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What a nice board!
Do you even lift? >>>/fit/

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I got done watching the FFXVI trailer and realizing that I don't have shred of faith or investment into the game, the franchise, the PS5, etc. . I have been burnt by the XIII trilogy, FFXV bullshit, and the FFVII remake to a point where I can't even begin to be excited about the new FFXVI game. It was as bad as watching an NBA2K or FIFA trailer, just seeing how SE were going through the motions. Looking at every fucking scene, character, set piece, story bit, and wondering how they are going to fuck it up. They've got characters with tattoo curse marks and warp fighting like it was made in spite of me. There's an honor to your family or royal house like FFT but worse. There's a protect the kid plot (because he secretly has muh key to badass power) because every degrading IP needs another scrappy do, cousin oliver, and baby yoda to have people mindlessly defend it. I used to speculate about the characters, story, gameplay, and re watch trailers for years. There would be at least some feeling of excitement or a feeling in the pit of my gut of things to come with an FF game coming out. Now I just feel dread for the onslaught of development bullshit , Marketing, and excuses about how everything is fine with 8 - 9 year development at Square. I get the feeling they have no sense of world building with this one like FFXV. I can't care about the characters, knight man needs to protect the child and young and brash man is in need of revenge. They are just conduits for set pieces and n
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On one hand, re-using assets are an easy way to bring down cost, especially when the assets look fine to begin with. Hell, lots of games use parts of older engines, even when developing new ones (I could go on about that for a while).  On the other hand, the other implication is that it's a new asset for an existing design in whatever probably new engine they're using and the design being the same is a super intentional choice. You can really tell with Ifrit, the design is super close between 14 and 16, but I can't tell how the actual model is. Malboro looks similar, just from that comparison up there, but I can't really tell. This shit isn't even new, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles re-used a bunch of existing designs from older FF games, look at the Antlion from 9 and CC as examples. And I think CC is a really aesthetically great game all around, but that's just me. If they really are re-using assets, it's probably Yoshi-P trying to keep the project from spiraling out of control like 13 or 15. If not there's probably some thematic reason, maybe some 14 player can pick up on some of the trailer jargon. Or it could be a halfway thing where "why come up with a new design when we can work off of an older one". I will say, from what I've seen the Shiva looks different, but that's based on a cursory look, we really need some avid 14 player to sort this information out.
Replies: >>9758
I dunno. It's still not a thing I would put in a trailer if gamers are going to be fooled into seriously wondering if they're cutting costs right out of the game. A spinoff reusing models from a mainline game I can understand, though. My other problem with it is that FF games have always had this similar-but-different thing going on, where certain concepts are shared, but where even games in the same engine put some effort into making those shared things look and act different. The designs, at least, were somewhat different even if actual frames of animation or whatever ended up reused. Maybe I'm just being too picky, but seeing the SMT series start to go with consistent demon designs in the newer games has just got me leery of the subordination of creativity to uniformity in popular RPG series. It's frankly boring when games that aren't supposed to be direct sequels but have connected mythologies or conceits start to recycle designs and assets. Perhaps it's not in and of itself something that would make me not play a game, but it's worrying to see it happen regardless. Sure, a lot of the changes in the past were probably due to advances in technology, especially the move from 2D sprites to 3D models and the steady improvement of hardware allowing for better 3D models. Still, it feels like some of the charm of these series is being lost, and that's unsettling. Then again, I probably won't ever play a new SMT o
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Replies: >>9759 >>9765
>cutting costs right out of the gate
I meant.
Understandable, I don't have a great eye for this sort of thing to begin with, and I'm really unfamiliar with FF14 in general, so I can't say if this is going to be a "FF12 takes place in Ivalice" type of thing, or what. The fact that we can't actually tell for sure if the assets are reused says something at least. Ironically, the theoretical cost cutting fills me with more hope, since it's the horribly bloated production that fucked up 15 (and probably 13) in the first place. But on the other hand, FF has burnt so many bridges with me, and the genre is now so outside my usual wheelhouse, that I'm never even going to pirate 16. We'll have to wait and see, these things do take time, especially when Square is involved. If you really want another Squeenix JRPG, Dragon Quest will probably always be at least fine, so there's that.
Where would FF be today had Sony and Nintendo never broken up in the 90s?

(1.2MB, 1920x1080)
"I'm so glad this crossposter bullshit is finally coming to an end" t. Mossad
"fug :DDDDD where are the corndogs :DDDDD" t. america
A battle royale with Season 3's champions, plus a special guest!
An ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny you won't wanna miss!
The Hitler Force 5 get to stomp the shit out of their failed creation!
4 Clowns on 4 more Clowns!
A new anti-thot patrol force joins in arms to fight some of the deadliest thots around!
Cheetahmen vs. Knuckles and Knuckles and Knuckles!
a 3-way to end it all
and a metric fuckton more!

