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Been a while since we last had one

>What're ye buyin'?
>Whar're ye playin'?
>Whatever the fuck happened to Routine?
>Stalker 2 development has resumed - will it be even more buggy than the first one?
>The art of fright - how to make players shit bricks?
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Anon, that's an awesome gif. Did you make it yourself? I don't know if my first file can be considered "horror" but it did give me an uneasy feeling when I first saw it. It vaguely reminds me of NMPD from Halo 3:ODST, if anyone remembers that mission. 

Speaking of actual video games, I have been playing system shock 2 recently. I admit I've been a complete nigger and bought it years ago but never played it. I bought it because I heard from a few anons it's a great game and similar to Doom 3 but much better. Or perhaps Doom 3 is an inferior version of System Shock 2? Potatoes, Patatoes, Tomatoes, Tamatoes. Anyways, I've had fun with it. I have been playing what would refer to as an "infantryman" playthrough. I've put most of my points into Endurance, Strength, and a couple in Agility. as for my weapons, I've gone into Standard weapons almost exclusively. I have put a single point into exotic weapons for the sole purpose of using the crystal shard and I kind of regret it. I don't want to put any more upgrade points into exotic weapons as I think they are best spent elsewhere. 

Has you played system shock 2 yet? If so, what did you think of it?
Replies: >>140899 >>140943
I mostly wish the skill trees would have been more balanced. Investing in heavy or exotic weapons just seems like an insane waste of resources due to high requirements, rare ammo, and normal guns doing the job just fine against most enemies.

Speaking of System Shock, I wish there was some mix between it and the first Dead Space where you are stranded on a derelict spaceship and have to fix it up again. Except you don't blow it up afterwards, but actually get the ship back in good order and fly it (not a shitty escape pod) off into the sunset.
I'm probably being autistic here, but watching all the sections of the ship going from red to blue or whatever it was bit by bit felt immensely satisfying for me..
Replies: >>140904 >>140943
>Speaking of System Shock, I wish there was some mix between it and the first Dead Space where you are stranded on a derelict spaceship and have to fix it up again. Except you don't blow it up afterwards, but actually get the ship back in good order and fly it (not a shitty escape pod) off into the sunset. I'm probably being autistic here, but watching all the sections of the ship going from red to blue or whatever it was bit by bit felt immensely satisfying for me..
I take it you weren't around for the heyday of SS13?
Replies: >>141090
SS2 is one of my favorite games of all time and I spend all my skill points in Agility and Hacking.
I played it for the first time in 2014 and the Midwife and Rumblers still unnerve the shit out of me.
I wish the Arachnids had better design, they look extremely generic and are an awful enemy to fight.

Absolutely, it's the same with Research, which should pair beautifully with Exotic.
Instead, you get the best melee weapon in the midgame while everything else is on the late game.

Feels like they rushed out the items, Hydroponics is nothing but Energy weapons instead of being a good mix between skill.
>I take it you weren't around for the heyday of SS13?
I actually gave that a try once or twice, but always ended up on burger servers with horrid latency issues.

Plus, it's multiplayer nature usually means the game is a session-sized shitpost.

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What's the best game you ever played? Just one, no more than that. And how do you sell it to someone you can only talk to for one minute? Don't get autistic about it, tell them why they should play it.

Doom 2
Fast paced, ultra violent shooter with fun to explore maps and great enemy variety. There's unlimited fan made content built around the very core of what makes FPS games fun while being complex enough to use those building blocks to make challenging but fair levels even for veterans.
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In that case the landscape looks like shit and DD has better combat overall.
Only if I can dogfight my way through everything
Good news then, >90% of all missions is that, including optional ones. The remaining 10% are minigames to unlock wizard powers for free and some oddball missions like the ones you control one of your mothership's turrets or "stealth" missions.
Replies: >>140730
>The remaining 10% are minigames to unlock wizard powers for free and some oddball missions like the ones you control one of your mothership's turrets or "stealth" missions.

so, the plot any good?
Replies: >>140952
Just play the game faggot, it's not much more than 200MB, there's a GOG version (Steam version lets you import/export ships from/to other players though) and it should run fine in all but the shittiest toasters. The plot isn't anything special, you're a nameless guy who just got an AI device implanted on his brain and has no memories of his/her past and go on a journey to search for answers as you learn about the universe and your place in it while fighting against space rednecks, space rats and space zogbots all looking for your head (or what's inside of it, rather).
Replies: >>140981
Alrighty then, thanks for the rec anon.

