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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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Obviously this franchise has fallen into the gutter ever since the switch to 3d. Obviously I can point to the obvious issues with these games like the linear corridors they claim are routes, The lacking amount of pokemon in comparison Gen 2 had 100 pokemon albeit some were planned for gen 1 but still, New games are lucky to crack 70-80 new pokemon I don't include regional variants as new pokemon, New games have a random gimmick as opposed to more Pokemon most for nostalgia baiting, Recycling plots from past games mainly the two new ones and even then you could argue that sun and moons twist was mimicking ghetsis, Modern pokemon games are a cakewalk in terms of difficulty well at least sun and moon/X&Y were, I quit the games at gen 7 because of this bullshit. The best thing about this entire franchise is the fan art and that's really sad.
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Double down on the ideas of Pokemon GO and Masters and make a mobile open world game where the open world is the goddamn world you live in.

Restrict the locations of certain Pokemon by country, forcing you to either take a plane there to catch them or trade with one of the people living there. Introduce a global ranking system and annual local, national and international championships that people can participate in along with smaller recurring tournaments.

Make Legendaries one of a kind and hidden in the ass middle of nowhere with grossly inflated stats, requiring a fully optimized team of level 100's to even have a chance to beat and if you lose make them flee to a new random location.

Throw in a punch of virtual pet/tamagochi features like PokemonAMI but greatly expanded so you can fool around with your pokemon between combat and make cosmetics only available through the ingame shop to jew the stupid whales out of their money and generate income. But make the cosmetics tradeable like regular items so other players can jew the whales a second time out of them in exchange for rare pokemon or rare candies and stat boosters which can only be randomly found like pokemon encounters.
Replies: >>68332
>What does a professor even do from a gameplay perspective that doesn't reach a dead end.
What the fuck are you talking about? They research Pokemon. Are you retarded? Did you just ask me what a fucking Pokemon Professor does in a Pokemon game? Get out there and start watching some Weedles so you can write a report about them, faggot.
Why do people have problems with your trainer's perspective being in first person? It's not like you're looking through the eyes of your Pokemon or anything. 
This is gay. You should be kicked off /v/ for making a game that makes people go outside. The sun is for homosexuals and women.
Replies: >>68335
>What the fuck are you talking about?
Nice reading comprehension retard, you didn't say anything relevant. I said how functional would any possible gameplay be.
Shoving weedles up your ass for eternity isn't going to translate to gameplay or atleast the type that people are going to play for more than an hour; it'd be redundant super quickly.
Observing pokemon isn't out of place but nothing is going to promote it being your only activity for long; if pokemon have detailed behavior its going to be a factor for basic trainers anyway.
>Why do people have problems with your trainer's perspective being in first person?
First person looks actively worse honestly, and the options it removes versus what its suited for do not work with what pokemon already has.
First person pokemon battles would look pretty dumb, at best a gimmick you'd get bored of quickly; if you have pokemon rides/HMs they'd also look like shit. It'd also actively gimp trainer customization in terms of purpose. 
Honestly a pokemon view would be a funny option. Both only really work as gimmicks regardless.
Replies: >>68342
It's easy. You just build an complex subsystem for identifying and categorizing different Pokemon and their behaviors, which can then be disseminated among the playerbase as needed.
>But what about when they learn everything?
Then the devs do what they do for every new generation of Pokemon and slap new behaviors on top of existing Pokemon. A fully dynamic and realized 3D virtual MMORPG environment for Pokefags to enter and never leave, lest they kill themselves upon realizing how shitty reality is.
Replies: >>68359
Uh huh, want to try that with a full sized playerbase Einstein? The effort that'd take is monsterous.
You can't stop infomation flow so even changing shit weekly would still result in it dead ending repeatedly, and this doesn't fix the fact that watching pokemons assholes is not going to be enjoyable for very long.
And i'm giving you extra leeway in pretending that your dumb system wouldn't be glorified behavior switching around.

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Post or ask for lists of good vidya
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>Galactic Civilizations 2
I found trading as early as possible helped a lot in preventing wars for a while. Though the rng events could fuck you over. But there I saw more of those events that spawned massive fleets that raped everyone then events that pushed me to war.
I recently played Dragon's Dogma and that was okay. I then went on to try a bunch of other shitty RPG's like Risen and Sacred 2 but both of them were too clunky for me.