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>pedofag artist lewds child and worse girl
>there still no porn of default and there never will be
Replies: >>9803 >>10157
>bumping 3 week old dead thread about event that's over to post your gripes about porn
Replies: >>11742
Spoiler File
(276.7KB, 899x929)
it existed before it had a name
protip: it's not a girl
Replies: >>11227
Wait, then who the fuck is Default really? We know she was based off of some unknown snow girl ava on
but nothing else
Was she seriously a he all along?
It's still ture

(364.1KB, 368x368, 00:06)
Parts in vidya where you become an immortal, instakilling weapon of destruction that obliterates any dumb niggers that dare stand in your way.
>entering hypermode in Prime 3 where enemies die so easily it feels more like you're just clicking through your PC
>fighting through the citadel in HL2 with the turbocharged gravity gun and ripping through everything that moves
>fighting Mother Brain in Super Metroid where you just hold down fire and left trigger while you read a book or do something more productive
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>Someone makes a thread about a new game
<Thread gets flooded with shill accusations
>Someone makes a thread about a certain aspect of games
<Thread gets flooded by totally organic (1)s who don't think the thread is worthy of existence on their exalted board
It's getting pretty tiresome. Soon you won't be able to talk about anything without it being shitposted to death by these whiny faggots. They're approaching /a/ levels of autistic control of discourse.
Replies: >>9697
Threads about "certain aspects of games" are 90% of the time low-effort trash that belongs on cuckchan. God forbid people want some fucking standards.
Replies: >>9706
Did I say filter, faggot?

All you have to do is ignore it. You don't need to engage in threads that don't speak to you. This isn't Reddit.
>Threads about "certain aspects of games" are 90% of the time low-effort trash that belongs on cuckchan
You really need to stop pulling garbage out of your ass when something you don't like takes point, this kind of bickering is getting worse than the cancer from cuckchan.
(234.4KB, 506x300)
<Do My Homework Request Thread

(195.1KB, 1200x630)

Co-founder and former Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Morhaime announced the launch of Dreamhaven, a new games development company based in Irvine, California which will provide guidance, support, and funding to subsidiary game development studios. The two initial studios, Moonshot Games and Secret Door, are similarly staffed by Blizzard alumni including Jason Chayes, Dustin Browder, Ben Thompson, Chris Sigaty, Alan Dabiri, and Eric Dodds. Mike Morhaime stepped down as President of Blizzard in October of 2018 after forming the company (then called Silicon & Synapse) in 1991, serving in an advisory role until his non-compete clause expired the following April. He will now serve as CEO of Dreamhaven, bringing decades of experience along with him and his studio teams, headed by Jason Chayes and Chris Sigaty at Moonshot and Secret Door respectively.

>Mike Morhaime, former CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment, and a host of industry veterans today announced Dreamhaven, their new game company based in Irvine, CA. Dreamhaven will create and publish original games for players around the world, and it has established its first two studios: Moonshot and Secret Door.

>"I’m excited to team up with such talented people who care deeply about games and their communities,” said Dreamhaven CEO Mike Morhaime. “I’ve always believed in the power of games to bring people together regardless of backgrounds or boundaries. With Dreamhaven, we look forward to creating and sharing new experiences with players everywhere.”

>The team at Dreamhaven came together around a common goal to empower creators, help bring their ideas to life, and create original gaming experiences that foster meaningful connections between players.

The company and its studios are still very new, so it's not quite clear what kind of games they intend to make, although The Washington Post noted that Moonshot is to be focused on large projects, while Secret Door works on more intimate ones. That said, simultaneously launching not one but two studios together is quite an ambitious move for any new company, while being located in Irvine also places it in a competitive area, being the longtime seat of Blizzard Entertainment, Obsidian Entertainment, Ready At Dawn Studios, and the relatively new Amazon Game Studios, as well as home to dozens more developers in the greater Orange County area and throughout California.

Venturebeat has some great quotes to share from the former Blizzard President and new studios heads:

Mike Morhaime via Venturebeat said:
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The media's covered homelessness and insane rents in Cali before. The rich people there are just too rich for it to matter.
>We’re almost trying to create a haven for creators who want an environment that is development friendly, values product, and player experience over short-term financial pressures.
Failed right out of the gate because you set up your studio in California. Of course I'm sure he and the other management level staff don't care, they have enough money. Meanwhile they'll scratch their heads wondering why all the grunts always talk about barely being able to pay their bills. But the weather is just too nice amirite?

