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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

What a nice board!

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General thread for discussions relating to editing and streaming of video game footage. Ask questions and share advice here.
Old thread >>16548 ( )

>video editors
- Shotcut
- Kdenlive
- OpenShot

>command line tools
- ffmpeg

>video sharing/streaming platforms
- PeerTube
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Replies: >>89331
Wait I remember posting that at 8PM
Replies: >>89333
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I dunno maybe the site update broke more things than previously thought possible. Post time with local time off.
Welp It's 9PM now, stream is live
Replies: >>89452
>quit after 20mins
You disappoint me, sandnig.

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I like to explore empty Minecraft servers and take screenshots of what I find.

In today's first server, it seems like someone really hated their spawn are. It's obliterated. Not much else here, though, except about half of a village.

The second server actually has stuff in it, though, like a giant penis with a beacon in it.
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I bet there's more fags per capita in the normalfag net than on the boards. Besides, as was said, when something goes wrong you load up the backup and remove the perpetrator.
I think much less of you now, anon. What a shame it has to be this way.
I wanted to get into Minecraft to build cities and villages and stuff but if I then upload my world some fag can go in and destroy everything meaning all my work is wasted? GAY
no, you're a nigger, fuck off
go back to the house and destroy the trans flag anon

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Metroid Dread comes out Friday, finally continuing the story after almost 20 years of nothing. Are you excited? Concerned? Disgusted? Just want the Samus lewds that will come out of it?
I'm a good goy and I preordered it, I played about 3/4 through Samus Returns before I got bored and disappointed. All I really wanted was an improved Metroid 2 that was actually playable without a map, instead it was brought down by annoying melee counters, abilities that are worthless except for the few instances where you're forced to use them, awkward controls especially on an original 3DS, and several areas with instant deaths if you fuck up. From what I understand they've turned down the melee counters in Dread substantially, making it so you can actually run through a room blastan' without having to wait three seconds for every enemy to attack you first. I wish they had removed instant kills entirely because it feels so cheap that you can have a dozen energy tanks but get immediately obliterated by some /clang/-looking motherfucker that impales you in the neck instantly which is fucking metal but I still don't like it, yet also being forgiving by having you restart right outside the room you died in instead of your last save point. It makes instant deaths less punishing but it shouldn't be there at all, when I die after getting dragged to zero in a big fight I want to be punished and sent back five ro
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I liked the game, it was a lot of fun.
Replies: >>89352
make a new thread nigger
Replies: >>89354
make me

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>post loli pawns
>whore out said pawns
>show off berserk cosplay
>share of your exploits across Gransys and Lestania if you have anything from those days

I recently started playing this for the first time myself, although I played a decent amount of DDO when it was still alive. It's fun enough. It definitely has it's flaws, which may be even clearer to see after having played the MMO first (not that it was perfect of course, but it shared a lot of the basics and they were more polished and expanded on) but it's still much more enjoyable compared to other ARPG's I've played. Ran into some issues that were making me asshurt but I've found solutions to most of them and now I'm having fun again. Though I'll never get over that pawns can't be hybrid vocations. My pawn in DDO was a shield sage (basically mystic knight but focused on tanking and support buffs) and it was awesome.
Sorry for posting in the WRPG/JRPG thread. I had a brainfart
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Actually, growths are more fucked at 101-200, not that it matters if you're not going to 200. 101-200 assassin gets 3x the strength of 101-200 fighter.
>Never heard of stamina growth being important
Stamina matters specifically for rangers and nobody else (due to gamble), because stamina regen is a constant (based on character weight). lolis are categorically superior to hags and fat retards. Warriors are supposed to get 15/5 HP/Stam growth at 101-200 but they get 5/15, so you level ranger pawns as warriors anyway since you can't level them as assassins. Player rangers use gamble much less than pawns so you'd much prefer the extra str.
But Symone is unironically best girl and Fournival is a bro.
You only minmax if you want to break the game so god damn hard that you become flat out invincible on harder difficulties.
Replies: >>89181
You minmax if you don't want to use consumables or spend 40 hours on every fight that's resistant to your class's damagetype.
This yt channel has some pretty interesting mechanics exploration for the curious:
As the last few posters said, minmaxing it pretty unnecessary later on since the gear makes up for a lot. Except HP/Stamina, not much gear augments that, so I like doing some ranger levels to belt out more skills.

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After a long silence and cancellation rumors we finally have something.


