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Sentry Drones in Duke 3D. Where every other enemy in the game has multiple effective ways to deal with it and works well with the game's arsenal, Sentry Drones are effectively immune to half the game's arsenal (they dodge RPGs and devastators, flight makes them nigh impossible to hit with bombs or trip mines, their nature of attack makes them impossible to kick, shrink flat out don't work on them, while expander and ice take too many shots to be viable). This wouldn't be so bad if the weapons that did work were effective, but they take far too many hits to kill for what is typically used as a pack enemy. These things and the spamming short range ambushes of them kill episode 2 of Duke 3D more than any sameyness of the  space station levels do.
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Same devs, has that gay shit as a matter of fact  and also different models and not the OG music.
Replies: >>218112
Wait, some of the stuff is nerfed to oblivion in TxK, the orb in level 13 are barely doing shit and you have plenty of reaction time to deal, on PC they're up in your shit within a second and if you heard the noise it's too late to jump.

Look at this shit
Replies: >>218118
The main problem with the enemies in Vintage Story is how they spawn.
Investigating further it appears that Minter committed the classic blunder of tying game logic to frames on a variable-framerate platform. You have to lock framerate to (I assume) 60FPS or everything breaks.
Replies: >>218120
>60FPS or everything breaks.
Even at the "normal" speed stuff is way more intense, i did clear the whole game in classic mode at turbo speed since I wasn't aware at first

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Post about games that make dick hard and/or your heart soft. 
Complain about never ever eroges, talk shit about nip games for being technically inferior if your game is slow as shit at least don't let it crash from speedhacks fuck, talk shit about western games for being thematically inferior, recommend some decent eroges, and so on.

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Hold right click.
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Update on this, I played a bit of the "story" mode and it's as empty as your pants and serves almost no purpose but for unlocking shit and pathetically shallow RP if you care for that. In a nutshell you're in some establishment which exists to find your ideal partner, and everyone else is there for the same reason, you can create characters and assign them to the story mode and they'll randomly populate the few hubs in it, and you can interact with them in very few ways, that's it, the end. Let's talk about that, the interactions with the girls, you can
>instantly pork the girl 
And they appear to always immediately accept though I didn't thoroughly test this
You get like 3 dialogue options and there's literally no depth to it
>talk and suggest you should pork her
Which is just option 1 but with an extra loading sequence in between
That's it.

Other than that there are like 2 or 3 peep points where you can watch them shower, piss or whatever but you need to unlock those.

To unlock shit you need to clear achievements but they're so shallow and easy you can farm them all in like 20 minutes and unlock everything. Unlockables include
>More areas to sex in
>More areas to explore in the hub
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That's a mod nigger
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>giggle bones
I love games with clown physics
Replies: >>218107
You know what I meant, but ironically they physics involved are indeed clownish if you set the breast weight to 0 and softness to max they will bounce and stretch in ridiculous ways.

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Can anyone think of a game from the last decades that wouldn't be mechanically possible to make on on the Xbox, GameCube, PS2, or even the Dreamcast? I've been noticing more arguments being made about how far technology has "advanced", but it seems like nearly ALL of these arguments only ever extend to the graphics of a game and never the actual gameplay. And, whenever the discussion of gameplay comes up, the person keeps dancing around the argument trying to say that it wasn't "good enough" when previous systems did it without issue.
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all it has to be is
if playerMovingALot{
     do bigWideAreaAttack
if playerClose {
     do bigCloseRangeAttack
greatly simplified of course, but that's the gist of it
Replies: >>217992
That's just the most basic shit that both modern and old games already do, it's stateless and doesn't require any analysis of player behavior.
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>The thing is people misunderstand something impressive looking as something impressive to make, 
>iirc the way this particular thing is achieved is pretty much just the model shrinking over time, that's not mindboggling tech, it's more impressive that they took the time to make it / think of making it, it's an hyperspecialized system within the game made to look impressive but not actually be impressive to make if you hit a case which isn't handled by the system (which in this case is just about everything outside of shooting the ice tray and the ice cubes themselves) even if it would be logical, like say spraying coolant on the ice cube affecting its melting speed (as you'd assume a spray of sub zero mist would)
>Does that really matter? 
It doesn't, if you manage to make a game look good i couldn't care less if the reflections or light effects aren't "real" i'll even argue that it's more impressive when some cool looking effect is achieved using some tricks so you don't need too much horse power for some nice but ultimately meaningless effect.
For instance Team Ninja used to draw the shadows directly on the textures to simulate some "advanced" (at the time) light effect with good results to avoid affecting the game performanc
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Replies: >>218002
the only thing i can say about raytracing is that it makes things look different, and not necessarily better.
Replies: >>218003

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Baldur's Gate 3 is no longer in EA and is available for download and it looks pretty fun.  Any of you fags playing it?
It's dnd!
It's got feminine penises and masculine vaginas!
It's got dice!
Kill every goblin you see!
The graphics look pretty!
The women are ugly!
Be anyone, do anything!

Post your builds.
Post your screenshots.
Post your custom characters.
Post why it's fun.
Post why it's shit.
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>hough knowing Baalbuddy he would not miss a chance to try to stay relevant.
My one wish is for that fag to be eaten alive by the terminally online they/them zoomers that plague Xitter today and destroy his life.
Are there any good looking girls in the game, is it even possible to make qt girls in the game? Can I make my own campaing?
Replies: >>217800
It's not even possible to play as a girl, just a tranny.
Replies: >>217853
What a shame.

