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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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Today is Doom's 27th anniversary. Say something nice about the game.
Have you been playing any doom wads? Any you recommend?
I'm thinking of grabbing a drink and start playing some fucking hdoom.
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You forgot "scattering Humans to the far reaches so as to nullify singular governorship and ensure the continuation of the only thing reality has bothered to harbor that's worth anything."
That's the best reason to send people out and it's also why all those fags won't do it.
(16.5KB, 336x188)
>Believing in things
When will we ditch rockets and embrace grav-engines?
Replies: >>34925
When magnetic pulse anti-grav begins to work in vacuum and when localized grav wells don't collapse into themselves causing a massive implosion.
Why did you feel compelled to post some niggers dancing.

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(62.7KB, 1143x641)
I saw a game recently that was so ugly that I felt it harmed me on a spiritual level.  The aesthetic is essentially the kind of iPhone flat design you see in every piece of faggot-developed software these days.  It's honestly kind of impressive that the devs managed to make it look this way, but it's so painful to behold that I think it does more harm than good.  I watched a summary of the bosses and cutscenes on YouTube and took some screenshots, and that was all I could bear; I can't fathom actually exposing my eyeballs to this for hours.
>literal cryptocoin boss that calls people "normies"
>literal emoji boss that uses an iPhone and has a dakimakura in his boss room and calls people "NPCs"
>your notifications about new items and quests look like iPhone messages
>there isn't any shading or texture in the entire game
>all the music is the same kind of hollow, synthetic noise with just enough popping sounds to lull people into thinking it means anything

Are there any games you've encountered where the visual style is so grating that it wounds your soul?  I want to see games that are monuments to ugliness.
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The Last of Us Part 2
A post apocalyptic game with ugly trannies, a 12 year old angst filled girl who can kill veteran mercenaries and intact synagogue you can't shoot in.
pixel art != low effort.
I mean, soy infused "developers" might think it's the case, but then their garbage is low effort, not pixel art or retro.
>talking simulator that forces you to watch 10 second long animations whenever you're not talking to one of the 5046346 NPCs trying to figure out what the fuck you're meant to do
Couldn't last 10 minutes, though the fact that pressing the run key makes you run forward is what actually made me quit.
Replies: >>34481
It's kind of getting old because the platforming and combat are so stiff and the puzzles/exploration feel fairly straightforward. I'm most likely dropping it.
On the plus side you get to die that godawful purple hair by the second town.
(306.9KB, 1366x655)
Jesus Christ this art. I mean the game looks like Guacamelee otherwise but they couldn't have picked a more appealing banner art for the storepage?

(22.3KB, 512x384)

Welcome back to another installment of Sketchful.io! Sketchful gamenights will be coordinated here. 

>What is this?
It's pictionary on your browser. 

>How do I play?
I'll schedule times we'll be playing this and when the time comes, I'll drop a link. Follow the link and you'll be taken to the private lobby for this game. Only certain browsers work according to some anon experiences. Pale Meme has trouble but most chromium browsers will work, as will IE and Opera. 

>What's the deal?
This will be pictionary but with video game words only. There may be a very few number of imageboard culture words, some are in the process of being purged. This includes games from decades ago to games from months ago. 

>Do I have to be a drawfag?
No, and we get a lot of non-drawfag anons playing. As long as you know what your word is, you'll do fine. 
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First time attending one of these, it was a blast!
Here are some of my favorites
(25.4KB, 800x600)
(31.8KB, 800x600)
(17.4KB, 800x600)
(34.5KB, 800x600)
(20.9KB, 800x600)
(21.1KB, 800x600)
(20.2KB, 800x600)
(10.5KB, 800x600)
(25.7KB, 800x600)

(524KB, 696x556)
Are you still playing New Horizons? I'm not, because I don't have a Switch and didn't want to deal with greedy resellers trying to jew people out of money at the start of the pandemic. Instead I fired up Dolphin and started playing the first english version. A portion of my town is here in the thread image, I've cultivated quite the red tulip garden. Things have been going well, though a few villagers moved out that I really would have preferred if they stayed. My biggest issue with the game so far is the house size, there just isn't enough room to put shit. I originally had the main floor as a cabin room, but I've slowly been switching it to the smaller room upstairs, it's much cozier that way. What have you anons been doing in AC?
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(434.7KB, 696x536)
(432.6KB, 696x536)
(523.9KB, 696x536)
Explorer's Day pic as I'm knee deep in mushroom season. Side note: fuck this cunt giraffe. Haven't got shit from her.
Replies: >>34542
(34.5KB, 579x578)
>dobutsu no mori e+ finally translated
>translator locks it behind patreon
Replies: >>34542
(925.1KB, 1692x1080)
(729.9KB, 1596x968)
(607.1KB, 1560x968)
(813.5KB, 1660x1056)
(799.7KB, 1608x1016)
I quit New Horizons and started playing Doubutsu no Mori+ instead. The villagers definitely have more personality to them.


