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A thread to post and discuss your favorite soundtracks in videogames.
What have you been listening to lately?
I've been listening to 3D Sonic games OST. Crush 40 gives all of these games a pretty good soundtrack. It's usually what I end up remembering when playing sonic games.
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ENDER LILIES OST is good for sleeping.... zzzz.
Replies: >>185171
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>what is foxhole
foxhole is a top down where MMO war is waged on a persistent map between the wardens (blue WW1 french aesthetic) vs the colonials (green WW2 allied aesthetic). The game has a focus on logistics and combined operations, and a recent update turned logistics into factorio-like

>is the game fun
yes and no
the game is boring/frustrating playing by yourself unless you are a partisan and shooting in the game does take some getting used, logistics and building can be described as point and or point and click farmville, while the fronts can be manned by retarded and/or megalomaniacs but the real dopamine rush is building key infrastructure, delivery key equipment, or participating in map-wide blitz

>who to join
join the wardens (the cum spam can be annoying so you are warned), because they get super cool equipment
the game is divided up to 3 shards and shard 1 has the biggest and best fights while shards 2 and 3 have a lot of new players

I also have a regiment made with some friends BBC on shard one, so at the very least I can at least show newer players the ropes

>whats the plan
help push/hold key positions to get a good scrap'n
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i should play since inferno came out but Ive been busy being a stinky boy. what should i do? i know how to supply chain pretty well from modded mineman autism experience but i dont want to just be solo grinding for some public supply depot
Replies: >>177569
New war up yet? I sat out last war.
Replies: >>177569
Yeah theyre at the third shard one war since 1.0 now. 

I don’t know honestly. I’d offer to help a bunch again like last war but slightly burned out and more so sucked into a singleplayer game for a bit. Solo facility is very possible but takes a bit of trial and error before you figure out how to do it efficiently. I’d say either just steal or help functional facilities if solo, but I also know that the designing and maintaining IS the fun. 

If you got an hour or two a night, make an autism facility for something you enjoy like artillery ammo if you like artillery or a certain vehicle upgrade if you like tank shit, but otherwise it may be best just to steal from other facilities as needed. Facilities can be reserved as squad only but after a certain time they can’t and its free reign for us public assholes to use them. Just go upgrade your shit there and take it to the front. 

If this hasnt dissueded you from not helping a working facil or being useful and trucking, and instead going solo facil like me, HERE ARE MY FACILITY TIPS:
>If you want an easy way to get starting materials just look for decaying facilities, retards are constantly abandoning facilities full of usedul shit
>try to be not far from a sealane or river if you want the ease of supply boats
>try to only use the 2x2 foundations, try to avoid underground pipes (use overhead if possible), and don’t bother with player made roads. Everything you build uses gsupps from maint tunnels and tiny foundations/underground pipes can drain your place 
>small trains can move shit in and out of buildings ABSURDLY quick. Try to build a place with tails in mind and try to keep rails off foundation as they don’t need it and its a waste of space
>if you are near a refinery, diesel is a very viable way to power a place dispite how shit it looks. Diesel you make at a refinery can transfer instantly into a big tank and that saves time compared to oils and petrol
>if you want to expand a bunch consider building far enough away for a new tunnel to independantly take care of them, don’t need all the pressure on one tunnel and it means less refilling the tunnels and power supplies
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Replies: >>177690
I think I am going to sit out this war. I will come back when the wardens decide to come back because having to deal with partisans is annoying
I keep thinking about playing but then don't. Many such cases.

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Journalist Jason Schrier has confirmed a recent leak about GTA VI. One of the playable characters for the first time in the series will be a woman. And she will be latina.
He also confirmed the information from the leak that the game will have a "Miami equivalent" (Vice City). There will be fewer jokes about "minorities", all because of the screaming SJW cancer. The release is at least 2 years away, which was also reported in a recent leak.

Press F.
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GTA6 leak torrents BTW
Replies: >>183345 >>183346
How much did you get paid for this?
My dolphin porn stash gets bigger.
Replies: >>185127
dolphin dic or vag?
I hope you understand why they did this.
Profit driven companies purposely place features behind paywalls.
In the case of GTA, those features will be reintroduced in the next version, ideally over the course of a few years in "free updates" as marketing stunts.
>Wow! look at that DYNAMIC behavior
>Those fishes look so real!

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What the fuck's a MUGEN?
A cheap-ass fighting game engine that's a staple of the internet. Anyone can make a fighter and basically go from making a genuinely balanced cast that plays well with each other, to madlad shit, waifu shit, world's dumbest shit, you name it.

So what the fuck's new?
IKEMEN GO is pretty much the go-to MUGEN these days unless some characters can only function on older Mugen versions. It's built over Mugen 1.1 but has a lot of added features for anyone looking to build characters/whatnot. You can check it out here:

Either way; post your favorite characters or just rare shit, talk about how much mugenarchive sucks, or just shitpost and post your favorite MUGEN matches here.
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Replies: >>181017 + 1 earlier
Wife material
>>180630 (OP) 
It's about time we got an open source MUGEN engine. Call me when we get rollback netcode.
Replies: >>181070
It's in the works
I was disappoint that Warframe Hydro wasn't like MUGEN MK Hydro with specials based on short-circuiting and shit
Modders use Mugen engine for fighters, right?

