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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

(574.4KB, 512x384)
(174.7KB, 220x220)
>forgetting about HARMONY day
>can't fucking post SWFs
Start posting your high scores, faggots.
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(94.6KB, 444x132)
be honest and post your first tries, fags. I am gonna make make it up to 70k and beat 2ca712, he can only cope
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(278.2KB, 638x226)
Replies: >>40055
(234.5KB, 1012x1080, 00:04)
Ok that's impressive, I give up. My best was like 60k anyway. Congratulations anon, now go outside
This shit made me realize i wasted 11 years of my life without thinking about it


(28.1MB, 1920x1088, 01:27)
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(762.8KB, 3005x3249)
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Bug Fables is getting a substantial new patch in a couple days, so let's talk about it.
>new quests, although we don't know how many
>new bosses (the trailer shows Team Slacker and hints at the tiny round bug)
>you can RUN
>official randomizer mode
>you can have two party members swap positions in battle instead of rotating all three characters
>cooking seems to be faster

I still haven't gotten around to clearing all the postgame content myself, so personally I'm really looking forward to this because it'll give me a reason to go back and fight some more bosses, and maybe do the card game quest.

The game's in the share thread: >>8891
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Recorded the first Zasp+Mothiva fight. Played incredibly badly. I'm used to playing in fullscreen with headphones. I'll try fullscreen next time with the volume up. The recorded volume sounds weird.

In mystery mode, the position of medals isn't what's randomized, but the order you receive them. If you go to the shop and buy a medal, quit, reload and buy a different medal, it will be the same medal. Quitting again and instead getting a medal from a sidequest will also give the same medal. Best strategy is to save up berries and before a boss, buy every medal you can, noting which ones are useful, then reload and stop buying once you've gotten the last useful medal in the sequence. Today I got Block Heal. I already knew this was a very good medal, but I found out something new about it when fighting a golden seedling. If you superblock an attack that would have killed you, the heal is applied after the attack but before the end of the enemy turn. This means any attack that can be superblocked can be survived with that medal regardless of the damage it deals. It's an incredibly powerful medal as very few attacks are totally unsuperblockable, but only if you can git gud. Looking on the wiki, you can also survive any multi-hit attack by only superblocking the very last hit. I've also been very lucky with golden seedlings. I got two before entering the golden tunnel, another one just before the Golden Settleme
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(29.8MB, 1280x720, 03:34)
>Convert 60MB video to webm and trim some extra off the end
>ERROR: too many contraints
>Convert to video that's slightly too large
>Trim the end of the video
>Audio desyncs
>Don't notice this
>Notice this
>Unklink file
>Take slightly too large webm and compress it down to fit
>Audio desyncs again
>Convert original video with size limit of 32MB
>Result has 33MB anyways
>Convert again with size limit of 31MB
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(29.7MB, 1280x720, 04:00)
While Maki offers you money regardless of whether you used any items fighting him, there's another point where the devs did add a variable outcome to the text that I thought they might have missed. When you stand on the Sunset Inn's balcony and examine the statue of Venus, Vi says it has no face and is creepy, and Kabbu says no one has ever seen Venus and it would be sacrilege to give her a face. If you finish the chapter before getting this discovery, Kabbu says that "our team and Aria are the only ones who have seen Venus" instead.

Recorded the Venus' Guardian fight. Very easy. Mystery mode has been kind and the medals I have allow me to deal massive damage very quickly with little risk. There's no fucking way I blocked that poorly with Kabbu and fucked up that tornado toss though. I think OBS is making the game lag. The only time it's lagged naturally is during the Maki+Kina+Yin fight. I think that can be solved by turning off some effects, but haven't remembered to try yet.

Mods will fix it. :^)
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(12.1KB, 105x122)
(25.3KB, 106x126)
I just noticed I completely forgot to re-equip First Plating. One area attack and Vi would have been fucked.
(28.7MB, 1280x720, 03:00)
Scarlet fight as soon as it was available. EZPZ.

(753.1KB, 851x710)
(3.7MB, 04:05)
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>xenoblade 2
I was always a bit turned off by it because the psudogatcha shit but I'm sure it doesn't really matter in the game itself. 
I miss playing that with anons.
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p3rd is the best mon hun
(88.7KB, 1280x720)
Nioh 2 and Yakuza 3
some vidja 
video game ost and 009 sound system, it's unironically good
archie sonic and some generic self improvement stuff
fried chicken and fruits
water and soda
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(1.6MB, 240x240)
OpenSpades, Ring Fit Adventure
Cheers, Farscape i love when jellyfin fucks up the metadata so when you think you're watching the pilot you're actually watching some episode in the 5th season even though every filename is clearly labeled that's my favorite part of open sores software haha
New Order
Had McDonald's for breakfast so that's enough caloric intake for the day
Water or Monster but I think I'm one away from a heart attack at this point
Already did
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Replies: >>40090
>a guy's recently deceased husband

(264.6KB, 800x1132)
(1.9MB, 1019x1316)

That's right, it's a mosaic thread - been a while, hasn't it? Still remember how they work?