I started to emulate PSO hoping it might play similarly enough to PSO2 and scratch that autism grinding itch since PSO2 is pozzed with anti-cheat and being an always online game but that didn't really pan out. Then I figured I'd give Monster Hunter 3 a try but got bored of it almost instantly.

I've been autistically bouncing around random games a lot lately trying to find something to play but nothing is sticking. The latest I tried was Divinity 2 which I still haven't really given a chance but my god are the animations hilariously bad. Kind of wish I picked up Code Vein while it was on sale but oh well. inb4 >buying games AnonAI please generate an epic recommendation based on this data set.
>Calling Risen bad
Watch out, anon. You'll be public enemy # 1 in German and Slavic regions for saying something like that.
Based on what you said, I guess you enjoy action rpgs. Here's my best guess:
>Deus Ex
<The real post modern RPG
<Human revolution is alright, but the writing is pretty dumb
>Alpha Protocol
<I hear it's pretty jank, but I've seen some people say they really enjoy it
>Hand of Fate
<Pretty decent roguelike card game thing, if you can deal with the Batman style combat
emulate Monster Hunter GU on ryujinx
If you want turn-based fallout(old one)-style RPG then go for Underrail.
For some reason I've remembered Evil Islands, a slav RPG game I played more than a decade ago but damn it was good. I should try it again.
Nox is another old one but very good one (tho linear).

8172bad59850795d01fa5602a3cf37f164be157508f5bcada60d887a889e4104.png (u)
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40d8bd04cdef6fbc09111849a412cd825c66c760cf3e6e0dd89a64c9f886188b.png (u)
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191ebeb1eb6e1ef4b87769287d8a859584ec6d866ee23df9714eea0f3d25dbac.mp3 (u)
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27695558bccbfd14476c939cd0fc9751f20dfd36c56fcd698899aff6df3e2955.gif (u)
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Hey! Hey! Come on over, have some fun with Crazy Taxi!
Somewhere near the woods lies a gas station, neatly placed seemingly in the middle of nowhere; however, it is far from desolate. For there anons from all around gather inside a room. A room filled to the top with arcade machines. There, anons enjoy the evening drinking, calling each other faggot and just having a good old time.
>What is this?
Anons pick a game and play it until they beat it or lose. An arcade game that doesn't take long to complete and rewards skill. Once finished they post their score and see who did the best. They give others advice, share what they think of the game, call each other casuals, say which character of the game they would fuck and more.
>How much time do I have to play it?
2 weeks until a winner is announced.
>Where do I get it?
Get it on PC:
or Dreamcast:
or PS2:
or Gamecube:
or GBA (actually don't):
or PSP (don't either)
or PS3:
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Only two and a half hours left to rig the poll.
Poll's closed; all future votes will be ignored. The winner is Vampire Savior. I'll make the topic as soon as the uploads are finished.
Replies: >>68288
03184a193facb0a00112da0bca7a8069d8e0d24cbeb951c35e4e6c215383c404.png (u)
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>fighting game
Replies: >>68297
100percentdamagedasses.jpeg (u)
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>He's afraid that I'm gonna fuck him up real bad
Prepare to be assblasted
New thread.

EDF_fencer.jpg (u)
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EDF_karaoke_night.png (u)
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delight.jpg (u)
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Ayy sup lads it's time for another EDF thread.
Two weeks ago I got myself a PSVita and got it setup for all that homebrew shit and installed EDF3 and EDF2 on it, and I was surprised on how fun EDF2 is I thought it will be the most junky game in the series but on contrary it's one of the most tightly designed EDF game in series and helped shape the series to what it is and there are many ideas that EDF5 took from it's predecessor, I think every EDF fun should atleast try this game out it's surprisingly fun.
His weapons are so fucking rad a fucking Sword with a Force Field that goes throught enemies, a motherfucking hammer that delets waves of bugs, a spear that POPS forgs heads and the Heavy cannons that goes like CLINK every shot it's a think of beauty.

A new game from the EDF mainline series has been announced, EDF6 is set in after the events of EDF5, EDF6 is set to release in 2021
And in other news developers of Iron Rain are making a new EDF spinoff called EDF:World Brother it's going to be released in 2021 for Switch and PS4

>What's your favorite game
EDF5 again but EDF2 is a close second now
>What's your favorite line
>What's your favorite weapon
Shotguns were my favorite but now that NCS cannon is the best gun in any videogame ever just because of it sound
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__wing_diver_earth_defense_force_drawn_by_maku_ro__fa01d0ac4c259ff20112788496866f76.jpg (u)
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>This thread was made a year ago
Replies: >>68254 >>68259
Sorry, I forgot you're the only person in the world.
shiiiid.jpg (u)
(6.9KB, 139x161)
He's just calling me a slowpoke for pointing the level 83 thing out. My only excuse is starting 4.1 so late 5 got released before I was done with it and I didn't want to start 5 till I'd had my satisfaction out of 4.1 which happened mid 2020 and by then I was a bit burned out so I only got into 5 in Feb this year. Looks like similar is gonna happen with 6 too which is actually preddy nice as it means I'll just be getting done with it when 7 is nearly done, provided they keep this rate of production up. 

