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>sage is always butthurt
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Go back to reddit faggot
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Apparently she was way worse years ago but she toned down her behavior at some point. I can't really say more because it's been so long since I've read up about her and no doubt I'd end up talking out of my ass.
>I'm a little surprised to find there are still people who like Sonic, thank god my Sonic phase ended when i was 10.
The fangames are pretty good.

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I will have a dom gf someday. I believe.
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>>92056 (OP) 
Are you a five by five or so manlet sissy blonde with a limp wrist? If not, then you'll not have a dom gf, just a sadist gf at best. You need a 'gay' gf and to be a 'girl' for that to werk. Gey.

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3d women who have been with many men are gross, and rightfully so. But isn't the 2d equivalent of that having a waifu who you know thousands of other guys have pleasured themselves to, and who has been drawn taking part in the most disgusting circumstances?
So, if you wanted the most pure and untainted character, shouldn't you draw it and keep it to yourself?
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>>96272 (OP) 
That one gun retort site has a dedicated thing going towards making a robot wife. It's on the webring pretty sure. 

They really should relocate though. It's foolish. Even if a robot gets made, a real female android or whatever, it's going to get CIA'd if it's on a place called the gun retort.

Such original. Wow. 

Not everyone is mentally capable to be able to make a tulpa. Tulpas take on their own shape anyway if a real differing personality, a differing identity in your head. The whole idea of a tulpa is that it has a mind of it's own so it's silly to think that a lonely person could have a gf through imagination. If you were even disciplined enough to make one you'd likely no longer even want a gf; monks came up with this shit after all.
fuck off, fagatha
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My anima will always still be my own. And she isn't stuck in a single form either. As she appears in my dreams is basically a million times more beautiful and majestic then any 2D representation of my waifu.
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My mind changes too fast to get into the level of detail I would like and keep it there for an extended period of time. But also, you always end up finding details you didn't think of and creating a deeper character when you are actually drawing it.

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Dinos have certainly been politicized. The feather thing is pushed by soyence types and the ones who doubt it are all categorized as intelligent design fags by the media because a couple of them are. Cuckservatives, sensing camaraderie, then flock to the anti-feather movement just because. If you actually read up on this shit though you'll realize that the evidence instead shows that the ancestors of birds were already looking like birds when the bigger dinosaurs were still giant scaly lizards. Essentially birds are descended from a very specific type of dinosaur, which is very different from saying "all modern birds are descended from dinosaurs, so all dinosaurs must have had feathers".
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>>simple trick!
Creeping around isn't balancing sticks on your head.
Replies: >>96174
it's called luring and bait
Replies: >>96196
It's called sneaking up and prowling. Moron. When a lion crawls on it's belly is it using the tall plants as a fishing pole?
 Is that first pic real? Because if it is that's amazing!
Replies: >>96312
Gaters float around just above the water and sticks float near the land on the water. They sneak up on birds and the sticks just pile up over time as they slowly swim. It is not likely deliberate. They might be evolving to not like to be seen just like a rabbit standing still, or a cat going down low in tall grass before pouncing, but it's not like they're using tools. Only corvids, birds, and primates do that. 

I've seen that reptiles can be taught but it's very tedious, too tedious to likely happen in the wild. 

>that exclamation point
I bet ur that anon that posted it, faglord. I remain skeptical. 

Or maybe they did upgrade. There was a lioness with a mane so it really shouldn't make me that skeptical. Mutants are as mutants do, and we all are mutants or we'd be exactly like our relatives. I wonder if the number of chromosomes has to do with evolution rates, the amount you can vary. I'm too much a drunkard to learn knew things or I'd compare them all, primates, humans, avians, reptiles, etc, to see if some animals evolve faster than others. Perhaps reptiles can evolve into birds because they can evolve faster though and maybe that has to do with chromosome amount. 

>wikipedia it
>>Crocodile embryos do not have sex chromosomes, and unlike humans, sex is not determined genetically. Sex is determi
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How extreme are your political views?

I just realized that I no longer believe that killing innocent women and children and people in general is necessarily a bad thing depending on context.
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You do know that assisted suicide is legal in many countries, don't you? Don't you???
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Literally nothing wrong with giving suicidal fucks the death penalty.
Funny how it's a thing to think we can make people do what we want through varying degrees of bargaining and autism and the main way we differentiate who's worth the time is race. Buts it's extreme to think I about fixing it
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girls play with cucumbers

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Why is everyone always so angry and aggressive? Why can't people just take it easy?
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Back to kikechan.nogged
I'm way too paranoid that some superautist is going to trace little details all the way to some identity of mine.
>There needs to be freedom to actually express yourself and try new things
The problem is that some people express themselves by spamming wojacks and using nigger language.
>How many of these fun and amazing things have you contributed to?
I've been in a good mood so I've been doing almost nothing but that recently. And then the bitter shitters and shills arrive almost immediately. My feeling that everyone's just angry and aggressive all the time is even stronger now after I've been trying to change the tone and ignore the angry faggots.

