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(Newest beta patch gets rid of the low quality arena crowds.)

What faction you playing?
What fiefs you holding?
What mods you running?

I haven't played in many months and since then I built a new PC and Proton patched the issues with this game on Linux once the patch hits main branch and mods are updated. Any mods one would recommend on top of the following?

>Realistic Weather
>Better Time
>Character Reload
>RTS Camera
>Better Smithing Continued
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>or start off with your own
I don't get why they make you do that either. I can start the game recruit some peasants and turn them into infantrymen with leather tunics and metal weapons magically by paying gold, but I can't just buy them a different kind of stick instead of the one that comes by default. I don't care if it's more expensive to cover getting a different weapon and training them in it, it's just ridiculous that I can't control my own troops.
Replies: >>184640
Help me bros. Sturgians got all their fiefs taken and I started my own faction when one of the taken cities rebelled. I also took another city and a castle from the faction that took them from the sturgians. Now the sturgians declared war on me and are running around with tiny ~20 men parties. Sometimes they somehow manage to accumulate parties of 80 and bunch up into an army. I have to babysit the fucking the fucking fiefs non-stop. I kicked so many of their asses and captured all the lord's multiple times over and they want ME to pay when making peace. 

tldr; how do you permanently wipe a faction after they lost all fiefs?
Replies: >>184603
Capture and kill leaders.
Replies: >>184610
The relationship penalty is fucked up. It will bring you to -100 with everyone
>I don't get why they make you do that either.
I meant you begin the game as a king or lord. You still can't directly change your troops equipment, but once you've established your first kingdom, you can then create your own custom troop and decide what gear they should have along with their stats.

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And other platform fighters/Smash clones, I guess.

I saw the trailer and some videos on the devs' twitter, and was initially intrigued until I saw that they weren't changing the control scheme.  So instead of something intuitive where the attacks are split up among different buttons and movement is controlled in a way that doesn't make your hands cramp, there is simply "the smash bros control scheme" where you need to use two analogue sticks and a bunch of shoulder buttons to have any hope of controlling your character.  That said, Rivals of Aether was a pretty neat Smash clone and I was optimistic for it at the start of its lifespan before it was consumed by esports merchandising and furfags.  Perhaps this one will turn out different.  Perhaps I'm just in denial.

The switch to 3D graphics and character models made me leery, but so far the characters and animations look decent to good.  There's some suspension of disbelief lost, but the first game had such atrociously low resolution sprites that almost anything would be an upgrade.  Some of the HUD elements were a single pixel wide.

Some of the mechanical changes shown so far:
- Replacing the parry with a traditional shield that can be broken.
- Replacing the up special > wall jump recovery loop with traditional ledge grabbing.  Not sure if two characters can grab the ledge at the same time.
- The addition of grabs, which seem standard except for the option of a special pummel that does something related to your character's mechanic instead of just doing a bit of damage.

More than anything, looking at what the devs have accomplished (led by Dan Fornace, who worked on Killer Instinct 2013 before going independent for RoA) has surprised me.  Apparently the setting for RoA has gotten spinoff comics, plushies, and entire games like the April Fool's parody VN Lovers of Aether, the mobile card game Creatures of Aether, and the upcoming dungeon crawler roguelite Dungeons of Aether.  Furry parody VN mobile card game dungeon crawler roguelite please help me I'm drowning in search engine keywords blargh

Despite the obvious furfag baggage, I generally like anthro/animal characters when they're done well, and I can tell that Dan Fornace does genuinely care about the game and its players; he seems to express that care through indie game guest characters/stages, esports tie-in colour palettes, and cosmetic pets that obstruct the visual clarity of a game, but I suppose that's his style.  At the very least, he clearly understands the value of modding and has integrated the PC version of the game with the Steam workshop to support custom stages and characters so players can put their very own donut steels into the game.  It's a shame that the player base for RoA mostly seems to be SSBM players who weren't quite good/dedicated enough to become tourneyfags in that game (which I can't exactly blame them for) and that it released in such a bare bones state that they were the only ones willing to give it a chance in the first place.  If there had been a bit more content or casual appeal at launch then I think RoA would have stood as a solid little indie game rather than "that smash clone with furries."

