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>record yourself stealing a car and running people over and upload it to the internet 
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Replies: >>167702 + 3 earlier
>"I only ever post to call people dumb"
still jew innit?
>>167623 (OP) 
They recorded it because they know they will be out in a couple days anyways. They will face no consequences
>blacks don't go to jail
and yet nigger males are 66 percent incarcerated in the US

where is that, brittain? Archive.is is hard to get working.
Replies: >>167711 >>167759
>driving on the french side of the road
>where is that, brittain?

>zero tolerance is so stuipd
The solution is not to put them in jail the solution is to catapult them back to africa where they belong.
It's las Vegas niggers can do whatever they like and get released the next day

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Are they just a placebo?
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Normalfags want to feel awake in our reality. Who'd have thunk abnormalfags would hate uppers?
I drank one before only once. I fell asleep in plublic that day at a subway. This was when I was in college about 15 years ago maybe.... but yeah, it was a monster and it tasted bad and did not make me stay awake. They just want you to be sick, big pharma strikes again. 

all according to cake cock jew
>You don't understand addiction
if you can properly function without [thing] you aren't addicted to [thing] 
and if you can't you are 
it's that simple 
>You don't accidentally get hooked on opiates
i read lots of stories about people fucking up their jaw getting codeine prescribed to numb the pain and then there's a slippery slope to oxycodone and morphine overdose  
almost all fat fucks and super old ladies are addicted to opiates because of the constant pain they feel due to their bodies rotting away 
i am sure sometime somewhere some fag ran out of kratom and started coping with withdrawals using tramadol and then he eventually started accumulating tolerance and binging on even harder opioids 
probably not heroin ofc 
you seen the prices? 
shit is insane  
>there is no heroin vending machine down the street
those are called "pharmacies" 
getting a prescription is piss easy 
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>"touch grass"
into the trash dot pee in gee
Replies: >>167739
stay in your mom's basement then

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I like tummies. I like tummies.
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>I don't mind blocky physiques so long as they still have hip curvature, not everyone is perfect anyway.
No, that picture is a GOLEM (from Terraria). What I meant is that you are a golem for liking 3DPD.
Replies: >>167724
Are you a neo-gnostic?
Replies: >>167726
Replies: >>167731
Because you're either a victim of mating with an attractive doll as government thinktanks and rabbit cullers intended, or I just must be a soulless nigger for still finding real females attractive in a cumbrain knuckledragger manner instead of drawn females exclusively and you instead of me shall ascend past the archon with your waifu.
Replies: >>167734
Can you write in English?

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Last thread >>130770 bumplocked, so here's the new one, again.
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Cleaned the sink and bathtub today. Killed a fly that's been bothering me. Then I ate a ton of noodles and rice, and now I feel overfilled. I'm not used to this feeling. Might be stress eating. I was practically starving most days when I was living with my parents, not really by choice though.

Tomorrow's cagie session is going to be shit. Mondays are always the worst. They want to add a lot more work to my pile soon. It's a bitter pill, but I feel stuck with it for now while I'm building my savings back up. Hoping that I'll get a promotion out of it down the line.

Might have to prod the heating guys again tomorrow, to get them off their asses.

Yeah, moving the house seems like a bad idea. Expensive and risky as well. I'll probably look to sell it within a few years, but I'm not sure what would come after that. I've felt rather unfulfilled in my life up to this point. Maybe I'll find something that will change that soon.
Replies: >>167598 >>167651
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You're motivating me to resume fixing up my shitpile. I hit a wall in terms of progress when I tore up the shitty carpet in the main room and got sick for a week from god knows what was in the dust that came out of it. If you ever have to tear up old carpet wear a respirator and use one of those plug in air filters.
>Yeah, moving the house seems like a bad idea. Expensive and risky as well
According to multiple realtors I interacted with while searching for my house they all said it's probably one of the worst things you can do, it really jostles the framing, especially if it's an older home, and there's no guarantee whoever moves it won't fuck it up in some other ways and not tell you about it in which case you probably won't find out until it's too late to sue their asses. Plus when you're trying to sell it it will be hard for potential buyers to get financing because most lenders typically don't like handing out loans for something that has a good chance of imploding without making the borrowers jump through multiple potentially very pricey hoops.
If you have the skills to pull it off it would be better to just build your own small house on a plot of land and expand on it from there. I sure as hell don't but I'm learning as I go with this one.
>I'm not sure what would come after that. I've felt rather unfulfilled in my life up to this po
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Why not just wait for some decent Indie game to get sold for literal pennies come next whenever the fuck they have a sale? If you use a VPN address in say Serbia or whatever you can get games even cheaper. Also I personally would ever even consider using Wingblows 7 in an air-gaped machine with the wifi card physically removed knowing that just this year alone Microsoft has had several security breaches and half of them being their own incompetent fuckups no less so of course it's gonna be even worse for an OS that gets zero security updates, I really can't blame the king of fat gay furries for not wanting to touch that shit, imagine trying to fix a destroyed bridge with band-aids, it's just not gonna work.