Learn Japanese so you don't have to cuck yourself to translators.
Replies: >>34588
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(299.3KB, 696x536)
(390.6KB, 696x536)
Time to make good on my promise, months late of course. A golden spot appeared in front of the door of one of my worst villagers, so naturally I took advantage. I also robbed Nook blind on his end of October lottery, taking all the prizes with no need to savescum. The trophy sits beside my Super Tortimer upstairs.

>Gracie is a male in the original Japanese version of the game
Didn't know that. Fuck that cunt giraffe regardless.
(394.1KB, 696x536)
(396.6KB, 696x536)
(392.8KB, 696x536)
(512.6KB, 696x536)
Halloween was an awful idea, it made me hate everyone in town more than I mostly already did. I got real sick of trying to find the real Jack real fast. I did enjoy watching this villager helplessly run back and forth under the cliff, unable to reach me though. That wrapped October, November was a busier month with the weekly fishing tourneys, Thanksgiving, and Sale Day.

(54.1KB, 640x480)
How do you know if you are having fun with a game or not? There's too many games out there to waste time with mediocre titles,how do you know if you should drop the game or not? I'm not talking about shit games, i'm saying games that are in the mediocre/good thin line.I just drop a game if it doesn't make me lose track of time.
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Replies: >>30303 + 4 earlier
I use a made up metric called time to smile.
If I'm smiling within ten minutes of playing the game I know I'm in for something good. If I've given a game an hour and still haven't begun to enjoy it then I'm dropping it and not looking back. It's not a perfect metric, because you can start of really enjoying something and then it completely shits in your mouth(Cyber Hook, Doom Eternal, Trials of Mana remake) but it's solid enough to work as a general case.
Replies: >>30302
Interesting metric, but most of the time it's sone dialogue that makes you smile and not the game with it's gameplay.
>>30182 (OP) 
If you're having fun keep playing. If you feel like you're forcing yourself to keep going stop. Nobody but autists should care about if you actually find out you don't enjoy a game as long as you give it a decent shot first.
I'll play through absolute stinkers as long as they are interesting enough. Theres a bunch of trash I've played that I wouldn't call good but I finished it anyway.
There's tons of classic games that are great once you break into them. System Shock 1 was one. First 2 levels filtered me at first but the game got way better later after them, pretty much immediately when I got to the 3rd level. System Shock 2 also because I knew the RPG system was full of traps but I didn't want to just follow a walk-through on what to build.

(422KB, 958x1316)
People think the market is oversaturated and it's hard to survive as a game dev and the indiepocalypse is here and so on, but I just went back a couple years in Steam releases and found almost nothing but utter garbage.

Shitty first-unity-projects, chinese cash grabs, games that are trying to get lets play bucks with cheap quirky physics and meme appeal, lazy unreal engine template games with asset store assets slapped in, people still think they can sell literally any "game" just because it has shallow "survival" crafting, obviously half assed or abandoned projects, soulless minimal effort neon lights aesthetic being used in place of an actual visual style, people trying to scrape the bottom of the money barrel with <2$ releases, endless oceans of DLC releases since steam won't let you filter them... And that's WITH early access games being filtered out.

Why does it seem so hard to make a good game? There's more people who are into videogames than ever before, yet it seems like there's less companies working on good games than ever before. Did all the developers get siphoned by bloated AAA companies who keep wasting their talents and motivations on shitty interactive movies? Are people too blackpilled due to the state of the world and lack of future? Did everyone's brains shrink from soy overconsumption?
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>>33924 (OP) 
Barriers to entry have been eliminated at every stage. Unity and UE4 allow you to make games with a tiny budget and very basic skills, and Steam provides you with a huge market with zero quality control. The number of good games per year has stayed more or less constant since 2007, but now they're buried under an endless sea of shovelware. Now that I think about it, this is disturbingly close to what the crash of '83 looked like. Except this time, it doesn't look like the market is ever going to recover.
Replies: >>34238 >>34351
Play better games then

The crash won't happen you idiot, the crash happened due to everyone manufacturing 300 different consoles, massive game refunds and Home computers becoming affordable fort the first time.

What we're seeing now is the opposite of what happened in the late 2000s and early 2010s where AAA companies are seeing less profits, PC gayman is booming, home consoles are declining and there has been massive decentralization of the medium with tons of small and mid sized publishers and devs being able to thrive.