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Update: Panda released a statement saying that their CEO has been fired and they're setting up a committee to help people leave the organization or do something else within Panda if they want to stay.

Because the Smash World Tour was such a big event for VGBootCamp, and because so many locals are partnered with VGBC to stream and upload their matches, the entire future of the organization is in jeopardy if VGBC can no longer easily broadcast Smash Bros without being sued or C&D'd.  If VGBC actually folds, then the Smash community as a whole would effectively die; as funny as that sounds, I don't think VGBC themselves actually deserve it since they've always been committed to the games and the community, but of course they did drop Project M six or seven years ago to be more appealing to corporate Nintendo and look how much good that's doing them right now.

There have been statements from VGBC and a few other people involved but they don't amount to much besides "things are really strange and volatile right now," which anyone could surmise on his own.
Replies: >>178015
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>look how much good that's doing them right now.
Give them an inch, they'll take a yard. Give them a yard, they'll take the whole damn thing. Nothing of value is lost here.
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Just realized Project M only needs an SD card to work on any copy of Brawl without pirating.
Is it true it's much easier to L-cancel and wavedash in PM?
I know how to do them in Melee even if my inputs are not very reliable, but pivoting being carried from Brawl is a deal breaker considering pivots from Melee need to be one-frame inputs.
Replies: >>184566
>decide to give RoA another chance since I'm bored and looking for half an hour to kill
>reinstall it, bind my controls to something resembling functional
>it's a digital game, so I should be able to use a digital controller without an analogue stick, right?
>lol, that's not how we do it here in the land of Aether
>lol we still have tilts even though there are unused controller buttons
>lol there's no modifier button that lets you comfortably use the light attack, tilts, and dash attack on the same button'
>lol you can't use your custom controls in any single player mode, INCLUDING THE TUTORIAL
It never ceases to amaze me how so much hard work can go into a game like this only for it to lack basic common sense features after all this time.  Smash Bros at least has "legacy" as an excuse for its controls, but RoA is an obvious Smash clone so it should have done something to handle things better.
I don't know if it's "much" easier, but it's definitely easier.  I think there's a small buffer for things like that.  You could probably look it up on a wiki and get a more comprehensive answer.

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Remember to be thankful for your neps and always love them!
Thanksgiving is probably only a leanbox holiday so hopefully Vert cooked us up something nice to eat.

>What neps are ya nepping?
>Are you having fun?
>Favorite girls?
>Any cool nep-related shit you found?

Other IF/CH games are fine to talk about too, like Mary Skelter, Death's End Re;Quest, etc.

/nep/ (& IF/CH) Happenings and News

>There's a sale on the Iffy store right now
Good if you wanted shit from them. They do have some nice little acrylic standees for some of the ninja neps (personally I like green heart and white heart's standees, imo the others are pretty shit), a lot of things are on discount from LEs to SEs to merch. I highly recommend it if you can, though things are getting sold out quickly.
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God, I wish they hadn't fucking dug this hole they dug. I'm not hubristic enough to declare that "they could've made something out of this". I'm chasing ghosts on the walls here. Compile Heart screwed themselves over in a way they clearly didn't anticipate. Neptunia didn't follow the genuine pressures behind the console wars and couldn't emulate what actually happened. What's the next mainline game going to be about? Blanc fucking dying because the Wii U was a flop? They wrote themselves into that corner, and now there's no getting out of it in a way that's coherent, not that that's stopped them before.

Is "don't advance the plot, ever" an unreasonable option in the face of this? I don't know. The console wars basically don't even exist anymore. If you had to project Neptunia further along, you'd run into actual corporate politics, and I wouldn't even object to that. I'd love it if the series actually tried to play out the actual history as a comedy/drama, if they bothered to lay out enough ground rules to make the conflicts stick instead of being pointless melodramatic bullshit. I nearly had an aneurysm playing through VII over this. I am simultaneously too serious and not serious enough for this shit.