>I'm a newfag, how does this work?
We start with a video game cover cut up into tiles. Each tile will have a number and letter. The job here is (ideally) for a different anon to design each tile. You claim which tile you want (e.g. A1, C3, B5) then you save the corresponding tile, design it, then post it back in the thread.

I'll start with the original cover and the template, then I'll dump the tiles. We've also got sister mosaic threads with different covers on /geimu/ and 8moe/v/. Participate in those as well if you have the time, ideas, and will to do so!
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(432.7KB, 800x1132)
thanks for coming everyone
(182KB, 1920x1080)
not bad at all honestly, too bad some parts don't connect but seen shit like that >>35979 it's pretty coherent all things considered
(536.9KB, 500x281)
Chen approves.
That looks really good.

(2.3MB, 3120x4160)
So I know that this is a retarded idea for a thread, but what's the thing with Rayman games?
Why the fuck do I keep enjoying Rayman 3 despite of it's age? Why the fuck hasn't ubishit released Rayman 4 yet? 
Also did you know that originaly ubisoft was called ubi soft?
Itt: talk about Rayman games.
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was hoping for something better but ok
(10.3MB, 320x240, 03:50)
Nice get Rayman. Now release a new origins game and bring back the fairy thighmothers.
Replies: >>40013
Forgot to reply to >>40000
All right Rayman you win. I'll finish Gong Heights today or die trying.
Replies: >>40041
Took me a couple continues but I did it.

(91.2KB, 1024x818)

>As of 13:00 on March 24th, 2021 (Wed.), features allowing for the purchase of games and content such as OSTs, etc. (“PLAYISM Store Functions”) on the PLAYISM official website  will be terminated.

>Please don’t worry – we want to emphasize the fact that it is ONLY the PLAYISM official website  that will cease the sale of games/content, and that we will continue our game/content distribution on Steam and for home game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, etc.

>Additionally, the PLAYISM official website is scheduled to begin large-scale renovations from 13:00 on May 10th, 2021 (Mon.), from which time both the PLAYISM Store and the My Page feature (Registered Member Services) are scheduled to be terminated.

>We deeply apologize to all of our users and supporters for any inconvenience or trouble this may cause for you, and we hope you continue to show your support and continue on this journey together with us.

It's a real shame to see.  I don't think any of us really buys many games these days, but Playism was a nice alternative to Steam, especially for independent Japanese games.  It seems like they're throwing in the towel and just moving their storefront to Steam: they say they'll be "renovating" the website, but if they aren't selling games/media and aren't maintaining the games/media download pages, I don't know what changes they could perform that would help them be more relevant.  They don't say why they're doing this, but I have to imagine it has something to do with visibility and money.

Also feel free to discuss Steam alternatives, for the handful of new games that are worth buying.
>inb4 pirate everything
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(218.8KB, 150x113)
This is doubly sad for me. I bought from them and mentioned them in threads as a steam alternative and then I learn about this shit.

Also am I the only one who played Ninjustice here?
9f6ba8 should stop supporting jschan then.
Replies: >>40014
Yes, he should.
Pirate everything and never support any developer.
absolutely ridiculous, not even worth arguing with
how about 20 years ago?

(628.6KB, 1316x756)
Do you like game wikis, anon?
I used to consult them all the time when I was younger, but I've noticed something weird. Reading game wiki articles, even if you try and avoid spoilery stuff or things you haven't encountered yet, feel like they...flatten out the game somehow? Talking about games with friends or other anons doesn't have the same effect, and, strangely enough, neither does checking a guide or walkthrough even though those can spoil things. It's not even just about spoiling yourself, it's almost like reading things in a wiki format (even an incomplete wiki) changes how you experience and especially remember and think about games, dulls it somehow. 
Does this make sense to anyone? If so, why do you think wikis do this?
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>Then I guess you won't mind getting permanently banned from zzzchan and every other chat and social media website.
Talking is extra work to get something compared to just searching it up is my point, so when you use it for certain things its just a chore. I certainly don't get extra joy from the mere act of talking itself.
>If everyone knows everything then there's nothing left to discuss except flinging your shitty opinions at each other.
If you honestly believe speculation isn't opinion based, then i really have nothing to say about your intelligence. If you mean information exchange, once again it really ain't that interesting from the talking aspect.

You'll never be able to back yourself up with this kind of discussion as an obvious point, so have fun with that.
Replies: >>39944
Wasn't practically all of the story of kosherwatch on a wiki because Blizzard couldn't be arsed writing it when they were making the game.
There are certain game genres that I hate to actually play, but enjoy finding things out about. I'll read those wikis. None of those genres are ones that anyone I know enjoys, either, so it's purely for my own satisfaction. Also, I'll read (not just refer to if necessary) a wiki even for a game I do enjoy if it has version differences, bugs and glitches, and similar technical information that interests me.
Why did >>39697 garner such a hostile response from this nigger?
Replies: >>39983
Ah yes, nigger(multiple). I don't get why he seems so pissed either.

Or are you actually so autistic that you can't notice the drastic shift between posts.
Ignoring the blatant fact that the IDs show its different posters as well; its not a one and done ID in either case.

