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Let's talk about the pinnacle of dungeon crawlers.
Which game are you playing?
Party comp?
Favourite tracks?
I just started Etrian IV, runing a:
Just finished every quest before going to the second level of the first dungeon.
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What a joke, I'm glad I never wasted my time on that shit.
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I should make a party of prince shota and the rest of party members aras and proceed to self insert at the shota.
I dont like the colors or pictures for dancer in 4 which is a shame because that class looks really good.
Replies: >>49627
You can mod the portraits, i didn't liked the portraits of the first untold game so i used from untold 2.

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Welcome to the SS13 thread, the thread where we'll discuss SS14.

>Last known SS13 Stalker server IP
Different server based on STALKER, with mutants and anomalies all coded in.

>Server Status
All known public SS13 servers are screwed, just go play Stalker.
Unitystation has become unplayable due to the mysterious disappearance of its best server, potatostation. Admins on all servers are highly retarded, possibly even more than SS13 mods.
SS3D isn't playable as far as I know, but is serving as this thread's art. Monthly updates seem to have slowed down to crawl.
SS14 has drastically less content than Unitystation, but somehow gets more players.

And that's it for today's round up, see you next month.
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Whatever happened to the sperg who pushed most of the updates for 8ch's serb? I recall he kept on trying to convince people he had a twin that wasn't metagaming with him.
>doing anything right
There was PR, which removed any insulated gloves from map, but it was closed without merge - they instead went for the one, that gives penalty in using weapons when wearing insuls.
Replies: >>48486 >>49619
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Doesn't that fuck over the janitor when he tries to do his job, or is it just for poorly defined combat?
Replies: >>48501
Mainly, wearing insuls makes it so
>melee weapons deal less damage
>have a chance to slip from your hand
>ranged weapon projectiles now have a % chance to completely go sideways
Along other grievances that make no sense, considering Combat Gloves are now buyable from the still extremely broken and easy to manipulate Cargo system and provide the same protection as Insuls they used to be something only badmins would spawn for deathsquad or analogues and still have 80% armor resist against everything in the code for some reason.
Also I don't think janitor ever used insulated gloves, he has rubber shoes which are slip-proof but make him move slower when running, that's it.
Replies: >>49619
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There's a lot to discuss here. This isn't just a individual bad change, its influenced by millions of other things.

You'd think simply restricting access to gloves would solve it, right?
But in TGstation there's barely any arrests over illegal items unless its traitor items or you robbed the armory, and other than that its free for all. There's no cargonia since cargo getting guns is just expected.
Restricting access to gloves seems to be the rational decision, but its not possible. For example, if you moved all gloves to engineering then assistants would form a conga line to engineering, and then a few weeks later engineers would just be dropping the gloves into somewhere easy to access so engineering doesn't get broken into.

So they just make it awkward to use. Now there's a chance powergamers will forget to take their gloves off and die.

>But that's not a good solution
Its not. In fact, its the result of years of bad decisions.

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Columbine was 12 years ago and brought us many vidya related things.
Post your School Shooting video game related content.
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The entire video review is pretty solid.  It's by a channel called Running Shine, if you have a couple hours to spare watching someone pick apart a shitty game.
Replies: >>49642
Then leave retard
Christ, any charm in that game is absolutely trashed by the awful voice acting and questionable writing.
Replies: >>49714
What the fuck is it with /v/ and this game? It's the most pozzed and awful thing I've ever seen and people here still seem to think it had any potential.
>going without sex causes school shootings
And you know how much society denies this sort of thing to the point of foaming out of the mouth.

