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Chiv 2 released on steam recently.
Rust got a big combat update. 
Tf2 got updated like yesterday. They didnt really do anything about the "bot problem". They added so that teams can vote at the same time and added some sort of global vote. And they removed chat spam. I mean they said they would fix the bot problem after redditors protested with the whole #savetf2 thing. But i mean you cant really expect much from valve.
So whats up? Have you played anything recently? Anything you look forward to?
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Replies: >>144737
>>144068 (OP) 
Heres the thing chuds none of you can beat me on psn and im a proud tranny lover

psn: jaisden hanners
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MKWii gamenight when?
Replies: >>144780
apparently they did some unpublished fixes to fight the bots, there are reports of them crashing instantly on joining servers so that's good.
apparently they would find accounts that belonged to streamers/jewtubers and constantly join whatever server they were in and fuck with them, the only way to get them to stop was to go to their host's website and pay a ransom. part of me says based but they also fuck with everyone else's game in the progress of doing so.
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when you host one
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Planned release date: 4/4/2022

Previous threads:

>What is this?
Sleepy Station is an e-magazine by anons for anons, made in the spirit of 1990s-2000s gaming magazines back when fun was still allowed. It's a quarterly e-magazine which means a new issue is released roughly every 3 months.
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Very nice, please continue.
Alright, I started working on the GNU/Linux laptop overclocking article. Trying to write it so it doesn't read like a long forum post or a step-by-step guide. Will post first draft once satisfactory.
Replies: >>144755
Either of those two formats are fine actually, just write naturally as long as it's legible.
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New thread by the actual OP

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For me it's Fire Emblem Awakening, i started this game 5 times since it's release and always drop it. I have finished other fire emblem games in the meantime even the rest of 3ds games of the series.
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A shitty French HL2 mod, tried to make it through this sludge multiple times but I always can't do it because it's so fucking boring.
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Played through Bioshock 1 and 2 but fucking dropped this at the mid point. I had this naive thought since people considered this to be the best game in the series untill I reliazed how shit it was gameplay (and story wise when i decided to just watch someone else play it)
Hell I uninstalled it when i learned your choices literally don't  matter.
Plus helped me realize about why storyfags are the worst, they really want a interactive movie.
Replies: >>143509
>since people considered this to be the best game in the series
People shouldn't be trusted. I defy anyone to bring forth someone who finished Bioshock 1 and 2 who then played Infinite and rated it highest.
>storyfags are the worst
Infinite has the worst story. Infinite has the worst gameplay. Infinite doesn't even look the best. Don't you blame loresages; That might be something if it had the best story or characters or setting but it doesn't. The founding father idolization was neat, blimps are neat, throwing crows at people is neat and that's the end of anything neat in that obnoxious game.
Usually if I drop a game once, its enough for me to stop playing it completely
being on a hiatus is a different story though; I try to finish most games I play unless I really dislike it.
Joe's Adventures. Fuck this cash grab. 
>start mission 
>500 cops instantly spawn
>get thrown into an area with no cover, 500 enemies spawn 
>get wanted status despite not being seen, have to run past all cops 
>if you fail at any point you get booted to just before you started the mission
>if you win you get left where you are and have to go halfway across town for the next mission 
>like 20 fucking times and then you're done 
3 times was enough for me.

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Do you ever feel as if you're playing a game wrong? Not like a bad port or something of the sorts but rather, playing a game the wrong way.
Like playing an N64 game on a big ass LCD monitor, playing an old PC game at the highest resolution or playing Ridge Racer 4 with the lights turned on. Do you ever get that feeling? Are there any examples of games you like to play a certain way?
I'm playing Ratchet & Clank on my PS2 rn, specifically on Planet Aridia which is very moody and night themed. Rain is pouring down my window and the only light is coming from the CRT while drinking this cold glass of water. It just feels right.
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Replies: >>144451 + 6 earlier
>>137799 (OP) 

Kinda but not in the way you see it as. My biggest issue, honestly with any game, is I tend to want to go from 0-100 right away, so much so I tend to ruin a lot of games for myself. Like RTS and TBS games, I always sit there and autistically research every single goddamn thing on every tree and get all the things. By a certain point I either get absolutely wrecked when the enemy blitzkrieg's my setup or by the time I legitimately start to play the game I'm so overpowered it's over with in a couple minutes and I just feel. Hours and hours of work just to blow my load and only have it last a fraction of the time I spent getting myself ready. Same with RPGs and other games in the same vein. I sit there and minmax and it's less about me playing the game and more of me just watching numbers change. After all that time spent grinding and rushing through everything to get specific items and quests to get my character where I want it by the time it finally gets there and, in my eyes, I'm ready to play the game I don't even wanna fucking play it anymore because of all the hours I had already spent. It's just a nigger obsession where the game doesn't exist until I have whatever it is I want to get first then I get burnt out.
Is it normal to use all the nodes as proxies when playing Uplink?
Replies: >>144461
It's not abnormal, but IIRC it's also not necessary unless you're (a) bad or (b) doing the bank hack meme. Doesn't it also mean you have to hack every node in the chain so glowniggers don't backtrace your from your connection logs? It's been ages since I've played Uplink.
Replies: >>144462 >>144570
You only have to clear the logs in one machine in the chain, as far as I remember.

