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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

What a nice board!

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Back in my time, RTS were huge, one of the most popular genres on PC's, in the 2000's MMORPGS was also extremely popular and a landmark for its time, both but both genres look dead nowadays, Age of Empire 2 remastered helped a little bit to revive RTS, but majority of players are the same old people, in MMMORPGS the players are also people in their 30s playing for nostalgia only.
Why do modern generations of gamers seem to be incapable of liking these genres?
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>harvests organs from live prisoners
I wish that was real. I'd love to see that happen to kikes.
Bitch are you dumb enough to think niggers shouldn't be kicked out?
>The design is too complicated with every single faction having multiple unique mechanics
AOEO had the same shit and it was loved.
Replies: >>91099
19_Brain_Freeze_(Remastered).mp3 (u)
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21_Hell_March_(Remastered).mp3 (u)
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08_Bigfoot_(Remastered).mp3 (u)
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Reminder that Mental Omega version 3.3.6(apparently the final one) is releasing soon-ish.
Will we ever see a non-dogshit made for mobiles Command and Conquer again? Would any composer stack up to Klepacki or is he the best we and the series is ever going to get?
Replies: >>91087
>Will we ever see a non-dogshit made for mobiles Command and Conquer again? 
I've actually played an alright C&C styled mobile game, but that has an unlock system, but the campaign is alright, and the unlock system is bassically made for it. It's called Art of war 3.
You're right AoEO has more asymmetry than the first two games. To me AoEO still feels closer to AoE I and II than AoE III, in that learning one civ in AoEO mostly means you've learned them all, excluding differences from very specific bonuses. Many of the unique units are stat variants on the standard infantries, archers, cavalries, and siege weapons. Many of the unique buildings are like civ bonuses and unique techs rolled into one mechanic. Aside from tech trees, the differences between civs is when they can access their civ bonuses, unique techs, and their truly unique units that are not just a stat variant, which isn't 'that' much of a departure from AoE I and II, I feel.
But Persians and the Norse are definitely fully asymmetric civs, with the Persians' toggle techs, and the Norse's War Dogs, starting with two scouts, and infantry constructing military buildings. Stuff like aura buffs were supposed to be in AoE II from Monks with Relics. And Babylonian Ox Carts are like a civ bonus for free resource camps and faster moving Villagers.
AoE IV, from what I can see by its previews and watching early release streamers, feels more like it has AoE III amounts of asymmetry, in that from the ground up every civ is meant to play completely differently from one another as soon as the game starts. Maybe I'm wrong about this, because I haven't played it myself yet. But that's what it looks like to me so far.

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The hell is this?
Some anons in the Back 4 Blood thread were discussing their desire to play a better zombie game, and L4D2 came up, so here we are.  I wanted to make this thread so people could organize things properly.  This is my first time making one of these threads, so tell me if I missed something important.

When are we playing?
The only thing anons in the thread could agree on was this Friday, October 22nd, so I'm going to choose the arbitrary time of 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.  Argue/coordinate for another time if this doesn't work for you.

How do I play?
As of this writing, you'll need to have the game on Steam and use that.  Due to several factors (L4D2 being updated to use a new version of the Source VPK, the game generally being old and rickety, Russian Steam emulators being pains in the ass), there is currently not a way to play the game:
1) for free
2) with other people

The good news is that one anon has been diligently combing Russian forums to find a workable solution and he seems to be onto something.  Whether it'll be ready in time for this Friday is uncertain, however.

You want me to fucking BUY it?
Unfortunately, we seem to have no other option.  The good news is L4D2 is 11 years old and has routinely been on sale/given away for free, so there's a decent chance you already have it in your Steam library.  If that fails, ask in the thread and an anon with tenbux to spare might give you a key out of the goodness of his heart.
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kill yourself. Your post is shit and you should feel stupid for posting it.
Are you fags playing tonight?
I'm not.
iron_blood_ladies_bismarck_prinz_eugen_roon_friedrich_der_grosse._jpg.jpg (u)
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I wouldn't mind playing with you, if you're still available.
Replies: >>91071
If hostfags up for it, I wouldn't mind playing either.