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Or you just don't bother? Do you still use your old PS2 or PSP? I recently upgraded my PC and mostly play and emulate everything on it, but I still sometimes play on my PS3. Mostly arcade and fightan games. Also some PS1 and PS2 stuff. I also have a Wii U lying around that someone gifted me and I use it to play some of the few exclusives the console has and wii games. I play some gravity rush and burnout dominator on my vita once in a while too. I was considering getting a switch and hack it but the joycons being fucking shit keep me away from doing so.
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Replies: >>49330 + 13 earlier
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why the fuck do niggers keep mentioning the psp 
as if the DS weren't already small enough and cramped your hands, and the screen is also smaller than the full size models, why the fuck would anyone downgrade to that shit instead of just playing on the a 1000-2000 or 3000?
psp go more like go fuck yourself.
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>>37958 (OP) 
Sorta. I keep my modded 3DS near my bedside. Been playing Project Mirai DX since I'm starved for rhythm game stuff. Have barely touched my PS2 at all since I only have like 2 games now. Feels like I just boot up Tekken Tag for the sake of nostalgia rather than to learn some combos. I don't even use my wii at all since it can't connec to the modem anymore and I think emulation is just easier.
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There was a time when I'd prioritized playing on original hardware and got really into retro games, especially Mega Drive and N64 since I grew up with those. As the years went by, though, and prices got worse where I live, I started learning how to love emulators as well. Got myself a huge dump of Mega Drive roms and I'm having a blast with them. There are still a few games I'd like to get the carts for, particularly Ristar and Shinobi 3, but the prices in my area simply don't justify the purchase. My other option is to get an everdrive, which frankly sounds cheaper in the long run.

I've also been playing some PS2 games ever since I installed OPL and figured out the network exploit. Works like a charm. I have a modchip but was sick of burning through blank DVDs. Unfortunately, I only have a tiny little CRT and a composite cable, so even if I used a modern screen to play the games I want, they would all look like shit. I'll probably get a component cable and see if that's better. They're not expensive here, at least. I'd get a better, bigger CRT but they are just hard to find these days and I lack the space. Besides, the one I have at least makes Mega Drive games look pretty good. Though it only has one speaker, so games with bombastic music like Streets of Rage 2 don't sound all that great.
Replies: >>49425
No wonder it's so damn hot just by touching it. But I do like the slim. Other than the model 2 Mega Drive, it probably has the slickest design I've ever seen for a console. It's so discreet, I sometimes forget it's sitting on my shelf. It is kind of noisy though, thanks to the heat. Even noisier than my PC and its really shitty fans. But it gets the job done. If only the USB port wasn't so dated, running games off an external hard drive would be feasible. Last time I tried doing that, though, my PS2 wouldn't even get to the boot up screen.
Replies: >>49425
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I don't mind burning DVDs since it forces you to think about what you actually want to spend time playing instead of just shitting most of the system catalog onto a big hard drive and never playing 90% of it. I didn't miss trying to figure out what went wrong after burning a coaster though.
It sounds like your slim needs some canned air or a repaste, or you're just a fucking pussy. The fastest bus on the PS2 is actually the Ethernet port, so look up FTP or whatever the equivalent of ps3netserv is.

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Hi, /v/ what kind of game should I make?
About game:
<Base gameplay should be possible to implement in two weeks
If it goes well, I'll work two more months on making more content and polishing. If that goes well I'll release it.
About me
>I can hardly do any art
I can steal art, and, probably, I can use tools like MagicaVoxel and BlockBench to produce low effort assets. Maybe, low quality pixelshit.
>I've done some unimpressive 2D games and one even less impressive 3D
>I'm pretty good with coding
So, /v/, what's your dream minigame?
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>discussion over something being made
>emitting opinions and reacting to shit other anons post
That's literally the same fucking thing until someone actually starts to do something, which isn't going to happen if /agdg/ is anything to go by.
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>and if I was a conspiracy theorist, an attempt to profit off of idea fags.
You have to have your head really far up your ass to think anyone would want your ideas. In an industry where people spend 10 years slaving away before any of their ideas can make it into the game. It has to be cope or something. You make profit by marketing to retarded kids. Why else do you think every AAA immediately abandons it's fanbase?

Statements like that are such a stark reminder of how delusional and out of touch this board is.
Replies: >>46342
If railing against wanton ideasguys is your idea of being delusional and out of touch then you are truly alien. He did preface the statement with the whole "conspiracy theorist" bit anyhow, that was meant to shield him from your ire. Irrespective of all that, Mr.Alien, you have great taste in images.
Prototype is coming together.
I'll fuck around with it for one more week and see is it worthwile to continue working on it.
Replies: >>49341
Howd this go anyway?

