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This is just one example, but compare Tropical Freeze to the old Country games. Donkey Kong didn't make annoying noises every time he jumped. Enemies made a noise when they died, but only to confirm that you actually hit/killed them. It's probably a small thing to get upset about, but there are so many sounds in games that serve no purpose at all. It's the same with voice acting. Not every line needs to be voiced. In general, voice acting just seems excessive and just drives up the production costs. It's almost as if people are scared of silence and constantly need some kind of noise in the background (besides non-stop music).
The Silent Hill games get it right, but what else is there? Can you think of any games with genuinely good sound design?
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Hermoine let her robes fall
Replies: >>240688
>Eroges with violently gooey ejaculation sound effects
>But cum doesn't sound like that
It doesn't, but in hentai it should sound like that for emphasis, otherwise the climax would feel underwhelming.
and Hagrid's big lumpy package swell to the size of Hogwarts
i recall SA2 on the dreamcast was properly mixed
>thread about sound design
>no mention of GTA III's amazing EAX 3/A3D 2 soundscape
>or NFS Porsche's comfy rear engine positional ambience
Shamefur bread.

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Thread to talk about whatever you are playing at the moment, last thread reached bump limit.

It's been a while since I last played with my Vita, so I decided to play Uncharted Golden Abyss with it, I'm not a fan of the series, but I wanted to take a break from turn-based stuff.

In 2023 I only finished two games, I want to at least finish a game every single month, I miss playing vidya instead of browsing tiktok and social media every single day when I'm not working so I challenged myself to at least finish 12 video games in 2024.
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Depends on your taste
Replies: >>240839
Downsizing tits is a crime against men everywhere.
Well, he did say there was no loli.
Replies: >>240860
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I'm doing a play through of perfect dark. So far its a been a really intresting experince seeing how its just Goldeneye 64 but with more polish. 
What I find kind of cool is how difficulty affects gameplay and I kind of want to see it being used more in games.
Agent: Easy-modo with more focus on action
Special Agent:Same thing but with some objectives you need to do to progress.
I know theres that HD version of Perfect Dark but microsoft was being lame and gay only having it available on Xbox Live Arcade for the 360.
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Fuck off Jason. Don't you have a gaming news outlet to be fired from?

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Gentlemen, its time for dance threda.

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We all know it'll be back in some other incarnation, and unless the writers just up and kill themselves they'll crop up like weeds in anywhere else foolish enough to hire them, but it's a good excuse as any to post ダンス so I shall.
Also, nice Loon. I have a stuffed wireframe model of it I use as a doorstop.
Is this the third or fourth time this has happened?
Replies: >>240797
No, ecelebs have taken over
Urinalists are only taken seriously by really retarded 30 year old normalfags and publishers themselves since these "journalist" companies are treated as an outsourced branch of marketing.
Third I think
Not for long considering places like VICE and the Washinton Post are closing doors en masse.

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>RTS Games
Memorize build order, out-gookclick the oponent, best case scenario you get a map editor and a campaign, most of the latter RTS games released don´t have map editor at all, and no campaign either or its a tutorial meant to get you to play multiplayer instead
>4X Games
same shit, but its turnbased, if you attempt to take things at your own pace or just try to do your own thing (AKA:Not using the forum meta strategy) the AI that has perfect knowledge of the game will steamroll you, this is the case in MOO, Distant Worlds, Space Empires, you name it, the only exception i´ve seen to this is Civ V, and i´d wager its because in that game you can´t deathstack and the AI is "bad" according to people
>Grand Strategy games (or actually just paradox games because the only two other Grand Strategy games aside from them are Knights of Honor and Making History, with post-Shogun2 Creative Assembly being its homosexual twin)
mostly overlap with 4x, but they are over-complicated on top of that, an example of this is how Hoi3 had the OOB system that ended up being a hassle to learn, and then once you learnt it you realized that just leaving it on AI control is the most optimal unless you are doing barbarossa or island hopping, wich is the worst of both worlds, having to learn a lot about one thing to not use it at all, its asinine design, also how you have laws and policies on 
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>I eat shit just to spite myself
Don't care, steam downloads faster then majority of torrents.
Everyone can make mistakes. Go now and sin no more, as Jesus said.
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kill urself

