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Kill herdniggers. Behead herdniggers. Roundhouse kick a herdnigger into the concrete. Slam dunk a herdnigger into the trashcan. Crucify filthy herdniggers. Defecate in a herdniggers food. Launch herdniggers into the sun. Stir fry herdniggers in a wok. Toss herdniggers into active volcanoes. Urinate into a herdniggers gas tank. Judo throw herdniggers into a wood chipper. Twist herdniggers heads off. Report herdniggers to the IRS. Karate chop herdniggers in half. Curb stomp tranny herdniggers. Trap herdniggers in quicksand. Crush herdniggers in the trash compactor. Liquefy herdniggers in a vat of acid. Eat herdniggers. Dissect herdniggers. Exterminate herdniggers in the gas chamber. Stomp herdnigger skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate herdniggers in the oven. Lobotomize herdniggers. Mandatory abortions for herdniggers. Grind herdnigger fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown herdniggers in fried chicken grease. Vaporize herdniggers with a ray gun. Kick herdniggers down the stairs. Feed herdniggers to alligators. Slice herdniggers with a katana.
nobody cares brandon

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Why do people honestly care transexuals/gays going around and spreading aids and dying? Why do so many christfags/mudsharks think that what they are doing is wrong when it's hurting them anyway, and why do they so often simultaneously think we should go back to stoning them? I don't get how you can say you want to help them and want to kill them in different breaths. Why not let them kill themselves off by denying them medical treatments instead just as nature intended?
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>trannies and fags don't have anywhere near close enough power to destroy society. 
They are literally turning the future generations into fucking genetic dead ends, they do have that power.
Replies: >>163670
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>honestly thinking that
Fucking lol. Its just a bunch of fetishists and gay men who think they can "trick" straight men into sleeping with them. If you honestly think that they were "groomed" into it you're retarded. How were they groomed? Did their parents try to force them into being trans? Did they get groomed by a bunch of trannies on discord who can *totally* control their actions and threaten to beat them through their computer screen? Schools? I think that you wanting to actually save these "people" from being genetic dead ends is the most telling thing. You're no better than someone who sympathizes with niggers
You get no bitches.
>>163625 (OP) 
Same reason people care about le ages. No real problems.
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Spoiler File
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Post more.

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>ASMR is a warm tingling sensation which is often accompanied by feelings of calmness and relaxation.
Does this shit work for anyone here? It certainly doesn't work for me.
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>>162897 (OP) 
ASMR was too big a beta meme wherein loser robot types wanted gf's  to talk to them and such. Lots of christmas pov gf stuff I recall being shitposted and all. ASMR is role play garbage and really cringey. I hated Welcome to the NHK though, too sensitive to being 'made fun of'. 

I can self insert into porn, chick flick dramas, but not ASMR. It's an emotional plus physical connection that the uninged stalker types can vipe with as they'd be open to people they don't know in 'that way'. HOWEVER, the point is that if it were simply sounds with no visuals, no talking even, the sounds making you have prickling sensations is not bad it's just bad that society used it like a soap opera as an emotional hanky instead.
Replies: >>163508
Why past tense? It's still a thing.
>if it were simply sounds with no visuals
This exists, especially on the more weeb side of it.
Replies: >>163898
ASMR feels like hypnosis to me, in that you're only susceptible to it if you believe you are. If you think it's dumb and gay it will never work, if you want it to work it probably will.
Replies: >>163516
>ASMR feels like hypnosis to me
In some cases, there's an explicit overlap.
>weeb side
You mean a theme and that's what makes it fully faggoty. A theme.

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It's actually pretty common. The state doesn't want to deal with him so they just throw him out to make it everyone else's problem.
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>>160863 (OP) 

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Why do I associate people who prefer reading manga as opposed to watching anime as being more lonely or depressed or whatever?
Replies: >>163854
Because anime is for normalfags. Normalfags don't read manga.
Replies: >>163854
>>163851 (OP) 
They might be sensitive to stimulus.
There's more colors and sounds to anime; manga is more easily bearable to the senses, which a depressed and probably sensitive person might appreciate.
>Because anime is for normalfags.
Branch out from whatever is popular on TikTok and you won't be a normalfag.
Even manga can have a normalfag stigma attached to it, especially when it ends up being connected to webtoons, which are definitely not manga.
I'm still mad that this got canned, was actually fun to watch MC grapple with his own impulses.

