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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

What a nice board!

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I wanted to talk about Soldiers Heroes of World War 2 and there wasn't an RTT/RTS thread so here goes I guess. 
>what is it?
The grandfather of the Men of War franchise, everything begun here. You control a small squad of soldiers and you have to complete objectives in missions where your men are usually outnumbered about 16:1, not including the enemy tanks and armored vehicles they may also have to push your shit in. There are no unit reinforcements, what you start with is all you have so you have to be careful. Each soldier (including enemies) has his own inventory and every weapon, item or munition takes up a certain amount of space. Weight is also taken into account so if you don't want your troops to walk at snail's pace then you need to drop some shit. There are 4 campaigns, Soviets, British, Americans and Germans. 

This may sound similar to Commandos but it isn't, SHoWW2 is not about stealth at all, the surest way to victory is going in guns blazing and blowing shit up, capturing enemy vehicles and using those against them. Stealth is only to be used for getting close enough to the enemy and blowing them up with a grenade. 

Buildings, fences and other objects are fully destructible, anyone who's played MoW will feel right at home (In fact, I noticed that destruction works better in this game. Tanks don't tend to get stuck in rubble and other debris like they like to do in the newer games). Speaking of destruction, tanks have a semi-realistic damage model where armor and penetration matters. You can destroy tracks, guns, turret rings, engines and of course the entire hull of a vehicle. Protip: Wheeled vehicles are susceptible to regular grenades. They can blow their wheels off and render the vehicle useless. Be careful though, you cannot repair vehicles that have lost their wheels. So if you're planning on capturing an armored car, you need to snipe the gunner with a rifle. 

>Sounds pretty cool, what's the catch?
Some missions suffer from classic slavshit difficulty. Enemy squads will spawn around your men because you stepped into an objective area from the "wrong" location. Armored convoys will show up at the worst moment possible and you will be effectively screwed and will have to start over from an older savepoint (and if you only use 1 savepoint and that one happens to be too close to that enemy spawn, you are fucked. Gotta start over). Thankfully savepoints are infinite so as long as you save often you can simply roll back and deal with it. 

Also, just like the MoW franchise, your AI is braindead. Their accuracy is dogshit and they have 0 target prioritisation. They'd rather shoot all their ammo at some guy behind cover 20m away than the grenade-wielding suicide troops charging them. They'll also never switch weapons by themselves, so if you found a rare panzershreck, instead of switching to their SMG the AT man will waste a rocket on mere infantry. But you only get at most 5 soldiers per mission it's easy to babysit them and avoid most of these fuckups. 

The British campaign sucks donkey dick. Every bad idea in the game was forced into it. From timed missions to marshes that kill your men if a pixel of their foot dares touch the water. 

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Alfa has active mod community though
Replies: >>83452
Thanks for this.
Replies: >>83048
It would seem that for some reason the download stops. It's like there isn't even a file in the first place. So here's a link instead
If anything the ending is worth playing through
Fuck i also forgot to mention brigade E5

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What games have the most advanced or interesting NPC mechanics?

I realized that almost all games have very primitive NPCs, even in a game like Rimworld that seems complex, the colonists just pick tasks from a list based on what priorities are defined for them. At best they activate some random behavior state like berserk where they randomly do some single action for a while. Majora's Mask is often cited as having cool NPCs, but mechanically speaking they're just following fixed points in their predefined schedules.

