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my selfie
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>hiding the face with the camera AND a mask
what an insecure faggot
OP is a faggot for saving that
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He must have been too afraid of that someone visits and rapes him.
That's just what growing up ghetto was like. It only becomes political when jews claim racism against whites isn't real or valid.
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Based and redpilled Marky-Mark
>[...] I then summoned other white males to join in the harassment of the negroid children.
<Aspiring Negromancer Mark Wahlberg

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There's now a captcha
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Someone, anyone, go to /tg/ and ask him to please kill the captcha. I want to participate with my images of miniatures I've painted.
You've whined so much about a retarded easily fixed issue I hope the board gets deleted before you finally wrap your retard brain around simply using a different browser.
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>easily fixed issue
Then fix it, you hogleg-enthusiast.

Help me or I swear I'll start a /tg/ dedicated thread and then get super-autistic about Elf/Dwarf race-relations.
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Tell me where you live and I'll physically show up and install a less shitty browser for you then rub my balls on your mouse after I fuck your mom.
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I'm sorry, I can't hear you as I'm a beautiful copper dragon.

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what is some weird shit you did because you were horny? especially as a teenager.
While I was a horny fucker back then I never did anything out of the ordinary. Maybe trying to suck my own dick or cumming in the same sock every day for a year until burning it because of the smell. Other than that not much.
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statutory rape laws are fucked in a lot of states, like if it's your 18th birthday and your 17 yo gf turns 18 tomorrow and you have some friction fun, you could get put away for 5 years in some states. some states have what are called Romeo and Juliet laws, wherein if you and your partner are within a general age range (i.e. you're 20 and she's 17) that would normally be considered statutory but you can prove you're in a relationship, you can't get any charges filed against you. it's gay that this isn't standard nationwide not that any of us would benefit from it anyways

most likely not what you were thinking of but still relevant
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We can fuck teenagers
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>like if it's your 18th birthday and your 17 yo gf turns 18 tomorrow and you have some friction fun, you could get put away for 5 years in some states.
I heard of something like that happening locally. The parents hated her boyfriend so much, they had him v&. The moral of the story is don't piss off your girlfriend's parents until she comes of age. It's bullshit, but there you have it.

Far more disturbing to me was finding out my girlfriend from when I was 14 dated a 20-year-old two months after we broke up. Her parents were fucked up, but even THEY should have seen that was a fucking bad idea.

Not today.
>We can fuck teenagers
Not unless she's 18 or over, chump. Teens can give consent to other teens, but if you're an adult, you're fucked. And you shouldn't, anyway. After the fun of the tight little body, you've got to deal with an absolute idiot as a companion. 
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<something is extremely illegal
<so much so even talking about it is enough to get you charged with a crime

>I'm most definitely not a proponent of the illegal thing
>And you shouldn't, anyway. After the fun of illegal, you've got to deal with all the bad that is inherent to it and not the legal version. 
>It's not worth it. Find a the legal thing  its better than the illegal thing in everyway

I suppose its no surprise dudes you spent your youth jerking off to weird shit.
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Suit yourself.

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(9.4MB, 09:37)
(3.2MB, 03:18)
Post heavy metal
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>>11467 (OP) 
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(9MB, 03:56)
(11.7MB, 05:06)
(10.8MB, 04:41)
(35.2KB, 600x600)
(5.1MB, 05:11)
(4.6MB, 04:49)
(4.9MB, 03:02)
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(7.3MB, 03:09)
Hell yeah, I love old Savatage.

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Let us purge the animes, the weeaboos will find themselves without a home once again and will wander around the world as G_d commanded them.
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yes i have definitely watched this before, and more than once. Is this a series or a movie? I remember this face, but I don't think it scares me. He's pretty handsome if you really think about it.
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Hey, have you ever noticed how attractive children are?
first pic looks a bit like lord farquaad with no hair
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>"Do you think that he's vompesating for something?"
(34.9KB, 500x414)
(10.4KB, 256x206)
>Is this a series or a movie?
Book series, tv show, and maybe a couple of straight-to-disc movies.

>I remember this face, but I don't think it scares me. He's pretty handsome if you really think about it.
Here are some illustrations from the books.

(3.6MB, 369x356)
Mina Kim (Min-ah Kim)
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was expecting her chair to break and the little aluminium tube embedding itself on her ass.
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(60.3KB, 667x1000)
>>15003 (OP) 
Since all Koreans look alike, this, as far as I can tell, is one of her nude pics.
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(70.9KB, 640x853)
Found another one of her nudes.
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Mina Kim is hot

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plem plem loo abloo plem wah thread killer
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So, wait. Would you be fucking a 3D model of Lisa or it would be a who framed roger rabbit kind of deal where she's bouncing her little cartoon ass on your 3D cock? I prefer the latter cause 3D lisa scares me.
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It would have to be ether roger rabbit or something like that english live action simpsons intro.  The simpsons universe is a filter, they don't actually look like that in the real world.  Its like how mario and luigi in real life are middle aged italians from the bronx.  You really have no idea what lisa simpson to physically be besides an 8 years old girl.
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But I want to fuck the cartoon so I choose roger rabbit physics lisa.
(318KB, 458x360, 00:04)
>Youre forgetting also that presumably if we're fucking any lisa shes not going to be a simpsons but a human
I've MET IRL Lisa. She was a miserable cunt, too.

