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I just lost most of my money in the stock market crash (including crypto) how do I kms?
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You can try dying to sin and being reborn in the love of Christ, that may work.
I guess you could take it out on the fed.
>>96086 (OP) 
say that you're gonna kill the jew and the boys in blue will take care of you

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Let's imagine you've gotten very attached to a 2d girl. But latter in life you fall in love for a 3d woman who loves you back. What happens to your waifu then? What happens to your feelings towards her?
Moreover, if you had the costume of said 2d girl (dress, mask and everything) would you ask your 3d girlfriend to wear it?
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Imagine this being the biggest worry of your life
>>95980 (OP) 
I'll go along with this and answer the question even though it takes some effort to suspend belief for the "developed feelings for 2dpd" part. My waifu is not just my waifu for her appearance but for her character. So the outfit and outward appearances would just be a start but she would also have to have intimate knowledge of her source material. And not just the anime but the manga and the canonized audio stories that were released with special editions of shounen monthly 10 years ago. These would be a prerequisite from me developing feelings for 3dpd. Then if we were to have sex and then she broke or even diverged from character for even a second I would be done with her.
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And I imagine she would also have to be properly instructed into your head-cannon, in order for the right reactions to take place.
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>baizuos ruin absolutely everything I say I love, all that I tell you of
>started to avoid speaking of things that I love on Sumerian gewgaw enthusiast forums

I am inquiring as to whether or not anyone else is dealing with this particular strain of schizophrenia, 
but unironically?
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?????? ????? ?????? ? ??????? ???? ???? ?????? ?????????? ??? ????????

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Perfection at the end.
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Spoiler File
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>sage is always butthurt
kys pedo
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>>95741 (OP) 
I would smash at literally any point in the video.
Both skinny and thick bitches are all made to be loved and bred to have beautiful families with.
Theres no need to be picky and no need to fight.
Unless if you're gay.
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shut your stinky faggot cock entry hole aka mouth up faggot

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ITT post genuine autism
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Do people really fap to this? I can somewhat understand the fetish aspect, but the art is always so awful. I mean, I have fetishes that aren't normal, but I at least expect the art to look good.
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When you have a fetish the mere idea of it can be enough as long as you haven't been exposed to higher quality depictions of it. 
t. fapped to text multiple times
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I've fapped to text. Back before that ai dungeon game was locked behind a pay wall I'd use it as my main material.

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>it's hot
>turn on fan
>it's too cold
>turn off fan
>it's hot
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stay naked, if they walk in fuck them
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>subhuman monkey can't even stand the ambient temperature of a fan
and what about my neighbors? it's all fine until once I leave my room the glass sliding door in the living room exposes it all. if I could see my neighbors they could probably see me.
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>and what about my neighbors?
yes you can fuck them too
>>95254 (OP) 
shitty board does not work

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does anyone have the manga recommendation list available?

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wet pussy
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>abuse an animal that hates water just to have a 'cute' picture on instagram
- just girlie things
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warm pussy
You watch too many cartoons.
now post wet capybara and you're good
not all of them hate it like that
I used to put goldfish in my tub for an old cat of mine to hunt

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What kind of bed do your sleep in and how long do you sleep?

I used to use a "memory foam" mattress for a long time and it felt like no matter how long I slept, it wasn't enough and I would always be tired. Then I randomly decided to remove it and started sleeping on a much harder plain foam mattress, it's not "comfy" but somehow feels more supportive. Now I only sleep 6-8 hours, I wake up without an alarm clock and don't feel tired afterwards.

I tried a different slightly harder memory foam mattress which was a little better than the first one, but still I would be tired and sleep very long. Are these meme mattresses a meme or is my body just weird somehow?
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I've used spring mattresses for my entire life but one time I got a chance to use a memory foam one at my uncle's and it was the comfiest. I wish I was rich enough to afford a memory foam mattress.
enjoy your mites and parasites burrowing into your brain
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Shockingly, there aren't any
Maybe the mold kills them all, I dunno
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>Due to the constant exposure to dust mites can decrease immunity and develop a complete allergy. And when you consider that the dust mites reproduce very quickly - lay about 300 eggs in four months - the density of population in such a large colony of about 100,000 microparasites per square meter of carpet.
The common symptoms of toxic mold illness are:

1. General symptoms: fatigue and weakness
2. Musculoskeletal: muscle aches, cramping (claw-like cramping in hands and feet), joint pain
3. Respiratory: cough, shortness of breath, chronic sinus issues, asthma
4. Eyes: redness, blurred vision, tearing, sensitivity to bright lights
5. Gastrointestinal: abdominal pain or cramping, nausea, diarrhea
6. Central nervous system: memory loss, difficulty with word finding, confusion, disorientation, difficulty concentrating, learning difficulties, mood swings
7. Neurological: headache, numbness, tingling, lightheadedness, vertigo, metallic taste, temperature dysregulation, tremor
8. Unusual symptoms: increased thirst, frequent urination, appetite swings, frequent electric shock

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Hohols BTFO
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shut the fuck up you faggot poser
ground insects is better because it's not vegan garbage full of phyto-estrogens that make men grow tits and cut of their dicks
I'm sorry your views were challenged and I called your favorite slice of ZOG shit. Perhaps a little cream would help soothe your asshurt?
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Yet more armchair criticism of le bluepilled/blackpilled plebs on a dead and irrelevant IB isn't going to "fight the decline" any more than openly supporting ZOG puppets will.
People don't even know who to fight anymore.
<LOL just shoot up a synagogue, bro
Yeah, that's already been tried before, multiple times

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