I haven't played Sims for a long time but from what I recall, it was pretty simplistic as well. I think it's mainly because there's nothing really happening in the game, the sims mainly do things in their own house, food appears out of nowhere, and the characters must listen to your commands.
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>It's more like the opposite when it comes to startups. Startups are made with the intention that they'll be bought out and the angel investors/founders will make their money back. You can't make a successful startup with pajeets. Once it gets bought out all the smart devs usually exodus, sometimes the company makes the CEO sign on for a year or two to prevent this, and then the larger company fills the position with midwit devs or just straight pajeets if they're desperate.
And all the non-CEO devs and staff move on to start the next start-up and the cycle repeats. Startups don't need to make a profit just show growing market share so their early investors can sell to dumbass later investors who think it's a new Amazon/google/whatever and it's easy to grow your customer base when you're giving them shit at below cost. That's why Uber has literally never made a profit despite dodging any and all tax and minimal pay laws it can and yet is still worth billions.
Replies: >>83228
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>Startups don't need to make a profit just show growing market share so their early investors can sell to dumbass later investors who think it's a new Amazon/google/whatever and it's easy to grow your customer base when you're giving them shit at below cost. That's why Uber has literally never made a profit despite dodging any and all tax and minimal pay laws it can and yet is still worth billions.
While this is definitely true there's another factor at play for unprofitable startups, and Uber in particular. All startup companies created in the last 10 years (that aren't made solely to get acquihired by FAGMAN while the founders laugh their way to the bank) exist to imitate the growth of Amazon. Amazon is the original unprofitable startup. Everyone thought shipping books all over the country was crazy in the late 90s due to the high costs of warehousing and logistics services. Amazon put physical bookstores out of business despite this by selling books at lower prices than the bookstore system could manage and having the international Jew eat the losses for years on end, until one day the bookstore system went broke because normalfags bought all their books from Amazon. Having a near monopoly they jacked up their prices, made gorillions and plowed most of it into conquering other retail businesses until it became the Moloch you know today. Uber's claimed value comes from t
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Replies: >>83242
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I can see it coming, and I can't stop it.
I got pretty impressed with half life 1 ai when I was playing Sven. Seeing them in action while you're floating around like a ghost I thought of them as pretty smart.
Might be Perfect Dark, but I don't know.

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No share thread? Let's fix that.

Previous Thread: I don't have the last zchan archive 

How to Contribute
Post ITT, make a pull request (git client or gitgud IDE) or raise an issue.
If you do not have you own account: tough shit because the public account is busted.

Anons have experienced shady shit with IGG (e.g. miners and extra files that served no purpose in terms of running the games) and they're from Vietnam
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Anyone has a torrent for Metallic Child? The only ones I can find is from (((IGG))).
Replies: >>82784
CODEX release:
There's a Switch version that's a lot easier to find, I'll see if it emulates well on my mid-range machine.
Replies: >>82790
Anon, It's probably because I'm  retarded, but this might be a bit too obscure to figure it out myself. Some sort of clue would help.
Replies: >>82804
DELTARUNE_-_DAY_101_A_Dance_with_Imps_and_Devils.mp4 (u)
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Anyone have the Patreon exclusive 4K version of Henriko Magnifico's Twilight Princess texture pack?
all those "_" symbols aren't magnetic

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>[autistic screeching]
Don't call it a grave; it's the future you chose.

Classic Mega Man as an arena FPS. Everything up to Mega Man 10 is represented in some form so choose whichever cartoon robot man tickles your autism and shoot the crap out of each other. (Or play as Roll because real men always play as little girls.)

I had a long and autistic rundown from the last thread but I forgot to save it. It's fucking Zandronum, you know how this works. If you're a newfag here's the short version:
>install Zandronum and Doomseeker
>download and unzip this
>drag megagame.wad and MM8BDM-v6a.pk3 onto zandronum.exe
>Run the singleplayer, set up controls as you like when prompted, pick a skin and name in Multiplayer > Player Setup
>start Doomseeker, when it asks for wads point it to the folder where you unzipped shit
>find server
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>3 hours
>no posts
dead board
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Had fun, but we need more game modes to switch between. I wouldn't mind intermittently switching between a bunch of different modes and even entirely different wads like moonman or megaman to keep things fun.
christ-tan_pout.png (u)
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How long are the servers going to stay up for? I also tried the megaman server and honestly calling it megameme would fit more.
Replies: >>82628
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I'll turn it off some time tomorrow.
It's StupidLMS of course it's a fucking meme.
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All the crappy maps we got and finally we got a good one. Too bad nobody is on.

