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Seeing as how I keep finding myself relying more and more upon trying to find out "how" to softmod/jailbreak systems, I figured make a dedicated homebrew thread for other Anons to refer to if they want to do the same.

Nintendo 3DS: https://3ds.hacks.guide/
Nintendo Wii U: https://wiiu.hacks.guide/
PlayStation 2: https://www.psx-place.com/threads/tutorial-the-great-ps2-aio-guide.30219/
PlayStation 3: https://www.psx-place.com/threads/exploiting-4-90-ofw-installing-cfw-running-ps3hen-flash-writer-ps3hen-now-supporting-4-90-fw.39772/
PlayStation Vita: https://vita.hacks.guide/

http://www.3dbrew.org/wiki/Homebrew_Applications (3DS only)
https://apps.fortheusers.org/ (Wii U only)
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The older one there looks better because they didn't decide to give her a man jaw like in Hokuto no Ken. Real japanese girls don't have man jaws so I don't know why some people think little girls would look better if they had a more manly face.
Replies: >>218561
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>implying anyone on the planet thinks left pic looks better than right
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>bought a SPESHUL DVD burner that can burn XGD3 games
witness the thrilling conclusion to the 360 softmod autism saga this Friday
Replies: >>218631
why are you posting pictures of children
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>What a fucking slut.
First thing i thought as well, anon.
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Vicky 2.
Los palmeras.
Internal localization guideline document  from a company.
NTR stuff.
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Replies: >>218596 >>218599
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whats going on here?
Replies: >>218615
Spoiler File
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i sure hope that shit isn't some nigger porn
Japanese porn, financed by kikes.

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Back in my day, you could go to your local thrift store with 30 bucks and come out with a Gamecube, 4 full games and a 6 pack of cola.
Nowadays, If you're lucky, you can get 1 shitty game like Vexx with that much. 
How are prices in your local pawn/thrift stores? Have you ever gotten a good deal?
The cheapest games here are usually 7th gen ones and a few PS2 and OG Xbacks games.
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>Thank god for emulating
You can say that again.
Some people just want to play the games, not put them on a fucking shelf to brag about it.
They wouldn't do that, the excuse I was given is that people ask that all the time and then never actually show up later to buy whatever they asked to have set aside. This particular store is in a sketchy area so I wouldn't be surprised if burnouts frequently come in and make promises about buying something and then either immediately forget or get the money and buy drigs instead.
If shit's popping up on ebay it's probably employees selling it, large stores like Walmart are more likely to keep stuff they think they can sell online in a warehouse somewhere and just sell it on their site/app. The stuff they don't have much faith in they can toss and write off as business losses or some shit instead of wasting space in their buildings.
I had a whole summary typed out about how Walmart calculates how much profit each square foot of their store shelves brings in but it got too wordy and I'm sure most of you already understand that. I actually find such things interesting and would like to get a job figuring out that sort of stuff but I don't want to work for jewish psychopaths.
>How are prices in your local pawn/thrift stores? Have you ever gotten a good deal?
I’ve never, ever, had any luck with local thrift stores. All they’ve ever had as far as games go are a few licensed, sports, and shovelware games, especially for the Wii and PC (since next to nowhere else will take the latter). Granted, the only ones left in town these days are St Vincent de Paul and Goodwill, and the latter opened an electronics and media-centric branch somewhere on the east coast years back, which I assume all their actually good stuff goes to, to sell as full price. Pawn shops are a bit better, but still shit selection. I assume people only sell them the stuff they can’t get more for elsewhere.

Where I’ve actually had a lot of luck in the past was a local multimedia chain, which had a habit of not knowing what they actually had. Sometimes it meant absolutely outrageous prices on stuff that would be cheaper literally anywhere else, but you could also find stuff for a fraction of what other stores asked at the time. Got a lot of games I was interested in for an average of a half to a sixth their usual prices from them, and occasionally even less. Someone eventually caught on to how much money they’d missed out on though, and now they do what everyone else does, and just check ebay instead of whatever their system used to say it previously sold at. And of course, most people these days just seem to sell their used games online anyway, so they don’t even get all that much interesting in anymore, and the video game sections at all of their locations have been heavily downsized as a result (the cleared shelf space going to manga at one of them, and funko pops at the other two). Last really good finds from them were Rising Zan ($20) and Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus ($9) just before the chink flu spiked demand for both video games and prices even higher. Stimulus checks didn't help things either.