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Apparently Ubishit announced a remake of "The Sands of Time" a whole two years ago and nobody gives a shit. Did anyone hear about it? Because I sure fucking didn't until today. Their Poo in Loo branch is charge of the development and this butifell specimen is the producer. A bunch of shit got leaked pun unintended that show the game will look several years out of date on launch, at least graphics wise. Also it since the announcement it got delayed more than once all the way to 2023 (originally meant to ship in 2021).

Why even bother when they can still milk Ass Creed and the nigger cattle will eat it up gladly every year? Moreover why bother resuscitating an IP which they already tried to reboot not once but twice and failed? Both Prince of Persia (2008) and The Forgotten Sands were not just bargain bin trash and commercial failures when compared to their other successful IPs, but also terrible fucking games. So what's their master plan here, cashing in on the nostalgiabucks? If that was the case why not just go full oy vey and remake the first Ass Creed games? After all, people that were 5 when when the original Assassin's Creed came out in 2007 are now in their 20s feeling nostalgic for the the good ol' days of Ubisoft copypaste yearly garbo.

Man fuck Ubisoft.
Replies: >>140915 >>140922
>>140757 (OP) 
I think Ubisoft Poo in the Loo received PoP remake as a test to see if they were capable of making a game by themselves, and for brownie points, however, they failed in finishing the game.
The game looks worse compared the previous titles, even the 2008 one.
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>>140757 (OP) 
But yes I do remember hearing about the remake but just forgot it was even a thing, But if anyone played these I'd like to know how they were was considering getting a copy or should I just stick with my PS2 versions?
It was done by their Indian studio filled with diversity hires.
It looked so bad and was so broken that they canned it.

Ubisoft wishes they got bought by Vivendi nowadays.
Literally a copy + paste from cuckchan.

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It's Phantasy Star Online, motherfucker. Need I explain more?

>How do I get onto this shit?
1)Register an account at
2)Download client here: https://pixeldrain.com/u/Uky4aGCb
WARNING: Much like Lineage 2, PSO:BB has its own anticheat shit called GameGuard, causing it to be flagged as malware on Windows 10. This seems to be just a Windows 10 issue, as my Windows 7 laptop didn't flag anything when running the client. Keep in mind that Windows 10 flags shit like High/Low Orbiting Ion Cannon as well.
If you don't give a shit about anticheat then you should probably be fine, and if you really care about security then you should probably just run it in a Windows VM anyway.
3)Run install.reg (afaik this just sets the game font to Dotum)
4)Run online.exe

>Okay, so how do I actually play this shit?
Read the game manual and keyboard layout.
WASD - Move character
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I can play some more in a few minutes, actually. I probably won't be able to play tomorrow, though.
For some reason the Ephinia private server keeps crashing on me while Destiny private server works just fine.
Will this ever happen again?
Replies: >>140707 >>140724
I hope it does. I'm sad that my internet connection just straight up started dying and I can't even play on Ephinea without getting disconnected every 5 minutes. This is a fantastic game and I want to play it again in the future.
I still play on Eph a little but I have a lot of shit on my plate right now.

