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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

What a nice board!

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Where's the mecha thread, faggots? Are you playing anything? Anything you're excited for? Well, get fucked mecha is dead, but we have a ton of old games to enjoy, so there's that. Start posting sexy robots and designs and anything else /m/ already.
Also, when is From going to drop gay souls for another Armored Core? Daemon X Machina is shit and can't even be called a substitute. The drought continues.
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Yes that was a good one
Anyone played the update for mw5? Did you see the waterfall?
I marathoned vanlina after the expansion released, I wanted to see what the game does unmodded to be able to compare it with mods specially on stuff like ai and enemy spawns. I'm going to get to modding it now because the vanila lab is absolutely trash.
Replies: >>84003
Alright so almost no mods work, definitely none of the good ones. Fantastic, back to replaying 3 and 4.
Anyone try that new MW5 update? Is the punchin any good?

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Post preferably webm, mp4 is allowed but discouraged. Only post fresh new webms unless asked to do otherwise.
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She not playing CS with her mouth, she can eat shit.
>litral meme game
ah, that legitimately brings me back, the game isn't actually that bad in hindsight, i just had to buy a better computer
Gay_Bomb_Proposal.webm (u)
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I've seen that webm posted a few times, what's the song?
last post
Replies: >>85315
epic fail

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Lord of the Rings Online is having a pre-expansion sale, giving away all the content and expansions for free. Nobody ever talks about this game, so it is up to me to spread the word. Might aswell check it our, right anon?
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Replies: >>84952 + 2 earlier
This may actually normalize streaming garbage, fuck.  The stupid goyim WILL get addicted to this because it's free despite the myriad issues with it, hopefully the graphene oxide kills them first.
Replies: >>84905
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cd8845c73decdb529e1dd49cf185286e5be13d260b5bb4fb81ac91d000bed155.webp (u)
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It's obvious the future is cloud, and not just games but everything computer related. Eventually all you need is a thin as paper 14 inch touchscreen with a detachable keyboard running Android while connecting to Microsoft server to run your own windows 365 session for the as little as 2 dollars per month to play your vidya. And you can have smooth as butter 60 fps high setting without lag unlike stadia, given that you have a stable connection and lucky. I watched some eta prime videos and seems he has no problem with it, but others do screech about issues just like with stadia. But most importantly, paid multiplayer game night when? Imagine the possibilities is enough to make me hard. isn't avaliable in my region though lol
Replies: >>84929 >>84975
>eta prime

Anyway, no matter what, latency will always be the main issue, the speed of light does not care about jewish tricks.  It's just about dumbing down idiots to accept what isn't natural, as usual, that's the only thing "obvious" about a strict downgrade.
>>83972 (OP) 
I played it a bit a few months ago. There simply aren't enough people playing. Nobody is there to do any of the instances, of which there are hundreds. It's comfy, you can easily own a house and do crafting, but the actual game is basically solo.
You are extraordinarily stupid if you think any wi-fi connection or fibre optic cable can overcome latency issues.

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I don't have to say much do I?
Bassically as a counter to niggerpills faggotry, show people some politically incorrect mods or games. 
Also there is an mod for hoi4 that deletes the female agents, abd the comment section us amazing
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Namefag/avatarfag-with-2hoe-related that was active during the happenings,primarily a /2hu/ dude,remember him making fun of the jannies all the time,I think after julay died the first time he made his own alt-/v/ somewhere on the webring that was high_pph+good quality for a small amount of time,which was rare,it obviously petered out.
Don't know why anon mentioned him though.
seems legit, where is this land and can I claim it in the name of vidya?
Replies: >>84725 >>84748
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/dup/ now go back there your glow is keeping me from going to sleep
It's called Bir Tawil and it's literally just 800 square miles of sand and heat.
Nuclear powered Breitspurbahn autism simulator with Stalker elements where you gotta lay down tracks and deliver goods on time in uncharted lands past the Urals.