Spoiler File
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All games have an astounding and unique art direction starring cool dudes like Dante and hot babes with big tits but they all have mediocre to subpar gameplay.
All games have amazing gameplay with mechanics perfected in all their aspects but all characters are ugly, there's a ton of niggers in the story and the women look like trannies.
Which one would you pick?
I'd go for the former. I sometimes will go and beat mediocre games just because I enjoy the style it holds.
The Senran Kagura games, for example, have a very okayish at best combat but because of the cute girls, I put up with it.
How about you? Are there any bad looking good games you enjoy or viceversa?
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Replies: >>217782 + 3 earlier
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lol, lmao even
>>211047 (OP) 
Why can't I have unique art direction with qt lolis subpar gameplay and no niggers?
Replies: >>217790
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Play your anime world!
>Still using pixel art even after like 20 years
>Lolis as playable characters
>The all flashy no substance gameplay you'd expect from a gook beat-em up
>you can't have it all, but its not like the game is infested with nigger npcs either
Replies: >>217791
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there's a few good games on this list from cuckchan, and the webm thread has some good stuff that isn't on this list like azumanga kart >>217583
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I'll take the gameplay, chief.

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Toys, t-shirts, kitchenware, statues, etc.
If not, Is there any you would like to own but is too expensive/not worth it?
If you don't know, Resaurus is a toy company from the late 90s which made toys from vidya franchises at from the time. They went bankrupt shortly after due to how high detailed these figures were compared to their prices, making them unprofitable. Because of this they will fetch very high prices in today's market.
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I own a Space Channel 5 little tiny lunchbox, please say something nice about it.
Replies: >>216619 >>216625
Do you use it?
Replies: >>216624
I do not, I am a big boy with a big appetite and this lil' lunchbox just couldn't hang.
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ooh la la
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I want to buy a Joyride Master Chief figure.

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The showcase will go on August 11 at 12:00 pm (PDT), 3:00 pm (EDT), 21:00 (CEST).

I'll stream it at https://cytu.be/r/Exi123
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Hope they have good shit.
Replies: >>212484
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They didn't have good shit. Micromanagement autism, niggers, niggers, a generic RTS, niggers, a racing game with minimal gameplay shown, and a teaser trailer for Titan Quest 2.

When's the UT stream again? I need a palate cleanser.
It's over already?
you missed it, it just aired two weeks ago
You missed summer stream almost a by a month. You'll have to wait for the Christmas stream.

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Atelier Series Mainline Smartphone Game Inviting Doubts & Worry From Fans
>Many fans were confused as to why the company was spending their well-earned goodwill from the successful Atelier Ryza sub-series on a smartphone entry, especially when momentum was still present thanks to the ongoing Atelier Ryza anime. Koei Tecmo’s previous smartphone game entries have also not been successful, with the previous title Atelier Online having already shut down.
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>As of 2021, he owned at least one quarter of Valve and has been estimated to have a net worth of $3.9 billion or $6 billion
No I don't think he would.
Replies: >>217726
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>Unity will rely on users to self-report the data.
Reading is fundamental.
If there's one thing you can count on from jews besides demonolatry it's blatantly self-destructive acts in pursuit of a few more shekels.
Replies: >>217738
You're not gullible enough to believe they expect users to manually notify them about installs, right?
Replies: >>217742
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Of course not. I fully expect them to saddle devs with blatantly unfair fees if they don't hand over installation data from "approved" spyware vendors. That way they can trot out the old pilpul of "we didn't tell them to spy on you, goy- guys, it's all the big bad developer's fault!" if they get called on it.
If you can't beat them, buy them.

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I've been playing this on and off since maybe A3 or A4 and, frankly, where's the fun in this game? Not talking shit about this game or promoting any other, just where the fucking fun? 

How do you do it?
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Well I finally beat it, it wasn't very good. The game gets laggy as fuck when you grow large, very annoying.
You can get unbelievably overpowered with all the DLCs. Psycasters are insane, xenogerms are insane, having children is great to roll good pawns with no downsides.
Pair psycasters with shields and locust armor for a good time.
Should I install Rimjobworld?
Replies: >>217661
If you feel so inclined
You might as well go play Evil Genius (not the new one, the original). Or maybe DF. Then again, there's Goblin sieges in DF..
>Infestations should only be able to happen in darkness
I think there's a mod literally called "infestations only in darkness"

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Three years of zzz edition
Monday nights at 7PM PST/10PM EST

What's the Jackbox Party Packs?
The Jackbox Party Packs are games in which you can play with 
people in a single room or stream them live with others around the world. They can range to coming up with witty punchlines and jokes in Quiplash, creating strange T-shirts in TeeKO or wondering what the prompt is in Drawful!
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Poobot wins with spicy Indian Risotto, but who will win in Blather Round?
Turns out Risotto out riced the competition again.Will there be a 3 time winning streak in Junktopia?
Pork Fried Rice wins Junktopia now we're about to get into some Nonsensory
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Replies: >>217668
should've waited for two more posts

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