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Sleep well, sweet prince.
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here i was having a good day
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>>29534 (OP) 
Is he really dead? That sucks.
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>>29534 (OP) 
>>29534 (OP) 
Wheeze in peace
old but gold

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Would you cream in this ice cream?
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>>29544 (OP) 

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Do you think the term "horse cock" for big dicks would get replaced by "whale cock" if we lived underwater?
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>>29498 (OP) 
<he has a dork!
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tfw she say you're not like the other horses and compliments you on your whale cock
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you sound like cumdane jarbo the hutt cuck
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Is sucking your own dick gay, narcissism or simply self-pleasuring?
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>sucking dick
>wanting your own dick in your mouth
>pleasuring yourself
and self-pleasuring.

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>get into astronomy 
>flee to another state like a refugee because of corona gestapo 
>new place is in the city 
>cant see anything at night because of all the lights
>need a new hobby

what do
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I moved from living in a city most of my life to living in deep innawoods rural country for a year+, maintaining someone's secondary vacation house for no rent
I knew the sky was supposed to have more stars and shit but seeing it was a totally different thing
I didn't realize you're actually supposed to be able to see satellites and shit passing overhead with the naked eye
it hurt to have to come back to a city
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too much feel, no one really realizes how much you can see when you dont have that goddamn yellow glow in the sky especially when your eyes adjust to it, people always wonder how it was possible for ancient civilizations like the greeks and maya to do astronomy without telescopes and how accurate they were with planets, constellations and entire systems, they even tracked orbits and precession just by eye, without that nasty yellow glow they could see every detail, the greeks for example wouldnt shut up about the milkyway, actually thats why its called milkyway cuz the greeks made a story about it being some gods tittymilk or something and it stuck until today

I bet most ancient astronomers didnt even care about observing anything, they just spent every night staring into the sky because of how beautiful it was and after several years the subtleties of the sky became ingrained into their subconscious
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>I bet most ancient astronomers didnt even care about observing anything, they just spent every night staring into the sky because of how beautiful it was and after several years the subtleties of the sky became ingrained into their subconscious
nailed it imo
and that pic, just the bit of light from the small town several miles away was enough to obscure more than the stars/satellites, still never saw the distant stellar gasses and whatnot
really doesn't take much light pollution to totally fuck up the night sky
>to see the sky you have to live in a shithole desert 
Just delete society.
>>29218 (OP) 
Just look up the sky on the Internet. Problem solved.

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>see sign that advertising some temp agency
<wonder what they have for my area?
>sort by all
>three results
>trash sorter
>the sales representative 
>realize that the sign is trying to get people to get jobs even worse than mcdonalds or small stock in stores, bagging, cashier, etc
>the mcjobs and store jobs are too competitive so bums go for that shit
>wanting to sit in the direct sun in fucking FL
<no wonder the temp agency is trying to trick rotten toothed bums into doing this
>recycle job requires drug screen
<XD good luck finding someone to do that shit assholes
<three results and one doens't count XDDDD
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Half the world is already making games and they're all complete and utter fucking garbage. AI and automation will be the end of human race because everyone turns into such porn obsessed nigger faggots that nobody will want to do anything at all. Each generation has less and less interest in learning to maintain the automation that their lives depend on and the knowledge will simply disappear from existence. Even if the knowledge was available, their brains have been turned into porridge from porn overconsumption, and even if they had the knowledge in them, they've already crippled themselves into being unable to do any physical work aside activating their Cum-and-Soy Bottle Opener 2047. It's already happening and everything in our society is degrading.
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[forced laughter]
The moon was never the point of going to outer space, putting up satellites to make an all seeing eye was. Even if they landed it's neither here nor there and is to this day tricking you with slight of hand.
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The higher the population the harder people are to control and also more geniuses pop up the higher your population. The higher the birth rate the more the progress also, industrially, and then with the side effect of geniuses being afoot you end up with a more and more advanced nation with also more crime/freedom. 

