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Hey, /v/. I'm playing Aria of Sorrow right now. Is it me or is this one a lot easier than previous entries in the series? Just recently I finished Rondo of Blood and it felt more like a challenge. Not saying the game is bad or anything - it's great, actually - but it just feels easier. Is it because it came out on the GBA and because of that it had to be designed for a broader audience or something?

And one more thing: Has anyone here played Bloodstained? How's that one?
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Didn't play Lament yet, but Curse has a neat feature with the Innocent Devil mechanic where different evolutions can  help you unlock new secrets. Biggest problem with Curse is that it's sort of boring and there's no ability or equipment that makes you go fast when you backtrack to sparse areas.
How new are you faggots
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Thanks Anon, and nice double dubs.
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I'm not new at all. If anon cannot do something so simple in order to get from A to B, then all he needs to know is that it's merely a GIF.
cuckchan thrad

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A modding team has released a native PC port of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for PC, Mac and Linux entitled "Ship of Harkinian" (In reference to the king from the CDI games and his ship which sailed in the morning). It's quite good, and already moddable.

It already supports:
>Gyro aim with slingshot, bow and hookshot (Provided you have a compatible controller)
>All resolutions and will properly scale the camera and HUD accordingly
>A nice 3D view of Link on the equipment screen, optionally

Currently in its freshly-released state it only at the moment supports the rom compiled by the Master Quest debug rom decompilation team, which does not in fact use the MQ dungeons but does have the Gamecube buttons.


game file: stick it in the same folder with soh.exe

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>goldeneye is getting some progress so maybe MM could follow
In the case of Goldeneye, there's also the Goldeneye X mod that uses the Perfect Dark engine to run an enhanced version of Goldeneye. Maybe something similar could happen with OoT & MM.
What wasn't possible?
>>126338 (OP) 
When am I gonna get mods to let me fuck everyone in the game a la fallout mods?
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Bros... I cant WAIT, how long will we have to wait to see this on PC? how long do you think it'll take to get online multiplayer/coop? do you think it could be good for a gamenight?
The most recent version has 60fps support if anyone cares.

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How do I post from this thing? Default browser just gets ssl handshake error from outdated https. and using opera mini app in java emulator gets cucked by javascript, so it's read only mode
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Thats a fair criticism, Vita is great but its not perfect
>same game with minor differences
You think Ocarina is the same game as LttP for example?
They're in the same franchise but they're not the same game at all.
Super mario bros is not the same game as mario 64 by a long shot.
Vita's batteries don't bulge, that's a PSP and Switch-only problem
Supposedly I've heard people trying to install  Switch lite batteries into the Vita, but i haven't heard if it was successful or not.
Replies: >>136757
>Vita's batteries don't bulge, that's a PSP and Switch-only problem
Pretty sure that is a problem with all lithium batteries.
Replies: >>136771
I've looked into it, the Vita's battery does not seem to have that issue, or at the very least, its been so rare to the point where almost no one has experienced anything like that yet (and as a result, the commonly held belief is that Vita batteries dont have the same swelling problem that the PSP and Switch does)
Maybe they just have a longer life before such things happen or something, since there are many reports of the Switch having those issues
Replies: >>136850
There's no technology or fabrication process yet available where the issue with lithium batteries bulging out doesn't happen on the end of its lifespan. It has to be the circuitry and the way the system handles the battery itself what causes it not to become an electro-chemical bomb. Eitherway, I don't believe you.

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What sRPGs are you playing anon? What characters you using? What starts are you using? Who your guys killing? Are side based or unit speed based turn systems superior? Is there 'any' game where high speed=more turns where more speed isn't stupidly broken?  How did waifu shit ruin Fire Emblem?
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Have any of you ever played Tokyo Majin Gakuen?
Play the good ones and you'll have a decently fun time
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Anyone played Mercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx?
Is it fun? It peaked my interest since the MC is not a fucking brat.
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I've been emulating Three houses.
Going for the Emperor yuri route.

It's been fun so far, but the maps on the academy phase suck. Every one has been "send Byleth/Edelgard here to instantly kill stage boss". Hopefully the war phase maps will be better.

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>#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net
>https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs
>Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources
>Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/
>Previous bread: >>110782

Next demo-day is 5/5
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>If you want them to look more grimmy, fitting of an fps of the era, tone down the saturation in the textures and make them more detailed.
Well I want to keep them fairly saturated as I don't like how in modern FPS games everything is colored in shit brown or colored in such way that there is almost nothing that stands out. As about details well idk maybe when I make my next iteration of this item pack I might be the models look a bit more detailed.

I tried looking on startpage and duckduckgo for any screenshot of any good/sexy looking ammo items and I hardly found any, instead it gave me tons of irrelevant results.
Replies: >>136623
It's just a box. If you can't handle the UVMaps of a cube you're going to have a hard time when you deal with any sort of organic shape.

>Isn't this just the red cross being self important jack offs?
Regardless of whether you consider them to be self important jack offs, the threat has teeth behind it.
Replies: >>136620
>It's just a box. If you can't handle the UVMaps of a cube you're going to have a hard time when you deal with any sort of organic shape.
I am absolutely terrible at making organic shapes.
Replies: >>136621
You'll get better with practice.
I meant the textures. They need more detailed shading.

