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Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution announced for Game Boy Advance
New game announced, can't wait to pirate it and play it with, anons!
Sky is best girl.
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I 100% seven siren's once, and I would never recommend someone else do it.
>100% Seven Sirens
>Get rewarded with a peasy finale.
Spoiler File
(4.9MB, 2196x1236, 00:18)
Replies: >>212935
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What are some game mechanics that you think have way too much work put into them for how little they wind up impacting the game. This could be things that are just plain old useless, rules that are supposed to restrict you but are stupidly easy to overcome, or things that are just worse than other easily obtained options.

Tales of Vesperia has a system where weather cycles around on the world map. Besides aesthetic stuff (which has some work put into it), some moves will actually be boosted in different types of weather. Problem is, all this only ever does anything on the world map; In dungeons, even the ones that are nominally outside, it does absolutely nothing. Worse still, the first of three acts in the game the weather is always fixed, and the second has most of its overworld travel take place on the ocean (which is encounter free) or in a desert that will only ever have a single weather type, then it hands you flight, ensuring you never have to actually fight on the overworld ever again (except for a few plot events, where the weather is again fixed). There's a handful of optional bosses that spawn on the world map, but those are basicly the only thing you'll ever care about it for.

Stick of Truth has so many options that are blatantly better than others you never use whole categories of attack after their tutorial. You can kill every boss except Al Gore with the same 3 attacks. Partners are even worse, since their p
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Replies: >>212189 + 4 earlier
That's use was for furfags and the degenerate faggots on the dev team to jack off to.
crawling in my crawl
these crawls they will not crawl
crawl is how i crawl
crawling what is crawl
Replies: >>211759
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I too am waiting for the UT stream to be announced, but why post about it in this thread?
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>>209380 (OP) 
>Unarmed combat
They even did that in GTA (IV I think?). You have that one mission (somewhere at the very beginning of the game) where you have to go to a store and smash up the window by picking up a brick laying on the ground and throwing at the window. Yeah, you can throw a rock, very useful when the enemies come at you with AK47s. And I think you also had to beat up someone using your hands.
But even older GTAs had an assortment of random melee weapons, pretty useless for anything other than beating up random pedestrians, as GTA has no stealth system (except in GTA:SA, but even there it is limited to a few missions).

Also, can we have the reverse? Like how the gimped combat in Penumbra, to encourage people to do a pacifist stealth run? Except the latter is so utterly annoying, that almost everyone chooses to deal with the atrocious combat and instead kill a few enemies. And what does the developer do in the next game? Of course, they removed combat completely from Amnesia.

Pic still unrelated
Replies: >>212273
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>GTAs had an assortment of random melee weapons
San Andreas didn't just have "an assortment of random melee weapons".  Being the pinnacle of grand theft auto that it was, and also the last GTA game, you had gyms where you could exercise and get physically stronger, and if your strength got to a certain point you could challenge the boss of the gym to a match and learn his moves after beating him. Each gym had a different master with a different move set you could learn, in a fucking GTA game. 
It also had a doom-tier chainsaw because the game was meant to be fun, and not some gay interactive movie made by manchildren who seek the approval of the hollywood-loving media.

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Post comfy vidya wallpapers or even your desktop so we can call you a faggot. 
Gondolas are fine too.
For the longest time I had this doom wallpaper and a manowar one. Now I just have this cat streched all over my screen.
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Thanks for the dump. Some very nice pictures in here.

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draw tegaki of the last game you played/your favorite vidya.
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inferno on csgo?
Replies: >>212208
that's correct
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Replies: >>212213
you forgot the oma backpack

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The Castlevania series for example shifted it's focus on combat and platforming to exploration, which makes for a relaxed rather than tense experience. That focus on exploration means you can't make enemies kick the player's ass every few minutes because it would probably frustrate him really quickly, so they had to tone down the difficulty. But does a lower difficulty make something boring or not? What do you think?
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Replies: >>212106 + 9 earlier
>>203812 (OP) 
Doesn't have to be hard, no. Gravity Rush isn't a hard game by any means, but it's one of my favorites. It's built around one really good and extremely fun mechanic, and that's enough to carry the game without much mechanical difficulty.
A friend once told me that playing Drakengard made him accept that a game did not have to be fun to be good.
>having to replay large chunks of content.
I would not mind this if I didn't have to slog through sections that are purposefully made to slow a player and annoy. Another thing is unskippable scenes. Not limited to cutscenes, stuff like tedious door or chest unlocking/opening animations taking way longer than need be. Character skills used to navigate the environment. You're forced to pause and watch the same animation you've seen 10000 times before. Text boxes that display 2 lines of text and display it at a slug's pace. Things like this wear thin and kill my drive to try again. Making shorter animations that get the point across is an art not many devs have. Being able to skip scenes (no timer bullcrap, some games do that) make replaying bearable. Not just large sections, replaying the game for another run/new game+. When I beat a game the first thing I ask is "Was I desperate for save points just to avoid long cutscenes or tedious animations"? If yes I really don't want to replay a game because it doesn't respect my time. These underhanded tricks are there to stretch hours logged making it seem longer than what it is.
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To be honest i just want the Hard=Good meme to die already.
Plenty of games that try to be "le very hard game" using broken mechanics, clunky, unresponsive controls, turning the enemies into damage sponges and crippling the playable character's abilities just to please a few tryhard retards so they can go around bragging about being "hardcore" for pretending to enjoy that tedious shit.
Replies: >>212183
Replies: >>212252

