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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

 Dress to impress!

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Im the WizzTheWizzleseOfWizzWizzards !
>I can make anything you want real.
In return, you will get a curse after every wish.
Go ahead anons.
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>hey I'm steve-o and this is "the bringcursesback mountain"
>heh heh guys I'm gonna do it I'm gonna banish the curses here we goeughhhrkk
>what's going on steve-o
>I gof a dick cursed agh into my mouf ack egh heheheh
>*everyone explodes in laughter and starts pointing at him*
>oh man that's so GAY HAHAHAHAHA! look he's SUCKING on a HARD PENIS
>*camera man zooms in on stevo gagging on dick*
>the cursed dick cums 
>oh no what's going on now, look it's cumming in his mouth! cmon drink it steve-o!
>*steve-o swallows the cum*
>heh I did it guys heheheheh BLEEEEURHG
>oh no he's throwing up on that penis hahahaha!!! are you ok steve-o?
>*steve-o stops throwing up for a moment*
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You didn't say immune to all curses .. fail
>Ur curse is shit screwdrivers
I wish for a curse-reflection mirror that magically reflects all curses back towards its caster.

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Nudes thread /ndz/
Drop some nudes here, sis, parents, gf, not you gf, your mom.
Important thing is be a female
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Something about this thread stinks
>using the name field on /b/
>that filename (thumbnail of an image downloaded recently)
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Oh, brother. THIS GUY STINKS!!
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Newdzealand thread!
Greatings! You catch us
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Phone posters not even once.

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Tell me, anon. What are your creative hobbies and passions?
You don't use all your free time to argue on teh interwebz like some loser, right?
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She's cute and funny, I like her
Impotent fantasy of an underageb& ESL fag
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That's a good drawing and better than 99.5% of images Stable diffusion has made for me.
Now draw a big iron on her hip, shooting Texas Red.
Go back to your copper owl brown monkey.

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There's a symptom I like to call Johnitus or Johndus. One of the Lord's direct followers was John. He wrote Three letters, and an account of Jesus, and a Revelation he recieved.

He was the one to live a full life. He made it to the end of the christian life. As Jesus suggested he would. There's a reason he was kept alive too.

"Hey do you remember that time Jesus fed thousands of people with half a balongi sandwhich? Twice."
"Yeah I do remeber that... what the heck was that? What was that!?"
Now you imagine you are a fisherman, and you spend all your days catching fish on a boat in Galilee, you bring the fish in and eat and live your boring life. Then there's some guy over here feeding thousands of people out of some kid's lunchbox.
You really need to picture this, you are working hard everyday producing and trying to survive "come on you ox we need to plow these fields." Then you look over and this man is making food out of thin air. What am I doing with my life then?
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Now look at your hand. See that? That's your lord darkening your skin because he hates you so much.
Replies: >>197797
Your mind is stuck on earth and wordly things. Are your obsessions tesrify of it.

(Amos 9)
Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the LORD. Have not I brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt? and the Philistines from Caphtor, and the Syrians from Kir?

(Colossians 3)
Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds; and have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him: where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.

But you are only a scoffer seeking to please your father. Jesus is not for scoffers and those who stiffen in their wrong. But the soft in heart and open. It is a sin to converse with you further.
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<thank you for making me ugly and monkey faced massa
It's no wonder niggers love sand religions so much. It's like spiritual cotton picking for them.
What gift greater is there but when the Spirit fills you, when it baptises and downpours. Or when you realise God is in control; all then is peace. When you realise Jesus has set you free from bondage again, and given you another chance. Happy is the man who has his sins forgiven. Who finds His love for Jesus refreshed. Who has the Gospel never become a mundane fact to him. Who realises the goodly place God has given him. Who looks to serve Jesus in His kingdom. Who worships in spirit and truth without doubting. When the Saviour reveals Himself again to the servant who has waited, watching careful. Who keeps himself in purity for a long season. Who confesses to God all sins and knows he sins against Him alone. Who finds the real world to be found in prayer.
What blessing, though to wait long on the Lord to deliver, 

That is it today.
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>be me
>24yo M
>alone in the house
>time to jigle the wewe
>prepare soap
>i remember i can use other things better than my hand
>using a fork handout the big circle the used to hang that fork was more than enough to size my dick
>happi hapi yipe
>oiled my dick up, oild the handout
>put it
>omfg i cant rub up and down it stucked
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>>197615 (OP) 
I'm really glad no one actually talks like this and your insanity is confined to obscure imageboards.
Replies: >>197699
>>197615 (OP) 
I'm going to assume you fucked an eggplant.
No, people talk like this on tiktok and reddit, and this insanity is leaking onto obscure imageboards
>it gets replies
Replies: >>197864
>it gets saged