The fucktards with enough money to pay the exorbitant cost of living refuse to acknowledge that times have changed and California is trying to squeeze everything out of its citizens slowly. Put your studio in a place where only morons live and you'll have only morons to work with.
Replies: >>9694
Texas has a large tech industry that everyone seems to forget about and it has one of the best economies in the nation so its a natural choice for refugee socialists who have no idea why the ground collapsed under their feet. I'm glad I bought property here a few years ago, values only going to appreciate. Now if only retards could learn from their mistakes.
It might also be because libtards are the only idiots who can be easily forced into slave work.
They probably setup there because they want to siphon all of the disgruntled Blizzard talent. Obviously setting up shop elsewhere is more financially viable but this situation is a little bit more nuanced it appears.

(579.5KB, 1920x1080)
Which ones have you been playing? Which ones do you suggest anons try out? Personally FlareRPG's The Empyrean Campaign was a huge hidden gem for me. I'll list some ARPG's and ARPG projects I know about to kickstart some discussions.

<Singleplayer ARPG, not many skills but a decent amount of levels and very nice soundtrack. Worth a playthrough. Consider the impossible mod if you want to spice things up, gives basic enemies a lot more abilities.
>Path of Diablo
<Diablo 2 with some QoL changes and balance changes to enable more viable builds. Isn't meant to be played offline and can break if played offline.
>Median XL
<Diablo 2 overhaul mod. Basically just an entirely new game built in the D2 engine using D2's assets. More akin to D3 in that it's faster and more AoE spam than original D2.
>Project Diablo 2
<Supposed to be a competitor to Path of Diablo and stay true to the spirit of D2, releasing "soon"
>Grim Dawn
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I got around to playing it. It's alright, you need to mix multiple classes together like in standard Grim Dawn which throws the balance into wack a bit but it does what it claims for the most part, puts D2 into the Grim Dawn engine. I also played a bit of Last Epoch awhile ago and it was okay. The biggest issue with these modern new ARPG's is they all run like fucking shit. I was there were more decent indie ARPG's designed to run on low end machines.
(464.3KB, 590x709)
Been playing Sadame for 3DS
I went in completely blind so I didn't expect it to be a looter complete with gem slots.
This looks fun;

Replies: >>9590 >>9608
(34.6KB, 474x266)
Replies: >>9608
Started playing it. Pretty fun besides half the gods being niggers.

(707.5KB, 500x382)
(4.2MB, 462x360)
(2MB, 500x275)
(1.5MB, 500x386)
Sup /v/

Arcade games are great, challenging and never talked about enough in my taste
Which ones are your favorite coin sucking slots?

As long as it originally required coins to play, it's welcome here
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(18MB, 640x368, 03:27)
First time I've seen this game

I though it was deathsmiles but it's an horinzontal shooter so it can't be it. I'll have to check it out, I'm a big fan of shmups, thanks Anon
Replies: >>9333
>this game is intended for japan only
>The warning is in english
This is beyond my understanding.
Replies: >>9340 >>9358
For whatever reason a lot of Japanese only games use a lot of English text in menus. I know that they have to know the English alphabet for keyboards, so they know the basics.
It didn't make sense to me either, but then I asked myself.
If were japanese and wanted to warn people outside of japan. Would you write your warning in japanese or english?

One thing I never understood however, is games like FFXI that are natively in japanese but monsters name are in english. There isn't a single japanese named NPC in the whole game. Now that, I never got
Replies: >>9516
Most of the really long running JRPG series were inspired by western fantasy novels and D&D, Ultima and Wizardry, so monster names tend to match those (FFI even has Mindflayers). FFXI has some interesting naming conventions though, such as the older generation of Galka being named like stereotypical Injuns.

(1.1MB, 276x260)
>SSBM is overhyped and boring to watch because of the limited tourney-legal stages and competent characters. Every move has been done, every trick has been discovered, watching Captain Falcon do a quadruple double backflip across the stage into a forward air is no longer exciting. It controls like dogshit and unless you know every fucking movement trick in the book and can grip your controller in legally questionable ways every 0.2 seconds you're never going to git gud. Project M and even Ultimate are infinitely better choices in this regard.
>Sixth generation consoles are old enough to be considered retro. The only ones who are objecting to this are senile oldfags who's only objection is that "people can make threads about FIFA 2013 now" because it was on PS2. 1999 was 21 years ago, the Dreamcast is old enough to drink.
>Visual novels are not vidya, you have little/no control over what actually happens and most of the choices (if there are any at all) are meaningless and just go back to the main story anyways. This applies to Life is Strange and other CYOA "games" as well.
>AMD CPUs and GPUs completely and utterly destroy Intel and Nvidia in price/performance ratios, any programmer worth their salt has figured out how to use multicore processing to a competent degree. Nvidia makes partnerships with devs to help them microcode for Nvidia chips an
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I could never unlock those on any game. Fucking gamefaqs never had the cheat code for it either.
Replies: >>9414
(21.3KB, 312x291)
Yeah, what confuses me is the Franconegro figure, they censor faggot but not negro? yes it's part of a word but still.
Replies: >>9445
Don't be that fucking idiot. Negro is the Spanish word for black. The only reason it would be censored is because dumb pavement apes from America, specifically, would be offended because it sounds vaguely similar to nigger. The less it's censored, the better -- it's a symptom of completely ignorant chimping by morons who shouldn't even be offended in the first place.
Replies: >>9461
I'm well aware, negro still has racist connotations in the US the word nigger comes from negro iirc, not saying they should have censored it, just that i'm amused they chose to use that term instead of any other, i can imagine a few niggers flipping their shit when first reading it.

