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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

GANfield.mp4 (u)
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sax_of_saxes.webm (u)
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The previous ones got 

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Homeless_Guy_Eats_Crap.mp4 (u)
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Anyone have that webm with some lardass mud sending a message to Joe Biden in broken english? It has scenes of games too in there
thequietkid.webm (u)
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saddinner.webm (u)
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celebrate_our_differences.webm (u)
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space_dust.webm (u)
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[SFM]_Reporting_on_the_snow.webm (u)
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The_Green_Elephant_(The_Boondocks_Style).webm (u)
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dancing_duck.gif (u)
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b84b7172-c315-4fb7-b87f-3746f0f004e0.gif (u)
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I wanna fuck ulala so bad bros
pic unrelated
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1634565991806.jpg (u)
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c4396b44a5732db4e73ca223aa0184c2.jpg (u)
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Bird_get_violated.webm (u)
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all birds shit everywhere, they don't control their bladder
7c7ddc12d22444e75eb8f0ff0daf550969cd67b68e439bb125c81589e17585a2.webm (u)
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duck.gif (u)
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duck_unopt.gif (u)
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>>63900 (OP) 
I've seen this gif posted many times, and only now noticed what a shitty conversion it is.
d981a44128073403f4db91223273e301.webm (u)
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wrong .webm
duck_8c.gif (u)
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Nice even made it smaller then op's one.

BmRBr.jpg (u)
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How do I get REAL friends? I hate normalfags.
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You're not subtle, /cow/nigger.
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>Two words to make em seethe, John. Rent. Free.
southparkfriends.png (u)
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Yea most people suck. I've also gone through hundreds of people. After a while you start to be able to predict a lot about people. But it paid off because eventually I met real actual friends. It helps if you don't also suck, lol.  
What if you meet them offline? I'm rooming with one and the others live close by.
There are good and bad kinds of weird. You're just meeting a bunch of mentally ill retards. Unfortunately the bad kind is more common.
>How do I get REAL friends?

Shahada -> Ummah -> A lot of "friends" (more correct: brothers and sisters).

a49f07ce26599870546ab5b80ec076b85b3399f5ce82344aaed65a6ed99b24eb.mp4 (u)
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I have a loli mousepad and a loli keyboard with artwork i like. From a convention dating almost 10 years back. Now how could i put them to use? I like the keyboard and mouse im currently using. Is there any way i could put those loli appliances to other use? Where could i use them other than my computer?
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09439cd1ad227c89cc8f6b1bf7791c4e63bd6b935fc621d6736bd001347a322e.png (u)
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that kotatsu better come with a sofa otherwise shit appartment
Replies: >>63813
I want to lay under one of those and play footsie with my waifu. Then maybe a footjob
0cd84d72-49fc-45d7-aecb-019c522d1dd9.jpg (u)
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>>63802 (OP) 
Got pics of those, OP? I'd like to see if I'm missing out on anything. I really like my current logitech keyboard so it'll be hard to drag me away from it, and I recently got a titty mousepad but the girl on the design isn't anyone I recognize.
Replies: >>63923 >>63924
>logitech keyboard
I just went to best buy to picked up logitech slim keyboard today because my 2014 old keyboard had the enter key plastic chipped away while cleaning it (it was a membrane keyboard so taking apart is no big deal) and the mousepad I got was a cheap blank black but really comfy mouse pad for now. I am kind of jealous, I'd get an anime titty mouse pad but knowing me I probably just leave there in the open where my parents would see that shit especially when I am having my room redone, painted, with new furniture my mom promised me.
koerzon.jpg (u)
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1630797540814-1.jpg (u)
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>get an idea for a funny videogame joke
>requires a bunch of photoshopping so I don't have the patience to make it
Replies: >>63899 >>63909
>>63898 (OP) 
just download gimpshop or photogimp or whatever
>>63898 (OP) 

Jon_mad_twitter.jpg (u)
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How would you rate these groups from most annoying to least annoying?
In no particular order:
>regular old fags
>fat fucks
>people who stick their nose where it doesn't belong
>people who act weird for the sake of being weird / attentionwhores
recently found out that an emerging question higher end landlords are getting from new tenants is whether or not their new flats are soundproof because they want to record their own podcasts at home
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All of them: 0% annoying
Furries: 20% annoying.
Shitposters: 40% annoying.
Moderators: 50% annoying.
Politicians: 75% annoying.
People screaming when I'm sleeping: 80% annoying.
People shooting or stabbing me: 100% annoying.
Replies: >>63885 >>63908
>People screaming when I'm sleeping
where do you live?
Replies: >>63906
Probably an apartment complex in the USA.
>furries only 20% annoying
You just haven't realized yet that furries are always 100% and have been for the entire history of the internet.
I don't see them enough in the wild. A few I saw were so intentionally annoying, I assumed them to be just shitposters pretending to be furries.