You're not seeing a crash, you're seeing small companies thrive and megacorps resizing and being hit with layoffs  and diminishing returns.
Replies: >>34302
>Play better games then
I'm not talking about games that I've played, I'm talking about daily releases. Did you even read the OP?
Most of what you say is true (pretty much same that I said in my previous post), but I doubt any crash will happen. AAA publishers have grown too big and rich to fail even after releasing several flops in row over a decade, Steam also has become too big and rich to fail, and the entry bar for indieshit has become too low to be affected by any crash.

We might see a downturn, and while the good/garbage ratio nowadays might be even worse than in '83/'84, the market will never crash again on its own. The only way the vidya market could crash again is as side effect of a severe worldwide socio-economical depression.
>>33924 (OP) 
>Why does it seem so hard to make a good game?
Only straight, white or Japanese, non-leftard men can create good things.
>There's more people who are into videogames than ever before
And that is the problem. The cattle is composed of low IQ plebs. The more of them, the worse things will get.
>less companies working on good games than ever before
Laziness and greed go hand in hand.
>Did all the developers get siphoned by bloated AAA companies who keep wasting their talents and motivations on shitty interactive movies?
>Are people too blackpilled due to the state of the world and lack of future?
>Did everyone's brains shrink from soy overconsumption?

(158.2KB, 1280x720)
(482.5KB, 1920x1080)
(84.5KB, 1280x720)
(142.9KB, 1728x972)
(488.8KB, 1068x513)
Post characters that are proven to the toughest/strongest/overpowering characters.

Kiryu of course.
He could punch a tank.
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(62.6KB, 340x379)
>El Fuerte from SFIV is a manly character
What the fuck are you even implying? Some other motherfucker necrobumped a much shittier thread, and this one isn't too bad.
Replies: >>27607
>El Fuerts from SFIV
Are you retarded or "merely pretending?"
If you're referring to the Ubisoft hostage thread, that was spam.
Replies: >>27610
>Are you retarded or "merely pretending?" [sic]
Don't worry, anon. I'm only eating shit <ironically. Besides, I can't really take luchadores as a manly archetype when all of them are pulling a play with their in-ring characters. At least King had an impotent figure, and most importantly, never talked and/or showed his face.In fact, I'll make a stretch and object no spic character can ever come across as manly.
Replies: >>27611
(1.2MB, 446x469)
Luciano has possessed my hands what the hell. I was trying to say imposing.
(34.2KB, 526x614)
(403.5KB, 802x521)
adam jensen is a hyper-augmented madlad from the future, who takes out 100 man FEMA camps and doesn't even give a 2nd thought to all the lives he ends. Saul Myers literally takes out entire crime families, the military, guerillas, and the fucking CIA single handedly.

(145.8KB, 1280x720)
Anyone else been playing this? It recently came out of early access. I'm not the only one who still waits until games are finished before playing them right? It's a "roguelite", but it's very different from other games supposedly in the same genre. It's very sandbox-style in comparison, and a single run can easily take many hours if you're not rushing.

I thought the game would have nothing beyond the pixel gimmick, but it's surprisingly big in scale and there's a lot of ways they used the pixel mechanic, there's tons of secrets to find and exploration to do. I've probably played for hundreds of hours but I still keep finding new ways to use some spell components and there's places I haven't gone to yet, there's even tons of spells I haven't discovered (there's an ingame database that gets filled when you use new spells). There's a lot of different ways to approach different situations due to the sandbox nature of the game, and you'll keep finding new ways to do/use different things for example it seems like you can only heal between levels, but there's actually several ways to manage healing with different variations on how to approach them.

It's a very technically impressive game, the main selling point is that every pixel has it's own properties and is simulated as liquids/solids/gases and they have different reactions with one another, and the game lives up to that. The game can simulate much more than a scree
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(481KB, 1920x1080)
(529.1KB, 1920x1080)
Took quite a while before I returned to Noita to actually end that run. Was trying to decide what to do with it since I'm probably not going to go to NG+++ or further again. Decided to just end it, the further you go into NG+ the more the world gen starts to become chaotic and it becomes harder to find your way around, didn't feel like trying anything with that.

Here's the wand I built, I'm not sure how I could make this type of wand any better except maybe adding piercing which killed the mana when I tried. Failed to get a good screenshot of the DPS, it went somewhere into 300k. The end boss is the only thing to test DPS on since it still takes damage for a while after dying.
I really hate having no variety on starting spells.
Replies: >>32028
Just play nightmare mode, you get wands at the start :^).
Are there any good mods for this?
I played it half a year or so ago, but got bored after a couple hours in, never really got into whatever endgame there is in the game.  I unironically think it'd make a pretty good phone game, but if I'm going to sit down at my pc I'm gonna play something more substantial.

