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What a nice board!
Do you even lift? >>>/fit/

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>Microsoft to Acquire ZeniMax Media and Its Game Publisher Bethesda Softworks
>As the gaming industry transforms from a device-centric era to a player-centric era powered by new technology that provides the freedom to play with friends anywhere on any device, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) on Monday announced plans to acquire ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, one of the largest, privately held game developers and publishers in the world. Creators of critically acclaimed and best-selling gaming franchises including The Elder Scrolls and Fallout among many others, Bethesda brings an impressive portfolio of games, technology, talent, as well as a track record of blockbuster commercial success, to Xbox. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will acquire ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion in cash.
>Pete "the Jew" Hines
Because nobody liked my shitpost of a thread have a serious one
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The developer didn't feel like running the site or developing the software anymore I think.
Replies: >>10579
>>10577 (checked)
It's because he has to deal with family life that made him drop programming it.
Replies: >>10582
I've found youtube-local to be much better anyways. Invidious instances bug out too much. If youtube-local gets high res audio muxing support then it would be perfect. Freetube seems to have muxing support but isn't integrated into the browser so auto redirecting links won't work. Plus freetube relies on invidious instances which often won't load certain channels videos.
Unless xbox itself had some memory leak problem or bethesda was using it incorrectly or something, I don't think there's a valid reason.

There's tons of ways to handle memory, and in more advanced contexts like AAA gamedev, you usually create your own memory allocation system. As far as I understand it's mostly done by asking the operating system (or console) to give you a really big chunk of memory, and then you use various methods to decide what goes where into that chunk. It's good for performance (since asking the OS for memory is "slow"), but also good for consoles that tend to have very limited amount of memory unlike desktops. On a console you also know exactly how much memory the machine has, unlike on desktops where some twitch streamer's overpriced meme setup has 128gb of memory while some poorfag's toaster has 512mb of memory.

That's also why some AAA games have weird seemingly hard-wired limitations on number of objects and such; because they allocated a very specific fixed chunk of memory for those objects and it's not designed to dynamically get more memory whenever it runs out of space.
You can try the alternatives:

(1.2MB, 747x829)
(92.8KB, 1280x720)
(156.1KB, 1596x809)
(77.3KB, 1280x720)
Fuck I'm sad now. Are there ANY good looking giant robot games coming out? I know there was one but it was weighted back by ice cream eating and some other junk. I considered getting it cheap at some point.
For stuff that has been around there is megamek, a game where you can impregnate your female enemies you capture after the fights and then let them go create a merc company and play the game based on the battletech tabletop rules. Its contains a lot of stuff and can be pretty fun.Do not confuse this with Battletech the game that came out not to long ago. Megamek is a fan project. 
I also heard something about mektek turning their mechwarror 4 MP servers back on when no one was looking so thats neat.Living legends is still live and has gotten some new mechs and tanks recently too.
As for what I have been playing I've been doing Armored Core Nexus again. I would like to work up to the Last Raven, I hear its ball bustingly hard so it should be fun. 
What have you been playing anons?
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Replies: >>10453 + 2 earlier
I don't really know shit about BattleTech lore after 3059 but I thought using ships with compact KF drives (WarShips) were war crimes after they were basically annihilated in the 2nd succession war. Then the Clan invasion wiped much of the war crime slate clean because the IS was desperate to survive. But maybe I'm just thinking about JumpShips. It's hard to remember which things are not used because theyre war crimes and which things are not used because all the factories were annihilated.
Replies: >>9293
(239.2KB, 840x900)
The whole ban on attacking jumpships is from this episode.
It isn't even in the ares conventions, and a largely informal thing.
Post clan invasion, the ares convention still stand as well. Zellbrigen (clan honor code) and their general attitudes mean they aren't big on the kind of stuff the ares convention bans anyway (nukes on inhabited planets, orbital bombardments and such), since they prefer to go in in mechs and just stomp the competition directly.

