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Prep work is done.

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What was the inspiration for this color palette? It seems familiar to me.
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you are a nigger
>>125742 (OP) 
The thing is that I've seen an Earthbound-inspired indie gayem that used a very similar color palette  -- black, white, shades of crimson, and shades of the contrasting color of crimson (that greenish blue). Bad thing that that project got cancelled. Fortunately I know the creator IRL and he told me he's now developing another project -- a visual novel (not in any way related to that cancelled gayem, though ☹🙁).

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Who drew this masterpeace?
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>>125741 (OP) 

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>he doesn't even kiss his homies
What, you some kinda fag or something?
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Do you want a more representative image?
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I never understood where the stigma of copy/pasting an image comes from.
Do you only accept images that were saved on someone's drive, renamed, replaced spaces with underscores and used as few capitalized letters as possible?
>>125362 (OP) 
y is she pointing a gun at me, did i steel her cookies or coke or what...... ?

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B R I N G 
B A C K 
B I G 
Maybe the show just tasteless and mediocre, and you are too afraid to have an opinion of your own.
Bubblegum crisis wasn't really amazing, the animation was ok. I think its more interesting as a relic of its time where you could just make something and stick it on a shelf. I watched pretty much everything they have except for the ad police series.
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>>113834 (OP) 
I Want to sniff Nene

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA what do I do about this socialization shit? I joined this uni and I can't make friends for shit. I can't get social cues and act awkward and retarded, so I think I will become obnoxius and narcissistic if I become extroverted. What do?
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stop being a cuck
>>125798 (OP) 
If you're in uni, your top priority should be finding some cute girls if you haven't already.
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go gay for pay
And then do what? They aren't gonna fuck a weirdo loser who got nothing going for him, I ain't even attractive and having female friends is another level of retardation. Females aren't of any use to me at this point, other than whores.
I did, it's pretty fun, but I'm not gonna be socializing with the club people all day.
That's impossible, even mental ward patients have friends.
IG that's the only thing left to do, gonna make a clown of myself prob in the beginning.

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The spookening has begun
I need moar spooky girls.
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Time for Thanksgiving

Bridge Explosion ... oh dear.

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>I was merely pretending to be retarded
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Blue-skin? Meh.
>>112754 (OP) 
Nice one, everybody
Holy shit thats LITERALLY ME!
Sounds like you got BTFO'd hard kid
>>112754 (OP) 
I summon death knights

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Making this thread as a general place to put all my ramblings down, something in the vein of pic related but hopefully not as schizophrenic/autistic, and in the vague hope that someone can help me figure things out. If you don't like walls of text just post the Duke Nukem image now.