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Hunt: Showdown
Got some books on Christianity's expansion into Japan that look interesting. I initially learned about it through the Samurai Champloo artbook so it'd be interesting to delve into it.
Fish sandwich.
Sparkling ice, tea, water, coffee
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Replies: >>49260
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>Got some books on Christianity's expansion into Japan
I was looking into that shit a few months back when I was reading Bushido the Soul of Japan and found this book, just never got around to getting it.
>>49142 (OP) 
Been feeling a bit burned out recently, but I decided to go back to Oblivion to see if I can finally finish it. Had it on PS3 years ago, but thanks to a corrupted save file, quests glitching so I couldn't complete them and my PS3 dying, I ended up putting about 200+ hours into the game but never actually finishing it.
Watching the replay of my local football team. I know >sports, but I've been an Evertonian for as long as I can remember.
See above
Thought I'd give the Star Trek: Enterprise books a go seeing as they shitcanned the series after 4 seasons. Literally one chapter in and there a fag couple.
Had a big dinner, so nah.
Not feeling it today
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Way too late I suppose but whatever.
I've finally managed to get a good start in X4 Foundations going and will play a full campaign, the series and the music they've kept in parts since the first installment are pure nostalgia too, goo stuff all around.
Hour long videos of someone configuring neovim
The occasional podcast.
Trying to get back into reading my mathematics book and generally reading more, kinda dropped the ball on that a few months back.
Water and rum
Message too long. View the full text
WebLiero, pretty much the only "arena" game that I actually have fun in
Nothing really
Tally Hall
Made myself some nice chicken pot pie.
Hell naw

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Blade runner 2 never ever edition

Talk about clicking on things and solving puzzles.
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Replies: >>49151
[Hide] (2.8MB, 320x200, 01:43)
Return to Zork is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's so cheesy.
Replies: >>49232
>>49068 (OP) 
The only adventure game i ever finished was a pink panter one when i was like 7, sometimes the puzzle solutions don't make sense and i hate reading guides.
Replies: >>49232
Another World is the precursor to QTEs. You have to press the right key at the right time to match what the game wants and if you don't you get a game over. Sometimes the action is unclear. For example, at one point you have to run at an enemy and press down while running to perform a roll, pick up a gun and shoot him as his shot passes over you. The move never appears before (or after I think) that point. I spent a lot of time dying trying to figure out the puzzle when it was just a cinematic hidden QTE.
Another World is essentially a semi-interactive movie where you have to press the right keys at the right time to make it keep playing. It's really a shame with such a cool title and setting.
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This is a standard platformer, just like PoP. It would be more fitting in a (2D) platformers thread than a point-n-click thread.

>pink panther
One of these?
Speaking of childhood games, I just remembered the Freddi Fish series. I played the third game as a child once but never finished it, then a few years ago I found its disc and completed the game. It was fun

What the actual fuck... Let me get this straight, you made the old man drink to death, then set fire to his farts and blew the whole house? In a kids game?!
Replies: >>49248
Return to Zork is one of the many Zork adventure games (made by college students for college students), and the first graphical one. The puzzle is to get the drunkard to give you his keys without either of you passing out from drinking his moonshine. The third toast is where you need to ask for the keys; he passes out after the last toast. If you drink even one shot, you black out and wake up outside the house. Lighting the matches was probably something the devs threw in as a joke later in development.

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2 weeks ago, the vita turned 9 years old. A fun little handheld that didn't reach its full potential due to so many terrible decisions. Fortunately homebrew development is still very active and will only get better. So without further ado:
And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous thread: https://archive.fo/KCwVC
Previous previous thread: https://archive.fo/SQqGF
Other previous threads: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/guides/vitagen_prevthreads.txt

First-time buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6
Upcoming game releases: https://www.handheldplayers.com/upcoming-games/upcoming-ps-vita-games-2019/
Recent game releases: https://www.handheldplayers.com/released-games/released-ps-vita-games-2019/
Game list (filterable): http://retailgames.net/playstation-vita/complete-list/
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I wonder if that was all a publicity stunt to increase traffic to the old stores, and then seem like "they listened" by changing their mind.
Replies: >>48512 >>48771
That's really fucking smart if true
Replies: >>48774
Given this is kusony we're talking about, they probably just forgot about some contract they would be violating if they closed the stores this year. The real question is how long PSN is going to stick around, and if the private server fags will finally write a CFW plugin to replace it now that RPCS3 has proven it cam be done.
No, that is a common way of doing things like this. First they announce that they're doing something really shitty, and once people react to it negatively they announce that they're listening and on the consumer's side and will do something a little less shitty. They get to screw over customers and get positive attention at the same time because the typical idiot can't see through this.
Replies: >>48895
It's the oldest negotiation tactic in the book. Normalfags can see through it--they'll resent that sony tried to do it, they'll talk about it for a while, and then forget completely about it or dismiss it when sony makes the next thing that they want. It's not that they can't figure things out, it's that they don't care enough weighed against buying stuff that they think sony can give them.