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I've been playing a lot of Master Duel recently, and I've been enjoying it quite a lot. I managed to make around 9 decks, most of them are barely functional which has kept my duels unique. What decks are you using, and what's your best game so far?
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Yep. Just played a duel going 2nd with a god hand and OTK'd a guy through his open field. Like all Grass decks, this one can brick, but once you get Grass off things just fall into place.
Replies: >>140455
Glad it's working for you. I don't have the balls to try running Left Arm Offering in a post-Ash Blossom world.
Replies: >>140457
I run a Grass Witchcrafter deck too. The key is to have plenty of Ash bait like Uni-Zombie or any of the Witchcrafter girls. In this deck it's not even that big of a deal if it doesn't resolve since the Vendread trap can recycle banished zombies into the deck.
Darklord despia is an underrated combo, ran into a faggot that summoned their boss monster on time that prevents all fairy monsters to be targetted by effects. Didn’t have kaiju or droplets so it was gg, the only thing that bothered me about the match was the length of time the cunt took to play his turn
Replies: >>140679
It's a combo that has a lot of synergy, but it dies to handtraps. I'd still recommend it over pure Despia simply because it has an alternate gameplan if the field gets broken unlike Despia which folds like a tower of cards.

I remember I once faced a Despia Darklord that summoned the First on my turn, which I then Kaiju'd and Reborn'd. Since he had no out to his own boss monster he was forced to clear his own field and suck it into an Underworld goddess, which I ran over the next turn which led to a scoop. If I didn't open those very specific cards I would've been totally fucked. It's a good deck.

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Post about games you've beaten or shit talk the ones you gave up on for good. 

I just beat Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It's mechanically superior to the first game simply by virtue of having a memo function, but everything else is way fucking worse. 
The prologue is good enough for a Layton game, it establishes what you're going to look for, namely the box and the murderer of your professor (the police thinks it's suicide but your first puzzle is to prove there's no way it could've been). It starts with the cardinal sin of having a forced tutorial in a sequel that plays the exact same but I can overlook that as it was rather short. Puzzles at this stage are about what you'd expect, but then
>on the train you get the hamster puzzle, one that you need to get pieces for throughout the game, except you don't even need to do that because you can easily beat it with an incomplete set making it more of a minigame than an actual puzzle 
>then there's the tea "puzzle", the fucking tea "puzzle". Not only do characters tell you the exact solution but 90% of characters want the exact same item combined with the starter items, so you're reliant on a single puzzle to unlock all the tea shit
>puzzles actually get easier after the prologue and, while 5% are bullshit because of shit explanations, 95% are a fucking joke compared to the puzzles in the previous game 
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>Also i think its chinese game larping as nips for weeb money.
No, it's Taiwanese.
[Hide] (15.8KB, 1065x87)
Seems to be Taiwanese which explains them actually knowing nip.
Chink games aping nip art styles is increasingly common but there is always something slightly off about them.
Replies: >>140349
Does it have multiplayer? Sounds like a really fun game for a gamenight.
Replies: >>140360
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Tawinks do good work
they're mad degenerate too
I found that I only had to grind at the very start. Past that point, mission rewards were enough to ensure that I always had the best tank available and a max-level crew.

No multiplayer yet, but supposedly it's Coming Soon™.

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bear ded edition

ITT announce your intent to host gamenights and events. /christmas/ game room was a reserved success this weekend so "netplay isnt a real gamenight" fag must STFU now and forevermore. The /christmas/ board itself will be up until new years so if you want to play some more next weekend or just keep the game pack as an example go download it.
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When's Sailor Moon S
Replies: >>140351
[Hide] (52.6KB, 1200x800)
>get hourly VPS
>pick distro, spin up serb
>SSH into serb and set up vidya serb
>play entire weekend
>total cost ~$1
A lot of providers also allow you to save server images for free so you can set it up in advance and then just boot up an image with everything ready to go on Friday.
If you want anonymous memecoin VPS it's going to cost a bit more.
Windows VPS's usually has additional licensing costs so you better know how to ganno/lonix.
>command line application too complicated for the average anon's mind
You don't even have to use the command line, you can script it in advance or just drag and drop.
Some coop FE campaigns of all things had ~10 players. Then there was an entire PSX X-COM campaign webshit X-Piratez campaign never ever.
Mednafen netcode is very solid but can be laggy.
>RA also has public serbs for netplay but its netcode is hit or miss and varies greatly between cores
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oh god please no
new gamynitt NEW GAYMIT
make new bred