I think my biggest struggle in life right now is that I don't really know what I'm doing. It's a sad and pathetic cycle that goes something like this:
>decide at the start of the week that I am going to adhere to a strict schedule of what I want to do each day, finding a good balance between games, doing productive work, and exercising
>day one usually goes well, stick to the schedule I made, feel good about myself
>day two I let one or two things slip, but make excuses that it was ok, you had a long day at work, it's understandable, you can make up for it tomorrow
>day three the schedule is a distant memory, bulk of my free time that day is playing games or staring at the dozen or so threads I have open waiting for new posts
This also leads into my next problem, that between everything I want to do, I can bring myself to do all but one of them. For example, each week I tell myself that I will exercise, work on my game, stay away from soda/sugar/alcohol, and practice drawing. My brain appears to only be capable of doing three of those at a time, which is the point where my schedule collapses. I can exercise, work on my game, and abstain from sweets, but by the end of the day when it's time to draw, my brain is so exhausted that I cannot bring myself to do so and I just go to bed. Then the next day a mentality of "welp you failed too bad, time to play vidya all week" sets in and I accomplish nothing, and get depressed. Or I will stay with the schedule for a day or two, but then something almost ALWAYS happens later that week that is entirely out of my control and completely trashes it (such as my parents wanting to do something together that screws up my schedule for the day, so afterwards the mentality of "why bother" sets in again, a family member dying so I have to go out of town for the funeral, or some other batshit insane event that you couldn't have predicted in a thousand years, like your neighbor drives through your apartment and leaves you homeless and depressed for a month. I do have discipline though, I am on 10+ months of nofap, I did it for over a year in 2019-20, and this time it's been even easier. Quitting porn has been harder, I went about two months without watching it, but even glancing at anime tiddies on boards is hard to avoid, and I can't resist looking at spoilered images. Never though that quitting sugar would be harder than quitting jerking off, or that doing something productive would be harder than not doing something unproductive, but here I am.
Exercising is something I struggle with, even though there is absolutely no excuse for it. When I still had my gym membership, I would try to go in three times a week, but almost always ended up going once or twice at most, and I can narrow it down to one simple reason: fear of failure. As my lifts progressed and I'd increase weight each week, I panic and have anxiety about lifting, especially if I barely succeeded on the last lift. This was mostly an issue with squats, and the thought of doing them makes me panic. It was not always like this; at my peak in my sophomore year of college I could squat 240+ lbs, but the past year I could barely manage 140 at the most, and I have no idea why. My diet was very high protein, moderate fat, low carbs (not keto), so it wasn't what I was or was not eating. The mentality of "Why am I not progressing, I used to be able to do this, why is it hard now" sets in hard, and with each week when you can't break through the plateau it grates against my sanity and I become embroiled in self-doubt, which takes a toll on other aspects of my life including the aforementioned schedule. Since I will be moving "soon" I cancelled my gym membership (they only offer one-year memberships, and fuck Planet Fitness), and am now trying to maintain or at least delay losing my gains until I move and get a real gym membership again by doing a home workout routine of squats and pushups, but I can't even manage that, as the same panic sets in as before, even without any extra weight on me. I am not a skele by any means, but I am nowhere near swole either. My forearms are pathetically small (I can wrap my thumb and pointer finger around my wrist and have them touch), and I struggled with arm gainz for a very long time, always failing at a pathetically low weight (overhead press never went above 40 lbs. without the bar). I've been told my whole life that I have a runner's body, that I am built for endurance rather than strength, but I refuse to believe that I can't fail that hard and not put in some amount of effort into my upper body.
My social life is also a large problem. I have about five people that I hang out with regularly, and they have nothing much to offer me. They are not bad people by any means, and I do enjoy their company, but our interests don't align as much as I wish they would, and they don't offer much in terms of personal growth. It seems as if every week we do the same things, make the same jokes, and play the same games. It also doesn't help that getting them to do anything new is next to impossible for various frustrating reasons. I have made a few attempts at expanding my friend group, primarily through apps but absolutely not Dicksword, and I have met a couple of guys that seem cool (minus one that turned out to be a complete freak, which I made the mistake of meeting IRL when I should've seen the warning signs), but I don't know if I should even bother going further because I will be moving away in a short time. Living on my own is also beginning to toil against my sanity. I find myself talking to myself, speaking random thoughts out loud without warning, and painful memories coming back at random moments like a bullet through my head. Sometimes I lie in bed at night and find it hard to comprehend that all of this is actually happening, that I am actually on my own, that I am where I am now. This is a normalnigger reference but there's a Family Guy sketch where Brian gets kicked out and moves into a ghetto apartment, and the experience he has there is just about what I'm feeling now. Sad, lonely, and isolated.
My dating life is nonexistent. I have not had a gf or gone on a date in 4+ years. There is no scenario where I see myself meeting a woman in a social situtation where it is not weird. For example:
>see cute girl in grocery store
I can envision no scenario where I can start talking to her that is not autistic, retarded, rude, or idiotic.
My friends don't do anything, so there are no parties or social events that I can go to to meet people. This leaves dating apps, which are an excellent way to destroy your self-image and self-worth. I have swiped right on hundreds of women, and have not received one match. When you are competing against literal 7'0" gigachads with the world's most powerful chins that can bench press a bus, you look like a faggot by comparison. Add in that with each time you like a woman on there, you're just part of the endless stream of guys validating her endless void of need for social acceptance. It makes you feel like you're nothing more than a tool or a pawn in the womyn game, which you are. Using that as a catalyst to improve your gains is incredibly shallow; appeasing thots on the internet is not a motivator, yet when I fail at my gains it hurts even more because of it.
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mucho texto, what job do you work?
Making this thread was a great way to procrastinate. You don't need to fit everything into everyday. What's worse? Missing days or a week? Or succumbing to the "why bother" and wasting months or a year? I don't worry about a schedule because missteps are less demoralizing without. I eat lots of meat because it tastes good. I don't know what are carbs and don't care. Thinks less; do more. I didn't do much for the past week or two. My mom made chicken for dinner earlier this week. Instead of  wasting time hemming and hawing about wasted time, I quickly did some stairs carrying 130 lb then 80 lb, followed by pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups before dinner. Your current trajectory, excepting social life, sounds good. I have nothing to offer about social life because I'm resigned to having none. I'm trying drawing too. No grand plans, I just need a hobby. My current trajectory is limited to manual labor till death, as I'm without high school education and it would be my first job at age 30-40, or suicide. My mom has this delusion that I can live a full and happy life starting this late because she knew an old man who learned to read to tell his grandchildren bedtime stories. She doesn't understand that he had already lived a full and happy life without ever having picked up a book.

