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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

 Dress to impress!

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Are any of you certified SCUBA divers or have stories about diving?
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Isn't it a really bad idea to dive around seals?
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I don't fucking know lol.
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You could be a neet in here.
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Where do you shit though?
Replies: >>198024

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The blind lead the blind and they both go to hell.

You know there's videos with tens of millions of views about "Biblical angels" and they show these scary eye monsters. Of course nowhere in the Bible is any angel every described as a scary monster looking thing. They are always described as looking just like men. And yet, millions of people believe otherwise and I have met such a one and it's.... you see, I was trying to explain to him the "biblical angel" stuff is fake, and it's like he couldn't comprehend it. You look up biblical angel and get videos with millions of views and comments like "wow yeah this makes sense."  So it's like well how can this be wrong?

Or you know I've seen something where "Cats aren't mentioned in the Bible because the ancient Jews didn't want their religion to be similar to Egypt." Or something and they say these things as facts with these awesome presentations... the Bible does mention cats... so.

Now if little things like these can float around, what false information of a heavy nature flies? And who will base their view of relaity and the universe on false information?
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And I would say even further NOT to even mention or quote from anything else Biblical unless it is dorectly related to Jesus. Only when they ask "Well what does the Bible say about blah blah blah." or "Well Israel did this in the Bible!
That is when more stuff may be brought up.

I'm quite excited with this revelation... that I'm posting on this porn website for no reason. Genuinly from now on, I will only speak about Jesus.... and vtubers.... wait... no just Jesus.... I will not bring up other things until people ask.

Because Jesus solves all the issues. And then WHEN someone says "Well aren't angels weird monsters or doesn't the Bible say to beat your wife." or whatever some question about archeology science history HA THENNNN and only then will we move to that. Okay.

I'm actually excited. I am very excited. Oooh yes. This is the last thing I will ever say publically that isn't Jesus first.
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Thanks for reminding me, I watched this video a couple years ago and found it funny as fuck.
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he looks so fucking lost and uncomfortable trying his best to be polite as the jap goblin shrills in his ears. this is a premium video.
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Do you think she sent him her nudes?
>retard shitskin gets a board
>still pushes brainrotted kikery on b anyway

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FBI LEAKS.zip 1.09 GB Download


CIA LEAK.zip 4 Gb




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Is it just me or this looks like the same template as the CP spam?
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What group would have a bigger and more complete repository of cheese pizza than the group tasked at removing it from the internet?

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Having a cup of tea.
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Not everyone who drinks tea or coffee is caffeine dependent.
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>ctrl+f (you) on previous zonzthread
>139 matches
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Awake. Got strawberry milk.
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have you tried stick milk? lmao
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Having tea.

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Last one >>160682 is bumplocked and on its way out. /b/ would be all the poorer without one of these, so here you go.

No means yes, yes means anal.
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So I came across this programmer's resume. It was quite impressive. But on twitter, he has a tranny flag and sure enough, it turned out that he identifies as female. How come someone who is expert on computers and programming is so out of touch with reality especially when it comes to human biology?
Replies: >>197881 >>197898
This is nothing new, a huge portion of tech "people" are trannies.
The reason is autism. >>192054
You don't have to have a strong grip on reality to program. Terry Davis was literally insane and he built his own OS from the ground up by himself.
I used SauceNAO on that picture and found this anime https://anidb.net/anime/8642
I'm not particularly into zombies or necrophilia or /monster/shit or whatever, but the premise sounds interesting (and the zombie girl herself seems to mostly have a normal appearance anyway).
Is it possible to get strong enough to literally tear skin off of someone with just your bare hands and no aid from a premade cut? I randomly thought of that scene from Roadhouse where the guy tears another dude's throat out and it made me wonder about gripping onto someone's arm or leg and piercing into the flesh with just your fingers. I don't mean some superficial scratch but actually breaking through skin and into muscle.

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would ricegum be allowed in a hapa ethnostate?
I guess, asians do love rice so you might as well make gum out of it.

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Columbine was 25 years ago today.
Post your School Shooting related content.

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>>197948 (OP) 
wads bears' faec for :DDD
wadd's goig on on da image :DDDDDD
i neds tu knogs :-DDDDDDDD

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How would you define the difference between e-celeb, mini e-celeb, and micro e-celeb?
Replies: >>197940
>>197939 (OP) 
I'd just call them all e-celebs.

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wassup nigga
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Excuse me please put the sheet back down I sleep naked.
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Hello I want to fuck you up the ass.

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