(3.9MB, 3480x1319)
So /v/
Were you dumb enough to buy a PS4?
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>>9262 (OP) 
Nope, haven't bought a cucksole since the Wii in 2008.
>>9262 (OP) 
>Gundam Versus not at Low AT BEST
It's inferior to Extreme Vs Maxiboost On. Fellate a shotgun for this, spiteful sage
P5R being shit tier is unsurprising, but still heartbreaking to witness. The Japanese launch day threads on pre-glow 8/v/ were some of the most fun I had, and comparing Atlus USA then and now is like day and HIV-infected night.
>>9262 (OP) 
>Gravity Rush 2 at mid
>Last Guardian at top
>some fucking sports game is at top

>>9262 (OP) 
Hadn't bought a single console this gen. The only console exclusives I was even interested in were Bloodborne and Smash Ultimate.
(3.9MB, 3267x1319)
>>9262 (OP) 

(46KB, 640x457)
(49.2KB, 750x422)
(733.1KB, 1920x1080)
(795.9KB, 612x817)
(41.2KB, 540x484)
>Favorite game
>Favorite art-work
Still playing Atari 2600? Probably not. Well i have. I've been playing Defender and Yars' Revenge. I also miss when consoles would have wood on them.
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(134.1KB, 1500x769)
(4.5KB, 320x210)
I own a PAL 2600 Junior. As good as emulation is, nothing beats the comf of real hardware.
Favourite game would have to be Berzerk, can't get enough of the shooting.

By the way, what's the best flashcart to get for the 2600?
Replies: >>7980
Thanks for the book. I love shit like this.
(1MB, 1648x2291)
(712KB, 1672x2276)
(104.7KB, 500x682)
(741.8KB, 1649x2276)
(69.2KB, 600x811)
The only one I'm currently aware of is the Harmony cart, but the asking price was too steep for me to bite. I have over a hundred carts, and I'm not exactly dying to play homebrews and hacks on real hardware, considering most games have an attention drawing power of about seven minutes.
Found a $40 flash cart for the 2600. Not sure if it works with 7800 games, but eh, it's cheap.
Reminder that PacMan isn't as bad as everybody says.

(286.4KB, 460x215)
(2.1MB, 1280x720)
I was watching some Valkyria Chronicles gameplay and It was quite intresting, I like games were you need to manage individual soldiers and I like the fact that their death can effect the whole playthrough.
I want to play a game with that style but I don't like those ultra-realistic military games.
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... tell me more.
Replies: >>9329
That's all there is to it really. Pick either 1.12 or 1.14 based on what addons you want (1.14 is probably fine) and then click the addons button on the main menu and then connect. After that you can filter for (SP) campaigns only and read the descriptions. If they describe themselves as being 'RPG-style' or based on progression that means they're focussed around building a few overpowered heroes. If you want some recommendations I really enjoyed Elvish Dynasty RPG for which the mini ooze campaign is a short prequel you should play first. The Ravagers is also pretty great. Both have been ported to 1.14. There are also multiplayer campaigns you can play in coop if you have friends.

That said if you've never played the game before make sure to do the tutorial and then a few of the novice campaigns that come with the base game first (it comes with harder campaigns too) then jump into the additional content. Normally you'd want to start with Heir to the Throne. These campaigns also match what you want where soldiers carry across battles earning XP as does the money you earn, it's just that it's generally not weebstyle stuff where it focussed hugely on their identities hence my recommending the RPG custom campaigns. Also you can turn up animation speed in the menu, I usually run at 2-3x speed. The game can be a bit frustrating until you learn it, and the harder difficulties are knowingly balanced around how smart players abuse the AI's quirks so don't 
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>9329
Already got that recommendation and that shit is good, it gave me feelings that no other video games gave me.
Replies: >>9227
(21.5KB, 480x360)
>it gave me feelings that no other video games gave me
Fantasy Military is great when done well.
Meant to reply to >>9141

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