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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

(219.5KB, 640x640)
Monkey's Paw Edition
What we know so far:

Bad news:
>Unreal Engine 4
>The entire trailer and all the screenshots were in-engine, but not in-game. So everything was pre-rendered and then edited. Actual game won't look anywhere near this good
>XBAWX launch, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is not a PC-focused anymore
>Sergei is still leading the project
>Nobody knows when the game will release, 2021 was confirmed to be a meme

Good news:
>Dmitriy Iassenev, the guy who created A-Life, has returned to GSC and is part of the dev team

That's all we know so far. So let's talk about mods instead. What are you playan?
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I'm not sure if this is on-topic, but is the new metro exodus good?
Replies: >>39588
(681.1KB, 625x1250)
Not really.
>stealth system broken mostly because of maps being too open (yeah, I said it) and enemy AI being unpredictable
>long ass loading times, even on SSD
>have to edit the .cfg file to change FOV and shit like that
>everything takes to long, from animations to mono/dialogues
>you get stuck in cutscenes for so long and so often that you learn to hate each and every character you come across, especially your girlfriend. Example:
-locked in cutscene, she keeps babbling on about something you really don't care about
-you're both on a tram or a lift or whatever
-she's still fucking talking
-you try to look around at the scenery, but she literally pulls your face towards her
-oh shit something's happening
-you look at the thing that's happening and half a second later she says "Artyon, a thing is happening!"
-your view is forced on her again as she babbles on "Omigod arteeyowm! A thing is happening! It was foretold by the ancient sewer sniffers of the yesteryear, before the bombs feel, when life was good, but maybe it wasn't, why would the bombs have fallen in the first place, that this thing could happen and it did, it does, it still is happening, let's see if I'll be able keep talking through the entire thing oh no artyom I've been kidnapped yet again, do something oops all your medpacks are now gone because story mode haha" as the camera keeps yanking back and forth, so real

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>The in-game explanation is that people brought them into the Zone and then died there. These people had them because the Zone disproportionately attracts people who think they know how to fight. Those particular people tended to have "rare" guns because, like in most game universes, rare guns are better than common ones, and people who know how to fight know they need to have the "best" gun they can get their hands on.
Or mercs brought them in and died, since many mercs are just western government black ops. Ditto Freedom is covertly supported by western governments vs Duty by the Ukranian and at the time indirectly the Russian government. Weirdly Monolith also seems to have a lot of connections that can get them high-end western gear.
>get BTFO
<h-heh, well the fact that you actually did that means i didn't just embarrass myself, y-you faggot! checkmate!

(937.5KB, 1920x1080)
(304.5KB, 1920x1080)
Didn't see one in the catalog, and I feel like it didn't fit in the Strategy thread.
Last one I played was Citystate, and while I thought it was pretty interesting I couldn't really get too into it.
Was Tropico 6 any good? I remember having good experiences with 4 and 5 (haven't played 3) and have been itching to pick one of those up recently.
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How come Sonic the Hedgehog never got a fast-paced open world metroidvania?
Replies: >>39442 >>39532
With the amount of fan games out there I would be surprised if there wasn't one.
Those games are about gaining power or, at least, new exploration abilities as the game progresses. Old school Sonic didn't lend himself well to new powers except in between games. What would the plot be? The only way Sonic can (progress through the level) to (save the day/reach his friends in danger/chase Robotnik) is by slowly allowing himself to be partially roboticized so that he can (walk up magnetic walls/grapple beam/pass through spikes/breathe lava)? Or pull some kind of Clash at Demonhead thing and have him just get a small suite of "powers" as the game goes on, but still have the game be almost strictly a platformer? You'd almost have to give him a gimmick and then improve on the gimmick rather than improving Sonic himself. The Castlevania games of that type worked because they dealt with new protagonists that could have brand new power sets without clashing badly with the old canon. Now, Sonic lore is kind of a clusterfuck, so perhaps it doesn't matter if he goes full Mario and gets some bizarre new set of power for just one game, but maybe Sega or Sonic Team didn't think that would be received well--but then again, we had the Werehog and that kind of thing.
Replies: >>39559
>is by slowly allowing himself to be partially roboticized
I get that people seem to think that xtreme/spinball imply SEGA actually intended to have satam have games; but both of those games notably even when they did have those features never brought up stuff that doesn't actually work with the games. It was "robot batteries" from the start.
The only one that wasn't just trying to port characters was a pitch that drastically changed very quickly into sonic xtreme, it wasn't exactly well known outside of burgerland and its simply more efficient to stick to the games. Spinball has its weird inbetween eggman for a reason.

