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What are some games with a vaporwave aesthetic? Especially those from the indie game scene.
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watch me do it again fgt
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>verlet swing

also this
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New Danganronap V3
There is no broader category. Synthwave is separate from Vaporwave; the former is edgy cyberpunk 80's with neon lights and futuristic cars, while the latter is chill tropical 80's with palm trees and sunsets. They are musically different, too.
Synthwave is usually synonymous with retrowave/outrun.

>Where can i find true 80s electro bros?
You're looking for 80's synthpop, two artists that come to mind are Chromeo and Fire Tiger... There are also some vaporwave artists that produce authentic 80's synthpop but usually without vocals, like Elite Geographic and FM Skyline.
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my melanin male

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That can't do anything right.
Is there a single decent triple AAA studio left nowadays, or is it all in the hands of smaller independent devs/publishers to actually make some shit worth your while? How in the fuck do these assholes even keep afloat with their ever growing long history of scummy practices and garbage releases?
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Guy's probably a shill but I'm not going to negate some of the good Valve's done for PC gaymen even If It later turned to shit and I would never support their platform.
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>To be fair, when Nintendo launches incomplete games there's usually a promise they'll finish it for free.
Thing is that you never now if after all ""free updates"" as Nintendo likes to call them, the game will end up actually feeling complete or not.
For instance i have heard that Tennis Aces went from 14 to 30 characters which was cool i guess, but the latest Mario golf was extremely lacking at launch and very little changed with the so-called "free updates".
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This is about the usual schizoposting I'd expect from the TOR ID.
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>Guy's probably a shill but I'm not going to negate some of the good Valve's done for PC gaymen even If It later turned to shit and I would never support their platform.
That guy is either a shill or a Gaben fanboy (how sad is that!? ).
Valve may have done some good things in the past, i remember Gabe saying that piracy was a service problem, but that doesn't excuse the monster they became after that.
I once used to really like CDprojekt but now they deserve all the hate they are getting.
Fanboyism is a mental disorder, just because a company was once good or gave you good memories doesn't mean you should give it unconditional praise and support, that's fucking retarded.

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Apple in talks to buy EA gaming, Disney and Amazon also potential suitors
AMD Ryzen 7000 Smokes Alder Lake At Computex Keynote As Zen 4 Excitement Builds
GameStop now has its own wallet for crypto and NFTs
>GameStop has launched a beta for its very own Ethereum wallet that will let users store, send, and receive both cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through their web browsers. The wallet is currently available as an extension for Google Chrome and Brave, but GameStop’s wallet website indicates it will also be available as an iPhone app in the future.
‘Quantum internet’ inches closer with advance in data teleportation
Epic points out Mac’s openness and security concerns in new filing in App Store antitrust case
Windows 11 CPU usage reporting is apparently buggy, including on Task Manager
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she liev she could liev be so she did
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Then create if faggot
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Fuck no, asswipe.

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Latest releases:

If you want some obscure shitty VN post it and I might be able to give you a magnet for it from my massive accidental archive.
Post best girl in their respective "games".
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Thanks. This at least definitely bumped Kanon up my list.
I don't think 'westernize' is the word here. Idol seiyuu are more common by the day and the industry is shifting towards a mentality of pumping out content, quality be damned, but that's really just a nature of modernization and expansion in general. Blame the weak-minded otaku who keep falling for pretty faces and the new generation of soshage-raised moe-rotbrained retards who can't even tell quality acting apart. Your only escape here are doujin works (as always), and those are...well, clearly going to lack in the voice acting department.
The seiyuu sphere has always had its troubles with celebrity treatment, but vapid 3DPD using it as a springboard for their own careers and no one even daring question it (with talent agencies deliberately taking advantage of this all) are both totally new and decidedly Japanese symptoms.
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>The seiyuu sphere has always had its troubles with celebrity treatment, but vapid 3DPD using it as a springboard for their own careers and no one even daring question it (with talent agencies deliberately taking advantage of this all) are both totally new and decidedly Japanese symptoms.
So in essence it's the reverse of the western situation where random hollywood celebs are given voice acting roles in garbage cartoons and computer animated movies aimed at children based on their popularity among "people" who consume celebrity-related "news" instead of their voice acting skills.
Aren't seiyuus and idols cum dumps for producers? I never understood the appeal.
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>I never understood the appeal.
There's no way to rationalize idolfag shit.
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I guess, the whole "I want to support you x-chan!!" feels extremely sad, just like people that watch v-tubers.

