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Last one hit the bump limit.
View the spoilers at your own risk.

I need a new PC, post some ~2k builds
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bumping with some OC gore from my previous job that i posted in local terrorist's stream yesterday
Replies: >>185474
in order
>dried cat piss on macbook, other guy cleaned it spotless with alcohol but it was too late
>boomer that wanted to destroy the data on his old PC, so he thought the best way to go about this was to rip the socket, CPU, and heatsink from the board and cut some random power cables. drives were untouched
>brilliant display of HP's battery quality control
>hoorah marine thinking he knows how to build a PC, screwed down the NVMe without the riser. it still worked.
Replies: >>185475
Was the computer full of CP?
Replies: >>185479
no it was full of dust and cobwebs
Anybody knows if simplix is still working?
I tried dragging and dropping the W7 Enterprise ISO on it and it wont recognize it.

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 Starts at 7PM PST/10PM EST  
It's a late night Jackbox stream with /v/! Head over to https://cytu.be/r/Jackbox1 to watch the stream and join the game with a room code at jackbox.tv or go to wordsgame.lol for Use Your Words

What's the Jackbox Party Packs?
The Jackbox Party Packs are games in which you can play with 
people in a single room or stream them live with others around the world. They can range to coming up with witty punchlines and jokes in Quiplash, creating strange T-shirts in TeeKO or wondering what the prompt is in Drawful!
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Great Job Job Round. Next game's
Champ'd Up
Room code: SGWF
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And it's over.
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That was a great round

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Is it me or are high-scores mostly forgotten about in the modern age of story-based, third-person, over-the-shoulder emotional guilt-trips?
Arcade games obviously still retain those to compete with other 1cc autists, but most other games either use points to upgrade your character or don't use them at all. Is it because there are better/different ways now to track ones progress through a game?
Interesting manuals seem to have disappeared as well. Even in boxed copies you rarely find anything more than a steam key and a reminder to update your DirectX.
What I miss the most though are finished games being shipped on release day. Instead we get this drip feed of constant updates, fixes and revisions that don't deserve to be sold as a product.

Anything else that's gone from vidya that you miss? And don't say "that magic", because you're not a kid anymore. Yes, games were better in a lot of aspects than they are now, but the "magic" is just that sense of wonder and discovery we lose as we get older. That one's on mother nature.
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>>173387 (OP) 
high scores has gone the way of the coin-op video game arcade
Replies: >>177584
what time is it in china?
>High-Scores back in the day were a cheap way to give people a reason to keep on playing games that were extremely repetitive.
They give you a way of measuring skill after you've mastered the basic game.

A reasonably recent game with high scores was the oneechanbara PC game. It was terrible though because only combos were counted. The way to get a high score was to kill everything really really slowly with low damage attacks like kicks and knife throws. Which is completely the opposite of playing the game efficiently and elegantly which is what highscores are supposed to be about.

The GITS game for PS2 was another example of badly implemented high scores. The dominant factor was completion time so chasing high scores just meant sprinting through the level and finishing with an ass full of lead which is not particularly skillful or elegant.
Kinesthetic feedback.  Most games I see or play nowadays have such poor feedback that it's hard to tell when events actually happen.  Some of the worst offenders are:
>"move assist" where your character slides towards an enemy during an attack, popularized by the Batman Arkham games
>hitmarkers and hitsounds becoming standard everywhere, which has convinced an entire generation of devs they don't need to make enemies react to being hit in meaningful ways
>character movement involving awkward hitching, too much momentum and acceleration, and generally not being fun
>having to hold down buttons to do things or select things
>>having a secondary "are you sure?" menu AFTER holding down a button for 1.5 seconds to select something in a menu
>>>menus that don't let you scroll around from the end to the start and vice versa
>>>>menus more than 4 items long that don't let you scroll fast by holding down a direction
>mandatory countdown timers longer than 5 seconds to start a match
>canned animations that oversay their welcome and can't be skipped, ever
Just let me DO stuff.  It goes such a long way.

>world of warcraft established a decade and a half ago
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>>173387 (OP) 
The magic is only gone when you stop caring, familiarity has nothing to do with it.

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Use this thread to either talk about the Worms franchise or host and join quick W:A matches at any time without prior planning. Take advantage of the live posting feature to keep everyone updated on when you're playing.
If you've got the game installed from 1st option on the previous thread it's advised to install the game again. WormKit modules are many more in this new link so make sure to install the modpack again.

