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What are some of your favorite skateboarding games? Which Tony Hawk is the best? Is Skate a good series? Do modern skate games still invoke the same amount of fun as the old ones if they don't have AC/DC's "TNT" blaring at max volume?

I played a ton of Pro Skater 4 on exbawks, very fond memories of trying endlessly to impress the bums and going all over the place on Alcatraz. Getting sick combos only to completely fuck it up at the end. Wondering what Tony Hawk is up to now.

dude thrasher
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Replies: >>215586 + 3 earlier
>They skate in two different disciplines
How they choose to skate is irrelevant when you compare them in their respective disciplines. There are alot of people as impressive as Tony like Bob Burnquist and Bucky Lasek. Nobody comes close to Mullens and many of his tricks have never been replicated.

IIRC tony admitted he thought mullens was a better skater in an interview.

It makes sense from his perspective. Vert ramps aren't everywhere, but the ground is. If youre an unimpressive skater without special equipment only found in a skate park, would you feel like youre better at skating than someone who just needs a skateboard?
Mullens can/has skated vert, but its rare. i think he doesnt like it. I wonder if he's afraid of heights.
Tony Hawk is GOAT
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thank you bmn
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>>210189 (OP) 
>What are some of your favorite skateboarding games?
A futuristic flying skateboard racing game.
You had to race against your opponents to get the first place but also do tricks like any traditional skate game.
I think Criterion developed it, it is available for DreamCast and PC.
Did anybody play that?

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I've recently realized that I don't actually have a problem with bullet sponges, what I hate are games where all enemies are bullet sponges that don't react to damage. 
I mean just think about it. Any modern shooter where generic enemies have health bars is shit because the enemies are still just generic enemies but with more health. Nothing changes, you just shoot them in the head 10 times instead of 1. Even for a boss that wouldn't be exactly fun. 
Now imagine this, you have a boss that is a health sponge you need to shoot a lot except there's gore. Nothing changes but the graphics. You keep shooting the thing but the more damage you do the more damage the boss is, until he's just a bloody pile of exposed muscle and bone running off adrenaline alone, his previous rational taunts now replaced by gargled unintelligible yells. That sounds really fucking cool, and all you have to change are textures, maybe models, and record a couple extra voice lines. Hell, you wouldn't even have to take it that far for every character and even having one that doesn't react would work as long as it was the exception and not the rule. I'd play that shit. 

Anyway, what are some mechanics you hate exclusively due to the way they are executed?
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Replies: >>207895 >>215569
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>nigger twitter repost snowclones
Why would you post this?
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your problem is that you're just too used to the way things used to be done without realizing things could be done more realistically and better, it's ideas like yours that cause games to stagnate with multiple releases that all feel the same

like in FEAR when enemies you shoot half-ragdoll but are still alive and a threat, that's a good thing, it makes every encounter a little different and thus keeps you on your toes
Australians, on MY board?

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Got the itch to play daggerfall again despite it's horrendous design because I never played as a vampire or werewolf. So far sunlight isn't an obstacle at all. I take maybe 3% of my health in damage every so often and walk across town like it's nothing. I'm really enjoying the huge boost to my stats and skills though, running is at 130% for some reason. I have to make sure I feed before going into to town or I can't rest or loiter at all so there's that.