Being a step behind ain't always bad, in my world there's ALWAYS more EDF to play.
Replies: >>68296
Also that's actually only 9 days off from the truth too.
>Being a step behind ain't always bad, in my world there's ALWAYS more EDF to play.
>there's ALWAYS more EDF to play.
Is there a way to join your world ?

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go_for_the_goal.mp4 (u)
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e1ad18bd7dc6f584d3e48a3f7c2c647848f9a242d8f81bc339e470e1e2ef1d12.jpg (u)
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7af445a83b4ac2928fb0b4860cf41ac5c042dc7f93a61abaaba75735b91ae5c1.png (u)
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ITT: we discuss the coming ICUP and how I accidentally deleted the whole OP I was just about to post and I want to kill myself because I didn't save it and I'm now typing it out again from scratch. Contribute or die.

All right boys, with officially BLACKED from the webring, we are now the only /v/ left there's also sp/v/ but that's kinda dead but someone from there could very well want to join efforts and cooperate, that means we are IN CHARGE of managing the /v/ team in the 2021 edition of the ICUP.

Now, /v/ already has an established team, that was made in "collaboration" with during the zchan era, and consists of:
>a mix of player picks between and zchan
>a Frankenstein'd version of's and zchan's logo both ugly as fuck if I may add
>two sets of subpar kits
>a wiki page as empty as your pants
>a remarkable bunch of nothing else 
More info on this here:

While we could, technically speaking, just use that, it would be lame, gay and stupid since it's using colors and logos that are not relevant at all anymore, and it would invalidate the whole "being in charge" part.
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But Reimu and Cirno are part of the 2hu team
logo.png (u)
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logo_vtan.png (u)
[Hide] (452KB, 1420x1430)
logo_ztan.png (u)
[Hide] (434.2KB, 1420x1430)
Check it out.
>fine tuned player cards
How are these supposed to look like?
Good shit
that ball ain't even round
nice_dubs.png (u)
[Hide] (25.4KB, 400x400)
Can you make ztan check-em out of last pic?

06348b567086aea4301aa3ad30499bd725355842e13f3a51947f8bfd6245f0c2.png (u)
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>BTW New world fried my Evga ftw3 3090 I have another 3090 that’s a icx version played for 15 hours and it’s not dead. Anyone know if it’s exclusive to the FTW3?
>It is probably not a good idea to play New World right now. The closed Beta and Alpha builds of this game have reportedly been a reason for the bricking of GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards, multiple users on the official game’s forum have reported.
>The issue appears to affect mainly GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards which are reportedly overheating and see power spikes. The game has an uncapped framerate in the main menus, which is usually associated with buzzing capacitors. Most users however have reported that EVGA RTX 3090 cards specifically are the most affected brand. A number of the RTX 3090 cards have been bricked in the process.
>It is highly recommended not to play this game right now, at least not until developers publicly acknowledge the issue, not to mention release a patch.
>Hi Adventurers,
>Thank you all for sharing your reports about this problem, we believe this is related with driver settings and frame rate limiters.
>1. Disable the overrides in the driver settings,
>2. Make sure to press “APPLY”
>3. Restart the game client.
>Also you can cap your FPS.
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>>67839 (OP) 
Sounds like consoomers trying to get free shit to me.
I mean core, non-tech things that should never be fucked up. I mean things like like "don't leave sponges in a patient."
>>67839 (OP) 
>retarded firmware
>retarded software
It's like a shit sandwich.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>Reminder: ATi drivers have never really improved, even on Linux. It's just that Nvidia shits the bed more frequently than ever now and AMD outsourced 90% of their Linux drivers to Red Hat by using Mesa.
>Thinking mesa/xf86-ati-dri/whateverthefuckitscalledthesedays is actually as bad as catalyst
what_you_have_done.webm (u)
[Hide] (372.8KB, 640x360, 00:07)
>>67839 (OP) 
>uncapped framerate in the main menus
I am not shocked this has occurred, I've seen that dumb crap with games with runaway frames on menus before. Has nobody every run these damn games with an FPS counter enabled during testing? It's really stunning out of a major deal but they likely hired the same indie retards that have done it and not corrected the oversight even though it's a pretty common occurrence.