>I find myself talking to myself, speaking random thoughts out loud without warning, and painful memories coming back at random moments like a bullet through my head.
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Replies: >>125810
>Making this thread was a great way to procrastinate. 
Probably, but it was also a chance for me to put all my thoughts into one place and see it all at once.
>You don't need to fit everything into everyday. 
I do have a few days where I relax, but the problem is I keep spending most of my days accomplishing nothing,
>I don't worry about a schedule because missteps are less demoralizing without.
That's another issue, if I don't adhere to my schedule I get depressed that I'm not capable of doing so. Things like that don't keep me in check, they just make me feel like shit when I inevitably fail. Trying to turn that around though.
>Sane and normalpilled.
Is it really? I'm starting to think my lack of a social life makes my brain turn on itself, looking for anyone to talk to, even if it's myself.
>>125232 (OP) 
Well, you know the solution to every one of your problems. The story is more or less the same for me, but I have achieved much less. Let's see what's ahead.
i see so much of myself in you that you might as well be me from another universe

good luck...

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I don't know why but it's the third time he barges into one of my dreams.

Context: my parents are divorced and I don't get along too well with my father. Last night I was dreaming of spending some father & son bonding quality time with him, just talking and shit at my grandma's house, when, all of a sudden, Gahoole gets in the room and starts talking to my father about how he's unsure about what to name his newborn. He says he's got two names planned in case it was a male or female, both of which I can't remember but what I remember is that the female name was some famous historical negress name like Rosa Parks or some shit. During their conversation I'd try to interject and get involved but I'm largely ignored by both.
He then goes on explaining what inspired him to pick that negress name was a famous video game series which has a setting in Africa or whatever. "Far Cry" I thought and so I started telling my dad which series he was referencing but the ogre cut me off saying: "You need to shut the fuck up." That's when the dream ended and I woke up feeling confused.

Why do I keep dreaming about this guy and why is it never pleasant? What does this dream even mean?
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>Most organic zzzchanons have left for 8moe by now
Hi Mark
Replies: >>125915
I love it when fags make claims like anyone is leaving for other sites involved with this retarded drama and not just abandoning these places entirely. If that was really the case your UIDs and PPH wouldn't remain stagnant. Fuckin petty horseshit the moment I find a way to escape you fucking monsters I'm taking it.
literal who from literally where
that's nuzach, not the cakekike.
Replies: >>125920
No that's Eric

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LOL another board killed by its ((( owner )))
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if you could do anything you would host your NEETsoc sites yourselves. youre all inept, tarrant was a fluke. sage because OP is a faggot
i left months ago myself after my name changed to incel in a comment describing women and why their nails are long meant they were children basically as kids h8 having shoes on or trimmed nails and never work and etc
is there any altchan left that is not kiked? Endchan?
Replies: >>125889
The less "kiked" ones are still very kiked or at least full of normalfags who love Israel. So no.

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