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Well guys? What are your thoughts on the BigMode Memo 2023?
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One time I watched a video about how SMB on NES was made, another time I saw a video about how Doom was made. That was enough for a lifetime, I no longer care how retro games were made. Watching dunkey act like a ghetto nigger while playing new AAA games for 5-10 mins that I will never play is objectively more entertaining.
Replies: >>214747
nigger detected
>>214630 (OP) 
eceleb thread
Never heard of it.
>>214630 (OP) 
fat fucker married to a kikess and needs to off himself 3 years ago

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Is there a game that you take your anger out on? A game where you can blast away people without giving a single fuck to help negate the stress of living another day in clown world?
Or are there games that have the opposite effect, ones that make you mad almost instantly and make you fly into a blind rage? What's the angriest you've ever gotten at vidya?

I'd play a lot of Just Cause 2 to drive over them dirty yellows and blow shit up just to get my mind off things. On the other hand, the endless amount of time I wasted playing online games and dealing with the most insufferable people still brings back suppressed anger.
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>>213128 (OP) 
I can't say I get angry very often but these two games each are both the pressure and release.
Both have enemies that can wear you down quickly but it's so satisfying that you can go too far and turn them into puddles on the floor because you wanted to make sure they were done.
Replies: >>214486
The only way a game can make me angry is when it cheats, think about Mortal Kombat 2 and its input reading.
But as i already said, if the game is frustrating you then there's no point in keeping playing it.
And sure as hell i won't chimp out like a nigger and do shit like throwing the controller against the wall ot scream like the angry german kid, a few "fuck!" and curses here and there sure, but without sperging and going too far.
If a game is fair and i know my failures are entirely my fault, then i keep trying and reason to find a way or tactic to succeed.
That's the way a game like Hotline Miami made me feel, despite my failures i kept trying again and again "ok, let's try it one more time!" and having fun with it.
My peak anger for gameplay reasons is "WHAT?".

What makes me actually genuinely angry is bad game design, and I don't mean "unfairly difficult", I mean just badly designed. I raged all day yesterday playing Fortresscraft because it's so badly designed that it doesn't make any sense. It seemingly wants you to do all kinds of things and use all kinds of systems, but you can't do any of them properly because the available mechanics for item and energy logistics are so fucking bad that literally everything is constantly bottlenecked by your (lack of) ability to move things around properly.

The game is about factories and automation, but something as simple as splitting a conveyor belt into 2 is almost impossible without halving the movement speed of that belt. And the only faster way to transport items is an energy beam that basically costs more energy than any other machine you can build, and it can only transport items 16 blocks forward until you need another one. I legitimately don't even know how you're supposed to use those because the energy logistics systems are just as if not more shitty. Energy throughput is already shit, but it also halves every time you split a powerline into 2, which combined with the clumsy way the energy transmitters work usually makes it more reliable to get your power directly from the energy generators which also suck.
You should probably work on your anger issues instead of just taking it out on games. There is obviously a problem with you if you have so much anger.
Noita is pretty annoying considering there is alot of rng.

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Has anybody seen my glasses?
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I need it to extract 3D models, anonkun. There are 2 unique at-st variants in that game never seen anywhere else.
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I solved it by deselecting "auto detect" in the input settings of the osd menu of my monitor, it now defaults to its maximum refresh rate on power on. I dunno why it decided to change suddenly.
Replies: >>214292 >>214293
cosmic radiation
Perhaps a power outage resulted in it reverting to it's default settings.
Play a driving game.
Not like a racing game at turbo speed but a game where you can just leisurely drive around looking at the scenery.
Don't know if there's any 'delivery' driving games where you can do the same, delivering packages and stuff [but not against the clock where you have to drive at top speed].

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Is this shit dead? All I see is some faggot server called Asylum with like 60 dudes on it. Is that based on the Climax codebase or is it Dragon Universe cancer?

For those who don't know, this is a Dragon Ball Z simulator made in Byond. The game was originally made by some shitskin who tried to make it a p2w premium game but an old build leaked and was forked by some autist on /v/. I remember seeing threads about it a lot but I never stopped in because I'm gay and retarded.
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>spoiler tags didn't work
so this is what happens when you only lurk...
Gmod has effectively nothing, that's why every RP mode is extremely simplistic. 
Byond, on the other hand, is extremely autistic which makes it decent for autistic games. Building on top of SS14 could be a viable option as it most likely already has a framework for said autism and the engine is built to handle it (as opposed to gmod where it could slow down the server depending on how complex you make it).
If you just want to dick around with dbz models gmod is enough, though so is pretty much any dbz game/mod, but if you want autism SS1* is the way.
I'll check it out when life stops attacking.
I can't figure out heads or tails of this test server. How do you train? Why are there thirty quadrillion skills?
Replies: >>214205
There isn't really any training yet, the test serb is mostly just for checking out all the skills and seeing how they work on other people right now. Once it's wipe ready it'll be on the main server instead.

