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Prep work is done.

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Is this a bed bug? I found it on my bed yesterday.
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>>127859 (OP) 
Looks like a bat bug.
>ripped up my bedroom afterwards
Bed bugs don't always live nearby, and if you live in a multistory house bed bugs will travel back and forth from the lower rooms every night to feed. A better idea to check for bed bugs is to wrap sticky traps around the legs of your bed to trap them.
The only known way to rid a house of bed bugs is to completely seal everything, and then raise the ambient temperature to above 110 degrees fahrenheit.
This is some pretty good advice.
Replies: >>127879 >>127885
Oh also check your bed for tiny blood stains every night OP. If you're not seeing that at all it's likely not bed bugs.
>Bed bugs don't always live nearby
Bed bugs are lazy niggers. They don't like walking long distances to their food.
>A better idea to check for bed bugs is to wrap sticky traps around the legs of your bed to trap them.
This can be done with duct tape as a ghetto sticky trap.
>The only known way to rid a house of bed bugs is to completely seal everything, and then raise the ambient temperature to above 110 degrees fahrenheit.
That's the most effective way.
The other two ways are diatomaceous earth (which is nowhere near as effective as heat), and hydrogen cyanide.
Hydrogen cyanide is never used outside of situations like someone dying in a bed-bug infested home.
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>Looks like a bat bug.
That actually looks a lot like the specimen I caught. There's an unused vent in my bedroom going to my attic space that I know probably had or has bats in it. Holy shit that might actually be it. Thanks anon I hope this is the case and I can just seal the hole off.
I took a couple more pictures of the thing before I fed it to a scorpion I had in a jar. Scorpions were actually the thing I feared the most at night here. I catch and kill so many damn scorpions in this house. Thankfully my cat also likes to eat them. 
I'm probably going to clean up most of this DE powder shit and put my bed down again. No sense in getting my couch infested too. If I get bites or see blood and shit on my bed I'll do a heat treatment.
Replies: >>127925
>I took a couple more pictures of the thing before I fed it to a scorpion I had in a jar.
Not really related, but know that its not possible to "biologically exterminate" bed bugs. It's technically possible for pharaoh ants and cockroaches to outbreed, eat and conquer a bed bug infestation, but thats swapping out one infestation for another.
Spiders and masked hunters like eating bed bugs too, but they dont eat enough of them to completely exterminate a bed bug infestation.
>I'm probably going to clean up most of this DE powder shit and put my bed down again.
Eh, might as well keep it around.
Apply some on your bed while you're at it. Make sure to apply it by dipping a large paint brush or something and spreading a thin layer of it with said brush.
If you're building mountains and walls with the stuff, you're doing it wrong.
>If I get bites or see blood and shit on my bed I'll do a heat treatment.
I don't know if it works the same way where you live, but exterminators might want proof of a bed bug infestation before they apply any treatments, like catching a bedbug in a jar and having them identify it, or have them visit your home and check your furniture and other things for potential bed bug infestation, maybe even bring a bed bug dog along.

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He can't do that but it won't stop him from screeching hard as fuck. He's probably one if the fags who keeps crying about the magazine thread on /v/.
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How come nobody ever thought of using leg hair pattern for divination? It surely looks like it can tell you nearly as much as a disemboweled ox's guts or a bird's flight route.
Are you supposed to put your computer in your living room or bedroom?
Replies: >>127876
Bedroom, or have it in its own separate office
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I want to become good at sex, any guide online?

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What do you nigs do on the weekends? I notice the site becomes slower during then, so there must be anons doing other stuff than using imageboards.
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That's what i do, i don't think most anons like real girls anyway so i doubt it.
I'm busy playan vidya during the weekends.
Read manga and fix up my house.
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On Hallow's Eve, I visited several suburbs and dressed like picrel while going to every street. Met lots of girls of the right age, but the preem ones were all with their parents. Regardless, it was good fun.
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>>124705 (OP) 
Hit the whore house after that i usually take a coffee with a friend and spend the night starting a new game (usually finish a game every week).

I have do some stuff this saturday so no whorehouse this weekend, i'll still see my friends and start a new game if i finish DQ Rocket Slime 3.

