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Welcome to /liberty/. This board is home to all discussion of libertarianism and economics.

1. Adhere to global rules.
2. Keep discussion on-topic: economics, politics, memes.
3. Low-quality posts will be deleted.
4. Namefagging will get you banned.
5. /liberty/ is a SFW board. Spoiler all NSFW content.

Complementary helicopter rides are available for visiting lefties.
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>>10 (OP) 
This thread is also a good place to discuss board aesthetics. Custom CSS and banner suggestions go here.
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Did you come from an imageboard that died or are you so naive to think a following for /liberty/ is just going to poof out of nowhere and post on your board? Or do you think that zzzchan's current userbase would all jump on the idea of /liberty/ so quickly? No trolling intended, just really curious why you think this board is necessary
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The /liberty/ board on 8chan was usually active and there used to be a /liberty/ board on the webring. No idea what happened to it, I think the site that hosted it went down.
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Hail and well-met to our brethren of /liberty/! It's nice to see you fags again.
Checking in. Never went to any of the libertarian boards on cripplechan but will post on here.
is libertarian gay?
8chan died back in 2019. It's 2023. There is not a chance the userbase will ever return, you find yourself in the exact same boat as /fascist/, but without the christcuck witchhunting.
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Hello /liberty/! It's been a hot minute since I've used this board but I'm glad to see you back on the web ring. Does /liberty/ still exist on I can spread the good word that across here to tell everyone that our favorite autistic private property lovers are back in action.
I don't know if you've been to /fascist/ since then but they've definitely evolved beyond christian witchhunts, although in my opinion, it's not for the better.
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What is this board? Is it just to leash in failed normies so they don't go the way of the noticer. 
Fascist died in 2022, nothing even matches the activity it had then.
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I remember this board from 8chan. Fuck the 2016 elections.
I was thinking, my beliefs are sort of a strange syncretic mix of /liberty/, /monarchy/ and /fascist/. i.e., nationalist, distributist Jeffersonianism with a semi-meritocratic nobility  Has that happened to any of you anons?
Arguably /fascist/ died with the death of 16chan, since that was the last place where there was any coherent, decent discussion to be had, before it disintegrated into purely being "Christcucks bad" they are, but that's besides the point, "muh Ethnoglobe" and just being an Aryan version of /fringe/. No ideological discussion about fascism itself, no discussion about cool shit like architecture or philosophical questions about futurism or primitivism, just that garbage.
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>Has that happened to any of you anons?
In a way, it has. I'll go ahead and explain my thought process on this.

So, in any transaction, voluntary or not, there is an implied contract. Voluntarists will kvetch and say, "I didn't sign any piece of paper," but implied contracts are everywhere in a society: from honest, hard-working people who do any kind of business with another in an unofficial capacity, to when thieves steal from others (i.e. retribution). Individual and State transact with one another on a daily basis. The question regarding this tacit agreement between individual and State is, if the individual, in using the goods and services the State provides them, by calling emergency services or using The Roads™, steals from the State. Or, does the State steal from the individual through its mandatory collection of taxation? Then, whom, under Libertarian restitution theory of property/theft, is indebted to the other. Do I owe the state compensation, or does the State owe me?
As an anarchist, I believe that taxation is theft. Therefore, the State, being a tax estate, as long as it exists and I live within it, owes me my claim in its assets and, by extension, owes me the preservation of my claim. This means the State has a duty, before doing anything else with its stolen funds, to fund a military, to protect the stolen assets from larger States. It owes it to me to import higher-skilled immigrants as opposed to lower-skilled immigrants, who will also have a claim in the estate, as to not detract from the value of the estate. This also means that the State should protect its assets, like public parks, from, say, vandalism. These are all reasonable positions for an anarchist to hold regarding the State's duties.

I recently read "Industrial Society and Its Future," by Ted Kaczynski. Its a good read for an anarchist. Mr. Kaczynski's position is commonly known as "anarcho-primitivism." To me, anarcho-primitivism is not an anarchist school of thought or philosophy, its a strategy to achieve a stateless society. It is recognizing that "large-scale technologies," such as the internet, the military-industrial complex, and their supply chains are what support the continued existence of the State. My conclusion, after reading his work, is that in order to abolish the State, Industrial-Technological Society, the "large-scale technologies" described by Mr. Kaczysnki, need to be torn down.
In reading his work, I have lost significant faith in the anarchist cause. I am one of the people who benefits most from the Industrial-Technological system and the State that it's supporting. I will one day work in Silicon Valley, (which, coincidentally, enjoys substantial economic support from the U.S. government) and I can't support destroying the system that benefits someone like me most of all.

So, to answer your question: yes, this too has happened to me. My political position went from anarchism to that an aristocratic minarchy is ideal. This is optimal autism.
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