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Free Software Minecraft thing. Technically it's an engine, and there are "games" for it, like MineClone 2/MineClone 5 which are pretty good and accurate Minecraft clones. Do some of you more experienced with Minetest know what are some good games and mods to try? Preferably something more unique, not just more Minecraft clones.
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>ugly textures
>clunky, horrible combat
>shit mobs
>autistically married to this shit name because it is what the original autistic faggot named it when he was developing it in his laptop in-between masturbation sessions
>autistic about it being a "game engine" which they use as an excuse for it forever staying a shit game and asking everyone else to make it good by modding (which no one does)
>devs are turbo-opensource fags in the sense that they are lazy, arrogant, dismiss any criticism and believe they should be worshipped for what little work they do
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Hey at least it's better than Vintage Cuckstory
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It lets me stack cubes on top of each other.
Unironically no.
Minecraft 1.19 apparently came out a few days ago

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Games that help to destress by concentrating all your anger into causing a massive carnage.
Games that are perfect for listening to trash and heavy metal while playing them.
Don't tell me you play fagshit like Harvest Moon after a tiring day.
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I just play car games and drift while listening to eurobeat. I end up just focusing on the driving and quickly forget that I'm even upset.
Replies: >>141925 >>141949
What are the best games for that? Sounds sick as fuck.
I don't know if I would call them the best games but I pretty much just play the first half of NFSU and BeamNG for that because I like how drifting feels in those games. 
I hate it when it's like a drift button or a drift mode that toggles if you turn too much.
I think the Initial D games already have a eurobeat soundtrack.
Dude, same, but I more often do it with dethklok and vrock from vice city.
I like to do it with Burnout 3/

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not only that but everyone blames him, including himself
Spoiler File
(923.5KB, 1988x3056)
SF IV, SFZ3, KOF 98, 15
pre code stuff
I dunno maybe Dead in the Dirt
Working through the first book of A History of the American People by Theodore Woodrow Wilson
Just had a waffle sandwich
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tf2, l4d2
nogamesfest, red dwarf
iced earth
chicken salad
diet mtn jew
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>Except Oda is still doing his thing with a reasonable level of competence

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Talk about hacks you've been playing, inquire about hacks for games you might be interested in, discuss making hacks, advertise hacks you've made though I doubt anyone here has done that, and point and laugh at gay drama in the rom hacking community.
You can find most rom hacks here.
romhacking.net is run by oversensitive trannies but it's also the largest database for hacks and hacking tools on the internet. baddesthacks.net hosts many hacks that were rejected by romhacking.net. Most of them are just shitposts, like a hack that translates all the text in Secret of Mana to braille, but there's a few interesting ones here and there. If you want more than that, you'll have to go to websites that are dedicated to hacking games from a specific series like feuniverse.us.

I finally decided to get into Fire Emblem rom hacks so I decided to start with a hack of Sacred Stones called Fire Emblem Vision Quest because everyone says it's the best one. It is pretty good so far but there are a few problems with it. The creator really liked making chapters where you have to protect a bunch of NPCs which are always a pain. There are levels where you have to protect everything from chickens, to gazell
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Aha! I found a simple patch for 2nd, and it's ver3.0, an updated version of the 2.8a one on romhacking. It works and I even have my old save data. Now I just need to get Extend in English. I tried playing in JP, but somehow selected something in the first few menus that caused the emulator to crash.
>Patch file
>Patch program
Replies: >>141403
Oh, and the blog I got the patch from. Includes a link to the game too.
Replies: >>141411
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The same group did patch for Extend as well. It seems they made the patches not just to fill in untranslated text from the really old existing translations, but to simplify the process of patching the isos since the old existing patches were made with physical PSPs in mind rather than emulators. It's like I cried out to the universe and my prayers were answered. However, unlike 2nd, this Extend translation is piggybacking off a Spanish translation by the same core guy. I'm not sure if that means it's been double translated, but what he says leads me to believe it was just for the purpose of more easily entering in the English text since he can cleanly replace the Spanish text in the existing Spanish patch. There may be a few missed Spanish lines, as I've seen reported to him in the comments.