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What's this all about?
Fullderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokémon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokémon battling simulator.
To quote one of Showdown's mods...
>@MacChaeger: None of these people are youtubers
>@MacChaeger: They impersonate verlis to to gain notoriety and attract new members
>@MacChaeger: These people regularly trick others into getting locked
>@MacChaeger: this is the single most toxic group of players on PS

How does it work?
After the current champ calls "new champ", the first anon to claim the title is our champ. He uses the first six legal Pokémon suggested after his claim as his team. Champ can also call "new team" when the old one became stale (rule of thumb: 40-60 minutes). Champ plays in National Dex unless specified otherwise.
Absolutely no experience is necessary and everything is done in-browser.

1. Champ can't forfeit, intentionally throw a match, or timer stall.
2. Champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.
Last edited by seagull
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Take Ledyba, it's my sister's favorite pokemon.
"""Skill""" Link (Cloyster) @ Bright Powder  
Ability: Skill Link  
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
- Shell Smash  
- Icicle Spear  
- Rock Blast  
- Spike Cannon
NEW THREAD: >>84906

creative_director.jpg (u)
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About your game idea... could you tell me again in detail what it is, and why do you think we should fund it?
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Glares.webp (u)
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OscarN.png (u)
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>>56504 (OP) 
It's an objectively good video game that's part of a popular genre that builds up on what it's predecessors did, while also adding some fresh and original ideas too make it stand out on its own. 

An equal amount of focus will be put on all of it's aspects, so things like sound design or movement mechanics which are usually an afterthought, will be thoroughly developed and tested by a team of veteran developers handpicked by a distinguished and experienced project lead who has little to no online presence and keeps his political affiliations strictly separate from his work.

It will get heavily bugtested before release to assure a smooth release that won't require any additional patches and will include modding tools with it along with an indepth guide about the game's engine that will allow you to change just about any part of the code. 

It will be priced at twenty dollars on release with no additional paid downloadable content. If there is enough interest in the product, a similarly reasonably priced sequel will be developed instead using the profits made from the first game.

Whatever community bugfixes that will be made by the players will be integrated into the main game as an optional download and after ten years the game will be made open source.

So what do you think chief?
Replies: >>84683
Get the fuck out of my office. My pie chart of 20 games, of which 20 are half assed rehashes, says that 100% of the games people like are half assed rehashes. 0% of the people in my pie chart like "new" and "innovative" games with "effort" put into them, whatever those words even mean.
>>56504 (OP) 
City of Heroes, but with 3rd person action/shooter controls.
I know this anon is joking, but this does seriously happen. You can even easily get more money from women, fujos, and the gays by putting in male characters.
>>56504 (OP) 
Do you remember the surprise hit that was Mirror's Edge? Let's pretend EA didn't butcher it for a shitty sequel as it always does. And replace the dystopian skyscrapers and generic office buildings with a labyrinthine Victorian-era theater and a horde of actors with animal masks who want to kill you. Because you're the hare, and they are the predators. Or, even worse, because you might refuse to be the hare.

Whether you flee from or attack these pursuers would have a drastic impact on the game's storyline and even basic gameplay: Stay in your role as the hare, and you'll have the perfect game for speedruns as maintaining your momentum is absolutely vital to your survival. Decide to break with your role, and the game turns into a fast-paced melee spectacle where you have to carefully time your dodges and attacks. What people call "Souls-like" nowadays. So you practically have two games in one - meaning replayability value. And the speedrun character I already mentioned means the game's bound to attract an online community; including streamers with hundreds or possibly thousands of viewers.

There'll also be an online mode with several distinct game styles - a mode where players race to be the first to reach an objective, a classical battle royal where the last man or woman standing wins, and a Left 4 Dead-style mode where one team plays the role of the escapees and the other team pl
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ProbablyNot_Sec.png (u)
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Welcome to the SS13 thread, the thread where we'll discuss SS14.

>Last known SS13 Stalker server IP
Different server based on STALKER, with mutants and anomalies all coded in.

