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In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony mod's banning. But because, I am secured by my tripcode.
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>>134612 (OP) 
>only one !
enjoy getting your insecure tripcode cracked LOL
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It's easy to forget tripcodes exist.
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I honestly thought zzzchan didn't have any until I looked at the faq for something.
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Crack deez nutz, nigga! <There's your second exclamation mark.
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>>134612 (OP) 

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im only attracted to either pitch black or snow white women
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>>134593 (OP) 
How black are we talking?
Pale white with blue eyes and black hair is literally perfect. You can't convince me otherwise.
I would never marry or impregnate a nigress, but by God I will fap to them. One with a cute face and big tits awakes something primal in a man.
Well.. I tried to post some dark skin elves with white hair and pale brunettes, tomboys or not. 
But my post got filtered multiple times... Welcome to zzzchan.

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I've seen someone ask how to get off the grid here, so maybe I will drop it here:

EU is starting to put cricket powder in foods such as candy bars, cereals, pastas, bread ect.
How the fuck do you know which companies and restaurants are doing this to completely blacklist them from your life? I'm growing my own garden and baking my own bread and pizza already, but  I need to stop buying bullshit from stores as well, I need to know about it(or which products not to buy, rather)
How do you even find this info or ask people who know? Even if I were to ask in a place like pleddit or 4cucks, they would likely want to eat the bucks, assuming I wouldn't get immediately banned for asking in the first place
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Those are accidental bugs and rat droppings that cannot be sieved out.
I read "sacrificing animal flesh" and thought you were referring to the flesh of the crickets, but then I realized you probably weren't. 

In any case, that's the supposed reason spoken out on TV, which would in my opinion make it a surface level take. More long term, the WEF hopes to have a worldwide net zero carbon emissions by 2050. You can find plenty of material on that by searching for the previous sentence. Personally, I think that if the problem is that acute that such extremes are necessary, then whatever has currently proposed doesn't seem to be enough. And they might see it that way too. 
I could list a whole bunch of schemes they might be considering (but don't want to talk about just yet because there would be too much backlash right now), but I'm not sure just how dumb you'd think I was if I predicted renewed discussion on the death penalty as an environmental issue at some unknown point in the future. 
But realistically, the technology exists to mass poison so many people to death that no one would ever have to worry about carbon dioxide again, and before we get to that point there are assuredly things that can be done that are actually more efficient that might make eating bugs unnecessary. 
Have you ever thought about how they leave the lights on on billboards all night and how much energy that takes? Those kinds of things. 

Besides, politicians don't operate on ideology, they ju
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>>133190 (OP) 
- Eat the bug, goy.
- Nah uh. I don't to.
- Fine. We'll shove it to all your food anyway.
>humans only eat bugs and vegetables
>a breach occurs in the bug farm
>millions of locusts and crickets escape
>all the vegetables are eaten
>what animals are left also starve
>worldwide famine for at least decades
Send an email or call them and ask if they support Israel.
Anything but a "no" very likely means they're going to feed you bugs, don't deal with them

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If you change the dimensions of your body, then you're going to need new or at least retailored clothes to accomodate.  Maybe if you just mostly wear loose fitting whatever or you're just exchanging some fat volume for some muscle volume then it won't change much.  But properly fitted clothes are likely going to need to be retailored as you age anyway, so we'll set that case aside.

In my case, my casual day wear did just fine.  I didn't get huge.  I just filled it out better.  The one ithing I did need to change was underwear beacause my thighes started chafing in the summer when they got sweaty, but even that turned out to be a major and valuable upgrade from my prior underwear game that I was not expecting.  Other than that, it just meant buying dressier clothes that fit me better as time went on and old ones wore out.  If you're going through big changes in clothing needs now, don't worry too much about it until you hit something closer to a plateau.  Then feel awesome about yourself that you fit in to nicer looking clothes.
Bridges would be somewhat more akin to a good morning in terms of training the erector spinae (lower back muscles that pull roughly the lumbar section of it into a curve and kind of teach you how to lift with your ass rather than your back so you don't go to snap city.

Pullups are latissimus dorsi, in competition with gluteus maximus (ass) for the biggest and strongest muscles in the body.  Those are the big wing-looking things on your back that go from pelvis to shoulder and make people look wider than their ribcage.  A bridge isn't going to do much for those.  Grab a bar or a door lintel or something and try to lift yourself up from a dead hang just by pulling your elbows into your rib cage.  A pulup doesn't come from the arms.  Once you figure out how to recruit your lats you'll find tons of use for them from digging or shovelling snow to throwing a baseball or a punch.  You're missing out on one of the most powerful muscles in the body if you don't figure out how to get them to pitch in for the heavy duty tasks.
Don't have a barbell or heavy enough weights to do bridges. I do wonder if good mornings would work. I hear you have to be pretty careful with them. I think I know how to do them. It's not so much bending your back, it's more sticking your ass out them driving with your hips.
Replies: >>134450
Yeah the key is to maintain the lumbar arch in the small of your back almost like a robot.  Letting the small of your back hunch over and try to pull is where you start getting in to danger.  The spine is stable under compression (i.e. curved backward in the lumbar region) but if you pull it apart under extension (hunched forward) then that's when you can start spitting discs and everything.

When I starte my back was very weak and I just clasped my hands behind my head until it started to feel good, easy and normal.  And then I used one 5lb splitting wedge.  and then two.  Take it slow.  It takes time to build up atrophied helper muscles just like it takes time to build reflexes and having good form without thinking about it.
>need to warm up
>tiny cheap home gym is what I got 
>can really only warm up with jumping jacks and running in place 
>wear loose fitting shorts
>dick rubs on my shorts
>by the end of my warm up I am at full mast

Good thing I can't dead lift.

