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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

What a nice board!

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I'm replaying EDF2 on my vita latelly I'm trying to 100% it, I think it's duable thanks to it's low mission count but man Hardest is kicking my ass I got filtered hard at mission 44 or something and I can't get any good weapons thanks to this game low drop rate, but maybe I'm doing something wrong... and also
Sandlot showed us that all the classic classes are back with new looks but not much shown of any new abilities they have.
A new types of enemies called Android were shown and a new variant of Ants and spiders were also showen.
EDF3 and EDF4.1 will be released for the Nintendo Switch.
A leak of some Nvidia intel shows that EDF6 might come to PC sonner than most people think.
And EDF will have spot at the TGS show this year.
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Just the way that he plays is awful too, that's not the only thing that angers me about EDF videos, my biggest pet peeve is the shitty reddit statement that EDF is "so bad it's good", which is fucking wrong EDF has always been an objectively good game.
If anyone wants to watch good EDF content just watch the japanese one where you will see quality gameplay and some fantastic edits.
He's just bad. I got the same disgust from watching the wing diver video. It's not a coincidence that the air raider video is the shortest.
Did they give weird on PC release yet?
Replies: >>90353 >>91036
Not sure what you meant but the PC release isn't announced yet, but an Nvidia document got leaked and it listed EDF6 in geforce service, so hopefully it will come out soon.
Probably won't be announced until an english version is confirmed. EDF 5 didn't have PC until it came west. Even then it took half a year afterwards.

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Last thread reached its reply limit.
Talk away about the newest installment of Japans least favorite Nintendo IP. As well as previous Metroid titles. 
And other metroidvanias. Like Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow, the best Igavania. What's that? You're already blowing a blood vessel reading all these stupid terms?
Yeah, me too.I still love those boots.
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>The Thoha have some psychic control over the Metroids, so it's possible he also has some control over X.
That was my first attempt at an explanation as well, but I immediately realized it made no sense. The X and the Metroid have no actual genetic connection, so the Thoha control angle can't come into play. I can maybe see the X wanting to quell the Metroid in Samus, but SA-X's attack on the secret Metroid lab tells me they're not really open to the non-violent approach. I do lean to >>90619 's explanation, as there is a mental aspect to an X Infection, and a "spiritually awakened" individual like Quiet Robe could theoretically fight for brain control. That is however, fuck-ass lazy writing on its face, and makes less sense when you think about it. Quiet Robe was a fucking cooked chicken by the time the X were released, his brain had no way to fight back.

I will say, all in all, this has made me determined to search out a copy of Prime Trilogy for the Wii. Outside of Zero Mission, Other Abortion, and Samus Returns (GB & 3DS), Prime 3 is the only one I haven't touched. That and I need to see the revisions made to the lore from Prime. The Phazon/Leviathan angle was something they wrote without any idea of the end in mind, clearly.
Replies: >>90798 >>90813
Prime 3 was very underwhelming, don't go in expecting a masterpiece
>The X and the Metroid have no actual genetic connection
Given they feed directly on "energy"/souls rather than biomatter, it's difficult to say what ramifications genetics (or typically silly SF "genetics") might have on their relationship, especially since the one was created specifically to fight the other.
Just a question:
Am i the only one who thinks that the X-Parasites are way too overpowered lore-wise?
Like how there's no limit in how many bodies they can infect and how fast they float in the air and how quickly they reproduce, it's like that if the X were around before the Metroids they also would have been able to consume the fucking universe, it's even hard to believe that it's possible to contain them at all.
I remember playing Fusion and Adam saying at some point that SA-X multiplied and there were already more of them wandering inside the BSL and i thought to myself "Oh come on!"
I am curious to hear other anons' opinion about it.
Replies: >>91021
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Is this a bot?

