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2023 was a year with some extremely high profile games that crashed like lead balloons, and a fair number of breakout indie hits.  I think I played or saw footage of most worthwhile games this years, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

>but Game X doesn't measure up to my standards!!!!!!111
That's a shame.  But for some other anon it might be a lot of fun.

>but what if i'm a whiny faggot and i think nothing good is gunna come out EVAR????
Then leave.

In no particular order:
>Pizza Tower
>Hi-Fi Rush
>Corn Kidz 64
>Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
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It actually does, though the only mods when I looked last year were some costumes (one of which is now in the game) and a randomizer.
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That looks terrible. If you're going to make a retro inspired 3D game why would you copy the worst style of the time? Copy the nice unfiltered textures of the PS1 instead.
Replies: >>237947 >>237958
It's bland, empty, the environments all blend together, and the music does not bop, groove, nor jive
It is pure furfag bait
Replies: >>237958
[Hide] (17.8MB, 1920x1080, 00:15)
>the PS1
I think the dev preferred the wobble to be in her butt, not the textures.

>the environments all blend together
You can have shit taste if you want, but this just isn't true.
>I think the year had more high profile flops and disasters than almost any other year.
>Can you think of another year where so many AAA companies ate so much shit so hard?
And some retards have the nerve to say: "things weren't better before, that's just nostalgia goggles lmao"
That is bullshit and they know it.
Things denifinitely weren't as shit as they are today, and i am not a fucking 80 years old to be speaking out of "nostalgia".

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I don't think I've seen a single /gsg/ thread on zzz since day zero and I decided I've had enough of waiting for someone else to make it. The one on smug, which you can find here https://smuglo.li/vg/res/1231.html , was made a staggering four (4) years ago, only got 200 posts and the last was made 11 months back, so I think it's time we get our own and hopefully get not glacial levels of activity.

So, what are you playing? Still playing Parajew shit and incesting your entire family in CK2, blobbing in Vicky or has anyone been as far as decided to trying something new more like for a change?