yande.re_214019_armored_core_gun_kawashiro_nitori_kurione_mecha_touhou.jpg (u)
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yande.re_233648_armored_core_armored_core_5_crossover_gun_kawashiro_nitori_kurione_mecha_touhou.jpg (u)
[Hide] (647.2KB, 1953x1400)
yande.re_49218_anubis__zone_of_the_enders_jehuty_konami_mecha_shinkawa_yoji_sword_zone_of_the_enders.jpg (u)
[Hide] (939.9KB, 3402x4781)
yande.re_49220_anubis__zone_of_the_enders_ardjet_konami_mecha_shinkawa_yoji_zone_of_the_enders.jpg (u)
[Hide] (727.7KB, 3138x4932)
yande.re_75201_anubis__zone_of_the_enders_konami_mecha_nepthis_shinkawa_yoji_zone_of_the_enders.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1004.6KB, 3283x4767)
Where's the mecha thread, faggots? Are you playing anything? Anything you're excited for? Well, get fucked mecha is dead, but we have a ton of old games to enjoy, so there's that. Start posting sexy robots and designs and anything else /m/ already.
Also, when is From going to drop gay souls for another Armored Core? Daemon X Machina is shit and can't even be called a substitute. The drought continues.
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I highly recommend learning the classic controls. After learning them I actually think dual stick is worse. Dedicating your entire thumb just to moving the camera is gay. With the classic controls, your fingers are in contact with all of the buttons all of the time and you can still control the AC fine. Just be sure not to be a total scrub and use the quick turn.
>MechWarrior 5 vanilla lancemate AI breaks when AI lancemates pilot Heavy or Assault mechs, causing them to barely shoot their weapons when enemies are in close range.
>Enemy AI doesn't seem to have this problem and has no problem ripping apart stupid lancemates.
>AI mods are still not fully working with the DLC patch.

Whelp, it was fun while it lasted. I have a hunch the AI is "broken" due to AI mechanics hidden for some retarded reason . But I don't care to play such a trial-and-error game one bit.
Map camera and turn to face buttons, map linear/strafing movement to dpad (or vice versa), map weapon/swap/boost to shoulder and l3/r3 buttons. Now the control scheme is practically the same as modern games. You might still need a high turn speed mech and feather boosted quad legs to make it play like modern AC, or otherwise that quick turn shoulder mod if the particular game you're playing has it.
>look it up
>2011 was 10 years ago
>Gundam AGE
>High profile 

Still nah 

>Gurren Laggan
>Most popular animes of 2011 are shit like hunterxhunter, madoka, and some other shit

Try again.  Games like AC are always niche, even over in japan.
Are you being facetious? Nothing of what you posted contradicts what I said here >>67436 or in >>67875.  And where the fuck did I argue AC was never niche? I said it was MORE niche in that era specified. It was this anon >>67215  that tried to argue that FromSoft would make money doing HD re-releases of AC during that 2006-2013 time frame.

ff.jpg (u)
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re.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1920x1080)
sh.jpg (u)
[Hide] (139.6KB, 1778x1000)
I've finished Resident Evil 2 PSX for my first time, and right now I'm going through 3 Dreamcast.
Thus, I'm in the mood for a horror games thread.
Post your favorite games and music, some memorable moments Silent Hill 4's gigantic head comes to mind and share some less known but still great titles like Siren or Sweet Home.
Spooky but not-outright horror games are allowed too.
Are you ready for another terrible Resident Evil adaption and Fatal Frame's upcoming movie? Why do they keep making this shit?
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Deffinitly younger then your mom, faggot.
And no I won't anymore. Maybe tommorow again. But I've had enough of it and I'm getting sick of it.
maxresdefault.jpg (u)
[Hide] (100.3KB, 1280x720)
Alright I was just wondering, how does her model work, is there a naked body beneath the clothes that interact with it using the engine physics or is it just a single thing that got rendered? Was it like that during development? Has anyone ripped her model from the game?
Replies: >>67735 >>67736
Untitled.png (u)
[Hide] (283.3KB, 979x854)
Found her in-game model and apparently it's just a couple of tiny feet under an empty dress, what a disappointment
Spoiler File (u)
(60.3KB, 900x506)
>Has anyone ripped her model from the game
Replies: >>67738
That boss fight was ok but I kinda wish they dropped the "big tentacle monster with a softspot" trope