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Post your best 3DPD
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because of mcdonalds
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3d pd ?
[Hide] (4MB, 1280x720, 00:12)
Where do you find good 3D pron? It's so much harder than finding good 2D.
Replies: >>127919
pornbay or emp though the latter is hard to get into

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I have been considering the possibility of dating (and hopefully marrying) a blind girl, or maybe one with another kind of physical disability. Because aside from there being less men willing to date disabled girls and therefore me having less competition, I have the feeling like they're in general sweeter and more innocent people (which is what I'd like my girlfriend/wife to be). They're also less independent so they'd have to rely more on me, which sounds romantic. What do you think? [I deleted the previous thread and made a new one because the previous one got derailed by some stupid argument]
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That'd be funny.
Replies: >>127855
go on motherless and see/hear for yourself
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All blind people are cunts. They dislike the rest of us and they create their own little circlejerks to talk about their boring blind lives and about how much they hate sighted people. 
Fuck 'em. 

You know what blind people TRULY hate? Knowing that we can spread information amongst ourselves without them having any idea what we're talking about. They can't into imageboards or even most websites in general, and they hate us for it. Even if they were to use some kind of faggy text to speech program to listen to online conversations, they'd still have absolutely no way to read text in images. 

>mfw blindtards will never see anything beautiful nor read anything interesting in an image format
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oh I almost forgot

>be blind person
>try to reply to my post using your faggy little braille keyboard
>get hard filtered by the captcha
>even if you accept your defeat and go beg your (superior) sighted friends to come solve the captcha for you, they won't be able to because normalfags don't have enough IQ to solve the chess puzzle

Stay mad forever and ever, amen.
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>>123900 (OP) 
fujck blind peiple inon theass.
- Sent from my Iphone

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8chan die again
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>8chan runs on gas-powered servers
That explains it.
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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He's so jewcy
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Gawd DAYUM, look at all that JEWCYNESS.
Replies: >>127908
You are gay.
It's back up.

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I am excited when I see the phrase "dead aliens." They have caused a lot of pain. 

Starting with heavy metal poisoning to be forced to watch a movie about a guy and some aliens with that metal, my kidneys have been on fire since 2014. The kidneys have never recovered because starting in 2015 I had no choice but to drink caffeine and hydration powders to get rid of the head pain and lethargy. Which have both now rotted my teeth. 

The alien dream psychic attack that paralyzes my body and head from moving in order to inflict telepathy pain, has caused nerve damage, pain, and loss of strength in my hand, arm, and has injured my hip on several occasions. No body is designed to hurt itself while sleeping. In addition, the continuous paralysis has deprived me of 7 years of proper hydration during wake cycles. Several years of painkiller and acid beverage use has now created an ulcer or some sort of stomach damage. Continuous alien dream psychic attack becomes a cascade of complications and physical torture.

I have not slept since 2015. 

Its brilliant: Major kidney damage then thousands of perpetual headaches with sleep deprivation and duration control, the proofless soft kill, and the human system is kept in a state of excitotoxicity, pain, non-healing, and after awhile, all systems break, complications inevitably occur due to perpetual remedy caused by perpetual etheric infliction. Making sure that nothing of the body improves with sleep, and the financial-medical syste
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The aliens play both sides. They direct world affairs, there is not a major event that is without them, meaning that the virus/vaccine plays into their agenda. Nothing on a such a scale is left to chance. That would be disaster.

Everything that they do is multifunctional, long-term, and when it has the chance to deceive or take advantage of humans, they will do so. 

So now the virus/vaccine have skimmed-off a few, good, more souls for the alien coffers, and more practice for the military-industrial world government that rules from underground. 

That the aliens have infiltrated all major industries, and have no trouble simply waltzing into any place, they all knew full well what the vaccine would portend. Here's where it gets diabolical...

After the scripted intro, the aliens that "arrive" first will have had sufficient intel and research on how to reverse the vaccine. How convenient! An implicit admission that they know what it does but didnt tell anyone, that they can infiltrate our data systems from multiple distances, that they have an even more advanced knowledge of our biology than theyve admitted but didnt bother to use it, EXCEPT WHEN MOST OPPORTUNE to subsequently admonish and blame the governments and pharmaceutical companies for making such a bad thing, well, the saviors have arrived with the antidote and to win over your hearts and minds with the rendering of their caring aid. 