Speaking of Parajew, the latest HOI4 expansion "Arms Against Tiranny" dropped a few weeks back adding a few more mechanics, which should've been in the base game to begin with but are instead, in typical Parajew fashion, locked behind a paywall, like slightly more in depth supply networks, transports, a barebones international arms dealing market and new focus trees for Scandinavian countries. I decided to give it a spin and pirated it for the 15th time and I'm now playing an (read: restarted a dozen times because I keep getting repeatedly fucked over by one thing or another) a-historically focused campaign as Shittaly trying to gigablob the entire universe and it's not going particularly great. Here's a recap of the events so far:
>wrapped up the nigger correction expedition just before March and justified against France while in the middle of it still
>knocked out the frogs by mid 38 after a rather slow and sloppy war, which I won 1:5 ratio, and yoinked all their navy which included 7 juicy BBs, 1 CV, a couple dozen light and heavy cruisers and over a hundred destroyers and subs
>barely managed to nick the the strategic Moroccan half of the strait of Gibraltar by declaring on nationalist Spain, sneaking in from France, making a quick push through an ever narrowing strip of land before it could get gobbled up by the other sides of the civil war and then nailing the peace conference just right to demand it and other minor bits of clay
>took less than a month and almost no casualties
>I'm starting to look at Uncle Adolf or the UK when fucking Marxist Portugal decides to declare war on me out of the blue
>they're landlocked so I just lmao naval invade them with not even a full army of nigger irregulars and own them in 3 weeks
>them being Marxist unfortunately translated to them also being in a faction with the USSR and now I'm at war with them but we are too far to fight
>Germany is Germanying along doing typical somewhat historical path of annexing Austria, and then going to war with the Czechs and the rest of the balkans because they all decided to be in one faction
>Poland commies are about to win a civil war
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>Group Sex of One Female and Several Males
Replies: >>236883
That's the red army for ya baby
>recall volunteers
Sorry, I forgot that I was using a mod for that. Still, the principle is the same. Send every troop you can to foreign wars but do not send the same troops every time. Always train your troops. Don't deploy troops immediately. Always have some troops waiting to deploy on the backburner, unless your manpower is abysmal. You can't stop XP loss in combat, and, outside of elite units, field hospitals are not worth it.
Replies: >>236906
Yeah but then I cant get them to level 5
After having played the submod some more, I've come to make some revisions to my review.
>The Portuguese and Liberian Bush Wars are broken and don't fire.
These do fire, but they don't fire as often.
>The mod misses the point of Mittelafrika
This is only partially true. Mittelafrika is still a desperate struggle to hold on, but it's one that the AI somehow always loses even if it beats every, or almost every, native revolt. Ten-to-fifteen years have passed since the post-war chaos in Africa. In that time, some sort of stability somewhere should have been made. Instead, Africa is a mess of nations divided between European ethnicities which exist as protectorates because of Gemany's intervention during the revolutions in Europe. However, some of these protectorates exist for little reason, and they're universally mismanaged despite some places almost having a century of previous colonial rule and the desperate position many settler colonies would be in due to their lack of support from the outside. Unless viewed from an anti-colonial perspective, it's unrealistic that Mittelafrika would be in such a sorry state.
>The Sudan is too sparsely populated to warrant being its own nation under Egypt
The justification in the mod is that the Egyptians couldn't conquer the Sudan after the collapse of the Anglo-Egyptian condominium due to Sudanese resistance. This is justified, but I think that the Egyptians not owning the Sudanese coastline is unrealistic.
>Ostasien's war with Burma typically ends with it taking the coastline while Germany takes the rest
This should have been "Westasien".
>Collapse wars are almost guaranteed to happen, and they typically start in or near historically German colonies.
This is a problem with the mod that I explained in the second point. Colonialism is only unsustainable to those with a normalcy bias, and some of the colonies in Mittelafrika have existed for one hundred years. German colonies were some of the most prosperous and peaceful, and many Africans saw Germans as biologically above them. Not only this, but Africans in German colonies were sparse, and Germans typically streamlined African identities in the territories they controlled, such as in Tanzania, where they insisted on the use of a single native language in all official proceedings. This normalcy bias can be seen in the mod's bibliography, which includes many inherently editorial titles such as "Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning," "The Ghosts of Happy Valley: Searching for the Lost World of Africa's Infamous Aristocrats," "King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa," "The Kaiser's Holocaust, Germany's Forgotten Genocide," and "Heart of Darkness" (a piece of complete fiction). The mod's description begins with a quote from a book furthering the myths of European movement of African wealth and of African society being developed as a backlash against European imposition. The mod author obviously can't make the mod from a neutral standpoint regarding colonialism.

Overall, I rate the submod a 4/10. You should install it if you don't want "le evil Nazi controls Africa!" or "ebin wholesome black man unifies Africa!" for the millionth time, but it should be understood that the submod has a heavy slant toward anti-colonialism and is made for someone who can accept this unquestioningly, the type who thinks effort equals quality and a long bibliography is inherently good. It is, perhaps, exclusively anti-German in that the mod author won't display the management of French colonial possessions in Africa due to how much it would weaken the Entente. This is in spite of the French administration being split by the Sahara Desert and the existing potential but lack of probability that the French have rebellions of their own.

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RPG Maker XP is free to get until february 19
Final Fantasy XIV open beta for Xbox launches February 2024
>The beloved MMORPG is finally coming to Xbox Series X|S in open beta on February 21st around 12 AM Pacific / 3 AM Eastern.
Japan’s Top Mobile Apps Much Different From Rest of the World

>TikTok (China)
>YouTube (USA)
>Candy Crush Saga (UK)
>Disney+ (USA)
>Honor of Kings (China)

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>not even reading the sentence he quoted
Blackpill, you're not welcome and retarded.
Replies: >>237657
Dude he hasn't listened the last 500 times you've called him a retard what makes you think this time is any different?
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>PS3 Emulator
Replies: >>237662 >>237700
Yeah RPCS3 is neat and all, but CFWable PS3s are cheap enough I'm not sure it makes sense unless you're doing something like playing Demon's Souls with the private server.
What other emulator would even get dinged from this?