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Yes indeed I posted this thread (or a variant of it rather) before over a year ago. Traditional games image. I like it in the same way I like personality tests such as the myers briggs test and also political tests. What is the point? Who are you? Isn't that an important question to ask and also answer?
>page 20
Thread created a fed woman
>I have created life itself!

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🎶 🎵 Everyone wants to be me!  🎶 🎵
Replies: >>166508
>>163701 (OP) 
But where is it on the political quadrant and is it in fact the same area as libertarianism?
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Anarchy yeah!
Get it up so I can see!
Let it flow wild and free!
Anarchy yeah!
Y'all ready for the gig?!
Replies: >>166508
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My name is Panty, the crazy sexy blondie
And I'm not dumb
I'm breaking the news, now boys! 
Children are full-time
Horny too!

Hey, check out that hot one,
Damn he's got a big dick.  Delicious.
It's time to get dirty now,
So will y'all excuse me
Read the air! I'm busy!

I know you know...
These wings inside of you
I know you know...
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I encourage those who pay a boatload of property taxes like I do (for 82 acres)to look into local food distribution programs. Often, there a free food drops all around the towns where you live. Usually it's a group of people in a reefer truck handing out donated or purchased frozen meat, canned goods and produce. I've gotten stuffed pork tenderloins, flank steak, chicken cordon bleu tons of cans and boxed foods. All great useful food. For free. No questions asked.

I pay $7200 a year and that goes to little I use. Schools I have no kids in, programs I don't utilize... I encourage everyone to either stop these communist programs or utilize them because... You are paying for them.
Replies: >>163688
My parents pay the taxes for my house, but that does sound pretty cool. Thank you, I love getting gibs from the government.
I looked it up, it's not a thing in my country
This, get on any gibs you can.
>>163558 (OP) 
you know you have the right to appeal your local appraiser's assessment at the appraiser's office.  You don't even need a lawyer, just represent yourself, it cost almost nothing and it wastes so much of the government's time
Replies: >>163697
What do you mean?  Is that like a county government meeting or something?

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Replies: >>163570
>>163559 (OP) 
What a perfect likeness
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They are, aren't they?

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Cheems died 2 weeks ago btw
>He had leukemia and was undergoing thoracentesis (the draining of fluid from his chest) when he died on 18 August 2023, aged 12.
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If this is what "non-dog-worshippers" are like then yes they should probably be exterminated.
Not him, but, you're a spammer akin to soyjack spamming. You're trying to make people feel uncomfortable with a cringey image and aren't even putting any effort into it. It's soulless.
dogs good
dog culture is just another disgusting aspect of wigger culture
they look absolutefuckingly disgusting like little troll creatures, except for like 5/10000 breeds
they shit around your house
they drag their sweaty shit covered balls everywhere in it
they piss all over the place
they scratch up every floor
they bark like obnoxious niggers forever at fucking anything even if you slap the shit out of them every time
they leave their moldy ass smelling fur everywhere. your house will smell like shit just from the dog walking in it
a house is ruined forever once a pet lives there for 2 or 3 days. its literally unsellable except to retards
for some reason every single dog owner and dog have to lick each others faces, as if the'yre oblivious (they're not) to the fact that their dog licks its own asshole and other dogs assholes and shit on the ground outside
i literally do not date a girl if she owns a dog. if i see a girl outside with a dog i do not walk up to her. this isnt a big loss anyway since most people just own dogs as cope and use it as a conversation opener (translation: only ugly girls own dogs)
a mutt does nothing but drag you down. ironically all the seething retards with mutts say the same about women. and of course like the pic further up the thread they often have sex with their dogs too, or do nigger shit like maim someone then make their pitbulls eat their dick
wh*teoids who talk about dogs are the stupidest fucking people retarded hick degenerates
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Replies: >>163528
another day in bill mcjeet's life
>wake up
>dog piss on the ground
>hmm never had this problem before
>google it
>close windows google and howto popups about "i dont want to be spied on"
>scrolls down the page skimming it >gee this is gonna be a lot of work
>images load in as he scrolls past their placeholders
>scrolls back to top
>buy this n that
>vinegar is in the list like every fucking howto ever so you may as well just always use vinegar and never use the web for advice because theyre either right and vinegar works for everything or wrong and so you should never trust them for anything
>bro trust me this removal method is the best >chemical reactions with hydrogen peroxied yeah i totally know what im talking about thats why i became an amazon affiliate link SEO spammer blogger
>says nothing about how you actually just need to replace the carpet but you will have fun wasting several 24 man hours trying our latest bullshit method sponsored by this n that bro turn off your ad blocker you are killing the web and the wh*te race

Message too long. View the full text

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