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Server name: ZZZChan Party Boat
Password: whatisafish

<Shamelsessly copied from the last thread
>What is it?
An early access minecraft clone with an emphasis on crafting and survival. Inspired by terrafirmacraft.
Includes such awesome features as:
>Actually crafting things in front of you, breaking apart rocks, layering pottery, hammering ingots, etc.
>The ability to chisel any wood or stone block into any shape you can dream of. Chiseled works can also be duplicated.
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Next time it goes down consider adding
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Check 'em.
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Is anyone else having connection issues?
Replies: >>90997 >>91000
Same. Server seems unresponsive.
Replies: >>91000
Give it a few minutes, it's starting up again

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Post about games you've beaten or shit talk the ones you gave up on for good. 

I just beat Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It's mechanically superior to the first game simply by virtue of having a memo function, but everything else is way fucking worse. 
The prologue is good enough for a Layton game, it establishes what you're going to look for, namely the box and the murderer of your professor (the police thinks it's suicide but your first puzzle is to prove there's no way it could've been). It starts with the cardinal sin of having a forced tutorial in a sequel that plays the exact same but I can overlook that as it was rather short. Puzzles at this stage are about what you'd expect, but then
>on the train you get the hamster puzzle, one that you need to get pieces for throughout the game, except you don't even need to do that because you can easily beat it with an incomplete set making it more of a minigame than an actual puzzle 
>then there's the tea "puzzle", the fucking tea "puzzle". Not only do characters tell you the exact solution but 90% of characters want the exact same item combined with the starter items, so you're reliant on a single puzzle to unlock all the tea shit
>puzzles actually get easier after the prologue and, while 5% are bullshit because of shit explanations, 95% are a fucking joke compared to the puzzles in the previous game 
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Just beat Tribunal, meaning I'm effectively done with Morrowind. Tribunal sucks, I shouldn't have left it for last. 
Morrowind is an old game made by a dying company so it clearly lacks polish, but what is there is really good. I wouldn't say I can understand why the fans would dislike Oblivion and Skyrim , rather I can't understand how they aren't more upset at those games for removing everything that made Morrowind fun. 
You have a lot of freedom to fuck around with magic stuff, the teleport magics and illusion spells are extremely useful, and being able to and being able to either use speechcraft and call a guy the n-word and the f-word (N'wah and fetcher) repeatedly until he's upset, or just use magic to make him want to kill you, to then abuse self defense laws is really neat. 
The world and lore are really interesting and certainly worth Kirkbride's sanity. 
That said, quest choice being just choosing which quests to do, as opposed to choices within the quests, is something I'm not sure I like or not. I can understand why they wouldn't want fallout-tier choices but I'd still like the option to say different things to different NPCs, as opposed to your answer to the first NPC dictating your automatic response to the second NPC as quests are strict lines. 
I do have 3 things I actually disliked about the base game though, enchanting which I've already spammed the RPG thread about, melee combat, and directions. 
Also the soundtrack is kinda shit and I hate it when Caprice drowns out the Daedric princes voices, making them look like pussies, but that's understandable given the circumstances. 
>melee combat
