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What a nice board!
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Give a recommendation to the person above you, i'll start

Hopin you guys can help, lookin for for a fairly specific game to scratch an itch. 
I'm looking for a SRPG that allows you to control squares on the map that can grant bonuses to your party when they are on the squares and penalties for enemies who are on the squares
bonus if all characters are customizable.
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bump for video game thread, play the yomawari games, they can be finished in less less about 10 hours each
Replies: >>47751
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When in a funky mood play the Rhythm Heaven games in japanese.
Ping me with a turn based rpg that has good music. With either a track or the entire soundtrack which brings you back to play.
Replies: >>47810 >>47861
I found the TitS trilogy soundtrack to be all around excellent, besides the vocal tracks in the credits/opening videos.

I'd love a good shooty game. I've been playing Assault Android Cactus, Vanquish and Synthetik recently and I've been having a blast but I wouldn't mind a decent new FPS to play. Already played Dusk/Amid Evil/Ion Fury.
Replies: >>47814
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Good (read: similar) taste, nigga.
Remnant: From the Ashes is Dark Souls, but with guns. Difficult to solo at first.
BPM: Bullets Per Minute is Binding of Isaac, but with guns. Lower the per-level saturation for better visibility.
Hard Reset Redux / Shadow Warrior (OG or remake) can be fun.
You've already played Painkiller, right?
Playing Unreal 2: The Awakening with an increased movement speed and level skipping cheats makes the game kinda fun. Jack up the difficulty and keep the rest of these cheats handy in case you need to jack the difficulty up even higher. 
NOTE: Using the "double speed ()" cheat has no effect, use the "Set player speed: SetSpeed(#)" command instead. Level skipping skips the shitty dialogues on your ship.
Risk of Rain 2 is fun alone and supposedly with friends too, but I hate playing it with others.
Postal Redux is fine.
Ruiner can be fun, but I never got the hang of the tilted camera controls (you always move diagonally, never straight up/down or left/right).
Metroid Prime with mouse and keyboard controls on a specialized Dolphin build was alright, but a tad easy.
And when you're done with all of those, wait for ULTRAKILL like the rest of us.
I'm breaking the format a bit, but if you like blip bloop music there's always Phantasy Star or Etrian Odyssey, which is surprisingly good at times. I can't stand how dependent modern Wizardry-likes are on character build, though, so I personally don't play them.

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Monkey's Paw Edition
What we know so far:

Bad news:
>Unreal Engine 4
>The entire trailer and all the screenshots were in-engine, but not in-game. So everything was pre-rendered and then edited. Actual game won't look anywhere near this good
>XBAWX launch, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is not a PC-focused anymore
>Sergei is still leading the project
>Nobody knows when the game will release, 2021 was confirmed to be a meme

Good news:
>Dmitriy Iassenev, the guy who created A-Life, has returned to GSC and is part of the dev team

That's all we know so far. So let's talk about mods instead. What are you playan?
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don't say that. you're gonna make me cry.
Replies: >>47722 >>47778
What happened to it?
Replies: >>47722 >>47754
If Gunslinger came out so will that

Nothing, fags just think there's no news because nobody has bothered to translate anything from russian so there's no buzz in Anglo websites.
Spammed and DDoSed.
I did look up info and it looks like they are testing it so who knows. Maybe one day anons can die in the zone together.

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The winner of the poal is Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven! And as such, that is what we'll be playing this month.
Get the game here: 1fichier com/?lokg6rtv88qazt228um8 or use gog-games
Manual, map and reference card here if fish still hasn't fixed PDFs: anonfiles com/x0Ecm5o0u6/MaM6_extras_zip
Read the Manual, understand what numbers mean
Save Early Save Often
Have Fun
New thread posted on the 1st with info about the month's game. On the 20th, a new pole will be posted. Discussion should take place throughout the month, take screenshots of your progress. 
If you can't finish the game in a month, don't worry about it. If it still holds your attention beyond the assigned month keep giving updates in subsequent threads.
No one wants to run these threads for the rest of the time. If the 1st or 20th rolls around and the right thread action hasn't happened, do it yourself. Use poal.me, disable word filter and turn on multiple votes.
It being April 1st, I was tempted to say I was throwing out the vote and making The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III this month's game but given how poorly the club has gone so far I don't think it would have been appreciated.
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Replies: >>47698
You can't.
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I beat the wizards, but now a horde of muslims is after her, apparently I've stumbled into a british town. Despite all this she seems to be getting used to her new life.
How tf is that 3d?
[Hide] (575KB, 1920x1080)
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The young prince snuck out of the castle so I could take him to the circus but he got kidnapped while I was at the gym. Oops.

