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I'm angry and disappointed. Angry and disappointed about normalfags.
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what qualities are you looking for in people? 
>for a reason or another
what reasons? genuinely curious
Replies: >>59878
Posting here is a social action. It implies the capacity for loneliness. It is theoretically possible for someone to be socially dead, but we could have no evidence for such a person here in a place of social congregation. The point being that by the criteria of "capacity to feel loneliness = normalfaggotry" we're all normalniggers. I certainly don't think I'm a normalnigger, and I'd reckon few if any of you self-identify as normalniggers yourselves. Some of you I'd hurl that invective at, probably, but not all.
you know, basic things, humanity, honesty, hating niggers etc
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Totally_normal_pose_and_not_suggestive_of_anything.jpg (u)
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haha_were_having_so_much_fun_teehee.jpg (u)
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I_simply_like_exercise_thats_all_haha,_also_look_at_me_pls.jpg (u)
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Im_not_seeking_attention_please_believe_me.jpg (u)
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No_I_dont_do_this_to_attract_men.jpg (u)
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Are women aware that they exist for literally no other purpose other than to attract males with their sexy bodies and get impregnated? I believe most men are aware of it, but whenever we have a public social interaction with women we must pretend that the perky pair of tits and tight pussy in front of us is just a person like us. 

Come on, get fucking real. Everything on a woman's body exists to attract males. Attract them for what? Well for sex obviously. Surely, women, and I mean 80%+ women must be aware of this fact too right? Are they also pretending that they are just mere people instead of fuckholes? Or are they so incredibly dumb to think they are like men?

I think women know it too, all these dumb whores on social media are proof of it. They start at an early age, usually around 13 to 14. They post pictures of themselves in sexy poses, making sure what their tits, legs and asses are emphasised. Even the more "innocent" women do this, though I don't know if it is instinctively or not. They all want to show off. Why would a woman show off herself? To pretend that she doesn't do it to attract males to pound her is fucking stupid.
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femaleiq.jpg (u)
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>>58658 (OP) 
They know it and they were taught to hate it by feminism as a great inversion of values. But regardless they can't betray their nature.

They also love when a man is masculine, bad boy, confrontational, talks shit, even to her. Almost every single one. But tames it down a bit only for the woman so she feels special. Something women will never admit.

They hate when a man is a feminine aka betamale, good boy. What makes this passable is if he is over the average attractive, or has sufficient wealth and means but deep inside often they will view him as a joke, a means to an end if not a stepping stone. It's terrible but nothing about evolution and so evolutionary psychology applies to our contemporary morality or sensibilities because women are more animalistic than men.

Both examples have exceptions but they are more than not luck based(perfect match scenario).

Now thanks to jews and betas who are both feminine at heart society is gyno-centric, so women too and their infinite hypocrisy and relentless social gaming are given a free pass. 

This has also created an army of low quality sex starved "simp" who appeal to gynocentrism and who's goal like in the animal world is as a sneaker male sexual opportunist crashing the in the flesh sexual marketplace (dating apps) when confronted with higher selection pressure for men and pushing it higher. The most gross and crazed examples of  in degenerate gynocentristic society is sneaker males seen with the tranny cult where a man will actually disguise himself as a woman.

>Men want pussy
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Replies: >>59840
nigger, gynocentrism is a problem but in general that's at most a confidence problem, aside from that, women who follow that rat race are very socialized and is even more related to that type of society, it is obvious that biology can convey some aspects, but there's a point where someone likes confidence or masculinity and another being a drop down bitch who falls with retards (people that aren't logical at his own stake of survival and social construction, but imbeciles).

Obviously simping is wrong, but it is because it just makes a cycle instead of being a commandment of nature, even more when is very controlled to get some specific behavior through people to get them to follow a system.

Even more when a lot of those tests of iq are very flawed and used small studies or universities, even more when they have very controlled variables to match an specific model instead of showing results hand to hand

see: >>59798

I know that i can have some biases related to this kind of stuff, but i have lived on areas where this doesn't happen, i understand that social context from 1st world countries can change or skew those statistics, but aside from that i can use this as a rebuttal

Even then, children and sex aren't uncompatible or bad perse, it's more like the development of toxic relationships which can seem to show those problems on the f
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Replies: >>59845
having children*

just in case.
f7a44096f0e40fdf134933b1bad7fe0c88b36a8c2b6e36e6d69a70866a46e43f.jpg (u)
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You can drop the act. You're among friendly strangers.
What women don't appreciate is that they'd all be rape sponges but for the good graces of men and the laws we've made. They don't grasp that minus those two factors they'd either be permanently on their knees being used like sexual convenience stations until they're too old to be of use or else immediately consigned to fuggo island to while away their uglyfat days.

