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 Dress to impress!

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>dude there was nothing and then an explosion somehow happened and it created the cosmos
>and then on a giant rock water somehow started forming and living beings started forming in the water
>and due to random genetic mutations those beings became fish and then the fish grew legs and left the water and then they turned into dinosaurs and then they turned into birds
>and all the dinosaurs mysteriously died bro and then monkeys started walking on two legs and became cavemen who all mysteriously died too and became people for real
>and we can think and feel because of a lump of electric meat formed by said random mutations duderino
>(tell all of the above with bizarrely specific dates and details)
Why are gaytheists so delusional, and why does society view them as any more rational than religiousfags? Even religion (especially non-abrahamic) is better because at least its stories are mildly entertaining. Gaytheism is just retarded and embarrassing.
Do people really think they can know all the mysteries of the universe?
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And anything beats being a pedmoephile.
Oops, that's a funny way to misspell "4ddit spic with cute aggression".
>took a guess and was right
Moenigger is even easier to spot than fagatha.
>>182654 (OP) 
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feet thread?

[Hide] (219.1KB, 728x410) Reverse
Would you agree that people ugly on the outside are almost always also ugly on the inside?
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[Hide] (18.7KB, 387x309) Reverse
that 2nd pic bearded guy is soyboy final boss. Once you chug enough Soylent you hallucinate and he appears with a huge black dildo and a shield and challenges you to a duel (recessed chin) (mindfucked by ZOG) (no funeral)
>>187618 (OP) 
The more pretty the more spoiled actually.
>assuming your weight
Body dysmorphia detected.
[Hide] (41.5KB, 480x600) Reverse
Yes, and by ugly I mean truly ugly or just mediocre phenotypes of what are "normal"-looking people.  As said in the thread there is high-mutational load.

I actually went to college and they talked about how the uglier someone is the more harshly judged in court. You can fuck off and die, normalfaggot. The more pretty the more spoiled. the less harmed in life the less kind you are.

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This is /b/'s new mascot.
Say hi to him.
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(Can't post this on /meta/ because captcha doesn't load.)
Hello, problems on the tor address:
1. The images don't load.
2. Boards don't load without adding /index.html ??
3. Tor banned on clearnet, why?

Feel free to delete this offtopic post after the admin sees it, thanks.
Replies: >>195030
I'll sit down and look at the issues with the onion this weekend
Replies: >>195043
Is this an epic funny?
You don't need to look at the onion to tell its rotten
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>fucking kek

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I've been thinking a lot about what life with a paraplegic person must be like.
Wouldn't it be nice to go for a walk in town while wheeling a cute disabled girl around? Helping her into the elevators in the subway tunnels and getting aboard the train?
As you wait patiently for the train to reach your stop, you keep a tight grip on the chair's handles so she doesn't go rolling off to the back of the wagon.
Once you two get home, she stretches her arms and asks you to help her onto the bed. You pick her up and princess carry her, gently laying her down on the mattress and covering her skinny, broken legs with a warm blanket.
She then looks up to you with thankful eyes, and says "Hey, um... Thanks for always helping me get around. You're... a very kind person."
Smiling weakly, she rests her head on the pillow and closes her eyes.
Well, I didn't really mean to write a story. I just wanted to give you all an example of how cute wheelchairs can be.
After reading my post, how do you feel about them? Any discussion and opinions are welcome.
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Would you mind if you had to clean it?
Replies: >>194035 >>194060
>>182531 (OP) 
I too once visited halfchan's /r9k/ an eon or so ago. I get it, the desire for one type of disabled to create harmony from dissonance. Very poetic but also unrealistic. It's why they go fully retarded and wiz-post instead of this sort of thing upon no longer being able to take the banter. Two ruined people do not improve nor complete one another. You're guilty of a fetish caused by low self esteem.
That would suck, but I would ultimately accept doing it.
[Hide] (656.7KB, 600x843) Reverse
Clean it from where? From the floor or from the girl's butt?
Katawa shoujo

[Hide] (400.9KB, 1400x759) Reverse
which one of you autistic faggots made this
ALL polniggers ate the left pic since the 60s or whatever
its like this pic was made after some 4chin stopped eating fast food for a week
you are such fucking normalfags its pathetic. you arent special because you (really or imaginably) eat healthy food, this is still a thing normies do
and what the fukc makes chili con carne unhealthy? only because youre such a fucking normafag braindead monkey that the word "unhealthy" means literally fuck all in your mind and is based on some sort of aesthetic nonsense
taking ivermectin and eating some specific bullshit are normalfaggotniggerfuckfacedweeb behaviors. kill yourself. all of you.
wait theres more,, he says vegan food is to minimize resource usage, even though it costs more to make.

