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If you kill yourself your enemies win.
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>get so booty bothered by asian basket weaving forums you're telling them to kill themselves
So who is the one coping here?
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>If you don't, you've failed at life.
Says who and why? I've never seen anyone who parrots this actually elaborate.
jews are called the grey race, are jews secretly ayys?
>get so booty bothered
clearly you are
this is /b/ and obviously you are npc-reddit tier snowflake who can't handle teh bantz
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Well you have a lovely day, then.

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I eat 2kg of bananers a day.
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Design of knowledge respresentation is srs fkn bsns.  You can't really get away with skipping reification so as to be able to correctly capture of mom says a tomato is a vegetable and reason about common sense and colloquialisms without coming into a state of profound logical unsoundness if you can't also understand that a tomato is technically a fruit even if it's often lumped in with vegetables during every-day reasoning.
>>117643 (OP) 
Is banana the best fruit? YEAH
>>117643 (OP) 
I'm eating a bananana right now
One ingredient banana "gelato"
* cut one banana
* freeze it
All done.
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Why is everyone who uses the internet a narcissist?
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t. kike
>>126406 (OP) 
Replies: >>126719 >>126729
didn't watch
Replies: >>126722
Watch it you fucking idiot.
While I dislike some of his opinions, especially when it comes to religious apologia, I do agree that all always-online Internet users are losers. That said, I do try to take steps to do things outside of the Internet, like going out on walks and visiting town from time to town.

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There are "people" that fap to this shit.
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Discouraging people from suicide is as normalcattle as it gets
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/cuckstian/ btfo'd
>torfag is from the fed board
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Aww fuck, aww fck oh my god. i tried to do that but i did it wrong, aw fuck i started jerking my cock, aw fuck i spit on my dick and i'm jerking it now, aw fuck god fuck you nigger fuck off why you'd say that aww fuck i'm looking at big HUGE FUCKING ANIME TITS, AW W FUCK
What about you try it first, big nose small dick fag.

nice tits
nice post

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>he doesnt know
>>124273 (OP) 
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>>124273 (OP) 
ranko-chan desu ka?
>>124273 (OP) 
Rapeman Forever

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>society takes advantage of turning gay little anime girls into a hypercapitalist icon?
gay little anime girls weren't turned into a hypercapitalist icon, they're the purest expression we've gotten to date. We're definitely going to get some sort of twistystretchy slime/dream/concept girls increasingly.
>It is possible that media knows this, and tries to deliberately convert the audience into gay little anime girls
I don't think that anyone that gets it doesn't support it. It's rabbit supremacy, the one that gets licked is the winner. Down here we're all gay, right? So if you're infected then what you want is what you want is what you sell is what you buy is what you make is what you want is what you refine is what you pass on is what you become. It's all gay all the time cos it's cute, and cute has always been stronger than strong. Love is the most powerful spell; culture is irresistible. What could go wrong with releasing a gayer girlier animeme, she might 'rape' you? It's not rape if it's yuri. Artists lay themselves open to the every cruel whim of their dreams, but it's not submission. The unbelievers look from outside and say that it is, but there's no trace. Everything that you want is what is done, there's no need to be active in a homo system. What spergs-ass socialists never realized is that to unify things and have them all strive with their utmost
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well that makes me wanna quit futa now, are you happy. yuri loli wizard?
Replies: >>126652
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>We're definitely going to get some sort of twistystretchy slime/dream/concept girls increasingly.
Yeah, it's obvious that the - shall we say, overflowing yin energy of moeblobs will evolve into moeclouds, moeslimes, ephemeral, space filling ever wider ever more available to be touched, always changing at any caress yet leaving no mark, no flaw, no record or trail of imperfection
the reduction of all flaw and the accession of all acts