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What are you playing?
Emulating or real hardware?
Also what are some of your favorite games?

I've been playing the Sly trilogy and twinkle star sprites. Maybe Crash 4 next.
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Replies: >>47484 + 3 earlier
>>19602 (OP) 
>What are you playing?
Mana Khemia 1
>Emulating or real hardware?
Emulating, PCSX2, 55-59 fps in the academy and dialogue cutscenes, 40-50 fps while exploring, 15-30 in the anime cutscenes At least it runs better that Dark Cloud 1, 5-10fps anywhere, fuck me and my potato hardware
>Also what are some of your favorite games?
Is a long list anon, but generally around the rpg and action genre, bonus points if it has crafting, extra ones if it's actually creative in it's execution Dark Chronicles/Dark Cloud 2, some atelier games where you can swap the effect of the items
Are you that fucker from /v/'s streamer's chat? Ddid you really go all the way to unlock him? Thank me for the recommendation.
Replies: >>47525
>What are you playing right now?
Nothing, for now I'm just getting video ouput dialed in, fucking with disc patches and trying to burn working copies of games I know I'll want to play starting with Katamari, ZotE and Okami.
>Emulating or real hardware?

Any advice for getting DVD9 backups on +R working? Forums say to use the Toxic patch, then the ESR patch but I tried that with Sakura Wars and ESR just drags the laser back and forth trying to read it. Is there anything more I can do or do I just eat the loss and try to find some dual layer -Rs on amazog?
(9.9KB, 250x188)
>Ddid you really go all the way to unlock him?
Of course!
>Thank me for the recommendation
>What are you playing?
Assault suits leynos and saru getchu 3 the english dub sucks.
>Emulating or real hardware?
Real hardware because the PS2 slim i bought in 2009 has been collecting dust since 2013 or so, i had it modchipped a month ago but if i had waited just a little more i would have installed the mechapwn exploit myself. At least i don't need to burn ulaunch elf to a cd in order to run homebrew, i can simply copy it to the memory card and launch it by holding R1 on boot.
>Also what are some of your favorite games?
Would any of you believe me if i said that i had a PS2 since launch, yet the only games i played on it were the god of war and kingdom hearts series, resident evil 4 and gta san andreas? I didn't branch out until my fat boy died and i had to replace it, and even then i only tried a couple games like shadow of the colossus, ico, shadow of rome, valkyrie profile 2 and burnout dominator before i threw it back in its box and got a ps3. So i don't really have any favorites, because i haven't tried even a tenth of the catalog. That changes starting today though, i already set up OPL and bought my binder of verbatim CD and DVDs.

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>2D isn't pure
Replies: >>47427
You're waifu a shit
Replies: >>47430
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I haven't listened to a voice in a video or video game for something like five years now, because they're all terrible.

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Post limit edition

>#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net
>https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs
>Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources
>Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/
>Previous bread: >>32810
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>finish in a reasonable amount of time and make money from it
There's your problem right there. Don't think about profitability, that's a death sentence. I wouldn't worry too much about time either. If you're so miserable that you can't spend more than a day doing it then you're probably too fucked up to do it anyhow, the problem isn't size or time it's motivation.
>if I DIDN'T have a day job
That kind of thinking is similarly unhelpful. I mean, if you want to test this theory out then quit your job, but I think you'd find that you aren't significantly more productive. The only time that'd make sense is if you (right now) spend all of your off time making games and it's just going really slowly because of how much of your life you give to your corporate lords (and sleep).
>Should I just end my life so I can stop this suffering?
If you were dead there'd be no chance you'd make a game, so I'd say that would be counterproductive. Besides, suffering isn't so bad.
Replies: >>47358
You need to view it the other way around, you hava a job so you are free from money and thus time concerns and can dev to the extend you actually like.
Replies: >>47358
>I know how your life is
No you don't. I want to dev every day but I don't have energy to. I literally do not have energy, the more I try to use my brain to think the more I feel like I'm going to faint from mental exhaustion and headache and get an irresistible desire to go to sleep. The only time I actually get shit done consistently is during the summer when I get a long enough vacation that I don't have to think about work at all and won't get fucked due to a natural sleep cycle that conflicts with jew office golem society cycle.