But if they did continue the plotline and the console wars parody, then Blanc should, logically, by their own statements, be dead or at least deposed. They've put too much weight on the CPUs as they exist to actually kill them off. Rom/Ram replace her as the Switch, mayb
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Replies: >>184488 >>184512
>The console wars basically don't even exist anymore.
They do in Japan. People act like children on 5ch over Nintendo/Sony. It's so strange to see these days, especially considering Playstation has all but abandoned Japan.
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I've been playing re;birth 1 on steam to pass the time. Too tired to write a real review, but bullet points:
>MAGES. bullying kurisutina sent me into a fit of giggles
>Filling up Nepedia by hand with level 3 drop rate isn't fun at all. Can't stop doing it
>Plutia breaks the earlygame, Vert eventually outshines her. Physical attacks against most bosses are weaker than magical
>Plutia is paid DLC. She has a CBT attack. No one minds.
>Compa is a mandatory deploy in most fights due to her heals. Managed to swap her out for Blanc for defense buffs; it somehow works better
>It's good fun so far

Don't kill off my cute girls in your head. If we were going off of IRL representations 100%, Neptune wouldn't exist in the first place because her console doesn't even exist.
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Has anyone managed to get their hands on Sisters V Sisters early, or the JP version? What's it like?
Replies: >>184538
[Hide] (1.6MB, 01:48)
No, but if I ever buy it, I'll post about it.

And here's multiplayer lobby theme from Blanc's game. I really liked it.

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Why all games are about killing, about murder?
Not just shooter games. Even "nice" and "friendly" medieval rpg and mmorpg, they are all about killing, killing humans and monsters. In rpg/mmorpg you do the same thing like in shooter games, you just kill with a sword instead of a gun.
Humans are psychopaths and they only have fun and pleasure from murder of innocent beings. We need to exterminate humans.

Holy shit just imagine someone playing mmorpg. The guy is basically looking at screen 11 hours and clicking on "monsters" to kill them, murder innocent beings. He murders thousands of them per day. That's how mentally sick humans are.

Why you only play murder games? And they most popular?
Any games without killing exist? puzzle games? sportsball?
95% of games are about murder and violence. What does it say about humans?
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Replies: >>184433 + 5 earlier
Humans are psychopathic monsters. Even human children,
Replies: >>184429
We need to kill humans. We need mass murders.
Spoiler File
(3.2MB, 1600x1200) Reverse
Only gay bullshit baby toys for children have muder. Actually artistic video games aren't all about killing.
[Hide] (1MB, 618x763) Reverse
>>183754 (OP) 
>Why all games are about killing, about murder?

Because games are realistic and about life, life is all about murder.
>hurrr but I, OP. and a huge pacishit faggot who wouldn't hurt a fly
No matter, someone will murder or bully you. Part of life.

Real life is like Rimworld. Don't matter if you live in a shithole where logic dictates you should work togeder to survive, you are still gonna get raided by humans. And them one of your own colonists will try to murder you because he was too bored.

On that subject, Overlord 2 and Raiders! Forsaken Earth are some of my favorite games. Care to guess what they are all about, OP?
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That's a nice Abrams tonk.

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Replies: >>184404 + 11 earlier
Happy birthday again anon. How weird is it I was just thinking about you and the webm and when your birthday was again
Your first mistake was caring what women think.
>>182440 (OP) 
Knowing how big of an asshole you are is the first step, the one who told me that i was constantly on the defensive was my father instead of my mother, i like to think that i managed to fix that about myself but i burned a lot of bridges with family members because of the piece of shit i used to be. And yeah, being a jackass just because you are anonymous is a big part of board culture that just promotes shitposting when someone puts some effort into something.

First step of everything is recognizing you are wrong, also the last step from many (women specially) that think they are special for having a shitty personality. Fix yourself.
>what really hurts the most is that i'll likely never talk with her again to tell her that everything she said was true and that i'm sorry, both for her and everyone else.
>i have her number, but to call her or text her would only make it worse.
Worse how? you are already feeling like shit contemplating moving to the other side of a continent so why not take this as the first step to try and do something about your negative tendencies and write her a heartfelt sorry. She might shrug it of but it can potentially lift a good amount from your shoulders because there is a massive difference in the mind between "you tried and it didn't work out" and "you didn't even try".
You don't often get this of an obvious way to patch up something from your past, take the opportunity

