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>make a thread
>it's deleted
why is this board so fucking cucked? What are other /b/ alternatives?
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where do we move anons?
>non-stick materials
Like teflon and other coatings? No thanks, I'd rather not eat that.
you are disgusting holy shit.
Replies: >>135712
You're not eating out of his cast iron skillet, what do you care
>>134952 (OP) 
I bet your threads are about "lol nigger dick", tvctroon. Kill yourself.

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i just want to live in peace. I dont really care about anything in society. I dont want to work. I want to be reincarnated in a fantasy world. I dont know. God what a miserable existence.
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Only the evil god don't want people to commit suicide. Go on, king, be free.
>>135473 (OP) 
> want to be reincarnated in a fantasy world.
Let's be honest, your life would also suck there. If your life sucks in real life, it's your fault.

t. fellow loser
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It might suck less.
only mongs do that
rhetorical nonesense

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>Well I know 5 faggots aint a high score
>But with 20 injured, we're sure to see more
>A couple cockjockeys, and lesbian whores
>2 trannies with their dicks shot off; we're breaking glass doors

>Oh my heart is pounding, a Pulse if you will
>Seeing dead faggots just gives me a thrill
>At their funerals Ill scream for hooray
>This puts a whole new meaning to "Yas queen slay"

>Zoomer threatened once to go boomer on you
>Instead he decided to become a shooter on you
>Societal effects, created by Jews
>He didnt lose, though he may have been subdued
>By a mob of angry faggots, dicks covered in poo
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I love moonman.
Praise moonman!
All heil moonman\0
K? K? K.
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reading comprehension retard
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jesus christ
marry a chinese woman
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Okay. Where are they?
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Probably in China.

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I have a question about the Jews, Why do you believe that just by having a Jews somewhere that said organization is controlled by them or the organization is part of the Jewish conspiracy?

What do you say about the Jews who don't conspire and are blamed along with the ones that do? Because it can't be every Jew that conspires.
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>The Jewish Question

But have you ever asked the Elf Question?
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I support Israel because I support democracy and peace in the MIDDLE EAST. Anyone who disagrees is a fucking commie and needs to go back to reddit.
Replies: >>135599
>peace in the middle east
>when israel has been the sole profitter from all arab conflicts
You watch your mouth, anon! Elves are the greatest and cutest! Elven men are the best of bros and Elven women are the cutest of ladies! I will not hear any more slander about our sharp-eared friends, for only Orc-loving savages and Dwarf-loving drunkards could dare hate such a superior race! Humans and elves 4ever!
I don't like Israel but i hate Palestine. The existance of Palestine prevents me form hating Israel efficiently.

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What are you up to, /b/?
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>what got him sir
<diarrhea soldier
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Ah, bioshock infinite, patrician choice
>he's married
>he gets off to being eaten
>he writes fanfiction based on said fetish
>he's posting on zzzchan
My man, you've got some serious issues.
>>135544 (OP) 
I'm trying to port a shitty 3D model into jedi academy. I am almost done, but it's my first time doing something like this and it looks terrible. On a positive note I did find a pretty comprehensive mod of playable KOTOR characters.
Man, I can't even imagine how annoying that must be. It's already terrible enough when you've got it at home.

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This is Titan.
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>>134282 (OP) 
all made by cheap photoshop
This is CNN
>listening to made up fariy tales by ((( soyentists )))
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I found a picture of Ur anus.

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Irrelevant time wasting question
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Reminder that you will back on your statement and return to using this board tomorrow.
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an entirely different anon calling (you) a dark skinned homosexual for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with your previous reply
Replies: >>135567
Post demanding your line of thought as to why accusing anon of interracial homosexuality.
Replies: >>135649
One word buzzword response
Replies: >>135654
complaint about the origin of said buzzword accompanied by a demand for a new word filter

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Sex with Eden!
Inseminating Eden's bussy!
Dressing Eden up in maid outfits!
Snuggles with Eden!
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>>135315 (OP) 
11/10 would plow ass until my dick falls off
Damn. If he waxed his face and wore a wig he'd look like the real article. Pure fuckmeat.
build to ___

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have you ever seen a tranny in real life?
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I have seen lesbians before but not troons in real life. they are more obnoxious then Gays. They will scream at you if you go near them, telling you they are lesbian, as if I want to touch this ugly looking dyke.
Replies: >>135076
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The only girl I've ever asked out was a dyke.
Replies: >>135077
That's why you stick with children before they ever can make that choice.
Replies: >>135079
Why the hell did you wait until you hit 40 to make that decision?
>first one
Care to share screencaps of the trannycord folder? And what the hell was he playing on his PC? dear god not fucking vrchat 
Good lord what other degeneracy does he have else hidden in his files? anything business related? he might be a STEM furry be extremely careful

>second one
Now the question is how do we get xer fired? whats the easiest way to falsely implant evidence without getting caught by the boss? inb4 fedpost

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Is this the ideal female form?
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Muscle is more dense than fat so BMI gets skewed a bit depending on the person's muscle mass.
Replies: >>135276
Yes but BMI charts are usually made with an average physique with little muscle mass in mind.
Replies: >>135289
Can confirm.  I got surprisingly close to being fat or whatever they call it when you're not in the ideal band even though I was kind of close to an all time low bf% and wasn't even carrying any amount of muscle worth showign off.  Doc was like
>oh you're not fat at all
while palpatating my liver etc.

Then again, ,they also weighed me with all my clothes on and just asked me to guess my own heigh lol.  What a scam.  I guess it's useful for the typical DMM kind of diagnoses docs and AI docs do for their cash cow old people with 6 different comorbidities and twice as many pills clientelle.
Replies: >>135290
oops I mean DSM obviously.  DMM is Domestic Mail Manual (which is like a 3" binder big as fuck last time I had to use one.  USPS has so manu rules and codes, as befits one of the more impressively large and effective logistics operations in the world, regardless of whatever else you might think about USPS)
>this image
>but with the HEFTY CHONK voiceover

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