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ITT post good music
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>please fill out this field
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>>13 (OP) 
Rayman 3 had some great soundtracks.

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>pic 4
>tag: pissing on a building's floor while squatting then asking for secrecy from the viewer
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This is kind of unrelated but I want to share this experience with you. I have been depressed lately, and holy fucking shit I didn't know stress can make you diarrhea like a motherfucker. I just kept shitting and shitting non stop and the smell is worse than I have ever had. Not to mention wanting to vomit all the time too, fucking shit.
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>tfw family still keeps the old CRT monitor
>shit works flawlessly after 15 years since made and years stayed in the dust
>shit like StarCraft 1 look fucking great on CRT monitor, full screen out of the box and all that
TFW none of you pleb will get to use something so ancient and fabulous again unlike me.
Replies: >>8398
Hooked my NES up to a free tv eat shit OP
>still have old family Samsung CRT from 2001
>colors in the corners are starting to fuck up and showing as either all red or blue
>nobody wants to fix CRTs anymore because it isn't cost-efficient
help me
>>8301 (OP) 
Sadly, all my CRTs have died over the years. The only one that's left is a small TV that is too small to be enjoyable with a consumer grade tube.
CRT monitors are one thing I do not miss. It's understandable if you want them to use with old software that included visual hacks optimized for them. There's too many memories of having to haul them around to make them enjoyable for me.
Replies: >>11019
Op here, my crt starts having problem now, the screen turns very blurry after 10 minutes of use.

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Something needs to be done about this stupid rulecuck nigger.
>delete a 30000 get because it's not videogame enough for him(didn't know seagull hates /japan/ that much)
>delete LOL thread because it's not videogame enough for him while everyone were having fun
>fight tooth and nail for gamergate thread because somehow it's videogame enough for him
Imageboard is always fun first, and this nigger goes the opposite way. Post in this thread if you want to kick him out.
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Not only is seagull a no fun rulecuck, sturgeon is the same fucking shit. What do they do when anons were being over the top autistic and having fun? BANBANBANBAN DING DONG BANRU LOCK THE THREAD LOCK THE FUCKING BORAD LOCK THE SITE Motherfucker if you don't want us going back to 8chan at least let us have some fun. Don't be so serious tard.
I agree my fellow anonymous channer, let's all go back to 8chan our true chan
You heretic, that's what you deserve for not having pre-approved fun.
Imageboards are very, very serious business.
I wish I was there for the fun, the only fun we can have are gamenight threads now. Why has god abandoned us?

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Say it with me sleepychan!
Pedosexual rights!
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>Sorry OP I can't take anyone seriously when they've fallen for the Jewish myth of sexuality.
This, pedophilia is a social construct and liking little girls is completely natural.
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It's retarded, the main people pushing for raise are feminists dykes that "want to protect young women".
>Most likely it'll jump straight to 21, because 18-20 years olds are still considered "minors" due to the inability to smoke and drink in many places.
Women cause the 18th amendment which lead to prohibition, back then the drinking age was 19 or 18. The 21st amendment was made after the end of  prohibition and that's why the age to drink legally is at 21. But this was when the age of the right to vote was at 18, it didn't change till nam with the 26th amendment, when protestors wanting it to be lowered because 18 yos were being sent to nam but couldn't even vote. 
There's some talk of lowering it to 16. 
I had screenshots of twatterfags saying it's wrong to even date a 18-19 yo, but lost them. >>10894 Does any anon have the screenshots?
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(2.2MB, 500x281)
>Shown lolicons and lolicon mangaka calling themselves pedophiles
>Immediately shuts down all thought processes and starts spouting non-sequiturs
An actual instance of the lolicon's automatic coping mechanisms when faced with the truth about his fetish.
Replies: >>10967
Lolicons that don't admit to be pedophiles are all cowards. Just like anyone who plays shooting games does like killing people, though they don't act on it because of in real life consequence. Though these retards are so out of balls that they can't admit their true feeling even on the fucking internet to a bunch of no name people. It is not just cucked, it is ultra cucked. I actually get angry when these retards on one thread bragging about how much cum this little underaged anime bitch made them cum, while shouting pedo pedo pedo like a retarded parrot in another thread. The only reason why a lolicon wouldn't identity as a pedo is because he is scared of doing so. And in this very instance that is the imageboard sphere, he is scared because he doesn't want to be lumped in with the ultra pedo on some onion sites. Guess what bitch? All men are pedophiles because all men attract to youthfulness. Men who are attracted to like 5 years old are little bit too extreme, but 13 or above is totally normal. You have nothing to be afraid of.
4chan the thread.

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America thread.
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This is the most American thing I have ever witnessed.
Replies: >>10894 >>10895
Fuck i had abunch of twatter screenshots that I posted here and lost them about how men being attracted to 18-19 yos is wrong, can some one post those?
You answered your own question, retard.
In some states it's legal to date an underage girl so long as she's two years younger than you.
Replies: >>10897
His relationship was legal, I believe, but him getting a sext from her counts legally as CP. Legality is irrelevant to Amerilards though. Anyone a day over 18 dating anyone a day under 18 is a pedo. The reasoning that "It's legal" is seen by them as "It's technically legal, but it's still creepy and pedophilia", just like how the average person sees actual pedos with barely legal images of children in bikinis.
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Let's get this thread back on track.