Them lying through their teeth about kemono not being furry is very fucking irritating. But I don't think anyone with half a brain is going to be fooled.

sdfsfds.jpg (u)
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anyone to talk to here? i dont have any friends
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By my estimations, fagatha accounts for ~75% of the pph. 99% if you factor in people responding to it.
Replies: >>63895 >>63904
And the pph is like 2
Replies: >>63896
Lol nvm checked its a good 0 rnow
You mean the entire thread is an angery zoomer refusing to accept someone's views with the other half being the goy that pissed 'em off? 

It takes two to tango. Reminder. Just stop freaking out over nothing. Stop complaining about people complaining also because that shit's too ironic. You don't see me defending Jews nor niggers do you? 

No I'm not the whole site. No more than 10 percent of the site would be half 'my thread' and like 3 months ago I only ever had maybe 15 threads on the catalog at once, some of which were pretty okay. None now though.
Replies: >>63941
it's simple: you are low IQ and that's why you have no self-awareness

1634623886484.jpg (u)
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>gave a $20 handjob last night 
I'm seeing an untapped market here
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op_betrayal.jpg (u)
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34bf1ba244800a0f4236d7d596440583f06505d8d6b55c3963821c91c82206de.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>63842
y'all niggers hating my entrepreneurial hustling
ferengi_file_feeeemales.png (u)
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feeeemales.png (u)
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>>63761 (OP) 
>getting paid for anything less than a bj

gay for pay is still gay, faggot

03.jpg (u)
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04.jpg (u)
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04.jpg (u)
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05.jpg (u)
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Post and share voluptuous mature 2D ladies with gorgeous breedable bodies. 
Also recommend you favorite artists and all that mumbo jumbo. 
And of course, what and why awakened your love for older women?

Monstergirls and /ss/ welcome aswell to trigger /cow/cucks, herdniggers, and that fat ogre and his goon platoon from /tv/. 
Anyways I'll start off with some Otogi's artwork.

No NTRanny shit, Niggers, faggotry, furfaggotry, and other heretical degeneracy
Go to markchan with that gaynigger shit.
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yande.re_866916_bottomless_breasts_fortune_(last_origin)_last_origin_leotard_moebell0_no_bra_see_through_shirt_lift_symmetrical_docking.jpg (u)
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yande.re_866917_last_origin_moebell0_naked_nipples.jpg (u)
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yande.re_866924_ignis_(last_origin)_last_origin_moebell0_nipples_topless.jpg (u)
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9ee62e84176e81b91e09edb31490d582.png (u)
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440c37eec24e78106bf7687f6732fe272360aaf60b6a582c97e10d57213ce9cc.jpg (u)
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very nice.
f1272fb8f633731c93b6d5a0df180e5c0fc63353.png (u)
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5e2f9257c987f5c9fc2874e1e2cb034bfc8acdf5.png (u)
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84d50f9ee8ea0fec89ec518ac14f373a49e19275.jpg (u)
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9314c3b091e226d2d38a1f0e730af83b1f5c6bdc.gif (u)
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628e1675999bc32244765dc41cae51e71abf2de8.png (u)
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>>62755 (me)
I found a little archive of the board
9295aaa6c0c7b392bd90f3ebe4e95cdf.jpg (u)
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3c92abc4becdd3ea22a5b5a26f6943dd.jpeg (u)
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bba5ffa5d23b1a53ffe4b91edb42334b9a4ad0351600468a4740d8e7267da43d.jpg (u)
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_mexico_border.png (u)
[Hide] (44.6KB, 1300x617) Reverse
Can someone currently living in the USA under the 1984-tier shit that is going down, please explain why you haven't gotten the fuck out? 

I think the optimal choice is a bordering mexican town so no paperwork is required and you can live like a somewhat free human being. I mean, the druglords don't give a shit about you as long as you keep to yourself and a dollar goes a looong way over there. And if things turn around you can always walk back home.
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>does sweden give out gibs to other 1st worlders that move there? 
Yes. They give it to immigrants all the time. They never work because they can just leech money.
Replies: >>63850
You don't need a developed nation to make a home. Third worlders have more freedoms unless you're after state sponsored protection from criminals.
>Yes. They give it to immigrants all the time
immigrants from anywhere? would you recommend moving there?
Replies: >>63879
>immigrants from anywhere? 
>would you recommend moving there?
It really depends on where you move. Malmö,stockholm,göteborg is terrible. Full of muslims. You should look at flashback forum (swedish forum). They have several threads about which city to move to with least immigrants.

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