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Talk about the RPGs you played, are playing, or plan to play.

I beat Miitopia and am in the middle of Maglam Lord now. Miitopia was great, but Maglam Lord is kinda mediocre. It is supposedly a successor to Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, but without the fun combat. The girls are cute at least.
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>I think it's actually better than 1
It is, except for the stupid gacha for blades.
>tfw never got kos-mos
why did you post a japanese menu interactive system too?
Are people just not supposed to play games blind nowadays? I keep running into games where it feels like the devs expected you to study a wiki before you started playing.
Replies: >>145258
I didn't look up anything about XB2 and played it fine.
it's easier to see in-game
it's probably the only cameltoe ever seen see on a canonical 12 yo on a console release

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Can't clear levels? Bosses too hard? Hands too sweaty? Mom's spaghettis? Broken mice and keyboard? Jizz and tear? This is the thread for you.
Vent about your frustration here. We are all on the same boat. We will listen to your stories, offer supports and heal each other.
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someone piss in your cereal?
I can finish the game just fine. I can even finish it in 1cc. It's just that my performance isn't decent enough to consistently 1cc in every attempt and it gets worse the more I contineously play.
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>all that shit that never happened
<dude, just believe me.
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>kike gets caught blatantly lying
>starts sperging like a faggot throwing a tantrum and random twitter gay insults
Caught red handed once again, god you are such a hopeless jewish retard kek
this thread has been moved to 8chan.moe where it receives far more posts than here

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You have shit taste edition
Post about games that make dick hard and/or your heart soft. 
Complain about never ever eroges, talk shit about nip games for being technically inferior if your game is slow as shit at least don't let it crash from speedhacks fuck, talk shit about western games for being thematically inferior, recommend some decent eroges, and so on.
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Doujin eroge are one of the few actual passion projects in gaming these days. They don't have executive/shareholders trying to force global appeal, they don't have the western indie clique trying to force SJW shit, they don't have platform holders telling them what they aren't allowed to publish, etc. Just one or two guys making a game they think is fun and fappable.
It's amazing how well crafted the melee system is
>Normal mode is by far the weakest in mobility and range but boasts quite high per hit damage at the expense of your survivability with 6/2ZZ's jumping cannon kick and 5ZZZ spiral launcher
>The disadvantages of normal mode are mostly moot when using it to recharge MP, as you regain x5 the amount of mana per hit on normal compared to when using styles, with how versatile jumping divekick is and the possibility to cancel into another jump or into itself after a hit, you're guaranteed 1 point of MP if you get a few solid hits in

>Scythe mode is amazing for hit and run, coupled with high damage multihit options, top level comboability and very fast and useful guard cancels. Scythe benefits a lot from Familiars, raw Atk bonuses and "edge" skill upgrades as well
>2Z rotating low slide is amazing for avoiding projectiles and gaining ground or distance, medium/high hitting attacks like Wolf's spiral, Maskfag's jumping sumo attack, 4th Boss suction or Succubus's fireball just get ignored while you rip chunks out of the enemy.
>Every grounded Scythe move can chain into any other ground move seamlessly, often shorter than you can guard cancel them, with only 6ZZ scythe pullback necessitating guard cancelling to make it safe. 
>5Z Scythe uppercut can be early cancelled extremely quickly with either guard or 6Z mini spiral foward to let you easily juggle enemies into the air, and letting them get high enough gives you more damage if you don't cancel it once they start to be enveloped by the red tracers. 5ZZ guilliotine pulldown is amazing damage ontop of this with the executioner skill for massive damage against enemies on the top end of your air juggle.
>j.5Z scythe blender is absolutely the best shield breaker move by far (not counting multiple air shotguns) and the damage when the enemy is airborn and you have multiple jumps to reach them is astronomical, the only issue being that it is an incredily unsafe move to do due to the large hurtbox and that it locks you in a slow uncancellable trajectory

>Gun mode is maximum DPS and zero chill, effective use of it requires knowing how long it takes for you to recover into a block cancel and abusing shield breaking to maximize damage
>Air pistols may seem like a death trap at first, but you can cancel them with j.2Z into an air shotgun to gain distance or shoot it backwards to close in on the opponent to dodge an attack, although after landing it may launch you foward if you don't immediatly cancel the push with guard
>Multiple airjumps is actually a decent choice when using Gun as it lets you get more air shotguns out when you start it from a high position, as well as more RP orbs to combo the grounded 5Z spam pistols into themselves for safe ranged DPS that stunlocks
>Grounded 6/2Z shotgun can be cancelled MUCH earler than normal combo cancel into pistols or another shotgun by guard cancelling as well, making it actually quite viable to burst down shields as long as you time your attacks right
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Runs perfectly on wine aside from text display issues. Anyone know what fonts are needed?
Replies: >>145279
There are unpacked fonts in the gamefiles, you shold be able to figure them out.
Replies: >>145284
I was a fucking retard and forgot to put LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.utf8 in the wine arguments. Thanks anyway anon.

