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What a nice board!
Do you even lift? >>>/fit/

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What are some games that are either aesthetically weird an unique?
As we know all AAA games and most indie games look the same. Cinematic shit or pixelshit. What are some games that bring to the table a unique and often "weird" visual style. Lately I came upon these:

(formerly Juice World) is a happy place to fly around and smack things and drink juice. And explore things. And just, flip around doing stuff. The controls are rather unique and the aesthetics strange. It got a bunch of updates lately so consider giving it a try: https://fishlicka.itch.io/juice-galaxy

Yedoma Globula is a sandbox game where you explore vast procedural fractal landscapes.  Currently there are no goals and not much stuff in terms of gameplay. You can wander around on foot or in vehicle and discover some derelict ancent placeholder models. I fucking dare anons play this game alone in the dark: https://bananaft.itch.io/yedomaglobula
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Zeno Clash 1 suffered, I thought, from being nearly corridor-linear and also short. I don't think 2's open-worldness was GTA-like so much as it was just larger areas to move around in. Then again this was a decade or more ago and I could be remembering wrong. They're both fun enough and strange enough to be worth trying, I think. The second game got away from the feeling of uniqueness that every encounter had, though, but in exchange you did get to punch more furries.
I can overlook jank for aesthetics
Special mention to the original PSX Tomb Raider series. For the first few ones, typically the game progressed in an interesting way until you had shit like living flesh walls inside pyramids, floating islands made of Jade, a meteorite turning people into body horrors etc.
Wait, for real?
Only thing I can find is that he made a shirt design but not an y actual participation in the thing.
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This level.
Yoshi literally trips balls when consuming fuzzies.

(288.5KB, 1008x567)
If you dont know, cbc is the leaf version of the bbc (Canadian broadcast channel). I dont know why they are opening a mineman server, let alone having a woman run it, but If you guys wanna join for a bit of fun
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>implying that's a bad thing
They are like tomboys from what I read, and they don't even realize they're autistic.
Replies: >>13085
Do they realize that they are in an imminent rape situation when they accidentally touch my skin?
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(2.4MB, 1280x720, 00:22)
fuck off Delta
Probably not they prefer to hang out with boys.

(2KB, 224x59)
(103.4KB, 1046x1036)
(611.2KB, 1646x796)
(125.2KB, 1224x276)
(228.4KB, 1255x340)
All right faggots, it's time to fuck up retards in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and write lewd bar songs about skanks. InfernoMOO is a MUD(MOO) that was spun off of HellMOO, and if you've been around a while, you'd know that we've played a few times on old 8/v/. We have an established corporation, GONDO, so join and find out what the acronym is. If you haven't played a MUD before, download a client like Mudlet and use inferno.optiquest.org, port 7777 to connect. It's all command-driven play, so if you are some graphics-obsessed normalfag, this isn't for you. However, there's loads of stuff to do to keep your 'tism occupied, like kill clones, be a hitman, whore yourself out for money (and experience), piss off irradiated scavengers, hack other corporations, and get a cute big tiddy vamp gf. Hopefully a bit of new blood will get some of the GONDO oldfags back into the game as well, because the corp has seen better days.
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>being the first to attack means you get obliterated and everything you own is junked.
Yeah, that's gay. At least you can kill or pick people without too much issue in Inferno, only the SWAT team and McBain seem to be very deadly.
I've ben thinking about messing with evenia some mud engine that is open source. I wonder how interested anons would be in making one but it would take a little bit of know how.
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CircleMUD is also open, or at least available. Given that the old MUCKs and MOOs (did anyone ever use MUSE as multi-user shared experience or am I full of shit?) were supposed to be about collaborative creation I suppose it's not surprising. I actually whipped up a tiny little sample world using Circle a while back, just to sort of play with it. I don't remember how it turned out.
Replies: >>12715
It might be cool to mess around with. Assuming a faggot was good enough at coding then a pipeline could be set up for room creation and shit to have a /v/ made mud considering thats half your time you spend.
The engine being purely text means I'm using more of my internal cpu to render graphics and it ends up being exhausting.

(20.8KB, 220x318)
(120.3KB, 960x1320)
(1.3MB, 1366x768)
(1.1MB, 1366x768)

AI War: Fleet Command is a mix of RTS, grand strategy and tower defense that takes place in a space setting. The objective is to defeat two AI's by conquering their homeworlds and simultaneously trying to NOT DIE as both AI's attempt to flood your planets with massive enemy fleets.

>Why play it?
AI opponents have a shared difficulty score that affects how hard it rapes players - the more it has, the more ships will come to invade with every wave, the more advanced they'll be, etc. It can be adjusted by not destroying certain AI structures, not letting AI destroy some of your structures and planning out conquests. The way difficulty works makes it more of a puzzle than a normal RTS. 
This game has a massive amount of expansions, which increases it's replay value massively. The AI's adapt and can figure out ways to fuck up your designated chokepoint if players let it do so. It has numerous difficulty settings - everything below 7 is easymodo, 7 is average, 8 is challenging, 9 is very challenging and 10 is designed to be unwinnable. It also has different types related to it that can be set at the start of the game - Speed Racer AI's ship speed is cranked up, Fortress King has massive fuckoff fortresses on almost every planet, there are tons of those to choose from.
There are also Plots related to the contents of the game, such as Golems, Astro Trains et cetera. Just know that there is a lot of content to the game should it ever get too stale.

https://mega.nz/#!rlJ20DBb!A5p7GFBWqvidGuCQK1gT69z85CZc4huHhMEmteoETJ8 - main game (~300 mb)
https://mega.nz/#!zkgxTCpS!1DbQvpDlUPkHjQO0dEbzahnTpZ0AEDHRmAeBoEUL_B0 - dlc (~650 mb)
https://mega.nz/#!H4pmASDJ!WgucS8oK-Zi9RDJZYdJ6B5CyhNTXaomVphOfBoqigtk - main game
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Second game started; most of everything has been scouted. Thank you for playing, we resume tomorrow at the same time - 4 PM UTC.
game night over thanks for playing
Replies: >>13025
did you win?
(229.6KB, 1024x427)
>I missed yet another game night
Welp, I'll see if I can get on the next one.