Far as I’ve heard, the remaster having ridiculous prices was because SCEA (but apparently less so SCEE) shortprinted it, and only sold it online rather than at brick and mortar retail, as if they had next to no faith in it. That said, I have been seeing a noticeable amount of NTSC-U copies available locally, so maybe they finally got around to reprinting it the way NoA did for Xenoblade Wii and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Prices are still about $50-60 where I am, though, so maybe it’s just been an influx from people trading in both their PS4s and their games in order to buy PS5s or something.

A few of the local gamestops where I’m at do actually still have a handful of seventh and eighth gen games on a small shelf and cabinet. Not even just shovelware or licensed shit, but proper games someone might actually want.

>I wonder where the fuck those hundreds of used PS3 games they had in their various stores ended up.
If they were worth playing at all and not common as dirt, they probably sold them long ago, either before or during clearance sales to make way for newer systems, while the rest were eventually broken and trashed (destroyed product can apparently be written off for taxes, even if self-destroyed), back before Gamestop started to stock retro games on their website. Funny (or sad?) thing is that the above seventh and eighth gen games; the DS, PS3, 360, Wii, even 3DS, weren’t even being sold at bottom of the barrel clearance prices despite not being current, but for as much as they feel they can get away with. Like a full $30 for Super Smash Bros, or $50 for Pokemon ORAS. I feel like, rather than them being eager to get them all out of the store again, they want to hit the “seventh and eighth gen are now retro” crowd with the expected prices, no matter how long they wind up sitting there. And sadly, on a few occasions, their prices are still about the cheapest compared to other stores here, by a long shot actually. Like a complete Pokemon HeartGold for $100 instead of $180.

>I rarely bought any used game from them as most of them were usually in such disastrous conditions that put me off, but i do remember not long ago getting a pristine copy of MGR for only 5 bucks and its code for a Grey Fox skin still working.
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>I did see a working PS3 with two controllers being sold for $60 recently and I'm mad as fuck I didn't have the cash on me because it got bought by the time I came back half an hour later. 
My PS3 fat stopped working a while ago.
A few years ago i got nostalgic about some PS3 games and i managed to get a 250GB slim PS3 in decent shape (the controller felt new though) with two games included for that price at a local GameStop.
Probably right before they got rid of all 7th gen stuff.

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What have you been playing recently? Did you enjoy it? Anything that stuck to you, be it the story, the gameplay or something else? Whatever you feel like discussing do it here.

