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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

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Did you remember to explore the beautiful outdoors today, /b/tards?
If so, what did you find/encounter?
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Actually I'm the post below yours and did not post in this thread until the post directly below yours.
I don't blame you, especially in these times. Hopefully the melons will grow better out there.
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Some of us got jerbs and bills to pay. Make of that what you will.
>I've planned on going off the grid for a while and the next thread I'll make it'll probably be in the woods
That sounds sick. I suggest you grab a good amount of fertilizer if you're going to grow some melons on the soil.
I live in a temperate rainforest and lower boreal region so the vegetation jungle-esque and the soil can be very rich in nutrients, so that depends where you live.
Wild potatoes can be great snack, if you boil them and such.
>t. OP
These melons are about 4 months old, they're loooong overdue for something and I've replanted them all we can do is hope for now. Life is picking up for me so I'm gonna probably leave it at these ones, but I will try my damn hardest to get a melon. Remember to keep your chin up for me lads.
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Please make sure to breed more melons from their offspring.

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Watch mär.
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>actually enjoying this dogshit anime despite having such superior tastes 
Where am I headed?
Replies: >>63890
I told you..
Replies: >>63905

Remind me again Nostradamus? 
>ep 15
>a chocobo out of fucking nowhere

They really did just try to make money by combining shit.
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good_ep.PNG (u)
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Well its not a bad episode. I just skimmed through my mär folder and the ep. I remember it. Its good.

literally_me.mp4 (u)
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ITT: post songs that are literally you right now
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Unfortunately, no, that hard drive failed and those two are all I had on backup.
This_Fire-Killswitch_Engage.mp3 (u)
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Was listening to this earlier
I wonder if pic related still lurks around the webring
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ngmi.mp4 (u)
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Bane_Infinite.jpg (u)
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>I wonder if pic related still lurks around the webring 
Yes, as a matter of fact you just replied to me.
Replies: >>64043
Golgo_13_-_Take_The_Wave_-_Naifu_(Full_Version).mp3 (u)
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Oh, so it was you. Nice to know you're still around.

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Even if you don't care about living, dying fucking sucks. It sucks because the pain makes you unable to do anything. You can't just wait for your life to end and do whatever you want in the meantime, instead you'll be sitting there suffering the whole time and wishing the pain would stop already.
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Who, in this case, is preaching of death?
Don't be daft cunt
I hate my life.
16051833073362.jpg (u)
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>happens again
>whatever I'll call the hospital
>guy indirectly tells me that I'm retarded for not going to the doctor
>ask how I can get a time there
>can clearly tell from his behavior that he thinks I'm retarded
>tells me to go to a website to sort it out
>ok thanks
>go to that website
>it tells me to call the same number I literally just called
>there's no other information in that entire website whatsoever, besides calling an emergency number
Glorious European free healthcare at work. Guess I'll continue waiting for my death.
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holy fuck just call in an emergency already, you are going to die

luna.jpg (u)
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I have watched all harry potter movies 7+ times.
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Wow, thanks for all the links and advice.
Cars 2 was the best, fight me faggot
Replies: >>63728
Fuck, that reminds me, I need to start working on my imageboard software.
1530576065010.jpg (u)
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>someone thanked me
>on an imageboard
Thanks for the links and info, this will let me divert my few wagecuck scraps elsewhere.

slave_escaping.jpg (u)
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Don't let it fall off the board again faggots.
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Get back here nogger!

A nigger from a literal mudhut shithole is the head of the department of engineering at Kyoto University responsible for educating nips and this Nip bitch is practically cumming over how progressive Japan is because of it. She expresses in the video that she wants hordes of more niggers to flood into Japan where they can be free to succeed unlike in the racist West and China. I want to believe it's just one of ((( (((them))) ))) who studied Nip and got really good at it but she genuinely sounds native. Anyway, if such womyn are the political future of Japan, then Japan will be fucked even worse than the West before long.
links related are the nigger's webpage at kyoto university,
and the ((( (((womyn's))) ))) video gloating over how wonderful and progressive Japan is and how she can't wait to flood Japan with niggers. 

LULZ @ this comment from the video, they are working hard to pozz Japan and some of them are catching on to it.

増え続けるナイジェリア人とナイジェリア系日本人 ◆





(産経新聞 2013.1.2 【衝撃事件の核心】「不夜城」に巣くうナイジェリア人グループ 強引な客引きで泥酔客から10億円をぼったくり より引用)

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>one of ((( ((( (((them))) ))) )))
There are often Chinese or Koreans pretending to be Japanese in social causes because gaijin can't tell them apart. Nips have autistic ways of discovering them though.
1529384969414.jpg (u)
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I really hope a big race war breaks out in America sooner rather than later. The longer it takes to resolve this idiocy, the worse off each of those suicidal countries is going to be genetically.