1. Download and install v3.8.1 from this link: https://mega.nz/file/4BtTAQhZ#mdrJuZpmoR3V3DFSMem0BILqE8sqGrNpLUBnP54wxsc
2. Extract this into the game installation folder: 
>wangblows: https://mega.nz/file/hF9E3T6Y#Tl5JdJrK9hu6CSdYzxAYSbVZIAykO59XfGMEKrDxPUg
>loonix: https://mega.nz/file/AV1yESDT#OkCF8q60eCdHBAhGt136KsiDmo25hEIvg6SOhp2GrCE
3. Launch game.
Game works flawlessly for Windows as well as Linux under WINE (tested with WINE v6.0).
Make sure first you've got Load WormKit modules enabled. To do so, refer to 2nd OP image

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Here's a bunch of Edens for the night.
Gamenight concluded. I stopped taking screenshots in fear I might get more players then be unable to end this in forever. Last game was played on the FOE map with plenty of rope, good and bad swings were had.
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Here you go. Solved using steps 2.2 and 2.5 from >>184834
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[Hide] (1MB, 853x480, 00:36)
[Hide] (548.2KB, 853x480, 00:16)
[Hide] (432.7KB, 853x480, 00:14)
[Hide] (747.3KB, 853x480, 00:20)
there were a lot of highlights last night, enough to even make a montage
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[Hide] (1.1MB, 853x480, 00:30)
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Thread for stealth games and games that may not be steakth but feature it anyway. 

What is your favourite stealth game or stealth system and why? why did the genre die out? is there anything we can do to revive it? why was MGS4 such a pleb filter? can multiplayer stealth work?
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I posted about the game on moe's friday night threads over the last month, a sort of weekly let's play. I'm doing a MGS marathon, including any games I haven't played, and I got to Metal Gear Survive. Not a traditional stealth game or Metal Gear game, but it's decent for what it's worth. Might as well give it my impressions after finishing it, since nobody else will:

>Game's engine is phenomenal, wish FOX engine was used for more than just this, MGSV and Football
>Game is an asset flip, but a clever one. Nothing is wasted and nothing feels out of place, the story and setting makes it work
>Smooth gameplay mechanics, what's there really works together in unison
>The game has zombies instead of usual human enemies, that means new strategies for stealth. Individual zombies, just like individual soldiers, are still not a joke and can kick your ass in CQC, however they tend to be out and about in large packs instead of on patrol, meaning it can be easy to stealth by them situationally, but hard to flee and easy to get cornered if you're spotted. Special zombies get mixed into the crowd later in the game, most dangerous being "Trackers" that are rip offs of Hunters from L4D, with an added spin kick that knocks you on your ass and heavily damages you, giving other zombies ample time to surround you
>Game does horror elements well, it's nothing revolutionary but it makes some moments of the story stand out
>Large variety of weapons, guns need expensive to craft ammo and you cannot hold large amounts of them, making you depend more on melee weapons, equipment and bows. Your loadout matters more here than in MGSV, and there is a new class of equipment as well: Barricades such as fences or sandbags, which let you block a chokepoint or climb on top of the latter to temporarily get immunity from the horde and heal or reload. Spears can poke thru fences, giving you an easy opportunity to deal some damage, but you cannot take a spear and a bow, you need to worry about things like this when choosing your weapons before a mission
>Crafting doesn't feel tacked on, you will genuinely need to conserve resources early on and the game rewards you for doing well by showering you with them. Every system in crafting feels well thought out, even the MGS3 healing of crippled limbs comes back, altho simplified so it can also work in the online multiplayer portion
>Co-op multiplayer mode, while dead, lets you play solo in a tower defense sequence on single player maps, something similar to COD Nazi Zombies or Killing Floor, if you got that itch
>Not glitchy or janky in any way, played the game for dozens of hours and not a single bug found so far
>Doesn't hold your hand or offer too many tutorials, like many modern games. Game expects you to think on the go and deal with new developments, especially later on in the story
>Despite being a commercial failure, it still has a skeleton crew that clearly cares about the game, non-zero chance that it might be alive even after the servers shut down

With all of the above, it really feels like a tech demo of what the Fox Engine is capable of: Stealth, Zombie Survival, Open World Crafting, Horror, even Arcade Action, there is a little bit of everything there. 
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MGSV sucks. Ground Zeroes was a better MGS game.
Snake Eater: "Life imitates Art"
Replies: >>185414
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>Two hid under a cardboard box. You could hear them giggling the whole time.
Replies: >>185415
when my uncle was packing to move away there was this big ass cardboard box, I'd never seen one that was big enough to hold a person inside so I couldn't resist and hid in it. after a few minutes they noticed my absence and started looking for me everywhere not knowing I was in the middle of the hallway under the box giggling like an idiot the whole time. eventually one of them noticed the upside down box, gave it a small nudge and noticed it wasn't moving and went "oh that idiot's here"

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Post about games you've beaten or shit talk the ones you gave up on for good. 