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Nitter censorship
The twitter proxy called Nitter allows the instance hosters to censor content. I've noticed it myself alot and it is confirmed by the developer on github. The bad thing is that it doesnt seem to happen with only german instances. I dont really take account into what instances i use but right now i just tested a french instance and it was censored aswell. The instance owner can choose to censor aswell? Its weird. "tweet not found" or "this user has posted no tweets" or "profile not found". So shitty when this is supposed to be a proxy service. 
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>game ban for not playing enough
I'm struggling to see what this accomplishes, even to supposedly combat bot.
Replies: >>184384
The only thing I could estimate it accomplishes is freeing up "resources" for people who are actually playing the game and presumably generating revenue for the company.  I cannot fathom how messy their server and database system must be to care about something like that, but that's the only reason that makes any kind of sense.

It could simply be they're just plain retarded.
Replies: >>184385 >>184390
[Hide] (142.5KB, 1080x1018) Reverse
>It could simply be they're just plain retarded.
Thats usually the case, just wondering if this is a rare exception.
A ban is reversible, so they're still keeping the same data. They could've just sent a notice that your account will be deleted, without any form of ban involved, and it would both trick some idiots into playing and save up resources as you mention. But instead they did this, with none of the benefits and a small shitstorm.
Maybe it getting in the news will attract some attention at least, but I doubt it'll bring much in the way of new player engagement.
Replies: >>184391
>I doubt it'll bring much in the way of new player engagement.
<play our game forever or get a bad boy mark on your account
Damn right it won't.

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I was playing vidya with my little brother and he showed me Roblox.
I tried out Arsenal, Room (old doom clone) and Sonic Speed Simulator and I enjoyed them enough I'm considering making an account myself to keep playing.
You ever tried this?
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im getting addicted to Arsenal, sorry anons.
Replies: >>184006 >>184011
did you try phantom forces?
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Fuck that noise, OG2006 Roblox players represent!
[Hide] (78.5KB, 431x656) Reverse
i never want to heard anything about that NIGGER, eric hartman, ever again
[Hide] (851.2KB, 1285x928) Reverse
I wish someone would make a standalone version of Fleets.

[Hide] (3.6MB, 1224x5976) Reverse
(You) are cordially invited to
A specially curated selection of video game movies will be played for your amusement. Some of them good, most of them bad, a handful so-bad-it's-good.
WHERE: https://cytu.be/r/vidyamovies/
WHEN: November 26 & November 27, 2022
Times are approximate and may be rounded up/down for convenience. Please arrive 10 minutes before the actual listed showtime. Each movie is followed by a 10 minute intermission.
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Replies: >>184319 + 3 earlier
Ignore him. He's the faggot that reposts threads between boards to cause drama.
Replies: >>184323
The movie nights were great and just what I needed being bedridden during flu season. Major props to OP for setting up zzzchan text formatting and coming up with them sweet emotes, don't forget to burn subtitles into all movies next time faggot.

The 8moe anon who posted his hand is very much white, he was just thirsting after the sandniggers in the chat and I bullied him into posting hand to prove he's white. Can't believe the other 8moe anons are now thirsting for it though lmao. he does have a nice hand I'll admit but I'm exclusively into goats :^)

>splash screen
<terms and conditions
Now that's a new low, even lower than 4cuck. Why does anyone even bother with that shithole?
>>174095 (OP) 
Next movie night. we watch Puss in Boots- a Shrek spin-off?
Replies: >>184322
I thought PiB was still in theaters?
Whatever happened to that guy? :^)

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Starfield got me thinking about space games. I've always thought that space-themed games are boring, there's nothing very interesting to me about floating in empty space with a space ship and shooting at other space ships that are floating in empty space, nor about exploring a planet made up of rocks no matter how space-like those rocks are.

There's nothing particularly interesting about exploring the kind of alien planets that are usually depicted. Aliens or their buildings aren't very interesting either, there's nothing relatable about structures made up of random scifi shapes, there's nothing very practical you can find from there except maybe some energy source or a new weapon. I just can't get into it.

