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Stop posting meta or I'll sigh……..
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>>25756 (OP) 
Suck it dirty blues.
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>>25756 (OP) 
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Stop posting niggers.
>>25756 (OP) 
go ahead and do it, see if I care
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>>25756 (OP) 
And what it is you cuckime poster.
Faggy, faggy with no Daddy
Faggy, faggy with no Daddy
Tranny, tranny with no Fanny
Tranny, tranny with no Fanny
Be the Good bOY
Consume all the SOY.

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It's sad people don't make threads for them. I feel that this one in particular reveals your personality a bit. 

I'm infp, agnostic, apolitical, and Orr, Eiden, Jai, and Orta with this cyoa image. My D&D personality is chaotic neutral also.
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Pathfinder is less shit d&d.
Also, I didn't realize that pic was a trap, I have removed the offending image and will commit ritual cyppuka
Never trust a 3d.
Replies: >>25188
All fictional women are actually fictional men. Even in pornography where they're being vaginally penetrated it's either an artificial vagina or some other sort of trick. All depictions of women are actually men, photographs, animation, writing, all of it. There, now you can't enjoy anything.
Replies: >>25220 >>25221
hot tbh
>t. Faggot.
Now fixed. Just like you before birth were a gross clumps of cells. And balls in fish are actually inside of the body, no joke.
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Here's a cool one called Overmind. It's about being a hivemind monster.

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hey /b/ I changed my mind i want to be a guitar player/rock-star man now to make big money and fund catgirls research as well as a maid to clean my room and my cock. where do I start? what guitar should I get? is there a non retarded manual for retarded people? pic related 9999 minutes in paint. please and thank you.
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>3 neck gutar
>5 strings
how does it work /b/
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Around the area where you strum there's these little electric gizmos called "pick-ups", like the shipping company call line, and the vibrations from the strings that go up any of the three necks are "picked-up", like your sister, and sent through a wire to an amplifier which makes those vibrations much louder. An important note is that each of these strings have a different thickness and differing levels of "tightness", unlike your aforementioned sister, and these two factors in conjunction with one another allow one to tune the vibrations to specific audible notes. Furthermore one can press their fingers against these strings or "finger" them, if you will, which provides an even larger, like your sister, array of audible notes.
pic related, it's me.
steve vai yet, OP?
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not OP but look at me
what do you think?
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The rhythm is there, keep practicing my Lord!

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Hey /b/ I'm growing watermelon mainly so I can sell it and because I felt like it. As you can see the lid can come off and that I've got one growing already, it's from the another set that didn't go very well.
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Strawberries.....maybe Shortcake, as in Strawberry Shortcake?
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>anyone got a name for the strawberries?
How about "Anal Surprise"?
I... must... BUMP
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Ok. Here's another update on Nig Jr as you can see one of his very first leaves are wilting nothing seems to be happening to the others so I'm just waiting and the strawberries are about the same. :DD
Replies: >>26100
too bad that once they're ready to harvest, niggers will steal them. Bix nood, whitey!!

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this is tribute thread to girl I kno nothing about. but lok at images, she smiling
I lok at pictures like this from compooper
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Fuck my sides
fuck you i just jerked to granny hentai because of this
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>granny hentai
Replies: >>26054 >>26093
>he doesn't know the saggy fox
yeah it exists look on nhentai for grandmother or old woman tag

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You should be able to solve this problem
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what 44 are you talking about.
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>3d is disgusting
Only true stance. I wonder if these faggots are for 3DPD.
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Cringe soyboy janny zoomer pedo. Soy zoomer onion based cringe based.
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You're waifu a nigger. NIGGER. I like her dark skin though.

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Replies: >>26051
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>>26000 (OP) 
Wasted Digits.
>>26000 (OP) 
Great, but no. Also it looks like one of those shitty ads on those shady sites.
Jesus, chris-chan is gonna fucking kill himself once. I laughed

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Hey, Witch Doctor. Give us the magic words.
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Ooh Ee Ooh Ah Ah, Ting, Tang, Walla-walla Bing-bang.
Replies: >>26005
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At last!
After 10,000 years I'm free!
Time to conquer Earth!
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hell yeah

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Zappa was a very based man and far ahead of his time. 
Two songs are really key to understand what he was warning the American man of the road he was travelling on even in the seventies.
>Bobby Brown describes an all American male who takes advantage of women, then is irreversibly mutilated by a dyke and forced to adopt a manner of homosexuality to please his new found fetish and the feminist movement
>Jewish Princess describes the woefully lush world of the contemporary Jewish American woman, resulting in the ADL lashing out at Zappa over his truthful depiction of the stereotype 
>previously produces an entire album (Joe's Garage) about a totalitarian regime censoring music and forcing homosexuality upon the protagonist in hopes of breaking and nullifying the musicians bid in creativity as a method of extreme censorship
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yeah, that's probably the reason he would avoid saying he makes "rock" music and would shit on other rock (mainly mainstream) and even consider some "prog" not prog. I mean caring about genres is gay anyway and Zappa was just Zappa, but he is right a lot of times with the music industry and how boring rock can be. It's been some time since I watched his interviews, so I hope I'm not saying anything wrong.
Replies: >>26030
I believe he was pretty notorious for that. He only played with the best musicians for that matter and was pretty pissed about Bowie (If I remember correctly) getting one of his better drummers (again, not sure but whatever) to tour with him
Replies: >>26031
he seemed to have a stupendously massive ego, even though it was somewhat warranted by his skill, especially as a guitarist
literate musicians who can actually read and write notation tend to be extra insufferable more often than not
Replies: >>26047
he also supposedly would boot anybody for drug use, stemming from an incident early in his career where some delusional junkie who thought Frank was trying to fuck his girlfriend shoved him off a stage during a show, almost ended his career
Replies: >>26047
nah I don't think he had a massive ego. I think he was actually pretty grounded, but loved taking the piss at everyone. He was shitting on MTV while getting interview by MTV. This is not the same video, but he's just brutally honest here, too https://youtu.be/zgVUei2853A
It's pretty funny. He told his bandmates something along the lines of "no weed during tours". Telling someone to cut out drugs... in the 70s. He was great, really.

By the way. We've talked about the guy, but what about the music? Do you guys have a favorite album or song from Zappa?

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zzzchan is CLEAN, we ecofascism now
also rare captcha
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fucking hate captcha, but at least niggers and retards won't be able to solve it.
Replies: >>26008
Do those leftists have a raw meat-eating faction?
Moo nigger moo. Your captcha is WEAK!
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>How much does human breathing contribute to climate change? https://archive.vn/Li5qv
According to this, the average person exhales about 1kg of CO2 a day. That's 33,333 times what zzzchan produces.
There are 20.7 million jews worldwide, according to wikipedia.
Without factoring in the higher than average CO2 production due to the kikes greedy noses plundering all breathable resources, that amounts to over 690 billion more shitposts if they were removed.
Replies: >>26018
690 billion per day.

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