Screenshot_1.jpg (u)
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After some time I said myself that I'll give it a try again.
What are the news?
>New version: 0.5.4. which adds an organelle with which you can put two and more cells together and create a colony, which is cool in my opinion.
News from weekly updates
>Trying to upgrade the AI 
>Theories on how the colonies buffs should stack up.
>Radioactive rocks and organelles that will use the radiation.
>Discussions about the NPC self-awareness
>Discussions about the cell resource management
You don't need to play it if you don't want to. But what ideas and do you guys think would improve it and also it's open source so it's moddable. 
Also go check the developer forum.
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Also new weekly update.
>Added a tutorial prompt telling the player to press the editor button if it has been available for 20 seconds
>Floating chunks now check for failing to get microbe that hit into them, should fix one crash in the 0.5.5 release
>AI microbes that have a cell wall are now properly prevented from engulfing anything
>Fixed rigidity slider not becoming usable again after undoing and getting some MP back
>Made personality mutation in auto-evo larger
>Tweaked balance regarding storage
>Fixed some organelle tooltips missing info
>Updated our JSON and zip libraries (and setup dependabot)
>Added a documentation page about learning Godot
>Added some newer developers to the name generator as easter eggs
>Slight code improvement in the InputManager
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2021-09-03_15.56.32.5753.jpg (u)
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Do you guys hate this game?
What do you guys want from a game like this?
The devs put really really lot of work into theory and such.
Pic is mean to be newer options that will be added.
Also I would recomend you guy to go through through this shit
Please someone answer
Replies: >>82193 >>82325
1631382183403-3.gif (u)
[Hide] (118.2KB, 400x500)
When the game is so unfinished that literally everything about the game is subject to change, I find it hard to care about it. I think it's a very interesting concept and I can see it being a good game some day, but I don't want to spend time playtesting a buggy and unfinished game every month.
Replies: >>82202
Well if you think of it as such. But that's what I like about it. The updates have been going way faster then I remember. And that's what makes me happy that they are getting to the finnish line faster.
Replies: >>82325
temp.png (u)
[Hide] (223.8KB, 345x693)
I mean sure, when the game is at a presentable-to-general-audiences state I'll actually put time into it too.
Right now I'm not going to touch it because the game has all the obscurity and unintuitiveness of a specialist simulator game and though that minimum barrier to entry might be pretty low I'm not going to spend time overcoming it if it doesn't open up a substantial amount of gameplay that's at least guaranteed to be playable if not polished.
Also personally, I dislike games receiving updates and prefer to not touch things until there's a relatively definitive version or a version I'm willing to draw a line in the sand and not advance from (which generally requires it to be a pretty definitive version for something like this since otherwise it's unlikely to have accurate documentation).

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It has come to my attention that the concept of puking while present on an amount of videogames and with a varied used is not really common nowadays.
You can say that videogames were more edgy back then and that a character puking its guts out was just a way to show that but in reality I think vomiting could be a way to make a gimmick fun.
As I said before the act of puking can be used in such different ways. You can make an enemy attack puking like for example L4D2, Condemned 2, RE4, Mortal Kombat, Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts, Dante's Inferno and such others. Or maybe our hero or its allies are in distress to the point of vomiting their lunch like in MGS3, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Hotline Miami, Bully, Breakdown, Dead Rising 2, Postal 2, Fable, GTA:SA, Manhunt 2, REmake, Silent Hill 3, etc. However; vomiting could also be used as a weapon like in the case of Mario Sunshine. That's it? Yeah, believe it or not, vomiting hasn't been used as much as a weapon which is really disappointing.
You can say what you want about REmake 3 but something I appreciate about that game is the fact that you can see Jill puking the spider's eggs(cum) so she doesn't die. It's a very stressful(hot) moment in that game.

I understand that many of you don't stay awake at night thinking of the underuse of such mechanic, so, I have an interesting question for you.
If you had to, how would you implement the mechanic of puking in the last game you played and make it fun? Would it make the game better?
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Replies: >>82064 + 3 earlier
>my favorite MK character
You really liked Bo Rai Cho!?
I thought it was stupid and a shit character, just like most MK characters of the 3D era.
Replies: >>80552 >>80682
Did you know Bo Rai Cho is a play-on-words on the term "Borracho" which means "drunk" in spanish?
What an awful character
Replies: >>80781
Orderrealm.jpg (u)
[Hide] (161.8KB, 1400x700)
>just like most MK characters of the 3D era.
Always thought the trinity of Darrius/Dairou/Hotaru was very interesting but poorly executed, first with the names who look too similar and second because the story is never that touched upon, no emotional inertia.
But still, cool designs and always found funny the nigger being the chaos anti-law black panther chimp and the jap the soulless tidy law & order bot with the "white" dude in chinese attire being in the middle as an ambiguous middle-gray element but the one with the most self-awareness and visible personality. Also their moves felt good too.
Replies: >>80781
7cdf34b3f8ca91218ce16148de75bb4faaf53d9f4210ab94aa6aacf9c36bee07.jpg (u)
[Hide] (732.9KB, 1750x2500)
>Did you know Bo Rai Cho is a play-on-words on the term "Borracho" which means "drunk" in spanish?
>What an awful character
I knew it, that's another reason i hate that character.
I mean, he was supposed to be Liu Kang's master and they made it a joke character!?
MK really suffered Tobias' departure, the only post-Tobias characters i would save are Kenshi and Skarlet (her MK9 version, not the derpy 1930's aviator MK11 version)
>>71030 (OP) 
>how would you implement the mechanic of puking in the last game you played and make it fun? Would it make the game better?