2021-06-16-140601.png (u)
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2021-06-16-140658.png (u)
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What are you playing?
How was the last one you finished?
Are you looking forward to anything?
Did you make your reps on Anki to play that obscure jrpg?
"Girls" edition.
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>Or you could just use armor
armor cannot hit defense values as boosted unarmored
>and use some pre-enchanted item like the darksun shield for stamina
why would I use something that drains my magicka as a constant effect when I want to cast spells?
do you take off your source of constant stamina regeneration like a retard?
That's when I damage agility too for shits and giggles. 
>armor cannot hit defense values as boosted unarmored
Normal armor values are already good enough unless you're going against the most autistic enemies, and even then you could find better use for actual enchantments than just more defense. 
>why would I use something that drains my magicka as a constant effect when I want to cast spells?
Because it's drain CE. CE means it only affects you the instant you put it on, drain magicka means it only drains magicka and you could either just rest or use a potion to undo the effect, and it being a negative effect means a 1 second 100% resist magicka will counter the effect, which is what I usually do because I don't want the icon to be there all the time in case I get hit by an actual drain effect.
Replies: >>91047
Didn't you just start this game like 4 weeks ago? I guess you are simply an expert now lol
>((( (((anon))) ))) shills shitty current year jarpig and gets BTFO in the process
Based. I feel less bad about DQ12 being basically confirmed to be TLOU2: JRPG edition after this trashfire.
cec8e8710760b5d32d4909efe9c297213808da7f83488accc7eaec08603f74f8.png (u)
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I beat this game recently on normal.  Harder difficulties seem tedious, you can't really fight the tougher enemies more than one at a time reliably so you'd either have to level grind, try to lure them one by one, or do something like downstab and then run away repeatedly.

e8a4d28050811f5000a886b7c2193c5c7bd53afa3dfa8c8b2b0b7cc71b7fa33a.gif (u)
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“Final” Smash Kerfuffle 2 direct starts in half an hour. Any last minute predictions? 
Sora? Wright? Doom guy? WONDER RED EVERY THREAD?
Will the Waluigi marks finally shut the fuck up?
Will he say PSYKE one more season?
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>You could have just admitted you were talking about SDI
Are you retarded? There's only one kind of DI in S64 so if someone is talking about the DI in S64 it's pretty fucking clear what they're talking about. You can pretend not to know what I mean because it's been retroactively renamed for clarity in talking about later titles which include additional types of DI but that's on you for being a faggot. Not to mention I've mostly been talking about the total effect of (both kinds of) DI, rather than one part, which you would call DI, which meleefags call DI, and which everyone would be talking about when talking about DI in smash games (and was here when not explicitly otherwise).
>instead you want to be pedantic and use your own terms for everything just to shift the argument in your favor. Not to mention constantly moving the goal posts.
Nigger are you retarded? My central point was never addressed, what the fuck am I going to do to "shift the argument in my favor"? I'll repost both points from >>90369 since you clearly can't read.
>Having real animation canceling for aerials made neutral actually interesting and DI existing made strings something other than a cutscene.
You can always do something in S64 because universal defensive mechanics are ridiculously overtuned (though it might be impossible for humans to do (consistently) depending on the actual execution requirements).
>Melee's completely stripped DI that does nothing and total lack of tools to prevent getting hit when landing meant that it's yet another nu-game where as soon as someone is minus in their opponents effective range it turns into, at best, RPS to get back to neutral, more probably just a literal cutscene while one guy mashes.
Universal defensive mechanics in melee aren't good enough to do anything other than prevent certain setups, there's still an absolute ton of airtight strings that last forever and have no counterplay besides not getting hit.
>Now, COULD the opponent have escaped? Absolutely.
Which is more interesting than the alternative.
>I'm sure you could find the exact same thing in comparable melee combos too
Sure, there are fake combos in melee that get landed all the time too. The difference is that there are also real combos in melee and that's mostly what people use. Since you love to bring up 'muh actual comp scene' so much I'd like to remind you that always winning tech chases in melee is just an execution/consistency requirement and most every high tier has techchase to death grab strings.
>However, my point is these are people at the top level of 64 play, much better than you and I
They're still pretty bad, objectively. Just because nobody plays a certain game well doesn't mean that you can't try to, just that you (probably) won't succeed. It's that trying to that's interesting.
Also unless it changed heavily in the last ~6 years, almost nobody plays S64 and the actual level of play is super low and genuinely approachable.
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Replies: >>91019 >>91041
>You're fucking retarded if you watched a match where nobody died in one touched and said that that's proof that everyone dies in one touch.
Then by your own words, you're the retarded one, because I said:
>You can see Captain Falcon do several long combos in the first few minutes that look very similar to the shorter combos in the kirby video a few posts up.
>that kind of long, inescapable combo is part of the game much more than in Melee or subsequent games
Both of which are objectively true.  Thank you for agreeing with me.
<hurr some combos are short
Yeah, that's how most tournament matches in most competitive games are played.  Playing risk-averse neutral means openings are often suboptimal, which naturally means combos are shorter.  Find a pools match of somebody getting washed by Isai if you want to see bigger combos.

