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This thread is my playthrough of Hinamizawa. Do not let the cute girls deceive you, this game is disturbing and terrifying to play. It's because of the cute girls that it is so terrifying. I keep tearing up playing this fucking game, not because of it being a tear jerker(though there are very bitter moments in the game that make you want to cry), but because it is oh so disturbing. I am scared out of my mind man holy fucking shit.  I am currently on episode six and I will come back again after I have finished playing everything. Don't think you can spoil me bitches hahahahaha. Highly recommend using the original spites.
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Is she eating a raw head of lettuce with ketchup?
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Saya's getting her stupid ass raped by the neighbor was the funniest part of the whole VN.
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true, urobitch is an epic cucktroll
Play anything good lately OP?

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This is mine. Food bag is lentils mostly. They cook fast and you can plant them. Also trail mix and foraging.
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It's not bait though. It's everything a dweeb neet would want to get gone and stay gone for an extended period of time, barring food and hygienic issues.
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>>32452 (OP) 
wow what a great thread
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you've got to hide your love away~~
No, it's a terribly misinformed concept of what it means to pack light and easy. A neet would be encumbered with this weight and should seek out better gear.
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It's only 20 lbs not including the maybe 8ish lbs of external weight. I'm neet and have carried the bag while fully clothed in that duster and boots for 2.6 miles and did not die. Or are you going to now imply you have to walk more than like 5 miles per day? Also this is me being 270ish lbs, if I were lighter a neet I'd just XD all over the earth like I used to before fat. When I hit 220ish again I am gone.

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>>32615 (OP) 
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<The 1990s wherein everything was better!

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>want to make cool things like games and make the world a better place
>headache and brain fog every day makes it impossible to do anything
it's not fair
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>forest janny
Ban possum. They are the niggers of the forest.
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Nah I'll just collect trash, and dispose of it. Doubt anyone will even say thanks.
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<this book is infoxicating! 
<I am infoxicated!
Moshi moshi kitsune desu!
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A lot of animals in here.

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>worrying about them
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>buy camping equipment from dollar store
>stove has diethylene glycol in it
>just inhaling it can damage the kidneys
>doctor gave naproxen before
>also associated with end state renal failure
>throw emergency heat/cook wick stove thingy away
I'm sick of seeing this shit and it making me paranoid. Why not use methanol? Why not fucking olive oil even? I fucking HATE people so fucking much.
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<the alcohol I just drank in large quantity made me at least feel better if not better in general

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That fucking music.
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it funni  gaem

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What kind of boards should be added to the webring?
A different version of some existing board with different rules?
Some new board that doesn't exist?
Maybe even a board that requires new features that the current imageboard engines don't support?
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optimally if you could get boards from other sites that aren't duplicates (aka 6+ different /b/s) so that the boards list +the webring links made it more like different boards on one site
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I read a funny story from one of Hunter Thompson's books about a monk he knew that was an asshole. He was always concerned with money and would talk on and on about his investments in real estate. One day Hunter had enough of his shit told him he knew the sound of one hand clapping. The monk got all smug because he knew gweilo didn't understand. He asked Hunter what the answer was, so  he slapped him out of his seat. The monk stood up, laughing, "I'm still wiser because I have endured the lesson!" He ended the story reiterating how much he hated that asshole.
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How come there aren't meta boards yet? 
You'd think that the natural progression of the webring would be just that given all the duplicate boards.
I would also want to discuss gold transmutation on the board due to the ancient stories of cinnabar being ovened into gold being suspiciously similar to how the modern day process of gold transmutation consists of using a nuclear furnace to turn mercury into gold, making me wonder if the process really existed in some form all the way back then.
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>we need more centralization

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Does /b/ has a board mascot/tan? If not, then does /b/ want to make one?
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>>31478 (OP) 
I would think it would be a hellhound but the /b/ee idea sounds adorable or even the melons from that melon dudes thread I don't know
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How about this /b/ee?
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I think dress is supposed to be longer then bloomers, but she is very cute.
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I like the big eyebrows, I don't like the haircut, I don't like the fuckhuge bow, I like the waistband, I don't likethe shoes. I think you're improving, if ever so slightly

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>be lower-class 13-year-old girl
>want latest iphone
>guy comes around
>offers you $2000 to sniff your feet
>accept his offer
>realize it's not as weird as you thought
>realize you just got $2000 for literally no work
>buy latest iphone
>tell the guy you're open to more foot worship
>make thousands of dollars off him
>buy all sorts of garbage teen girls like
>other girls in school get jealous
>effectively achieve rich girl status in school

In case you're wondering, yes, I would literally offer a 13-year-old girl $2000 to sniff her feet. The chance that I'd come across such an opportunity is very small, so I'd want to offer as much money as possible to maximize the possibility of her accepting my offer. I'd also want to minimize my chances of getting in trouble as much as possible, so I'd have to make sure she's not the type who hangs around responsible adults. Living in a single-mother household would give her bonus points, especially if the single mother has a low-IQ with a lack of conscientiousness and agreeableness, which is very common among single mothers, as should be evident by the fact that you need to be pretty dumb and careless to find yourself in such an easily-avoidable situation in the first place. A low-IQ would prevent her from being able to tell anything odd is going on in the first place (I know this from personal experience.), low-conscientiousness would make her too lazy to do any investigative work, even if she did notice something odd is going on, and low-agreeableness would simply make her not care about the health and safety of her daughter in the first place. With low enough agreeableness, even if she were fully aware of the fact that I'm paying her daughter to worship her feet, she likely wouldn't do anything about it, because I would be contributing a fair bit of income to the household, and because she wouldn't have to hear her daughter complain about not having nice things anymore.
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>still talking about identity drama
Replies: >>32564
who's a what now?
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I'm thinking I could meme some 13 and 14-year-old girls into selling their feet pics through Instagram with images like this. I would prime them into thinking it's easy money. I would then create a separate account some time later, and ask them for feet pics. After they agree, I'd continue buying their feet pics for a while before eventually asking to meet them in person.
BUMP! I still haven't gotten any solid information.
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Down the street, not across the road.

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live s business is too trivial for the lord

what is a missing eye to the heaven's worth? or a crushd head? or a world of strangers? the unlimited languages?

will 1000 year of praying frees us from it?
or a billion year of war? truly the lod has descended in all of us. the eternal owner
the destroyer of babel, the judge of the apple!

now the lord shall hunt eternal!
spare us lord! for your wrath is eternal
i fear i will not even be thwre to recognize you

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maybe i should whine about affine 3d transformation matrices and how confusing it is including sin cos tangent instead and how confusin all these geometric stuffs instead

abit anti climactic but
i definitelyimagined the low graphical fidelity makes the subject more of secondary to all these, worldly bizness

why use anything else but raycasting again

everyone is so smart so they say that i am not "focused and dreamy" while they also are not interested to deal with mcd jobs
i have no aspirations

if i had read ODA were in industry at 17, i d have quit school myself.

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Let's go
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Fug I'm sure I had python script for changing resolution of a webm somewhere, can't find it.
What is the name of that video game glitch meme wherein the 3d models shake all over like a marionette with a seizure that the touhou /f/ culture used to make fun of? I used to know about it ages ago and this video has the meme in it....
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