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Share your funnies, interesting or cool moments and whatnot
>be playing team based game
>this faggot who's been voice chatting the whole time says "<anon> you suck"
>reply "and you're a faggot nigger ape"
>he literally goes "w-what?" you could hear the utter disbelief and confusion as his brain tried to metabolize what I just said as if the MKUltra kicked in and scrambled his noggin
>doesn't dare say a word for the rest of the game
>ends up scoring lower than me

>same game
>one of my teammates has gay furry smut as his profile picture
>don't remember exactly why but I call him a nigger at some point
>he says something like "ur trying to be funny? thats cringe"
>he then proceeds to paste the log of the report he filed against me for saying baddy bad word
>report his account for the furry smut in return
>a week after nothing has happened to me
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>playing Payday 2, because I will never stop falling for the sunk cost fallacy
>playing with a slav of some sort
>trying to get an achievement, he keeps cucking me
>oh you want to be a fucking nigger about this, huh
>immediately pull up Jewgle Translate and translate "ukraine will win" into Russian and "russia will win" into Ukrainian
>get a cap of the last thing he says right before I'm booted
>translate it, it's "fuck you"
Replies: >>238099
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>translate "ukraine will win" into Russian and "russia will win" into Ukrainian
Doing both sides of the spectrum to reach the widest audience.
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>playing goyday 2
>"CommunistCat She/Her has joined" 
>check profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199060499526 
>tranny flag
>type in chat 
>is anyone here acquainted with the acronym YWNBAW
>instantly replies
>ur so mad
>im a WOMAN pookie :)
>reply again YWNBAW
>my game freezes not 2 seconds after that and have to reboot
Are there mods to cause other players to crash/freeze? I'm aware it might've been random especially since the game is prone to crashing and my setup is jank but it seemed too well timed that I call the tranny out and I get booted
Replies: >>240767 >>240782
I guess the game needed to dilate.
There's probably some shitty mod out there for people who want to crash someone's game
wouldn't be shocked since how  god damn dogshit payday 2 is

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It's been a while since I've seen people talk about the original shooter genre, so let's have a thread dedicate to that. What's some of your favorites from this line of games? For me, my favorite was always Galaga Arrangement because of the enemy patterns and the music.
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Don't tell me, ask OP why he chose it.
The Saturn has a tamer set of CGs that features no nipples on the girls or much action, but otherwise sex is implied. Even with that yellow +18 warning that's on the cover I doubt they'd have gotten away with the uncensored CGs if they tried to. The main characters are siblings.
Replies: >>240562
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>Reichi Cosmea
>Reini Cosmea
Replies: >>240670
On the topic of Steam Hearts, what drunken Autism Magic did ZUN pull to get his 2hus scrolling at 60fps while most PC-98 scrollan gaems resemble the original Steam Hearts release?
What the fuck is the Aspect ratio of Area 88?
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picked up radiant silvergun on the switch
cant wait to never play it

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Your board is cordially invited to participate in a SOKUNIGGER TOURNAMENT. Enter to compete for glory for yourself and your board.

TOURNAMENT STARTS AT MARCH 23RD, 8PM UTC https://time.is/UTC https://prolikewoah.com/t/20240323T20 

MAIN THREAD: https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/thread/11497.html
BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/SOKUAWAKENING
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/KS4EWGAMZL#/signup/r6sdsoi3ztc
STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts): https://cytu.be/r/touhourney

For those that do not want to register manually, post the name that you are signing up with in the main thread. It will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.


Message too long. View the full text
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Please enjoy the prestream. Tournament starts in approximately 1 hour. We apologize for the delay - and hope you have fun playing!
[Hide] (235.8KB, 788x790) Reverse
Tourney's over and Az (Sakuya) won! Congratulations!

Consider practicing more on our board! See you next time!