What really hurt adherence to the ares conventions was the wobbies going out of their way to do everything it forbid, over and over again. But by the end of the jihad, most nations go back to observing the conventions again (unless you are Regulan, because Rgulan's gonna Regulan and fuck the Mariks)
(1.1MB, 480x360, 00:26)
Why are the fucking walking animations in MechWarrior 4 so amazingly good, and no later game even comes close? Each separate joint in each chassis is articulated, and they tilt appropriately to conform to whatever sloped surface you're walking on. The change in animation as you go faster looks very natural as well. It's too bad MW4 is just decent in the gameplay aspect. The missions are good in MW4 Mercs but I don't like the implementation of most of the weapons, especially autocannons. Virtually everything amounts to "hitscan thingy with vague and inaccurate firing animation" except for missiles, which are always clustered perfectly in groups of 5. Why can't we have a game with MW2's mission designs, MWO/MW5's weapon implementations, and MW4's animations?
Apologies for the ass quality video, I was trying to find a good clip on JewTube
(203.7KB, 1280x1024)
(1.3MB, 1437x1077)
I know it will never happen, but all I want is a sequel to Phantom Crash and Steel Lancer.
>>837 (OP) 
Last Raven is alright but the difficulty basically crumbles once you learn that to effectively exploit the weaknesses or rival cores you just need to change your build to specifically counter theirs and i didn't really like that direction of combat, i prefer nexus and the older ones because they let me stick to my preferred build, stick to it and still be able to beat the game.
that was my experience anyway, maybe i was the noob all along and needed to exploit enemy weaknesses, but in the end i think thats what the new encounter design pushes the player to do, right? i rest my case.

(756.3KB, 772x434)
(3.2MB, 03:20)
(2.7MB, 640x368, 01:49)
Who doesn't like some good old racing videogames.
>What racing game your playing right now ?
F-Zero GX, man this is fucking FAST and the OST is rad, it's sad that Nintendo are bunch of fucking pussies that don't want to release another game.
Is there a mod that let's you play 30 players online ?
>What's your favourite OST
As much as I like F-Zero OST, Ridge Racer has some great shit in there too, so I think Ridge Racer is much better in that aspect.
>Arcade or realistic ?
Arcade hands down is better, realistic racing games don't have anything unique to them, but arcade one can do some batshit insane shit which is much more fun.
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> At this point, most of Nintendo's new audience from the Wii and Switch have no clue who Captain Falcon is or what his games are, so it's not as though any hypothetical developer would need to worry about the formula becoming stale
I think literal autists run Nintendo, particularly Miyamoto. That whole "we know this stuff has been done at some point, why wouldn't it be stale for everyone else?" is literally how autistic people think.
>It's a shame the story cutscenes with QTEs ruined its reputation
The most important thing that ruined its reputation was the awful performance. A racing game that drops to single digit framerate with unskippable cutscenes. 
The PC port was tied to origin on top of being abysmal so nobody touched that.
Replies: >>10363
>The most important thing that ruined its reputation was the awful performance.
The performance issues really didn't help, due to the switch to the Frostbite 2 engine which NFS devs weren't used to work with, and really, no hardware from 2011 but the beefiest gaming PCs with quad core CPUs and SLI video cards could handle that engine well enough. It was ahead of its time.
But playing a pirated copy of NFSTR nowadays should be no problem - you won't have to deal with Origin, and even average-tier laptops can run it well.

However, while it didn't help, I disagree that the performance problems and Origin were the main reason.
Go take a look at any review of NFS The Run from that era. Every review keeps hammering the game because they didn't like the story and found the QTE system ridiculous (it really is, but doesn't ruin the game). There was also lots of disappointment over the fact that The Run isn't open world, since every mainline NFS since NFSU2 had been open world (with exception of ProStreet), including the previous 2 iterations.

You can see brief, passing complaints about the performance but it sure as hell wasn't the main focus. And it wasn't only in ((professional)) reviews - video game forums I used to visit, and even /v/ around that time, also focused on bashing the game for the story and for not being open world. I remember /v/ having a bit of a fit about
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(4MB, 854x428, 01:21)
>want to play street racing vidya where you can customize and upgrade your cars
>download nfs payback
>handling is shit
>cars are glued to the road
>handbrake is enable drift button
>just want to replay NFSU2 for the fifth time instead
How fucking hard is it to just make Underground 3. Fucking niggers.
Replies: >>10382
>How fucking hard is it to just make Underground 3. Fucking niggers.
But they did, it's called NFS Heat.
Seriously, try Heat if you haven't, it's surprisingly good and the best open world NFS since Hot Pursuit 2010.
The only problem is that it's a GPU hog, if you're playing on PC. Not even worth pirating if you got anything less than a 980Ti/1070/RX580.

