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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

(19.7MB, 3235x2229)
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(4.2MB, 1920x1080)
No matter if it's concept art or something like that, share a game that spawned great looking artwork.
My favorites ones are the Castlevania, Panzer Dragoon and Ikaruga.
These games have one the coolest looking shit ever and look so god damn beautiful, there are many series that have amazing artwork and shit like that but these are my favorites.
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(759.9KB, 2048x1827)
(5.6MB, 3899x2184)
(458.3KB, 750x846)
I had to get used to it, but I really liked Toru Nakayama's art for Megaman Zero. It grew rather fondly on me. 

There's a torrent file on archive, but here's the pdf of his book:
While pretty gay, it does looks like a considerable amount of time passed between the two images. Like the building in the right side being torn down and replaced.
(2.9MB, 640x273)
>ad gets replaced by another ad
>disgusting niggers promoted by kikes replace something good
If that isn't an apt allegory for current stat of western society I don't know what is.
(357.4KB, 1920x1080)
>>31052 (OP) 
Vanillaware's art is always great, 13 sentinel's probably got my favorite art from them.
Are you caligula's effect autism anon? I thought we lost you, post that wall text again please that is always interesting to read about the game's remake.

(100.4KB, 982x726)
(88.2KB, 2048x1152)
(16.7MB, 640x368, 05:19)
I hope you casuals aren't playing Ace Combat or Project Wingman, but if you are then check out >>557.

Where do I begin?
Start of with something easier like FSX. While it isn't the most accurate simulator, it's a good place to start with its tutorials that will give you a basic understanding of aerodynamics and flying civilian and commercial aircraft. You'll be wanting to buy at least a joystick for it, as well. After some experience there, you can decide on how you want to proceed with commercial aircraft or moving onto combat sims which will require more extensive study. 

Commercial Aircraft
>X-Plane 11
>FlightGear (FOSS) 
>Microsoft Flight :^)

>Falcon 4.0
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Replies: >>32383 + 3 earlier
Which one of these games would i be able to play, master. and walk away from actually knowing how to fly an actual plane? preferably something complicated.

I heard falcon 4 bms is like that.
Replies: >>27190
I have 4.13.4m from gog, but the latest seems to be 4.14.1m, so I'll get that.

BMS has a near-vertical learning curve. You can try if your will is strong enough, but it also has other requirements that aren't just piloting since it is a milsim.
Replies: >>27199
don't think you need to
>The v4.14m patch was subsequently incorporated into the v4.13.4m to 4.14.1m patch and the download for the v4.14m patch was disabled to stop complaints about the problems encountered when using the v4.14m patch.

if you got v.13.4m you should be golden
Don't know what the status is on Sturmovik, but I'm going to try to get the ball rolling with BMS. I'm pretty sure Falcon Gold is a bundle of Falcon 3.0 and 4.0, the latter of which you will need.
(134.1KB, 800x1011)
>thread title
>>25041 (OP) 
One of my favorite games as a young'un was picrel. Flight model was mostly arcade-y and pretty silly, and the graphics were of course quite simple, but it was a lot of fun with a wide variety of aircraft & playstyles, thanks to spanning WWII, Korea, & Vietnam. Being a Macfag, I also enjoyed razor sharp hi-rez graphics, good LAN multiplayer, and multi-monitor support

(973.1KB, 1151x863)
Fuck it, we're starting from scratch

Which game are you playing?
What race?
Combat, Magic or Stealth?
Which birthsign is the worst?
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Not really. I tried OOO back when the game was still fairly new and it was still shit.
(im whining about shitposts that are easily ignored)
What mods do you nigs normally run on Morrowind? I did the overhaul for a bit but thats just so bloated I'm pretty sure I can do a better list myself.
Replies: >>32159
Only mods that fix bugs.
Oblivion really works best when it's not taken seriously at all. Just in the base game, the fact that everyone of the same race obviously shares a voice actor and that Ubiquitous Imperial Male Actor overacts out of his ass in all his lines gives it this comic opera feel from the get-go, especially combined with the goofy facegen results. Every NPC interaction has this veneer of ridiculousness and drama-club-actor un-artfulness, and you can get a sort of bad-B-movie entertainment if you approach the game with the idea that it's supposed to be absurd. Mods can help with this tremendously by helping support the atmosphere of the game--not "xd random" stupid shit, I don't mean--although since this was some ten years ago the only ones I remember specifically are the titty and skimpy armor ones. But if the baseline gameplay of searching similar-looking dungeons made from giant premade blocks for loot to put on the floor of your house and do nothing with doesn't grab you, then nothing will make the game interesting.