>"momentum influence"
>"compatriots of smash in terms of air movement are anime airdashers"
You're a fucking idiot, but at least you're entertaining.

Message too long. View the full text
Your central point was fuckin' wrong my man. Strings are just as if not more oppressive and inescapable in 64 than melee and you have posted literally no evidence to the contrary. The fact that shielding at all is considered a bad move because you'll just get endlessly pressured and then murdered for free is a big indicator of that. How is having defensive options invalidated by the fear of getting touch of death'd a good thing for the neutral? Having real animation canceling makes enables this in the first place. 

Show me the airtight melee strings that can't be escaped. SDI can get you out of Fox Up Air, Waveshine combos, even grounded smash attacks at high percent. Regular DI can get you out of grab loops or "guaranteed" combos by virtue of the fact that unlike 64 the hitstun isn't so massive that your opponent can correct their mistaken reads before you recover. If you feed melee into a TAS you can achieve even more superhuman combo escapes than 64, so that argument doesn't work in your favor. Go into any top 8 in a major melee tournament and you can pinpoint examples of smash DI and regular DI that completely interrupt a combo attempt and even reverses the momentum of the entire match. It's clear as day from watching real humans playing against each other at high levels which game actually has a lack of tools. 

As a final note, saying players like ISAI are objectively bad at the game is pretty fu
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I really really hope pasta nigger is going to pull an April Fur's Day soon, so I don't have to read garbage conversations like this.
Replies: >>91063
Burning_up_for_you.mp4 (u)
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>I have entered a thread about something I don't like and now I'm mad
>how could this be happening to me?
You did this to yourself.

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Ok so here you my unofficial review of Far cry 6 untill I play it since my brother bought it.
Meh at best, far cry all over again. Revolutionaries vs legal goverment. Boring.
You play as Dani, which you can choose which sex Danis going to have. You try to escape Yara (the island) to miami. Blah blah, you'll end up as a part of the revolutionaries. You meet a drunkart ex-CIA beannigger. 
The main bad guy kills the leader of the resistance.
You kill bosses and then you kill the bad guy, and he kills his son.then you'll leave the resistance thanks to the boy dying or something abd you'll bury the boy with the drunkard and then go hunting with him. Atleast some good pseudofather-son/daughter bonding and yes you are a orphan.
Roll credits and vaas appearing at the end of the credits amd saying something to the drunkard.
Shit, just Far cry 5 plus more weapons, nothing intresting.
Just a map, now with areas seperated with levels.
Costumes! And holstering.

More stuff later, when I play it.
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since you're looking for good gunplay, no, not really, most atmospheric singleplayer games are exactly
<muh story over gameplay crap
have fun playing stalker again
you could try E.Y.E, but i dont know if thats what you want either
2020.04.25-12.16_02.png (u)
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I once posted a review of Terminator: Resistance here and I lost it, but the gist of it is that its gameplay is similar to Bethesda games, except with less jank, no open world and more purpose. If you turn as little HUD as possible and on the hardest difficulty, it gets much tighter (though at some point you will have to turn the x-ray vision on, because it isn't like Thief, where the sneaking mechanics are core to the gameplay, so you need a crutch) and I would recommend doing that as soon as you are ready.
This reminds me, aren't the same devs supposed to be working on a Robocop game?
That both excites and terrifies me because while I liked Terminator, I also remember the dev's previous game was an extremely poorly received Rambo rail shooter and there's always the possibility Resistance was just one very lucky fluke on their part.
Replies: >>91011
>This reminds me, aren't the same devs supposed to be working on a Robocop game?

As long as it's not filled with pozz I'm good.
Do you guys know what happened to Project Borealis

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elona_thread.png (u)
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More_powerful_than_you_know.png (u)
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not_a_roguelike.jpg (u)
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[email protected]
>you take unsoakable dragon cock damage
>you die like a bitch
>try again? y/n?

