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Sometimes I rip my frenulum when I'm restoring my foreskin.
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Judeo-Christian sexual practices are the work of the devil.
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I don't think foreskin restauration is physically possible.


real necrobumping hours.

that guy's dad taught him well
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I want to fuck toga
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shit taste

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Oekaki board sounds fun but there ain't no oekaki, so paint thread. 

Post shit drawings and funpost through them.
Treat it as oekaki though, no layers or fancy editing tools.
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me.png (u)
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1ea6921433f138557374492fd77437a1678c39d4ab45d46f3889c410cb9372cd.png (u)
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Just your usual Asian rock genocide, nothing to see here. But what does he say?
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I found it really cute actually
Muh cute girls!

6df2eec723d2bf3da3d426c4fa7a4920f1a49f50bdbb6b45f518658143ff1dc8.jpg (u)
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>develop whitepilled /fit/ mindset and force myself to think positively and confidently
>it works and I'm high energy and hardly ever depressed 
>go on date with girl I met on dating app
>kiss on first date
>we continue talking on the app, talking about plans to meet again
>about a week later, she just stops responding 
>send another message after 2 days since I figure she just had a busy weekend
>her responses are cold and short
>ask her if she still likes me
<You know, I do like you and we have a lot in common, but I don't know of we should continue dating. Just my thoughts 
>instantly lose all confidence I built up since then and can no longer think positively
How can I keep happiness internal when women treat me like shit no matter how hard I work on myself?
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Don't give up, Op, you don't want to end up being a hopeless case like these losers here
You're the one doing damage control, babyboy.
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Lol, there's real incels here? 
Do you guys  know that majority of people on imageboards only LARP as incels for meme reasons, right?
Next time I'll write a nice text LARPing as an incel coping, it's always fun tbqh.
elvis.png (u)
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I'm sure you would love it, brown kike, but nope.

1625554925616.jpg (u)
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4chan just got it's own IQ test captcha and people are absolutely seething at it. The idea is that you need to use the slider below the captcha to find a position where it's readable.
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Some cuckchannel mods are very nosy and will sell you out if they see fitting.
that's a definition you just came up with, incels are majorly self-ascribed 
>same incel keep writing walls of text in almost all threads to cope
totally not reddit or tranny tier
>hate trannies
The absolute state of americanmutt trannies.
lmao calm down champion sorry ur not white

5.jpg (u)
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I am the King of the niggers. All brownskins bow down before me.
king_joe_monitors_his_slaves.jpg (u)
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Step aside for the TRUE king
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wtf I love Joe Biden now!
Now this is what I call a quality thread.

coconut-grove-tropical-tiny-island-32385639.jpg (u)
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I had this horrible dream last night about building a staircase out of coconut wood, then I started eating out this girl, whoa, it was hot and almost made me coom but I thankfully woke up before I camed. Whoa!
good thing it was a dream premarital sex is a sin
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Yeah whoa! Imagine laying in the same bed as a wench and violating the sanctity of God, your man cherry and her pure body. Whoa!
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whoa you dodged a bullet there, dude, congrats

soyface.gif (u)
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hq720.png (u)
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Fear the Soyface
scream.jpg (u)
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Hi Zach
>>45788 (OP) 
It is if they are unhinging their jaw as far as possible to put the largest penis humanly possible in their mouths.

Cool_looking_burl_on_a_tree_on_the_Winner_Creek_Gorge_trail_(3824403960).jpg (u)
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Fucking supermarket didn't have any lemonade so I've opted to drink 2.4L of orange jews.
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gonna go and click hide now
wepp.png (u)
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>You're just retarded something tells me and the reason I stopped going to this site.

What in the hell?
I've been here longer than you have, herd nigger.
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that's a qt piggy
me_watching_you_do_gay_retard_stuff.gif (u)
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I'm a 'herd nigger' for not liking dildofag?

amerika.jpg (u)
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mericafockyeah.png (u)
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ameriCAN.png (u)
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murica.jpg (u)
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4th of July muthafuckas
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74cb99e6a6bb09a7ae3741313ad1213cd423f77caf945e7bf0cf66e7f146418a.jpg (u)
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>still spamming your collection of shitty cuckchan memes 3 days after
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Chemically_smug.jpg (u)
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I like your taste in smug anime grills. Post more.
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48d87d53e51c3d3e42b35ec77dc1594b4b18b31215b5df02e3a113627fec8e7a.jpg (u)
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InAmerica.png (u)
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laughing_gabe.jpg (u)
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Very nice anime grill, here is mine.

image.jpg (u)
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>hurtcore is real
>hurtcore isreal
>hurtcore israel

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