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[Hide] (17.1KB, 1035x773)
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[Hide] (14.4KB, 760x1360)
Hello, my name is Vasily Kukushkin, I'm a Russian pixel artist. Sorry, blogpost incoming.

You may know me, I posted on 4cuck and 8kun about creating a NS game called "Der Sieg" about a year ago. It's a pixel art, top-down action rpg about the British Gestapo detective in the year of 1944, who fights against communist terrorists. The story takes place in London, which is occupied by Germany, since Reich is winning the war in game universe. Story revolves around investigation of an antifa terrorism in the city and slow progression of the main hero's values from just English patriotism to the White racialism, which should redpill the player. There is also some humour, a bit of romance and tragedy mixed in. The gameplay in idea should be something like a somewhat simplified fallout 1-2 game, with turn based combat, different weapons, which can be upgraded, a lot of redpills in the form of collectibles like alternative universe NS posters, musical records, newspapers and so on.

Der Sieg page on the Gab: 
gab dot com/Der_Sieg

I honestly tried to create the game in Gamemaker engine, several times with different approaches but since I have no programming skills, I failed. I've got to the point of having a working version with different enemies, working movement, weapons, music, menu, sounds and some settings, but basically all of it was done through video tutorials, so then I weren't able to move on. 

The year passed. Now I'm working on improving my drawing skills in order to draw "Der Sieg" in a form of a pixel art comic story, but the idea of a game still lives in me. It unironically would be faster to create a game, than to draw a comic in pixel art (and it would have a much better redpilling effect).

I have a complete story, a bunch of finished textures, ideas of game mechanics, thousands of sound effects, alternative universe ranging from 1940's to 1990's etc everything you need to create a game (or even a game series, because I have ideas for several stories set in different decades and in different countries, like 1960's America or 1980's Japan).

If anyone is interested in developing non-pozzed, redpilling anti-sjw game of a quality higher than "haha, nigger head goes BOOM" (Angry Goy was a good idea, IMHO, but it can be implemented  much better), please, contact to me on:
[email protected] dot com
Message too long. View the full text
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Thank you for your honest and detailed feedback, I appreciate that!

Okay, just don't type "SNEED" in the game then.
Replies: >>48757
On the upside, the music records and radio were a nice touch, and the background ambient was somehow reminiscent of original Fallout if not the fucking siren sounds weren't constantly interrupting it. The graphics are also not bad for an one-man job.
[Hide] (14.5KB, 320x247)
The glownigger game reads like it was written by a glownigger. What a surprise.
So how long until we make the front page of huffpo?
Replies: >>48777 >>48797
I mean he said he posted it on 4cuck originally so I think we're pretty safe
[Hide] (178.3KB, 1000x1001)
>no goy ! killing my commie golems and fellow chosenites IS NOT OK, even in vidya !1!! g-go play wolfenstien instead, like a good goy !

[Hide] (29.2MB, 640x480, 03:55)
Comfy winter edition

What have you been emulating recently? 
Anything you're looking for help in setting up an emulator?
Wondering what emulator to use to run your SNES games? Hint its not fucking ZSNES
Last edited by seagull
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Finally got around to setting up citra then was disappointed when Monster Hunter 3U ran like ass.
Replies: >>48625
[Hide] (95.1KB, 706x960)
blame citra devs
My Switch port of Generations Ultimate runs like butter on Ryujinx, while Citra ran like Stephen Hawkins when I threw 3U (or anything for that matter) at it.
Replies: >>48628
I might just go back to GU, not really in the mood to set up the Wii U emulator just to play 3U, I do have it downloaded on my 3DS anyways so its not a total loss on my part. Besides whats on the Wii U that you cant get on the Switch now?
Replies: >>48761 >>48763
>whats on the Wii U that you cant get on the Switch now?
Better question, is there anything on Switch that isn't a rerelease/update/port/remake/Madden-roster-update-tier "sequel"?
>whats on the Wii U that you cant get on the Switch now?
Xenoblade X and the uncensored version of TMS

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