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What a nice board!
Do you even lift? >>>/fit/

(4MB, 1680x1150)
(1.3MB, 1024x640)
(3.5MB, 1680x1050)

Kill shit decked out with all the cybernetics a man could wish for, become a decker and battle hackers in cyberspace.
>Wait what?
Dystopia is an objective-based cyberpunk source mod where you fight simultaneously in the real world and cyberspace.

Server will be online sometime tomorrow (Thursday) and will stay up until Monday morning or longer if still active.

Steam its free:
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Did AFF get updated post launch?
(5.9MB, 1024x768, 00:34)
(5.9MB, 1024x768, 01:16)
(7.8MB, 1024x768, 01:09)
(9.9MB, 1120x700, 00:36)
>No, from Eternal Silence.
I've got a few.
Replies: >>15948 >>15950
(3.9MB, 1024x768, 00:17)
(7.7MB, 1024x768, 00:38)
(2MB, 1280x720, 00:14)
(9.8MB, 1024x768, 01:16)
Replies: >>15950
(865.6KB, 480x272, 00:03)
nice, thanks
Replies: >>15954
(2.7MB, 1680x1056, 00:21)
Turns out I have an mp4 too.

(28.3KB, 480x360)
(5.6MB, 02:28)
Either because it kicked your ass, you got bored or because you are too retarded to beat it.
I mean, how many of you fucking casuals have even beaten Mike Tyson? or finished Contra or Castlevania?
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>Guns and unarmed
I meant melee/unarmed.
>giving a shit what people think of your tastes
(990.7KB, 1280x1440)
(110.6KB, 500x374)
>How are you fucking up your save files?
It happened only twice in total when I was lazy and retarded enough to lurk malware-rich web-resources without any protection. Just had to format and reinstall the OS a few times. Replaying some games after this wasn't a bad experience.
>Did you brick your hard drive or something?
The few times HDD problems had happened, I already had backups in other storages.

Just delete them all but leave the save files. 
Don't hold back.
If you will really want to play them, you'll re-download them later.
And the less games you will have on your battlestation, the less time you will spend on pondering on what to play.
What do you have to lose?
Replies: >>15949
(295.3KB, 600x600)
>Battle Block Theater
It is mostly the same stuff over and over again, but incrementally more complex, I can definitely see where you're coming from. Game could have easily been 2/3 in length and would have turned out better for it.
Ey, thanks man.

(39.2KB, 1024x1024)
(90KB, 1015x756)
(364.1KB, 1133x716)
(43KB, 640x480)
(395.4KB, 1301x871)
I was playing some CDDA using the aftershock mod but I think that is dead now. Which is a shame, CDDA wants to become more "grounded" and removed a lot of the futuristic stuff. Aftershock adds that stuff back in as well as some other removed content and some new like new classes and enemies. It even had the start of its own questline which was really cool, guess I'll see if anyone else picks it up. I wish there were more scifi roguelikes, I heard there was a mech one but I never found it. 
So what are you playing anon?
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(30.9KB, 640x360)
>Okay nigger, where's YOUR argument, huh?
>I need to simplify my arguments to dum dum words so he can understand too
>somehow I'm a nigger
my argument is: game is good
>Or are you just going to vomit a stream of kike bullshitting at me and pretend that it holds water?
the absolute state of this anon's ass. here's your stream of kike shit: game is good.
>it's not a roguelike

go back to the middle school arguing club, you fucking demented room temperature IQ gorilla nigger before you embarrass yourself again.
*see start of conversation
Roguelikes get a pass because its ASCII, you can only do so much without particle effects to spice things up.
The basic classic RPG formula though? So far I've never seen any other genre just straight up use the exact same system for damage calculations and even UI formatting as so called traditional RPGs. No border changes, the exact same menu positions, exact same portrait displays, virtually no new or different damage formulas it is always the same damage formulas copied line by line. I used to think it was RPG Maker but even old ass SNES games basically ripped off the sane things RPG Maker copied as its base.
(14.4KB, 404x304)
Holy shit I want this cold to fuck off.
Also more proficiencies to make me suffer.
Replies: >>15946
You have the bugperson flu anon.