Read the first word in the post you replied to
>doing the bank hack meme
You don't even need to hack the bank admin access to get virtually infinite money.
I haven't played Uplink in years because I guess I do play it wrong, skipping most of the game with all that money to the point where the only thing left to do is LANs.
It gets boring quick and I wish I never did it.

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Games you would like to make if you could or plan to make.
Here are mine:
>Architecture (Working Title)
I love exploring empty buildings. There's an atmosphere about doing so that I would like to translate into a game.
All you do is explore various buildings (A mall, an office building) while solving puzzles to get around. There's also an element of managing resources. You're looking for batteries in order to use the devices at your disposal (Such as a flashlight, as most light sources don't work). You're also looking for a certain type of batteries in order to access the last building of the game.
Think INFRA but with an atmosphere closer to Silent Hill.
>Playstation Rumble Arena
Anons had an idea of a fighting game involving PS1 characters. I'd like to see that with gameplay similar to Power Stone.
All of the graphics true to the hardware, of course. There could be a sequel with PS2 characters.
>Drum out (Working Title)
Punch-out like game where the input method is drums and you play killer solos. 'Nuff said.
Pokemon game where you breed 'em all. Trainers and pokemon alike.
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so like little big planet 2? but more in depth? I would like to do this too but I would have no idea on where to start. some fags are already making a game called restiched which is just LBP but on PC but thats a 2.5D platformer. i guess if you really wanted to make this mario maker kind of game enough autism could see you get it done. the biggest issue with what you want is where to start off from, what will the mascot be? what locations will he/she visit? will it be like crash bandicoot twinsanity or more like mario 64? the idea has huge potential but unless someone does something quick we may see it get pozzed in the near future.
TLDR: make the game RIGHT NOW before some pozzed fag makes it worse and steals all your moneys.

some of you fags give ideas on what you would like to see as a base for this 3D mario maker type of platformer
I'm guessing the reason there aren't a lot of 3D level creators is the lack of a grid system like in 2D games, which means the user has to (learn to) model entire levels in a separate program before using them in the level creator... But on the other hand a 3D grid Γ  la Minecraft is boring, so a good solution IMO would be a "fake grid", as in a grid of cubes that are interpolated by the game to create smooth surfaces, so anyone can create a level with ease and have a natural looking result in the game. Just my 2 cents on this.
Replies: >>144315
How about a parametric modelling approach? You could use the toolset to generate basic shapes, refine/sculpt them, place them into the level space using an adjustable grid and rotate/move/snap as needed. Bonus: parametric shapes are formulaic, not baked, so your assets will be small and the game can endlessly increase the environment and model quality to match your hardware through render settings without having to remake anything.
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>Games you would like to make if you could or plan to make.

EDF with better physics modelling and collision and gravity based weapons. Both for EDF and bugs.

Just fucking imagine putting vacuum demolition charges on skyscrapers and collapsing  them on a throng of bugsnot unlike you know what, you know when. An alien uses a gravity cannon to throw a building at your crew, but your fencer counters it with a shield bash to shatter the building in to thousands of fragments that rain on flying bugs shredding them. Your air raider can reverse grav buildings into stratosphere, just to later drop them down like a fucking meteor swarm. Debris and dead (and alive?) bugs can be compressed to form a dense objects with various effects to be flinged with grav guns at enemies.

Collapsing buildings and explosions create huge deadly shrapnel that can only be easily dodged by using time dialition or kinetic dampener gadgets. Bug swarms have special defensive bugs mixed in that have defensive gravity powers, making flanking and target focusing mandatory on higher difficulties.

Fuck, now I'm a little pissed off again. I used to do collision box algorithms used to morph and simplify cut, flattened or bent objects on realtime simulations. We definetely have enough computing power to have really good physics on EDF. Not realistics, just BETTER, a lot better. We will never ever, ever get this because of unoptimized shit code 
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Replies: >>144339
Incorporating the physics engine into gameplay is so so 2000s.

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I fucking love games with great worldbuilding and plenty of those come with fully fleshed factions.
Post them and discuss them here.

Feel free to /int/ shitpost too
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I'm shocked and appalled nobody mentioned /dbzpol/ threads from when Xenoverse got cracked. Arguing about how Namekians were the true master race and Frieza was in the right for blowing up the space niggers' planet was almost more fun than the actual game.
Replies: >>144289
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Replies: >>144284 >>144286
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Replies: >>144286
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Sounds funny as fuck. You got any archives?

