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Why did libertarianism die so fucking hard since '08?
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Where did all the libertarians on the internet go?
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>Why did libertarianism die so fucking hard since '08?
What do you mean by "die so fucking hard"?
Discord and Telescam.
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All it's proponents graduated from high school.
>>127 (OP) 
Nobody is obliged to defend a statement you just made up.
>>127 (OP) 
Because most high-school libertines have an incredibly basic understanding and are easily swayed away by propaganda and populism? This is why the "libertarian - altright" pipeline exists at all. Many people were self-declared libertarians after listening to Ron Paul a few times, but never understood the moral, let alone epistemological rationale behind free markets and private property.

Unsurprisingly, a person with surface level understanding of their own ideology will easy be fooled by a charismatic source, life situations, or ecochambers. That is how a movement dies. By people being pragmatic, aesthetics chasing, optics concerned faggots. Ironically we are seeing a resurgence in that aspect with twitter "Hoppeans" (ironically most of them never read Hoppe, or even other authors in the Austrian school) and "paleolibertarians", who know make up what most people believe libertarianism is, which is another term of MAGA. And no, I'm not kidding. Go on Reddit, Discord, Twitter and talk with some real hard normies. They will tell you that libertarians vote republican, love guns, and closed borders.

This is nothing new. Liberalism was destroyed the same way during the early 20th century, and actual liberal positions were overshadowed and forced to be rebranded as "classical-liberals". So I expect libertarians will have to find a new name. Voluntarism seems nice to be honest, and emphasizes that the actual movement values self-ownership and voluntary exchange over slavery and violence.

And this is EXACTLY why I hate politics. Fucking naming. Every single time, instead of discussing policy or positions, people get stuck up on how stuff is called and use circular logic to circle jerk. Well OF COURSE capitalism is going to be fascism if you DEFINE IT that way, no fucking argument there whatsoever. Or look at US politics right now. Most people are concerned with Trump's personal matters (no impact on actual politics), Joe's behavior (again, not politics), or DeSantis' laugh (still nothing to do with politics). Even considering that politics is a sad circus for crimes, this is just too detached. At that point have the powerball elect the next president.

So this, this is why the movement died. Because modern politics and ideologies are a giant fucking joke, while libertarianism is the only thing in this world that offers actual answers, but that would go against the act of being a circus.
Cryptocurrencies and tech-savvy places. Or rather, those areas cultivate libertarian ethics. Two people with the same computer produce vastly different quality and quality of output. So Labor Theory of Value is a no-go already. Genuine cryptocurrencies permit all transactions as an axiom and cut out third parties, so economic regulation or state regulated monetary policy is a no-go,
Obviously, there are countless exceptions, you cannot group people in just like this. This is why Marxist class analysis fails. But personally, I have seen AI and cryptocurrency and other "freedom tech" if you wanna call it that, cultivate a sort of "silent majority closeted libertarian". If you wanna meet other libertarians online, out of the context of edgy teens ideology jumping, go to any community discussing technology that incorporates freedom as a fundamental axiom for it to function. There won't be that much, but it will be way higher than if you went to your local worker union or library.
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