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What is /liberty/'s ideal currency? Is it gold, silver, or perhaps something else all together? What does /liberty/ think of 1930's germany tying their money to labor? Is barter superior to currency?
License Plate Surveillance, Courtesy of Your Homeowners Association

Flock Safety works with police to market scanners to hundreds of private community groups — which have no privacy safeguards.

At a city council meeting in June 2021, Mayor Thomas Kilgore, of Lakeway, Texas, made an announcement that confused his community.

“I believe it is my duty to inform you that a surveillance system has been installed in the city of Lakeway,” he told the perplexed crowd.

Kilgore was referring to a system consisting of eight license plate readers, installed by the private company Flock Safety, that was tracking cars on both private and public roads. Despite being in place for six months, no one had told residents that they were being watched. Kilgore himself had just recently learned of the cameras.

“We find ourselves with a surveillance system,” he said, “with no information and no policies, procedures, or protections.”

The deal to install the cameras had not been approved by the city government’s executive branch.

Instead, the Rough Hollow Homeowners Association, a nongovernment entity, and the Lakeway police chief had signed off on the deal in January 2021, giving police access to residents’ footage. By the time of the June city council meeting, the surveillance system had notified the police department over a dozen times.

“We thought we were just being a partner with the city,” Bill Hayes, the chief operating officer of Legend Communities, which oversees the Rough Hollow Homeowners Association, said at the meeting. “We didn’t go out there thinking we were being Big Brother.”

Lakeway is just one example of a community that has faced Flock’s surveillance without many homeowners’ knowledge or approval. Neighbors in Atlanta, Georgia, remained in the dark for a year after cameras were put up. In Lake County, Florida, nearly 100 cameras went up “overnight like mushrooms,” according to one county commissioner — without a single permit.


Flock Safety, which began as a startup in 2017 in Atlanta and is now valued at approximately $3.5 billion, has targeted homeowners associations, or HOAs, in partnership with police departments, to become one of the largest surveillance vendors in the nation. There are key strategic reasons that make homeowners associations the ideal customer. HOAs have large budgets — they collect over $100 billion a year from homeowners — and it’s an opportunity for law enforcement to gain access into gated, private areas, normally out of their reach.

Over 200 HOAs nationwide have bought and installed Flock’s license plate readers, according to an Intercept investigation, the most comprehensive count to date. HOAs are private entities and therefore are not subject to public records requests or regulation.


In generating partnerships with private neighborhoods, however, police capitalize on a loophole in law: getting around restrictions on data collection. In Washington state, where it’s illegal to track plates, HOAs like Alder Meadow, in a wealthy Seattle suburb, share their access to the technology with local police. And since Fourth Amendment privacy rules do not apply to private citizens, HOA boards are not subject to any oversight.
Howdy fellow autists (auatrians)! Dont normally post in liberty boards but this one seems nice and has some non-retarded people so ill give it a shot.

Let's stop infighting and making the same theoretical arguments over and over again and discuss something new. There is enough theory already! Let us discuss ancap praxis; how should freedom best be achieved...

The greatest failure of modern lolbertarianism has been its utter lack of any practical means to establiah freedom. Rothbard himself had lots of failed aliances, Hoppe had a few, Rand was Rand. Now everything has stagnated and all iq has been deposited into intellectual boomer circlejerks in Mises Institute and the PFS, who's only purpose is to ejaculate this autismo economics onto young impressionable college students. They have never even heard of Monero! All the cool edgy kids now read Moldbug instead.

What we want is one single free community! Afterwards land can be purchased from neighbouring states, thats not a big concern after sovergnty is established. But how has libertarianism existed for this long without a single successful experiment? 69 years after the communisy manifesto we got the bolshevik revolution. Its been 50 years since For a New Liberty, and what have we got to show for it? Free state project and the crypto grifters and larpers in liberland? When Brazil is driving the movement, you know its bad.

Here is my promt for a productive discussion: what are in your opinion the most feasable strategies for liberty in our lifetime? The aim is for a stable and ultraconservative, homogeneous community, with posibility for future territorial expansion. No retarded larps of liberland or seasteading or mars or muh online communities. I will list some good and bad strategies for you to rank. Motivate your rankings!