(202.8KB, 978x403)
>We’re not off to a great start for 2021 in regards to delistings. It seems that beginning on January 1st, Nintendo of America delisted the majority of DSi titles that were only available through the Nintendo 3DS eShop. I’ve gone through the DSi category of the eShop and found that out of 448 titles displayed over 250 of them have been delisted. Some of these were pulled previously, with their store pages left behind, but the majority disappeared just a few days ago.

>To be clear, this mass delisting has only affected North America (including Canada) so far. I’ve checked the European eShop and all 406 DSi titles are still available while others have confirmed that the same is true for DSi titles on the Japanese eShop. The cutoff for delistings seems to be mid-May of 2011 as any games older than that are gone. However, there are a handful of older titles that are still available in North America, either by oversight or exemption:
<Art Academy: First Semester – Sept 2009
<Art Academy: Second Semester – Sept 2009
<Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr – April 2010
<Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon – Oct 2009
<Sudoku (Electronic Arts) – Oct 2009
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I once came across a floppy cache which had probably been forgotten for years. Never checked what was on 'em but it reminded me of some anecdotes my old high school friends used to tell me about secret stashes in trees/supermarket bathrooms filled with digital storage.
the Mario vs Donkey Kong game was pretty good although I remember it being overpriced
3DS and Wii U's "Limited eShop" was shut down some time last year, if you weren't aware.
Replies: >>32033
I recon you have to use one of those cheat cards then to put your iso's on them and then load the game now?
Replies: >>32144
Just install custom firmware and you can use a homebrew app to install games from any card. This applies to both 3DS and Wii U.

(4.7KB, 256x256)
STREAM AT https://cytu.be/r/utwinter2020
>What is this?
An exceptionally shitty RPGMaker game made by a Tumblrista.

>Then why should I care?
It's been a semi-annual tradition to stream since 2015 on 8chan and the regular who does so is MIA, so I'm picking up the reins for this one. If you're new, you may want to catch some of it because it's quite a ride.

>When does it start?
6pm EST tomorrow and continuing throughout the week. It was supposed to start today but I had unforeseen issues.

>Why is your OP so low effort?
All my effort went into setting it up. Also, if anyone knows how to get rid of the fucking overflow in the embed I would greatly  appreciate it.
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(6.1KB, 434x461)
What was the /cattle/ spergout post?
Why is nobody archiving threads anymore nowadays?
(242.1KB, 871x955)
>I missed it
Replies: >>36800
>one month late
What were you doing?
Replies: >>38223
Moving across the world. Also, when it rains, it pours.

(1.1MB, 1920x1080)

And to celebrate, there's going to be some major announcement. Is it going to be FedEx Simulator for PS5? Quiet DLC for Death Stranding? Silent Hills? Will Kojima finally land the film deal he's been gunning for throughout his entire career as a video game director? Does anyone care anymore?
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Hundreds of thousands of man-hours.
Knuckles Chaotix?  I'd be interested in reading about that.
Your pet $elebrity is a hack and will never be able to regain his former status, faggot. He will be forever mocked for being a hack. Get used to it.
I played Snatcher and while it was a great game in many ways, what really pissed me off is all the Jew dicksucking that I can only assume was added by that kike (((Blaustein))). The anti-White references, the references to the holohoax, the "dont be suspicious of your neighbor" shit. I really do wonder how much of the script for MGS1, even the background of characters, was changed by this hook-nosed hack through his "localization" and "knowledge" of "western" audiences.
>Oyy veyy I was suffering translating this script! my kids terrorized me while I was working from home! I was in a small room! boo fucking hoo
Can this retard be any more Jewish? *cries out in pain*
I have nothing to contribute except to mention that digital radio has been around a longer time than most people think.

