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>RTS Games
Memorize build order, out-gookclick the oponent, best case scenario you get a map editor and a campaign, most of the latter RTS games released don´t have map editor at all, and no campaign either or its a tutorial meant to get you to play multiplayer instead
>4X Games
same shit, but its turnbased, if you attempt to take things at your own pace or just try to do your own thing (AKA:Not using the forum meta strategy) the AI that has perfect knowledge of the game will steamroll you, this is the case in MOO, Distant Worlds, Space Empires, you name it, the only exception i´ve seen to this is Civ V, and i´d wager its because in that game you can´t deathstack and the AI is "bad" according to people
>Grand Strategy games (or actually just paradox games because the only two other Grand Strategy games aside from them are Knights of Honor and Making History, with post-Shogun2 Creative Assembly being its homosexual twin)
mostly overlap with 4x, but they are over-complicated on top of that, an example of this is how Hoi3 had the OOB system that ended up being a hassle to learn, and then once you learnt it you realized that just leaving it on AI control is the most optimal unless you are doing barbarossa or island hopping, wich is the worst of both worlds, having to learn a lot about one thing to not use it at all, its asinine design, also how you have laws and policies on 
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>I eat shit just to spite myself
Don't care, steam downloads faster then majority of torrents.
Everyone can make mistakes. Go now and sin no more, as Jesus said.
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kill urself

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Share your funnies, interesting or cool moments and whatnot
>be playing team based game
>this faggot who's been voice chatting the whole time says "<anon> you suck"
>reply "and you're a faggot nigger ape"
>he literally goes "w-what?" you could hear the utter disbelief and confusion as his brain tried to metabolize what I just said as if the MKUltra kicked in and scrambled his noggin
>doesn't dare say a word for the rest of the game
>ends up scoring lower than me

>same game
>one of my teammates has gay furry smut as his profile picture
>don't remember exactly why but I call him a nigger at some point
>he says something like "ur trying to be funny? thats cringe"
>he then proceeds to paste the log of the report he filed against me for saying baddy bad word
>report his account for the furry smut in return
>a week after nothing has happened to me
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>playing Payday 2, because I will never stop falling for the sunk cost fallacy
>playing with a slav of some sort
>trying to get an achievement, he keeps cucking me
>oh you want to be a fucking nigger about this, huh
>immediately pull up Jewgle Translate and translate "ukraine will win" into Russian and "russia will win" into Ukrainian
>get a cap of the last thing he says right before I'm booted
>translate it, it's "fuck you"
Replies: >>238099
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>translate "ukraine will win" into Russian and "russia will win" into Ukrainian
Doing both sides of the spectrum to reach the widest audience.
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>playing goyday 2
>"CommunistCat She/Her has joined" 
>check profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199060499526 
>tranny flag
>type in chat 
>is anyone here acquainted with the acronym YWNBAW
>instantly replies
>ur so mad
>im a WOMAN pookie :)
>reply again YWNBAW
>my game freezes not 2 seconds after that and have to reboot
Are there mods to cause other players to crash/freeze? I'm aware it might've been random especially since the game is prone to crashing and my setup is jank but it seemed too well timed that I call the tranny out and I get booted
Replies: >>240767 >>240782
I guess the game needed to dilate.
There's probably some shitty mod out there for people who want to crash someone's game
wouldn't be shocked since how  god damn dogshit payday 2 is

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Your board is cordially invited to participate in a SOKUNIGGER TOURNAMENT. Enter to compete for glory for yourself and your board.

TOURNAMENT STARTS AT MARCH 23RD, 8PM UTC https://time.is/UTC https://prolikewoah.com/t/20240323T20 

MAIN THREAD: https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/thread/11497.html
BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/SOKUAWAKENING
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/KS4EWGAMZL#/signup/r6sdsoi3ztc
STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts): https://cytu.be/r/touhourney

For those that do not want to register manually, post the name that you are signing up with in the main thread. It will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.


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Please enjoy the prestream. Tournament starts in approximately 1 hour. We apologize for the delay - and hope you have fun playing!
[Hide] (235.8KB, 788x790) Reverse
Tourney's over and Az (Sakuya) won! Congratulations!