I mean it's shitty spaghetti dungeons have a certain appeal, but I forgot how tedious it was finding a proverbial needle in a haystack when I accept a quest to find a certain monster or ingredient and I hate the fact the game is leveled to you. At least with some of the fighter's guild quests you have the option of resting near the exit, and the monsters will find you. Anyways I made this thread not only to talk about TES games in general, but also to see if anons have any advice for some good enchantments for my gear. I'm sitting on 300k gold right now and not doing anything with it. While I'm at it I'll also give some helpful hints to anyone who hasn't played it before so they don't encounter some of the major hurdles to bad game design.
>Save a lot
Crashes are common, and always have a backup save before you enter a dungeon. Some of them are incredibly huge and players have lost characters before. Adding to this the Recall spell is very useful for this, but remember after you teleport to your anchor you need to set another anchor, or you wont be able to teleport again.
>For a first time play through.
Join the mages guild for magic item creation or choose a race, class, or make a custom class that is immune to paralysis, poison, and maybe disease to.
>Be wary of enemies that cast paralysis and sleep in general.
i.e spiders, ghosts, vampires, liches, scorpions, and humanoid spellcasters above level 9
>You feel somewhat bad
What the game tells you when you've been poisoned. It lasts until you die, and doesn't ware off. This is incredibly stupid because it's too lethal and limits players without cures, there's a reason most games don't do this and I can't think of another game that does this.
>Purchase a horse and wagon ASAP
Horses reduce travel time drastically, and wagons are great for dumping your loot so you don't have to carry it.
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Sure, I'll take it if you got it.
Replies: >>214093
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Replies: >>214094
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You da real MVP, my nigga.
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I'm playing Daggerfall Unity and having a pretty good time with it. Just finished Morgiah's correspondence with the King of Worms, then picked up a job from Barenziah.
Is Helseth in this game as well?
Replies: >>215449
All of the nobles in daggerfall are cunts, with Sentinel being the least cunty.

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Is this a good place to discuss rpgs?
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>banned for posting loli
This is an oxymoron, please try again.
Probably uses one of the shitty Win32 versions so not really relevant to DOSBox.
>calls someone else a moron while too retarded to even get the game right
Mechwarrior 2 and expansion work perfectly, Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries is a different game entirely. It runs but you'll almost never get the mission results back into the campaign because of the crashing. DOSBox-X with niggerrigged DOS extenders is slightly more stable but ultimately not workable.
RPGcodex is literally just a reddit version of 8chan. Kind of like how kiwifarms is a reddit version of 4chan.
Replies: >>216307
Replies: >>216366
1.RPGCodex is filled with anons from 8chan and sometimes have tried mimicking its culture, but the usage of their own words.

2. RPG Codex enjoys most of every shitty triple-A game. They will defend and get butt-hurt if you thoroughly explain to them why anything on the Infinity Engine, such as Baldur's Gates, is objectively flawed in design or explain the issues with Witcher 3's gameplay and design flaws. I'm already predicting that their next GOTY will be Baldur's Gate 3, and the staff there will give Starfield at least a 7/10.

3. You get banned for posting loli which is indeed true.

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Discuss games of this genre, from AAA to indie. I will allow exceptions into this discussion like the real time tactics variants or even games that play similar to Hitman. The primary focus of said games should be about remaining undetected. What are you playing? what would you recommend to people?
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>The best stealth games are online multiplayer FPS'.
Nice bait, nigger.
the best stealth game is world pvp in WoW if you play as a rogue
Replies: >>215276 >>215280
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Could hardly compare to Spies vs. Mercs at it's time, that was peak multiplayer stealth gaming and nothing else can compare to it. If you missed that you missed one of the most unique games to ever exist in this space. Hopefully it makes a comeback in that upcoming Splinter Cell remake. However i am looking into getting into some multiplayer games like Deceive Inc or Intruder which seem to be the best offerings on the market as far as that is concerned nowadays. I just always avoid buying them because playerbases usually suck for these smaller indie games. It never really compares to what Splinter Cell would do with numbers.
Replies: >>215339
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I don't have the exact clip you're describing, but I agree that playing against real people and outwitting them provides a rush you won't get anywhere else.  I loved TF2 Spy and using the disguise kit to set up backstab chains even if it wasn't too practical.  The best, though?  Hmm.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, of all things, actually had a really cool multiplayer mode where the entire point was to use disguises and pantomime to fool other people and set up the most elaborate assassinations, with point multipliers given based on how much you fooled your target.  Shooting someone with a gun in the middle of the street would be, say, 100 points, whereas blending into a crowd, standing next to your target for 3 seconds, poisoning him (so he has a chance to fight back), and then walking away without breaking into a run would give you well over a thousand with all the bonuses and multipliers.

