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This monster will suck you edition. 
I demand that we talk about monster hunter and then hunt monsters and talk about how Hunting Horn is the best weapon. 
Been playing Rise on PC and its ok. Not grabbing me as hard at the other games though but fun. I am still luke warm on the Hunting Horn changes but its not the end of the world and I like what they did with some of the other weapons. What I am pissed off about is the new silkbind skill for hunting horn just going to be the sideways recital instead of a new attack. At least its not lance. I have some grips about the game, namely that even on 4 player hunts you still take the dogs or palicos and their attack effects are so overwhelming it can be hard to see what you are doing. Supposedly there is going to be a setting to turn that down with the new update. 
The new sunbreak monsters look neat, I'll be interested in what they pull out of their ass for the final big bad monster considering the theme is western yokai, if they keep to that with the final monster. 

For oldergames I was messing around in 4U. Fun, I wish there was a farm though. I've also been meaning to give XX a go, I hear its pretty fun. 
So anons, what have you been hunting?
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it's shit play dragon's dogma instead
dd is the real deal and what you'd want monster hunter to be
Replies: >>145860
You can actually see some monster hunter animations recycled in DD funny enough.
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I hate everything rise stands for. Ultra UNKNOWN rathian SSJ6 GOD from frontier was better looking than this final fantasy shit.

Play the PS2 games you fucking cazul. That includes Dos.
Replies: >>145911
ps2 version sucks compared to the sequel psp games
Replies: >>145914
P3rd is a contender due to having big changes and FU has the best stuff:quality ratio, but F1/P1 is a fucking shit show that takes all the clunkiness of gen 1 and just stretches it out with a dozen recolors. The ps2 games are actually paced as good single player games and built with a lot of care for the world which makes them better games to just play and enjoy instead of grind for 3000 hours.
TL note: I still grinded for 3000 hours in every psp/DS game anyway, gotta get those fucking heavenly scales!

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>Former Gawker Media properties G/O Media of staff from Kotaku, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Lifehacker and The Root have gone on strike.
>Sega pulls Hatsune Miku: Project Sekai anime short over accusations of blackface
>Sony buys Bungie for $3.6 Billion
>MS buys Actiblizz
>Blue Archive is censored, after they said they wouldn't censor.
>Sony Vice President of Playstation Network George Cacioppo exposed for trying to have sex with a 15 year old minors through Grindr App via chatlogs from "People Vs Predators" Group:
>Nintendo of Japan saying they want to "diversify" their workforce by adding more women
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That image aged so poorly, holy shit.
what the fuck does any of this have to do with videogames?
>NEW: The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton (R), just said that the Supreme Court should overturn Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down laws that banned LGBTQ people from having sex. If this happened, 16 states have laws banning “sodomy” that would immediately go into effect.

>Texas AG: Supreme Court Should Let States Ban Same-Sex Intimacy

Day of the rope coming soon to lgbt abominations.
Replies: >>145954
Hollywood is dying and everyone is celebrating.
Niggerpill/Hanging Flesh proven wrong once again.
>The first group that really took notice and spoke up was video game consumers.  This led to open opposition to leftists hijacking the industry and spreading like a cancer into video games journalism.  And, of course, as soon as people expressed distrust the leftists attacked them as “racists, homophobes, bigots, sexists and misogynists.”  A typical gaslighting response that is all too familiar today.  Known as “Gamergate,” leftists to this day still rabidly froth at the mouth over the mere mention of “integrity in video games journalism.”  Leftists really hate it when you expose them.
Replies: >>145954

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>what's this?
A thread for the organization and development of a VN with minor puzzle/adventure game elements starring Libbie the Cyber Oryx.  Previous thread: >>17081 (archive: https://archive.fo/9iIJW).

>what will the game be like?
A simple, short puzzle/adventure game presented like a VN and inspired by old Flash adventure/"sim" games.  We'll be working in Ren'py, and the game will mostly be slice-of-life comedy and light romance.

>you're doomed!
We have two artists, a writer, a fairly simple coding language, and a clear goal.  I think our chances are pretty good, all things considered.
Although the old thread was up for more than a year, so our pace isn't exactly blazing.

>what do you have so far?
The most recent demo is for day 2: https://files.catbox.moe/gpye3i.zip
The most recent script is for day 3: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/TLnKbcZ9g+AdC+Lmt49dxoHY2hIz7C0EhmJOhl
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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pretty sure the ass was meant to be a photocopied image of it, so it should be more like a print of it, see pics related
Replies: >>145850
Looks like a melon when its shrunk to paper size in the pic
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Replies: >>145852 >>145857
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>that second one
I want one of those as my pillow

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Emulation Thread GO!
Whataya emulatin' dudes?
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>special needs instructions
That's complete BS but of course they would say that, then again the engine is there with or without OS drivers, that's kind of the point as far as I know.
But what I mean is more in the direction of software defined instructions or special modes that either supposedly to make something more secure or fast in a particular instance. I could see it since they have some crazy tech but they are probably overstating their case in order to justify arbitrary lockouts.
Replies: >>145831
Linux is for stupid people. I'll forever stick to w7 only.
The only "CPU drivers" I know of are the ones that communicate with and update the management engine.
Replies: >>145844
Windows has pluggable kernel drivers to handle all the power management and other proprietary shit in CPUs and chipsets that isn't covered by the amd64 specifications, so you don't technically need to release an update every time a new CPU or mobo comes out. Linux either leaves everything at default because if you're not a cloud jew you don't matter or keeps it in the main source tree because you're going to be rebuilding the world all the time anyway.