Consider practicing more on our board! See you next time!

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What happened to all of the rhythm games that were present during the Aughts? It seemed like we had everything from Guitar Hero and DDR and Rhythm Heaven to now where the only thing still coming out is just...Just Dance, I think? Where did everything go?
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Imageboards are also a pleasure.
It probably has something to do with dance/techno music scenes being associated with GRIDS going back to the disco days mixed with speedrunner autism. DDR and that narrow slice of dance and eurobeat from the 90s just lucked into mass appeal.
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What about Nostalgia?  Is that not still active?
Replies: >>240615
Nostalgia is up to Op.3 released in 2019.
>Rhythm games are full of mentally ill people for some reason
This is an important thing to note. Rhythmic elements in platformers, action games, and other genres are good, but a "rhythm game" is often a pure exercise is memorization that is totally abstract from any kind of intermediary gameplay or physical fun like handling an instrument/playing DDR on a cabinet. Thus, they attract people who are incredibly obsessive and autistic since playing one is like mainlining heroin.

It's possible for there to be relatively well-adjusted people in speedrunning communities for both new and retro games, but I have never seen someone who played a lot of rhythm games who wasn't either a tranny or some kind of self-hating weirdo. The "best" option here is to become a Japanese dude playing the same songs on the same game for hours a day in the same arcade.
Trannies have no life and want people to pay attention to them and praise them. They're naturally going to be attracted to games that demand a lot of your attention and reward you with accolades. It's just a fact of the matter.

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Is anyone else having problems with Invidious? I've tried six or so instances today, and none of them can load shit.
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Why are you defending that trash?
How in the fuck did a simple question devolve to the bullshit that followed? 
>game has strong aim assist such as COD APEX and HALO
-Use controller
>game has limited to no aim assist or has movement intensive mechanics such as FORTNITE CSGO VALORANT ARENA GAMES IN GENERAL
-Use KBM 

That simple.

Whether the game is shit, has niggers or spics in its cast, or completely manipulates the retards playing them is a different topic
Replies: >>240476 >>240525
But you have to understand, "anon" (blacked) simply must signal how based and trad he is in every single thread. Otherwise people might think he's some kind of loser.

To actually reply to the topic at hand, how do you fit KB/M-over-controller boxes like the Brook Sniper into this? I've never used one but supposedly you can take fat steaming shits on people in aimbot-based games like Halo because you can acquire targets so much faster than controllerfags who have to rely on the aim assist to do most of the work.
Replies: >>240538
a game that  has strong aim assist and is pvp focused  is  shit regardless of what you say
Replies: >>240538
The concept of using kbm on consoles is neat but honesty, using these devices to obtain kbm aim assist on consoles is a shitskin tier tactic. Cronus was recently banned on consoles since you can also manipulate control inputs/add macros. Spics and chinks must always ruin everything for others. How much fun can you really have doing that? 

Not wrong. These games tend to attract cheaters as well which is shocking that these  idiots continue to play these games. Can’t imagine spending money and allowing ok with incompetent devs shit on you willingly

[Hide] (18.2MB, 1920x1080, 00:15)
There have been a lot of "mascot platformers" in recent years - that is, 3D platformers reminiscent of the 5th and 6th console generations. Many of them are just the usual indie games circling the drain and not doing anything new, but there are occasional beams of light that pierce through the veil. Penny's Big Breakaway is one such game.

It launched last month on PC and Switch (and I guess PS or something?). I decided to buy it since it seemed to be promising and the developers were the team behind Sonic Mania, which I had heard good things about. Overall, it's very good aside from the bugs. Lots of fun, versatile movement tricks you can use and the stages strike a nice balance between encouraging you to explore and rewarding you for going fast. The price is a bit steep for an indie game at $30 USD, but given the studio's pedigree and the promise this game shows, I am willing to support it.