As a fun fact, X-treme did at one point have a game concept involving powering up sonic; it wasn't the one that nearly made it but it existed. It was "You can go to the final level but  the other levels if completed power up sonic(and the final boss)" if i remember the concept right.

From a technical point of view, classic sonic  has the option of "tying" abilities to a random set of emeralds he just can lose offscreen for the next game. Or to make it that you unlock characters during the process of the game and make those switchable at will.
At this point yeah, sonic has an inconsistent moveset anyway so him gaining moves and losing them is standard. Though i don't think people would have really flinched original sonic suddenly swapping powers eith
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>replying to bait

(1.6MB, 723x1024)
Let's talk about the state of MMO's.Try to keep discussion centered around either free games, private servers, and open source projects for anon accessibility.

PSO2 NA dropped onto steam after its hilariously buggy microjew store launch. But on steam it's region locked to north americans and doesn't seem bypassable, whereas if you get it from the microjew store you can get it even as a euro as long as you switch your PC's region to NA.
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(241.6KB, 664x646)
I don't know what's worse, being autistic enough to think that it's physically impossible for rules to be broken by mods, or being ignorant enough to think that a kike would ever respect a rule that was inconvenient for him.
>Mods can no longer ban what they consider is shitposting, has to follow a static list which is clearly defined and available to all
The problem is that this is impractical when you scale it up. Even if you could effectively fully define things like shitposting, off-topic political posts and derailing you run the risk of making your definitions too wide and catching legitimate posts under it or preventing 'natural' changes in topic during a thread.
>Basically, objectivity is key
This part is true though: rules must be applied to everyone equally and consistently.
>and any rule that is subjective and open to interpretation can be abused 
As said previously it's just impractical to have completely concrete rules not just in the context of an imageboard but looking at real life societies. The best you can ask for is to make them as specific as possible, to have the enforcers explain their interpretations when they produce questionable results/be open to changing the rules when a specific issue is found and eventually to have the conviction to walk away when enforcement is clearly becoming too arbitrary and no reasonable path exists to fix that problem. We can no longer, sadly, make our own societies but we sure as shit can go make our own imageboards when nece
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(28.1KB, 880x496)
I had some reservations but now I'm fully convinced. 
Watch, Anonymous, as I unmask the Jew here:
Hi, Eden!
I hope you get banned! Every thread you're in you go out of your way to rile up meta and drama shittery.
If you want more reasons to hate 8chan, go to /v/ and open up all the pictures in the most recent gamergate thread.
Rule 8 is what Mark uses at will. He uses the words “offtopic” and “derail” as his clay to shape to his liking

(1MB, 1813x937)
(1.5MB, 1735x951)
(1.1MB, 1740x970)
(800.9KB, 1750x944)
(1.3MB, 1729x941)
A late build from December 1st 2000 of Dinosaur Planet got leaked 4 days ago: https://archive.vn/ECoKj
I just finished playing most of. I haven't played Star Fox Adventures so I can't make a direct comparison but I thought this build was pretty fun. It's around an hour long so you should give it a try. The game looks pretty good for an N64 game too. It reminds me to Majora's Mask and Jet Force Gemini graphically. It's a shame we'll never get old Rareware back. Also you might want to experiment when emulating it. Project64 gave me graphical issues. Retroarch with Mupen64Plus core worked for me well enough aside from some menu issues. I got a bit of a slowndown but I think that's inevitable right now and it's not a game breaker.
Replies: >>39493
A bit suprising that Rare already started adding Star Fox stuff when the game was still on the N64, I was under the impression the conversion to Star Fox Adventures didn't start until the game's 2001 cancellation and subsequent porting effort to the Gamecube.
Replies: >>39487
Ehh the way it was described always came off as being around the N64 era.
If it wasn't a starfox game it never would have attempted a console shift.
>>39479 (OP) 
>archiving a twitter post instead of the archive.org URL in the twitter thread
Faggotry, but I'll allow it given how crazy this find is.  This is really, really cool.

