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Playing moral police online isn't something adults should do because anyone with a fully developed brain realizes they're going to be called a retard and told to eat shit.
Everyone also hates fags who tell others that nip characters are shemales.
You're localizer tier, I bet you have a rainbow flag on your wall.
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>Everyone also hates fags who tell others that nip characters are shemales.
You're the anon who refused to admit vivian was a dude in the japanese version the last time this was brought up aren't you?
Replies: >>217507 >>217522
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Well I'm the one who dove into the ISO to get the correct answer the last time, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is the exact same fucking conversation all over again. It's in /msg/global.txt if you want to confirm it for yourself.
Here's the swf for that anon.
No, I'm not, but since we're clearly at the "smug anime girl reaction pic + autistic boogeymanning" part I'll just assume everything past this point is a waste of time. Feel free to clutch the sweaty pearls in my pants though faggot.

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Not to be confused with rougelike...


>The dragon hits you with 100 unsoakable dragon cock damage!
>you die like a retarded bitch again, shame about the rare loot lol
>try again retard?
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I wish there were more scifi rogue likes. Feels like CATA:DDA and maybe two others is all we got.
Recent Elona+ changelog


[Changes and additions]
In order to get players to challenge stronger enemies instead of grinding because they're not sure if they can win, items and gold are no longer dropped or lost when crawling up after death.
Permanent attribute loss due to death is also gone.
Fame will still decrease.
Anorexia will be cured and karma will increase if it is currently negative, so there might actually be a net benefit to dying sometimes.
However, throwing yourself at an enemy over and over again until you get your lucky win or so that you can get healed up isn't ideal either, so crawling up the first time will now give the D-Crest status ailment. If the player character crawls up when afflicted by this, attribute loss will occur, and the amount lost is greater than when dying in previous versions of the game.
This status ailment will go away when waking up after sleep, so play safe while you have it.
Attribute loss from dying in town board quest maps is also gone. These deaths are unaffected by D-Crest.
NB: Japanese version equivalent of "D-Crest" translates to "Mark of Death".

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At least Ano now recognizes that he turned this game into a grindy piece of shit and is taking steps to rectify. It's too bad that it's in the most retarded way possible, because he's Ano.
Replies: >>217492
I liked a lot of the new stuff in plus so it's a shame. GX is there as a bandaid though. I really should work on the 3rd continent but I have a new gunner I've made. Going with some different pets this time for flavor. Paralyzer and a hermit crab.
>development ground to a halt in typical Greenlight public alpha last year.
Thank god, it looks terrible.

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Check this game out. It looks like Klonoa/Mischief Makers but it's a Goemon game. In fact the PS1 has a ton of Goemon games that never left nippon. This one just got translated though.
I really like the style of PS1 games. I feel, though, that I haven't dived deep in the library as much as the N64 one. Do you know of any hidden gems that never get talked about?
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Mednafen to play at native res as the lord intended.
Was Alice in Cyberland made by time-traveling Anons?
It has many elements of the current age but degayed to make them palatable to audiences of the year 1996, balls to the wall no holds barred Yuri and a soundtrack that may as well be a manifestation of gondola long before the advent of 8chan.
Because I can't.
>Was going to buy this
>Bought Hype the Time Quest for PC instead
Worth it honestly
><???>" is the word with a kanji I don't know
You mean 痛い=いたい?
She says something like "If I cut it with a paper knife, it hurts and blood comes out, you know?"
し is a kind of "and" in this case, to list multiple things (but I think you'd need a し after 血が出ます to be grammarly correct).
よ is used when saying something the other person should know. "You know?" might be a bit too much, but without any context I have no better idea.

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Hey, this game is really fu-
>Have to sometimes swap characters to some blonde bitch (nice tits though) who has a completely different and worse moveset than ryus

The game is still great though, best hack and slasher I've played in a while. I'd hope to see this ball breaker to the end. How are the sequels? Are there other games that have as fast paced combat as ninja gaiden sigma?
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>-oomer faggotry
>trying this hard to disavow Revengeance just because kids(notice how much better this term works) infested it, instead of standing your ground
Go back to cuckchan, nigger.
Nioh is really good, but I think it's mechanical complexity puts it well beyond a normalfag's ability to grasp.
>I can't tell you how many got filtered by Monsoon or even Bladewolf because they demand the players to know how to Parry reliably.
The game designer must take credit for insufficiently teaching it. I fumbled my way into learning it through sheer confused anger but a properly made game would take the time to teach you the mechanics or at least have a comprehensive explanation of them in a manual of some kind, instead of switching them from "irrelevant" to "mandatory" at a moments notice.
<ur bad, got filtered lol
I beat the game, I don't know what more you could want from me.
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I only get fucked by the second giant robot because I keep forgetting you can block his attacks.