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Microsoft and Activision can finish deal, court rules against FTC
>Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision has been described as the largest in tech history. It deserves scrutiny. That scrutiny has paid off: Microsoft has committed in writing, in public, and in court to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for 10 years on parity with Xbox. It made an agreement with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty to Switch. And it entered several agreements to for the first time bring Activision’s content to several cloud gaming services. This Court’s responsibility in this case is narrow. It is to decide if, notwithstanding these current circumstances, the merger should be halted—perhaps even terminated—pending resolution of the FTC administrative action. For the reasons explained, the Court finds the FTC has not shown a likelihood it will prevail on its claim this particular vertical merger in this specific industry may substantially lessen competition. To the contrary, the record evidence points to more consumer access to Call of Duty and other Activision content. The motion for a preliminary injunction is therefore DENIED.

You probably don't give a shit, as you should. However, I find this positive and amusing for a few reasons.
>If any good games come out of this, they're guarante
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Gotta love how Jewtendo strikes down anything made by their autistic fans instead of working with them and then steals all their content.
Will never not be hilarious.
Replies: >>212029
>Nintendo files dozens of patents for Tears of the Kingdom mechanics
Nintendo actually thinks their outdated PS360-era games are anything innovative or groundbreaking lol
Do these retards really believe the "10 out 10" reviews they bribed or intimidated gaming journos for?
At this point i can see that meme actually happening in real life.
most companies try to do this shit with everything, just because they file a patent doesn't mean it gets approved.
>patenting a bunch of 20+ year old generic mechanics
How is that even legal? At least loading screen minigames were somewhat innovative at the time when Namco decided to cuck everyone for 20 years.
Replies: >>212092
The article only says they filed, not that they were granted. But given how backwards nip's legal system (and with some bribery) I wouldn't be surprised if they would grant it. After all, apple managed to patent rounded rectangles...
>How is that even legal?
Asking this about a country where removing some mosaics from a jpeg image can send you to jail. Big corpos bought the government and they can do whatever the fuck they please.

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I'm looking  for titles similar to Banished which i find to be impossibly cozy. Ever since it released, many similar games have cropped up and it's hard to determine which ones are worth playing and which aren't.
Some of the ones I saw were
>Against the Storm
>Farthest Frontier
>Settlement Survival
>Going Medieval
>Dawn of Man
>Kingdoms Reborn
Naturally this is a huge pool of games inspired by a long abandoned game and I don't have enough time to test each one of them out on my own.
I would appreciate any and all input from anons who have played any of these.
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dawn of ma'am
needs a pond with fish
Do any of these games have some sort of story or ending? I'd like to play some of these where you basically start at the beginning then work your way to the end of the story.
Replies: >>211977 >>211981
the only one I can think of is Rimworld but thats more in the vein of dwarf fortress. Also the Impressionist games serries but those are more "pure" city builders. 
For those that would be Ceasar 3, Pharaoh (+ Cleopatra), Masters of Olymplus.
Emperor Rise of Middle Kingdom if you want to larp as a chinaman CHINA WILL GROW LARGER but its the easiest out of those.
Children of the nile if you hate 2D and want early 3D graphics.
C4 is universial dogshit.
Depending on how loosely you define "these games" Frostpunk could count. You manage a city, and it has a few scenarios that are all limited in time (sub 40 days), but you don't freely build your own shit like Banished you just pick from events and upgrades.

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I am currently playing the two remakes on PS4, about to finish the second one.

I never had the chance to play the original games during the PS2 era, as DAH was one of those games that i wanted to play, but my budget as a kid only allowed me to buy a very limited number of games every year, and so, some  games got the priority over other ones, DAH and its sequel being part of the "other ones".
So far i am really enjoying them, the gameplay is lots of fun, and they are the first games that genuinely got some laughs out of me since i don't even remember how many years.

But there are a few things that held me from fully enjoying them, like the art style for once.

The original games were clearly going for a realistic look, to better highlight the difference between the human population and the weird looking alien creature.
While i don't mind some more "cartoony" look as long as the humans stayed somewhat proportioned in their features, i think the devs of the remake went too over the top with it, making the human characters' facial features way too deformed and with exaggerated hair styles. (The TV host and Miss Rockwell being the perfect examples).

Okay that the games were never serious, and i am not saying that realistic = better, but i think that part of the charm and humor of the original games was seeing normal looking people acting cartoonish, so when you also make them look like a cartoon, that charm is gone.

Also, i couldn't help but notice how many niggers they put in the remakes, like, in the second one, it's like the vast majority of cops are niggers, and in the cutscene of the first one where a the old lady calls the cops after she sees Crypto, one the cops got turned into a nigger, that even clashes with the redneck voice acting they kept from the original one.

