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>go take a shower
>stomach hurts
>let out a massive wave of shit on the wall
>lol a bit
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>>45364 (OP) 
>take a cold shower 
>use the water mist setting
>let the water message my neck legs and chest
>waste an 1 hour in there 
>parents wonder why the water bill is so high
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Very based. I used to rent a flat with unlimited hydro, and I would take two hour long showers sometimes.
It's similar to chad vs virgin meme, but it focuses more on callous or chaotic behavior, imagine Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. "Sigma male" do seem a bit like the "alpha male" meme that was  and probably still is  popular a few years back.
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Holy shit shut the fuck up

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post music
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fuck this is sum gud shit
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Dixie's_Land-wFNr9FnpZBk.mp4 (u)
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nab 'em before jewtube decides they're too hate speech-y to be allowed to exist.
___________.mp3 (u)
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>>49637 (OP) 
【東方ボーカル】_Red_Moonlight_Septet_【あ~るの~と】.mp3 (u)
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Rateyourmusic is a fine place to discuss music.

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Do you guys ever go on vacation alone? I haven't taken a proper vacation in a while and have been wanting to take some time off. Trouble is, I don't really have any friends so I somehow feel more limited. I'd like to go international next year, but I would like to get away for an extended weekend soon as well. Any ideas? General travel thread I guess.
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>Norway or Iceland
I would also like to visit the vast steppes of FInland and see the gigantic Genghis Khan statue that's located on its capital, Helsinki.
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I'd hate to sound like a weeb, but I would like to visit Japan. It would be nice to spend a couple weeks and go from one end of the island to the other. I know it's nothing like my Japanese annie mays, but I think it does have its charms.
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I'd love to see Rabbit Island at least once in my lifetime.
>I didn't say women
Women are always inclusive in the idea of a relationship, faggot.

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happy full moon
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moon_over_pine_forest.jpg (u)
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>posting furry shit
Last night I ran to the nearest lake through forest and took a swim in it under mostly full moon.
Was pretty spooky on the way to it despite me being on this road hundreds of times, going back home was easier and seemed faster, probably because I confirmed that nothing really lives near human roads besides mice/rats and sometimes dogs, which would just run away from me.
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Did you catch any leeches?
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neat.jpg (u)
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Nah, I have never seen them in this lake, perhaps climate is too harsh or they don't have anywhere to hide as it's sandy lake, and there is no logs/stones. I don't think I've ever seen anything besides Gobiidae and bivalve for water life.
It's a werewolf so it doesn't count.
Why is a loli riding a werewolf?

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you can't hide from poverty
not even if you hide the thread
see for more info
buy gme
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buy gme
seems like you're trying to kill yourself with those posts, when's the suicide stream laddie?
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cope peasant
buy gme
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dialate seethe
sell gme
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nty don't want to be butthurt and poor like you
buy gme

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What is the average weight of every anon here? This information is vital for me to know before I decide this board is worth considering as my main board for the foreseeable future. I am a very fickle person, you see, and my previous hobbyist community was far too overbearing for me to continue my interactions with.
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why owl
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cat_d19f7c.jpg (u)
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dr_phil_telepathy.PNG (u)
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are all 4ft of you going to come over here and make me?
No, I will not submit to the Judaeo-Masonic universal weight-system. Rationalism is a shit, long live irrationality.
I've never been overweight. How can you mongs possibly grow past your intended height to weight ratio?

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Post American things.
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What was his major malfunction?
Old white lady being vulgar whilst 'singing' a rap song. She hunches at one point and it's age restricted of which is why it would not load for you.
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Shit_mask.mp4 (u)
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>it can load for me
If that was the case you could, you know, upload it?
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If you had sex with a medusa would the snakes bite you?
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>>49700 (OP) 
No. They would only lick you.
>sneks hug your head just to make sure you cant get away
It'd be like a full body hug, only your dick gets a vagina hug too. So it'd be a full body hug minus your legs.
>>49700 (OP) 
>a medusa 
>not Medusa
>not a gorgon
I never thought of this.

