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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

What a nice board!

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Who are your favorite lolis in videogames? Who would you take as your daughter or wife?
Mine are Yumi, Purin and Roll. Are there any recent videogames or mods with lolis? I only heard about Onirism but I haven't played it.
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2000_16.png (u)
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From people looking at cp and loli art and seeing similarities.
Replies: >>88181 >>88266
Have you been outside before? 3DPD kids do not look remotely similar.
Replies: >>88193
Are you bating me into posting cp and traced loli porn?
Replies: >>88270
Also junior idols and other such things
There is none though
>inb4 art drawn from reference to nude modelling
It's the same nude modelling as adults do, you've just got a selectively curated collection. Artists simply don't trace as much as people claim they do in general, they're just been trained to be very familiar drawing certain standard poses.
afaik it was specifically because rustle was breaking into western markets and tumblrettes thought that they could cancel him with a character assassination not realizing that this was at a time a significant portion of comic LO subscribers had legal collections of 3dpd cp.

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May flash rest in peace.
What emulators have you been using fags.
Also how am I supposed to get more crates in decision:medieval?
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Thanks anon, that really made my day.

This may be bait, but if you don't know, ZONE was a flash animator back in the early days of 4chan and /f/ that made really good hentai parodies. Like really good hentai animations, with characters on-model and everything.
Adobe is abusing DMCA to nuke flash player alternatives. 
Reminder to hoard everything.
Replies: >>88069 >>88196
Oy wey goyim you aren't supposed to have fun.
I love how JewS law allows you to maintain a license on a software you don't even maintain anymore
Replies: >>88198
Anon, software theft is like the rape of data, and extremely anti-semitic to companies. What if they want to reuse it again in 70 years?

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Last thread hit reply limit
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Meant to say
*as 05ff65 beautifully put
cfcb62ce5b4aa58df65abc504b11efb52c140afb82013808c96fab96bc7fb396.png (u)
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A very good summary of my works, though it is missing a few bits and pieces here and there. Most important thing missing is any refutation to the points I've made, I'm instead seeing a lot of ad hominem. Also, while I do post around the webring a lot, I can't be every boogeyman, every post you disagree with. 
One last thing I'll say is that /geimu/ is slow but at least it's consistent. zzz/v/ and other boards I've taken issue with have only decreased in users and PPH (except for when zzz/v/ has a once-a-month gamenight thread or a meta thread like this one), so who's the real winner here?
>so who's the real winner here?
Certainly not you lmao.
>or a meta thread like this one
This is not a meta thread.
Tony_Hulk_Pro_Skater.webm (u)
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just because you're a metafag, does not make this a meta thread
Does anybody have a handy guide or a real dumb ass tutorial on how to play Tony Hawk games? I cannot for the life of me figure out how it's supposed to be played. Is it about upgrading your skater, buying moves, what? I've already tried 1 and 2 and both times I've only ever gotten to stage 3 or something and got casual-filtered hard.

a63eb7a7f016676e121c086b20e391c9509d5340c69e278abd922dc3c9ff64a1.jpg (u)
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4d2166ae9a38edeeb9f1bbab2fcebba611ba8ea84260e3d212d7858fa91d00bc.png (u)
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Let's talk FPS!

What's the best retro FPS?
Any good new FPS?
Favourite FPS protagonist?
Whats the deal with FPS melee?
Best arena shooter?
Did Aim Down Sights kill FPS games?
Tactical FPS games!?
Immersive sim/stealth FPS like deus ex.
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Chinkshit with chibi-like characters.
Not touching it with a 8 foot pole, even if the mechanics happen to be sound.
fuck_off.jpg (u)
(14.1KB, 224x224)
your game is shit.
Last I tried it was a few months ago, so take this with a grain of salt.
It's very RNG-driven and also swingy, some runs you'll blast through everything and some other runs you'll die before the first boss: you have no real choice in the path you take (optional rooms are never worth skipping), almost no way to influence the hand you're dealt, and over-specialized builds are the only viable ones so you can get fucked over if you're given spread out skills.
>shitting on movement options
load_of_balogna.webm (u)
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I see the guy who doesn't like Roboquest posted the same webm in the Webm thread.
If you don't like the game, that's fine, but don't compare it to nuDoom because they are nothing alike.
Here are some key differences, mostly centered around things I hate about nuDoom:
>enemies don't force you to use a specific weapon or strategy
>2 weapons at a time, 3 if you pick an item for that at the start of your run, 1 if you pick a perk that empowers one weapon mid-game
>you don't have to stay mobile, staying back and sniping cunts is a viable strategy, but you still need to run around and pick up timed health/XP drops, except for one sniper which does it automatically as long as you're zoomed in
>no dash, only a slide
>4 classes with somewhat different perks
>no ammo restrictions, weapons auto reload while unequipped (it spoils you, I wish you could turn that off)
>melee doesn't use ammo

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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Let's talk about sequels that massively changed the tone or style of a series and whether it was justified or not.
Starting with a big example, Postal 1 and Postal 2.