(19.8KB, 220x219)
(143.6KB, 850x582)
Zchan is dead, long live zzzzzzzzzzchan edition

>#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net
>https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs
>Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources

>Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/
>Previous bread: https://archive.vn/MuWiF

Can't believe it's been 2 months and I just found out about this. Has anyone started making their own game during this time?
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(27.9KB, 430x430)
>think about for several days if I should bother using ZScript and foregoe the possibility of K8Vavoom support or not
>settle on ZScript instead 
After some fiddling around with ZScript I managed to convert a few actors to ZScript mainly the base class and the weapon class. There isn't any noticeable changes though I had to fix a few bugs that happened after the conversion. It fucking sucks because now it makes my mod now entirely dependent on Graf Doom, as I would like to see if after tons of bug fixes if K8Vavoom would run overall better or not. Still I have a older version of my mod that sort of runs under K8Vavoom so I can still check it out later when more engine progress has been made. Now it is going to take half a million year to figure out how ZScript works and taking advance of it so that I can have more complex features. Preferabbly I want to have only 1 selectable tank class, the player should be able to switch to a different tank model when he is certain check points (yet to decide to how its gonna work), so for example when the player made enough score he can switch to Leopard 1 HA (Heavy Armor) model. 
I hope learning a little bit of python will give me a better understanding how ZScript works.
Replies: >>15654
Zscript predates the jump to 3D so if you have any particular issues you can do a rollback and stick to that version exclusively. You'll have to prepackage that version's files but that isn't a big deal.
Replies: >>15655
My current issue at the moment is figuring out how to adapt the brutal doom tonk code which has also parts for pitch changes which my previous tank code lacked which I didn't have it yet because the version I took was before he added in the pitch changes. Right now its so fucking broken it doesn't work right, the chassis does not correctly pitch according to the sloped surface and I had even bugs where it went absolutely bonkers where it kept spinning indefinitely also the pitch values are sometimes xbox huge which are above 360 which I'm pretty sure that's way above the rotation transform. Here is my shitcode: 
Replies: >>15890
A day late this week but whatever, Last night was more trouble than worth posting that day. No screenshot either because nothing I've done this week is really worth showing.

Weekly Progress Report
-Finally got around to downloading inkscape and testing shading on it. My aim for this week is to draw a character and get a completed art piece out to you guys so I can show "yes, I can do art, and at the barest of minimums have it not be shit".
-Crushed the rest of the unformatted nametags in Nuclear Teagan.
-Crushed unformatted nametags in Glissando Arena.
Fugg, I managed to make it a bit less buggy so the tank pitch does change when its in sloped surface and moving over staircase, however I have absolutely no idea how to devise a formula that calculates how strong the pitch difference is from 0 to whatever height difference the collision box actor is to the chassis actor (which when this cbox actor is "active" it gives the player a item that triggers pitch changes), so in brutal doom the tank spawns on every frame 3 actors at the front and at the rear and 2 actors are using different spawning method that snaps the chassis back to pitch 0 (in brutal doom he just used different chassis frame to change pitch). By default the pitch is at 0. 
>I had even bugs where it went absolutely bonkers where it kept spinning indefinitely
It was mostly caused because I didn't managed to write a condition that snaps the pitch back to 0 which also had a calculation bug that I fixed.

(825.4KB, 500x203)

I've been emulating PS2 games, so i've been playing some DMC, Viewtiful Joe and RE4. Bretty comfy.
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Replies: >>15887 + 11 earlier
The actual gameplay is unsatisfying outside of VATS and becomes trivial at higher levels, but the setting, characters, and narrative are very engaging.  Meeting all the people in the Mojave and learning about their goals, fears, etc. has been a lot of fun.
(115.3KB, 243x432)
Spoiler File
(110.4KB, 690x1400)
With quarantine about to start again in my country, I decided to try the Disgaea series, starting with Afternoon of Darkness, the redux PSP release of the original.
So far I like everything about it, art, music, gameplay, writing. I got my ass handed by the first boss, good shit!
(322.9KB, 1920x1080)
(32.3KB, 264x352)
Started playing Anachronox, just delivered "the sock" to Eddie and it's alright so far. Playing this kinda reminds me of Planescape: Torment, which I should get back to it since my save file got fucked.
(4.9MB, 1000x550, 00:23)
(443.8KB, 1544x1376)
Resident Evil 4
Last time i played it was the PS2 version so it's been a while.I'm finishing the prision,i'm almost at the giant scorpion fight in the labirynth.There's a reason this game is the most popular in the franchise and i think it's the fact that the game is REALLY easy.Stuck at a bossfight? Just one shot the boss with a cheap rocket launcher, you died? nos the game becomes easier thanks to the dynamic difficulty.

   I really love the weapons animations, specially the first rifle and Red 9,i played the game with headphones and the sound design doesn't really hop up,you should just use the tv speaker.

SMT IV:Apocalypse
I'm only 8 hours in but the gameplay is so much better than IV, now your Jack Frost just can't use agi skills like any other demon, i think that's great balance wise, they also fixed the fusion system,better camera during exploration and just better attack animation response.The first two dungeons at least seemed like a huge improvement over the ones of the original, looking forward to explore other places.
   It's too early to speak about the story but Asahi is really retarded,she fucking saw her friends get brutally killed, his best friend come back to life and she goes on really happy go lucky with her life,what the fuck.Navarre seems to be the comic relief in this game and that blonde npc from some side quest joined for a dungeon and then went back to her usual life, i think that was
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(18.4KB, 256x283)
>>117 (OP) 
Playing Nioh, it's pretty cool, just what I expected Sekiro to be: A game in which you could use all sorts of weapons from feudal Japan and have a really cool looking Samurai dude with those really fucking cool armors they used to have. So far it's been a bit easier than Sekiro but the difficulty is fine really.

