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Prep work is done.

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I want a yandere gf bros, i want her to hurt me when i don't do what she wants. While she's inserting the knife i want her to tell me that it's for my own good and it's because she loves me.
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>>125164 (OP) 
I would kinda want that, but it's rather more like my yandere gf beating me with a belt or sometihng every time I procrastinate (eg. watch anime instead of doing school assigment)
Replies: >>125977
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Or every time I troll on imageboards instead of making my cool visual novel.
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And I want her to reward me with a ⭐ glass of Coca-Cola with ice cubes and a lemon slice ⭐ every time I write a new chapter or draw a new character sprite.

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How do we get more people into national Socialism and paganism??
Replies: >>125975
By not tying ideals of freedom behind an -ism.
why some Christian cuck is spamming shitty threads like this? Pathetic as fuck.
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>>125870 (OP) 
Killing everyone except Indians, because they practice the true Aryan religion, Hinduism

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Do you love nature too, anon?
Tell us your favorite stories about nature.
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I love Mother Nature, but I don't ever go out enough to visit her. I don't have a single favorite story, but I do remember going to visit some comfy forests and mountains with my parents as a kid.
she's not a mother, she's a killer
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>>125768 (OP) 
I love how nature is a free and easy way of disposing all my trash.
Replies: >>125917
>calling a trash can a bin
Britbong detected, you goit a loicense to post 'ere bruv?
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>>125768 (OP) 
I like it how it's been raining a lot in Portugal recently. That makes all those ugly yellow fields become green.
BTW I wish pic rel was the official Portugal flag. The current official one is literally masonic shit, you can research that if you want to.

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I tried using firefox for a week due to manifest v3 but it has been horrible so far.
I'm going back to ungoogled-chromium.
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Imagine using windoze
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Imagine using LGBTP OS
Replies: >>125847
<not using the most trannified programs available
It's like owning slaves without ever needing to feed or house them. They work for your benefit until the day they regain sanity and commit suicide.
>introduction of built in spyware (pocket)
Stopped reading there. OP is a retard confirmed.
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>LGBTzilla furryfucks and not MacroChad Edge
Stopped reading there. OP is a retard confirmed.

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Would you let him marry your daughter if he promised to convert her from ((( kikestianity ))) (she became one against your will) to Based Paganism (voodoo)?
Replies: >>125964
Off-topic, but I've got a question: if White people's cum is literally white (I know that from watching aryan gay porn to trigger ((( christkikes )))), then is niggers' cum literally black?
Replies: >>125964
>>125868 (OP) 
It depends

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What defines a true shill? Because most of the time I see that word being used as a last-resort insult when you have no valid arguments left.
>>125754 (OP) 
A true shill is arguing not in good faith and not to troll either.  He's being paid and has a list of talking points prepared.  It goes back to the days of P.T. Barnum, where a paid heckler would draw a crowd to his freak shows by ridiculing the performers with softball accusations that could be contradicted.
Replies: >>125963
>>125754 (OP) 
Honestly it feels like the word shill has replaced faggot in the shit flinging scope of things.
Replies: >>125963
>>125754 (OP) 
Someone who promotes or argues for a product, idea or organization for personal gain while intentionally hiding and or denying said personal gain.
Replies: >>125963
See, faggot who's constantly saying «shill thread?!!» Those threads are not shill threads after all!! (Proof: posts above)

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((( David ))) ((( Cohan )))

It's everything what you should know about so called "americans".
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Replies: >>123246
<it's a picture of a kike looking dumb
he's literally espousing a line that I've seen you, personally, post too lol
Replies: >>120763
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>Edward O'Neill 
Nice try, shlomo

Al Bundy was presented as the quintessential "white goy"

Al Bundy was [...] a star running back on the Polk High School Football team. [...] marriage to his high-school sweetheart Peggy Wanker
>issues of ((( mutual interest )))
>>117014 (OP) 
What else do you know about him besides knowing he has a circumcised schwanz?
Where's the Mossad connection?

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Here's your chance to get to know the person responsible for the continuing success of the board
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Replies: >>123130
what do you do when the jannies are the spammers?
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>no capcode
Lol this is the only time I've ever seen the BO capcode on this site.
He'll never address any user complaints, but will happily suck up some sarcastic ass licking.
Replies: >>123107
That's because /s4s/ trannies always take the bait. Their thirst for irony is exceeded only by their thirst for cock.
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>>123092 (OP) 
Do you intend to share what's rightfully mine?
successfully destroyed

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Who eles loves spreadsheets??
Replies: >>125778
shill thread
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>>125761 (OP) 
Excel (Microsoft) is botnet
Replies: >>125779 >>125951
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Fuck off autistic trannie commie
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Computers are botnet.

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I love Windows. It's the best OS ever.
Replies: >>125947 >>125950
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>>125743 (OP) 
Only Windows 2000. All other Windows distros are shit -- no, all other operating systems are shit.
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>>125743 (OP) 

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