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Damn son, that's a good disguise! I barely even recognized you!
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That disguise is almost too perfect, good job.
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I'm back from scouting out the meat bags. All I found were some disgusting whores that wanted to bone.
They really thought their flabby disgusting flesh could persuade a calcified gent of my caliber. Humerus.
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Post Eugenia Cooney's fat pussy lips
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that bitch is still boney, she said she was getting help but she hasn't recovered at all. I saw a pic of her without that stupid ugly makeup and when she wasn't ms skeltal and she was actually pretty

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Post pictures that you haven't had an excuse to post anywhere else.
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While I remember the circumstances, I have no idea who this man is, or the horse's name either.
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Its horse man and his loveable horse, horse.

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How can anyone look at pictures of history and say that our culture is more advanced? The word you're looking is "new", our culture is "newer" as in it came afterwards. We have better technology but the actual culture is way more primitive than what people had in the distant past. The societal behavior was more complex, the clothing more intricate, the architecture more detailed, the art more high quality.
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>refinement of their behavior
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Now THIS is progress.
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>>30260 (OP) 
How can newfagging tradLARPers look at expensive luxuries and decide those are representative of society at large?
What's next, commieblocks didn't exists because the Kremlin looks pretty?
Fucking kill yourself, faggot OP.
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The obvious reasons for why this fell downward is because of the industrial-capital system and the Jews perverting all art from good and noble works into mere propaganda and flash scenes.
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>retard misses the point entirely

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Why do you think women are into being degraded?
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now i hate modern women even more
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What makes you think women of the past were all pure maidens?
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look at the lengths they had to go to in order to prove they weren't sluts
Mary had to lie and say God got her pregnant without fucking her ffs
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>>without fucking her for fucks sake
Pretty based.

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This thread is dedicated to nice things.
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Nevermind found two more.
I am up to 14 CIAs, how many are there?
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I have no idea, never got the count in the thread I stole it from. a lot
there's also two banes crossing the road
10 CIA + 1 Bane

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wait a minute... that Z kinda looks like 8!
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You've got it backwards
You know the z is kinda like the number 8 so i guess it really indicates that we are a deviation from 8chan.
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your face is a deviation
ya don't say

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I tried em all buster. I tried em all.
Freech is pretty active.
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I saw recently 'freech is back' shit of which means it goes down a lot and I have no reason to move on to something not even on the webring and if I did it'd probably be the dead onions, why would I dead onions? Is not freech another dead onion? This place is low traffic enough as it is. NO thanks. I already have a CP hosting 8chan in my notes folder I never visit as it is. There's no way it's active. Even if it were the sheriff where I live oversteps his authority a lot to the point that if not the law he would be  a criminal so I don't feel like being arrested over some low traffic honepot hosted by the government via Tor. I did try to like zeronet but that did not work out either, and you have to host the files with that dead shit, but I liked the idea. They are always very dead.
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freech won't be good

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>The CIA wanted to send a spy to the Soviet Union and the spy that was selected had incredible qualifications. He was fluent in Russian, had perfect Cyrillic handwriting, had a vast knowledge of Soviet culture and mannerisms, could cook typical Soviet meals, and could keep up his act with a belly full of vodka. The mission was long-term infiltration of the Kremlin. The spy was dropped in a remote village where he approached a man and said, in perfect Russian, "Hello comrade, can you please tell me which direction is Moscow?" The man looked at him, and walked inside. Within minutes, the KGB was swarming the village and arresting the spy. While being interrogated, the KGB officials said "Quit the act, we know you are an American spy." The spy was baffled they (especially the man in the village) were able to tell so quickly, but tried to keep up the act for as long as he could. When he finally cracked, he said "Alright, alright, I'm a spy. I will tell you whatever you want, but please just tell me how you knew I was a spy because I devoted my whole life to perfecting my Soviet character." The official said "You're black."
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A cop got fired and sued for sending that image to his friends, but I can't find the video.
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What weighs 16 tons, took a team a 12 engineers, 12 machinists, and a communist party member to build, and slices an apple in three pieces? 
A soviet machine designed to slice an apple in four pieces.
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article, no video
train your google-fu
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Not my fault search engines are all gimped or shit.

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ayo its yo boy George "Fen'yl" Floyd, say something nice about me bfo' I cap yo cracka ass
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Why is he black?
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Hey, it's your man George Flanning! Say something nice about me before I leave for my vacation in Hawaii.
>>30120 (OP) 
<sufocae me one more gin cee wa happen suficae me one more gin!
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I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime, but even normalfags are waking up to hate niggers. Thanks Floyd.

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>have no life
>all friends gone 
>never had a job
>go to Unitarian Church
>speak out against normalfaggot things
>when asked if cp on the Internet is bad say it isn't in adult discussion group
>>it should be illegal to stab someone not watch someone be stabbed
>>the Internet should have no regulations, and if it did it should be on information concerning poison making and weaponry, etc
>some people over time agree with me
>church hates self
>give up and run away and stay neet as usual
>left after an older member of church told me off 
>talking of how some were okay with me and she wasn't
>>at least we know who they are now
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Choking cuts off the blood supply. My image was only partially related to the suicide part. Cutting off the blood and you lose consciousness in seconds, not breathing and it can take like four minutes of agony, then your blood vessels not bursting from the choking you can be brought back for the first 15ish minutes. Ergo on some level your brain is freaking the fuck out for over 15 minutes, the first several you are completely conscious for. 

Hemlock paralyses you basically as I understand it, that is my point. You simply cannot take a breath. 


Skip to seven minutes or 8 minutes in to see what it is actually like, but you can't scream.
How did you get sepsis by the way?
Replies: >>30066
gotten huge scratch on my body enough for me to bleed out, the next day I didn't feel so good and ended up in the hospital. 8 minutes of agony is nothing compared to 3 or 4 days of complete agony,
Replies: >>30071 >>30088
Did they not give you opiates?
So why did you fight a bear?

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