Personally i just hope that this is going to be worth all the wait, hoping for a long and replayable game.
The enemies seem interesting, honestly the angels got old and the demons in Bayo2 looked more like fucking robots than anything demonic.
Couldn't stand Rodin nor that Wigger kid in 2, so i hope they get as less screen time as possible.
Who do you think is the mysterious swordman?
Do you think Jeanne, Rosa and Balder will return?

Share your thoughts
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>We also seen the OG Bayo fucking die to the antagonist of the second game in the first teaser trailer for Bayo 3
She didn't die to the Lumen Sage in the teaser, he merely negated her bullets.
I recall him flipping the bird to him in DMC4 but not actually saying it
>Linking to a shit game site:
Black or jew, he'd still be a supernatural fallen angel/demon so what difference does it make if the character is intentionally designed to be shady? Rodin didn't come off as anywhere near unlikable compared to today's nigs that are propped up by the west out of insecurity and agenda pushing; he gave me more "Shadowman" vibes than anything and honestly fit the role he was given. I would have liked more Enzo, however.
>I feel bad for any decent anon who's still there putting up with his kikery without knowing there are alternatives Define decent because 
then you'll just get users like 
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>The obese kike tried shitting this very thread too, thankfully his assblasted posts were deleted.
>implying Mark would browse here
the posts that got deleted were probably some innocent anon
Replies: >>89013
It seems no matter where you go you easily get accused of being some boogeyman whenever you disagree with something.
Replies: >>89022
Have you not read an imageboard in the last ten years?
>Wait, isn't that little Cereza's ragdoll cat "Cheshire" the one tied to the sword's handle?
Seems like it

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No more uggos edition.

Rise was announced for the bing bing wahoo machine but it didn't say it was an exclusive so it may head to other consoles at some point, or not but switch emulation is a thing so who cares. Obvious changes are that you get an odd grapple that lets you jump around, might be cool. Also the handlers are qts but its not like there was a really big bar to pass. Also you get a dog and I'm sure there is porn of it fucking a huntress already somewhere on the internet. All in all looks like sort of a return to form with some notes taken from world.
World has some shit being announced at some point, probably another elder dragon and some speculate its Fatalis, guess we will find out. 

Anons occasionally get together to play p3rd but I'm sure some could get together to play 4u and the other games. I would like to see that again because it was pretty fun. 
So anons whats your favorite 
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MH Rise is like an easy version of Monster Hunter where you can get away with so much shit, however at the same time the wirebug makes it fun to move around so I can't complain too much.
What I can complain about is practically the only goddamn DLC being all stickers bullshit and how for whatever reason Crapcom can't shut up about it. However there's an expansion DLC supposed to be coming out in summer 2022, we'll have to see how that goes.
Replies: >>89075
no_hopes_for_man_hd.jpg (u)
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>Rise demo on Steam
>Can't detect most controllers like the day 1 shit from World
>Horrid kb+m layout (like using kb+m wasn't awful already)
They gonna fix it, r-right?
Replies: >>88847
Just like buy a cheap controller lamo
a_new_tool_for_players_returning_from_world.jpg (u)
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I think it's notable to mention that the DLC will be bringing G rank back adding a new rank for hunts. This will be the second mainline title in a row to do this, world was a test run for the new normal.
Upon further inspection after playing every single MH game for a minimum of 10 minutes.  MHGU is still the best MH game by far. BY FAR.

mh3dpd is pretty good and FU is alright but ghetto.
Anyone who disagrees is blinded by nostalgia and fanboyism. And they are also fans of boys.

82fd00755072af2a2f6a7c0853b8632ed5d9c16b7caff67c6d79aded4ffc4d99.mp4 (u)
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Resi thread.