Do you see what that is? The aliens pressured and fomented the major even
Message too long. View the full text
glowie honeypot
[Hide] (428.3KB, 2048x2048) Reverse
Nice try fed
>Britain makes outlandish alien claims
There's like 3 dickheads trying to fleece idiots and ZERO people believe their nonsense, meanwhile in Murrika Jimbo and Bobby-Joe go to the outskirts of Area 51 (cos they're scaredy fags) and shoot their homemade rifles at  clouds.

Also ' with no proof' is taken as a given in ALL alien claims cos no-one has fucking any,
Replies: >>127848
Post evidence then.
There are huge amounts of photos and video footage of animal mutilations, so why is there only photographic evidence of that one incident in Brazil from the early nineties when it comes to human mutilations?
Instead of accusing me of being a glowie, you should instead just prove me wrong.

From where I'm standing, it's probably the feds pushing the entire narrative.
Just look at what they did to Paul Bennewitz for example.

>meanwhile in Murrika Jimbo and Bobby-Joe go to the outskirts of Area 51 (cos they're scaredy fags) and shoot their homemade rifles at  clouds.
Sounds like a fun day out.
Show'in them there clouds who's boss.

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This is something that has been bothering me all my life, especially when it comes to horror. Stories that purposefully keep shit unsolved and cryptic are terrible. 
The theory is that our imagination is scarier/more interesting than the "truth", however this is only the case if you are a total fucking retarded normalcattle. 

Humans are meant to explore, analyse and research. Discovering the truth is in our DNA. To be blueballed constantly by these unsolved mysteries in entertainment media is against out very nature. It is dogshit writing trying to hide under the falsehood that mystery is interesting. It isn't, period - unless you are a subhuman. 

I cannot jump into the fantasy world of the author and discover things for myself, neither does he provide the information necessary to let us come to a concrete conclusion. Therefore his story is shit and the retards that waste hours upon hours to come up with theories are just as fucking dumb, because they fail to see that all they can do is theorise but never discover the truth. They can only create further fiction, but never uncover the truth. 

Humans (Whites) are meant to discover the truth. Niggers on the other hand are satisfied with believing in unproven theories and fanfiction. 

If you enjoy cryptic and open-ended stories, you are by definition a nigger.
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Replies: >>127574 + 1 earlier
Speculation and theorizing about stuff is fun, though. Take Marathon, for instance: for nigh-on thirty years, people have been speculating and debating on what everything means in that series.
Open-ended harem anime are good though because you can imagine the MC ending up with any girl you want.
Replies: >>127542
Harem anime without the harem are just trash anime.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1207x1667) Reverse
>>127211 (OP) 
Counterpoint: You're a fucking autist with subhuman levels of imagination, and the best of media is lost on you because of it. That's not to say that open-ended stories are all superior or that it hasn't been used as a crutch for poor writing, but some of the best media that exists is so good because it doesn't give you all the details, rather, it encourages you to think and use your imagination and arrive at your own conclusions, thereby helping you grow as a person.
You can think about any piece of media as lying on an axis with "total immersion" at one pole and "total imagination" at the other. A story told through an audiovisual experience (e.g. movie, video game) that leaves out no details is "total immersion", i.e. it requires no imagination on your part to experience it, you can just sit down and let it immerse you. On the other hand, something like an imagist poem is about as close to "total imagination" as we can get: a few details are suggested verbally, but it's up to your imagination to fill in the sights, the sounds, the meaning, the context, etc. Most media falls in between these two extremes, giving you some story details or images but leaving out others for you to determine yourself; good media strikes a tasteful balance between the two. 
There's nothing wrong with indulging in totally immersive media (e.g. vidya), but when your diet consists of only this and nothin
Message too long. View the full text
Mulder's sister was dead all along.

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Any ways one do to sort of precisely replicate an image by every line, angles nook and cranny but not by tracing but seeing or memorizing
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>>127228 (OP) 
Let's duel like there's no tomorrow.
Replies: >>127660
Is this the same retard that didn't understand how people improve by drawing for decade+ and though there was some magic solution to getting good?
Replies: >>127660
>>127517 keep crying captain kopeikin
>>127527 why complain about yourself captain kopeikin
It s like you are still in gear 2 XD
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>>127228 (OP) 
goobye beautiful

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Post 2d brown girls.
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Chocolate rabbits.
Easter is every day.
I'd eat the fuck outta them, if you know what I mean
I'm sorry anon, but the artist of the first image means you're gay.
Dear Diary, 
The ass was flat.

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