f9b9be0bcdaf0981cf6de226af387c906b8fba99e574a4e5e10e98d46075bea0.png (u)
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>Now wooden doors CAN be effective when gassing 6 million jews. How effective? Lets see if we can put that to the test. Now in this room Ive got the standard yid i was able to find at my local synagogue. I was unable to find Zyklon B at the dollar store, but I did find this Round Up Extra strength green and white bottle lice killer. The FBI has spent decades telling us the mean confrontation with a scheming kike occurs at 7 yards. So we'll stand at 7 yards and use this garden hose and see what kind of results we get
is that paul harrel? I read it in his voice

Rune_Glifberg.JPG (u)
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>Skateboarding was added to the Olympic program for Tokyo under new rules that allow hosts to propose sports strictly for their edition of the Games. Skateboarding was added along with baseball, softball, karate, sport climbing and surfing.
>The youngest qualifiers are 12 years old — Brit Sky Brown, who turns 13 on July 12, and Japanese Kokona Hiraki, who was born two days after the Beijing Olympics ended. Brown and Hiraki are ranked Nos. 3 and 6 in the world, respectively.
>The oldest qualifier is a man known as The Danish Destroyer. 
>Rune Glifberg, 46, competed at the very first X Games in 1995 — and took third in the vert event won by Tony Hawk in Rhode Island. He was also in the very first Tony Hawk Pro Skater game for the original PlayStation in 1999.
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I also think it is a suicide case. The guy in the back was just pissing on a tree and ran away as soon as he heard the guy shoot himself.
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Notice the upturned chair, and the letter opened right infront of the desk (in a space where an occupant on the chair would be sitting). Notice also the bad news in the letter. The person working here, a lawyer of some sort, broke some bad news to his client (the murderer) and the client killed him. Here's how it played out in full. 

Post theme: https://invidious.namazso.eu/watch?v=e0dZnWkzv2U 

1. The Lawyer called in his client to discuss some business. The AC was not turned on, or it was indeed broken and the window was kept open. That part isn't really important.
2. The lawyer took out some whiskey from his LEFT cabinet (notice why it's open) and poured some out for his client (why would he drink when he's on the job?) to try and soften the mood, as he knew there'd be some bad news to discuss
3. The client arrives, the lawyer gives him the envelope and offers the whiskey. 
4. The client opens the envelope in shock, the lawyer tries to comfort the client but he refuses, takes the whiskey and throws it against the wall (The laywer couldn't have thrown it, he has a watch on his left arm, and the rule of thumb is that people put watches on their non-dominant arms + even if he did throw it with his right arm he wouldn't have thrown it against his left wall, that's just awkward positioning) then wipes some stuff of the table and they fall on the left side of the desk
5. The client runs up to the lawyer from the left side of the desk with a gun and shoots him execution style before the lawyer can fully react
6. The person outside the window hears it while taking a piss and runs off in fear
7. The client makes his escape, possibly through the window but also possibly back out the office
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Replies: >>49793 >>49794
The whiskey thing is bullshit. In the case he was committing suicide he could throw the bottle however he wanted, there would be no time restraint on how or when he threw it.

Aside from that, it seems like the blood is the biggest tell. It looks more like a trail than splatter. I also think the blood we're seeing is from the exit wound, which would mean the gun is on the wrong side of him. Then again, the entrance wound is pretty clean for that to be true, but it is just a shitty drawing.
672008dce63ad5649ccb2b049bff340d2c10e9669d7a1991299f95ed184f6aeb.jpg (u)
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You expect us to believe someone that deals with niggers and is that swole would really allow one to get the drop on him so hard that he died in his chair without a struggle? This what I think happened.


1. The lawyer came in to his office and decided to check on his stocks. It was hot and the AC was broke so he opened the window.
2. He saw that his portfolio was in the shitter and was so distraught thinking of his debts he told his secretary to clear his schedule and began drinking.
3. He was using the glass, but pushed it aside, to his left, in favor of drinking from the bottle as he became more agitated.
4. He threw everything off his desk in a fit of rage, stood up to his left and threw the bottle against the wall. He then paced in front of the desk before kicking over one of the chairs.
5. Feeling some catharsis he sat back down and eventually passed out.
6. Then the nigger slipped in through the window and shot him, as niggers do.
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