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What a nice board!
Do you even lift? >>>/fit/

(526.3KB, 1920x1080)
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We're having a game night this Friday. Usually I'd just shut the fuck up and post a TF2V thread since it's been forever since anyone has played some good and proper TF2 (fuck you Valve) and it's possible to server config all the bullshit out of it. However, NEOTOKYO is also a really great pick and some anon was also offering to host DOOM multiplayer. So, out of courtesy to anons of many different cultures and tastes, YOU pick WHAT gets hosted.

'To be ABSOLUTELY and PERFECTLY clear, this is NOT another "haha everyone seems to like X but nobody will host it what a shame" poll that happens every single fucking time in these kinds of threads.' Either I will host a game that wins the vote this weekend or one of the (probably non-existent) volunteers will. If something happens to the plan to host it on my side (emergency, etc) you will hear it in advance.

http://poal.me/cq9pk6 - poll here

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>Thats the plan.
There should be a link for steamfags then. I think https://store.steampowered.com/app/17580/Dystopia/ will just work. Lazy anons, which are more likely if you're inviting other boards particularly markchan are more likely to just hit install in (((Steam))) while those of us who want to avoid that will happily use the manual method.
>No idea, I'll probably put max players at 32 though. Not sure how much this 5€ VPS can handle. If we can even get that many players and it starts choking I have enough trial credits to put it on some better hardware though, with only ~5min downtime. If it comes to that we could probably do 64 players.
Last time it crashed beyond 32 players and the mod was apparently designed only for 16 anyway.
Replies: >>14682
I see you already posted the steam link. Never mind.
Make a cake/v/ thread, then. A gamenight of this caliber is rare, we need to boost those numbers.
(1.9MB, 1299x867)
Did we ever play this? Is it good?
Replies: >>15544
>Did we ever play this?
I don't think so
>Is it good?
It's fucking supremely fun. I used to play the crap out of it a couple years ago. Some autists still play it to this date.

(731.1KB, 2732x2048)
(2MB, 3800x2200)
>What is Thrive?
Thrive is littelary a free open-source beta Spore, but it's trying to be more of a half-sim then anything. 
The game is curently  and it will be mostlikely forever in development.
While they do have ((((patreon)))) but as far as I know the development is actually faster then before. They are sadly still on the first stage. 
You can download it through here 
But I would rather wait, because today is a new version coming out
Also you can check the devforum if you want 
And also their main site
Inb4 >shill

Also I'm not sure if I should also make an Open-source thread and if I should talk about Thrive there?
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Replies: >>15542 + 3 earlier
*next release.
Also I know that I'm a bit late on this, but they do make livestreams every major release. So here's the last one. **Yes they do have a dicksword.
Also I forgot 
Yesterday bew weekly progress update got posted
So basically
>New BOTD on (((Patreon))), featuring the following:
>Extinct species are now indicated in the patch report
>The center of mass of organelles is now set on the cell’s origin
>Cells can no longer have disconnected organelles
>Fixed a typo on the help menu
>Fixed tooltips displaying when they shouldn’t
Also some discussions about
Here's the links to the discussion
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New weekly update
>>12736 (OP) 
Pass. They are giving money to marxists.

(221.9KB, 274x200)
October and no horror thread? C'mon anons.
What are you planning to play this Halloween?
I play Blood every Halloween. Is a tradition of mine. I'm also planning on playing REmake and maybe RE2. I also have Luigi's Mansion sitting there for later.
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Another fun stream, thanks for coming next time will probably be the end of this game.
Replies: >>15535
(211.9KB, 1200x1368)
trust me, this is relevant
Replies: >>15537
Wew lad, I never knew that they would go to that extent.
Replies: >>15538
(440KB, 670x506)
standard practice

(19.8KB, 220x219)
(143.6KB, 850x582)
Zchan is dead, long live zzzzzzzzzzchan edition

>#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net
>https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs
>Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources

>Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/
>Previous bread: https://archive.vn/MuWiF