Why haven't they brought outbreak to PC yet?
Are fixed camera angles better than RE4's over the shoulder or RE7s first person view?
Why is becca best girl?
any hopes for RE9 or REverse?
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Raid mode is legit the best part of Resident Evil Revelations. I like a good story with hand-designed levels, but a little procgen based on that content can help to stretch it out, and some arcadey gameplay can help fill the space.
Ok so I just beat, I liked this game better than 5 (and 6 of course). It was decent.
How the fuck did Claire escape the island? She jumped off the fucking tower and there was a boat waiting for her or what?
Replies: >>88600
2_barrels_8_shots_and_a_look_that_screams_chink_f2p_shooter.jpg (u)
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I donĀ“t think it was explained how she got of the island or how she survived the fall from that height in the first place
Jill doesn't look that good in the game
b20d55cac3d53c25f1f9cf2bfd36c5f59aa6eec3b0b90bc58fae8db41417f6da.jpg (u)
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ss_2b1356993ab2739263afa5497e46d2c8e6f73512.jpg (u)
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ss_54a59b9cdb5ddf123dc8ddddc62ea98ed90cdcfe.jpg (u)
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ss_0687b27700fe6338d54ab731e93ce1ff5f4d7acb.jpg (u)
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ss_ea625f5479fec4347d0100c31b60a9b471121ec7.jpg (u)
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Solar Battalion is a neo-noir cyberpunk science fiction action game.That depicts a dystopian future featuring electric visuals brought to life in comic form.Following in the footsteps of no man`s sky this game promises to deliver a epic sci-fi experience.WARNING this game contains large breasts and bad CGI acting.DISCLAIMER Due to the large amount of assets used in this game some players may suffer from bouts of deja vu.

The evil warlord SAGEN X has taken over the star system a SOLAR BATTALION has been dispatched to crush SAGEN X and his footsoldiers knowen as the DARK SWARM.You take control of Agent RED COBRA who is part of a elite strike time sent to assassinate SAGEN X your task will envole visiting brothels across the galaxy to gather secret information from undercover agents to help stop the DARK SWARM.

With the player being in control of RED COBRA at all times you can move around in many different ways but you can also switch to 3rd person view and view the characters from this. You can also move from character to character by using their unique abilities. The action is taken from a 1st person perspective with quicktime event sequences.

You can shoot to wound any enemies however you will find that as the game goes on enemies will become more numerous and stronger then you are no longer to be able to take them on by just shooting them in their vital spots so you must use a combination of shooting and stealth to survive.

The game plays out over 2 acts with each one being a bit longer than the first and each area is self contained so you can jump back in at any time and start your action over.

All enemies will be able to pick up your weapons if you get killed you will be marked with a red dot which will be shown to other enemies and will not be able to pick up weapons if you move around with them.

There is also an online coop mode which comes with coop achievements and leaderboards to compare the best times.

The game looks good and plays well, the graphics are quite good. The music is really catchy and the voice acting is very good. I found the camera to be quite shaky, especially when you are trying to move around and shoot but other than that the game looks great.
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Replies: >>88024 + 3 earlier
I think he's new and trying to troll.

>this much wishful thinking
The actual dev is likely working under a new name, and has zero interest in bringing attention to his past scams/flops.
Reads like a paki trying to fit in to shill his garbage.
89ec4014c3b0f856f835ad9b8b23d48b1a0abd87a9ba204976a760b86a916edf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 3000x1622)
>>87865 (OP) 
That's kind of implied in cyberpunk.

I like how you went from absolute reddit spacing to forgetting the space button exists.
Anyway nice shill thread, have loli.
confusion.png (u)
[Hide] (54.3KB, 241x225)
This game reeks of old janky shooters like Kreed, Breed, Power of Destruction and so on.
For example:
I also want to find band/song name for this trailer. Probably have to find this game and see through game files.
Replies: >>88720
179.png (u)
[Hide] (46.6KB, 810x810)
>Harrier circling around the player like a helicopter

ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (147.5KB, 774x562)
I was startled to see this since I hadn't heard anything from Toby Fox for a long time, but he's releasing it tomorrow.  Hopefully this version won't delete the directory it's in when you uninstall it.

Undertale has sadly morphed into a pile of cancerous trash, and Deltarune has a bit of the same fate, but when the latter released in 2018 I had a pretty fun time playing it and discussing it with other anons.  I'm hoping something like that can happen again; if the game turns out to be bad then at least we can thrash it together.

>inb4 shill, poz, cuckgame, etc.
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Ah, one final thing - Spamton makes references to a [clown] in several different spots, which is pretty clearly Jevil: they're both hidden bosses, and I think Spamton is noticeably harder/more insane than Jevil, which corresponds to what he says about "someday I'll surpass that [clown around town]" or something to that effect.
Replies: >>88204
Most of those bracketed terms are pretty direct. This isn't like the orz. If he says "freedom sauce" he's probably talking about something related to the PC being free or the player thinking he's going to discover some generic secret. I see no reason to assume it's a more obscure innuendo than that.
Replies: >>88503
I found Spamton significantly easier and more fun
What i'm curious is how much Spamton is Deltarune's Metatton really
ASDfmpwerm.png (u)
[Hide] (341.2KB, 811x892)
There's the literal interpretation of that whole [Sweet, Sweet] [Freedom Sauce] thing.
You've got to kill shit or seal fountains to get strong in the dark world. Your party's never killed anything up until the point Noelle joins. In order to actually kill a lightner, you needed to abuse the shit out of Noelle. Spamton knows that this isn't supposed to be what you're doing, and offers you some help.
Spamton also knows that the consequences of your actions are going to fuck up Kris's life, going so far as to say you'd be better off dead rather than go through with it. He mentions that there will be no more [Magic], or [Miracles] and that you'll end up crying in a broken home too. He knows that there's a world outside of the dark world and wants a piece of it as well.
>>88203 is right basically.
Spamton's just trying to take advantage of the situation like a salesman would. He's trying to sell you an alternative route, and in return he gets the chance to be free.