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Talk about the RPGs you played, are playing, or plan to play.

I replayed Breath of Fire 3 for the millionth time recently. What a great game, if you haven't played it yet go play it now.
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I have borderline tried it and it does not go well. Realistically people in modern times are in too much of a hurry. Talking to everyone in your own time frame would also be.... unpleasant. Most people have territorial bubbles and only care about their immediate family at best. They assume you are an enemy usually and if not then they are themselves some airheaded jesus-freak, or similar, victim that you could easily take advantage of.
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>Those faces
Did that artist work for Bee Train too?
Replies: >>214013
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same guy as the rest of the lunar series as far as i can tell; might have the wrong dude tho
>>170480 (OP) 
Finally done with Mana Khemia and the dialogue from the MC to a certain character at the end of the game makes me wonder 'why the fuck did i liked this game?"
MC: Hey, thank you for trying to kill me multiple times, thank you for trying kill a character who  was as close as my last living family member... and succeeding, thank you for killing my closest friend, thank you for driving me to commit sudoku, from the bottom of my heart i thank you for what you've done, I'm also thankful for you getting away with all of this because like half of the staff just went "Oh no a teacher killed a student! anyway we have to get rid of the MC"

The only character i liked was the vice-principal

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Recommend good indie vidya or rant about pozzed shit.
I been playan some good stuff:
This game fucks. Is the only instance I can think of, of a game doing the 90s/early2000s look right. No modern lighting, no pixelated textures, no bullshit. Just pure quake-like goodness and busty babes. Gameplay is fast-paced without unnecessary complex mechanics. It oozes personality, from the graphics, to the SFX, to the fun enemies.   My only grudge is that the music is just atmospheric with no tunes to rock with. I listened to old metal while playing which I recommend doing.
Overall, I recommend it a lot. Full-game is out on itch.io. Releases June 8th on steam.
>Spooky Milk Life
Just an eroge I played. Nothing special but has nice smut.
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it was fun for a bit, but it was ruined by hackers because devs only released it as a shitpost game and nobody expected it to blow up like it did
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Does Blasphemous II count as indie?
Replies: >>214158
He made his own engine? Holy fuck.
No wonder it runs so good.
Replies: >>214155
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>He made his own engine?
Yep, i think Zortch and HROT are the only examples i know of where the developers actually coded their own engines.
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>saving a thumbnail

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Gundam Battle Universe has a bonus mission where you have to fight every Gundam (except, for some reason, the Pixy) that existed in the Universal Century up to F91 at the game's release. It's a stupidly hard fight even if you've unlocked what are effectively cheat codes through getting a max rank on every non-bonus mission. Winning gets you the Last Shot Gundam, which is the Gundam after the last fight in the original series where it loses an arm and head. The result is just the original Gundam (good for missions during the original series, laughably underpowered for anything set later) whose only secondary weapon is "Voice" which plays random Amuro voice clips (even if you have someone else pilot it)
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>Dan should be in every Street Fighter from now on
He already is in every SF released recently. What are you talking about?
>Sean in SF3 doesn't count
Replies: >>214076
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You mean PLAYABLE joke characters or ANY joke character even if it's just an NPC?
Funnily enough, some joke characters are broken in unforeseen ways. For example, Dan in Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo:
>has a gem attack multiplier
>in the hands of a noob, all that will happen is their opponent will gain a free reservoir of red gems to fire back a massive amount of counter blocks
>a decent player who can 5-chain, however, will mop the floor with the rest of the cast, as the extra punch makes it easier to win
Interestingly, Gouki and Devilot, the supposed OP picks with tough gem patterns, suffer an attack penalty when in the hands of the player, handicapping them at high levels of play.
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This fucking redditor is a story-required character in the first game and bonus one in the other games that has shit stats up until level 99 when he becomes viable, and usually has the most broken moves in the game. You even need to re-recruit him to unveil a plot by dweebs that wrote misinformation about a match you actually won.
Pichu was added in last minute as a bonus character since the devs were basically just copy and pasting the code for Pikachu and just tweaked some data. I guess Falco and Dorf were the same deal.
Dan was not in Street Fighter 3

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Previous thread: >>103112 
Archive of last thread: See attached ||SHA256 e4bc53f98b3c714ecdb5503259eec66906fef9aaa9cb4e5bad9016eb2c10fe90||
Thread making resources + the OP can be found here: https://mega.nz/#F!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ
||If you want something else to be added, post it in the thread.||

Books and Tutorials
Sometimes they get nuked but >we try to keep them updated.