Can't believe it's been 2 months and I just found out about this. Has anyone started making their own game during this time?
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Not necessarily, while it's based on mono, based on the amount of shit they changed in it to optimize that shit for games, I don't think they'd have any problems if they'd have to maintain their fork in the long run. Or create some frankenstein implementation where they pull the new class library and whatever, but keep their old runtime.
I'm not saying they'll go this route, but they can. Like how many people/engine/game still use lua 5.1, when 5.2 was released in Dec 2011.
>no point in using it in a Unity game
big rip.  I've been using it to make a dialog window appear so that people can choose files to import.  Is there a good way to do this without using System.Windows (which is the WPF namespace)?  Might just have to get rid of that in a public release, though I was only using it for the map editor to upload specific files, so I guess it's not that big of a deal.
Replies: >>14776
Windows Forms should work under Mono (mostly), and I'm sure it has a file chooser dialog, so you could just use that instead. I used this tool in the past on Linux under mono without problems, other than being ugly.
(1.1MB, 2048x1202, 00:09)
After two weeks instead of one
>Pineeres's attack is finally working
>Yeerk is dying
I've had to implement additional animation system that is unrelated to movement for that. Pretty happy with result.
Core mechanics are almost done. Hope to finish them next week.
(27.9KB, 430x430)
>think about for several days if I should bother using ZScript and foregoe the possibility of K8Vavoom support or not
>settle on ZScript instead 
After some fiddling around with ZScript I managed to convert a few actors to ZScript mainly the base class and the weapon class. There isn't any noticeable changes though I had to fix a few bugs that happened after the conversion. It fucking sucks because now it makes my mod now entirely dependent on Graf Doom, as I would like to see if after tons of bug fixes if K8Vavoom would run overall better or not. Still I have a older version of my mod that sort of runs under K8Vavoom so I can still check it out later when more engine progress has been made. Now it is going to take half a million year to figure out how ZScript works and taking advance of it so that I can have more complex features. Preferabbly I want to have only 1 selectable tank class, the player should be able to switch to a different tank model when he is certain check points (yet to decide to how its gonna work), so for example when the player made enough score he can switch to Leopard 1 HA (Heavy Armor) model. 
I hope learning a little bit of python will give me a better understanding how ZScript works.

(431KB, 863x762)
>everything today is multiplayer
>slap on some shallow multiplayer, endless grind, piecemeal rewards, get streamers to shill for it and the game becomes popular
>everything is a blatant hamsterwheel, no one even pretends anymore, not the owners of the wheels nor the hamsters
>gameplay is the lowest of low effort shit
>the only sense of accomplishment is grinding events and levels, "getting good" at the game is impossible since there are no skills to train, or the game can be played on autopilot
>biggest battles over retaining players and popularity
>endless multiplayer games "only" a couple of years old full of promise have all fallen to the wayside, and more games will share that fate
>there is an inflation of multiplayer games, but not enough players
>games have changed

This got me thinking, are there any truly good, modern single player games out there anymore? Ones that don't have any sort of tacked on multiplayer or aren't designed with multiplayer in mind? I guess what I want from a good single player experience is for it to be a self-contained environment; one that expects you to learn skills related to it and then push your skills and knowledge of the game 
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>he isn't an intellectual
what a noob
>Stealth is so garbage and boring that going guns blazing is the only way to make combat be somewhat fun
>But nope :^)
>No ammo for you, gotta play stealthy!
>Absolutely 0 rewards for exploring the maps. Even in the handful of places where there is some ammo to be found, it doesn't matter because you had to kill mutants to get it, so you haven't replenished shit, you are more likely to have just made a hole in your ammo pool
>Re-used audio assets from the previous 2 games, despite audio being the worst shit about the prequels. The footsteps and melee attack sounds are especially bad

It's fucking garbage
Replies: >>11740
Meant for >>11721
>muh grafics
The fact you think it could be played with phone controls is so funny already I'm not going to bother.
Anon, I'm really sorry. I tried it and a few hours in it's pretty much XCOM but much more lenient because your guys are insanely powerful with like chain lightning and infinite AoE through walls attacks, have a decent chunk of HP and you don't get hit as much because of dodge masteries/block.