(93.6KB, 1200x450)
There was some interest in the RPG thread so the idea is to choose a RPG game to play together, depending of the lenght of the game we would reach a milestone every month.
The objective is to talk about games while playing them together.Poll closes friday and you can add games you want,the same day an installer/rom will be provided.
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(316KB, 320x240, 00:05)
Nigger we have a general rpg thread to talk about other games, talk about parasite eve here or fuck off.
How long do we have to finish Eve? The end of the month or 30 days from when the links >>38352 were posted? I don't have any way to play audio right now so I simply cannot allow myself to play any new games.
Replies: >>39367
20th of march,then i'll make a new thread.
>at dog
>no urge to go further
Guess I'll let it sit a week then try again. Its not bad though.
Replies: >>39470
There's plenty of times so anons don't feel the need to rush it.

(20.3KB, 480x360)
(103KB, 500x315)
Has any of you faggots watched any of these? There's a lot of them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_television_series_based_on_video_games 
Some I never even heard about like a Rayman 3D cartoon and a PaRappa the Rapper anime. The only vidya based cartoons I watched are Earthwome Jim and a few of the Sonic and Mario cartoons. Also that Kirby anime. I kind of want to make my way through that list now. How many shows of that list have you watched, anon?
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Replies: >>39385 + 4 earlier
(14.7KB, 225x205)
>Mostly unrelated to the actual games.
J.D. Morrison's first appearance was in the anime and he was white in it.
Replies: >>39286
That's why I said mostly, it borrows elements from the game but everything is a little bit off, it's not as offensive as DmC but it's kinda like DMC2, it's called DMC, it has Dante in it and a few other relevant things but really doesn't feel the same.

In contrast for example Bayonetta Bloody Fate, which is another one that's omitted in that list keeps the tone of the game, mostly, just with heavy tweaks to the story.
>Halo Legends
Reminds me, I watched Halo: Forward Unto Dawn when that came out. Was pretty good until Mister Chef showed up. It's a good setting he's just the worst protagonist in FPSs.
They're also producing a new TV show show just called Halo, coming to Showtime sometime this year supposedly.
Replies: >>39385 >>39415
(44KB, 491x414)
(72.8KB, 440x640)
(102.9KB, 600x457)
>>39024 (OP) 
I've been watching the 2003 version of ninja turtles with my younger brother. I guess in this case it's more of a vidya based on a cartoon but it's still good. The art style has a really edgy the badass kind of edgy to the stupid gay edgy early 2000's feel to it and the artstyle reminds me of a good combination of classic western comic books and anime. 
I don't mean to go off topic here, but why exactly do you believe mister chef to be a bad protagonist? In many ways he's like doom guy from the first 2 doom games, He does have an interesting back story and even his own personality but you don't need to know that to play as him. If anything, the original bungie devs intended mister chef just to be a suit of armor that the player could self insert into, much like what ID intended to do with doom guy.

I'm not calling you wrong or stupid or anything like that for holding a different opinion, I'm more curious as to why you hold your opinion.
Replies: >>39415
Would love to see a Halo show about culinary, with Master Chief as the host, now called Mister Cheff.

(19.6KB, 790x607)
(12.5KB, 769x436)
(384KB, 960x544, 00:06)
It's pretty simple: you draw shapes and see how they'd float as icebergs. So far the weirdest things I've made are a straight line that somehow floats straight up and this weird, thin fucker that's been vibrating for almost  twenty minutes since I made it.
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>being a TORpedo
>trying to act smug or superior
not even once
Replies: >>39395
(439.4KB, 561x592)
>having your IP logged
>being CIA nigger's pet
>not knowing this is a tor board and even the owners use tor
>jim spent 50k on keeping us alive
I wonder if he's making any return on this investment.
Replies: >>39404 >>39405
(6KB, 928x52)
He definitely gained some profit from selling data to feds. The Qboomer data probably sells like hot cakes.