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What are some games that you think were unfairly bashed by critics that you think were great games? ATV 2 Quad Power Racing is a good example in my opinion. It is just so more fun than it's main competitor ATV offroad fury 3 at the time and I have never played a better offroad racing game
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>>226953 (OP) 
Binary Domain
It's kind sad that SEGA never gave it a second chance.
They could have remastered it PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbone and i am sure it would turn them a profit if they didn't overprice it of course.
They should make a more stylish sci-fi looking boxart though, it didn't surprise that many of those who saw that cover on the shelf thought it was just another COD clone, considering the time it came out.
Replies: >>236141 >>237014
>Binary Domain
That game is so fucking overrated around imageboards, it's as intuitive and interesting gameplay wise as spec ops the line.
I just played that back in December and really enjoyed it, really wish there was a sequel.
>>226953 (OP) 
Saw this at a local game store was thinking of picking it up cause I've been wanting to play more racing games lately.
Replies: >>237372
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almost everyone probably disregarded this as a dumb ps1 nascar game but its actually one of the finest arcade races of that generation
>I just played that back in December and really enjoyed it, really wish there was a sequel.
Man, that game ends just when it was getting good.

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The OG xbox doesn't get as much love as its contemporaries.
As much as I love the PS2 and its library I always hated how sensitive it was and the 480i resolution sucks.
The OG xbox still looks great on both CRT and flat-screen TVs by having up to 720p and 1080p res.
Not only that but it has some of the best versions of multi-plats, usually having the 60fps versions.
Also the shape of the console and controller is peak comfy.
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the most early 2000's would have been some nu-metal shit like Korn or Limp Bizkit or eurodance music like Eiffel 65
I sure hope you deleted that nigger garbage
t. projecting angry faggot 12 year old
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<looks like he's about to give the heroine a crash course on sex education
>xbox one x one x one
<pic related
Replies: >>237328 >>237344
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>PlayStation 2
Replies: >>237344
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To celebrate finally fixing my ports I've decided to host a modded terraria server. The server will be going up Friday sometime after 5pm PST.
>Can I suggest mods?
Sure, but I'm not adding any mods after I've generated the world. So if you have a suggestion make it before 5pm Friday PST. Also I'm not adding mods that conflict with what I already have. 
>Is this going to be extremely difficult like a few of the other servers?
There's a few boss rework mods that will make them harder, but it should be reasonably manageable for a new player with how it seems to ramp up from my testing. Just don't go trying to kill the eye without at least plat gear. Also the server will be on master mode because the reworks have a few attacks locked to it.
>Why the fuck do you not have boss checklist in this?
Boss checklist is a horribly coded mod that tanks your performance. It's also client side as far as I'm aware, so feel free to add it yourself.
>I don't own terraria
Unfortunately for you tmodloader has become significantly more annoying to install for the gog version of the game. Here's a link to base terraria, and the tmodloader install instructions for gog: https://gog-games.to/search/terraria 
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They are not niggers, it is just a tan.
Replies: >>237086 >>237102
Sounds like something that a nigger lover would say!
Replies: >>237087
Spoiler File
(354.7KB, 1200x1500) Reverse
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Only girls can get tanned.
Replies: >>237104
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engineer gaming
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The game hasn't been fun for me in almost a decade I just  check it out every once a while see if things ever improve and it's either the same or worse
Deep Rock Galactic replaced it  for me and as for real fps PVP  games there's a bunch of games with small dedicated communities or overwatch as the only real  modern  fps game without aim assist cancer if you don't want to play tac fps where  nothing happens then everyone dies within a minute or gets extended by another 30 seconds and have to be extremely autistic about how you move just so you are not at a disadvantage
Replies: >>237018 >>237019
Depends on what version of the game we're talking about.
Man I just want to play tf2 that existed at the kritz update (with air blast and the basic engie updates) with new maps and the events.
Demoman melee (except the grenade melee weapon), soldier, scout and spy updates broke the game.
Replies: >>237019 >>237020
Show me where on the doll Gabe Newell touched you.