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What's this all about?
Fullderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokémon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokémon battling simulator.
To quote one of Showdown's mods...
>@MacChaeger: None of these people are youtubers
>@MacChaeger: They impersonate verlis to to gain notoriety and attract new members
>@MacChaeger: These people regularly trick others into getting locked
>@MacChaeger: this is the single most toxic group of players on PS

How does it work?
After the current champ calls "new champ", the first anon to claim the title is our champ. He uses the first six legal Pokémon suggested after his claim as his team. Champ can also call "new team" when the old one became stale (rule of thumb: 40-60 minutes). Champ plays in National Dex unless specified otherwise.
Absolutely no experience is necessary and everything is done in-browser.

1. Champ can't forfeit, intentionally throw a match, or timer stall.
2. Champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.
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I can't hang around if wagon's going to do this sort of thing unprovoked. So I'll be taking a break for while. Be seeing you.
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ended on a high note for once
What triggered admin to make xir switch on per post craptcha on /b/ ?
mods are pedos
looks like he spammed the votes on that poll

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Previous thread: https://archive.ph/RYFre

What do you think the new age of fighting games will look like?

The pandemic has fundamentally drawn a line between the older generation/community of fighting game players and the newer generation who started playing/getting serious during lockdowns and only know netplay as the default (of course, most of the previous generation was the same, but that's beside the point).  How do you think this will change the face of the FGC, such as it is, in the coming years?  I think the single most prominent change is that the crybullying faggot player archetype will become even more common in the FGC than it was before - people already got upset at offline events, but online events enable them to cultivate their own neuroses to a far higher degree without being forced to interact with other people.

On the bright side, I think (or would like to believe) that fighting game developers are aware that now more than ever, they need to ship a complete product.  People are generally pissed off paying for games with small rosters, no meaningful single player content, and multiple season passes of DLC planned.  Street Fighter 6 seems poised to remind people what's fun about SF, given that it seems not to be a rushed, half finished mess like SFV was, which is good.  Games from other developers like SNK (SamSho 2019, KoFXV), ArcSys (DBFZ, GBVS, GGStri
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>you can pirate the game and play online with other suckers who paid for the game
Can you? I didn't care about the game but I might as well try it.
Replies: >>145768 >>145788
look it up on cs.rin.ru and read the instructions carefully
Replies: >>145840
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ya i grabbed it off 1337x and its working just fine. playing a friend now
Replies: >>145840
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is dnf a special case for some reason or can all other fighting games connect with legit owners now using an online fix?

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After stuff like Petscop and I guess a resurgence of Sonic.exe/NES Godzilla it seems a fair bit of indie devs want to try their hand at this kind of "outwardly innocent looking game THAT'S ACTUALLY HAUNTED/HORROR SPOOKY WOOOO". This is a thread on these type of games if any anon has played/heard of anything and would like to talk about it.
I went through a few of them, on itch and steam, and a few through videos like Alpha Beta Gamer or ManlyBadassHero's channels but the one I want to bitch talk about is Andy's Apple Farm.

So andy is a really neat concept initially. You have this cutesy, "edutainment" looking game where you walk around and do simple minigames for your friends. You had a few neat "something's off" moments where a voice line is reversed and a sprite glitches out in a way that's believable  in the context of the game.
Unfortunately that's the end of any subtleties or nuances when it comes to the "horror" in a lot of these games, because they're very much Sonic.exe tier when it comes to the scares. 
See this is a game with a story and as such some idiot decided it's really scary for the game to completely break suspension of disbelieve and have dumb shit such as
>"cutscenes" in a completely different artistic style from the game itself. The pixel art style is different, the character design is completely different(instead of anthromorphized fruits and animals it's pixel art human beings) and the sound 
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Replies: >>145529 + 3 earlier
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It's wonderful everyday. It's too good compared to ddlc. Contains very deep western philosophical principles. If ddlc takes 4 hours to complete, this one is 69 hours to finish all the routes.
>>143836 (OP) 
There was that beta version of Mario that was mad recently that includes a ton of demo stuff and unsettling things. Its actually pretty interesting to try and map it out, there are like 4  hub rooms and sometimes you aren't sure you are in a different part of the castle. It was called BB3313. It was pretty
Replies: >>145826
>the star fountain is a tomb

Anyone else get some weird parallel universe shenanigans when running this hack under RA's mupen64plus-next core?
Some areas in the game suddenly cause the X coordinates of static meshes on a map (excluding things like doors, signs, coins, enemies etc.) to go in reverse once the camera reaches certain angles, this looks really fucky and on a few maps it makes navigation practically impossible as the "effect" is applied to most normal camera angles unlike on more navigable maps where it only occurs at certain angles and locations.