>or that I would be a simpsons and everything would be normal.
Good luck dealing with Homer and Bart when they find out you tried to take her virginity that rightfully belongs to Milhouse.

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It's the only reason I voted for the guy.
Replies: >>15206
>>15204 (OP) 
The kike is gone, replaced by another kike.
(529.9KB, 467x497)
Every day I wonder what /pol/ would have been like if the MAGApede invasion never happened.
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(423.6KB, 1239x786)
(36.6KB, 401x604)
(43.3KB, 750x802)
(20KB, 320x313)
(1MB, 1000x1297)
Still intact on 8chan because the glownigs would never have landed in Jim's front yard and forced him to his knees for the passwords in order to prevent MAGA Chapter 2. Mind you, since Hilary was actually talking about a war with Russia, we might not even be here to play "What if?"

(2.8MB, 4032x3024)
(4MB, 4032x3024)
Hey /b/ I'm growing watermelon mainly so I can sell it and because I felt like it. As you can see the lid can come off and that I've got one growing already, it's from the another set that didn't go very well.
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Did summun say "melon?"
(3.1MB, 4032x3024)
No no melons here just strawberries
>he switched targets
(371.4KB, 463x276)
>using a strawberry label to deceive the melon-rapists
I applaud your cunning, but it won't work, OP. They can't read.
Make sure you raise it well.

(10.9MB, 2786x3030)
I started this small project to satisfy my own autism. This is the result of 4 straight weeks of on average reading 43+ loli hentai galleries a day, followed by nearly 2 more weeks of miscellaneous tasks. These lists were collected from over 1200 lolicon works, over 430 lolicon artists, and over 280 translators. The goal of this small project was initially just to create a mass of crops from lolicon hentai where there was a significant textual focus on the loli being or appearing to be a child, or similar such explicit mention of any sexual agents' attraction being to that of children and compare their number to a total count of lolicon hentai. Autism quickly took over however, and I continued adding more tasks. I decided to loosely separate the two large categories into three subcategories each depending on the level of realism, to see how much loli I consume relative to non-loli I needed to count up the total of average non-loli hentai I consumed, to make lists of artists and translators to see which had the greatest effect on whether a work contained the aforementioned textual focus, to make a collage of titles with textual focus, to make a list of titles using cunny, to do some cursory research into certain things that stood out to me, and various other minor things. I cannot say for certain what all of these numbers imply about my loli consumption habits or lolicon as a whole, but I will comment on trends and outliers. At the end of this paragraph I will put all images and text files into an archive and upload it to anonfiles, which may include some information referenced that was not posted. First up, disclosure of my flawed methodology, then the numbers and comments, and finally some miscellaneous stuff I found along the way. Then I'll dump every single crop in the thread to give a sense of their quantity, so that people may save those they like which stand out to them without going through the whole archive, and so that people who won't bother with the archive may see them.

What qualifies as an instance of textual focus?
Words and phrases qualifying for textual focus are pedo, pedophile, little girl, underage, gradeschooler, elementary school, child, prepubescent, immature/childish/underdeveloped [body part], JS (slang for gradeschooler), JC (slang for middleschooler), et cetera. "Child" and "little girl" must be used in a way that is not how an eldery person or parent could refer to adults. Title text can qualify, as in Rustle's Little Girl series, but does not count multiple times if the title reappears elsewhere such as the credits. As this is about lolicon, such things referring specifically to shotas do not qualify. "Brat/bratty" and "Young girl" do not qualify due to likely common use to refer to JKs/highschoolers. Some fairly explicit though more indirect combinations of statements may qualify, such as references to how long ago a sexual act took place with a character directly implying her age at the time of lewding. Immature/childish/underdevopled [body part] was not initially counted as it ought have been in retrospect, so the count of works with significant textual focus should be considered somewhat of an underestimation.

What qualifies a work for significant textual focus?
Requirements for significant textual focus, also referred to as With Word or WW, are at least three instances of textual focus. Even if a single use is extremely explicit and severe, such as in Lady Yupiel's Servant where the MC is called a pedo by lolibaba Yupiel, it will not qualify. Though some severe instance may still be cropped and placed in Honorable Mentions.

Extra things may be thrown in the crops for fun, such as jokes and use of the word cunny. These do not contribute to instances of textual focus.

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Luciano Pavarotti. He's some fat opera singer.
(43.7KB, 600x535)
trace dot moe
figure it out
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(110KB, 320x192, 00:07)
"Fuck-a you-a!"
I despise you people so much.
Anime Scene Search Engine - trace.moe

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