If instead you make a grounded fantasy story that takes place on earth or similar civilized planet, the world becomes infinitely more interesting. The world can be filled with structures at various levels of technology and for people from various walks of life, you can find ruins and dungeons, hidden item stashes, puzzles and locks and treasure, the objects you find are more likely to be of value to you since they're from your home planet where your kind live in, even if you find a golden chalice you can surmise that it's valuable because you know exactly what it is, the people can be friends or foes and their troubles are relatable and understandable since they're people like you, you can put more focus on smaller things since the world is just one map.

Most of t
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Replies: >>171592 + 7 earlier
[Hide] (79.5KB, 600x600) Reverse
>>142492 (OP) 
>If instead you make a grounded fantasy story that takes place on earth or similar civilized planet, the world becomes infinitely more interesting.
That is because most sci-fi games with stories aren't hard sci-fi but space opera fantasy sci-fi, where there has to be everything added in, everybody can travel to distant stars, travel through the galaxy! Many aliens stuff stuff stuff! But everything is shallow. Just like open-world games that care about the square area size of their shitty map that is totally empty and boring.
If only somebody makes a game where it's only set in the inner Solar System at most, but prefered on Earth, Moon and maybe Mars + Venus as setting, with most attention given to fleshing out those parts of the maybe future world. Doesn't even have to be hard sci-fi, could be fantasy tech, but keeping the area simple is key. Our Solar System is gigantic. GIGANTIC. And it's also very empty inbetween celestial objects. Space that can be filled in with human-made stuff, rotating habitats, space station, whatever. Space sci-fi RPG just set on a big space station? It was done before on a small space station, why not go bigger? Why not TWO space stations. No, no, no, the player needs to travel the WHOLE Galaxy and just shitty fucking planets NOBODY CARES ABOUT WE NEED THE SAME THING THAT HAS BEEN DONE A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE BROOOOOOOO
Message too long. View the full text
Ever tried out Dorf Fortress, anon?

There needs to be more of this.
For me the most important thing is to have an interesting setting. Some crazy alien planets, derelict spaceships that have suffered from some eldritch calamity, maybe even some extra dimensional shenanigans. That's one of the few things I liked about Signalis. But just playing spesh truckers in the void or a randomly generated rock island with the possibility of running into pirates/space pigs? Nah. Perhaps it's just my dislike of sandbox games though.
Drachinifel loves it, so you're not totally alone.
I want a Star Trek: Lower Decks game in the style of Monkey Island

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[Hide] (88.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (29.5MB, 640x480, 04:04)
I've been meaning to make this thread for a while. I bought a joystick years ago but have never seriously used it. I've always wanted to try playing these with someone else, but a gamenight is not a suitable as there is a substantial learning curve. Therefore, I want to encourage a lot of participation in the thread and build up a group over the course of weeks.

Games I have played:
The best open-source flight sim, though rather janky in my opinion. Available on all platforms.

>Falcon 4.0
A dogfighting sim released over 20 years now, it remains the most accurate F-16 simulator to date thanks to a source code leak and the continued development of the BMS mod.  Mod is only available via torrent, which you can access if you join their forums. Windows only and I have not tested it in WINE. Available as Falcon Gold via GOG. BMS is available via torrent.

>Microsoft Flight Simulator
A longstanding classic series that is more suited for beginners. FS2020 is Windows and Xbox-only, but can probably be emulated with Wine. In any case, Flight Simulator X is considered to be a classic and easily pirate-able, but it requires some modding to improve realism like additional avionics. If you have any recommended mods or guides to improving FSX, please post them here. It's probably the best starting point for easing into things.

Message too long. View the full text
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Replies: >>181762
It's over, planes soon.
Replies: >>183116
[Hide] (163.7KB, 300x300) Reverse
I come back a defeated man. I really don't like updates like this, but I've had a number of issues with the computer that was supposed to be the server and I'm seriously questioning how much more money I put into the thing. I know that the motherboard has been damaged because I had to move my GPU down a PCI-e slot years ago. I don't know to what extent the thing is fucked, but it's been such a pain in the ass to get it working. 

I had an OS corruption, which I thought was my mistake, but then I had an SSD failure. I have a new one in, and I would really REALLY like to try to get this up next week before I have to commit my time to an IRL project starting in late January. I'm sorry about all of the delays. I wanna fucking fly.
Replies: >>184259
It's such a pity that clay pigeons server died some years ago. It was the best il-2 server.

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