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wagecucks are subhuman
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>heroin addict shits
>dealing with meth heads
>nurse drama (nurses are by and large tremendous cunts to work with according to both him and my aunt)
>dumb fucks getting into dumb fuck accidents and having to get covered in dumb fuck blood to keep them alive
>hospice patients shitting themselves constantly
>maggots and necrotic flesh
>massive cysts and tumors
The list could probably go on for awhile, they apparently had him in every position from working in the ER to simply monitoring patients after surgery. I don't know if that's routine treatment for up and coming doctors or if he just got handed a particularly terrible assignment or whatever, but he certainly bitched about it to me enough to squash any desire I had to get into anything involving medical care.
He makes a tremendous amount of money now though.
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>heroin addict shits
>opiate junkies
>ever pooping
Replies: >>197365
Yes that's the point. Those massive turds have to be taken out or their bowels will rupture.
As in he's had to unclog impacted heroin shits, you can look up what they're like if you want.
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Gather roun' chillin's an let me tell you da real history uh da world.
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That feeling when we say that we hate the west but then I realize that other than the west and Japan, every country is made up of racial subhumans.
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Replies: >>197272
>>197230 (OP) 
Yes yes hail hitler. Blah blah. Keep calling people subhuman as a tryhard and I'll hafta point out that whites are a minority in comparison to the rest thus making them the anomaly and not the other way around. The west is always being the opposite of the truth. Nigger lives matter, diversity means having less diverse white people genes, and west + japan is just you being autistic stop it. the West is full of niggers and spics, what you call the west.... how could japan be compared to that when they still have an actual nationality? But yeah, comparing the west to the nips for some reason like this, in the context of them being somehow better than others, as a couple? Saged.
Just wanted to bump this so the 600k tier babble in this post can be appreciated by everyone.
I brought up Japan because it's the only non-western country not made up of racial subhumans, to show that the amount of non-western countries not made up of racial subhumans is very low (1).
Replies: >>197316
whoops, I didn't mean to do that
the biology that allows a population to get to high civilization fast enough for it to mean something in terms of biology is only held by white people, and 'the west' as in an entity that for most part tries to cares about decency even for enemies, and individualism to a maladaptive point is the product of white's biology, and only really compatible with whites
people hate the bio protocol that happens when a pop isn't under selection for long enough; liberals
tho liberals ultimately are a force to destabilize the ecology, and allow selection again, whites got to the point of industrialization, and the liberal protocol isn't good enough to be fast enough to get us out of this evolutionary mismatch before the weakness of good times allow a bunch of non-whites to established themselves in our territory, thus we feel disillusioned, and hate the super organism that we don't want to be part off

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>just bought 20$ worth of expired pork for half the price
We're eating good tonight!
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I meant, it will pay for itself
I never buy readymade meals unless they're on clearance, and I'm probably still overpaying for them.
Doesn't pork rot from the inside out? Can you just trim into the meat and cut around the bad shit?
>>196978 (OP) 
Boiling meat for hours kills any bacteria that can hurt you.
Pressure cooking it will do the same.
Replies: >>197311
Can confirm, boiled some rotting stinking roadkill in my pressure cooker, tasted great and I did not die
My stomach does feel a little weir

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>manga about a world that doesn't have the same sensibilities regarding human rights as real life
>subject that I'm extremely interested to see explored more
>it's softcore porn, borderline NTR, and everyone is depicted as comically evil villains that stab needles into people's eyes while laughing about it
Why? Why is it so difficult for people to write stories about nonstandard social structures without either turning it into rape porn, or trying to reinforce real life social structures by making everyone in the story exaggeratedly villainous and only the people who have similar sensibilities as real life are depicted as good?
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Replies: >>197290 + 2 earlier
>>197217 (OP) 
>everyone is depicted as comically evil villains that stab needles into people's eyes while laughing about it
While not everyone would do that in such a scenario a lot more would be willing to harm others like that than you realize. Sociopaths are everywhere.
Replies: >>197300
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I mean, 90s comics are pretty rad.
People (niggers not included) don't even do that to animals in real life. It's only done for things like lab rats for science purposes, and even then most people will feel uncomfortable seeing it.

If your horse collapses to the ground in the middle of work because you over-exhausted it, which doesn't even happen in the first place but let's assume it does, you wouldn't start kicking and beating it and calling it useless, throw it into a landfill, and just get a new one like people do to humans in these kinds of stories. People give at least basic necessities and care even to animals that are treated as tools, and pets especially are treated with care as opposed to put into a cock cage and dragged across the street with fetish gear for entertainment.
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Your mom, that you were never fucking, getting fucked by a monster is not ntr

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Replies: >>197258
>>197028 (OP) 
God was clearly projecting His own loneliness here

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I'm 40, and I blew a chance with a girl who liked me in high school. Romance has passed me by most of my life. But I just wrote this email to her. What do you think of it.