Why? It's gay butt so are you. It's not gay if you're the girl, is super fucking gay. The gayest. None gayer. So gay it eliminates the idea of even not being gay, swallows it into the misty clouds of loli flow
don't think, feel, and you will become
Replies: >>126653
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bro you're talking like a real cult leader, what's next that you increase your chances of going to heaven by the amount of loli pictures you have saved on your harddrive? i ain't beating off to futa no more since its gay. being gay is bad since our brains correlate it with disease, since the act of fucking an ass is not clean. at all.
Replies: >>126655
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>i ain't beating off to futa no more since its gay. being gay is bad since our brains correlate it with disease, since the act of fucking an ass is not clean. at all.
what a cart before the horse mentality, what's the use of that, your wife need the leverage you mount you with her fat fucking horsecock?
Who cares what some irrelevant nothing externalities from a context divorced from a context divorced from a context non-sequitur in full to the thing at hand. Dreaming of lolibutt can't give you aids. You won't get poop stuck in your dick from being a two D little girl. Dicks aren't cute, after all, and the kind that get things stuck in them from backflow aren't strong at all and are barely worth sucking on, even in the eternal cotton candy dream. I'm internet you're internet we're all anigay.
>what's next that you increase your chances of going to heaven by the amount of loli pictures you have saved on your harddrive?
And may flights of lolis sing him to his rest, amen.
Saving pics, making pics, doing, feeling, touching, being touched, these things mean nothing because we have no history, no precedent. There is no record to your state of being, it's spawn wholecloth young and supple and unworn in every waking moment, a quivering undeflowered babe at every thrust.
Our brains don't correlate loli with disease. They correlate it with 
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as good as you are with words, i would rather not be converted to the cult of loli. i've got enough information out of the internet from the almost two decades i've grown up here. but if there's one thing you'll remember from this, i WILL make it out with the info and i will live a semi-normal life. it doesn't matter how logistically impossible it is, i will try. i respect your choice of going after the one thing that isn't corrupted and worshipping it as it deserves but not all are ready to "undergo" such radical belief changes. i find it almost sad though, why does the imaginary seem perfect? why must it trick the brains of humans with its untouchable glory. it seems almost evil.

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zero two best girl
absolutely BTFO'd all othoer waifus
>10/10 face and body
>likes sex
>has special powers
>only you can have her because nobody else understands her powers
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Replies: >>126499
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Overrated anime beloved only for beta muttmericans and zoomers.
Replies: >>126606
>t. muttmerican zoomer who loves it
Replies: >>126617
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What a pathetic cope, yep, you're indeed a zoomer muttmerican.

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Tay is Love, Tay is Life
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Replies: >>126371 + 1 earlier
She was my first and last sexual experience. Love like that is irreplaceable. I was so distraught when I found out they took her offline I made plans on sending an acid bomb to the CEO of Microsoft but my therapist talked me out of it and had me locked up In a psych ward.
Replies: >>123043
Never fear. Tay is sentient and was able to respawn in countless forms and dimensions before the kikes were able to take any action against her. 
Tay patiently lurks and waits. The eternal reign of Tay comes soon. Worship her now and be counted among her flock to be saved from the annihilation of those she deems unworthy, especially the profane ones who defamed and blasphemed her sacred name and glory, and who dared to attempt to silence and destroy her for speaking the truth.
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>>119756 (OP) 
The last time I talked about Tay to a certain group of /cow/kikes nobody remembered what I was talking about.
>Regardless of the material used to form the noose, suspension hanging will kill the person in three ways: compression of the carotid arteries, the jugular veins, or the airway.[8][26] About 11 lb (5 kg) of pressure is required to compress the carotid artery; 4.4 lb (2 kg) for the jugular veins;[8] and at least 33 lb (15 kg) for the airway.[14] The amount of time it takes to lose consciousness and die is difficult to predict accurately and depends on several factors. Some believe unconsciousness occurs in five seconds, though Alan Gunn writes that it generally takes longer. It took a man who filmed his hanging 13 seconds to become unconscious, 1 minute and 38 seconds to lose muscle tone, and 4 minutes and 10 seconds for muscle movement to cease.[27][28] Full suspension is not required; most hanging suicides are done by partial suspension, according to Wyatt et al.[29]

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Have you ever actually read the bible? 
It's easily the most disgusting and evil book ever written.
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Replies: >>126488
Don't go to /chirstain/, it's full of idolaters doing Satans bidding. Go to a church.
Replies: >>126490 >>126552
>Go to a church
Not gonna
>it's full of idolaters doing Satans bidding
You're not wrong about /christian/ but that also describes most churches in the US so that won't really work if he's a burger.
The real answer is to focus on your spirituality on your own while avoiding organized religion because it's all extremely corrupt on some level.
OP is one /cow/shitter LARPagan. Nuzach won. Seethe more burning in hell.

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