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I am excited when I see the phrase "dead aliens." They have caused a lot of pain. 

Starting with heavy metal poisoning to be forced to watch a movie about a guy and some aliens with that metal, my kidneys have been on fire since 2014. The kidneys have never recovered because starting in 2015 I had no choice but to drink caffeine and hydration powders to get rid of the head pain and lethargy. Which have both now rotted my teeth. 

The alien dream psychic attack that paralyzes my body and head from moving in order to inflict telepathy pain, has caused nerve damage, pain, and loss of strength in my hand, arm, and has injured my hip on several occasions. No body is designed to hurt itself while sleeping. In addition, the continuous paralysis has deprived me of 7 years of proper hydration during wake cycles. Several years of painkiller and acid beverage use has now created an ulcer or some sort of stomach damage. Continuous alien dream psychic attack becomes a cascade of complications and physical torture.

I have not slept since 2015. 

Its brilliant: Major kidney damage then thousands of perpetual headaches with sleep deprivation and duration control, the proofless soft kill, and the human system is kept in a state of excitotoxicity, pain, non-healing, and after awhile, all systems break, complications inevitably occur due to perpetual remedy caused by perpetual etheric infliction. Making sure that nothing of the body improves with sleep, and the financial-medical syste
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The real story is that aliens never left, theyve disguised as humans, they walk among us, they mark and abduct, they target and cause pain, they kill humans and dump babies on mountains, they have bases underground and the entire moon. 


The aliens that telepathically "allow" the drip-feeding story to unfold, are basically bullshitting you. 

Everyone knows what the story is, because they put 1 nugget in every science-fiction movie... it a technique called Predictive Programming. Now that youre accustomed to the idea, they think you won't be shocked when its revealed as true.
And afterall its over, they aint gonna say i was a good bitch, that I got brainbody raped, the feeling of being overtaken and subdued and dominated by alien mental powers. They aint gonna say thanks bitch, we refined our technique every month, every day against you, we got to fuckup your life invisibly using a thousand different aliens, so when we reveal disclose, we can do this easier to thousands of humans with even less aliens, thansk for being our bitch, fuck you fuck your life forever, we forver altered it, now you know in every action you can be paranoid you can know that something outside of your usual realm is absolutely beyond your control, we inflicted so much control youve been spun into a different life trajectory, because fuck you, we get ours, we got our game plans, we got to refine how we control, you get nothing out of that entire decade but a destruction of all you hold, of what really matters to you, you get nothing from it, you get loss, stagnation, dominated rape.

Everyday the aliens put me down deeper so they can inflict the dream psychic attack pain. Everyday all aliens in the universe know whats going on here, everyday all aliens in the universe know what the aliens here are doing to me, everyday they cause me pain, control my life, control where i go, what i do, when i do it, how long i sleep, sleep deprived, head and eyes in pain, and i can feel the delicious satisfaction of the alien that submerges my sleeping body to paralysis so it can inflict d
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Im sure the aliens have calculated this predicament (I did when I watched the movie). I have to surprise myself by blowing my brains out.

The control will never stop. Theyll only go into even more stealth mode. Ive been denied an even playing field in simply the human realm.

You see, with this experiment, it is my life goal to kill as many aliens as possible. I will do it. I have the will to do it. It would bring me Completion, Closure, a Spiritual Need. There is no doubt I will try, and there is no doubt I will kill one or ten of them. It is inevitable.

After dealing with aliens heres how they would play that out: With a lifespan of 250,000 years, theyll "understand," and forgive me. 10 years later, I am gifted with age-reversal and longevity, because I am Special. Aww, isnt that nice, wow the aliens are standup sports, even after I had one tied to a chair and hammered it into hamburger. And then theyll wait another decade. Then theyll capture me and torture me for 10 decades. Because that is how they operate.

They know, more than the NPCs know, that pain is worse than death.