They don't get that minus societal niceties bullshit men would just clone the hottest of them so they had their own stable of bespoke ass to suit our capricious desires and the rest would be left as low as (talking) dogs.

92175028_p0.jpg (u)
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My life's the same exact thing everyday, I can't get alcohol or drugs. I'm really bored of this shit, how do you get an easy high? Don't care if it harms me.
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Dont sniff glue or gas kid, gives you brain damage real fast.
All squirt here has to do is smoke outside.

The best 100% legal needless high you can get is working out or having sex, I recommend lifting. If you dispute this you haven't worked out in your life or there's something wrong with your brain.
Replies: >>59823
Just go outside and enjoy the fresh air you quadruple nigger.
>The best 100% legal needless high you can get is working out or having sex
can confirm half of this statement as I've never had sex
>Carts would be perfect for OP.
good luck getting ahold of those outside of a country where weed is legal
>All squirt here has to do is smoke outside.
won't work if OP has extremely nosy parents that ask a million questions about every little thing that he does, even if he is an adult
Replies: >>59827
>good luck getting ahold of those outside of a country where weed is legal
Weed being illegal doesn't magically make it go away. It's just kept hush if snitches are around. Anyone can grow weed and make carts. Empty carts can be bought online and filled with concentrate. It's one of the most efficient ways of distributing weed. It's easy for people who don't smoke to get into, it's very portable, and it doesn't dry/expire as fast as herb. A single one of those carts can last a new stoner months. All you have to do is press a button and you're elevated.

Finding a plug sounds intimidating at first but once you start looking/acting like a stoner you'll have too many people trying to sell you weed. If there's a mystic place out there without weed then it's a gold mine and people would be rushing in to fill the void in the market.

c.jpg (u)
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Arabic coffee is the best coffee and none of you motherfuckers can prove otherwise.
Also "Turkish", "Greek" and "Balkan" coffee don't exist, these are all Arabic coffee and they are trying to claim it for themselves. Make no mistake, this marvellous drink is 100% pure Arabian. 

P.S~ French coffee is faggot shit
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1477956016166.gif (u)
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*pours moar banana into instant decaf coffee and vanilla and stevia* 

*drinks side by side with sleepytime tea with extra stevia* 

at the SAME time... and

jokerman_dancing.jpg (u)
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I drink only trash instant coffee and I love it.
Replies: >>59693
I only drink water
>>59587 (OP) 
>drinking dirty water
Shit tier Colombian and Brazilians make weak coffee there. I liked one brand from Costa Rica but it went out of business, so I buy mine from Panama

8da08c80ad500152d00b6890f115d16d855ce50b798dc451a4220acb6ef77835.jpg (u)
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It's true and you know it
Is this the spic from /v/ larping as a "hero"?
The guy who wins calls himself a hero in the end.

e39cccdf763ea7fdc336de38da1a58e9.jpg (u)
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I like my dreams so much more than real life. I hate waking up to the reality where I have no friends, when I had friends in the dream. It's like reading a good book, and then you never get to finish it or even read it again, and you will forget it in a day. I hope that when you die you get to live in a dream that never ends. That would be cool. This post is gay
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Got any good reality checks? I tried the finger stuff, but sometimes my hands are correct in dreams.
Replies: >>59680
if you wear a watch check your watch that one worked for me
I am scared to. I’m not OP, all my dreams I’ve had were nightmares or at the very least, unpleasant. There’s going to be a time where my chakras are aligned poorly on a day that I have a lucid nightmare and the daemons will use that as a way to manifest in my life, I don’t need that. I haven’t gotten my hands on any holy weapons/artefacts yet so I’d be defenseless
>>59658 (OP) 
>this post is gay
>ironically best thread on the board potentially 

There are entire dream boards on imageboards. Lainchan has a dream board.
Replies: >>59709

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21f2888056727d870cc7605fc53887f6883e309b8dba0e4ab8a2d1fc0b85e4b8.gif (u)
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21f2888056727d870cc7605fc53887f6883e309b8dba0e4ab8a2d1fc0b85e4b8.gif (u)
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21f2888056727d870cc7605fc53887f6883e309b8dba0e4ab8a2d1fc0b85e4b8.gif (u)
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21f2888056727d870cc7605fc53887f6883e309b8dba0e4ab8a2d1fc0b85e4b8.gif (u)
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This is a bully thread! Being nice is against the rules.
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shooom.jpg (u)
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You're a big dummy... and ugly... and, uh stoopid!
Replies: >>59469
2310d2c0eb0a89d7dde213216728d787fa55068c1dc02928836ebb117a02a433.jpg (u)
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y u say this
OP has a huge head. Can't walk through doors. He suks >:3
fuck off faggot, god you're lame
Just gonna park a little rant I wanted to say to a moron I met:

"Oi you fucking Frankentwat lumbering dickhead, learn what spacial awareness is ya goddamn thickwitted shit-for-brains, pay some a-fucking-ttention to where you AND OTHER PEOPLE ARE you monolith headed medical mistake. Either get the fuck out of the way and/or stay the fuck away from humans until you're able to move around without causing grief and injury with every other step, fucking stupid cunt, whoever let you out of your cage this morning wants their face chewing off by and angry rat. Eat a dick fuck you etc."

7a27aca16fa6493de21426c4dea8b9f23bad89674c88ad101e75f47728c7eb7b.gif (u)
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Asking here since /v/ is a shithole

Anyone know where I can downloads for Japanese-only games? I've been using Perfect Dark and Sukebei mainly but both of those have failed in finding me a particular few games. Does anyone have a good source for these types of items?
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>1 day old thread
>bumping it

I used to use emuparadise and romsmania but they died....so did the eye I think. Does vim have Nipponese? 

>checks for perfect dark
>only 1 version

Sorry op. Maybe the Emuparadise tampermonkey thing still works. It never did for me though hardly ever. 

// ==UserScript==
[code] // @name         EmuParadise Download Workaround - 1.0 possible language: json, relevance: 6
// @version      1.0
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>59678
yep I goofed it up

// UserScript
// @name         EmuParadise Download Workaround - 1.0
// @version      1.0
// @description  Replaces the download button link with a working one
// @author       Eptun
// @match        https://www.emuparadise.me/*/*/*
// @grant        none
// /UserScript

(function() {
    'use strict';

Message too long. View the full text
>the red text got it now

oh fucken well OP
Replies: >>59683
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (284.3KB, 400x320) Reverse
I was able to touch up the code, thanks anon. Unfortunately, emuparadise isn't going to have what I'm looking for. Pic related is what I need, it's for PC only.
doujinstyle had a bunch before it went to shit, I just checked and it looks like you they are hosting the links again

12245d2c688b6eb68c1c162280fe0576aa5543407687a1bcf7541544c648312d.gif (u)
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my girlfriend broke up with me after. four years
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Replies: >>59653 + 6 earlier
>wanting whores to come back
You're supposed to ignore them you fool.
Replies: >>56996
jesus_vs_thot.jpg (u)
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You don't have to be a normalfag to understand basic female nature, they are pretty simple creatures once you see them for what they truly are.
Think of them as animals, child-like or pets first and foremost and you are 75% of the way there, then think back to our primordial days of how they were gatherers and we were hunters, they are biologically predispositioned to be nurturers of the tribe and its children, not us men.
Men are the hunters, the builders, the providers, not something to be nurtured and taken care of, that's what women see children as instead, if you try to fuck up the roles female's nature will come out and set things straight.
OP is nothing but a fucking manchild to his woman now and that's not hot at all, unless if shes a pedophile, but unfortunately OP is too big and old to be a shota.

If she comes running back to OP it doesn't man he has to accept her.
If she's desperate enough to go back to OP he should just block her out of his life, there is no need to put up with the disrespect of your girl leaving you like that.
>>56745 (OP) 
you are gay, Mr. normalfaggot
Men crave companionship. We conflate this with attraction to the opposite sex, but that's just instincts to breed and keep the species afloat. You'd feel better if men's social circles weren't constantly getting infiltrated and/or attacked. Then you could just choose a woman for her maternal merits and not give a fuck about companionship.
>she ended it because she said I'm going nowhere in life after getting fired from my job
So she just admits right in your face that she didn't love you as a person but just regarded you as a walking ATM. Did you learn anything? Probably not.

sleeping.png (u)
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how do I stop dreaming about my relatives getting murdered and start dreaming about fucking my waifu with olive oil?
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how big?
Replies: >>59646
cool32.jpg (u)
(21.7KB, 250x250) Reverse
as big as a borges 500ml bottle of extra virgin of olive oil
Replies: >>59660
>extra virgin
Not for long.
Replies: >>59662
Hands off. I have a wife.
Learn how to induce lucid dreams and do shadow work.

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