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I really like these type of games, I don't know how to describe them other than "full retard". 
Rather than submitting to the realism meme they go over the top in everything. The designs are retarded, the gameplay is frantic and retarded, the story is either retarded in itself or presented through retard lens, and it all just works somehow. 
It's a rare mix of developers caring more about fun than realism, having the mental problems to conceive a metaphorical ball of autism, and also having the technical skills to make the end product not a complete mess. 
Post and discuss full retard games.
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It is a good day to die.
sperm stays alive in the male body for a good 24 hours after death so it's not that surprising. that's why a psycho woman could kill her husband, shove a cattle prod up his ass and electrocute him to make him cum and get pregnant that way. there was an episode of law and order svu about this
I want to sniff Tomoko's sweaty, unwashed hair and panties.
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Kii-chan, get off the computer and go do whatever it is normalfag little girls do, this is a Tomoko-lover webzone.

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Latest releases:

If you want some obscure shitty VN post it and I might be able to give you a magnet for it from my massive accidental archive.
Post best girl in their respective "games".
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Are you implying completely gratuitous rape and cucking is better?
Replies: >>215199
What don't you like about it?
Any kind of cucking is shit, and if you enjoy it, do humanity a favor and neck yourself.
Was リマ•ザ•テゥルース gutted during development?
It feels as if a significant chunk of VN is missing between the end of the tank battle and the abrupt transition to the final arc.
>tfw you will never live in an/k/ap utopia where salvage trucks in the 'hood have AESA radars and APS

>MEGA being the gay
Easy, paste MEGA links into megadl on you're CLI you're not one of those windows users, are you and when it spergs about muh 5niggerbait download limit just dis and reconnect your router/change VPN serb and it should continue.
Replies: >>217357
They were probably just broke and had to make do

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Ok, niggers, post all your new or updated shit here. If you don't know what logo to use, consider using this or something similar. Thanks in advance for the contributions and definitely thank you for all the quality work done for the previous two boards, hopefully this is the last.
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Replies: >>214218
omfg u kil sturgeon u bastrd
are all these bells and whistles (banners and flags) really needed right now? feels like putting the horse before the cart to me. who is there to enjoy them?

check these
Replies: >>217317
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shut the fuck up and make a banner out of this gif I found

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Replies: >>217026 >>217032
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GOTY 2024
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>yep, its a wall

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'Sonic Superstars'
>October 17, 2023

'Super Mario Bros. Wonder'
>October 20, 2023

'Super Mario RPG remake'
>17 November 2023

All aboard the hype train
>Mario or Sonic? 
>SNES or Genesis? 
>Mario 64 or Sonic Adventure?
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Sonic Superstars looks cool. Too bad I've got no one to play it with.
Oh well, I'll still buy the deluxe edition that includes the loli Amy onahole.
Replies: >>216993
I've never been more tempted to post a bunch of soyjaks in my life and I fucking hate soyjaks.
SMBW is the kind of thing you'd see on the eshop back in the 2010s for 20 bucks, and the only reason that people are excited is because Mario actually does the box art pose when he jumps for once.
Sonic Superstars looks okay but the story of it's development has ties to the Mania crew fiasco, and just thinking about that makes me sick to my stomach. Fuck Sega.
i think that the sonic game is going to stink, it has that usual dimps quality you would see on sonic 4 episode 2 or sonic rush adventure.
as for mario wonder, it doesn't look like it does enough to differentiate itself rom the NSMB series for my liking and i hate that they turned yoshi into the retard mode. so if i had to choose, i would go with mario, mostly because of the mario rpg remake, which looks a bit bland on the UI side but otherwise seems faithful.
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I would like to play with you anon. Too bad I don'y pay for video games.

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Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a lot of the aspects of the game. Specifically the customization (gang style, house decor, car mods, etc), all the activities you can do (which makes the open world actually have a purpose and them being fun which was the icing on top), the way you conquer a territory and how that relates to the mainline story (unlike gta sa where it was pointless), and how you could choose between fighting styles and just how much they differ from each other. Good stuff aside, I think it's the inattention to detail and lack of quality that put me off from completing the game again. Specifically the world design (which honestly looks even more generic than a sims map), the audio which is muddied crap (even for an 2008 game), and driving mechanics that are very unsatisfying and terrible at times (specifically helis are the worst). Another example is how you pick up Shaundi, Carlos, and Pierce (which are not even sure if they even want to join the gang, it all depends on if the player character can impress them), are already flying Saints colors in the very beginning of the game. I don't think a remaster would be good enough to fix all the issues I have with the game, it would have to be a remake to make all the flaws go away.
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I heard Embracer was making all these acquisitions expecting an investment/bailout from Dubai and the jews shitcanned that, so now they're in a panic trying to cut fat. Expect more studios to get killed.
Replies: >>215182 >>215186
Probably Embracer just punished them for the nu-saints row fiasco, i have heard that embracer's ceo directly mentioned that game's failure during a shareholder meeting.
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Volition isn't even the first death
Replies: >>215192 >>216981
Isn't modern "THQ" a skinwalker? I don't remember seeing that studio but I'm going to guess they never did anything worth playing.
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>Volition isn't even the first death
Current Volition wasn't the same company that did Red Faction and the "good" Saints Row games, this Volition was turning like NaughtyDog did, so Embracer did the right thing to kill it before it turned into full Neil Kikemann.

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