There was a period during the first corona lockdowns when I was able to work from home, and that was an incredibly productive time for me. Nobody could tell when I spent 2 hours of work time sleeping when I was tired, I could eat exactly when I was hungry, go take a walk when I felt like it and generally just do what my body tells me to do, and then simply work longer if I didn't finish my work for the day during the "normal" work hours. When there wasn't anything to do or I was waiting for other people, instead of anxiously clicking things to pass the time, I could just switch to my main computer and work on my game in the meantime or play a game or whatever. And nobody was constantly hovering over to look at what I'm doing to make sure I am at all times focusing on work, which totally has no effect whatsoever on the mental exhaustion caus
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>47363
>I literally do not have energy, the more I try to use my brain to think the more I feel like I'm going to faint from mental exhaustion and headache and get an irresistible desire to go to sleep.
Have you considered not being a porn/soft drink addict?  Unless you're literally some kind of nuclear physicist/genetic weirdo you shouldn't feel that way from doing a programming job.  Eat some eggs and drink some milk.  It's not complicated.
Is there any tips for Godot how to handle nodes instancing and the retrieval/sending the path string of it so that it doesn't end up in a spaghetti mess? I don't know if I'm supposed to add a slash at the beginning, end or both sides when declaring a node string path variable. Can't I just put all the needed node paths in a single file and retrieve the info from there or something?

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Welcome back to another installment of Sketchful.io! Sketchful gamenights will be coordinated here. 

>What is this?
It's pictionary on your browser. 

>How do I play?
I'll schedule times we'll be playing this and when the time comes, I'll drop a link. Follow the link and you'll be taken to the private lobby for this game. Only certain browsers work according to some anon experiences. Pale Meme has trouble but most chromium browsers will work, as will IE and Opera. 

>What's the deal?
This will be pictionary but with video game words only. There may be a very few number of imageboard culture words, some are in the process of being purged. This includes games from decades ago to games from months ago. 

>Do I have to be a drawfag?
No, and we get a lot of non-drawfag anons playing. As long as you know what your word is, you'll do fine. 
Message too long. View the full text
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What's the link?
Replies: >>43538
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It's a little early, but here

[Hide] (32.5KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (29.9KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (19.6KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (33.7KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (19.7KB, 800x600)
Some sketches I gathered in the first game
[Hide] (23.9KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (36.8KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (28.8KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (25KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (30.2KB, 800x600)

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[Hide] (19.9MB, 480x368, 04:45)
What are some games that will likely never get a sequel? Most of the time for the better. It's better to remain dead that pozzed to hell. If you could have a proper good sequel of one of your favorite games though. What game would that be?
I would love to see a new Transformers Devastation game based on the 86' Transformers movie. I would also like to see a Pac-Man World 4.
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Take a look at this:
>F-Zero remake with online support
>The 2001 Duke Nukem Forever
First will never happen and if it does, Nintendo will add paid dlc and gimp the game somehow, but they're still too scared to touch to ip. 
And Randy Bitchford is a huge faggot who's too arrogant and jewish to release the nearly finished 2001 version. I hope he fucking falls on a burning hot rod, the pedophile, embezzling piece of shit.
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Cut content:
There was going to be a playable salmon in Tekken 3, but since Harada exists, we didn't.
I'm really fucking tired of Harada's hijinks
Replies: >>46788
Harada is responsible for every dumb shit in every game, good or bad.
Replies: >>46871
>harada is responsible for every dumb shit in every game
Not the good dumb shit, it seems.
There was also going to be a mantis in the game.

