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anal dilation is a sustainable way to train your girl

This hole won't hold back farts anymore ;-)
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What the fuck is wrong with its face?
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It's called being post pubescent after being also exposed to years of ((( sunlight ))). The wall is at the end of adolescence, 21ish. Look at her hands, she's probably 35 or something. 
>>94987 (OP) 
>braaaap memer
>is also retarded
Even if fisted they still hold in farts generally, you giant baka.
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It's not being stuffed with cock
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>Disgusting, ugly whores
Its ok I'm just as ugly as you are
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You do not understand.

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Having red hair and white skin is only kosher if you're jewish
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I want to see the shitpost that inspired that second picture.
30. And in another great lake, full of pitch and blood and mire bubbling up, there stood men and women up to their knees: and these were the ((( usurers ))) and ((( those who take interest on interest. ))) 

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Can we have a moment to talk about how Seagull is Kiimemaru and the entire site is compromised?
Today they added blacked.gov back into the webring too, we're being sold down the river anons. I'm out.
PS: he's been deleting everything exposing him on /v/
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holy shit, I didn't think it was that bad
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Meanwhile tvch is full of feds and homo mods, the place is dead without two or three anons posting there ever day.
>Trusting at Gahoole, the ugly son of a bitch hated by God.
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the bible says that men uncorrupted by women will be god's chosen warriors in the final days
I'd trust Gahoole with my life, he's a good Christian boy. The people he surrounds himself with, not so much.

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look for old gifs here: https://gifcities.org/
and post them ITT.
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The banana phone... you're not gonna answer?
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>>94794 (OP) 
The banana phone was ringing, so I handed it to Liz.  I said
>this isn't who it would be if it wasn't who it is
It's wofman's brother
Eats the best
Beats the rest
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uh oh
>>94794 (OP) 
Cellular, modular I.....i-interactevodular.... 

>is that a word...?
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It's interactiveodular.

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I'm thinking of hosting a LAN party and I got some snacks. Is it okay to put barbecue and sour cream & onion chips in the same bowl, or should I put them in separate bowls?
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It's alright, although I personally prefer salt and vinegar myself.
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What games are you going to be playing?
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I agree. Too sweet for a potato, that's a carb bomb to begin with, then it's too spicy, oddly spicier than even more hot food, for my intestines somehow. Sweet potato chips might work out better for a flavor like that, but oh well, we can hardly ever use sweet potatoes. That'd be healthier so no, course not. If they tried it people would start spamming open jawed memes I'm sure over it.
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>>94986 (OP) 
That sounds pretty fucking devious. My dad is a pretty big fan of sour cream and onion while my mother really like barbecue. I know if there were mixed together it would cause some conflict. Why exactly are you considering of throwing them all in the same bowl? Is it because you're trying to cut down on the dishes you need to wash or are you just trying to fuck with your guest?
Answering your question directly, I believe you should put the chips in separate bowl. You know, kind of like the various races; they preform better of if they are separated.
Salt and vinigger is pretty good. Been a while since I've had that.  I should pick some up at the store or better yet make some myself when I get a chance. 
>Too sweet for a potato
I agree, I have sensitive teeth and sometimes my own teeth hurt when I eat sweet things. What makes barbecue even worse for me is that sometimes the seasoning can bother my throat as well. As an amerifat, I have been to a restaurant here called "Famous Dave's" which has a lot of barbecue related food and one of the free appetizers they sometimes give you are these really great homemade kettle chips. They have this light dusting of barbecue seasoning and sometimes even are served with barbe
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Yeah, you're probably right.
Quake 1 with some maps I've downloaded.
Sadly by the time I finished setting the server up people had already started eating the chips before I could put them in a bowl. Sorry to disappoint.

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Lets do this!
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Don't you have to bitch about your shitposts and spam being deleted?
Replies: >>94982
Doesn’t exist.
Extremely dead. No future.
Good one, that actually got the mods mad 😂
You can tell these posters are mods by how unfunny they are (and how dead this place is).
Disregard my previous post. 
I love sucking cock 😉

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The next false flag will be centered on the premise of malicious interdiction of nuclear source materials.  It will not involve a nuclear device or nuclear detonation but rather a radiological threat. Nuclear source materials will be deliberately leaked to target areas to inflict severe injuries through radiation exposure. The real number of casualties as a result of these attacks will remain very low. The purpose is to create
a new method of restricting freedom of movement and new policies that will enable the government to continue it's expansion of power.  The media will display images of attack survivors  who will have burns and lesions across their skin. Videos depicting overwhelmed triage centers with
victims vomiting or otherwise unresponsive will be shared on social media. The threat of radiation exposure - an invisible enemy -  will be used as the primary vector. 

An application modeled after COVID contact tracing will be installed on every mobile device that uses iOS or Android. This application will serve to notify the user about potential hazardous exposure" and recommend actions they should take which include voluntary exposure testing. Additionally, cellular carriers will roll out automated SMS alerts that will have similar functionality.  This application will interface directly with the UICC on mobile devices. If the user does not have this application installed, network connectivity will be prohibited.  New  policy will grant governmental agencies further access to metadata and geolocation data on every platform. Included in these policies will be backdoor legislation that bans the use of end-to-end encryption. This legislation will be identical in nature to the recently introduced S.3538 EARN IT act. 

These attacks will be localized to a specific region. Triage centers will be setup in the affected areas through the deployment of the National Guard and coordinating members such as FEMA. These triage centers will see moderate traffic. The narrative will continues longer than any possible threat. 
Despite offering no protection or even relevancy against a radiological threat you will see another wave of people wearing cotton surgical masks in not just the target areas but the entire United States.

There will be severe disruptions to the Internet through the use of addition rather than negation. Alternative sources of information will become overwhelmed with 
content generated by convolutional neural networks that support the narrative or uses a carefully crafted opposition. Platforms that are incompatible with this system will be suppressed entirely on the infrastructure level. There will be organic service disruptions as a result of excess traffic.

Videos will surface showing these triage centers empty with the personnel staffing them idle. This will threaten the narrative. The control of information is required for the campaign to be successful.
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>Departments Homeland Security and Emergency Management Media HSEM, NNSA, working with federal, state, and local partners, to hold major radiological incident exercise in Austin May 16-20 

>Simulated media is a part of the training at the #CobaltMagnet22 radiological exercise in @VisitAustinTX. An @argonne @PASTFusionCell gets answers by asking tough questions about this simulated event. #CM22
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"Monkeypox" is no more a test run to record and analyze the transit of information. How quickly can a narrative be sustained?
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I wouldn't be surprised by a lot of this, and made a similar prediction on sportschanarino about a year ago but I'd have expected it to have happened by now
Also, you're vastly overestimating the competence of the government
>If the user does not have this application installed, network connectivity will be prohibited.
Doubt they'd be able to do this successfully
>These attacks will be localized to a specific region. Triage centers will be setup in the affected areas through the deployment of the National Guard and coordinating members such as FEMA. These triage centers will see moderate traffic. The narrative will continues longer than any possible threat. Despite offering no protection or even relevancy against a radiological threat you will see another wave of people wearing cotton surgical masks in not just the target areas but the entire United States.
Localized entirely to the US?

Anyway yurope literally couldn't afford to play these sorts of games, is a national-scale hoax even viable considering lack of information control?
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Nothing new under the sun.

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im sad
Replies: >>94972
what's wrong, mein fuhrer?
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>>94970 (OP) 
Take it easy, Anon.

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