[Hide] (21.1MB, 1024x768, 02:39)
I've been fucking around with SM64 romhacking, decomp and the such and managed to do this 
She's very low-poly because I wanted to stay within the original model's poly-count but as it turns out, it supports way more. I'll probably give her more vertices later.
Aside from that, any good SM64 you've been playing recently?
Have you played that B3313 romhack? Have you seen Kaze's new project? It looks awesome: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=7VhNBvLke4A
The enviroments are really detailed and well textured.
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Big bushy eyebrows
[Hide] (228.2KB, 250x250)
[Hide] (135.2KB, 611x322)
[Hide] (98.3KB, 324x337)
[Hide] (156.2KB, 438x401)
You know, I'm fairly sure the face's geometry is a bigger problem than the texture itself. It's 6 flat planes, looking more like the underside of a turtle than a human head. Or like someone took a frontal anime headshot, placed a few verices and just nudged the middle ones a bit forward.
Replies: >>131472 >>131477
No the nigger nose and low mouth are the problems.
[Hide] (210.1KB, 810x344)
Mario sort of has the seam around where the cheekbones would be, with a 3D nose in front to break the flatness. 
Maybe anon could do that as well. Raise the seam of the face up to the cheekbones, and maybe flatten it a bit and add a small 3D triangle nose on top.
OP are you still working on this?

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[Hide] (448.4KB, 981x550)
This one snuck up on me and I figured I'd make a thread and summarize it for anyone who cared.