Postal 1: Edgy game about depopulating towns with lead, shooting innocents and lawmen alike. Has some wicked sick loading screens for levels worthy of a horror game showing psychotic journal entries written by the protagonist and playing disturbing music (take a listen,
Also you shoot up an elementary school at the end, which was so edgy that they removed it from the remake.
Postal 2: Goofy game about doing crazy chores while being attacked by Al-Qaeda, soccer moms, gay rapist rednecks and vegan activists. A few of the items in your to-do list are: getting a doll of a nutsack man, getting an autograph from a heavily armed Gary Coleman and pissing on your dad's grave. Also you can whip your dick out and piss on people's faces and stick a gun in a cat's asshole.

Was it worth it? Hard to say. On one hand, Postal 2's hectic sandbox full of fuckery was an interesting evolution from a simple isometric shooter. On the other hand, the original was one of the edgiest and most controversial games ever made, the stuff of nightmare for concerned parents, and it's a shame to see it neutered into a silly joke.
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>start up Mega Man 11 recently
>intro cutscene is Light cockblocking Wily in university from some research because Wily's research was too dangerous or something
>meanwhile Light's research into "robots with independent thought" leads to reploids, mavericks, and the eventual extinction of humanity in X, Zero and ZX
Replies: >>88103
>it was probably related to much piracy
That would be pretty ironic, considering Epic started with the shareware model. The same principle that shareware uses to increase game sales also applies to piracy, ie. if you give people a taste of a game for free then they will maybe buy it and also act as word-of-mouth advertising.
Giving robots free will is way more dangerous than a gear shift, but it was Wily being a cunt and loading Zero with a virus that could affect X-derived robot brains that led to everything after the classic series.
Replies: >>88107
While thats technically true, X and the aftermath of his discovery would have still fucked the world.
X is simply something that shouldn't have been made because mass production of him is asking for it.
Not all mavericks came from a virus, and a proper replica of X was a genocidal brat who ran with his own interests.
Replies: >>88110
Not to mention the later X games(by X4) the reploids are marked as Mavericks but aren't actually infected by the maverick virus, at least not all of them.

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nuclear_take2.webm (u)
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MeirinVAlucky_nerds.mp3 (u)
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Previous thread >>67818
Current status: nuclear is done twice, 2 endings done, now aiming for the remaining endings.

>What is Uncommon Time?
It's a bad RPGMaker game made by a sexually-ambiguous girlboy that has been streamed bi-annually for the past six years now, usually once in December and again in the first(?) week of August. It has notoriously bad writing that is laughable at best and infuriating at worst.

>Why should I care?
It's a forced tradition that's guaranteed fun and typically generates a decent amount of content, already having at least three fan games, two rewrites plus mine, an alleged voice acted production, some fan fiction which is kind of gay, and a lot more art and macros that it deserves. That is, so long as it's streamed.
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Replies: >>87882 + 4 earlier
I've said no such thing, braindamage-kun.
Replies: >>85996
1623567931134.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>85996
How about this, we shall all play TNO together.
mikeross.png (u)
[Hide] (289.8KB, 441x411)
>while it can be fun is a terribly designed game on all levels.
Fuck you it's awesome. It's always been awesome, it's always gonna be awesome.
>>74326 (OP) 
Why does no one archive the files of a thread when archiving desu ka?

gundamop.webm (u)
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deep_fried_gundam.png (u)
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燃え上ガれ! 燃え上ガれ! 燃え上ガれ、 ガンダム!

Nip-exclusive arena combat game for the Dreamcast. Some other nips created a fork of flycast and a private server to play online with. Unlike almost every other Dreamcast game online play doesn't require you to forward ports, so we can play without fucking around with radmin/zerotier.
>wait, if it's from Japan won't my ping be fucking shit?
The battle servers are all on cloud VPS and the main server automatically picks the one with the best ping for all players.

Make sure to read the setup guide so you know how to navigate the menus, you can't learn Japanese but at least you can try to follow basic instructions. Everything is lobby based so once you figure out what buttons to hit it's join and go. The game won't actually let you start a lobby by yourself but if it all fucks up we can switch to regular flycast and Dreamcast Live instead. The Dreamcast Live connection guide is here, if you still can't figure out what to do after connecting to the lobby this might help:

>okay I'm in, how the fuck do I play
Run around, shoot Feddie/Zeek trash, it's not that hard guys. The setup guide tells you what the buttons do. If you're really struggling you can get a feel for the controls in アーケード mode.
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>>86946 (OP) 
It was fun while it lasted. I got on a few times yesterday but I didn't see anyone on so I got off.