Melee combat has directional attacks and normal and heavy attacks, different weapons have different ranges and different speeds. However, normal attacks are useless and the only reason you'd ever use them is because the game never teaches you that heavy attacks exist. Directional attacks include one objectively superior attack and two shit attacks, there's no reason to not toggle "best attack only"; the only exception are the last two weapons you get from the Tribunal quest, as they have two good directional attacks(slash with constant high damage, and chop with higher max damage but lower min damage), but they're the last two endgame weapons from the post-game content so you're probably already done with the game once you get them. Range is a neat idea but sucks because of the lack of polish. The single most detrimental thing to melee combat is that there is no difference between missing a swing when you're in range and missing a swing because you're out of range, nor any indication of whether you are in range, and that's not something you could guess without landing attacks as the animations visibly don't match the collision detection, so melee combat invariably devolves into walking into the opponent's face because that's the only way to be sure you can hit him. Magic and ranged are way better as you can clearly tell when you missed and when the enemy dodged/tanked the attack.
Directions are a mixed bag because there's good directions, bad directions, and straight up wrong directions. I like having to follow landmarks and figure out locations by myself, but it sucks that you can rarely ask people living close to your objective for directions unless asking them is part of the quest. There's a quest where you have to take a nord to a witch and he only says she's "northwest", but she's actually north-northwest. You can easily pass her but he'll just incorrectly state that "she's northwest" without giving you anything but those relative directions based on where you first met him. One quest asked me to go to Nchuleft, west of Vos, so I went west and kept going past the ashlands. I even tried going back and searching slightly north but I couldn't find it. Turns out it was west-southwest right before the ashlands, but the only information anyone would ever tell you is "it's west of Vos". It's not like the game only works in 4 cardinal directions, there are cases where you get directions based on landmarks and more precise cardinal directions. It would be way better if NPCs gave you relative directions, specially the ones close to your objectives and the ones you have to escort, and that could even done with a relatively quick script.
The main quest is generally good when it comes to directions and I really liked the main quest itself, I even went the intended path despite it being one of the most open questlines in the game. My only complaint is that Dagoth Ur was weak shit, which is made even worse when the world ending threat is weaker than any expansion boss, including the weakened form of the god that failed to kill him and a generic unarmored businessman. 
Tribunal was the first "expansion" and they let some low tier devs play a bigger part in it, which is why it really sucks. The castle feels really small despite being the largest city in the game, it's full of small corridors meaning NPCs often block the path and TCL is the only option. 
The story is really shit. You go there because the new king tried to kill you and there are rumors that he assassinated the last king, during some sidequests you learn that he's still trying to kill you just for shits and giggles, then you kill the goblin horde he's training in the sewers and that's it for the king. Even if you talk with him after ruining his goblin horde he just says "k cool, now go to the temple to advance the story". So you go to the temple to advance the story, do quests for the tribunal girl for the player to understand that she's bad, see the two shitty new enemies(robot dinossaur 1, and robot dinossaur 2, and no, not even dwemer robot, just generic "I just played deus ex" robot), then comes the worst quest in the game. 
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Replies: >>90835
> The single most detrimental thing to melee combat is that there is no difference between missing a swing when you're in range and missing a swing because you're out of range,