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>wah wah please give us a few more billions of dollars of aid whitey
>*proceeds to have 17th child*
Do africafags really?
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Ah dude, im not trying to convince and dont care about thier sub-groups, im talking about it as a whole over a long point of time
It's the story of your birth, they thought you would appreciate it.
Replies: >>197860
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Nips love to shitpost, same as with how they ridiculed faggots and lesbians with the Gachimuchi, Cookie☆ and INMU fads.
You must hold niggers in very high steem if you can't accept a crude ugly drawing meant to ridicule them.
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>>190198 (OP) 
implying a single cent doesn't go straight in the pocket of the politicos
>disliking niggers and japs makes you a nigger...somehow

[Hide] (2.4MB, 258x360, 01:12)
What are some things that you hate anons? That isn't the obvious stuff posted here? For me, I fucking hate the cops with an absolute passion. At the end of the day, it's their fucking choice whether or not they chose to enforce victimless crimes or not and they constantly trample all over the constitution they are supposed to protect. Almost none of them even know what they are doing and almost none of them know the law. Fun fact, there is a huge uptick in domestic abuse with cops (which is 40% of all cops) when compared to the general population
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>>187111 (OP) 
People that have this symbol on them, their car, etc. The most obvious of red flags for white people in the USA, guilty of hysteria.
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>forgot the image
Replies: >>197799
I thought it was
>I am real tough. You better not mess with me and here is this symbol that shows how tough I am because I like the heckin cool comic book vigilante.
Has it become a back the police thing?
Replies: >>197830 >>197854
>their car
More like their jacked-up F150 or Ram with headlights bright enough to illuminate the entire suburb they live in, whose truck bed has never held anything besides dust and rain.

Sadly. You'd be hard-pressed to find one that doesn't have that thin-blue-line pattern on it.
If you saw the show you'd know that they are worse than Judge Dredd morally.

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Just watched detachment. It was kikeshit.

Previous Thread: https://archive.is/7e5KU
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It was okayish. It focused more on Kong than Godzilla.
Replies: >>196977
To be fair, I wouldn't know where to go with Godzilla. He goes ape nigger on pretty much any other kaiju.
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it was strange. Didnt really lile it
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A movie about a jewish suburban family made by a jewish director that isn't subversive but still markedly jewish about an ugly brat who is picked on by the whole school for being ugly and insufferably meek and treated somewhat unfairly by her family.  It's one of those movies that trivializes and deconstructs everything in the story via its tone which makes sense since it was originally titled Faggots and Retards (which is what made me watch it), and has no resolution to whatever the fuck its message was if not just being a movie for people who could simply relate to it; a movie with little attachment as the protagonist was written to not be morally above her antagonizers.
>easy A
For a teen sex comedy it was quite good, only for Emma Stone's charisma, good looks, and tastefully-sized boobs.

Spoiler File
(4MB, 1280x720, 00:48)
Spoiler File
(3.9MB, 480x270, 01:01)
Spoiler File
(2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:10)
Spoiler File
(3.6MB, 852x480, 00:10)
funni pr0n bread
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1st webm has none of that though. You pretty much have 0% chance of catching any stds. Anal is gross no matter if it's gay or straight. They had 0% chance of contracting an std in doing what they were doing
>don't like censorship? Go to the place anons left due to it being... more censored
All that mass spam banning made it feel like a fake pph. Then there's the proof of work token bullshit that breaks cpu's.
Replies: >>197574
/b/ has no rules and that also applies to its moderation
Replies: >>197575 >>197765
That's something dysfagia has said and look where he is now.
Replies: >>197765
Something literally m00t said is moar like. What he meant was that things would be random, but if it's NOT random and the mod/admin goes after something it personally doesn't like then that defeats the purpose of the original point. Makes it, moot. No anus being safe is supposed to include mods that had to deal with gore bombing and daisy's destruction and etc. Banning as a funni joek was meant to be a thing, trolling, but also they were meant to be so jaded that they weren't assharmed by something specific, or someone specific, and that didn't carry over with the alts nor did it stay with the "original" site. It drives users away and alts have low traffic so it's next level dumb. The fact of the matter is that anonymous sites are modded by losers that were picked on that have zero power over others and they often want to get revenge, when they do they try to act like it's only the 'bad person', the normalfaggots that abused them, and so they try to get back at them, some random asshole that they know nothing about on the Internet. 

thanks for playing

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Is futa-on-female porn peak comfy?
It has both the advantages of straight and yuri.
You get two cute girls, but since a dick is involved it's not too lame.
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You have a dick don't you?
>The only games worthwhile games made today have been indiegames.
There's a myriad of games not "made today".
>It doesn't matter that some of them have sjw shit in them either because pretty much all mainstream games today have sjw shit in them
99.9% of all Westoid garbage is gigapozzed. Japanese games are getting worse in that department, but it's still a far cry from the westoid situation.
Have you ever thought that you can get aroused and masturbate without hallucinating that you're a drawing (self-inserting)?
>inb4 cuck
Cucking is about having your woman be taken away. Just who is taking away whom from whom in non-NTR futa doujinshi?????
Replies: >>197752
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Thanks to emulators, I'm not playing any modern games at all. And they take up so little space I have full romsets of 8 and 16 bit systems.
Why do you want to watch two strangers fuck? That's really weird.

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