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How are you celebrating this wonderful day?
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mine's better
They failed me for getting the 1984 questions over 75 percent correct. Under 60 and you fail, over 75 and you fail, sneaky tea drinkers!
Replies: >>164560
You would've needed a license for anything between 60 and 75 anyway.
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>>164332 (OP) 
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Most popular american hero is batman.
Most popular british hero is doctor who.

Both are reflections of what their country sees as the ideal man, and one is obviously better than the other.
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>>163861 (OP) 
>and one is obviously better than the other.
I think you mean that you like one more. There is no obvious "better" because they're not the same kind of thing. Batman is a mighty man who runs himself ragged to punish those who do evil and prevent them from running roughshod over normal people. Dr. Who is an alien (who pretends to be a man) who has fun adventures with nerds and occasionally puts on classic sci-fi morality plays.
Furthermore, both of those sugary sweets look tasty.
They're both as gay as one another but in different ways. Batman is for bara loving queers and Doctor Who is for twink humping pedophiles.
dr who = intelligence

normal's intelligence is a = b, not scientific.
Batman is smarter than him, he outsmarted Brainiac, who was a living supercomputer with twelfth-level intelligence, and access to all the information ever archived on at least two planets (Krypton and Earth).

Doctors Who's greatest arch-enemy is The Master, someone with a threat level of "being about as smart as the hero protagonist is".

There is just no contest between them.
>>163861 (OP) 
>everyone likes graphic novels and other childish things
>everyone likes chick flicks like doctor jew
They are both shit. 

Judge Dredd is far superior to Batman form the 'like cops' perspective if one were to have one. Doctor who I don't even know what to compare to, I could not even watch it. yes I'm from the USA, but I also have other shit to watch. They're lucky I watched 2/3 of the flying circus

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Post different kinds of frogs.
Both drawn frogs and real frogs are welcome.
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suwako precious
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Konachiba, weeaboo-chun. Gominasorry for za poor Nihongo, I will commit honorabu hari-kiri sudoku just 4 u, amiki. 
It was an honest mistake, lad. Thank you for letting me know about it. I suppose I'm a little less ignorant now lol.
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>ackchyually the holocaust is a hoax, so that's why hitler is good
What, so Hitler never killed 6 million kikes? He sucks then, lol!
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>killing your brand new slave race

saged and also hidden
hitler was a faggot vegan who cried over kicked puppies.
if he was still alive he would be a bbc discord raidlet.
>>163998 (OP) 
German national socialism set back the Conservative Revolution by nearly a century.
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National Socialism had both good and bad things about it. The biggest flaw by a mile was them giving the jews their own state. It wasn't really a problem back then, but now jews have centralized their power into a single state and have only gotten more powerful because of it. I honestly blame christianity and it's pervasive altruism in doing what is morally right instead of doing the best thing with the best possible outcome for yourselves. What I personally would have done is rounded up all jews and put them into labor camps (separating both the men and women into separate camps so they can't breed) for the rest of their lives and been done with it.
>Conservative Revolution
lol. lmao even. If "conservatives" ever "revolt" over anything I'll die of shock. Gutless then, gutless now, gutless in the future too, until it's time to go to war for israel anyways. Only thing they aggressively fight for.

How to get on nanochan and picochan? What are the links? How to get on topic links? Any good tor links for useful stuff?
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<there are like three nanofags out there
we have an indian street shitter with BPD 
a GLAG normalfag 
and a glowposter
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please DO NOT come to nanochan
where do you post now
it's "JANKU"
fucking pajeet
Replies: >>164480
it's junku retard

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>Epicurus asserted that philosophy's purpose is to attain as well as to help others attain happy (eudaimonic), tranquil lives characterized by ataraxia (peace and freedom from fear) and aponia (the absence of pain). He advocated that people were best able to pursue philosophy by living a self-sufficient life surrounded by friends. He taught that the root of all human neuroses is death denial and the tendency for human beings to assume that death will be horrific and painful, which he claimed causes unnecessary anxiety, selfish self-protective behaviors, and hypocrisy. According to Epicurus, death is the end of both the body and the soul and therefore should not be feared. Epicurus taught that although the gods exist, they have no involvement in human affairs. He taught that people should act ethically not because the gods punish or reward them for their actions but because, due to the power of guilt, amoral behavior would inevitably lead to remorse weighing on their consciences and as a result, they would be prevented from attaining ataraxia.
You aren't moral because you eat plants.
They do.
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Explain research done into "fungal networks" and plants reacting to other plants being eaten?
Perhaps you can explain why some plants try to look like birds to avoid predation?
The level of consciousness might be slow, the plants might not have eyes or organs, but they are clearly thriving in an environment and reacting and evolving to various threats around them.

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I lost the picture where there was a comparison of a male elf and a female one written for people. Let's find her.

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every time you post a kek or a topkek someone has a stroke over it. included an exploitable to make your own topkeks. lols, toplols, lels and toplels also welcome. let's all kek at the unison and raise someone's blood pressure.
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kekkus macksikeks
You will forever be an outlander and you will be forgotten by all.
Replies: >>164362 >>164363
You must be the subhuman this is directed at. Calm down and think about what you're getting mad at and how fucking stupid it is. Also ruminate for a second on how retarded it is to act like not being remembered is anything resembling an effective insult on an anonymous site, that's the whole point.
>he's still mad
tippy-top kek
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i had a dream about the french last night and it was terrible
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here's your alligator bro
Replies: >>160731
clearly koalas
Similar idea to why men become trannies; they think the grass is greener on the other side, due to how privileged men supposedly are.
Plus, they want attention.
For the record this was just meant to be a bump as I did not want to create my own thread for posting this. I've decided to put it into another thread instead.
Ah... made a thread, now I won't be tempted to derail one.... 


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These are the only boards that matter as they are the only ones that get any semblance of activity.
The rest of them shouldn't exist because they are dead or serve as bunkers for other site's boards which is a retarded concept.
Replies: >>162773 >>164348
>>162772 (OP) 
I've said it before, other boards should just a a general on /b/ and break them off into a board if they get too active
Replies: >>162776
This was my proposition aswell before.
It should start with /b/, if it becomes a subject with a lot of demand for it/has an established community, it should then move to the next step of having it's own board.
In the case of /v/, a board for it is obvious because Video Games are always gonna have high demand for conversation and /digi/ because it has an established community that's active.
Who the fuck is gonna use /liberty/ when the community that once existed for it no longer exists since it died with 8chan Prime, the same with /rozen/, they are both too niche and their communities are long gone. Only propped up by their BOs who are the last of their once existing community.
/a/ has a bunch of other variations of it across the webring, all of which are popular so unless Smug, Pro/a/ go down, there's zero chance it'll be anything but dead weight.
Small imageboards should just be a bunch of different kinds of /b/ boards. For example you would go to the anime board to be among people whose primary interest is anime and the things surrounding it, not necessarily to talk about anime itself. The boards aren't separated by topic, but by audience that shares a common interest.
>>162772 (OP) 
Only /b/ mattered. Tech is tryhard bullshit that needs to stay away from imageboards, /g/ is spammy as much as pol so it can die, /v/ is normalnigger central and steals traffic from /b/. 

I'd have soc before these shitty boards, tech/g, /v/, pol, etc.

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