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Hi lads I'm back and got some more news for you guys, and seeing as the original thread is gone, here's a new a thread. There's 3 new buds and even a new fren, a ladybug, other than this nothing much has changed. :D
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>looks shopped
You're not as funny as you think you are.
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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yes, modern varieties of watermelons were not exist in 16-18 century.

In USA there are white watermelons as well...
Replies: >>64017 >>64018
We must secure the existence of our produce and a future for white melons.
Isn't pic 4 a pumpkin?
I thought pic 2 was a KKK gathering when I was scrolling past.
Mate what are you going to do with your mellon after you harvest it.

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1df9766ddd0b34bd7585045034dfaa96026954f1883d32f0b5a6d86e329ad079.mp4 (u)
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Now that Burgerland is getting to the hyperinflation part of its Weimar 2.0 collapse, I think we should share tips and useful practices in the spirit of solidarity. What to get your hands on as we see our money slowly dissolving in our wallets.
For me personally, I think tools are high on the list of investments. Powertools specially, you don't need to even know a trade to have them paid for themselves in odd jobs and such.
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>gear setup
I've got a backpack with emergency bedroll, modular E-tool (axe, shovel, spearhead[?] and some other doodads),    a water bottle with filter, an all-in-one survival bag with all sorts of smaller survival goodies (strings and twine of all sorts, bandages, fish hooks, emergency blanket, etc.), a couple of knives, a magnesium firestarter, a lensatic compass, a compass/whistle combination, and no gunz, though I could buy a pistol or shotgun if there's any ammo left at all. For clothes, I've got multiple layers, a hat and balaclava and a raincoat I can rely on.
>weather this time of year
Winters here are mild, and only rarely snowy, but that's no guarantee since we had several snowy days earlier this year. 
>current level of fitness
About the same as the average fat NEET, but I still have some level of fitness from physical work and not being completely fucked yet.

>A lot of spergs and bedroom dwellers may laud the woods as a masculine escape to dissolve from modern society but you have to really be aware of the environment before attempting any reasonable outting when you're limited on food, and knowledge and experience.
That's the thing that concerns me. I have little experience, being a typical NEET, and some knowledge from le
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>63945
Why don't you go for some day hikes anon? Put water, a few snacks, an extra jacket and anything else you need in a backpack and follow an easy trail nearby. After a few times take more food with you, go even further and eventually stay the night in a tent.
Or you can bring a tarp, some twine and a knife with you and fuck around with bushcraft and shelters.

Over time you'll get better at it.

Don't focus on gear, it's mostly about experience combined with pretty common, albeit good quality, equipment.
Most important thing you need is a pair of good shoes. Everything else you'll get with time.
Replies: >>63946
That's a good idea, anon. There's some woods right across the street although part of it's being molested to be made into a goddamned and godforsaken subdivision, but I can use it as a start, since it's accessible and close to my house. It shouldn't be too hard, unless I'm a complete fucking retard. I've got some pretty great boots, too, new waterproof hiking boots that have done a very good job for me so far. I'll use it to test out my gear and see how well it all would actually work for any real situation.
Replies: >>63949
Very good idea anon, it'll feel great and it's a very good way to exercise. It's pretty fun to try some of the techniques you see online.
Also, there's an app called wikiloc where people share their trails. You can search at your location and view trails other people have uploaded. I'm not sure if the free version includes following a trail actively with gps, always used it without it and usually after I go through a trail I print out map of the area and document the trail on it for future use.
In a SHTF situation, what would you lads recommend for someone with a fucked up knee? Day-to-day walking around is okay (for the most part), but anything beyond that and it starts to become unstable and burn like a motherfucker. I've had two surgeries and got a special brace for it, which hasn't done much. Fitness level is okay: better than the average NEET but not fantastic (hard to stay in shape in these circumstances).

gf_avatar.png (u)
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Typical (and cute) redhead autistfu.
>>59113 (OP) 
she reminds me of a female CIA
Replies: >>64004
was being cute part of her plan?
Replies: >>64005
of courshe
girl.png (u)
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>>59113 (OP) 
here's mine

tenor.png (u)
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how come this board gets 1 post per hour
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Boiled-Eggs-8.jpg (u)
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I like eggs, should I make a thread about that?
Replies: >>63977 >>63998
Yes, but you have to eat them all.
Replies: >>63998
It is because nobody has anything interesting to say.

Stop carrying drunk women home.
Replies: >>64000
I am what I am, and that's all that I am.

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