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I've had my Wii U collect dust despite not only being able to play Wii and GC games natively but also being able to play NDS game in the most comfy way.
It's a Taiko no Tatsujin machine at this point.
Any games you personally recommend? Any hidden gems if you will?
I always thought of the GC and Wii library to be quite inferior to its counterparts but there is the ocasional golden nugget.
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You are an embarrassment, just emulate.
It's trash with a budget.  You might be able to enjoy it in a so-bad-it's-good way but that's it.
What's the best Monhun game on the Wii U?
Brownpill me on the Wii U, is it any good and is it worth buying in 2022?
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Buy an hueg instead

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>What is it?
Play Fire Emblem 6: Binding Blade (Project Ember) over netplay. Advance Wars 2 and other games are also present. Work with anons to get as far as possible into the story by using one unit per anon.
>When is it?


>1. Download mednafen with roms: https://files.catbox.moe/652g4z.rar
>2. Unpack, drag rom of choice over mednafen.exe to launch it with that
>3. Press ALT+SHIFT+1 to set up the controls. There can be two buttons assigned to one input. Use the same button for first and second prompt if only one is desired. Try not to assign "t" and "Enter" to anything.
>4. Press t to open a chat menu, type in /connect ny.yuribacon.com and press enter. To rename yourself, use /nick [NAME]. To activate controls, use /dupe 1 .
>5. Play the game

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OP got tired from having too much fun, pic related. Play on the teeworlds server instead.
Replies: >>145041
starts in five minutes
starts n o w
post the full things, asking for a friend
Replies: >>145050
Filename has what you need to put in a booru search.

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Who are your favorite lolis in videogames? Who would you take as your daughter or wife?
Mine are Yumi, Purin and Roll. Are there any recent videogames or mods with lolis? I only heard about Onirism but I haven't played it.
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What bothers me the most about the censorship is that it's not consistent at all, some will have blur which doesn't let you see anything but pixels, some will have huge black lines that cover everything, some other will just have thin lines over the clit and some other small bits. It makes no sense.
Replies: >>144805 >>144853
IIRC the law just says "no sexual organs" which is often interpreted as "no bagina insides" and it's up to the artist to figure out how far he can take it before the cops come knocking.
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That's why I fap to manga, the censorship is pretty much non-existent. I wish eroge followed the same rules.

There have been some talks about "protecting freedom of expression" in the latest Japanese elections, but that just seems to be from foreigners rather than their own domestic censorship.
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The only reason there is any at all is for plausible deniability. If japs had any balls in this regard they could all just stop doing it.
Replies: >>145033
Patreon/Fanbox exclusive uncensored uploads push them closer to that.

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We know episode 3 was meant to introduce a showcasing innovation like previous installments. What might that have been? 

By the way, BM: Xen was disappointing. Definitely creative in an aesthetic sense, but hardly built on or increased on previous challenges, with human soldiers proving the real peak challenges. What went weong, and what could have been done better?
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What are you talking about, there's a fanmade sequel
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hunt down the freeman and propekt are NOT opposing force 2, prospect doesn't even give you different guns from hl2! and hunt down the freeman is just shit tier
How do you beat the HL2 two alley court on MMod hard mode? Wwhere Alyx hacks a panel and eventually opens a Combine gate. Every Youtuber I've watched for this got filtered too.

The two bugship boss fight in Nova Prospekt was a snap compared to this.
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I'm trying to do a Black Mesa playthrough, but the constant freezes and crashes drive me nuts. Is there any way to prevent them from happening?
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Stop being poor faggot

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to be fair, you've probably done something in your life to deserve this.
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>over the shoulder camera
>Kratos can't even jump
>doesn't fuck hot women
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I am a saint on earth
I don’t despise BOY as much as some kids in games, one song in it is pretty good, and I could almost get some of the dumb story decisions like having dead head as a navi and exploring realms on top of eachother, but boy oh boy I agree that it’s a bad game and a worse GOW. I hate how unfocused it is, how little there is in the way of bossfights, and the fact that despite apparently having more “systems for combat” it is much less fun/satisfying. Collecting a bajillion things in monotonous repeat sequences suck, having to do slow collectathon upgrades to make it playable SUCKS, unlocking moves IS A BAG OF DICKS JUST LET ME SO COOL THING WITHOUT FARMING FOR 2 HOURS, and the over the shoulder control are just BAD. I only played this game cause of a girll who liked how braindead GoW was because she could play it herself all the way through and she liked angry kratos dicks women kills gods, but she couldn’t into this games controls and systems so she forced me to beat it for her. If it can’t maintain her as a player then it has failed.  Next game, I’ll tell her to just watch it on Youtube if she cares.