(1.1MB, 2400x3420)
(162.7KB, 1500x561)
(982.5KB, 2297x930)
(552.3KB, 4610x2338)
(11.2MB, 960x540, 02:13)
Since I consider this a substantial portion of the hobby, I think it's only suitable for us to have a thread about video editing and sharing.
Now I'm no pro at cutting and pasting shit, but I do have some experience with this stuff, so I'll be sharing whatever little knowledge I have with the rest of you. Secondly, I will use this thread to announce any of my possible streams I (or anyone else might) do, because I legitimately don't like to flaunt my stream links on different threads, always feels like I'm namefagging or something to that effect.
Speaking off effects, I highly recommend any aspiring video artists (read: newfags) of video editing software to focus on everything OTHER than effects. This a rabbit hole that will take you to the deepest street shitting corners of youtube and general web if you wish to learn what is possible with proper knowledge of these fiddly beasts. For now just repeat the old mantra Less is More. You've still got intros, timing, cuts, length and a shitload of other things to worry about. Don't lose the forest for the trees.
>Which program should I use?
The two most known commercial giants are Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. They both function mostly the same, but from my experience Vegas is a tad less RAM hungry. Pics related are the keyboard shortcuts for each, you will learn to both love and hate them Redo is bound to Ctrl+Shift+Z in Premiere instead of the 
Message too long. View the full text
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>see I told you someone would call me out on my effeminate snarks
They day this stops happening "every time without fail" will be a sad day.
Replies: >>39335 >>39336
Its not my fault you are a whiny faggot who can't help but bitch at everything he doesn't like. Last (you) from me.
There is literally one(1) instance of the phrase "unpopular opinion" in this thread, schizo.
Replies: >>39338
It's impressive your reading comprehension is this bad.
Replies: >>39340
Post your tits with a timestamp.

(136.3KB, 649x831)
(2.5MB, 1280x8399)
(61.9KB, 756x1200)
(331.4KB, 1749x1656)
(818KB, 2058x2495)
>what's this?
A thread for the organization and development of a VN with minor puzzle/adventure game elements starring Libbie the Cyber Oryx.  Some people in the other Libbie thread (>>13354) had thought it would be fun to make our own game with her, since she's an open source character.  A bit of rudimentary planning later, and here we are.

>what will the game be like?
A simple, short puzzle/adventure game presented like a VN and inspired by old Flash adventure/"sim" games.  We'll be working in Ren'py, and the game will mostly be slice-of-life comedy and light romance.

>furfags reee

>you're doomed
We have an artist, a writer, a fairly simple coding language, and a clear goal.  I think our chances are pretty good, all things considered.

>what do you have so far?
Premise/character summary will be in the following posts.
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(227.9KB, 1512x3780)
Good news:
- I have the script for the encounter with Kiki
- I have the outline for day 2 (see attached image)

Bad news:
- I don't have the script for day 2.

Sorry about this one, guys.  I've just been busy with a slew of extremely annoying real life problems.  I hope the script with Kiki counts for something, and I'll try to have the day 2 script done within the next 2 weeks, so by March 8th.  As always, if you have a sweet idea that you want me to write, I'm all ears.

I have updated the CryptPad document with the new script changes.  Changelog for v2:
- Updated day 1, scene 2, so that Libbie doesn't explicitly state Kiki has been disassembled.
- Added day 1, scene 6.1: Anon meets Kiki.
Replies: >>39109 >>39317
I forgot to include another link to the day 1 script: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/v3vm6xLX-a-SkuiJ-hX-AjNAfqCyI0NJ9ZO0EswlXpI/
(109.1KB, 850x1224)
How about this design? Or does the other one look better?

Take your time, don't worry about it.
Replies: >>39324
I definitely prefer that one.  It looks sharper, which is closer both to how Tyson designed her and to how fanartists tend to draw her.
Replies: >>39325
Her left eye is QUALITY, though.

(103.7KB, 610x763)
(342.6KB, 900x630)
(194KB, 1024x640)
In the spirit of Berserk since a new chapter just dropped, and it's atrocious so please do not actually read it, who are some characters who did, unequivocally, absolutely everything wrong? Let's get the most obvious candidate out of the way.
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>Lisa on the other hand, everything is awful completely on purpose.
Including the gameplay?
(50KB, 175x273)
(145.7KB, 434x470)
(75.3KB, 150x297)
(70.7KB, 180x270)
Replies: >>39288
(332.6KB, 640x720)
>K1, delicious, Reina, Shion
>not Rika or Ahoko
What did he mean by this?
Replies: >>39298 >>39299
yes rika and sakoto and hanyuu as well while your at it. Everyone in this game is a fucking idiot.
Do not call her Reina you stupid fucking nigger faggot.

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