Games Sorry, that's "The Games" because Nintendo's translators have been acting like retards recently and every time someone refers to a game, he says "The ____ Game" like a mong.
>Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes
Musou/Dynasty Warriors game set in the world of FE 3 Houses.
>Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp
Remake of the first 2 Advance Wars games with nu-graphics that somehow look worse than GBA sprites, and voice acting.  I took a screenshot of this one because I think it looks incredibly jarring to see cutesy 2D animation, simple 3D models, and detailed 3D battle backgrounds in the same image.  I imagine it'll look more jarring on a big television.  It'll have a map maker that will presumably let you draw swastikas and porn, so I guess it won't be all bad.
>No Man's Sky
Yes, fucking really.  I didn't realize Nintendo was this desperate.  The buttermilk lens filter and bad 3D models look even even more tacky on the Switch's hardware.
It's a new Super Mario Strikers, complete with the gratuitous violence and electric fences and they let Peach wear short shorts.  Has a gear system that lets you customize your stats, and teams are 4v4.  The online modes have clans/clubs, with a limit of 20 players for some reason.
>Splatoon 3 footage
We already knew about this, but they had some footage for you to pore over which showcased the new enemies in Salmon Run (hode defense mode).
>Front Mission 1st
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Replies: >>139918 + 9 earlier
>How do you feel about Dragon Quest?
I don't really thinks that works in terms of a character choice thingamabob.  If you can prove me wrong then go ahead though.
>>116724 (OP) 
More info and videos of beta state of Mario Strikers, not really giving back a lot of confidence
>Characters emote with the same energy as pretty much any other Mario Sports Mix tier game, barely any energy at all in voices or in actions
>Gameplay is slower than the other titles (though not as much as initial trailers make it look like), passing is super stiff, way worse than in Strikers prime
>Cutscenes for super strikes are obnoxiously long and unskippable online, plus they have passive effects even if they're not a perfect strike, meaning you can fumble it and still fuck up defenders with it
>Peach doesn't scream in agony when tossed into the electric fence
>Overall the crowd feels dead and the music and jingles super generic
>Mashinig to stop a Super Strke is one of the worst mechanics ever conceived
>Game lacks a lot of spunk that made the other strikers cool
>Does not seem like there will be any Single Player content at launch, options are barebones (Quick Match, Tournament and MyClub)
>Confirmed 10 characters at launch, most of them play very similarly to each other without 
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>139931
Yeah, we already expected most of these, especially the lack of edge that made the previous titles so cool to begin with.
Peach and Rosalina also have pancake asses now.
10 characters on a 4vs4 game means you'll see 80% of the entire roster on every single match over and over again, no variety whatsoever, so expect this game to die sooner than mario golf switch.
I have heard rumors about the devs planning to add 10 more characters, that while good, it is still not enough to me, this game should have been closer to 30.
If the game came out with 20 characters on launch (let's say 10 from the start and 10 unlockables) and a story mode, and then they added 10 more through updates it wouldn't have been as bad, but this is fucking pathetic, a sequel is supposed to be "more and better" so asking for all the previous characters to return, plus some newcomers it's not too much to ask.
People complained about Tennis Aces, but at least it had 14 characters (that became 30 with updates) and a fucking story mode on launch, this has fucking nothing, is barely a functional game, like they are releasing it in mid development.
Replies: >>140039
But you see, with Aces it is usually 1v1 or at best 2v2, plus each character's stats are custom tailored so you can tell what kind of match you will have against your opponent. In Strikers League Mario may move 0.5 ingame units slower than Luigi but by virtue of how slow everything is and since you will see both characters on both teams a lot, it may as well be meaningless. Having mirror matches is one thing, most characters feeling samey and hard to tell apart is another entirely.
Replies: >>140044
>But you see, with Aces it is usually 1v1 or at best 2v2
That's why not having a HUGE roster in a tennis game isn't as big of a problem as it is in a football game.
Still, Aces managed to get 30 characters in the end, while according to some leaks Battle League won't get more than 20, which is the same number as charged, that at least had everything on day one.
>Having mirror matches is one thing, most characters feeling samey and hard to tell apart is another entirely.
Having mirror matches sucks when you'll get them almost every single time with only a few differences here and there.
I only hope that they are going to add the chance to play with character specific teams (one captain and sidekicks with the old jersey colors) like in the previous ones, if they aren't going to bother giving us more characters than charged, which after 15 years of wait for a new Strikers game is a sin.

[Hide] (475.9KB, 812x541)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 400x300)
Even in the sea of indie games, unique looking games are quite the rare sight. Sure, there are a lot of games that don't fall into the generic but the style can come off as caused by incompetency rather than art direction.
The Neverhood and Hylics are two examples that I really enjoy. They are very unique experiences despite their gameplay flaws.
Do you know of any games that stand out stylistically?
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You should play it, the improvements and additions made the difference with the PS2 original like night and day.
Leifthrasir is more similar to Dragon's Crown compared to the original.
>I wonder how well does it emulate.
No idea, the game came out for Vita, PS3 and PS4.
I suppose the vita SHOULD be the easier to emulate, but i assume it would be easier to find a PSvita tv and mod that
Replies: >>139608 >>139610
>I suppose the vita SHOULD be the easier to emulate
I don't know how well it emulates, with PS3 I've had varied results, some games worked flawlessly, like demon's souls, some other game have a few stutters but are playable, some of them don't work outright.
Replies: >>139610
There is Vita3k and it is only capable of running VNs and some very non-intensive games. I haven't heard of any other Vita emulator that exists. It certainly is not a high priority.
Having played both the original and the re-release, I can vouch for its improved quality. They even left the old game mode as an option for those who don't like the new talent tree.
Replies: >>139925
[Hide] (1019.7KB, 257x194)
Leifthrasir was a rare instance of remake/remaster done right.
They didn't CHANGE the original game, but they improved the weak points of the OG while adding stuff on top of it.
The fact that they also kept the original version is cherry on top.

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