Mechanically, you have the standard 3D platformer stuff like jumping, double jumping, airdashing, and sliding around. PBB's unique gimmick is that you use a yo-yo in conjunction with Penny, so your air motions are a series of yo-yo tricks like swinging from it, throwing it out and zipping towards it, and hooking over ledges with it. It sounds like a pretty standard twist on 3D movement, but depending on how you combine the actions and how fast you're moving, you can generate incredible amounts of speed. Gaining momentum and maintaining it is important to moving fast, and you need to
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the game looks fun and it has cute graphics, i will try it out.
What an unappealing character. Should have made her a cute loli with a tank top or no shirt but denim overalls and a baseball cap. or even an oversized tshirt with one shoulder exposed.

either would go with the yoyo concept better than this weird futuristic pirate jester aesthetic.
Replies: >>239996
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Also I am going to hijack this thread to shill a game I saw that looked fun. It has some weird gimmick where you can use the texture from one surface or object on another to traverse terrain and overcome obstacles.
Replies: >>239994
Cool. Where's the magnet link?
Could've sworn I saw a plushie of that thing earlier today.

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A few months ago, I played through and finished the game Epic Mickey on the Wii. This had nothing to do with the recently announced remaster of the game in case you're asking. I wasn't too impressed with the game (Simplistic gameplay, lacking story, gimmicks done better elsewhere), but the part that really drew my attention was how the game portrayed characters like Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Walt Disney (Though only referentially). I found myself perplexed by the game's intention, and it resulted in my spending the time since starting and long after having finished the game wanting to make a video essay ridiculing the game's narrative and the history behind it. The short is that, from all the information that I have dug up, the Oswald acquisition in 2006 was nothing more than Bob Iger trying to get on the good side of all the Disney shareholders and leaders in the company to sharply contrast him to Michael Eisner, who was leaving the company shamed and humiliated at the time.

However, tonight, I get the impression that doing such a video does absolutely nothing except inflate my own ego by piling another bundle of criticism onto a guy who everyone in the media already hates (And with good reason, mind you). In addition to that, I just realized that my own researching the history of these characters ac
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Replies: >>239230 + 5 earlier
>That sounds like "they are a private company they can do whatever they want, just make your own x instead of complaining"
Anon, that actually is a valid argument when there are dozens of alternatives in a field. Not even that you have to "Make your own", just start using another service. However that then becomes the problem that people would rather bitch and moan about getting fucked six ways to Sunday rather than fix the problem.

'For example, let's look at Jewtube.' There are dozens of alternatives to it (BitChute, DailyMotion, NicoNico,Odysee,Rumble,Veoh,Vidlii,etc.), some better than others. So why don't people use them? 'Or how about Twatter?' There are numerous alternatives that you can search up by going to The Federation: https://the-federation.info/
Or how about Discord? Or how about Steam? Or how about...you get the point.

After a while, the problem very quickly becomes that people would rather be lazy rather than fix the issue.
Just play snoot game or I wani hug that gator.
>>237002 (OP) 
> Does ridiculing the state of the modern industry really add or change anything?
No, you can't stop 1000 plebs from buying the latest CoD.
What you can do instead:
 -Buy and play better games.
 -Talk about better games.
 -Make your own mods for better games.
 -Make your own better games.

>That sounds like...
If you can't into context, sure.
One is an hyper-consumerist defense of daddy megacorp, the other is an attempt to stop you from becoming an essaytuber.
>Game that excels at one thing so well it compensates its other parts which can be mediocre to bad
<ex. Eternal Arcadia, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, Mario 64
>Game that isn't overly good at any one thing in particular but also doesn't have any major fuckups anywhere with the game mechanics, music and artwork seamlessly complementing one another so it feels really good to play even if other games do certain things much better
<ex. Chrono Trigger, Ocarina of Time, GTA San Andreas to an extent, Need for Speed Underground 2
What's preferable?
Replies: >>239851
imo first one  I'd rather have some bad or mediocre parts rather than what could be possibly considered boring and even then without some bad stuff how can you change games and innovate if  there is no risk
I can go back to Mario 64 any day ~~but then again I consider the gta games bad and the only reason people enjoy them is the sandbox which multiple other open world games did the same thing better 
and if you wanted a more mission based gta there was always the simpsons hit and run~~