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Old one is saging and everyone has probably forgotten about it.
Some pointers in case you are considering hosting a gamenight:
>Pick a game that you know anons will play AND have fun with. FPSs are easy to host/play but generally overplayed. Ask around beforehand to get an idea of what anons want. Keep minimum requirements in mind, not everyone is rocking a Ryzen 9 1488 CPU and RTXOMGWTF 9001 GPU. Pick games that you know will run on a Dell Inspiron from 2006.
>Avoid hosting on your main PC/home network if at all possible. Apart from the risk of exposing your public IP, everyone but you will have an unacceptably high ping in the hundreds, killing the experience for fast-paced, quick thinking games. Home networks also do not get static IPs, so it could change partway through the gamenight and nobody can connect after that.
>Pay for a VPS, even a cheap one will do. Old games have very low specs for running on a server, so whatever provider your choose, their cheapest option will probably be more than enough.
I recommend Linode and their Nanode instance, it's $5/month and great for hosting servers. Use my referral link https://www.linode.com/lp/refer/?r=cc34ac0a30a1af9c986235cb5a966ba71ee4e258 for a free $100 credit once you give them payment info.
>Most game servers are made for Linux, but a select few only run on Wangblows because devs hate freedom. If you really want to host a game this badly and it only provides Windows server binaries, look into M$ Azure cloud hosting, it gives you a complete Wangblows desktop in DA CLOUD that you can use.
>Once you have your platform set up, look into installing the server. Every game is different. Ensure you can get it up and running to a playable state before you start messing with settings and plugins.
>Once the server is running, you can mess around with mods and plugins. Some basic ones that you should absolutely have for a fun gamenight include:
<Map rotation
<Voting for maps/gamemodes/kicking fags ruining the game
<Remote/in-game administration tools
<Custom playermodels/weapons/items that change the vanilla gameplay
>Once you have satisfised ALL OF THE ABOVE and extensively playtested the server, create a package for anons to download. This could be as simple as pointing to the game's site to download the client, packaging your own client configuration and putting it up on a fileshare for them to download, or providing a magnet link for a torrent.
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Replies: >>144918 + 2 earlier
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>Give us a guide on how to use linode faggot
it's linux, retard. if you can't figure it out i can't help you.
Replies: >>144972
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>>144789 (OP) 
How does ark survival evolved sound? It's kind of a resource hog so I understand if low spec anons couldn't run it but I've been playing it recently and I enjoy it. If we a legitimate version of the game, we would have access to dedicated servers. However, I believe cracked versions can also work with pier to pier connections but I don't know if they are compatible with dedicated servers. I would actually be willing to rent /v/ a server somewhere down the line for a month or two if there is enough interest in this game.
i know its linux but i dont know where to go to access the thing, theres nothing saying "click here to open your linux terminal" or something along those lines. inux is piss easy to learn once you get the hang of it but im just looking for how to get onto the desktop itself to install some server software.

Even if i cant figure out how to host a server the other fag should be able to host something now that he has his referrals
Replies: >>144979 >>144988
Fine, almost all platforms either directly give you SSH to connect with or display that option in the managment overview on their website.
A quick search through their guides will get you this: https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/set-up-and-secure/#connect-to-the-instance
>but im just looking for how to get onto the desktop itself to install some server software
For any decent server software, you don't. You just use the command line like a white man and run the server software, worst case scenario using wine because the devs forgot servers don't normally run on windows.
But if you have some garbage game that requires a GUI to run the server for some godforsaken reason, you need to use the -X parameter when SSHing into the server and run an Xorg instance on your local machine over that SSH connection.
https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12755/how-to-forward-x-over-ssh-to-run-graphics-applications-remotely techically has all the info you need, but you probably won't understand all of it without general sysadmin knowledge. It should still help you figure out what to look up though.

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Being developed in RE engine.
Atleast it's not UE4, Unity, or GameMaker I guess.
inb4 they ruin it
inb4 it's confirmed shit
inb4 riddled with poz

I don't care about your thoughts or opinions. Just post loli pawns and argue over who was best girl.
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Hidden from human eyes doesn't change it to "low fantasy".
If the monsters always existed, its always been high fantasy.
Replies: >>144424
[Hide] (9MB, 360x360, 06:26)
>If the monsters always existed
Not on Earth, not en masse, Berserks world was always just grounded war torn Medieval Europe with some sparkles of magic here and there.
Pretty much every monster you saw was an Apostle, and they were seen as myths or legends by most people.

That's low fantasy, then suddenly after they find Schierke, magic and monsters are everywhere and always existed.
It's fucking terrible, Isidro and Puck were bad enough but then you got constant Deus Machinas and bullshit plot points that not only decrease Guts effort but also put him second plane to all the secondary shit characters Miura conjured up for his quirky DnD bullshit.

I guess too much Idolmaster rotted his brain to the point he died.
Replies: >>144429
I feel the same way, man. Went from dark and edgy fantasy to final fantasy real quick. At least it's not just me.
Replies: >>144432
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Such a shame society got so fucking coddled an gay to the point it affects entertainment in the worse of ways.
Anyone found a way to hack the networking so that we can share pawns without using crapcom servers?

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