The enemy HP meter (added in patches and Tribunal) only appears if you miss because of a dice roll fail rather than being out of reach. Hardly a great solution though.

>My only complaint is that Dagoth Ur was weak shit
Funny enough, he was actually supposed to be weaker. There's a script that lowers his HP for every ash vampire you kill, but it's broken because the game can apply the HP drop if he hasn't been loaded. OpenMW has to hardcode an exception to this because the bugged script would be bugged even if it worked and outright kill Dagoth Ur by reducing his HP to zero with no minimum.

>I'm effectively done with Morrowind

You haven't played either of the two other expansions (the ones that are actually good for something more than added script functions): Tamriel Rebuilt and Skyrim: Home of the Nords. The area and quest design in these is often some of the best in Morrowind as a whole (not exagerating). I got 35 hours out of Home of the Nords, and the mainland has plenty of content as well (I recommend focusing on the southernmost implemented areas, as the more northern parts are undergoing an overhaul due to how its content is merely OK)
Grab Tamriel Data (the asset pack they both use)
Register the BSA (instructions differ slightly if you're using original engine or OpenMW) and grab both TR and HotN
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If I would recommend Hand of Fate it would be purely the soundtrack because it's by Jeff and Angela Van Dyck and it really evokes a lot of their earlier work when the Total War games had some decent music to them.
Here's the problem with Hand of Fate, the combat parts play like the Bamham games. In Hand of Fate 1 this is a problem because the game is very, VERY clunky and as such it's never enjoyable, either in combat or exploration besides maybe again the soundtrack and the dealer's voice. In Hand of Fate 2 this is much smoother and better implemented but then you hit the problem of it being bamham combat so it's ridiculously easy, twice so since no enemies will use any form of dangerous magic like they do in 1.
I'd like to recommend 2, but only up to a certain stage. Maybe drop it after 6 or 8 levels because then the game remembers it's supposed to challenge the player and the way they achieve that is having the later stages be very ultra specific gimmick stages where you're fucked if you didn't build your exploration deck a certain way(the one with the assassin requiring you to get loads of armor before you reach the end, any of the ones where you had to collect fucktons of gold before the end, and the one with Death and food that I dropped the game on) and also rely heavily on luck. The issue is that you're not just finishing these levels, you have to ace them in a certain fashion if you'd like to unl
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Shinobi_OST_(PS2)-_Transfiguration_[m8nDFPeSK0I].webm (u)
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I've finished Shinobi on the PS2. It's a pretty cool hack n slash that does something I haven't seen in a lot of 3D games, which is meshing combat and platforming simultaneously in encounters. I think it does this with mixed success across the game.
The big mechanic of shinobi is that you have a magic sword that powers up the more you kill with it. You get enemies spawning in small waves per room with orbs holding moonrunes on the top right of the hud telling you how many enemies are currently there, and the puzzle is picking your targets in a way that you'll be able to charge up the sword and kill all enemies before the charge dissipates and you're back to regular sword damage. It's a really cool gimmick and I especially like the depth it gives bosses, however it's a bit annoying in a couple of ways
>You can lock on, but not switch targets.
>Hitboxes are bit finnicky in the game. Sometimes attacks that should hit don't. Sometimes an enemy's hurtbox still exists even after they've swung and are in their recovery animation. It's annoying and it makes losing weapon charge feel like bullshit.
>Locking on changes your movement from the fast sprinting you're doing to a very slow "ready sword in sheath" stance where you slowly inch your way towards an enemy. Locking on also dashes towards an opponent, but only does so vertically if you were in the air to begin with which gets annoying
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On the topic of Bethesda games, is there a retard guide for cleaning references? Is it anymore complicated than just trying to load all mods and esms that are likely to interact and ensuring the references you prefer override their conflicts?

tfw_no_cute_loli_to_play_vydia_with_2.jpg (u)
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h-halloween.jpg (u)
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86f59ecd9432996d1ecab5ac8702f9896fbea86915c66e5d3ba642bad4634c97.png (u)
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1452042353947.png (u)
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Doing it again bitch. OP of the previous thread, please repost those PSM covers, they were pretty nice even if some of them remind me of those "how to draw manga" books.
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>Last pic
How does that gun even work?
Replies: >>90967
__dana_ys_and_1_more_drawn_by_kenshin187__427491f0ffa5e50cb25c39a41a67105a.jpg (u)
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__dana_ys_and_1_more_drawn_by_nia_leafunia__c76810e3d89e4d3b1bd57c11e09206ba.png (u)
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__dana_ys_and_1_more_drawn_by_oto_falcom__3215b03b24180c5d8b5128ab114df00f.jpg (u)
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__dana_ys_and_1_more_drawn_by_shinokawa7__1154c627f757e92c70f6598f897beb25.png (u)
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__dana_ys_and_1_more_drawn_by_yashiro_silver_will__ef3458c27f9e06cf0dc9e3fe6c5fe382.jpg (u)
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Dana was too good for this world.
Hatred of furfags runs deep.
It looks like a machine gun with a grenade launcher attachment.
Replies: >>90968
>It looks like a machine gun with a grenade launcher attachment.
After taking a better look, it looks like one.
You cannot get along with the mentally retarded, especially if it's a furfag. You should know this anon.