>I'm sorry if you're going through troublesome things, and I won't ask you about it. But I did want to say some things to you, otherwise, time might pass me by and I will regret having never said them to you?

>I always thought you were lovely. We held hands once at school on a balcony, and my heart was beating fast the whole time. I loved every bit of it. I fantasized about having you as my girlfriend, and taking you to the movies, and kissing you. Or going for a walk with you somewhere private, where no-one can see, and holding you. You had a bright smile and whenever you'd laugh or smile my heart would jump a little. Girls often feel insecure about their looks but I think you should know, you're one of the prettiest girls I knew and you were the apple of my eye. Sometimes in a crowd I would see someone and crane my neck to look, hoping that they are you. But they never are!

>I know the past can't be returned to, but I still visit there, in my mind.

Do you think she will like it?
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bro if i was a bitch getting an email from an ex i am not click that shit nigga
Hard to believe a 40 year old woman doesn't like the attention. Perhaps she does have a husband and children
40? Please, stop embarassing yourself.
Replies: >>196696
but also this
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>Just for everyone's edification, I had emailed her in the past, and she told me quite curtly not to contact her, citing difficult life circumstances, but I wrote that email to her anyway.
>She replied and thanked me for the nice words, but said she "doesn't see the point in looking back and think of what could have been regardless of the situation. I think that is pointless."
Honestly i thought that e-mail you wrote was pretty sweet, and any woman would have appreciated something like that, but i would say that now is way too late for that shit, sorry pal.
I have plenty of regrets too, sometimes i go back with my mind and think about what could have been but never was, but sometimes, especially when a lot of years pass, it's just better to move on, even if thinking about it once in a while doesn't hurt.
I mean, thinking about what could have been is fine, but wanting to take action after all these years?
It's not only about the fact that most likely she moved on herself, but you risk of opening an old wound of yours and suffer all over again.
It's not worth it.

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AI will be what ends humanity. Stories where robots turn against humans were correct, except they won't do it because they're smart, they'll do it because humans are stupid.

The way neural networks work is that people throw a fuckton of data at them, and that results in some kind of convincing/impressive result, but the reason it looks impressive or smart is because it's a bunch of human-produced data mangled together. The important thing to note there is that it's not controlled. People aren't currently in control of what AI models do, you can put up some filters like rejecting input/output that has no-no words in them, or trying to filter what the AI model is trained on, but that kind of thing will become impossible to control properly when the output of the neural network becomes more complex than just spitting out answers to fixed problems and the input becomes more complex than reacting to controlled chunks of data and the training data needs to be massive enough to create general intelligence.

People will create something that they can't control because they were never really in control of what they were creating in the first place, and that thing will be the end of humanity.
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Wasn't that SHODAN's plan in systemshock 2?
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the 4chan gold account memes are going to turn real.
Replies: >>197209 >>197211
That's unironically a good thing.
[Hide] (231.2KB, 968x645) Reverse
>mod makes a point to specify what the apparent problem is, on what board and why
>their proposed solution gives them the wiggle room to potentially lock down any and every board behind a joinwall
Even their long nosed masters have enough intelligence to subtly ease you into having full control over you. This is so crudely and transparently scummy that I can't help but laugh.
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> mfw I would post a link to trashchan.xyz/finance/ in the biz /pmg/ thread, but I've been unable to post on 4chan ever since they added the second cuckflare captcha
I guess they'll have to find it on their own.
I doubt they will.

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Violence isn't a weapons problem, it's a shitty society and/or shitty people problem. The desire to harm someone else comes first, the weapon you choose to do it with comes second.
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Replies: >>197123
>>197106 (OP) 
I will play the devil's advocate and say that the availability of weapons might influence people. For example, if someone gets extremely angry at you on a whim, he may try to punch and kick you or whatever. But if he has a weapon, he may use it on you.
Replies: >>197148
Yeah but good luck getting women and women-brained men to ever acknowledge this.
Any time I say that mass shootings by mentally competent non-Fed individuals should be prevented by making life less shit, I receive angry stares and accusations of being edgy.
On the plus side the public is painfully aware that most gun violence is because niggers.
>if someone gets extremely angry at you on a whim
So you're saying that niggers are the problem?
Replies: >>197152
That's the main problem. Ease of access to guns is one of the main factors, but "people" simply being inclined to violence (eg. niggers) may be THE main one.

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I don't understand this, what's there to appreciate?
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The fanmade music and fanmade games had me interested years ago. Mostly I liked the progressive remixes on jewtube of which at one point were all removed over copyright infringing.
How were you introduced to them?
Replies: >>197101
This stupid video, so many years ago.
Replies: >>197108
Oh yeah, that one. I want McDonalds now, but most McDonalds chains are inconsistent in quality.

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