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What did the meido mean by this?

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What game is this?
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>>13495 (OP) 
>/jp/ content
So does that have some connection to Japan or is it "juvenile porn?"
the meidos are fucking retarded
more news at 11

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is this the new skating cuckime
uhhhhhh basd niggre????
>>13468 (OP) 
Is this the average discord user?

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>hear they don't sell Nazi flags anymore 
>click into search engine
>>nazi flag
>zero duckduckgo results
I'm not even a Nazi but do they think that flags are magic? 

I also heard that they were trying to pass laws to 'change history'. Do they think that deletion of race crime statistics, exile of jews over and over for centuries, or the deletion of a basic flag symbol is going to make people suddenly the same race and stop culture shocks?

Because that's silly. 

This is making me feel for the poltards more than the sjw's, and I hate both.
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I'd cut it into small pieces, saute in some pork fat and spices and enjoy
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>>10973 (OP) 
>do they think that flags are magic?
Ask anyone from the American South who's had his Confederate flag vandalized.
>pics related: my Batman and Superman themed substitutions to avoid the farcical law against them
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>>10973 (OP) 
liar this the first site that popped up when searching for nazi flags, OP you are a complete faggot, I want my (you).

(183.8KB, 1280x642)
>but do they think that flags are magic? 
I suppose you don't understand the transcendental power of imagery and symbolism? In that case, understand that the Swastika is not just a symbol, but it is a full-on reflection or projection of a more real aspect of nature, in this case, the Sun.
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So when you read that image you think "HMM, Left old, old goodright, right newer, right badwrong"? That's interesting, I took away the opposite, You shouldn't think that symbols have intrinsic power. The only power they have is the power that is ascribed to them by people (fools, mostly) like yourself. Magic isn't real and drawings can't influence the world except through people (and that's the "magic" of people, not of images on paper).

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Penny for your thoughts?
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>>13245 (OP) 
>posting a yidtube link
lazy faggot at least convert it to a webm if you're going to shit up the place with this no-effort garbage
>>13245 (OP) 
boy I sure hope you posted it on b specifically because you wanted to be showered in dislikes and messages of bullying
>>13245 (OP) 
Consider using any of invidious instances next time: https://invidious.tube/watch?v=yyv3A7R9YCg
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>>13245 (OP) 
>Penny for your thoughts?
Canadians don't actually HAVE pennies, anymore, so you'll have to give me a nickel.
The thought you're paying me for is I have never had a leader that I, as a fucking leaf, can look up to. I had hopes for Based Rob Ford being our version of Trump, but he died before I could vote for him.
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>>13245 (OP) 

(964.2KB, 1300x1300)

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My cock smells like fish for some reason.
I haven't fucked a cod, salmon, koi or even tuna for at least 3 weeks and it still smells.
What gives?
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Stink only matters if youre in the same social enviorments as these women.  If you are an incel, youre not an incel because youre surrounded by women you can't stand to smell you.

You don't bathe because of your own smell, you bathe because of other mens smell. If youre a real man you probably do some sort of sport that involves pitting yourself against other men physically.  Those other men can stink, and you can catch their stink. 
My scent is pretty freaking great, kinda dusty and not unlike an old coat, but after randori with a nigger who never washed his gi, it took a while before my scent stopped smelling like stalebread/oldmacncheese.
>>11747 (OP) 
A dude can rape another guy!
Men hate the taste of vagina though.
>>11747 (OP) 
You jerked off, didn't clean the head and possible foreskin, and it's been marinating ever since. Go take a shower, you pleb.

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/b/, I need help. I'm on the risk of being a diabetic because I can't stop drinking my sister's breast milk. It started with me tasting it for fun and then getting addicted to the taste. I then would take a few bottles and in one of those times my sister caught me. I've been feasting along with my little nephew on my sister's titmilk directly from the source ever since. It's fucking delicious and I can't stop but now my doctor says I've been eating too much sugar. What do I do?
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You can't diabetes from milk
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what about that sweet titty milk
Why not accept it? Go blind, lose your limbs, slip into a coma and be fed your sister's milk until you expire
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>being on dialysis 

Milk has a ton of sugar faggot. 

>>12340 (OP) 
>oh wow this thread is totally real!
>>12340 (OP) 
>breast milk.
You're an idiot.

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I'm on the lamb but I ain't no sheep
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BOC is god-tier
>>13323 (OP) 
Then you are either mint jelly or a muslim.

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Belle Delphine really has STDs. You can find newspapers saying her STDs.
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>>13305 (OP) 
(117.2KB, 239x294)
Was this supposed to shock us?

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