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Patch why did you leave discord?
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He left and usually he makes a new account and comes back
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Uh oh, word filter. 
Think i found another patch chan
Cmon patch this site is dead as fuck stop sliding or ill post about u on heyuri.net again
Discord is for sheep that just XD new fads. There's no logical reason for IB's to crossover with discord groups. Kys. There was never a reason to use them other than 'it's popular so I'll use it because other sheep use it'. 

Perhaps by that logic you and your Patch are or should be on 4chan rather than the lesser known IB's? It's popular after all.

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I want to touch the fluff.
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(((remove))) Richard M. Stallman (PEDOPHILE)


(((support))) Richard M. Stallman (PEDOPHILE)

[BREAKING NEWS] But, Tor Project does NOT allow the pedophile!
>The Tor Project is joining calls for Richard M. Stallman to be removed from board, staff, volunteer, and other leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. Sign the open letter: rms-open-letter.github.io/
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nice try fed
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The kikes that made that image should decompose in the Earth first.
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Please, we should support their wishes for a more green planet and feed them to their family.
It's literally a public archive of the website unless you know some other thing. Also you're paranoid.





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is futa gay
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You are forgetting the key reason those books sell. Women are retarded and so are the retards who buy them shitty presents.
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I don't know if futa is gay or not. But I really like futa and I can assure that I am not gay. This is 100 percent genuine and not a troll post.
Ackshually, most romance novel authors are men but they take female pseudonyms to relate to their audience. Because "a man wouldn't understand" and other nonsense.
are you telling me women buy those books? if they do then I'm pretty sure that makes them lesbians.
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Women were the primary market for fifty shades and the primary demographic that went to see the movies. Women are the primary demographic that watch the straight-to-tv dramas of the same type. When these books are put up in stores, they are put up near books for women or in supermarkets near the register (next to the tabloid magazines, where the women will be looking). They are sold to women, who self insert as the female in the story.

Part of why women are retarded in the first place is because they are convinced they live in a raunchy romance novel.

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having a tail would be cool, imagine the balance bro, or imagine using it as a third hand

pic unrelated
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not like that stupid, I mean one that fits, like a monkey tail
I want to put my dick in that cat and smell her tail.
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>>29012 (OP) 
Of the most stupid body mods actually. Shit like Dragon Ball used to trigger me and I'm glad by Z they chopped 'em all of one by one. It'd be different if the thing was huge, but monkey tails are retarded and so are things like rat tails. It makes most animals look worse and is generally useless unless it's like picture related.
Replies: >>29041
I do believe that's meant to be a dog. I agree nonetheless.
Jokes on you when you get whacked by a specialized nigger-knocker limb. But really though, another grabber would be cool. I'm all for more grabbers.

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It's okay to like little girls
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He holds up a note that says 'bye /r9k/' and then le dies as his friends watch live. Female friend loses her shit knowing that he was going to do it while a male friend basically dares him to do it. His mother and little brother find him but the brother doesn't enter the camera's view. The mother is so hysterical that she doesn't read /r9k/ properly and is all 'I don't understand' and the 9-11 operator asks if he's breathing and at one point she says 'he has no head'. It's many minutes long and I don't recall everything that is said. 'he has no head' and 'the ambulance is on the way' part made me laugh though.
Replies: >>29002
by the power of anime he possibly might have survived.
Replies: >>29003
jesus, sad

>the 9-11 operator asks if he's breathing and at one point she says 'he has no head'
now I'm going to hell for laughing at it too, thanks
see you there
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trips make me believe it
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The order that it happens is the funni. 
<aaaah I don't understand he has no head aaaah!
<the ambulance is on the way ma'am calm down ma'am do you know cpr ma'am

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>dodge and weave through 843646437 billion early access games to find something to play
>play Loop Hero
>after a few rounds already feels like I've seen everything the game has to offer
>play Idle Raiders 2
>probably the slowest "idle game" I've ever played, enemies quickly become unbeatable because they regenerate health so fast and there's nothing you can do to improve your power except grind for a million years
>replay Graveyard Keeper since it got a DLC sometime ago
>impossible to skip the shitty story intro movie so I just closed the game and deleted it
>play First Feudal
>it's just shitty Rimworld with less of everything (including quality)
>play Mr. Prepper since it was popular recently
>turns out it's just a mediocre building game that hides it's shallowness by making everything tedious, probably only popular because it memes about politics

There's infinite game developers, shouldn't there be more games that aren't straight up shit? Where are they? I literally cannot find them. I don't even want a good game anymore, I just want something that's not shit.
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You decide to return to the warmth of your home and close the door. There you gaze at a familiar view.
On your right you see a couch in front of a TV. Underneath a PS2 and a Dreamcast.
On your left a dining table with a pizza box and some water bottles above.
On the center a hallway leading to a bathroom and your room.
There sits your dog near the couch. When he sees you return he wiggles his tail.

What do you do?