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I legitimately thought we would never get another AC, being stuck in seemingly endless "soulslikes". Although there is some worryingly Dark Souls style imagery and language being used. Overall this is the first game of this generation that I'm actually rather excited about, though still cautious obviously. Unfortunately there is no gameplay.
Hopefully you can still make custom emblems to adorn one's AC with swastikas.
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PLUS is for nerds.

Glasses girl is probably smelly and draws boys kissing. Meanwhile the other girl also stinks, but like good and saw a ss doujin once and thinks about it once a week and sometimes daily.
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Do Armored Core fans like Ad Stella's mecha designs?
Replies: >>184861 >>184862
They kind of look like Arm Slaves, don't they? They're okay. I'm not watching the new Gundam, though.
They look like AC's so sure.
What about the God of Harmony wasn't dark? It may not be as dark as their later entries, but it certainly wasn't lighthearted.

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Release Date: 2023-01-18

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards Kartal Rebalance is a mod of Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards GBA game's European version created by Kartal.

The rebalance mod was created with full respect to Konami, Kazuki Takahashi, Nintendo.
The rebalance mod was tested by Ephraim225.


    New decks for every duelist
    New starter deck
    Wider variety of cards in starting trunk
    Rebalance of card costs
    De-nerfed direct damage magic cards
    New limited/semi-limited list
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>>184925 (OP) 
Aren't those the guys who make Advance Wars modpacks? Either way, appreciated, will give it a look.
Replies: >>184930
Yep. They do other things. Ephraim225 made a Reshef hack 6 years ago. Now Kartal went through the whole sacred cards rom and gathered all the data for other hackers to change the enemies too.

If one of those AW romhackers is here (since OP looks, at best, copy pasted directly from a release if not by the creator), I state my desire for a AWDS romhack that removes double COs from the campaign (on both sides) and forces all maps to allow controlling the second front.
>>184925 (OP) 
I just played this less than a year ago to.
Replies: >>185059

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Do you plan out what you are going to play through the year? I do, i usually choose twelve games. Post whatever games you think you'll play through 2023.
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Markchan didn't even exist in 2018.
Replies: >>181631
What a fucking idiot.
Kill yourself, newnigger.
You plan out what you want to play for an entire year? I pirate games and play them on a whim. Usually I get lucky and pick a game that can last me for at least 100 hours.

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Check this game out. It looks like Klonoa/Mischief Makers but it's a Goemon game. In fact the PS1 has a ton of Goemon games that never left nippon. This one just got translated though.
I really like the style of PS1 games. I feel, though, that I haven't dived deep in the library as much as the N64 one. Do you know of any hidden gems that never get talked about?
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A REAL hidden gem right here.
It's funny it didn't get a western release considering the audio and the menu text is in English in the jap version.
Is Mega Man Legends any good? Heard a lot of mixed stuff about it.
Replies: >>185031 >>185034
I enjoyed it, likable characters, fun story, gameplay is fun. Whats not to like I wonder? The controls take a little bit to get used to though.
Replies: >>185033
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It's good but like >>185031 says the biggest hurdle is the controls. You operate on tank controls but can hold a button for strafing which makes combat doable. It'd be on my list of must-plays for the PSX for sure.
what the fuck is this thread
popn tanks
This game looks really good
>didn't realize there was a weeb collection on it
I'm just going to assume you're retarded and tell you straight. PSX easily has the largest collection of weeb exclusive games of any console.
I never played it but I knew multiple people that swore off capcom because they didn't release a third game in the series. I did play Tron Bonne, and that is good. Very good. Bolt on steel chastity belt good. Top notch, in fact. Bolt on steel pussy notch, in fact.

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I'm looking for PSP games to play on my vita. Lately I've been getting into the FPS titles since they play better with the second joystick.
What are some of your favorite games?
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>somebody else who know that series
You could say it's pretty... obscure.
Replies: >>184393 >>184412
I played the ps2 original with a friend some 2 years ago, it's a pretty ok silent hill clone and the ability to coop it makes it more fun.
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How's the first ape escape port on the thing?

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Last year i played every single mainline Dragon Quest game and i had a ton of fun doing it except for 2, fuck pixel hunting in a big ass sea Have you done something like that? I plan to go through all Etrian games this year, even the Mystery Dungeon ones.
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I did a chronological playthru of Halo games in this order:
Wars-Reach-Combat Evolved-2-ODST-3-4
Overall, not a bad experience. As long as you remember that Halo is a console shooter first and foremost, you will be fine
Halo Wars is an RTS btw, but it's simple enough that anybody should be able to get thru it. 4 is probably the weakest entry, but the ending makes it worthwhile, as long as you pretend that this is the canonical end of the Halo franchise(not difficult, since Infinite and 5 are even worse)
I miss xbox live servers, 2 and 3 were fantastic casual party games if you just wanted to chill with friends or catch a few games of slayer/team deathmatch
Replies: >>183136
>I haven't played Halo

>chronological play order
I have never, ever understood why people do this.
Replies: >>183151
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>he played halo
Replies: >>183153
Halo did nothing wrong.

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