Then in Assassin's Creed 3 they introduced killstreaks.  Such is life.

Well, I haven't really played enough stealth games to have strong opinions about what particular type of stealth-focused gameplay is best, but I know that I've played a lot of action games that try to have stealth sections and many of them simply make you invisible/invincible as long as you're standing in the dark.
>Some people think understanding patrol patterns is the gameplay loop so to speak with the stealth genre, and i don't think it needs to be that. There's no reason that a perfectionist shouldn't be pushed into incredibly tough situations and there's no certain way they can get their perfect ghost run
I agree.  I think that speedrunning becoming the default way "serious" people are "supposed" to play games, and many speedrunners' autistic obsession with avoiding RNG has seeped into the wider cultural consciousness about video games.  If your game has RNG, then that's bad; even people who speedrun fucking roguelikes such as Hades can split their leaderboards into real gameplay and fixed seed autism because they just can't handle having to improvise.

One thing which I forgot to mention about Ronin was that it has semi-random guard spawns, which overall helped the game even if they weren't implemented too well.  You'd never have multiple samurai spawning where they shouldn't be, but some standard guards would get upgraded to carry assault rifles for seemingly no reason and that was very awkward when I was trying to play through some of the forced combat sequences since it would totally change the strategy I needed to use.  Getting three turns deep into an encounter and then seeing an assault rifle guard spawn where a pistol guard had spawned the last few attempts was very annoying.

But randomness is important so that you force players to think on their feet, if nothing else.  It's a shame Ronin hasn't gotten much press or publicity because I'd like to hear move about its development, but I think the only times anyone has ever discussed it were a long-deleted livestream from the developer when it released, and a more casual livestream from the artist a few years ago.
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Replies: >>215339
>Hopefully it makes a comeback in that upcoming Splinter Cell remake.
Anon by this point you should realize that any ubisoft game in CY + 8 is going to be gutted to hell. Not to mention Blacklist's SvM deciding to make the spies have guns as well. There is an enhanced SvM standalone that is 100% playable and with custom maps nowadays, with the only true restriction being the need to use zerotier though.

The Ship also did something akin to AC's MP a few years before it got made, and it was a blast to play then as well. Sadly the only real chance I've had to play it was the gamenight for it 5-6 years ago, so there is basically no chance to play it again at any time.

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Just another short flash internet cartoon I've made about ztan being a couch potato.
Don't be like her, anon. Get /fit/.
Hope you enjoy! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
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Replies: >>210527 + 9 earlier
Just take Super Mario Bros. Z and do more of that.
Princess Peach naked.
lots of guns, blood, and bitcrushed audio
>>197533 (OP) 
Got any Flash players?
Replies: >>215218
For windows or linux?
Pretty sure theres standalone ones for both

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I wish I could play as much as I once did. Nowadays though, I usually get tired after a few hours.
What about you? Do you still go on long uninterrupted sessions that can last days?
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>bitching about necro
I never understood this shit, if some anon wants to talk about some specific topic and there's already a thread on the catalog about it, then what he's supposed to do?
Make a new one just because?
Fuck that shit
Replies: >>213271 >>215206
It's redditors.
Replies: >>215206
World of Warcraft 3.3.5a
Europa Universalis IV*

*I regret this
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I've seen so many people complain about "necrobumping" that anytime I see it nowadays I honestly believe the person is just baiting. Maybe a few years ago back in the 8chan days I would believe it was redditors but now I can't believe anyone would legitimately complain about necrobumping. The people doing it in this day and age have to baiters. I mean, they aren't really redditors, are they?
Replies: >>215212
I know that "necrobumping" was a bannable offence on blacked.gov, so maybe the faggot bitching came from that shithole

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For me, it's snipers with vpt, disabling shot, lock and load and in the zone, using the gaus long rifle. Have you beat the game on classic or a harder difficulty, /v/?