>Then I ate a ton of noodles and rice, and now I feel overfilled.
Your gut doesn't like being overwhelmed by to much processed grains, in fact that's a good way to leach nutrients away from your body and just make you feel sick, tired, and bloated. You gotta each more fatty proteins and veggies.
Replies: >>167722
>Your gut doesn't like being overwhelmed by to much processed grains
He didn't really say what kind of noodles/rice. On the off chance they were whole grain there wouldn't be much of a problem, but if it was instant ramen and white rice from the southern US not so much.
You feel full when you eat starches because they are filling. They take longer to exit the stomach and are less calorie dense, so you get fuller without eating too many calories.
>You gotta each more fatty proteins and veggies.
Not sure what you mean by 'fatty proteins,' but if you mean both fat and protein, in general it's a good idea to avoid both of those things. The fat you eat is the fat you wear; humans only *need* extremely small amounts of fat (a few grams of omega-3 and omega-6, a handful of walnuts once a day for example is enough).
Eating too much protein damages your kidneys. It's impossible to eat too little protein if you're meeting your calorie needs eating real (not ultra-processed) foods. Filtering proteins makes the urine/kindeys acidid (they are made of amino ACIDs, after all), which makes other acids precipitate of out solution and form kidney stones.
Do eat veggies though. Unprocessed ones. They're not filling and don't have many calories, but are nutritious. They also contribute to making the urine less acidic.

Not sure why I typed so much b
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If you had to, would you prefer to kill 50 random people or one high profile person like a politician? Why?
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A good soldier kills more than one person and that is final.

Fuck off with ya science experiment, tryin' ta see what the goyim consider of value in regards to name worship. Power goes away as soon as you forget their names. Populartiy contests, all of them, hating 'new money' and shit. It's an asinine hypothetical all in all unless it's government ops trying to indeed see who they think is a bad person. Some thumbs up thumbs down ancient redditor bullshit. I'm soft for jew. Even when a real live cecaear you need the help of your conspiracy to stay alive. It's the people around you that have the power you assume is yours. A pyramid of power. A hierarchy rather. No single person ever mattered. They only seem to in hindsight and that is meearly history that cannot be altered therefore it can only be argued in bad faith.
>can't into hypotheticals
Pity (you)
Replies: >>167689
>ur dumb
Is it still jew?
Replies: >>167692
Yes, you still are.
>no u

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meet Xu Xiaodong, a man on a mission to expose what bullshit most martial arts really are, a man who got his social credit score and life completely destroyed by the CCP because he dared to call out questionable chinese martial arts "masters" and embarrassed each and every of them by defeating, and knocking out most of, them one by one. I just thought it was hilarious to see these clowns asses kicked and I wanted to share this story with you guys
>Xu Xiaodong VS Wing Chun Ding Hao
>Xu Xiaodong MMAファイター vs Wei Lei TAI CHI MASTER 太極拳マスター Full Fight w intro and multiple angles Yo 
>Tai Chi Chen Yong VS Xu Xiaodong
>Xu Xiaodong MMA vs Pressure Point Wing Chun Lu Gang - Ip Man Wing Chun Tested
>Tai Chi Master Ma Baoguo got KOed hou
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So that's why they killed bruce lee and his kid too! For actually knowing how to fight!
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>t. MMA Fighter
Sure you are.
To add another to your list, although it isn't Chinese, Lethwei.
Replies: >>167701
>where did you find that picture of me?
>chinamen are just tiny to compete against average sized dudes here
This thing about TMA is that you learn by grinding against people doing the exact same thing and playing with the exact same rules. So it gets optimized for defeating itself. Karate is optimized for fighting against karate. Boxing is optimized for fighting against boxing. Judo is optimized for fighting against judo.

The advantage of MMA is that everybody does what they want and you find out what really works. That doesn't mean TMA is useless for defending yourself against somebody who is untrained or trained in a different TMA.