NFS Payback really is garbage, one of the worst NFS  ever made IMO.

(486.3KB, 1000x1000)
(733B, 80x33)
(53.5KB, 720x610)
Ok, niggers, post all your new or updated shit here. If you don't know what logo to use, consider using this or something similar. Thanks in advance for the contributions and definitely thank you for all the quality work done for the previous two boards, hopefully this is the last.
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How many votes until it's considered closed? Also can you make her look more tired?
(51.6KB, 300x100)
Here's a banner for a lovely GET, wankers. Here's to a long-lived ZZZchan!
Replies: >>10033 >>10299
(38.5KB, 300x100)
Double GET
Replies: >>10033 >>10299
(162.9KB, 1280x720)
It's not the fastest board in the world, but still, nice gets and contribution.
(22.5KB, 252x249)
Excellent work and digits that belong in a history book, unfortunately, until the fish looks into the banner per board limit issue, we're still capped at 100, meaning I can't add that or these >>1245 >>1265 for the time being.

(14.6MB, 640x368, 07:45)
(10.2MB, 640x368, 03:58)
Post vidya tracks of any kind. Flood the thread with garbage or post QUALITY, it doesn't matter.

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Replies: >>10279 + 6 earlier
(6.7MB, 05:09)
Yo buddy, still alive?
(4.7MB, 05:05)
(7MB, 04:22)
hey RETARD start allowing .SID files your stupid fucking faggot
>>13 (OP) 
BlazBlue - Must Die (Sosanoo Theme)
(12.5MB, 640x368, 02:37)
(3MB, 640x368, 02:20)

(19.7KB, 512x512)
(26.6KB, 512x512)
Since some anons were posting about it in another thread I figure it would be worth making this. The Citadel is an FPS that aims to have a classic style about itself. It's also ultra violent where you can splatter enemies into various pieces to see all of their organs pour out - which is very satisfying when it doesn't kill your frame rate. All of the guns are also projectile based and have alternate fire modes (and can jam if you enable that gameplay feature) so it provides an interesting sandbox to play through the thirty or so levels.
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It just looks like while it has some other stuff from other games like duke nukem and ride-able vehicles. But hey it's made by one dude.
Replies: >>10216
(287.4KB, 2048x2732)
Didn't enjoy the gurobait Marathon (lazily wedded to stock UE4) but stayed for the kisekae. Love the guy's art, but he's no programmer and too busy playing games to put any serious effort into this.

> by one dude.
Bullshit argument. There are many games prior to this era of Unity/UE4 garbage that was made entirely from the ground up "by one dude" with ASM/C and still infinitely more complex (and actually a finished product) compared to the "indie" shit we get today. It's no excuse for laziness and incompetence, and this cancerous mentality only serves to fuel this behavior. But I digress. Back to the topic.
Who are you quoting? The >>9626 (me) was talking about a completly diffrent game. And do you realise that Spytihňev did also program the engine himself. But yeah I don't give a fuck about Citadel mostly because it brings nothing new to the table.
>There are many games prior to this era of Unity/UE4 garbage that was made entirely from the ground up "by one dude" with ASM/C
Most one-man games prior to Unity were made in Flash, Cnile.
Marathon is actually good, please don't compare it to this game.

(972.4KB, 1056x1403)
We haven't done this in a long while. Let's have some fun
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No one argues that. Hell, Science and Industry had progression. You'd vote on what new guns you wanted to develop, but only during that one round. What it didn't have was persistent progression that eventually metastasized into daily events with XP bonuses to keep people playing on a schedule, or loot boxes (artificially slowed progression combined with the rush of gambling).
What the fuck is this?
BO3 was awful in every way from art to level design.
(694.4KB, 986x1378)
This game is very hard to describe but it's very fun.
(708.5KB, 986x1378)
Time for some newer games.
(34KB, 1438x481)
I expected aids and cancer. I got an abortion. That said I like it more than .flow. Instead of the similarities placed between the rusty city and the ocean abyss it juxtaposes a serene blue sky with deep inside her womb.

