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Not sure if this is a good place to ask and I don't expect well elaborated responses but fuck it, I wanna give it a try.

I have seen self proclaimed artists supporting censorship of movies, books, vidya... by any means possible, through new editions (Matilda 2022 book Puffin edition), harassing Japanese artists (twatter), or even begging the government with an online petition to ask for X being censored and out of the market (GTA V banned in Australia).

I'm aware that we have methods to bypass censorship thanks to the internet than literally any other time in the past, which is why these wastes of oxygen are laughable. However, I'm intrigued by a certain pie of pro censorship people: specifically artists or self proclaimed artists. They never seem to realize that these same censorship powers can be used against them. One day they may paint a canvas into a good piece of art, one day they make a song that is beloved by everyone, one they they write a good book... but three months later the editors or the government demand the artist to remove or change their art to other standards because it's offensive to 0.00014% of the world population that happens to be in a protected class. I wonder if that could be their ultimate wake up call but considering that normies seem to be okay to naming men women I doubt it.

The reason I'm asking specifically about artists is because art and creation of memes have similar features and traits with concepts related to liberty. Art and mem
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For one, i'm not a faggot, jew, or other soddomite.  For two, if it's censored then I would have no way of knowing if I don't like it or if it's harmful, even if I were a faggot, jew or other soddomite.
Oh, yes, how dare someone prevent you from fantasizing about raping children.
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I was unaware that hiding titties in my video games was essential for the survival of rainbow haired retards that don't seem to play video games anyway.

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I'm a mechanical man
Replies: >>136711
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>I'm a mechanical man
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>>133082 (OP) 
Please point me to the mechanical women.
Replies: >>136723
im ded
Replies: >>136727
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>there are skeletons posting in this thread right now.

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>no Gondola thread
Get your shit together niggers, it's time to get posting!
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It wasn't so much a sudden decline but you know that fake pandemic we had didn't help.
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>calling Gondola a "kinda reddit memee"
You should be ashamed
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welcome to zzzchan /b/, now fuck off
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who's dis??

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FUUUCK!  God damnit it happened again!  MOOOOOOM!
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That brings a whole new meaning to getting your kicks from chains.
Show me now.
>child bicycle dot pee in gee

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Post RW memes disguised as shitty leftypol memes
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Their real memes are so fucking shitty. 
Does anyone here remember about "Pirates of /leftypol/"?
Replies: >>132296 >>136350
Replies: >>136350
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Holy Jupiter, those used to be fucking awful.
>>132021 (OP) 
xhe's right
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>>132021 (OP) 

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so now i have a question for myself
from now on do i start working on achieving what i want to achieve or keep up what i've been doing for the last half a decade which is to do nothing 
for the next who knows how many years will i still be doing nothing with none of my goals met ?
or will i finally build up the courage to finally start acting for myself ?

to be honest not even video games are sucking my time anymore 
im just watching youube videos or laying on my bed doing nothing 
im even considering stimulant drugs to see if i get enough motivation to do what i want to do
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I'm 16. Been here for about a year. I like digging up old chans sometimes, typically so that I can add images and videos to my collection. If I remember correctly I found a chan for women, which of course, and rightfully so, was getting constantly raided so I hopped in the raid thread to see what other chans I could find. Found another chan from there which linked to this site (I think it was mlpol). So, despite everyone's best efforts, it is possible to find this place.
Replies: >>136586
> Anonymous 2/24/2023, 10:32:31 PM No.1363
it was supposed to be hard to find ?
i literally just browsed anon cafe boards 
i literally just
>saving tiktok vids
>even viewing tiktok vids
Replies: >>136587
Not to mention this site is given right away on any search engine. Did the site owner not edit the robots.txt file?
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I turn shit into gold

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I bet all y'all lanklets and fatasses don't even look like this smh.
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Replies: >>132273 + 2 earlier
Me on the mid left because I'm a cute girl :3
>>127497 (OP) 
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>Me on the mid left because I'm a cute girl :3
this is what peak fitness looks like?
This man did manage to look like a woman, but he cannot get impregnated nor breastfeed.

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Hold up, how does inflation work again? It's when value of money goes down right? But what makes it go down?

The implication is that the cost of goods is going up. But why do things cost more? It's not like people are making more money because wages don't increase, so what exactly is it that makes things more expensive?
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Replies: >>136573 + 1 earlier
>whole lot more dollars chasing the same amount of goods
That's impossible when people's wages aren't getting any higher. Who's buying all those potatoes for higher prices? It's not the people. I mean they're forced to when you rise your potato prices, but like I said, nobody has any more money to pay for it than they did before.
Replies: >>136438
Actually people did get a lot of "free" money during the COOFID lockdowns. A lot of them didn't save it, just treated it as "disposable income" and blew it on consumer stuff, ordering fast food, etc.
Also a lot more people started getting on EBT / food stamps, and that's pretty much the same thing as free money.
Also the guy growing potatoes, he has bills to pay. He's paying more for his fuel to operate his farm equipment, the fertilizer has become expensive and harder to obtain, and so on. That cost is then passed down to the customer.
Replies: >>136441
>That cost is then passed down to the customer.
Not what happens. The grocery stores buy the farmers produce for the same price that they paid before the chink flu, and then jack up the prices to the customers, keep the profits and give the farmers fuck all.
takes gas to transport literally everything but i am too lazy to prove to u that u r being too basic about the issue of supply and demand in regards to prices varying lots in all fields including silver it is y usa 86'd silver certificates
>>136389 (OP) 
more money being in circulation brings the value down because fiat currency is backed by nothing and is based on nothing besides how much of it there currently is in circulation

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>pedophile, porn addict
>thin skin
name a better combo
you're the cancer that unironically killed old /b/, now you're just a festering shitstain on it's inferior clone, nothing more
Replies: >>136387 >>136388
you're epicly seething right now
Like those tiktoks of people giving the finger that country leaders and feminists, you're not doing a damn thing by being a little bitch on a mongolian basket weaving forum.
A literal jew-mexican who love to larp as "med" and spergs out when called out, he tries to stir shit and make different sites and boards from the webring fight with each other.
This tranny is actively posting on /cow/ and tvch and hanging out with the fags from the Guntstream, especially Wolfspider


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What's with all the feds?
Replies: >>136550
>>136540 (OP) 
They are fishing for someone to cause another mass shooting.

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