Last games I've played were: 
Kenshi, in which puking would fit pretty well given how much the world generally kicks your ass anyway, could be as a consequence of eating foul meat in a pinch.
Pathfinder WotR, which has a 'sickened' status already I guess there could easily be some puke-based demon enemy that causes illness, gross status effects and make the terrain wet/slippery.

0fad74e7def8de475b2609e3e1987787860269832fd45d64293367a5584cde0d.png (u)
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02140819fa7ef58ea67550d96008f2f9f49f3513c125f728947215b4c95ab3b8.png (u)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1360x768)
db9925883e79be3f530171670266e0f9b323ca5af210376860f3ed9f213874d4.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 504x336)
5b0fa739e21a7c5b0fc74b4898a085301b785af0275bb57a4d90598796e27705.png (u)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1600x847)
The_Legend_of_Zelda_Breath_of_the_Wild_64_sequel_-_Nintendo_E3_1999.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1280x720, 01:26)
Emphasis on "tries". In an alternate timeline we never stopped getting good PS1/N64 games because indies replicated the style due to not being able to compete with top notch graphics. That is not the case however as most indie games that try to imitate it can't get it right. I was trying out that PS1 horror demo disc collection and there were a lot of fun demos in it but is annoying how some games willl just slap a filter, do 4:3 and call it PS1 gaem.
Even games that go beyond that usually suffer from bad texture mapping, wrong lighting, etc.
Do you know of any vidya that does it right?
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never_forget.jpeg (u)
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>>77382 (OP) 
I'm wondering, are any of these developers using software from that era? It feels retarded to do lowpoly games on overly processed engines like Unreal when low poly looked like it did because of the own limitations of the system it was made in.
More specifically, are there any direct links to SDKs from those consoles? The original Xbox SDK would have been incredible to have judging by how crips and sharp some games turned out to be like NG Black, in contrast with the ambiance bleeding colors in NG Sigma
Replies: >>81087 >>81294
What a pleb opinion hidden as a fact check without arguments or examples towards his green text.
>never forged.jpeg
Oh, I haven't forgotten. It's still upsetting to this day though pretty funny in retrospect.
Im absolutely fucking sick of these faggot games trying to be stuck figures because the devs are talentless hacks on some discord server asset flipping shit and are too busy spamming that fucking ban hammer for an ego trip to explain anything beyond playing dumb
>>77382 (OP) 
>That is not the case however as most indie games that try to imitate it can't get it right.
They can't get it right, because modern developers be they tripple A or indie can't into game mechanics and design. They just copy the art direction and then they copy the same buggy control mechanic they stole from some engine tutorial or learned at the university in a "how to be a game developer" course. It's that bad.

Ebin_Meem_Broseph_[20K6Tq3Q3W0].webm (u)
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Jahy_Pat_[vNLwmScdKbk].webm (u)
[Hide] (505.2KB, 1920x1080, 00:05)
Shitpost_status_[YuPby_-88aM].webm (u)
[Hide] (333.8KB, 350x360, 00:14)
SNIBETI_SNAB_RAVE_X--D_[-butN9lrdWs].webm (u)
[Hide] (14.2MB, 1920x1080, 00:46)
The_Crowbar___Half-Life_SFX_[ESz05U5J1c8].webm (u)
[Hide] (7.7MB, 1920x1080, 00:27)
Last one hit reply limit. Remember to use yt-dlp instead of vanilla youtube-dl, in case you want to download a JewTube video that has been age-restricted.
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Spoiler File (u)
(28.6MB, 1920x1088, 01:12)
Kingo Hamada - 街のドルフィン (Dolphin in Town) from the album Midnight Cruisin'.
Why is posting from the onion still fucking disabled?
It looks better than automata.
We_want_the_Overwatch_niggers.webm (u)
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Replies: >>81198
Valve_Song_-_COUNT_TO_THREE_■_feat._Ellen_McLain_(the_original_GLaDOS),_The_Stupendium_&_Gabe_Newell-jpw2ebhTSKs.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (12.7MB, 640x368, 02:59)
I miss when vidya trailers showcased their gameplay.
Mario_CBT_-_The_Full_Experience_(Fully_Extended).mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.3MB, 640x368, 01:59)

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