(206.8KB, 340x690)
Anyone been following the development of this? It took a while but the demo is finally here. Including the first rival Osama.


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He was a faggot that wanted dick riders instead of criticism.
>only because the people who bother to try and make one are as retarded as him.
And because he tries to shut them down whenever he's aware of them
Replies: >>9961
Again, SJW shit.
Hey Cuckdev the Second, why do gifs of gook ladyboys trigger you? Also, why are you so uncomfortable with women wearing underwear?
>caring about yanfaggot
>implying the game will ever be done
Replies: >>10060
>Implying anyone here is genuinely anticipating the game
lurk moar

(973.1KB, 1151x863)
Fuck it, we're starting from scratch

Which game are you playing?
What race?
Combat, Magic or Stealth?
Which birthsign is the worst?
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(176.7KB, 1280x720)
Shitposting aside,
I'm looking to start a run of Oblivion at max difficulty. I know that it's gonna make every single encounter a pain in the ass but did any of you guys tried it out with success?
I am not looking to use the Atronach sign because I plan on being a pure mage and need some mana regen without casting fire on myself
Replies: >>9833 >>9838
>Or maybe I don't understand how you're supposed to play this kind of thing, maybe you're supposed to laser focus on the thing you want to focus on and pretend that anything that isn't related to it doesn't exist
That's how you play all sandbox games. Set a goal and do it. Or you can ignore the NPCs entirely and poke your head in random caves and other points of interest. I don't understand people who get anxiety because the game threw extraneous information at you. I learned how to filter extraneous information during elementary math class with word problems. Later on when you hear about some other location that you care about you can check your journal to see if someone already told you about it in a previous conversation.
>And to elaborate on the word "invested", when I start the game I don't know about anything, and thus I am unable to care about anything. Good writing will get you interested about something and build a ladder for you, it'll have some starting point and build up from there bit by bit, a few things at a time. Morrowind didn't do anything like this for me, it just threw names and names and names at me, talking about people there and cities there, barely giving any context or reason why I should care about any of it.
You aren't supposed to be invested in the writing, you're supposed to be invested in the environment. You remind me of the people who think Dark Souls has no story, actually. Eventually the names begin to mean something to you as you traverse the world. Seyda Neen is the swamp shithole where you started and if you stick to the coast, you can see a lot of similar shithole fishing villages. Then you go to Balmora on the first main quest and think, huh, this is a big city with a completely different architecture. Then you go to Ebonheart and think, what the fuck, how did this suddenly become European? Oh, it's because it's the capital of those fucking n'wa-- I mean our gracious Imperial overlords. Then you progress further inland and find villages with architecture that resembles Balmora but weirder, like living in a giant hollowed out fucking crab shell, and things in
Message too long. View the full text
Not as hard as I expected.
Here's a little guide for those interested in trying it out
Assume everything will one hit kill you. So don't worry about going glass canon

Pick altmer for more mana, the -25% elemental resistance won't change much in this run
Pick the apprentice, again because everything already one hits kill you the -100% magicka resistance won't change much either

Make sure to pick Conjuration and Illusion as your main skills. If you want to put them in major skills or not is up to you but make sure to level them up
The difficulty modifier also effects your summons. Only you in the world is weaker, everything else is stronger
Get Summon Scamp as early as possible, it's much better than the skeleton
Get Fury on target for illusion. So when you're outnumbered the mobs will attack themselves
Most of the time will be spent planning your attacks and how to spam your summons and illusions spells to get the job done
Enjoy (it's not that fun, but it's challenging)

Message too long. View the full text
Athletics + acrobatics and just avoid enemies and uninstall the game.