(206.8KB, 1024x768)
(1.3MB, 2100x600)
(498.5KB, 815x651)

oh shit oh fuck someone is hosting jops and the devs are in it too.
>What the fuck
ARMA but RADICAL and you get to kill gooks with napalm from helicopters
>How the fuck
Please do not be retard, do not install punkbuster
'*2.6 hotfix*'
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(384.2KB, 453x604)

I just played DF2 online for the first time in like 15 years thanks to you. still crushing it
This is my favorite MP game of all time and for that I am willing to suck your cock.
Replies: >>15215 >>15298
(140.3KB, 1273x713)
There is also another one here in case the novaworld.cc one goes down, since I can't access it for some reason.
Did we ever play this?
Replies: >>15518
fuck, wrong thread

(846.7KB, 1000x669)
Little mini-/tech/ thread to talk about things surrounding gaming hardware, peripherals, and linux/open source gaming.

>Open source games
>Open source game clones
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Never tried it myself, but from everything I've heard it works better then Jewvidia
Then what's the solution?
Replies: >>15482
Self host a VPN, it's fairly retard proof with wireguard.
Replies: >>15486
But how would you know you can trust the server you're hosting it on? There's is no perfect solution.
Replies: >>15509
Self route your own internet service.

(150.4KB, 1152x983)
(652.9KB, 525x1200)
(603.1KB, 525x1200)
(778.5KB, 525x1200)
(760.3KB, 525x1200)
I reinstalled Titanfall 2 a few days ago after being reminded of it in a thread here and I've been swimming in endorphins ever since.  The experience of going fast, shooting people, piloting mechs, and being free of most CY+5 AAA bullshit was refreshing.  I also started replaying the campaign and I've been having a surprisingly good time with that, too.

>the fuck is titanfall?
It's like CoD if you ripped out 90% of CoD's garbage game design and replaced it with giant robots, rocket launchers, and a naked lust for speed.  Possibly the best FPS of the last decade and one of the few EA games that isn't made for FIFA niggers and soy golems.

>why the fuck should i care?
EA released it on Steam earlier this year, and that brought a huge influx of new players.  After Apex Legends confirmed the series had been killed in favour of Battle Royale trend-chasing last year, the infusion of new blood and attention has been a much-needed note of optimism.

>doesn't this game require Origin?
Yeah, it's pretty faggy.  Even if you buy it through Steam, you still need to have a stripped down version of the Origin launcher in the directory (and I believe you'll need an Origin account, similar to how Ubisoft's Uplay DRM works).  Origin isn't active malware that will commandeer your PC's resources to become part of a botnet anymore, but saying "all it does is uniquely identify your hardware and cross-reference it with other data" isn't much better.  You can get around giving EA money by using a key reseller, but Origin is the real price to pay.

Anyway, let's talk about Titanfall and maybe post some gameplay clips or something.
>favourite guns
>favourite titans
>favourite maps
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Replies: >>14851 + 3 earlier
Someone else still paid for that key and by using the services tied to it you're supporting EA.
Replies: >>14850
(4.6MB, 1280x720, 00:23)
(10MB, 720x480, 00:32)
(7.4MB, 960x540, 00:19)
If anybody cares, I made a network for napchan.  Happy hour is 10 p.m. EST.  Also, does anyone know the best way to record the game without frame drops or hitching?  I can reduce my graphics options and get solid video quality, but the game still stutters whenever I'm moving quickly or looking around.

>Someone else still paid for that key
A very low price in local currency.
>by using the services tied to it you're supporting EA.
EA doesn't make any money from me playing the game; at most, they can use some of the data crawling done through Origin to make money by selling it to advertisers, but I don't buy any of the microtransactions in the store.  EA clearly doesn't want to support the game with updates or new maps/modes any more.  Considering that Respawn delivered a solid year of free updates (maybe a bit more; my memory's hazy) after the game's launch, I personally do not believe that paying $10 for a Titanfall 2 Steam key is a moral compromise.
>but you're just making excuses
Partially, yeah.  The game is just that good, and I was personally willing to pay that price in 2016.
(210.9KB, 1036x1000)
What's everyone's times on the gaunltet? I hope everyone played on master difficulty

>>14715 (OP) 
>favourite guns
I have only ever used the CAR and I will never touch anything else.
>favourite titans
Monarch-chan is best girl. I don't care what people say about Scorch. I want to be inside Monarch-chan.
>favourite game modes
Frontier Defence is probably the best and most forgiving wave defence mode I've ever played. Plus it's nice to play against AI and feel like a god.