(28.3KB, 480x360)
(5.6MB, 02:28)
Either because it kicked your ass, you got bored or because you are too retarded to beat it.
I mean, how many of you fucking casuals have even beaten Mike Tyson? or finished Contra or Castlevania?
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Replies: >>39974 + 10 earlier
>Also never finished Resident Evil 4 despite trying numerous times on different systems
About where do you usually stop? After you kill Slazar and move on to the island? Because while I really like the game I will also readily admit the island is easily the worst part of it and I can see why someone would drop it there.
Replies: >>39880
It's at different points each time. I recall fighting the big guy with a beard in a barn the first time and I dropped it not long after that. More recently I got to the bit where you harpoon the river creature from a boat.
Another time I dropped it not long after the first fight with one of those massive humanoid fuckers in an arena.
I've tried to give it a chance, but I just really can't enjoy it.
(110.1KB, 480x360)
I've wanted to go through each Castlevania starting from the first but every time I pick it up I get stuck at the grim reaper.
Replies: >>39974 >>39977
(1.1MB, 762x939)
>>14531 (OP) 
I've beat Tyson, both on emulator and original hardware. Castlevania 1, 3, and 4 on emu. Never bothered with Contra. If you want to talk about hard games, what about Ninja Gaiden? Best I've managed was to get to the final boss rush (I know I beat the first one, can't remember if I beat the second or not) on that retro NES thing (not mine), but couldn't finish it.

I've never actually finished Final Fantasy Tactics. I think the furthest I've gotten is the mission near the end where you face off against the enemy engineer (forget his name) and he's got a team of monsters. I think it's more that I get burned out by that point in the game than anything. Similarly, I've never finished Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the same reason. Game is long as fuck and I get burned out midway through part 4. Some anon also mentioned Battleblock Theater. Never finished that one either, but that was because I was playing co-op with someone and haven't revisited it since. Backlog is also fuckhueg, but if I'm not about to start listing the shit I've not even started.

Holy water is OP as fuck in the NES Castlevanias.
(1.1KB, 100x100)
(76.3KB, 480x360)
When in doubt - cheese.

(288.7KB, 606x402)
(25.6MB, 480x360, 09:43)
Remember when video games used to have better sound? Today we can have games as detailed as real life, but sound-wise, ridiculously flat. You can thank Creative's patent jewing and Microsoft's butchering of DirectSound for getting audio technology in games stuck in the early 00's and forcing you to use an external solution such as OpenAL Soft or ALchemy to restore hardware audio features in older games if you are using a newer OS.
It would only be years later until things got back on track. Valve updated CSGO's audio engine and introduced normalfags to HRTF. Modders are adding HRTF and enviromental audio to games, both new and old. Webm related, this makes paid software such as (((Dolby Atmos))) sound awful in comparison. Give it a few years, and we might surpass A3D.
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I just use a Fiio E10K
My Xonar DSX is serving me well, not sure you can even find many other soundcards anymore, DAC/AMP combos are after all more popular now. That said unless you really have some trash audiochip the biggest advantage from dedicaded HW is probably just being able to run high impedance stuff at all.
Replies: >>39835
(1.8MB, 1111x1640)
I listen to my headphones with my Aune X1S (the 10th anniversary one), but I regret getting the AKG K712 Pro's for it. I should have saved more money and bought the Sennheiser HD 600's with it.
>That said unless you really have some trash audiochip the biggest advantage from dedicaded HW is probably just being able to run high impedance stuff at all.
I hope that there will be mobos that can handle high-impedance headphones in the near future. DAC/AMP's are way too expensive (for the average guy that just wants to fucking listen to music in his good headphones).
Replies: >>39836 >>39848
>I hope that there will be mobos that can handle high-impedance headphones in the near future. DAC/AMP's are way too expensive
Will most likely never happen, doesn't make sense financially and will always be inferior technically.
>(for the average guy that just wants to fucking listen to music in his good headphones)
It depends on your definition of good headphones but really doubt someone who can spend that much on headphones will mind an extra 50-100 bucks on a DAC, it's not like there's many (if any even) worthwhile headphones that need an amp below 300 bucks.
>I hope that there will be mobos that can handle high-impedance headphones in the near future.
My ~$200 mobo onboard audio could probably handle a bit more than the 50Ω headphones I use right now. If you need more than that wouldnt a cheap amplifier be enough?

(218.2KB, 479x610)
(205.5KB, 1232x321)
Gwent source leaked to 4chan: https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/543671841

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(1.3MB, 1407x1163)
Replies: >>39777
>so much of a virgin still trying to roleplay at that point that I turned her down because I knew where it was headed
I should have just kept drinking at the bar so I could roleplay that I was drunk when I fugged her to see the dialogue and cutscenes.
Replies: >>39796 >>39797
(219.3KB, 677x805)
(220.9KB, 1367x339)
(176.4KB, 707x532)
(47.4KB, 960x74)
Didn't upload, for whatever reason.
Replies: >>39797
(721.6KB, 828x618)
(182.1KB, 1345x380)
(212KB, 1335x294)
Those are all of it, for now.

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