Thanks OP
Thanks for hosting gaymnight OP
Couldn't attend yesterday sorry OP but would be up for playing a few matches every now and then not sure if we even played all the maps yet?
Replies: >>87854
04bc38581b9a9b53c9a301b75db766d190c925ee88bdfd309317ac898d67b881.gif (u)
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>>86946 (OP) 
I gotta ask a question regarding image 2 in the OP. Did an anon really deep fry his Gundam or did he just cut up a potato into a shape of a Gundam and deep fry it?
Replies: >>87854
gundamed.webm (u)
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sieg_zeon_faggots.jpeg (u)
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Thanks. I wasn't able to catch >>87380
so I don't know how other map shit happened, my initial guess was it was a secret setting, tied to lobby (retarded) or the jap community is autistic and Side 7 Interior is their Final Destination. I'd definitely be up for pick-up matches in the future, this was fun as fuck.
One the one hand, that would be a big fucking potato. On the other hand, the model is obviously too big to fit in the pot. I just saved the image from another board so I have no idea.
Replies: >>87877
jaburo_submarine_warfare.webm (u)
[Hide] (20.2MB, 1280x788, 01:52)
>tied to lobby (retarded)
Bingo, go Free Lobby >>87343 and map selection shows up before mechs. There were a bunch of others I never tried so theres probably even more to it.
>Side 7 Interior is their Final Destination
As far as I could see it was the only map that was limited to purely traditional Mobile Suits so thats probably why it was the default, all the other maps seemed to have some other kind of vehicle available like planes/spaceships/titans/submarineslmao

05_(1).jpg (u)
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Arthur_Morgan_holding_MAUSER_PISTOL_RDR2.png (u)
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Zombies_Ravenholm_cover.jpg (u)
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Do you have a favorite gun in a
Also Guns Thread.
Any guns in this thread are welcome, including non-realistic guns.
For me, i just love pistols.
I completely ignored every other guns in MGS3 and just went with the M1911A1. Already the best gun in the game.
>Mauser C96
Even though RDR2 was a western game, The Mauser was my favorite.
This pistol is truly a work of art.
>USP Match
Never get tired of this. I love using pistols in any FPS games.
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Serious Sam 2
Based. Don't let those potatoniggers and their slavaboo fanboys tell you otherwise. They're just mad that the cream of the crop of Eastern European videogames are Bethesda Tier "MODS WILL FIX IT" certified pure dogshit like STALKER.
bubbaaintgotnothingonthis.jpg (u)
[Hide] (201.2KB, 2014x1253)
Forgot my pic
Replies: >>87848 >>87868
Kill_cuckchanners.png (u)
[Hide] (345.5KB, 1200x1237)
Lol go lick your jewish masters boot.

a9369684e0e271fa607b4a180a69d0bf7068df6bfe9e34c7d832f9eb6ecac092.png (u)
[Hide] (784.4KB, 1183x898)
Do anons have good tutorials for creating maps, textures, sprites, music and tips on how to make fun maps?
I want to try and make one since I can't code hopefully yet.
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It's fun when you actually have something tangential to talk about for the subject in question. Merely asking won't get you answers and I hope I don't have to explain why.
Lazy Asshole.
Replies: >>87836
Talking about doom mapping, is srb2kart pod racing anon still alive? Did you ever continue working on the map?
That is untrue, I wear a shirt at all times when browsing internet.
Replies: >>87835
I don't like the way internet feels with a condom on and the thrill of typing nigger in front of the nsa makes it hotter.
Oh and you two are faggots. Dead board lamo

engrish_1.png (u)
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El-Shaddai-PC-settings.png (u)
[Hide] (114.6KB, 351x498)
engrish_2.png (u)
[Hide] (177.1KB, 634x538)
engrish_3.png (u)
[Hide] (90.1KB, 640x294)
load_times.png (u)
[Hide] (183.3KB, 638x616)
How was this weird-ass piece of shit back in the day? It feels strange, realizing that a Japanese action game based off the fucking Book of Enoch of all things came out years ago and somehow sold decently well. I've heard the gameplay was pretty weak and that the story was a mess, but it looks neat and it'd be especially cool if the port runs at higher framerates.
Anyhow, the PC port's out in a few hours and I fully expect this thing to be a fat fucking mess for a bit. Here's some shit I've found about the port and the turbospergs developing and promoting it:
>the port has an options menu that's both too barebones and way too technical for non-gamedevs
>zero keyboard and mouse support
>system requirements claim it's potato-friendly as shit
>wikipedia claims it uses fucking gamebryo
>steam page used to be entirely engrish
>really fucking good engrish at that (some of it is archived at
>the game's steam announcements admit they're using machine translation to be legible
>steam page links the game director's personal twitter as the game's official account
>one of the devs reads and responds to fucking EVERYTHING on the steam forums
>lets random autists online give them advice on shit like the game's price and offering the soundtrack in FLAC and 320kbps MP3
>and that fixing this might mean gutting and replacing the entire thing
>they may have been talked into a fucking Linux port by the steam forums
Message too long. View the full text
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>I'm 6 books away from finishing it all today
nigga how fast do you read?!
Replies: >>87749 >>87755
Having read a few 40k novels I'll say they're very easy to digest and read, especially if they're anything like the Ciaphas Cain books where you can skip entire repeats of jokes, anecdotes and summaries of previous events. I think the poor formatting of the books gave me more trouble than actually reading the books.
Taking the train to and from work allows me this time.
carlos.png (u)
[Hide] (137.6KB, 350x350)
>The encyclopedia was a reprint of the contemporary third edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica (published 1788–1797), although Dobson's Encyclopædia was a somewhat longer work in which a few articles were edited for a patriotic American audience.
You could say it was inflated.
Replies: >>87821
letdown.jpg (u)
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