(263.9KB, 466x354)
(41.4KB, 300x425)
(712.4KB, 1280x720, 00:07)
(358.3KB, 911x2048)
(329.8KB, 1024x827)
We all love fighting and we all love games, so let's combine the two.

>What have you been playing recently?  Try any new games?
>Has your local scene collapsed due to corona-chan or do you still netplay?
>Who's your favourite fighting game character, either for aesthetics or gameplay?
>Are there any series you want to return from the dead?
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>I can't tell what you mean.
I meant: single player, offline games only. No online aspect, at all. Playing online against other people is not necessary nor desirable.
Replies: >>15779
Well, I can see that I've been assuming like a motherfucker. Pardon me. Glad my one-liner gave you a laugh, at least.
Thank you for spoonfeeding my sorry ass. But no local multiplayer either, then? Your life, your call, but then I can't understand why you'd care about fightan games, for reasons 4286b2 mentioned earlier.
(5.1MB, 1280x720, 00:28)
(31.2KB, 304x224)
(103.5KB, 800x450)
(55.8KB, 1076x759)
(69.7KB, 902x572)
SNK rebranding itself, again:
Replies: >>15860
>first video
what is this amateur shit? surely not official material, right?
Replies: >>15873
I wish.

(431KB, 863x762)
>everything today is multiplayer
>slap on some shallow multiplayer, endless grind, piecemeal rewards, get streamers to shill for it and the game becomes popular
>everything is a blatant hamsterwheel, no one even pretends anymore, not the owners of the wheels nor the hamsters
>gameplay is the lowest of low effort shit
>the only sense of accomplishment is grinding events and levels, "getting good" at the game is impossible since there are no skills to train, or the game can be played on autopilot
>biggest battles over retaining players and popularity
>endless multiplayer games "only" a couple of years old full of promise have all fallen to the wayside, and more games will share that fate
>there is an inflation of multiplayer games, but not enough players
>games have changed

This got me thinking, are there any truly good, modern single player games out there anymore? Ones that don't have any sort of tacked on multiplayer or aren't designed with multiplayer in mind? I guess what I want from a good single player experience is for it to be a self-contained environment; one that expects you to learn skills related to it and then push your skills and knowledge of the game 
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Meant for >>11721
>muh grafics
The fact you think it could be played with phone controls is so funny already I'm not going to bother.
Anon, I'm really sorry. I tried it and a few hours in it's pretty much XCOM but much more lenient because your guys are insanely powerful with like chain lightning and infinite AoE through walls attacks, have a decent chunk of HP and you don't get hit as much because of dodge masteries/block.
> They were more inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics.
Shit, that's all you had to say to buy me.
Play FF14 pretty regularly, but Butterlord is good as well. Multiplayer isn't even the focus.

I've heard Foxhole is good as well as Hades. Personally I've been enjoying Witch Hunt despite it being rough around the edges. Fairly decent for a single guy developing it.

(2.2MB, 1280x720)
(4.6MB, 1920x1080)
Just started playing Nioh and man it's fun, the movement is fast and fluid, the combat is fast-paced just the way I like it, and the load times between deaths is instant.
I just beat that thunder-cat boss, it wasn't bad you just gotta juggle between getting close and staying away.
>What type of weapon are you using ?
I'm using the spears for now, got one that has earth element to it.
>What build are you running ?
I'm not sure, I'm still new to this game, if anyone has guide for that sort of thing please share it.
>Which is the hardest boss for you ?
For now it's that fucking bat-lady, although she's hot, she's a fucking annoying bitch to fight.
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Is this game like Sekiro or do you have more freedom to build your character?
Replies: >>13472
There's a lot more variety than Sekiro with the different weapons, skills and equipment sets you can put together.
Replies: >>13473
Nice, that sounds great. Sekiro was actually a bit of a letdown when I realized you couldn't customize your character, maybe this is more like what I was expecting.
Replies: >>13542
Nioh 2 has good character customization but even the first Nioh has a large variety of outfits to choose from.
So I went back to Nioh 1 anyway and realized the depth of the endgame content. I've been having an easier time through the game with stuff that would frustrate me back in the day being much easier.
Spend 30 or so hours just collecting all the leftover bundles of hair.