Patch works, and the crashing seems to be an issue with PPSSPP 1.4.2, as it works fine with 1.3.0. Still have my old save data. Lots of outfits unlocked even though there's not much progress. Must be bonuses from previous game save data. Probably why I never played the third one much. I wanted to get near 100% on the last game before actually moving on.
Replies: >>141424
Why didn't you just get these?
Replies: >>141476
Because I'm retarded and didn't think to check CDromance for other pre-patched games in the series after finding the first game there. Those look to be the same versions by Divafanproject that I found though. It's too bad they didn't exist when I last played the games three years ago.

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Why does it seem like there is a huge push for this almost ten year old game?
Like it's a good game and I only played it for the first time two months ago but it seems like there is a lot of people on jewtube and shit talking about this. Is this some sort of corprate marketing push or is it just the collective unconsciences playing tricks on me again? 
Am I just going mad or what is going on
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If you are on Revengance, you should already know how.
Don't come back!
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Is there a video game character stronger than Raiden?

And I'm referring to Jack "the Ripper" Raiden with the "High Frequency Murasama Blade" and Pincer Blades (with the 2 additional combos unlocked) equipped with his latest cyborg body and control of the Augmented Reality IR mode, a complete Fuel Cells upgrade, with the data of all the extra moves implanted in his left arm so he can perform "Sky High" and "Thunderbolt" as well as being extremely skilled in sword fighting and Japanese philosophy.
Replies: >>140999
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Let's just get this out of the way.
[Hide] (263.4KB, 220x220)
Day: ??? - I have still not S ranked the Monsoon fight on Revengeance.
I am slowly getting better at it and lurching towards victory though, I think. The fight is soft segmented in 3 parts with no checkpoints, so no checkpoint restart bullshittery allowed. I can get through the first 30% of his health with relative ease but then, when I get to part 2, between 70% and 40% health where he's invincible and you have to perfect parry a series of attacks to knock his detached body parts down and get the blade mode prompt for the free hits, always get me. You can arguably fail to perform perfect parries and just block but then you're wasting a lot of time because he just goes back to invincible mode and you have to do the song and dance a second time. I know the trick is tossing an EM grenade when he's in invincible detachable limb mode but that just seems like cheesing. I know it's perfectly doable without albeit trickier.

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Why is literally every JRPG set in medieval europe with knights and castles and dragons and bullshit.

What are some non-fantasy JRPGs?
So far I have:
FF7 and 8 - sci-fi settings
Xenosaga - sci fi
Phantasy Star - sci fi
Nier Automata - post-apocalypse future (more action than RPG)
Shadow Hearts - 20th century europe
Valkyria Chronicles - 20th century europe (more tactics than RPG)

Special shout out to Star Ocean
>start out in a space ship
>this is going to be totally different to all the other JRPGs
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Replies: >>140372 + 19 earlier
It's shit is what it is, and this is coming from someone who actually liked the Colesteel series.
Replies: >>140011 >>140414
[Hide] (4MB, 2300x3672)
It is probably the only series I would never ever recommend to anybody ever but enjoy playing personally. The dungeons are fucking horrible though and are easily the worst part of the games.
>ff7 and 8 are not fantasy
Why did no one call him out until your post?
>>137356 (OP) 
Anime is so fun because it's such an escape from our world. Science fiction is closer to home.
Replies: >>141464
didnt say it was good
i still liked it
Because technically speaking any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.
Also read the OP you faggot

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