Most of the female characters look ugly, with skinny, shapless legs and man chins. (The remake of the second game does a bit better in that regard, but not by much).
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Replies: >>211976 + 1 earlier
>they censored a tranny quest
The first DAH remake also removed a couple voice lines in one of the "probing" scenes.  It's the first comparison in this video.
>ooh, tee hee, that tickles
<it's probin' time
<so vocal, so . . . responsive - this is gonna be good
<never fails


>ooh, tee hee, that tickles [line cuts off before she starts moaning]
<it's probin' time
>[muffled sirens are barely audible]
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Replies: >>208453 >>208459
That was so fucking stupid, this is the usual kind of shit that gets justified with: "the change is so minimal that it doesn't matter" but since it was so minimal it makes even less sense to even touch it at all.
Not really a big deal, but at the same time i  still hate when they pull this kind of shit.
One thing is for sure, i don't trust this German to make a good Destroy All Humans! from scratch by themselves.
Replies: >>208459
I see both DAH games have widescreen support on PS2. guess I'll just grab some old ISOs instead.
Replies: >>211979
>>208329 (OP) 
>and in the cutscene of the first one where a the old lady calls the cops after she sees Crypto, one the cops got turned into a nigger, that even clashes with the redneck voice acting they kept from the original one.
I thought i was the only one to notice this. Really fucking annoying how these developers keep doing this with all these remasters and remakes.
>Emulating DAH
Good luck.
Hopefully if they work for you, that probably means Mercinaries: PoD finally works too.

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All you have to do is make:
Runescape + Minecraft with Dark Souls combat.
You may think it sounds stupid but it fixes all the problems MMOs have.
You get infinite content through user creations, making it fresh everytime you come back to it.
You have fun PVP combat that isn't just clicking and requires skill.
And you have charming PS1-inspired graphics that make the development and optimization easier.
There. You have a timeless classic. Your're welcom.
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Well, these nerds cucked out quickly.
Replies: >>205603 >>211653
wtf is this weebshit mmo?
Spoiler File
(160.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I love mabinogi but trust me it gets real old real quick
Monsters & Memories is just Everquest except with less of what made it different from WoW. Also it's a never ever scam like all the other nostalgiabait MMOs.

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Post about games you've beaten or shit talk the ones you gave up on for good. 

I just beat Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It's mechanically superior to the first game simply by virtue of having a memo function, but everything else is way fucking worse. 
The prologue is good enough for a Layton game, it establishes what you're going to look for, namely the box and the murderer of your professor (the police thinks it's suicide but your first puzzle is to prove there's no way it could've been). It starts with the cardinal sin of having a forced tutorial in a sequel that plays the exact same but I can overlook that as it was rather short. Puzzles at this stage are about what you'd expect, but then
>on the train you get the hamster puzzle, one that you need to get pieces for throughout the game, except you don't even need to do that because you can easily beat it with an incomplete set making it more of a minigame than an actual puzzle 
>then there's the tea "puzzle", the fucking tea "puzzle". Not only do characters tell you the exact solution but 90% of characters want the exact same item combined with the starter items, so you're reliant on a single puzzle to unlock all the tea shit
>puzzles actually get easier after the prologue and, while 5% are bullshit because of shit explanations, 95% are a fucking joke compared to the puzzles in the previous game 
Message too long. View the full text
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At least half half of HL2's planned content was cut in the last year or so of development. The city section was supposed to be many times longer, Eli's lab and the rebel base were supposed to be separate locations, and the mines were supposed to lead into a massive bug hive. (The assets for this would eventually be recycled into the first few levels of Episode 2.) A large number of enemies were cut, apparently because only one or two devs really understood the AI code and nobody wanted to implement complex new behaviors unless it's absolutely necessary. The weapon selection was trimmed down to the absolute bare essentials, most of the weapons that remained were massively nerfed (probably to force you to use the gravity gun), and most of the ammo/health pickups were replaced with dynamic item spawners (those little supply crates) so that the mappers no longer had to put any thought into ammo placement.
I played HL2 when I was younger and I think it was a good game at the time.  It hasn't aged too well but I can't bring myself to hate it since there are still a lot of cool and different things you do throughout the game and it's generally good about keeping you on your toes.
I looked this up and found a trailer for a mod that redid a lot of sound effects to make them worse, added retarded shaky cam animations, made the shotgun look and sound like trash, and clutter the screen with glowy particle effects.  Is this what you've been using?  How awful.

That said, you sound as though you were expecting a different kind of game.
>constant autosaves
So?  And there's a quicksave key anyway.
>little to no interactivity
>invulnerable NPCs
>guns with no ammo placement
>nonsensical resource placement and gun progression
What do you mean?

>occupation governments typically play programs that take citizens' minds off resistance
Message too long. View the full text
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Replies: >>211480
[Hide] (1.9MB, 400x303) Reverse
Does he have the fake money in every video?
Replies: >>211691
The real question is who the fuck keeps posting this shit.

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