So you see dear reader, I dont have a choice, there is absolutely none in this game, and it would be absolutely stupid to makeup an illusionary choice. They put me in a position that I have to kill aliens, it is my life goal, my highest action, the most pinnacle thing I can ever do. And to prevent my eventual capture and torture, I also have to blow my brains out, quick and to the point, git er done, check out.

They could make me king of the world, with special brain powers, tons of money and snatch, guess what, none of that is adequate compensation for this, and indeed, its inconsequential compensation, because they got out of it something thats a hundred times more valuable than what I got out of it, the methods, the system, the greased gears for the 2023+ human operations, the paralysis, the dream psychic attack frequency duration distance bandwidth imagery sidechannel, how to control the body, control the eyes and attention, control the thought feeling emotion, control what others around the target say and do, control the radio and music, control when in front of commercials or shows, know tomorrows news, how to control these computers, how to be in online culture, how to sway the hearts and minds of the non-targets. Can world respect and a fuckton of gold give me any of that capability? No, none, zero.

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The aliens dont have the problem of aliens.

Aliens aint abducting aliens. Aliens dont have a spaceship moon parked outside alien planets. Aliens dont have secret bases on an alien planet.

The "relationship" gulf between humans and aliens is 10 times bigger than that gulf between aliens and aliens. Yeah so what some aliens got better tech, some other aliens have lesser brain powers, psh whatever. 

The aliens control this place. The aliens control how slow and how much, humans are to know of aliens.

Youre all radios picking-up a signal: there are no aliens, people who say they interact with aliens are crazed, the moon is natural, keep paying taxes goy. 

Whats stupid is that the "non-believers" mind has it so hard, they go haywire when confronted with this type of information. Why is that? Its not changing facts, its not re-writing history, its not costing them money, its not causing them pain. Its simply adding on to the thing they think is the world, and if theyre not absolute niggers they might take heed of it, maybe even think, this could occur to me or my family later, I will consider it, strange information as it might be, its certainly not the first information of that type, hmm.

The NPCs that go haywire, deep down they dont want any of this to be true because theyve been left out. Of what? Of getting paralyzed, body raped, mind controlled, life sabotaged, put in pain, and left holding the bill? They should consider themselves the lucky plebeians.

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>silvergazte bank btfo
>silicon valley bank btfo
>signature bank btfo
>credit suisse btfo
guys the banks are crashing with no survivors, what do i do
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>But isn't this panic just what is being pushed by the system?
>Won't this crisis be used to further consolidate power among the too-big-to-fail banks...

>Chief Administrative Officer at SVB(bankrupt)
>former CFO for Lehman Bros(bankrupt)
apparently very good at his job ;-)

>over the past decade
long con been going on for a lot longer then that
Replies: >>137974 >>137975
leave it to a gentile to fuck up the banks, only God's Chosen People should be running them :)
why is this old cunt in charge of anything
Replies: >>137979
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>Mr. Gentile.
>why is this old cunt in charge of anything
Someone has to keep the Gentiles of this world in line.
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>>137939 (OP) 
>guys the banks are crashing with no survivors, what do i do
Buy salmon, or tuna if you prefer then cook it. Also maybe some freeze dried food and MRE's if your that parnoid and are completely hopeless and can't raise a vegetable garden or hunt for shit.

So long as your fiat gets you food then use it till it crashes.

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How about trained rats or large insects to steal jewelry from stores?
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Replies: >>138012
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Nice rat trips!
Replies: >>138034
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Can insects even be trained?
Replies: >>138032
a bee can
>50bmg ratshot