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And lo, in thy direst hour thou hast forsaken the cunny, and thou hast forgotten the cunny; thou art laid low by the 3DPD, and by the cowtits, and by the shameless daughters of long-barren crones; but lo, there are the few among ye who are righteous in their steadfastness, who have not forsaken the cunny but have kept it fast in their hearts, who even still place the cunny on the highest altar above all things, who honor it with the smoke of their holocausts and the songs of their celebrations - lo, let joy come unto the man who holds the cunny to his breast under the lash of the lordless wenches, let peace find him who, despite mothers' and sisters' and harlots' scorn, rebukes them all in the name of the cunny
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>>134568 (OP) 
cunny is gay

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Why did humans evolve to have sadness and depression? I don't understand the evolutionary benefit of being sad or depressed. The other two basic emotions like happiness and anger are there to reward good practices and to cause action, respectively. Being sad and depressed doesn't benefit humans at all. It just makes you feel like shit. And no, sadness isn't there to teach you about avoiding bad things. That is pain's job, which is a completely separate thing from being sad.
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>Life is good and death is bad.
Life is not the beginning, and death is not the end.
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propaganda from your parents doesn't count
Replies: >>134469
It's just platitudes anon, they don't mean anything.
>>134366 (OP) 
So u would an hero and make society thus more efficient once another loser is gone from the system. Also depressed people seek others, it makes one travel and breed.
Death isn't a problem since we all reincarnate anyways, ergo life is good and because death leads to a new life, death is also good. As far as Malthusianism goes, though, they're completely right. You can't have seven quadrillion niggers and chinks living in  squalor in slums and high-rises and say that's a good thing, which is exactly what's going to happen if the population continues growing as is.

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It's that time of year again!
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A dog is more useful than a wolf. Niggers are wolves with very litte, though SOME, neanderthal dna, meaning both are hybrids akin to the wolf vs dog analogy (meaning niggers are thus NOT pure). The less wolf you are the more modern, for better or worse. Asians have the most and Africans the least. Think about that. Flea bitten savage that cannot write vs the inventer  of a sewr, printing press, compass if I recall  gun powder, and ate really great at maths to this day and even look the most youthful of all breeds of men. They also require less food due to being smaller. 

blah blah and etc but in a gif  being homo erectus is for extinct retarded faggots kthx 4 being an aboriginal tier downie alcohol baby tier tripplenigger that will not see that neanderthals raping those weaklings createdthe first homo sapiens, later to become doubly wise, pale ones did anyway. Be 50percent as advanced, be 10x as likely to breaj laws. Be dumber and 200x as likely to get an aggrivated assualt charge as a white person..

i shant waste ib resources on low effort kike messages, i will just link images:


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Replies: >>134352
*asians have the most neanderthal genes

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And like all nigress they are better kept as slaves.
Replies: >>134468
would race mix / 10
>>133909 (OP) 
>at werk
>news letter hyperlink
<celebrating black history month all year!
>close window

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>get text from girl I haven't heard from in over a year
>"hey you alive? how are you?"
>reply I'm fine and ask how she is to be polite
>"<stupid bitch> is typing..." notification hangs for a whole 10 minutes
>finally get a fuckhuge wall of text where she details whatever sob story happened to her in the past year expecting me to give a fuck
but also
>ex emails me about some shit
>reply normally
>she gets triggered by whatever and sends me a fuckhuge wall of text where she calls me all sorts of names for no reason
>read the first few lines, get bored, reply without addressing any of it and tell her I wasn't gonna read
>she sends an even bigger one
why are women like this?
Replies: >>134390 >>134391
>>134386 (OP) 
>get text from girl
>getting any sort of attention from women at all
>ex emails me
>having past romantic experiences with anyone at all
even bigger normalfag
Replies: >>134398
>>134386 (OP) 
Fluoride, microplastics, and toxic feminism making them completely deranged.
Getting attention is not a sign of normalfaggotry, wanting it is.

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>abandon imageboards entirely for two months
>mood improves substantially
>huh maybe I was just using them too much I'll just look around real quick
>immediately fucking despise everything I see
>addicted again though
Never come back when you leave, it is always a mistake.
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One last bump to let you know the curse has been broken, fuck you niggers I would say see you in hell but I'm pretty sure finally abandoning the shitholes known as imageboards will earn me a ticket straight to heaven. Die slow.
tl;dr btw I bet this is some horseshit that could be summed up in a sentence.
Replies: >>134444
*normalfags are evil
Go to sleep niggerpill.
>Referencing Abrahamics
Anony, I...

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am not

I have a hunch he was behaving for quite a while until this post. Last few posts I could recognize as his from a year ago were starting to better both in form and content, so perhaps he finally adapted. Either that or he found another site where to dump his shit on.
Replies: >>134313
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>my shit

the whole internet is shit anony ergo i do not waste my time now that i have money as that means i have better shit to do anony get real plz XD my shit he says with his fall in line bullshit XDDDD
Replies: >>134316
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>i have better shit to do
I assume anything can be more worthwhile than filming your prolapsed anus on the Internet.
Replies: >>134337
Yet u ended up watchin it anony....surely u were not THAT bored....right? Surely one would  have SOMETHING better to do than watch something they hate.....that'd be like... talking about niggers or something when u h8 niggers....really innitiates my oriental tapeworms

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