(315KB, 500x288)
DE DA De Da de da de da... de da
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(42KB, 360x450)
(151.5KB, 128x128)
Quality shitpost. Keep it up.
(105.5KB, 300x300)
Put dispenser here.
Replies: >>34102
(74.1KB, 179x300)
(126.5KB, 300x300)
Replies: >>34210
(178.1KB, 300x479)

(2MB, 640x1163)
(1.9MB, 628x1131)
(2MB, 632x1135)
(1.2MB, 633x635)
The only arguable part about Mega Man X getting worse with every game is that X2 might be a bit better than X1 (X1 had overly obtuse hidden items, while X2 had ones that were middle finger levels of precise, X1 didn't really let you choose the boss order because Chill Penguin first is essentially mandatory).

On the flip side, the only thing I can think of is the Tony Hawk games. 1, 2, 3, 4 and Underground are largely straight upgrades to the last.
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Replies: >>34181 + 6 earlier
Sonic < Sonic 2 < Sonic CD < Sonic3 < SRB2 < Sonic 3&K
>lack luster
>vague, generic complaints
The level design is solid.  Not as intricate and interconnected as I've seen from better 2D exploration games, but enough to make new areas feel surprising and intriguing.  The game's worst part is that the first area the player encounters it the city hub level, which has a truly oppressive atmosphere and little music.  I actually feel the graphics are a weak point: despite the good, consistent, cute art direction for most things, the actual sprite resolution is pretty low and the characters would benefit a lot from software-level smoothing/dithering to make them more round.

>parry attacks being absurdly strong compared to the rest of your moveset 
I don't think I used the parry much in the time I played it, but I'm so sick of trash like this.  Having one option which usually isn't very hard to use be better than the rest of a character's moveset is just lazy.  It obsoletes so many other potentially interesting attacks or moves.
>and controlling it felt bad
It did feel extremely heavy and sluggish to me.  I couldn't bring myself to play past the first area since it was large, unfocused, and pain in the ass to navigate.
I am pretty sure most people here are your nigger. Anyone who was born before 2000 and had a sega loved s3&k
You literally can not bypass the dash capsule without an unobtainable password. Even if you use one, the ending is programmed to assume you obtained them and shows X with them anyways.
>>29666 (OP) 
X4>X1>XTreme 2>XTreme>X2>X3>X6>X5

I hate missable stuff in games, and think X2 and X3 suffer for it, though I still like them quite a bit. The Game Boy Color games are underrated, and don't have missable items, so I'm not as irritated while playing them. X5 and X6 are both shit and I'm not quite sure which I think is worse, but that X5's ridiculous RNG mess might annoy me even more than X6 being basically nothing but missable items.

>until swoshit was that they built on top of each other. Even if your favorite mon had come out 10 years ago you'd still be able to use it in the latest game
Hoennbabbies lying again. Gen III excluded random smatterings of Pokemon, and removed backwards compatibility, among many other features that the previous games included, such as the real time clock and all the things that went with it, such as the morn/day/night cycle, which actually affected spawn rates and tons of other things. Plus there were things that happened on particular days of the week.

But none of that clock stuff matters compared to not being able to trade over my old mons that I had already traded to Gen II. And then not only that, you couldn't even catch them all again. But they didn't even have the decency to at least make a whole new pokedex, so I'm constantly reminded of guys I can't get, because I can get other old ones, so I'm left wondering through the whole games which ones I can get and which ones I can't.

Oh, but don't worry, you can get them! Only now, not only do you need to buy two or three copies of the same game, you need to re-buy two of the old games that were randomly locked out from compatibility with the new games. Games which you almost surely already owned, since they were only a couple years old and the best selling games of all time. And don't tell me that some stupid shit like stat changes made them incompatible, since changes happened between every other gen, and they were still compatible with each other, and now the games actually are compatible with the newest games, which have many more changes comparatively. Oh, but that's not even the best part! That only covers half the games that were randomly locked out of compatibility! To get Pokemon from the rest of the games, you need to buy a Gamecube, a special GC/GBA Link Cable that was basically only good for like two other games which you might not have anyway,  and two particular Gamecube games, and you'd better get the special limited editions. All this, just so you can get the old Pokemon. You thought paying for DLC is bad in the new games? It is, but at least you don't have to buy a whole different console just to get old Pokemon you already caught.

It took until Gen IV to fix all the shit Gen III took away, and even then, not completely. Gen III is fucking garbage and always has been.

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