It really feels like a forgotten game. It deserves more art.
(426KB, 522x738)
(660.1KB, 1643x1999)
(135.6KB, 900x900)
Depends on how quickly you pick up the movement; I still see people who pretend they're playing CoD and don't know how to slide hop, even though it's literally as simple as running > crouching > jumping > crouching.  You might find some of the weapons to be super gay, but most of the demon guns were nerfed in 2017.

I really hate those pictures because they're just anime girls with hair ornaments and metal bikinis.  No thought went into their design.  That they're the unofficial mascots of a cuckchan general (or at least they were) is even worse.

Yep.  Fun fact: because the single player was never patched, you can compare the strength of the various titans and weapons from launch to the present day.  Ion's laser core lasts several full seconds longer, the Spitfire is a joke, the Mozambique is still awful, the Mastiff is still a meme, and Tone is a gorilla with a gun.  It's really funny once you get to know the guns better.

You might be surprised.  It's made in the Source engine and you can remove nearly every graphical effect in the options menu.
(714.5KB, 710x463)
(347.8KB, 1274x610)
>playing Hardpoint on Impact Site (the really enclosed map that has the hexagonal computers in one room)
>we take A, they take C, and we fight over B
>we throw ourselves at B, but an enemy Scorch is locking it down because the room is exactly the size of one of his gas cans
>after a couple minutes, I realize that C has never been touched by us
>decide to go for a risky behind-the-back play and capture C
>spend half a minute walking across the map only to find an enemy Ion sitting on the point like he's playing CoD
>pick away at him with my Thunderbold before he kills me
>respawn with my Ion and engage him
>winning against him because he's an idiot
>an enemy Legion shows up
>can't break through the sheer wall of HP in front of me
>die while attempting a laser core
At least the only difference between winning and losing in this game is one or two merits.  It genuinely annoyed me that he was ignoring the game so much and yet his team still won because my team loved throwing themselves into the meat grinder on B.

(205KB, 1920x1080)
(79.5KB, 612x459)
I fucked the last one so here you have an another one. Feel free to discuss about strategy games.
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(5MB, 1920x1080)
>Why and what purpose is it to release it on the (((Epic Store)))?
Tencent throws money it gets from other venues at developers for an exclusivity deal (that's usually more than whatever are their sales projections) because Tim Sweeney really cares about ethical practices in the free market a more fair publisher-developer split than valve's 30-70 busting monopolies trying to dethrone steam despite not having any utilities steam offers.
Basically Tim Sweeney, using tencent's money buys the games for himself, and you can pay extra on top of that to support the developers for the privilege of having access to them too. if you buy Epic Games you're extra retarded compared to buying games in 2020 in the first place, you're paying for pic rel's sloppy seconds
Almost as fun as amazon and walmart coming in and offering everything you do in your store at a massive loss that doesn't bother them until they drive you under.
Thoughts on Imperator:Rome?
paracucks manafest garbbo. You'd think it'd be good considering it combines plenty of favored aspects from their other games, but they fucked it up dearly by adding all the shit that's despised. Dunno why I expected anything half-decent from that group of blue-haired Swedish faggots.
It's Paradox post 2012
Fucking garbage
Just play EU:rome it might not be good but it's better them Imperator: rome

(16MB, 960x540, 05:19)
(7.3MB, 1920x1088, 00:14)
(2.9MB, 640x368, 01:06)
Post vidya webms.
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(10.9MB, 1280x720, 01:58)
browser auto filling what it thinks is a password I think. Looks like the url for another thread somehow. Erased it from my cache, so it shouldn't happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
>gourmetnewell, is that you?
Schizio is that you?
I should've got my actual gaming computer out of storage for Dystopia.
cuckchanners love trannies, they have a hate love for them and it's vice versa for trannies as well.
>Have some cuckchan minecraft
Go back to cuckchan and kill yourself in minecraft.
Replies: >>15485

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