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It's funny that just when convenience such as larger storage capacity for discs and internet updates came along, videogames got worse.
Cartridges, CDs and early DVDs all had very limited storage. Developers back then had to really get deep into the consoles to try and fit everything they wanted. Games like RR4 and Crash Bandicoot still amaze me how good they look and how they still hold up today. Nowadays you can just drop your unoptimized piece of shit and don't care. Just compare GTA: San Andreas vs GTA IV.
Most games made today could easily fit into the original xbox if optimized well.
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Replies: >>137180 + 7 earlier
>>127606 (OP) 
Part of a larger trend where gatekeeping has been lost, allowing retards to invest every part of life instead of working a dead-end job like they deserve.
Replies: >>137218
Remember, its only bad when you ban the trolls and glowniggers according to most BO's. Astroturfing bastards.
The biggest limiting factor for video game quality are normalfags. 
Game was a niche market, which meant that you had to give your customers a reason to buy your game. Now that "gaming" is popular normalfags will buy it even if you give them a solid reason not to.
Replies: >>145817
adversity breeds creativity, anon
I didn't make this post, yet still (you) showing up. Sturgeon, your a worthless fucking coder. Kill yourself.

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General thread for video game footage editing and streaming. Ask questions, give advice, and share live streams ITT. Read the software list below first (all FOSS).
Previous threads:

>Video editors
- Shotcut: A great video editor with various effects and filters, suitable for beginners and pros alike. https://shotcut.org
- Kdenlive: Buggy video editor by the KDE guys. https://kdenlive.org
- Blender Video Editor: Part of Blender and utilizes its node system. Like Blender itself, a pain in the ass to use but supposedly powerful. https://www.blender.org

>Video recorders
- OBS: Record and/or stream anything on your screen, optimized for vidya. https://obsproject.com

>Command line tools
- ffmpeg: Swiss army knife of video manipulation, convert and trim videos among other features. Can record video and audio too but limited in that area. https://ffmpeg.org
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So how do i actually learn how to edit videos? I mean i have the editor but i dont really know how to use it. Any good tutorials on youtube?
Replies: >>145780 >>145782
I know for blender there is like "blender donut" tutorials. But is there anything like that for video editing?
Replies: >>145782
Search for "shotcut tutorial" and you'll find plenty of results, plus the editor itself is very easy to use without any external help at least when doing basic stuff.
Replies: >>145783
but im using davinci recode
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/

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[Hide] (28.8KB, 768x720)
[Hide] (24KB, 640x448)
Somewhere near the woods lies a gas station, neatly placed seemingly in the middle of nowhere; however, it is far from desolate. For there anons from all around gather inside a room. A room filled to the top with arcade machines. There, anons enjoy the evening drinking, calling each other faggot and just having a good old time.
>What is this?
Anons vote for some games and play them until they beat them or lose. Arcade games that don't take long to complete and reward skill. Once finished they post their score and see who did the best. They give others advice, share what they think of the game, call each other casuals, say which character they would fuck and more.
>How much time do I have to play?
One month or until winners are announced. New threads are posted at around 00:00 UTC-8 on the first Saturday of the month.
>How do I play them?
Read the text file posted with the OP.
>Where do I get them?
All ROMs here: https://pixeldrain.com/u/sR711YCT

>belt scroller by Capcom smashing together two incompatible film franchises
>murder some xenomorphs as a hot chick, a cyborg, or one of two Predators
>lots of neat variant aliens, with their own AI patterns and abilities 
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Go to bed, Eden.  I've heard this song and dance on /tg/ before; get new material.
Replies: >>145724
[Hide] (125KB, 1183x884)
Oh right, silly me. I forgot that Eden's retarded psyop to censor all anti-smugnigger discussion and debate worked.

Go fuck yourself, nigger cattle. You don't even play any of the games, as you confessed here: >>142841
Replies: >>145726
[Hide] (3MB, 1333x999)
fug, forgot to remove the redditspacing. To all non-nigger cattle, sorry for accidentally strengthening smugloli's imperviousness to all criticism.
Well, if the new OP doesn't want to post a poll for the new thread, I nominate Dynamite Deka/Die Hard Arcade. It seems to run okay in MAME, and has a Sega Ages release on PS2.
Replies: >>145769
I was waiting for it to be a week out, and realized it is now a week out.


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