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Today is Doom's 27th anniversary. Say something nice about the game.
Have you been playing any doom wads? Any you recommend?
I'm thinking of grabbing a drink and start playing some fucking hdoom.
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Bleh it seems Angelic Aviary and Universal Gibs (master version) is a bad combination, I have no idea what the fuck is going on but I'm getting terrible performance issue with it. Is there any other good universal gore mod?
Replies: >>137225
Welp looks like I have to use ((( Nashgore ))) mod then, which sucks because the Universal Gib mod has a feature where almost any corpse becomes destroyable.
Reelism 2 is nice and I appreciate the use of centered weapons. Weapons with angled sprites and off to the side look dumb since projectiles still come from the same place.
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>Filled to the brim with monsters
>I only got lucky enough to get a M249 SAW 
>not enough ammo for it to kill all the monsters
>Had to kill 3 boss monsters with a fucking pistol 
What a terrible map design.
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I played of ArgentSun till 7 maps till I called the quits because the map quality is so bad and one of the maps had ridiculous size which is filled with projectile monsters making them a bitch to hit them since I have only a Crossbow for sniping and they often dodged my shots.

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I have proficiency in Japanese translation, and would like a project to help improve my Japanese. What untranslated Japanese games (not VNs) would you like to see translated?
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Maybe I should learn german to live in the alps and read Mein Kampf in its original language.
Kaeru no Ehon please and thank you.
>every site either has no search or the search can't find any series
>nobody just slashing the spine and uploading actual magazines like you'd want them too, it's all individual series and nobody uploads anything meaningful
Replies: >>136241
There are official manga reader sites, but usually only the first and the latest chapters are public in most series. Shounen Jump, GanGan, Mangabox, Pixiv Comic, probably many others I haven't seen yet.
Also, enormous amount of amateur manga series in the sea of Pixiv. Mostly fanart, and some original series. A few are picked up by a publisher, I think Eiga suki Ponpo-san started that way.

I've seen a few monthly magazines uploaded in a few places, but usually those places have mostly the books from manga series and novels. I don't know why they do it that way.

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Not to be confused with rougelike...


>The dragon hits you with 100 unsoakable dragon cock damage!
>you die like a retarded bitch again, shame about the rare loot lol
>try again retard?
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>and a tree
Wanting to fuck something that barks makes you a furry.
Replies: >>133668
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But trees don't bark
Replies: >>133793
I'll fuck my ghost girl and I don't care if that makes me a furry.
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Not only do they bark, they even warp and woof!
I'm so swole in elona that I dont cure my alien infection because it trains my health

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I miss when videogames characters were weird creatures and funny little characters.
Think Putty, Plok, EWJ, Klaymen, Qbert, Bomberman, etc.
Now they all are ugly boring humans that go around bitching and moaning.
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Replies: >>135824 + 2 earlier
Are you telling me slugcat isnt cute as fuck? Im going to fucking kill your bitch, give me 200 dollars.
>The Neverhood had a lot of lore to it
That wall was a parody of Bible, thus 80% of it was hilariously boring stuff like family trees that lasted forever. The rest was actually interesting. I've read it online later.
Replies: >>135819
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Doug TenNapel is an okay guy. It takes sincere faith to be able to poke fun at your own religion like that.

Blinx is one of the best animal mascot characters not counting Klonoa and I'm sad that I had to go to e621 to find these images.
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>>128540 (OP) 
>I miss when videogames characters were weird creatures and funny little characters.
>Now they all are ugly boring humans that go around bitching and moaning.
Games just need more variety, nowadays it's either FPS shit or over-theshoulder shit, same for art styles, nothing really stands out anymore.
>I unironically miss when every protagonist was a bald angery space marine
More than that, i miss the "Sex and violence! Fuck yeah!" of a few generations ago.
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It's bizzare how psychonauts 2 keeps that tradition alive, out of all things.

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Excuse the low quality thread, but
Yes, I am rushing this thread so as many of you faggots can download this as possible before Randy Bitchford pulls the plug.
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The passive-aggressive shitflinging is already starting:
Replies: >>135676
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Fun, isn't it? Even the ebin boomer shooter niggers who've dragged classic FPSes through the mud are getting in on the action.
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>1st post in 2nd image
out of all the things you could link regarding the biggest leak in the last 5 years
you chose to link brain cancer
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testing why is the ban message not showing up weird

[sage] Anonymous 5/12/2022, 3:09:48 AM 483d3c 135199 
>>135159 | I posted some screenshots in the parent 8chan.moe thread of some mods (yes, people are already modding this unfinished forgotten game) which includes player models and enemy models. Nothing too fancy yet, of course, but it's more like a proof of concept.

Anonymous 5/16/2022, 6:35:39 AM 52ed3d 135912 Replies: >>135913 >>135915
why were my posts deleted | admins scared of shitposting huh??m

Anonymous 5/16/2022, 6:47:19 AM bbe114 135913 | bane.png (u) | [] (61.5KB, 421x401)
>>135912 | No /tv/posting allowed here

Anonymous 5/16/2022, 7:05:39 AM 578a5e 135915 | fad08dd922ecbb121a63e2f433eed9fb8655f8d84a41af0a5b694a62e13b90ea.png (u) | [] (482KB, 800x882)
>>135912 | No posting allowed here.

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