Helpful Resources
Learn fundamentals with excercises: drawabox.com
8Chan Art Wiki: infiniteart.wikia.com/wiki/InfiniteArt_Wiki
Online poses with timer: quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed
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you mean ambiguous. learn vocabulary fgt.
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All stories about Rad Pops are based on my dad; they are not exaggerations.
Replies: >>214056 >>214147
you mixed "gulf" and "golf"
You have a rad family, bro.
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It really does feel like September is the month a bunch of big games come out at once.

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Or better known as SeeArghPeeGees are an old type of clicker game for +30 gamers because they can't handle FPS's anymore.  

Alright shitpost over, now its time to talk about 
Which are you playing anon?
Have any old favorites? 
Hate them? Please, tell us. We enjoy civil discourse here even if its wrong.
Newer CRPGs, what do you think of them? Good? Bad? In between? 
For new stuff there is everything from Pathfinder to UnderRail but have there been any you know that aren't getting the limelight? 
Premade party or do you like making your own OC Donuts?

I've gotten an itch for Neverwinter Nights after playing it with some friends, really inspiring to see what used to be done with so little. I gave Kingmaker a shot a few times but for some reason I always end up dropping it. Yes its pirated before you shid and fard. 
I also keep meaning to try out Under Rail but I always put it off. 

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I've seen some gameplay, it has a surprising amount of interactions you can do in the game. Don't know how I feel about rolling but failing can be fun too.
>'s better off if players can make stupidly broken builds by mid to endgame
Why is it better off if the devs allow the player to make something broken? Won't it just ruin the fun and progress of the game?
Replies: >>213622
quite the opposite in singleplayer games; balancing them will remove much of the fun that comes from experimenting with the options that are available to your character, and make the progress of doing so be much less meaningful
afterwards, people can simply restrain themselves from breaking the game during every single playthrough, because that's how singleplayer games work
games that get most of their replayability out of multiplayer, however, are an entirely different story, and have to be balanced, or else
Fun things are fun.
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Meybe anons shud play together :3

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Did you play a lot of browser games in your youth?
Which ones did you like the most?
I still find myself browsing game websites and playing terrible web games. They have a certain charm for some reason.
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Replies: >>213802 + 6 earlier
Fuck no.
It was an okay Zelda clone. Kinda wish you had the choice to start as the mage from the get go instead of playing as furry Link for the first few hours.
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>>201903 (OP) 
Yeah, this piece of shit game. There are probably others but trying to get far in this thing always kept me coming back because i was not satisfied with letting it beat me. It was like a more shit version of whatever bennett foddy made.
there was another 3D platformer flash game on Nickeloden based on a short-lived dinosaur show, it had a one hour trial then made you buy the full game. managed to find it a couple years ago.
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Here are some of my favourites:
- Strip 'em All (Athletic Design) - You have to put comics in a certain order and change them to fit the title. A little like Storyteller, but darker and much better. GOAT Flash game right here.
- Machiavellian Suns (Dreamspike) - Diplomacy siulator in space. Each opposing species has a simple AI and you manipulate them. Has a gauntlet mode where you try to winstreak random scenarios, very addicting
- Red Thief (Dreamspike) - Turn based puzzle stealth game, you avoid guards by not being on teh same line/column as them and steal everything and get out
- Two Powers 2 (Thunderbird) - Turn based strategy more about getting information with spying than good combat
- Akabane Nights (Dobromir Harrison) - 	You're a vampire in Tokyo and try to feed and survive the night. Story based with randomness, surprisingly good, especially for a twine game.
- Rainy Day Remastered (Toulou Tou Mou) - Precision platformer with ASCII graphics
- Solarmax 2 (Nico Tuason) - one of those drag-to-attack-base games, but good
- Not to Scale (randomdragoon) & Unproportional 1&2 (algumacoisaqq) - Puzzles where you try to reconstruct images from pieces that strech in different sized slots. Very disorienting.
- Which Way & Curse of the Red Ninja (A Triangle Morning) - Random and dumb in mostly good ways
- Stop the Darkness (Florian von Strien) - comfy sort-of-RTS where you try to get enough resources to stop the darkness before it takes over everything
- Super Energy Apocalypse (Brain Juice Games) - RTS where you survive without polluting too much or the smog monsters get you
- Naya's Quest (Terry Cavanagh) - Puzzle game about navigating a 3D world from an axonometric perspective
- Mission in Space: The Lost Colony (Storm Alligator) - mini XCOM, but with predetermined scenarios and deterministic combat
- endavour (Zillix) - Metroidvania with lots of exploartion and no combat
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