The game had that old Valve magic, great characters and art design, good balance most of the time, and practically infinite content thanks to community servers. The fact it was a "contribute to the war effort" kind of game rather than one which idolized killstreaks and single-player highlights was a huge factor in making it fun and successful.

Then it helped to introduce and normalize loot crates, the free-to-play microtransaction squeeze, horrendous cosmetics, the slow and permanent death of community servers in favor of matchmaking funnels, and most flavors of modern cancer. I popped my head back in around 2021 and the old magic was still there for a bit, but it wasn't the same. I called someone a nigger on a skial server and got automuted for 24 hours (which is better than being banned, but nevertheless . . .).

The real issue with TF2 is the same problem Counter Strike GO had, where the original game had so much stuff grafted onto it and maintained a dedicated player base for so long that any attempt to make a sequel would only be competing with itself. All the games that have tried to take TF2's crown have either died due to publisher fuckery or just been shitty in the first place (Overwatch, Battleborn). There are reams of others that haven't even made a dent in the industry.

Please stop double-tapping your spacebar for no reason.

Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>237020
I miss it too but it's completely gone and it'll never be updated to a state where it will be playable again even if you ignore all the changes
Valve's anti cheat is a joke and is ruining counter strike at the moment 


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Do they not know I don't have 15 hours to beat them in one go?
Fuck them. I'm not redoing 5 hours worth of gameplay just because 1 fuck up.
And to those games where you can just press continue anyways. Why do they care?
I'm saving as many times I want, whenever I want. Doesn't matter If I saved 5 minutes earlier I don't care.
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We can start with the fact that Halo 2 did move entirely to jam screen and also predates CoD2.
Automatic save prompts at certain points of the story?
>sage to avoid a retort
>probably becauseh e knows how fucking stupid he looks
lol faggot
>along with more incomprehensible bullshit
It's incredible how much of a retard you are.
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You'll love this game OP!

[Hide] (67.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (41.3KB, 637x170) Reverse
i.e. In 3 days.
Will it be good?
Probably not.
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What is this date rape shit
Replies: >>236859
You can't rape the willing.
Replies: >>236863
Hypnosis is not willing. It's just weird
[Hide] (456.1KB, 610x540, 00:01)
just dropping by to say:
Replies: >>236876

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Been a while since we had one and I've been thinking about it again so it's time to talk about some Monster Hunter. 
What are ya...

Or do you hate MonHunt and want to bitch? Well friend, come on over. We have room in this thread for many opinions, even wrong ones. I myself haven't played in a while. Rise didn't catch on with me the same as the other ones did. I hate the dogs, to much going on with all the palicios and everything during a hunt. Maybe I should give it another go. 
Also maybe we could get a hunting group together again. We did it a bit for portable 3rd and it was pretty fun.
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What times you play? I probably have an old armor set I could bust out.
Replies: >>233910
[Hide] (5.5MB, 2048x1365) Reverse
>What times you play?
Pic related is literally me. Draw your own conclusions.
Why not just play a good tps instead of worldrise gunner?
HBG is kind of fun before world. Bow is novel in dos I guess. The 'fun' comes from managing charge levels and correctly using pierce or rapid shots with the RE aiming and projectile arcs/travel time. There is not much fun to have .
Shooting a monster out of the air when it tries to run can be fun though, but that just about comes for free in world/rise wth every weapon.

The dos devs hate the hunting horn and playing it is CBT before 3u. After 3U they kneejerked and made it too easy to use. God they don't even give you enough hyper armor in recital mode to avoid getting tripped by an SnS basic swing.

HH provides a very rare pure scaling attack buff and significantly at that, but it rarely offsets the damage you get from playing solo as you could be sticking to the monster more.

You can enjoy it but you are probably a little bit of a dick-fetishist if it's your favorite.

Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>234461
[Hide] (2.3MB, 640x480, 00:27)
Are you afraid of some rando shoving his giant, thick lance into you against your consent, faggot?
What's you guys' favorite monsters to hunt and in what game? Zinogre's been my favorite ever since 3U, plus the armor is dope lookin

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