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST you really are unreedemable

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Nevermind the ban, I meant to ban the reporter spamming false reports and the button is right next to "ban poster". The ban on the post is already lifted, it's too bad I can't get rid of the message. Please don't derail the thread about it.
Replies: >>215147
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The trick to dealing with them, I've learned, is to never let them act. Plan your engagements and always kill them on the first turn, or you'll get psi-lance'd for 20, see your squad get nuked by a rift or something like that. They're so deadly. This doesn't always work though.  A pod of 2 mechtoids, an elite muton and two ethereals patrolled into me whille I was still dealing with a muton and a mechtoid pod on a heavy abduction. I managed to deal with the others quickly, but the two ethereals both mind-controlled soldiers from 15 tiles away. Had to run to the edge of the map with the rest of my squad until the mind-control wore off.
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Replies: >>215144
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1392x861) Reverse
>BO can't ban the right guy
>BO can't spell it's irredeemable
<p-please ignore it haha

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What are some games you went into with little/no expectations but ended up loving every part of it? Likewise, what are some games you had very high expectations for but had to watch them wither away as you realized the game was terrible?
>had zero expectation for Tetris 99, thought it was just a lame cash grab meant to take advantage of the battle royale meme
>now one of my favorite vidya and will remain active for years

>was excited for Metroid Dread, the last game I actually paid money for
>as the game went on i became more and more disappointed at how awful it controlled, how bad the map was, and how very not good it actually was
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Whatever happened to that community patch one faggot was working on by himself? Did he ever post it somewhere? Was he doing it for free?
Dunno, I liked IV better than V, but it's still a downgrade from the previous ones. 3 is pretty barebones, yeah, with a non-exactly lovable main character.
Probably unpopular opinion, but I liked 3/4 better. Yeah, it's batshit crazy and nothing makes sense, but it's not a simulator. Probably the biggest mistake Volition made here is putting SR1/2 and the latter ones in the same franchise while being so wildly different, alienating all old fans.
>VC atmosphere and SA gameplay
Yeah, I'm one of the VC guys, that neon 80s miami style is just peak comfy. Yes, the map is tiny, the engine is worse than SA (but still an improvement over 3), and everything is fake, but it's still The gta I go back if I want to have some random fun.
SA is just, like, niggers doing nigger things at literally the worst place on earth.
Replies: >>213328
I actually found the beginning of Saints Row 4 funny.
Saints Row 2 was worth it. Too bad PC port is bad. Gentlemen of the Row didn't help much and the game shuts down after I exit Trail blazing from Downtown District.
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>Circus loli declares us to be the new boss, unlocking a series of minigames
>completely forget about the holy war and keep grinding the minigames for days instead
Is this the proto-Madam Tricella
>Mario Strikers Battle League
Hope you enjoyed the review on Sleepy Station 4

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Spoiler File
(259.8KB, 755x409) Reverse

You are going to talk about space games or I am going to break your fucking arm. You are going to tell me..
Also which aliens would you fuck? 

I'm currently doing a run of Starsector after getting the itch again and this time I'm using R A P E S E C T O R which allows you to engage in a little snuggle struggle with enemy officers...or if you have enough marines anyone at all and maybe even an AI as well. Or you can engage in passionate headpatting and h*ndholding with an officer of your fleet you fancy. The sky's the limit, as long as that limit is rape. You might want to run a portrait replace with this one. I got me a sweet system with two Terran planets and a jump gate so it's time to satbomb the Hegemony until I'm bored or the sector runs out of fuel. 
Now engage with me you plebians and tell me what you are playing.
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Actually that ship is made up with a TIE Defender cockpit and TIE bomber wings.
[Hide] (20.3MB, 1280x720, 01:58)
I'm ready to pirate it day 1.
Replies: >>214697
Thanks, guess I might try it when I get a toaster capable of running it. X3 was fun but I already know it to the point where any M6 is effectively god mode.

>wubeth intensifies
>season pass
Nothing like Homeworld. Won't even pirate.
Name of the mod?
Replies: >>214728

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