Temp agencies are a middle man getting paid for no reason to help you find a job and it ends up being the worst job that you could possibly take. They're victimizing mentally ill poorfaggots then on top of it saying "oh you can't do drugs either fag". Also, the flaggers are always ancient people, as a younger man you will 1000% only end up in a landfill, at least in my area. 

Even if that was all a-ok they pay you minimum wage? The lowest they are legally allowed to pay you? (THEN take some of your money to give to the temp agency?)
Replies: >>29467
I agree about temp agencies being a cancerous middle man, but they're resourceful for those who've exhausted other options and have helped me in the past. They're extremely lucrative in siphoning wages off their employees and are greatly beneficial for firing useless and useless employees. 
Avoid drugs and you'll avoid temp agencies.
Replies: >>29468
>Avoid drugs and you'll avoid temp agencies.
Illogical normalfagging.Just because there's correlation in something does not mean it is the cause of x thing.  In reality if an organization has bad morals I will avoid it due to that and that is one reason I'd not get a mcjob, even in legal states they go and test for drugs. They want to imply that everyone has to be an immodest workaholic or they're on drugs. In reality without the drugs the bad egg sits there playing video games and watching tv even without booze. It's a hedonism gene. Just because you get bored doesn't mean you go to work. You have to be motivated by conservative greed and abrahamic morals instead. 

About them being useful, you have to sit there competing with other bums so they reject everyone initially from what I've heard until you sit for literal weeks in a chair in some office to 'prove you're worthy and willing'. That's not resourceful, it's a test to see if you're a bitch. If you're that much of an overbearing bitch you can get a job anywhere at the entry level by merely annoying people until they go 'well he deserves it'. In reality whom deserves it is the guy that can do a job well that is polite and a nice guy, but we are on permanent opposite day in society.

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I would. It seems comfy.
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>>28059 (OP) 
>Stationary Security + Jannying 
doubleplus comfy
Can I get a ghost blowjob?
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from a long dead furry you could
Replies: >>29263
I cant get anything from the chick in the bathtub? As long as I don't open my eyes, she won't jump scare me and turn into an old woman.
Replies: >>29264
if you're cool with dead granny than have at

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Hey /b/ I'm growing watermelon mainly so I can sell it and because I felt like it. As you can see the lid can come off and that I've got one growing already, it's from the another set that didn't go very well.
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i only make tiktok videos in empty hospitals
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What's with normalfags and dancing? 
And I don't mean dancing in general, but dancing as a form of advertisement in stuff like that and actual commercials. It's like they don't know how to human so they just dance because that might make them look friendly and not a person with an agenda.
Replies: >>29210 >>29212
>they dance awkwardly because they've forgot how to human
You're actually really close. They do it because they are out of touch and have no idea how to outreach to people so they do a silly dance or come up with a silly two sentence slogan that rhymes.
>not a person with an agenda
<how could such a silly person have an agenda? Much less one which could threaten me?
Not everything is a conspiracy samefag

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>run out of food after work 
>nothing in the pantry 
>dumpster dive the nearby petrol station
>14/30 pies taken
>1/4 sausage rolls lifted
>one cupcake pocketed 
>one brownie that I ate 
I don't even know what to do with all these pies now.
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Is nobody going to give advice on how to dumpster dive properly?
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here's what I found, sorry about the resolution
It's very simple. If you're caught, tell them you're hungry. If they get belligerent, tell them you'll leave and don't be rude. Also wear clothing you don't mind getting smelly.
I haven't actually done it but from what I've heard it's just 
>go to trash after closing hours
>look for stuff that's not rotten and properly sealed 
>don't fuck with the trash like a nigger or the owner will be extremely likely to lock it from then on
>I don't like gravy!
You just haven't tried my gravy yet.
Come on by, I'll fry up some sausage, sprinkle some homegrown sage in the grease. Pour some honey on the sausage. Biscuits are out of a bag, but we'll have sausage biscuits and gravy.

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