He just wants some freedom; whether you're breaking your strings by following some fucked up route or taking the "optional" boss, he'll help.
Replies: >>88608
ceremonial_Kris.jpg (u)
[Hide] (157.4KB, 1300x899)
The Knight is the person on the phone, Kris is not on the phone, but soulless Kris is the person last seen doing Knight things. 
It seems obvious to me that there is a sleight of hand here, "Kris" is the dagger being used to open new fountains, not the more literal knife he wields, and the player (soul) is in fact fighting for control of Kris with a third party, the true Knight. The optional bosses and collecting shards will likely be the bonus ending for piecing back together the scattered Gaster, transplanted from an entire different universe, and defeating him for real, ending his omnipresent manipulations.

The more interesting question is what's so Weird about the Weird Route? Is it the only alternative route, or simply the deepest in the story, with the most time to simmer?
The answer to me seems to lie in the introduction of alternative "acts" from other characters. These fit into the narrative that Susie is getting really into it and she wants more agency, and this is all about Kris getting new friends and developing as a person, but it's also a deliberate reduction in his power has a character. The Weird Route inverts that, with Kris developing a compelling power over Noelle, who is capable of killing enemies that the programming has decreed Kris and his "full time party members" incapable of killing.
The [Freedom Sauce] Spamton refers to, and his role in the story, seem to be on the idea of e
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holy_shish-kabob!.JPG (u)
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King_of_Guyters_XIV.png (u)
[Hide] (873.9KB, 604x767)
stwive_chawactews.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.3MB, 1280x720, 00:37)
1389418447583420418_1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (619.3KB, 1488x2048)
l2wibqbxdq071.jpg (u)
[Hide] (226.4KB, 1920x1080)
Talk about fighting games call people faggots for playing as [character you don't like].

>How did you get started with fighting games?
>Try any new games recently?
>What's the coolest thing you ever did in a fighting game?
>Who's your favourite fighting game character to play?
>Who's your favourite fighting game character design?
>Which fighting game girl do you want to have sex with the most?
>How would you fix your favourite broken/flawed fighting game?

>Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown/Virtua Fighter 5 eSports released on PS4/5.  It's free for PS+ users for two months.
>Guilty Gear Strive released on PS4/5 and PC.
>Melty Blood: Type Lumina will be launching September 30, 2021 with "more than 10" characters and HD sprites similar to Under Night.  More info on systems:
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guilty_gear110.png (u)
[Hide] (209.9KB, 512x268)
GG Strive got updated to 1.10, which supposedly was a big deal. It open up some more gatling routes for most characters, improves aerial combat and buff characters across the board, except Sol, who I think got nerfed. Seems interesting, but the barebones movesets of the characters and the price is way too fucking much for this shit. I pirated it and gave try it for a bit, but I don't think just patching gatlings back will fix how gutted the characters feel and the overall changes to the core systems, but I'm not expert, so how knows.

Does anybody care or is this shit dead?
I agree. Working only made me feel more motivated and less hopeless.
Replies: >>88505
Sorry for the poor grammar, I had some issues and posted it before editing it properly.
Those updates sound like a step in the right direction. We'll have to see if they keep adding more depth.
<Humoring Luciano
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (224KB, 766x632)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (207KB, 754x523)
>hey guys i heard this game got patched
>maybe gatlings or susemthgin?????
>ded gaem?????????////
It literally took me half a minute to find the actual patch notes:

As for the game being dead, I doubt it.  It's bled players due to the abhorrent online lobbies and boot times, but that happens with almsot any game, and there are still a few thousand people playing it.  The new Melty Blood had an all-time high of 13,000 players, so it's possible some people had gotten their fill of Strive's watered-down airdasher gameplay and went to MTBL for something new.

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