>Server Status
All known public SS13 servers are screwed, just go play Stalker.
Unitystation has become unplayable due to the mysterious disappearance of its best server, potatostation. Admins on all servers are highly retarded, possibly even more than SS13 mods.
SS3D isn't playable as far as I know, but is serving as this thread's art. Monthly updates seem to have slowed down to crawl.
SS14 has drastically less content than Unitystation, but somehow gets more players.

And that's it for today's round up, see you next month.
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1602170490403.jpg (u)
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>That image reminds me I wanted to try a character that was a ligger supremacist so I could start LLM and try to start race wars.
That would naturally start on Kiwi since the AI was almost always asimov. Meaning all it took is one person to tell it to kill all the aliens and it'd oblige. It happened a lot so at round start all the aliens would get together and coordinate incase shit went south for them. I do remember being in the alien mafia multiple times as I did random race. That shit wouldn't fly today though and I'm not sure how you'd even recreate it since I'm noticing a lot of players are scoffing at the idea of LRP high-conflict servers, and it only worked on Kiwi since it was pulling Kiwifarms playerbase.
Replies: >>84548 >>84732
Being best bros with asimov borgs while you did stupid martyr shit to fix enginnering/atmos disasters (or just eating a bit of radiation for the sake of being sure a setup is fine as diona) as a nonhuman was definitely the best thing I got out of the addition of nonhuman races.
Replies: >>84549 >>84732
I have to admit my alien bro's kinda let me down whenever ASIMOV shit hit the fan. 

I was an atmos lizard and there was a science lizard. The T told the AI to kill us but we were able to cut our cams before it could really do anything. I told the lizard in science to bring the TTVs to atmos so we could make some maxcaps for the AI and the traitors. That retard instead of grabbing everything and running through maints waited too long, got into a scuffle and blew up the plasma canisters in toxins which blew up the TTV valves and himself. I managed to save his brain and put him in a MMI but the round ended before I could do anything else.

Another time a bunch of moth metafags were vandalizing the station with super heated 4-way pipes they laid down everywhere, knowing someone would undo one but they technically wouldn't be liable. Just annoying shit like that. One round I randomed moth and at round start everyone was talking about lynching the moths for their shenanigans. In response one of the moths blew up the SM and just ran around breaking shit. There was no coordination or anything. I basically hid in the maints like a Jew in Germany while everyone hunted the moths.

I never got that full highly coordinated race war experience.
Replies: >>84732
One of my favorite things to do was not choose to join the round at start so I could see what lavaland roles would popup. On Bee station lavaland base had an additional abandoned part of it you could access pretty easily as the ash liggers. I loved using this place to sneak past the miners, and then steal the shuttle and telecomms control boards before throwing it all into the lava effectively stranding them on lavaland since NOBODY EVER WENT THERE! EVER! This would get the ash ligger spawn and maybe the pod people/golem spawns lynched in subsequent rounds.
Replies: >>84756
That's amazing lol. The jannies would never know unless they saw you do it.

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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Most video game remakes are worse than the original, but there's some really good ones. Let's talk about the good ones.

>Dragon Quest III SFC
Frees the game of loads of minor tech limitations that held the FC/NES original back, fixes various bits of dev laziness, adds a bunch of new content. Strict improvement in every way, and even better when you consider the fixes US Dragon Warrior 3 got (the hero's long lost dad isn't just a pallet swap of a random midboss, there's actually an intro, opening is less grindy since party members don't come naked etc.) were effectively new in the only region this version officially released in.

>Oath in Felghana
Totally changes original game by replacing its OK sidescrollin action game with peak, golden era, Ys gameplay. (Arguably not a remake but a new game with the same story)

>Zero Mission
It's Metroid, but freed of much of the jank associated with the original version (no map, no aiming up/down in a very vertical game).

>Mystery of the Emblem
Book 1 is the original FE minus its worst parts in a new engine that clears up the severe oversights of the original (can't see enemy range, healers can't get XP, etc.)