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There's been a lot of attempts of making videogames into exercising.
It's niche for sure but It would fun to see it taken to an extreme. Like a whole treadmill or dumbells being incorporated into a game.
Sonic and a new Paperboy could certainly work.
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I never got the purpose of those machines. Either just do normal abs exercises or go for dragon flags. 
That's just expensive for a gay middle ground.
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>That's just expensive for a gay middle ground.
Now you're starting to understand goy...
Well, they have a lot more purposes. But the average person rarely needs anything more than just a cheap bar, no fancy sex throne contraptions around it.
you don't even need to train abs directly, squats and deadlifts will do that for you
Where do you think you are?

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Have you ever seen/watched/heard a vidya ad that made you go "I need this game RIGHT NOW"? Whether it was how it presented the gameplay, made the game look cool, or had an extra gimmick that was barely related to the game at all but still made it seem like a cool piece of media. This also applies to ads for games that aren't even good but are still cool to look at.
This ad for Metroid Prime is something that I don't think has any comparison in modern media, it has a combination of stop motion, some guy in a cardboard suit doing somersaults, and in-game levels that were made specifically for the ad that don't even appear in the game.
also Believe is overrated. cool, but overrated.
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Replies: >>144032 + 1 earlier
Have you played it?
Replies: >>144042
>>143595 (OP) 
Red Alert 2
Republic Commando
Jedi Knight 2
Jedi Academy
TF2, Portal, Half Life 2: Episode 2

They were all fun, but nothing has since filled the void.
I don't own a console, but I probably would if it was ported on PC.
>Have you ever seen/watched/heard a vidya ad that made you go "I need this game RIGHT NOW"?
Way too many times. The last time this happened was around 2013... I was experiencing Pokemania again when Pokemon X/Y were releasing and absolutely needed to get a copy, I kept looking for game footage on japanese websites and IBs, blown away every time by the 3D world and new mechanics... Eventually I got Y, it was fun at the time but ended too quickly with no replay value, and the games that followed were even worse so I didn't bother with them.
>that made you go "I need this game RIGHT NOW"
Yeah, I had.


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What's your favorite boss and what's the worst chapter?
Are any of you going to pirate the remake or will you ignore it completely?
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>ensure that your character looks real
That's the problem. Video games are supposed to have idealized people, not realistic people.
What's the point of the Remake when I can install some HD mods on the PC port?
Replies: >>144019 >>144029
Scamming retards who don't know that out of their money
So you can still claim to have finished 4 even if they remove portions of the "sexist" parts and change the levels significantly to be easier.
im unironically excited for this remake tbh, just thinking about going through the game again but with better controls and updated menus would be glorious, the only thing i would hate about the game is that if they removed the tetris style inventory system, a good addition to the game would be coop where a second player plays as Luis or Ada and they help you through the main campaign against all those spics

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I'm thinking of getting a PHAT PS2.
I still have my slim model from 2004 which still works like a champ; However, I would like a PHAT model for two reasons:
1. Being able to install a HDD to play games off it and 2. Having a PS2 that doesn't scratch my fucking discs.
Do you still have your PS2, anon? Emulation is not terrible, but certainly not great. Plus playing in a CRT is peak comfy.
You do have a CRT, right? You don't play 4:3 games on a LCD like a faggot loser, do you?
Post Y2K pictures.
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>Timesplitters is better than any PC FPS
If it were the disk drive it should still turn on, just have the bootup screen be a different color and complain and make the sound distorted. The power switch not working, that'd be one of the least shitty issues maybe. First of all: if it's a fat, you did toggle the switch on the back before trying to turn it on, right? Not sure the slim had that.. Otherwise, keep it open while plugged in and either try hitting whatever the power button's supposed to press, or shorting the connections it's supposed to close with a paperclip.
If neither of those things help, your issue's gonna be something more serious, and I can't really help you with that I think.
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So...I'm Thinking about some projects for the PS2, like how would i go about making my own PS2 classic? should i get the smallest PC parts available then cram it into a 3D printed PS2 case then emulate or should i chop down one of those super slim PS2 boards and then use a smaller PS2 case to play games without emulation at full speeds? Also thinking about making a portable PS2, something that actually sits well in your hands instead of being some chink knockoff feeling thing. my only issue is finding enough storage space for all these games, maybe if i cut down on the multiplats and non essentials then i could get it to a more reasonable file size. im also thinkng about doing the same classic and portable projects for other systems too any ideas? i know the wii can be chopped down really small so i can make a gamecube classic but what about a tiny xbox?
Replies: >>144139
>PS2 classic
Just use a regular PS2 phat, retard.
Replies: >>144165
but i wanna be a hipster and have a micro machine! itty bitty PS2 would look great next to my ps tripple!

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