(130.6KB, 800x600)
Go to /librejp/ and bring something back: https://sportschan.org/librejp/
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>>10713 Is correct, as the central theme is the rape, subsequent pregnancy and birthgiving of a dysgenic mockery which exists only to kill.
>>10714 Is also correct, though perhaps more poignantly so, as their method of procreation could most accurately be described as "parasitical oviposition" though some of the parent does bleed into the child. There are no male xenomorphs that I know of, the big gay mother lays big gay eggs which create little gay egg-layers which facerape anything and implant little gay eggs which grow into a big gay murder drone which could, theoretically, mutate into a queen if the right stuff happens.
Replies: >>10914
Well know I know why all chincs and japs pronounce and R like they are sucking on a jawbreaker.
Rape was a viable reproductive strategy for men for 10s of thousands of years..
The writer of Alien said, on film, that the facehuggers were there to freak people out with Male Oral Rape. It was a key element in his sci-fi horror story.
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follow the money

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sort of, i started a workout journal now to become more regimented about my workout.
It's working astonishingly well, and far better than it ought too, but it's also only been six days so who's to say it's not just a fluke.
I'm taking fiber supplements.
(33.5KB, 383x562)
my goal is be able to do one arm pushups and pullups by the end of the year and I already can do one arm pushups on my knees and as for pullups I do regular ones with 60lbs.
Replies: >>10839 >>10840
Keep doing it bruh, i was depressed as fuck that one day and i didn't sleep that night and i said like fuck it and i tried to do some one hand push up. Of course it didn't work at all but i kept doing it no matter how much i fail. Then one day, like a week after i was suddenly able to do one one arm push up. And after that it became much easier, now i can do like 10 of them.
Replies: >>10840
the thing is that you must not give up. You must keep trying over nad over and over and do not think about how much of a failure you are or any of that crap. Keep doing it, even if you have to fail a trillion times keep doing it. Eventually it will happen, for the lord will give you the strength and opportunity to open yourself.

(35.5KB, 500x500)
>go to sleep
>wake up 2 hours later
>try to sleep
>cannot sleep
>go to computer at middle of night
>4 hours later
>3 hours until work
Replies: >>10831
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(15.6KB, 252x251)
>>10827 (OP) 
>he 'works' wages
Look at Ancient Rome's definition of   a slave and laugh!

Better not get lashes or you'll stay a slave forever!

>scars on slave's back = fired or bad credit or prior convictions or etc

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Alright /b/ here are the rules. Go to this website and get some coordinates. https://www.random.org/geographic-coordinates/ If you are not at least within 10kmroughly 6 miles of any kind of identifiable land re roll. Screen cap where you land and if it is valid, re-roll again. This location is the location of your waifu. Do not reroll again if the location is ocean. This means your waifu is located in a secret  ocean base and you must commandeer a submarine or find some other way to reach her. 
Here is a little bit of "story" to the game. 
>Your first roll with valid coordinates is where you wake up at.
>There is no one else on earth besides your waifu and you.
>All human made structures and functions remain operating due to computers sorting it out so there's no risk of say for example, a nuclear power plant blowing up
>There will be a plot twist once enough anons post. 
>It is your job to repopulate the world in your image.
this random coordinates generator seemed to be the least Jewish out of all the ones I could find. If you happen to find a better one, please post it.
Replies: >>10709
(497.9KB, 600x370)
(518.3KB, 600x370)
(410.3KB, 600x373)
(248.9KB, 600x370)
>>10708 (OP) 
This is where I am at, somewhere in the outback in New South Wales. I am near a road and there appears to be brush near me so making some bush craft shelter might be possible.

As for my waifu, I'll be needing a submarine or some other vessel of sorts. She's somewhere in the South Atlantic near a few islands. I could probably use them as a staging area. Also, I don't know if this is a joke or not but one of the island near where my waifu is has an interesting restaurant located on it.
(337.8KB, 611x405)
(379.6KB, 621x405)
islands count? I seem to have landed in deserted island south of Hawaii and southeast of Johnson atoll. My wafiu landed in Nigeria in the middle of nowhere. Should I roll again I don't a nigger to be my wafiu?
Replies: >>10743
(684.6KB, 846x1000)
(103.4KB, 840x1225)
(421.8KB, 1017x1200)
>islands count? I seem to have landed in deserted island south of Hawaii and southeast of Johnson atoll.
Yeah you can land on islands. You're gonna have a hard time making it out but that's the fun part of it. If i were you I'd probably try to make my way to Hawaii and gain access to a naval base so you could take a ship to Nigeria. That would be a long trip though. 
>My wafiu landed in Nigeria in the middle of nowhere. Should I roll again I don't a nigger to be my wafiu?
Your waifu is who ever you want her to be. As I mentioned, There is no one else on earth but you and your waifu so I wouldn't worry about niggers.
Don't have one, don't want one. A relationship would needlessly complicate my life.
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