I just beat Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It's mechanically superior to the first game simply by virtue of having a memo function, but everything else is way fucking worse. 
The prologue is good enough for a Layton game, it establishes what you're going to look for, namely the box and the murderer of your professor (the police thinks it's suicide but your first puzzle is to prove there's no way it could've been). It starts with the cardinal sin of having a forced tutorial in a sequel that plays the exact same but I can overlook that as it was rather short. Puzzles at this stage are about what you'd expect, but then
>on the train you get the hamster puzzle, one that you need to get pieces for throughout the game, except you don't even need to do that because you can easily beat it with an incomplete set making it more of a minigame than an actual puzzle 
>then there's the tea "puzzle", the fucking tea "puzzle". Not only do characters tell you the exact solution but 90% of characters want the exact same item combined with the starter items, so you're reliant on a single puzzle to unlock all the tea shit
>puzzles actually get easier after the prologue and, while 5% are bullshit because of shit explanations, 95% are a fucking joke compared to the puzzles in the previous game 
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Jrpgs and visual novels are the main things from what I can remember.
Replies: >>185222 >>185360
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I'm working on a spanish translation of the first game and to do a better job i'm reading Alice through the looking glass to understand all the references of the games, the lore is that good.

Hope your friends give the game another try.
Replies: >>185223
He quit on the final fight of dlc 3. So I doubt he'll ever go back.
So they don't play games.
Why did you tell them to play a game when they don't like them?
Replies: >>185375
They like the dark souls games which are a clear inspiration for black souls so I figured they would not only be able to enjoy the game, but also understand and play it without a guide. I was wrong.

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>piss-and-tears flag
Was it there in the original?
Replies: >>185299
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Replies: >>185332
Odds are its just a retarded mod.
[Hide] (3.4MB, 360x360, 02:02)
texan spotted
Meant that as a reply to >>185141.

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To celebrate the addition of liveposting, let's have a general thread that we can chat in. If mods are on, make this thred a cyclical. Let's talk shit about (you)r favorite subject.

Yes, it has to be vidya.
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Replies: >>185237
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Who is Him?
[Hide] (5.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
Two more weeks, amirite???
Replies: >>185239
tanks in 30 minutes
It's a madlibs edit of the "red deer"/"red sky" post someone on cuckchan /pol/ made in 2021 about the effects the mRNA vax would have on the broader population.  Like most apocalyptic things on /pol/ it didn't come true, though the mRNA vax does pose a genuine danger to anyone who gets it.

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Let's talk about our favorite Real Time Strategy/Tactics games
I'm waiting for Starship Troopers Terran Command, I hope the delay was worth it and they fixed game well after the demo.
CoH3 Pre Alpha was also alright, plays more like 1 with some new units

And don't forget: Fuck Gookclickers, fuck Blizzard and fuck ((( GDI )))
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Its kinda a letdown
They have working walker vehicles which is awesome in of itself but they also got working deflector shields as an ability but in terms of units it feels kind of meagre
You get like 12 units/side which is mostly infantry and one of the doctrines for the Imperial side is still non-functional
Replies: >>185184
>You get like 12 units/side which is mostly infantry and one of the doctrines for the Imperial side is still non-functional
So, one of the team members finished up what was left and released it as 1.0?
Kind of feels like it
Replies: >>185185
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Seems like it but at the end of the release news post on moddb it states that its still being worked on (while also shilling their fucking discord) but still feels really lacking for a 1.0 release
Replies: >>185186
>but at the end of the release news post on moddb it states that its still being worked on
Uh, then it's not just one guy releasing it and abandoning it.
Weird, why would they call this 1.0?
Replies: >>185188
[Hide] (316.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (258.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>Uh, then it's not just one guy releasing it and abandoning it
Yeah, but I´m not expecting the dev/s to actually stay true to their word
>Weird, why would they call this 1.0?
Don´t know
Maybe there was community pressure or they had a poll for release either now or later after some polish or something

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looking for open source games with ready editors for its codes, scripts, etc
because i dont feel like using notepads or HAVE VS to edit it...
Last edited by seagull
Replies: >>185170
>>185151 (OP) 
Can you give one example of what you mean? I dont understand.
Replies: >>185195
>Every single person that played Neptunia a decade ago became a tranny
I have never played them for more than an hour or so, what's with the games that makes people go that path? Is it an actual mk ultra psyop?
it's the artsperg, ignore him

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