(5.6KB, 240x160)
(5.6KB, 240x160)
I've started a solo run of FF5 with the custom classes hack. Bartz only.
I'm about to hit the Fire Crystal and I'm already level 21, about 75% of the time I've been going with the Blue Mage. At this point in the game, I've just picked up ????, which combos magnificently with Vampire. Because I'm a solo character, I've got a decent chunk of HP at my disposal and the early-game utility of blue magic is so important that I'm trying to get it ASAP to put on other characters. I've played this game enough to where it's too easy for me normally, but this is a pretty effective challenge. I'm allowing myself to freely change between any class since I'm not so crazy that I would want to do single-class runs.
The hardest roadblocks so far have been Karbalos, who annihilates most solo characters, and Shiva, who spams Blizzara every turn. 

Anyway, the hack gives you a lot to play around with, as you can see. The only command my Blue Mage normally has is Blue - the other 3 commands can be freely switched around, so I could have a mage with literally no way of physically attacking if I really wanted to. On top of this, what commands you assign also influences your end stats. Grind enough and you can basically do anything. Plus it makes the GBA classes actually usable in the regular game, even if they are a bit... strong. 

You DO play RPGs without a full party, right? I don't even care if it isn't a JRPG, just tell us about it.
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If you know every single pistol pickup and use the fresh weapon trick to get more ammo out of pickups you can't really do it unless you melee basically everything mid game because those mandatory mechs will fuck your ammo supply, and relying on melee only for every encounter is just about the most unfun way to play F.E.A.R (pretty much just learning the right pattern that exploits the AI and reset the checkpoint till the AI spawns in the right places, you can't wing it since you'll be out of health and medkits in no time)

You can't go no gun because some heavies / mechs are mandatory to kill and those don't take melee damage at all, also the 3 sentry just prior to the vault will never behave how you want them to and will kill you way too fast to consider running through, then there's the plethora of apparitions after the vault which will kill you if you try to melee them.
Replies: >>15456
Welp guess I won't be doing a no-gun run. Thanks for warning me, anon. Mechs completely slipped my mind. Can you even approach Heavies while tanking nail gun hits? I think there are at least 2 encouters in an open area with them.
Replies: >>15465
Doesn't the Assassin in DD get bonuses for playing without pawns? Given that Assassin is the most fun class anyway, that doesn't sound too bad. I couldn't do a solo run in a game like DD though - dealing with pawns is half the fun of the game. 
Anyway, FF2 is a game that's actually easier to solo than it is to play normally. It turns out that when you do everything with a single character in that game, you become overpowered within the first 30 minutes and never stop. It's like... anti-grinding, and the only way I've found to tolerate that game.
Replies: >>15568
Heavies have a melee attack that takes precedence over everything else in their AI and fairly slow reaction, so basically you rush and do the heavy melee dance (go near enough to trigger it, then back away to avoid it, timing is tight as fuck realtime but with slowmo it's fairly easy) while doing headshots, 15 pistol bullet is enough on extreme.
The Assassin gives an augment to playing solo and the typical Assassin playstyle complements running solo, but you can use the augment with any vocation once you unlock it. It works well with Mystic Knights to exploit that sweet perfect counter, and is a flat +20% damage boost to help out glass cannon builds of any flavor. In the original release, it was an insane +70% damage boost and was a part of several optimized Ur-dragon builds.

(75.3KB, 753x404)
WATCH AT https://cytu.be/r/twistedmania

Calypso is hosting a tournament for the most ruthless of fighters to fight for the chance to get a free wish. What ever could go wrong?

Weekly stream of Fire Pro Wrestling World where you can post in the thread to suggest a create-a-wresters/characters to fight the others. Consider it a spinoff of 8chanmania, where there may be lore or random shit drawn off that. Check catalogue for info thread for more definitely explanation.

-Need 16 fighters. Anything short of that and I'm just hand-picking some filler.
-Try to keep it /v/ or meme. Remember where you came from.
-When in doubt, dubs, trips and quads holds more nomination weight.
-If you don't want me to make the noms, give me a workshop link or an .editexp to use instead
-Also post suggested themes/BGM you want

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>Perhaps it would have benefited to wait a year or so
Naw man, personally spekaing the thing got boring after 10 or so streams, things becoming so overtly complex and autistic with retarded lore, and dozens of namefags didn't help either. What would help is something different and fresh, not the same all over.
Ive got about five more days before presurgery preparation begins anyways and I have no idea how the pain is actually going to be but dont want narcotics so this might be for the better in the first place
Also gives me time to figure less janky lore solutions
Replies: >>14982 >>15309
literal ass pain
>no idea how bad the pain is gonna be but I don't want narcotics
Being in too much pain is bad for your nerves, a little painkillers for when the wounds are fresh is necesarry to recover properly. I understand the stigma though, thats how a lot of people get hooked on opiods.
Replies: >>15552
Spoiler File
(70.7KB, 639x595)
what kind of pain? physical or emotional?

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