Myself, I've been playing a lot of shit in the last few days. Decided to pick up some older vidya I had bought when I was in my BUYAN phase some years ago.
>Gundam: Target in Sight
Launch title for the PS Triple. I've read faggots on the Internet ripped a fat one on this one. Bought it for 3 bucks because I saw a huge fukken robot on the cover so I couldn't care less about it being shit or not.
The gameplay is kind of simple. After you've picked either faction you're off to do a campaign worth of missions shooting other robots and shit. Controls are clunky at first hand, and it took me a while to discover the second jump, but once you get the gist of it the Condams feel great to use.
There's a gimmick in this game and it's that different parts of the body can receive multiple kinds of damage. And so, either you or the CPU can have its robot maimed, dismembered or decapitated. Most of the time it's hard to pick a robot apart with the gun so the hand-to-hand combat seems the most apropiate if you want to make a giant torso walking on its two legs out of the enemy. This would lead to some degree of strategy on the player whether to take on an enemy whole or having him prancing around without the ability to hurt you, though I swear I've seen other Goddamns shoot me with both of their arms removed.
This gimmick, however, comes with its own brand of bullshit. Since you can get maimed too, damage will rack on your mech. What's more, it's damage that won't go away: you need the robot to rest an entire mission in the garage for the reparations to take full effect. Hence, you need to buy a new set of robots so that the older one is repaired. Would pretty simple, didn't the robots take 2 entire missions to be sent to you. This means that sometimes you'd need to sit on your battle scarred mechs until you finally receive your new mechs and have them sit a mission so they get repaired. The game also expects you to upgrade your bots when you're not using them, though good luck with that since they first need to be repaired in order for any enhancement to take effect.
The only thing that's truly egregious in this game is the framerate. Right off the bat a silky smooth 25fps is to be expected on every mission. Add in five Mobile Suits into the field and ten small tanks and the game now runs at 5fps. Granted games form this generation are expected to be optimized like dog feces but I got kind of used to it, kind of like a battered wife.
Out of all games on this post, this one's the one I'm the most inclined to see through the end. It felt kind of engaging for once, and since I don't know my Armored Cores I'm not knowledgeable enough to be picky, even if this game becomes bullshit at times and expects you to throw away your save and start anew if you want to get a fair shot at some missions.
Only bought this one because of the price tag. JPGs aren't generally very cheap on the second hand market, so I gave this one a go.
Fresh off the title screen, the entire cast is made out of homosexuals wearing some of the most retarded outfits I have ever seen in a videogame. Granted I'm not a JRPG man, so perhaps this is more of a cultural shock than anything, though they felt way more retarded than I anticipated. Someone more knowledgeable would point out to the character designer cocksucking Nomura or something, but I don't know myself.
Since I want to give this one a thorough chance, I'm trying to warp my head around the battle system. If I've understood correctly:
<wait until attack gauge is filled to attack monster
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I would like to take this moment to say that (1) sturgeon is a nigger and (2) I'm still having fun playing UQM.
FF IV: Complete Edition while I wait to finish pirating Elden Ring. it has also come to my attention that Sekiro got an official boss rush mode. so, even though I thought the levels were shit, I might pirate that, too, and get a 100% save to exclusively fight the bosses.
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Started playing Crystal Project
Pretty fun so far

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>62 days (2 months) till Tokyo Game Show
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Fate/Zero killed Fate. Kiritsugu is nowhere near as fantastic protagonist as Shirou, the only characters worth a damn were Gilgamesh and Kotomine, and Zeroniggers are the biggest fucking secondaries next to Illyaniggers. If you find someone who bitches about Shirou, and their complaints don't include something about him being an icky male protagonist, it was written by a Zeronigger.
Well, okay, given that Urobuchi, the same faggot who ruined the magical girl genre with ((( Madoka ))) wrote Fate/Zero? Maybe the "male protagonist bad" crowd has some Zeroniggers as well. Don't ask how they tolerate Kiritsugu but not Shirou, I don't get it either.
Sage for off-topic bitching about how the greatest VN of all time was killed by Urobutcher and the Madokucks who followed him into my VN.
Goddammit don't do this to me, Mega Man X3 is my third-favorite game of all time.
Replies: >>218441 >>218564
What's the problem with Kiritsugu? I'm not familiar with fate except stay night and apocrypha.
Replies: >>218442
This shit was a waste of time
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I don't really see your argument. Zero killed fate because you didn't like the characters as much as in FSN and because secondaryniggers were born from it? You didn't really say why Zero sucks, just that it merely does and is the reason why other things suck. Are you saying Zero wasn't necessary? That's a matter of opinion, it wasn't necessary to enjoy FSN, it's really meant originally to serve as some extra canon for fans of FSN, and to give a bit of background on certain characters who got little or no screentime in FSN, such as Kerry or Waver. Are you saying Zero was just a bad story? I disagree, it isn't as good as FSN but nobody is saying it had to be, and for one thing, Zero was just an anime, not a full visual novel. I didn't read the light novel or the manga so I don't know if there were major differences but this argument seems to concern the anime adaptation specifically so that's what we'll focus on. Obviously people will say they like Kerry more than Shirou since the FSN route animes didn't really get a chance to give him any character development or introspection at all - that's more an issue with the adaptations than with the story taken on its own, FSN was designed to be a visual novel first, not an anime. Zero was designed to be an anime, not a visual novel. So the pacing for both will favor whatever medium it was intended for. This is why FSN primaries like you and I love Shirou and why 
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As usual, keep leaks and spoilers to a maximum please.
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On one hand, it'd actually be safer to have the Stormcloaks win. Then you could have them go full isolationist, and have an excuse to almost entirely exclude Nords from the game. Obviously they'd also have to write the lore such that they drove Skyrim into the ground through incompetence, since you naturally can't portray "Skyrim is for the Nords" in a positive light.
But on the other hand, no matter how heavy-handed they tried to be with portraying it as a failure, they'd still likely face backlash for having the "bad guys" win at all.
I'm tempted to say that your Thalmor idea would be a bad idea for them, since they'd be bringing in the concept of whites being genocided even though everybody knows the very idea that it's possible to genocide whites is a far-right conspiracy theory. But I don't think that would really be a factor.
>Todd sells Skyrim DLC called Skyfield
>it just starts you off in Skyrim and lets you ride your horse to other planets
>where there are also bland cookie cutter dungeons full of draugr remodeled as ayys
Replies: >>218535
Bethesdacucks would buy it for every version of Skyrim they own, it would get praised as the greatest DLC ever made and modders would spend a decade trying to make it somewhat interesting.
>the way he flips it around to somehow avoiding admitting the engine can't handle anything more than someone moving 10mph on a planet
Why pay the devs to program stuff into the game if you have useful idiots that do it for free?