You return to your room and grab a pair of pants and put them on.
You were already equipped before this so you now have two pair of pants covering your legs.
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Boot up the PS2, play godhand.
the word is waggle not wiggle
learn england
Replies: >>28964
good job, retard
I won't hold your hand, faggot

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>try to use gimp
>fail at selecting layers to alter gifs
Guess I didn't need to make OC gifs from existing gifs anyway. It's hard enough to take the time to draw as it is without struggling to use some overrated trash application. 

Why do people shill free software that's so hard to use? "Omfg after many months of using it I love it finally" is the type of shit I see, it's not even trying to hide that it's shit. Should i copyright infringe photoshop off of le pirate bay? There's so many options to download there that I shrugged and ignored them. That and gimp's shit ass was over shilled to me. I can make a gif (following a step by step guide of course) but not alter them. Clicking the eye does not help either though I read you have to hide the active layers or something rather than it just let you flip back and forth like a sane and useful software would. I tried using some shit Internet site for it and they seem to not work very well anymore, would not upload the gif currently with the one I used to use out of a desperation as good software eludes me, assuming some video editing software is there I don't have that is not gimp. 

If it's so hard to use people basically need courses in school to use it yet they don't teach you such things in school that you'd actually want to use. So yeah.

I wish people never told me about gimp and that photoshop 
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I don't know why learning would be painful
have a lot of "fire hot, fire bad, no touch fire" moments yourself?
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just pirate photoshop like a sane human being
Replies: >>28967
gimp has always been a cancer on open sores software. use Pinta instead, it's a clone of paint.NET and gets the job done much easier.
are you a nigger or genuinely clinically retarded
I dumped all the adobe shit but audition back when you still had to do the bullshit phone code verification thing

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Are fleshlights worth buying?
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Then go to chatroulette or any of these common rooms or other IBs. Your absence will not be missed, because you are not anon.
And he does exist. He is a defender of the weak, and a heartless monster. A keen logical mind, and a tragic madman. A man of broken spirit, and one that stands alone. He lives in his mom's basement pissing in bottles, and he is the life of every party. A poet, an artist, a critic, a liar and a bastion of truth. He is all of these things, and none of them, and you are not part of any of them. The fact that you can't even begin to fathom any of this is proof. You think you understand, but you don't. You don't because no matter how much you have outcast yourself and distanced yourself from society, you do not embrace anon.
You are a normalfag.
Replies: >>28774
Are you the 260 pounds anon that bitches about how /r9k/ won't let you post roasties? When are you going to steal a car and live in the woods, fatty?
For an 'oldfag' you act a lot like a faggot. Nobody cares if you've been using imageboards since 2009. All that matters is that you can make posts wihout typing like a fag or a woman and well...
Replies: >>28774
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I did. They were shit. For example 8chan died and 4chan range bans (I rent a wifi hotbox with dynamic IP as a neet) and 8kun doens't count. Tons are dead and censor too much. This place only has a faggoty /r9k/. I'd be posting on agatha 2 and b2 but they died. Why are you yourself here if you think better alternatives exist? Think I want to go to the political drama owned by that faggot mark? That censoring kike isn't going to have me posting on his imageboard. 8kun censors shit too often too and is glitchy and never brought the many boards back. There's other IB's but they're both dead and censor a lot generally. Also, in case you weren't aware, you sound like that sort of gall that says "you'll find someone some day, just not me" whilst not giving a shit that the next shithole is going to have an autistic just like you telling me to go to x place. I'd tell you to get over it but you won't anymore than I'd get over myself. 

Also, a normalfaggot would be posting normal e-whores if any at all, dumb ass. I'm going to have to 'no u' @ that faggot. 

>embrace anon
Like a hivemind sheeple normalfaggot? No thanks. It's not like I'm tripfaggoting here, though you and or your type are tempting me as you'd deserve it. It's not like IB's were made to even be anonymous in that way, with anon all over. 4chan back in 2003ish had fucktons of trips. 

And I know that you know that I know that the only reason you keep calling me normal is because you know that I know that you know that neither of us are normal, ergo it insults us. Seeing as to how we both know this, why not just admit to being jealous of the attention I gave/give to cute HS girls? Or admit to being unironcally gay or autistically attracted to flatspace technology, or something?

>you'll find an IB some day anon, they are out there :3
You're the woman-logic haver here. Also a fag for trying to virtue signal against the straightest images someone could post on the Internet. An actual  fag. 

Also, as I explained before, I merely stomped the ice in that /r9k/ meta thread, later the mod kept nuking everything I posted that had not even implied rule breakage. He's petty. or she is, i don't doubt if it's an 'incel' female from deleted redditor subs trying to make everyone crab bucket themselves. "I want to father a child but are a virgin!" I mean really. Realistically that's a female changing the pronouns around whilst hiding behind the notion that they have a job for some reason, to raise a child, through test tube babies? It's still got normalfaggot genes and is in a normalfaggot world, why have one? And thus that was deleted, my pointing out the silliness of it all. That and other threads. That /r9k/ is moderated like a sensitive female ran redditor sub, and that is not an exaggeration. 
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Replies: >>28793
Whoa, so this is the power... of zzzchan...
Replies: >>28797
.....not...... really?

t. that anon you @'d

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