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all me tbh
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gg nigger

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Very nice.
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>>12628 (OP) 

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With this method you will be able to get anything from https://keys4coins.com/ completely for free. The site is a legit website selling stuff for cryptos, butI have found this massive exploit that you can get literally any product that is available for sale on Keys4Coins including Game Codesand Gift Cards

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Latest Update
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Yeah haha how about you post the contents of you "guide" into the chat instead of making me click url's?

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Would it be helpful to teach yourself to believe in some kind of gods who are judging your actions, to help motivate yourself to stop being a loser and work on productive things? Like imagine genuinely believing that whenever you're sitting on the computer without pants on and posting anime images on imageboards instead of doing something productive with your time, Odin is looking down at you with a face like pic related. Seems like it would motivate you to work towards things.

I mean all the great civilizations of the past, historical architecture and renaissance artwork that are still unsurpassed were all made under the belief that god was real. Even TempleOS, an operating system with some innovative features made by a single person, a feat that nobody else is able to reproduce, was made by someone who believed that it was god's command.
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>>12272 (OP) 
Gods don't work that way. Thats like saying you should love some random  woman because people in history did crazy things for love.  In the end, the girl they loved is not a woman you can just procure.  Nether is any god. And much in the same way that the woman doesn't exist so men can be driven to do things, nether does any god.

What is a god?  If youre a total faggot you'd probably say that god is some sort of cope for stupid people who don't understand things like >>12312. But if you look at it a bit more rationally gods are a personification of a metaphysical idea, and one you already cared about.  What is the most good?  Its like how you have a perfect square, it doesn't exist but you can reason it does, then you do that with other ideas and then you personify it.  You could say a the ultimate square wouldn't let it self have angles less than 90, since its perfect.   Like that you can make similar claims for gods.  Even though  >>12312  would claim that theres no evidence for squares having any feelings of any kind or that they could stop anything from happening. Look trapezoids exist, your square god is retarded!

Point is, for a god to be any sort of driving factor in your life you had to already care about the thing.
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>>12272 (OP) 
>wanting to blame the sky dragons on your mistakes

Oh huzzah!
>>12272 (OP) 
Certainly we're 'naked and open to Him with whom we have to do' to quote scripture OP. Everything you say and do -- everything you think -- is completely obvious to the entire spiritual domain.

So yea, if like men of every age, that motivates you to excellence in this life then certainly go for it!
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>not a woman you can just procure.
I agree with your point though.
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>>12272 (OP) 
>to help motivate yourself to stop being a loser and work on productive things
No you only self improve though working on it. Even after you become a lot stronger strife is still there.

>I want to understand what God is about
Read Jung

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vpn_support · Wiki · tails / blueprints · GitLab

What we don't want

Some users have requested support for VPNs in Tails to "improve" Tor's
anonymity. You know, more hops must be better, right?. That's just
incorrect -- if anything VPNs make the situation worse since they
basically introduce either a permanent entry guard (if the VPN is set
up before Tor) or a permanent exit node (if the VPN is accessed
through Tor).

Similarly, we don't want to support VPNs as a replacement for Tor
since that provides terrible anonymity and hence isn't compatible with
Tails' goal.

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Combining Tunnels with Tor

It is possible to combine Tor with tunnels like VPNs, proxies and SSH. The traffic can be sent through both Tor and the second tunnel, in either order. However, this is an advanced topic and appropriate only for special cases. Adding a second connection does not automatically improve security, but it will add significant complexity. The potential positive or negative effects on anonymity are being controversially debated. On the balance of the evidence VPNs should be avoided, and these same arguments could be made against other tunnels too.

The improper combination of Tor and another service may actually degrade a user's security and anonymity. These configurations are difficult to set up and should only be attempted by advanced users. For the vast majority of Whonix ™ users, using Tor in isolation – without a VPN or proxy – is the correct choice.

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Why do some people use Tor with VPN? It just proves that they're retarded.
Combining Tunnels with Tor

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How many gayops does it take to kill off smug and 8blacked?
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It would be easy for an insider. Get to their circlejerk IRC cabals and sow discord/distrust. Autists like them are easy to suspicion, and once they turn on eachother, they’ll bring the site down with them.
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>trannies bickering each other
that’s just plain unacceptable
show us how you do it then instead of barking nonsense like the smug retard you are.

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Why does rule 2 even exist? Non-CP sexualized pictures of children are legal. 
>inb4 d-die pedo!
It's not okay to just delete everything you don't like.
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(Internet slang, anime, imageboards) 3-Dimensional Pig Disgusting – denotes that two dimensions are superior to three-dimensional reality.
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did you have a stroke?
Can you niggers just go to one of the thousands of imageboards that discuss kiddy diddling on a regular basis and nobody else pays attention to?
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Isn't this one of them? I was told this was one of them.
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It's not.

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How to use I2P

Install I2P from Google Play Store

Use I2P Web Browser (embedded web browser) or Firefox

Connect to an eepsite (.i2p address)

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i2p address eepsites

>jewgle play store
Freenet is inferior to Tor.
Lokinet is superior to Tor.

How about I2P when it comes to comparing it to Lokinet?
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Im not familiar with Loki. Mind giving an explanation?
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Anonymity and resistance to censorship!

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What do the ziggers think of dippity dopper's imageboard reviews?
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Reminder that pasta is hellbent on removing child open and spoiler lewd on /v/ but turns a blind eye to /interracial/ on the webring page.
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Replies: >>12392
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Reminder that not only are you a pedo, you're also a filthy phoneposter a pedo thus your opinions are worth less than fecal matter.
Faggots are smelly child molesters
literally who

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where are the burger :D :D
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>>12357 (OP) 
>where are the burger :D :D
US Capitol secured, 5 burgers dead after rioters stormed the halls of Congress to block Biden's win
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burgers = Americans
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>>12357 (OP) 
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where's the pickles and the cheese? fuck mcdonald's I'm never shopping there again!!!
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