97f2ae53fd3b7d5ef62bda9fbe4bb424583a9a758ef7c8299dc22b0e9770c223.jpg (u)
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f13d2986ac11ccdec1d7ee4751619add01ffc2e97ab2cac5cdd195cdbcd1735a.jpg (u)
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7907b87441c40e44a490c267124ee565aa9d6f8c7d55f2d92466d1e3e70d2796.jpg (u)
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Why are most GTA clones so shit?
Why was max payne so good?
Why is there so much QTEs in TPS games?
Why was RE6 so shit compared to 4 and 5?
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1 pretty heavy into trial and error, but It's still a masterpiece.
Dream sequences aren't as bad as you're making them out to be and Max Payne 2, while even better, simply iterated on what Max Payne 1 created.
>and the dream sequences are one of the worst parts of any video game ever made.  This game was not designed for platforming and definitely not designed to balance on a thin red line while navigating a maze.
While I hardly think they're great you have to be an utter retard not to be able to handle a little bit of basic platforming like that. And only a retard would get lost too since you're obviously supposed to be tracking the audio to its source. I suppose if you played it on a console I could see it being worse for two reasons: firstly while controllers tend to be easier for platforming overall the more precise platforming needed to land on a thin line is simpler with the mouse and keyboard and secondly locating the direction to go by sound would be harder without headphones but then that's what you get for using an inferior platform.
Replies: >>90928
Oh and playing the game on a modern system can fuck with the physics if you go over 60fps which also changes how far you jump or roll. But anyone who's still dumb enough not to take the two minutes to check pcgamingwiki before playing old games still counts as a retard.
so glad I still have my original GTA trilogy disc
now I wish I hadn't sold my PS2 San Andreas disc, but that game shouldn't be too hard to pirate
This is going to be a disaster, I can't wait to see a full list of things they censored for the "Modern Audience"
Replies: >>90970
You can fix the digital versions as well thankfully.
3 is intact, Vice City needs to restore some tracks but the reverse engineered copy fixes that and San Andreas only needs to downgrade to a previous version.

foyah_emblem.jpg (u)
[Hide] (336.4KB, 1638x734)
__eirika_and_ephraim_fire_emblem_and_2_more_drawn_by_misato_hao__9bd28619a2d81d5fe1aaa81af4a0c759.jpg (u)
[Hide] (366KB, 1761x2048)

>What is it?
Play Fire Emblem 6: Binding Blade, Fire Emblem 7 Hard Mode and various randomizer mods, "The Sacred Trilogy" (skills rebalance) from previous misadventures, FE7 Chaos mode (hyper cancer warning) and Advance Wars 2 over netplay are also present. Work with anons to get as far as possible into the story by using one unit per anon.
>When is it?


>1. Download mednafen with roms:
>2. Unpack, drag rom of choice over mednafen.exe to launch it with that
>3. Press ALT+SHIFT+1 to set up the controls. There can be two buttons assigned to one input. Use the same button for first and second prompt if only one is desired. Try not to assign "t" and "Enter" to anything.
>4. Press t to open a chat menu, type in /connect and press enter. To rename yourself, use /nick [NAME]. To activate controls, use /dupe 1 .
>5. Play the game

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So wait you are playing xcom now? Why not make for its own thread? I'm not complaining, just wondering.
Replies: >>90945 >>90948
I allow it
Replies: >>90948
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Its been a month wake up anon
I thought you died
Replies: >>90950 >>90952
me too w
>Its been a month wake up anon
I just noticed it now.

wii_games.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (6.2MB, 320x240, 02:34)
Last thread hit reply limit.

Anyway, I've been thinking of getting a 3ds for artfaggotry with Flipnote Studio and for playing some 3ds/ds games as wall as emulators, are there any differences between the different models that I should consider?
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Just go to your fetish board and get over it.
Replies: >>90859
SV_-_Hungarian_Kingdom_1_eng_(1).png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1359x1430)
>I can't talk about vidya, because I need to be on specific board.
Here you have a funny map for that high IQ move.
Replies: >>90861
You haven't uttered a word about video games yet, you only were crying about me bullying you for your shit taste. Cool image, though.
Replies: >>90871
sv_new_yugoslavia_eng.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1359x1430)
Hearts_of_Iron_IV_Screenshot_2020.11.11_-_15.25.24.83.png (u)
[Hide] (5.9MB, 3840x2160)
Hearts_of_Iron_IV_Screenshot_2020.11.11_-_15.25.28.92.png (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 3840x2160)
But you've literally said to return to my fetish board
>Cool image, though.
Alright, it's a hoi4 mod made by russians some are right wing some are tankies, but it doesn't feel like a leftyfag or libtard propaganda
Replies: >>90873
But it's sadly only in development.

