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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

What a nice board!

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Anyone here likes madness combat? The new project nexus just came out some hours ago and I've been having a blast. I specially like the sound design. Punching and landing shots is really satisfying because of it.
If you're not familiar with the madness series I recommend playing Accelerant and the original Project Nexus. They're pretty fun. The animations are pretty rad as well.
I wish newgrounds didn't turn into shit.
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Anyone play arena mode? Got any tips?
Replies: >>86599
1. Get a laser pistol for vampires.
2. Thug recruits are the best, as they tend to last a long time in a fight if you cover them in enough metal.
3. Gun mods are important.
4. The Katana is the best melee weapon for its durability alone.
5. Remember to call in reinforcements if you're struggling with a level.
Replies: >>86615 >>86621
Motherfucking fairlight to the rescue, haven't heard their name in a while but am glad they're still around.
Is there any reason why you'd choose this torrent over any other?

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OutRun_2006_-_Splash_Wave.mp3 (u)
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I've been playing a bunch of games, coincidentally all from the 6th gen, so I'll post my first impressions of them.
Fun platformer about a cute babe that can turn into a loli. It's a pretty trippy one as well with fantasy-themed levels. I really like the main protagonist quirks. It reminds me of conker.
>Grabbed By the Ghoulies
I love the old rareware games and while this certainly has that charm, it's a step down in some ways. The way characters communicate is kind of tedious. It's supposed to remind you of old mute movies but it takes too long to go through. The characters themselves as well aren't very memorable and while the game looks good, I don't like how the character models look like because of the lack of shade on them.
It's still fun though. The combat is a bit wonky but enjoyable.
>Mad Dash Racing
A racing platformer I would call it. You don't drive a car. You run like a motherfucker with your selected cartoon character. It doesn't control like your typical racing game either. You don't drift but rather do precise platforming. It's like doing a speedrun.
>Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
>Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, Secret Agent Clank and Size Matters
After finishing R&C1 I continued to play these 3 games. So far I really like R&C2's combat but the levels feel less memorable than 1. SAC is an okay game but not a proper R&C game. The most fun you'll get are the prison arenas. Size Matters is a lot more like 1 and I quite like it. Unfortunately it softlocked on my vita so I have to start all over again.
>Raze's Hell
It's fun to kill teletubbies but nothing outstanding. More style than substance.
>Star Wars Force Unleashe (PS2)
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That's awesome, would love an OG XBOX modded like that.
Here's an autistic idea, VR multiplayer gun game but different triggers change the shoot threshold.
Any way to improve performance?
Replies: >>86461
>xbox usually wins cross-plat console wars  due to 480p (sometimes 720) support , custom soundtracks ,and 4 player for many games
Don't forget often better textures and draw distances, faster load times, and in some crossplats running at 60 fps while PS2 and GCN versions are locked at 30 fps.

Heavenly Sword is janky garbage but I think Enslaved is decent. It's worth a try.
Running games from the hard drive reduces loading times (3 times faster I think?), thats about it.

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Previous thread reached reply limit
Im playing the second call of juarez game.
Remember Billy's stepfather? That beat him when he was growing up? Billy is the mexican you play as in the first game. Well the stepdad is now a confederate soldier in call of juarez 2. Its just so cringy. Not only does he raise someone elses kid but its a mexican kid thats not even his. And ofcourse he is a racist confederate soldier. You see where im getting with this? I mean they havent said anything about racist or stuff like that but its pretty obvious what they're trying to get at. Well maybe im wrong?
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I don't like how all the fangames treat Sakuya like she's aloof but that game is really good yeah
Replies: >>86385
Sakuya is pretty deadpan in Luna Nights though.
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Loving Luna Nights. Still need to beat the bonus boss and finish it off. 

I’ve been playing Foxhole and enjoying it. Lots of ways to do weird shit and still contribute or at least feel like it. Your guy doesnt level so it avoids the farmer issues of Planetside 2 and there ain’t any f2p shit bogging it down. I can go shoot at the front or go supply trucking or try to steal enemy cars or build and man artilery and I’ve yet to get bored. Every time I come back the war slowly progresses with new faction tech researched and there’s a desperate amount of shit that needs doing. Lots of teamwork and mic chat, though I think theres a fair bit of clan/guild faggots hoarding on both sides. i just want wwew 2 on this, though I feel like we’d very quickly get ourselves banned. Biggest complaint is that it used to have enemy proximity chat but they disabled it. 

I also got a relative who got a vr set and am looking for what I can try to play with him
Silent Assassin is a classic.
Blood Money is a worthy sequel, can be considered a classic at this point.
someone_please_page_kotaku_.webm (u)
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sage for doubleposting
Kane & Lynch was a bit weird to play because I played it soon after finishing Blood Money, so it felt strange to be running and gunning people in the open using the same engine. The first half was fun, the second half in south america or whatever stretched forever.
K&L2 was hated by everybody I've talked to and reviews panned it as well. I liked it. I didn't get nauseous from shaky camera, I liked the back to back talking, I could tolerate the autoaim (only happens when you throw an explosive object and could shoot it in the air from your cover without looking at it) and mostly shitty weapons.
I grew up watching a lot of crime documentaries with my family, so I guess that's why I was alright with all it's shortcomings.