>there's a reason UFC banned many movements from them because it caused massive damage
If you want to talk about Real Shit life or death fighting then that's not something you can really train since one mistake and you're out. That starts being about luck and mental illness more than anything else.

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Hi guys. Do you know how to download and install games from a torrent game store? Or is it too difficult? Why you always pay for shitty products?
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You can play up to and including about PS3 era for free via emulators.
>up to ps3
Even if ps3 worked xbox does not. DOn't sugar coat shit.
>my dad works at nintendo/id/jagex/blizzard etc: the post
All of these faggot claims, and absolutely nothing to back it up. No proof, not even explanations, nothing.
Just hoping that whoever listens to you is dumb enough to believe your crap.
I never understood people like you, and I still don't. These are the people that make zillions off of crypto pump and dump scams. or fail hilariously
Replies: >>167703
He has the same enter key pressing format, the one where you enter it like you're in /leafpad/notepad/etc without a linebreak. Why even @ him? One of his posts was a blatant troll/attack on sturg that was advocating pedo out of nowhere, out of context to the thread. Another user, sorry I mean anony, pointed out that perhaps he's trying to get the site blacklisted with such random commentary, whether it be one liners or not I think it's one anony. 

I was going to 'and everyone clapped' meme @ him myself but then remembered the format he used when pedo posting and decided he was a faggot. 

I mean really, does he not know about word wrap feature? 

t. a non casual
also, it's called posturing and it is a defence mechanism 

It means he does not copyright infringe well and wanted to piss people off like a child rather than help. Only quake 3 matters after all!

....so now you can understand....

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Here's how to choose a good woman.
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Many animals die before they get old enough to mate. Humans live a long time you realize. Ever heard of the 7 year itch? Now how old are these monogamous animals again? 

SIlence? That's what I thought.
neanderthals had a bigger brain than you by the looks of it
"I only ever post to call people dumb"

oh you
Replies: >>167678
shut the fuck up fagatha you fat degenerate sack of shit
>he's still doing it
So which ones live longer than 7 years?

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How do we stop everyone from being like this?
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>and this supersedes the principle of tolerance.
That's my favorite part, because it's an admission that tolerance is an irrelevant meme.
<Gee, pard', I'd love to be tolerant and all but it's just not as important as me fucking you to death for having opinions I feel could be bad for the security of my institutions or whatever.
>However, Rawls qualifies this with the assertion that under extraordinary circumstances in which constitutional safeguards do not suffice to ensure the security of the tolerant and the institutions of liberty, tolerant society has a reasonable right of self-preservation against acts of intolerance that would limit the liberty of others under a just constitution, and this supersedes the principle of tolerance.
<tolerance is gud until it stops being convenient
I love double talk. In short opie, tolerance is fake garbage and people who claim they are "tolerant" must be watched like vipers for when they try to stab you in the back to "protect"" their tolerance.
>see also "voluntary slavery"
Why does wikipedia do this? It's not oxymoron day.
Replies: >>167664
Yes it is you oxy moron.
>consensual non consent meme 
>amatuer porn on it as well

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Nose rings are a jewish psy op.
>Ezekiel 16:12
And I put a ring on your nose and earrings in your ears and a beautiful crown on your head.
>Genesis 24:47
Then I asked her, ‘Whose daughter are you?’ She said, ‘The daughter of Bethuel, Nahor's son, whom Milcah bore to him.’ So I put the ring on her nose and the bracelets on her arms.
>Isaiah 3:18-23
In that day the Lord will take away the finery of the anklets, the headbands, and the crescents; the pendants, the bracelets, and the scarves; the headdresses, the armlets, the sashes, the perfume boxes, and the amulets; the signet rings and nose rings; the festal robes, the mantles, the cloaks, and the handbags; ...
>Genesis 24:30
As soon as he saw the ring and the bracelets on his sister's arms, and heard the words of Rebekah his sister, “Thus the man spoke to me,” he went to the man. And behold, he was standing by the camels at the spring.
>Proverbs 11:22
Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman without discretion
It's nigger culture actually. They have nose rings in African culture. Also people in India. That fake version of the bible has to do with kikes of course but the shit in it is mixed from all over during the peroid of gnosticism. It's shitskin worship more than kike shti. Then again whites acting like shitskins is kike shit indirectly of course. Well, not all that indirectly it seems.....

The Tulmud does say something about non-jew women being cows.

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