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[Hide] (13MB, 1920x1080, 05:27)

That's right anons, its time for another giant robot thread. Here you can talk about your NEW favorite giant robot games like, uhh, I think there was a Gundam one recently or something.
ANYWAY YES, Time to talk about the stompiest, shootiest, smashiest robots you love in vidya.

In seriousness what giant robot vidya do you like anons? I've been going back through the Armored Core series with the new AC6 announcement, just beat Project Phantasma and I'll start on Master of the Arena next. Then its off to 2 on the Ps2. I enjoyed it and think the gameplay still holds up really well. As for new games I think there was that overwatch clone for Gundam but even steam has mixed reviews which isn't surprising for a F2P game. There was Mw5 DLC Rise of Rasalhague which does a bit more to polish the turd that was MW5. I haven't heard anything bad about it but eh, mods are fun at least. 
There was a tactics game called Phantom Brigade that came out, looks like it plays out in 5 second increments that lets you decide what you will do next. Looks very flashy but I haven't tried it myself. 
EDF does a surprising amount to scratch a mech itch once in a while too. 

So anons, what are you waiting for or what are  you playing?
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Spoiler File
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well that was fucking easy
Replies: >>218504 >>218548
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Good job, you beat the easiest final boss of the 3, now backstab the two good-for-nothing maggots and do every other mission you didn't previously.
Replies: >>218513
yeah this was my second time, Ayre is way harder
[Hide] (21.2MB, 2880x2160, 00:27)
I really wanted to 3v1 all of the overseers in AC6's True ending.
Also said ending felt like a fanfic where the author introduces a third party into the plot of X and crashes it with no survivors. For example: getting Gman'd by Allmind while the plot was happening without me, having other end game bosses get shat on by a third party, etc. But in the end it was kind of the Liberator ending but with extra steps, I think? Fromsoft sure loves their vague endings.

That's because that boss is actually just an AC pimped out with true ending exclusive gear. At the end of the day it's still essentially PVP.

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Normally, I would find that smoking or drinking alcohol enhances my gaming experience, making me more invested in the gameplay. However, caffeine tends to irritate me, leaving me uninterested in doing anything other than lying down and engaging in mindless activities. What about you, anonymous user? Besides the options mentioned, are there any other substances that you believe can improve the gaming experience while playing video games?
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I brought up the lsd walking sim earlier myself and also the rhythm heaven game. Not my fault jew won't contribute, str8 shooter. 