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Is this a safe place to discuss Fire Emblem? I'm relatively new to the series, but I do own some of the older games, so if I don't know everything, please go easy on me. As a starter, I haven't played every game in the series, so which one is the indisputably worst?
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>Etrian odysessy Lucina
Holy shit, that whole thing. Fags got pissy cause she looked vaguely loli-ish. Idk about the other one, enlighten me
Replies: >>240626
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They put Sanaki, the 10 year old  loli emperor from Ike's first game Path of Radiance, into a wedding dress for a bridal banner. The usual fags from reddit and serenes forest begin to have an autistic meltdown. That just about sums it up.
Replies: >>240643
That’s it? That’s the drama? Why haven’t I heard of this one? Is it because I don’t care about gachashit?
Replies: >>240660
Drama when it comes to things like this is always a nothing burger. 
>Is it because I don’t care about gachashit?
Yep, pretty much
Replies: >>240663
Figures. I looked into FEH and it thought it was so alien to what FE is, especially with the tourneyfag "metagame" tallk

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What happened to all of the rhythm games that were present during the Aughts? It seemed like we had everything from Guitar Hero and DDR and Rhythm Heaven to now where the only thing still coming out is just...Just Dance, I think? Where did everything go?
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Imageboards are also a pleasure.
It probably has something to do with dance/techno music scenes being associated with GRIDS going back to the disco days mixed with speedrunner autism. DDR and that narrow slice of dance and eurobeat from the 90s just lucked into mass appeal.
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What about Nostalgia?  Is that not still active?
Replies: >>240615
Nostalgia is up to Op.3 released in 2019.
>Rhythm games are full of mentally ill people for some reason
This is an important thing to note. Rhythmic elements in platformers, action games, and other genres are good, but a "rhythm game" is often a pure exercise is memorization that is totally abstract from any kind of intermediary gameplay or physical fun like handling an instrument/playing DDR on a cabinet. Thus, they attract people who are incredibly obsessive and autistic since playing one is like mainlining heroin.

It's possible for there to be relatively well-adjusted people in speedrunning communities for both new and retro games, but I have never seen someone who played a lot of rhythm games who wasn't either a tranny or some kind of self-hating weirdo. The "best" option here is to become a Japanese dude playing the same songs on the same game for hours a day in the same arcade.
Trannies have no life and want people to pay attention to them and praise them. They're naturally going to be attracted to games that demand a lot of your attention and reward you with accolades. It's just a fact of the matter.

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I'm going to be honest. I'm not very good with horror games. 
I do enjoy the thrill of being scared. The Silent Hill franchise, for example, I can be both scared by and intrigued enough to make me want to continue playing.
There are some games that I find to stressing to play though. Laugh all you want but the multitasking in the FNAF games makes me want to close the game. Of course, the jumpscares aren't scary at all and you get used to them very quickly, That's where this new fan game comes in which ramps the scare factor up to 11. I've tried but I just can't force myself to play it. It's too scary.
Also I've never played Ao Oni. I should give it a try.
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Recently played some obscure ass game on the PS1 called Hellnight. The game pits you on a constant fetch quest where you're running from some asshole monster that appears whenever he feels like it.
For the remainder of the game you're on the lookout for his footsteps amidst the droning ambiance and the otherwise pitch silence in that dark ass primitive labyrinth. Add to that the low draw distance and the fact you never truly know where the fuck he is and the game somehow becomes pretty spooky.
I'm too old to be scared from a stupid fucking horror game, but if I were younger perhaps I'd be too queasy to play it. The horror wears off though once you reach the spaceship at the bottom of the map and you realize Kamiya has more bullets on his coat than you'll ever need.

>>240335 (OP) 
>games you're too afraid to play/continue
>Ao Oni
Come on now. These choices are on par with a little kid watching Youtube in the 2010s. How old are you, 20?
How old were you? I've always thought Silent Hill were action adventure games with a cool horror backdrop, but nothing particularly stressul, those moaning pieces of shit in the school notwithsta
Message too long. View the full text
>>240335 (OP) 
Thief the dark project and penumbra
I  completely quit thief some time after the first level after  looking up that I had to go through a painting I forget exactly but something spooked me really badly  it was bad that I was already uneasy from the sound and enviroment
penumbra I'm lost for words really with the game made me feel like I was breaking into a prison except I'm completely helpless other than try to out run whatever was chasing me
it was probably the first time I quit after a few minutes into a game and it wasn't because of  it being shit
>>240335 (OP) 
Yes but not in the sense you mean, there's some game I quit simply because the fact that 100%ing them is insanely long or bothersome it fills me with some existential dread.
no, I have the opposite problem
the scarier the game, the more I HAVE to beat it, otherwise I won't get any sleep
>>240335 (OP) 
Despite its bad story, Lost in Vivo is a game that I have trouble returning to because of how scary it is. After the first section, which was accessible in the demo, the game ramps up its claustrophobia to a suffocating degree.

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