So anons, 
What are you playing right now? 
Whats your favorite roguelike that you always come back to? 
What roguelike like do you hate the most?
What genre do you want to see more in roguelikes?
Last edited by seagull
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Replies: >>85543 + 4 earlier
I never tried making a gene. So can you just pass down all your max upgrade artifacts to your next character and curbstomp the early game as an invible demigod?
Replies: >>85541
It looks like its all items you have on person at the time but they can't be precious, medals, figures, and cards. So yeah, helps cut down on that early game. Would probably help if you want a specific pet too to start off with.
Mvc2-rogue.jpg (u)
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>>72546 (OP) 
>not to be confused with rougelike
What about Roguelike?
Replies: >>86412
Anna-Marie-1602.jpg (u)
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iceruins.jpg (u)
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Anybody 'member how Bright Nights originated as successor to another then-dead "fun SF stuff the Kevteam cut from mainline" mod called Aftershock? Recall how Aftershock in turn was originally supposed to become a cyberpunk total conversion scenario to replace the default zombie one?

Well, when 0.F's halfbaked Exodii bullshit rewrite of DDA's SF elements happened and spurred BN to go from a mod to a full fork, it looks as though Aftershock also came back to life for the revival of its total conversion ambitions. Only instead of near-future cyberpunk, it's far future post-apoc space opera:
>Aftershock is being developed into a full conversion mod set in a mostly-abandoned extrasolar colony named Salus IV. The player has arrived on Salus for various reasons (depending on their profession). Eventually, we hope to have multiple potential end game situations, ranging from finding what you came here for and leaving the planet with enough money to retire, to more-secret endings. There will no longer be zombies; instead, there are a variety of alien and human-based enemies. Toe-to-toe combat will likely be more deadly in Aftershock, with more emphasis on picking your battles and only fighting when absolutely necessary. Special 
Message too long. View the full text

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Surely some of you faggots have headsets too. They've been mainstream for almost six years now, so unless you're a mega poorfag (my condolences) there's no excuse.
>What are you playing?
I beat Alyx. It was a good taste of what AAA VR gaming could be like, but I feel like they played it a little too safe in some ways, and was all around too slowly paced. I'm about to start a openmw-vr playthrough, pic related the gray box clipping through the guard in my picture is just the menu since I couldn't get ingame screenshot to work. I just need to reconfigure the buttons to something more playable. It's surreal how different Morrowind feels in virtual reality. It really drives home the atmosphere of hiking through the mushroom dotted hills and blasted wastes to arrive in a strange city full of unwelcoming people.
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Unidirectional.jpg (u)
[Hide] (60.6KB, 704x721)
I just lost my wall of text. Dang.

barrier-to-entry, anyone?

>cos most of them are fat
Currently. Get them four hours of actual walking every week, or two hours of walking and two hours of mountain climbing, and they won't be anymore.

I personally would love to revisit Morrowind and the DC wasteland with the ability to 'PHYSICALLY WALK' to my destination.
Replies: >>90647
8a3f91f4266313a933c28d3f94aff3fb0b699b07a75b73a74533278c62ab8a0e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (90.4KB, 550x700)
>the DC wasteland
Nice try, Todd.
Replies: >>90652 >>91056
Replies: >>90652
that was the Chicago wasteland, wasn't  it? I'm talking Fo3

OR FoE. Y'know, that would be good too.

here's your ((( (((you))) ))), brain dead memer.
Fuck off todd

9543cc08e9ab8de0d12edff43e48373abb35c6c845eeb52e4adeb434d416b058.jpg (u)
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HGG: I want to talk about that text game but it's probably not worth its own thread edition. 
Post about games that make dick hard and/or your heart soft. 
Complain about never ever eroges, talk shit about nip games for being technically inferior if your game is slow as shit at least don't let it crash from speedhacks fuck, talk shit about western games for being thematically inferior, and so on. 