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[Hide] (70.5KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (74.7KB, 694x884)
[Hide] (27.9KB, 153x256)
Who are your favorite lolis in videogames? Who would you take as your daughter or wife?
Mine are Yumi, Purin and Roll. Are there any recent videogames or mods with lolis? I only heard about Onirism but I haven't played it.
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Thank you for the info anon.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 722x1002)
i think i have only played like 4 megaman games. the sidescroller ones were fun, but that battle network game was so boring. played a couple hours on a friend's copy and he was halfway or more through the game. shame roll never had a bigger part in anything considering how much art people have made of her.
[Hide] (670.6KB, 793x595)
[Hide] (853.8KB, 794x593)
>No, the pen. Using it is the only way a randomly generated NPC can appear again as far as I know. The rest are random new ones.
I'm seeing what you mean now and not really new ones, the game just recycles them, i thought the pen just forcefully pulled them to the stage you were playing, if they were part of the type allowed Like how noble lady doesn't appear on the first stage
>I dont remember her exact dialogue from the events and such, maybe you're right.
Hana is the pure love one, Paula is a nympho,  Chrisia is submisive/massochist, Olivea is haughty, Ranzy is a nympho numb to the point of almost being frigid
>I have not played their other games, no. Are they any good? From the looks of it they have less art and use the engine in a more traditional way, which would mean less work.
RJ182139 is more traditional, if you enjoy fem protags that can't understand lust until they're too horny then it might appeal to you
RJ151776 is a more experimental one, athough the whole plot revolves in a single spot, a bar in Eisten, if you like shota brother/older sister then it should be serviceable enough the sister appears as a cameo in the sandbox, she's the slut
Message too long. View the full text
He's a floorfag, but not a tilefag. It's just another kind of floor that GIVES HIM WOOD.
See, you're just proving my point more. You're just making up more excuses for why you don't WANT to argue, dad, it's not faaaaair.
I repeat: nigger cattle like you are why discussion and debate are frowned upon in this day and age. You are just as equally responsible for censorship as any other cultural marxist, because you allowed this to reach this point.
>any form of -oomer
Don't encourage it.
which would be a better choice to play for the first time the remake or the original?

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[Hide] (103KB, 500x315)
Has any of you faggots watched any of these? There's a lot of them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_television_series_based_on_video_games 
Some I never even heard about like a Rayman 3D cartoon and a PaRappa the Rapper anime. The only vidya based cartoons I watched are Earthwome Jim and a few of the Sonic and Mario cartoons. Also that Kirby anime. I kind of want to make my way through that list now. How many shows of that list have you watched, anon?
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That one, specifically, was probably some clandestine furfag pushing his fetish onto the public in the only way it was possible back then: obscure cut-rate media. It's like that picture of the centaur in the Ultima VI intro.
[Hide] (55.4KB, 917x518)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1200x628)
[Hide] (34.3KB, 480x360)
Yeah, I've enjoyed the show so far. I even see some social commentary on shredder being Saddam Hussein. After he's defeating a massive gang war starts to fill the power vacuum that was left behind. A similar incident happened in Iraq after Saddam fell. How are the TMNT shows? I haven't gotten around to watching them but their art styles look really generic. I don't mean to sound like I'm memeimg here, but they honestly remind me of that shitty grub hub ad, if anyone remembers that. Images related.
Replies: >>44942
The CG Nickelodeon one started good, with lots of funny jokes and good enough action scenes. Then, everyone involved exposed themselves as marxists. It culminated in pure cancer, like Karai being portrayed as a colored hair (unintentional) caricature of a teenager feminist who "muh hate my dad, go girl power!" to literally poison like April and Karai teaming up and defeating Super Shredder (this version having many mutant powers that the movie version hadn't) all by themselves and saving the turtles.
Anyone involved in that abomination deserves to be burned alive.
>stooping so low
C'mon, anon, have some pride.
First season was fairly good despite some ups and downs, in the second they go off the fucking rails, the only positive thing it has is that the show acknowledges how insane it is for kids to have walking weapons as pets or action figures... on either the last episodes or the very last one, that's it, the only thing the show is willing to realize it's fucked up.
Watched the first season plus a few episodes from the others, it was ok, Dex was a tad better character in the games, Yai is an actual character in the anime.
>Galaxy Angel
If you like absurd comedy then this will do the job
>First Persona 4 
Nothing lost by not seeing it besides a very few jokes that do land, otherwise just watch it if you haven't played P4 and will not play it, since it's a compact/hollow enough version to the point that MC finish a social link in one or two episodes.
>Viewtiful Joe 
The other characters are characters instead of passing mentions or cameos but i never finished it.
>Sonic X
I'll put it this way, you can play og sonic adventure 1 and 2 in any year, even in 2050 and it would still be better except big the cat that watching Sonic X
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