[Hide] (20.8MB, 1920x1080, 02:19)
Congrats! You just won a zillion dollars!
In your infinite wisdom, you use this never-ending budget to make the gaming room of your dreams.
How do you go about it?
Me personally I would try to recreate as faithfully as possible a gaming basement you would find in the early 2000s. 
6th gen consoles attached to a big-ass CRT. I'd get some of my favorite arcade cabinets like Time Crisis, Galaga, Guitar Hero III and maybe even a japanese import like Taiko no Tatsujin. On the corner I would have a mini LAN party section with multiple WinXP-Win98 PC rigs. I'd have a pool table and a display fridge with fizzy drinks and a giant poster on the wall with all of the Dead or Alive girls on it.
And for post-7th gen games? I'd have a small movie room with a projector to play any modern 16:9 releases.
You all would be invited of course!
None of that gay LED RGB shit with a wall full of consoles I'll never use or "retro art" posters. That kind of shit infuriates me.
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Replies: >>239686 + 4 earlier
Wish it didn't have that much makeup and the skin being as white as her breasts.
A bit better, but these are still wrong in a different way.
They look depressing and maybe their positioning feels wrong, like a bit cross eyed or something i guess.
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>>229138 (OP) 
Y'all lack imagination. With infinite money best would be
>Mega city sized space ship
>Magitek the resource problem away
>Crew of artificially grown humans that are cute girls, traps and futas (75%, 20% and 5%)
>Have them programmed in embryo stage with personalities to ensure comfy slice of life vibes are never ruined save for the occasional bout of hentai vibes
>Have literally every piece of media that mildly interests you on board before taking off
>Give Earth the middle finger as you go
>Have literal perfect life
>Multiple game rooms, cheating OP's question
Replies: >>239702
You can take your waifu for rides in your spaceship since you'll never have that either.
Replies: >>239704
What can I say? I have very high hopes for the after life

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This is a thread for TACTICAL AND MILSIM GAMES; ArmA, RoN, Hideous Destructor, Ground Branch, Squad, SWAT 4, Project Reality, etcetera. If people move at realistic speeds by default, die fast, and the gunplay is realistic, it probably belongs here.
Most milsim/tactical communities are infested with redditors, halfchanner retards, powertripping niggerfaggots, or all three. A group can be assembled to play ops with people who aren't, and therefore have a experience that is orders of magnitude more FUN.
ArmA III is not compatible with Linux out of the box, but can be made compatible through a not-particularly-arduous process; first, try -nolauncher and Proton Experimental, and if that fails, muck around with wrappers and graphics bullshit until things work; will reply with further information once it arrives. If you want to >pay, you're probably going to need Apex, Tanks, and Marksmen for a full ground-side experience, although in effect you're just paying money for adblock.

Hideous Destructor requires a lot of minor changes to become playable and remove all the poz. However, luckily, a .zip file is attached with a multiplayer-compatible base modlist (shamelessly stolen from a friend) that will work out of the box if you arrange it according to the numbers:
Remove "hdest-uniquesounds.pk3" and "insurgencysfx.pk3" for the vanilla-Doom sound experience. Remove the skins file if you're not interested in looking like a Kasrkin. hd-negatory does all the poz removal and tweaking.

Try the following commandline parameters for the host as a base: -host [N] -netmode 0 +teamdamage 0.25 +hd_pof 1 +dmflags 2097152 +dmflags2 268435456 +map RANGE, where [N] is the number of players. The teamdamage parameter is mostly just to prevent bad nades from causing total teamwipes; use changemap commands to switch to the desired map when all players are ready.

RoN is still a fucking mess due to particularly overtuned AI.

Message too long. View the full text
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Replies: >>239499 + 3 earlier
Its not stealing. I duplicated it. Im not selling the duplicate. 
Violating copyright isnt actually theft, courts treat it that way because companies claim losses, even though thats false logic and implies a free game would sell the same. As if downloads are all lost sales. 
Copying books at the library, recording music you hear or off the radio or at a concert, and recording a live play or tv show with my vcr isnt theft either. Taking a photo of a painting. The fact that we got better at it doesn’t change this. Nor does the fact that we got so good at copying that our copies are better than the original. Regardless of what copyright lawyers want.