(13.9KB, 250x208)







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(9.2KB, 798x112)
InfernoMOO, it's addictive.
Serial Experiments Lain
Our Lady Peace
Count Zero
Some chicken thing I ordered
A can of coffee because I'm lazy
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Monster Hunter GU
Random streams
PTSD Radio
had steak earlier
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(4.2MB, 270x188)
DMC5, LET  IT DIE and Insurgency.
Might listen to Genki Rockets some this weekend.
I forgot, probably yogurt and some fish.
Sparkling water.
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(140.1KB, 1280x720)
Resident Evil 4,i'm worried about the remake,it'll probably lack the b movie feel
Seasonal animu
Cooking chicken empanadas
Not tonight,my hit up a hooker tomorrow
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(388.6KB, 420x420)
anon pls

(1.3MB, 1259x706)
(676.9KB, 1251x668)
(1.1MB, 977x670)
(2.3MB, 1255x704)
(1.1MB, 1259x661)
No, I'm not joking - although I wish I were.

Smash Bros. thread, I guess?
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>please come to my imageboard anon
No thanks, Mark.
Replies: >>12857 >>12861
rent free
>Do you think the Nintendo Exec peering over glasses asking him to add Minecraft man was Iwata?
Given he was a good programmer and would have been more knowledgeable than Sakurai portrayed that man, no.
Replies: >>12888
Found you, Mark. Don't think you can double espionage your way out of this
True, Iwata did work on Melee. He would know this shit.

(275.5KB, 1002x1200)
It seems that Konami have released Metal Gear 1, Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 2 on GOG.


Who knows if these will have the same issues as the original PC ports, but at least they're not on Steam.
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>you are obsessed with these idiots
<If you noticed a pattern in things then you're obessed
>You live in a shithole that is the west
This doesn't make any sense, and the east has gay shit as well, so you're just being retarded.
>How often do you see artists from other countries parade about nigga (dont) matta and compare that number to the rest of its country?
Have you tried not speaking like you're not mentally retarded, also I have seen plenty of artists mainstream and non mainstream parade around pozzed shit, and social media is a prime example of that.
(45KB, 425x260)
>oy vey goy, you're just obsessed!
>these people don't exist, it's merely a figment of your imagination, goy!
Because people who do meaningfull jobs have shit to do with their life instead of obsessing about their genitalia, and have better uses for money than plastic surgery
Replies: >>11872
>have shit to do with their life instead of obsessing about their genitalia
You'd be suprised. 
>have better uses for money than plastic surgery
Who do you think comissions all that furry porn?
Nobody will port them because Konami Digital Entertainment currently consists of Winning Eleven and Metal Gear Survive Online Server Janitors.
Big Boss?
He invented Pepsi Nex, Mountain Dew and Doritos.

(10.9MB, 1920x1088, 00:14)
Serious Sam  4 coming out next week, let's talk about it and past games.
Some stuff has been leaked due to Croteam giving keys to Ruskies
-The game includes a skill tree similar to the VR games and a weapon upgrade system
-Some of the devs self inserted into the game
-MP4 related
>Favorite game
>Favorite weapon
>Favorite enemy we all know who's the worst
>Favorite level
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(10.2MB, 1280x720, 00:40)
Replies: >>12133
Man, wish it was real
Kleers aren't even that bad, those little frog niggers are way worse. Fuck any enemy from any game that is tiny and jumps a lot.
(243.7KB, 1920x1050)
Haven't sen an error like this in a while. Takes me back.
(242.4KB, 656x1079)
Cheeky update notes, what do you  yay or nay?
I've noticed a lot of indie devs keep using the steam game news/updates section as some sort of a personal blog with pictures of babies and dogs. What the fuck.

(153.8KB, 1920x1080)
(587.9KB, 1100x700)
(1.1MB, 1186x896)
(161.4KB, 1531x885)
What visual novels do you like? What genre?
Can you a murder mystery? Do you into titty or endless pain?
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(644.5KB, 1000x664)
where do you usually get old vns? i'm trying to find a workinf dl of Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na but the only torrent at nyaa is one uploaded by iggames
Replies: >>12532 >>12535
I usually just grab a torrent and hope it downloads. If it doesn't I go scouring through various search engine and forums in a desperate bid to find it.
If you dont mind it being in Japanese, Perfect Dark is the best place
Replies: >>12571
do in really need 40 gigs just to use this program?
(221.4KB, 640x360, 00:04)
>>1088 (OP) 
i'm playing worldend syndrome op,3 hours in and it seems interesting,is it worth it in the end or has an ass pull like higurashi?

(134.4KB, 751x1600)
What's the worst AI you've encountered in a game? I recently got done with Resident Evil 5 and Sheva made it more of a slog than it already was. It was bad enough having to babysit her more than Ashley, but she was pretty much useless in a fight.

>no shot placement 
>hoards grenades but never uses them
>uses herbs as soon as she grabs them
>wastes tons of ammo
>never helps fight certain enemies 

She's lucky I want to bongo her in the Congo else I would have uninstalled a while ago.
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Are you me? I finished it in almost one sitting.
Replies: >>12739
I enjoy that game too
Replies: >>12563
Gamenight when?
Are you madly in love with Ai-chan?
(170.4KB, 750x750)
(78.8KB, 700x700)
I forgot the image in last post.

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