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>but before that, a word from our today's sponsor
That's where I close the video.
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It was never solved for Bibliogram. Bibliogram is great if you want to see the first twelve posts, but if you want to see beyond them, you need to use something else.
work okay for viewing more than 12 posts, tagged posts, and stories, but they're very unstable. Sometimes stories won't show up, and posts will stop loading for no reason at all, at which point you'll need to refresh the page and hope it goes farther next time.
always works perfectly with viewing timelines/highlights and stories, but you'll need to spam refresh the pages to actually get anywhere since the waiting timer will usually just load infinitely. Spam refresh them A LOT.
Will grab the first 100 or so posts and ONLY posts (If done without an account). Its the most powerful of these tools, but you should use it carefully, especially if you're downloading stuff other than posts such as tagged posts, highlights, stories,
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Thanks anon, this is very useful
I just need it for porn
Redundant. Use uBlock Origin in medium/hard mode or normal uBlock with uMatrix.
>HTTPS Everywhere
Redundant. Latest versions of Chromium and Firefox/LibreWolf have built-in support for this.
Redundant for LibreWolf. Dunno about Chromium.
>Privacy Badger
>Temporary Containers
I guess this is alright?
>Cookie AutoDelete
LibreWolf and Firefox can clear cookies on exit, whitelist the sites that don't spy on you with cookies, and even isolates them by default with their "Total Cookie Protection".
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>doesn't understand the point of half of these
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>doesn't understand the point
>half of these
How so?

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Vidlii allows videos such as Moonman - Notorius KKK https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=4VbDbYTTxlr and looks like old jewtube
consider posting webms on it to slowly redpill the community, or don't. Your call.
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Datamining Russians
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People legitimately use soyjak.party?
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leemau I tried to use that website and according to them zzzchan is worth an estimate of almost over 9 grand, and could pull 900 dollars worth of monthly ad revenue if it actually had any ads
Spoiler File
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This should answer your question. They also raided /christian/ over at anoncafe, and one faggot did it here obsessing over Dark Souls or something

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The flag on the ground is Russian flag.

The flag in the air is so called UKRAINIAN flag.

The people in the video are Khazarians - Jews from Ukraine. ((( They ))) are very happy as you can see
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nice false flag video
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death to hohols
>>97651 (OP) 
A country ran by a Jew being destroyed by Jews is supported by Jews. This and the fact Putin was provoked by the west and the repeatedly broken promise not to expand NATO are why I just can't support Jewkraine during the invasion. It's an unfortunate situation for Ukrainians.
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>repeatedly broken promise not to expand NATO
I never promised such a thing, and even if I did, it's not a legally binding document.

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Post links for nice music streams, must be pure audio, playable through the user's choice of player and work.

Some from my own (quite small) collection:

From the one of the more dead boards on the webring, a comfy station:

Lainchan may be terrible; filled with trannies and retards, but their radio is alright (though they interrupt it with occasional bumpers in between songs):
I used to follow chiru.no but they lost their collection
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I've been tuning into http://www.websdr.org/ on and off for a while there's a lot of obscure foreign music and other weirdness to find
don't know if there's a live link but they upload every day
it's good background noise when grinding

jesus was a druggie so he probably lost it on a bender
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wish it had more curators, found some really good stuff on there, but I want more
Winamp still has online radio functionality. It's not on the level it was a decade ago or so, but it's still useful.

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What are your dreams like, Anon? Are they comfy, cool, sexy, creepy, or scary? Are they like movies, or are they disorganized images? What's the most interesting dream you've had?
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I can do pretty much anything inside dreams, except cum.
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I know that feel bro.
Super speed? Check.
Flight? Check.
Force my eyes open to wake up? Check.
Fixing a space ship from the outside while asteroids wizz past? Checkarino.

Fucking a hot bitch and finishing? Absolutely impossible.
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Last night's dream was going pretty well when I suddendly realized it was a dream (something that hasn't happened to me in forever). So I decided to try the Dr Strange thing of reading while sleeping. I go to my room and climb to my bed (which was harder than expected because I moved like a parkinson patient for some reason) and grab a book from the pile. Sadly, the letters in the pages seemed like a jumbled mess to me, and on top of that, a voice in my head began warning me that "You will never get out of here alive" so I panicked and hurried out of the building.
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I dreamed I was watching Joshi wrestling live and some cute girl kind of groped me a bit. 
Then Julian Assange didn't kill himself and the US military changed the standard ammo to the new .23 cal ball.
I had a dream last night where I was visiting my grandmother's place, a comfy rural trailer, which was now turned into a shithole ghetto with a public school full of niggers. I said that I was going to "go full Ted on them" for desecrating the place, but I never did because the dream shifted and I was getting chased by a bunch of elementals in human form. The elementals were Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Void. I managed to run from, and defeat, all but the Void elemental with specific elemental blocks. He transformed into a shoggoth and I had to run away from him inside some industrial kid's place. It got pretty meta as some guys were talking about how this part "was the part where they quit the game", and I kept having to save and reload through these parts because I kept getting caught by the shoggoth.

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>Despite their stated dislike for the name "Hall & Oates", the group sued a Brooklyn-based granola company in 2015 for naming one of their products "Haulin' Oats", claiming it was a "well-known mark" of the group.

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Funny facts about the Land of Masons.

American presidents swear on the "Bible".
They are "Christians", right?


American presidents swear on other book. Not on Christian Bible. The books is called "Jefferson Bible". It was not written by Mark, not by Luka. It was written by MASON Jefferson, a large slaveholder killed black boy (broke his skull), almost an Jesus Apostle but from Virginia gang (historical name of that group of masons slaveholders). Jesus has not risen in that book.

Now you understand the roots, deep reason why americans are not Christians at all. PS. Protestantism is from "protest", protest against CHRISTIANITY, neither against Buddhism nor against Islam.
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>>98046 (OP) 
america is found by the freemasons to enslave the world
Now here's a thing of beauty. Founders be praised.
The Free Masons aren't actually even pedophiles or masters of the universe. They do that stuff a tiny bit but it's really just to increase membership, like they might bang a kid once a year at each lodge. The real purpose of the organization is it's a pyramid scheme. Yes, that's right. They sell insurance at above-market rates that people get signed up for prior to fucking kids.
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>sign up to fuck kids 
>get free insurance 
Seems like a pretty good deal.
Replies: >>98103
No, the insurance isn't free it's very overpriced. Only the inner-circle benefit from the over-priced insurance. The members say "well I the masons are how I bang kids, they wouldn't betray me" so they get insurance there, especially life insurance. But little did they know they could've gotten a better deal if they just went to Aflac or whatever like everyone else.

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Real raped of Gensokyo youkai 60 - 6000 years

Files taken from sealed land
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heh, it's been a while since I've seen that spam, wonder if they gave up
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Vol. 1 where?
Replies: >>97596 >>98098
What was that mystery anyways?
Nah, I occasionally see the spam here and there, but it seems it's been replaced with CP spam.
I saved it, but on a drive that is not accessible at the moment. I can repost it in a few days unless another anon steps up to do so in the meantime.
Read the thread and you'll find it.

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Would you consider yourself a veteran shitposter?
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you are on level Brazilian
>I heard you leik mudkips
That copypasta was a common denominator old /r9k/ before mootikins baletered it.
I don't think the years matter but when you started posting does. Is this a screencap thread?
>>97918 (OP) 
Yes, as much as any man can be. 
Why do you ask?

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This benchod raped over 200 honeys. How'd he do it?
the bitch on the right is creaming her panties

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