National libertarian party politics
Gun proliferation
Ghost guns
Digital freedom/copyleft movement
Underground militias
Vote with ones feet
Homesteading unclaimed land
Declaring a micronation
Ideological debate and discourse
Local politics
Self-sufficiency and owning land
Getting hella buff and picking fights with antifa
Uniting with ethnonationalists
Muh states rights
Debating glowies and bots on discord and /pol/
Forcing your friends to read Rothbard
Monero & cryptocurrency
Im sure i forgot some

Have fun! I will come back eventually with my thoughts and write essays on some of these. Eventually that can be turned into a book, that would be cool.
Discussion: Spotting Closet Socialists

We identify various defining characteristics in the socialist. He deeply suppresses his innate tribalism and believes all peoples are equal and entitled in his country. He perceives himself as a lowly member of the working class. He is being held down by the man: a fabulously rich business exec who chainsmokes cigars. Charity is a moral necessity. The poor are due their hand-outs as compensation from the "exploitative" bourgeoisie. He throws "fascist" around as an epithet for all those who dare to speak out in the sake of preserving their own culture.

He is an egalitarian, a victim, a comrade, he is "proletariat" (Starbucks™), "anti-fascist," a Californian: he is the closet socialist.

How can we spot these people in our day-to-day lives so that we can avoid them?
Why did libertarianism die so fucking hard since '08?
Are the Austrian and Chicago schools friends or enemies? I know Rothbard hated Friedman but Rothbard hated everyone.
Just to let you know that I love you guys. Capitalism ho motherfuckers.
Murray Rothbard 100 GET
Let this board have its 100th post dedicated to one of the most influential and beloved Economist and philosopher who advanced the liberty worldwide.
The primary objective of any anarchistic minded individual is the elimination of the state. While there are multiple manners by which to move toward, and ultimately achieve, such a goal, the suffocation of the state by means of denying it its filthy stolen fiat seems to be one of the most practical and potentially most effective courses of action for the individual. Though the state now appears nakedly willing to simply fabricate whatever fiat it requires or desires, the reduction of costs to the individual when not paying the state at every turn is still beneficial to the anarchistic individual. Therefore the utilization of the grey and black markets appear imperative for individuals, and ultimately for larger groups of like minded individuals. Such participation in said markets is what is known as agorism.
>how do i into agorism 
Don't give the state no fuckin money dipshit.
>but how???
When your neighbor, friend, or family member need help that they're willing to pay for simply ask to be paid in shiny rocks, digital currency, or if absolutely necessary, cold hard fiat. Regularly seek smaller local markets and sniff out if there are any that don't chew boot leather for lunch, pay them for goods you need tax free with the above mentioned currencies shiny rocks, crypto, fiat. You may also inquire if they are in need of work that you can perform in your spare time as a trade for goods.
>are regulated or unregulated currencies the only way to participate in the agora (market)?
Of course not. Simple trade of anything, for instance a screwdriver for a hammer, is full participation in the agorist market. Another example would be me trading being a fag for making this OP.
>are anarchists the only ones who could benefit from the agora?
Of course not. In fact, any and every individual or group that wishes for the end of their state, regardless of their reason, equally benefits from such a practice. Yes, even those who desire total state authority, yet wish for the end of the state that currently exists, benefit. The wonderful thing about agorism is that it allows people with polar opposite views and wants to join together in the common goal of bringing an end to the current state. Yes, fascists and communists, monarchists and chaotic anarchists, all share the desire of the current state. Its total elimination.
>so only statist faggot cocksuckers would be against agora? why would anyone other than centrist pussies not engage in agora?
The only people that would stand against agora are those that wish for the current state to continue unabated. These are either those that have simply bought into the current state and its myriad of lies, or those that pretend to hold views contrary to the state yet are either too afraid of their side ultimately losing the battles of minds and might or are outright chickenshit pretenders who like rebelling on the Internet with the political thing they just learned from someone else. Perhaps too dull to actually understand politic in the first place.

Proofreading is like taxes - I dont.
I've never considered myself explicitly Libertarian, I am a strange sort of hybrid that is probably absurdly contradictory and hypocritical in more ways than I realize. I think that unless the state can exert absolute 100% control over something it should be privatized or the state shouldn't be involved with it in any way. It's about finding a balance between not letting the government fuck you over and not letting corps fuck you over either.
Another idea is that people should have the choice on what taxes they want to pay and where the money goes. Your tax form has a long series of checkboxes where you want to pay your taxes, such as waterworks, sewer, emergency services, roads, etc., and if you pay your taxes voluntarily for that service then you can use that service, because a lot of people pay taxes for services they never use or can't use. Social security and medicare can be included in this as well, teach people to invest their own money their way instead of relying on the gubmint to do it for them, while also depriving boomers of their golden parachute.
What's everyone's opinion on libertarian-(esque) projects such as Liberland, various seasteading projects such as Atlas Island, and free private cities like Liberstad? Do any of you guys plan on moving to these places when they are finished?

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