Donkey_Kong_Country_-_DK_Island_Swing__Restored_.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (9.6MB, 336x188, 05:15)
Is Island Swing the best musical piece in existence?
Hoping for a new game?
I wonder if nintendont is planning on continuing with more country games or trying a new 3D game or maybe even doing another diddy's kong racing. The new country games are pretty fun but it would be nice to see another entry similar to 64.
I doubt it will happen any time soon though, since retro studios is working on Metroid Prime 4 and I really hope if it happens, it's not made by nintendo themselves since after seeing odyssey is clear they don't know how to make collectathons anymore.
In the meantime though. What are your favorite DK games? Favorite from the country trilogy?
Replies: >>67264
Are there any games between Rare being bought out by Micro$hit and Retro developing DKCR that were any good? Donkey Kong has a surprising amount of games on portable consoles but it seems like most of them are either shovelware or worse ports of Rare games. I feel like Mario vs. Donkey Kong had potential but then it turned into discount lemmings for some reason.
Jungle Beat is good
I've only played the first Mario Vs Donkey Kong on GBA but its alright too.
25_In_a_Snow-Bound_Land_.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (7.2MB, 03:08)
>>67204 (OP) 
DK 64 and Country 2 fucking amazing games back then
I thought the original Mario Vs Donkey Kong was great, i have no idea why it went to lemmings instead of sticking with the Donkey Kong 94 style though.
However just with 94+MvDK thats a lot of game.

That period huh. I remember liking King of Swing/Jungle Climber, they do look like shovelware visually though.
fb369ac491067db314ccd0e6535ba667ade29f9c15e6abccc0b13b50573b55f0.png (u)
[Hide] (609KB, 745x419)
Seconding Jungle Beat. Is a fucking great game. The bosses specially feel really great to murder, but you need the bongos controller. You could play the wiimote version but it's not the same.
There's also Diddy's Kong Racing DS which is not bad and has the hotter version of tiny kong.

y8zwt2nw7j741.png (u)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1920x1080)
minecraft-bomber-plan-edit-580x334.jpg (u)
[Hide] (36.9KB, 580x334)
Seeing as I the Anon never came back. Sleepychan minecraft server when?
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1ea865b6a4f10a8f35d5e1038c9fcabd2df7f805ef4acfbd151e2f9ca6bafa5b.png (u)
[Hide] (763.4KB, 1920x1018)
d55a837ed5eb0ee1f8ba58d98a078a608f831dd70192941ef0a20c0a6d55134b.png (u)
[Hide] (505.7KB, 1920x1018)
d843e62a2e67c95d54c2630f222c33a2c75da50de1aadb86eda7c0972251baa6.png (u)
[Hide] (529.2KB, 1920x1018)
45bb5353b3db948f5c5409a78078508df0cd5905d187ec65c9587c059f7fa5ce.png (u)
[Hide] (643KB, 1920x1018)
d5943749754ccc44e532650dd4166fe4bc16f90335c34a62b1c69345e9a5159f.png (u)
[Hide] (417.6KB, 1920x1018)
Happy America day.
Replies: >>64530
minecraft_villiager_.png (u)
[Hide] (222.3KB, 1366x705)
You too anon. That looks beautiful. As an American I am honored you would do such a thing. In Ethiopia, do you have any similar celebrations to the 4th of July?
Server still alive? Is anyone even playing?
Who are you and why were you taking so many screenshots of me?
I'm moore12.
Although I changed my name to FIoridaman now.
The "L" in florida is actally a capital "i" btw, couldn't snag the actual "Florida".
I can't beleive that was 4 fucking years ago, those were the days dude I'm glad you had fun playing with me.
Replies: >>67403
javaw_2018_09_14_18_58_02_666.png (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080)
javaw_2018_08_08_18_20_56_679.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1920x1080)
1.png (u)
[Hide] (637.3KB, 1920x1080)
javaw_2017_08_11_01_22_29_012.png (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1920x1080)
brony_smut.png (u)
[Hide] (82KB, 658x375)
>he's still alive
>and here too
Holy shit, glad another one is alive and well. I took those screenshots myself so you can see who I am. Had lots of fun playing with you fags. Consider downloading Vintage Story when we get a new serb up, I'll play there for sure

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