>It's unlikely a single person can change an entire community
At least you're self-aware that your provocation above is meaningless.

Nobody keeps folders worth of of blacked porn on their computer ready to post them into benign threads just because they're "frustrated". It's either shilling (paid or not, conscious or not), or supreme mental illness.
Replies: >>96220
>fetishes are mental illness!
So is being a conservative ethically, if that's the way you want to play it. Not everyone is you, and no one has been spamming nigger dick in the year I've been here either so you can stop projecting anytime.

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I want to slay the dragon. Hypothetically, how would I do it? Where even are the dragons? What even is a dragon in the first place? What kind of skills or what kind of physical prowess do I need in order to slay one?
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Replies: >>96149 >>96198
* ad hominem rather more so than straw man
Replies: >>96195 >>96198
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It's really both isn't it?
<Those who disagree with me are ugly men who wear silly hats.
(This could be interpreted as a kind of "Straw Man")
<Being that you are an ugly man who wears a silly hat, you are wrong.
(This is "Ad Hominem")
Replies: >>96201
All these fallacies and you still a busta
Replies: >>96201
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I drink on my days off. 

It's interdastin' how it's only ever either very thin white guys or fat white guys that are 'cringe' also, those hats, those sex predators on the maps, the 'incels', it's never niggers. Really makes me think. Also, never women of course. Can a woman be cringe for once while wearing a fedora? A black woman too? An older black woman sexual predator that is a cringe incel? Please be fair children. Also, she better not be poor. 


I'm not the one with fallacies so I'm not the buster....b....buster...

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I'm posting this thread here because it would get me banned on 4chan.

Xanax appears to be a fairly affordable drug. I guess the issue is finding a doctor who's going to prescribe it to you. The issue I've got is anxiety and depression around the time I want to go to sleep. My sleep doctor took me off Ambien because I was constantly gaining tolerance to it, and he wasn't going to increase my dosage. That's fine. I'm on a few different medications that allow me to fall asleep and sleep long. I still have the anxiety before going to bed problem, and it's resulting in me going to bed far later every night. It's almost like I'm avoiding going to bed because I don't want to experience that anxiety and depression. Xanax would be something I take around the time I want to go to bed. I want to feel really comfy and happy before going to bed, and to think about how wonderful and beautiful the universe is.

Is Xanax also affordable on the deep web? I'd hope it costs the same on the deep web as it does for a legitimate prescription, or at least pretty close. I know there are a few other medications that also make you feel comfy and relaxed, like barbiturates. There are a few states where you can get prescribed them for assisted suicide, so I wouldn't be surprised if a few people got barbiturates through lying about wanting to commit suicide, and then sold them to others who likely run deep web drug stores.

Which deep web markets would you anons recommend?
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Benzo brain bozo
>>95847 (OP) 
i doubt even 4gag bans this but sage
hypnotics are more dangerous than most drugs
you shouldn't fuck with them
exercise during the day to help you sleep
based summertime render poster.

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please help me understand the procedures to making rendering styles that worth some *six digit traffic* like https://www.deviantart.com/olabukoo/art/Fishing-Hub-Platformer-911157903
or similarly. Note on 'or similarly' so it d be more of a general guide of getting that value and associate the amount to the procedure/design/rendering as some sort of quantification so i dont just copy and have some wiggle room or equivalent tradeoff, just to set myself apart of sort

anyway, a long hypothethical verbal to-do list is expected, so a book, links, whatever digital art tutorial with focus on demographics demand is most needed
ideally based on a certain canvas shape so to structure the content, process and then the features
or maybe just some market news to know whats trending on "renders".
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>>95883 (OP) 
If you want to become popular easily, my suggestion would be to associate with a specific fandom, then make fanart for that fanbase and post it on sites like twitter and deviantart. Drawing a cool sentai ranger dude wouldn't hurt, too.

Cool paper, mind sharing what you're working on?
>>95883 (OP) 
calm down
Replies: >>96100
i had enough fun and now i just think i shoupd make money with fun too
it's not about easy. it's about being RIGHT. otherwise everyone can just shake some hands and sell the 65493th shot by shot copy of annoying orange they dont even make Themselves.
cloud engineering book i draw on.

no u
>annoying orange copy
ANd make Billions because Rules and  NUmbers Nor standard Dont exist at all
even your "associate with fandom" should probably be part of my needed solution but need much more concrete rule and context and heck, math so i can then do it myself than having you HOLD my hands every second Which you also DO not want to do anyway so whats the hold up

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