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So have you anons been playing any amnesia or penumbra lately. I've played penumbra:overture for a while and got too much scared. Or better saud I got mad by the fact that the dog at the first level respawned.
Is it supposed to get respawned?
Have you guys played amnesia: streets of London custom story?
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you're better than this, anon
Replies: >>86217
As far as I can remember a few of the dogs might respawn or only in specific rooms. The larger problem is how much less tense the combat is when you realise you can just stand on a crate/other raised object and poke the dogs to death.
Replies: >>86190
I've killed one of the dogs with a rock. It's much better, because you kill it with only 5 throws or something.
Both fear and lust are emotions. Why is one of them valid and not the other?
Replies: >>86308
It wouldn't surprise me that coomers are immune to fear when shit like guro and vore exists.

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Ok, niggers, post all your new or updated shit here. If you don't know what logo to use, consider using this or something similar. Thanks in advance for the contributions and definitely thank you for all the quality work done for the previous two boards, hopefully this is the last.
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Picky one, aren't ya?
Replies: >>85526
Thanks, it's all natural.
Guys guys I got a revelation, what if instead of TED is ZED - ideas worth spreading? Someone should edit one because I don't have the skill.
Replies: >>86291
Those look great what's the problem?

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At_Doom's_Gate_start_playing.webm (u)
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Today is Doom's 27th anniversary. Say something nice about the game.
Have you been playing any doom wads? Any you recommend?
I'm thinking of grabbing a drink and start playing some fucking hdoom.
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What a shame but I guess he would have bummed out with or without patreon anyways.
Any other h-wads for Doom? Anything for Quake?
Replies: >>78151 >>78154
>Any other h-wads for Doom?
tailor_girl.png (u)
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There's an ecchi mod called La Tailor Girl:
Hedon got an episode 2 or a sequel or something as a free update.
Is the wad any good?
Doomslayer's a mii gunner costume in the newest smashfaggotry. I wonder if that would drive some autists to recreate Smash in GZDoom or something.

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Old thread hit bump limit.

>argue about software vs. FPGA
>bully other anons for using filters and savestates
>complain about MAME scope creep pulling the devs away from Model 2 and Naomi
>ask for help with Wonderswan frame jitter you need a 75Hz monitor
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c6195e5553899e47ec3d1e955fa340cf7236e99172588de72639b6e3cacef263.jpg (u)
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I'll look into that and report back, thanks.
Update: got the BIOS files, still the same error.
Replies: >>86154
Not familiar with SCD nor G+GX, but is this another platform with the .BIN/.CUE autism a lot of anons struggle with?
Replies: >>86154 >>86170
Yeah, it wasn't until the Dreamcast that disc-based games really moved away from CD audio.

I went and tested the Redump version and you just need to load the .cue or keep it in a zip file and choose Load Archive.  I'm fairly certain you can convert it to a CHD as well.
It could be the .cue needing editing. Sometimes it points to the wrong directory.

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The new Ratchet and Clank game is out, but a thread focused on that will be very limited, so might as well include discussion about other platforming games. It can't be as bad as the reboot, right? So what do you aons think about it? You're not masturbating to porn of the new character they added, are you? 
I can't believe the voice actor for Johnny Test is Ratchet.

For other platformers, I'll start by talking about Yooka Laylee and The Impossible Lair. Yooka controls great in my opinion and I found the game to be pretty chill at times. The only part of the game I didn't like was the final level, the impossible lair itself. My problem isn't that its hard, it's that compared to the rest of the game, it's a huge jump in difficulty. So if you have some free time on your hands, I think it's worth giving a try at the very least.
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The "stealth" in those games is the reason I stopped playing them. Just tedious.
Stealth is pretty basic, nothing you should have any problems with. Game is a fun platformer, worth checking out.
>still no new or remade jak and dexter
Why live?
Replies: >>86125
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is out. What do you anons think about it and the monkey ball games in general? I saw some diehards mention that they messed with the controls. Another complaint appears to be the devs porting the game to Unity, but the devs didn't properly redesign the levels to take into account that engine's physics system. The TL;DR of the complaints seem to be that the problems won't be that big of a deal unless you're very familiar with the games.
>Wanting a new J&D in CY+6 or even worse a remake of 1.
Nigger, 1's still fucking great. Why do you want Jak to have the same fate a R&C or Crash? Naughty Dog is even ashamed of making the elves in that game hot and there are no developers that can make a good 3D Platformer nowadays. 
There are already 6 amazing games. Go beat them again. I beat you haven't even 100% Jak X, you fucking casual. I fucking hate you.

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aceba53195e5b1f3dfc9011a30adad701145bacfdf60c354886d2fc2eed3e991.png (u)
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6489af1a971e87c3f53b47a63e0f8487aa7e88b9abca576b67af71e511f2283c.png (u)
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8a80786278b81db8e1f0289259e967a4e796bfd7c70f078e504eb4f0b4015923.png (u)
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Let's have fun, /v/. There have been numerous updates to this game since it was called Juice World and now you can texture you're character with custom textures made by you. Just edit this template and use your 9000 hours in MSpaint skills to create the perfect juice creature. If you don't know of this game, is basically an open-world flying simulator JRPG with Juice elements or something like that.
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has_science_gone_too_far.png (u)
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Neat game.
Replies: >>85409
Did you fight the teacher already?
Replies: >>85461
Yes. Didn't bother keeping the sword, though. I pretty much only use ranged weapons (outside of that boss that had to be meleed).
>hypercam 2
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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fridaynightztan.png (u)
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nice drawing, dude.
Make us, cutie
Replies: >>85564
I'll make you eat these nuts faggot
Replies: >>85565
Peanuts or walnuts?

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