Chinese_Fullderp_Squilliam.png (u)
[Hide] (555.7KB, 640x640)
What's this all about?
Fullderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokémon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokémon battling simulator.
To quote one of Showdown's mods...
>@MacChaeger: None of these people are youtubers
>@MacChaeger: They impersonate verlis to to gain notoriety and attract new members
>@MacChaeger: These people regularly trick others into getting locked
>@MacChaeger: this is the single most toxic group of players on PS

How does it work?
After the current champ calls "new champ", the first anon to claim the title is our champ. He uses the first six legal Pokémon suggested after his claim as his team. Champ can also call "new team" when the old one became stale (rule of thumb: 40-60 minutes). Champ plays in National Dex unless specified otherwise.
Absolutely no experience is necessary and everything is done in-browser.

1. Champ can't forfeit, intentionally throw a match, or timer stall.
2. Champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.
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take anything with a move that boosts +3 or more (cotton guard, tail glow, bdrum)
take the spicy keychain
death egg
CRAB_leading_the_setup.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 768x712, 00:30)
You know what time it is. Time for a crab of your choosing
Replies: >>90796
b15988739a81abc769c5a9c69c91085624c7152b1f196cb1cb70e0023fcc2744.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 352x640, 00:42)
I don't have crabs, but I do have a similar video.

d2b4ecddc767562ccc8af9bbdecea2262c2b45c53ef5e26ff4f097deb8c3f344.jpg (u)
[Hide] (103.9KB, 1280x960)
0f1c0beb8821b4da69e6d222cfba8dd17d7cfddcb72868de34ddd8596d6a8d5d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (50KB, 474x676)
9ee8d15c133a2f612f6c9f64856e3f749544f1e6d57dd01109e6d582e87005f2.png (u)
[Hide] (268.3KB, 800x600)
4dc6c1f79339d9f0b463972fe603effe9ae2bcb7a5a466e431be18aa83d119c7.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (10.4MB, 1280x720, 04:43)
Played Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer. Start with rape. The game has the best and most imaginative NTR system I have ever seen in a video game. Not only is MC's sister gang-raped by all manners of men and who-men, his sister's soul is separated into 5 parts and each put inside a sextoy cyborg so each of the rapists can continue to humiliate MC. Other than that the game is a giant piece of shit. The mc, who has no cybernetics on his body all natty, has mastered the one of a kind martial art of emitting electromagnetic waves(emp) through his hand to destroy augmented cyborgs with inhuman power. It's fucking dumb and I don't recommend touching this garbage even with a stick. The entire visual novel is just yuno-san's excuse to write about mc being ntr-ed. 

Finished the first narcissus, its very cute. Sick girl, particularly the ones that are about to die, are so damn cute. Though I don't really like the ending, because mc didn't double suicide with her. I mean he's about to die anyway and they've just started to develop feeling for each other, so why not just go with her? Looks like blind of the new world, a gook visual novel, copy the visual aesthetic of this game. It's pretty bland, and the setting is completely unrealistic. 
I'm really looking forward to muramasa because muv luv disappointed me too much. I really want to like muv luv, I wish I could cry and scream playing that game but everything about it is just so retarded. Maybe this time I will finally be able to find a 
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So because you are a masochist?
meds > nords
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I had thought he was making a stupid halfchan joke. It's part of the unfunny "take your meds, schizo" joke.
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This is like saying niggers are better than the civilized.

It is just like the medcuck meme. So both of these retards are admitting they're from cuckoldchan.
Any visual novels with robot heroines I can make sweet love to?

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