(48KB, 324x162)
I got done watching the FFXVI trailer and realizing that I don't have shred of faith or investment into the game, the franchise, the PS5, etc. . I have been burnt by the XIII trilogy, FFXV bullshit, and the FFVII remake to a point where I can't even begin to be excited about the new FFXVI game. It was as bad as watching an NBA2K or FIFA trailer, just seeing how SE were going through the motions. Looking at every fucking scene, character, set piece, story bit, and wondering how they are going to fuck it up. They've got characters with tattoo curse marks and warp fighting like it was made in spite of me. There's an honor to your family or royal house like FFT but worse. There's a protect the kid plot (because he secretly has muh key to badass power) because every degrading IP needs another scrappy do, cousin oliver, and baby yoda to have people mindlessly defend it. I used to speculate about the characters, story, gameplay, and re watch trailers for years. There would be at least some feeling of excitement or a feeling in the pit of my gut of things to come with an FF game coming out. Now I just feel dread for the onslaught of development bullshit , Marketing, and excuses about how everything is fine with 8 - 9 year development at Square. I get the feeling they have no sense of world building with this one like FFXV. I can't care about the characters, knight man needs to protect the child and young and brash man is in need of revenge. They are just conduits for set pieces and n
Message too long. View the full text
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On one hand, re-using assets are an easy way to bring down cost, especially when the assets look fine to begin with. Hell, lots of games use parts of older engines, even when developing new ones (I could go on about that for a while).  On the other hand, the other implication is that it's a new asset for an existing design in whatever probably new engine they're using and the design being the same is a super intentional choice. You can really tell with Ifrit, the design is super close between 14 and 16, but I can't tell how the actual model is. Malboro looks similar, just from that comparison up there, but I can't really tell. This shit isn't even new, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles re-used a bunch of existing designs from older FF games, look at the Antlion from 9 and CC as examples. And I think CC is a really aesthetically great game all around, but that's just me. If they really are re-using assets, it's probably Yoshi-P trying to keep the project from spiraling out of control like 13 or 15. If not there's probably some thematic reason, maybe some 14 player can pick up on some of the trailer jargon. Or it could be a halfway thing where "why come up with a new design when we can work off of an older one". I will say, from what I've seen the Shiva looks different, but that's based on a cursory look, we really need some avid 14 player to sort this information out.
Replies: >>9758
I dunno. It's still not a thing I would put in a trailer if gamers are going to be fooled into seriously wondering if they're cutting costs right out of the game. A spinoff reusing models from a mainline game I can understand, though. My other problem with it is that FF games have always had this similar-but-different thing going on, where certain concepts are shared, but where even games in the same engine put some effort into making those shared things look and act different. The designs, at least, were somewhat different even if actual frames of animation or whatever ended up reused. Maybe I'm just being too picky, but seeing the SMT series start to go with consistent demon designs in the newer games has just got me leery of the subordination of creativity to uniformity in popular RPG series. It's frankly boring when games that aren't supposed to be direct sequels but have connected mythologies or conceits start to recycle designs and assets. Perhaps it's not in and of itself something that would make me not play a game, but it's worrying to see it happen regardless. Sure, a lot of the changes in the past were probably due to advances in technology, especially the move from 2D sprites to 3D models and the steady improvement of hardware allowing for better 3D models. Still, it feels like some of the charm of these series is being lost, and that's unsettling. Then again, I probably won't ever play a new SMT o
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>9759 >>9765
>cutting costs right out of the gate
I meant.
Understandable, I don't have a great eye for this sort of thing to begin with, and I'm really unfamiliar with FF14 in general, so I can't say if this is going to be a "FF12 takes place in Ivalice" type of thing, or what. The fact that we can't actually tell for sure if the assets are reused says something at least. Ironically, the theoretical cost cutting fills me with more hope, since it's the horribly bloated production that fucked up 15 (and probably 13) in the first place. But on the other hand, FF has burnt so many bridges with me, and the genre is now so outside my usual wheelhouse, that I'm never even going to pirate 16. We'll have to wait and see, these things do take time, especially when Square is involved. If you really want another Squeenix JRPG, Dragon Quest will probably always be at least fine, so there's that.
Where would FF be today had Sony and Nintendo never broken up in the 90s?

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