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I'm tired, I'm almost 30. I feel lonely and want to meet people but everyone sucks. I want to do things but I need money to do things, "get a job" you say, but all jobs are soul sucking underpaid slavery disguised as a job, "you should've studied hard and gotten a STEM degree" you say, but what if I don't like STEM? I never envisioned being an engineer as a child. Then again my parents never cared to find out what I really wanted to do and never had me express myself. I noticed this pattern whenever I read Wikipedia pages of famous successful people, they always have a part that says "his parent sent him to X school/got him private lessons of X at age 7 because he liked that growing up" and they built their career off of that which they liked. By contrast, my parents parked me in front of video games by age 3, divorced when I was 5, and never raised me past yelling at me for liking the things I liked, like video games, which they introduced me to, instead of encouraging me to make something off of it, or probing me for other interests. And then some 20 years later they're still doing the same, nagging me about not having a job, a social life, friends, whatever and calling me a failure.
I'm certainly resentful towards them but I understand it's not entirely their fault for failing at parenting. Their failures are but a symptom rooted in the demoralization of the west, it stems from their parents not teaching them how to raise children and society's values becoming more and mo
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Replies: >>138020
You've got to take control of your own life, anon. Since you aren't a STEMnigger, what are you good at that you can use to develop a profession?
>>138010 (OP) 
lol images 

i concur
Replies: >>138053
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>I'm a lazy fat fuck who hasn't done a single productive thing in my life and will never accept the responsibility of my in/actions

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Liru loves us and wants us to be happy!  I want to convert to Liruism!
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Why do you love Liru, Lirufag?
Replies: >>137341
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Liru is love.  Liru is life!  Praise Liru.
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Liru is ticklish?
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your parents sold you down the river, as did mine.
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Replies: >>138015
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Why does some nigger always have to bring numales wherever he goes?
Those faggots make my blood boil, what a way to kill a thread.

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What the fuck is there to do on the internet? I have about two hours to kill on a weekday and I'm so fucking BORED. If I were at my pc I could find a few things to do, but since I am forced to browse on my phone on a workday, I can hardly find a thing to do. I try to be somewhat productive and read the news or something, but it's the same thing every day. Can't really do anything here because it's pretty slow. How do you cunts kill time?
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literally just read a book
its not hard
>implying zoomer
>insulting the webring 

I'm stating a fact. I'm likely not going to receive a response on my breaks.
>>137980 (OP) 
There's "nothing to do" on the Internet because you're not doing anything. It used to be that anons, and Internet denizens as a whole, would create things, make OC, stuff that would be cool, cute, sexy, weird, interesting, or sometimes just plain shit, but at least things were made.
Post sojaks
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>>137980 (OP) 
>I have about two hours to kill
watch hundreds of consecutive unrelated 15 second tik tok videos, such joy.

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the webring really is dead now. Virtually no one posts anywhere anymore.
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Replies: >>137992 + 11 earlier
Why are you asking for any proofs, you huge faggot retarded? I bet you love kikes and niggers.
Replies: >>136658
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Haha! I just tricked you into explaining me what shadowbanning is. Thanks, SUCKER!!!
Replies: >>136663
Kys Eden.
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>implying facial chemistry actually improves with age
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>>127065 (OP) 
The biggest strength of the webring is also it's biggest weakness. Would you prefer 8Chin tier bot spam and Summerfag redditor hordes?
Just be thankful it isn't a total mess OP, you can't have it all.

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Is sumo a good martial art?
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Replies: >>137915 + 4 earlier
>>129729 (OP) 
>is golf good for fencing :S
Replies: >>137944
better than sitting on your ass and eating potato chips for 10 years
Replies: >>137952
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>is living a very long shitty life better than having a fun fast one?
poor ryu just wants someone to be worthy.....they all fall so easily
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I used to hate soyjaks aswell. Then i came to like them. I dont get it. They (party) is the only imageboard that creates OC and actually feels alive. What other imageboard creates OC and raids and such things.
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YOU should really get it checked out by a doctor then, then, you mentally handicapped imbecile. You can't even follow the thread because you're too busy being offended by your nigger soyjak posting ass being outed as a retard.
Replies: >>137101
I'm guessing you never went to a doctor then.
Replies: >>137116
I told you he told me to kill you. Let us know where you are, I'm great at skinning and I'd love to deglove that hideous face if yours while you're forced to watch with a mirror.
They're not that funny.

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