(131.7KB, 800x1183)
(1.4MB, 1920x2985)
(12.2MB, 06:38)
Everything prior to the 2000s.
What have you been playing?
I've been playan some arcade games like Super Hang-On, Space Harrier and Splatterhouse. I like to listen to 16-bit covers of metal songs while playing them. Pretty fun.
I'm also thinking of playing some comfy turn-based rpgs later. Maybe the mana games.
Maybe revisit the DKC trilogy or the Castlevania games or the Metal Slug games. So many good games dammit.
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>Spamming the board with the same SH3 pics
also SH3 came out 17 years ago fag, here's your (you) whore.
The 2d consoles became retro as soon as 3d consoles came out. Only first gen, pre-2000 3d consoles will ever be retro, no matter how much time passes. It's like comic book collecting, the Ditko/Kirby/Lee era comics will always be classics, but nothing post 80's will ever be a classic in comics.
This is my completely arbitrary classification system that I will never budge from.
(79.1KB, 550x542)
>1980 was 6 gorrillion years ago
Replies: >>31308
So I remember this old Capcom ad (you can tell it's a Capcom ad, but it's subtle) from magazines back then. I had--I might still have--that issue of Nintendo Power. I always liked the silly clay model thing they did for their early covers. 

But, anyhow, I'm surprised this image never causes one of those "ooart" people to come out of the woodwork. See, those game boxes there kind of look like the plastic folding disc holders that are modern game boxes. Back in the day, of course, they were just cheap cardboard. But I always expect someone to rise up from nowhere and start saying "how did they have modern disc boxes back in 198X/199X" (I could date the ad, but that's too much trouble) because that seems like the kind of shit people would stir up for kicks. Maybe it was more obvious in the actual magazine. I don't know.
(39KB, 356x353)

(43.1KB, 640x480)
(51.1KB, 640x480)
(51.4KB, 640x480)
(28.6KB, 640x480)
(114.3KB, 700x862)

Original game was notoriously unfinished. Trailer confirms that at least some of the game's loads of cut content, including the Fuse/Hughes scenerio, is being included.
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Jesus Christ.
>Color can only refer to people and not literally everything else
Have they gotten to the negro/negra word in the spanish language yet?
Europe isn't the JewSA, not yet anyway.
Considering their attempts to colonise the gendered latin languages with their made-up "LatinX" term (despite hating colonisation in all forms?) I'd say it won't be long. They're already banning Korean songs that use homophones of "niga" for hate speech.
I wouldn't be surprised if they just ran the script through a find-and-replace system without actually checking instances for context. Or maybe they don't think the constantly offended care about context in the first place when it comes to being potentially triggered by anything.

(49KB, 720x630)
Putting together a USB for the next time I go traveling. I've got Doom and some mods and wads for it, and a bunch of emulators, but are there any other games you can recommend that don't need to be installed that will run off a USB?
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Ryujinx has a portable mode via command line arg. It's not as good as checking for a portable.txt but it's something.
My dad can piss 2 minutes straight.
did he also tell you not to be ashamed of your bladdercontrol?
i think my record is 2:30, courtesy of AMC large sodas
Did he tell you not to be ashamed of the size of your dick?

(28.6KB, 1024x640)
(2.8MB, 1920x1080)
(457.3KB, 1366x768)
Minecraft™ of Microdick. I haven't played it for a long time, but I do remember lot about my worlds, which all are mostlikely lost
>When did you first hear about Minecraft?
>What's the first version you've played?
>What's your favourite myth about Minecraft?
>Do you still have your first world? Can you show it?
>Do you still play it?
>What's your opinion on minecraft creepypastas?
>Am I the only one who thinks that the new fighting model is better then the old one?
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I did some testing with TFC to test mod compatibility and they work completely from what I've seen. You just have to be very careful with cave ins while mining now. I really wish I could get thaumcraft working with TFC without having to install 10 extra mods and rewrite half the recipes in the game.
Btw the way the server is mostlikely never going to exist mostly because: I don't want to host it myself nor I've ever were an admin on a server nor I had ever to do something with mc servers in general. Maybe if there was a subscription that didn't suck ass. So if someone want's to make one himself, I wouldn't hate it.
Replies: >>31487 >>32030
Also please don't get angry at me please.
Replies: >>32030
(547.2KB, 1920x1017)
(1.8MB, 1920x1017)
(1.1MB, 1920x1017)
(1.8MB, 1920x1017)
(622.6KB, 1920x1017)
There's Something about playing on a modded world that makes it incredibly hard for me to stop. Most likely investment. I have spent 258 hours on this world that once was hosted as a server that I was invited to. Now I alone continue this world as the server shutdown a month ago.

Here's a tower I've been working on for a while. I plan to build more then a few of these and connect them with tunnels and make it my main base. I also plan to automate many of the proccesses that I had to go through while constructing this one so as to make it take less then a day for half of one wall.

Why did you even bring up hosting a server if you didn't want to do it?
Replies: >>32031
I've more of wanted for someone else to host it, maybe I've just badly wrote it down. But yeah, I'm just retarded.

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