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Discord is the natural evolution of imageboard culture.
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nobody cares schizo
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>He's not a schizo
>t. fag who doesn't practice what he preaches
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Call me hypocrite all you want, I won't kill myself
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Doesn't matter as you're a spic who's gonna get killed in your little shithole soon enough either way.

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It has come to my attention there is an increasing resentment of normal people disdain on this board. 
I ask that you desist your bitter jealousy at once.

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That feel when no gf
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back to 4cuck
>>49400 (OP) 
Get a hobby
Feels good
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>tfw never had a gf
>tfw wizard
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is fapping a hobby?
So a crab?

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I am the King of the niggers. All brownskins bow down before me.
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Step aside for the TRUE king
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wtf I love Joe Biden now!
Now this is what I call a quality thread.
can you reopen the pool if you're king?

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I wish I had a topkek, why wasn't I born a filthy turkroach bros?
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This is now a nice thread.
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Krautchan-tier thread. 2/10 apply yourself.
are dubs nice?

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Has anyone used fake reference services such as careerexcuse? I want to move to Japan to be a remote software developer but I can't be assed to earn a degree to get real experience. 

I figure they give visas to working professionals (10+ year exp.), I can just pay some pajeet 200 dollars to say I have been a software developer for the past 7 years.
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This has not been true for me. I learned to code at a young age and struggled to find a job without a degree. Mind you, my portfolio wasn't that great but it's hard to find actual fruitful projects to work on by your own volition. And being a gamedev, 99% of the projects I worked on, I never finished, but I still had a few projects on my GitHub
The way I got my job is first getting my foot in the door in an IT position and then networking my way into a coding role. Most companies trashed my resume the very second they CTRL+F'd my resume and couldn't find any results for "degree". 
Maybe if you live in a high tech area like Silicon Valley you can get away with it, but in areas where there are more programmers than there are programming jobs it's a real struggle.
I can't stop laughing at that image.
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the source is funnier
Replies: >>49966
Yes I have sen both anime shows and have the manga downloaded too.
>sub but he's speaking Engrish


Make like a tree and leave.

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Dumping the best fetish, sprinkling in bits of the purest fetish as well (sholicon). Feel free to join me.
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And that's it. This artist makes some beautiful pure doujins. His other famous work concerns a shota and Suwako. Can post that later.

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>it goes down
>no one even talks about it

Further evidence that imageboards died and you zoomers are basically ticktok watching retards that love censorship and safe places, of which is why you try to turn al imageboards into cringey right winger havens of course.
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fun fact: neither of them contain any fat
another fun fact: Mountain Dew has more sugar than Dr. Pepper, making it less healthy
yet another fun fact: the can of Dr. Pepper I'm holding in my hand has only 25g of sugar, but it was produced in Poland, so I guess they have different mixtures of sodas around the world.
Replies: >>49905
Based on the black label color and the cherries printed on it I think its safe to say that's not a regular "Dr. Pepper" but a variant.
Replies: >>49907 >>49912
yes, it's cherry Dr Pepper, but the regular one has the same nutritional value.
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thank you captain obvious
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if they actually did something it'd be lolworthy, but boomers can't into revolution and nothing happened

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I would like a thread dedicated to imageboard memories you can remember. 
Screencaps are welcome too. 

>99chan's /b/ 
>somewhere around the year 2012-2013 
>an anon proclaims his love for his mother 
>dedicates himself to getting a blowjob from dear mums 
>thread goes hysterical 
>weeks go by as the anon prepares himself for the confrontation 
>records the audio 
>links an upload into the thread 
>someone saved it to m-less 
>99chan dies a slow death some time later
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I probably have some, but they are in the mess of directory, I can't be bothered to sort.
Replies: >>46884
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Motherless never fails to deliver

God, I hate normalniggers so fucking much, it's unreal. Pic related.
For every time some neurotypical calls us spergs pedos I'm gonna masturbate to (perfectly legal pictures of) little girls
we(1).jpg (u)
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Apparently there already is a thread with screencaps, should've checked the catalogue
Spoiler File (u)
(117.6KB, 481x361)
I think I have the next screencap for the thread he was talking about right here I'm spoiling this shit since it's incredibly fucking gory, even for /b/ standards.

0e9c24bf9e364da7a26867bed673d746ca21be6419c8c46a8ac83c6559201ce6.jpg (u)
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733623b4e7a012b755d8213a6f14a115979e8c6919c0ac9722450a982f0e08ab.jpg (u)
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ac05d96c425e6789f6dbeb9ae16885a2.jpg (u)
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These 2 bit greentext threads suck, post some greenskin cock goblin
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filtered thread
Replies: >>45916
Iseriouslyhopeyouguysdon'tchoosethispath.png (u)
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>announcing filtering a thread.

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