actual proper labels:
junk food (dogshit)
cafeteria shit
vegan shit
typical healthy home made food more often made by 3rd worlders than by polniggers, that isnt full of butter milk salt sugar sauce eggs and oils contrary to what OP needs to consider it "healthy"
jump off a bridge you fucking failure imagine being this retarded about even the most basic things in life. if you agree with op pic just end it now, theres no going up for you.
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[Hide] (12.6KB, 431x352) Reverse
takes 2 hands to hold this Whopper, bud ;)
Replies: >>195135
[Hide] (118.6KB, 700x700) Reverse
what he meant is its not a nice well ordered bread or pie formed into a nice simple geometric shape
This should not be so funny. 
>>195082 (OP) 
Straight off the bat I knew slop was as spamtastically faggoty as the *oom meme.
It's all goyslop, OP.

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I mostly use the internet to watch obscure youtube videos and lolcow documentaries and lurk this board from time to time I guess.
It's a shame. I remember being very excited to come home and browse forums, newgrounds, youtube, imageboards and so on.
Nowadays I mostly play vidya and work on my personal projects.
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Replies: >>195147 + 1 earlier
[Hide] (4.4MB, 316x238, 01:29)
*slap* *slap* *slap* *slap*
Replies: >>195107
no because users of cringe are right more than 50% of the time whereas anyone writing "slop" is an obvious alex jones tier retard who is never right about anything
What the fuck is going on?
>Nowadays I mostly play vidya and work on my personal projects.
You're probably better off for it too, the internet is too centralized and the places that aren't are full of annoying faggots.
>>195016 (OP) 
I too am old.

[Hide] (373.2KB, 1000x1354) Reverse
I fucking hate dogs, they're noisy, gross, ugly, annoying, and often dangerous. Truly the niggers of animals. Cats are much more beautiful/cute and civilized, they're more comparable to Whites/Asians.
What may be even worse that dogs themselves is the whole cultism surrounding them which is absolutely everywhere and makes me feel like the last sane man in the world. No, fuck you, I'm not a psychopath or anything of the sort for not liking your disgusting monsters, etc.
The only context in which I could like dogs is maybe 2D doggirls, but even then, catgirls are still way better.
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If you think a puppy is cuter than a kitty, you have brain damage
Replies: >>195050 >>195094
It's a harsh life-long disability that affects most people in the world.
It's called "non-White", regardless of the skin color.
Whatever pedo
[Hide] (364.2KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
This used to be a real problem in Paris decades ago. Now it's only the rapefugees that shit everywhere.
Cats get rid of rodents while the best thing dogs do is shit on the front lawn lol and the vast majority of the time dogs don't do shit when the house is being robbed

[Hide] (105.6KB, 1104x468) Reverse
Key is good stuff. Only battle shounen-addicted spics and pseudo-intellectual troonies would disagree.
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>>190287 (OP) 
[Hide] (94.8KB, 1024x1023) Reverse
>>190287 (OP)  (OP) 
My issue with Key is that they always just produces Nakige. I honestly think that Key wouldn't be so bad if it actually created visual novels that weren't aimed to be sad all the time. It's just not believable that every fucking route is Nakige. They make emotionally manipulative content and expect others not to realize that once you've played one game, you've pretty much played all of them
Replies: >>195015
>For me the perfect visual novel and combination of those advantages would be a proper game where you can walk around and take in the atmosphere.
That was Monster Girl Island until the dev fucking bailed on everybody
[Hide] (13.3KB, 480x360) Reverse
You WILL cry on every route, you WILL be emotionally manipulated, you WILL play all of their games and you WILL be happy.
Lets rub our girl cocks together

[Hide] (126.6KB, 1400x1050) Reverse
dig dig dig... digmimon, digimon dig dig dig... digmimon, digimon, dig dig dig


[Hide] (294.5KB, 735x531) Reverse

[Hide] (123.9KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
How do you dispose of your coom?
I personally use an old sock. Can be used many times before getting very smelly, and then I can just rewash it. Also convenient because I can just put it on my benis like a condom or something when close to actually cooming.
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> moves around and behaves like an imp
> shoots imp balls at you
I bet you can just walk backwards and he won't see you!
>>179995 (OP) 
OP here.
I use toilet paper now.
It's not reusable, but that's not exactly a problem since it's my parents who buy it anyway. And while it sucks that I can't put it on my benis like a condom, I just use my other hand for lightly pressing the paper on the head during the moment of cooming.
[Hide] (31.1KB, 640x362) Reverse
>>179995 (OP) 
Save the planet!
[Hide] (432.9KB, 1137x860) Reverse
In the fishtank!
Replies: >>194968
What if they get pregnant? You're gonna have to take responsibility, anon

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