I've been playing EraTW again. Going the Sakuya route and watching her blush from holding hands in pubilc is nice, but I hate how finicky the girls are in this game. 
>Sakuya makes it very clear she wants to fuck my dick 
>pushes me down, make her orgasm various times, including a mouth orgasm she gave herself from sucking my dick, but refuses to just straddle me cowgirl style 
>give her aphrodisiacs but still no reverse rape
>fuck it, push her down, put a condom on 
>"btw I have to cook dinner now, bye" 
>time stop, make the fucking dinner in a nanosecond 
>lead her back to my room, push her down 
>put another condom on
<can't fuck her because the stats are just barely below the threshold 
>give up
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Cirno.full.1058022.jpg (u)
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>he can't do basic arithmetic
Replies: >>91018
It wasn't a matter of the arithmetic it was how you have to select them with like a weird gauge fill mechanic that fucked me up like half the time
Replies: >>91042
You can press the number keys instead for that minigame. Still pretty shit though.
Honestly, it should be text entry instead but RPG Maker is shit at those.
This is where it pays to not know Japanese, because you can play the game and just ignore the shitty dialog.
That has been in my backlog for for so long I forgot about it. Downloading now, thanks anon.

>Not that anon, but I couldn't stand the kid dialog
Yeah, it has been rotting in my backlog mostly due to shota protagonist.

>the other girls will just watch during the threesome and foursome
That's kind of a bummer, but I guess it works for me so long as they know I'm cervix knocking the others.

Strider_-_Twins_boss_fight.webm (u)
[Hide] (16MB, 720x400, 03:18)
Hades_death_reel.webm (u)
[Hide] (6.9MB, 1280x720, 00:36)
look_at_the_raw_emotion_on_their_faces.webm (u)
[Hide] (977.7KB, 720x408, 00:05)
Postal_Brain_Damaged_-_In'n'Out_Burger.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1280x720, 00:11)
Shit_aim.webm (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 1280x720, 00:09)
Illiterate weaboos need to learn how to read and get better taste.
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sounds exactly like the type of scam that Peter Molyneux would do
Instructor_Mooselini.webp (u)
[Hide] (5.3KB, 183x223)
>Raytracing and reflections everywhere doesn't make a game look better if it wasn't designed with that in mind, which the 3D GTA games weren't.
Replies: >>91024
Parappa isn't black but is a rapper. That's cultural appropriation, clearly not allowed in 2021. Frankly I'm surprised they haven't stuck a screen at the start of this new San Andreas remaster apologising for white scotsmen writing a nigger story.
ワリオが笑い続けるアニメ_Wario_keeps_laughing_video.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (11.1MB, 640x368, 02:30)
Where_in_time_is_Mario.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (14MB, 416x368, 05:16)
Coca-Cola_GTA_ad_in_FULL_HD.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (5.3MB, 640x368, 01:00)
Super_Best_Sisters_Play_-_Final_Fantasy_7-jZCZtwATFWE.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (14.9MB, 1280x720, 01:40)
Steamed_Hams_but_it's_Half-Life_Deathmatch.webm (u)
[Hide] (7.5MB, 640x480, 02:49)
hitboxes.webm (u)
[Hide] (7.8MB, 1200x674, 00:31)
Running Shine.  His videos are good.

ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1280x720)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x720)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1280x720)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720)
I'm replaying EDF2 on my vita latelly I'm trying to 100% it, I think it's duable thanks to it's low mission count but man Hardest is kicking my ass I got filtered hard at mission 44 or something and I can't get any good weapons thanks to this game low drop rate, but maybe I'm doing something wrong... and also
Sandlot showed us that all the classic classes are back with new looks but not much shown of any new abilities they have.
A new types of enemies called Android were shown and a new variant of Ants and spiders were also showen.
EDF3 and EDF4.1 will be released for the Nintendo Switch.
A leak of some Nvidia intel shows that EDF6 might come to PC sonner than most people think.
And EDF will have spot at the TGS show this year.
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Just the way that he plays is awful too, that's not the only thing that angers me about EDF videos, my biggest pet peeve is the shitty reddit statement that EDF is "so bad it's good", which is fucking wrong EDF has always been an objectively good game.
If anyone wants to watch good EDF content just watch the japanese one where you will see quality gameplay and some fantastic edits.
He's just bad. I got the same disgust from watching the wing diver video. It's not a coincidence that the air raider video is the shortest.
Did they give weird on PC release yet?
Replies: >>90353 >>91036
Not sure what you meant but the PC release isn't announced yet, but an Nvidia document got leaked and it listed EDF6 in geforce service, so hopefully it will come out soon.
Probably won't be announced until an english version is confirmed. EDF 5 didn't have PC until it came west. Even then it took half a year afterwards.

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