But yes, due to eternal asspain no one wants to let us talk about what game times x drug, or what drug times x game, would one do.

Me myself and I like mostly booze but also do alts with them, as in alt thc's derived from cbd as that is a thing in the usa now for non law breakers (as if), so the real question is what game does one personally like and yet you do not personally care what someone like me would personally like ergo hardly anyone brought up their fav game or games. 

Fast paced stuff is bad on drugs I like, booze/weed, but with synthetic weed I was overly good at reflex oriented games. Insanely so. So were we all. We had a rumor that jwh and the like caused one to be better at games. We never would ge to such red pilling tho with jew around.
Replies: >>218542
plebbit spacing. didn't read lmao.
>willfully ignorant lol
High on life is still being high Mr. Laughs.
I grooved to  the nes esque chiptune tier music there. 

It reminds me that lots of jewtube chiptune stuff that sounded video gamey (like coin gettin' sounds for example) are gone now days. Very sad.

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I went to the arcades the other day and I was amazed at the new machines.
Arcades are presumed dead but they are still making them now with the implementation of VR and moving platforms.
I played two games there that I really liked.
>Ultra Moto VR
A motorcycle racer like no other. I've played them before but the level of movement is made better by a moving platform which simulates landing and allows you to move more freely. You wear a VR set while playing and the arcade will blow youI wish strong waves of air to simulate wind.
Bretty fun.
>House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn
It's House in the Dead now in a closed cabinet, again with extra stuff to make it more immersive. Lights, wind. Plus the graphics and the zombie's animations are really well made. I recommend it.
Do you still go to the arcades, anon?
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Replies: >>218522 + 2 earlier
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>play as a rebel
I assume this was at yidsneyland? If so I'm not surprised it's piss easy, they have to herd small children through these things by the thousands and making it challenging in any way would just make them piss and shit themselves.
Replies: >>218360
it was actually at a mall in LA, before we went they had a ghostbusters VR setup.
it doesn't really make sense for it to have a "lose" condition though, that'd be super jewish
>pay $25 to get in
>play for 2 minutes
>get shot, die
<"sorry, pay up again and do better next time"
or alternatively, if it restarts when your party dies that would take up too much time and leave people waiting in line for way too long. there are probably good ways to implement game overs but i can't think of any right now
my favorite type of arcade games are shmups, but there's no way you can convert that to VR
i would love to see daytona in vr tho, fun racing game
[Hide] (655.2KB, 700x625) Reverse
>>212915 (OP) 
>Do you still go to the arcades, anon?
I don't live near any area where I can play new arcade games. The issue is that arcades are pretty niche if you don't live around hobbyist stores. I also don't like the direction of future arcade games using exA Arcadia hardware that are extremely expensive, but even with all that, I would still like to try them out in the future.

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General thread for video game footage editing and streaming. Ask questions, give advice, and share live streams ITT. Read the software list below first (all FOSS).
Previous threads:

>Video editors
- Shotcut: A great video editor with various effects and filters, suitable for beginners and pros alike. https://shotcut.org
- Kdenlive: Buggy video editor by the KDE guys. https://kdenlive.org
- Blender Video Editor: Part of Blender and utilizes its node system. Like Blender itself, a pain in the ass to use but supposedly powerful. https://www.blender.org
- Olive: A new, promising video editor. Currently in beta but usable. https://olivevideoeditor.org

>Video recorders
- OBS: Record and/or stream anything on your screen, optimized for vidya. https://obsproject.com

Message too long. View the full text
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It is straight from the OVA, you ape.
[Hide] (738.6KB, 640x480, 00:04)
culture difference
[Hide] (561.2KB, 682x822) Reverse
Speaking of people nobody gives a shit about:
I've rescheduled my previous stream (>>218297) for today.
Same time, same place, same hangover.
Replies: >>218492
[Hide] (507KB, 960x537) Reverse
Gonna start early and warm up with some Quake 2 Remaster. Hop in when you're ready:

[Hide] (491.5KB, 1280x720, 00:05)

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