Niggers didnt invent the wheel, they cant copy the wheel. So they steal the wheel and leave my car on cinderblocks.
Replies: >>238982 >>239513
if you could make infinite copies of the bread at a bakery then the bakery would go out of business and everyone would hate you, they'd probably crucify you for it
Replies: >>238993
Then the bakery should focus on all the other things it could do, like pastries and other delicacies that are more difficult to recreate, now that bread is ubiquitous and they don't have a monopoly on such a basic resource.

It's sad the only basic response "people" have when something akin to Jesus' miracles happens is to abolish, destroy it and torture the men who practice such, while making a mockery out of whatever remains of his legacy. It's almost like if they haven't learned anything in over 2000 years...
>>234335 (OP) 

What do you negroes think of Grey Zone Warfare? Is it going to be another Day Before situation?
So you are saying that creators shouldn't be rewarded for their work? How do you think the economy works? I make something, you like it, you pay me for it and I make more.

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[Hide] (125.1KB, 768x272) Reverse
[Hide] (959.2KB, 1418x1072) Reverse
[Hide] (687.7KB, 898x814) Reverse
[Hide] (522.9KB, 1233x817) Reverse
Thread to discuss the most recent happenings related to the SBI fiasco which is currently developing.
A quick rundown for the clueless:
>Sweet Baby Inc. is an outsourcing narrative development studio founded in 2018 by former Ubisoft employees which "consults" on video game narratives during development to "promote" safer working environments and diverse representation within game narratives and studios
>or that's what the watered down kikepedia entry claims
>in reality it's been known for a while that they don't just "consult and promote" but rather demand that devs and studios preach their agenda
>they're among the reasons why more recent video games have body type A and B and all sorts of gay, tranny and woke propaganda
>for years they operated mostly under the radar without anyone knowing about them until just a few months ago anons took notice of them
>all until they held an interview at a press conference where Kim Belair, one of the founders, straight up boasted on record that their MO consists of literal threats and "terrifying" devs to accept the poz
>the lid blew open and normalfags too learned about their existence and practices
>the following backlash translated into a steam group, called Sweet Baby Inc detected, made a month by some BR madmen which aimed to track and warn about games which SBI pozzed, gaining massive exposure
>in perfect kike fashion, SBI attempted to attack and censor said group by reporting them, spamming them and whining about them on Twitter demanding to have them banned
>all of which, EXACTLY like GG many years ago, only resulted in the whole matter reaching even a wider audience getting Streisand effect out the ass and more people jumping on the bandwagon as news outlets pick the story up and various ecelebs throw their takes in
>the steam group grew overnight from 70k  to 210k+ followers but apparently steam support threatened to delete it due to the report spam SBI drones had done
>the owner then wiped ALL discussion and threads except admin messages to avoid deletion
>allegedly even cuckchan is banning and deleting discussion about it on /v/ and trying to move it to /pol/, again, exactly like GG years ago
Message too long. View the full text
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[Hide] (558.7KB, 1400x1937) Reverse
The guy in the video doing the analysis said that she said that she admitted liking white characters like Kratos and especially Nathan Draken referring to them as "boyfriends" that's why he came to that conclusion i guess.
To me she's only petty because when she went to school she realized that white people were the best at building a civilization, science, art, literature and basically everything else, while niggers have always been parasites and nothing else, and this fact made her butthurt.
So she wanted to push niggers everywhere thinking that this would give her kind some form of acknowledgement too.
Pretty sad and pathetic if you ask me.
Who is going to make the new thread?
Stop whining, you little bitch.
>Reminder that this sham of a movement is literally just free advertisement for anything SBI has worked on.

Not really. Extortion and other corporate skulduggery doesn't make for a good sales. Moreso for even more shitty games.

>Also the vast, vast majority of people born after 1995 are extremely left-leaning and pro-authoritarian (the remainder of them are centrists at best)

And now they're too stupid to breed.

>so the niGGerfaGGots have already made billions of enemies right off the bat.

When your owners scream for mass censorship in response to merely discussing their behavior, that does not show power; it shows fear. And I enjoy watching their kind scream as their world collapses.

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