>Atelier Rorona Plus
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I don't even remember these pseudo tower defense sections being in the original. My memory with Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma is more recent.
fuck off cuckchannel
Defending your temple with base defenses because of a disabled angel bow is new.
no tower defense in the original
at most you would be shooting demons with your angels but the remake has sections where it disables that to make you play tower defense
The physics are only fucked on SMB 1/2J, which can easily be patched. On the topic, I do like Super Mario Advance 4, but not for the SMB3 part of the game. Go pirate the Wii U eShop version (or find the patch somebody made, if that's easier for you) and play all the World e levels, they're pretty neat.

7a4293f5cadcfab576cdd770dd98f3f6edf3c4f8e63662411c704439c1a74035.png (u)
[Hide] (801.3KB, 600x600)
d6a80d7b61d5d53cae18a8723096f2e44c02dd794c0358ef92cb07c1534297d8.jpg (u)
[Hide] (69.2KB, 640x635)
Treasures of the Deep - I could only play this game for like 1 hour, beat the training mission, moved on to the first but then I got to this wide area and its vastness of it spooked me because it could hide sharks and evil pirate submarines so I ALT+F4'd and deleted the rom from my pc.

Fuck Treasures of the Deep and games with water and sharks.
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Replies: >>84384
78239182_p0.png (u)
[Hide] (714.3KB, 1200x1900)
Sounds like it needs brown pirate lolis.
>>84338 (OP) 
Underwater shit is cool though, I bet you don't even like Ecco.

May as well turn this into an underwater games thread. What are some other good vidya that take place in water?
submarine_titans.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x1024)
Submarine Titans was on my backlog for a while. I had an RTS phase I went through but burned out before I got around to playing it. Not sure if it's good or not.
wew.jpg (u)
[Hide] (388.7KB, 2400x1596)
Is this the deep sea thread?
Replies: >>84447
feeding-frenzy-generic-packart.jpg (u)
[Hide] (356KB, 584x698)
>underwater games
Pic related.
The other underwater games I remember playing were flash ones; fishing, photography, **cannibalism*, stress relief...etc. There was even a website dedicated to fish games, and surprisingly it's still up!

I also tried Subnautica not too long ago but didn't play it long, it looked like a fun game.

>>84411 (2x checked)
Aye matey!

__frey_kohaku_dolce_diras_lest_and_2_more_rune_factory_and_1_more__db45a6843352beb6c7304f66247fc8a5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (417.6KB, 1920x1200)
The niche Fantasy Farming Sim Action RPG

What is the general opinion of this series? Despite the fifth game coming out next month in Japan, I don't see much posting about it. It'll be the first new release in 7 years. The graphics looks substantially approved.
Are there any things people are looking forward to? Things they want changed or maybe added to the game?
Personally, I'd like rival heart events to be added back to the series, but I want to be able to toggle them on/off like the town events of Rune Factory 4. 

Also, how do you think we can get the series more popular outside of Japan? With the popularity of Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley, I see no reason why this game wouldn't be as popular, if not more. Especially since it was originally a spin-off of the old harvest moon games. It has everything they have + dungeon crawling and plot. Is there a reason it never got popular in the West?
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Keep projecting till you kill yourself lel
Welp, you'd think if they were going to delay the game so much, they'd fix the massive frame rate and performance issues. Or add the dragon lolis or Christmas cakes as bachelorettes, though in their cases, they actually do have husbands. Who never show up in the game.
Replies: >>84080
>make long-running franchise with lauded christmas cakes that are unavailable that fans clamor for in every installment
>double down by giving them offscreen 'husbands' instead of as legit bachelorretes
How brain-damaged can one dev be.
e718b53d3aa548ab056a835e2417f2a1e4e7734440b0ef0f267774331861a636.png (u)
[Hide] (96KB, 572x537)

>Can be a flaming homo
>But you still can't fuck the dragons nor the cakes
>Even when they aren't married

I was willing to compromise for RF5 even despite the shit performance and bugs the game had since I enjoyed the games, but they can go fuck themselves now
I deleted the game last week but i downloaded it again before the new patch comes out.

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