gave them all up in 1994 to cozy up to Western powers.
I'm Ukrainian and I'm against Russia. I love nigg3rs
Replies: >>61593
wouldn't expect anything less from a hohol

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>Look for Bible.txt online
>1.2 gorillion results, as expected
>Click first link
>Check it out
>Wait a second... where is Ecclesiasticus?
>Do research
>Turns out the protestants take Sirach and Wisdom out and still call it a Bible.
>mfw poor fools don't know what they are missing
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>we might all be speaking gnostic now.
<he doesn't speak gnostic anyways
you'll cowards don't even hate the demiurge (SSY) and the antichrist with all of your heart
Replies: >>61586
curious at what you were getting at there
what you were referencing with that?
Replies: >>61590
Are any of you really religious?
Replies: >>61590 >>61591
It's the three names of the Demiurge: Saklas, Samael, and Yaltabaoth.
I can only speak for myself, but yes, I'm really religious.
Replies: >>61591
i'm the anon that wrote about becoming disillusioned with christianity early on after discovering that there were multiple edits of the bible. seeing christianity politicized in various different ways over the years didn't help. it was disheartening dealing with the catholic church and it's various flaws as an institution. taking a further look at some of the possible errors in translation over the years was trying as well. after reading a bit of the philosopher rene girard i've come to appreciate christianity in a way that my teenage edgelord self could not. maybe i'm religious, maybe i'm not. i'm not so interested in trying to pin down distinctions like that with language anymore. i'll just go about my daily meditations as a weirdo neet monk and try to keep an open mind about things.
ok, that's what had me confused.

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My security blocks a site every so often that I never clicked. After looking up reviews of this site I could see that it was a scam site with malware. But I don't get why it would keep being blocked when I never clicked it in the first place. Is there malware on my computer
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What is it with Wizchan constantly leaking to Snoozechan? Whats woang with your own board?
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If only this site were well designed like facebook or reddit.
mugi.jpg (u)
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>the malware on your computer is protecting you from other malware
Replies: >>61548
The site has many boards.
So you use windows 10 I suppose?

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Dumpster diving proved fruitful!
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>barely affects the flavour or contamination
>had diarrhea three times
Or you could just not be retarded.
Replies: >>61404
Replies: >>61400
What are you testing?
haha, croissant
I learned a lesson not to dumpster dive raw veggies. Cook them up and eat them, yum!

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by the way guys, remember "herdniggers" that tried to crash and make this their shitting ground and that are still desperately trying and failing to kill /b/?
guess what I've found?
they are a bunch of literal discord circlejerking troons, there's a whole thread about them on /cow/ and kiwifarms too documenting their shenanigans and if you don't believe me, see for yourself:

>/cow/ thread 
>kiwifarms thread
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/lukas-michael-hardin-chijo.95347/ kiwifarms is being ddossed right now it might not open

they are literally and unironically projecting their impotent HRT rage onto us, they are LITERAL mentally ill, phaluis in mouth, suicidal homosex LOL and they still have the gall to call anyone a tranny ROFL.
so /b/, whenever you see their posts, remember what kind of "person" you are talking to and remember that if you're too hard on them, you might hurt their feelings so much they might try to ha
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not_happy_smiley_:(.jpg (u)
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>stay here
Same shit, different pile
Kill yourself
>>52126 (OP) 
You herdtroons still at it?
Damn, you're fucking pathetic.
img_049.png (u)
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>MFW no matter what happens in my life, I will never be as pathetic as a herdnigger

The_Angriest_Dog_in_the_World.jpg (u)
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Landlords: how to fuck with them?
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>>59932 (OP) 
Cut a hole behind a piece of furniture that came with the place, take a shit in it, patch the hole, and move out.
Replies: >>61183
>a kebab in a crawlspace
Anon wants to fuck his landlord, not get him beheaded.
>Physically, a nut feels the same
Not even. Climaxing with my waifu feels like nothing else.
First: cut a hole in a box
Ass_is_superior.webm (u)
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>>59932 (OP) 

c6991621571c4a96c5da064423d9e6b7d37846650a1071d1aebb650c99ee6676.jpg (u)
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Serious discussions of politics, current events, nigger hate and general disdain of kikery.
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>only the freedom of voluntarism 
And how is it going to defend you from the inhuman masses voluntarily giving their freedoms away again?

All these fags crying out loud about anti abortion law, yet they're all already have taken Vaxx. Does that mean they they are no longer have ability to fertile because already vaxx? WTF they're screeching for?
Replies: >>61035
Our body, our choice, they say. Except when it comes to vaccines. The reason they talk about choice isn't because they believe in freedom, it's because you do.
Replies: >>61038
Believing in freedoms is the first step towards being a caged in sheep even without our precious fear mongering about vaccines.
Replies: >>61162
t. glownig

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